16 and Missing (2015) Movie Script

The forecast. Showers, heavy at times
with occasional thunderstorms today
and a high of 89 degrees.
Partial cloudiness with a high of 74.
More showers developing tomorrow...
...with the winds out of the west
at 22 miles per hour,
it's currently 80 degrees.
Mommy, why do you have
to go away so much?
Aw, baby. I don't go away that often.
Yes, you do.
Yeah, you kind of do, Julia.
Guys, I'm so sorry.
Mommy has a very important job.
I still don't understand what you do.
She helps keep people safe.
- Like me?
- Yeah, just like you.
- Thanks, Mommy. I love you.
- I love you too, sugar bear.
- Mrs. Foster.
- Hey, Jack.
- So where are you heading now?
- You know I can't tell you that.
Well, I thought maybe
you would slip up just once.
I love you guys.
We love you too.
How long are you going to be gone
this time?
One week. Hey.
I'm sorry.
Hey, it's what I signed up for.
It's all a part of being married
to an FBI agent.
You know, I've been thinking
about maybe asking some
of the younger agents
to cover my field work.
And I could do a little bit more work
from home.
- Do you think they can handle the job?
- I think it's worth a chance.
Well, let's talk about it
when you get back.
In the meantime, you go about protecting
whoever it is that you're protecting
and just make sure
you come home safely, okay?
Yeah, I will.
You know, I'm gonna go
to some pretty cool countries.
You want me to bring you back anything?
- Coffee.
- Coffee?
Yeah, you and Daddy drink it
all the time. So it must be good.
Coffee is not for kids, silly.
Not even a little bit.
- How about a doll?
- No.
I want coffee.
Coffee, okay. Coffee it is.
I love you.
- I love you.
- Love you too.
- Thanks.
- I'll get this.
Bye, Mommy. I love you.
I love you.
Be safe.
- Right, you okay? Huh?
- Yes.
All right. Thank you.
The rain is starting to come down.
Can you believe this?
I miss Mommy already.
I... I know. I miss Mommy too,
but you and I are going to have
so much fun
and Mommy will be back
before you know it, right?
- Yeah.
- All right.
Oh my goodness.
Oh my goodness.
This is so cool.
Oh my goodness.
And you're sure you're not spoiling her?
No, I'm giving her autonomy.
Do you know how much time
that's gonna save us?
I know, but a brand new car?
A new car's a safe car.
That's true
but, you know, she's been a little...
Not today, babe.
I love that little girl.
I'd do anything for her.
You know she's had a rough time.
Thank you, thank you, Mom.
Of course, baby.
- Thanks, Daniel.
- Happy birthday, kiddo.
- It's beautiful.
- Good.
It's beautiful.
It's a car. It's dangerous. Okay.
So smart and safe.
- Smart and safe...
- I got you.
- I promise.
- All right.
You know, Abbey, just one more time.
Just to make sure you hear me.
Smart and safe.
Mom, I promise.
So can I drive it?
- It's her car.
- It is.
Kids, guys, one at a time, just
around the block and back, all right?
And no distractions or radio,
nothing like that, all right?
Smart and safe.
Yeah, I got you.
Maybe I can take you on that date now.
In my new car? I don't think so.
- Well, why not?
- Grow up, Bobby.
If you wanna take me on a date,
you have to get your own car first.
My parents aren't nearly that cool.
- Janelle, wanna go?
- Yeah, let's go.
Let's go.
- So are we having cake or what?
- And ice cream.
Cake and ice cream.
Come on, let's eat it all
before the girls get back!
- Ready?
- Okay, yes, let's go.
Here we go.
Daniel, please tell them to stop.
Oh, come on, Abbey, it was an accident.
Really? An accident?
You always defend them.
I don't always defend them.
All right, guys, come back
and say you're sorry.
By referring to it as an accident,
you're trivializing what they did.
Hey, watch your tongue please.
Now you're defending him?
Does it ever stop? Can you see
what I've had to put up with
ever since they moved in?
Can't you guys see
that you always gang up on me?
All the time?
Why are you living
in the same house together?
Can't you wait until
I go away to college?
You know what?
You keep talking with that tone,
you're not gonna go to college.
I don't believe that.
I'm sure you and Daniel can't wait
until I go away to college.
In fact, you probably bought me the car
so you won't have to see me as much.
Seriously? That's ridiculous.
Come on, Mom. Don't be a hypocrite.
Don't you dare talk to your mother
like that!
Don't you dare talk to me
that way! Okay?
You're not my father.
In fact, you should stay out of anything
that relates to my mother.
Okay, you know what, Janelle?
I think it's time for you to go home.
No, Janelle needs to see
that it's not an all as perfect
as it appears from the outside.
Abbey! You are out of line!
I'm out of line?
Look what you've done to us.
You brought him
and you brought his two little brats
into our house
and ruined everything!
You know what, Abbey?
