12th Man (2022) Movie Script

Hold, hold me close
And you'll find another me
Read through my mind
I'm not the one I seem to be
Like the secrets
Written in the darkness
Looking for a sunshine
To come alive
Find me over my shades
Find me from the charades
Strange are the sights
When the haze obscure the roads
Strange seem the nights
When the eyes just fail to close
There's a dark wave
Lingering around here
Hiding in the shadows
All the while
Find me over my shades
Find me from the charades
Alone on my trails
Alone on my trails
Alone on my trails
This time, it's confirmed.
You need to get a scan done.
I'll prescribe some medicines.
- Start taking them.
- Okay.
Shall I tell Jithesh to flash
this news on our group?
That the old love birds
are going to be parents?
You can tell Jithesh, but...
don't speak about this
on our WhatsApp group now.
It's Sidharth's bachelor party
tomorrow, right?
We can reveal this news there,
as a surprise!
Oh, yeah. Siddhu's party
is tomorrow, right?
I completely forgot about it.
So, the chronic bachelor of our group
is also trapped, right, Annie?
Yes. We've been waiting for so long
to attend his wedding.
Continuing this friendship
since your college days...
- that's really nice.
- Yes.
And everyone is staying
in the same locality too!
Will I have to take leave from work?
Not immediately.
But, in case you need rest,
you will have to take leave, right?
Hey! I can't take too much time
off work.
He never stays put at one thing
and keeps changing jobs...
He won't have a salary
even for half the year.
Nayana, there is a grand celebration
at the apartment today.
Won't you come early?
You're aware of the kind of stress
that I am going through, Fida.
Shiny is least bothered about it.
You should see
how she behaves at times.
She is arrogant because I am doing
business with her money.
- Hey..
- Excuse me!
- Repeat.
- Sure, sir.
You are too egoistic.
Shiny will keep talking like that.
Don't be bothered about it.
- Shall I?
- That's okay. I will manage.
Okay, sir.
You know how much money
she blows up for her extravagances?
And if I don't give her money,
she will borrow from others.
Hey, don't say that.
Shiny grew up
in a wealthy family, right?
So, how can she change
her ways suddenly?
Now, you're the only one left
to rebuke me.
Even you have made many people
invest in my business, haven't you?
Do you think I will talk
to you like that?
Earlier, the two of us
were the closest in our group.
I wish I had married you.
Hope Shiny doesn't hear this!
- Hey, Shrimp Jose?
- Yes?
It is true that I have given you
the balance cash on my risk earlier.
- Yes, sir.
- But they were small amounts.
I could cover up for it
in case of any goof-ups.
My dear sir, please don't worry!
If the load leaves
early in the morning,
it will reach there
by tomorrow night.
The moment the clock strikes 9:00
on Monday morning,
I will bring the money
back here, for sure.
This is Jose's promise.
- How much is it?
- 54,13,600.
Give him 50 lakh.
- Keep the rest in the locker.
- Okay.
- Hello...
- Have you left, ichaya?
- No, I haven't started.
- I am at Shiny's apartment.
We are making some sweets
for the Diwali function.
Okay, carry on.
I will start soon.
Sam is concerned
only about his job and money.
I always taunt him saying that,
if he loses even a penny,
he may stab himself!
To succeed in any job,
full dedication is required.
And, making money...
That's a special skill!
What you're saying is right, sister,
but money is not everything.
We should have a life as well.
Nothing can replace money, Merin.
You will realise its value
only when you don't have it.
Hello... Madam Nayans!
- Have you left?
- I'm about to leave, after picking Siddhu.
Don't forget
about the Diwali celebration.
Yeah, we'll make it grand!
By the way, there is good news.
Zacharia and Annie
had come here.
Annie is expecting.
No, no. Don't tell anyone now.
They are planning to announce it
as a surprise
at Siddhu's party tomorrow.
- Okay. We will be there.
- Okay.
- Aren't you done yet?
- Hey, it's Aarathy.
Enough, man. Save something to
talk about after your wedding as well.
Just a minute.
Okay then. Do one thing.
Wait in front of the MyG store
at Edappally tomorrow.
We will pick you up on the way.
Dude, listen!
Our Annie is...
Keep it to yourself.
Nayana had asked me not to tell anyone.
They're planning to reveal it
as a surprise tomorrow.
Hello! Have some laddoos, everyone!
Nayana, keep a close watch
over Jithesh.
He is flirting with young girls.
I am not at all scared
about that, Shiny.
See, this is how wives should be!
Imagine how it would be
if it was me.
Well, even that requires
a special skill.
- You asked for it!
- Dude, where's Mathew?
Mathew? Just a minute.
Let me check with Shiny.
Nayana, who made this?
It's horrible!
Keep your voice down.
Shiny and Merin made it together.
Sam, didn't you buy firecrackers?
- What for? It's such a waste of money!
- Hey, hey!
What's the point of living
such a stingy life?
Life is to celebrate
and enjoy, right?
But that's why he has money
with him. Right, bro?
Shiny, where is Mathew?
I am calling him.
He is not answering.
Only Mathew and Fida
are yet to come.
They must be roaming
around together.
My dear Shiny,
I withdraw my statement.
Don't make this an issue
and fight with Mathew.
We all need to enjoy
my party tomorrow. Please!
I am coming
only because it is your party.
It's not just my party now.
There's another surprise as well.
What surprise?
You will know it tomorrow.
Tell me.
Why can't you tell me?
Am I such a troublemaker?
I mean...
Nayana told this to Jithesh,
asking him not to tell anyone.
- I won't tell anyone.
- Don't even tell Mathew.
Annie is pregnant.
Is it?
My dear Shiny,
please don't tell anyone.
- Let me call Fida.
- I'll bring it right away.
One round is over, sister.
- Merin, shall I tell you something?
- What?
- It is a secret.
- Where do I dump this?
No one is eating
these green laddoos.
- I'll take care of that now.
- Let's go!
Didn't you have the laddoo?
Didn't like it?
I did! It's too good.
- Did you have the green laddoo?
- No.
Have it then. It's even better!
Why so many colours?
Isn't it a waste of money?
Why don't you have just one color?
Problem solved.
I have to tell you something.
It's a secret.
Annie is pregnant.
I was told not to tell you.
But how can I hide
anything from you?
Just pretend that
you don't know about it.
Where are you, Fida?
I've been calling you for so long!
Why aren't you answering?
- Where are you?
- We are almost there.
- Where are you?
- I'm in front of MyG.
Yeah, I can see you.
- Hello!
- Hi!
Hey, wait!
Step in with your right foot.
If you're confused
which foot is right,
just jump in.
Don't bother, Aarathy.
They are just ragging you.
Don't mind them. Just get in.
Actually, Fida...
Hello! Hi!
You were about to say something
in support of Fida, right?
Why did you stop then?
Do you want to sit with her?
- Shucks!
- What's with the "shucks"?
Shiny, you don't know the depth
of the friendship in this group.
That's why
you are talking like this.
Yeah, right!
"Depth of friendship," it seems.
Zacharia and Annie
are your friends, right?
And did you know that
they are going to become parents?
No, right?
But I came to know.
That's all there is to the depth
of your friendship.
You need not ask them
about this now.
Wait until they tell you.
Hey, Aarathy! We have a question.
What did you see in Siddhu
that you decided
to get married to him?
What's wrong with him?
Since he was adamant that he wanted
to meet 25 prospective brides,
his wedding got slightly delayed.
- He is bluffing.
- 25 prospective brides?
- He's lying! Stop it!
- Aarathy!
They're just mocking him
because his wedding got delayed.
By the way,
Siddhu is the perfect gentleman
in our group.
- Sheesh!
- Yeah, right!
- Annie, I'll give you a special treat.
- Okay!
Annie, come.
Let's click a selfie.
It was quite a long journey.
I'm tired.
Namaste, sir.
- I'm the manager, Davis.
- Sidharth. I made the booking.
- Let's jump into the pool.
- In this weather?
- Sir, it's downstairs.
- Jithesh!
See you! I'll come there later.
- Dude, shall we start?
- Already?
We have nothing else to do, right?
Let's see the place once and start.
- Okay.
- Sir, this way.
- Ichaya, what's the room number?
- 102.
- It's over there.
- Over there?
This property is 80 acres, sir.
We have all facilities,
including adventure sports.
Yeah, I had seen it on your website.
Come on, Mathew!
Come on!
No, sir.
We don't give rooms to others
when a group is
already staying here.
People come here for privacy.
- Staff is also minimal.
- Okay.
- Is everything set for the evening?
- Everything is ready.
And we don't have a bar here.
I had told you earlier.
That's okay. We got it covered.
- Okay. Thank you.
- Enjoy, sir.
I'll bowl next.
Sam, rock it!
Bro, move aside.
Let me bat now.
You want to show off
in front of Aarathy, right?
You'll be out for a duck.
Bloody bugger put a jinx on me!
- Fast ball or spin?
- Just bowl, man.
- Catch it!
- Whoa, nice!
Woo! Good shot!
Oh, my God!
Oh, no! Oh, my God!
The ball hit someone!
Come, let's check!
Over there.
We didn't see you there. Sorry.
Apologising after hurting me?
Oh, no!
We have a doctor in our group.
Let her have a look.
Nayana, come here.
No way!
I don't want anyone to look at it.
We can find out the problem
only if we look at it.
- No.
- I'm a doctor. Let me have a look.
- No!
- Brother!
Just show it to her.
If you are so particular,
show her yours!
Oh, no!
Now everyone understood
where the ball struck, right?
All the ladies can leave now.
- Uncle, where exactly did the ball hit?
- Uncle?
Who's your uncle? Get lost!
He isn't letting me check.
All of you leave.
Get out of my sight!
Let's go. He is all right.
Come on!
Brother, the ball...
- The ball is in your... Get lost!
- I got the ball!
Just come!
You should tell me if you found
the ball, right? How will I know?
Oh, no! My bottle!
Oh, no!
Hey! Who had hit the ball?
Who hit the ball?
Look at this! Not even a drop
is left in this.
I'll bear it if my body is hurt,
but I can't bear
the loss of my liquor.
Who hit the ball?
- But, uncle...
- Hey! No!
Okay. Brother, it was
not intentional.
- I don't want to know that.
- Then what do you want?
I want liquor in return.
In that case...
What can we do?
We don't have any liquor.
So, it's scotch that you have, huh?
It's okay. I can adjust.
Didn't the ball hit elsewhere?
It didn't hit the bottle.
Elsewhere? Why are you being
so disrespectful?
I'd have taught you a lesson
if something had happened to it!
- You..
- Jithesh!
Hello, mister! No need to swear.
Talk decently.
Yes, my Lord!
I will speak accordingly!
Are you mocking us?
Don't we have liquor?
Just give a bottle to him.
No way! Why should we replace
his cheap rum with our Scotch?
It's all his game.
- We will deal with this.
- Hey!
I don't have any interest
in quarrelling with strangers,
particularly in front of ladies.
So, here is a compromise
only because of that.
Buy me a bottle of this same liquor.
- Or else..
- Or else, what will you do?
- What?
- That's right.
Or else, what will you do?
Or else, even I'm not sure
what I will do!
- Do you want to see?
- Sir, what's the problem?
Siddhu, isn't he the one
who told you
that there are no other guests here
and that they value privacy a lot?
Madam, he is not a guest.
He is our MD's friend.
Jithesh, don't make this an issue.
Buy it for him.
Why kill the mood
of our holiday?
Yes, that's it!
That's it, madam.
That's it.
Hey, can we get local liquor here?
Sir, we don't have a bar here.
That's fine.
We'll give you money.
Send someone to go
and buy a bottle.
Sir, liquor shops are closed
because of the local elections.
Oh, no! What will I do now?
I'm making myself clear.
Today is an important day
in my life.
If I don't get liquor today...
Well... do one thing.
Give me one of your bottles.
That's a nice move.
Should we give our Scotch
to replace your cheap liquor?
No need to give it for free.
I'll give money.
Does it look like we came here
to sell you liquor?
You will sell liquor and lemon!
Do you want to see?
- Sir, please don't fight.
- You don't have to get involved.
