14 Cameras (2018) Movie Script

[keys clacking]
[mouse clicks]
[man coughing]
So sexy.
Come here.
Your breath stinks.
[man chuckles]
Look who's talking.
We should get going.
No, skip it.
We are going to be late.
[water running]
Fucking hate brunch.
- Hey, babe...
- Yeah?
Hot water's
not turning on again.
- Are you serious?
- Can you call?
- [sighs]
- She seems nice.
Just see if she can
do something about it.
Give me a sec.
[phone line tolling]
[man breathing heavily]
Uh, hi, is this Amy
from VacaSwap?
[man groans]
Uh, yeah, there's no
hot water over here.
I was wondering if you
could send somebody to...
- Hey, babe?
- Yeah?
- Did you call?
- Some dude answered.
Don't you think
that's weird?
We're renting
from some hot chick,
and some dude answers?
It's probably her husband.
Should've just rented
from a hotel.
Hey, what's the matter?
It's a little early to be so
paranoid, don't you think?
[both laughing]
I thought my breath stank.
I don't care.
Neither do I.
[woman giggles, squeals]
[couple kissing]
[woman laughing]
[breathing heavily]
[machine whirring loudly]
[man] I don't wanna go
back to Albuquerque.
We still have a couple days.
I mean, let's...
let's take a trip.
Let's go somewhere new.
Let's fly to Chicago
or Boston or something,
- you know?
- [chuckles]
Yeah, who's gonna pay for that?
Hey, have you seen my keys?
Are you listening to me?
I can't find my keys.
Uh, did you check...
check your purse?
They're not in my purse.
Don't you wanna
go somewhere?
Like San Francisco
or something?
Sure, money bags,
if you're buying.
I feel like
I'm going crazy here.
Did you check your jeans?
[keys rattle]
[scoffs, sighs]
I could've swear
I left them on the counter.
- Well, you didn't.
- Hey, is that my toothbrush?
Yeah, mine fell
on the ground.
Gross! You can't just
use my toothbrush.
What are you nuts?
Why not?
'Cause that's gross.
It's mine.
Maybe you should,
like... If I were to...
- Whoops.
- Don't! [sighs]
What did you do to this thing?
Nothing, what's wrong with it?
Did you drop it
in the toilet or something?
- It tastes like shit.
- Okay, dickhead.
Literal shit.
I'm being serious.
I think you need to see
a doctor or something,
because this is heinous.
See, this is why
I don't want you
touching my things.
[knocking on door]
[knocking continues]
[lock clicks]
- [dog howls]
- [softly chuckles]
Okay, okay.
There you go.
There you go.
[water running]
[dog barking]
[woman screaming]
[barking and screaming continue]
[screaming intensifies]
[dog barking]
[man panting]
[breathing heavily]
[barking continues]
[dog barking]
[man grunting]
[dog lapping liquid]
[breathing heavily]
- [boy] It's bullshit.
- [woman] Hey.
If Molly can bring Danielle,
I should be able to bring Will.
- Molly's in college.
- I'm a senior!
Well, then next year.
[man] Will's a pain in the ass!
What about Drew?
[man] No, not that kid.
He doesn't wear deodorant.
Sweetheart, what do you think
of this one?
Come here.
Yeah, I don't think
I want to rent
from the Unabomber.
Okay, then what about this one?
- Yeah?
- Mm-hmm.
What do you think
of this place?
See yourself sitting poolside
here for a couple weeks?
Who are we renting from?
- She seems nice.
- [man] Hmm, yeah.
[engine starts]
Help! Somebody help me!
Help, somebody!
Oh, my God!
- [grunting]
- [screaming]
[screaming continues]
It's time little girls
go to sleep.
[door unlocking]
Why are you wet?
Where are you going?
[cartoon music plays]
[engine shuts off]
[Molly] How far out of town
is this place?
The website says it's within
walking distance
of the nightlife.
They all say that.
Well, all I can do
is read the description.
Did you check
the map on the site?
What map?
The map, so you can
call bullshit
when they say everything
is walking distance.
I didn't see a map.
Great, the last house
was miles back.
Well, I guess you're stuck
hanging out with us then.
Hey, Danielle, you ever
play Settlers of Catan?
- I don't think so.
- Can we borrow the car?
- [mom laughs]
- Already?
We haven't even
gotten there yet.
Okay, could you just
give the place a chance?
It's not like
it's gonna kill you.
[bird squawking]
This place is insane.
Your mother's not such
an idiot after all.
You know what I mean.
- [mom] Look at that!
- I know.
Very nice.
Well, I guess
we need to get some food.
