16 - Every Detail Counts (2017) Movie Script

As a sportsman, I wish to see
every Indian strong and healthy
Tobacco ruins health and strength
Tobacco in all forms is
dangerous and life taking
Please keep away from tobacco
to lead a healthy life
I am doing the same and
thus you too follow the same
Let us fight against tobacco
I feel not to drop any single catch
standing in the slip
Because our team may have to
pay a high price due to that
You too should be careful not to drop your
life due to dangerous tobacco and smoking
Ba safe and away from tobacco
It is very bad that you are
run out when batting great
That may occur because of your
own or the mistake of your parents
Tobacco harms you and it is like another
adjacent is smoking when you are
Be safe and away from tobacco
Do not become run out
Life can be unpredictable I am not
sharing this just to quote about my life
I really mean it
Let me share an episode as example
I was just 27 then
I had the police job I liked so much
Life partner, respect and I had it all
Life presented a checkmate
out of nowhere. I lost my wife
But even after that trauma I was still happy
Once my colleague asked me
Even after such a huge tragedy
how can life go on?
I had no solid answer then
I escaped with a slight smile.
Time heals everything, you know?
But there are some issues
even time cannot cure completely
Like a permanent scar
It will never fade
Looking at it...
...only bad memories
will resurface
This can be dealt with in 2 ways
One is to keep thinking of it
and drowning in sorrow
The other is to adapt and live along with it
Do not get freaked out, I do not
speak this kind of philosophy
Because I took some time to understand all this
In fact, too late.
I can say one thing for sure
Karma is a boomerang Welcome to my study
Yours lovingly Deepak
- Who is this?
Did you delete my number so soon?
My phone display is cracked, Rajaiah
How can I help you?
Sir, I have told you about my son, right?
You told me you have a son
But you have not told me
anything else about him
His name is Guru, sir
He graduated and is sitting
at home jobless for past 3 years
He is refusing to find a job insisting
he will only join Indian Police Service
Why be disappointed of such good news?
My wife wants him to go abroad and work
But he is so stubborn about
joining the Indian police force, sir
Come to the point. What should I do?
I have asked him to meet you
Tell him how tough and risky
our department is
Brainwash him, sir
God bless you
Do you realize how unfair your wish is?
Asking me to make a man
on the right route to reverse
I have tried all avenues, sir
He has no intention of listening to me
My wifes blood pressure is shooting up
You are my last hope, sir
- I am here
He is not interested in I.P.S at all, sir
This is a convenient excuse
not to go for a regular job
Seems best to nip it in the bud
Okay, I will talk to him Send him over
Thank you so much, sir
I will ask him to start right away
He will be at your place in 2 hours
Sir, he is kind of brusque. Quite reserved
A little bit of a grouchy
Kindly ignore all that, sir
Okay, no problem I will handle it
Thank you sir. I will hang up
Punctual Very good Welcome
I cannot stand for long, sonny
Apologies The interior of
my house is being renovated
It will not be comfortable inside
So, we can sit out here and chat
All set
Varnish is over, sir
How much do you want?
- Rs 500, sir
In a year or so, you will be
settled in U.S.A or U.K
If it is possible, send me
a good walking stick
Indian brands are not worth a penny!
Ok Guru, I know you do not want to leave India
Like your father, you want
to join the Police department
No, you want to be a better officer
than your father, right?
I am the only one talking
from the moment you arrived
It is slightly awkward
Next only if you talk...
...I will continue
Or else, you can leave after
drinking your tea
How did you get this limp?
I did not expect such a harsh question
But anyways, my last case gave me
this as a retirement gift
I know, I have heard a lot about
that psycho killer case
To be honest...
My dream to become a police officer
...was born because of that case
But I am sure you would not have...
...had a chance to find out
the emotional stress and danger
If you were aware of the details...
...you will definitely
reconsider this profession
Sir, the only reason I am here is to find out
all about this case. So please do not hesitate
I need to know the extent
of your interest before I tell you
You said you have gathered
a lot about that case, right?
Tell me what you know first
Then I will decide whether I should
share any detail with you or not
Ok! I do not know 100%
But I have a bit of imagination too
Hey! Not this song again, please?
Ideal for night time
Madan and Reshmi are now friends
Hey monkey! When did you
send a request?
I did not
She added me
Do not try to joke bro
You would have started flirting
the next second with her
I am not that lame, okay?
Then accept, you gave the request
Why thrive on false prestige?
Listen! I did not add directly
Showed in suggestion list
and same college too
You are such a cheapskate
If you call me so, I will bash you up idiot
- Hey!
Praveen, let us get out of here
Hold his hand
Hey! What are you doing?
I cannot explain now. Just do as I say
You lunatic!
Quick, get in
Listen to me
Ours is the only car plying on this road
Everyone in this area is aware
Tomorrow if they find
a body lying in a pool of blood
...they will not even enquire
They will drag us by the scruff of our collars
Only if they find a body It is an accident!
As of now only we are aware of this
Let it remain that way
In a couple of hours the milkman and
newspaperman will be out in the road
Then we cannot do anything
Just for tonight, let this body be in the trunk
Without getting caught let us decide
tomorrow how to safely dispose the body
If a mistake happens
think how to wriggle out of it
Instead if we hold our head
in our hands we achieve nothing
Hey! Stop the car. Stop to a side
Where are you going?
- Going home
Where is your house?
- Close by, Ambedkar nagar
Show me your RC
Did it rain inside your car, huh?
You are drenched to the skin
- We did not raise the window in time
Blow hard
Get the breath analyzer
We will pay the fine. Tell us how much
You can pay all that. First get down
I am willing to pay the fine
Shut up and get down
Get down. All of you
Why are you getting drenched?
Stand over there. I will join you soon
Yellow T-shirt, Come here
Hold the umbrella
Looking shifty eyed Something fishy
Got college in the morning
- Stashed any drugs?