I know what to do!
Are you threatening us?
You've been showing off
for some time now.
Is this a show off?
You won't be able to handle it
if I start showing off!
Hey, don't.
Everything should be fair.
I was having a drink peacefully,
sitting over there.
You abused me with a ball
and destroyed my bottle of liquor.
I tolerated the physical abuse.
It's okay.
But I won't tolerate losing my liquor
and I need liquor as compensation.
I won't leave here otherwise.
- Hey!
- What?
Oh! She wasn't calling me?
- Hey!
- Yes?
Aren't you seeing this?
We are not like him,
staying here for free.
Hey, Doctor...
Sir, let me tell you something.
It's a secret.
There's one way to get a bottle.
- Are you trying to fool me?
- No way!
Then come.
So annoying.
What the hell!
Sir, there is a place nearby
where we'll get locally brewed liquor.
I'll go and buy it
if you give me money.
- Will I lose my sight if I drink it?
- No, sir.
- Women..
- Women?
Not that, sir.
When women recuperate
after their delivery,
the locals here brew
a medicine to give them.
Jaggery, cumin seeds
and toddy are mixed
and brewed with chicken meat
and local herbs.
It's amazing!
- Can we get it?
- Sure, sir.
- What's your name?
- Kumar, sir.
Kumar Sanu?
Can you sing a song, bro?
Hey, all our problems are solved.
Give money to Kumar sir,
and he will bring the bottle.
Siddhu, get rid of this nuisance.
- Hey, I'll pay the money.
- Okay, off you go!
- Let's play.
- Now you can continue your game.
Yeah, right! As if we need
his permission to play.
If you want, I too can join.
Oh, that's not necessary!
I'm a very good all-rounder.
We're stopping the game.
Please go.
Laughter and smiles
Have faded away
Teenage is on its way
I've seen this face somewhere.
That's a really old pick-up line.
Try something new.
- Is that a river?
- No. That's not the river.
It's the dam's reservoir.
- It's really beautiful, right?
- Yeah.
Come, let's click a selfie.
What's the other surprise
that you mentioned?
Oh, that.
- You met Annie, right?
- Yes.
Annie is pregnant.
Hey, they are looking for you.
Go there.
Is it?
- Okay, then. You guys talk.
- Okay.
Aarathy can become friends
with y'all.
We will take care of that.
You get going.
Thank you.
I don't smoke this brand.
Are you all colleagues?
Seven of us were college classmates.
Then, their wives are here.
And one guy's fiance too.
It's his party.
Why are you alone?
Your husband?
I'm a free bird.
I'm separated.
- That's good.
- What?
I mean, everything is
for the greater good.
Are you not married?
Can say that I am
and that I am not, too.
By the way, I'm Fida.
I'm Chandrasekhar.
Check on this photo, sis.
Nice photo, right?
- Check this out.
- Let's click one more.
- That's a nice smile.
- Come on.
After marriage,
even if you fight with your husband,
don't ever fight
with your mother-in-law.
That's my policy.
I'm very close to Zacharia's mom.
We are just like close friends.
She has never complained
about me so far.
Annie has a point there.
Our Fida's case is a good example.
She fought
with Shefeek's mom every day.
And she has a peculiar
character too, right?
Hey! Sam always says that...
family life will be prosperous
if we remain truthful.
To be frank, I'm scared
to hear all this.
Well, being a wife
is a huge responsibility, right?
- Yes.
- Hello!
Good evening.
Since the atmosphere
wasn't so great earlier,
we couldn't have
a proper introduction.
I'm Chandrasekhar.
Why are you all staring like this?
I'm not such a bad guy.
Oh! We could understand that.
You can't understand
anyone so easily.
Haven't you heard?
"Give me a moment
To unite with you."
"Give me an era
To understand you."
Poet Sathyan Anthikad has said that
it takes an era to understand someone.
What we understood
so far is enough.
We want to be here
peacefully for some time.
Unknown stories are more beautiful
than known stories.
Dear brother,
please stop troubling us. Just go!
Okay, I'll leave.
Kumar is bringing that special item.
It's a ladies' special drink.
Does anyone want to have some?
Give it to someone else.
We don't want it!
It's okay if you don't want it.
I'll take my leave.
No one should get worried later.
No one..
Get lost!
- Phew!
- Such a nuisance!
I'll kill you!
He will create a holocaust
if you don't give him the bottle.
How would I know that the local physician
is down with chickenpox?
At least we could
stop their quarrel.
That's between them.
Now, that madman will attack us!
One thing is for sure.
I will bail out!
If you want, switch off your phone
and go somewhere.
Come back
only after he has left.
Or else he will make
a brew out of you!
Mathew, our boss is moving
to the US.
He is selling off his new Jaguar.
It's a good car.
You should check it out.
You will get a good deal.
We are..
We don't need it, Jithesh.
We are not looking
at second-hand cars.
Shiny, I just said it
because you'll get a good deal.
My dear Jithesh, why should
businessmen look for discounts?
Their income is not like
us salaried folks.
Yeah! Now mock me!
He has a point, right?
Who else is as financially secure
as him in our group?
That's right.
The richest couple in our group!
What's up, people?
- Where were you all?
- There they are!
What a throw, bro!
Hey, Kumar!
Hey, did you see that guy
called Kumar?
- No, sir. I didn't see him.
- Okay. Get going!
Has he gone to brew it himself?
- Wait!
- Sir...
- Is this for them?
- Yes, sir.
That's quite a lot!
I too want a full fried chicken!
Marinate it with crushed
green peppers and ginger.
Okay, sir.
- Hey, have you seen Kumar?
- No, sir.
Where is this guy?
Hey, Kumar!
All right!
Come on, boys! Come on, girls!
Come on!
Groovin', groovin'! Movin'!
Climb up the rainbows
Dive in the ocean
Heart is a free bird
A free bird, a free bird
Live life like crazy
So free, so breezy
Life is a merry-go-round
And go round, and go round
Climb up the rainbows
Dive in the ocean
Heart is a free bird
A free bird, a free bird
Live life like crazy
So free, so breezy
Life is a merry-go-round
And go round, and go round
Go round
And go round, and go round
Come on! Go round
And go round, and go round
Hey! Go round
And go round, and go round
Sir, he is a fraud!
I was planning to fire him.
He must have run away
with your money.
Yeah, right. I believe you.
You took me for a ride,
didn't you?
No, sir.
I didn't know about this at all!
Attention, my dear friends.
Everyone, please sit down.
- Okay, I know what to do.
- Okay, sir.
Are you trying to play a harmonica?
I'll settle your case later.
the most romantic couple
from our college days,
Zacharia and Annie,
are going be parents!
Yay! Congrats!
- Congrats!
- Congrats, Annie!
Whoa! That's news!
- Congrats.
- Thank you!
So... so... so, let's raise a toast
for the expecting couple,
Zacharia and Annie!
- Cheers!
- Awesome!
That's awesome!
I heard it!
Congrats to you too, bro!
What a nuisance!
Why are you always
barging in amongst us?
Shouting at me
after destroying my bottle?
I want a drink.
I will leave when I get one.
Didn't we give money to him
to get you that damn drink?
Didn't you know?
He ran away with that money.
Hey, that's not our concern.
We've done our part.
How can you say that?
Shouldn't things be fair?
You ruined my good liquor.
In spite of that,
I was ready to accept
even the locally brewed liquor.
Because I didn't want to cause
a disturbance for y'all.
Why can't you see
that good heart of mine?
I need a drink!
Such a nuisance!
Siddhu, give him a drink.
What will I do
with just one drink?
We're all alcoholics, right?
Shouldn't an alcoholic understand
the woes of another alcoholic?
This is all we can give you now.
Take it if you want it.
Didn't you say earlier
that you don't have any liquor?
All of you should
understand one thing.
Tonight is a special night for me.
I'm going to lose all my freedom
after tonight.
I'm going to become
a different person.
So, please understand that
and give me six drinks.
Hello! That's not possible!
We will give you two drinks.
What is this, bro?
Please move.
Don't talk like this
to your elder brother.
Give me five drinks.
Just five!
Give it, Siddhu.
He's asking because
he doesn't have any, right?
Yes, she is right.
Yeah, right!
Is this an auction?
Hey, we will give you two drinks.
- You should leave with that.
- I don't want just two drinks.
If you don't want it,
just get going!
What is this?
There are six women
and only five guys.
Shouldn't we equalise it?
I will join you guys.
I can be the 12th man!
There are no drinks for you!
Just get lost!
- Just five drinks!
- Get going!
Come on! Get going!
- Just five drinks!
- Get lost!
Chicken. Chicks.
With permission...
Proportions are not right.
Hey, I didn't mean that!
We will handle that.
You just get going!
There is a mix made
with green peppers and ginger.
I've told them to make it.
- Shall I bring it?
- No. We're fine with this.
Cooking is not like chatting.
Cooking is a noble art.
Haven't you heard?
It's a noble art.
This is such a nuisance!
Mathew, do something.
- Hey! Get going!
- I will leave.
- Leave.
- I will leave.
Leave! Just get out of here.
Don't push me!
I will leave if you give me a drink.
I won't leave
until you give me a drink.
- Come on, walk!
- What a nuisance!
Siddhu, give him something
and get rid of him!
- Yes, do that.
- Hey! Bring your glass here.
Go and gulp it down!
Take it.
- Take it and leave.
- Don't show your face here again!
How will I add water to this now?
I should've brought a bigger glass.
The fully filled cup spilled
And my face lit up
Siddhu, I'll tell you something!
I will beat him up
if he comes again!
So, that nuisance is gone.
In order to relax the scene,
our dear church choir members,
Sam and Merin, will sing a song.
There he goes.
Jose, I'm at a party.
Call me tomorrow.
My dear Sam sir,
it's a huge issue out here.
Our vehicle met with an accident
at Walayar.
It will be late by the time
we bring another vehicle tomorrow,
load the stuff and reach there.
However hard we try,
we can reach there with the cash
only by Monday night.
If an inspection happens,
I will lose my job
and I'll go behind bars too!
Sir, can't you roll some money
from somewhere for a single day?
Jose, don't...
don't make me show my true colours!
When the clock strikes 9:00
on Monday morning,
- the money should reach there!
- Sir, I...
Oh, God!
I'm at a party. I'll call you later.
- Okay.
- Hey!
You better stick to
one job hereafter.
Or we'll make you
a permanent babysitter.
Bro, I don't have
any issue with that.
Well, that leopard
won't change his spots anytime soon.
Zacharia's mother
was the happiest.
When I told her about this,
she was jumping with joy.
- Is it?
- She said she'll stay with us.
That's good.
It's good to have someone around.
Our singing troupe is ready.
Bro, you can start.
Pass the mic.
Give it to them.
- Which song?
- Any song you like.
Yeah, yeah.
Your choice.
There he goes again.
This is not right!
There won't be any problem, Suresh.
I've asked Jose to shift
the load tonight itself.
But, sir... you know
my situation, right?
I have two little children.
Sir, if there's any problem,
all of us will have
to commit suicide.
Don't be scared, Suresh.
This is not the first time
I'm doing this.
I'll call you
as soon as Jose calls me.
- You go to sleep peacefully.
- Please don't forget to call me.
- You have my word.
- Okay, sir.
Sam is back.
Where do you keep
running away often?
- Well..
- Sam, this is really bad!
You're spoiling this get-together.
Shucks! I just got a call.
My staff called me to inform
about some urgent work at the bank.
Oh, God!
Yeah, right. You and your bank.
During the night?
That too on a holiday?
We've come here to have fun.
This is something else.
If it's a bank deal,
what's wrong if we know it?
- What say?
- That's correct!
- This is some secret business.
- Dude!
- You have something to hide, bro!
- No, dude!
- Stop it!
- Leave it.
However close the friends are,
or however transparent
the husband-wife relation is,
each person will have their own share
of personal secrets.
But, Fida, doesn't that differ
from person to person?
- I don't have anything like that.
- Yes.
Yes, Aarathy is right.
That depends on each individual.
I agree to what Fida said.
Saying that there's nothing to hide
is a kind of hypocrisy.
