15 Minutes of War (2019) Movie Script

This is a time of chaos
war between two worlds
economy Crysis
And cause bloody conflict
Terrorism attacks Europe
and the Middle East every day
French last colony
- Good morning, Francois!
- Good morning!
- Good morning, Francois.
- Good morning, Francois.
- Good morning, Francois.
- Good morning.
Good morning Louise.
Where is your brother? still sick?
Of course, he never got sick.
He heated the thermometer
and pretend.
And mom doesn't realize it
but who will go to school everyday
and will be a doctor or astronaut,
while her sister lives
at home with his mother?
It is true
Hello, Zyed. how are you this morning?
well and what about you, Miss Jane?
Very good
Have a nice day, Zyed.
Tuesday MARCH 3, 1976.
- Hello, Francois
- Hello, Bernard
Bernardo, "Leopard."
how are you, gary?
- Bernardo, "Leopard."
- Sit down, Bernardo.
Don't move, or I'll shoot.
Do you understand, do you understand.
Nothing moves! Do not talk!
Somali border.
Right now!
- How many have not arrived in your class?
- Four people.
- How about you?
- everything.
- mother. Please
- I come.
we don't go to school?
Shut up
Listen this! All sit down!
no sound!
If not...
If you slow down, you will die.
If you stop, you will die.
Hurry up.
Don't let them block you
Close the border!
Understood, bro, close the door!
Not! Not! Idiot!
Don't close the border!
stand up.
Don't waste my time.
come here
Did you see the soldiers?
Send them away.
Now! do you understand
- Right now! - OK.
15 Minutes of War
Is it good?
- Take it easy honey
- but it hurts a lot
I put it on me, say if it hurts
- What are they doing?
- What?
They operate the wrong side!
Father is lying
Father never suffered appendicitis.
so father is still a child?
- right.
- So like that?
Are you children?
Mr. Gerval? There is a telephone.
- This is taken.
- thanks
Thank you
Ok, thank you.
Pierre, this is Andre.
contact Lorca, Campere and Larrain.
21 hostages
all are children.
Arrested by three
or four terrorists.
- Between the borders of France and Somalia
- Is there a request?
France to step down
and freeing political prisoners.
There is nothing new, nothing is acceptable.
Three children are American citizens
and that's why the Yankees
they force us.
They will send advisors
military to threaten us into action
I have touched General Favrart,
commander of the armed forces.
they will leave
but they won't do anything
- Why?
- Most children
coming from their headquarters.
That is understandable.
And what will they do?
invade with weapons and bayonets?
it's not their expertise
The President's advisor was angry and angry
If we negotiate, we will become cowards.
And if we attack, we will
make the children killed get into the newspaper.
- Maybe it's our fault.
- and?
you go to Cairo as a citizen
civilians to divert the attention of the press.
there you will meet a convoy
if you wait for the order.
you need to prove
that what is "special" ...
from your "special unit"
- What about American advisers?
- You think for yourself
Don't forget you work
for the Republic.
And the Republic ...
is us.
you see in?
do you think he will say yes?
I found it in my civet
actually I will have dinner
with Cecile tonight.
But seriously, what do you think
will he say yes or no?
- We have been together for five years.
- Lorca.
I don't mind if he says no.
I'm just worried that ...
Being your friend is not my job.
Hey, look at this.
I admit making it with
old coat from my mother.
With suspenders, sew here, and here.
Weapons are just alibis
actually Georges' desire was sewing.
match your age huh?
- Do you have a problem
with my age?
- not
What will you do with
your toy while in the office?
Give it to your wife.
I have no wife
But if I get married,
you will be a lady in waiting.
Hey, what is George?
to dress up for you dear.
Is it on the list?
Hair dryer?
hey, Campre.
- Have you ever been to Africa?
- Yes, when I joined.
And how?
no, what do I mean Djibouti?
very hot!
- Commander.
- Good morning, Captain.
They have told
I am about your situation.
equipment will go to the trunk
the problem is my plane is full.
What do you mean?
full of passengers
and there is no place.
Listen to me, idiot,
if you don't want your legs broken,
raise us to the plane
now, understand?
