13/13/13 (2013) Movie Script

Come play dollhouse with us
Hey there sleepy head.
You want a beer.
Dude it's morning.
Look alive sleeping beauty.
So where was I?
The dog killed the neighbor's
Yeah! This dog killed my
neighbor's rabbit!
So I'm panicking for a second,
what do I do? What do I do?
And my girl said, get this, we
can cover this up. Don't worry.
So, it's just one of those
generic white rabbits
So I hop in the car and go to the
nearest pet shop, I get a replacement
I bring it back and put it in it's cage
like they are gonna be none the wiser.
A couple of days later Mr. & Mrs. show
up and I hear this blood curdling scream
Coming from my neighbor's house
like somebody is being murdered
or something, so I go over there
and there the lady is.
Pointing to the rabbit cage and
sobbing like
So I go over there. I go to the
husband and I'm like
Hey what's wrong with her?
And he says get this, the rabbit
died before they went on vacation.
They buried it and everything
but yet here it is
back in it's rabbit cage.
No way!
Is that the craziest shit you've
ever heard?
Yeah it was even crazier the
first time I heard it.
On Oprah.
Oprah is telling my story?
It's an urban legend dumbass.
Hey, which one of you guys
messing with my watch?
What are you talking about?
One of you set it to army time
at the wrong time.
No one is messing with your
watch, Sleeping Beauty.
Dude, it's not 13:13.
Jack. Jack, no one touched you
damn watch.
It doesn't matter anyway just
change it back.
Alright. Alright. Alright.
Come on boys let's get a move
Come on Jack.
Hey Jack what are you doing?
Sorry man it's this nightmare.
It keeps messing with me. I
can't sleep.
Jack you're a cop buddy. No
nightmare can scare you.
Whatever man.
Come on man, You and I saw much
worse that on the force together.
I know you did killer.
Shut up man let's go.
Let's get a move on.
I'm really glad we all got to go
on this trip.
It's been a while.
Yeah man.
Just going through this divorce
you know.
It's not the easiest of things.
Especially when there's a kid
As a matter a fact we have to go
my old place.
Get Kendra. Marcy is living
there now.
You let her have custody and the
Yeah why?
Yeah, before you guys split up Marcy would
never let you hang out with your boys.
And why is that?
How old is Kendra now?
She's 12.
She's the sweetest little girl.
Takes after her mom.
Man put the radio on.
Sure thing, go for it DJ.
Your gonna play some tunes or
Guy would you all stop messing
with all the clocks.
What do you mean?
Keep setting it to this weird
time again.
That says 13:13 Brotha. So what.
I don't know just odd I guess.
Same time that was on my watch
at the campsite.
Yeah, I guess that's a little
It's the law of attraction.
Road kill look out!
Good call.
2 points.
Hey baby girl.
What's in your hand?
Is mom in the house?
Hey Kendra.
Hey Kendra.
Any of you guys want anything?
Yeah I want a brew.
- You want one to?
- Yep
Right here.
Marcy you want anything?
Marcy I'm taking Kendra to
Just give me one second.
I've just gotta finish this.
Just won't come off.
It won't come off.
It won't come off.
I won't come off.
She's a bit of a workaholic.
You guys want to grab dinner
after this. I'm taking Kendra.
Fuck yeah we will.
Come on Quentin. We have a long
ahead of us back home.
Hey lighten up Joe.
- I'm sorry let me clean it up.
- Don't worry about it, I'll get a paper towel.
Marcy where's the paper towels?
It won't come off.
Marcy what are you saying?
It won't come off.
What won't come off?
Ok listen, leave the dishes
alone. I told you I'd do them.
Ok it's not that serious.
It won't come off.
- What the! OH MY GOD! What are you doing?
- It won't come off.
Marcy why would you do this!
Paging Nurse Latt to the 5th
floor Nursing Station.
Hey excuse me. I'm not sure if this is
the right place I'm here to see some body.
Sir, the hospital is extremely
busy right now.
We'll let you see your brother
as soon as things have calm down.
And we know that he's stable.
Well fuck you very much.
It won't come off.
It won't come off.
Sir! You're going to have to
wait here.
This is my wife.
I understand sir, but you're
going to have to wait.
Someone is going to come and get
you in a moment.
