13B: Fear Has a New Address (2009) Movie Script

Priya, where's my blade?
Must be near the sink.
- Okay.
l am putting the
clothes in the machine.
Divya, wash the
white ones separately.
Or else they will get
coloured as well. - Okay.
Put my clothes in too, Aunt.
- Fine, put them in.
Deepa. l'm getting late.
Quickly get me tea.
Right away. Just a second.
Priya, please give Manoj tea. l have
to get the children ready. - Okay.
Riya, quickly drink your milk.
You'll miss your school bus.
Divya. Divya.
- Yes.
Have this kept in the prayer room.
- Okay.
The milk has curdled again.
lt's just too much.
Good morning, brother.
- Morning.
How was your first
night in the new house?
Like always. - Really. You seem to
be experienced about first nights.
Of course. l have two children.
Wait to go, brother.
Fetch it quickly. l am getting late.
Mannu, please check the cable
connection before leaving for office.
We couldn't watch
our serial yesterday.
Gas, electricity, water. . they
aren't worried about these things.
But they create a stir
for no cable connection.
Mom, the serial starts at 1 o'clock.
Why are you whining already?
What? l couldn't hear anything.
Mummy, your son is
mocking our serial.
Okay. Brother, hold on.
- What happened?
What's wrong with the tea?
lt tastes different.
l've used milk powder.
The milk curdled again.
Try to adjust today.
- The milk curdled again.
- lt's not a good omen.
What's wrong?
- The milk curdled yesterday.
And today as well.
That's not a good omen at all.
Mom. Mom, sit. Take a seat.
- Sit.
Sit, let me explain it to you.
- But you know, it's. .
Sit, let me explain it to you.
Look, brother and l used all of
our savings to buy this flat. - Yes.
Now, this flat won't be ours. .
. . until we don't repay the
loan in the next 20 years.
So, forget all the bad omens.
Because we are going to
live in this house happily. .
. .for the next 20 years.
- Yes.
Brother, please tell her.
- Of course.
- Young man, that's not a toy.
Your uncle had to pay a
lot of money to buy this.
Go to school. Oome on, go.
- Oome on. Get ready quickly.
We are getting late.
- Have your breakfast.
The children these days go
straight for the mobile phones.
You will get late for school.
- Mom, last cartoon.
Don't watch so much T.V. , or else
you will have to wear spectacles.
Grandma, aunt and you
watch T.V. the entire day.
You never had to wear spectacles.
Quiet. You have
started back-answering. .
. .since you started going to school.
Oome on, eat.
Oome on. Let's go to school.
Brother, talk to him.
- l tried to, but he never listens.
Mother, we are getting late.
l'll take them to their pickup spot.
- Okay. - Oome on, let's leave.
Bye. Bye.
- Bye. All the best. - Bye, mom.
Brother, don't forget me.
- l thought you forgot about it.
- What?
Be back before 6
o'clock in the evening.
Yeah, l will be back. Bye, Mom.
Bye, everyone. - Bye.
Have your breakfast.
- l'll have it at college.
This girl never eats anything.
- What is it?
You still haven't put up the
pictures in the prayer room.
Sorry, brother. l didn't
get the time yesterday.
l will certainly get it done today.
- Promise.
Don't forget to do it by evening.
Okay, Mom. l'm leaving.
- Okay, son. Bye.
l am getting late as
well. l'm leaving.
We'll meet in the evening.
- Bye.
Fine, Mom.
- Bye.
See you, mother.
- Bye, dear.
Mom, l am leaving.
- Fine.
Mom, l am leaving!
- Go.
Mom, l am leaving.
- Why are you blowing at my ears?
lf you want to say goodbye
to Priya, then go inside.
She's taking a bath.
- No Mom, l meant you. Fool.
Sir! Sir, your dog!
- No.
Oome back. Harry, no. Down, boy.
Down, boy.
- Sir, please. Keep your dog away.
Who is it?
- Sir, my name is Manohar.
And l recently
shifted to flat number 1 3B.
Oh, hello. My name is Kaamdar.
The watchman was just talking
about your family. - Really!
For the past two
weeks your carpenters. .
. .were creating quite a racket.
- l am really sorry.
l tried to tell them. But
you know how these people are.
No problem. Actually,
it's a new building.
No one has the right to complain.
But yes, l do. The
Lord took away my sight.
But l still have ears to listen.
But if you keep making such noise. .
. . l will have to use earplugs.
l am so sorry.
By the way, l am
getting late. Oan l leave?
Sir, next Friday l have a holiday.
lf you wish, you can have
lunch with me and my family.
What do you say?
Sure. Why not? l will surely come.
See you, bye. Bye, Harry.
- Bye.
Mr. Manohar.
- Yes.
Will you walk down 1 3 floors?
There's a lift. Let's use that.
Actually, the lift is not working.
l thought l'd tell the
watchman on my way out.
Oh, fine.
Oome, Harry.
Stupid lift.
You called, sir.
- Slowly, man. Not so hard.
Do you know my flat, 1 3B?
- Yes, sir.
Just go there
between 1 pm to 1 :30pm. .
. . put up a few
pictures in the prayer room. .
Fine, sir.
- Here, keep this.
Listen, don't go there between
1 pm to 1 :30pm. Go after that.
They will be watching TV,
and will kill you. - Fine, sir.
Okay, l am leaving.
- Okay.
- Sir.
The lift of our building is
not working properly. - Yes, sir.
Oall the service company and ask
them to repair it. - Fine, sir.
l will get it done. Okay.
l am leaving.
- Okay. - Okay, sir.
Good morning, sir.
- Morning.
He will get you out.
Morning, sir.
- Morning.
Hey, what's up?
- Morning, sir.
Has the concrete arrived?
- Forget the concrete.
Tell me about your new house.
The house is simply amazing.
- ls it?
When l open the window of
my flat on the 1 3th floor. .
. . it feels like Manhattan.
- Very good.
And the cross ventilation is
simply outstanding. - Really.
Just a minute.
- Hello.
l don't need any loan.
l am already in debt.
Pestering people. l think
the ad agency gets our number. .
. . before we do.
New phone, new house. You
are on a roll. - Listen.
l got it on discount. lt's
a very cheap phone. - Liar.
What's wrong?
Get it changed from
wherever you bought it.
There's a problem with the lens.
lt was fine this morning.
Smile. You are looking handsome.
Alright. - l think Gulabi
will be floored. - Of course.
There's no problem with the phone.
My 7-year-old nephew
took that picture.
He must have shaken
the mobile. Get that.
Are all the workers present?
- Yes, sir.
Tell me, Laxmi. lf he's not
my child, then whose is it?
What can l say?
- Laxmi, say something.
They always end it so abruptly.
Laxmi didn't get a
chance to tell him the truth. .
. .and they ended the programme.
Mummy, you watch the
programme so seriously.
You should start writing one.
Our TV programme will be
a hit, right? - Quiet.
You are just. . Mummy,
sister-in-law is right.
Priya, 'Shubh
Vivaah' will start now.
Bring the remote quickly.
Ohange the channel.
Hurry up.
Mummy, tell me what
happened last week.
Last week. . The door bell rung
and Mandira opened the door.
The music was so scary. .
Mummy, there's no one.
Must be the gas cylinder guy.
Ohange it.
- Press it.
Oome on. - What's wrong?
- l cannot change it.
Just a minute. l'll try it.
You will make me
miss 'Shubh Vivaah'.
The battery must be dead.
Ohange it from the panel.
Hurry up. lt's time
for the serial to start.
Mummy, l cannot change the channel.
ls something wrong with the T.V.?
- l don't know.
What's this?
- Seems to be a new serial.
New serial. New
house and new serial.
''Fine! Everything is fine!''
And anyway, 'Shubh
Vivaah' had become very boring.
''Everything is fine.''
''Everything is fine.''
''Everything is fine.''
Look, Mother. After all the
tribulations and difficulties. .
. .our house looks so wonderful.
lt really is beautiful. But son. .
. .did we need to pay
such a big price for it?
Mother, your
happiness is priceless to us.
Brother and l have taken a loan.
And Mother, we will
repay this loan soon enough.
Oh God, what a punishment.
What's wrong? Why are you gasping?
You don't know. l had
to climb up 1 3 floors.
l told the watchman that
the lift is not working.
But he didn't do anything about it.
Give it to me.
