1920 (2008) Movie Script

It's a saying that man can avoid his shadow.
but not his past ..
He can get rid of karma, but not fate.
He can hide the surprise...
but the inevitable
Neither you nor I can escape
what we intended.
This is another thing to understand the cycle of life...
I passed these thresholds death.
Maybe you can't believe this thing..
Yes, I believe in fate.
Look, I'm miles away.
But despite the silence of that mansion
who can guess that ..
What will happen today...
could affect my life and destiny.
Hello, anybody?
This is an unfinished game.
Bring Sahib's luggage.
- Yes
Hey, mister
A long time ago, someone
defeated King.
But the king refused to admit defeat.
- I'm the owner of this mansion.
- Owner..
I'm not the owner, call me the servant.
Atar Singh Jaiswal is the owner.
Mansion he bought this many years ago.
But now lives in Calcutta.
And I take care of the mansion.
King said to send a letter...
the largest architectural firm in Delhi.
I told Arthur and
Manchanda to send here.
Have you had problems during the trip, Mr. Mehta?
Not everything was good
So... This house is very big.
Have rebuilt as a Grand Hotel...
for the English, who stop by.
Mr. MK, I build this hotel and...
English will remain long.
Excellent, sir
Your words laid the foundation of the hotel.
I heard that other architects...
came here before me.
They came, but not as good as you.
Okay, I'm leaving.
If you need anything, call Balwant.
Thanks - You're welcome!
When you start work?
- Tonight.
Who is it?
Clean the mirror of my mind...
dust on my guru's feet.
I recount the glory of my Lord Sri Ragubar...
donor fruits of life
Knowing you as ignorance and pathetic...
I think of you, Pavan Kumar.
Give me strength, wisdom and knowledge...
to remove all my troubles !.
Glory to Hanuman, ocean of wisdom and virtue!
Thank God,
renowned in the three worlds!
Messenger of Ram, you have enormous power...
you son of Anjani...
known as Son of Pavan (Wind) ..
You bravely border-less
and resistance being a great warrior.
Can eliminate ignorance and can give you a deeper understanding.
Your body color is gold.
And your clothes are attractive.
Gates ornaments ears and your hair is lovely Kinky.
Portable mine "Badzhra" (divine weapon)
Gates sacred necklace around the neck.
You. descendant of Lord Shiva are Keshari's ideal
For Thy are great value
are honored everywhere.
Are full of knowledge...
're wise and virtuous...
eager to serve Ram.
And always ready to listen to
feet of the Lord.
Ram, Sita Lakshmi lived in your heart always.
Glory, the glory of Hanuman...
It seems Seth shrinks its form...
you burned Lanka, is in its fierce....
You killed the demons, taking the form of a giant!
So you exercise the powers of the Lord Ram.
You burned Lanka powerful...
You can restore the life of Lakshmi,
bringing "Sadzhivan (life giving herb)
Raghuvir brag in his comments:
" I love and my brother Bharata
Shteshnag (arpele with thousands of heads) sings your glory.
Argues that there is reincarnation...
Having said this, it embraces the Ram.
Four brothers Sanaka Narada and Brahma Saraswati
facilitate transformer
pain people in endless joy....
Those who have read "Hanuman chalisa"
will become spiritual...
and become his friends Gorisha (Shiva).
Tulsidas, Thy humble servant forever.
God, live in my heart!
Son of Wind, Savior disaster
O Hanuman, royal kings
You will always live in my heart, along with Ram,
Aakshman and Seth!
Husband Ramchandra Ludai the site!
Glory of Hanuman, the son of Wint!
Thank God Uma, Mahadeva
Glory those who are close to humans)!
No wonder that you crossed the ocean....
with the task of making good of mankind...
is easier with your blessings....
Are Monastery guardian of Ram.
No one may enter without your permission.
All you need is at your feet.
Where your followers feel protected.
You are the bearer of beauty.
In all the three worlds he feels
your voice.
Taking away the ghosts and demons
just when I hear your name
All diseases, pain disappear...
At the mention of your name.
The you have thought and words...
sincerity and faith will be saved
All who worship, and have faith in Ram.
He is the king of repentance.
And turn evil into good.
Whoever comes to you with
with faith and sincerity,
will be part of the good life.
Everyone will go through life. .
Cheering your name. .