Doctor Hardman please report to-
You don't understand ok.
I need to see my brother
His name is Jessie Cohn. My name
is Alex Cohn.
What room is he in, alright.
Sir, this hospital is extremely
busy today. Alright, we will
let you see your brother as soon
as everything calms down.
- I don't care if he's stable or not! I need to know what room!
- Sir you need to calm down!
Get him out of here. Get him
out of here. Get him out of here.
Get your hands off me. Get the
fuck off me motherfucker.
Doctor Hardman, please report to
trauma C. Doctor Hardman-
Room 13. She heavily sedated.
Ok. Wait what?
She's in room 13.
Your wife.
Don't you think it's bad luck to
have a room 13 in a hospital?
Look buddy, I've had enough
bullshit for one day ok.
Go see your god damn wife.
She's in room fucking 13. Do or
don't. I don't care.
Just get the fuck out of my
Help me.
It's like the 13th guy I've lost
It's the busiest day we've had
at this fucking hospital.
Do you know why that is?
Do I look like a fucking scientist
or a goddamn news reporter?
I'm a mother fucking Doctor
You don't think I'm qualified to
be a Doctor.
You wear my jacket.
No man.
Excuse me, excuse me Doctor?
Excuse me Doctor?
What the hell do you need?
I'm busy here.
Where is room 13?
Why do you need to know?
My ex wife, she was injured
badly. They took her to room 13.
What makes her so special?
What the fuck happened to her
man? I don't have all day! Come on!
She scratched all the skin off
her arm.
Why you laughing?
Why you laughing?
You're on the wrong floor man.
This is for critical patients
here not for suicidal retards.
Excuse me?
The 3rd floor.
Please. Take the elevator to your
right. Or the steps. Whatever helps.
Now get the hell out of my face!
Shit, who's watching Kendra?
Me thinks you should.
Me thinks you're an asshole.
Me thinks she should get me
another beer while your up.
What the fuck.
No one asked you Joe.
Just get me a beer, alright?
Just get me a fucking beer or I
smash your fucking face in!
House keeping, Please call
extension 6067. House keeping-
Hey, excuse me?
You should be here.
Excuse me?
Hold on.
I'm looking for room 13, they
took my ex wife there.
I'm gonna have to see some ID to
check you in.
Leap year.
So you're a minor.
That's very funny but can you
tell me where room 13 is?
Over there.
Down the hall.
Thanks, I was begging to think everyone
in this hospital was an asshole.
Only you are Sir.
Never mind.
You won't believe what the
Doctor wrote...
Hey there Kendra.
What are we playing?
What are you drawing?
None of your fucking business!
Where did you learn language
like that?
What makes you think that it's
ok to talk like that?
Fucking answer me!
Sorry Kendra I didn't mean to
yell at you.
It's ok.
Daddy already told me about you.
He what?
He told me not to FUCKING talk
to you.
And why would your daddy say
something like that?
He said you were a fucking
He said you like little kids.
I don't think he meant-
He meant you like to fuck little
How would he-
Well, Do you want to fuck me,
I'm so sorry Kendra.
I can play too.
Kendra no!
Fuck you little whore.
You know, you might have been a
little hard on Trevor just now.
Suppose your right.
Maybe I should get him a beer or
Yeah maybe.
Doctor Bales please report to
second floor operating room.
Doctor Hardman please report to
Trauma C.
Sir, sir that's not your room! Could
you please leave the patient alone?
Holy shit! Trevor!
Hey get the hell off of him!
Get the hell off of him!
Get off of him!
What the fuck?!
Joe! Joe! Get this bitch off of
She tried to kill me!
Whoo! Hold her down Joe!
She ain't nothing but road kill
Don't cover her mouth!
Do you know the best part of road kill
is to hear it's yeps as you run over it.
Whoo! Aaah!
Help! Help!
Help me! Help me!
Sir are you ok?
Ha! Ha! Did you see that Joey?
Huh? 10 Points!
10 Points!
Putting a 10 on the scoreboard
for Quin. Whoo!
I'm going for a high score.
You want to go back in the
Hey. You're awake.
You gave us quite a scare there
The Doctor has said anything but
the EMT and Ambulance think you
might have suffered a
stroke or something.
No no no no baby it's ok. Relax
It's going to be ok.