You told me that you liked Daniel.
You told me
that you wanted me to be happy.
But what about my happiness?
Didn't you ever think about me?
I always think about you.
No, you don't.
- I thought this was the right decision.
- It's not.
Come on, Janelle.
She's a teenager, right?
I mean, she just has a chemical imbalance.
I knew we should have waited
until she went away to college
to get married.
No. No, we did the right thing. We did.
She just has to learn
to be more understanding.
That's the understatement
of the century.
- Happy birthday.
- Yeah.
Happy birthday.
Let's go clean up.
I hate my life.
I feel really uncomfortable.
I think I should get going.
Do you see what they did?
They gang up on me like that
all of the time.
- What are you doing?
- I need to talk to Gavin.
- He doesn't even know you.
- How can you say that?
I've talked to him every day
for the last two years.
Yeah, by email.
You don't really know him.
Okay, did Romeo and Juliet
really know each other
before they finally got together?
- Well...
- Exactly.
So why haven't you met him yet?
Because he thought
I wasn't old enough yet.
He wanted to wait.
Wait until when?
Until I'm 16.
Why 16?
16 is when I can drive and come see him.
Well, I don't get it. If he's 23,
why can't he come to see you?
Because I'm a minor, you know?
It's illegal.
Well, he can still get arrested
if he comes out here
or you go to... Where is he again?
- He was in Prescott, Arizona.
- Where's that?
It's a farm town west of Phoenix.
You're Internet dating a farmer?
He's not a farmer. He's a cop.
Well, he can still go to jail
for being with a minor.
If I'm emancipated, there's no problem.
Okay, emanci-what?
It means that I'm legally separated
from my mother
and then I'm no longer a minor
in the eyes of the law.
Oh, I bet Gavin figured that one out.
You know what? He did.
So what?
Just it's a lot of work to go through
just to see some guy you don't even know.
Okay, I do know him.
You know, I know everything about him.
I haven't met another guy
like him before.
I don't know.
I think Bobby Evans is pretty cute.
Bobby Evans is 17 years old, okay?
He's a kid.
Gavin's a man.
Gavin's traveled
the entire world already.
Gavin... Gavin knows me.
He understands me.
I don't know.
It just doesn't seem right to me.
That's okay.
Because you haven't experienced
anything like this before.
You know what, when you do,
you'll completely understand.
Abbey, we need to talk.
There's nothing to talk about.
There's a lot to talk about, honey.
Just come out here
and let's have a conversation
face to face.
Like when? To tell me that I'm wrong?
I'm not gonna be happy
until he's out of this house.
He's not going anywhere.
Honey, we're family now.
Just come out here
and let's talk like families do.
- Okay, he is not my family.
- Abbey.
Okay, there's nothing more
to talk about.
- Please leave me alone.
- Fine.
Tonight? They'll take your car away.
Not if I'm in Arizona.
Abbey, please think clearly.
You don't know this guy.
I do know him.
Like, how could you say that?
I'm just trying to be a good friend.
You know, I'm not looking for someone
to play devil's advocate, okay?
Friends do not do that.
You're wrong.
That's what friends are supposed to do.
Not the friends I want in my life.
Fine. I'm out of here.
- Don't you dare tell your mother.
- Really?
That's how you talk to your best friend?
Real cool, Abbey.
I don't know what's gotten into you
but I don't like it.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Come on, honey.
She's 16.
She's just going through a phase.
No, she's not just 16.
She's been traumatized.
Well, I know.
But she still has to be respectful
to you, me and the kids.
I know.
I just want you to truly understand,
you know,
what it was that she went through.
I get it.
I'm sorry, but from what
you've told me about Lucas,
I think he would want
you both to move on.
It's been 10 years.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
I just feel like such a bad mom,
you know?
She's so angry and she's hurting and
I just feel like this is all my fault.
Well, I'm sure smarter people
than I am have told you
it's not your fault, honey.
But by the same token,
we can't be tormented by this
every time there's an issue,
and I'm sorry if "torment"
is too strong a word...
Well, that's debatable.
Well, yeah, yeah, because, you know,
she rules this house.
She does whatever she wants to do
and all I'm saying about that
is that maybe it's time to exact
a little more control over her
before things
get completely out of hand.
Now, you've just given her
some serious autonomy
so maybe along with that,
some new rules and boundaries, yeah?
Mind, she's a teenager.
You remember what that feels like?
Yeah, I mean, her hormones are raging,
her emotions are scattered,
and now she's got this whole new sense
of independence. It's a lot.
You're right.
I'm gonna let her cool off tonight
and I'll talk to her in the morning.
Good idea.
I tell you what,
why don't we get a good night's sleep
because I'm sure
everything's gonna look a lot better
- in the morning.
- Hope so.
Listen, please.
Don't ever let me hear you say
you're a bad mother again,
because that's not true.
Come on.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
I miss you.
