13 Minutes (2021) Movie Script

[thunder continues]
[wood falling]
Luke, Rick!
Fire, fire! Luke!
Rick! Fire!
Luke, get up.
Get the canister!
Go, go, go, go, go!
Spray higher.
Aim higher, Tammy.
[rain falling on roof]
[rainfall continues]
RADIO: It's the Early Bird
Sky Watch.
Yesterday's system that ravaged
towns across the panhandle
will shift east and continue
through today with tornadoes.
Time to wake up.
[speaking Spanish]
It's 5:00.
Farmers, that's who.
[horn honking]
[horn honking]
[alarm chiming]
[radio playing music]
You're up early.
Yeah, just meeting a friend
for breakfast.
I know why I look like shit.
What's your reason?
Uh, the storm woke me.
What storm?
Jesus, Mom.
How much did you drink?
Don't make something
out of nothing.
And don't take the Lord's name.
Besides, I'm allowed a night out
once in a while.
You still got me booked
this afternoon?
I thought you said you were
going out for breakfast.
Uh, yeah, just, um...
Who are you going with
this early anyway?
- Just a guy.
- A guy?
Yeah. You don't know him.
He's from out of town.
Have fun.
RICK: So these windmills,
how soon you think
you can have 'em up?
ERIC: As soon as can be,
if the land proves suitable.
TAMMY: And that's
a hundred, right?
ERIC: At 8K a unit.
Still sound good?
TAMMY: Sounds like an answer
to prayers at that price.
Is everything good?
Over there could be karst.
- You gonna run the GPR?
- Yeah.
RICK: Karst? What's that?
What it means is there's
a chance the soil's too soft.
This land hadn't been
plowed in years.
Yeah, this kind of thing
runs deeper.
Could be caves or craters
down there.
[radio playing country music]
RICK: Did Tom pay his rent
on the cattle yet?
No. Still waiting
on last month too.
Oh, boy.
What is that barn gonna cost us?
We gonna be able
to cover the mortgage?
I'll move some stuff over
from savings,
then I'll go by Tom's
after I'm finished at the clinic
this morning, see what's what.
I'll be back around noon.
Well, remind him
that we're not a charity.
I will.
And how is it
that a mile down the road,
they got rows of those things?
But this land,
this land's not suitable.
They'll figure it out.
One day our grandchildren are
gonna be running this place.
We don't have grandkids, Tammy.
One day we will.
RADIO: We expect multiple
rounds of severe storms
and could be dealing with
a tornado outbreak
beginning as early as noon.
We will be providing
live details.
Get that seed in yet?
It'll be done today.
What are you thinking about
today's outlook?
It's a nasty setup.
Couldn't sleep a wink.
And after yesterday?
Come on, Peyton.
Hey, where is my kiss?
I'll call you later, okay?
Have a good day.
You too.
What time are you gonna be home?
I don't know.
It's a weather day.
Yeah, well, same for me too.
I just need to know
what time to tell the sitter.
You figure it out.
You always do.
[phone chiming]
Hey, Steve, what's up?
No, no, no, it's fine.
What network was reporting that?
No, they shouldn't be
putting that message out.
Well, because
we don't know that.
Well, I spoke to
the National Weather Service
about 20 minutes ago.
Okay, sounds good.
I'll see you soon.
Oh, my gosh.
Oh, no.
Did it fall out again?
Is that better? Okay.
What are you looking at?
I'm glad to know
the birds know what to do.
What do you do
if a watch is issued?
What if a watch
becomes a warning?
That's right.
You will be okay.
You don't know that.
If you want to talk through this
again, I can stay.
I'll do it...
when I'm ready.
Daniel, come here.
Come here.
You gotta know that
until you're honest,
what we're doing,
this is not real.
I'm gonna do it.
I'm gonna.
You said that before.
[door opens]
- Daniel!
- [door closes]
- Oh!
- Sorry.
[speaking Spanish]
What happened?
Engine light's on
in the wagon again.
Oh. Jeez, Vicky,
you scared the heck out of me.
I thought maybe somebody
got a finger chopped.
Dirty mitts off.