And Kendra is ok. She's back at your
house with Quentin, Trevor, and Joe.
I know she misses her mom. She's
worried about you.
In fact, let me call Quentin.
I'll get her on the phone ok.
Hey Quentin. Yeah she just woke up. Can
you get Kendra so she can talk to her.
Thanks man.
Hey your mom just woke up, she
wants to talk to you.
What's wrong with you.
Marcy what's wrong with you? Are
you serious? What's wrong with you?
Stop it!
Whoa whoa whoa! I didn't meant
to push you that hard.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
Marcy Don't!
Marcy! Marcy!
Why don't you get me a beer.
Watch some TV huh.
What's so funny?
What do you want?
Of course they can't hear me.
Are you a doctor?
It's mine! Give it back.
Whoa whoa whoa whoa! Don't
Don't worry!
I'm not infected like the rest
of those people.
What about him?
I don't know about him.
He's dead.
He's been dead for several
Wait, do I know you?
Have we met before?
No, why?
Who's that?
Kendra's my daughter.
I left her with some friends.
We need to go save her.
Do not go back there.
I'm sorry but, she's as good as
You think Jackie boy's got any
He's got a couple guns in the
Fucking get them then.
But why Quentin?
Cause we're going fucking
hunting dammit.
Don't tell me what to fucking
Go get the fucking guns. Gonna
catch us some dinner.
What are we gonna hunt?
I'm sorry but your daughter is
probably affect and so are your friends.
Affected with what?
Why would you say that?
You're born on leap year right?
Yeah. How do you know that?
I over heard you at the desk when
you were handing them your ID.
People who are born on leap year
don't seem to be affected.
Why do you think that people
born on leap year are safe?
Cause I was born on leap year
and I haven't gone crazy.
Just everyone else has and
it seems to affect the youngest
the fastest.
Affected with what?
And does it affect the youngest
the fastest?
With all this craziness and this
I know because of my nephew.
What happened with your nephew?
What was I suppose to do?
He tried to kill me.
I had to defend myself.
Ok Ok, if he tried to kill you
it's not your fault.
It's not.
Yes it is.
Yes it is. You just don't
Because of the choices I made.
My nephew will never be with me
Not today. Not tomorrow.
Not ever.
Have you ever had to bury a
It's surreal.
You think that...
All these memories come rushing
It should be me in that bed not
Don't say that. No no no no.
No no no no. Don't say that.
Ok. Listen Listen.
Then you have to understand why
I need to go save my daughter.
You do realize that she's
probably affected right?
I don't care. What kind of father
would I be if I didn't at least try.
I have to do this.
What's your name?
Ok. Candice.
I'm Jack.
Thanks for saving my ass out
I'm sure you would have done the
same thing for me.
Ok. I gotta go. I got to go save
my daughter.
If you're gonna save your daughter
your gonna have to have a plan.
How many friends did you say you
left her with?
Do they have any access to
Did you get the fucking guns?
Yeah I did.
You ain't going to fucking shoot
How do you know?
Cause you ain't got any fucking
Now stop laughing like an idiot.
Get over here and help me load
How do you know they're crazy?
Well it seems to affect people
Some come in and out of crazy.
Some have multiple personality
disorder or PTSD.
One common thing though is, everyone is
incredibly violent towards one another
It's like the aggression has
been cranked up to 100.
How do you it wasn't something in the
hospital? Like a gas leak or something?
Because it's everywhere.
And it started this morning.
I don't want to take any risks.
I just want to stay in this room
and you should too.
It's to safe out there.
No no no, we need to get out of
It's not safe! Alright? Everyone
has gone crazy!
What is crazy? Define crazy.
You watch the news today?
And even suicidal. There are
riots in the streets
And people are just going
fucking crazy!
Aah! Aah!
[Gun shot to TV
This is what I'm telling you. It affects
people differently at different speeds.
Some of them are straight into crazy. And
some of them it's a moment to moment thing.
But you know the media is full
of shit.
So at least we know that you and
I aren't crazy.
Maybe there might be more people
like this, like my daughter.
Ok, was she born on leap year?
Then she's crazy.
Common get out of here with
You ok?
I'm just a little cold.
Fuck this number!
What number?
