18 1/2 (2021) Movie Script

The water date scandal continues to grip
the nation as the infamous eighteen and
a half minute gap in the mixture
there was a tape that the state was
never subpoenaed why nobody knows it
exists i think the best course of action
is that i take the tape i give you this
tape you splash it all over the cover of
the times it gets traced back to me in a
heartbeat you win the police and i get
no i think there's a motel nearby the
silver sands go there listen to it we
leave season anything is possible young
lady i don't know how but they know
we're here hey who is that it could be
anyone it could be the fbi the cia
could be a post reporter
we need to listen to the tape you know
what to do who is the dear it's a
newlywed couple we brought her player
from home and it was broken we were
wondering if we could borrow yours 18
and a half minute gap
no one is supposed to hear it
what is happening
30 years from now i want to be
remembered bob you will sir
well that's no good all