You are the savior and the guardian
enemy angels and demons.
You're the angel dear Ram.
Can grant to anyone. .
Power and wisdom.
This advantage was given your mother Janki.
You will be devoted to Ram.
Every revival, you'll remain
Lord Raghupati you dedicated,
hymn that was recovered and Ram.
If death comes into lcaul Ram's divine. .
The revival is born as a devotee of the Lord.
Must not entertain any deity. .
One of them is free from suffering
and will become predestined.
If he remembers,
Lord Hanuman, the god of the senses.
God Hanuman, God's feelings.
Victory over the devil be final.
Yeah my blessing.
Chalisa Who reads a hundred times...
will be free from bondage in life and in death. .
And enjoy happiness,
Those who recite Ohalisa will be blessed
and would become his disciple.
Glory of the Divine Master. .
Praying for us. .
O Lord, you laid on my heart
Oh! Lord of the winds, destroyer of misery. .
Are the symbol of faith.
You all, Ram, Lakshman, Sita you are in my heart.
Oh! King of the Gods!
"Dear Lisa
"My biggest mistake was
to come here."
"Nothing has changed here."
"I came to dealing with a father."
"But I met a turban."
& Apos; A large turban to carry the load. .
My family and culture age. "
" People can express love by turbans,
but not "
to exit the wolves,
you should not talk to them
would need to kill them
" They come in the evening that you take "
" We have not received the blessing of our parents. "
" But when we get in Bombay we have. .
Blessing of God for marriage. "
" Love, My Arjun. "
- Dude!
Arjun, come out!
Brother, listen to me!
- Get out!
Brother, listen to me!
- Get out!
No, bro!
- Arjun! Arjun!
- Let me, bro!
link it!
- Brother, listen to me!
Arjun! Te Please! Arjun!
Not Lisa Go ahead!
Arjun, Arjun
Dude, do not do anything Lisa!
Arjun, Arjun
- Brother
- Dad !
- Arjun!
Leave me! Daddy No!
Arjun !
- Dad! Father, Lisa!
Arjun! Arjun, stop! Arjun, stop!
Wait! Arjun, wait!
Cheap for this woman to do this. .
If someone had done that to my mother. .
What would you do?
Are you sure your mother
would have behaved like that?
Dad, you are the embodiment of religion and love!
We just marriage, she loves me more
Your voice is a person down
If anyone has heard if you in the next 7 lives.
'll Be ready to marry sisters.
Our position, respect, honor.
Will be destroyed forever!
What is love to you?
Family honor and happiness of your son?
Not you, but this
Magic Witch & apos; s talk.
Is our mistake.
The day I found out that
mother slept with a British...
I banished her from the village
But because she was pregnant I spared his life.
If then I would be killed this inadequate
now, not sitting in front of impure and daughter...
showed true face.
Enough, Dad!
I dishonor future wife
You dishonor their own culture
forget that our religion is different
Even our gods are different
In the name of God, now I'm ..
You have accept whatever God?
You were against God?
If religion, culture...
or God or impede me take my love...
... then I do not want a God
honor a God...
that I adored from childhood...
But today he stands between me and my love
then I do not want such a God!
I do not want a God that allows people to...
kill in his name!
My father believes that his son is dead today you
Thanks god who seeks to destroy my
a life!
Do you love me?
Never let you go away to smile.
Forgive me.
To all my family made
Forget. Since this is the will of God.
God, Lisa. People.
Today I realized one thing, Lisa.
There is no God.
First, people have created God
to get rid of their fears.
For this God uses to frighten others.
But now they have seen so close to death...
I realized the truth of life.
I do not need God.
But if you want... you can not believe in him ..
I will never stand between you and God.
... Promise me you'll always be with me.
I promise.
I promise.
To live in love.
Our union.
I promise.
I promise.
To live in love.
Our union.
I promise, promise
I promise, promise
Your dream to live in my eyes.
Your love lives in my heart.
Your love there is in my veins.
As a stream.
Now we will love our soul
I promise.
I promise.
To live in love.
Our union.
Our union.
Our union.
Our union.
I'm glad you came. Look.
If it was gold or blue was better suited
What is
Look at this...... Blue
What are you doing? What happened?
Come on. Wait.
Dear Mr. Arjun Singh...
inform you that you have been chosen ..