[dad] What?
Someone left some
fast food in here.
Don't... Don't open it.
[gags, coughs]
It smells like...
like old mayo.
[chuckles] A morbid curiosity,
you know that?
Where are you going?
I'm throwing this away outside.
You want something
from the store?
- Now?
- Yeah.
You know, it's kind of a haul,
and the kids are
gonna be hungry soon.
- Okay.
- I'll be back in a few.
The closest Uber
is 45 minutes away.
This house is pretty sick.
No, we're going to be stuck
with my parents
playing board games
all week... sober.
- [coughs]
- [Danielle laughs]
Do you have a chaser?
That'll put hair
on your chest.
My parents will kill us.
Live a little.
Come on,
we're gonna miss the sun.
Over here.
[Molly] How are things
going with Andrew?
[Danielle sighs]
- I think he's cheating on me.
- Get the fuck out.
I just think that now that
we've been dating for a while,
like, he's kinda over it.
You know, like he's wandering.
Mm, honestly, the kid's always
kinda creeped me out anyway.
- He'd be crazy to cheat on you.
- I don't know.
The problem with you, is you
like guys who idolize you.
- No.
- You want admirers.
- Not boyfriends.
- Look, I just need to
break it off clean,
get laid this weekend
and forget all about it.
Yeah, no one's
gettin' laid on this trip.
Speak for yourself.
What the fuck?
Is he staring at us?
He's kind of cute.
Oh, that's fucking gross. No.
[indistinct chatter on TV]
- [Danielle] Hey.
- Hey.
What are you watching?
Well, they don't have
cable or Wi-Fi, so...
Yeah, so it's either PBS or...
another channel playing PBS.
God, the Overlook Hotel
had more things to do.
- The what?
- You know, the, um...
[clears throat]
the hotel from The Shining.
Um, aren't you
a little cold, Danielle?
I'm okay. Thank you.
Don't get the couch wet.
Put on some clothes.
[water running]
[man breathing heavily]
[chains rattle]
Somebody help!
Somebody help me!
Somebody help me!
Hello! Somebody!
God damn it!
[banging on door]
[metal clanging]
[latch shuts]
[breathing heavily]
It's going to be all right.
[water running]
We should've stayed in a hotel.
What's wrong?
There was a hair on the soap
in the shower.
So throw it out.
There was the lipstick stain
on the wine glass.
I mean, honey, who knows if
they even change these sheets.
You really think a hotel
would be any different?
I just feel like
I'm in someone else's house.
You know, like I'm not
supposed to be here.
It creeps me out.
Honey, this place
is incredible.
And cheap.
It's got a pool!
But if you wanna stay
in that creepy little hotel
in town, be my guest.
Yeah, you'd love that.
You'd have a blast.
Pay by the hour. Color TV.
Comes with a prostitute.
I guess the last time
I paid for sex
was our first date.
You ass!
Maybe you're right.
You know,
I think as a germophobe,
this is a best-case
scenario for you.
It doesn't creep you out
to be in someone else's house?
No, why should it?
[man] Does it turn you on?
Well, talk about creepy.
[both laughing]
[Lori] Maybe it does.
[bag unzips]
[lighter flicks]
[Danielle] Kyle.
Jesus Christ,
you scared me.
What you doing?
I'm just hanging out.
Yeah? Looks like
you're smoking some drugs.
Uh... [chuckles]
Wanna go for a swim?
I, uh...
Uh, I don't know.
I don't know if
that'd be a good idea.
[snaps fingers]
Well, suit yourself.
[owl hooting]
You're really not gonna get in?
It's freezing.
Just gonna sit there
and watch me?
No, I...
I don't know.
I should probably head back in.
I'm busting your balls.
Are you just gonna sit around
and sulk all week,
or are you gonna have fun?
This sucks, dude.
There's nothing to do.
I mean, at least you and Molly
can hang out with each other.
You can hang out with us.
I just... I don't get
why my parents
drag us to these things.
You know my mom
rents out our place
while we're gone?
So while I'm in
someone else's bed,
some creep's in mine.
It's fucking weird.
What size bed do you have?
Queen. Why?
There are people
fucking in your bed.
- Dude, what the fuck?
- I'm just saying, the odds are.
That's fucked up.
I'm going in.
Don't let the bed bugs bite.
What are you doing?
Caught your brother
smoking weed.
Yeah, I saw you.
My parents probably did, too.
They're on the other side
of the house.
I know you're going through
a rough spot right now,
but don't flirt with my brother
to make yourself feel better.
Oh, geez, no...
I'm not flirting
with your brother.
[speaking indistinct]
How long have you
been down here?