You know what don't worry about it, if
I tell you you'll think that I'm crazy.
Considering the situation you and
I are the most sane people here.
This say number 13.
Everywhere I go. Everywhere I
turn around. I see 13-13-13.
In clocks, calendars, room numbers, in
my dreams, and now on the thermostat.
We don't even use Celsius in
That's what I've been trying to
tell you. Today is 13-13-13.
It's what?
Oh Shit!
What's 13-13-13?
You won't even believe me if I
try to explain it.
Look at this point and time I'll
believe just about anything.
So leap year wasn't just to add
a date to the end of February
After 120 years it was it was suppose
to add an entirely add a new month.
Mathematically speaking today is
So your saying February 29th is
not suppose to exist?
Oh so it's just my luck. So my
birthday is not suppose to exist?
And you say that it makes these
people overly aggressive?
Does it make them suicidal?
No no. they are just violent towards
each other. Not to themselves.
Ok. What you're saying makes sense but
there is just one flaw in your theory.
Oh yeah what?
My ex wife, she committed
Now how do you explain that?
I don't know? Maybe I was wrong.
Maybe you are wrong about other
things like my daughter.
Look I'm going with or without you. I want
you to come with me, are you gonna come?
Come here. It's time for you
Oh god. How long do you think
that door is gonna hold?
Not long. We got to go now.
Do you have any ideas?
We can't through the window
because we are on the 3rd floor.
We have to go through that door.
No there's just too many people-
Then we're going to fight
through them.
I don't think I could do it.
Let's go!
There's no way we could go
through there ok?
I mean, we can't even see beyond
the door.
Ok look I have to go get my
daughter so we gotta get out of here.
No No-
Look around and see if you can find some
type of weapon or something, alright?
Hurry up! Hurry Up!
Alright, I'm looking!
What about this?
That's great. That's great!
What are you doing?
Trying to see if the coast is
That's 13 motherfucking kills!
Dammit they're still out there.
But I think we can take them.
Maybe we should just wait.
No no no. Let's get out of here.
We have to go, I have to leave this
room. I have to take you with me.
I leave if I have to. I'm not gonna let
the only other person who's not crazy die.
Ok, come on.
- Ok.
- Ok. Let's go.
Ok. On the count of 3 open that
If anybody comes in slam it shut
behind them.
We gotta take them out 1 by 1.
What if no body comes in?
We gotta make a break for it. We have
3 levels of this hospital to clear.
You ready?
Will I ever be?
That's a good point.
Alright, look. I told you I'd
the care of you.
Cause you saved my ass back
Thanks Jack.
On my count.
How could you fix that thing?
What thing?
Don't worry about it.
Ok on my count.
Ok, coast is clear.
Alright, good.
I am going to fucking kill you!
Knife? You ain't no fun!
I like to use my hands. It's
much more personal.
Fucking die!
Get off me!
Fucking bitch!
You like that? Huh?
You think your daughter is safe?
Jack! Jack! Jack!
He's dead.
You ok?
Yeah yeah I'm ok.
Let's go.
The whole fucking world has gone
Oh yeah. Did you see the news?
They're killing each other out there.
Why does my stomach hurt?
Awe fuck.
Why am I bleeding?
You are bleeding. What happened?
Joe go to the kitchen. Get
yourself cleaned up.
Joe go to the kitchen. Get yourself
cleaned up. You're bleeding bad.
Joe. Fucking respond to me when
I'm talking to you huh!
Go get yourself cleaned up or
else fucking shoot you.
Keep it the fuck down! You want
the crazy fucks outside to hear you?
It's ok. Its not that big a deal.
I'm gonna take care of it later.
Shut your fucking mouth!
Don't you EVER tell me what to
You may be my brother, but that
don't give you a pass!
You understand?
We're clear?
Are you going to put that
fucking gun down?
Not until we're clear.
I just said we were clear.
I wasn't paying attention. Say
it again!
Say it the fuck again!
Keep it down- it's like you
don't even care.
You know, you're right.
I don't care.
Look around soldier!
I got one.
I'm proud of you private!
I'm as proud as your girlfriend
when you got your red wings soldier.
I'm just happy to be in the
battalion sarg!
At ease soldier!
We have a group of hostiles
trying to ambush our base.
We have the right and left lane
We got to protect the front.