Late night
Come to the station and collect your car
Sir, please
Got the key?
- Yes, sir
Drive the car to the station
Sir, no need to station
All we had was a beer each. Trust us, sir
Take the car- Not tanked at all, sir
Hey, who are you?
What are you doing?
- Get in
We are already in a big mess
You dragged a new problem into it
Blaming me, huh?
I will dump the body in the road
You know how to manage, go ahead
Making it worse
- Why did you hit that cop?
If I had kept quiet,
we will be holed up in a cell
We could have lost our future
If more delayed
I was talking to him. Why did you hit him?
He noted our car number
Listen! Hitting a traffic cop
is a case of no consequence
Even if the police tried to trace us
it will take them minimum 3 days
You know the car is
registered in Andhra, right?
In the 3 days meanwhile, it is enough
if we think of a plan to dispose the body
After that if they catch us, we are safe
He may thrash us in the station
At the worst, detain us for a week
This is much better than
eating gruel for a lifetime
You do not have to thank me for saving you
But you point a finger at me, I will kill you
I have not mentioned about the boys
and this accident in any of our records
How do you know this?
Do not think like a typical policeman
This is called fieldwork. So, did I surprise you?
Very much, what else do you know?
That is all
You must tell about the rest
I have no problem telling you the rest of it
But after that... if you say to quit your
Police dreams, I will not be responsible
Ok, let us see
Good morning sir
How can you be so sleepy
early in the morning?
Good morning sir
Why do you not arrange it
one at a time?
What is the rush now
to pile up everything?
We have been trying
your mobile from last night
I left it behind here
You could have tried my landline
- Forgot to tell you
Yesterday I got a new connection
What is the matter?
- A suicide in our area, sir
Hanging or consuming poison?
Bharathi park road Gunshot, sir
- Boys name is Krish, sir
This is his license
Who gave you the information?
He is waiting outside. I will bring him in
You are under lock up. Do not forget that
What is that Mobile game
during duty hours, Suresh?
Hey! Sonny, Come here
There is a hell lot of dirt at the back,
Clean it
You complained to have lost your car, when?
One week sir
I will keep it on your table
He is the one
You! Tell our Inspector
what you saw early this morning
Sir, I deliver Enadu newspaper
On the way to the depot this morning
I saw a man lying by the roadside
Thinking he had fainted
I went up to him
He had a bullet wound in his head
What time was this?
Around 2:30 am I think
I came and informed the station at once, sir
Give your address to the writer
Okay, sir
Has the body been cleared?
- Yes, sir
Mr. Aditya from Crime Squad cleared it
It is a residential area
Not wanting the residents to panic
we did it as fast as we could, sir
Good, have you informed his family?
Not yet, sir
Do that fast
Sir one minute, sir
You! Why are you
screaming your head off?
Sir, one minute. Come with me
What is the matter?
I saw a white car at the park this morning
It went past our station just now
Which car?
I know only the color as white sir
What are you blabbering?
Is this the only white car on the road?
It was parked outside
the station all this while, sir
Before I could come in
and tell you it sped past
Okay, we will take care of that
You go attend to your work
What is the problem?
- Nothing, sir
He saw a white car in the crime scene
He says he saw the same car in front
of our station and it sped past him now
Which car?
We did not see any such car
when we went, sir
Give me your mobile
Hello Aditya, this is Deepak here
I am calling from
my constables mobile
I am sorry sir. from early morning, I
have been trying to reach you
What happened to your mobile?
I have a very bad memory
I left it behind in the station
Hope, you got the news- That is why
I called you. Is the postmortem over?
No sir. Doctor says the report will
be ready only by this evening
I will ping you when it is done
I t is ok, Rajaiah thinks this is suicide
To what extent?
To claim the victim shot himself
at the park seems a little odd, right?
The gun had fingerprints
of only the deceased
That too in the rain, it was really faded
So we thought this maybe a suicide
We too cannot say for sure sir
Ok fine, I am on the way to the crime spot
After checking, I will call you
if I need any other information
Sure sir- Whole of today I will be
using only this mobile
So next time,
do not ask me who this is!
Is this the crime scene?
Over there, sir in the cut road
Any police map?
- No, sir
Mr. Aditya vetoed it
not wanting to attract a crowd
Get me a glass of water
Did he say, he saw the white car here?
Sir, we did not see any car
when we arrived here
He has simply exaggerated
thinking he will get a reward
The media is not in the loop, right?
No, sir, we have not
informed anyone as yet
Case was filed by a newspaperman
Yes, sir
If it leaks out we will be in a mess
Do not worry, sir. I will take care
Gowtham, clean the car on that side
I cannot be sure who did this
But I have 3 suspects in mind, sir
3 boys who live in this area, sir
They take this route
real late hours at night
I have seen them often
They look like affluent boys, sir
There is a good chance of them owning a gun
Either they should be
connected with this case
Or I feel if we interrogate them,
we will get some clues for sure
Do you think so?
- Just a gut feeling
Whatever a policeman believes
he must trust his intuition!
That is why
What if your intuition is wrong?
In most of the crimes with no clues...
...the criminal has to be caught within
48 hours is an unwritten rule, right?
But according to Crime Branch
this could be a suicide case
Shooting a man and placing a gun in
his hand is an outdated technique
We do not have any
evidence or clues as yet
How will we nab him?
Sir, I know I am crossing my limits
But if I do not ask you this,
my head will explode
Instead of just holding a stick...
...and doing a watchman job
I want to get involved in such cases, sir
Do what is only assigned
to you by your superiors
Do not unnecessarily
What is your name?
- Gowtham sir
I joined duty only yesterday
I was informed of the 2 new recruits
I could not meet them
Rajaiah, call our station
Ask someone else to come to the spot
- Ok sir
Gautham will be with us in this case
- Thank you sir- Get in
Are you sure this is the house?