Seriously, if I have to
say it again, I will quit.
No fucking joke.
Come on, you know I'm playing.
I'll do this.
Okay. Please.
I don't think I can do that.
Do what?
You're not worried about
losing your job?
I'm worried
I'm gonna lose my sanity.
We can get this looked at
this afternoon.
I'll give you a call.
Oh, I was supposed to
bring it in last week,
but the twins had flu.
Kinda told my boss
it'd be ready today.
Now there's gonna be weather.
There's always weather.
Come on, Jess.
Okay, well, if we don't have
to order any parts,
still, mid-afternoon
is the best I can do.
- You're an angel
- We both know that's not true.
- I'll call you later.
- Thanks.
- Greg.
- Yeah?
- We need to prioritize this.
- Really?
I'm gonna go next door
and get us a round of coffees.
All right. Hey, uh...
Put the van back, will ya?
[engine starts]
RADIO: Not just for the hills
because listening
could save your life.
It's important you have
multiple ways
to receive warnings.
Make sure you have
fresh batteries
in your weather radio.
Keep your TV or radio
turned up and tuned in
to your favorite
reliable source.
Listen for those sirens,
but don't rely on them alone.
[file drawer closing]
Where, oh, where
is this little baby hiding?
Sometimes it's a little
tricky to see.
Let's see.
Oh, there. There, there, look.
Look at that.
It's that little head
of that little...
little baby boy or girl.
Have you thought about names
at all?
Um, well, I called for...
About abortion.
Oh, I know you did.
I saw that on your chart.
I also saw that
you're 19 years old.
Do you know that that is
just one year younger
than when I got married?
Now, there are a lot of
good reasons to get married,
but oh, having a baby,
now, that is the best.
Have you and your boyfriend
considered getting
married, honey?
Babies are a blessing from God.
Do you know
when I had my little boy,
I didn't even hear him cry?
All I heard was an angel
singing down on me, blessing me.
I have to go.
I have to go.
You have been blessed, honey.
I'm sorry. This baby...
Have this baby. Get married.
Consider adoption!
Hey. Boy, that was fast.
It's not a real place.
It's just these people
so that they can like
convert you or something.
They showed it to me.
That's not right.
Oh, don't look like that.
Come here.
All right.
What if we got married?
I mean, we really haven't
known each other that long.
But you said that you loved me.
I said I loved being with you.
Oh, Maddy, this is all
coming out wrong.
I'm sorry.
Just... You know what?
What are you doing?
I got that for you.
Jesus, Maddy,
that was expensive!
Hey, what are you gonna do?
- [engine starts]
- You just gonna leave?
[engine revs]
Hey, wait, wait.
Back it up there, chiquita.
I want one of those
on every bed.
We're fresh out
of the Spanish version,
so you're gonna have to
translate it for your guest
your own self.
I see everything around here.
No, he's not my guest.
He's my fianc.
- [gasps]
- Is he living with you?
Mm-hmm. For a short time.
We're buying a house.
I'm signing the papers today.
Uh, you're working today.
Oh, wait a minute.
So from now
to whenever that is...
that's your weekly.
I've been here over two years.
The rate's always been the same.
One person, one rate.
Two people, different rate.
And one more thing, sweetheart.
I don't want to see
that truckload of spics
out front anymore.
If your boyfriend wants a ride,
he can wait out by the street
like the rest of 'em.
You know "capisce"
is Italian, right?
Don't you start.
The rattle's fixed.
It's parked out by eight.
Oh, don't worry.
I'll get the door myself.
Get out.
I said get out, puta!
The next thing is signage
for schools, stores,
gas stations, churches,
anything else you can think of.
This is countywide?
Correct, yeah.
What's the message?
"Tornadoes possible.
Be weather aware."
Kim, do you think
that's strong enough?
- They've gone high risk.
- I'm aware.
We need people to respond
calmly and quickly
in the event
that a warning's issued.
If we shout the sky's falling
one too many times
with nothing happening,
no one will take action
when it does.
Are we gonna go over
the infrastructure
response protocol?
Everybody should know their IRP
responsibilities. I know mine.
