1971: Beyond Borders (2017) Movie Script

At every corner of the world,
wars and civil riots
do not originate,
just as a civil issue of the
people of that particular country.
The business interests & calculations
of super-powers who control the world,
were behind them.
In 1971, India and Pakistan
became the third world preys,
of this political horse
trading and a weapons deal.
Even though it is generally
referred to as the Bangladesh war,
the war was fought primarily
between India & Pakistan.
At the border states of
India on the Western Front,
including Rajasthan,
Gujarat & Punjab;
Along with the political
motives of America & China,
when Pakistan started
forcing its political might
and barbaric cruelty
over East Pakistan;
Iakhs of people who had
enough of their lives there,
came knocking on India's
border gates for refuge.
Foreseeing a disaster,
India warned the global powers
including America & China.
It was also an issue of the
internal security of our nation.
The global powers including America
ignored India's cries for help,
and supported Pakistan instead.
Their objective was
not to help Pakistan.
Instead, it was a
well-planned weapons deal.
Even though they knew that war
can only bring pain & loss,
India finally opened our
border gates for the refugees.
Lakhs of refugees from Bangladesh,
crossed the Indian border and came here.
It was also the
arrival of a war.
In the war at
the Western Front,
the brave leader of Indian Army's
33 Grenadiers, Major Sahadevan;
Lieutenant Chinmay,
Pakistan Army's Lieutenant
Colonel Moham med Akram Raja.
This film portrays the sacrifices
made by these brave men.
Through that, it also talks about
many unknown brave soldiers,
who sacrifice their
lives at our borders,
trying to safeguard the
lives of our people.
It is also the story of the
patriotism of many helpless people,
who fought amongst themselves,
and became martyrs for someone
else's vested interests & political gains!
Atruthful portrayal of
their devastated lives,
and broken dreams.
This film is a fitting tribute to
those helpless, small & large lives.
46 years have passed.
In a society where people forget
even their parents' death anniversaries,
because of their busy lives,
there are some people.
Some soldiers who are alive.
Wherever they are,
they never forget their colleagues who
sacrificed their lives for their country,
on every anniversary
of their victories.
This is their story.
This country is so beautiful!
However beautiful it may be,
it's not as beautiful
as our Pakistan!
What are you saying, brother?
We've been travelling for so long, and
we haven't seen even a single girl.
Talking about girls"
Entire India is crazy about
our girls in Pakistan!
That's absolutely right!
This place is so silent.
Then why were we
sent here to rot?
Go back.
Turn right from here.
Two of you, to the left!
Two of you, to the right!
Give him back-up!
Check on Rahim!
- Okay Sir!
I think we're trapped, Sir.
Cover that side.
Don't step out!
What were you thinking?
By the way.
I haven't seen you guys earlier.
Sorry Sir.
Actually, we took over from the
previous battalion last night, Sir.
You fool! If something
had happened to you..
It was nice to hear an Indian soldier
asking if we were all right.
That too, to a Pakistani soldier.
That concern made me smile, Sir.
Nothing, Sir.
It just struck me that our battalions
are meeting after 46 years.
Back then, you killed 283
soldiers, including a CO.
And today, you risked your
lives to save our lives!
My best wishes for the
Battle Honours Day, Sir.
If you don't mind, you can
join us for the celebration.
Why would I mind, Sir?
We will be delighted to come!
Sir, do you think they'll come?
I'm sure!
The celebration is at
the desert base cam p.
I know!
Inform them the location!
Long Live India!
They want you to talk
about today's operation.
Who is the Public
Relations Officer here?
It's me.
So you deal them.
Sir, I have never given an
interview to the media so far.
Then give it today!
Do you know which battalion saved us?
How does that matter'?
It does matter!
33 Grenadiers.
You should definitely
go for the party.
And tell them,
that a Pakistani mother;
has sent her gratitude,
and blessings.
We Indians never consider
anyone as our enemies.
We have definitely fought wars.
And during those wars, we
have killed many as well.
Our circumstances were such.
Back then, we had orders to kill;
and today, to save them.
And, Long Live India!
Long Live India!
We should be thanking
you, Colonel Sir.
I have a request.
Please tell me.
Wow, Colonel!
Your Urdu is wonderful!
Ajmal Sir, we Indians
are like that.
It is our duty to
make others happy.
Athithi Devo Bhava!
(Our guest is equivalent to God)
Please tell me what
your request is.
Colonel Sir,
If I have your permission,
I want to speak a few
words to your troop.
