1920: Horrors of the Heart (2023) Movie Script

(flute tune)
(dog barking)
"Let me drape the skies over you"
"and show you shimmering stars"
"Let my hands keep the darkness away"
"Come my little princess,
I'll sing you a lullaby"
"I'll sing you a lullaby"
"I'll rock you to sleep"
"Let me take you to a world"
(wild sound)
"where fairies reside"
"Colourful clouds float in the air"
"and little beauties spread joy
all around"
"Come, ride the wings of a butterfly"
"and regale in the showers of happiness"
"Let my hands keep the darkness away"
"Come my little princess,
I'll sing you a lullaby"
"I'll sing you a lullaby"
"I'll rock you to sleep"
"I'll rock you to sleep"
(ocean waves)
I... I love you, Meghna.
Is that what you'll say?
That was meant for you, Meghna.
I won't say that to your dad.
No point confessing to me.
I want to know how you'll ask
for my hand in marriage.
Arjun, you better get this straight.
If My dad rejects you on the first go,
you won't get another chance.
No second chances at first impression.
Tell me, what will you say?
Child, I like your uncle a lot
and I'll be glad if you give your hand
in marriage to her!
What am I blabbering!
- I can't do this.
- Arjun!
Meghna, I can't do this.
Just stop laughing.
I'm fed up.
I can't do this.
No way!
- I just can't.
- All right.
- I'll think of something.
- Do that, Meghna! Please!
Well, my birthday starts at midnight.
Dad hasn't refused any of my
birthday wishes to this day.
Well, then it's sorted.
Tell him you want me!
You see times are changing.
It's girls who pop the question abroad!
- You do the same.
- Wow!
Ethnic references as per convenience!
For now, I just want to
be your lover.
Come quick, your dad is...
(running footsteps)
- Hey!
- Sorry!
- Meghna!
- Move!
- Move aside.
- Meghna!
- Meghna!
- Dad!
(wolf noise)
What's taking so long, sir?
We've been waiting for 4 hours.
We can't cremate him without
the death certificate.
I know that.
If I could, I'd have given
you the death certificate by now.
What exactly is beyond your control?
When we dissected her father for autopsy,
we saw that his cardio
vascular system was intact
Look, what he's saying is
his heart was missing.
In other words,
his heart was never part
of his body!
What do you mean by that?
You're talking rubbish!
- What are you doing? Let go.
- Why don't you just admit
that you sold his heart
to medical students!
- There was no heart in his body.
- I'm a journalist, I won't spare you.
Tell me what you've done.
Tell me.
- Let go of him.
- Hold on.
- Tell me.
- Please stop!
Stop it!
Just give me my dad!
I want nothing else.
I just want my dad.
We'll start the cremation process
by purifying the deceased's soul.
There was none as pure as my dad!
It's a ritual, Meghna,
for the salvation of the soul.
Please check if you have holy water.
Yes. Raju.
- What happened?
- That was hot!
It's okay. Don't delay the procedure.
Plain water will also do.
- Hurry up.
- Yes.
(door opens)
I've got your favourite buttered buns.
Have some.
You haven't eaten anything
for the last 24 hours.
Please go away.
- Leave me alone.
- Leave you alone?
What are you saying?
Guess what's going on with me!
My dad,
who meant the world to me
left me all alone!
Leave me alone with his memories.
Please go.
I can't live without you.
I'll be back in the morning.
(cupboard door opens)
What are you writing, dad?
Nothing much.
It's my personal diary.
Dad, I'm sure you have no secrets from me.
Oh there are plenty.
if you're reading this diary,
it means, I'm dead.
It also implies
it's time to tell you the truth.
Meghna, your mother Radhika isn't dead.
She's alive
and she's the one who killed me.
I'll tell you how.
People didn't like my stories
so my books didn't sell.
It was difficult
for your mother to live with a loser.
She was hungry for riches and comforts.
She took advantage of her good looks
and slept with the British for money.
Imagine how that made me feel!
From that moment on,
a part of me began to die.
Your mom was high on adultery
and alcohol.
She never hugged you lovingly.
One day, she had enough of my poverty.
She tried to poison me to death.
She wanted to get rid of me
and send you to an orphanage.
But I didn't let her succeed.
I was in a bad shape
by the time I was hospitalized.
You know about my epileptic attacks.
I'd spew foam
from the mouth like a mad dog!
When I came back from the hospital,
she had left for good.
But the poison your mom gave me
worked like slow poison
killing me bit by bit.
Then one day,
I saw her photo in the newspapers.