Captain! .
I came as a volunteer.
Who are you, why are you here?
I am a teacher of children
Volunteers to negotiate
I will get on the bus with them
Miss stay together
old man on the base.
- I have enough
problem here.
- not
Their parents don't need me.
Their children need me.
They are alone,
I can help you!
Miss, nobody can
approach without permission.
leave here
Miss, I want you to leave.
Miss again
God damn it!
Who is he?
- Children's teacher, general.
- Good work.
Now we have 22 hostages.
That's Jane's mother!
He came to pick us up.
stop now!
Come back, lady! Right now!
I am a child teacher.
I just want to see them.
I am American
not French.
are you american?
We don't need you at
here, teacher.
Children are fine.
Now back.
They are fine now but
later they won't be fine
you need help with them.
The driver has left.
I can help you
If France wants
save children
they will be fine.
I see them getting ready.
I swear you need me.
So, tell me
what are they doing?
They carry legions
Everything will be alright.
I'm here, right?
So, who is hungry?
Who wants to pee?
I will see what is
we have for today.
- Philip Shafer.
- Lieutenant Gerval.
Are you a military adviser?
Calm down, Captain.
I'm just an observer.
- Do you speak French?
- Three years in Indochina.
In Vietnam, do you mean?
Do you speak English?
I understand
but can't talk
i will teach you.
Pierre! Let us go.
God damn it!
Are you sure this is France?
Looks like Nanterre.
Damn ...
waw ... sir?
Sorry your holster
is that real
I mean, is that visible
like Clint Eastwood?
Can i see it?
I have too.
That's why they chose Georges.
To make us update information
about the latest models.
I think I only have one
criteria for joining this unit.
Don't worry about
my shooting record
We are all chosen
for the same reason.
The question is:
why did you accept?
For my hair.
They say I don't need to cut it.
the beauty of being young
And me, why?
I have no choice.
They will kill me
see George?
he wants to blow up the tank
use a remote control car.
-I made a small mistake
- "small"?
He blew up the shop
ammunition on Hyres!
only half the shop
You put the grenade down
tank, georges!
okay fine don't need to be discussed
And you, Lieutenant,
why did you accept?
We studied together at Chaumont.
careful boy, lieutenant entered the army
because he was arrested
What about Larrain?
Because he is the best.
What happened to you?
Let me see.
I don't do anything, miss.
- I asked if we left
to school.
- Alright, Bernard.
It is okay.
we will treat it.
- Don't worry, I will overcome this.
- yes.
- Are you cold?
- No, I'm fine.
- Try to rest. - okay
Everything will be okay, okay?
What do you want, teacher?
Did you hit the kid?
already injured
He needs care
medical, or will be infected.
- free him.
- Hopefully he will be fine.
he is not fine
1 person will not be different
Maybe I should kill him now.
That will anger the legion.
Back inside, teacher.
God damn it!
Poor little kids.
So, are you reinforcements? .
They promised to give me an amazing gendarmerie.
And I don't think they did it.
which is Captain Gerval?
I'm a general.
take them to their room
Is your father Colonel Gerval?
from the shock of the eleventh regimen
- How are you?
- He died last year.
So you're a CIA cowboy.
Don't be surprised, man,
You don't look like a diplomat.
Come on follow me.
He's right.
Who are the clowns?
- I have to go.
- Why? Are you bored?
to lurk
I need to find a good position.
Calm down, you can't
see anything for now.
If everything becomes kacacu,
We need to put people in position.
we don't have orders from Paris.
Children sleep.
Nothing will happen tonight
- Explain to me about the terrorists
- Rahmani.
we see four
heavily armed people.
They are rebel groups,
they asked Djibouti
to return to Somalia.
- There is no ultimatum?
- A message.
Tomorrow, when night falls,
children will be executed.
- We have movement.
- What is this?
Where did the idiot leave?
Shafer, you know Somalia
let them come and go?
Of course I know.
They fight for the same purpose.
call Paris!
do your surveillance but keep your distance.
Of course
Rahmani, go with him.
I borrow this
Be careful, I like ...
my jacket
Did you see my optics moved?