[girl] I don't know anymore.
You should drink something.
He give you that?
- It's okay...
- No, no.
Fuck that.
Have you tried to escape?
It's not a good idea.
Look, we have to
get out of here, all right.
There's gotta be some way
out of this place.
There isn't.
The only way
in or out is the hatch.
The vents are too small.
No one can hear us.
I went hoarse in the beginning
yelling for weeks.
There's no one for miles.
Well, does he come down here?
There's two of us.
We can take him.
No, you can't.
Believe me...
Look, I'm not living here
for the rest of my fucking life.
He'll kill you.
You're not the first girl
to come down here.
There was another.
She tried to make a run for it,
and she never came back.
Maybe she got away.
She didn't.
How do you know?
Because three nights later he made
me dig a hole in the backyard.
Jesus Christ.
Don't try to escape.
[cartoons on TV]
[knocking on door]
What's up there, little guy.
Sign for that?
Some sort of
filmmaker or somethin'?
Third package this week.
Video supplies.
What's in the box?
I dunno.
You smell that?
- What?
- I don't know.
Somethin' funky in there, boss.
Get it checked out.
Who was it?
Delivery guy.
[door unlocking]
[drill whirring]
[tools clanging]
Hey, who was the last one out?
Kyle, Molly.
- Kyle, get the hot tub heated.
- Hey!
- What?
- Who was the last one out?
I don't know.
What's wrong?
The door was unlocked.
Oh, honey, come on.
[Danielle] Hi.
Can I change in here?
Yeah, no, I'm sorry.
[breathing heavily]
[girl grunting]
What are you doing?
I keep getting to open it
a half inch I just need...
I just need more leverage.
He's convinced you not to try.
That's what he's counting on.
Look, Granny, it doesn't get any
fucking worse than this.
The books, the food, the bed.
You have no idea what it's like
when this place is empty
and no food comes down
that hatch for days.
You go crazy.
We can't risk that.
Yeah, I'm not going to roll over
and die for some fucking books.
[girl] He'll kill you.
We are getting out of here.
But I'm gonna need your help.
[vehicle approaching]
- You hear that?
- Come on! [grunts]
[girl] He's coming.
You hear that?
He's gonna kill us.
What the fuck were you thinking?
Just get behind me.
[latch clanging]
[laughing and coughing]
What are you guys doing?
- [laughing]
- Hey.
Oh, shit, I'm gonna reek.
Dude, don't give
this to my brother.
He starts puking, we're gonna
be the ones in trouble.
- I'm not gonna puke.
- Go put a clean shirt on.
[Kyle scoffs]
I've been in here so long,
sometimes it feels like
there's nothing outside
of this place anymore.
Well, don't give up.
You've got a real life
to get back to.
Remember that.
Friends, family...
Who do you have?
A son.
Okay, well, think about him.
You owe it to him to at
least try and get out of here.
Otherwise, he'll spend his whole
life wondering where you are.
- He won't remember me.
- Don't say that.
I've been in here
longer than he's been alive.
I'm sorry. Jesus.
I was pregnant
when he kidnaped me.
I thought I'd die in labor
and that'd be it.
But I didn't.
I'll never know
what he did to him.
Then you have to kill him.
He's an old man.
There's two of us.
We can do this.
Sometimes he lets us
out of the bunker.
To bathe us.
That's when we'll do it.
[door unlocking]
[door locking]
[modem beeps]
[indistinct chatter]
Hey, Molly?
[door shuts]
[door opens]
- Whoa! I scare you?
- No.
- Everyone at the pool?
- Yeah.
can you take orders, for me?
See who wants burgers
and who wants dogs?
- Yeah, sure.
- All right, thanks.
We would never do that.
Hey, did you go through my bag?
You didn't look for the vodka?
No, why?
What happened?
It's just a mess.
What the fuck?
Is anything missing?
- Uh, no.
- You sure?
Yeah, everything is in here.
Did my fucking brother
steal your booze?
Maybe a little bit.
I'm gonna go talk to him,
that's really not cool.
It's fine,
I said he could.
Whatever, he shouldn't be
rifling through your shit.
[Danielle whispers]
What the fuck, dude?
[Kyle] What?
Do you have something
to say to me?
You wanna hit this?
Where is my fucking underwear?
- Uh...
- I know that you took it.
You... you what?
Dude, that's fucking weird.
What the fuck
are you talking about?
I know that you were in the house
when I was in the bathroom.
I didn't take
your fucking underwear.
Okay, then where are they?
How the fuck
am I supposed to know?
Yo, Danielle, I didn't
take your shit, I promise.