She had married some royalty.
She got everything she desired
from money, fame, comforts to luxuries
while you were stuck with me,
a hopeless man.
Meghna, you've turned 21.
You can look after yourself now.
I can't bear these epileptic attacks
any more, my dear.
Your mom won and I failed.
Her poison took effect.
She conspired to kill me 16 years ago.
She has finally succeeded.
I know you're here.
You can hear me, dad!
This story isn't over.
You can't leave me,
that too for a woman
who wasn't worth
giving up your life for!
You'll have to come back to Meghna.
You have to come back to me!
You betrayed me!
You hid the truth
and went to the other realm!
You also assumed
the story would end with your death!
Which story are you referring to?
The story
that doesn't just involve you and mom
but me as well.
The story where mom poisoned
my dad to death.
She killed him
and separated me from dad for life.
I was left orphaned!
You want
me to look away?
And forget everything?
Your eyes belie your words.
- You want to seek revenge from your mom.
- Yes!
I want revenge.
This fire of vengeance will destroy you.
Look me in the eye and say that again.
Don't you want revenge from her, dad?
- Answer me.
- I did!
But your dad was weak back then.
Those are powerful people.
We can't go against them.
That was in the past, dad.
Your body was weak
but the power of your spirit
has no end.
That's the power I need.
Help me, dad.
Or I won't be able to live
having the learnt the truth.
No, Meghna!
Don't say that, child.
All right.
If you want to seek revenge,
I am with you.
But listen to me carefully.
God dwells in Radhika and Shantanu's home.
Someone who defied God
and chose to dangle between life and death
can't live there.
So, you'll have to go there.
Once you start living there,
our combined powers
will destroy her and her family.
We'll give her as much pain
as she inflicted on us.
My child, go back to your world.
(music playing)
"Letters written in love"
"are burned to ashes"
"The place we met secretly"
"are left behind for good"
Dad hasn't refused
any of my birthday wishes to this day.
Tell him you want me!
"Things won't go as we desired"
"That story remains incomplete"
"We shall never met again"
"That story remains incomplete"
(music continues)
"Free me from this love"
"Let go off me with a smile"
"I have nothing but sadness to offer"
"Don't waste your life on me"
"I am the heartless one"
"That story remains incomplete"
"We shall never meet again"
"That story remains incomplete"
- Yes?
- I'd like to see Radhika Thakur.
(crowd chattering)
Thank you so much.
Hi, dear.
Enjoying yourself?
- Yes, dad.
- I'm borrowing mom.
- Come.
- Where?
- Come with me.
- What's the matter, Shantanu?
Where are you taking me?
This is Aditi's party...
How can we walk out with
so many guests...
Radhika, Meghna is here.
Meghna who?
Your daughter.
She's here?
Chaudhary asked her to wait in the study.
She's waiting for you.
Is that Meghna?
Aditi is alone. I better be with her.
No, Radhika.
That's not right.
You go ahead and meet her.
And what do I tell her?
Why are you avoiding her?
I don't know, Shantanu.
Make something up.
I am Shantanu Thakur.
I know you.
You're my mother's husband.
Well, Radhika is busy.
Actually it's our daughter
Aditi's 16th birthday.
So, she's attending to our guests.
I'm sorry, she couldn't come here.
She never had time for me anyway!
So, you needn't apologise.
So, what can I do for you?
Tell my mother
that my dad,
the man she was once married to,
has committed suicide.
After his sudden demise,
I have no place to live.
So, I thought...
Good you came here.
From now onwards,
don't ever think you have no home.
Your mother lives here
and we are a family.
Make yourself feel at home.
Thank you.
This is your home
and that's your room.
If you need anything, call me.
Take care.
I'm here, dad.
What now?
How do I destroy this family?
(creak birds chirp)
My daughter has turned sweet 16.
Mom, it's my birthday.
You have to grant my wish.
Your birthday is actually over.
The celebrations lasted a week!
Mom, where was dad when I cut the cake?
Well, something came up.
What could be more important
than my birthday?
Nothing's more important to us that you.
You are our one and only princess.
- Right?
- Right.
Go to sleep now.
It's late.
Mom, aren't you forgetting something?
- Good night.
- Good night.
What are you thinking of?
Here, get changed.
It's pretty late.
What else did she say?
Did she mention me?
She seemed sullen.
Obviously she was traumatised
by her dad's demise.
Get changed.
I'll have to enter that house to help you.
A lamp remains lit in that house
which won't let me in.
That lamp has to be doused tonight.