There are people
who don't hide anything, as well.
There's nothing that I need to hide.
It's not about whether you or I
have anything to hide.
I meant that everyone
will have secrets in general.
Well, Sam went away and spoke,
because it was an office matter.
- Right, Sam?
- Of course!
That's what you believe, Merin.
When you judge others
based on your own character,
you might feel that way.
That's enough. Let's not turn this
into a huge argument.
Nayana, ever since our college days,
I'm sure that there's no secret
we haven't shared in this group.
Yes, that's right.
But... Fida isn't sure about that.
Forget that.
Since you are so sure,
shall I ask you something?
Right now, during this dinner,
all the calls and WhatsApp chats
you'd receive...
can you make them public?
You're the gentleman
of this group, right?
She has a point!
You can't.
That's what we said.
- Right?
- Yes.
Who said I can't?
Here's my phone.
Bro, you saved the honour of us men!
How's that?
In that case, everyone should keep
their phones out.
Why should Siddhu
be the only one to do it?
Let's turn this into a game.
Game? What game?
Everyone should keep
their phones on the table.
Whoever receives a call,
it should be put on speaker.
You shouldn't cut the call
or interrupt the caller.
You should talk normally.
And the WhatsApp messages
will be read out in public.
Let's see how many people
are ready for this!
Here you go.
But we should fix a time limit.
Like an hour or something?
Okay. Let's fix one hour.
Messages received on WhatsApp
groups won't be read out.
Only private messages and calls.
Let all the people without secrets
keep their phones, right?
Here you go.
I've kept it.
Well, is this really necessary
between us?
What's your problem, Mathew?
This is a game, right?
Or do you have any secrets
that I'm not aware of?
Of course not!
Keep your phone.
I'm not expecting any more calls.
The one who calls me at night
is here with me.
That's the spirit!
Why are you hesitant
to keep your phone?
Why should I hesitate?
I'll keep it.
Such tall claims we had.
There are no other friends like us
and whatnot.
And no one trusts each other now.
Jithesh, who said
we don't trust each other?
We don't have to make this
so complicated.
It's just a game!
Why are you so scared of it?
- Who said that I am scared?
- Then keep it.
Here you go.
It's my mother.
- It's my mother.
- Put it on speaker.
- Yes, Mom!
- Hey, Zacharia!
Where are you now?
I couldn't reach you earlier.
Siddhu is hosting a party.
All of us are at a resort.
I've called to tell you something.
Just because Annie is pregnant,
don't pamper her too much.
This is very usual for girls.
You're just thrilled because
it happened really late in your case.
It's just that
I didn't say anything yesterday
because you were so happy.
And one more thing.
Don't tell her that
I told you all this now.
You heard me, right?
Carry on with your party then.
There will be minor issues
like this in every household.
Certain things that
even friends shouldn't know.
Why should we lose our peace of mind,
making all this public?
This is an unnecessary game.
We don't need this game.
We started the game anyway, right?
Let's continue with it.
Sam, you can opt out if you want.
But I won't join you for anything
that you call me for hereafter.
- Zacharia..
- Why are you so scared, Sam?
Have you kept secrets from me?
What secret will I have?
I just said that
to avoid further issues.
I'll keep my phone too.
I don't think
this is going to go well.
Spoiling the mood of the party.
Do whatever you want.
Let me check out the grill.
Merin, come.
Shiny, come.
Such tall claims she had.
Mother-in-law is a friend
and whatnot!
- She was bragging too much.
- I swear!
Take it lightly, dude.
Don't be upset.
- This happens in every house, dude.
- You can say that!
I had warned you guys earlier,
didn't I?
You did, but we can't say
that we can't play the game, right?
- Why?
- Then they'll think we have secrets!
What's wrong with Nayana?
It's not Nayana,
but Fida who started it.
She wanted to play
this game at any cost.
- Hey, Fida was just..
- Hey! Hey!
Don't support her too much!
That hurt him.
Hurt him bad!
- Whose phone is it?
- Aarathy's phone.
- Don't answer it. Wait for us!
- Put it on speaker.
Bro, come on!
It's my friend.
- Hello?
- Hello!
How are the wedding
preparations going?
- Have you bought the clothes?
- Yes, I did.
I've come for a party
with Siddhu and his friends.
Really? Have fun then.
Oh, yeah. Remember that guy
from college, Shanu?
He had called me,
hearing that it's your wedding.
He was really sad.
That you never acknowledged him,
even after he pursued you a lot.
For that, I should like him, right?
But he was really smart.
He's much better looking
than Siddhu.
Looks don't matter.
Character is more important.
- Whoa!
- Oh, my God!
Okay, okay.
I didn't say it to provoke you.
You have fun.
I'll call you later.
Okay, bye.
Bro, just look at me.
- What's wrong with his looks?
- Yeah, what's wrong?
There's nothing wrong.
He is handsome.
Of course!
The way the call was going,
I expected something else.
You'd have been divorced
even before the wedding then.
If you can't stay happy together,
divorce is a better option.
Well, there's no relationship
that is completely perfect.
With some minor adjustments,
many divorces can be avoided.
Divorce rates are really high
these days.
No one is god-fearing.
That's the reason.
That's not the reason.
The main cause for these divorces
are family members.
Mathew has a point there.
The psychiatrist in our hospital
keeps saying that,
in 90% of the divorce cases
that come to him,
family members
are the troublemakers.
That's true.
It's my uncle.
He's calling to ask me about
the wedding preparations.
He yaps non-stop.
Should I answer it?
Answer it, bro.
Let's have some entertainment.
- Yes, Uncle.
- Hey, Siddhu!
Have you paid the advance
to the videographer?
I did, Uncle.
Oh, no! There's a guy who I know.
- I forgot to tell you.
- Let's go.
He clicks photos in movies
and stuff.
- Oh, yeah, Uncle.
- You know him.
Your aunt's brother's son from Chennithala.
Can you give the job to him?
That's already fixed, Uncle!
Is that so?
And by the way...
Have you hired a good catering
company for the feast?
Bro! The son of the aunty
from Chennithala, it seems.
It'd be a shame for us
if it turns out to be bad.
- Say that you'll call him tomorrow.
- That's why I said so.
- Yes.
- And one more thing...
the necklace for the bride
shouldn't be less than 80 grams.
It will be above 80 grams,
for sure.
That's how we should
show our stature.
Yes, Uncle. You're right.
I'm the only one here to enquire
about everything, aren't I?
Okay, then.
Okay, Uncle. I'll call you later.
- I'm a little busy.
- What about my kurta?
Don't act too smart, okay?
- Didn't I say that he'll keep yapping?
- Chill, dude!
Have a drink for your uncle.
Uncle from Chennithala!
What's up?
Is his uncle's torture over?
Jithesh, it's your phone!
- Jithesh, it's your turn now.
- Answer the call, bro!
Bro, it's "Cool dude" Sharath!
Answer it!
"Cool dude" Sharath?
Yes, he's my best friend.
Bro, tell me!
Bro, which is that Telegram group
that you suggested
to download porn videos?
There's no one here, dude.
Say it quickly.
When did I say that?
- Which group?
- Dude, don't get me turned off!
Didn't you say that you saw
an awesome clip the other day?
You said that the video was awesome
and that lady looked
like your neighbour.
Okay, I'll send it.
- I'll send it on WhatsApp.
- Thank you, bro!
I'll send three clips to you.
Watch it, okay?
- They are awesome.
- Okay, bro.
- Okay!
- Great!
Why are you so embarrassed, Jithesh?
What's wrong in this?
Who doesn't watch all these?
Dude, I've seen them
during my heydays too,
along with my husband.
What's so yuck about that?
We've also watched it.
Mathew, here you go.
I feel like smoking
since it's so cold.
- The food is here.
- Zacharia, cheers!
Oh! The food is here?
Who ordered it now?
I had asked them to bring it.
Won't it go cold?
Can you give me a cigarette?
Why not! Here's one
lying on the ground.
- Are we eating already?
- Yeah, we can.
Wow! Chicken!
Hey, this is rice.
What's this?
Is it chilli chicken?
- Yes.
- Dude!
Take that chair,
or you'll have to sit on the ground.
Hey! Hey!
A message for Mathew!
- For me?
- Mathew, come on!
Go on!
Make it fast!
This is a business message.
Should I make it public?
Personal messages are enough, right?
He must be getting plenty of money.
That's why he's so hesitant.
- Dude, that..
- Bro, don't try to escape.
Just play that message.
Hey, Mathew!
You scoundrel!
Why aren't you answering my calls?
You owe me 25 lakh!
I gave it to you because
that chick of yours, Fida, told me.
I toiled hard to make that money!
I heard that
you're completely bankrupt!
You better return my money!
Or else, I'll come there.
To your house!
Got it, you scumbag?
Do you really have
financial issues?
Mathew, why didn't you say this
to us?
Whatever it is, we need to have
a discussion after this trip.
If it can be solved,
we can solve it.
Sam, won't you be able to arrange
some funds from the bank?
I can.
But I can do it only
if he tells me, right?
Well, Mathew may be hesitant.
But you could have told us
about this in the group, Fida.
Didn't we just see that so many things
are not said on the group?
Fida, forget that.
Let's discuss how to solve
this issue later.
Sing a song, dude!
Let us relax for a bit.
There are only ten minutes
for the game to be over, right?
I'll sing after that.
Come on, guys! Cheer up!
Okay! We men are going to have
another round of drinks.
The ladies can have food.
Why can't the women drink?
- Right, Nayana?
- Yeah.
Okay, you can drink.
- Come on, bro.
- Come, Shiny.
- Come, Shiny.
- Come on!
- Forget it, bro.
- Siddhu, you want whiskey?
- No, I'll have a beer.
- All this will be solved.
It's my phone.
Must be your aunty from Chennithala.
It's my friend Sajish.
The medical representative.
Sajish, tell me.
Bro, where are you?
I'm at a resort
inside a forest in Kulamavu.
- What happened?
- At that godforsaken place?
What are you up to over there?
It's my bachelor party!
My old friends and their families
have gathered together.
Your friends from college?
Bro, wasn't it when your chick
from that group got pregnant
that I gave you a tablet
for an abortion?
You are such a cheat!
Throw him out of here immediately!
We don't need his damned party!
- You bloody son of a bitch!
- Zacharia!
- Let go of me.
- Let me explain!
- Let go of me.
- Stop, Zacharia!
Come here. Zacharia, let him go!
Whom did you have an affair with?
Tell me!
Zacharia, stop it!
Siddhu, you must say the truth!
Zacharia, stop it!
- Aarathy, let me explain.
- You better say the truth!
- Zacharia!
- Stop it!
You bloody scumbag!
If we spare him, all of us
will look like losers!
Stop it, Zacharia!
- Let go of me.
- Move! Aarathy!
- You scumbag!
- Zacharia, no.
- Get lost!
- Please!
- Zacharia, go!
- What is this, man?
Move away!
Go to our room.
I don't need to see a medical rep
to get a tablet anyway.
So, you don't have
to be scared, Jithesh.
Why are you talking
like that, Nayana?
Are you implying that
we're of loose characters?
It's not enough if you're educated.
To speak decently, you need
to be born in a good family.
Shiny, just shut up!
You're the only good woman out here,
and we're all bad, huh?
So, that's what's on your mind.
None of us are doctors.
So, we can't do this
on our own either.
But we will make him say the truth!
Everything else can wait until then!
- Annie, please.
- Get lost!
What are you doing?
Such a miserable day!
Why did I even...
Whatever had to happen has happened.
Go and handle Shiny.
Yeah, right! I just have to go there.
She has gone bonkers.
Hey! Just listen to him.
Go and handle Shiny!
Go before she creates more trouble.
Yeah, I'll go.
Fida, didn't I tell you that
we don't need this game?
All of them have left
for their rooms.
A lot of food has fallen
on the ground, in the wind.
It might rain too.
- It's only 8:00 p.m., right?
- Yes.
- Take the rest of the food inside.
- Okay.
Zacharia, if you have something
in mind, just ask it.
Why are you beating
around the bush?
When did I beat around the bush?
I don't want to stay
for this party anymore.