While I was coming for
this celebration,
I was thinking about Colonel Raja,
who was granted martyrdom
by your battalion.
I spoke to his wife,
and told her about the incident
that happened this morning.
And asked her for
permission to come here.
She gave me permission.
She also asked me to
convey her gratitude.
That gratitude wasn't
for saving our lives.
Her gratitude was
for something else.
When Pakistani troops recovered
his dead body in 1971,
there was a letter
in his pocket.
Must be written by
an army officer
of your battalion.
Probably the one who killed him.
Based on that letter,
Pakistan Government gave him
the highest gallantry award.
If a soldier is praised for
his bravery by his enemy,
what can be more
prideful than that?
On the war-field,
only an enemy understands how
well a soldier has fought!
So, for that letter,
on behalf of Pakistan,
Colonel Raja,
and especially for myself,
I want to thank all of you
from the bottom of my heart.
For me especially because,
I am Colonel Raja's son;
Colonel Ajmal Raja.
Thank you.
Thank you to all.
On this Battle Honours Day,
on behalf of the entire Pak army,
our hearty congratulations!
Good Bye.
No, Colonel Sir.
Why are you saying sorry?
Actually we are really grateful to
that officer of your battalion,
who kept the letter
in his pocket.
I will pass this message
of yours to him.
The person who wrote that letter &
kept it in your fathers pocket,
was my father.
Major Sahadevan.
That means,
Major Sir is still alive today?
As long as I'm alive,
every year, on this day;
on December 17th,
I will shed a drop of tear,
for you, the brave soldier.
This is a soldier's promise,
to another soldier.
Grandpa, why is it like
this over here, every year?
Even I am confused.
Why do you have to do this?
That too, for a Pakistani uncle?
Pakistanis are our
enemies, right?
You've become used to saying that.
Not so long ago,
both them and us, belonged
to the same country, right?
Anyway, aren't they our
enemies right now?
There are certain relationships
between us soldiers on the war-field.
If the enemy is brave,
we don't forget them.
These officers were one of
those, I have ever seen!
But unfortunately,
I had to kill that
Pakistani uncle.
You killed him?
I had to!
For our country!
How, grandpa?
It's a long story.
46 years back,
in 1971,
while I was celebrating
my holidays
along with your grandma
and my friends,
back at my hometown.
I wasn't like this back then.
How do I say it in your style?
A total freak!
Hail Lord Shiva!
Hail Lord Shiva!
God! Please take care of us!
Don't let Muslims
enter the temple.
We don't have time to do
purification ceremonies here.
Sulaiman, please leave.
You can stand down there.
It hasn't been long
since people like you
got permission to enter the
temple in this attire! Remember?
Even then, why should we allow people
from other religions into the temple?
The flowers that are brought from
Tamil Nadu to be adorned on the Lord,
can you say how many people from
different faiths have 'spoiled' them,
until it reached his shop?
Purification should be done to the
minds of people like you first!
Sahadevan, you can deliver such
dialogues when you're back in the army!
In this temple, there are
some rituals & traditions.
You have to follow them!
Then, go and send Vavar Swamy
away of Sabarimala first.
Or ask the Sarkara temple to return the
elephant gifted by actor Prem Nazir!
Sahadevan Chetta, about my father as well!
That's rig ht!
Hey! Stop the music!
There used to be an elephant
from Koomulli house
which carried our Lord's
deity for many years.
Who was its primary mahout?
This Sulaiman's father - Basheer.
Okay! Start the music!
Wasn't that Rip?
That was his nickname.
So, it's okay if the
name is changed?
Sulaiman will be Sukumaran.
The religion & caste of a person can be
changed by a nurse at the labour room.
So don't try to banish
anyone from here.
We're going to grab a couple of drinks.
Got it?
Instead of starting the
fireworks, you're standing here?
Go fire it up!
- I forgot!
Fire 10 rounds for me!
- Then, one for me too!
One for him, too!
- A special one!
Sorry, Sukumaran, come up.
Sulaiman, save a couple
of drinks for me too.
Sahadevan Chetta, shall we
give him a beating?
Poor 9W!
One more small one.
Chandrika is coming.
We never know when you
come & when you leave.
How have you been?
- Very good!
The Changampuzha poems that you wrote
for me & gave me over here back then,
I realized only now that I shouldn't
have given them to my father then.
I'm glad that you realized
it at least now, Chandrika!
There's still time
to reply to that.
While we go behind these
girls trying to woo them,
our glamour isn't enough!
They are so arrogant!
But once they get married to some
wimp, everything will be over.
How is Chandrika's husband, Chandru?