- Yes, sir
The red Skoda is right there
Check the car thoroughly
- Ok sir
Can I come in?
- Come in
Do you know why we are here?
Nothing, there was a robbery
in the adjacent street yesterday night
It seems they have threatened
the owner with a gun
We do not possess any gun
I never asked you
Just wanted to check if the robbers
are hiding in your house
Who owns this house?
It is in my name
Your name means?
What is your name?
- Praveen
What about you both?
Sir, I am Madan and he is Mano
Only the 3 of you stay in such a big house?
No, sir, monthly once his dad will come here
We have maintenance staff
Where do you work?
- MBA 2nd year
I guess sir does not feature
in your vocabulary?!
I do, Sir
We will be the owners of your place
from now on for a while
Gautham, check every nook and corner in
this place for robbers or toy guns- Sir
Nothing sir
All clear, I checked thoroughly
- Locked, sir
Give me the key
- We came home late last night
Do not know where the key is, sir
Search, it must be in the house
How can it vanish? Get it fast
May take time to search
- Do not give excuses to an officer
Key must be misplaced
Will you not know
where you left the key?
No idea where we kept
- So? Go, search
Let us go
There is no connection between
this murder and these 3 boys
But I am sure they are
hiding something from us
What is your intuition, Gautham?
They need to be watched closely, sir
- Good, do it
Who is AJ?
Sir, our head constable Janardhan
Park the car to a side
Tell me
Okay Address?
Here, Sir has come
- Hello sir- Sir, please move
Who called the station?
Sir, I did
I am Shruti neighbor, Ganesh
I stay in flat 2B
First witness, huh?
No, sir, I did not even
go into her apartment
Around 7 o clock Shruti friend
knocked on my door
In a state of panic she said the room was
full of blood and Shruti was missing
I had no idea what to do
I dialed 100 at once
Cannot you see the steps?
If the furniture gets damaged,
will you take responsibility?
When did you call the station?
Must be around 7:30 pm, sir
He said he will be here
in 5 minutes
But I had to wait for nearly 2 hours
That is why I called again
15 minutes ago to remind them
What Rajaiah, he called at 7:30 it seems?
Then why were we informed so late?
Sir, one minute
Sir, actually at 7:30
we were near the park
Only the new constable
was in the station
He noted down the address
but forgot to inform us I think, sir
Gautham is also new, right?
Call that constable
Sir, I do not have his phone number
Rajaiah, do not give me such excuses
Call Jana and connect me
I will talk to the guy
Your name?
- Vaishnavi, sir
Explain what happened
in detail to me
Is this flat key always with you?
- Yes, sir
Every weekend I come here from Guntur
My arrival time is indefinite
So the spare key is always with me
What do you do in Guntur?
- I work in CTS as Program Executive, sir
Do you have your bus ticket?
- Online booking sir
Are you related to Shruti?
- Friend sir, school and college mate
When did you last speak to Shruti?
Yesterday evening, sir
When did you say you came here?
I reached at 6:30 am, sir
Approximately by 6:45 to 6:50
I came here Sir
Have you not called Shruti mobile?
It is switched off
- Sir
What happened?
I called him, sir. Not picking up
I think he will call after
seeing my missed call
What happened hubby?
- Something wrong at the neighbors
Got any relatives in Hyderabad?
No, sir
You know Mr. Ganesh well, right?
Not really, I have spoken to him
a couple of times when I was here
Because we cannot allow
anyone inside the house
If you want to refresh, you can in his house
- No problem sir
Mr. Ganesh if you do not mind, can you
accommodate her in your house for few days?
Ok sir, sure
When will all this end?
We still have not got a clear picture of this
Until we resolve this...
...you need to stay only in Hyderabad
I will arrange alternate for your stay,
Do not mind- Ok sir
Where is Gautham?
I will call him, he is talking
to the watchman upstairs
- Sir
Ask the watchman to come down
- Sir
Investigate in the other apartments
- Sir
I will send someone from the Crime Branch
Ok?- Ok sir
Sir, let me check around compound once
- Go ahead
Good morning sir- You work night shift
or day shift?- Night shift sir
Yesterday you were in night shift, right?
Yes, sir
Too many flats here
It is tough to remember
Still try to think and tell me
When did Shruti enter her flat?
Do not know the exact time when she left, sir
But when I came for work,
her scooty was parked here
When did you come?
Please do not tell the secretary
I will lose my job, sir
I had gone to my hometown
I came back only at 5:00 am, sir
When did the day shift watchman leave?
He left at 8:30, sir
Is there a security camera?
What, sir?
Security cam, it is usually fixed
in the parking lot
We do not have all that
Sir, call from the station, he is in line
You carry on
- Suresh, the new constable
Suresh- Good morning sir
You joined work only yesterday
New atmosphere You are very young
Because of these reasons
when someone complains...
...no rules stipulate you should not
inform higher officials, Suresh
Sir, please forgive me
I thought it was a prank call
- Prank calls?
Seemed like he was telling me
a serious issue in a playful way, sir
Listen carefully Mr. Suresh.
Our network works like
When someone calls saying emergency...
...it will not come to our station
It goes to the control room
The control room will receive the complaint
And only then inform our police station
Officers in the control room will not
know the seriousness of this situation
So, they speak of everything lightly Suresh
Sorry sir, I should not say reasons
But I am new to the job sir and thus...
It is ok. Please learn the basics
- Ok sir- One more thing
Think and let me know
Any other key piece of information
we missed?
You are in Shruti flat in Saroj Prayag
Apartments, right sir?
Shruti came to our station yesterday
and complained about eve teasing, sir
Against whom?
Did not give a proper address, sir
But she specified the area
as Ambedkar Nagar
The boys name is Mano, sir
Who is Mano?
- Sir, me- Sit
Why did they bring us?