This was not how I imagined
how these people would be.
It's not just you.
I'm also feeling awkward.
But it's not right to leave
all of a sudden.
Shouldn't we find out who it is?
Why did you say so?
Are you suspecting me?
Nayana, why did you
have to talk like that?
Shouldn't I clear my name?
I don't have to hang my head
in shame for such scandals.
Yeah, right.
But shouldn't we keep
some basic decency, Nayana?
This is such an awkward situation.
Jithesh is saying that...
it's not anyone
who's present here.
That's not for him to say.
he said that
Sidharth will say the truth.
Who knows what the truth is.
If I stay in the room
and say something,
Annie will shout at me,
saying that I'm suspecting her.
I'm also sitting here
for the same reason.
Can it be Fida?
After being with us for so long,
will Sidharth act
so immorally towards her?
Hey, Shiny...
Didn't I tell you
that I don't suspect you?
Then why are you..
What do you want, Mathew?
Don't overthink
and complicate it any further.
Oh! So, I am the troublemaker
here now, right?
I didn't say that.
I'm not going to do anything.
Can you please leave me alone
for some time?
What's up with Shiny?
She was quarrelling with Fida
and Sidharth in Aarathy's room.
I convinced her to go back
to our room somehow.
I don't think she'll let Sidharth go
until he reveals the truth.
We need to know the truth
anyway, right?
I don't know anything.
I'm worried that our long friendship
will be ruined because of this night.
Sir, it's already 8:30 p.m.
Don't you want any food?
We can bring it to your rooms
if you want.
- Let me check with the others.
- Okay.
Where is that MD's friend?
That drunkard.
He slept early.
Oh! That's a relief!
Looks like
Sidharth isn't coming here.
Shall we go there?
No. Let him come here.
Let's not fight over there.
Aarathy is over there.
It will be embarrassing.
Hey, do you have
any booze with you?
I just want to get drunk
and pass out here.
Yeah! That's a good idea!
I will bring the bottle.
But this guy...
Hey! Hey, you!
You shouldn't cause a scene
after getting drunk again.
I can't guarantee that.
He won't cause problems.
Bring the bottle.
Haven't you left it yet?
Why take so much
pressure unnecessarily?
Didn't I tell you that
I don't suspect you?
Don't talk rubbish!
The guy who went to get
the bottle is missing.
Dude, you guys sit and drink.
I... I'm not in the mood anymore.
I'm going to my room.
He will come now.
Let him come.
- Did they say anything about the food?
- No, sir.
- Such a nuisance! I'll ask them.
- Sir!
Someone has fallen on the rock
at the view-point!
- What?
- Come, sir!
- Where?
- Over there, sir. Look!
Oh, my God!
- Isn't this girl part of your group?
- Yes, sir.
- When did you come, Biju?
- Half an hour back, sir.
This had to happen right in the middle
of the election season.
Have you informed
this lady's parents?
No, sir.
They are quite old.
So, we didn't inform them
at this hour.
We will inform them
tomorrow morning.
All of you, go back to the resort.
There is no use standing here.
- Take them back.
- Come on, walk.
- Vijayan...
- Sir?
Call the guy who saw the body first.
Why did you come here at night?
Sir, I stepped out for a smoke.
Have you consumed alcohol?
a little bit.
Did you see anyone else coming here
or leaving this place?
No, sir.
I didn't see anyone.
You have only this group
as guests here today?
Yes. It's just them.
And the driver spoke about that...
But how did she go there
without you noticing?
- Hey!
- Yes?
This bus driver told us that
there is another guest here.
Where is he?
He must be in his room, sir.
- Who is he?
- Sir...
He is a nuisance.
He created an issue demanding liquor
from us while we were having dinner.
He had been sloshed
since evening.
He behaved very badly
towards the women.
Vijayan, you wait here.
You, come with me.
Sir, please open the door.
There is a problem.
I saw him getting inside
his room fully drunk!
It must be difficult
for him to get up.
- Sir!
- Hey!
Open the door!
Who is it?
It's me, Davis. The manager.
- Open the door, please.
- Wait! I'll open!
He will come now.
- Sir, the police..
- Who?
Sorry, sir.
I didn't know that it was you.
Sir, don't you recognise me?
When you were the assistant
commissioner at Thrikkakara,
I was the sub-inspector at Infopark.
I'm Vipin.
I've assisted you in two cases.
Vipin! Oh, yeah!
What is it, Vipin?
You may go.
Come inside.
He's a cop?
Please save me, my Lord!
They're saying that
they went their own ways
when it started raining
during the dinner.
The incident happened
after the rain.
She must have slipped in the dark.
I heard that you're on suspension
for beating up a media person.
What happened, sir?
Well, it just happened, kiddo!
He was really drunk.
Well, I was also two drinks down.
But you haven't stopped
drinking even after all that.
I have to stop, kiddo!
I'm joining the Crime Branch
in two days.
Shall I go there then, sir?
The body has to be taken
to the hospital.
I have to leave too.
There's a local by-election
happening here tomorrow.
The most troublesome booth
falls under my jurisdiction.
You go there.
I'll freshen up and come there.
- Carry on.
- Okay, sir.
See you.
Please move.
Please move.
- Biju...
- Sir?
There's another guest here.
Our Deputy Superintendent
- Chandrasekhar sir?
- Yes.
What's he doing here?
Wasn't he on suspension?
He came here to celebrate
after the suspension,
before joining Crime Branch.
- Who? That man?
- He's a drunk.
That's because
he's still unmarried, sir.
Sir, I had examined the body.
The major injury
is behind the head.
It seems like she fell backwards.
There aren't any signs of struggle.
And her husband said that
her phone is missing.
I've asked Sethu to search for it.
- Okay.
- Sir!
- Was it his wife?
- Yes, sir.
Open it.
You will get the body
only by tomorrow afternoon
after the post-mortem.
All of you should be here.
Let me get done
with the election duty tomorrow.
All of you must come to the station
the day after tomorrow.
Sir, can't the body be released
tomorrow morning
after the post-mortem?
Will it be okay
if two or three of us
come to the station on Monday?
Didn't I tell you that
it's the election here tomorrow?
Not just two or three of you.
All of you
should come to the station.
Till then, none of you
should go anywhere.
- You heard me, right?
- Sir!
- What do we do now?
- What's happening?
Sir, they've have asked
for added force.
How many people
have you sent there?
Eight people are there, sir.
- I'll talk to him.
- I'll send some more people.
Okay, sir.
Please forgive us
if we were disrespectful.
Sir, can you please talk to them?
If required,
I can go to the station on Tuesday.
I must be at the bank on Monday.
Everything will be decided
by the investigating officer.
it's our wedding
this coming Thursday.
My fiance is worried that
we'll have to go to the station.
It will be an issue
if the news goes out, sir.
Whatever the police
wants to know,
we can tell them now.
It's not mere talking.
It has its own procedures.
It's just one day, right? Wait.
Sir, you don't have to
consider anything else.
Please understand
his state of mind.
We are ready to co-operate
any which way you want us to.
Will you be able to speed up
these procedures?
Which other booth has a problem?
The wireless message says that
the issue is near booth number 2.
He might help us, right?
- Call them.
- Hey!
Come here!
So, Sir has given an idea.
He's doing it as a favour
for both you and me.
Okay, sir.
Sir will talk to all of you now.
Each one of you should tell him
everything you know.
If he reaches a conclusion
from what you say,
we'll try to complete the remaining
formalities by tomorrow.
We will tell him everything, sir.
My heartfelt condolences.
You can go to your room
if you want.
I'll talk to the others.
No, sir.
I want to know
what happened to her.
It rained during dinner,
and everyone scattered.
She went to that area all alone
and fell down.
There seems to be a discrepancy
in that, right?
Sir, Shiny was still around
even after dinner.
Are you sure
you want to stay back?
When did you see her
for the last time?
I went outside our room
in between.
She was in the room when I left.
Did any issue happen
between the two of you?
No, sir.
Nothing of that sort happened.
Did any quarrel happen
amongst you guys?
- No, sir.
- No, sir.
So, nothing unusual happened, right?
Okay. You stay here.
I'll be right back.
Shouldn't we tell him
about the game
and the problem that followed?
Mathew, don't create
unnecessary complications.
We have to be careful
when we talk to the police.
That's right.
Let's stick to this story.
Shouldn't we know
what happened to her then?
Yes, we have to.
it's better not to talk
about the issues we had at dinner.
All of us will be disgraced.
Didn't I warn you guys...
that we didn't need that game?
- Pause it.
- Yes, sir.
You all dragged me into this.
And if you don't co-operate?
That's not right.
Everything needs to be fair, right?
We are co-operating, sir.
Aren't you the new member
in this group?
You tell me.
Did anything happen here?
No, sir.
If nothing happened,
why did you run
crying to your room?
I had a headache then.
That's why.
What's your name?
Is this your first time?
I mean, being in front of the police
for a case like this.
More than people who commit crimes,
we cops get furious at people
who try to make fools out of us.
When is your wedding?
The coming Thursday, sir.
What was the issue here?
Do you want to discuss
anything with him?
No, sir.
Do you have anything to do
with that woman's death?
- No, sir.
- Then, tell me!
all of them played a game
while we were having dinner.
All of them?
So, you didn't play?
I played it too.
What game was it?
After that, Aarathy ran crying
to her room.
The heavy rain happened after that.
Once that was over...
Everyone forgot everything,
isn't it?
It wasn't like that, sir.
After that,
everyone left for their rooms.
Some of us returned
after the rain.
After that, Shiny..
I want to search your rooms.
Does anyone have any objection?
That's okay, sir.
You can search.
All of you stay here.
- Vijayan!
- Sir.
You wait here.
- Don't allow them to make any calls.
- Okay, sir.
I need a place where all of us
can sit and talk.
I'll arrange it, sir.
Shall we play that game again?
No game should be left unfinished.
Shouldn't we finish it?
Let's not play games any more, sir.
You can ask us questions instead.
That's for me to decide.
Are you afraid to play?
Why should I be afraid?
Then, all of you
keep your phones on the table.
All of you should keep
your phones unlocked.
In case you receive a call,
I'll tell you what to say.
Well, who is going to call us
at this hour?
We can call people, right?
I'm not going to change
the rules of the game.
Everything remains the same,
except for two things.
There's no time limit to this game.
And I'm also playing this game
as a referee who plays
and controls the game
Questions will be asked
during the game.
You'll have to answer them.
The rules of the game
may be changed.
If anyone plays foul,
the game will continue
at the police station.
The game starts with me, huh?
It's Deputy Superintendent Sreekumar.
He is an old friend of mine.
We should be wary
of these old friends,
right, Sidharth?
Hey, drunkard!
You didn't bother to call me
after reaching my territory?
I came to know that you're here
when Inspector Vipin called.
- You could have..
- Didn't you sleep yet?
I'm here just for one day.
That's why I didn't call.
Okay, carry on.
What's next? Are you going to
join duty immediately or...
No. I have to go to Palani
tomorrow morning.
After praying to
Lord Shanmukha over there,
I have to donate
my hair and beard.
I had vowed to do it
during my suspension.
If you go on like this,
the Lord of Palani
won't need hair from anyone else.
I'm going to quit drinking
from today.
Yeah, right!
By the way...
what's the issue there?
Is it a murder?
I don't know.
I can confirm things only after
the forensic report arrives.
If they don't co-operate,
take them to the station.
Let them be there for a day.
They will spit out the truth
when they get a good beating.
That's not necessary.
They are co-operating very well.
Carry on, then.
Okay. I'll try to come over tomorrow
if possible.
So, after you followed Aarathy?
Then what happened?
I told her what she heard there
was not the truth.
- Where was this?
- In the room.
In whose room?
Aarathy's room.
Was there anyone else
in the room then?
Fida had come there
when we started talking.
Fida, why did you go there?
Aarathy and I are staying
in the same room.
Also, I thought I could
make Aarathy understand.
Make her understand what?
The incident that Sidharth's friend
spoke over the phone...
Do you know anything about it, Fida?
Then how were you planning
on making Aarathy understand?
I mean... I could console her.
That's what I meant.