Abbey, this isn't funny.
She left last night.
She... she's gone.
She's gone. Mom!
She's gone.
- Who's gone?
- Abbey.
She's not here and her car's gone.
- Did you see when she left?
- No.
Did you see when she left?
Last night.
- So why didn't you say anything?
- Brandon?
Because I wanted her gone.
All she ever does is cause trouble.
Oh, she probably just went
to Janelle's house.
I hope so.
All right.
No, Mommy, wait.
Now what's this?
Here it is.
"Mom, I'm fine. Don't worry about me."
"I'm just visiting a friend.
I'll be back soon. I love you, Abbey."
Damn it. Why is she doing this?
All right. Anybody know her password?
- Oh, try I-H-A-T-E-M-Y-F-A...
- I hate my family. Really?
Not funny. Really.
- Does anyone know her password?
- It could be anything, honey.
- Maybe Janelle knows it.
- Good.
- Where are you going?
- I'm going to Janelle's.
All right, I'll call the police.
I can't. They won't do anything.
It's too soon.
Well, what about your friends
at the FBI, honey?
Martin, Missing Persons, owes me.
You're right.
I'm gonna be happy.
All I know is that his name is Gavin
and he lives in Arizona.
How long has she known this boy?
He's not a boy.
He's 23 years old.
You're kidding? Twenty-three years old?
- Julia.
- What? What?
Our daughter just ran away to Arizona
to be with a 23-year-old man.
They've had an online relationship
for two years.
Okay, that's just impossible.
Well, no disrespect, Mrs. Foster,
but Abbey has a computer in her bedroom,
a laptop and a cell phone.
Not unless you've been monitoring
her activity every second of the day,
would you have any idea
what she's up to.
Okay, well, that's the end
of your privacy, young lady.
Janelle, do you...
Do you know Abbey's password?
Janelle, your friend can be in danger.
This is not the time to keep secrets.
You need to tell us everything
that you know.
I don't know her Chatter password
but I do know her email password.
Okay, but that's not gonna help us.
Didn't she only communicate with him
on chatterama.com?
Yes, but I have a trick.
Follow me to my bedroom.
No, no, no, no.
You just go get your laptop.
That's right.
No more laptop in the bedroom.
You go get it
and you bring it in the kitchen.
All that you do is enter email address
and attempt to enter a password.
Then, you see it asks
if you forgot her password
so you click that and it tells you
to check your email
to change her password,
so then I go to her email and
there it is.
An email from chatterama.com
that will link to an option
to change her password.
But now Abbey won't be able
to get into her Chatter page.
Well, what if she needs it
while she's gone?
Nobody needs social media.
New invention called the phone.
She can use that.
So what's her new password?
Runaway, with a capital "R."
Well, no one's gonna forget that.
So now I navigate back
to Chatterama.com,
enter email address
and new password and, voila.
We're in.
Gavin Brown, is that his name?
And looks like a nice kid.
He's not a kid. He's a grown man.
And he's a police officer.
What's a 23-year-old cop doing
with an 11th grader?
I don't know.
Oh, I can't believe she was doing this
all behind my back. I...
Is her life that miserable that
she had to live some false existence?
Well, it wasn't false to her
and now that's she there,
it's all too real.
Honey, you've gotta get on the phone
with Martin immediately and find her.
Who knows what this guy's motives are.
You know, do me a favor.
Just go to the most recent messages.
He's gotta have given her some address
or something, right?
There, Prescott, Arizona.
Looks like a restaurant.
Well, at least they're meeting
in a public place.
- I gotta get on the next plane.
- I'll take you to the airport.
Thank you.
Thank you. Thank you.
Martin can set a plane up
for you, right?
- Yeah, of course.
- Okay.
That's so weird. What...
What the hell's going on?
So you're telling me
there's no Gavin Brown
working at the Arizona
Police Department?
Well, there were a few Browns
but no Gavins.
Can you get into her Chatter account?
Oh, come on now, Julia.
You know our tentacles don't go that deep.
So the NSA can record
Germany's prime minister's conversations
but we can't get
into any social media sites?
Yeah, that's right.
Oh, that's insane.
Yeah, well, those Silicone Valley guys
have more money than us
so we can't even win in court.
Look, I'll tell you what, I'll...
I'll contact the San Jose office,
see if they can help out.
Call me back if you find anything out.
Thank you.
You sure we're not over-reacting?
We don't even know the whole story yet.
He is impersonating a police officer.
That's bad.
She's 16 years old.
I didn't even give her permission
to go down to the market,
much less Arizona.
No, we're not over-reacting.
- Okay.
- Definitely not.
- Have you heard from Daniel?
- No.
What about my mother?
I haven't heard from them
but I'm sure your mom
is worried sick about you.
- You should really come back home.
- I don't think so.
Because she doesn't care about me.
Gavin cares about me.
Abbey, how do you know if
anything this guy has told you is true?
