15 Park Avenue (2005) Movie Script

Here's Modern High School.
Which way now?
Which way?
I told you opposite
Modern High School.
This is Modern High School, Meethi.
Which way do you want
to go from here?
To Park Avenue. You know
my address, sister.
No, I don't. You direct me.
I said you direct me. I'm
tired of this, Meethi.
I'll direct you?
It's very easy. We have to...
we have to take a left and.. .
It's a white house, with a
big black rot iron gate.
And... and it has a name
plate over there...
.. .with this name, Joy Deep Roy.
And lots of brogan villa.
And it's number 15.
15 Park Avenue.
Meethi, that road sign says
Balliganch Park road.
This is not Park avenue.
The new name is Park avenue.
They announce it on the T.V.
Hello, Sanjeev. I'll call
you back in a bit.
What? I'm driving.
I'm taking Meethi somewhere.
What... excuse me.
Listen, you're breaking
up, I can't hear you.
Excuse me. - What are you
getting so upset about.
I said I'll call you.
What's the matter?
This is Park avenue, isn't
it? Where is number 15?
This is not Park avenue, ma'am.
You mean Palm avenue?
No, no, no. Not Palm avenue.
I know Palm avenue.
My uncle used to live there.
Let's just go home.
- It's okay, it's okay.
I have a class at 11:OO. I can't
keep my students waiting.
Can we stop for just 5 minutes
and look? Please.
Not now, sweetie.
Mahesh and Padma are coming.. .
.. .home for tea this evening.
Remember? With a baby.
Don't you want to go home
and rest before that?
But my children also want to
see the new baby, sister.
Let's just wake them up.
Oh God, I can't take this any more.
Meethi, what can I do if
you can't find the place?
It's your house, not mine.
I'm turning back.
'And secondly, there is
no doubt in my mind#
Meethi! Meethi! Meethi!
Have you deaf?
Your brother and sister have
come along with the baby.
Come on, get up.
- Baby! Where?
In the drawing room. Come.
First have your medicine.
Am I right, Meethi?
- What are you saying, sister?
Charu... Charu, be careful.
Be careful.
What happened?
Charu... you didn't lock
the door. Again.
How many times I've told
you to lock the door.. .
.. .and keep the keys in your hand.
No, no. You go away from here.
Again you left your bed and got up.
No, no. My baby is crying!
- Meethi!
No, no!
- Come in!
Where are you going?
How many times I've
told you to call me.
Enough, Charu. Take her inside.
Oh my God! What have you done!
Move! That's why I say not to
drink so much water at night.
But she doesn't listen.
Now I'll have to wash the
clothes at midnight.
I'll have to clean the room.
Otherwise the whole
house will be dirty.
Enough, Charu! She didn't
do it purposely!
She has to take so many pills.
Its okay, baby.
Go, dear.
- Come.
Charu... Charu...
- What?
The veil.
Say! Say! Say!
No! No!
- No, Meethi!
Mummy! Mummy!
Say! Will you go or not!
Will you go!
Don't worry, aunty.
She will get well.
Did you hear, ma'am.
She will be fine.
You did so much for her.
So many doctors, so many medicines.. .
.. .did something happen?
Now listen to me.
I told you about the
girl in my village.
Her plight was worst than Meethi.
Now look at her, she is married
has children.. .
.. .and she is leading a normal life.
Everything will be fine.
Raju, what are you doing here?
My puppy vanished somewhere.
Tiger! Tiger! Tiger! Tiger!
Look at this, sister. Meethi
has washed all the dishes.
Now Kaushalya will lose her job.
She wasn't feeling well today.
- What happened?
You beat Meethi again?
Don't listen to her.
Ma'am, shall I switch on the geyser?
Yes. I have to leave after my bath.
And bring my tea in the room only.
Charu, where are you?
The bleeding won't stop, Mother.
Meethi, my child.
Dear.. .
Sister.. .
Kaku.. .
Sister.. .
Let's go.
Is there a single room?
- Yes. There is.
I hammered him so much.
That he ran away.
Rascal ran away.
Buddy, she has come.
Oh Reporter sister,
where had you gone?
Excuse me!
- Oye! She is feeling shy.
Where are you going alone?
Take me with you wherever you go.
What is the rush?
- Madam-ji, listen!
Isn't she the one from Calcutta?
She wants to be a big reporter.
Hey! Where is your tape recorder?
Get it out!
- Get it out. - Get it out!
Get it out!
Isn't that interview in this?
Say yes. - Yes. - Very good.
This must be too petrifying for
her. She got scared so soon.
Camera !
- Give it to me. Camera?
You will click more photographs?
Take this.
Come... come.
You have come to take an interview?
You want to take an interview?
Then take... take my interview.
Take it.
Should I cry or laugh?
What should I do?
Charu !
Wait, Charu, not now.
Charu, clean below her hair.
What's this happening?
This is for the guests.
- Really!
- Really?
- Annu. - Keep it here. Okay.
Urmila. Vikram.
Four, six, eight, Ten.
- Madam. - Twelve.
- Madam. - Yes, tell me,
I'm listening.
Mithi is still not back. When will
she have her meal? It's one O' clock.
Oh god! Annu.
Madam, sister, it is two and
the sister hasn't come yet.
- Sister!
Come, driver.
Whose house are you looking for?
Goodness heavens, she
doesn't know her own house.
It's alright. - Which world
are you living in, sister?
Take the car ahead.
Did you see? - She was here. - Here?
There was a girl in Indian
attire roaming around here.
There was a girl who went this way.
Come. - No.