Then what happened?
By then, Shiny came to the room.
Sidharth, you should
come there at once.
You should tell everyone who it was
and what exactly happened.
I cannot hang my head in shame
because some slut
was sleeping around!
Shiny, watch your language!
I don't have to watch anything.
You have to justify this, right?
Since your character is such.
- What's wrong with my character?
- Fida, please.
Shiny, please don't start a fight.
I will come and tell everyone
what the truth is.
That will solve the problem, right?
You should come right away.
Or else, I'll bring everyone here.
I told you that I will come.
You leave now.
Shiny, wait.
You think you can leave
after talking rubbish about me?
I cut myself short
only because Aarathy was there.
What? What do you have to say?
Say it. I want to hear it.
Fida, please don't fight like this.
Shiny, go to your room.
I caused this problem,
so I'll solve it myself.
- Mathew, take her.
- Shiny, come with me.
- Mathew, she wants to say something.
- She has nothing to say.
You go to your room.
So, it was not just
with Sidharth.
Shiny started a fight
with you too, right?
Jithesh, why did you go there?
To meet Siddhu.
Here's your phone.
What have you done?
Why did you lie to Sajish that
it was one among our group?
Dude, that girl is from my hometown.
Sajish knows her.
That's why I named a different girl
when he asked me.
Damn it!
This is a shitstorm now!
Do you think anyone from our group
will believe you
even if you tell the truth now?
Jithesh, that's the least
of my concerns now.
Aarathy is really furious.
Tell me how to deal with her.
Okay. You go and be with Aarathy.
I'll figure something out.
So, that's what happened.
Did you tell this to Aarathy?
No, sir.
Is it true?
Let's call that medical rep then.
He's the one
who started it all, right?
What was his name?
Yes, that's it. Sajish.
You had called Sajish back.
Was it after the game?
Yes, sir.
What did you guys talk about?
Did you say you'll call him again
in front of everyone
and taught him some lie
to say then?
Nothing like that, sir.
I yelled at him,
and he apologised to me.
I'll tell you how to speak to him.
Tell him that
his call created a huge mess
and ask him
what can be done next.
You should encourage Sajish
to keep talking.
If you play foul,
you will regret it.
He must have gone to sleep, sir.
No problem.
We'll keep calling him.
Which resort in Kulamavu are you in?
Is it Greenberg?
Did someone die there?
Shiny, wife of a guy
called Mathew...
I saw the news online.
I've forwarded it to you.
Is it your friend Mathew?
The news says that
it's suspected to be a suicide.
Is it because of yesterday's incident
at the police station?
It's not that. I'll call you later.
Foul, Fida! Foul!
You decided to disconnect the call!
Sorry. I did it by mistake.
Who was the caller?
It was my flatmate.
What was the incident that
your friend mentioned?
You should reveal the truth.
Most of you are hiding many things.
Sir, I...
I don't have anything to hide.
While Mathew and I were traveling
in a car yesterday,
the police caught us
for drunken driving.
There is nothing beyond that.
And it was Shiny and Siddhu
who got us out on bail.
That ended there.
Did your wife have
any argument with you
due to this police station issue?
Anytime yesterday or today?
No, sir.
Nothing of that sort happened.
Mathew, I don't think
you are saying the truth.
Fida, what do you think?
I don't know, sir.
From what I've understood so far,
Shiny has a peculiar character.
I don't think Shiny will keep
her mouth shut
after being to a police station.
Sidharth, you went with her, right?
What do you have to say?
You had promised me
complete co-operation.
I need your opinion on this.
Shiny was a bit upset back then.
It's so embarrassing.
Shiny, don't turn it
into a serious issue.
They've been really close friends
ever since college.
There is nothing else to it.
Me creating an issue out of this
is not the problem.
Isn't Fida my friend too?
The issue is
how others will take it.
Who else is going to know
about this other than us?
Going by Shiny's nature,
she would have fought
with Mathew yesterday.
Sir, we had a small argument
on our way back from the station.
But it didn't turn out
to be a huge fight.
Shiny, what happened
for you to be so upset?
Did the police catch you
for doing nothing?
The police caught us driving
after drinking beer.
Didn't you find anyone else
to drink beer with?
What's wrong if it's Fida?
She is the one who has invested
the most in our business.
Do you know how much money
we owe her?
Not "we."
You're the one who owes her money.
You're indebted to others
because you're incapable.
And you're making it an excuse
to roam around with her!
Mathew, I'll tell you one thing.
You should return Fida's investment
And don't tell me stories
about that debt again!
And you guys didn't talk
about it afterwards?
No, sir.
She was very happy
to come for this trip.
Was there any issue here
until you got that phone call?
Yes, that's a fair question.
Sir, in that case,
a voice message
that Mathew received
was even more of an issue.
A very humiliating message.
Shiny must have been
really embarrassed
that all of us heard it.
- What are you two trying to say?
- Hey! No, no!
Don't be upset, Mathew.
Jithesh is talking as part of
the co-operation I asked from you.
Right, Jithesh?
Sit down, Mathew.
We need to find out
the truth, right?
Play that voice message.
Let me listen to it.
Sir, I deleted it.
Why, Mathew?
Was it so bad?
What was in it?
It was a message from a person
to whom I owe money
as part of my business.
It's true that
he spoke in a bad manner.
How bad was it?
Not enough.
Your co-operation is not enough.
Only Jithesh is co-operating
with me here.
What, Jithesh?
Are you also planning
to join them?
But, sir...
if I'm the only one talking,
it will be really personal.
That's fair.
But how long can you all hide it?
When the cops question you
at the station tomorrow
in their own way?
Sir, he was really insulting.
He's someone who lent money
to Mathew upon Fida's request.
He spoke as if these two
were having an affair.
Sir, it must have been a shock
for Shiny
when we came to know that
Mathew is bankrupt.
Shiny was a lady
with great self-esteem.
Thank you.
Shiny had a peculiar character.
Right, Mathew?
Did she have any other issues?
I mean... any psychological issues?
No, sir.
Nothing like that.
How about you, Mathew?
No, sir.
I saw some medicines
in your room.
Based on my limited knowledge,
I think they are drugs prescribed
for certain mental illnesses.
She was bipolar.
Are you a psychiatrist?
No, I'm a gynaecologist.
I had known Shiny
even before her marriage.
She used to consult
at the hospital
where I used to work earlier.
When Shiny got admitted there,
her psychiatrist referred her to me
to get an opinion.
Going by Shiny's nature,
she would have fought
with Mathew yesterday.
A voice message that Mathew received
was even more of an issue.
He's someone who lent money
to Mathew upon Fida's request.
It must have been a shock for Shiny
when we came to know
that Mathew is bankrupt.
He spoke as if these two
were having an affair.
She was bipolar.
Fida, let's do one thing.
Let's call the guy who sent
that message to Mathew.
You know him, don't you?
Shouldn't we know why
he was talking ill of you?
Let's call him
and give him an earful.
He shouldn't be talking like this
about women.
Are you feeling hesitant?
I thought that you are a bold
and brave woman.
Sir, I'm a bit hesitant to call him.
Are you afraid that
he will bad-mouth you again?
Let's see what he'll do.
Fida, just call him.
I'm here with you.
Under what name have
you saved his number?
John Builder.
Don't show any mercy.
Rip him apart.
It's ringing.
Hello, Fida.
What crap were you spewing...
just because we owe you money?
Fida, please.
Please don't say anything.
Since I was really angry that
I was not getting my money back,
I couldn't hold back my words.
I was planning to meet you
in person to apologise.
Fida, it won't be right
if we discuss this over phone.
He seems to be a gentleman.
But, sir, this was not
how he spoke earlier.
Within the span of
two to three hours,
what magic happened
that John had a change of heart?
Did any of you call John
after your fight?
- Mathew?
- No, sir.
- Fida?
- No, sir. I didn't call him.
Sir, except Fida and Mathew,
none of us know John.
Mathew, call John now.
Get me his number. I will dial.
Get back at him for humiliating you.
Tell him you won't return his money.
We will return his money.
Just say that for the time being.
Okay, John is not answering.
Let's send him a message.
Let's see if he replies.
I'm also quite an expert
at swear words.
I've sent him a befitting reply.
Told him that he won't get
his money back either.
call that medical rep again.
Even he's not answering?
Sir, like I said earlier,
he must have slept already.
We will wake him up if he has slept.
We will keep calling!
Sir, his phone must be
on silent mode.
Wait a minute.
Didn't you start the game
when Sam was getting calls
back to back?
Later, Sam didn't receive
even a single call during the game.
You dragged me into this...
and you are fooling me,
aren't you?
No, sir.
Why did you keep your phone
on flight mode then?
So, your phone was on flight mode
even during the first game.
Wasn't it?
If anyone else has done
anything similar, change it now.
I'm going to check
everyone's phones.
Message from
an advocate Jayaprakash.
"Call me in WhatsApp
if required."
Another one from Shrimp Jose.
"Money will reach by Monday
morning itself. Don't worry."
Most number of messages
are from a guy called Suresh.
"Please call."
"Not getting your number."
"Please call me back."
"It's urgent."
So many messages.
Who is this Suresh?
He is the cashier at my bank.
Call him back.
Shouldn't we know
what the urgency is?
Not now, sir. I'll call him later.
Someone must have broken
into the bank, man!
Why else would he be
so restless at this hour?
Call him!
it's an official call.
Let's not put it on speaker.
Everyone will hear it, sir.
We cannot change the rules
for the sake of one person.
Or everyone else
should agree to it.
Should we change the rules
for this guy who tricked all of you?
Don't give special consideration
to anyone, sir.
Yes, that's right!
Talk to Suresh.
Sir, why didn't you call me
after speaking to Jose?
I was unable to reach
both Jose and you.
I'm almost dead
due to all the stress, sir.
- If the cash isn't back by Monday..
- Hey...
everything is fine now.
Jose will reach
by Monday morning.
I'll call you tomorrow morning.
Thank God!
Don't count me in
for this again, sir.
Sam, what's the issue?
Sir, the thing is...
in order to achieve the month-end
target at the bank,
I had asked for some funds
from this person called Jose.
That's what this is about.
Stop it, Sam.
Don't cook up more lies.
I've investigated
a similar case earlier.
When there are consecutive holidays,
the bank manager and cashier
will lend the cash balance
to businessmen.
Isn't it?
Oh, no!
No, sir.
That's not true.
I don't believe you, Sam!
Let's ask Suresh.
If I threaten him,
he will sing like a canary.
No, sir.
Please don't.
I will tell you.
How much did you give him?
50 lakh.
That's is a non-bailable offense.
What do we do now?
Sir, it was a mistake.
It won't happen again.
Please help me.
I'll do whatever you want me to do.
Are you offering me a bribe?
You didn't even give me
a drink when I asked you.
Okay. Let's forget about it
for the time being.
We will address it later.
50 lakh, huh?
Sir, we called from my phone, right?
This is my phone number.
Send all your phone numbers
to my phone.
You had called your mom
several times during the night.
Well, I had called to inform her
about the situation here.
Message from Achayan.
"Hope you are all right. Take care."
"I'll call you
in the morning, dear."
Who is this?
It's my elder brother.
When he had called,
I messaged him that I'm at the party
and that I'll call him tomorrow.
This is his reply for that.
Doctor, you're on leave
on Monday, huh?
You've sent a message
to your HR manager.
There are a couple of emergency cases
scheduled for Monday.
It would be difficult for them
if I don't tell them in advance.
There is a message
from Circle Inspector Rahul.
"I'll talk to Vipin.
Don't worry."
He is my friend.
I had asked him
to request the local officer
to speed up the procedures.
Yes, yes.
We will speed up the procedure.
Several WhatsApp messages
are coming on this phone.
No notification sounds?
"For sure shot tips, please call."
I work for a share trading company.
I get many tips like this.
So, I've muted the notifications.
All of them are frauds.
You will lose your money.
I've lost a lot of money like that.
I'm going to unmute it
for the time being.
Sir, I've sent all the numbers.
Hello, Police Cyber Cell.
- Rahim. It's me, Chandrasekhar.
- Tell me, sir.