Why would someone lie like that?
Are you really that stupid?
Okay, yeah.
Yeah, I guess I am.
You're a pretty 16-year-old girl.
He wants his way with you.
You're just jealous
because you don't have a boyfriend.
No, I'm not.
I'm perfectly happy.
What's wrong with you that you have
to drive all the way out to Arizona
- to meet a guy?
- Meet a guy?
I know him, okay?
I know everything about him.
We've talked every day
for the last two years.
Then why hasn't he come out to see you?
Why are you driving all the way out
to Arizona?
He has a job.
He can't just pick up and go.
Really? That doesn't make sense.
None of this sounds right.
Please just turn your car around
and come home.
You know what?
I don't need this from you.
No, you don't.
Okay, I'm hanging up.
- Goodbye.
- Abbey.
What's wrong?
You look so much different
than your pictures.
Different how?
You look older.
I mean, my profile picture was
just taken a few weeks ago.
I don't know, I just...
I didn't expect you to look so different.
See, this is why we're perfect
for each other.
This is why we're amazing.
We have this relationship that's based
on so much more than just looks.
I've had the opportunity
to fall in love with your mind.
And you being gorgeous
- is just icing on the cake.
- Yeah, you're right.
You could literally have
the floppiest ears, the biggest nose
and it wouldn't even matter
because I've already fallen in love
with the beautiful person that you are.
I'm sorry, Gavin.
Hm, don't be.
You're so right.
Not yet.
Why not?
This isn't the right place
for our first kiss.
- It... it's not?
- No.
I imagined someplace epic.
Someplace beautiful, you know?
Not the porch of an old restaurant.
- Old guys staring at us with dogs.
- Yeah.
But I have the biggest day
planned for us.
So let's get going.
And then we'll end the end of the night
with some dinner
at the ranch and some wine.
- Wine?
- Yeah, wine.
You are a grown mature capable woman.
Surely you can handle
a little bit of wine?
- Of course I can.
- Of course you can.
So where's your car?
Oh, they don't let me use the patrol car
when I'm off duty.
Oh, okay.
- Do you wanna use mine?
- Do you mind?
- Do you wanna drive?
- Do you want me to drive?
- Yeah.
- Then I can drive.
Let's go.
Hey, sleepy head.
I'm not sleepy.
- No?
- No.
Well, you drove all night.
You must be tired.
I can't believe I'm here
and we're finally together.
Well, what did I tell you?
The moment you turned 16,
we could finally be together.
And here we are.
You know that moment
when Romeo first meets Juliet?
- Yeah.
- That's how I feel right now.
I feel like we were
in this expansive room
and I'm watching you from afar
and now, suddenly, we're close.
And pretty soon, I'll kiss you.
Okay, that's so romantic.
It's just what I feel, you know?
I know, but you always used to say,
like, write how you feel.
But I have to think about it.
You can just come out and say it
with such perfection.
Well, I do have a few years on you.
Hm, okay, that's true.
And you, you are so wise
beyond your 16 years.
I swear, you have the beauty
and a mind of a woman, not a child.
That's what fascinates me about you.
- So where are we going?
- You will just have to wait and see.
- Do you like country music?
- Yeah, okay.
Ever since you sent me those songs,
it's all I've been listening to.
- I knew you'd like it.
- Yeah, I do.
Well, listen to this one. Relax, okay?
Take a nap.
Hey there, sleeping beauty.
You were really knocked out there
for a minute.
Well, I stopped and I got you some food.
- Yes, I am starving.
- Yeah, I figured as much.
Oh, fries.
You love me. You know me so well.
You sent me pictures of this view, huh?
That's right.
Yes, it's one of my favorite places.
I spend a lot of time here.
You know, just writing, thinking.
- It's beautiful.
- Just like you.
It makes quite the backdrop
for our first kiss, huh?
You okay?
Yeah, I'm just...
- I'm just nervous.
- Nerves are good.
Yeah, they mean that you care.
And that you're excited.
- Are you nervous?
- I am so nervous with excitement.
Because I've been waiting
for this moment for two years.
Yeah, me too.
So okay?
All right.
- Thanks for asking.
- Of course.
Why are you stopping?
What's wrong?
We should probably take this
somewhere a little more private.
How are you doing there, young lady?
Look at you.
- Hey, old man.
- Hey.
I'm tired but feeling good.
- How are you doing?
- Been better.
Yeah. You all right?
Let's go.
Now let's do what you came to do.
So what brings you to Prescott?
I got a feeling
there's more to the story.
Got a feeling you're not just down
on a little hunting trip.
It's my daughter, Abbey.
She has been talking to this guy online
for two years.
I had no idea.
She turned 16 and jumps in the car
to go meet him.
She must really be in love with him.
She's 16.
She doesn't know anything about love.
Besides, I have a feeling there's
something more sinister going on.
- Sinister?