(temple door opens)
(ghost noise)
Go, destroy it.
(knock on door)
(knock on door)
Who is it?
Who is it?
Who is it?
(door opens)
(heavy breathing)
I'm here, Radhika.
He's here.
He's here.
Who's here?
- With Meghna...
- Who's here?
Dheeraj is here!
Meghna, brought him here.
You had a nightmare and got emotional.
It's okay.
It's okay.
It's okay.
(birds chirping)
Mr Chaudhary,
is it malicious intent
or faulty match box?
You're unable to light the lamp!
The problem isn't with the match sticks
nor the oil.
I think it's our guest to blame.
What do you mean?
I saw madam's daughter
in the temple last night.
The lamp was doused.
Sir, this lamp remains lit forever.
But now I can't light it
with her around.
Mr Chaudhary,
you shouldn't be saying that
about an innocent girl.
She's only been here for a night
and you've labelled her ominous already!
Dad, you were right.
A huge house but shallow people.
That woman still hasn't met me.
Dad, I know you're around.
You can hear me.
I doused the lamp.
What do I do next?
I can't live under the same roof
With that woman.
Tell me, dad, what next.
Meghna, just wait a little longer.
It's a new moon night.
Wait for the night to fall.
Then I'll tell you what you have to do.
Until then, be careful.
Keep yourself safe from that woman
and her family.
Mom, get the breakfast quickly.
Quickly, please. Milk...
Coming, Queen Victoria!
She's turned 16 and now
she'll boss us around.
Madam, go have your breakfast.
I'll get this.
Dad, I've heard we have a guest.
- Who is it?
- Forget that
and tell me if you enjoyed your
birthday party.
- I had great fun.
- Is it?
Mom, be quick. I'm late.
Or I'll leave for school.
Don't leave without having milk...
(glass breakage)
Bad omen in the morning...
Meghna, wait!
(ocean waves)
I am ominous
while she's Queen Victoria!
Dad, why did you abandon me
for that wicked woman?
If it's about unanswered questions,
I have some too.
What did you think?
I'll forget you if you abandon me?
"My heart has to echo
the beatings of your heart"
Why did you leave me behind
and come here?
I had some unfinished business
to take care of.
What is it? you want to finish here?
I won't tell you.
You will have to!
Arjun, let go of my hand.
Its not important for me to answer you.
Its important, Meghna!
Its important because you and I
love each other.
I would answer you if I could, Arjun.
Please! I'll be back to Bombay once
I'm done here.
We'll pick up our lives from
where we left off.
Please leave for now.
Okay, if you won't tell me, it's fine.
But I shall return to Bombay
only with you.
I'll be here as long as you're here.
I won't leave without you.
"My heart has to echo the beatings
of your heart"
(music playing)
"I am a river that flows lonely"
"I flow and yet I remain stalled
in places"
"Save me from this darkness"
"or hide me within the light
of your heart"
"Your life has to emanate the fragrance
of my being"
Is this your revenge?
Is this why you sabotaged my salvation?
No, dad, that's not true.
Arjun loves me
- and will support me.
- Nobody will!
You have to walk the path
of revenge alone!
I knew
this is beyond you.
Dad! I have to seek revenge
from that woman.
I won't back off come what may.
You already have!
Love and hate can't co-exist, Meghna!
When you get over this love
for good,
think of your dad.
Were your talking in your sleep?
It's late. I better leave.
You seek revenge?
Who are you? And what are you doing?
You're not the one I was in love with.
I have the right to know.
Who are you seeking revenge from?
Tell me, who is it?
What are you hiding from me?
Tell me.
Okay, I'll tell you if you insist.
I came to that woman's house
who you say is my mother!
I have come to destroy her.
You're lost, Meghna.
The Meghna I knew
had no hatred.
Where's the light I'd see in your eyes?
I am not the same person.
Your Meghna died the day
she saw her dad hanging!
This person you see
wants to destroy
her mother's happy family.
I want revenge
for my childhood and my dad's death.
You want to destroy your mother?
Then go stab her in the chest!
Then you'll have
blood on your hands
so you can go to jail!
That dastardly crime you're talking about
is rarest of the rarest crime.
People will despise you.
- You'll get hanged!
- I don't care.
When you lose something precious,
you stop fearing death!
I promised to love you till the end.
I'm willing to die to save your light
but I won't let you rot in this muck.
You have 24 hours.
Come to Bombay with me.
I'll make up for the love
you didn't get from your mom.
