15+ IQ Krachoot (2015) Movie Script

I remember my mother said my IQ
unlike ordinary children.
Me and Ma She are people
the same type
Then my mother wishes me to be
the best biologist.
From childhood to big,
I am considered a child of genius
Sometimes very curious
can kill a cat.
It's really weird
When I experience things
which is hard to understand, me
will go ask
experienced person.
What kind of thing is this, same
there is no sound.
Damn, broken again ...!
Grandpa, in the VCD picture there is a woman,
I don't know he's hit, the sound is weird.
His voice is ah..ah..ah.
Don't hear clearly
you say Ear
grandfather is not good.
Loud voice again
Even harder / 'fuck'
me '' / again / oh..oh..ah..ah..fuck me ..
My father and mother left.
My father and mother have died for 2 years.
All homework ... Eblue is still single
Since he took care of me and grandfather,
never seen him have a boyfriend.
He looks after a mother.
I'm closer to him.
I will say
everything to him.
Grandpa, I've come. Eblue,
grandfather, I've come.
Apparently it's been brushing the fur
Grandpa said, really
began to grow up instead
youth, but since when
we start thinking about it
At that time I didn't understand
until I'm 15, but
you know, old boy
15th curious about everything
According to you, when '' that '' we entered
into the hole, how does it feel?
Do you think you are studying?
Immediately say '' diao '' and '' bi ''
You are stupid, don't know?
I heard you say that
it's not porn. So
just a biologist
This is a lesson
Why are my arms made into holes?
Because the hand is too rough,
not suitable for experimentation
White and sexy, make
I'm very passionate.
You don't lose to that sick pig.
I've read
that we are men every 52
seconds will think about sex.
He is also a man, ever
think sex, that's normal
As you can see, we are teenagers
15th, very curious about many things
But for them, only one thing they do
curious / Teacher, let me help / Thank you
You haven't eaten yet, same
there is no energy
Very slick / Let me help
The size of a senior skirt Turn ..
You play like that,
what about Suktala?
Why did you bring him up? Every day
look at her poster, it's a mess
I've read, every day women
once thought about sex.
I think it's like Suktala,
every day 3 times think
that./When you think about it
that? / During lunch time
he likes to see seniors playing football.
definitely want
approach them. he
definitely very passionate
And every time he ate ice cream
And most think of sex
when you just wake up
Why when you wake up? / For every reason
the time we wake up, there's a reaction, right?
Women must, too. - Women don't
have a "stick", how can you stand?
In the morning, nipples are translucent.
You are crazy. Better
I just go read a book
What's with your arm? /Nothing
Every day the brain is only
think of pornographic things.
You can't
do anything
Are you angry now? /Not
including me / Suktala
do whatever you want
be the best
Same as the name (Champion). Perfect girl.
Because he is better at everything
thing, people don't like it
What is more excessive is the teacher
use the skirt as a standard
Not graduated! / If the skirt size isn't
according to him means not graduating
For teachers, Suktala is the best student
Especially ... Master has come
Respect for the teacher
Sawadika (how are you / hello)
You know if the doctor is wrong
act the patient's life will be threatened
Incorrect airport procedures are dangerous
the lives of hundreds of people. But
if the teacher missteps, period
ahead of the country will end.
So the teacher's job is to lead all of you
I also want you to know,
all there is a chance
wear school uniform, something
a proud thing
You must continue
improve themselves,
to be better. P
what i want to say,
this year's race, for those who meet
requirements for continuing school in Japan
The theme of the race is '' Big problem at 30th ''
This competition makes
you understand the mind
adults, no
little boy's mind again.
But now we are children
age 15th-16th, how
can understand the mind
30th person?
This is the purpose of the race this time.
Make you grow fast
I've heard it / I'll
tell you a secret
Actually I like it
a girl in our class
You made me begin to study hard.
Because I want to study one class with him
But ... school time ...
Sorry, I wasn't accidentally.
Do you still want to borrow this book?
It's fine, you take it
only, I've read it
I also like science books
Yes. Also like science fiction films
I like it too. What kind of movie do you like?
ET huh? I love that movie
Yes, I also like it
I'm very curious about creatures
foreign, then like that kind of movie
You still remember my name
Of course remember, we will classmate
Yes / Do you know my name?