- Yup.
That's a strong word.
He's 23.
You sure you don't wanna
maybe just break his legs?
That's why I'm here.
Yeah, well, you can do
a hell of a lot more
with what I brought you.
Oh, great. Check it out.
- Is that what you're looking for?
- That's exactly what I'm looking for.
- Do you have the rifle?
- Yeah.
That's in the bag too.
Then you got all your ammo is in the case.
You got an M15 back there.
Do you really need to pack
this much heat?
It's better to be safe
than sorry, right?
Tell you something, Julia.
Ever since I retired from the agency,
life has been great.
The biggest trouble I've got
is maybe fixing a leaky roof
or a broken fan belt.
Well, I'm glad to hear that, Morty,
but trouble seems to follow me.
Yeah? Well, don't use any of that
unless you have to.
Because I need somebody
to take care of me in my old age.
Okay? I'm meeting a buddy of mine
at Ed's Diner
so you borrow my truck
and I'll have my buddy
give me a ride home.
All right. Here it is.
All right.
You sure about this?
I'm happy to help you any time, okay?
You ever need anything, you call me.
All right. Thank you.
No. No, you don't thank me. I thank you.
You're the one that saved my life,
Yeah, well, it was part of the job.
Yeah, not everybody does their job
the way you do.
- I'm forever grateful, all right?
- Yeah.
So enough of the sappy stuff.
You got my truck.
I'd like to get it back
without any bullet holes.
- You need anything, you call me.
- Deal.
Thank you.
You won't believe this.
I can believe anything right now.
So we were able to extrude
some information
based off the sites and passwords
you gave us, right?
And it appears that Gavin Brown
had been logging
into his chatterama.com account
from... Are you ready for this?
At this point,
I prepared myself for anything.
From inside of the Arizona State
Correctional Institution.
Great. My daughter is with a convict.
Were you expecting anything different?
But here's the thing.
There hasn't been any activity
on the account for the past month,
and now she's planning on meeting with him
so it appears that he's been let out.
How did he have access from prison?
Sadly, these prisoners get access
to their social media
from prison libraries,
cell phones being smuggled in,
guards giving them access.
You name it, they'll find a way.
Now, this is a standard ruse
these prisoners run
in order to get a girlfriend
while they're in jail
and have someone to see
when they get out.
But how did he find her specifically?
Probably by random.
You know, what these guys do
is they send out their feelers
to hundreds of young girls, right?
It's called catfishing.
Now, all it takes
is for just one of them to bite.
Well, she bit all right.
Where should I start looking?
Well, I would start
with their original meeting point
at the restaurant in Prescott.
In the meantime, I'll go
through some of the prison's videos
and mugshots,
cross-reference it with his photos.
Thanks, Martin.
Hey, Julia.
Listen, this is
your daughter, all right?
There's nothing more important.
Thank you.
How'd you become such a good kisser?
I don't know.
I haven't had much practice.
Well, you got great instincts.
It looks so peaceful.
There's a lot of character.
I bet there's a lot
of family history here.
My mother was actually born
in this house.
I bet you played right on the steps.
You're very intuitive.
I actually spent a lot of hours
playing with my father here.
Do I get to meet your parents?
I don't even know anything about them.
Unfortunately, they're no longer around.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I guess, that's why you never talked
about them.
What happened?
- My father was killed.
- Killed?
Was he in the military?
Something like that.
He was actually murdered
in the line of duty by his own partner.
- Was it an accident?
- No.
Definitely not an accident.
I'm so sorry.
And then my mother died
a couple of years later.
How'd she die?
Hm, she was diagnosed with cancer
but I think that she died
of a broken heart.
That's so sad.
I'm so sorry, Gavin.
Yeah, it was a long time ago.
It's funny, though, how that stuff
never seems to leave you.
Trust me...
I know.
My father was murdered
when I was just 6 years old.
You never told me that.
I was afraid to.
I thought you might not like me.
That's silly.
That's so...
I gotta be honest.
That's exactly what I thought.
That's why I was always Mr. Inspiring
and Mr. Optimistic,
because I didn't want you to think
I was a depressing person.
I'm sorry you had to deal
with all the stories of teenage angst.
No, no, no. I liked it.
I like being able to help you.
Well, you did.
You did because if it wasn't for you,
I don't think I would have gotten
through the last couple of years.
When my mom married Daniel
and my dad died, it was devastating.
Devastating and when my mom
married Daniel it was like...
It was like the dagger going straight
through my heart.
How did your father die?
Do you really wanna know?
I wanna know everything about you.
It was 10 years ago,
and I remember everything so clearly
like it was yesterday.
My dad and I brought my mom
to the airport
because she had a business trip.
Oh my God.
- Are you okay?
- Yeah, I guess so.
God. Daddy's gotta go talk
to this guy, okay?
It's okay. No, no, it's okay.
I'll be right back.
I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry.
