1408 (2007) Movie Script

Hi, Mike Enslin, enrolling.
- Wanted.
- Mr. Enslin.
- We feared that you didn't come.
- It is a honor to have you here.
Terrible night!
If it could feel the key,
we could speak in the morning.
He/she probably wants to know all
the history of this here.
In this stairway and where the servant if
he/she played repeatedly in 1860.
- There is a picture.
- We can speak about this in the morning.
This is one of the pamphlets.
- You wanted one.
- Probably.
- Does he/she see in the window?
- Yes, there this.
That is a picture that
a guest removed in 1986.
In the letter you mentioned that the
rooms with more paranormal activity...
...they were in the attic, me
could he/she give one of those rooms?
Exact, because the attic this in the 3rd floor
that was where the employees lived.
People say that all of the children
they died there from tuberculosis.
- All of them?
- The guests listen strange things.
After the midnight,
there is many strange noises.
The best thing than she can do is
to close the door from within.
Even so, it is careful and
he/she closes from within.
I will make this, as soon as
feel the key.
Here this, I number it 14.
- I come from a distance.
- Good luck.
We will see what brings the night.
You Clark says that she hears
people crying,
...while he/she sleeps at night
in this room and me I believe.
No, no, I have her feather.
She will make many delicious things.
And if he/she asks she makes you one
I plan delicious chocolate cake.
That would be very good for you.
Deteriorate, five skulls.
- Hi.
- Do I have, how this?
- Can I help you?
- Yes, I am here for the event.
This well.
- I am Michael Enslin.
- Do excuse?
- The signature of the book.
- Oh, yes, it is you.
- Similar, good picture.
- Thank you.
This well, wait.
Attention, lovers of the books.
This night we have a notable writer.
He/she is Michael Enslin, in the
I sing of the author, today the night.
He/she is the author of the best seller on
how to survive to the ghosts.
The title is 10 hotels, 10 cemeteries,
...and 10 cursed lights.
Today the night at 7 o'clock.
Good, I liked to write this,
and that is the whole history of the book.
I wait that they like, have fun
and get scared.
- Some question?
- The most frightening place that was already?
The most frightening place, never
they had asked me that.
That is a joke, all these
places have a lot of history.
If he/she had to decide, the big
top one would say the Bar Hoober.
The place of Grizzli
Mctee in the night of the murder.
That is an intense place,
or in San Clair, Minesota.
Where all of the widows threw the
babies for the well, that has an a lot, a lot.
- And the poltergeists?
- Look I am a good investigator.
I had of the whole work type, I travel
with all of the necessary equipments.
Anything I would do happier than
to try a paranormal activity.
To see the light at the end of the tunnel.
Then he/she says that there are no ghosts.
I only say that I didn't see none.
But healthy very convenient for
those hotels when they are going the bankruptcy.
- This came out badly.
- Who has a pen?
- I have.
- Do catch one?
In the farm of Mike I saw a ghost
real, I give my word.
- Guarantee! There is many crazy in Orlando.
- I understood, thank you.
- Get afraid.
- Thank you.
- Where did devils remove this from?
- Of the And-bay.
And - bay, in how much you auctioned?
- There was not an auction.
- That thought.
A fascinating book,
...so only it is inspiring.
- And honest.
- Thank you, as if he/she calls?
- Ana
- OK.
- Will he/she write other as this?
- No, no longer I am the same.
- Can I ask you a question?
- Clear.
In the book the son's relationship
and the father, maybe it is very personal.
Is it so sincere, is it true?
Thank you, I appreciate him/it.
- Thank you.
- Good-bye.
This well, friend? This breathing?
It is this, sign here.
- Hi, face, comes early.
- Do I have Jackson, as it goes?
I Read his/her last book, of the 10 places
haunted, this very frightening one.
- That good.
- I see you later.
You are magnificent.
Happy birthday, have
a good morning, David.
It is beautiful.
Good night, as I can help him/it?
- The room 1408.
- One moment please.
- In what I can help him/it?
- I want to be at the room 1408.
This room no this available one, Mister.
I didn't tell you the date.
- What such on Saturday?
- Unavailable.
- Next Thursday?
- Unavailable.
- Next month.
- Unavailable..
They will see that comes.
Factory owner
it is played by the hotel window
Did anybody see my Chinese food?
I have to eat lunch with an idiot.
Sam, Michael Enslin,
calling from Los Angeles.
Assists there inside.
- Clay, something of Enslin is had, he/she says that yes.