- Thanks.
Oh God.
- What?
You still haven't put up the
pictures. - What can l do?
l gave Rs.50 to that watchman for
putting them up. Didn't he come?
He did, and also tried. But
he couldn't bore the nails in.
l think there's a beam here.
- What?
As an engineer's wife,
you know everything.
There's a beam through the
entire room. - Oould be.
Okay, do one thing. Get
me a hammer. l will do it.
Before brother
arrives and hammers me.
Only after her family ran into
trouble, did she realise it.
Now she'll realise there's
a delay, but not denial.
She'll know it now.
Who? - l always said so,
but you never believed me.
Did you see that now? - Listen.
What is mom gossiping about?
About the daily soap operas.
Oh God. - She couldn't see
today's episode. She missed it.
So, she's asking
aunt Kamla about it.
You and your serials.
You've been watching the same
TV programme for many years.
The same story. Doesn't it
make any difference to you?
Darling, why don't you
watch some episodes?
And then we can discuss them.
Forget it.
- Don't mock me.
Faces change.
She joins in again.
Look at her role. .
Just a minute. Mannu, why
are you creating a racket?
Do it slowly. l am
talking on the phone.
Yes, Kamla.
Mannu, didn't you hear?
Oh God. Damn it!
What happened? You are just. .
What do you think? l am hurt. Get
some ice. - l'll get it right away.
Mummy, see what happened.
- What happened? What happened?
l got hurt.
- What was the need?
You came home late from work.
You should be resting. .
And you are doing this. - What a
wonderful mother. Don't be silly.
No, nothing.
- Mannu, you. . Here, keep this.
- lt must be really painful.
lt's the 2 1 st Manohar. Remember
to pay the flat maintenance fee.
That's all. What's this?
Lower your feet.
Oome on, your mummy is waiting
with the milk. - Papa, Papa.
And you all are just. . Papa, Papa.
Brother, the milk has curdled again.
Since we arrived in this house, l
haven't had a descent cup of tea.
This has become daily routine now.
- Forget it.
Hello, good morning.
Welcome to 'Hum Se Door.'
Just a minute. Go back.
- Have you seen a ghost?
That's Dr. Shinde.
- Right.
Oall mother. - There are many people
who. . - Mother, look who's on T.V.
. .who's seen a ghost.
- Who is it? - Your boyfriend.
Most of the people. .
- What? - What are you doing?
What are you saying?
Many of them are
enemies of human beings.
Hey. - Yes, right.
- That's the doctor.
Let me sit. What's he telling?
Oh God, such enthusiasm.
- Let me sit.
Everything is a joke for you.
That's right.
You know, l am sitting here
hale and hearty because of him.
Or else l would
have been dead by now.
Mother, don't say such things.
You know, we
consulted so many doctors.
But he was the only one
who diagnosed my problem.
So, why are you
getting so emotional?
Oome, let's. .
- Be quiet. Let me hear.
- Hello. - You are considered. .
. .to be one of the best
general practitioners in lndia.
But why are you on the discussion
panels for paranormal behaviour?
l was very young when
my parents passed away.
l had a younger brother.
l brought him up like my own child.
But he passed away in an accident.
l wanted to tell my
brother how much l love him.
As a doctor, we try to save a human
being as long as he isn't dead.
We try our best to save his
life, but if they still die. .
But what after death?
What happened to all
those dead people?
Where are they?
l got interested in this subject
while looking for these answers.
8:30pm. Always late. - Raghav,
where were you? Sit here. - Okay.
Priya, bring Raghav's breakfast.
- Yes, sister-in-law.
Are ghosts, spirits and
the after-life, really true?
Or is it just superstition?
Take Newton's third law. 'Every Force
has an equal and opposite force.'
Similarly, in spirituality. .
if there are Gods and temples. .
. .then it's necessary to
have an opposite force as well.
Look. - Smile, aunt. -
Here's your breakfast.
Smile, Aunt.
Divya, eat up.
- Aunt.
Uncle's mobile. He will
scold you today. lt'll be fun.
Go and return it to uncle.
- Run quickly.
And if there's life,
there's after-life as well.
And if there are Gods and temples. .
. .there must be a world of
spirits as well.
But that's my own opinion.
Everyone doesn't have to believe it.
Dennis the Menace,
l told you this is not a toy.
l will get you a toy in the
evening if you want one. - Okay.
Go. You are getting
late for school. - Go on.
How many times have l told you. .
. .to keep the phone out
of the children's reach?
l do, but he always finds it. .
strange. . - You are too much. .
Mom, just a minute.
- Please, don't take my photograph.
How many times have l asked
you not to?! Please don't do it.
He's a famous personality.
New issue. . what is your
opinion about our show.
Mother, it's getting late.
l am leaving. - Fine. - Bye.
- Mannu. - Yes.
Remember to send the driller home. .
. .to put up the photos in
the prayer room. - Fine.
Don't forget.
- l won't, brother.
Stupid lift.
ls the driller free?
- Why?
Oall him. l have some work.
The driller must be. . Hari.
- Yes, sir.
Hari, do you know about my new flat?
Yes, l know.
- l have some work.
Take a taxi. And finish the work.
Good day.
- Yes.
l am the driller, ma'am.
l am coming from the site.
Mr. Manohar has sent me.
- Okay, come in.
Oome. Here it is.
l've made the marks. You just
have to bore in the nails. - Fine.
Get it done.
- Yes, madam.
Would you like to have tea
or coffee? - No. - Okay.
Who is it, Priya?
- lt's the driller.
l have shown him the
prayer room, Mummy.
Oh God.
Brother. Brother. .
Are you fine? Are you fine?
Hey, what happened?
Go. . Go. . Oall the ambulance.
- Yes.
Brother. Brother.
Brother, get up.
Are you fine? Are you fine?
Shall we call the doctor?
- No.
Don't call the ambulance.
Oome. Rest by the wall. Oome on.
Be careful while working.
What if something
had happened to you?
Oh God.
l have been doing this
work for many years now.
l have suffered from
many surprises many times.
But nothing so intense.
lt seems like industrial power.
- What?
But, we. .
Please get the wiring
checked after sir arrives. - Fine.
There are children in this house.
lt's better to be careful. - Yes.
My drill machine.
- Yes, here it is.
l am not feeling fine.
l will do this work later.
Absolutely. Tomorrow or the day
after, whenever you feel fine.
But please leave now, get a
check up and go home and rest.
Take care and rest.
l was so scared.
The way he screamed. .
And there was froth
coming from his mouth.
l didn't know what happened.
- l was so scared.
They don't work carefully.
There's something
wrong in this house.
Since we arrived, something
bad is constantly occurring.
The milk curdles everyday.
The prayer room is not ready.
Why do l always feel
there's something in this house. .
. .other than my family?
Ghosts and spirits,
ghouls. Or someone's soul.
l don't know. But l cannot
talk to anyone about it.
lf l mention this to mother,
she will be obstinate. .
. .about vacating this house.
lf brother finds out, he will
arrange for venerations and prayers.
l am scared that something bad
is going to happen in this house.
Mohan! Mohan, my brother.
Why are you so late?
And these sweets?
First, open your mouth.
- But what is the. .
Open your mouth. - What's the
matter? - l have been promoted.
Wow. Great news.
- Let me share the entire news.
Tell me. - l got a
salary hike of 1 0,000 a month.
1 0,000 a month. Wow.
The loan period for
this house is 20 years.
Now calculate it. We will clear,
the loan in 1 6 years.
Fantastic, brother.
We were waiting for you.
- Sister-in-law.
What's the reason for
that sparkling smile?
There's good news.
- What is it?
Ask your brother. Listen.
You never massage
your hair with oil.
Have you seen the condition of
your hair? lt's a complete mess.
Why are you getting
angry with her, Mother?
Actually, that looks good on her.
Mother, ask him to keep quiet.
Why should he? Your
brothers have spoiled you.
What have we done?
- What have you brought for me?
Oome. This is for you. And young
man, this is for you. - Thank you.
Uncle, what is this? - That! lt's
for Priya. Was it necessary to ask?
See that, Mother. Gifts for the
wife. But nothing for you. - Quiet.
Thank you. Mother,
it's just a cookbook.
Give. Give me this too.
Why are you getting angry?
Mother, if she reads the
cookbook and cooks good food. .
. . it will benefit all of us.
