1945 (2017) Movie Script

written by
production designer
costume designer
director of photography
"Dear listeners!"
"It's Friday, August 12, 1945, 11 AM... "
The news:"
'The war on Japan is being waged...
with renewed strength. "
At dawn today Soviet troops
"crossed the Manchurian border. "
"American planes dropped a second
atomic bomb on Japan. "
The port of Nagasaki was hit. "
"The Japanese government has ordered
the eviction of all cities
and continues to debate its options in
the Council of Ministers. "
"Millions of flyers containing
the Soviet declaration"
of war were dropped on Japan. "
'The Soviet declaration
states that Japan refused
the US, UK and Chinese
demand to lay down arms
thus rendering moot
"the Japanese offer to play
the role of mediator... "
Please, get up.
We should've been there
a long time ago.
In Russian: Stop! Give me the hat!
Give me the hat!
Styopa! Leave him alone!
Hey Suba, we've got two crates!
Be careful!
Relax. The kid knows
what he's doing.
Careful! I don't mind if
it takes longer-.
Any goods coming in
today, son?
Not that I know of.
I need you to drive
me to the city.
Are you crazy,
On his wedding day?
That girl was engaged
to someone else not long ago.
Let it go.
The past is gone.
- I'll go ahead then.
- Go.
Get dressed.
I said get dressed!
God bless, folks!
Work going alright?
C'mere a minute!
Good that you came,
I need the land
We need to go to
the office.
Not a chance!
We're not going anywhere, Jancsi!
Today's the wedding.
You are coming this
That why you came
out here?
Not really.
There are all these
Russians here...
Elections are
coming up.
I don't want chaos
in the village.
Times are changing,
You've been back only a week.
You don't know what's going on here...
I know what
I know.
Equality is a fine thing,
but the Russians' world
isn't for us Hungarians.
We need a new world.
A new world, lstvn!
A new world!
- What did they bring? - Dry goods,
perfume, stuff like that.
- Perfume?
- Yes.
Connect me to the Town Clerk.
I don't understand. Hello?
I need to go into
the village.
But Stationmaster,
what about the train?
God bless!
Could I see
the delivery notice?
Stationmaster, the whistle!
Blow it yourself!
You picking up,
or just delivering?
Just delivering.
Take it nice
and slow.
Don't rush the
It's special cargo.
Nice and slow.
I need time.
Give me a minute,
I'll just check on them.
Here's the dear bride's mother.
Good day, lstvn!
- Well
That girl's all grown too.
She certainly is!
A fine day to you,
folks! Kroly, old boy!
- You're doing well?
- We wish you the best!
We will be well, later!
Drink up!
Bandi, my boy!
A fine clay to you.
Let's have that brandy.
- I'm not drinking
without Jutka. - Come here.
She's been up since dawn.
Everything alright
with your son?
Where are the kids?
Where are the kids?
The kids should join us.
- Come on.
- Here she is.
I expect you'll wear a different
dress to the wedding.
There's not enough brandy.
We want more.
How much were you
Don't worry,
you'll be well paid.
Wouldn't mind getting
paid in advance.
- Climb on the wagon.
- We'll walk.
- How far is the village?
- An hour's walk.
Slower! Slower!
Slower! Slower...
- Oh, that's strong!
- Alright then. More?
Another round!
We'd like another round.
- That's enough.
- Let me give this girl a kiss.
May I'.
If we can't have another round,
let's get back to work.
Give it here.
Went down
the wrong pipe, rpi?
Will you be at the wedding?
What would I do there?
How's it going,
What is it?
Brandy too strong for you?
Or have you lost your nerve?
Don't be scared of
a little peasant girl.
Be hard on her at first,
until you've got her tamed.
Good day.
Where to?
- I'll just have a look in here...
- No, you don't.
Let him go, Officer!
He can't go in!
Pali, old man!
Leave him alone.
Let him come.
Let the veteran come in.
A man who fights for our
country is welcome here.
Saw action in two wars, didn't you?
We have sausages,
brandy, bread.