Does anyone feel the need
to review?
Okay, let's move on.
MADDY: He sure is
a cute little guy.
Just a little off the bangs
and the back.
- Not too much.
- Okay.
Exactly how
I usually have it, yeah?
She's real good.
She cuts my hair all the time.
[doorbell jingles]
- Hi.
- Can we help you?
Oh, hi, Anita.
- Ana.
- Ana, right.
Isn't that what I said?
Can I use the back for a sec?
- This won't take five minutes.
- Oh, sure.
Thanks again
for meeting me here.
My day's chockablock.
- Do you mind?
- [baby crying]
[crying continues]
Aww! Your little lion!
Oh, no!
You might actually
have to pick him up.
What's the matter,
my little guy?
Like I said on the phone,
you're getting a great price
on this one.
Really fantastic.
You got any questions?
I don't think so.
All that's left to do is sign.
If I could get
your signature here...
and here.
That's it.
It's mine.
As soon as
the deposit check clears.
Oh, you need it now?
Um, I'll go right to the bank.
Do me a favor.
Drop it by my office
this afternoon.
- I won't be here that long.
- Of course.
RADIO: Time for another
weather update,
and I hope you're all listening
because we're talking
about the potential
for some very dangerous...
How'd it go?
Commission's barely worth it
on deals that small.
Least I can say I've done
my charity work for the day.
[Carlos speaking Spanish]
[whistles and claps]
[motor stops]
Hey, it's not a herd of dogs.
If you wanna get 'em over here,
you gotta lure 'em, all right?
Go over there to that barn
and get some of that sweet hay,
get it in the truck,
bring it over here.
Go over to that barn
and get some sweet hay, put it...
Get your ass over here.
I told you to get me hands
that know cattle.
He knows.
He don't know his ass
from his elbow.
He don't speak English either.
- He's a good man.
- I said skilled labor,
not just whatever friends and
family you had laying around.
Inefficient labor
cost me money, Daniel.
I'm not done here.
[cow moos]
What time of day you call this?
No. Morning was back when
the barn caught on fire.
Where the hell were you anyway?
You know what? Forget it.
We'll get into it later.
That new guy?
Worthless as tits on a bull.
What new guy?
What do you mean?
You don't have papers on him?
He's been here for days.
God! You smell like
a distillery too.
I can smell you from here.
I hope she was worth it.
- What's your name, buddy?
- Carlos.
I asked him, not you.
You got a work permit?
I no have here.
Don't worry.
He's a good worker.
I don't care if
he's the Wizard of Oz.
He turns up here again
without papers,
my first call's to ICE,
you understand?
- Do you understand?
- Yes.
Good. Make sure he does.
[kids yelling, laughing]
Found you.
[girls squealing, giggling]
[high-pitched buzzing]
[buzzing continues]
[engine stops]
[starter fails]
[engine starts, stops]
Oh, God.
Ow! God...
TAMMY: Why don't you
just call Greg?
Come on.
He's not even dealer-certified.
After what we paid
in repairs last year,
should've just bought a new one.
Well, we can't afford a new one,
so what do you wanna do?
You wanna take out
a new line of credit?
Well, then you call Greg,
tell him to fix it.
If you don't want to do that,
then you rent one.
The important thing
is that we get that seed
into the ground.
Renting's not cheap either.
All right, honey,
what do you want to do?
[cow mooing]
Mr. Mechanico!
You, Mr. Mechanico.
Yeah, you.
It's broken.
Take a look.
Greg? Yeah, Rick.
Yes, again.
Uh, listen, I've got...
I've got labor here.
Um, think you could just
sell me some parts?
All right.
Uh, nosotros.
Okay, uh...
Go here.
Get the piezas here.
- El motl.
- S!
- All right.
- Bueno.
Okay, good. Adios.
[horn honking]
Planning on fixing those nails?
I'm just saying.
It's tacky, and people judge.
Tor watch.
Maddy, is that
what's bothering you?
Or is it something else?
Ah, it's...
Thinking about
my life path, that's all.
You're going to Tulsa
to study cosmetology.
Don't tell me
you're changing your mind
after all the work
you put into it.