Raj Bahadur Singh by Atari Dzhaysvali mansion owner...
which will be transformed into a Grand Hotel
Raj Bahadur give this project our company
Thus, during the meeting,
your name was proposed.
In agreement have an increase of
20% of your salary.
Shaam Sasodiya Lal.
Can you believe that?
I will design this hotel.
Inside... appearance...
I build.
I always wanted this.
You know, Lisa.
I am really lucky.
Stop, stop.
Why will you destroy this property?
- What?
Why should destroy such a lovely house?
Lisa, why do not you like my work?
Lisa, you see what it was,
But I see what will be.
You see, Lisa.
The Grand Hotel will be built...
I forget, the very fact that there was once a house.
Let's go .. Lisa
Hello. Lisa
We are accustomed to guests
But Sir MK is working emergency
therefore can not be here.
Pray him to apologize.
I heard that the place where I come from...
has a 12-month season.
But as in
mountain areas, sir.
Sometimes the sun.
And sometimes
sun hides behind the clouds...
became quite cold.
But I gathered enough firewood.
not sure for at least two months.
No electricity there?
Not be installed over a year.
Reached there.
'll Be here soon.
This is?
- What are you doing?
I checked all Doorknobs, it was not opened the door
You can try morning.
Can opens.
Balwant serve dinner
- OK
Who's there?
Who's there?
What are you doing here?
.. There is someone up there.
Is anyone up there?
- Yes
Who come so late?
Lisa, you dreamed, who can be there?
No, indeed I heard a voice Arjun.
Like someone who has intense pain
Lisa is on the hill.
Here windy night...
So you think you strange voices.
Now go to bed.
Tomorrow should Meet Sahib K M. ..
I love you, Lisa, I will miss.
I love.
- Pa
Good morning, ma'am.
- Good morning.
Balwant Can I ask you something?
- Yes.
As you work here?
Since both want to destroy.
What do you mean?
Owner wants to demolish the house and build a hotel.
But if I do not buy aces had a job.
Being able to come here.
- Is true.
Tell me
Is there anyone in this house?
- I
You entered the house at night?
Not. Why?
Tonight, tonight, I,
Balwantt, you noticed something unusual in the house
You had the feeling that there is someone else?
You heard voices?
Have heard... a walk. Have you read or...
No, ma'am, I have not heard anything
So you like the place?
- More
In addition, I liked and home.
What should unfold
I wrote a letter to Calcutta...
And I informed arrival.
Now you can begin work soon.
In my mind has already begun work.
- Ok.
But there is a little problem, Mr.
- What?
I need a diagram of the house project
And there is a door that can not open.
- Well?
I need your permission to open
Do not need my permission
The house is at your disposal.
And this is just a door.
Who's there? Who's there?
Who's there?
I tell you, the door was open.
I was there.
I saw everything inside
On the wall is a large picture.
Before you get a piano
I sang it myself
I know that telling the truth, right?
Lisa, says no lie.
This is an old door, Lisa.
She could not open yesterday.
And today also.
No need to worry about it ..
If all goes well here...
no need to break down.
I think you inside.
What picture?
I think, Lisa
You do not understand, Arjun
From the day I came here
strange things happen to me.
This house is something
is something that can not be achieved...
but I felt.
Sometimes I want to follow him.
And sometimes I want to get rid of it.
You know what I say?
Lisa, come on.
Lisa, I know when I came here...
not happy.
Your body is here, but your heart...
remains forever in Mumbai.
Lisa, this place
work is very important to me....
but you're more important.
If we stay for a few days.
If not, then we'll go.
Do you want to know?
money for services, not for advice.
Do you know how much money was invested in this work?
What we know is only
that person's life in danger.
I have to agree with me.
Just for your stubbornness...
two people have already lost their lives here.
This house will not be demolished, sir.
He will not spare.
No power of soul, spirit...
- Shut
I'm not ignorant like you?
I do not believe in all these things.
So why come here...
do not live there?
Know everything...
But send them to death deliberately.
Once you live there why you are shown only spiritual
You do not know what danger we talked?
Do not want to demolish the house, sir.
Listen Balwant last time.
This house will be demolished...
hotel will be built.
And if they dare to open his mouth when...
will lose their jobs.
Excuse me, Dad.
- Yes
This cross f .. Less...