- Yes as not.
This guy is only is better to maintain
the energy for top the whole time.
- Michael.
- Hi Sam.
I read the first 5 chapters the night,
good shit, I didn't get to sleep.
- I have, you took care of that.
- If, I have our best lawyer here.
- Mike, Clay, CLay, Mike.
- Hi, Clay.
This guy is the best.
Good, Clay, that happens with Delfim?
Yes, Delfim, that shit.
Two parts for a free, you go
to adore the good that is Clay.
He sought and it found you,
a federal civil law.
As if somebody discriminated you,
a good and white face.
The law, is the law, Clay is not? Room no
busy, no this occupied, he/she has to give you.
- Truth?
- Yes.
The manager had put problems, but
anything that she cannot outline.
We will reserve the room and
if they refuse, we will demand.
- This everything done.
- Thank you Clay.
Good-bye, Clay.
Yes, Mike, a personal note,
...is he/she sure of he/she wants to come?
Clear, I will finish like this
my book for top.
Yes, I know the routine, but...
...it is New York, with everything that you passed.
- Does he/she want to pass for that?
- It will be fast.
- Will he/she call Lily?
- No, I don't want to inconvenience.
It is like this nobody had been hurt.
It is only work.
Welcome to Delfim,
Mister, will he/she enroll?
Michael Enslin, one night.
- Could he/she spell?
- And-N-S-L-i-N
To alert the manager before
of registering the guest.
- Do wait one second?
- Yes, clear.
Mister, Dempsy, Michael
Enslin, has just arrived.
- Where this?
- This in the reception.
This well, I take charge.
Only one minute.
Good night Mister,
do I help with the suitcase?
- No.
- This well.
Mr. Enslin, am the manager
Gerald Olin of Delfim.
There is something that can do for
you while this here.
Reservations to have dinner, for the theater,
maybe the game of Knicks.
Any thing, I will be to his/her service.
Yes, only give me the key
of the 1408, if it doesn't go a lot I inconvenience.
We drifted take him the covering.
- 1408, please.
- You insist.
I could accompany myself to my office
for a private conversation?
Among, be the will.
- Are the 1408 a room of smokers?
- In fact it is, yes.
Well, a concern
the less in the night.
- Does he/she want a tobacco?
- No, thank you I don't smoke.
Yes, in case of a war
nuclear, I left at a long time behind.
Part inhabits, it breaks superstition,
you know writers' things.
- But does he/she drink, not?
- Clear, he/she said that he/she was a writer.
Wisky 1939, exquisite.
To 800 dollars to be
the bottle.
I appreciate all this but
I intend to be at that room.
- How long?
- How long?
The normal would be one night.
Nobody never lasted more than one hour.
Jesus! He/she should paint the hair of blond
and to scrape the brows, it is intended...
...that I believe him/it in that crop
holed, to scare children.
Why this removing tartar, when
am I trying to help you?
No, you this playing,
selling the mystery.
But eventually, he/she knows that goes
to give me the key, and I will go to the room.
Then I will write my history
and their sales will fall in 50%.
He/she matters her if me if I record
our conversation?
You don't understand the situation.
I know that Delfim doesn't have one
salary of Plaza or of Carlile.
But we are always operating with
My concern is not for it
the hotel, and less for you.
Frankly, I don't want
that is in the 1408,
...because I don't want to clean later.
The hotels sell her more for the
presentation and structure.
My training is of
manager, not of accountant.
And since I am here,
there were 4 deaths.
that somebody is in the 1408 again.
The last, was an addicted maniac in
medicines, that it was operated there even.
- I see that he/she had been investigating.
- I am also a professional.
In the 95 years of existence of the hotel
we saw 7 jumpers for overdoses.
mutilations, 2 strangled...
The manager counts the
tragic history of the hotel.
Reciting the numbers, as one
accountant that makes the numbers.
- You are smart.
- I know the game.
In his/her investigation
he/she also found the...
...22 natural deaths,
in the room 1408.
Natural deaths?
You don't know because the newspapers
they don't say anything on them.
In the total they had 56
deaths in the room 1408.
- 56, if ta playing.
- He/she doesn't know about anything.
The death cause in the 1408 goes from
infarcts, attacks, drownings.
Done drown?
Yes, a right Miller if
he/she drowned in the chicken soup.
Is that very difficult, as he/she made this?
Everything is very interesting
and this everything here.
I will leave you this and
I will give access to my office.
It can put in his/her book,
my only condition is...
...that is not at that room.