- Damn, there's dew!
- Can you fix it?
I know this will be useful.
Can our equipment
handle this heat?
the equipment is not a problem.
The problem is us.
Why does this item not work?
Do you believe that?
That is good.
How big is their knife?
- 20 cm? - 22.
Standard Bayonet.
not a sniper
They are legions, right?
Obviously not not the same business.
you all are timid
He is weird.
Do you know the hammer game?
there are two players.
Everyone take nails ...
and hit it on the table.
tie a duster in your head
the person who first nailed me was a winner
head use?
No, with pubic ...
of course, with your head!
That's his favorite hobby.
- Where is Jean-Luc?
- make friends.
Lorca, get the gun
you go too
I will lurk
Stay on the roof. protect us.
last time how old are you
bus time like that?
I think about 12 years, the highest
But you don't care, right?
you don't have children
do you know what people call you?
I know you are the best, but ...
- try.
- You don't know anything, Lorca.
what you do
just talk a lot
you are a good shooter.
but it would be better if you shut up.
Just like I said.
you don't care about anything.
I don't care about those kids.
That is not our job.
"Is that not our job?"
Let the ...
psychiatrists and politicians take care of
Just do your job well.
shoot your target
That's your problem.
No other.
I have three children.
And if you tell
someone, i will kill you.
God damn it!
there is no place to hide.
We are too close!
Crash! Crash!
God damn it.
What did he do
Did he try
finish this alone?
Morad, everything is fine.
They will help us.
Do you want to hold my skirt?
I'm just behind here okay?
Can I have privacy?
- Miss?
- Yes No!
just a snake
I am fine
I come
i hate snakes.
God damn it!
see our teacher has friends
Oh no
Who turned on the lights?
Turn it off immediately!
- Who are you
- Gendarmerie!
From Paris.
boss boss from the capital.
We know you guys
afraid of the dark.
we are on the side
same, man.
I don't like parents like you
You suck too much goat
to talk like that
Oh, yes?
Not. retreat, soldier!
- Be careful, I'm Lieutenant!
- Oh, yes!
Where is your star (uniform)?
We wear civilian clothes.
I can be gay,
but I'm not old, damn it.
It seems that Campre Dia
don't like legions.
What is wrong?
- They allude to their age.
- Oh, yes
- What happened?
- Captain, be careful of your tone
What happened. my generals?
Such is local diplomacy.
If they turn on
lights, us too.
I could die
thank you
How is your surveillance?
Flat terrain.
I found a place,
but not ideal.
Where is your friend
CIA is a peace lover.
Follow me.
Firmin, find Shafer,
even if he is in the bathroom.
So, what's wrong with you?
- Shoot at the same time.
- What?
Five rifles were fired at
at the same time. One shot
All fall at the moment
together, without shooting back.
- Hurray.
- Is that possible?
if you are trained, yes.
ever tried
outside of practice?
- Yes, general.
- and?
- on a mission.
- And it works?
- Not perfect.
- yeah.
That convinced me.
And you, what do you think?
I want to see it.
What if Somalia attacks?
We will need your help.
There are children in the middle,
it will be a massacre.
Do you have a better idea, General?
Can you give us a minute, shafer?
Do you believe in your bullshit?
Of course
For this my unit is made.
To intervene without death.
At least on our side.
Why are you in Somalia, Teacher?
Long story.
I don't share with strangers.
you like French people.
I don't care about France.
I care about children.
White children.
Any color
I know, this is not a good place ...
for a beautiful girl like you.
you have to find a husband
good and have children.
Maybe I have a good husband.
Maybe he has many children.
Maybe they died
in a plane crash.
Or maybe they are on
home, waiting for me.
Or maybe I like to live ...
in slums like this.
Or maybe all of this is a lie.
My life together
these kids here.
And I will do anything to protect them.
I'm also a teacher.
A long time ago.
And I also care about children.
Children in my country.
food may be available someday.
Do you want to say?
you're wasting time
It's better to kill him now.
Morad ...
always rash.
we will release him ...
when we evacuate
hostage to Somalia.
I will even let you kill him
If that is very important for you.