We don't know what they are
capable of.
And they have weapons!
We need to get some boards and
board up these windows.
Protect out fort.
Go get'em Joe.
I got you right there. I got
I got you.
I got you covered Joe.
Stay close behind me.
Hey! Hey! Hey!
Oh Perfect!
Good call.
Falling from the sky!
The sharks falling from the sky!
I'm going to make a new mask!
Hold still it won't work!
Thanks or saving me.
We're in this together, right?
Let's get to the elevator and
get out of here.
What floor?
Ground level.
Wait wait wait wait.
We need a plan first.
Yeah ground level.
Where did you park?
I didn't. I took an ambulance
What what's wrong?
So did I.
How are we suppose to get to
your house then?
We sure can't get there on foot.
I know that!
Let me think.
I got it.
We need a bag. We need to collect all
the car keys of the dead doctor's pockets.
Because their doctors that means they drove
to work. Their cars must be in the garage.
Ok. Sounds like a plan.
Hit 3.
We should take the stair well.
On top of getting all those keys we
should go through the hospital on foot.
Are you crazy?
No as crazy as going to a level
we haven't checked out.
What if we get down there, the doors open
and we are surrounded by hundreds of them?
We'll be trapped.
We need to sneak through the
hospital to avoid them.
Alright. Level 3 it is.
Ok wait here I'm going to get the
keys off the receptionist pocket.
Ok, look for a bag just in case we
have to collect a whole bunch of them.
Ok good thinking.
Hey take this.
No you keep it to defend
Or in case I need to save your
ass for a 3rd time?
Yeah Ok. Too many of
those guys come get in the
elevator, hit the hold button like I
showed you before. You'll be safe there.
Well what about you?
I'll be fine. I just go that
knife that crazy lady dropped.
Back in 2 seconds.
Ok, let's go.
Looks like we're home free.
Looks like it.
Let's go Let'sgo!
Lock the door!
It's locked.
Whoo! Look at me I'm a doctor! Come
here, it's time for your physical!
Ok, grab the keys from the
doctor's pockets.
Put them in your purse.
We got to get out of here.
And we'll run to the parking
Exactly. We can't go back to the
stair well.
And do it quick.
Pepper spray only last 10
minutes on those guys.
How do you know that?
I use to be a cop.
Like before this whole thing
No I left the force 4 months
Why was that?
Nice catch.
Don't change the subject.
Don't you think it's better if we
didn't know much about each other?
You know, just in case.
I don't think I want to be in a world
with a whole bunch insane people anyway.
I believed that way my whole
Just talk.
I - I was kicked off due to
excessive force.
What happened?
My partner Quentin and I were
staking out this Meth lab.
I saw this guy in a hoodie come out
the meth lab and around the back.
Then I heard a woman screaming.
Yelling stop.
So I got out the car to go check
it out,
Now Quentin told me don't do it.
He said I was bowing our cover.
But I did it anyway.
So as I'm running around the
back, I see the purp. on top of her
Her close were torn to shreds,
And her face was smashed in.
Her eyes were swollen shut.
But she was still crying.
I could hear her.
So I grab the purp, I pull him
off of her,
and all I saw was red.
Next thing I know I was on top
of him.
I had beaten his face in with,
my bare hands.
I killed him.
She was only 17 years old.
So, the girl lived. That sick
fuck died.
I lost my job and my wife.
We've got enough keys. Come on.
Let's go.
Hey there kids did you miss us?
You've got to be fucking
kidding. Let's go.
- Where's the parking lot?
- This way.
Stay back you mother fuckers.
This way! This way!
Where'd they go? Where'd they
I know you're in here.
We know you're in here man! We
saw you come in!
Don't fucking push me!
Come on guys come on!
We just wanna talk, yeah?
We just want to have a goddamn
conversation with you!
Guys, Guys I don't understand
why you keep running away from me?
We just want to help you.
Fuck! Get the fuck away from me!
Ah! I get it. You want a fair
Yeah! Yeah!
I promise you if you come out and fight me,
my few friends won't join in, right boys?
That's right!
Ah! Stay the fuck away from me!
Come on guys! Come on! Please
Am I not trust worthy? Yeah?
Is my word not good enough for
Come on guys! I'm a good guy you
know. I'm your friend here.