Had he/she let to see me all this?
Me of the a drink?
Uh that is good.
Be, courtesy of the house.
- Of any way I am.
- Drug.
I feel a lot.
Light, read all this.
I guarantee that when he/she reads,
he/she won't want to be in the 1408.
The first victim Kevin O'Mally,
salesperson of sound machines.
He/she enrolled in the first week
that he/she opened in October of 1912.
- He/she cut the throat.
- That is not the best.
In the middle of his/her madness, he/she treated
of sewing with an old needle.
- Before bleeding.
- Go calmly.
Look doesn't have to be in the 1408,
...it can take pictures of the 1404
and to remove pictures of the in the same.
Nobody had noticed.
My readers expect the truth.
Their readers? They only wait
grotesque things and cheap stories.
The ghost without head
still vacancy in the barn...
...marking the place
of the old cemetery.
This mentioning, of where removed this?
Their books are not
difficult to find.
They are in the shop window of
discounts of any bookstore.
Pure cynicism written by one
intelligent and talented man...
...that he/she doesn't believe in anything
plus than in himself.
I am totally blamed.
I have, the meeting ended,
because no me of the the...
Don't act as a girl of
school, in fact surprised me.
It is not the idiot that he/she was waiting.
I liked the first more,
the one of the hard layer.
- As he/she called if? The road...
- The long house road.
Even so, but I think,
the father was the best.
Yes, it was.
- He/she looks feels only the key.
- Mr. Enslin.
Feel the key.
I stayed the home of Vigsby,
...I brush the teeth to the side where
Mr. David Smith caressed all his/her family.
I don't fear the vampires
since I have 12.
Why knows he/she can be in the
his/her room of the fear? Sr. Olin.
Because I know that the ghosts as
many other things, don't exist.
Died without any god,
that protects us of them.
- Then I won't convince him.
- I think we are understanding each other.
Very well, it comes with me.
Most of the hotels uses cards
magnetic, a truth key.
Very old.
We have cards also, but the equipments
electronic, they don't work in the 1408.
- The manager believes in the ghosts.
- I never used the ghost word.
- I feel a lot, spirits, spectra.
- He/she understood me badly.
What is that he/she has
in the 1408, it is not anything of that.
What then?
It is a damned room. Please.
He/she thought that there were only
closed the room.
The main concern
it is of protecting the personnel.
As he/she didn't say
that there is a 13rd floor.
The room should be dirty, the sheets
they are not changed there are years.
No, we are very professional.
I supervise the cleaning.
And if he/she works in couple, it is treated as
if it went a poisonous gas chamber.
Only for 10 minutes and I insist that the
door is open.
And that is everything.
There are some years ago an employed youth
he/she was arrested in the bathroom.
It was only there during some minutes
but when we removed her...
- Dead.
- No, it blinds.
He/she caught some scissors and it removed the
eyes and laugh histericamente.
His/her walk.
Here we separated, that is the close than
I arrive 1408, I hope doesn't import you.
I see you in the morning.
Mr. Enslin, please don't make this.
I will call him/it for the entrances
of the game of Knicks.
My brother was devoured by the
wolves in Connecticut.
That is everything, they should be playing.
The first round wins Mr. Olin,
I should admit that was afraid.
For one moment, but where this the terror?
Show me the rivers of blood.
It is only a room.
So much for anything.
This room is...
...the hotel is full of histories
on creatures, it is a good lie.
But I ask myself if it exists
something of truth like this. He/she sounds something family.
Yes, I am in the walk...
...and it is safe.
There is a closet of old style.
Good wallpaper, the
rugs are with stains.
It is as if they were wet,
and to I square was restored...
It is a lost ship in the sea.
This form decoration
impeccable and even foolish.
The second painting is an old one
woman that read histories the some children.
While other boy if
he/she approximates for behind,
...he/she has form finds strange.
The third are last,
painting really foolish.
It is the most popular of the house.
Full of horses and afraid
British gentlemen.
Who will speak on
the banality of the evil.
It is right, we are in the
I center of the hell.
Yes he/she has their disturbances.
The window for the city doesn't reveal anything.
Big buildings around
and many car noises.
That is a little strange.
Somebody this in the room.
Hi, hi.
That this finds strange.
Finally something that to write,
ghosts that make the cleaning.
Well, let us see
the witches' encyclopedia.
When I went to the window,
it put that in the bed.
When I see the bed,
he/she is going to the closet.
Houdini would have time of coming
here and to do the trick of the paper.