Oh, this is
furtumii result of last night.
Now they must repair.
When Peter and Simon will come
Will face.
- I'm sorry.
I just saw that you have not noticed....
Like not dealt
child properly.
I've seen here - I arrived a few days ago.
Mansion know Mr. Raj...
- Yes.
My husband will demolish him,
and build a hotel there.
Oh, I see !.
How my child?
Lisa Singh Rathod.
Lisa Singh... and Rathod.
This is very interesting.
Then come Sunday mass,
with your husband.
What is my child?
When I woke up in the hospital...
Everything changed.
Arjun for me everything.
Home, his parents, everything.
They prayed to God since childhood.
I saw first love, and hate...
Arjun in his eyes ..
At this point, I could not explain anything
Why can not you explain to me.
Do not know if this is good or bad.
Maybe God wants to forgive us?
Hello you, ma'am.
- Hello
Hey you, ma'am.
- Hello
Lisa, you were right...
and image and piano here.
But gone are worried.
See how much you care.
'm Worried door
and now are upset that castle...
will be demolished.
I'm glad to see a smile on your face.
Told that
after the walk you will feel better.
Now I feel better?
Lisa, since I got here
feel that something is wrong.
Do you know why I feel this?
Because that's how I got...
're not next to me.
In this day, when I hugged
I went to her, but she was miles away.
Might embrace, but I could feel her feelings
I wanted to understand it.
Gayatri, Gayatri
First I thought it was just my imagination
But last night I realized that there is something in this house. .
Yesterday I heard and saw him.
He was before me, Dad.
I'm afraid.
I am very scared
I've said that Arjun?
- No, Dad.
If you say he is worried about me, but I ignored it
Oh, and think my words ..
Lets all....
and return to me in Mumbai ..
Since we're together, he loses everything.
So he will lose his dream.
I do not want to lose...
and career.
I understand that I can choose
choose, but will continue.
So I turned to you
Please help my dad?
Stay here.
Good boy.
Good morning, Lisa
Good morning, Dad.
Tata Arjun will miss two weeks!
Well, you stay here!
Daddy what happened?
Lisa old houses are elderly people ..
They are witnesses quietly over the years.
Sometimes good, sometimes bad ..
People who commit these sins are gone,
but sometimes leaves home and evil.
Perhaps here things have happened.
Too much.
But now, do not worry.
For this house blessed, my dear .. ..
Now you can with your husband to live in peace here.
Thanks, Dad.
My pleasure.
Who's there?
This is in Latin.
"Morse Twa Miaya Vita '...
And means "your death is my life."
This threatens our soul.
There seems to be some unfinished business...
between spirit and face...
He does not want anyone to stand between them.
Lisa's home to her father.
She went to Delhi.
When you come back?
- On Friday!
Listen carefully to what they say.
When Mrs.
returns from Delhi, let me know immediately.
I have to say something important about the house.
If she spent a night in this house...
only one night
When her life is in danger.
Do you understand?
Why me?
can not continue.
- Why?
There are disturbances between British soldiers and rebels....
fight started....
This can be dangerous.
Madam, you know they went?
No, it was a riot...
Sahib and had to go alone ..
Balwant'll be in my room.
Once you go...
What is Balwant?
Someone looking for me?
No, I do fire....
To heat the food, but it will take a bit.
No problem.
Mr. Devender, no need for all this.
Do not worry, you will get the contract.
This is a matter of
and hospitality business.
Of course, it is Arjun ..
And if you come to Delhi
'll see discipline and dance...
then the heart will be disappointed.
When scorpion bite
and poisons enter the body
makes you suffer
When scorpion bite
and poisons enter the body
makes you suffer
= = Warning
Do not miss rationale
in this intoxication
But holding it in your hands, anyone can STARE...
he must die.
When scorpion bite
and poisons enter the body
makes you suffer
Dear, dear!
Dear, dear!
Since I am a young...
Because they are young
And this is my happiness.
And cheesy
And my body burned.
In this intoxication
When scorpion bite
and poisons enter the body
It makes you suffer
Dear, dear!
Dear, dear!
Dear, dear!
Dear, dear!
Dear, dear!
Dear, dear!
Dear, dear!
There are a million... for me.
All fools are mad at me.
All are lunatics here
And all loves are false.