I will ask you some questions now
Just answer yes or no
Do you know Shruti living
in Saroj Prayag apartments?
Yes, sir
Have you spoken to her?
Yes, sir
Have you always followed her?
No, sir
- Threatened to kill her?
- No way, sir
You said you know her
10 days ago
That girl was riding a scooty
She almost banged into our car
She apologized and accepted
it was her fault and left, sir
That is all sir
That was the first time I met her
Did she ride fast or
were you going fast?
She was the one who swerved
too much to the left
You look decent
Then why did she complain
against you for eve teasing?
When did you last see that girl?
10 days ago when this incident happened sir
- Oh
Sir, can you please tell us why
you called us to the station?
Good.. Finally looks like
you used the word sir
Shruti who lived in Saroj Prayag near your house
is missing- Complaint- Ok sir
The interesting part here is...
...she has lodged an eve teasing complaint
against a Mano residing in Ambedkar Nagar
So I think, this reason is good enough
to investigate you!
Is he the only Mano in our area?
If you do not believe me...
...check the voters list
of Ambedkar Nagar
Only Mano in that area is your friend
How can there be no other Mano?
- Silence
Give me your mobile
Any problem, sir?
My phone is not charging
It is switched off
Plug it in that socket
Hello, Aditya
Process is going on sir.
It will take some time.
Not about that
I am handling a small case
- A girl in this area is missing
Found traces of blood in her bedroom.
So, we suspected it is a crime scene.
Can you please seal
that place immediately?
We still have not cleared
this case, sir
It is a tiring for everyone.
But, say what can we do?
Ok, where is the address?
I will text it to you
Constable Gautham will be in the spot, you can
coordinate with him- Ok done
Sir, courier
- Come
So Mr. want to be Police, any idea how the case
might have travelled after this?
I know where and how this will end
But there are a few missing links unknown
in between - Really?
Is it not boring to watch the film knowing what
the climax is, right?- Not exactly
It depends on the way you narrate your story
- Ok
After informing Aditya...
...I told those 3 boys to wait
in the station
That is where I got the first hint
in this murder case
The bullet in Krish head was 9 mm.
This is used by policemen
Check inside- Ok sir
- Hello sir- Walk me through
It is simple but complicated. Does not look like a fight or
robbery in the crime scene except blood on the wall
While checking we found
Shruti identity card
In fact yesterday was Shruti birthday.
A problem came up here
According to Shruti I.D card
her blood group was O+
But we checked the blood group on the wall.
It is B positive
Sir, what happened to the other case?
- 9MM
Can I sit here?
- Please
What happened sir?- Most girls have
problems because of relationship issues
So I think to should start
from that point of view
I already did, sir
He is one guy
He will surprise me every now and then
Tell me, Mr. Gautham sir
What is your information?
I enquired everyone here, sir
According to everyone Shruti stays alone
No parents or guardians
But I believe a guy visits her now and then
Once an elder from 3A here asked about that,
she told him he was her fianc
He is the only one who has seen
that guy in this apartment
So we have a mystery boyfriend here
Name of that Boy is Krish sir
This is his license
Aditya, what did you say was the blood group
on the wall?- B positive sir
- Backside
Once an elder here asked about that,
she told him he was her fianc
He is the only one who has seen
that guy in this apartment sir
Sir, was it this man you saw?
- I am not sure, but I think it is him
Our first priority
Should know, who the boy is
Shruti complained about
Sir, what about that Mano?
In Shruti case it does not
look like they are lying
Their answers seem to be convincing
Crime Branch team has come
You do not have to be here
Go to Ambedkar Nagar and do the same
questioning you did here. I will drop you.
Sir, I will go up and get my cap.- What?
I forgot my cap sir.- Come on quick-Yes sir
You are a 90s kid, right?
You would have definitely played the Mario game,
correct?- Yes sir
In the beginning of that game
There are 3 lives
But by luck you jump across in some spot
You will get a life from a magic brick over there,
Extra life
Do you know?
But I did not get anything of that sort
You will get
Same holds good in all cases
There will be a magic brick
You do not have to go in search of it
The brick will come in search of you
Agreed, but how can you refuse?
- Do not torture me, sir
Why do you hold the camera? Give it.
- I will not give the camera
- What happened?
- Look at them
They are hell bent on taking a film in front of
the apartment with families sir
What?- We were only shooting a short film
And we did not disturb anyone, sir
This is a residential area
Sir, we did not disturb anyone
He is exaggerating, sir
We have a competition tomorrow
Sir, we have to edit tomorrow
All our files are in there, sir
Collect it from the station
in the evening
For this competition, 6 months
we have been working
Why is he taking away the camera, without
listening at all
You know the drill, enquire in every house
Make sure you mark
even the slightest doubt
Is that clear Goutham?
- I will do the needful, sir
Sir, I am Gautham speaking
Yes, Gautham
What is Shrutis complaint
against Mano?
He has stopped her in the middle of
the road yesterday and misbehaved
That girl has used a string
of cuss words on him
And livid with rage has complained in the station
- Oh, ok sir
My son is missing from yesterday
- Father of Krish, sir- Phone too is not working
He is here to complain about his missing son
Did I not tell you this morning
to inform him?
You had Krishs license
I did not note down
his address
How if you say reasons so, Rajaiah?
Hello sir
- Ok, ask him to be seated inside
- Sir, you please wait inside
I had asked you about
taking off, sir?
Boys, give your mobile number here
I am at the station
We will call you anytime, do not switch off
- I will meet the Inspector and come
Sir will be here soon Please be seated
You can leave now
But tomorrow I want to see all three of you
Hello sir, have you given a complaint?
What can I do for you?
My name is Sriram
My son Krish usually is back home
by 9o clock every night
He is missing from last night
He messages if he is delayed
We did not get any message either
My wife is very worried
That is why I thought I should let you know
Sir, father of that boy?