The saving.
I'm pregnant.
Maddy, please. Stop.
Do you know
how far along you are?
I don't know, like...
seven, eight weeks.
Oh. Here.
Sit down.
Mom, I...
Who's the father?
Just this guy from Prairie Rock.
Is it a relationship?
Well, he wants me to,
you know, um...
He wants me not to have it.
And what do you want?
I don't... I don't...
I don't know.
Well, I know you're not
asking my opinion,
but you shouldn't feel pressure
either way,
not from anyone.
You don't have to do anything.
By that, I mean...
it's your body.
Your life.
So do you want to have
a baby right now?
How do I answer that?
I mean, how do you decide?
Are you prepared
to raise a child?
People say that
abortion is murder.
I know those people.
They are pro-life
when the baby's on the inside.
The minute it's out,
it's a burden to society.
I had you pretty young,
you know that.
And I love you more than
anything in the world,
you kinda ruined my life.
You are the best...
and most challenging thing
that ever happened to me,
but you need to know
that raising a child
is 24-7-365 forever,
and it is not easy.
Emotionally, financially,
in every way.
It's just...
I love you, but...
there's reason
you're an only child.
What about God?
God gave us a choice.
And I can't make this one
for you.
But I will be here
no matter what you decide.
[doorbell jingles]
Okay, here we go.
Two BLTs and a tuna wrap.
You're not upsetting
my staff, are you?
Oh, no, just a...
mother-daughter moment.
How long has this been sitting?
You gotta use it straight away,
or it'll affect the shade.
- Okay.
- [phone dings]
Oh, it's...
School closures.
The whole county.
It's Kim.
- Hi, Kim.
- Hey.
I'm sorry to bother you,
but is there any way
you can go get her?
Yeah, um, I need to pick
Peyton up from school.
You go on.
I can finish this.
Okay, okay, I'm sorry.
Yeah, no, yeah, I can be there.
I wish I could get there myself,
but my hands are tied.
Of course.
I can be there in five.
Hey, hey, give your mother
a kiss.
Can you just hang on
for a sec? Thanks.
I love you, baby girl.
Do you feel comfortable
with this?
- It's fine.
- You're okay?
You know the family plan
is on the fridge.
You know the pillows
and the blankets...
In the hall closet.
I know. Don't worry.
Thank you.
Yeah, of course.
I'll see you later.
Okay. Bye.
Hey, if you gotta be at home
with your kid,
doing like mom things,
then you should go.
We can handle it.
What I need is real-time info
as storms fire.
- Kim?
- Huh?
- You ready?
- I'll be there in a sec.
Now it is early,
but this outbreak's
already underway.
The tornado's being reported
off to the west,
near the state line.
Storms will reach our counties
around the metro
in just a few hours,
during the most volatile part
of the day.
- All right.
- Thanks.
I got it. Thanks.
All right, don't.
It'll rustle.
- All right.
- [sighs]
All right, here we go.
Five, four...
BRAD: Now I have online
the regional emergency manager
from Ethel County.
A very beautiful woman.
I can say that
'cause she happens to be
my wife, Kimberly Jones.
Hello, Kim, you there?
- Hello?
- Hi, Brad.
Kim, today's a day
to be vigilant.
Tornado warnings are
just outside our viewing area,
but we're under a PDS
or "particularly dangerous
situation" tornado watch.
What does that mean
for you folks
over at Emergency Management?
Well, for us it means people
need to be aware and prepared.
But shouldn't people be worried?
No. Prepared is what
people need to be.
Know where your safe place is,
have everything you need on hand
because if the sirens go off,
you will not have time
to go searching.
Now, severe weather
is pretty common,
but what about school closures?
Well, the potential today
is heightened.
Nothing's a sure thing,
but the ingredients
are coming together.
A PDS watch means
a potential for numerous
destructive tornadoes.
- [school bell ringing]
- KIM: An outbreak.
Your mom is
a very important lady,
so you get me early.
What's wrong?
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh.
What happened?
Oh, no, no, no.
Don't be silly.
She is gonna understand.
Hey, ye... Hey, yeah.