You are a little fucking creep.
What the fuck?
[door opens]
[door closes]
[latch clanging]
What's going on with you?
[smacks lips]
Is Andrew cheating on you?
You deserve better
than that shit.
I just don't get
what's wrong with some guys.
You know, like what happened in their lives
that made them just, like, cross boundaries,
and just be... creeps?
I don't know.
Why are there
so many fucking creeps?
Some guys are just fucked up.
It's like they were
born that way.
Some people
are just born crazy.
[man] Time to take a bath.
[latch creaking]
Nice and warm?
[girl grunts]
Sorry, I was thirsty.
Time to get those clothes off.
[banging on door]
[man] Open the door!
The only way I come out,
is if Claire's free,
you understand?
[man] Playtime's over.
Let her out!
[latch opening]
[girl coughing]
[man] Open the fucking door!
All right.
I'm coming out.
[garage door whirring]
[muted dialogue]
[door opens]
Are you serious?
What's going on?
I didn't do anything.
Do you wanna tell her?
Or do you wanna leave us alone?
I didn't fucking do anything!
Jesus Christ.
[door opens, closes]
I appreciate the tenacity, kid,
but I think Danielle's
a little out of your league.
I don't have a fucking
thing for Danielle.
I was just pulling your leg.
What was that about?
Nothing, I'll talk to him.
- Honey, you look pretty.
- [Lori] Aw, you're sweet.
I hear this place
is supposed to be really good.
What's up, bud?
Um, I... I don't want to
stay here tonight.
Order a pizza, hit the pool,
it'll be fun.
No, I can't. I can't hang out
with Molly and Danielle...
Okay, what's going on
with you guys?
Just don't make me stay here.
What'd you do to your brother?
I didn't do anything.
He's the one
- creeping on my friend.
- Uh, Molly.
Give him a break, he's a kid.
Dad, you're raising a predator.
I... I'm sorry,
is he making you uncomfortable?
No, it's fine.
We're not hanging out with him.
Can your mother and I just have
one night out by ourselves?
He's not coming with us.
- Where did you get that?
- None of your business.
They're going to notice that.
[Danielle] Fine, we'll fill it
with water.
Live a little.
Cheers to your brother...
[Danielle] Wimp!
[door opens]
[speaks indistinct]
You were snoring.
Sorry, I'm beat.
Are you going to bed?
[mouse clicks]
[mouse clicks]
[mouse clicks]
[Molly spits]
[water running]
[door creaking, closes]
What's wrong?
You scared the shit out of me,
I thought you were your parents.
You should put the booze back.
Oh, shit.
Shit, shit, shit.
What happened?
I fucking spilled on the couch.
Dude, what the fuck!
Fuck, they're home.
Here, uh, look,
you go distract them.
I'll put the booze away.
You guys are home early!
[muffled yelping]
[both yelping]
Shh, shh...
[grunting and thumping]
Thank you... thank you.
Thank you.
It's gonna be okay.
You saw my face.
[muffled yelping]
But you don't have to die.
[line ringing]
[dispatch] ...emergency,
can I have your name?
[Kyle] Who's that?
Was that there before?
[indistinct chatter, laughing]
We're home!
Hide the booze!
[muffled screams]
[muffled scream]
Holy shit.
Molly! Molly! Molly!
Molly! Oh, geez...
Oh, my God, honey...
[muffled screams]
Jesus Christ,
what the fuck happened?
[muffled scream]
[dad] Kyle? Kyle!
[thunder rumbles]
[latch banging]
[banging continues]
[latch opening]
[car door shuts]
[engine starts]
[girl] Come back!
Hold on!
I can fix it!
Pop the hood!
Get over here!
- [gunshot]
- [screams]
[engine starts
[whispers] Holy shit.
Get in.
[police radio chatter]
Fucking psychopath, boss.
Watching all those people.
Hundreds of thousands
of hours on those hard drives.
How many houses
does that guy have?
- Several. Ortiz,
he had to break the news
to the family
over in Silver City.
Said you should've seen
the look on the mother's face
when they pulled a spy cam
out their kids bedroom.
Fuckin' hell.
And three of them houses...
Save for some cheap cots,
chains... and sound proofing.
Musta been other girls.
There it is.
Who's this?
It's where they said
they left him.
My guess is some good Samaritan
stopped to help.
Guessin' he did this to her
and stole her wheels.
[cop] Son of a bitch.
You all right there, junior?
Yeah... [coughs]
I had some... expired hot dogs.
[upbeat music playing]
[speaking Spanish]
Buckle up, ladies.
[engine starts]
[Spanish music plays]