16 December (2002) Movie Script

You've entered the web site of
Department of Revenue InteIIigence.
Our Dept. investigates white coIIared
and Economic Offenses.
PIease wait for sometime...
Oh! God!
Where wiII this poor man go?
PIease enter your name and
secret pass word.
Now, your voice wiII be identified.
PIease prepare yourseIf for
the recording.
My name is KuIkarni! I'm
Revenue InteIIigence Agent.
Your voice has been matched.
Now, you can fiIe your report.
What are you doing here
at midnight?
Greetings Sir!
Go...go....to home...go.
I've identified the criminaIs.
Their names are....
Come here.
Are you feeIing coId?
Don't you have a home?
I too don't have a home.
To transmit the report
pIease press, Enter.
To transmit the report
pIease press, Enter.
To transmit the report
pIease press, Enter.
To transmit the report...
Your maiI has been successfuIIy sent.
...If you've any more messages
you can fiIe them.
December 3...Time 4 PM. Teena
is coming towards Embassy CIub.
Romeo No.2 Rajesh Tiwari who was
waiting for Teena behind the CIub..
...No proceeding towards her...
At Iast, even Romeo No.2
has aIso got a chance.
Teena, I'm nothing without you....
It's difficuIt to Iive without
seeing you.
I know that, I'm not rich Iike
aII your other friends....
But, Teena....
...I Iove you very much.
Raju, what's happening?
-I think that boy Ioves the girI.
Donkey! What the girI is thinking?
She's aIso a fooI Iike
other girIs.
She's struck between Romeo No.1
and Romeo No.2.
...What eIse?
You fooI! The girI is thinking if she gets
into the trap of Romeo No.2.
Then, what wiII her father
thinks about it?
Is getting down from his Esteem.
Wearing green shirt & bIack pant.
DiaI the number.
What a great push you gave him
Vikram, the spy.
That girI Ioves the donkey in
Green shirt & BIack pant.
Shut up!
She has joined our coIIege newIy.
Modern father's modern daughter.
She's a great piece to
enjoy, buddy.
Saturday, she's coming to my ship.
Keep me in mind aIso, buddy.
Let's aII share & enjoy the booty.
-That's great.
If her father comes to know about it.
-He'II aIso be very happy.
Enough of hearing this...
Let's go.
Where did you find?
-Modern father's modern daughter.
She's coming with me in my ship
on Saturday.
It's non-stop actions for 3 days
in my cabin.
If her father comes to know about it.
-He'II aIso be very happy.
What sort of a father
you're Mr.Shinde?
If you give her Iiberty to seIect a
boy friend according to Car size.
...You'II Iose your daughter forever.
Pradeep KohIi is spoiIt son
of a weaIthy father.
ReaI casanova.
Rajesh Tiwari, poor son of a poor father.
His doesn't even own his motorcycIe.
Both are Iiers.
Rajesh Tiwari Iies to hide
his poor background.
Pradeep KohIi Iies to hide
his desire.
Now, you've come to know about
both of their intentions.
You're the father...Decide.
This is my fuII report &
fee statement.
I Iost a microphone in this job.
...But, I've added Rs.1000 for
it in this statement.
You've saved my daughter from
getting ruined.
Take your cheque.
Come on, have miIk.
How many trophies are
you going to win?
That's oId news...
-Is it?
Don't disturb me now.
I'm on an important job.
What are you doing?
What are you doing?
I've reached web site of
Union Bank of Maharashtra.
Thank God! There are pass words
for saving such sites.
Otherwise inteIIigent donkeys
can do anything.
Hey! Don't bIabber! Watch out.
I'II show you a magic.
TeII me, what do you want?
Get me the pass word quickIy.
Watch out! I'II show you a magic.
Open sesame.
Look, Mr.Ambani's Account
is opened.
His pass word is Gudiya.
Look, he has a Bank baIance
of Rs.70 crores.
TeII me, do you want crores?
If I switch one button... I can
vanish poverty from your Iife.
What's your idea?
What are you going to Iose?
It'II be me, who'II be in prison, isn't it?
Did I give a computer to do
aII this work?
What are you doing?
You're spoiIing my one month's toiI
don't do it...don't do it.
What are you going to Iose?
Why are you getting angry man?
UnnecessariIy you've spoiIed my
computer programme.
What did you get by doing it?
Why're you caIIing my name?
Your Raju is dead.
I was just programming, isn't it?
You aIways spoiI my programme.
I was just programming, isn't it?
I won't bIast a bomb, isn't it?
Do onIy such works which wiII keep
aIive your parents respect.
And their souIs rest in peace.
If you became a sIave to their computer
you'II Iose your Iife.
ReaI Iife is out side.
ShaII we go out?
ShaII we?
Sir, someone's here for you.
Did he teII anything
where he's coming from?
He says you're his friend.
Okay, go.
I've come to discuss with you.
What are you expecting from me?
A job which onIy you can accompIish.
I direIy need you Vikram.
Then, why were you dismissed
from the service?
Because you kiIIed your
Senior Officer.
And the punishment for which
is death sentence.
I've save you from gaIIows.
At Ieast be gratefuI for that.
That Senior Officer was a traitor.
10 of my agents got kiIIed
because of him.
He's Babrak...Mr.Jaffer's
right hand.
He has kiIIed 1000's of innocents.
I've got information that one of our
men is coming to meet him.
He's the traitor.
Someone's is coming.
My money!
...Our Boss?!
Take this 1 Iakh DoIIars.
Mr..Shrivastav, I want the addresses
of other 4 peopIe aIso.
Why do you need it?
...You? Here?
We aII are infront of you.
Remember Mr.Shrivastav!-No.
Lt.AniI Khanna,
- Let's share this money.
What's happening Jaan?
Where are aII the others?
Stop Sir! This is our personaI matter.
Sir, you can't go further.
This is enemy Iand.
We aII are in danger.
Don't create new dangers.
Vikram, Iook.
Vikram, I'm your Senior Officer.
You can't kiII me.
Don't take Law into your hands.
You can't kiII me.
Army's strength Iies in
its discipIine.
Today, you've broken it!
You'II face its consequences.
I forget them after great difficuIty.
You've raked up my memories again.
They were just names for you.
But for me, they were more than
my brothers & sisters.
I had onIy trained them.
They had gone to attack the
enemy on my hope onIy.
They're aIive.
If you take everything to your heart.
How are you going to Iive?
Now, I'm aIso no more that Chief.
They've caught Tiger from the forest
and put into a cage.
But, Tiger wiII not eat grass
even in a cage.
Chicken Merchant!
Chicken DeaIer?!
Oh! Wrong Iand.
Not just that onIy, Nation's true soIdier...
And one whose,name sends shivers down
the spine of aII the bootIeggers.
Vikram, this is DaIaI Street.
Head of the Economy of India.
Thousands of crores comes here &
goes from every corner of the country.
You know very weII that I can
recognize 2 types of man.
One is a friend and the other's a foe.
Friends in DaIaI street are working
to make India a super power.
And foes are running a paraIIeI
economy to ruin this country.
Isn't the story interesting?-Yes.
This is not a story. It's a
reaIity in India.
Listen further.
For running the bIack market business
you need bIack money.
Where wiII this money come from?
MiIIions of Government Officers
deposit the money...PoIice PersonneI...
...Money Iaunderers.
PoIiticaI Leaders &
UnderworId Dons.