I'll be right back, okay?
Look, you can see me right
through the window.
Well, in just a second.
Sit tight. I'll be right back.
Okay? All right.
Just stay there. Be right back.
What are you doing, man?
You slammed on your brakes.
I got, okay, I got my card.
Here's my driver's license.
I need to get my registration
out of my car, okay?
Wake up, Daddy.
Where are we?
We're inside his van.
Who are you?
Why are you doing this?
Did he hurt you?
Are you all right?
I thought you were dead.
Oh, Daddy's fine
and I'm gonna be all right, okay?
Listen, we gotta get out of this van,
all right?
I promise you
it's gonna be all right, okay?
Run, Abbey, run!
Run and hide! Run!
Run hard!
Don't leave me!
I'm so sorry.
My father was found in the woods,
bound and gagged
and shot right in the head.
- Who could do such a thing?
- Only an animal could do that.
My mom and I had
a really close relationship
before she married Daniel.
She married him just like that?
Must have been very insensitive of her.
Oh, yeah, it was insensitive.
You know, he came right in
and tried to control everything
and on top of that,
his two kids are brats.
Well, you don't have to worry
about that anymore.
And why is that?
Because you have me.
How'd I get so lucky?
We were just meant to be.
- Hey.
- What?
Let's check out the inside.
Get over here. Come on.
Would you guys be okay
with peanut butter and jelly?
We had it for lunch.
Oh, it's Mom.
So don't say anything
about sitting on the counter, okay?
Hey, honey, you okay?
Hey, don't worry about me, okay?
Just keep monitoring the phones
and contact all of her friends.
Just tell them if she contacts them,
to call you immediately, all right?
Okay, I will.
- I love you.
- I love you too.
- And Daniel?
- Yeah?
Look, keep the kids close,
and don't go to any public places
right now, all right?
I don't understand. Why, Julia?
Just a safety precaution.
Okay, I'll be careful.
You be careful too.
Okay, yeah.
Did you save some cookies for me?
How about cookies for
dinner instead? Really?
Hello. How can I help you?
I'm looking for a guy named Gavin Brown.
I don't know him.
Are you sure?
I've worked here for five years.
I would know.
Look, here's some pictures.
Maybe that'll help.
Let me see those pictures.
I could swear he was in here
this morning with a young girl.
Was it this girl?
Could be. That looks like her.
Are they in trouble?
This is my daughter
and she ran away to be with him
so, yes, they are in trouble.
- Well, I saw them leave in a red car.
- Right.
- Did you see where they went?
- No.
They talked outside for a little while
and then they took off together.
I didn't see them drive off
but they weren't on the sidewalk
for too long.
You know, here's my card.
Call me if you think of anything
or if they come back in, okay?
Of course.
I've got a daughter too. I understand.
Ma'am. Hey, ma'am.
I might be able to help you.
I appreciate the help.
That man you were looking for.
He was definitely here today.
- Was he?
- Yup.
He met with your daughter here
just a couple hours ago.
Gavin Brown?
Oh, that... That ain't his name.
What? What do you mean?
His name is Wesley Sherman.
- Are you sure?
- Yeah, I'm sure.
Known him since middle school.
That boy has always been up to no good.
I never liked him.
He's always just a big bully.
Did you know him too?
I might have known his father.
Yeah, he wasn't so nice either.
He was an ex-cop.
Word around town is he was killed
in the line of duty.
- Did you know him?
- No, I guess I didn't.
How do I find Wesley Sherman?
I think he lives alone on a ranch out
toward Sweet.
Right at the intersection of Highway 52
and the Sweet Alder Highway.
You can't miss it.
- Ain't nothing else out there.
- Thanks.
Hey, ma'am?
Be careful out there.
That boy has got lots of guns.
He's also got my little girl.
- Julia?
- Martin?
Hey, I still haven't found anything.
Did Wesley Sherman have a son?
I don't know.
I think he had a few children. Why?
Did he name his oldest son
Wesley Junior?
I mean, honestly,
that case has been so long ago
but, yeah,
I remember something like that. Why?
This is gonna sound crazy
but I think Wesley Junior killed Lucas,
and I think he's got Abbey.
Oh, no.
Bingo. There's a Wesley Sherman Junior
at 3003 Capteer Road over in Prescott.
It's on the other side of Prescott,
damn it.
Thanks. Bye.
Thanks, Jed. I have no problem
to kept her busy for a while.
Who was that?
It was a buddy of mine.
He wanted to know
if I wanted to go out tonight
but I told him I had much better plans.
- Hi.
- Hey.
God, you're beautiful.
I can't believe I'm with you right now.
Not yet.
Not yet.
Because it's too soon.
It's not too soon. I've been waiting
for this moment for two years.
I wanna make love to you. I do.
Okay, it's just... No.
I haven't done it before.
Yeah. Yeah, okay.
I'm gonna be really gentle with you.