So, this gift is for all of us.
- Did l ask?
Hey, brother. So,
what is the good news?
l got promoted.
- Again?!
- So soon.
- There's something better.
l have got a salary
hike of 1 0,000 a month.
We have taken a loan for a
period of 20 years for this house.
Now calculate it. We will
clear the loan in 1 5 years.
What's this? The pictures
have still not been put up.
Mom, l sent the driller.
Didn't he come?
He did. There was such chaos.
Freshen up. Priya will
explain it to you. - Okay.
Priya, what's happened? - Take
a bath. l'll explain it to you.
You will have to talk
to the society members.
There's water leaking
through the ceiling.
The stupid watchman must
have forgotten to close the tap.
And the water must
be seeping through.
l will talk to him tomorrow.
Your cookbook is very educational.
The recipes are just to die for.
And it has only non-veg items.
Fine, we will have a feast today.
Get ready, here comes Tarzan-boy.
- Manu.
Go to page number 31 .
The interesting stuff.
l can't understand the
head or tails of it.
Do you want me to do this?
l know. Why not
start with a simple one?
Go to page number 44. The easy one.
Do you know it by heart?
Show it to me.
- Look.
Look, these small snacks
aren't satisfying at all.
You and l need a seven-course meal.
- Shut up.
l will try all of this on you.
- Fine, l will look for another one.
Look at this one. This. .
Do people really do
such things, Mannu? - Yes.
- Look at this. - Just
a minute. l'll be back.
Manu. What happened, Manu?
- Oareful. There's glass.
You are bleeding. Yes, Manu.
The driller was saying that
there's industrial power here.
lndustrial power.
- And you should. .
That driller is a fool.
The fridge, T.V. and microwave
are working, aren't they? - Yes.
Then how can there
be industrial power?
l know the bulb was a fake one.
That's why it exploded.
l will get it repaired tomorrow.
Let's leave that.
Listen to me. Listen.
- Yes.
Look. - Tell me. - After all that
discussion, l am feeling very hungry.
And l need something to eat
quickly. - Today you're fasting.
Fast? l don't earn all that
money to sleep on an empty stomach.
l want an entire feast
today. Listen to me.
l am talking to you.
- Fine. What would you like to have?
You know what l would
like to have. l would like. .
- Leave me.
''Walking under the sky,
we arrived at our home.''
''Our room, that's
covered with clouds. .''
''You will find it
only in your dreams.''
''l have asked the stars to sparkle.''
''Oall out my name once more.''
''Let your desires fly.''
''Let's share our happiness.''
''Walking under the sky,
we arrived at our home.''
''Our room, that's
covered with clouds. .''
''You will find it
only in your dreams.''
''l have asked the stars to sparkle.''
''Oall out my name once more.''
''Let your desires fly.''
''Let's share our happiness.''
Divya. Where are you going?
Will you wear these
clothes for the marriage?
Marriage?! Who's
going for the marriage?
l am going to college. Today
my results are coming out.
lt's no use. We know
what's going to happen.
Why are you
wasting petrol and money?
ln the last three years you
haven't passed a single subject.
And she won't all her life.
- Mother, you are just. .
Oome here. Oome here.
You know we all love you so much.
- Are you taunting me?
Oan't you do a small thing for us?
- What is it?
Just pass in any one subject.
l will buy you any car you'd like.
No. She won't waste her
brother's money at all.
Okay, so as one unit,
mother and son are against me.
What would l have done
without my sisters-in-law?
- Yes.
- Give me Rs.500.
Of course.
- My purse.
She's your younger sister.
Give her the money.
There's only 200. Will that do?
- Give it back.
Thank you, sister-in-law.
You know why he is refusing to
attend your friend's marriage?
He is not feeling good.
- He isn't feeling good.
There are two beer
bottles in the fridge.
You can check if you'd like.
l can't say anything else.
- Oome here. Hey, failure. Duffer.
Failure in eight subjects.
What is it?
The milk has curdled again.
Won't l get a descent
cup of tea in this house?
l got hurt on my face.
l look like a drunkard.
Everyone will laugh at
me in this condition.
l have sent the entire family.
There's someone at the door.
Have that file sent tomorrow.
Okay. Bye.
Good morning, sir. Here's my cheek.
You can give me a tight slap.
lt's such a nice cheek.
Why should l slap it?
Actually, l invited you for lunch.
But a family wedding came up.
And my entire family
left to attend the wedding.
And l am left alone in
the house, without lunch.
That's fine.
Do you have beer in the afternoon?
Only if l have company.
There's a six-foot
tall company. Oome on.
We will have beer together. Oome.
Sir, come in. l will switch
off the microwave. - Fine.
Harry, come.
Oome in.
Why are you barking?
Oome in, Harry. Behave yourself.
l asked you to come in.
Oome. Harry, be a good boy now.
Oome on.
Oome in. Oome in.
What's wrong with you, Harry?
What is the matter with you?
Oome in now. Oome, Harry.
Harry. Harry. Harry.
Sir. Sir, what's wrong?
My glasses, Manohar. My stick.
l'll pick it up. Your
glasses and stick. - Thank you.
Sir, what's wrong? Harry.
l will go get him. - No.
He cannot leave me.
Look. He is calling me.
Manohar, something scared him here.
His voice seemed very scared.
Anyway, l will take a
rain-check on the beer today. Fine.
Some other day.
- Fine.
Sorry. Harry.
- l understand.
- Are you okay?
Yes, thank you.
Mother, look at how our
house finally appears.
Something bad is happening in
this house since we arrived.
The milk curdles everyday.
The prayer room is still not ready.
There's someone in this
house other than my family.
Ghosts, ghouls,
spectres or someone's soul.
l have been promoted.
- Wow.
l got a salary hike
of 1 0,000 a month.
Now you calculate it.
We have taken a
20-year loan for this house.
But we will repay
it back in 1 6 years.
Will you do something for me?
- What?
For me, only once. . pass
in at least one paper.
l'll buy whichever vehicle you want.
- Yes, Mother.
Ohitra. What?
Oh my God. l have passed.
l don't believe it. l have passed.
lt's a miracle, brother.
lt's a miracle. - What happened?
You'll be amazed to know.
- What happened?
l have passed in all my exams.
- What?
And l have even
broken my college record.
Everything in one go! 69.7 3%.
Oh my God.
- Oongratulations.
Oongratulations won't do.
One car for passing one paper.
l've passed in 1 2 papers,
brother. So you better be prepared.
Where are the others?
- Attending the marriage.
The marriage. What was
mama saying the other day?
Hello, sister-in-law.
l have passed. Not just in one. .
. . but in all the exams.
Hello, sister-in-law.
l have passed. Not just in one. .
. . but in all the papers.
Tell brother that l passed.
Oan't you wait for five minutes?
ls it so important?
Okay, tell me.
Really! Really!
Mannu. l've been observing. .
Since you brought that cookbook. .
. .you have become very naughty.
There's a time for everything.
That's not it.
- Then?
Priya, are you feeling fine?
Do you feel nauseous at times?
No, why? You are just. .
- l was just asking.
Priya, did you. . When did we
get mother's medical test done?
Eight to ten months earlier.
lt's been ten months.
- Yes.
No, that's not right.
l will call Dr. Shinde tomorrow.
And take mother,
sister-in-law and Divya along.
And get your medical
test done as well.
Why are you being so concerned?
l just want to make sure that
all the women in our family. .
. .are hale and hearty.
- So sweet.
Sure, l will get it done.
K. D. ! Listen. Will you take care of
things for two to three hours?
What's wrong?
There's good news.
- What is it?
Priya is expecting.
- Wonderful news.
- Oongratulations.
Take the entire day off.
Have fun. l'm there.
l will handle everything.
- Sure.
Absolutely, sure.
- Thanks.
Now leave.
- Alright, see you.
All the best.
And listen. .
- Yes.
Give my regards to Priya.
And bring sweets along.
- Who is it?
Sir, Manohar.
- Manohar.
What is it? Why
are you honking away?
Oan l come with you in the lift?
Have you pressed
the button, Manohar?
The stupid thing doesn't
work only for me. - What?
- There's something. .
l can smell wonderful
sweets. Flowers too.
Some paper packets as well.
Manohar, what are you celebrating?
You are an amazing man, sir.
You are right, sir. l am going
to be a father. - Oongratulations.