I too was a police officer
I was posted in Delhi
I retired 5 years ago and
I am settled now here in Hyderabad
Sorry, I did not salute you and sat
No formalities at all
Sir, I will to tell you something
I do not know how you will take it
Someone has shot your son. He is dead.
This morning
Who... why?
Do not know. We are investigating
To see parents lose
their children and grieve...
...there is not a more
depressing sight, you know
I am not in the frame of mind to talk now
I will come to the station tomorrow
He was our only son
How will I break this news to my wife?
Rajaiah- Sir
If Aditya calls, ask him to
get in touch with me in my landline
Number sir?
- 2485127- Ok sir
You are on night duty, right?
Yes, sir
Sir, is your mobile alright now?
I think it is charged
I will switch it on at home and check
All those in the spot today can report to work
tomorrow evening- Ok sir
Hello, Deepak
- Hello sir, all good?- Yes
Someone was waiting in front
of your house for a long time
- No idea
An young man, must be around 6:00 p.m
I saw him when I was going for walk
I do not know where
he went after that
Okay, let me see tomorrow, good night sir
- Ok, good night
The mobile number you are calling is
switched off. Please try later.
- Sir, I am Rajaiah speaking
There are 2 college boys here
It seems you asked them to collect
their camera this evening at the station
Completely skipped my mind.
It is in my car.
Ask them to collect it tomorrow
Okay, sir
Sir, it seems they want the camera tonight
The required files are in it
for their competition tomorrow
They worked so hard for a month
They are cribbing their heads off
Ask them to come home and pick it up
Come in
Which college?
CMR sir
Why are you so tensed?
I will give it to you
What is your film about?
Fregoli delusion, based on that condition
- Name of the film, sir?
Prathi, a reflection
Tomorrow is the competition
And you say the files are
still in the camera today
There would great process later, right?
We have taken the final output copy sir
Just for safety we were
shooting an alternate climax
Whatever! If such an expensive
camera is confiscated...
...you know it is tough to get it back
- Sir
I will return it
I do not have any problem
But you did not shoot any girl
What is the guarantee you shot only a film?
Sir, we took only four shots last night
Before we could shoot today
the watchman grabbed it from us
If you want we can...
...show you what we took
and then take it, sir
Are you ready?
Just a minute, dude
Lighting has gone for a toss
Hurry up!
- Are we shooting in Red, just a digital cam?
Do it fast
God! You come just to disturb us, huh?
Hey buddy, a cool chick!
Auto bro, Please move Ok, ready
When did you say you came here?
I reached at 6:30 am sir. By the time I reached
Approximately, it must be 6:45 to 6:50
Hey, focus correctly dude
A white car, sir. I know only that
When did you shoot this video?
- 11:00 pm, sir
The time you went to the apartment
- 10:30 pm, sir
We shot for half an hour
Then it started raining heavily
Around 11:10
- I think so
We left by 11:10 pm, sir
Was that car parked there when you came?
- Yes, sir
Take out that card
Other than the girl did you see
anyone else go into that flat?
When we reached there and
we were preparing, we saw a man go in sir
Any snap or video of him?
The guy doing our making video
Call him- Now?
It is okay, call
Keep trying, he will not
pick up immediately
Low battery in my phone
- No problem
- Tell me, sir
Give me Gautham contact number
One minute sir
Sir, please note it down?- Yes
- 9952885733- 9952885733
And one more thing, do not get me wrong
Do not take off till tomorrow evening
Report to duty in the morning
Ok sir, that is no problem at all.
I will come sir
Dial that number
Nice ringtone
- Who is this?
My mistake, on the very first day I believed
you will recognize my voice
Sir, sorry sir. I could not make out
your voice on phone
It is ok. Did you enquire in that area?
I knocked at
all the doors, sir
There is not any Mano
who will fit our sketch, sir
Is there anyone else
by that name?
There is one Manoranjan in house no 10 sir.
He is not of eve teasing age. He is 86 years.
Do you feel I am making you work
too hard on your very first day?
No, I am feeling a thrill immediately
I joined in job sir- Excellent
Then I do not need to take permission
to make you work overtime, eh?
I did not get you sir.
- Nothing, I got an important break
I called you to ask your opinion
Come home right away
Okay, sir, I will be there in 20 minutes
My address is
Do not fuss too much
Your camera is safe
Sir, address- Rule one In excitement
should not miss important details
Ok?- Sure sir
Take it down- Yes sir
No 3, 4th street, Ramnagar
- Ok sir. I will be there
Mufti or uniform, sir?
- Mufti is fine- Ok sir
Do either of you intend
joining the Police force?
No, sir
You should have seen
the reaction of those 2 boys
Having stumbled on a clue
I got so hyper
Those boys were quite terrified
Your tea is getting cold
- I know
There is still some time left
What did you infer
from this video?
Vaishnavi is hiding
something from us, sir
You do not have any doubts
on the car parked outside the apartment?
That newspaper chap said
he saw a white car, right?
I think it is too early sir. It may also belong to
someone else in the apartment, right?
Why would the resident park it outside then?
- Point- I do not drive in the night
Call Vaishnavi
She just went out for a walk, sir
It is 10:00 p.m now
She went for a walk at this hour?
I thought it is 9 sir. She left a while ago
Whole day she was
quite disturbed
She said she may feel better
if she went for a walk
Okay, give me
her mobile number
Give my mobile dear. 9442355521
Hello Vaishnavi- Hello
- Yes, Inspector Deepak here
What happened, sir?
Luggage of Vaishnavi is here, right?
She brought just 1 bag and
She has kept it inside
When is the last bus to Guntur?
