1:54 (2016) Movie Script

Hi, Coach.
In class, it's Mr. Sullivan.
Hello, everyone.
Welcome to Grade 11 Chemistry.
I can tell what you're thinking:
another boring class.
You're wrong.
What's fascinating about chemistry,
what makes it wonderful,
is we can put its theory into practice.
These are metal salts combusting with methanol.
They're used to make fireworks.
This looks tame,
what if I set fire to this liquid? Anyone?
It's more violent.
Anyone interested in a demonstration next week?
Take out your books.
Excuse us, sir.
Francis and I would like to do an experiment
during your demo.
There's not much time to prepare.
No problem.
Need any help?
All good. Thanks.
So cool he said yes.
Let's make something unreal!
We could combine a few things?
Yeah! It'll be sick!
How are you?
Good, you?
I'll eat later!
Gotta test something out for Chemistry.
Be careful.
Don't be late.
I won't.
Mr. Sullivan isn't ready for our project.
I know.
He is not ready for it!
I read up online
to improve it.
A lot of options,
but the only thing we can pull off
is adding fireworks
and a G.I. Joe.
Found one, by the way.
Show me.
Film this.
Tim's experiment, number...
Dry ice...
when mixed with water, what do you get?
Did you see that?!
The bottle was disintegrated!
Don't try this at home.
Like that?
A little surprise package.
5? For all that?
Including that?
Oh my God!
Experiment 103.
When meatballs hit your face,
what do you get?
Tim! It's just a joke, man!
That was sick!
Let me see that!
One week and they're already at it.
Forget them.
Did that for 4 years, hasn't changed jack shit.
Check this out, bro.
Just focus on your own things.
Can you do anything other than backflips?
You guys gonna make out with Jen?
Shut up, Syd.
What? Got your balls chopped off?
What's your problem?
I'm sure you've got balls.
He won't stop.
Big ones too.
You've been tagged in a video
Look at this!
This is just for you.
Go wipe Timmy's tears.
What does your dad think of us coming here?
He doesn't mind?
He suggested I find a place
to do my experiments.
Does he wonder?
About what?
Us being here, alone, hidden.
We're not hiding.
We're not?
He doesn't know you're here.
Why not?
He doesn't need to know everything.
Know what?
Nothing, just drop it.
Gotta piss.
Hi, guys.
Tell me when you're ready.
It's a one shot deal. We'll wait for everyone.
What do you mean?
Grade 11 students said they'd come.
I don't want to burst your bubble,
but Grade 11's are quite forgetful.
They might come.
Hurry up, we're about to start.
Same experiment?
Yeah, but we vamped it up.
Can't wait to see.
Sullivan's demo started.
Check this out.
Sullivan's doing some really cool stuff.
Let me see!
You should really be more careful.
Girls, come in, put on some glasses.
Everyone against the wall.
No one else will show up.
They're just kids.
They won't come.
Let's start.
Block your ears.
In 3, 2, 1.
Time to go back to class.
Thank you for coming.
Leave the glasses.
Thank you.
Have a good afternoon.
We're fucking losers.
Screw you man.
You're on your own.
You filming?
Will you shut the fuck up!
What? You a sissy?
Yes, I am!
Want me to say I'm a fag?
Yes, I'm a fucking fag!
You must be too.
No way. I didn't know shit.
Shut up! You knew.
You shut up! I had no fucking clue!
Francis, you're a fag?
Why didn't you ever tell me?
Want me to say I'm a fag?
Yes, I'm a fucking fag!
You must be too.
Why did you say that in front of everyone?
They're sharing your fucking video!
They'll think I'm also...
That you're what?
Shut up.
Fuck, say it!
You're a fucking faggot! Say it!
- Shut up!
You're a fag too! You know it!
Shut up! It's not true!
What are you doing?
Stop that!
Give me the marker.
Principal's office.
He didn't do anything.
Get back there.
He was trying to cover up a drawing.
What drawing?
There was nothing.
Hey Francine.
The girl's locker room is next door.
Move it along guys!
Hurry up.
It's an endurance test today.
Francis, hurry up.
Let's go, Tim.
Hurry up, everyone!
Level 5!
Careful, Francis.
You miss the next beep, you're out.
You can do it.
Level 7, don't stop now!
Good job, Francis.
Already out, Cinderella?
Focus on running.
Let's go, everyone!
Sorry, you were so slow,
I thought you were stopping.
Level 12!
Level 13, guys!
Keep going, Jen. Excellent!
Level 14.
Keep it up!
Good job! Don't stop, Jen!
Tim, follow the beeps, don't tire yourself.
You're nearing the school record!
Don't give up!
Come on, Pat!
Great job, Pat.
You're the last one standing!
Go hard!
Don't give up! Go!
You just beat the school record!
You're a running machine!
You really showed Pat.