I've sent some numbers
to your phone.
Okay, sir.
Except for one number,
the rest are all in the same
tower location at Kulamavu.
- Okay, sir.
- The odd one out
is the number of a guy
named John in Ernakulam.
- Sir.
- To that John's number,
check whether a call was made
from any of these other numbers
before 12:00 a.m.
Okay, sir.
- Make it fast.
- Sure, sir.
Fida and Shiny had a fight
outside the room, right?
Fida, where did you go after that?
Sir, I was feeling really low.
So, I went and sat alone
by the pool for a while.
Doesn't seem like anyone else
has believed that.
We'll find out.
- Biju...
- Yes, sir?
Check the CCTV footage
from the poolside.
See if a woman
was sitting there alone.
I'll check and tell you, sir.
Whose message is it?
Sir, it's from John.
Only an angry emoji as a reply
to all the cuss words we sent.
He has some other reason
to evade you.
was Mathew with you
the whole time it rained?
Mathew was not with us
during the first rain.
He came to us after that.
Before the second rain started,
he went back to his room,
saying that he'll bring a bottle.
- Was Shiny in your room then?
- Yes, she was.
Didn't you forget it yet?
Why take on so much pressure?
Didn't I say
that I don't suspect you?
Don't talk rubbish!
You said this now to stop me
from saying anything to you, right?
I know the meaning of that smile.
I'm sure about one thing now.
From now on,
don't expect any help from our friends
to solve our problems.
We got embarrassed for nothing.
- Hey, that was..
- Listen!
I will beg and plead with someone
and bring some money somehow.
You should finish all your deals
with Fida.
Okay, agreed.
But you should
promise me something.
Don't complicate the issue further.
Am I the one
complicating things here?
I'm not going to do anything.
When I called Sidharth,
he said that the girl
was from his hometown.
You can believe that if you want.
You won't understand anything.
Do whatever you want!
You reap what you sow.
So, Shiny had called you, Sidharth.
Yes, sir.
She called me to say that the issue
won't be solved until I say the truth.
She was quite panicked.
She called me many times
even after that, but I didn't answer.
Did Shiny call anyone else?
Shiny called me since Sidharth
wasn't answering her calls
and asked me to tell him
that he can't escape
by cooking up lies.
Mathew, were you with Shiny
in your room at that time?
Yes, sir.
Since Shiny had a fight with Fida,
I had brought her
back to our room.
I think it was after that
Shiny had called me too.
She told me
Sidharth isn't answering her calls.
She cried a lot,
saying that I am not supporting her.
If this is her attitude,
Shiny would have had fights
with many of you earlier.
Yes, sir.
This wasn't the first time that
Shiny created a problem among us.
Though we came to know
that Shiny is bipolar only now,
all of us had suspected that
she had some mental issues.
Mathew never told us about it.
So, we never bothered to ask him.
The entire group was adjusting
with Shiny's behaviour
only to keep this friendship intact.
Did she have any problems with you?
- No, sir.
- Yes, sir.
Say the truth.
Annie was very sympathetic
towards Shiny.
She had even lent some money
to Shiny.
We are not exactly loaded with cash.
So, three months back,
I asked her to return the money
she had borrowed from us.
That became a problem.
What problem?
Sir, I had lent her money
a couple of times.
I stopped it when I realised
she was not planning to repay it.
We can let it go
if it's our own money.
That's not the case
when we borrow from others for her.
Who were these "others"?
From one of her colleagues.
I had a fight with Shiny
and put an end to it.
After that, we hadn't been
on good terms with Shiny.
Sir, after that, Shiny came over
and apologised many times.
That's right.
But we always maintained a distance
from Shiny after that issue
Shiny is unpredictable.
She can change any time.
Are they saying the truth?
It's true that
a fight happened, sir.
She had a habit of borrowing money
and splurging it.
I couldn't do anything about it.
Her doctor told me that
it's part of her illness.
I want to talk to the doctor
who treated Shiny.
Sir, please.
Even after her death,
in front of everyone,
why should we...
No, no, no.
I won't talk in public.
I'll talk to the doctor personally.
Mathew, why have you
called at this hour?
Doctor, I'll pass the phone
to someone.
He will explain.
- Who is it?
- Sir...
Hello, Doctor.
I am DySP Chandrasekhar.
Sorry to trouble you.
Oh, my God!
When did this happen?
Shiny has been my patient
for many years now.
Her strange behaviour...
Was it part of her illness
or was it her character?
It's indeed an illness.
She has...
bipolar affective disorder...
and it's an episodic illness.
It means that
she will exhibit symptoms
only when the illness takes over.
And she will be very normal
at all other times.
I had seen Shiny mostly
during her hypomanic episodes.
She will be very confident
when she is in this hypomanic phase.
There will be uncontrollable anger
and aggression.
She will make hasty decisions
without any shame or fear.
She will also splurge money
without any limit.
And when she recovers
from that episode,
she keeps regretting her actions.
Do these patients
have suicidal tendencies?
The speciality of this illness
is that
their moods will be polar opposites.
The patient will be euphoric
during the manic episode
and will feel low
during the depressive episode.
Risk of suicide is high
during the depressive episode.
However, in some rare occasions,
even during manic episodes,
suicidal tendency can occur
due to impulsiveness.
Thank you, Doctor.
Sir, we found this at the spot
where the body was lying.
The bottle is broken,
but most of the liquor
is still in the bottle.
This was found in the area
where Shiny was lying dead.
I know that this belongs
to one of you.
That one
is Mathew's regular brand, sir.
Mathew went to his room,
saying that he'll bring this bottle.
What does Mathew have to say?
Sir, this is the bottle
I brought from my room.
When I reached the poolside
with this bottle,
it started raining again.
I sat there, under an umbrella,
until the rain stopped.
When I got back to the hut
after the rain,
Sam and Zacharia weren't there.
I sat there for a while,
waiting for them.
- That's when...
- Mathew!
- Mathew!
- Fida!
Hey! What was that noise?
Hey! Over there!
- Come, Mathew!
- What happened?
Fida, isn't it true so far?
Now, I want to ask two things
to all of you.
do any of you feel
anything suspicious
about what Mathew and Fida
told us so far?
You may raise your hands.
Mathew, who else had an argument
with Shiny here,
apart from you?
Sir, Shiny was waiting there
to meet him.
She must have caught his lies.
He is the one responsible
for everything!
If you talk nonsense,
I won't care who you are!
Come on, then!
Kill me too,
like you killed her!
Mathew, don't create problems
for everyone.
Everyone knows that the issue
was between Shiny and you.
No, Jithesh.
I don't think
everyone has that opinion.
Even your wife
isn't sure about that.
I can only agree to things
that I am sure about.
I don't have any proof
that Shiny committed suicide
or that Mathew, Fida
or Siddhu caused her any harm.
Of course, Doctor.
We should stand by
what we believe.
The second thing
I wanted to ask you all...
The truth that Sidharth
was supposed to reveal here
that his affair was with a woman
who isn't part of this group.
How many of you believe it?
Even in this case,
Jithesh and Doctor
have different opinions.
Jithesh and I have
a very transparent relationship.
We share everything.
If it was someone
outside our group,
Jithesh would have asked me
to help Siddhu.
Jithesh knows that
I would help him.
it must be someone
who can't reveal themselves to me.
That's a sensible answer.
Thank you, Doctor. Thank you.
You keep doing this, Nayana!
You keep insulting others.
Didn't you do this earlier too?
You cast a shadow of suspicion
over a few of us.
I didn't say that
it was any one of you.
I just said that
it would be someone
who has a problem
revealing themselves to me.
Can't it be some other girl I know?
That's not what you said.
If it was someone
outside our group,
Jithesh would've asked for your help.
That's what you said.
What's the meaning of that?
It's not necessary that I have
to share everything with you.
That's just your delusion.
Oh, is that so?
- I didn't know that.
- Yes, it's like that.
Shiny went after Siddhu
because she couldn't bear
this insult from you.
If you look at it that way,
it was your words
that led to everything, Nayana.
I didn't insult anyone.
I didn't take anyone's side either.
Whatever the reason may be,
a person from our group has died.
We have to find out
what really happened.
That's all.
That's why
I didn't even consider Jithesh
while I stated my opinion.
The call that Sidharth received...
Was it implying any situation that
might have been humiliating to Shiny?
That's also a possibility, right?
Sir, please don't speak ill
of the dead.
Shiny was not that kind of a person.
Mathew, what are you implying?
Nayana already bailed out,
Shiny is not that kind of a person,
and you don't suspect Fida either.
The remaining ones in this group
are Annie and me.
So, was it one of us?
You trust your wife so much.
It's always better to watch
someone else's misfortune, right?
I used to trust my wife.
If you trust your wife,
you can say that.
I trust Merin.
What about you, Zacharia?
Why are you silent, Zacharia?
Do you suspect me?
I didn't think that.
It's a call from Rahim.
Tell me, Rahim.
Sir, Shiny's phone
had four outgoing calls
and two incoming calls.
The outgoing calls were to Annie,
and John.
Among them,
John had called back twice.
Can you tell me
the time of the calls
made with John?
Sir, Shiny called John at 8:45 p.m.
The duration was 4 minutes
and 10 seconds.
John called back at 8:50 p.m.
and 8:58 p.m.
Both calls were under one minute.
Send the details of all the calls
on my WhatsApp.
Sure, sir.
We know why Shiny called Sidharth,
Jithesh and Annie.
Why would she call John?
Mathew, I'm sending
a message to John.
"I called you to discuss
what Shiny told you in detail."
"Call me back."
Let him reply.
By then,
call your friend again, Sidharth.
Okay, sir.
Dude, I was drinking
when you called earlier.
Dude, what sick game
were you guys playing there?
- What's wrong with you?
- Hey!
It became a huge issue.
Give me some idea to solve it.
Dude, why do you have
to take the blame
for someone else
getting a girl pregnant?
Just tell her
what you told me earlier.
You don't have to save others
by ruining your own life.
Just say that you bought
the medicine for Jithesh, you idiot!
Let him face the music!
Okay, then. I'll call you later.
Okay, bye.
The game
has changed its course, Jithesh.
Sir, he's lying!
Why do you have to drag
my name into this, Siddhu?
To find out who is lying,
I am here!
Hiding a crime is as punishable
as committing a crime.
What really happened?
Or let it be. Let's ask Aarathy.
Aarathy is a good girl.
She won't lie.
Tell me, Aarathy.
It must be John.
It's a voice message.
You don't know a damn thing
about the deal between Shiny and me!
I could sense that
from your first message.
I know you're doing this
to find out what it is all about.
What was the first message?
You cursed him back and said
that you won't return his money.
So, Shiny has called John and arrived
at a settlement about the money.
That's why John said that
you don't know anything, Mathew.
We'll make John say what that is.
Fida, that online news
about Shiny's death?
Forward it to John.
John will call back.
what you heard earlier
about Jithesh?
Did Sidharth tell you
about that in the room?
please believe me!
I'm saying the truth!
It was for Jithesh.
He made me ask for it
since he was scared whether Nayana
would find out if he gets involved.
And I'm a bachelor, right?
I'll bring Jithesh now
and make him confess
in front of you.
Aarathy, I swear!
I swear on my mother,
on all the Gods I believe in...
That's the truth!
Go and say this to your group.
Jithesh will say that you cooked up
a story to save yourself.
The others will believe only that.
Jithesh will confess it to you.
I'm sure about that.
Who's that girl then?
Aarathy, I swear I don't know!
She's one among our group.
Jithesh had told me not to ask
anything more than that.
I'll believe if that lady comes here
along with Jithesh to confess.
it will be difficult for me.
You sacrificed so much
for your friend, didn't you?
They will come if you call them.
Go, Sidharth.
Don't waste time sitting here.
This is not what Jithesh
and you told me earlier.
Sir, it's just that I didn't object
when Jithesh spoke.
This is the actual truth.
Dude, your phone.
Hey, that scoundrel Sajish
has ruined everything!
What's wrong with him?
Jithesh, Sajish is
not the problem now.
Aarathy is really furious.
Tell me how to deal with her.