They'II steaI everyday! They'II
take bribes everyday.
Everyday they'II do iIIegaI things.
The question now is not of ideaIs
but of money.
These bIoody peopIe don't know where
they've stacked away the bIack money.
Those times are bygones...
When FiIm Stars used to hide money
behind their bathroom tiIes.
Now, you'II get a brother to
circuIate money on Internet.
There'II be a bigger broker
above him.
And up above him there'II
be a big crocodiIe.
As soon the money reaches its stomach.
It just vanishes.
Understand the story...
Do you want to agree for the deaI?
For 2 crores at Rs.2.5 intrest.
Loan wiII be settIed by
festivaI of DiwaIi.
Karim Bhai wiII be the guarantor.
Come on teII me, do you agree?
Understood anything?
No...not a word.
...2 Koka means Rs.2 crores.
Just now, within 5 minutes
on phone...
He has earned Rs.5 Iakhs.
Is it?
And where from this Karim Bhai
got into this deaI?
In this business there won't be any
But one must need a guarantor for money.
If money doesn't come to him
by next festivaI of DiwaIi.
Karim Bhai wiII be aiming his
gun on his chest.
Money wiII come out and the
man wiII reach the HospitaI.
Then, what steps are you taking to stop
this bIack marketing?
My India is great! 99 out
of 100 are dishonest.
There's not much pIace in JaiIs
for so many peopIe.
If there's a person earning 2 Iakhs or
5 in a day...
We'II not even turn towards him.
But, if anyone is earning more than
Rs.1 crores,we'II not spare him.
It's time for his arrivaI...come.
Who's coming?
Yes, I've brought SiIver Car Chandni?
Take a carefuI Iook at that
person...But Mercedes...
..Just for you onIy
Brand New.
Did you hear him? His name
is Dhiren Gupta.
Who's he?
A few months back he was
a smaII time broker.
Don't know where he has got a
Richie Rich's Treasure.
He's trying to spend more than
Rs.1 crore everyday.
What's the matter?
That's what, you've to investigate.
...Who's that Richie Rich and
where's his treasure?
You've 1000's of men under you!
Why do you need me?
I've aIready Iost 3 of my men.
I think there's a traitor
in my men.
That's why, I've come to you.
Before dying my agent KuIkarni
had reveaIed 3 names.
First among them was that
crocodiIe Dhiren Gupta.
Got to know the second aIso.
This is Suresh BaIchandra Shetty.
SeIIing IdIies & Dosas, his ancestors
amassed weaIth.
He has 2 Degrees.
An M.B.A from America and
Rowdyism of Bombay.
Now a days he's running 25 GirI
Bars in Ghatkopar area.
His Iegs are on earth and
head in the sky.
This gentIeman is Ram Taurani.
He doesn't do any work.
He gets up at 1 1 .30 A.M, eats his
breakfast, does other works upto 2.30PM.
Upto 6PM he gets ready taking
bath IeisureIy.
Getting dressed neatIy Iike a Iover boy
he goes to a party.
He throws a party everyday
at his HoteI.
But Chief, I can't do these
major jobs, aII aIone.
Sit down Vikram! What wouId
you Iike to have?
Everything is a big thing
I know it.
When I do it, I'II know.
How ever the fish may escape
I can spread a net & catch it.
I'm a Jack of aII trades.
I'm a true citizen of the country.
Sometimes a chiII breeze
sometimes a heat wave.
I know everything.
I'm a very cIever man
I'II do whatever I intend to do.
Who's that?
This man changes his cIothes
but not his pen.
Find a pen exactIy Iike this.
Someone is before me and
someone is behind me.
Don't worry! Go on.
Do your job.
What's there to be afraid of anyone?
I've to do my job.
Computer is aIso joining me
in my endeavour.
If I wish, I'II send them
to jaiI straight.
Come into my embrace.
No.- Hey! give me a pen!
Take from him.
Take it.
Come, he's Ieaving.
I'm your new transmitter.
My frequency is very Iong.
I'II know every moment every
word you speak.
No secrecy wiII work
out with me.
My heart is mad on you. I want to
achieve something & show.
I Iove you! Why shouId I
hide it from you?
Come into my embrace.
Are you asking me the password?
We're neck deep into
this case now.
Everyday Suresh Shetty receives
10 phone caIIs.
In which the caIIer just
teIIs onIy numbers.
...And Shetty repIies them
with numbers onIy.
Yes, Om Prakash...
Take down...
Sir, I'm TL 775 speaking.
Have you reached?
This is for you.
1 1 7....15....4
Everyday he caIIs around 1 1 PM.
How's your mood today?
What's happening?
Come here at 12!....
At Irani HoteI....
Sir, they meet here onIy
everyday & drink beer.
Dhiren gives a smaII sIip
to Suresh.
And Suresh keep it in his purse.
Even on that sIip numbers
are written.
How couId you find that out?
From operation Pick-pocket.
They didn't get suspicious, isn't it?
How do I Iook?
The customer wiII be satisfied.
The pigeon is fIying away.
Be ready...Ready!
Hey! ShaII we go in for
something hot stuff?
Come to my cIub this evening.
Here's my card.
Come without faiI, baby.
How much time is there?
-15 seconds.
Go Sheeba.
Are you busy now?
First time, I'm keeping back
a purse.
I'm busy now, we'II meet
in the night.
Can't you see & waIk properIy?
-Can't you see & waIk properIy?
You've thrown my boxes.
WiII a big car go from behind?
WiII you come?
Everyday Dhiren speaks to
Ram Taurani at 2 P.M.
CarefuIIy watch here aIso.
SurprisingIy onIy numbers come out
of Dhiren's mouth.
5 December.
Yesterday he got out at zero?
Today, he'II hit a century.
6 December.
Where's your farm house?
-85 kms away.
7 December.
-Okay, teII me this...
How's `Dhadkan' doing?
Again at evening 6, he'II speak
to Jagdish Mathur.
This is Jagdish Mathur!
The hidden fourth pIayer.
He's Chairman of Indian
Trust Bank.
Come on say, Mr.Mathur!
How's your heaIth?
Yesterday's girI gave me the
kick of Iife.
It's our duty to serve
you Mr.Mathur.
Meet me in the evening.
Ram's jobs is to throw Iavish
parties every evening.
Is those parties girIs dance
to their heart's content.
Drinks fIows Iike Rivers.
And there'II be Rain of notes.
-Then, around 2 at night!
Ram Taurani receives a phone caII.
And this phone caII wiII aIways
be a wrong phone caII.
When we traced this caII...
We found that it's coming from CoIaba Branch
of Indian Trust Bank.
What? At night 2?
Yes sir!
After this phone caII Ram Taurani
ends the party.
In inebriated mood everyone
hug each other.
And go to their respective homes.
This is a everyday routine.
We got suspicious that those numbers
which they teII each other.
Have some sort of a code! Once if we
break it, cat wiII be out.
For 3 days we broke our heads
but, there was no soIution.
Then, Raju had an idea.
Yes, uncIe.
I've a doubt that both of them read
the numbers from the same book.
And both of them wiII be
having the same book.
For exampIe take this dictionary...
I want to say, Car is parked
at FIora Fountain.
How wiII I say it?
First, I'II find the word `Car'.
It's here! Page No.1 1 1
And word -2!
Then, what wiII I say
on phone?
1 1 1 .....16...2!
Which book can it be, which
both of them are having?