I don't know.
I don't know. I don't know.
Why don't you stop thinking for a second
and just kiss me.
Feel the moment.
And it'll just happen, okay?
Trust me, I have a lot of experience here
and I'm gonna make you feel safe.
What about protection?
We don't... We don't need protection,
and you can't get pregnant
on the first time.
I can't?
No, of course not.
It's just an old wives' tale.
Is it really?
Yes, really.
Hey, what about diseases?
- Do you have any diseases?
- No.
Okay, neither do I.
Can you not destroy the moment?
Please be gentle.
I will.
This is... Is this your room?
Of course it is.
Then who's Wesley?
- Wesley?
- Yeah.
I see the name Wesley
all over this room.
Yeah, my dad's name was Wesley.
But why would your dad's name
be all over your room?
Because it is.
Is it really that big of a deal?
Please stop.
Because it's too soon.
I don't feel comfortable.
Maybe this is a bad idea.
No, no. It wasn't.
I'm just not ready to have sex yet.
If you're not ready to have sex, then
you're not ready for a relationship.
No, no, no.
Just give me some time, okay?
I'm a... I'm a girl.
I like to take things slow.
There's no rush, Gavin.
Can you just be gentle with me
and I promise in time we'll make love.
I love you. And I don't...
And I don't want to hurt our chances
of being together forever.
Yeah, I'm sorry. I hadn't...
I just can't believe
that you're here right now.
Where'd you go?
- Hey.
- Hey, what time is it?
- It's 11.
- Wow. I slept for a long time, huh?
Guess the drive really exhausted you.
Yeah, I'm not used
to staying up all night.
What are you doing?
Just getting a little work done.
Why don't you stay asleep
a little longer?
And I'll be in, in a bit.
- What are you doing?
- Nothing.
Going through my wallet isn't nothing.
- You're dressed.
- Yeah, it's cold.
Mm, it's cold?
Yeah, I'm curious about something.
- What's that?
- About who Wesley is.
I already told you,
Wesley's my father's name.
Then why does
your driver's license say "Wesley"
and why did you text my mother?
Do I really have to point it out to you?
You don't have to say anything.
But I want you to.
I want you to feel like
you can be honest with me.
- But I am being honest.
- No, you're not.
Your name's Gavin
and your driver's license says Wesley.
You know everything about me
and I'm beginning to feel like
you're not who you say you are.
Well, who could I be?
I don't know.
But you're not Gavin.
Okay, you got me. I'm not.
Gavin Brown is an alias
that I came up with
for my Chatter page, all right?
I didn't like my old name
so I changed it.
I used to be Wesley Sherman
but now, I am Gavin.
Is there anything wrong with that?
- What are you hiding from?
- My past.
Okay, after my father was murdered,
I was put into foster homes,
and I went from foster home
to foster home.
And I was abused,
mentally and physically.
Now, I'm opening up to you
and you're being so insensitive.
Why do you have a letter
from the Arizona Department
of Correctional Administration?
- Really?
- Yeah.
Abbey, we all make mistakes
all right? So I made a couple
of mistakes when I was young
and I got in trouble,
and now they keep tabs on me, all right?
- I'm not perfect. We are not perfect.
- Okay, I know.
But I came here thinking one thing
and now it's changing.
What is changing?
I'm the same person
that's been messaging you
for the last two years.
How do I know that?
It's just a chance
you're gonna have to take.
I mean, that's the nature of love.
One person falls in love with another
and they end up going out on a ride
that they can only hope ends happily.
All right.
Hey, I love you.
And we were meant to be together.
Age, name, places,
none of that stuff matters.
All that matters is that
we were two people
searching for the same thing,
and we found it in each other.
Just don't push me like that.
Or you'll do what?
Well, I'll have to tell you the truth.
The truth about what?
I said don't push me.
- Come on.
- No, okay.
Look, what are you not telling me?
Do you have any secrets?
Do you have a family
that you're not telling me about?
Do you have a girlfriend?
Are you a murderer?
Why did you go to jail?
You told me that you loved me.
Why are you acting like this?
Trying to explain.
This is familiar, isn't it?
Please, no!
No! No, no, no!
No, no! No!
That's a very nice try, Abbey.
Did you text somebody?
- No!
- No?
Well, then, who could that be?
"Don't worry, sweetie,
I will be there soon."
Does that comfort you?
What is going on?
Who are you?
It's not time yet.
What are you... Wasn't time for what?
It is not time for you to know who I am.
Don't worry, pretty soon you
and your mom will know exactly who I am.
What the hell are you talking about?
What the hell are you talking about?
Morty, call the police right now.
Tell them to meet me
with a large force at Lincoln Mine.
You all right?
No, I'm in pursuit of Wesley Sherman.
He's got Abbey.
You got it.
You killed my father.
Oh my God, how can you do
something like that?
Stupid naive little girl,
I've been planning this
ever since that day you got away.