I'm Jennifer, by the way.
Usually the guy says, "Hi Jen, I'm..."
Can we talk?
Let's go to my office.
I saw you win provincials when you were 12.
I understand why you stopped, but...
it's good to see you running again.
Actually, I'm not.
You should.
Don't you miss it?
Training, the competition rush...
I'll never be as good a coach as your mom,
Come train with us?
I don't run anymore.
It's a shame.
What's the rush? Relax.
Just want to say congrats.
Heard you beat my record.
Good job.
Pretty fucked up, huh?
That record went unbroken for 13 years.
Then, bang, I beat it last year.
And this year, it's you.
Anyway, congrats.
Little party in the lockers.
Come check it out.
Let me out!
Help me!
Get me the fuck out!
Let him out!
Get out of the way!
Get the fuck off!
Let me out!
Out of the way!
Move over!
You're okay.
We got you.
You okay?
Who did this?
Go with him.
Who did this?
Bathroom's closed.
Who did it?
I don't know.
You serious? Who was it?
I'm no snitch.
They stuck your friend in a locker.
Now, he's terrified. Why protect them?
None of your business.
It's my business when students get bullied.
Yeah but then,
I'm next on their list,
and it'll be so much worse!
You okay?
Lunch together?
You've reached: Francis Gagnon.
It's me. Where are you?
Call me.
Don't do it!
Go away!
Don't do it!
- Go away.
Please get down!
Leave me alone.
Get down from there!
It won't stop. It's everywhere.
It's not worth it! Don't do it!
Get the fuck down!
I love you.
Tim, come.
Come on.
We're gathered here
because I have some bad news.
Yesterday, Francis Gagnon,
a grade 11 student,
took his own life.
If you need...
to talk...
Carol, our psychotherapist...
is available.
We're not here to blame anyone.
We want to understand why he did it.
They're all hypocrites.
They're all hypocrites, but who?
Tell me more.
Tell you more? I can't.
You might be the king here,
yet you don't get how a school works!
There are 2 ways to solve one's problems:
either shut up and do nothing,
or shut up and deal with it yourself.
I pick the 2nd one.
There are other solutions. We're here for that.
You're not!
We all failed Francis!
I failed him.
In memory of Francis Gagnon - 16
Are you okay?
Sorry about Francis.
Can I do anything?
Jeff, congratulations.
Provincial champ once again.
That's right!
What's next?
Hopefully, the Olympics one day!
For now, the Nationals next summer.
Only one spot per province and it's mine.
What time are you going for?
I'm training to win, not to chill.
Jeff Roy - Provincial Champion 201 1
Tim Fortin 2nd
Tim Fortin - Provincial Champion 2012
Jeff Roy 2nd
Glad you came.
Come on.
Tim's your new teammate.
You know everyone?
Put your bag down.
Warm up everyone.
Welcome to the team, buddy.
Stop chatting, let's go!
What will you run?
800m, like I used to.
Took you long to decide!
Hope you run faster than you make decisions.
Come on.
What are your goals for this season?
24.30 for 200m.
Under 19 min for 5000m.
Nationals, 800m.
Nationals, 800m.
24.25 for 200m.
See you tomorrow?
Really going for it...
There's only one spot for the Nationals.
You're dumb or what?
I'll win in 1:54, you can't even break 2 min.
Just saying.
Hard enough with your boyfriend's suicide.
Sorry, he wasn't your boyfriend.
Good luck.
On your mark...
Looking good, my little Princess!
Call me Princess one more time!
Tim, stop!
It's just a fucking joke!
Stop! Leave him alone!
Stop it, guys!
Stop that!
Calm down!
Calm down.
You too!
You two, in my office, now!
Get in there!
Tim, move it!
Sit down.
You don't have to like each other
but you're on the same team.
I know Tim's meddling in your things,
so just run faster.
You, take a chill pill, I saw you attack Jeff.
I'm talking!
Whatever he said,
I won't tolerate disrespect in my team.
Is that clear?
Is that clear?
Put your hands on me.
Put your hands on me.
Come on! Make out with me.
Isn't that what you want?!
Why'd you kiss me?
You thought you could kiss me without asking?
You're just like those guys even if you're a
It's not what you think. Stop!
It's not what you think.
It's not what you think.
Just listen.
You think I'm stupid?
I know you kissed me
to prove to everyone you're not gay!
You used me.
Let me go!
You let me down.
5km warm-up today.
Acceleration drills, then sprints.
Finish up with 2 tempo runs
and a nice cool down.
1:57 Tim. 1:58 Jeff.
If you ever do that again...
Don't touch me!
Guys, stop it!
Sorry, Jen...
Your times are starting to get to Jeff.
Be careful, he won't go down without a fight.
No hanky-panky, lovers!
Party at my house tonight. It'll be sick.
Pick me up at 8pm.