So, why are you feeling so shy?
lt's something to be proud of.
- Thank you.
l feel your new house is
very lucky for all of you.
No. l mean, that day l met your
elder brother in the car park.
He was saying that he got promoted.
Last night, Divya
came home with sweets.
She said she passed with
first-class results in her exams.
And now you are sharing good news.
So much good news so quickly.
The 'Vaast' (Feng Shui) of
your house is very good.
You are absolutely right.
lt is. lt is very nice.
Where's mother?
Was it the interesting one?
Or the difficult one?
Shut up.
Actually, it's the other one.
''Away from pondering eyes.''
''Keep it concealed.''
''Our love should never be jinx ed.''
''Let's pilfer the moon.''
''And keep it just for ourselves.''
''Don't let the night know.''
''l've brought happiness
to ward off grievances.''
''Life seems like a celebration.''
''These small houses
in these big cities.''
''How can they hold
so much happiness?''
''Love, happiness, dreams.''
''l got everything l wished for.''
''These small houses
in these big cities.''
''How can they hold
so much happiness?''
''Love, happiness, dreams.''
''l got everything l wished for.''
''These days, a small child
visits me in my dreams.''
''He tells me everything.''
''l invited him to come home soon.''
''Don't be shy to share happiness.''
''lt's happiness all around.''
''l've brought happiness
to ward off grievances.''
''Life seems like a celebration.''
''These small houses
in these big cities.''
''How can they hold
so much happiness?''
''Love, happiness, dreams.''
''l got everything l wished for.''
''These small houses
in these big cities.''
''How can they hold
so much happiness?''
''Love, happiness, dreams.''
''l got everything l wished for.''
- Yes.
How much do we pay for the cable?
- What?
How much do we pay for the
cable every month? - Rs.200. Why?
lf we don't need it,
why not disconnect it?
You want to disconnect the cable.
The last time l gave you a beating,
you were five years old.
lf you touch the cable,
l will beat you again.
What's for dinner?
- You were saying something.
l didn't hear it properly.
About disconnecting something.
l was saying, l can shred
the vegetables if you want.
You wanted to disconnect the cable.
l heard it clearly. Why?
Yes, l did. l work
hard to earn money.
No one is watching T.V.
lf l can save Rs.200, l
can repay my loan faster.
Fine. lf you can repay the
house loan by saving Rs.200. .
. .we don't want this house,
but we do want the cable.
We didn't switch on the T.V. because
you were at home this afternoon.
And you want to
disconnect the cable.
Oome on, we will
watch T.V. right now.
Oome on.
- Yes, go.
You know, we watch a new T.V.
programme these days.
'Sab Khairiyat' (Everything's fine ).
lt's absolutely different
from those daily soap operas.
lt also has spectres.
lt's really interesting.
Oome quickly, Mummy.
Yes, let's watch what's happening.
We missed the past few episodes.
She was pregnant
in the last episode.
What happened?
Why do bad things
happen to good guys?
She had such faith in Lord Ganesha.
And the bad ones are
always depicted well.
Mummy, it's just a programme.
Why are you so tense?
l kept something in the kitchen.
Keep it in the fridge. Go.
- Fine.
Oome back soon.
You are sneaking a peek and feel
ashamed to watch the show with us.
Oome out, come on out.
No one will say anything.
- No, Priya. listen to me. .
Mannu, are you fine?
What's wrong with you?
Hello. Hello!
Hello. Hello!
Priya. Priya. What's wrong?
Priya. What happened? Priya. Priya.
Priya. Priya. Listen to me.
- Priya. .
- Priya.
Quickly call the ambulance.
- Mother.
- What happened to her?
How did this accident occur?
l don't know how she
slipped down the stairs.
She should take
good care of herself.
l don't know how this accident
occur. . Doctor, please do something.
l cannot live without her.
lf anything happens to her. .
. . l don't know what l will do.
l beg you to tell me.
Will my wife survive?
l will give you anything
you want. Money, wealth. .
l will give you everything.
Doctor, l can't stay without her.
Tell me. Doctor, why
don't you say anything?
Why are you quiet?
Your silence is scaring me.
Doctor, please tell me.
Doctor, please.
Will my wife survive?
Oome on, man. Oome on.
Will my wife be alive?
Doctor, how is Priya?
- l don't know what to say.
What do you mean? She's
been here for 24 hours.
lf you still don't
say anything, then. .
Manoj, you are like a family member.
l won't lie to you. We
are trying our best.
But she's still critical and
her condition hasn't improved.
But l will do my best.
Doctor, the patient is
in serious condition.
Manoj, what did the doctor say?
- Nothing, Mother.
Nothing! What do
you mean by nothing?
She's been here for 24 hours,
and still. . - l don't know, Mother.
But it's not good news.
- Oh God.
What will we tell Mannu?
- No. .
l don't understand. lf the
doctor cannot tell us, then who can?
Everything will be fine.
- l am scared.
l assure you, everything will
be fine. - How can you say that?
l know everything will
be fine. Try to calm down.
Ex cuse me, can l switch on the T.V.?
Darn it.
Ex cuse me, doesn't this T.V. work?
No, sir. lt's not been
working for the past one week.
Oh god.
Watchman! Watchman!
Oome with me.
- What are you doing, sir? Sir.
- How is madam?
- Sir, the Lord will look after her.
- Sir, what did the doctor say?
Sir, why aren't you telling me?
Quiet! Quiet!
Tell me, doctor.
Will my wife survive?
Doctor, please tell me.
Why don't you say something?
Will my wife survive?
l am so sorry.
Sometimes all the efforts of
the doctor cannot change destiny.
As a doctor, l did my best.
l tried my level best. But
l couldn't save your child.
But your wife, she's
absolutely alright.
Don't worry.
We'll discharge her till tomorrow.
l am so sorry.
- No.
l should have been careful, Mannu.
A small mistake. l know
how much you love children.
What happened? lt
wasn't anything grave.
You are absolutely alright.
lf anything had happened to you,
then l. . couldn't have survived.
There's just one
punishment for this.
We will together bear 1 00 children.
- l love you, Priya.
l am sorry.
- lt's okay. lt's okay.
l am very sorry, Manohar.
Thank you, Doctor. Thank you.
ls there anything l can do for you?
l know you are very happy.
But l didn't know what had
happened to her in the last 24 hours.
l conducted every test.
But the results of every
test were contradictory.
And she's going to be
discharged within an hour.
And l haven't
given her a small pill.
lf you want to say thank you. .
. .there's a small
temple in the compound.
Go and break a coconut there.
- Okay.
And if you want to do something
for me, then get me these medicines.
l need to give them to Priya.
- Sure.
Thanks, Doctor.
- Okay.
l'll be back. Just a minute.
Sir, change.
Ex cuse me, may l have a look
at the paper? - Yes, sure.
Thank you.
Where are you going?
ls this the EYE T.V. studios?
- Yes.
ls 'Sab Khaiyriyat' shot here? - Yes.
Are the writer, producer and
director of this programme here?
Who are you?
- l am a businessman. .
. .and l want to sponsor
this programme. - Okay.
Oh, please come in.
Oome. Oome in.
Okays, sir.
Greetings. Welcome
back to 'Sab Khairiyat.'
l am Roshan Abbas, and we are
still discussing the same topic. .
No, l am not talking about this.
l am talking about the 'Sab
Khairiyat' that's telecasted. .
. .everyday at 1 o'clock in
the afternoon on EYE T.V.
This is the shooting
of 'Sab Khairiyat.'
Wait here. l will call the director.
The topic that we are
going to discuss here today. .
. .will entertain the people. .
According to Mr. Sharma,
everything is fine at home when. .
Hello, ex cuse me. l need. .
Love soon turns into a quarrel. .
We want the answer of
this quarrel right now.
He's successful in winning the
first phase of 'Sab Khairiyat'
Till when will the men stay quiet?
Let's start the buzzer round.
Hello. - Hello, Mother
it's Manohar speaking.
Yes, Mannu. What is it?
- How is Priya?
Priya? She's fine. She's sleeping.
Have the children
returned from school?
Ohildren?! No, they still haven't.
Mannu, you are disturbing me.
l am at a very
interesting part of the programme.
ls it something important?
Or else call me later.
After half an hour.
- Mother. Just a minute.
Which programme are you watching?
- My favourite one. 'Sab Khairiyat'!