Do you not remember?
Run, Abbey, run! Run and hide.
Run! Run! Hide!
- Hey. You are gonna get us killed.
- What's the difference?
You're gonna kill me anyways.
Yeah, well, that was the plan.
But now I haven't decided yet.
See, now that Mommy's in town,
I'm thinking maybe I'll kill her
and let you live without parents
just like I had to.
What are you talking about?
Abbey. You're not paying attention.
Your mother murdered my father.
What? What?
Your mother and my father
were on the force together.
Your mother went rogue
and murdered my father.
My mom would never
do anything like that.
No? Then why did she marry Daniel
right after your father died?
"After my father died." You killed him.
Finally, a little quiet.
No, no... I've no idea
what's going on that time.
Let her go.
Look, we don't need
to get anybody else involved, okay?
I just want my daughter back.
Look, I know this is about the revenge
of your father's death
but you don't know the truth.
He was a good guy.
He was my partner, but he let
the money get the best of him.
He went bad.
We were chasing a suspect.
FBI. Freeze.
FBI! Stop!
Back-up's on the way.
Make it easy on yourself.
- Julia?
- You got it?
I got him. Put your gun down.
Where is he?
- He's not cuffed, Wesley.
- Put down your gun.
- What the hell are you doing?
- We're letting him go.
- What the hell are you talking about?
- Put down your gun now!
I'm your superior.
I don't take commands from you.
Cuff him now, Wesley.
I'm sorry, Julia.
It's not gonna happen.
You've gone bad.
Shoot her, man. She ain't nothing.
Calm down.
- I'm not gonna shoot her.
- You don't shoot her, we both go to jail.
- There is no other option.
- There's an option.
Cuff him now.
Cuff him now, we'll work it out, okay?
- Shoot her, Wesley!
- I'm not gonna shoot her.
- Shoot her!
- I'm not gonna shoot her.
Don't do this.
Suspect fired his gun.
I had no choice.
Two of the bullets hit your father.
No, no. That's not what happened.
You killed my husband.
You killed the father of my child.
How much hurt
do you wanna create, Wesley?
The world, Julia.
I wanna create the same world of hurt
that you caused my family the day
that you murdered my father.
I had no choice.
You're lying!
Damn it. Okay.
It's time.
Get up.
- Won't you say "Hi Mom."
- It's okay, baby.
- It's okay.
- Come on.
You hear that?
It's gonna be okay, sweetie.
I want you to watch your daughter die.
I want you to suffer the way
that you made me suffer.
We have suffered for 10 years.
We will suffer
for the rest of our lives.
- Is that enough?
- Almost.
No, Gavin.
Please, stop.
My name's not Gavin.
Have you not been listening?
No, no, no. No, to me, you're Gavin.
I know underneath all this rage,
you're a beautiful man.
Don't be so naive.
Gavin was created for the sole purpose
of bringing the two of you here today.
I don't care.
All I know is that underneath
that you wouldn't have written
all those things
if you didn't have a heart.
Why don't you ask your mother?
If she had some heart.
On the day that she killed my father.
We can forgive you.
My mom and I understand the pain.
- You understand the pain?
- Yeah.
You have to stop this now,
Gavin, please.
You care about me.
I... No, I don't care about you.
You love me.
Oh, no, I don't love you.
- You love me!
- I do not love you!
- Help me.
- You killed my father.
You were gonna kill me.
I love you.
Go to hell.
- Freeze. FBI.
- Stand still.
- Guys, guns down.
- It's over.
It's over. Come on.
Hold on.
- You okay?
- Yeah.
You got one brave mom.
I promise I'll never go
on chatterama.com again.
You're not gonna go on any social media
for the rest of your life, okay?
Julia, you had me worried.
No, you know, she was brave.
No, I mean about my truck.
You're gonna need a new set
of wheels, though, for sure.
- No bullet holes?
- Yeah.
Well, it's gonna need a clean-up.
- Send me the bill.
- You got it.
I'll leave you guys alone.
Thanks, Morty.
Good work.
Thanks, Mom.
Of course.
- So how are we gonna get my car home?
- Your car?
You're officially grounded, like,
'til you're 40 years old.
Okay, but Mom, come on.
After what we just went through?
Okay, okay, okay, I guess you're right.
- Oh, yeah, I'm right.
- Yeah.
Oh, there's a few people that wanna say
"Hi" to you.
Oh, thanks, Mom.
I was worried sick about you.
I am so sorry, Janelle.
I promise I won't do anything
to hurt our friendship again.
- You promise?
- I promise.
- By the way, Bobby's here.
- No way. No boys until I'm 18.
How about never?
- Hi.
- Did you catch the bad guy?
Yeah, I always catch the bad guy.
We were so worried.
Don't worry about me.
I'll always be here for my family.
- Who wants cake and ice cream?
- Me.
- Me.
- Me.