You leave me no choice with your kiss.
If we don't look like a couple,
your plan won't work.
Jeff asked me out one time.
What did you say?
Wasn't as lucky as you.
Come on.
How are you?
Good. You?
So glad you made it!
Pretty sick party, huh?
Did you see all the hot girls?
We saw it's your birthday tomorrow!
Let's celebrate. What do you drink?
I don't really drink.
Yeah, right!
Who is it?
- It's Jeff.
Let's get this party started.
Hits hard, right?
Happy you're here. Want a beer?
I'll take one.
We're going downstairs, okay?
Don't forget! No latex, no sex!
Shut up!
3, 2, 1!
9 seconds!
I'll do it!
Tim is on fire!
Get ready!
3, 2, 1!
8 seconds!
Check out his face!
I know I fucked up, Francis.
Stop. Not here.
Hello, Timmy.
Great party last night, huh!?
What will I do with this nice video.
Leave me alone.
Jeff is now disconnected.
Delete your account
You coming?
Just changing. Be right there.
Happy birthday Tim
Happy birthday...
Make a wish.
Now your gift.
9 new messages from Jeff
Birthday messages?
This watch tracks everything.
Splits, laps, pulse...
All you gotta do now is run fast.
I'll get the plates.
New message
Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter,
so many possibilities.
Password: timmy
Watch video
Stop running or else...
What's wrong?
Pulled something.
Are you out for long?
Not sure.
You deactivated your Facebook.
Too bad.
It was a waste of time.
Wake up guys! Hurry up!
I forgot my watch. I'll be back.
Distance running today:
5km warm-up followed by
3 times 200m at 80%,
2 recovery laps,
and an 8-lap tempo run at 90%.
Hurry up!
You have to slowly start running again.
Get ready, I'll adjust your training.
I tried running yesterday, it got worse.
If you don't heal quickly, your season's over.
It's not my fault.
Ice it and see me in 3 days.
Going somewhere?
Screw off.
Healed all of a sudden?
What did I do to you?
You're really asking me that?
You join the team,
try to beat me and steal my spot?
Look at me!
Thought I'd let it go?
Thought I'd let it go?
I was always told
whoever works the hardest wins.
I haven't trained my ass off for 4 years
to have a fucking faggot ruin it all!
Lay low until the season ends
or the entire school finds out
you suck big motherfucking cocks.
We all know how it went down for your ex.
You're home early.
Practice was cancelled.
Too cold for you guys?
Why would you say that?
Just kidding.
You'll be ready for the track meet?
I'll be ready.
You'll make a good time?
Stop the interrogation!
You're not allowed in my room!
No locked doors in this house!
Your mom and I always made that clear.
Mom isn't here anymore!
Come out!
Dinner's almost ready.
I have to study.
That can wait.
That's enough!
Don't touch me!
I'm not your obedient little bitch.
Come in.
Hey, you're better!
I'm quitting the team.
Not interested anymore.
I don't buy it.
I don't care.
Hey, hold on! What's the matter?
If I say I'm not interested, it's 'cause I'm
So leave me the fuck alone!
Wait for me. Just going to the bathroom.
Why won't you come back on the team?
You Sullivan's messenger now?
No one understands what happened.
You just went off the grid.
Why are you avoiding me?
Come back.
I can't.
Why not?
I'm screwed.
Someone's found out about me.
Is he threatening you?
What kind of threats?
Who is it?
Tim! Who is it?
It's Jeff, right?
If you can't, I'll deal with him!
or everyone will find out.
What are you doing here?
Came to talk.
Can't we do it at school?
Is your father home?
Good evening.
- Good evening.
Can we talk?
Of course.
You quit the team,
you bullshit your coach
and you lie to me?
I don't know what to do anymore.
It's been like this for 5 years.
How can I get through to you?
What's going on?
You have a week left to think about it.
After that, it'll be too late for the
I know you can do it.
Now, it's up to you.
Keep me posted.
How are you?
What's up!
Happy to see you!
Us too, man!
Glad you came.
Time to run!
Scared to lose?
You're good!
I couldn't catch up.
How many seconds apart?
3 seconds.
- At least.
Despite Jen's lead.
I know! I gave you a head start!
I'd love to see you two race.
I gave you such a lead!
I just couldn't use it!
On your mark...
I won't pry, but you need to do as I say.
We have a month to get you ready.
We'll focus on only one thing: your guts.
We'll push your limits.
When you've gone all out, run even faster.
You're at 1:56.
You need 1:54 for the Nationals.
Those 2 seconds are crucial.
They'll be the hardest 2 seconds of your life.
Are you ready for that?
You're hurting?
I don't believe you. Again!
Go, go, go!
On your mark...
No time to rest.
On your mark...
1:56.70. Recovery lap, then one more.
Going for a little run.
You've got company today.