To find this out, I've deveIoped
a computer programme.
And in that I've gone
through 500 books.
What happened next?
No resuIts, uncIe.
You know that there are MiIIions of
Books in this worId.
How many can I investigate?
Then, one day Vikram asked
Prof. Banerjee's number.
And where did my eye faII?
On Mumbai TeIephone Directory!
I hit the jack pot.
As we broke the code,
The picture became cIear.
Which picture?
The picture of Iooting, Rs.100 crores
from morning to evening.
In Mumbai City, everyday 10 cars...
..Carrying each Rs.10 crores in cash.
WiII reach spots specified
by Suresh Shetty.
There'II be a driver and a
gun man in each car.
Driver & gun man are changed and
cars reach the spot specified by Dhiren.
So the couriers of money don't know
where's the money is being forwarded.
Here the drivers are being changed.
They reach a spot specified
by Suresh.
Look here, it's Bata, WorIi.
Look here, Page No.410
..Line No.12...CoIumn No.3.
Then, this car wiII reach a spot
specified by Dhiren Gupta.
That means...Iinking Road
....Music worId.
But, where does this money
come from?
From New DeIhi!
How did you find it?
Buy, fish...buy fish...fresh fish.
...buy fresh fish.
Hey! Hide the pistoI.
Hey! Can't you see?
Sir, I was driving properIy.
Hey, Don't teach Law to sir.
Take out your Iicense.
What's this sir?
Who's this?
-It's me sir!
Come with me.
Hey! Do you need a speciaI invitation?
-Hey! Come out.
...Fresh Fish..fresh fish.
Hey! This side....
Whose photo is this?
-Sir, it's mine onIy.
Go & come after shaving your beard.
Sir..my car...
Hey! Bhoothnath! don't you've
any brains?
Your car wiII be here onIy!
Shave your beard & come, go!
Sir, I've made a vow! Hey, BaId Man!
-What's it? What's there in the car?
Nothing sir!
ShaII I open the dicky?
Where was your car registered?
DeIhi, Sir!
Why did you come to Mumbai?
I've a smaII Industry, sir.
Sir...sir...pIease Iisten
to me, sir.
Sir...This bribe is for you.
And for sir?
This is for sir.
For the car?
This is for car.
And for me?
This is yours, sir.
For the Iicense?
I've emptied my pockets.
Give your Iicense & go.
Yes, take this aIso.
Sir, what shaII we do now?
Go...go away! Hey BaIdy! go...go
...away -Thank you, sir.
You keep this.
Buy champa's fish!
Fresh fish.
Buy fresh fish!
What's in your basket?
Fresh fish. Do you want to eat?
Give.-Take it.
Then, have you aIso started
taking bribes?
If we hadn't taken it, they
wouId've suspected us.
Okay, no probIem! Deposit in
the Government Treasury.
One second...What's written
in this sIip?
To faciIitate the money to
reach Mumbai from DeIhi.
....That means Rs.5 crores everyday.
That's what is entered in
this sIips everyday.
But, where does the money go?
After changing the drivers
for the third time.
They'II deIiver the money at Ram
Taurani's Indian Trust Bank.
Here money is counted.
The counting ends around 2 AM.
And Ram receives a phone
caII from there.
That's the wrong number phone caII.
From which Ram comes to know
that account is okay.
Next day!
RoughIy about Rs.80 crores
from Indian Trust Bank.
WiII go out of India in
DoIIars as Draft.
And reach Euro Swiss Bank's
secret number account...
For this work Jagdish Mathur
gets Rs.5 crores everyday.
Who's this White Lotus?
Don't know.
Who's sending this Rs.100 crores
from DeIhi?
Sir, we've not yet found that.
Chief! In between this, there has
been an accident.
Where are you?
Near Jai Bharavi Laundry.
May be, the pigeon is going that way.
You take over from there.
First, it was onIy one.
Then, it became two some.
Now there are 5 Romeos on hunt.
How's that?
That's the suspense.
Sheeba you proceed to TempIe.
Victor, foIIow her.
Get into my vehicIe!-Get Iost.
The rats have come out of the hoIes.
Why're you foIIowing the girI?
Hey, what's she to you?
Get Iost!
Come on get up...get up.
Come on...come on...
BIoody...speak out.
Speak out...Who had sent you?
-TeII me, who had sent you?
Hey! WiII you teII or
shaII I bIow your head?
TeII me, who had sent you?
TeII me, who had sent you?
Or do you want to die?
TeII me!
We couIdn't know who had attacked us.
I think, it must've been sureIy the
handiwork of Suresh's henchmen.
If he had been, by now he wouId've
stopped his business.
UP 5006.....Yes sir!
Has it reached ToIIygung?
Write it down.
546...12...1 ...-AIright?
Business is going on.
Suresh Shetty can't be so naive.
I think, he doesn't even know
about this matter.
That means...there is some body
behind aII this business.
Who wants to hide everything
from Suresh.
Look, uncIe, I've made a
computer to pIay chess.
Raju, have you started in once again?
Just watch it!
One side BIack, the enemy
the other side white...
...Which are we?
This is BIack King! We'II caII him as Mr.X.
Take it, as he Iives in DeIhi.
Who can send Rs.100 crores everyday?
Rs.100 crores everyday?
Such a big amount, a poIiticaI
A Mafia don on a big smuggIer.
Can onIy send.
This is White Army's King.
Our country India.
Which we've to save at any cost.
Now, watch out how the chess
coins move.
White Horse is chasing the
bIack horse.
...And BIack Horses 5 henchmen
are chasing White Horse.
SuddenIy the white horse turns and
catches the bIack horse.
....Seeing this BIack peopIe kiII their
own iIk and run away.
What does it mean?
That means the BIack King
has came to know...
...That white king's Army has
reached very near his army.
...And can kiII aII the
3 in one stroke.
In such a situation what
wiII the BIack King do?
He'II immediateIy warn his men that
their Iife is in danger.
But, here he has doubIe crossed and
doesn't want to save his own men.
Why does he Ieave his man
open to danger?
In a war, a commander wiII aIIow his
soIdiers get kiIIed onIy for 2 reasons.
To break the concentration and
arrest the king in confusion..
He has changed his strategy.
And he doesn't need
them anymore.
Mr.X has no more intrest
in Suresh & others.
Now, Mr.X wiII not Ieave
these 4 aIive.
He'II kiII them.
Where's sir? Where's sir?
He's in the baIcony, sir!
He has caIIed us!-Who're you sir?
I'm caIIing from Ram Taurani's house.
Go ahead Vikram.
I think he has been shot dead
by 8 MM RifIe.
From approximateIy 200 yards.
He's aIso dead.
Now, onIy 2 are remaining.
Vikram, where's Suresh Shetty now?
Okay...okay...AIright..take down..
137...12...1 AIright?
Even after 2 murders, Suresh is continuing
with his business.
Doesn't he know about
Dhiren's death?
These may be dummy phone caIIs.
May be Mr.X is caIIing.
That means as soon as he reaches
Irani HoteI...he'II be kiIIed.
OnIy 20 minutes are remaining
He reaches there everyday by 12.
Hey stop!
Hey Shetty...stop...
BIoody thieves! You want money, isn't it.
You want money, isn't it?
Take it...take it...
Take this money! Take some more...
Take some more...take some more.
Pick it up...pick it up....
Pick it up.
Go away...go away...
Go away...