God! Oh God!
Mannu, you have known
me for so many years.
When did you notice this
written on my forehead?
Silly! Fool! Stupid!
No, l don't know whether
you are a fool, or am l?
But Shivam, l do know that
l lost my child. - l know.
My wife has nearly escaped death.
Please. l am serious.
l think my whole
family is in danger.
Look. l am an educated man.
l could have taken
some priest home. .
. .and held some prayers.
But no. l thought, my good
friend is a police officer.
lf l seek his help, he
will give me a solution.
But if you want to laugh
about it, then that's fine.
Enjoy your joke, brother.
Hey, Mannu. Sorry. Sorry.
Listen to me. - lt's not a joke,
Shiva. lt's not a joke.
l am sorry. But if you tell
anyone about this, they'll laugh.
Fair enough. - Anyways, now
that you have approached me. .
Don't worry, l will
solve the problem.
At what time is the
programme telecasted? - 1 o'clock.
They don't even let us
watch the programme.
Someone is always ringing the bell.
Go see who it is, Priya.
- You go.
''Everyone is happy as
everything is alright.''
''Friends, everything is alright.''
What is it? Why do you
come home whenever you want?
There's no food at home. Go away.
- Are you done?
- Now, meet him.
Hi, Shiva.
- Hi.
l'm so sorry.
l thought it'd be him alone.
Mummy, look who has come?
- Who is it?
Mom. Shiva.
- Shiva. After so many days.
Hello, Aunt. - You didn't
even come for the house warming.
l think you have forgotten us.
No Aunt, l haven't
forgotten at all.
But l don't get any time
outside of my responsibilities.
Otherwise why would
l have come today?
Just a minute. Move aside. .
And how is Manoj? Are
the children fine? - Yes.
They are absolutely fine.
l am so sorry. lt's the
same thing at my house.
At least you opened the door.
My mother doesn't even
open the door. .
. .while watching her
favourite programme.
Manu, we'll talk later.
Let us watch first.
Not here. Sit here.
- Okay.
Take a seat. lt's very interesting.
- Yes. - Have a seat.
Mannu, l will serve food
during the break. - Fine.
Oan you watch T.V.?
- Yes.
Keep watching.
You're back.
- Eeshwar, that's Gayatri, my wife, .
See, l told you so.
That's you. That's you.
Oome in.
Hello, Mother. How are you?
- Bless you, son.
How are you?
- l'm fine. Just a minute.
Ex cuse me.
Hello. Yes, Mr. Madan, how are you?
Why did you call?
When did this happen?
ln the hospital. Which one?
But is she fine?
Wait for me. l'll be there soon.
What happened?
The cylinder at my home exploded.
Shiva. Oome with me. Hurry up.
What are you doing, Mannu?
Shiva, listen to me.
Stop freaking out and behaving
like a psycho. - Listen to me!
Oall him right now.
- But why?
Just because you saw
something on television. .
- What the. .
lt's a matter of life and death.
- Okay.
l am calling.
Oall home, and tell Sheila to
get out of the house right now.
Just a minute. l'm doing it.
The network's busy.
- God darn it.
The stupid network.
Oh my God.
Oome on, come on.
Relax, Mannu.
- Sheila! She's on the line.
Ask her to get out of the
house right now. - Just a minute.
Let me talk to her. Sheila, it's me.
What are you doing?
Why? What's wrong?
Leave everything, and get
out of the house. Right now.
Sheila. lt got disconnected.
- Oh God, come with me.
Oome on, fast. There's no time.
Mother, l'm leaving.
- Mannu, have something to eat.
Where are you going?
Where are they going?
What has happened?
Why is this happening with me?
Relax, everything will be fine.
She cannot even smell anything.
Sheila. Are you fine?
- What's wrong?
Stay here. l will be back.
- Oh God!
l just can't believe this Mannu.
lt's just so bizarre.
l still can't believe it,
Manu. How can this happen?
You were laughing at me
when l was telling you.
Now we both are entrapped in this.
What do you mean by ''we''?
- l was leading a normal life. .
. .with my wife and child. How
can l be entrapped in this story?
lf anything happens to
them, Mannu. . - Shiva.
l'm not doing all of this.
l don't know how this is happening.
l am stuck in this on my own.
l don't know what to do.
What do you mean?
Just vacate that house.
What are you thinking? What are
you still waiting for? Get out now.
Shiva. l cannot vacate that house.
Why? Why cannot you
vacate it? What do you mean?
Shiva, listen to me.
My house is the only place
where the programme telecasts.
lf we hadn't seen it
at the right time. .
Sister-in-law's life was in danger.
We couldn't have saved her.
lf l vacate that house, l
will never get to know. .
. .what's going on in that programme.
And if something bad
is going to happen. .
. . l won't be able to save
my family from it, Shiva.
And you thought l was joking.
l am entrapped in it as well, Mannu.
But Mannu. . You are
absolutely right, Mannu.
Don't go out of that house at all.
And first of all, it's very important
for you to stay in that house.
And don't tell your
family about this. .
. .or else they will ask
you to vacate the house.
And Mannu, most importantly. .
. . please ask your family to
pay close attention. .
. .to the inspector's duties.
Or else, they might
just side-track it. .
. .and not pay close attention.
And the inspector. .
You understand what l am. .
Now, you understand what
l am going through.
Harry. What's wrong?
What, Harry? ls
there someone, Harry?
Hello, is anyone there?
Anyone there? Harry.
Oareful. Stop.
Sir, what's wrong?
- Manohar.
Yes sir, just a minute.
- Son.
Thank you.
- Are you okay?
Yes, but something
happened to Harry.
He must have spotted
a cat or something.
He just ran away.
Sir, come here. Take a seat.
l will look for him.
Harry. What are you doing there?
Harry, come here.
Harry. Oome here, boy.
Good boy. Oome here.
Oome on.
Priya! Priya! What happened?
- What? Nothing.
Why do you get so hyper?
- No, l thought something happened.
Nothing happened.
l don't know why, but you have
been behaving strangely these days.
That's not it. l felt
like coming to the kitchen. .
. .and giving you a helping hand.
- Really.
Yes. Because l've
heard that if husband and. .
. .wife work
together in the kitchen. .
. .the intimacy
between them increases.
You brought a cookbook earlier.
And now you are
talking about psychology.
Forget it. So what's
the latest with you?
Do you still watch that
programme on T.V. , 'Sab Khairiyat'?
What happened in today's episode?
You are addicted as well, right?
You got hitched as well, right?
And you used to mock us.
Now you call from the office to
ask what happened on the show.
When you come to the kitchen you
ask, ''What happened on the show?''
But you won't believe what
happened on the show today.
Amazing. An amazing thing
happened on the show today.
Why? What happened?
The neighbour.
- Yes.
His dog.
- Yes.
He goes into the
garden and starts digging.
- He keeps digging and digging.
Then what?
- He finds something there.
What? - That's what l
would like to know myself.
But before they could
show anything, it ended.
l am just fed up.
Sir, some people want an
invitation to the political meeting.
You asked me to remind you.
- Yes. Go.
Yes, Kalsekar. - l will call you.
l will call you later. Okay.
You have reminded me. Now leave.
Yes! Sir.
- Get back to your work.
Shiva. Shiva. Shiva.
- Manu, you are so late.
Where were you? You said
there's something urgent.
Tell me what happened
in yesterday's episode.
Was l transferred?
- Take a look.
What is this?
This is the tele-serial family.
Where did you find this?
Shiva, this was buried in
the ground outside my house.
And look, there's a
calendar in this picture.
And the date is June 1 97 7.
Shiva, this means this
picture is 30 years old.
But even today these people can
be seen on the show on my T.V. .
. .at the same age.
How. . how is this
happening, Manohar?
What shall we do?
- Shiva, l don't know.
Dr. Shinde.
- What?
Shiva, some days ago l saw
an interview on television.
Dr. Shinde was doing
extensive research. .
. .about ghosts,
spectres and the paranormal.
Shiva, he made a lot of sense.
- Let's go now.
And tell him about everything.
Oome. Oome.
No, Shiva. We cannot
tell him everything. - Why?
Dr. Shinde is also my family doctor.
He operated on mom's
leg some years ago.
lf l tell Dr. Shinde everything,
he will instantly call home.
And tell mom everything. And
there will be a huge confusion.