Just like Sulaiman said.
A wimp!
Is it so?
what you wrote for Changampuzha,
Not for Changampuzha!
What was the Changampuzha
poem you wrote for Chandrika?
'Still, Chandrika, our hearts are united!'
'You are my life'
- Bigger fireworks!
Is someone firing at us?
Is it Chandrika?
She can't fire such a big one!
Whoever it may be,
fix another drink!
Bro, Parvathi Chechi
& son are coming.
- How many times do I
have to hide this?
What is this, Sahadevetta?
Why are you like this?
Aren't you ashamed?
What did I do?
I celebrate wholeheartedly only
when I come to my hometown.
Back in the army, everyone calls
me Sir and I feel suffocated.
That's why, dear.
You carry on.
Come home quickly.
- Ya!
- Com e fast!
I can't even enjoy myself during
the festival! - Pour a large one.
Are your fireworks done?
Why do you have blood on your face? - You
wanted me to fire a round for you, right?
While I was doing it, that Unni
barged in & said he wants to do it.
I didn't allow him.
For that, he punched me.
It's not because I was punched,
that's usual for me.
There's nobody to protect us.
I was hoping to enjoy some
drinks during the festival.
But I lost its high now.
And I don't have the money
to buy another bottle.
Have this!
- Who is this Unni?
Meledathu Unni.
Chandrika's husband.
- Sahadevetta!
That wimp!
Where is he now?
He is performing
Kathakali tonight.
Here. Have this.
After beating up a poor guy,
you're getting all decked up here?
Who is Unni?
It's him! - If you want to talk,
let's meet after the show.
Are you Unni?
I can't wait till your show gets done.
My leave is getting over.
You bloody...
Hey! It's my turn now!
It's time for Bheema's entry!
Get lost!
I'm playing in the same
ground that you're playing!
Then how can you
score against me?
Get lost!
- I'll kick you!
Sahadevetta, is that true?
- Of course!
Who's that?
Peeping over here?
Hey! You haven't
gone to sleep yet?
Dad, the festival
is over, right?
You always fool me saying that
you'll take me to Kanyakumari.
You can't do that this time!
You should definitely take me & mom
to Kanyakumari tomorrow itself.
Minor Mahadevan!
So that's the matter.
You are my son, dear.
I have accepted your request.
We'll go to Kanyakumari
tomorrow itself!
Now you can go to sleep, dear.
You agreed so fast to send
me away from here, right?
You little devil!
Give me a kiss & go!
Here's your truck.
How come there's some special
love for your son today?
Are you jealous?
No! Not that"
I just asked because I'm seeing
things which I don't see usually.
What happened suddenly?
Why is your face dull?
You're also hearing the news, right?
There are possibilities
for a war.
Why are you worrying
about it now?
Didn't you say that you'll get
a telegram if there's a war?
Only when I come back here,
I get a feeling that there are some people
who will be there for me, in my life.
I don't get the opportunity to remember
anyone or anything when I'm there.
When such memories
come to my mind,
it makes my heart ache.
Something is
troubling your mind.
What is it?
Nothing at all!
Let's go to sleep. Come!
You're going to become a father.
Enough! Don't hug her so tight!
Go home and take rest.
Now she can take rest.
I'll take leave to look after her.
But I heard that Pakistan is going
to wage a war against India?
I don't know.
For many senior officers of this country,
waging wars is an addiction!
You have to go?
What else can I do?
Shall I tell you something?
These wars, battles; taking
people's lives; I hate all that.
I know that.
But when the battle begins,
you turn into a lion!
I'm a Rajput by birth!
Backing off is not in our blood!
I'm feeling sad because,
I'm fighting against the
land where I was born.
What to do?
A war is a war!
And a soldier has to fight!
A special announcement.
A war has ensued with Pakistan
at the Indian borders.
So, all the military, navy and air force
members who are on leave in Kerala;
are requested to report to
their units immediately,
by the chiefs of
each department.
Long Live India!
It happened exactly like
you said yesterday.
Until the telegram comes..
- No!
If I leave right now, I
can get the train at 6.30 PM.
Can't you wake him up &tell
him that you're leaving?
No. Let him sleep.
You tell him when he wakes up.
Got it. It's because I'm
going for a war, right?
Tell him that once his father comes
back, we'll go to Kanyakumari together.
I heard it in the morning.
Why did you come here so
early in the morning?
Even we heard the
radio announcement.
We knew that you
won't stay here.
Since we know that you'll take the
first train, we came running here.
We know what's on your mind.