And this in the livinroom.
They will have to try this
more again, stupid.
He/she comes here for low.
Let us go.
- Reception.
- Hi, it is Enslin, he/she guesses that room.
- Good night Mister.
- Ready to leave?
To leave, no, because he/she would leave?
Especially, with this service
wonderful, so discreet,
...no, I need that orders somebody to repair
the thermostat, is very hot here.
- Clear, we will send somebody.
- Truth?
- Clear.
- Thank you.
You are welcome.
How many fine walls
did they put committees?
Oh, God.
How many apocalyptic cameras?
The rooms of the hotel
they are by nature frightening.
Don't believe? How many people
they slept there before you.
How many were sick,
how many sick of the head.
Many died.
We are here to count the
history and it scares us.
All that that I see is not right,
they only want that is.
- Hello.
- Problems with the temperature?
This very hot one or very cold?
What do you find? Among.
The box this for here,
this locked in 38.
I spoke that the box was here.
I know where this it but Im not
enter in this room.
- He/she only has to walk a little.
- He/she said that I don't enter.
- What does the one know happened here?
- Yes, I know.
He/she looks, I will tell you what to do, any
idiot does, just remove the panel.
Good, now, beside that cable,
...there is a tube with mercury,
that and the contact lighter.
This hotel is so old that the
half of the things doesn't work.
Beat in the tube, only gown.
Oh, oh this, the Mister, it is a genius.
- A well educated gentleman.
- Thank you he/she lets to give me...
...his/her tip, Mister.
This no this well, counts regressive.
Very effective.
Mister, we communicated that there is
a delay in the kitchen.
The sandwich that asked
it had delayed some minutes.
Sandwich, I didn't ask
any, that this speaking.
Excuse, we can change for...
...French fries or pasta and salad.
Listen to me, you won,
I leave, I am wounded.
- He/she understands me, I hurt my hand.
- I understand.
If he/she leaves their clothes it had been 10 in the morning
we washed ourselves and we gave the 17 hours.
Shit, prostitute, call me one
taxi to go to the hospital.
I am wounded,
does he/she understand him/it what say?
Mister I won't tolerate
that he/she speaks to me in this tone.
That! I will process you,
for illegal actions.
- What has wrong with you.
- If he/she wants step for the manager Olin.
Good, good, pass, I will put this
son of the prostitute in his/her place.
Pass, I will put him in the
his/her place now.
I haul! furious!
You won ok.
Does anybody listen to me, help?
You Mister, help.
I have, you, I help Mister, help.
Do I help, does he/she listen to me?
The door this locked,
call her polices.
I am being crazy.
Dad, dad where you this?
Dad comes.
He/she calms, this no this happening.
I am losing common sense.
I am losing.
Damned structure
Vibrations Psicocineticas.
Never underestimate the power the suggestion.
Ok, don't lose temper, there is
a reason for all this.
What is that? What is that?
A camera spy, who is.
You made this.
The sadistic owner of the hotel.
Manager Olin.
Wait, he drugged me, me
did he/she drug? I don't remember.
He drugged me, the alcohol
with the chocolate.
They can make a bad reaction, ok.
Well, I am having hallucinations.
I am having hallucinations.
I will write on this, you will see.
This finished, it comes here.
He/she comes here..
Does he/she want to sit down?
Good he/she sits down.
Ladies and gentlemen the person
uglier in the competition.
That am in the fourth place, the fish of gold.
Well done, we will see better.
That yes it is an ugly fish.
His/her face is as ours.
The 3rd place belongs to my father...
Mrs. he/she listens to me?
Mrs. I need his/her help, he/she listens to me.
He/she drinks quiet, please.
Where my garden?
I hate this place.
I Don't like it of here?
Dad, is Michael?
Like you,
...I was,
...like me,
...you will be.
This is not real.
Maybe it is only a nightmare.
A very clear and lucid nightmare.
When it was the last time
what did I go to the bed?
It was, yesterday or today.
I don't remind, it should be a dream.
I wake up somewhere
and volume breakfast.
Where was it, what did eat?
Oh it comes.
They say that one cannot die
in the dreams, will it be true?
Shit, I should wake up.
And if I die?
Good, other options, the corridor
or the room of you accommodate.
Stairway of escape of fires.
Next window.
Next room.
All measures.
Ok, I can make this.
This should be that happened
to the previous ones.
They want them to think
that was an accident.
The room won.
Ok, can make this.
We will see where I step.
Where this, where this?