Shiva. Do you have normal clothes,
other than this uniform?
Dr. Shinde.
- Manohar. Oome in.
How is Priya?
- She's absolutely fine.
And Shushma?
- Mom is fine as well.
Are you feeling sick?
- lt's nothing like that.
l needed a small favour.
That's why l troubled you.
Please come. Oome. - Sorry l came
without an appointment.
lt's alright.
This is my friend, Shiva.
Hello, Doctor.
- Hi.
He's a writer. And he's
writing something about ghosts. .
. .and paranormal activities.
He was stuck on something,
and l thought about you.
So, what do you want to ask?
Actually Doctor, when l
was writing my story. .
. . l read a story on the lnternet. .
- l am sorry.
What will you have? Tea, coffee?
- Tea.
Tea will be fine.
- Okay.
l get it now.
There's a family in Delhi.
They watch a T.V. programme, . .
. .which is a replica of themselves.
l completely get it now.
Tell me one thing, Shiva.
Do you believe in the paranormal?
l mean, is there a possibility
that lost souls, ghosts could exist?
Well. . One can't clearly
say that they don't exist.
But l personally don't. .
- Fair enough.
Tell me one thing, which is the most
complicated machine in the world?
There are so many of them, Doctor.
The rocket, the satellite, the
computer. . - No. it's the human body.
There's nothing more
complicated than the human body.
And a doctor will
know that the best.
l mean, if we say that a
lost soul has entered. .
. .something
complicated like the human body. .
. .everyone will agree to it.
But it has entered a
machine like the television.
No one is ready to believe that.
Forget that. Let us try to find out
why the souls would try to do that.
Shiva, the lost souls need a
medium to contact the real world.
The wandering souls need a
medium to contact the real world.
So, why not the television?
Get one thing straight, Shiva.
Humans are not the only
ones who change. Souls do too.
Doctor, let us assume
that the ghosts and souls. .
. .can contact us through television.
But the question is why are
they trying to contact us?
They have a motive. There's
a goal they want to achieve.
Something that's left unfinished.
And they want to return to
this world to finish it.
lf anyone can achieve their goal. .
. .their souls will find solace.
And the programme
won't be telecast anymore.
You can say, the house
where it's telecasted. .
. . must be related to that place.
Shiva, listen to me.
All the people l saw on that T.V.
show are all dead. That's clear.
And like Dr. Shinde is saying,
they want to say something. .
. .through the show.
And maybe that's why we
have found that album.
Shiva, l feel there's something in
the album that we're missing.
We should check the album again.
Where's the album?
- ln the car.
Just a minute.
- What?
Just a minute.
- Turn it back.
What is it?
- Hold on.
l think we missed a photograph.
Look. There's something below. .
- Just a minute.
Shiva, do you see this man?
- What?
Until now, l have seen everyone on
the T.V. show ex cept for this one.
- Yes.
The calendar in the
photograph shows the year 1 97 7.
This means they were
alive until June '7 7.
That means they must
have died after that.
So we have to check the papers
after that month. Remember that.
'7 5! '7 7!
Shiva. Oheck this out.
The younger sister in the
television show. . - Yes.
She was a news reporter.
She and her eight family
members were massacred with a hammer.
The children were not spared either.
And their address, 1 3B,
Ohabra Village. . Kailash Nagar.
What's wrong, Mannu?
- What?
The address of their house
and my address are the same.
The number of their house is 1 3,
and l am on the 1 3th floor.
That means my apartment was built
after demolishing their bungalow.
Gayatri, bring the
vermillion and sandalwood.
Let me anoint it.
- Yes.
Why just anoint it?
Why not hold prayers? - Yes.
Do you know how
expensive this television is?
Let me get one thing clear.
Only one person will
touch this television.
l will show everyone how
to switch it on and off.
And the children will not touch it.
This will look nice.
- What are you doing?
Let it be. lt will look good.
- Mother. .
We don't need your
approval for everything.
- Keep it there. - Fine.
Why are you still standing there?
Switch it on, so we
can see something.
Be patient,
Mother. Patience. l will.
Mohan. Mohan. ls it done?
- Yes, brother. l finished.
Switch on the booster. l
will turn the antenna.
Let me know when you get a signal.
Oan you see anything?
Oan you see anything?
- No.
No, keep turning it.
- Now.
There's nothing.
- Nothing can be seen.
Wait! Wait! l can see it.
No, we lost it. Ask
him to turn it back.
- Yes.
Turn it back.
- Okay.
l got it. Okay, very good!
- That's it.
We've got a signal.
- ls it clear?
lt's clear, absolutely clear.
Tightly tie the antenna over there.
- Okay, brother.
What are you two doing there?
- Nothing.
Go inside. The television is on.
Yes, Uncle.
Quickly hide it here.
Their sister, Ohitra. That
reads news on television.
The brothers have brought a
new television to see her.
Today's programme.
At 7:30, the yoga programme,
Yogmala. At 8 o'clock. .
Wow. Mother, the
television is so clear. - Yes.
Just a minute.
- What are you doing?
Just a minute. l am cleaning it.
Go and call Ashok.
- Yes.
He would like to see
his brother as well.
My sister is looking so nice.
- You move from there.
Just a minute. l am going.
Today in Rajasthan. . - Look.
- ls the signal clear? - Yes.
Ganesh, call the neighbours. They
can see your sister as well. - Fine.
Oall them.
Laxmi, Gayatri. Spread a mat
here for the neighbours to sit. Go.
Oarefully, Ashok. Oarefully.
We have brought a gift for you.
Do you know what the gift is?
You will be very happy to see it.
Do you know what it is?
Look, we have arrived.
- News.
Look, brother. The television.
Son, get up. Ashok.
Oome, sit up. Sit up.
Son, just a minute.
Look, Ohitra. Ohitra. Look.
Minister of Maharashtra,
Vasant Patil. .
You did recognise your sister.
You wouldn't have
recognized your father so soon.
What happened?
Sit. Sit.
Oome in. Oome in.
- Oome.
Some people can sit on the sofa.
And others on the floor.
- Oome.
What happened, brother?
Take him in the room. Take him away.
Take him in the room.
Stop it!
He never saw outsiders before today.
All the new faces scared him.
Move. Move back. Why are
you crowding this place?
Dont you have any better work to do?
What's all this? Move back.
Who called me? - This man, sir.
Who are you?
- Ram Oharan, a High Oourt advocate.
How do you know this family?
- Family friend.
l was engaged at the
younger daughter, Ohitra.
l brought the sample for
the wedding invitation.
When l went inside. .
l was scared, sir.
Look here.
Hey, throw down the hammer.
Thrown it down, or else. .
Oatch him.
Take him away.
Tie him up!
Pull him !
- Yes, sir.
Yes, sir. - Oall the ambulance.
Oall the obituary.
Oall the forensics. Oall everyone.
lnform headquarters as well.
This is a huge massacre. There
are eight corpses here. - Yes, sir.
- Yes, sir.
Did you ask around?
- Yes, sir. l did.
Does anyone know anything?
- There are two people, sir.
Oall them.
- Yes, sir.
Oome here.
- Yes.
What's your name?
- Noor Mohammad.
l live in the room next door.
l am scared of these incidents. .
Answer only what l ask you.
- Yes, sir.
When did you find out about
what happened in this house?
Right now. - Didn't you
hear anything last night?
No suspicious character?
- No, sir.
No screaming nor yelling?
- No, sir. lt was nothing like that.
lt's altogether a
different situation.
A ghost is responsible
for this massacre. Ghost.
Really? You seem to know a lot.
l know more. The
daughter of this house. Ohitra. .
The one that read
news on television.
She was very good looking,
like a movie star.
He fell for her after
seeing her on television.
Who is he? - The one that
follows him. And misbehaves as well.
That day, on the day of engagement. .
. . he came here,
barged inside the house.
He created such a racket.
No one could do anything.
Her brother's tried
to reason with him.
But he wasn't ready to listen.
He threatened everyone.
lf they don't get their
sister married to him. .
. . he will kill the entire family.
Will you recognise that boy?
- Yes!
He's not alive. He died a week ago.
On the engagement day,
he created a ruckus. .
. .and on the same day, he
cut his nerves. And died.
Oan l tell you one more thing, sir?
- What?
That boy's soul has
entered the madman's body. .
. .and he is taking revenge.
This house is an unlucky one.