Of course you know. Cheli ..
Yes, I still know. Remember
my name clearly
Space must be beautiful. Happy
once if you have friends from outer space
Even though Cheli is ordinary, but he is
always like to talk strange and interesting things
That makes people interested
with him, including me
What is wrong with you? /Nothing
Do you feel a little cold?
No, it's really hot.
Have you ever watched a movie "Spaceship 2012"?
Movies with advanced technology huh? / Yes ...
The film is very complicated, I don't
so understand the story.
Especially after the black rock
appeared, increasingly did not understand
The stone has strength
mystery, right?
This is a world that I have never
know, a bit like an orange.
Baby's heart or strawberry.
I never felt it
Basic thugs!
Every time I remember that, I will
ask yourself, why not leave it
he took my pen. At that time my brain
not normal then you can do it to him
Since that incident, I didn't
dare to talk to him.
Feeling my middle school
no more
Only one hour afternoon break
You have time here, don't do anything.
It's better to just search for activities
Hurry up
We go to pa pa pa?
Do not want.
He's a senior Tup, 3rd grade.
The students consider him an artist
Very cool. Just look at his back
already know he's really great
So cool that it's considered a god.
He is the ideal man for students
Nobody can really be with him.
Because he belongs to everyone.
You still wash your face, is there dirt?
I go to waste first
Wait. I saw you in the library
You can't be with senior Tup.
Because of him
belongs to everyone. You
can't have it
I really like you, really.
Thank you, but I like that
older and better than me.
You're a good person, but
you are not my type.
What if I win the race?
Can you give me one chance?
What for? / To prove, me
can be better than senior Tup
You can leave a "public bus"
that. / You won this race,
You still have to defeat Suktala.
I'm a team with him
How to recruit you, what size is that?
I've found out, the biggest E.
Why do you want to know?
This time, you can do it.
We have also made it
rocket? / Do you mean that incident?
You don't remember, incident
what happened to us?
Getting ready!
Fall ... be careful!
Open legs ..
Back again
A perfect life does well
Wait, this isn't the truth
At that time I thought you were a rocket expert
I am a rocket expert, but one
I mean rocket, it's not funny
We will not be happy
can defeat Suktala.
He is smarter than us
We can't win, we
just steal the design,
then we change with
our own design
I don't think the plan is good
My plan is to steal his design,
also embarrass him.
You never heard
adults say, no
date school time
I think those words make sense.
Suktala never dated
He only knows learning, no
ever think of a man.
I never saw him
like someone / He likes you
You see my report / No.
Suktala found your book.
Please return it.
Maybe you don't pay attention,
but he really noticed it
Only find no items
means he likes me.
Besides, I'm not
good at seducing women
Students like him have a problem
He uses too much
brain then the chest is like this
The problem is that the body lacks hormones
For women who are lacking
hormones will disturb the psyche
If the body has added hormones,
Her passion will return to normal
This plan is suitable for
I./ I'll go eat first
Why is he? /I have no idea
Where are the little thugs?
A 15th child returns at a time like
this, definitely do what isn't
Not true? What are you doing to Cheli?
That's not what you imagined
You said you didn't
accidentally, just an accident
I heard this year, you
also want to participate in the race.
Based on what you are
can you join the race?
Cheli tell you? /Problem
at school, I know everything
Why? / So you mean Suktala also knows
I will not interfere
This year, I will definitely win
Let's go to pa pa pa.
Wait, what does that mean?
In simple words, it is interconnected
To prevent Cheli and relationship
Tup, I have to win this year's race
(Sympathetic nervous system and nervous system
parasympathetic is an autonomic nervous system. )
Lately your heart is very hurt
Usually breakups make the heart hurt.
A big brain has a big pressure
make your heart feel very depressed
You mean my relationship and
Cheli? /Do not worry,
about 4 days of pressure
you will decrease
You say you want to win
prove yourself.
I said "mango" / I don't understand what you mean
The meaning in Thai is "stupid"
Let's see later. This year
can definitely defeat you
Eblue ..
Are you okay?
It's ok, I'm fine
What is the problem?
The theme of this year's race is
'' big problem age 30th ''. If
you want to win the race, must
know the mind of a 30th person
You happen to be of that age
You can help us understand
adult mind.