Everyone here is
Rather than criminals.
When scorpion bite
and poisons enter the body
It makes you suffer
not to lose her mind
in this intoxication
Holding it in his hands, anyone can see...
He must die.
When scorpion bite
and poisons enter the body
It makes you suffer
girlfriend, girlfriends
girlfriend, girlfriends
girlfriend, girlfriends
Dear, dear
Sir, is in this state for two days.
Do not eat and drink.
Lies all day.
Why not call a doctor?
I called. It was last night.
But if you want I'll call again.
Mrs. Rathod. Mrs. Rathod
She has a fever.
It seems like everything is normal, but to no avail.
Maybe there are other infections.
We'll wait until morning.
If nothing changes, then we go to the hospital.
Being in this state for two days.
This is very bad.
Need to eat
Otherwise, it can spread the infection.
Goodbye - Thanks
Lisa. Lisa
Come with me to church.
Mr. Arjun
- Yes
Who are you?
I am a servant of God.
Today, I saw something unusual in the temple.
Today, God's hand bled.
You do not understand.
But I understand the voice of God.
He wants to save the child.
And this child was in this house.
You see?
- Yes, Lisa
You do not know, and Lisa asked me to help!
I know this is bad.
If you want to help?
You should not listen.
Your wife needs medical care.
Must send her to the hospital as soon as possible.
five minutes.
I must be five minutes to talk to her
Lisa, my child.
Can you hear me?
God Almighty
I warned...
not come in this home more
Told "Do not confuse"
- Lisa
I warned you!
- Lisa
I warned you!
- Lisa
I warned you!
- Lisa, not
Lisa, let him go. Let him
Told. Told
Too many explanations
Too many explanations
Why wine?
Why come here?
Tell me why you came?
- Lisa
Leave me alone, leave me
Let me
She is possessed by a demon.
This is not medicine or science.
Now it takes more than God only physician
'll see! I admire you, Dad.
You can do what you want.
I will not interfere,
but let me do my job.
I do not want to hinder your work.
Trying to save a girl's life is in danger
From experience...
Your experience is limited to the church.
You just cross your life.
On the one hand there are people like Sigmund Freud...
working at the University of Vienna.
On the other hand there are people
narrow principles because ..
in some cases these persons are in conflict.
Same thing happened to Lisa.
Yeah, but she speaks with different voices?
And one of them is the voice of the devil
Because humans have two vocal cords.
One of them is based, and the other is secondary
We use only one.
But because
double personalities Lisa's body...
Is possessed by a demon.
So when I put the cross on the forehead and...
She had a stroke
- Yes.
Has high fever.
This is because the cold cross...
or placing a wet towel...
it will behave the same.
Why do not I understand?
Sorry Dad .. Arjun, is your wife.
You need to decide already waiting ambulance.
You can not help therefore
should go to the hospital
Please, Daddy!
Let's leave
Well, the fact that you brought her here.
Temperature's dropping.
Morning I think will be fine.
So tomorrow I can take home.
Provided that the priest will not come back
This is good
Lisa Lisa Lisa
O Lord
Hold it, hold it right
Wait, hold and arms and hands.
Bring a sedative.
- Yes, Doctor
Run, run. Bring sedative
What are you doing?
Hurry, hold,
Come give me syringe
What is Kallu?
Are you shocked?
Shocked to hear the name of childhood
forget that I know all of your family name.
Ramnath Your father worked as a gardener.
Your mother worked in a mess...
in that mansion
Your grandfather Harkisandas...
cleaned stables English.
And when they caught up with the daughter of an English,
English tied him to a horse,
and dragged him around the house.
Are blood.
When he arrived ..
You did the same thing with the daughter of his master.
Su pretense of control brought her here, and then ..
here on this bed, you
injected her carrying her to unconsciousness...
giving it a Gabriel with her three times...
Know what happened to Lisa?
Can a cure?
I love.
I want you so much.
I love.
I want you so much.
I'll want my whole life.
I love.
I want you so much.
People do not understand...
voice of the heart.
People believe that faith is a crime.
If it is a crime, then I
did this crime repeatedly.
I will love you all my life only you.
I love.
I want you so much.
I love.
I want you so much.
I will love you all my life only you.
I love.
I want you so much.
Not believe in God.
What sin committed Lisa?