Burn alive.
He/she calms, everything that you see is not right.
The rooms of the hotels
they are frightening by nature.
That strange that the
room doesn't have windows.
The doctors don't make everything.
We can seek others
treatments, listen to me...
- He/she looks at me.
- miraculous cures.
We have to do this.
Ok, will call somebody.
Among, among.
Good night Mike.
Mike, are you, do I hardly see you?
- He/she seems a ghost.
- Yes, yes, I am me Mike.
That is a little strange, suddenly
you appear in my computer.
I feel a lot, this late, listen to me, fast.
- Because he/she doesn't call me home?
- I am arrested in the room.
Mike always this arrested inside of
rooms, it is his/her work.
No, no, please, listen to me.
Who is? Hi, yes I already have them,
wait go down already.
No, no, Lily, please
call the police.
Order to the Hotel Delfim.
- This in the city?
- Yes, 2254 Lexington.
- What does make in New York?
- I speak later.
The Hotel Delfim, room 1408.
Mike, you abandoned me,
he/she disappeared...
...nor divorce, nor separate,
I don't know, no this clear one.
Lily, I am in danger.
Mike calms, slowly,
I don't understand him/it.
Something kills me.
No, no, not.
I have a knife.
Where am I, where?
Mrs. he/she listens to me,
I help, help.
Mike, Mike, can me
to help? where were you?
You want something.
Jesus Cristo.
Does anybody listen to me?
It is good to be of turn.
It was already enough.
I am only checking to be seen those
comforts, exceed their expectations.
You know albeit yes
what does want from me?
No, not!
What do you want?
What does want Mr. Enslin?
You sought this room.
A work, he/she was making my work.
- Do excuse?
- My work, I am a writer.
Oh, certain, you don't believe in anything, it likes
of destroying the hope of the other ones.
- Oh, that is bullshit.
- Because the people believe in ghosts?
For amusement? It is not for the hope
that there is something after the death.
How many spirits did you find?
What do you want from me?
What does want from me? Yours...
What, what, what?
I want my drink.
You won.
Mom because the Bible is purple?
I don't know because it is purple,
it was a present.
My grandmother brought me of the
Hungary, some day will be yours.
Those people know
for where am I going?
I have you are not going to place none,
you will be here with us.
Dad, all die.
- When they get old.
- Very old.
They are going to a better place.
It is very beautiful there, all
their friends will be there.
- All?
- Yes.
- Do you believe in that dad?
- Yes.
You know that think
we could have done more.
- We made all that that we were able to.
- No, we would must help her/it to struggle.
Oh, my God.
Instead of filling the head of
histories of the sky and of crowns.
- She likes histories.
- I will look for cigarettes.
In these situations.
...what sits down.
The light, the light that does with
that the deads appear.
Everything this mixed.
At this level, 9, it is it more
deep of the hell.
Where was the whole light that heats up.
The six, and in the five
I don't see improvement.
But it is already better.
Mike, do you hear me?
Michael, do you listen to me?
Oh, God, mine. I am
trying to communicate.
- Did you call the police?
- Yes, they are already at the hotel.
- Did he/she say in Delfim?
- Yes, yes in the 1408.
Mike they are
in the room 1408.
The room this emptiness.
Mike, Michael, do you listen to me?
Michael, where devils was?
I am not capable of me
to express with this climate.
He/she calms, we go will solve this.
- Don't panic.
- I will die.
Mike, for, you won't die,
I will be oh in 15 minutes.
- It will be very late.
- No, it won't be late.
but it comes, it comes now.
I need you
for helping me.
I know that we didn't speak to each other a lot in this
time, but I need you love.
He/she only has to come,
they come here, they come with me.
No, no, not.
Don't count anybody only
come to the 14th floor.
- He/she comes wanted.
- No, no, no, not.
- I will be waiting for you.
- No, don't listen this.
- It is a trap.
- I will be a.
Lily, Lily.
This well friend,
does he/she get to breathe?
Do I have, as he/she sits down?
Where am I?
This well, this in the hospital.
Hospital where, in New York?
New York, no this in L.The.
He/she beat in the head
with his/her surfboard.
- Don't I believe that still surfs?
- This here for me.
Yes, they called.
I will return as soon as you get better.
- Ok I was in New York to I work.
- Because that says?
In Delfim of New York,
I was arrested and dying.
In the hotel, Delfim.
In the hotel Delfim, in 45 and
Lexington, I spoke to you...
- 45 and Lex.
- I called you.