I told you
you're wasting our time.
Have you ever shot to kill?
I think fanatics
and hostages are of equal value?
"Take advantage of life",
isn't that our motto?
we are not here to decide
who is right or wrong.
They kidnap children.
the rest, don't ask me.
you have not answer my question.
I killed two people.
It still haunts my sleep.
Not every night, but ...
like that.
you can accept it
or leave now.
Or do it like Larrain.
Think that they are only targets.
But you will be
Pierre, listen.
Alright, friend.
this will happen:
we will start at 5 pm
the terrain ...
this is France, Somalia, and the bus.
This will be our shooting position.
cazeneuve, Larrain,
Campre, Lorca, and me.
The bus
Somalia border
Shoot position
French border
Paris called.
for now, wait in position,
and attack if only
1 terrorist on the bus.
We can't take it
risk of injuring children.
I don't understand the order, ma'am.
There are four terrorists
the hostage.
one can just leave
but all three are very difficult at the same time.
They can bring children
and we will never see it again. .
I repeat: diplomacy
is the best solution.
What? They are right in front of us!
20 children are inside
danger of death ...
And you think about fucking diplomacy? .
enough, calf!
- If you negotiate ...
- Wait, can I talk, ma'am?
I also see
suspicious movements.
you guys start making me angry
If I want to discuss,
i will play brit!
that is his command
no longer.
God damn it!
Scorching hot.
you still haven't seen anything.
We should bring talcum powder.
For Lorca's ass?
go to position.
Alright, let's see how it goes.
Larrain, orange clothes are your target.
Campre, the mustache.
Pierre, you take care of Bob Marley.
Lorca, your target is the leader.
I will shoot for protection
Start the code
One, ready.
Two, ready.
Three, ready.
One, ready.
Two, ready.
Three, ready.
Four, ready.
Wasp called the queen.
this is queen. replace it
We are ready.
Four targets.
permission to shoot, change.
the order did not change.
- Andr. - yes
What are we waiting for
what command?
At present, the order is to shoot ...
if only there
1 hostess on the bus.
- What? - Are you serious?
So why us
only five?
I say "for now".
Let the diplomats work
Are we waiting for Giscard to send candy?
we are waiting for orders.
We can just wait on
hotel pool.
Don't say that, damn it.
position, friends!
Start the code
God damn it!
They go in and out
from a nonstop bus.
funny thing
That's what Cazeneuve said.
about your fiance
Do not listen to him.
he can't stand under the sun
Start the code
What did you say about my fiance?
One, ready.
Two, ready.
the children must stop moving!
The Queen calls Tawon.
I listen.
They send supplies for the bus,
accepted by Queen, change
Take a break, friends.
Larrain, keep watching.
- Captain. - yes
2 o'clock, Captain.
Wasp called the queen.
replace it.
I see activity.
Can you be more accurate?
At least one unit of attack.
and two MG42. .
About 60 officers are armed,
Pretty much for the border
small, right?
Paris doesn't know anything ...
regarding suspicious activity from Somalia.
well, if Paris says so ...
understand, change.
Campre ...
Forgive me
- It is not that! - What?
because of the heat.
- I have a small intestine.
- Damn it!
Georges, what the hell is this!
Hurry up!
you can free some children.
it will be easier.
Don't worry about anything
which is easy for me Arabs.
So tell me what
that we can negotiate.
There is nothing to negotiate.
Is that what they did in Algeria?
Let him take the injured child away.
Shut up, teacher!
is a child injured?
- Leave the girl!
- Lower the weapon.
Leave the girl!
- Give it back!
- Lower the weapon.
Don't force me to shoot!
- Lower your weapon. - Get away!
Captain, we have a problem.
to your position
Wasp called the queen.
- Here is the queen.
- Rahmani with a daughter
I see it.
Don't force me to shoot!
- calm down! - please!
- please! - Put the gun down!
Pierre, I only see 3.
me too.
On the other side, in front.
the child is blocking
- Can you shoot?
- not.
Too risky,
lots of movement.
- Lower your weapon, calm down.
- please!
- Lower your weapon.
- Let them go!
be kind.