If me would have happened this
would have asked her to God?
Probably not.
Lisa can say he does not believe in it...
but I do not think so.
And I know that is so
she still believed in God.
If I return
will tell Father Thomas
I knew I was not pleasing to Dumna.
But he could not get this right Lisa?
Before coming here I promised,
not stand between them and God
Now is the time to keep my promise.
Sorry Dad,
I was wrong with you that day.
Lisa we need your help.
I wish to...
Who are you?
I know you can hear me.
Why are you in this body?
In the name of Christ, show up
Who are you?
Our Father who art in heaven...
hallowed be thy name
is your kingdom
Thy will be done,
as in heaven, so on earth;
Our bread
the daily berths a new today
And forgive us our trespasses,
as we forgive our debtors.
And we put in temptation
us but deliver us from evil;
Glorifies power
kingdom and your glory forever.
Who are you?
Temptation, temptation and temptation
Four days
Only four days
and this body will no longer need me.
The first night without moon spirit will leave the body of this fate.
And I will get near you.
After four days
- Lisa
Poor kid ..
-Lisa, wake up.
Dad, what happened to Lisa? Lisa
My child
- Lisa
Sir, sir, sir, is everything to me
Why does not say anything
This spirit will not demolish the house
He already killed two people
will not forgive nor Ms. Lisa
I said, sir. But he gave me money to shut me
Sir, I was calm
But sir I'm wrong, God will forgive me
I was wrong, sir.
If anything happens with Lisa, I'll kill you.
Tell you know about this mansion?
I tell you, I tell all
Mr. Raj bought this mansion two years ago.
There lived an old woman.
Can you say more.
How do I find?
In Navanagar. Not. In Navangar.
Lisa needs me...
and need to know the truth to save her.
I begged her father to take care of her
and I went to Navangar
- Yes.
Where can I find the mother Radha?
Mother Radha? There.
Mother Radha
I come from Palampur.
I talk to you?
After two days moonless night.
If you help me,
I can not save my wife's life.
I have to tell the truth,
what happened at the mansion.
What happened there?
God wrote fate.
It seems that God is angry!
I feel like God wants it.
Mansion was touched by the hand of evil.
But Satan wrote his fate in Palampur
Mother Radha, you do not understand.
With about 60-70 years ago...
Everything is changing very fast.
Golden Veil covering India...
But it was torn by British soldiers.
Voice heard "Rose Revolution.
Gayatri's father, Raj Bahadur Pratap Singh...
although leading a comfortable life here...
went to participate in the fight for freedom.
Mr. . Raj, leaving full responsibility
home my mother...
off with other men.
My mother was a maid.
But after wife's death Mr Raj
she became a mother Gayatri.
Since then I have been here only three people in the mansion
My mother, sister Gayatri too!
He is a rebel.
He is a rebel, your father
but he fought for freedom.
After being shot,
had the courage to get here
will go after and return to you.
He needs help and shelter ..
. Need...
This house is held for each soldier...
who wants to see India free.
Can stay here, how necessary mother Kesar
Thank you.
Mother Kesar, a letter
A letter
Mr. Raj Bahadur sent a letter
He will probably return soon.
Gayatri bad news.
The English Dalaypur attacked us...
While our men still sleeping in tents
have been betrayed.
Our people were taught English.
90 soldiers were killed.
These are my people. They are my friends
We will not win. Never
We win, we win definitely
Who are you?
Mother Kesar
Maybe he broke the window?
Yes, I will call the mother Kesar
Kesar mother is not here.
She asked me to tell you.
Had to leave the city immediately.
A relative of them is sick.
You were asleep...
leaving message to me,
saying, send it to you.
But Kesar mother would not leave without telling me...
But I say, I say go
Yes, I'm leaving in two days to Dulaypur.
And on my way I will reamintii you...
I'll always remember.
I'll keep it to myself...
I'll never forget
Radha. What is this?
Why are you running?
Radha, stop
Soldier Mohan Khan.
Lieutenant Barton is happy with your work,
If you have informed us in advance,
then revolutionaries of Dalaypur,
would have succeeded in their plan ..
Sir Barton, not only mention your name,
but demanded a reward in front of the company,
asking to be sent away from here.
But until the situation will calm down...
will have to hide in Palampur.
One of our people will come to you when the time is
But no one should know,
Your real activity.