Hi, Jen.
One lap at top speed.
Go for it.
Catch up to her.
On your mark...
get set...
You coming?
Good job!
Let's go, recovery lap.
You're champs!
Goal 800m 1:54
At your age, I would've beaten you...
hands down!
I'm proud of you, son.
I know it's been rough since your mom passed.
I'm so proud of you.
Come on! Hungry?
Welcome to the Provincial Championships
at the Richard Garneau stadium.
Many different events today:
the hammer throw,
featuring the defending champion,
the high jump, the discus throw
and many running events...
And they're off!
Is Jeff here?
He's warming up.
He won't do anything.
You're gonna run,
beat him
and move on to the Nationals.
Trust me.
He won't do anything.
Back from the dead!
What are you doing here? Competing?
Nice, man!
You knew?
You really doing this?
Are you racing?
You ready?
Drop your bag.
Light jog to warm up.
Great day coming up. Have fun!
The qualification races are about to start.
In the Juvenile category,
the highly anticipated boys 800m.
The wind is blowing strong.
We should expect excellent results.
Are you ready?
There are 8 qualifying heats.
Each heat's winner goes on to the final.
Go hard, but don't go all out.
1:56, 1:57.
You can do it.
You okay?
You've got this.
Good luck.
1st 800m qualification heat.
Now getting ready, Jol Rousseau...
Dominic Raymond who finished
with an excellent 1:57 this season...
Tim Fortin is returning to the competition.
He was the Provincial Champion at 12.
It's his first race of the season...
It's a great start!
800m Juvenile, 2 laps.
Shit, he's boxed in.
Come on Tim! Don't stop!
You can do it!
Get out of there, Tim!
Tim Fortin gets out of the pack
now in 3rd position.
59. His pace is too slow.
Go, Tim!
He shifted into overdrive!
Go, go, go!
Last meters of the race.
At the finish line, it's...
Tim Fortin for the win!
Crazy finishing kick!
Got juice left for finals?
Recovery jog
and then get some rest.
8th heat, 800m.
After the first lap,
Jeff Roy is in the lead,
running at an excellent pace...
800m final, Juvenile...
Look out for...
Who will win this eagerly awaited final?
It's now or never.
On your mark...
It's a good start!
Tim Fortin and Jeff Roy in the lead...
28 seconds! Perfect!
Look at Pat over there.
One lap to go!
56 seconds! He's on fire!
Jeff won't keep up.
Upload video
Keep going!
Last meters of the race.
At the finish line...
Great win for Jeff Roy!
Good job, Tim.
You've been tagged in a video
What's going on, you're gay?
We see you getting blown by a dude.
Knew you were a little princess!
Tim, wait.
Hey, buddy...
Hello, Timmy!
I love you.
Look at me.
I love you.
I'll always love you more.
Never less.
Never less.
Next season, all records are yours.
Your coach.
Jen: I'm so sorry. Jeff will pay.
You've been mentioned on Twitter
You've been tagged in a picture
You've been mentioned on Twitter
Timmy's secret
Hello, Timmy!
He crashed his car.
Sissy can't even drive.
Always racing in front
so guys could check out his ass.
I'm sure he'll come to shake his ass
at Jeff's party tomorrow.
Check out the faggot: skylink.ca/img-24894
I love running after these!
Jen: Jeff is the asshole.
Shut up, you slut.
Jen: You're all sick!
Tim should jump off a bridge
like that other faggot.
I love cocks!
There must've been a mistake.
Did you arrest Jeff?
What?! This is absurd!
2634 people saw my son getting a...
There's nothing we can do?!
I'll be home late.
Your coach and I are meeting the school board
so you can finish the year at home.
Don't know how, but we'll make it through.
We're a team.
We've got each other's back.
It'll be okay, son.
See you later.
I'm home!
Good news!
You can finish school at home!
Sorry about everything. I love you.
Is Tim home?
No. What's going on?
Where's his computer?
Come in.
He just posted this.
What did I do to all of you?
You've been on my case for 5 years.
You come at me from all sides...
at school...
by text...
And I don't even know why.
You even kick me when I'm down.
I can't bear this anymore.
This has to stop.
It'll stop right now.
That's it?
He's not answering.
I'll run by the park where he used to go.
There's a party for Jeff, I'll check it out.
He's not here. You?
I'm almost there.
I'll go back home, in case I missed something.
I'm sorry for...
You won't bother anyone ever again.
Potassium nitrate
What are you doing here?
Pat and Syd are looking for you.
I screwed up. There's a bomb.
Get out! There's a bomb!
Everybody out! There's a bomb!
I wasn't able to...
I wasn't able to protect him.
I wasn't there...
His intentions weren't necessarily good...
but when he realized...
the harm he would cause, he chose...
to save us all.
He was a really good guy.
It was only a joke.
Just a joke.