We will talk to her, okay?
When she gets home, okay?
What's gonna make this better?
Ice cream?
Or cookies?
Seriously, lame city.
- Lame...
- Well, well, well.
Oh! Ha ha!
I wasn't talking about you.
[cartoon continues]
[cartoon continues]
[Peyton laughs]
You saved my life!
Did you hear what he said?
Yeah. I cannot be alone
with that guy ever.
He called me your girlfriend!
That's silly.
That's just ridiculous, right?
- Okay.
- Okay.
What were you doing
in my shower?
[cartoon continues]
Next load's coming in 20.
Why don't you handle that one?
You know what? Fine.
Hundreds more
where you came from.
Don't do that.
It's not you,
but it is offensive.
You know what I think's
is people sneaking
into this country,
taking jobs from
taxpaying citizens.
Okay. This is what
you want to talk about?
You got guys working 14,
16 hours a day for minimum wage.
You pay in cash.
Nobody's forcing them
to be here.
But if they say no,
hundreds more
where they came from, hmm?
I don't know that I could be
who you want.
There it is.
That's your answer.
Do you want to live a lie
I won't.
[radio playing country music]
All right, if I can just
get your autograph.
Oh, um, no, no. Seor...
Mr. Rick, he pay.
Yes. I'm not
asking you to pay.
I need you to sign
to claim receipt.
See, this list says...
what's in the box.
I need you to sign...
to say I gave you the parts...
in the box.
You need to sign.
My name.
Yeah. Right there.
Thank you.
Ah, yeah. Big storm coming.
You don't wanna
get stuck out there.
Are you headed straight back?
Thank you.
Drive safe.
- [doorbell rings]
- Thank you.
You are in luck
'cause it's all fixed.
Genius. Thank you.
BRAD: I'm getting
increasingly concerned
about this developing supercell
southwest of metro.
Now, I want to remind folks
out there now,
if a tornado warning
is issued for your area,
what you need to do is...
CD: Hello and welcome
to English for Beginners.
[speaking Spanish]
In this four-disc series,
we're going to learn
basic words.
ERIC: Maddy? Hey, it's me.
Come on.
Okay, um...
- [knocking]
- I have to talk...
with my friend outside, okay?
If you need me,
I'm out there, okay?
You can't be here.
What, are you just ignoring me?
No, I'm not ignoring you.
I can't talk to you right now.
I can't have this
hanging over me.
Can we just talk?
- Like two minutes.
- Yeah.
- That's it.
- Okay.
Look, all I want to say
is that if you want to have it,
you should have it.
But I don't want to meet it
or see it or be involved.
I wouldn't want you to be.
This morning,
you wanted to get married.
No, don't worry.
I don't.
Look, this isn't gonna be easy.
And how the hell
would you know that?
I have two already.
This wasn't supposed to happen.
So you have a wife too?
- Maddy, please.
- No, don't, don't touch me!
So you're not getting
any signal from Currents?
The west side, no, but I'm
trying to contact the east.
It shows that my messages
are being received.
Do you have the alerts
going out?
To Calumet, yes.
I'm trying my best.
SBC's gotten a dozen
tornado reports and counting.
Sounds like the worst of it's
out by Coopertown.
Extensive damage.
Large and violent
near Hinckley and Atherton.
RICK: Discovered one
in the morning.
TAMMY: Oh, yeah?
What's this drain work?
I didn't see any receipt for it.
Let's not pay it.
Hi, baby.
Well, I gave you everything
that was in the folder.
How are you?
Don't worry about this, baby.
We're gonna get through it.
We always do get through it,
and we're gonna
get through it again, right?
Yeah. This one... Look.
I can't even read that.
- It's the feed store.
- Oh, that's...
They don't write
in English, mister.
- [chuckles]
- Okay.
Luke, what is up
with the sad face?
I'm gay.
What'd you say?
I'm sorry.
[Rick groans]
Just 'cause you can't
keep a girlfriend...
I'm gay.
I've tried to be
what you wanted. I...
RICK: Hard-working, patriotic,
Those things?
The purpose of a man and a woman
is to get married
and make babies.