Shut up Don't let them
leave, barkad!
- Do not worry.
- Lower your weapon
- I know what I'm doing!
- Put the gun down!
What are you waiting for?
Shoot him or he will die!
Shut up
- Campere?
- I could
- Cazeneuve?
- The teacher is too close.
Only if it's clear.
don't step again.
- Lower your weapon.
- Children!
sleep in a seat and close your eyes
Right now!
Shut up Now!
don't step again
Lower your weapon
i didn't come here for
prove my kindness, teacher.
Andre? .
Andr, what should we do?
- Lower your weapon.
- Captain, they killed an officer.
Lower your weapon!
Isn't that enough, Lorca?
Do you want bloodshed?
we come to save
children, not to be a hero.
we will intervene,
but in our condition.
We can save him.
We can also lose
officers and women
and start bloodshed
can be worse
I don't want to be responsible
responsible for the death of a child.
a dead officer doesn't mean anything?
It could be you or me.
he can't do
nothing the girl went to him.
Shut up, Lorca.
he can return
the girl with the others
That's what happens when
you care too much.
the kid you hurt,
the condition is getting worse.
Let me find a cure for him.
you never give up.
you don't know anything
Nice to meet you.
Is everything ready?
The bus will arrive soon.
we will evacuate at night.
That's a safer way.
Let me take the child.
Andr. .
they are too much
It seems so.
Hi, friends.
I want to drink beer now
please shut up
Take a break, friends.
Lorca, come with me.
Pierre, you are responsible.
They did nothing.
Five shooters.
No, Captain, only five.
Write a letter to the Rahmani family.
The clerk can ...
- General, about Rahmani ...
- Listen to me, Captain.
you can't do
nothing, I was wrong.
take food and water
for the Captain's people.
Lorca, help him.
My people won't
last longer, general
We must make a decision.
- back off. - sorry?
Gather your people.
If Paris has an order,
we will know now
Sampieri is clear
if 1 terrorist is on the bus.
I do not understand
you're here to make
your American friend is silent,
who is not stupid too
to buy time until we get
someone who will be paid.
But those people don't want money,
They want their country.
Nothing is sold here
Do you see what
did they do to Rahmani?
Next children
and you know that
How long will your subordinates survive?
Three or four hours, no more.
When we shoot,
they won't react, they don't
will know what happened to them.
Children can walk here
We will protect them.
- Is that your plan? - yes.
Well, if Paris is brave,
I just want orders
we lack 1 sniper
- What is wrong?
- "Three assignments in Vietnam".
Do you know how to shoot?
Officially ...
Officially, I'm not here.
Very easy.
if you want me to do it
then keep your hands dirty
and nobody knows
- I need someone on the bus.
- What do you mean?
- If the teacher ...
- Do you want to talk?
After the officer was killed,
They are waiting for the legion.
they want to calm the situation.
- take it. - Thank you.
- Have you done it?
- Yes, thank you.
Okay, besides the shotgun,
Did you see another weapon?
Yes, the commander has a gun.
are there explosives?
Grenades, they each have
one or two grenades.
They are very tired,
running out of khat and getting aggressive.
At night they will
bring children. To Somalia.
okay, I'll call Paris.
We have to move fast.
Children will not last longer
By the way, who are you?
We are here to help you.
you will evacuate
children, sequentially bring 2
evacuate their children?
two or two in sequence?
The French are usually arrogant,
not suicide.
We have two Corps units.
it should be enough
but we need to
the children to stay calm
They don't
enter our range.
They are aged 6 to 12
year, captain.
Panas, and they are taken hostage
for more than 24 hours.
I can't do miracles.
if given an anesthetic, maybe.
That can be done.
come here
we need sleeping pills.
Many sleeping pills.
We will return to position, general.
we communicate on the radio.
thank you
I am hungry.
I am thirsty.
Georges ...
one of my neighbors
go to a nursing home
This is a good place.
do you want to see?
never mind
why do you want me to leave
my mom's house?
I'm fine
My things are there
I don't need to pay rent.
And he is great.
And if I leave,
What will she do?
And me ... what will I do?