What would you do
if you are participating in the race?
Let me think first
So long thought
I know. A 30th person will
pay attention to body and appearance.
The skin of a 30-year-old person is not
as smooth as a 20th person
You have to make a skin lotion
make 30th age like 20th age
That's great
We have a plan B
Ask him right away but no answer.
We are looking for data about people aged 30 years
You want to observe every move
bro? / Yeah, really watching it
You don't think that isn't.
Otherwise it will be very messy
Can you do it? Can be very dizzy
Want to eat it ..
All tried hard for this race.
But I doubt they found all this
What are you doing?
We only use a portion
left big brain, me
want to increase my work
with the left big brain
That can result in more work
well, really use our big brain
Are all those needs 30th year olds?
Great right? This year, Suktala will definitely lose
If you don't glare at the spoon, brain
Your size will grow faster
So what should you glare at?
You have to keep glaring at skirt 2
the teacher until my skirt flies
Your big brain will work better
That way can open the brain
Your right big / You're very smart
Even though it's a bit dirty, but
His idea is very good
Good idea and win the race, that's different. If
thinking of winning, our country is finished
So what do you want to do?
This is not an ordinary plaster.
In the US, they use
this plaster replaces
It turned out that it was imported from the US / No,
I made it myself
We only need Suktala to get hurt,
then stick with this tape.
Hormones in his body
will increase
Your way is out of date
era, but quite wild, I like it
But how to make Suktala hurt?
Go ahead ... get up ...
It happened to be a sword dance practice.
We take the chance
this is approaching Suktala, then
pretend to accidentally hit him
You make him lose concentration,
make him pay attention to you
You make him a little hurt,
then treat him with the tape
How to? / You show me
to him how great you are
You can do it
But ... / You can definitely ...
What are you crazy about? / Sword dance training.
Great no?
I thank you
often find my report.
That's a small problem. Go,
I still have to practice
I can't really catch up
Help me catch up ...
What do you mean?
Make flowers
Get out of the way! / I'll just do it
Give strength
How dare to bother
my good friend, look for dead!
I bleed / Who told you to disturb us
Where is my colleague? Shit
Use the tape to treat your friends
Damn, why is that so fast?
No need to thank you,
I'm happy
But I object
Cheli / Let's go. Leave them here
When to react?
Don't worry, the dosage is a little, it's okay.
Already reacted, quickly help him
We continue to step on "the bird"
Wait ... suffice it
Basic! I am just kidding,
instead stepping on my nose.
This dose is small,
it won't complicate me
There is no brain?! / I know,
I'm just kicking you
Our plan has failed, how?
There must be a plan B
Today's sunset is really
pretty / old stop here
I want to ask about your relationship with
Tup./ I explained to you
but I still don't understand.
I've been looking for everything
reason to convince yourself
alone, but useless
why do you want a relationship
like that with him?
you also know him
belongs to everyone
thank you, but there is
things that have no answer.
especially about love
I also don't know, relationship
we can end like what
but I just follow my heart, that's all.
I don't understand you. / love, though
you read samkok, you also won't understand
This ... you read the book repeatedly
Samkok also won't understand
This is it
I happen to have time, accept
love / no problem. I walked first
very delicious
I said, lemon juice mixed with
manga asem ... can make people excited
but I don't think this plan
well. / you are still not confident
we do that so we can know the results
for you / thank you
it can make people excited
based on the results of plan B, you
must pretend to be interested in Suktala
the man bribed him to eat
quietly, please him.
he will definitely put it
hope in you
bribe him eat this huh?
I bought this for you
I'm not Cheli, no need to entertain me
but I really specifically bought it for you
but I like other juices
this is not good for health ...
but these are all Vitamin C / you know,
people who read samkok,
catch quickly, especially
against people don't have
brain like you
I don't have a strategy
by @than Guavaberry
if you don't believe it,
just let me eat it
it's getting dark,
we better go home
go home
look, he did it / how
with your tricks?
I remember, when you were a kid, you were funny
once, but now it has changed
we also meet often, but me
don't know your heart's content / fast
why did you tell me to go home with you?
I want to calm down,
don't talk to me.
help me bring this up
what about your project?