Anything else transcends
the laws of nature.
Tammy, I'm...
You're not gay!
[line ringing]
Hi, this is Maddy.
Sorry I missed you...
Kim, do you have a minute?
- I will call you back.
- [beep]
Maddy, I need to know
you guys are home.
Please call me.
Do have any further information
on a specific location?
- [phone dings]
- Sorry.
Got it. Thank you.
It's us.
[siren blaring]
RADIO: A tornado warning
has been issued
for the following counties:
Ethel, Caddo...
We should go to the cellar.
I've been living here 55 years.
I know the difference between
a tornado warning
and a waste-of-time warning.
I'm going outside
to put up some equipment
before it gets beat all to hell.
RADIO: Take life-saving
action now.
- Mom.
- [door closes]
Mom, what are you doing?
I'm getting the house ready.
RADIO: A tornado warning
has been issued
for the following counties...
[siren blaring]
Our friends in Kiowa, Caddo,
and Ethel counties,
I want you to take
your tornado precautions now.
We have tornado warnings
for three supercells
impacting these areas.
If you're listening at home,
what I want you to do
is go to the lowest floor
Find a room in
the center of the house,
ideally an interior
bathroom or closet.
Wrap yourself up
in pillows and blankets
to protect yourself
from flying debris.
Don't waste time
opening up windows
like they told you to do
in the '60s.
Tornadoes will do that for you.
If you're on the road,
now's the time
to get to a sturdy building.
If you can't find one,
get in a ditch.
Do not... I repeat...
do not seek shelter
under an overpass.
I'll tell you, this is an HP
high-precipitation supercell.
If this thing's on the ground,
it's gonna be rain-wrapped,
so don't be caught out there
trying to get a view.
You're not gonna see it
till it's on you.
Go, go, go.
- [phone ringing]
- TV: If you're not in a safe place,
you need to get there now.
[ringing continues]
ERIC: This doesn't have
to be a thing.
And what does that mean?
I can't afford
another kid, Maddy.
Kids are expensive.
But yeah, if you choose
to have it, I'd do my best.
But you gotta understand,
I don't have a lot of money,
all right? I just don't.
To my friends in Minninnewah...
ERIC: What are you going to do?
[ringing continues]
You can't leave me
hanging like this.
- What are you gonna do?
- I don't know!
- Maddy...
- Stop.
TV: And this is the I-40.
MADDY: You need to leave.
This thing's basically
riding the interstate, folks.
[siren blaring]
[blaring continues]
Stay here.
Hey, hey.
Tornado! Tornado!
Everybody out! Tornado!
[shouting in Spanish]
[continues shouting in Spanish]
Follow me!
[Ana shouting in Spanish]
- Follow me!
- Hey, where is the manager?
[speaking Spanish]
Come on!
Get in!
Mom! Mom!
Come here!
Dad! Dad!
[rainfall continues]
[thunder rumbling]
[rainfall continues]
Wait! Wait, wait.
CD: How are you?
How... are... you?
En repuesta, puede decir.
I... am... fine.
[hailstones hitting roof]
[hail hitting building]
- I've never seen it like this.
- Shh! Stop it.
You're gonna scare them.
Hey, calm down.
Everything is gonna be
all right, okay?
[siren continues blaring]
Calm down.
It's insane out there.
Hail's smashing everything up.
They say it hit Big Heart.
- The casino?
- Yeah.
[siren diminishes]
You sure this is
the safest place to be?
- [crash]
- Oh, my God!
- Get your cart.
- My cart?
Yes, and go to the kitchen.
Yes! Go! Now! Fast!
Everybody listen, please.
Follow me. This way.
Everybody come.
Stay back from the windows!
Back, back, back!
Keep them coming. Come on.
Everybody in.
It won't lock.
It won't lock!
- Wait! Wait, wait, wait.
- What is it?
Watch out, watch out.
Hold on. I gotta tie it.
It should be closing.
Come on.
Hold it.
You got it.
- Okay, hold on.
- Okay.
All right.
A tornado emergency
for the town of Minninnewah
and points northeast.
Folks, this is a
one-in-a-thousand type warning.