I never heard this.
This well, only has to rest.
Oh, we have a winner.
He/she seems lie that lives here.
Because he/she left?
Because when he/she looked at her
he/she saw his/her face.
I believe that this very clear one, in the dream, the
room was a trick of the subconscious.
That was good for you.
This was as a hole of
a rabbit, was in shock.
I cannot stop thinking in this, I believe
that is better to drop me off at the hospital.
In the psychiatric unit.
You are very good, I don't believe
that am seating with you here.
Nor speak to me.
This all well, can he/she bring something more?
A glass of wine, of the same.
- Mike?
- Other, tequila, with lemon.
Katie was there.
You could imagine, to feel this,
...the real sensation of
what did speak to her two days ago?
I spoke to her, I played her, I saw her.
Yes, I see her/it all of the nights
when I close the eyes.
Yes, but it was so real.
- Maybe he/she should write of that?
- On Katie, this playing.
It is not work for me.
Because no, it seems that this
ready to work with this.
Can you be?
I feel a lot.
Factory owner is played of a bridge.
My experience in the
room was frightening.
Moments of madness and despair.
and somehow I left him.
I have, I have a package
to send tonight.
I need New York arrives
tomorrow in the morning.
I feel a lot Mister but we are closed.
I was out, I left, I left.
I left, by God.
I know that I left.
No, he/she is not Katie.
I need help, please.
- You are not real.
- I am with cold.
- He/she is not Katie.
- I am with cold.
He/she looks at dad, no longer he/she loves me more.
Of course yes, wanted.
He/she comes I hold you, I already caught you.
Oh my god.
- They don't let to be me.
- Yes, they will leave.
They don't let to be me.
They don't let to be me.
No, no, I will remove you of here.
I already have her, ok, oh my God.
- Do you love me dad?
- Plus than everything in this world.
Then we can be
together, you, me the mom.
Yes, we can, we can
I am with you here.
I am already with you, everything this well.
No, no, I am not able to.
You are not able to.
Oh, my God.
Because it doesn't kill me?
Because all accommodate them of this
hotel does what to want.
This same one can live
hour, once and again.
Or it can use ours
excellent departure system.
Mr. Enslin?
This ready one to leave, Mr. Enslin?
- No, I will be.
- I understand.
To purpose Mr. Enslin, his/her wife
he/she called, it will be here in 5 minutes.
- And we will order her to arise.
- Her no this involved.
No there is can have.
I got tired of speaking with
you, I will finish this.
Five, five, ignore the siren.
Does he/she want to leave this room?
Nobody leaves this room.
Nate, this is Nate,
...we can kill their friends.
All their friends are dead now.
I lived the life as a selfish man.
But I don't have to die
this way.
If I die, I will take him/it with me.
This cannot be real and
maybe until me am not real.
But this fire.
He/she has to be real.
They are going for hell.
What does happen he/she?
I don't know Mrs., it can be that is long
something this happening.
Be quiet bastard.
He/she has to help me mine
husband this inside.
He/she has that help-lo,
this in the 14th floor.
Please, help him/it.
This wasting time.
I make my work and I don't get scared.
The decoration is horrible,
I am sure...
In the scale of the fear,
and the top of the world, give 10 skulls.
What did you make?
Dad, dad.
He/she had been well, friend, had been well.
How this?
He/she will be well.
Remove him/it of here.
Well made Mr. Enslin, well done.
- Katie, I saw Katie.
- No Mike, Katie no this here.
- This in the hospital.
- The hospital of New York?
Yes, he/she doesn't remember the fire.
Yes, I only check.
I think... they think, they were
the old cables, that began all this.
- The cables?
- Everything will be well, he/she rests.
Will he/she be with me now?
That day Lily saved my life and him/it
Delfim this closed at least for the time being.
What will make? I only know that ended
the histories of ghosts.
I am their afraid.
- I never saw writing him/it so fast
- It is easy, I already wrote this book before.
Oh, God, I have to remove all this.
Can I see this?
We go, he/she only brings bad memories,
let to play me out.
The times she cannot turn off the bad ones
memories, he/she has to live with them.
Yes I was already here before, it is safe.
There is a sofa...
a good wallpaper.
The rugs are spotted.
- I love him dad.
- It is not real.
- He/she is not Katie.
- Dad, don't you love me more?
- Of course yes wanted.
- I wanted that were together...
...you, me and mom.
We can, we can, I am with you here,
I already diffused you.
Oh, my God, I won't let you to leave.