Or else,
I'll tell everyone everything.
Don't create an issue, dude.
Give me some time.
I'll figure out some way.
I swear!
Go and be with Aarathy now.
Go on.
And did Jithesh give you a solution?
No, sir.
Sir, when I told the truth
to Aarathy,
she said that she'll believe me
only if Jithesh brings the woman.
I had called Jithesh then.
That's true.
He got that call from Siddhu
while he was teaching me decency.
But shouldn't we keep
some basic decency, Nayana?
You shouldn't have said all that.
Tell me, dude.
I'll come there now.
It's Siddhu. He's really in a fix.
What a damn headache.
Let me go there.
Sir, Siddhu is lying to save himself
and trap me instead!
And your wife is supporting him
for that, is it?
You should have some decency
even while lying.
If he wanted to trap you,
Sidharth could have said your name
right at the beginning.
If that medical rep hadn't said it,
Sidharth would never
point fingers at you!
So, there's some understanding
between the two of you.
Tell me! What was that?
However close a friend might be,
you shouldn't protect the one
who calls you a cheat.
Finally, you'll end up
being trapped.
So, say it!
Jithesh, there's only one solution
to this.
Whoever it is, bring her
and confess to Aarathy.
She's saying that
she'll cancel the wedding.
My dear Siddhu, give me
some time to breathe!
I'll see to it that
you don't have any problems.
It's easier said than done!
Bro, I will talk to Aarathy.
Jithesh, this won't be solved
if you come alone.
Bro, I've never asked you who it is.
At least tell me who it is!
If it's difficult for you,
I'll talk to her.
No, I'll talk to her.
I'll bring her myself.
Please go now.
Is that true?
What is your stand, Jithesh?
Are you planning to hold on
by lying again?
Sir, please forgive me.
I made a huge mistake.
It's a huge betrayal for which.
Nayana or my friends
can never forgive me.
Hey, hey!
Stop your speech
and tell me everything!
Hey, didn't we end it long back?
I never imagined,
in my wildest dreams,
that this would come up again.
Why did you go overboard asking
Siddhu to say who it is immediately?
If I stay silent,
won't they suspect me?
They won't be suspecting me now.
Siddhu doesn't know, right?
Not yet.
Why are you talking like that?
will you betray me?
It's not about betraying you, Shiny.
We must solve this somehow.
First, Siddhu...
His wedding might get canceled.
So, the two of us will go
and convince Aarathy now.
Convince her saying what?
Let's say the truth.
How could you even say that to me?
To other people...
That too...
How do I confess something like this
to another girl?
I am safe now.
Or else, you'll have to betray me.
if that happens,
I will kill myself.
Do any of you think that
Jithesh is lying now?
Raise your hands.
What do you think, Aarathy?
I don't know, sir.
I don't know, sir.
If I say that this is not true,
it will mean that I'm suspecting
another woman who's here, right?
I can't say that, sir.
You devils!
You're killing a dead person
all over again!
And you're calling yourselves
my friends?
You are all traitors!
Jithesh is lying
through his teeth, sir.
Are you the one
who decides that?
Like I told you, sir,
Shiny was my patient
even before her wedding.
It's something
even Mathew isn't aware of.
She cannot conceive.
You're cooking up a false story
to take out your grudge on me?
I'm sorry, Mathew.
Shiny had asked me
not to reveal this to anyone.
No doctor will say this
about a patient,
unless it is the truth, sir.
There's something called ethics.
Be it in your profession
or in your life.
If you have such ethics,
why did you tell them
that Shiny is bipolar?
Sir, Shiny's file
is still on my computer.
I revealed this here only because
a dead woman's honour
was being questioned here.
And not to trap anyone.
See, Doctor...
if she cannot get pregnant,
that would be Shiny's greatest
defence in this issue, right?
She could get your support too.
Yet, why did Shiny create
such a huge ruckus?
Shiny considered her inability
to conceive as a great fault.
Shiny will never let others
know about it.
That's why she made me promise
that I won't say this to anyone.
So, in an issue where she's 100% sure
that it is someone else,
Shiny will only try to expose
that person, right?
Okay. Fair enough.
It's John.
I will tell you what to tell him.
- Hello, Fida?
- Hello?
What did I just hear?
I can't believe it!
What happened to Shiny?
She committed suicide, apparently.
Suicide? For what?
The cops are here.
They found out
from the call records that...
- Shiny's last call was to you.
- What?
They might call you.
Why should they call me?
We spoke only about the money.
That, too, very decently.
Ask him what he spoke
about the money.
What about the money?
Shiny had told me not to discuss this
with anyone else.
Still, I'll say it.
From the 25 lakh they owe me,
Shiny transferred 10 lakh to me.
She asked me for more time
to pay the remaining amount.
And I said okay to that.
- Tonight?
- Yes.
Must be around 9:00 p.m.
She sent it to me through
two transactions of 5 lakh each.
When I called to confirm that,
she spoke very nicely to me.
Hang up.
Okay. I'll call you later.
Was there so much money
in Shiny's account?
No, sir.
How can we get
Shiny's account statement?
Sir, we'll have to submit
a request to the bank.
To check online,
I don't know her password.
Tell me!
Didn't you give
the money to Shiny?
What was your deal with Shiny?
Why did you kill her?
Sir... sir...
I... I haven't killed anyone.
I'll prove that now.
Doctor, do you know
his internet banking password?
I had changed the password.
When Shiny pleaded with me
to help her settle
their debt to John,
I gave her the money.
I gave it as a loan.
Yeah, right! You expect me to believe
your paid her lakhs just like that?
What argument happened
between you two
that could not be solved
by paying money?
Sir, there were no arguments.
I did it as a favour.
When your own sister asked
for 1 lakh as a loan last week,
you evaded her saying
you were short on cash!
I had guessed it
when you tried to establish
that Shiny had committed suicide
that you had a big secret to hide!
I don't hit people usually.
But, if you get beaten by me,
you'll be done for!
Show me your bank details first.
We'll continue after that.
Did you give just 5 lakh to Shiny?
So, how did Shiny get
the remaining 5 lakh?
I don't know, sir.
She asked me only for 5 lakh.
This wasn't the first time that
Shiny created a problem among us.
- She cannot conceive.
- When we started talking,
- Fida came in.
- ...had a headache...
I messaged my brother I'm at the party
and that I'll call him tomorrow.
That one
is Mathew's regular brand, sir.
Sir, Shiny was waiting there
to meet him.
She must have caught his lies.
I have nothing to hide.
Jithesh is lying
through his teeth, sir.
At what time did you start
playing the game?
Must be around 7:15 p.m.
So, the party was ruined
by 8:00 p.m., right?
When your brother called you
before the game started at 7:15,
you sent a message saying that
you're at a party, right, Merin?
Where's that message then?
I had deleted it.
Did your brother reply to messages
sent before 7:15 p.m.
only after 10:00 p.m.?
Since there's a network issue here,
the message must have
been delivered late.
Oh, all right.
When you say that
you're at a party,
people usually say "enjoy"
and all that.
Why did he reply with
"Hope you are okay. Take care"?
I don't know, sir.
He sent the message, right?
Let's ask your brother then.
Would he have slept now?
Will it be a disturbance
if we call him now?
- He must have gone to sleep.
- That's okay.
The need is ours, right?
Merin, speak only
what I ask you to say.
- Hello?
- Hello.
Why have you called again, dear?
Is there any problem?
I didn't call you again because
you asked me not to call at night.
Your brother will call back now.
Then you should tell him
that you called to say
there are no problems here.
- Hello?
- Hello?
What's the problem, dear?
Didn't you get the money?
Why are you silent?
Is there any problem there?
Can't you hear me?
- Did it get disconnected?
- There's no problem here.
I called to say that
I got the money.
- I'll call you tomorrow.
- Okay, dear.
Why did you need money
all of a sudden, Merin?
Since Sam had to repay
the money at the bank...
Have you told her about
the misappropriation at the bank?
- Yes.
- Tell me the truth!
If you're saying the truth,
you can return the money
and save yourself.
I won't intervene in that.
If you're lying,
you'll be arrested on Monday!
The issue at the bank...
she wasn't aware of it, sir.
People won't lie for no reason.
Jithesh has only been lying so far.
And now Merin too.
The two of you
have something to hide,
either together or individually.
And the two of you are involved
in Shiny's death too.
Merin, thinking that you can escape
by lying
will only lead
to further complications.
What was Shiny's role in this?
Why did the two of you
give her money?
did you agree that the two of us
will go before Aarathy?
That's not going to happen.
I won't come
even if you have to kill me.
Merin, Aarathy will believe it
only if the two of us go together.
Siddhu has become a scapegoat
for our sake.
Jithesh, listen,
we had ended all this long back.
You must solve this somehow
without revealing my name.
Please don't drag me into this.
How can you say that?
I need to help Siddhu too.
Will you betray me?
It's not about betraying you, Merin.
Let's solve this first.
First, let's help Siddhu.
His wedding might get canceled.
Whatever you say, I won't come!
This is such a pathetic situation!
Will you tell them that it's me?
If he's cornered,
Siddhu will say my name.
I will try to hold on
to the best of my ability.
That's all I can say now, Merin.
What is it?
What happened?
Why are you crying?
In that state of mind,
I confessed everything to Shiny.
I requested her to help me.
After hearing everything,
Shiny took me to her room.
There's no point in crying!
Find a way to save yourself.
Or else, your life will be ruined!
I'll get you out of this fix
without any damage.
But Jithesh and you
should help me.
You saw what my situation is, right?
When everyone heard John's message,
I just felt like killing myself.
Give me 10 lakh.
You needn't do it alone.
Let's get half the amount
from Jithesh.
I need to close
all the deals with Fida.
Shiny, 10 lakh is...
How can I give it
without Sam's knowledge?
If I get that money,
I will play a game.
An awesome game.
Ask your brother.
He's filthy rich, right?
Not for free.
Give it to me as a loan.
When I'm well settled,
I'll return it with interest.
I asked my brother for money
and got it transferred
while I was in her room.
Shiny asked me
not to worry about anything.
Once I left,
I don't know what happened.
What could have happened?
After taking money from Jithesh
as well to solve her problem,
Shiny washed her hands off it.
What else can she do?
No one had gone to Aarathy, right?
So, naturally,
there would have been an argument
either with Jithesh or with Merin.
I just need to know
whether one of you murdered Shiny
or the two of you did it together.
Let's end this game then.
You can say the rest at the station.
That's not what happened, sir.
Then what happened?
You're a liar!
Keep your stories to yourself!
told me that she'll call me
after setting everything up.
And the incident happened
while I was waiting for her.
What was Shiny's plan?
She didn't tell me that, sir.
She said that she has
a trump card with her
and that she's going to use it.
- Biju..
- Sir?
- Please come here.
- Okay, sir.
Check the footage from all CCTVs.
Check all the cameras
to see what happened...
between 9:00 p.m. and 9:30 p.m.
- Okay?
- Okay, sir.
Shiny called Annie to say that.
Sidharth is not answering her call
and that Annie
is not supporting Shiny, right?
Yes, sir.
And what was your reply to her?
I said, "Let him say what he wants.
Don't complicate the issue further."
Why did you say that?
Among the men,
wasn't it Zacharia who flared up
at Sidharth the most?
So, since you're sure
that it wasn't you,
wasn't it better
to clear the confusion?
I thought it's best not to create
any further issues between friends.
I thought that I could
convince Zacharia somehow.
You are lying, Annie.
Why should I lie, sir?
That's exactly what I'm asking you!
Why are you lying?
After closing all the deals
with Merin and Jithesh,
Shiny called you at 9:07 p.m.
Why should you talk about Sidharth
at that point?
Wasn't he out of the picture
by then?
Sir, I must have been mistaken.
Shiny called me at that time
to say that I should stand by her
and solve this issue somehow.
I told her that it's not possible.
Did Shiny tell you that the affair
was between Merin and Jithesh?
Yes, she did.
If you knew that, why did you
raise your hand when I asked
whether you believed
Sidharth's story?
As I told you earlier,
I didn't want to complicate
this issue.
I thought it would be good for all
if the issue gets resolved
with that story.