One at 10:15 p.m and
another at 10:30 p.m, sir
Let us go
- Yes sir
Someone was waiting in front
of your house for a long time
Whole day she was
quite disturbed
She said she may feel better
if she went for a walk
I am not sure, but I think it is him
10 days ago
That girl was riding a scooty
She almost banged into our car
She apologized and accepted
it was her fault and left, sir
When did you last see that girl?
-10 days ago when this happened
Why would the resident park it outside then?
- Yes, point
She might have booked her ticket
in some other name and escaped, sir
If we trace her with mobile number...
...we can nab her before dawn
Tell me, sir
TS 38AW 7436 Collect details of this car
and let me know
Do you suspect anyone at this stage?
Yes, sir
But only guess and not confirmed
It is okay, tell me
When I went to investigate
in Ambedkar Nagar...
...most houses complained
only about one chap
Some said he is very rude
Some called him an womanizer, sir!
My theory now is...
...Shruti wanted to
complain against Praveen
The three of them stick together
There is a possibility
of a name mix up by Shruti
This is from my personal experience
Even if they are the best of friends...
...they will not share some
secrets with anyone
Without Madan and Manos knowing...
...Praveen could have stalked Shruti
Hey, stop
Where are you going at this hour?
- To the police station, sir
What are those wounds?
Am I the only one in the dark
or are you as clueless?
You usually have
a ready explanation
What about this?
Hey, how many times
have I told you?
First stop getting flustered
This is not as serious
as you make it out to be
Okay, listen to me without
interrupting or getting nervous
Some chap has witnessed
our accident yesterday
In that mess, we ensured
the trunk was locked
But we did not press
the central lock button
So he must have followed our car
And after we entered our house...
...using the driver seats lever
he must have got the body out
Whoever did this...
...is expecting a ransom from us
In case we refuse to oblige...
...he will be in the mindset to
take this matter to the police
Need to talk to you in
private about something
I have told you
we do not want newspaper
Oh no! This is not about
delivering the newspaper
It is about your mug shots
in the News tomorrow!
Boss, why are you standing? Sit down,
this is your house after all
What is that private matter?
You want to know, huh?
Early this morning a newspaper boy
was cycling past our Bharathi park
He suddenly heard the brakes
of a car screech to a halt
When he got off his cycle
and rushed to check...
...he saw 3 boys like you
Their car hit a guy, they threw him
into the trunk and they whizzed away!
That newspaper chap is damn decent
He has not informed
this matter to the police
If I had been in his shoes I would
have informed the cops definitely
Later an idea struck that chap
If he shares this information
with the police...
...he will not have any use
Those boys will also be
behind bars unnecessarily
But if he meets the concerned culprits
and discusses terms with them...
...and his wallet becomes fatter
...then the benefit is mutual
How is his idea, huh?
How much?
Staying awake for a whole month
and delivering newspapers he will save 3000
For a year, 2 x 50 x
He can only save Rs 20000
He is now 29 years old
He may anyways live for 40 more years
If you place 1 million on this table...
...I will just grab the pile and give him
He will not face you ever again
What do you say?
Come after 2 hours
Money will be ready
Can I trust you?
You can
When he blackmailed us
we should have thrown him out
Why get scared of him?
Think about it
Are you sure
only he knows this?
Let us first give in
to his demand
If he takes it
and keeps quiet...
...then no one else
is aware of this for sure
I know very well how to get back my money,
If something goes wrong
Until then just do what I say
Do not chicken out and die of fear
Hello, dad
- What son?
You withdrew cash from account?
- Yes, I did
We are buying a property at Amaravati, right?
I withdrew for that.
My salary has not been credited as yet
I urgently need 1 million, dad
Hey! Why so much? Hey Praveen
- Damn!
I have only 50,000 at the moment
Will pay the balance later
What is this, boss?
What boss, you promised in lakhs
and now giving in thousands?
Okay, what about the rest?
You do not be worried.
Come and collect it in a week
After we left the station...
he came again and demanded money, sir
After all it is an accident
I said it is better to confess to the cops
Then we do not have to pay him
and we will also be safe
Praveen got angry and hit me
I thought the police
should be informed of this
That is why I came
without their knowledge
Where did the accident take place?
Right here, sir
How did he look?
Can you recollect any details?
I was so petrified
nothing registered in my mind
You leave now
If your friends ask you...
...act as if the cops are
unaware, I will take care
Sir, that newspaper man
Hereafter he will not bother you
Sir, relax.
- Hey, I am cool. One minute
Arrange the information we have
got so far in chronological order
Last night Vaishnavi went
to the apartment at 11
The accident was at 2:00 am
Near the same park, same time,
Shrutis boyfriend was shot
At 7:00 am Vaishnavi has
complained to the neighbor
Finally, she escaped at 10:00 pm
That newspaper chap
was there in the accident spot
What are the possibilities he could
have witnessed the murder too?
Plenty, sir
- Hello...!
Can we come in?
Come in, sir
Sir, it is all shabby.
Please do not feel bad sir
What is this, sir?
Sir, what are you doing?
Even though it is a small place
he has maintained it very well
Do not stay here from now on
There are very nice apartments
for 800,000 near Mettuguda
Better shift there
With the balance 200,000
start something on your own
Life will be settled
I made a mistake
Please forgive me, sir
I will not trouble
those boys again, sir
I will confess
All truths to you, sir
The word all truths has a meaning
That is, to say what you saw exactly
Should not swallow some
and with the remainder...
...should not blackmail young boys
If you can convince us
you are being 100% honest...
...we will leave without
even uttering a single word
But in case it is not true...
...and if we think
you are lying to us
...we will tie you up
in the middle of the road
I will ask those boys
to run their car over you!
I will confess, sir
Tell me
I was on my way to the depot
to collect the newspaper
A white color car was parked there
Madan and Reshmi are now friends
- To check, I went closer sir
I am not that lame, okay?
He had been shot by someone
If you call me names
I will make mincemeat out of you
I heard a car stopping with sudden break then
I went running to see what happened...