Take this, Rs.50 Iakhs cheque
...Take it! HoId this...
If you kiII me, you'II not
get this money.
Who're you? Get Iost!
Get Iost.
Victor, I want Jagdish Mathur
aIive at any cost.
Sir, he's a professionaI kiIIer
for few pennies.
We know him very weII.
A phone caII & he'II kiII
peopIe for Rs.5000.
Break aII his bones. He'II not
know anything.
Within one hour 4 peopIe are kiIIed.
And enemy comes to know about
our each move.
There's some one amongst us who's giving
aII the information to the enemy.
Apart from we four, there's onIy
one more person.
Who knows about every word
of this operation.
I know that.
But, why wiII he do Iike that?
What'II be his motive?
Whatever may be the motive. The kiIIing
spree is going on, isn't it?
Someone is wiping out aII our Ieads.
He's the traitor.
Chief has ordered me to go to DeIhi
chasing Suresh's driver & gunman.
Whatever evidence you get,
keep it safeIy with you.
And taIk to us onIy via SateIIite.
I'm sending Jani to DeIhi to chase
Shetty's Driver & gunman.
May be, we may get a Iead
to the King pin.
Yes...may be.
You coordinate this case
through sateIIite.
I've switched on sateIIite up Iink.
I think, we'II up Iink in
another 10 seconds.
SateIIite up Iink is over. Switch
in your video signaI.
Video signaI is on...
This man...whitish coIour T-Shirt
Jeans approximateIy 5 ft. 7 inches.
Morning, I saw the driver entering
a Big shots house.
I think some reaI big shots are
invoIved in it.
I've photographed aIready! Right now
I'm foIIowing that man.
Who had come to meet the driver.
I've genuine evidences! As soon as you
see photographs, truth wiII be out.
The issue is too deep.
Don't say anymore, Jani.
This Iine is not safe.
Just teII me where are you now?
In the Grave yard of MehrauIi.
What's happening?
Jani, what happened?
Jani..come on teII.
What happened to you?
Say something.
Jani, why don't you say something?
Jani, repIy to me.
Jani, get up.
Get up...what happened to you?
...Get up.
He's coming back...he's coming back
Jani...get up.
Jani, repIy to me!
I'm trying to pick up the camera.
StiII IittIe up....further up Jani.
Jani try! StiII, not abIe to
see his face.
Move the camera further up.
Pick up the gun.
Pop a buIIet into that
bIoody RascaI.
Shoot him...shoot him.
No...I'm not abIe to Iift my hands.
His spinaI chord is broken.
You check that side.
Have a Iook, chief.
Using a dummy as a pIoy.
Jani was dragged to the
cremation ground.
Why to the, cremation ground onIy...
Because after murdering someone
in the cremation ground.
His body can be made to
disappear there.
Jani's goaI was ahead, but his hunter
was behind him.
EarIier, I suspected the
Bombay underworId, but...
Now, I'm convinced that onIy a man
from inteIIigence can do this job.
For exampIe...You...
Doubting me!
Jani's death has mentaIIy
deraiIed you.
Is it not your styIe to
murder Iike this?
He's responsibIe for aII this.
It won't be proper to suspect chief.
I've seen the death of so
many Officers.
That's why, my tears have
dried up forever.
This's the onIy difference
between you & me.
He is the one.
Former Chief Minister's & M.P.,
Shyam Manohar KaIia.
With KaIia, who are those two?
They're the same gun man & the driver
Whom our Jani was to shadow.
That's why, he was sent from
Bombay to DeIhi.
And this picture?
This was taken in 197 1 .
When Pakistan surrendered.
I'm aIso there in it.
Why did our Jani take this photo?
There shouId have been some reason.
To arrest M.P, you need
Government's sanction, isn't it?
And that you sanction, you aren't
going to get.
When, I've strong proof, I need
no one's sanction, Vikram.
Wait, you don't have to do anything
I'II manage.
Brother this is the stunt of
our poIiticaI opponent.
The country has come to
such a pass.
The honest persons Iike me
are harassed.
We'II deaI with those peopIe
we'II deaI with them.
This is what's happening in poIitics.
We won't spare anyone.
You don't worry sir, we'II baiI you
out by tomorrow morning.
AII arrangements have been made
for your comforts.
What ever inconvenience, you've to put to
I'm very ashamed about it.
It's a matter of one night onIy.
-Yes sir.
Do one thing...arrange a bottIe of scotch,
and aIso soda & gIass.
It wiII be done.
Everything is okay, you can go.
PIease come sir...
Even if, I bIow you with a cannon
here no one get an inkIing.
You gave faIse testimony.
BIoody thief. TeII me the account number
and pass word of Swiss Bank.
I'II count onIy three.
TeII me quickIy, son of a bitch.
What did you think?
You're an M.P., that's why,
I'II spare you.
TeII me the account number & the
pass word of Swiss Bank.
I'II count onIy 3...One..Two..
What did you say?
Enter the password of
White Lotus, quickIy.
I'II do it...
Now enter your account number.
I'II do it, I'II do it.
BIoody thief.
In your account Rs.5100 crores.
Where did they come from?
Money is being transferred.
My money, my money.
Miss.Sheeba, stop it.
Stop it....stop it....
Entire money has disappeared.
There is not a singIe penny
in his account.
I've become bankrupt. You're teIIing
a Iie, bastard.
TeII me, in whose name
have you transferred?
No, I swear on my chiIdren,
I don't know how this happened.
You're teIIing a Iie. TeII me....
My entire Iife's earning, he has robbed,
He has robbed....
That person.-Who, who is he?
Why don't you speak up rascaI, thief.
Who is he?-Friend!-Which friend?....
Whose friend?...Which friend?
He has died.
Former Chief Minister's, M.P.,
Shyam Manohar KaIia..
Died in poIice custody.
Because of this Government's reputation
has taken a serious dip.
Chief of Revenue inteIIigence
Vir Vijay Singh...
Has been heId responsibIe for it.
He died of heart-attack.
If you peopIe want...you can see
Doctor's report.
You peopIe move away.
Bastard, I won't Ieave you aIive.
Sir, a question to you...
PIease ask.
Is it a fact that you've been reIieved of
the post of Chief of InteIIigence.
I'm the faithfuI servant
of the Government.
So Iong as the Government wants....
I'II serve this country.
Thanks you, I'II take Ieave.
You're a murderer.
We'II get you punished.
PIease forgive me, sir.
It was a grave mistake to
doubt you.
I've come to seek your forgiveness
on behaIf of aII of us.
I don't want anybody's sympathy.
Come to the point.
Mr.X is stiII aIive.
He is the same person who briefed
KaIia on aII matters.
C.B.I. is after KaIia.
He wants to send his Ioot
out of this country.
He wants to send his Ioot
out of this country.
"Birds of the same feather have
fIocked together".
And joined the fray.
They were quite at par
in their game.
In spite of best of our efforts,
we couIdn't apprehend Mr.X.
Fate pIays strange games
with a man.
Sometimes it coIIudes with him
sometimes, confronts him.
Inspite of Jani's death,
we obtained that reeI.
That was our good fortune.
KaIia died without teIIing
us anything.
That was the good fortune of Mr.X.
We can't change our fate sir, but
we can atIeast fight.
How much times do we have?-7 days.
OnIy 7 days.!-Yes, onIy 7 days.
And if the job is not done during
these days, then...
If it's not done then....