If you don't come with me,
right this minute
I'll tell your mother and her husband
why you came to their house.
You'll do nothing of that sort.
I'll go to any lengths to save you
from yourself.
You have 24 hours.
24 hours.
I'm willing to die to save your light
You have 24 hours.
I'll tell your mother and her husband
why you came to their house.
I'll go to any lengths to save you
from yourself.
You have 24 hours.
I'm willing to die to save your light
You have 24 hours.
I'll tell your mother and her husband
why you came to their house.
I'll go to any lengths to save you.
You have 24 hours.
I'll tell your mother and her husband
why you came to their house.
I'll go to any lengths to save you.
You have 24 hours.
This guy shouldn't have come here.
You're dead!
(temple bells)
Who is it?
Who is it?
Who is it?
(door clicks)
Why are you here?
That too alone?
I'm not alone. Alice is with me.
Besides, this is my house.
I'm bound to be here.
It's you who snuck in this late.
I just want to know what you're hiding.
What are you saying?
I'm not hiding anything.
To be honest,
you're hiding two things.
- Meaning?
- The first thing is
that you're chased by a devil.
What rubbish are you talking?
An empty tummy invites the devil!
I know you didn't have breakfast.
You were out all day and haven't eaten.
You can eat leisurely in your room
while we chat.
Also, get rid of the devil within!
No, I'm not hungry.
Okay, I guess
you won't eat unless I let
on the second thing.
You see,
I am the detective here.
I know everything happening here.
There's nothing that's not known to me.
So, I found out
that you are
my mother's elder daughter.
Wonder why mom didn't tell me.
I'll take that up with her later.
But for now, I wanted to apologise.
What for?
Because I didn't meet you
like a younger sister should.
I couldn't greet you lovingly.
Well, I have a complaint too.
Why am I not as beautiful as you?
You're way more prettier.
Yes, correct.
That's the correct answer.
You passed the sisterly test.
I feel way closer to you than I do
with others.
Blood ties are great, right?
I told you nobody will help you.
Arjun abandoned you, right?
Anyway, your pursuit
of revenge will end soon.
Tomorrow you'll be handed
my ashes.
Bring that urn to this house.
How so, dad?
Don't worry about the details.
This is the last step.
Then Radhika's life will
become hell.
Aditi baby! Bring that.
Your breakfast is ready.
Where's Meghna's plate?
What did you make for her?
Did she want something different?
Nobody told me.
Mr Chaudhry, even if nobody told you,
you know Meghna lives here.
So she's bound to eat here.
- Yes.
- What's to inform about it?
A black rose bloomed in my garden
specially for you.
- Who are you?
- The gardener.
My body works here while
my sprit serves Him!
He whispered to me
that I've to give you this black rose.
What kind of a rose is this?
When you doused the lamp,
this rose covered itself in darkness.
The master knows
you doused that lamp.
What lamp?
What rubbish! Move aside.
A pure soul doesn't need to douse
the lamp to enter a house.
A pure spirit's appearance lights up lamps,
not douses them.
I don't know who you're talking about.
You know everything.
Both the spirit and the half dead person.
He came to take your dad
in the crematorium.
The bottle of holy water shattered, right?
What happened?
The soul wasn't purified, right?
That half dead is in cahoots
with your dad.
You know everything.
Think hard, silly woman.
You saw it all.
Think hard!
Making place for Meghna
at the dining table is easy.
What about your heart though?
What do I do?
You know
what you need to do.
So you like books.
Just like your dad.
He'd read for hours on end.
And he'd write endlessly too.
When I came here for the first time,
Mr Chaudhry asked me to wait here for you.
That's when I saw
there's not a single book Written
by my poor dad
in this grand library.
No sign of him!
Strange, right?
It's not.
Certainly not from my perspective.
Really? Tell me your perspective.
I'd like to know.
The truth that I know, Meghna,
- I...
- Sis!
Please come quick.
- I've something to tell you.
- Aditi!
Where are you taking her?
It's time for breakfast.
Dad's waiting...
No time for that, mom.
Come, sis.
Mom, don't wait up.
- Where are you taking her?
- We'll be late.
Aditi, where are you taking me?
Sis, you didn't tell me
about your boyfriend.
I'll take that up later with you.
For now your poor boyfriend
is in the hospital.
- What rubbish!
- Yes.
He sent you this letter.
Good I found it and not someone else.
The roads here..
Aditi, can you take me to the hospital?
I've made arrangements already.
How did this happen?
Are you all right?
- You must be in pain...
- You...
How many questions!