...the car hit a pedestrian, the boys
tossed him into the trunk and left
Immediately I went to the police station
and informed only about the hurt guy
I did not utter a word about the accident I came
immediately after seeing and said in the Police station sir
I blackmailed those boys
only for money, sir
I swear I do not know
anything else, sir
So you did not remove
that body from the trunk?
What will I do
with a dead body, sir?
Was it this car
you saw at the park?
Same car, sir
You saw the car at the spot?
- No, sir
Does it take this long
to trace a car number?
Come, just cannot
trust these chaps
Did constable Rajaiah give
a car number to trace?
He did, sir
- I have messaged the details
- To whom?
Rajaiah sir One minute sir
Oh no sir, the message was not sent
Wait sir, I will check it right now and say
Goutham- Sir
- The killer must have seen boys hit the man
After they left, he must have
taken the car and followed them
He must be the one who
removed the body from the trunk
I thought of this too
But Vaishnavi lying to us
Traces of blood
in the apartment
What about all this?
Visualize what I tell you now
Cannot confirm this is what
would have exactly happened
With all the leads
we have received until now...
...all I am saying is it could
have happened this way
You can simply call this as Deepak's theory
While Shruti was celebrating her birthday with Krish
He is entering the apartment
We do not know how he looks and so
We can imagine him as an unknown killer
There must have been
a third person in that apartment
Maybe he is boyfriend of Vaishnavi
But as soon as the killer entered...
...he was assaulted
And then wents to Shrutis room
and assaulted Krish
This is the main reason behind the blood on
the wall and Shruthi is on the gun point
Exactly at that time...
...Vaishnavi may have entered
He points the gun at her and threatens
to kill her if she squeals to anyone
Just to make others believe...
...he leaves Vaishnavi out
He takes the 3 of them
at gun point with him in the car
When they are driving past the park...
...Krish must have tried to escape
You guessed it
Vaishnavi's boyfriend...
...tries to escape by jumping
over the park fence
Shruthi unconscious in the car of killer
He frames Krishs death as suicide
What happened after this,
I do not have to explain
The newspaper man watches this
entire incident from outside the park
And that killer watches the same
from inside the park
After these boys leave...
...the newspaper boy
rushes to the police station
Following Praveens car...
...that killer leaves the spot too
After the boys enter their house...
...the killer removed the dead body
from the car trunk
So, both the bodies of Shruti and boyfriend
of Vaishnavi have to be...
...in the white Dzire car TS 38 AW 7436
we are looking for
He is very genius sir
- Are my connections not logical?
Yes sir, it is very logical. Chances are high
it happened this way
But what is the motive?
There is not any necessity
all murders should have a motive
From your hint it seems like
we are chasing a psycho killer
Exactly, who knows?
Sir, registered in the name of Mr Krishnamurthy
- Krishnamurthy?
Hello, yes?
Sir, I am calling from
Uppal bypass road
A stranger just tossed something
from his car into a pond, sir
Explain clearly
He opened his car trunk and flung
something huge into the pond, sir
What vehicle, sir?
White Dzire, sir
Severe damage and we got to operate
Few days ago...
...a youngster named Krish was found
mysteriously dead in Bharathi park
On the same day a girl
named Shruti went missing
A youngster called Mano
is the reason behind this
Since he was averse to the close
bond between Krish and Shruti
He shot Krish and
has kidnapped Shruti
According to police reports
The police force is on
a witch-hunt for Mano
Excuse me
Sir, this is Rajaiah here
I was talking
for so long, Rajaiah
Sir, please do not mistake me
My son found out why
I asked you to meet him
He refused to meet you
Please do not take it to heart.
Sir Hello sir
Who are you?
Finally You should have asked me this
right in the beginning
You chatted with me as if
you knew me for 10 years
I kept silent to see
If I had revealed maybe you would not have
said in detailed about this case
So long to take out this?
I am brother of Krish
All of you get inside
Do not come out until I say
Go inside
I know you have seen
that murderers face
But when the police questioned
you did not say
A man can control all his emotions
But after knowing this person
should be behind bars or dead
...if he is wandering scot free happily
a rage within will erupt you know
It is hard to control that anger
Then only this...
...will help a lot of
people get justice
Even when you knew the killer,
you did not do anything
Now I just need a simple answer to
my simple question. Why...?
I will tell you
If you are mad at me...
...shoot me after I explain
No one will stop you
Because Policemen are basically too arrogant
Need not be obligated for a lifetime
to someone who spared his life!
Moreover, you should certainly
be aware of this
Why did you leave
without informing us?
I got a call from work asking me
to come immediately, sir
That is why I had to leave
Then I tried calling sirs cell
but it was switched off
Only now I heard about this
- Is it?
Did all this happen
when sir came in search of me?
Sir Vaishnavi is here
You keep talking
I will go and get lunch
Sir, I did not commit any mistake
I am going to confess
a truth to you
After that whatever
decision you take is ok...
Excuse me, you are
Hi, I am Krish. Friend of Shruti
I came to wish her for birthday
I think she is not at home.- No, she is inside
I spoke to her just now
She said is going for a shower. Just a minute
Shru- Vaishu, two minutes- Ok
Can I get you some juice?- No, thank you
What is his name?
He is my college friend, Prem
Have you not planned
any birthday celebration?
Actually we have planned something
without Shrutis knowledge
Rajiv is on his way. You know it is a surprise.
- Yes, her boyfriend. He lives in Nasik
But no one is aware
of his arrival today
How do you know Shruti?
We live in the same area
We talk quite often- Oh, ok
Hey, hey sweety happy birthday.
- Mano, please leave before I behave harshly
Mano? He told me his name is Krish
- Do not panic
Hey! Why are you locking the door?
Krish is my original name
I believe you went to
the police station yesterday?