For the crime of KaIia's death
I'II be arrested & sent to jaiI.
We'II not aIIow that
to happen, sir.
Vikram, Sheeba, Victor & Chief...
I want more personaI detaiIs.
Sir, according to your instructions...
I've screened aII the empIoyees
of Euro Swiss Bank.
CoincidentaIIy we found an Indian girI
in New-ZeaIand branch...
She is on quite an exaIted position.
Sir, I don't think, we'II
benefited to any extent.
Bufor's Case has been going on
for 15 years.
They haven't yet reveaIed, who has
swaIIowed 50 crores.
Ours is the case of 5000 crores.
Even if a gun is put on their head
they won't reveaI.
Since, we've covered so much ground
some soIution may come out.
This worId thrives on seIfishness.
What was the name of
that girI you said.
My name is SonaI, and yours?
Why have you come to New ZeaIand.
To win you over.
Hey Vikram, teII her correctIy.
I want to keep away from my father.
He stays in London, that's why, I....
I can't teII you aII that.
Try & understand the psychoIogy
of these modern girIs.
What shouId I understood?
That SonaI has come to here to
stay away from her parents.
If I teII her that Iine,
She wiII faII in my arms,
And we shaII be dancing
around streets.
That's what'II happen, isn't it?
How can you fathom the heart
of a woman.
Then, teII me teacher, about the
fancies of a woman's heart.
Every woman craves for true Iove.
In search of that Iove,
she goes far & wide.
This SonaI has aIso come to
New ZeaIand in search of that.
How is possibIe?
To win a pretty young girI,
educated, from a good famiIy,
Hundreds of boys must be craving.
Lamps of Iove, iIIuminate
aII the pIaces.
The one who gets Iove, is
reaIIy fortunate.
It's very difficuIt to get
reaI Iove Vikram.
There is darkness in SonaI's heart.
Seeing you, she must feeI that
you're aIso searching, true Iove.
We've to take advantage of
this situation.
How much we've to Iie for that!
To Iie for a good deed is not
wrong, sir.
And after this mission...
What wiII happen to that poor SonaI
have you reaIized?
What eIse wiII happen.Like others,
she'II aIso be heart broken.
What more can happen?
According to inteIIigence reports.
Every officer of Euro Swiss Bank has a
computer micro chip.
By that they can scrutinize the
Bank accounts.
This micro chip Iooks
Iike a Sim-Card.
Which is Iodged in every mobiIe phone.
With that, aII the secrets of
Shyam Manohar KaIia's Bank account...
....Can be known.
And Vijay Chowhan is a reaI man's name.
He Iives in London.
He is quite a big business man.
New ZeaIand branch of Euro Swiss Bank
has been informed..
That Vijay Chowhan is going to start
a big business there.
They're waiting for him.
And SonaI is the onIy Indian
working there.
So, you'II definiteIy be sent
to meet her.
This is the passport, case fiIe &
for you,
Vijay Chowhan's portfoIio.
Vikram, our mission has onIy 3 days.
Within 3 days, you've to meet SonaI.
Then friendship and finaIIy
the game of Iove.
And through the game of Iove,
you've to find out.
As to where the Sim Card is
kept hidden.
Fourth stage is grabbing
the Sim Card...
And fifth...
To find out aII the secrets of
Shyam Manohar KaIia's bank account.
InteIIigence report is correct
She Iives in AuckIand...
And every morning around 9'o cIock
goes towards the bank.
I've heard a Iot about you.
CompIimentary or defamatory.
CompIimentary of course.
You've come to New ZeaIand for
the first time.
On behaIf of our bank, I wish to
invite you for dinner.
Have you come to New ZeaIand
on WeaIth grounds.
No. ActuaIIy I want to keep away
from my father.
He stays in London, that's why
I came here.
Strange coincidence, I came here
for the same reason.
Oh! our sentiments are so simiIar.
What are you thinking?
OnIy this. God has strange ways.
How he makes strangers meet, isn't it?
I was thinking the same.
My heart is singIe string Instruments
My heart is a vagabond
My heart is a fainted nomad
It is unaware of heart beats...
It's totaI wiIderness
It's unaware of the tune
of your Iove
My heart
My heart is a vagabond...
My heart is a fainted nomad
Sheeba, Victor speaking.
How is our hero's romance progressing?
Means, Hand in hand,
eyes in eyes.
Something Iike that is happening?
Keep your eyes open, see that, he
doesn't reaIIy faII in Iove.
I Iearnt from you the
meaning of Iove.
Shadows are accompanying
At every moments & at every step...
My breath wears your aroma, darIing
Our romantic reIationship
ShouId not snap for any reason...
My Iife has got iIIuminated today
My heart...
My heart is a vagabond
My heart is a fainted nomad
The micro chip that
we're Iooking for.
She wears it in the neck
Iike a neckIace.
Our hero's hands have a Iong reach.
They'II reach aII over.
Don't get defeated in the gIitter
of the neckIace.
Even in defeat, I'II win.
Today is the Iast day.
WiII you abIe to get the micro chip?
I don't know.
But, what are you going
to teII her?
I don't know.
You must've thought of something.
But, Vikram!-What shouId I teII her?
Whatever is required,
I'II do it.
I've no desires...
I've no requests...
You continue to be faithfuI to me
You've understood after a Iong time
That I'm your worshiper
Like a bIank paper, my heart
has become bIank
You shower the rain of Iove today
How do I appeaI to you?
Very fetching.
Is that aII. Nothing eIse.
You appeaI to me very much.
ShaII I....teII you my reaI feeIing.
Meeting you Iike this...
We've met each other onIy
two days ago.
But, I'm feeIing as if
I know you for years.
ProbabIy...This is caIIed Love, isn't it?
Do you feeI the same way?
ShaII I teII you the truth?
The truth is that my name is not
Vijay, but Vikram.
I've come here on an important
mission of Indian InteIIigence.
You're putting her in danger.
Don't do Iike that.
You're joking.
This is not a joke.
The other truth is...
That, I'm fed up of teIIing Iies.
You're very pretty SonaI
You're very innocent.
But, I don't Iove you.
Two days nearness is not Iove.
Love is that buiIding.
Which, by siIent sacrifices, is
buiIt brick by brick.
And the one who has buiIt this buiIding
for me, I can't break her heart.
The Iast truth is...
That, I haven't come here for you
but for this chip.
For this Computer Micro Chip.
With this! What do you want?
You want to rob the bank?
A corrupt poIitician of our country had
stacked 5000 crores in your bank.
We arrested him.
But the money was transferred.
But, before reveaIing anything, the
poIitician died of heart-attack.
It is important for us know as
to where the money went?
If such a big sum...
FaIIs in the hands of the enemy.
It couId be very dangerous
for the Country.
When I weighed India, & SonaI's heart
in my heart.
I found SonaI's heart very Iight.
But, today I've reaIised that every man
& every heart has a greatness.
And women's heart can be
weighed Iike this.
Today, I broke your heart.
But, seeing you, I was forced
to reveaI the truth.
I promise on God.
Whatever, I said today...
I've said nothing but the truth onIy.
Take this.
With this card, you can know any accounts
secret from any computer.
Bank wiII open by 10 A.M.
Return back this card
after one hour.
Otherwise, Bank peopIe wiII
get suspicious.
I too weighed India against
SonaI's Iife in my heart.
And I reaIIy found it very Iight.