Come on, Fuck!
this little piggy went to
market, this little piggy had
roast beef, but
this little piggy
I got the girl!
Ah! Yeah!
See! See! We even got your
fucking woman man!
You're gonna have to come out
What? I still can't fucking
entice you?
Ok! Ok!
I'll make it fair then, yeah?
I guarantee you, I'll make it
two on - Ah!
See! I even kill my own friends!
Cause I'm a man of my own word.
Ah! Fuck! Pass me the woman!
No! This bitch is mine!
I said pass me the fucking
woman, or I will fucking kill you!
Fine! I didn't want her anyway!
Jack help me!
Jack help her yeah?
Yeah yeah yeah yeah, Jack! Help
What the fuck are you laughing
Nothing. swear your shit was
You just wait here for a second
here darlin'
there you are you little pussy!
This one's mine!
I guess we're even.
No, yo saved me twice.
Let's get out of here.
Gun Shots]
This is our turf. Our home turf!
Joe, you and me. No one is
taking this home turf!
Just like fucking D-Day huh!
George Washington would want us
to fight for our nation!
This land is not YOUR land, it's
MY land.
This is the emergency broadcast network, there
are reports of mass panic and hysteria in your
area. Due to high volume of crime and
rioting a state of martial law is in effect
is in effect for all areas
receiving this message.
Please stay inside your homes, do not go
outside. Government officials are being dispatched
to handle the situation riots and violence
are being reported from all 50 states.
All boarders US territoriesare
off limits from crossing.
My place is not too far from
Once we get there we'll grab
Kendra, and get the hell out of here.
What if she's...
I can't think about it like
I can't think like that.
There's that.
That guy tried to hit me.
What are we gonna do after we
get Kendra?
We'll go to the next town over.
Maybe they're no affected.
And what if they are?
Then we'll go to the desert, a
mountain. Some place were people aren't.
We'll get some supplies, . We'll
stock up on those.
Wait till this thing blows over.
Until they kill each other.
We're here.
My house.
I don't see her.
What the fuck happened to your
Looks like they're held up in
I know she's in there.
It's also surrounded.
We can go around the back.
Shit! Kendra!
Hey what are you doing?
Don't draw attention to us!
Come on.
What are you doing?
Just give me a minute.
Is everything alright?
My friends are in there. They
look like they're alive.
Come on! Stay with me buddy!
Man down! I repeat! We have a
man down!
I'm loosing a lot of blood man.
I don't think I'm gonna make it.
It's non sense!
I quit.
Come on. You never gave up
You've been wounded much worse
in the past.
I was.
Sure you were.
We were in the Korean war
Stared down the double barrel
of a shot gun.
Next to you, Korean boy's heads
were blown clean off!
You were next.
Women and children dead
If an American pulled the trigger
on you, your headed exploded,
You went down proud Korean!
I'm Asian?
We're all a little bit Asia!
Be careful Jack, they're
Jackie boy!
Who's the broad?
It's Candice.
Hi Candice!
Quentin Quentin, You want to
put the gun down.
Quentin. Please.
Put the gun down.
How did you get into my base?
This is my house. I came through
the back door.
Did you lock the back door?
Of course I did.
What happen to Joe?
Me? I'm fine.
Our base is under sedge.
I was just telling Joe this isn't half as bad
as to what him and I faced in Korea together.
Quentin, You all were never in
the war.
He said I was Korean.
That doesn't make any sense Joe.
How long have you held them off?
We held them off all day. That's how we
kept safe. We boarded up these windows.
Where those come from?
Absolutely no clue.
Hang in there Joey.
Hey is everyone ok?
Oh I'm great!
But Joe. He ain't doing so hot.
What about Kendra?
Kendra my daughter! Where is
Oh. She ran away.
A deserter!
Where did she go Quentin?
She's go the crazies Jack.
Ain't nothing I can do about it
She smashed poor Trevor's head
wide open. Killed him.
What What? I gotta find my
You need to pull it together. We don't
have room for sissys in this battalion.
She'll be take care of alright?
That's my daughter Quentin.
Jack I'm so sorry.
You put it together soldier or I
will shoot you.
Shut up Quentin.
There is no crying in war fare.
Don't take my things! Don't you
ever take my fucking things!