Lieutenant, you have to see this
2 o'clock, jeep behind
What is this?
Teacher, come back!
good for you
I say what I do
and I do what I say.
Well, children,
each took one bottle.
this is very, very hot
And if it's hot,
you have to drink lots of water. .
I've never eaten sardines
delicious like this
Sardines? .
you say "Thank you"
Or smile or something
Inside the jeep.
God damn it!
I have watched him
He is not responsible,
but he gave the order.
Go eat something.
Tell someone else is ready.
Jeep, 2 o'clock direction
God damn it.
Do you know him?
- Does Paris know?
- No, they are not sure
Who are they GRU? KGB?
KGB, maybe.
I won't do it if it's you.
If you call Paris,
they will order you to retreat
Andr ...
I know how to shoot, but ...
Shoot simultaneously ...
I'm not trained for that.
- just simple.
- oh?
We count to three.
Every shooter has a number
you will be number 5
I choose the target.
If it's clear, say: "Five, ready".
I'm the last one.
If my target is clear,
I say: "Zero."
we count to
three in our heads ...
and we shoot.
only that? count to three?
only that
Why is "Zero" and not "shoot"?
"firing" is more stressful.
all go to position!
Shafer, on my left.
Larrain, your target is that giant
Shafer, orange shirt
Get ready.
Start the code
One, ready.
Two, ready.
Three, ready.
One, ready. .
Wasp called the queen.
I hear, change .
They are preparing for
evacuate children to Somalia.
One of them got off the bus.
We must act.
rejected. Only if there is 1 terrorist on the bus.
let me clarify, General.
It's getting dark, we're tired.
If they are children
You will never see it again.
- Do you understand -
negative, wasp.
Somalia will think this ...
as an act of war.
Rest .
we don't have orders from Elysee
and children will be taken
between us giving up now ...
and we go home,
or we save the children.
Do you want to shoot?
The question is very simple. .
So what do you want
do, captain?
No, Campre, you decide.
understand without
presidential order,
The risk is very big.
For everyone
- Wasps call the queen.
- queen listening.
get ready
prepare your unit.
replace it
What did he say?
we continue
he will not act without orders.
Do you think he will do it?
Start the code
One, ready.
Two, ready.
Three, ready.
Andr, what should we do now?
we wait.
They don't know where we are
They only hear voices
shot, no more.
Get up. Get up!
Get up! Come on
Come on! Get up!
Come on! Get up! Wake up now!
Get up!
- What happened? What are you doing?
- please!
I beg you!
What happened? What are you doing?
Wake up! Hurry up!
Get up! Hurry up!
God damn it!
lay down
lay down
I think now they are
know where we are.
What are the soldiers waiting for?
waiting for us to die?
Not! Show
how it was done!
Just shoot the gunmen!
Captain! We have to go!
Georges! Pierre! Follow him!
we protect them!
shafer go away
i will come back again!
I'm sure our diplomat ...
They promise neutrality,
but i am here.
and if you don't give orders later ...
there will be no children
and the remaining soldiers
Yes, I will wait.
Put your weapon
- Are you just alone?
- Not!
- only three?
- Everything will be alright.
Louise, Louise!
Come down here, fast!
Hide it! lie down!
down to the ground!
Georges! Are you alright?
- They shot my leg, damn it!
- on foot?
How can it be shot?
I don't know, idiot!
- I don't see anything!
- They don't!
God damn it.
Come on!
Let's go!
Down, slowly.
- lie down. - Hurry up!
- Come on! - Let's go!
Come on, quickly.
Come on, justine.
Come on!
Protect children! enter!
Come on in! .
You can go! Come on!
Everything will be alright.
Everything is alright.
I will be fine.
Gentlemen, honestly, this is a success.
Are you kidding me?
Call this success?
Is that what you will say to their parents?
And the enemy?
have you seen it?
do you think we are butchers?
Where are they, general?
We are waiting for orders.
Imagine what will happen ...
If we start shooting.
we will not only place
a girl in a coffin.
but the whole class
Thank you, Captain.
thank you
Thank you very much
thank you
The ring is bad.
But you will be a good husband.