I've got it.
I'll bring those sausages.
Son, come here!
Meet a real patriot.
introduce yourself.
rpd Szentes.
Jnos Tth.
Today's his wedding.
A little brandy?
Shall we make a toast?
He fought in two wars.
Good day, comrades.
You speak Russian?
- Yes.
Bring that champagne. Quick!
Comrades, comrades...
here celebration.
Thank you.
$0 long!
Drop dead...
How do you
pronounce this?
Sha no-ar
Can't you wait until tonight?
You can show me where things are,
if I'm to be a shopkeeper's wife.
Medicine, soap,
tobacco, perfume...
industrial and farm
chemicals, alcohol,
and the cash register.
Thanks for the ride,
Did you get that champagne?
I will.
Rzsi was here.
I showed her the goods.
She's a resourceful girl.
Unlike your mother...
Your mother...
She has no idea what goes on
in this world.
Good day, Your Honor.
- May I serve the soup?
- No, no, no...
just the noodles.
I need space for tonight.
- No soup today.
- Katica!
Today's a big clay, Bandi.
A big day-
Your fingernails
are dirty.
- Her nails are dirty.
- We apologize.
Go on! Deliver
the Priest's lunch.
- Good day!
- Hello!
Is this where
the wedding will be?
This is the place, mate.
There's your man.
Come over here.
You're right on time.
I like that.
To your health!
TO US all!
C'mere, mate,
have a seat.
So what is...
"... vote reactionary. "
"But if you want freedom,
prosperity, happiness, "
then vote for the nationally...
Do we need this?
- Good day!
- Good day!
What is it?
Jews have arrived.
With trunks full of perfume.
They all look the same.
Hats, beards.
- How many?
- Two.
- Names? - Only one name on
the delivery note.
Something Samuel.
Herman Samuel.
No one by that name
lived here.
There are Jews in
the village.
Go tell the others.
First tell your wife.
Put it on my tab!
- How much?
- Ten.
How will you get
ten bikes?
- Just a moment.
- My respects, Karcsi.
They're back.
Doing alright then,
Karcsi, old sport?
Fine. You have something
to do inside?
Sure there is.
- How many of them?
- Two. For now.
- I'll run into the office.
- The Kleins?
Are they back too?
That's your problem.
I've got my own.
You just can't get
rid of them.
What kind of
Get it?
Two of them.
Enough space here for them, isn't there?
Sure we do.
They brought trunks...
Had to treat 'em
like Easter eggs.
What are they delivering?
Perfume and cosmetics in bulk.
Perfume and cosmetics?
Face powder,
cologne, creams.
Stuff for ladies.
The wife's waiting.
What are you doing here?
- The door was open.
- Can't you knock?
Did you warn people?
Why'd you come here?
- We have to give it back.
- What do you mean?
We have to give it all back.
- Don't be silly. - The Pollak family
sent these people.
- They'll find out everything.
- Calm down.
What makes you think they have
anything to do with the Pollaks?
Bandi, go home
and have a drink.
Go on now. You know
if there's a problem,
I'll fix it.
See you at the wedding feast.
"Then, in the name of
Social Democrats... "
You have
no business here.
"Mtys Rkosi, Hungarian
Communist Party
"leader, spoke of current
political problems. "
Hungarian democracy... "
Open up!
Where are you?
- Where the hell were you?
- Back in the storeroom.
There are 2 Jews in
the village.
Supposedly they brought
The Pollaks?
But the Pollaks might have sent them.
- And then?
- And then what?
And then what?
Relax. You want to give up already?
Was I the one who
wanted all this?
Have you lost your mind?
It's too late to call off
the wedding.
You should be grateful
Arpi's marrying you.
V sum.!
Good day.
Good day.
Good day.
How did that
sewing machine get here?
Your husband
arranged that too.
Thank you.
Good day.
Am I disturbing you?
No, I just tried it on
one last time.
You don't like me,
do you?
I love my son.
I'm going to love your
son too.
You love the drugstore.
Come on!
Kick it over here!