I'm okay, trust me.
Tell me, what happened?
If it weren't your dad,
I wouldn't be alive.
Get lost!
That evil power was sent
by the same woman
who wants to kill her children.
Meghna's mom did this?
Radhika doesn't know
that Meghna seeks revenge but she knows
that to keep Meghna there
she has to keep her under control.
She has to be weakened.
You're Meghna's greatest support.
If something untoward happens to you,
Meghna will be shattered.
Your mother is a disgrace!
I will stand by you at every step.
Your dad gave me this urn.
It's for you.
It has his ashes.
He also told me
that you know what to do with these ashes.
Sis, what's this?
None of your business.
You have one last task to accomplish.
Then Radhika's life will become hell.
What do I have to do?
You won't attack Radhika
but the one Radhika cares for the most.
That will hurt her immensely.
Are you referring to Aditi?
Yes, Aditi.
Well, sis, your boyfriend is really cute.
That child has done no wrong.
Why trouble her?
You want justice, not me.
I do want justice, dad,
but not at the cost of an innocent life!
She fed you once
and you forsook your goal!
Sis, may I ask something?
Have you ever kissed your boyfriend?
She's smartly inching closer to you.
She'll win you over with love and care.
Then she'll kick you out of this house.
I want to know.
Please tell me.
- Sis, you know I love you.
- I love you?
Do you rich folks know what love means?
What do you think?
Am I some pet meant to entertain you?
Talk to me when you please
or throw me out!
Please pull over.
I said pull over.
Go ahead. I'll find my way.
Look, it's not safe to wander
on deserted roads.
I've been alone all my life.
I'm used to it.
Sis, but...
Don't forget,
you spent a miserable childhood
because of Aditi and her family.
Your dad got tired of
humiliation and committed suicide.
No, dad!
Don't say that.
I haven't forgotten anything.
That woman took you away from me.
She killed you.
I'm ready to do as you say.
'When I set out to find bad in people'
'I found no bad people'
'When I peeped within,
I was the worst of all'
Your dad was right.
The fire of vengeance destroys!
You lit the fire
now burn.
How do you know what dad said?
The Master knows it all.
He also knows this urn
won't satiate your vengeance.
You'll be burnt to ashes.
If you realise the truth in time,
come to me.
I alone know how to douse this fire.
I alone know how to douse this fire.
I alone know how to douse this fire.
I know why you came here.
You came to apologise to me.
And that you're sorry for scolding me.
But I'll tell you something.
I didn't mind you yelling at me.
Because my dad says
we fight with people we love.
I shouldn't have yelled at you.
I'll forgive you only
when you say you love me.
Say I love you.
Sis, say it.
Say I love you.
I love you.
What's wrong?
I came to give Aditi a good night kiss.
We were talking
but Aditi interrupted us.
You can talk to me any time you like.
I will tell you the truth.
I know the truth already.
The one dad told me.
(river waves)
(swing noise)
(heavy breathing)
Aditi, this way.
(break mirrors)
Did you hear Aditi scream?
That's why we're here.
But she's not in her room.
What do you mean?
- Where did she go?
- Aditi!
Aditi is nowhere to be found.
The sound came from here.
Dad, look what I can do.
(night insect)
Help me.
Doctor, anything?
Can we talk outside, Shantanu?
Doctor, what's happened to Aditi?
In medical terms, it's called delirium.
When fever gets too high,
it affects the brains temporarily.
To be sure,
- let's conduct some blood tests.
- Shantanu!
- Aditi!
- Mom!
Mom, help!
- Mom...
- Aditi!
- Dad! Someone please help.
- My child...
- What's going on?
- Dad, please help me.
- Doctor, this...
- Aditi!
My child...
You inherited the wealth
so you abandoned me in the village!
You abandoned your old mother!
Now she will leave you.
Then you'll weep
just like I did
when you left me all alone.
It'll be great fun.
Great fun.
Great fun!
You doused the lamp!
Aditi is in trouble because of you.
Get out of here.
Let go off my daughter's hand.
I said let go.
You're ignoring the truth.
Sir, I know you understand
what's happening.
Even then you're quiet.
What's the reason?
Mr Chaudhary, this is my family matter.
Please don't get involved.
Family matter?
Am I not part of this family?
Sir, I dedicated my entire life
in serving you
and raising Aditi.
Now you're saying
this is my family matter.
You care about that girl more than me!
That girl you talk about is my daughter.
Sir, loyalty runs deeper
than blood ties, believe me.
This is all her doing.