I knew you will attempt
something like this
That is why a month ago
when we first met...
...I introduced myself as Mano!
You have not told me your name as yet
- Vaishnavi- Vaishnavi, so sweet
Ok Vaishnavi, Shruti and I need to talk
- Can you wait there?
- N...no
Go now
I might have met you
a few times to talk to you
But you did not talk to me
even once properly
Even I bided my time and
was patient beyond normal limits
I came here to wish you
on your birthday
Think you can yell at me and humiliate me
in front of all those people publicly?
Ok, let me be honest. I want to sleep with you
That is all
I thought of approaching you
with an excuse of love or relationship
You will not allow a man
to be decent, right?
I believe he is also in love with you.
And one more thing..
Open the door- Rajiv
- Sweety- Hey, move
Open, open it- Rajeev
We need only Shruti
In your best interest
be silent, ok?
Tape this
Hey! Get out
Three of you listen carefully, especially you.
Shruti, keep this as a secret
You get it, right? No more complaints
In case you want to
get us caught by the Police...
...we have nothing to lose
because we know how to escape
But before that...
...think about this
at least once
What if you go viral?
Dude, when is my turn?
- Simple, let us take her
Her life is in our hands now, dude
Rajeev, are you ok?- Do not panic
Just do what I say
After a while, knock on
your neighbors door
Tell him Shruti is missing
Come to the airport
after 10:00 p.m
Both of you stay in Nasik
till I say. She needs your help now.- Ok
You will have no problem with Krish now
In case you think I am lying
You have heard all that
you wanted to know
Tell me at least now
Tell me, who are you?
Every single word I heard that day
is etched in my memory
Krish's father told us
he was his only son
Tell me, who are you?
Give that bandage here.
Police officer Mr Deepak and new recruit
Gautham were severely injured in accident last night
Deepak who was severely injured...
...was forced to have
his right foot amputated
Since the vehicle had caught fire
during the accident...
...Gautham suffered severe burn injuries
on face and fell unconscious
Gautham admitted to hospital immediately
has slipped into coma
Gautham, can you hear me?
Good, do not panic. For the last 5 years
you have been asleep
In medical terms,
you were in coma
When you were admitted
after the accident, this was your condition
Good news for you is...
...we have grafted your face
without any scars
But the bad news is...
...we could not retain
your original facial features
Since you have been silent
the last 5 years...
...your voice too has changed
To say straight, you will not be able to recognize
your own self. You are a new person now.
In the hospital, when
I regained consciousness...
...the facts that stared back at me
Even if I want to, I cannot
go back to my old life
My dream for 24 years to be
a cop also came to a full stop
I was forced to live
half my 20s asleep
I was mad at the doctors
for saving me
But above all...
...I could not believe or digest the News is
The killer is still missing
From the time I heard that
My blood got boiled
That is why I started looking for answers
as the case was still open
The one you respected and encouraged,
New recruit constable Goutham
Hello Goutham, it is weird. Honestly it feels
Like I am talking to a new person
Whatever you asked me now,
you could have asked me directly, Gautham
I wonder what mistake I committed
for you to point a gun at me
I came 10 days ago to ask you directly.
I think you had a visitor
I had seen the same face
5 years ago in a white Dzire
Actually you are lucky sir. I did not have this gun
that day. If I had,
I would have finished right then
the job I intend today
I hope you now understand
why I am pointing this gun at you
He erased 5 years
of my life and my identity
You knew this truth too
And yet, you chose
not to take any action
I am not such a bad person to hold you
at gun point without any reason and talk
You are not that good a person to
let a criminal escape and save him
What I need is justice. I believe I will get it
What I am doing now
may seem wrong to others
But I feel this is
the only right answer
I have come with a decision
Without any change whatsoever
You have to come out
with the truth
You have no other choice
Tell me, sir
Tell me, sir
This is your last warning
Do not point the gun at him
At least now, I can die without any guilt.
Rajeev is my son!
I should surprise dad. I am here for birthday of my girl.
The fact that I have a girlfriend
And the reason I amhere
My dad is not aware of either
I lost my mom when I was very young.
But he never let me feel that loss
This will come as a complete surprise for you, dad
And Shruthi her entry in my life is a big luck
This wound will not heal
This journey does not end
Fort of the dreams is a myth
- Forgot mobile in the station
Death has come in the way
Is safe in the heart
Life has stopped and is taken away
- White color car sir, I just know that
A blank sheet of paper
Is my life
Death has redrafted my fate clearly
After a while, knock on
your neighbors door
Tell him Shruti is missing
I fell in a mirage to be true
I fell out knowing the truth
Seeking for death
Life evaporating
Is diminished in the last
In the last moment
Someone was waiting in front
of your house for a long time
- No idea, an young man
Must be around 6:00 pm
I saw him when I was going for my walk
Come to the airport
after 10:00 p.m
Both of you stay in Nasik
till I let you know it is safe
A stranger just tossed something
from his car into a pond, sir
Explain clearly
He opened his car trunk and flung
something huge into the pond, sir
What vehicle, sir?
- White Dezire sir
Without any valid reason
A personal scar in my sons life
He cannot erase it
even if he wants to
That is why he decided to cover it up.
But life had other ideas
Thus I welcomed
did I not tell you, in the beginning?
Karma is a boomerang
However far you may hurl it...
...it will bounce back to us
Maybe seeing my story from Gautham
point of view...
...I would have been the villain, who knows
But did you notice something?
The reason my
life ended like this...
...is because of the decisions
I took at an emotional peak
In case Shruti had not insulted Krish
in a moment of sheer hatred
In red hot rage, if Krish had not
commited that inhuman act
In a state of panic if Rajeev
Had not murdered Krish
If I had not hidden all this truth
due to parental love and affection...!
Finally if Gautham had not shot me
for the sake of pure justice...
...life would have been
so different, right?