Come on!
- Have you eaten?
- Yes.
They're here.
Do you hear me?
- They're here in the village.
- I know.
Your son died
a hero on the front.
You've got
two other sons.
They issued us
the house legally, didn't they?
What if
the Pollaks come back too?
Gimme that brandy.
They gave us papers for it,
the Town Clerk himself.
- You and your Town Clerk.
- Oh, please...
You can do what you want.
I'm not leaving this house!
Nor are the kids.
Put that brandy down!
Leave it!
I said, put it down.
You've had enough!
Let me go!
There are other places you could
act like a man!
Please hurry. He's got
a wedding in 2 hours.
- Thank you.
- Good-bye.
- Good-bye.
- I'll be back in an hour.
Are you nervous?
I think he'll be done in time.
I didn't mean the suit.
I've got a bad feeling.
Anybody here?
What are you doing here?
The office is closed.
Nice bike.
What makes you
so high and mighty?
Kissing the Russians' ass?
I was looking for
the registry.
That's none of
your business.
Will you take me for
a ride too, sometime?
Down the poplar lane?
What would you like,
- I'd like some tobacco.
- Give him some, son!
- And a glass of champagne!
- Champagne for a peasant, lstvn?
- Bit of a waste isn't it?
- It's a new world.
Master or peasant,
it doesn't matter...
As long as they're
Have a nice day!
- Good day.
- Good day.
Get over here!
Andrs wants to return
the house.
I know, may his mother be damned!
He won't listen to me.
I'll convince him.
You talk to the women.
I have to tell you
Your father made me sign the
accusation against Pollak.
That's why they took him
before the others.
If they're back,
you should know.
What did Kustar want?
You know very well!
What do you know?
You couldn't even get
a girl for yourself!
I got you exempted
from military service.
Cost me a fortune,
so you wouldn't
have to go and die on the front!
Now you're talking back to me?
- I arranged all this too.
- I'm giving the store back.
No you're not.
No you're not.
Your damned mother!
You won't give it back.
We're not just going to give back
what's rightfully ours?
We've got papers
to prove it's yours.
You're about to leave?
- Where are you going?
- I don't know yet.
To Budapest.
You think you're
better than me?
God bless.
What are you doing?
Where are you going?
What the hell do they want?
To show off the goods
all over the village?
Go on! Go! Go! Go!
Watch them!
Follow them! Report back
if you see anything!
It slipped. Careful!
Didn't you close it?
Damn it! Shove it back!
Did anything fall off?
Hello, who is it?
Hello, Operator?
Szentes here.
Connect my wife.
What are you doing?
Where are you going?
Paris. America.
God bless you.
It's me.
Connect him.
What do you want?
Lock the door.
If anyone knocks or raps,
don't open it.
They're right in front of the house.
They have perfume and cosmetics.
In bulk.
Maybe they're trustees.
Maybe Pollak had
a will...
Or he sold
the house again.
But then the contract's invalid,
and there can't be
a new owner. I said,
there can't be a new owner.
Damn it!
Gee-up, go ahead!
Are we moving
We're not going
This place is ours.
here is ours.
If anyone asks:
this stuff isn't here.
The Germans took it.
Or the Russians.
It's not here, understand?
Where are you taking
those rugs?
Be quiet!
What are you doing here?!
Get out! Out!
Well, Kustar'?
What brings you here?
- I've come for confession.
- Now?
Do we have to do this now?
There's a wedding today.
I confess to
the Almighty Father,
and to you in God's stead, Father.
Since my last confession
I've committed the following sins...
I'm listening, son.
Have you heard,
- What?
- They're back.
There's two already in
the village.
What makes you think the others
are coming, too?
What do you want
to confess, son?
The house,
the furniture...
Go on, son...
Don't you understand,
They issued you that house,
didn't they?
You have the deed.
You've suffered enough.
The Town Clerk
and my wife...
- Have you been drinking?
- They made me sign the accusation.
You dare come
to God's house drunk?
Answer me, son!
You don't want to
understand either, Father.