Dude, I'm going for a war!
That's why we're sad.
It's not like your other trips.
Bullets, bombs...
Pakistanis haven't invented any bullets
which can pierce my heart!
And when I'm getting such love & care
from you, why should I be scared?
Why are you standing like a
squirrel who lost his nuts?
Is it because you'll lose your
quota if I die in the war'?
Sahadevetta, jokes are fine.
But not such cruel jokes!
- Then what kind of jokes do you want?
Start the car!
'While bidding adieu with just a word'
'The reply can make
the heart ache'
'I'm leaving yet again,
stealing a glance silently'
'Never waiting to see the damp clouds on
your eyelashes that are waiting to rain'
'Never waiting to embrace the
melancholic silences at the backdoor'
'You have to swim alone in
this spring season'
'Reach those shores as soon as you can'
'I waited for you to sleep at
night, to kiss on your sweet lips'
'I shall caress you as a fading
rainy breeze from a distance'
'0' incessant
glow of the moonlight'
'Please come and sing the
songs of the sky for us"
'The stars and the sky should always
sing lullabies for us'
'I have been waiting
for a longtime'
'To hum a tune in your ears'
'I have gathered all my desires'
'To hand them over to you'
'Can you give me the murmurs of the tender
droplets of snow of a damp, cozy night?'
'While bidding adieu
with just a word'
'The reply can make
the heart ache'
'I'm leaving yet again,
stealing a glance silently'
Take care of him.
Until I come back after the war,
take good care of him.
Win and come back!
I'll definitely win
and come back!
My dear brave soldiers,
To the soldiers who say
that they are ready to die,
I have only one thing to say.
Our enemies are the ones
who are going to die!
Brave soldiers of
135 Frontier Force,
Peace be unto you!
Koran tells us,
not to take the lives of anyone.
But we are soldiers!
While fighting for our country,
we have to kill people.
That is our duty!
By dying for our country,
the war is not won!
To win, we should stay alive;
we have to kill the
enemy for our country!
We haven't recovered from the wounds
of the war that happened 6 years back.
And yet another war
has begun.
We Indians have never
wished for a war!
An ordinary Indian,
or Pakistani,
never wishes for a war.
Even if the people of Pakistan
want this war or not,
we have to fight this war!
And we will fight!
Because we are soldiers.
And today, an unavoidable
war has begun!
Along with us, we
have 6 Madras.
One armed tank from Poona Horse,
Artillery battery of
40 Medium Regiment,
A tolley of advanced OP,
And a penetrating force
led by Captain Aadi.
We will fight this war!
To save our country!
Our 'cask,
is to protect Basanthar
That will be the final
outcome of this war.
To achieve this goal,
many of us will become martyrs.
Are YOu read Yes! y?
So our 33 Grenadiers Battalion,
will capture the Basanthar
Defence at D+13.
Allah is The Greatest!
Hail Goddess Durga!
Give us the orders
to move forward, Sir.
Oh Lord Krishna!
(Reads verses from the Bhagvat Gita)
There you go again!
You have authority only over your
actions, not over the results.
My dear Gitanandan,
can you keep that Gita away and hold the
gun, at least while we are going for a war?
You fool!
Shut up!
What he said is right!
Our duty is to fight the war!
My dear Captain Sir, I have
never fought in any war so far.
I came here only because I'll be
getting food, salary & pensions.
To be frank, I joined the army to
get rid of the poverty in my house.
For the past few days,
all my dreams are that of a bullet
hitting my chest & killing me.
Sudarashanan, if you are
scared, read The Gita.
Even if you kill or get killed,
The self neither kills,
nor is it killed.
Gitanandan, don't
drive me crazy!
If Pakistanis are the Kauravas,
we are the Pandavas.
Born in the same
family and clan.
But, we must fight the war!
That is our 'Dharma' (Duty).
My dear Sir, should I drive
this jeep forward or backwards?
Go forward, man!
(Sings an old Tamil
Song from an MGR film)
The advance till Basanthar
is going to be a tough task.
Sir, tea.
Is that all?
Have this for now, Sir.
Take it away!
Long Live India!
How are you?
- Fine, Sir.
Our country should also be fine.
So, we have come here
ready to become martyrs!
In a war, a soldier
has only two fates.
Either victory or defeat.
But we need soldiers who can win
the war and come back alive!
Not with my arm, Sir.
I salute you from my heart!
Me and my troop;
We'll always be with you!
Now you can go and take rest.
Since you are young and
have no experience in war,
let me inform you;
In this war,
We need a dedicated armoured
support from you for the infantry.