Chief Officer Ram Singh
We can not go so
It will be reviewed and will escape
Then what?
I do not know what to do.
But I can stop him.
Uncle Bismilya know?
Give him this letter as soon as possible.
And tell to decide as soon as possible.
Well, you do, sister?
When a person has fallen so low
there was no way...
in order to be rehabilitated.
Go Radha
Come on, come on
Come on, come on
My heart burns
My heart burns
I can not live now, happy
= My heart burn =
My heart is restless
My life is empty.
My heart is torn
Our lips sealed
I want to shout your name.
Listen girlfriends.
My heart burns
I can not live only loved
my heart burn
I was left alone.
House is empty
This is an exciting time
Coming soon dawn.
To transform us into a drop of rain.
My heart burns
beloved I can not live only
My heart burns so hard...
My heart, my heart, my heart
Hold it. Keep l.1000
You lied
Are linked together
Everywhere I go, I will seek,
soul leaves the body.
Body will die, but my heart will remain here.
Until when our souls will be reunited
Now Mr. Raj close this room forever.
And sent her to her grandmother Gayatri
victim made on behalf of his country...
must pay penalty and bear the burden of life.
A night spent with the traitor.
She was forced to live only
I got love anyone, has not been
want to be loved.
I lived in another house 35-40 years
One day I received this letter
wrote that after a long illness...
Gayatri Devi... died.
November 18, 1896
In this day Lisa was born
Why should demolished a house so beautiful?
There... anyone up
In this house is someone
There are things that can not be achieved...
but can be felt
Sometimes I want to follow
and another time, get rid of it.
You understand what I mean?
Lisa is none other than Gayatri, son,
It was revived and returned to Palampur.
And that spirit is the soul of the soldier wandering Mohan Kant
recognized soul spirit
Devil changed his fate.
I only have 24 hours.
Maine is a moonless night.
Soul who waited 60 years wants revenge.
There is only one way to stop him.
Care, Father?
What is this, Father?
Using the power of God...
chase the devil from the body.
This is called exorcism.
This is not so easy, Father Thomas.
To do this, you must send a letter to Bishop
They have to explain the whole situation.
'll Have to wait for his permission
But it will take about two weeks, Father.
Need to do today.
We can not do exorcism...
without the permission of the Bishop
not allowed.
I know the rules, Dad.
But if you save face, it will be bigger sin
You do not understand, Father Thomas.
Make exorcism is like a cup of tea.
devil face is a belief unbeaten
This is against religion and our Church...
and it is a dangerous step.
If the girl dies...
then we will be responsible for her death
And now I'm responsible.
Before entering, you must remember one thing
We will fight with the devil, not with Lisa
Lisa devil is in the body.
He will try to deceive us.
He will try to stop us.
Lisa is possible to cry...
screaming to pray, to beg:
Will try to lose weight.
But we must be strong.
Do not forget that this is the devil.
Should I tie your hands
Jesus Christ our Saviour...
Have mercy on our souls
the name of the Father Son and Holy Spirit.
We izgonii devil...
along with all all his demons
all demons...
the name of Jesus Christ.
Deliver the creation of God
He is the command
and one that rids the devil...
in the depths of hell
Then why not leave ACET body?
With my power on Christ our God...
I command you to leave,
and fear the lord
Lisa Lisa
must find her before dawn
If this night is over,
then Toul was in vain.
God has allowed to be afraid of the snake.
Your faith is destroyed
Go ahead, go
It is time blood will remain stuck inside
Do not worry about me
Go and save Lisa.
He will kill
- But, Dad, you...
Nothing will happen to me.
God is with me.
Go run
- But Dad...
Go on, my son. Go, my son.
Thank you son, thank you
All efforts are in vain
So far, all your prayers have been answered
Gayatri was taken after all
But how you save Lisa?
With my love
Save your Lisa
Well, you see the power of love?
Your love will go on forever
Want to see for the last time?
Do you want to meet me?
This will take me, Arjun
rrog you save me
I do not want to leave you, Arjun
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Do something, help me please
Arjun Please help me!
That day, I was mad at God
and save ami love to God we spit
but Mr. fault nor the fault of men
was the fault Devil Came
in human form, to steal my love
Today, do the same
But now I'm not letting cheating
Now, if I want my love back
will be repaired mistake then.