Mr Chaudhary, you raised me.
Please leave before I lose
all respect for you.
Please leave.
Believe me, she's the culprit.
- I said leave.
- You did this!
Sir, I...
- Mr Chaudhary, you heard me.
- Meghna!
Forgive me, dear.
You didn't deserve to hear that.
Forgive me.
Jasmine fragrance.
The same fragrance
I remember from my childhood.
Had you not abandoned me,
this wouldn't happen.
Aditi and you wouldn't face this.
This is all your fault.
- It's all your fault.
- Me...
(glass breakage)
I'm waiting for you behind the house,
in the jungle.
Don't be late.
Yours, Arjun.
(door ppens)
I called you here
because I know the fire of
your vengeance has engulfed that family.
I don't want you to burn in that fire.
So you have to leave this place.
You'll die in hell.
You'll rot in misery.
You're responsible for Aditi's condition.
You turned our paradise
into hell with the evil presence
of your father.
I'll tell Shantanu about you both.
I'll get you both jailed.
I won't spare you.
What will you tell them?
Who will you tell?
Arjun, stop!
Arjun, he's dead.
What have you done?
- What have you done?
- What else could I do?
Was I to let him go?
If he'd survived, we'd be in jail.
How would you take revenge then?
Nothing doing.
Meghna, I love you.
I can't see you lose at any cost.
Stop thinking
and help me get rid of this corpse.
Come. Don't think, Meghna.
Near the well.
Let go.
Meghna, listen to me.
The trains leaves at 6 pm.
Get ahold of yourself and go home.
Just pack the essentials, that's it.
They should think you went missing
not fled!
Thus, they won't get suspicious of you.
I'll see you at the station.
I'll see you.
(swing noise)
(birds chirping)
"Let me drape the skies over you"
"and show you shimmering stars"
"Let me drape the skies over you"
"and show you shimmering stars"
"Let my hands keep the darkness away"
"Come my little princess,
I'll sing you a lullaby"
"I'll sing you a lullaby"
"I'll rock you to sleep"
"Let me take you to a world"
"where fairies reside"
"Colourful clouds float in the air"
"and little beauties spread joy
all around"
"Come, ride the wings of a butterfly"
"Come, ride the wings of a butterfly"
"and regale in the showers of happiness"
"Let my hands keep the darkness away"
"Come my little princess,
I'll sing you a lullaby"
"I'll sing you a lullaby"
"I'll rock you to sleep"
- "I'll sing you a lullaby"
- Sis, say I love you.
Don't look at that house, Meghna.
We pushed away our happy future
for too long.
Not any more.
I know that, Arjun.
But wonder why I feel as if
I left my people behind.
(train whirring)
I understand, Meghna.
I'm sure your dad's soul is happy.
It was me who wanted revenge.
Then why am I not happy?
I thought I'd be at peace seeing
my mom's world shatter but...
Why am I in agony?
Aditi considered me as her elder sister.
She loved me
while I used her and put her life
in danger.
Meghna, please!
Please try to understand.
You're caught up with emotions.
Just forget the past, Meghna.
A chapter that hurts in your life
is best left behind.
Am I Right?
It doesn't feel good.
Everything will be fine.
I'm telling you
everything will be fine.
You're not Arjun!
Who are you?
I've seen you in my dreams.
Your dream is your dad's reality.
I'd told you before
your work here is done.
Just leave.
Or I'll have to get rid of you.
(train whirring)
I promised your dad
I won't let anyone get in the way
of his revenge.
I wouldn't be here
if I knew how to let go easily.
I'm no different from you.
(train whirring)
(train whirring)
"What's this sorrow, O life?"
"There's no blessing nor respite"
"The fires of hate"
"turned love to ashes.
Look where I landed!"
"What's this sorrow, O life?"
"What's this sorrow, O life?"
"Everything that has happened"
"is all my heart's fault"
"Dear lord,
when will this miserable night end?"
"When will this miserable night end?"
"Everything that has happened
is all my heart's fault"
"Dear lord,
when will this miserable night end?"
"What's this sorrow, O life?"
Things are making sense now, dad.
But there's a lot I still
don't understand.
What I have understood
is that I wanted revenge
but it was you who stirred
this feeling in me
that too cleverly.
You had hidden motives
veiled under my revenge.
I have understood
that you only told me the half truth.
I want to know the whole truth.
Until I do...
The fire is unbearable,
And the darkness all around, right?
You'd said
I should come to you
when the fire gets unbearable.
Here I am.
Show me the light.
That light is within you, silly girl!