I'ma need you to calm down.
Give me that!
Jack he's completely insane.
Jack is completely insane.
I have to protect myself.
if you don't put the gun down, I
will kill you.
Kill me? Kill me?!
Jack you crazy fuck! What is
wrong with you?
I have to protect myself.
In my god damn house!
I'm gonna kill you.
Oh shit! The door!
We got to close that door!
Fire soldiers!
I'll get it!
No it's too dangerous Candice!
Well you're just gonna have to
watch the crazy asshole with
the gun and make sure he
doesn't shoot me.
I'm only shooting home intruders
Ok I'm gonna cover fire. Go
Ah! I got'em! I got'em!
Candice get back here!
What happen to my cover fire?
I ran outta bullets.
Oh I'm all outta ammo too.
I'm almost there.
Holy Shit!
We gotta put something heavy in
front of that. It's not gonna hold.
Quentin help us with this!
Don't call him ok. We gotta put
him down.
He's affected!
Alright hurry up. We don't have
that much time.
Aah! I'm trying!
Quentin! Quentin where are you?
What happened?
He ain't doing too well.
You guys just leave. I'll stay
We're not gonna leave you behind
What happened?
It looks like it's time to put
old yeller down Jackie boy.
Quentin No!
Get off of me!
Sorry about this Quentin.
Sorry? Sorry you crazy fuck!
You're trying to kill me!
Get away from me!
Just put the knife down Quentin.
I don't wanna hurt you more then
what I already have Jack!
It doesn't have to be like this
Doesn't have to be like what?
You're outta your mind! You're
trying to kill me!
You just killed your fucking
brother Quentin!
No! No! You killed Joe not me!
You came into my fortress. You
killed my brother. You bastard!
Quentin, Your delusional
So what if I am!
So what if I did?
He was wounded!
It was the humane thing to do.
You told me to do it!
No. No I didn't.
Somebody fucking did!
If you don't put the gun down I'm
gonna be forced to take you out.
Kendra Baby. Baby get over here.
I found the deserter!
Kendra no!
I had bullets after all.
Oh god why!
Calm down soldier!
What did you do?
She was a deserter and a murderer. And
had to pay the punishment for her crime.
She was 12 years old Quentin!
Come on tough guy. Put that knife down and
beat my face in like you did that boy's face in.
Fuck you Quentin.
Suit yourself.
Get off of him!
Get off of him!
Oh poor for him. Scream Jackie
Squeal like a piggy boy!
Ah! You want to play too huh?
Come on!
Get off of her!
So it's a brawl you want huh?
We going to do this or what?
Let's go.
Die! Die! Die!
Jack! Jack he's head!
Jack! Jack!
Jack! Jack! He's dead. He's dead
He's dead.
It's ok.
It's ok.
We've got to get out of here.
Come on.
No no just leave me.
Non sense.
I wanna die with my family.
Take the knife and axe. We're
gonna need them.
Alright, I'm gonna have to let
you go for a second ok?
Let me die. I don't care.
Just let me die.
Come on.
Oh please, let me die with my
Candice you don't need me
Come on Jack.
Bye bye baby girl. Bye.
Just leave me here.
I'm just slowing you down.
Don't be silly.
I am.
Listen, we don't leave people
behind right?
Alright where are the keys?
They're in my back pocket.
Watch out watch your head.
Ok let me hug you.
No I insist.
There you go.
Are you ok?
Yeah. I'll be fine.
Well, Maybe all this will end
What do you mean?
Well today is 13/13/13. Tomorrow
is 13/14/13.
Maybe it was all just for one
God I hope not.
Why would you say that?
Because that mean that I...
I killed my wife.
My best friend.
And countless other people for no reason
if they were going to be ok the next day.
But i was self-defense.
We could have waited.
I could have saved her.
So you want it to be like this
It's the end of the world.
So that means we are doomed to
die one day.
some sooner then others.
Well where to then?
Absolutely any place but here.
How about the next town over
Maybe they're unaffected.
Maybe there is...
a couple leap year babies too.
I guess it's off to the next
town then.
We're gonna make it Jack.
Jack? What are you doing back
Jack. Jack. Wake up! Wake up!
Wake up Jack!
Please wake up!
Jack! Jack.