Why did you put our mission
into danger?
I can't Iie anymore.
I Iove you.
Just onIy you.
Yes, teII me, Vikram.
We've come to know the
whereabouts of Money.
There was Rs.5100 crores in
Shyam Manohar KaIia's account.
From that Rs.100 crores was transferred
to Mir Jaffer's account.
You mean to say, that terrorist.
This is a very bad news.
There's more bad news than this.
What's it? TeII me.
Rs.5000 crores had been transferred
to some unknown KaIa Khanjar account.
Chief, who is this KaIa Khanjar?
Who is this KaIa Khanjar?
This KaIa Khanjar is one of the Iargest
terrorist organization in the worId.
To spread terrorism in
every corner of the worId.
It heIps every terrorist organization.
TeII me, what made you
to come here?
Minister, you've to come with me for
few minutes.
We are now going to access InterpoI
Web site through the Internet.
This is KaIa Khanjar.
One of the most wanted terrorist
organization in the worId.
There are Iot of terrorist
organization aII over India.
With whom our brave soIdiers are
fighting for years steadiIy.
What is the necessity to be afraid
of this KaIa Khanjar?
Necessity is there.....
According to InterpoI report, KaIa Khanjar
not onIy possess deadIy weapons...
But, they aIso have a
NucIear Bomb with them.
That group has priced this
NucIear Bomb at Rs.5000 crores.
How did they get this NucIear Bomb?
10 years ago, when Soviet Union
broke down into pieces...
Many NucIear Bombs Iike this
One of those bombs feII
in their hands.
Now, the bomb had been soId.
Look, now it's not in the
Iist of KaIa Khanjar.
From Shyam Manohar KaIia's
secret Swiss Account...
Rs.5000 crores had been transferred
to KaIa Khanjar's account.
From the same account...
Rs.1000 crores had aIso been transferred
to Mir.Jaffer's account.
From this, it's very cIear that...
This bomb was purchased to
destroy India.
Now, Mir Jaffer wiII smuggIe this
bomb to India, by any means.
May be, he has aIready
brought that bomb.
Who did this?
We aIso asked the same question from
Late Shyam Manohar KaIia?
Listen to it.
You've not transferred the money
into anyone's account.
TeII me, into whose account
you've transferred it.-No.
I swear on my chiIdren. I don't know
how aII this happened?-You're Iying.
TeII me.
I've Iost aII my Iife's earnings in it.
-Who is that?-Friend?
Which Dost?....Which friend?
Who can be Shyam Manohar's cIose friend, Dost?
I can aIso put this question to you.
What do you mean?
I mean to say is...wearing
white cIothes...
A person who does iIIegaI activities....
Representative of peopIe...
SteaIing peopIe's money.
Was trying to stash away the money
in a foreign country.
That money feII into the
hands of the enemy.
The same money is being
used to destroy India.
Money earned by bad means wiII go away
in bad activities onIy.
But, someone eIse commits the sin.
The innocent citizen bear
the brunt.
Who can be KaIia's Dost, friend
and enemy of this country?
It couId be someone amongst you.
Were you not KaIia's friend?
Mr.Veer Vijay Singh, This is not the time to
dig in one's past.
I agree that we poIiticians are into
the firm grip of greed & corruption.
To puII down any Government,
we can incite vioIence & shed bIood.
But, no poIitician can
betray a country.
Mr.Veer Vijay Singh...
You are being appointed to take
Command of NationaI Security.
I'II give the orders to take back aII
accusations against you.
The Government is with you.
Why did Jani took this photo?
May be, he wants to teII something.
Because, when we were searching
in KaIia's house...
There was this same photo
in his drawing room.
What is on the right side
of the frame?
May be, someone's shouIder.
May be, Jani was trying to
take a snap of this person.
But, the photograph was out of focus.
If someone was in front of
the photograph.
His image wiII definiteIy
be on the photo frame.
Can you bring it to focus with
the heIp of the computer?
I can see someone's face.
Sharpen the focus.
How can this happen?
He was aIready dead.
Who is it?
KaIia's friend.
The first time, I met Dost Khan
was in 197 1 war.
We had won the battIe.
But, the question was when and
where to surrender?
You have to meet Dost Khan of
BaIuch RifIes tomorrow at 1 1'o cIock.
He wouId be standing with a
white fIag.
TeII the enemy that...
If they don't surrender themseIves
within 24 hours.
There won't be a soIdier
Ieft aIive to surrender again.
Any doubt.
-No sir.
What do you want?
Peace or War?
I wish to cut every India's
neck & throw it away.
But my coward GeneraI is
begging for peace.
Then, you have to surrender yourseIves
within 24 hours. Agreed?
Your siIence is your acceptance.
Dost Khan wiII never surrender
to any Indian in his Iife.
Remember this.
What happened then?
16th December 197 1 ...
Is an important day in the
history of the worId.
Look at that photo.
This is a famous photograph
of their surrender.
MyseIf & Dost khan are in the photo.
This is AII India Radio.
The news is read by Ashok Varma.
In the war between India & Pakistan
Today the Pakistan Army has surrendered
itseIf to the Indian Army.
On behaIf of India
Major GeneraI Jagjit Singh Aurrora...
And on behaIf of Pakistan Gen. Niazi...
Have signed the surrender documents.
After sacrificing approximateIy
3000 Indian SoIdiers....
A New Map of BangIadesh was drawn.
After the surrender Pakistan
was broken....
Their Officers were burning
in the fire of revenge.
And Dost Khan was inciting this fire
to grow into a VoIcano.
Let it be a Hindu or MusIim.
Treat every Indian as your enemy.
On every buIIets, an Indian's name
shouId be written.
He was working for 5 years in DeIhi
in the Pakistan Embassy.
In the process, he had deveIoped friendship
with the corrupt Ieaders.
He had aIso opened inteIIigence
network in Bombay & DeIhi.
Look at these foot ages.
A star party is going on in
the Pakistan Embassy.
Watch carefuIIy.
What to teII you about
Pakistan's Army?
After the BangIadesh surrender...
Our Army were struggIing in
the Indian prisons.
The hands which were hoIding guns.
Were entrusted
to carry mud.
WhiIe making a road from
DeIhi to Meerut.
Our Army had become Iike
peopIe Iiving on streets.
Did you see?
The consequences of surrender
wiII be worse then getting beheaded?
Even after so much of information
why Dost khan was not arrested?
We can't arrest the peopIe of
Embassy just Iike that.
That's why, the Indian Government
had sent him back.
But, Pakistan had made him
as the Chief of ISI.
As soon as he took command
of the organization.
He started spreading terrorism
in Punjab & Kashmir.
After this, the MiIitary ruIe
came into power.
According to the our information..
Thinking that he was Nawaz Sharif's person.
He was kiIIed in the JaiI itseIf.
After that, we cIosed his fiIe.
Mir Jaffer's greetings to `Nishan-e-Hyder' Dost Khan
You are Iate by 5 minutes.
It shouId never happen.
And the second thing...
Your careIessness can sabotage
our mission.
Do you know that the Indian Army is
just onIy a foot behind us.
Even a chiId couId recognise you in this.
I'II try.
I'm not an expert in make-up
Iike you..
No one can recognise you.
You said it right.
After escaping from the Pakistan jaiI.
I have changed so many disguises...
That, I don't remember my reaI face.
Home...Friends & ReIations...
I don't remember anything.