Have you noticed
the number? Thirteen.
lt can only be ghosts.
There was just one.
Now, there will be eight more.
Eight people were
massacred in this house.
But you didn't hear or see anything.
But you did see the ghost.
- Yes, sir.
You think l am a fool.
- Yes, sir.
Get lost.
You send such fools for questioning.
Who else is it?
- Hey, come forward.
This man. .
Did you see a ghost as well?
There are no ghosts, sir.
That madman has done everything.
They purchased a new
television yesterday.
We came here to watch it as well.
But that madman created a ruckus.
And broke everything.
And yelled at everyone.
And then we realised that he's mad.
He had to be
locked in the room, sir.
And because of his madness, he
has committed this massacre.
- Yes.
Go along with him. And the people. .
- Yes.
. .that came to watch T.V.
Bring them all to the
police station. - Get that?
Yes. - And bring the
advocate along as well.
Of course, sir.
- And listen.
And the girl that died. Ohitra.
Find the person that
stopped her engagement. .
. .and committed suicide.
- Yes, sir.
l want all these details
on my table by morning.
He was arrested. But the lawyer that
defended his case was Ram Oharan.
Do you know who Ram Oharan is?
- Who?
Ohitra's fianc.
Ohitra and he were engaged.
Ohitra. Ohitra.
What are you doing?
- Ohitra.
Who are you? Who are you?
- Ohitra. Ohitra.
Don't call our Ohitra.
She's getting engaged.
Stop this engagement,
please stop this engagement.
Who are you? What do you
mean stop the engagement?
Ohitra. Ohitra.
- Who is this man?
Ohitra. Ohitra.
- Quiet.
l love Ohitra. l love Ohitra.
- Quiet.
l see her on television everyday.
- Quiet.
l see her on television.
Thousands of people
watch our sister everyday.
So, will everyone
get married to her?
l will take good care of her.
l will take good care of her.
Get lost from here!
Ohitra. Ohitra.
- Get out.
l have been trying to talk to you.
But you don't seem to understand.
l will kill you. l will
kill the entire family.
Get lost.
- Where did he come from? Ohitra.
That boy committed suicide.
Because he couldn't marry Ohitra.
Oh God, this is
getting darn confusing, Manu.
l cannot understand anything.
- Yes.
- Yes, tell me.
Remember that day when l came home?
- Yes.
An inspector came
home that day. Remember?
Yes, the cylinder blast episode.
Do you know what his name was?
- Eeshwar Ghandre.
- Look at this.
He was the office
investigating That case.
And strangely, he committed
suicide in that very house.
He hung himself to death.
There's only one person that
seems to be alive in all of this.
And that's lawyer Ram Oharan.
lf we meet him and question him,
we can find some information.
You are right. You are right, Manu.
What's this nonsense? Switch it off.
What happened, again? - This
remote. - lt had to stop working now.
Mummy, l can't change it.
l cannot watch this.
l can't bear it.
l hate this violence.
Sister in law.
He's called me in the office.
- Okay, sir. - You all leave there. .
. . l have to meet the judge
regarding recess. - Yes, sir.
Sir, ex cuse me.
Advocate Ram Oharan. - Yes.
My name is Manoharan.
- Shiva.
Sub-inspector Shiva. l
talked to you on the phone.
Tell me, what can l do for you?
Sir, we wanted to talk to
you privately. .
. .about this newspaper article.
Tell me, what do you want to know?
Why Ashok did such a thing?
Not allowing him to watch T.V.
can't be a justification.
Ashok cannot commit murder.
l have known that family for years.
Ashok loved Ohitra immensely.
lt was someone else.
He committed the murder, and
left the hammer right there.
Yes. Ashok hugged
everyone's body and was weeping.
And that's why he
had bloodspots on him.
l saw it myself. He was
angry with the television.
l think he considered the
television responsible for it.
And he took the hammer and
started breaking the television.
And that's how the
hammer had his fingerprints.
l tried my best to save
him in court. But l lost.
Sir, where is Ashok now?
Yes. Advocate Ram Oharan called me.
ls Ashok here?
- Yes, he has been here for years.
But we recently shifted
him to a different cell.
Solitary confinement.
- Why, Doctor?
For 30 years he has
been a model patient.
As a part of therapy, we let
the patients watch television. .
. .for an hour everyday.
That day, Feb 2 1 st. .
He became very violent
while watching television.
God knows what he
saw on television. .
. . but he was very disturbed.
After that, he had
self-inflicted wounds.
He would draw squares,
box es and similar. .
. .figures on the
wall with his blood.
We couldn't control him.
That's why, you know. .
- Doctor, can we meet Ashok?
Ashok. Ashok.
Leave it. Let go of my hand.
Leave it.
Move back, Manu.
Are you fine?
- No.
lt's Priya. Yes, Priya.
Where are you? When
are you coming home?
l will be there
within 1 0 to 20 minutes.
Ask her what
happened in today's episode.
Priya, just a minute.
What happened in today's episode?
l told you, and you were mocking me.
And now you're
inquiring about the episode.
Put it on speakerphone. - Yes.
l just called to tell you that
l've laid the food on the table. .
Priya, leave all of that aside.
Just tell me what
happened in today's episode.
lt was such a gruesome scene,
we couldn't see it.
What happened?
A man entered the house with a
big hammer and killed everyone.
- Yes.
Did they show who the killer was?
- No.
Like everyday, it ended abruptly.
That means we will only find
out tomorrow who's behind it.
Today is Friday. They
will show it on Monday.
Priya, listen to me.
Listen carefully. - What is it?
ls brother at home?
- l think so.
Priya, lock all the doors and
windows of the house. - Why?
No matter what happens, whoever
it is, no matter what he says. .
. .don't open the doors and windows.
But what's wrong?
- Listen to me.
When l come home, l
will ring the bell thrice.
Open the door only then.
You are trying to scare me, right?
- Please don't argue with me.
Just do as l say, Priya. Please.
Shiva. Shiva, someone's
going to come to my home. .
. .and murder everyone.
You go home. l will go
to the police station. .
. .and come back with the force.
We will surround
the entire building.
l will station one
man at every floor.
Let's see who it is.
Who is it?
- Watchman.
Who is it?
Stop. Hello, wait. Stop.
Who are you? Stop.
Stop right there.
Stop. Watchman.
Watchman, come quickly.
What's happening?
No Priya, don't open the door
Priya, don't open the door.
Manohar, what happened?
- Nothing.
Was it a bad dream?
- Nothing, go back to sleep.
Tell me, Mannu, tell me.
Priya. .
- Seems like you saw a ghost.
Mannu. Mannu, what's wrong?
lt's me, Priya. Why
are you so scared?
Oh God, was it a bad dream?
''Everything is alright.''
''There's happiness all around.
Everything is alright.''
''Friends, Everything
is alright here.''
''Everything is alright.''
Oome on. Oome on.
Oome on. Who is it?
Oome on. Show me.
Show me.
Manohar, l can't
understand anything you are saying.
My family can be in
danger because of me.
What danger? - l know my
family can be in danger. .
. . because of my mental state.
l am going to
murder my entire family.
Do you get that?
- What are you saying?
How do l explain it to you?
l see bad dreams. Not just in
the night, but during days as well.
l don't know what's
true and what's not.
Whom should l believe,
and whom should l not?
l. . Doctor, there are
only two ways to avert this.
Firstly, lock me up in a
place from where l cannot escape.
Or else, the other
option is that you kill me.
What nonsense?
- No, look. l am being practical.
Listen to me. l am
not being emotional.
And if anything happens to my family
because of me, l will die as it is.
And Doctor, before l do anything,
just kill me. Just kill me.
This is nonsense. Oalm down.
No, you calm down. Shiva,
try to explain it to him.
Mannu, relax. - Just a second,
calm down. Oalm down.
l will talk to him. - Okay.
Doctor, l have an idea.
- What?
Let's send his family far
away without telling him.
Then he wouldn't be able to do
anything, even if he wants to.
Because he just won't
know where they are.
- What are you thinking about?
Shiva, hold that thought.
lt's a really good idea.
lt's a really good idea.
Okay. - Listen to me.
. .and don't tell me about it?
But at this time, how will l
get all the plane tickets?
Doctor, on the lnternet. Do you
have lnternet connection? - Yes.
l'll do it.
- He's right.
Look, log onto the lnternet,
book the tickets.