I still have no good ideas. you?
relationship with life
why choose that topic?
because I believe that
Cheli said, about fate.
they are like red ants,
every day must go out looking for food.
living beings will gather together
get together, a new world can
changed to now. that's how it is
life, then thousands of years later,
turn into us humans
life is truly magical,
then I chose this theme
want to sit in my house?
my mother is not home. I have a few
question, want to ask for your help
Is it alright you bring me to your room?
Is this a secret?
sit down / good / why sit there?
sit here
it seems you are innocent,
not the same as your name
talking about names, we have similarities
my mother doesn't want me to have a little name,
and don't allow me to give my name myself
your mother wants you to be a person
great, just like your name
sounds reasonable too.
how can you think of that?
my mother said that while still alive.
my mom wants me to be smart
but it's so stupid now
not handsome at age
5th / I'm not at the age of 5th
do you still remember these pants?
I remember seeing this pants. when
it's on the sports field, I'm 5th
at that time, you were my hero
what do you say you want to show me?
we want to learn this
all? / I want to find the nerve
the male will put
the sperm into the female
I want to know where the organs are
why do you want to know all this?
because since I was 5th, you saw me
getting curious about intimate relationships
but there's no chance to see again,
then use another replace it
now you are here, use you try it
don't panic, this is just an experiment.
what's this part?
this week to my house, help me make homework
I have to come?
why do i have smaller than you?
this is according to the size of the men
Thai, and you have only that much
so you see the greatness of this little one
you guys ... please help me
Suktala captures "my little sister"
forced me this week to his house to make homework
I think you should find a book about
Where is intimate / looking relationship?
there must be a secret plan
to achieve the goal, me
lied to lie so grandfather and
Aunt is not home, so
we can make experiments
I really have to wear this shirt? / your father
also wear clothes like this.
it looks like this
like adults
I know, but look at her clothes
You told me to wear my father's clothes,
why are you dressed like that?
this is my father's clothes. my father made one set.
my mother's father loved each other
Is this really better? we
do this in broad daylight
brother has come
the door is not key, just enter it
usually I only receive guests
at night, but see
You are still a child, me
I'm afraid you sleep too late
we are big and already
can be intimate,
just like them
who builds a family
well, I believe, want to enter one
per one, or 3 at the same time enter?
You are welcome
my cute little / use your voice
softer shoulding me
is it soft enough? / I go looking ...
my name is O-yong ..
usually only on videos like this,
this time can see it real
the following plan. this is VR eyes.
you can see the movie
real porn, like
you really experienced it
this is your plan. I don't think,
why do we do this.
there is no relationship
by stealing the design
You must deceive him, make him afraid.
body and heart give to you
if it works, you can
use him for your homework
can wear the glasses
like really experiencing it
come here
by @than Guavaberry
I'm so hot. help open my buttons
my hand is full
it's more comfortable.
Come on. Where did this vehicle go?
where is this? / here
Madashan / why are we here?
certainly do the shari'a
sister / yes
Could you help me? I let you choose.
help me loose
this bond, or help me
see what's under my skirt
What do you see?
help me / help me
we are afraid there are insects falling into
our breasts, help us examine it
here is no doctor, only
you can help us.
come on .../ I don't dare
come on ... help us. / very real.
I'm so bad
stick in ...
stick in ...
What are you crazy sedans?
I think you're afraid of Suktala.
why are you afraid of him?
he keeps chasing you
I think your hormones are going up
so like and love the same? / it's related
so I can do it, but
what if he doesn't like me?
What if I really like Suktala?
want to do?
Do what? /make a report. Your homework
Let's start
I want to take out the picture
I want to show this plant to them ...
also bear. put it in place
people can see bears
why do that?
because bears can show
feeling, to be clear
I don't know what happened.
the picture is not clear.
I also remember it was not clear
why is there no blood? how me
know first i don't exist?
I do not know
can i ask something?
why can i .../ since childhood
until it's big, I don't understand
why dad can leave me and mother,
then I don't believe in human relations
but now I start
feel, when I'm on
your side, I want
once again believe in love
I found Suktala's design report,
but I don't want to do it according to plan
I don't know if I'm guilty of Suktala.