Go home. Say 10 Hail Marys,
10 Our Fathers.
Sleep it eff. And don't come
before the Lord drunk again.
This is where
they prayed.
That other building over there,
is where they studied.
We can't start
a wedding like this.
We can't-.
They'll bring trouble
to us.
You're talking nonsense...
Two days before they
were taken away...
Krausz's wife came to see me
She begged me.
Offered money if
I would hide her son.
The younger one.
I made space for him behind
the firewood in the shed...
I didn't even tell you.
But the last night...
before they were all
taken away,
when they were all in
the temple,
the gendarmes came.
They knew what
to look for.
What did you do?
I was scared.
I think we still have
things to do here.
Did you hear?
They're going to demand
everything back.
The stuff Weisz gave me
for safekeeping
is in the cellar,
in locked trunks.
I only spent what he gave me
to keep his things safe.
- They're welcome as far I'm
concerned. - And what should I do?
The house they issued
you is yours to keep.
Give back the rest.
But I've got
2 other kids.
From how many
Fucking bitch!
Is something wrong?
Carry the trunks in.
To the front there.
Hello, ma'am.
Hello, ma'am.
What are you doing here?
Aren't you getting ready?
I've come to see Rzsi.
I'd like a word with her.
What's that
suitcase for?
- Is something wrong?
- I'd like a word with my fianc.
We have to leave
this village.
I want you to
come with me.
The train leaves at three.
Get going!
I can't go anywhere.
Because of Jancsi?
I asked you:
because of Jancsi?
I'm not going anywhere,
- Is that your final word?
- Yes! Get out!
- You're leaving?
- Yes.
- Where to?
- Far away.
- And the wedding?
- It's not happening. God bless!
- What happened?
- He left.
Everyone's already at
the church.
I'll die of shame.
Tooo my heeealth...
The whole bottle!
I've got money,
don't worry.
You think
I'm the only
one that's guilty?
You won't
get away with it.
No one will get
away with it.
Not the Town Clerk, not the Priest.
No one's gonna get
away with it.
even you won't get
away with this.
Time to go home now.
- Get up, Bandi.
- Just hold on...
Come on, then!
Let's go!
He's yapping in the pub,
in front of everyone.
Have you lost your mind,
Blabbering to
You'll only be fucking yourself
over if they get hold of this paper!
It has your
signature on it!
And now
haul your ass home.
Sober up,
before you get into
real trouble.
Look, father!
What are those?
Where is he?
Where's the kid?
He left.
That's that.
Because of you.
Aren't you gonna hit me?
Hit me. At least
then you'll touch me,
not just your
You're sick.
You're a murderer.
Disgusting worm.
What are you talking about?
You watched
from there.
You stood at
the window.
Didn't even wait for them to
take him away with the rest.
Your best friend.
You made Kustar sign
the accusation
And lharos was
your witness.
You think I don't know?
Everybody knows.
How would
they know?
You stood there when they
took the others away too.
They'd have taken Pollk anyway.
You didn't know that
when you reported him.
Are you mourning
your lover?
I never had a lover.
the one who's sick.
Yes, it's me.
What are they doing?
I'll tell you later.
Let's not stare.
Good day.
I'm the Town Clerk.
What's the nature of your visit,
if I may ask?
We've come for a burial.
Just a burial?
Just a burial. .
Who are you
What's left
of our dead.
As the village magistrate, let me
express my deepest sympathies.
Thank you.
I personally guarantee
that we will forever
the memory of the victims.
Step aside, folks.
Let them pass.
We'll take you to
the station.
We'll walk.
And the trunks?
What are you staring at?
Take him down. She shouldn't have to.
Come! Kustar's dead.
Fire! People! There's a fire!
There's a fire!
Come help!
The drugstore's burning!
The drugstore's
What are you staring at?
I said, there's a fire!
What have you done?
- Put it out!
- This?
Put it out!
Get a bucket!
Bring buckets!
Put it out!
Hurry "P!
Hurry up, Styopa!
New passengers,
tickets please...
New passengers.