Or you wouldn't come here
seeking the truth!
Come, let me show you something.
The truth has awaited you for years.
Your dad showed you a fake Diary.
This is the real one.
Shantanu and your mom
asked me to bury it.
The truth about your mom awaits you!
Read this.
Dear God, guide her.
21st March, 1902
I saw a diary in Dheeraj's study today.
It was exactly like mine.
He holds me responsible
for his poverty and failure.
He's filled with venom for me.
I fear lest it affects Meghna some day.
10th March, 1904.
His hunger for fame and money
has crossed all limits
and I'm forced to sleep
with the British for money.
I feel like running away with Meghna.
But where do I go?
2nd November, 1906
Dheeraj crossed all limits today.
I refused to sleep with his publisher
so, he consumed poison.
He threatened to accuse me
for his death.
But he knew he wouldn't die.
He just wanted to scare me.
21st February, 1907
Dheeraj suffers from epileptic attacks
because of the poison.
He holds me responsible for that.
28th March, 1907
I lost all hope.
I tried to take my life.
But God had other plans.
He sent Shantanu to save my life.
12th August, 1907
Shantanu said he'll give me a new life.
I'll run away from here
with Meghna at dawn.
15th August, 1907
Dheeraj got wind of my plans.
That demon ran away with my daughter.
He knew I'd leave him.
We're looking for Meghna frantically.
We searched every bus station
and hospital.
Even her photo got printed
in the newspapers.
But she's not to be found.
Wonder where he took my daughter.
God please help me find Meghna.
5th December, 1907.
Shantanu spoke to the governor.
But a month has passed since.
3rd February, 1908
We received a letter from Delhi.
The police and the British looked
for Meghna everywhere
but Meghna and Dheeraj were
not to be found.
It's been 5 years since
my daughter went missing.
I am losing hope.
Shantanu says I should stop writing
this diary.
As long as I write,
I'll be reminded of my past
and most importantly of Dheeraj.
We've decided to bury this diary for good.
If God is watching us,
he will have to bring Meghna
back some day.
And I am sure
Meghna will come back to me
and understand my plight.
Why, dad?
Why did you fill me with hate?
Why did you ruin my childhood?
Why did you snatch my love?
Why did you separate me from my mother?
Answer me!
Mom went through hell because of you.
She faced immense pain.
I won't let you trouble her any more.
You did terrible things to our family.
I won't let you do that to others.
I'll destroy your darkness with my light.
I promise you that!
You made a huge mistake by taking me in.
How could you forget
that I am after all the child
of that despicable man?
How could you just trust me?
What are you implying?
Aditi's body
is possessed by dad's spirit.
I was the one who helped him
overpower her.
Everything that Aditi's going through
is all because of me.
She will die today because of me.
I am sorry.
Aditi can die because of you
and you're sorry!
Stop it, Radhika!
You're sorry!
This will do no good.
Just calm down.
Meghna, all I have to say is
when you become a mother,
you will realise how it feels
when your child gets even a scratch.
While our daughter and you...
Just go.
Leave this house right now.
Before I hate you even more,
go away and don't ever come back.
I will leave.
I'll never come back.
And I want you both to hate me for life.
But please give me a chance.
Your life is on fire right now.
I alone can douse it.
Please give me one chance.
Give me a chance.
Your life is on fire right now.
I alone can douse it.
Please give me one chance.
Your life is on fire right now.
I alone can douse it.
Please give me one chance.
Please give me one chance.
It's time!
Tonight won't be easy.
I have to go to fulfil my promise.
I've never read anything
like this before.
What do you mean?
This man whose name starts with D
is ill-tempered, jealous, and cunning.
You're right.
That's exactly how he was.
Why did he possess my daughter's body?
For revenge.
He was blinded by jealousy.
This person
made a deal with an occultist
whose name starts with R.
That occultist told this person in return
for his favors,
upon his death,
his heart will belong to the occultist.
That's the fodder that keeps me alive.
What's taking so long, sir?
We've been waiting for 4 hours.
Look, what he's saying is
his heart was missing.
In other words,
his heart was never part of his body!
But I promise you,
your work will be done first.
I'll tell you how to take
her body under control.
Your dad gave me this urn.
I won't let anyone come between you
and that body.
Your dream is your dad's reality.
Your dad is in cahoots with that spirit.
Think hard, silly girl.
You've seen it all.
Your memories hold the key to the truth,
to life and death.
Think hard!
I've seen that half dead occultist.
In my dreams and also in person
after dad died.