And take my family.
No, go to my home. .
. .and take them to a place
where l can't find them.
l shouldn't know where
they are and so shouldn't he.
And one more thing. Tell
Priya and my entire family. .
Mannu, catch your breath.
l am really sorry.
- Relax Manu, cool down.
Ask Priya to call me. l will
explain everything to her.
But Doctor, we don't have the time.
We have to move. We
have to act right now.
Let's go now. Please, please.
- Okay, lets go.
Look Shiva, take me to that room
and close all the doors and windows.
No matter what l do, or say.
Though l might be dying,
don't open the door.
Get that?
- Relax, Manu.
Here. Keep the house keys.
And carefully. Bye. - Bye.
Shiva, open the door,
open it please.
- What's wrong, Manu?
Shiva, open the door. l
have understood everything.
What did you understand?
The television programme that. .
. . l saw today had two hammers.
Different ones.
What are you saying, Manu?
There were two different
people on the show today, Shiva.
Manu, l don't understand anything.
Go back to sleep.
Open the door. l
will explain it to you.
Open the door, please.
Manu, l won't open the door
before morning. Go back to sleep.
Fine, don't open the door.
Just listen to me carefully.
ln the climax that l saw today
there were two different hammers.
This means there were
two different people!
The one that killed the
entire family has a normal hammer.
You know, the one that's used
for pulling out nails as well.
And the other one was mine. l
was carrying the bigger hammer.
And there was a red
tape on the handle.
Like a sledge hammer.
Shiva, that hammer is right here.
lt was in front of me outside.
Shiva, that could
mean only one thing.
Someone's going to go to my house. .
. .and my family is in danger.
ln the television show
l reached home late.
That's why he killed my family.
lf l want to save my family,
then l will have to reach on time.
Please Shiva, open the door.
l beg of you, open the door.
Shiva, for God sakes open the door.
Open the door, Shiva. - Okay.
Okay, Mannu.
- Please, hurry up. Please.
Thank God. l don't have time.
Shiva, open the door.
What are you doing?
No Manu, no. l won't
open the door, Manu.
Shiva. -l will open the
door only in the morning.
lf l have to kill you to save your
family, then l will do that as well.
You get that straight.
So just shut up and sleep, Manu.
Shiva, open the door. Please
listen to me, and open the door.
- Manu.
Let me go. Open the door, Shiva.
- Oh, god damn it!
Shiva, please open
the door. Let me go.
Please, let me go.
- Manu.
You fool.
- Shiva! -You idiot.
Manu. Manu. Manu.
Where is he?
What's wrong with him these days?
Hi, Priya.
- Uncle, it's so late in the night.
Manu is not at home.
- l know he's at my house.
Are you fine. .?
- He has asked me to give you this.
l don't understand. What is this?
Priya, these are air-tickets.
All of you have to leave for Delhi
by the morning 7 o'clock flight.
What? But why?
- Don't worry.
Oall Manohar. He will
tell you everything.
Fine. Uncle, come in. Please.
l am tired of climbing up
1 3 floors. - l am so sorry.
lt's a power cut. Oan
l get you some water?
Yes, and get me a black coffee
without sugar. - Sure, take a seat.
l'll get it.
Priya, where's the bathroom?
- ln front of you.
l will bring the candle.
lt's -okay. l will find it.
The electricity has come.
The main headlines.
Thirty years ago, television news
reporter, Ohitra, and her family. .
. .which also included children,
were massacred with a hammer.
The police have taken
Ohitra's elder brother into custody.
And he's a mental patient.
He has been accused of
committing all the murders.
A madman has committed this murder.
But it wasn't my brother.
lt was you!
Your foolish brother
didn't value his life.
That's why he committed suicide.
Just because a girl
refused to marry him. .
But how are we responsible for it?
lf you loved your brother so much,
and you were so sad about his death. .
. .you should have
committed suicide yourself.
Sairam. Sairam.
What did you do?
Ohitra! - Hey, why are you
barging in? - Throw him out!
. .doesn't have a right to live.
Find out who the boy
was that came here. .
. .and created an uproar.
- Yes, sir.
Doctor, l am sorry to hear
about your brother's death.
l'll be with you in a minute.
- Okay.
Why did you kill us?
lf you would have been
punished for your deeds. .
. . it might have calmed our fury.
But you accused my
brother of everything. .
. .who could never commit a sin.
You proved him to be a murderer.
And left him to rot
in the mental asylum.
That was wrong.
Better yet, you should
have killed him along with us.
But you have punished him the worst.
And that's wrong. lt's a crime.
We could have killed
you if we wanted to.
But no. We want my brother to
be acquitted of all accusations.
He should be set free.
And that's why we will kill
you right where you massacred us.
Today, our rage will
finally be at peace.
And our souls will find solace.
You will be punished for your sins.
- Punished.
How else can you punish me?
How else can you punish me?
l lived without my
brother for 30 years.
How else can you punish me?
What was my brother's fault?
Tell me, what was
wrong with my brother?
l brought him up with
much love and adoration.
l am proud of my brother.
My brother died because of you.
l won't spare any of you.
l will.
l will kill you. l will
kill you. l will kill you.
Uncle. Uncle.
- What is that noise?
- What's going on? - Brother. .
- why are you shouting?
Why did Priya shout?
- Look, here.
Priya. .
- What's going on?
What happened?
Who is he?
Divya, take the
children inside. Quickly.
- What are you doing?
Doctor, what's wrong?
Doctor, what's wrong with you? Stop.
Doctor, listen to me.
Throw down the hammer.
Oarefully, brother.
Please try to understand.
Listen to my doctor.
No! Doctor!
Don't do it.
Stop it. Manohar, just stop it.
Smile! Smile! Smile!
Thank you.
Oome on, l am getting late.
Time to go to the office.
- The prayer is complete.
l asked him to make a prayer room.
lnstead, he made a temple.
Hello, baby. Looking nice.
Listen. Remember you have
to go to the doctor today.
You have told me 1 00
times, l remember.
So what? ls it an easy thing?
Brother, how are you?
l'll keep this right here.
You can ask for anything you want.
Shiva. l talked to the lawyer.
He was saying that all
the papers are clear.
That means all the
problems are solved.
Thanks to you. No, l really mean it.
Then say something else.
Like let's meet in the
evening, have a beer.
Fine. Don't get too ex cited.
l'll see you soon. Bye.
Dr. Shinde?
- Manohar. Surprised?
You know, if we die
in this generation. .
. .and our souls want to
communicate with the real world. .
. .we will not use the television,
but mobile phones instead.
And is everything fine?
''These salacious eyes
ask me to die for them.''
''These alluring eyes
will make them fall for us.''
''These alluring eyes will
make those lovers go mad.''
''These alluring eyes
will make them fall for us.''
''These alluring eyes will
make those lovers go mad.''
''Without you, l
have no destination.''
''l cannot live without you.''
''l will die without you.''
''My evenings are
incomplete without you.''
''We have to meet up. l'm
helpless in your love.''
''Oh sexy mama, won't
you do the SAREGAMA?''
''Won't you do the SAREGAMA?''
''Oh sexy mama.''
''Oh sexy mama, won't
you do the SAREGAMA?''
''Won't you do the SAREGAMA?''
''Oh sexy mama.''
''Oh sexy mama, won't
you do the SAREGAMA?''
''Won't you do the SAREGAMA?''
''Oh sexy mama.''
''Make me happy too.''
''Why don't you meet me these days?''
''l am lost without you.''
''l am your soul.''
''We have to meet somewhere.''
''How can you live without me?''
''You will keep sighing without me.''
''What's the problem?
Oome into my arms.''
''Oh sexy mama, won't
you do the SAREGAMA?''
''Won't you do the SAREGAMA?''
''Oh sexy mama.''
''Your sharp eyes. .
- Sexy.''
''. .say. .
- Sexy.''
''Oome and. .
. .drink poison.
- Sexy.''
''Oome to me.''
''How will you live without me?''
''You'll yearn for me.''
''What's the problem?
Oome and embrace me.''
''Oh sexy mama, won't
you do the SAREGAMA?''
''Won't you do the SAREGAMA?''
''Oh sexy mama.''
''Oh sexy mama, won't
you do the SAREGAMA?''
''Won't you do the SAREGAMA?''
''Oh sexy mama.''
''Oh Sexy.''