[no audio]
[loud creaking]
[creaking continues]
Kim, come on!
There's no time, okay?
Okay, go, go, go, go, go!
- Ana!
- Shh!
- [crashing]
- [screaming]
[debris crashing outside]
[crashing continues]
- [crashing]
- [screaming]
[metal creaking]
[wind whooshing]
[debris clattering]
[crashing continues]
[wind whooshing]
[crashing continues]
- [screaming]
- [crashing]
PEYTON: Maddy!
MADDY: Peyton!
[helicopter approaching]
Still waiting for pictures.
KWBD has a crew en route.
Okay, here we go, folks.
First shots are coming through.
And, uh, what are we
looking at here?
Is this Prairie Rock?
Is that confirmed?
Okay, these pictures just
coming through now of, uh...
It looks like... Holy...
It's not a lot.
That looks like
Big Heart Casino.
I mean, these fields
out here, folks,
you can see where the tornado
just cut across.
Did you hear anything
from my wife?
Okay, if you're from, uh,
if you're in Minninnewah,
the storm has passed.
The structures are unsound
and, uh...
Peter, just give me a signal
when you get her, okay?
I want you to stay away
from water, okay?
If you could safely get to
circuit boards to shut them off,
that would be great.
You could turn off,
uh, gas lines and...
Look, folks, I'm gonna ask
Ashlynn to step in here for me.
I'm gonna hand over
coverage to her.
She'll get you through this,
all right?
- Did you get her?
- There's no cell service.
ASHLYNN: Regional Emergency
Management teams
will be setting up
relief centers
at the following locations.
[Daniel grunting]
Daniel, Daniel!
[banging continues]
- [banging]
- [Daniel shouting]
[speaking Spanish]
WOMAN: Someone help.
WOMAN: Help me.
Oh, man.
Hold still.
Put that on there.
I know, I know, I know.
MAN: Help!
Ah, jeez!
Oh, shit.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Holy shit.
Do you smell gas?
[flames bursting]
Hold up.
Everyone, we have to go.
We have to go right now.
Come on, let's go.
Have to find Maddy.
I know how hard this is,
but this is our job.
This is what we signed up for.
We've got a whole town
counting on us.
[Kim sighs]
Come on.
Are you okay?
Come on, Mom.
Rick, Rick!
Dad, Dad!
Dad, can you hear me?
Is he breathing?
Right here, right here.
No, no, that's too low,
that's too low.
Do the breathing.
Rick, come on, baby.
One, two, three, four.
Wait till thirty.
One, two, three, four...
- Help!
- Six, seven, eight, nine...
Breathe two times.
Big, hon.
One, two... No more.
Three, four...
[distant shouting]
[baby cooing]
[baby babbling]
[babbling continues]
[louder babbling]
Oh, my God.
Ay, mi amor.
[baby coughs]
Ay. Shh...
- [baby babbling]
- Come here.
[speaking Spanish]
[speaking Spanish]
- [crying]
- [speaking Spanish]
Wake up!
Come on, wake up!
[crying continues]
Over here! I need help!
- Be careful.
- Come on!
Be careful.
Vicky! Vicky!
Jess, stay back.
What is it?
No, Jess, don't!
Do not come any closer!
Vicki, what? Let me help!
Please don't!
[Vicky grunts]
No! No!
Jess, don't. I have this.
- Jess, I don't want you to see.
- No.
Get her out.
Get her out!
- I won't...
- Careful.
- Watch it.
- [clattering]
Hey, can you help us?
My daughter's under here.
Okay, watch it.
Oh, my God.
Honey, honey.
Maddy, babe.
Well, what, is she...
Vicky, please!
One, two...
- Three, four...
- Faster!
Five, six, seven, eight,
- Nine, ten...
- Come on, baby.
11, 12, 13, 14...
15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20...
27, 28, 29...
- 29, 30.
- Stop!
It's working, it's working...
I think.
It's okay.
- He's gonna be okay.
- Come on.
He's breathing.
We gotta get him
out of here. Rick!
Mom, he's gonna make it.
I need to take him out of here.
One, two, three!