Tell him in detail.
- Every detail can save Aditi's life.
- Radhika!
I remember when I was small,
dad left the city for some work.
He left me in my aunt's care
as I was too small to be left alone.
There I had a dream.
Radhika gave birth to a girl a year ago.
Her name is Aditi.
I want her to raise that girl
with great love and then I'll kill her.
I can't harm those rich folks
in this life time
but upon my death,
I'll have more power than them.
So you want your spirit
to possess her daughter.
Once her body gives up,
you'll take her spirit with you.
Yes, that's what I want.
The next day dad came to take me home.
He had all the gifts
I saw on the horse
cart in my dream.
I now realise
some power tried to expose dad long ago.
It's not your fault, dear.
That's just how demons are!
(wolf noise)
That means we're fighting
off two evil spirits!
Since you can see things, please tell us,
will we succeed in saving Aditi?
I can't tell you what's written here.
The outcome will
leave you hopeless.
Faith and prayers can do miracles.
Only prayers to goddess Gayatri
and holy water
can help you.
- Stop it!
- (chant)
What is she saying?
She's reciting the chant in reverse.
- Aditi!
- Shantanu!
Aditi, leave him.
Let go. Aditi!
Tonight is all we have.
It'll be over by morning.
We need to spread out and find her.
I won't let anyone
impede Dheeraj's vengeance.
No way!
(wall clock)
Tell me something, Radhika.
I always wondered
who was better in bed? Me or Shantanu?
Where will you escape?
(glass breakage)
You didn't answer me.
You want to get even with me.
Go ahead, just spare her.
She has done you no wrong.
No way! I won't spare her.
I will take her with me.
I am in love with her.
You can't save her.
Mom, are you all right?
Who did this...
save Aditi.
If we lose tonight,
we'll lose her for life.
Where am I?
Hide and seek.
Let's play.
(door opens)
Come on.
(heavy breathing)
You're half dead yet you want to live on!
I better kill you for good.
Since Chaudhry's died,
nobody keeps this house clean.
Look how many cockroaches there are!
It's good
that I'm hungry.
(glass breakage)
(running footsteps)
Forgive me.
(reverse chant)
(reverse chant)
(reverse chant)
(reverse chant)
You! What have you done?
To pay for the lies you fed me
and being accessory to your jealousy
and hatred, I did this.
I'm saving Aditi's life
by giving up my own.
You'd told me,
once when we die, a light emerges
and takes us back to our creator.
Souls who refuse to go along,
turn into evil spirits like you
and wander aimlessly.
Now that light will emerge for me.
And I won't go alone,
I'll take you with me.
Leave me. I'm not done yet, Meghna.
Meghan, let go.
That decision is not yours to make.
Leave me.
The reign of darkness is over.
Leave me!
Leave me.
Leave me!
Leave me!
Leave me!
Leave me!
Why did you leave me alone?
This is all my fault.
You died because of me.
My obstinacy killed you.
now I'm here.
We won't part now.
Meghna, listen to me.
Things happen at the right time.
Your time is not up yet.
You have to go back.
Your work isn't done yet.
You have duties to fulfil as a daughter.
Don't you want to set things right?
I won't go back.
You're all I have, Arjun.
I'll go with you.
Meghna, this isn't in our control.
This is God's prophecy.
You'll finish a lifetime
in a jiffy back there.
Then we'll meet here again.
I'll be just as handsome
and young.
You have to go back now.
No, Arjun.
I won't go.
Please, Arjun, I won't go.
No, Arjun, please.
Are you all right?
What happened to you?
What happened to me?
Saw that, mom?
She's asking me!
You called me mom
but I haven't earned that right.
You risked your life to keep
this family from falling apart.
You fulfilled the promise you made to me.
But I couldn't keep a mother's promise.
Now I won't let you go.
I won't let you leave me.
"Let me drape the skies over you"
"and show you shimmering stars"
"Let me drape the skies over you"
"and show you shimmering stars"
"Let my hands keep the darkness away"
"Come my little princess,
I'll sing you a lullaby"
"I'll sing you a lullaby"
"I'll rock you to sleep"
(music continues)
"Let me take you to a world"
"where fairies reside"
"Colourful clouds float in the air"
"and little beauties spread joy
all around"
"Come, ride the wings of a butterfly"
"and regale in the showers of happiness"
"Let my hands keep the darkness away"
"Come my little princess,
I'll sing you a lullaby"
"I'll sing you a lullaby"
"I'll rock you to sleep"
"I'll rock you to sleep"