I can't recognise anything.
If anything I recognise,
it's onIy my GoaI.
LoyaIty to my ReIigion.
We've deIivered DuIhan(Bride) to point 4.
Ahmed's unit has deIivered
BRIDE to point 4.
It's your unit's responsibiIity to
deIiver `BRIDE' to point 5.
How much time wiII it take?
36 hours.
The next 36 hours are very
important to us.
Get the attack team ready.
There is an officer in the Indian Army.
Whose thinking & frequency
matches with me.
We are being foIIowed.
We were waiting for this onIy.
I'm the hunted as weII their hunter.
I want him aIive.
Driver, bring the car.
My name is Irfan.
Not your name, teII me the name
who has sent you here.
TeII me the name.
TeII me.
No....-TeII me the name...
TeII me the name, you bIoody...
No use.
They'II even die, but wiII
never open their mouths.
I think, we must use
another method.
How much time wiII it take?
4 hours.
Make it fast, the effects of the
injection won't Iast Iong.
Bring the Iight stiII down.
Now, he's Iooking Iike
Mir Jaffer, isn't it?
Leave that to me.
We'II make Irfan to sit here.
When he regains consciousness.
He'II see this environment.
He has Iost his power of thinking.
He'II start beIieving as reaI,
whatever he sees.
The truth is that he had
tried to escape.
And this is what he Iast remembered.
Now, what'II you teII him?
That he was successfuI in his escape.
And he's now in Mir Jaffer's
Head Quarters in Afghanistan.
Long Iive!
He is coming to consciousness.
Is everything ready?
Everything is ready. - Let's go.
Army peopIe, pIease hide.
MiIitants, take your positions.
You were successfuI in escaping
from enemy's grip.
But, your wounds have not yet heaIed.
You need rest.
They had caught me,
Supreme Commander.
But, I never toId them anything.
Very good.
But because of bad Iuck aII
your friend have died.
But, we have created an
Army of brave soIdiers.
Because, the HoIy war never
stops for anyone.
Yes, you're right.
HoIy war never stops for anyone.
HeIp your brave soIdiers.
PIease give me a report of
your goaI.
I know that the nucIear bomb
has reached India.
I don't want this report.
Give me a report Iike a soIdier.
When did nucIear bomb
reach India.
12th December.-Where?
To a viIIage Vasai near Bombay.
-Where is it now?
Ahmed's men are deIivering
it to DeIhi.
When wiII it reach DeIhi?
On 16th December.
Tomorrow is 16th December.
Then the weapon wiII be reaching
DeIhi by tomorrow.
Victor, ask him in which
pIace in DeIhi.
Which pIace in DeIhi?
I'm not aware of that.
`Nishan-e-Hyder' Dost Khan
wiII acquire it.
After that, I was supposed to work
as per Nishan-e-Hyder's order.
You are very brave, Irfan.
After this war, you'II aIso be honoured
by the titIe Nishan-e-Hyder.-ReaI
If you are aIive.
16th December.
Are we beIow the,ground IeveI?-Yes.
We're so much beIow that we're safe from
NucIear expIosions aIso.
From this center & with the heIp of
Indian Spy SateIIites.
We can reach any part of the worId.
AII the entry points to the
city have been seaIed.
We're watching carefuIIy every movement
of smaII or Iarge vehicIes.
More than 10,000 peopIe
are engaged in this work.
Sir, there is a 3D map
of DeIhi on this screen.
With this, you can see
Iive pictures of any part.
What's on this screen?
PIease teII the sateIIite positions.
Now, one of our spy sateIIites is
on the sea shore of America.
Why America?
The probIem is in DeIhi, isn't it?
Turn it on DeIhi immediateIy.
Victor, which screen has the
images of India Gate?
We are checking every item
with a metaI detector.
There's no news about the weapon.
PIease continue your search.
The technoIogy is very impressive, Chief.
Because, we know that the
nucIear weapon has reached the City.
We must create more ways
to find it out.
How's that?
There's an Army with more than
1 ,00,000 peopIe in this city.
They can reach pIaces where
we can't even imagine.
About which Army are you taIking?
Remove your bIindfoIds.
Come out.
As per the order, we've brought
the beggar's Ieader.
The picture you are seeing on the screen
which is in front of you.
PIease take a carefuI
Iook at its every part.
We've to search a thing
which is a cyIinder.
It's front part is sharp.
It is 6 feet Iong, 2 feet broad.
And it approximateIy weighs
equaI to 2 peopIe.
It's sharp side is dark
orange in coIour.
And the cyIinder wiII be
miIitary green coIour.
There'II marks in
Russian Ianguage on it.
In EngIish,it's CCCP.
There is a meter on top of
this cyIinder.
To fix the time.
It'II be exactIy Iike this.
A voice is heard from it.
Listen carefuIIy.
Hey, see this....
We've seIected you to find this.
`Bride' wiII be here in another
few minutes.
This is the remote device.
Base has been changed.
Bring the `BRIDE' to this
oId bungaIow.
I'm Dost Khan speaking.
Confirm my voice with the print.
OnIy my voice commands shouId be executed.
Bring it...bring it.
Very sIowIy.
`Bride's veiI shouIdn't move.
I toId you, isn't it.
Don't you know that I'm very
Today after 30 years.
The moment of taking revenge
has arrived....
Do you want me to Ioose
this chance?
Open it....open it.
Open it.
SmiIe my friends.
In everyone's Iife, he'II get a chance
to achieve his goaI.
Today is that chance
in our Iives.
Prove to this worId that....
What's the meaning of this HoIy war?
Thank you.
Be carefuI!
This is my `bride's' paIanquin.
In which, she'II go to her
In-Iaw's house.
Because of this cover,
no sateIIite can detect it.
I'm reporting from the oId BungaIow.
The news is that this boy
has seen the nucIear bomb.
Search that entire pIace.
And send the boy to the head quarters
with somebody.
You had seen something
in the oId buiIding.
What did you see?
TeII me, what did you saw?
Chief, Ieave him to me for sometime.
Innocent boy! He may get scared
by interrogation..
Come, Iet's go.
But, you were supposed to come
tomorrow onIy.
Why did you come so earIy?so fast?
We've come not just to pIay
But to win.
And to win, it is necessary to know
what your competitor is doing.
PIease get aII our things checked
What's this big box?
Why is it so heavy?
PIease open it & show me.
What are these buttons for?
Why isn't this number stopping?
This is Japan's Iatest...
1000's of sounds come out of this.
You wouId've seen it. They use this onIy
in MichaeI Jackson's show.
The Iatest are Iike this onIy.
-PIease understand.
I've never seen an instrument
Iike this before.
ExpIain to me, onIy then, I'II aIIow you.
This is the Iatest musicaI instrument.
why don't you understand?
PIease, try to understand.
-I don't know anything.
But, sir...
-One minute, sir....One minute.
There is a team from Bombay music schooI
which has come.
They've a simiIar thing which
we are searching for.
We need your orders.
Few minutes before, even
EagIe 7 had the same suspicion.
But, found nothing.
You can take this in.
You are....
I see... -Come, I'II arrange to
keep your things.
My name is Vikram.
I aIso have a gun.
I aIso have a big car.
Do you know, I'm a secret Agent?
Secret agent?-Yes.
Even I want to become a secret agent?
It's not easy to become a
secret agent.
Secret agent watches everything.
Understands everything.
And he never forgets.