[distant chatter]
- This good?
- That's perfect.
As soon as more people come,
we need to get them registered.
- I can do that.
- Okay.
We need to call
the power company,
get them to shut the grid down.
I can do that...
as soon as we get service.
She's gotta get to a hospital.
Can you take them?
I need to look for Peyton.
You're not coming?
I'm gonna keep looking
for Peyton.
Why don't I stay?
You two go.
Are you sure?
Thank you.
[radio playing newscast]
Give first responders space
to get in and save lives.
If you're in Minninnewah,
you'll find assistance
at New Hope Church
on the northeast corner
of Arrowhead and Chestnut.
For those of you
in Prairie Rock,
your center is right in town.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Hey, watch him.
Excuse me.
Can we load your truck up?
These people are hurt.
You were all
under this overpass?
Did you hear me?
It's Brad, isn't it?
Under the overpass.
We need your help.
Brad, we need your help.
Yeah, yeah, sorry.
Get the other side of him.
Get the other side.
- Get him in the truck.
- Come on, come on.
Watch his hand.
Come on.
It's okay, come on.
Now, easy with him.
Watch his hand.
His hand, goddamn it.
Now, I don't know
this guy's name,
but his fiance is Ana Gomez.
- Now, you got that?
- Yeah.
Now tell whoever
you drop him off with,
Ana Maria Gomez.
Okay, got it.
Ana Maria Gomez.
[engine starts]
Ana Maria Gomez.
[chatter, sirens]
Just gotta sign this
to get her registered, okay?
KIM: I'm so sorry.
TAMMY: Help!
Somebody! Somebody!
Come this way.
This is where we have
triage set up, over here.
This way.
Steve, will you help me?
We're gonna transfer him.
Mom, Mom...
- Hold him tight.
- [speaking Spanish]
Oh, be careful.
Baby, just stay with me, baby.
We will travel with him
soon enough.
Okay. Thank you.
Thank you.
Where's Peyton?
We kept looking for her, but...
- What? What?
- I don't know.
[baby coos]
Um, they told me
to bring him here.
you look after him.
[baby crying]
Be about two minutes, okay?
Hey! Hey, did you find her?
I don't think
she could've survived that.
You just decided that?
There's no way
you could know that.
Babe? Babe.
Oh, my God.
Look at you.
What the hell are you doing?
Mom. No, Mom.
- Leave. Now.
- Mom.
Would you get me some water?
Yeah, yeah, for sure.
I'll be right back.
[door closes]
Maddy, honey.
- Mom...
- You can't possibly...
[engine starts]
Just close the door.
You're my masterpiece,
you know that?
Phones are back up.
Let's get on the horn
and get more volunteers
communicating with EMS.
I'm just gonna try my parents.
We got three more
fire trucks coming in
from adjacent counties.
- The grid's supposed to be off.
- Kim was going to do it.
VICKY: Hey, can we get
some help over here?
This one, this one...
and this one.
What's happening?
He's getting an ambulance ride.
You can fill that out.
Hey, he's gonna make it, right?
- Are you...
- I'm her son.
No, he is not.
Sir, you need to move.
Excuse us.
Carlos, Carlos.
[speaking Spanish]
Excuse me, I'm gonna ask you
to fill out this form for me
and get it back to me
as soon as you can.
Ana, no.
It's okay.
Do you need help filling it in?
No, I'm... I'm fine.
Is he undocumented?
Will they send him back?
Will they help him first if I...
Yes, yes.
But even so,
there will be costs.
You need to know
it could be a lot.
I understand.
Okay. I'll be right back.
[no audible dialogue]
[no audible dialogue]
[no dialogue]
[Kim gasps]
- Peyton! Peyton!
- Mama!
- Mama!
- Peyton!
Okay, baby.
Stop. Stop, okay?
Stay back! Stay back.
[electricity powers down]
[speaking Spanish]
You okay?
I am.
[speaking Spanish]
[siren blaring]
[blaring continues]
- Kim!
- Brad!
You okay?
- All right. You okay?
- Yeah.
- I'm so happy.
- Mm-hmm.
[siren blaring]
[blaring continues]