I also don't know what's wrong with me
I ... I got the report
Song Oh
besides the report, you still do something else?
really just make homework? you
don't do lessons
other? / let's explain. since
when did you start developing?
what development? / it has happened / wait
isn't that the point?
what about the report?
that's another thing, but how
that can happen,
it's more important, tell
everything to us
so why do you tell me
to his house stole his report?
but I'm really not expecting you to
do it so far. You are great
when you first give it
to him, how do you feel?
I know from the beginning, you guys
want to steal my stupid plan
but I want to test you,
are you such a person.
I also want to test myself,
can you hold back
listen to me
every time I'm a bad luck / I think
You have to start plan B
Do not worry. there must be ... what?
do you feel strange?
since then, we have not spoken
with Suktala again. I
know he is angry. me too
feel myself so bad
Hey! What's the problem with Suktala?
do you know Suktala likes you?
how do you really think about
he? / I also know who I like
but now, I'm not sure
I also don't know my feelings
now / fast to do
according to your wishes, if
it's not too late
don't worry, there must be a plan B
what is your plan B?
do you know what this means?
so what? /you are
best, and I'm the worst,
but the worst is for sure
accompany the best
just like life means.
you are very important to my life
Do you still remember the MBO?
it's out of control ... I'm pregnant
but you don't need to worry, me
have a plan B / it ... it's impossible
hey, you don't need to be surprised again. tell me
my mother first, then tell your family, okay?
Wait. this is a big problem.
I don't dare tell someone home
know my mother has big hopes for me.
things like this happen
What do I say, my mother?
you and your friend want to destroy my life.
now, you are really destroying my life
can i answer me? Why
can something like this happen?
I hope
high towards you.
why can it be late today?
is it connected?
give respect.
sawadee ka.
the teacher wants to tell you something.
for a while Suktala
will quit school, then the team
Suktala will be temporarily stopped
what's wrong with Suktala? / we don't
submit reports. we do not dare
we talked about it. It has been
happens, we are definitely responsible.
what child, no child!
What does it mean?
I beg you, you can't do that.
I hope
you go home.
my mother and I have decided
abort this child.
there is no need for that!
it's just one cell, sperm
I really don't dare believe. thing
like this can happen to you.
if your parents know for sure
very disappointed with you
don't violate yourself.
we don't violate anyone.
also there is nothing wrong and right.
now what's important, what
do you want to do?
I feel my heart hurt so much, grandfather.
but I don't
know what that means. I just
know must be responsible
what are the feelings of adults?
now my life is like scientific
often lots of experiments. there is
that works and also fails
fall and rise again,
have experienced it all.
I have more than
60th experienced an experiment
What are you thinking? /there is
What problem, can you tell us
if you are right 30th,
what do you want to do?
I think this question
already far from the brain
big me./If I, I will
do the things i like
I also don't understand your point, but
now this is not important anymore
you're right, this problem
leave it to them.
but now me
there is an answer
have to do something in age
30th / What should we do?
There must be a plan B.
If there is no action
can represent age 30th,
what is called a person
Are you still an adult?
maybe this is just our mind
What are you talking about? I do not
understand. - I know I have to
do what you are at the age of 30. Tell me
me, what do you want to do.
I also don't dare give you advice.
So what is the age of 30th
which are actually? We want to do it
What? / Do our expertise
If you can hear it, I want to,
you know what you are doing 30th. Suktala ..
You quickly leave here!
Don't waste time, fast
launch his rocket.
Look, we are the best. What a surprise
Fast ..
When you can not
Is this childish?
Sorry. I just want to divide
my mind with you.
This is a blank plan. Because
my plan is in your stomach.
If we are right already
age 30th, child inside
your stomach, just like us
now, 15th child.
This is a 15-year-old child, I'm 30 years old
What do you really want to do?
Mother. I can't alone
destroy my own actions
Hey, the rocket slides
Grandpa told me,
our lives cannot be measured
with age, but start
when we can think
Before, I didn't understand words
that, but now I understand.
Why did you come for a long time?
while looking for a book while here.
Don't know to see
what book is better
Suktala is looking at what book? / Sit down
According to this book, for 3 months, it was heavy
baby's body will add 700-800g
Everyone is the same. When 4-6 months,
every month will add 500-600g.
When children grow up,
weight will change
Apparently he won the scientific race.
End our country.
What do you call? Want to see his face.
I thought I saw Siau Cau,
it turns out he is
what's the student? Sound
until it's so hard.