I'll let Lisa be taken from me!
Clean the mirror of my mind...
pollen feet I worship
and bring glory to my Lord Ragubar
life-giving and righteousness
Knowing yourself as ignorant and pathetic. ..
will think for you Pavan Kumar ..
Give me strength, wisdom, knowledge and
eliminate all troubles !.
Hail Hanuman,
Ocean of wisdom and virtue!
Renowned in the three worlds!
Renowned in the three worlds! 1150
You are the divine messenger of Mr. Ram ,.
Immeasurable power storage,
Although only known son of Pavan, born of Anjani
With a sturdy limbs mace
're brave and courageous
prevail on your common sense and wisdom
You waste a dark and evil thoughts
deadly demon bear arms
with flag victory.
You. descendant of Lord Shiva and Keshari,
are worshiped in all the worlds,
are full of knowledge,
Are virtuous and wise,
always willing to serve Mr. Ram.
And the Lord's feet listening to you.
Lakshmi Ram and Sita,
you appeared before Sita,
Burn Lanka, the creepy shape....
You killed the demons, taking the form of giant!
Have executed the task entrusted by Ram
Today Lanka, being in great shape
I brought back to life
with plant life.
Cheerfully embrace Ram
Lakshmi and Sita.
I love you so
thousands of mouths sing your glory.
Fetch glory
That said, hugging Ram
Four brothers - Sanaka
Brahma, Narada, and
who read chalisa, receives spirit
and perfection
Tulsidas, Your humble servant, you are my heart!
Thou son of Wind,
're willing
always live in the heart of Ram
Praise husband of Sita!
Glory of Hanuman, the Son of Wind!
Praise the Lord Mahadeva
Thank sick grandmother
all are surprised by crossing the ocean
all challenges severity
it becomes easier with your blessings,
You guard divine habitation.
No one can take your knowledge.
Everything is at your feet.
Feels divine protection,
of all blessings
from the three worlds
All evil spirits
disappear hearing your name
All diseases, pain and suffering disappear
the appearance Your
Those who remember the Lord
with sincerity and faith will be saved
oricineare faith
the Supreme Lord
will pass over weight
Whoever comes to you
faith and honestly,
will first fruits of eternity
For another four lives
Your glory is the recognition...
You are Saviour,
destroyer of demons.
You favorite angel of the Lord,
Can you give everything
Love and wisdom
glory and power
You have the power and devotion
from each rebirth
Yaghupati the studios.
Came at you with desire
singing your glory
to enter the sanctuary
and revival
be a disciple of the Lord
giving happiness and devotion
nobody suffer
to rebirth
Whoever loves God ,.
Will receive glory
victory over evil.
Will be final
Anyone read chalisa,
eliminate slavery.
And will enjoy happiness.
Everyone says Hanuman,
will have salvation.
A servant of God,
is welcome
garden of the Lord.
You wearer suffering
and pain
but you're always in my heart.
King of Gods!
Anyone who loves and remembers Lord
Enjoy our glorify God
and Hanuman and Ram
Oh, my ultimate guru.
Anyone read chalisa hundred times
remove the bondage of life
and enjoy the greatest happiness.
Everyone says Hanuman chalisa,
must be a hermit ..
This was a proof of God
As a servant of God,
who remains at his feet praying
= = Lord, keep the heart and soul
bearing and suffering
're famous in the four worlds
Lakshmi Ram with God come into my heart.
For the glory of the immortal
For the glory of Hanuman!
For the glory of Hanuman!
For the glory of Hanuman!
For the glory of Hanuman!
For the glory of Hanuman!
For the glory of Hanuman!
I've always struggled with God
but now I realize that it is not his fault.
He gave us all a reason
Lisa has got love in her life Previous
but this revival was donated
to look for love.
But maybe now search is over.
He must rescue Lisa left her previous life
but promised to be with her in this life,
Dradostea giving and happiness
Gayatri has gone forever.
But before you go put mine Lisa
In my hand forever.
So she finally took searches
I promise, to live together in love.
No pain us part.
I promise.
I promise.
To live in love.
No pain us part.
Your dream of living in the eye.
Love lives in my heart.
Your love flows through my veins.
A blessing.
Our love will reach heights.
I promise.
I promise.
To live in love and happiness