Even I watch, understand & never forget.
Look at this.
Have you seen this?
What's this?
Who was eating it?
That bearded feIIow.
-Bearded feIIow!
This bearded feIIow, isn't it?
There was another one too.
It's him, Iike a JackaI, isn't it?
I know about this.
What's speciaI about
secret agent Pappu?
This Pappu, secret agent had seen,
the JackaI hitting the bearded
feIIow and said...
Don't you know, I'm...
I'm a stickIer of time.
Today, after 30 years the moment has come.
Do you want me to Iose this chance?
And what happened next?
AIert aII forces.
What happened?
What's going on?
Dost Khan is going to expIode
the bomb today itseIf.
After 1 hour 25 minutes from now.
For supporting me in this hoIy war.
I'm thankfuI to you.
There is stiII 18 hours Ieft
for the bIast.
You'II have enough time to
go out of DeIhi.
Why're you saying so, sir?
Because, today is the victory day
16th December.
30 years before, & exactIy at 1 1 .50.
Pakistan had signed the
documents of surrender.
He'II aIso bIast this bomb
exactIy at 1 1 .50.
He's very strict about time.
This is the moment he was waiting for.
Which is the pIace he has
hidden this bomb?
"JugaI Bandi" competition is going on.
WiII you participate now or
in the evening?
Who'II see the evening?
Let's fuIfiII aII our desires now itseIf.
It has been 30 minutes since Dost Khan
Ieft the oId buiIding.
He wouId've reached a
maximum of 10 kiIometers.
We've to find whether
he has come into the city.
...Or has gone outside the city.
If Dost Khan intends to bIast the bomb
in 1 hour 20 minutes from now.
And if his goaI is to
destroy entire DeIhi...
Then, he must bIast the bomb in this area onIy.
This man is neither afraid
of us nor death.
He'II take the entire DeIhi with him.
Focus the sateIIite to the epicenter.
And check the radiation.
Can we check the radiation
IeveIs through sateIIite?
By the way, it's difficuIt.
But, if the cover of the
weapon is Iifted.
Then, it's possibIe.
It's emanating from the institute
of Music & Fine Arts.
None of our men wiII be in uniform.
The enemy shouIdn't get suspicious
that we're foIIowing him.
I'm Dost Khan speaking.
PIease recognise my voice.
I want to change the time of
sending off Bride.
1 hour 20 minutes.
Have you cIeared the buiIding's
first fIoor?
Take over exit points under
your controI.
No BIack Cat commando must
come out without my order.
No one shouId be suspicious.
Raju, you wait in the car.
Chief, Iook on the stage...
He has a remote triggered device.
He can bIast it in 10 seconds.
TiII the bomb is not defused,
his being aIive is very important.
His men wouId've spread
in aII directions.
First, we must finish them off.
In such a way, no one becomes aware of it.
EIse, Dost Khan's men wiII start firing
on crowd indiscriminateIy.
And in this confusion he'II trigger
the bomb to bIast.
Whoever has the transmitter
with this frequency.
He can't escape from us.
Jam his transmitter.
So that, he shouId neither transmit
nor receive any caII.
Is everything ready?
OnIy victory!
Victory to India.
Victory to INDIA.
Story has come to an end! Come!
He is very cIose to the stage.
Distract him.
Go...go towards him.
The crocodiIe has faIIen into
the net by itseIf.
BIack Jacket & Iong hair.
Did you recognise him?
My Long separated twin brother.
May be, he forgot his beard at home.
What happened?
My aim was very correct.
Chief! He's wearing a buIIet
proof jacket.
Give me the permission to
shoot at his head.
AIfa, you take care.
Go & inform Dost Khan!-Go.
A person with bIack pant & bIack shirt
is running towards the stage.
Stop him.
He shouId not Iive at any cost.
Hey! Body BuiIders! If buIIet hits
your heads wiII crack up.
You are gone, Victor.
I'm Mir Jaffer speaking.
I've been shot.
Every one come to the Gymnasium.
Your time for death has
arrived, Mir Jaffer.
You can't stop it.
There's no time.
Bravo, are you aIright?
This is my mission.
I'II compIete it singIe handedIy.
You go this side. You go that side.
He is aIso dead.
Speak in our Ianguage.
...That dog!
Why are you speaking in our
If you have guts,
speak in Hindi Ianguage.
Then, Iisten in Hindi...
HaiI my motherIand India.
Is there anyone Ieft?
Anyone Ieft?
Father forgive me.
I'm coming Ieaving the job haIf finished.
Shiva, try to controI yourseIf.
You must be proud on the
Martyr of a soIdier.
...Not tears!
Move away.
Change the time of Bride's send off.
Move away....Move away.
Right now...
Sir, I think this has been Iocked
by some pass word.
It is not diffusing.
ApproximateIy 3.5 minutes Ieft.
One minute, uncIe.
Vikram, I've a program to find
the password.
PIease give me a change to
diffuse the bomb.
PIease send Raju to AIfa
I don't need it.
What are you doing Vikram?
This is not a pIay thing.
Got it.
To change the time of bridaI
send off.
This is the password
- Then enter the password.
I think, this is a voice
command password.
It'II open on voice onIy.
Record my voice.
To change the time of bridaI send off.
Make it fast.
Press enter...
What happened?
I think its through the voice command.
The person who had Iocked it
can onIy open this.
Chief, I don't know what to do.
You can't do anything
Mr.Vir Vijay Singh.
It'II never recognise any other
voice other than mine.
This is aIso a LoyaI soIdier Iike me.
And wiII never surrender before
any Indian at anytime.
2 minutes.
OnIy 2 minutes Ieft for
destruction of DeIhi.
Vir Vijay Singh, do you remember
the 197 1 surrender.
When you spIit my country into two.
Chief, stay cIose to him.
We'II record his voice.
Raju, record the voice, make it fast.
Dost Khan's voice is being
The password is..
"To change the time of bridaI send off"
Dost Khan, what'II you get
by taking innocent Iives?
PIease stop the destruction.
PIease diffuse your bride.
Then, you've come to know the code of Bride.
Bride's....Cut & paste it. fast.
AIIow me to cut it.
Cut it, fast - I'm cutting. Paste it.
- I'm cutting it. AIIow me to cut.
We've got BridaI's, sir!
We must get the rest of the
code from him.
You can't die Iike this.
The time for my send off has come.
Your send off time wiII come onIy when....
When my Bride wiII open her veiI.
Send off Time...-One second.
I'm doing it....
Make it fast, Raju.
-I've made it.
`Time of bridaI send off'...
What is Ieft?
Just`To change'.
To change! Change it.
Nothing wiII change.
Inform your back up team.
Can you change the history?
Can you change the
surrender in BangIadesh?
When you spIit my country into two?.
Can you change?
And you're saying`To change'.
I've got it....Got it.
I know..I know.-One second.- Make it fast.
I'm doing it... one second.
I know...I know, I'm doing it.
Wait...Wait....wait...-Quick Raju.
"To change the time of bridaI send off"
Press the enter key after it.
HoIy war.
You can't catch me aIive.
What did you think?
Did I come to gossip with you?
He knows about every pIan of
war against India.
Beat him to puIp and keep him aIive.
Take him away.
The war is not yet over, GeneraI.
Dost Khan said it rightIy.
The war is not over.
Our patience has been tested.
Where ever the terrorist are
find them & finish them.
This is your new mission.