Certain things are not adding up.
After fixing a deal
with Merin and Jithesh,
why would Shiny call just you,
asking you to stand by her, Annie?
Is it because she felt that
everyone else might stand by her,
except you?
Maybe, sir.
Sir, as I told you earlier,
we were not on good terms
for the past couple of months.
Shiny tried a lot to convince me.
Along with that,
she told you about Merin
and Jithesh, as well.
Yes, sir.
But your call duration
was just 10 seconds.
Didn't you two meet in person?
Didn't Shiny call you for that?
if you complicate things
by lying again,
you will be in trouble.
I know that the two of you met.
Tell me.
Where did you meet her?
Shiny called me to her room and...
asked me if I could tell Aarathy
that I was that woman.
Annie, please.
Please help us.
Are you crazy?
Will any woman agree to do this?
Annie, you don't have
to tell everyone.
You just have to say it discreetly
to Aarathy alone.
Or else, Sidharth's wedding
will be called off.
- Jithesh is ready.
- So?
Ask him to bring
the real girl forward.
That girl is from his hometown.
She is abroad now.
Aarathy is not believing all that.
That's why.
Annie, you don't have to do it
for free.
I will get you
a good amount from Jithesh.
What kind of a woman are you?
I stood by you and helped you
even when Zacharia objected to it.
How could you say this to me?
Can't you just go and die?
Stop it!
This is not at all convincing!
Shiny called you
after transferring all the money
she took from Merin and Jithesh
to John.
So, there's no way that
she could have offered you money.
This is what she asked me to do,
I swear.
You are keeping a secret.
A secret about yourself
or someone else in this group.
I'm not keeping any secret.
Shiny had said that
she had a trump card with her.
In that case,
why would Shiny need your help?
So, it's not your help
that she wanted.
You are that trump card!
Isn't that right?
Do you think you can keep up this act
in front of me for a long time?
I don't know anything, sir!
And I don't have
anything to say either.
Sir, she is pregnant.
Don't torture her like this.
- Sir, please.
- Stop it!
- Let's stop this now!
- You don't get to decide that.
I do. She is my wife.
I won't allow anyone
to torture my wife like this.
Sit down!
- Sir.
- Sit down!
Sir, she hasn't done anything wrong.
How do you know that?
Sir, it's true that
Shiny asked me to..
Yeah, right!
Was she crazy to ask you to cover up
someone else's pregnancy?
Sir, there's nothing suspicious
in the CCTV footage.
At 9:15 p.m., Annie had gone
to Shiny's cottage,
and she left after five minutes.
Shiny also left the cottage
immediately after that.
She never went back after that.
What about the visuals
from the view-point?
Sir, that camera is not working.
We have recovered Shiny's phone,
by the way.
Did you find anything in it?
We just found it, sir.
- Have a detailed look into it.
- Okay, sir.
When I asked you earlier,
why did you hide the fact
that you went to Shiny's room
and spoke to her?
Oh, so it was Zacharia's idea?
why did you ask Annie to lie?
If she says that she had a fight
with Shiny just before she died,
I was scared that
Annie would end up in trouble.
Annie was sad and shocked
hearing what Shiny asked her to do.
But I didn't expect this from Shiny.
You should suffer!
You deserve it!
You always sympathise with her.
You never understand what I say.
Didn't you borrow money from Harshan
for her without my knowledge?
I could return it only last month!
And now she's asking
for a new favour.
That devil will destroy our family.
Where did you go after that?
I smoked a cigarette near the cottage
where you are staying, sir.
You mean on the way
to the view-point.
When you spoke earlier about
Annie's financial transactions,
didn't you say that
you never returned the money
that Annie borrowed
from her colleague to give to Shiny?
And now you said that
you returned the money last month.
No, sir. I had returned it.
No, no.
That's not what you said earlier.
- I said that I returned it.
- No, that's not what you said!
Annie, don't you have
Harshan's number?
Yes, sir.
Let's not argue.
We'll ask Harshan himself.
If Harshan says otherwise,
you'll be in trouble, Zacharia.
If Harshan answers the call,
tell him that
there's a huge problem here
and that Zacharia and you are having
a fight over Harshan's money.
- Okay?
- I will.
Hello, Annie?
Hello, Harshan.
There's a huge problem here.
Hello, Annie?
Annie, please don't panic.
I've told you earlier as well.
She is blackmailing you.
She's lying that
she shot it on her mobile.
You should stay strong!
Can't you hear me?
Why are you silent?
Hello, Annie?
Why are you crying, Annie?
- Annie...
- Hello, Harshan.
This is DySP Chandrasekhar.
I will call you after...
I called Harshan on his number
that's not saved on her phone,
from which he sends
coded messages to Annie.
We won't be getting this information
if we call his saved number.
Mobile... video...
What all secrets
do we have here, Annie?
Zacharia, do you know anything
about this?
No, sir.
So, Shiny's trump card
was a video
that had Annie
and Harshan in it, right?
Annie, everyone has
understood everything.
You just have to tell us
how you murdered Shiny now.
No, sir.
It wasn't me.
I didn't murder her.
How did Shiny get your video?
Shiny started blackmailing you
for money using it, right?
Yes, sir.
Did Shiny really have
that video with her?
I don't know, sir.
Since I had taken money
from Harshan,
Zacharia created an issue.
After that,
Shiny came home one day
and told me that
she has deleted the video
and that she will return
all the money she had taken,
with interest, someday.
She left after apologising
to me that day.
And there were no problems
between you after that
until last night, right?
No, sir.
What happened last night?
Are you crazy, Shiny?
Will any woman agree to do this?
Other girls may not,
but you will.
You just have to imagine that
it's Jithesh in place of Harshan.
No, I can't do it!
Annie, you must help me here.
If it was someone else in my place,
the whole world would have
known about your affair by now.
You've blackmailed me a lot
using that incident.
- Shiny, I won't do it.
- You don't have to do it for free.
I will get you a good amount
from Jithesh.
I still have that video
in my phone.
She is forcing me to do all this
using that!
No, Harshan!
She's saying
she still has a copy of that video.
- I don't know, Harshan!
- Annie...
Do what I say.
That will be better for you!
If not, its consequences will be
beyond your imagination.
Shiny, don't create problems
Whatever you say, I won't do it!
I helped you when you were
in trouble. Don't forget that.
Didn't you threaten me for that
and extort a lot of money from me?
This will all be over
if you help me today.
Or else, I'll send the video
I have with me to everyone.
Do whatever you want!
I'm going to
tell Zacharia everything.
I don't care what happens!
No, I won't believe this.
You are lying, Annie.
No, sir.
I'm saying the truth.
I'll tell you what happened.
Annie was talking to Harshan
at the view-point.
Shiny came there
and threatened you, saying that
she will send the video to everyone.
And, in the struggle that followed,
Shiny accidentally fell down.
in order to end
Shiny's blackmail forever,
Annie pushed Shiny
off the cliff.
After going back to her room,
Annie confessed everything
to Zacharia.
And then, the two of you decided
to lie that Annie hadn't met Shiny.
Isn't that what happened?
No, sir.
Zacharia was not in the room
when I went back there.
Later, when Zacharia arrived...
I didn't have the courage...
to tell Zacharia about Harshan.
Annie is saying the truth, sir.
She hasn't told me anything.
Sir, you can decide
whatever you want.
I don't have anything to do
with Shiny's death.
At what time,
did you get back to your room
from the view-point, Annie?
Around 9:30 p.m.
It's time to blow the final whistle.
All of you hand over
your phones to me.
When this incident happened,
at around 9:30 p.m.,
where were you all?
Sidharth and Aarathy,
were you in your room?
- Yes.
- What?
Jithesh, where were you then?
Sir, I was in my room.
Why are you so stressed, Jithesh?
Is he saying the truth?
Yes, he was in the room.
Merin, after returning
from Shiny's room,
when did you go out?
- When I heard the commotion.
- Were you alone?
The two of us went together.
Zacharia, did you reach your room
right after Annie?
Fida and Aarathy were sharing
the same room, right?
So, Fida was the only one
missing from her room.
Where were you then, Fida?
Sir, I told you earlier.
I was at the poolside.
When it rained, Mathew stood under
the umbrella near the pool, right?
Did you see Fida over there then?
I didn't notice.
My question is whether you saw Fida
at that time over there?
No, sir.
Fida, where were you
when it rained the second time?
Sir, I had gone for a walk
to smoke a cigarette.
While it was raining?
No. Just before the rain.
Later, when it rained,
I waited near a cottage there.
Which cottage was it?
I don't know that.
I think
it was an unoccupied cottage.
Sam, why did you kill Shiny?
- How did you kill Shiny?
- I haven't killed anyone!
Were you aware that Merin had given
5 lakh to Shiny?
No, sir. I didn't know.
I swear!
He doesn't know.
- Are you sure?
- Yes, I am.
Get me Merin's phone.
Transfer 1,000 from your account
to Shiny's account.
Do it right away.
Sam, where were you
when Shiny died?
I was in my room with Merin.
You can ask her.
- He was with me.
- You do the transfer.
That's what your wife believes.
You left that hut at 9:12 p.m.
and reached your room
only by 9:30 p.m.
That means
it took you 18 minutes
to reach your room from the hut.
Where were you
during those 18 minutes?
See? It's the notification
for Merin's fund transfer...
on Sam's phone.
Is yours a joint account?
Well, Sam converted it
into a joint account
without your knowledge.
So, you knew that Merin had
transferred money to Shiny, right?
Who is Advocate Jayaprakash?
Merin, do you know him?
He is Sam's close friend.
- Criminal lawyer?
- Yes.
Sam, what was your deal
with him last night?
There was a message
from him at 9:35 p.m.
"Call me in WhatsApp
if required."
When the issue at the bank came up,
I called him to check
the legal side of things.
Stop it! You bloody...
Are you playing games with me?
You weren't doing this scam
for the first time.
Moreover, before you called
your advocate,
didn't you get a message
from Shrimp Jose
that said everything is okay?
Sam, don't try to cook up
any more lies.
Sometime back,
I was using your mobile
to chat with your advocate.
I'll read it out loud.
I sent a reply to your advocate's
"call me if required" message.
"The police have started
their questioning here."
ADVOCATE: "Can you call me?"
MY REPLY: "It's not safe."
"The police are checking
the CCTV footage."
"Didn't you say that there are
no cameras at the view-point?"
My reply:
"Yes, but there are cameras
at all other areas of the resort."
"What you need is an alibi."
"That's why I asked you to go
and be with your wife in your room."
"I'll come there tomorrow.
Delete these chat messages."
"Don't worry."
"I'll take care of everything else.
Now tell me.
What really happened?
The truth is out in the open now.
If you want to continue
playing games,
we'll take you to the police station
and get it out of you..
No, sir.
I will tell you everything.
Seeing the message that Merin
had transferred 5 lakh to Shiny,
I got shocked.
Though Shiny had borrowed money
from Merin often,
this was the first time that
she took such a huge amount.
When I went to the cottage
to talk to Merin about this,
I saw Annie leaving Shiny's cottage,
followed by Shiny.
When Merin sent such a huge amount
to Shiny without asking me,
I felt there was something fishy.
To get an explanation
from Shiny,
I followed her.
Shiny, what's happening?
Why did Merin give you money?
Go and ask her!
Whatever may be the reason,
I want you to return it now.
I won't do it! Sue me if you want!
I know that you tricked her and
took money from her multiple times.
You can't do it anymore.
You better return the money.
It's not a small amount.
It's 5 lakh.
It's not for nothing.
It's for hiding her affair.
How dare you!
Let go of me!
You concentrate on making money!
And she sleeps with random guys...
I could sense the fear within you
from the beginning.
But I lost my way for a while
because of the smokescreen
created by your bank fraud.
Or else, I'd have closed in on you
much earlier.
My role will be over
when I hand over my findings
to the investigating officers.
Let the courts and the law
decide the rest.
I apologise for troubling you
emotionally in this condition.
Nothing personal.
Finding the truth is my duty.
We found Shiny's phone.
Contrary to what you feared,
there was no such video on her phone.
She was bluffing.