Yes, Sir. In fact, our CO
has briefed us about it.
We are very haPPV
to support you-
Whoever your CO might be,
What do you say in Hindi, 'In
excitement, - 'Do not lose your senses'
This guy is quite tough!
He is such a kid!
And he's trying to be
smart with you, Sir!
Kunjikkannan, don't joke
around with the officers.
- Pour one.
- Pour it!
Did you get any letter from home?
- Yes.
Did you get any letter from home?
- Yes.
Your daughter was unwell, right?
How is she now?
She's doing great!
As we advance towards
Basanthar Bridge-Head,
we can find a Company called
33 Grenadiers from India.
The Commander of that
Company is Major Sahadevan.
I came to know that he is
a brave & daring officer!
we have to occupy the Basanthar
Defences before they reach there.
- Yes, Sir.
Don't curse me for that now.
Take this lousy tea
of yours away!
Why has Sir called me?
The JCO who cross-checks the letters
is still on leave.
So it's Major Sir who is
checking the letters now.
I'm done for!
Sir, did you call me?
There's no time for letters
& romance at the war front!
Sir, it's from the girl
I'm going to marry.
But if such letters keep
coming continuously,
Not just you.
Those who cross-check these
letters are also reading them!
Can I ask you a
personal question?
In your life, have you ever
fallen in love with someone?
What does that have
to do with this?
She has written this letter
as if it's the Mahabharata.
She has written even where
the glue is applied!
You shouldn't be going to the
war front with a girl on your mind!
Such people cannot
became good warriors!
Like that, all
your memories too.
I am always ready to sacrifice
my life for our country!
Everyone says that.
But you shouldn't die. You should
stay alive to fight for your country!
Here you go!
Two letters for you.
Lakhs of refugees are fleeing for safety
to India at the Bangladesh border.
Pakistan has already begun a fierce war
at India's Rajasthan & Punjab borders.
There are no official reports on
Indian Army's death count, until now.
Pakistan has surrendered to the
Indian Army at many sectors.
About the Bangladeshi refugees,
Dad would've gone for war now.
Right, mom?
He has told me that he will make me a
military officer and make me salute him!
I know that my dad will come back!
Don't worry, mom!
Come on!
Make it fast!
Vacate this area!
Come on! Fast!
Keep moving forward!
Come on!
please save us from
all the troubles!
Protect us from the
disasters of this war.
Oh Lord, please
protect our country!
Come on!
Keep moving!
Poor souls!
Who knows if their houses would still be
there when they come back after the war!
Yes, Sir.
- No one bothers about all this!
Sir, he says that
he is not leaving.
Why aren't you leaving?
I asked him, Sir.
He's saying that he didn't leave
even during the partition,
So why should he be
scared of this war?
He said that he will stay here and pray
5 times a day to Allah for our victory.
If he dies, he wants
to die on his own land.
Every person who has faced
the calamities of war,
will become a patriot who loves
the land he is standing on!
What is your name, Sir?
- Rasoolullah.
Let him stay here.
Protect him.
If there is too much firing,
please come to our base.
May God protect you!
Good bye.
The people here are not
Hindus or Muslims.
They are all Indians!
Patriotic Indians.
Is it hurting?
- Yes, Sir.
Evacuation happens
every night, Sir.
Until then?
We have life saving systems.
During the daytime, we maybe
vulnerable to attacks.
Are you in pain?
- No, Sir.
Allah will make
everything all right!
- Tell me your RB number.
He is also a human.
So what if he's a Pakistani?
Enemies should only
be on the war front.
And nowhere else in this world.
That's all that is needed!
What happened?
- A mine exploded, Sir.
He is not letting us
admit him in a hospital.
Didn't I tell you, you scoundrel?
Ask them to inject that
stuff to kill my pain!
The letters have come!
Letters for everyone!
The letters have come, and all
have left even their guns behind!
Oh my God!
To my dear husband,
when is your next leave?
Our son has scored good marks.
He is saying that he wants to
study at his uncle's place.
PanickerChettan had
come last week too.
He said he needs the
money urgently.
Expecting a reply soon.
With love,
Papa, my teacher asked me what I
want to become when I grow up.
I told her that I want to
become a soldier like my father.
Papa, my exams start next week.
Won't you come back by the
time my exams are over?
Don't forget to bring
what I asked for.
Papa, it is Lohri festival next month.
Bring some nice things for me.
Mummy doesn't buy
anything for me.
Please come back soon.
Bring a toy gun as well!
Didn't you receive
any letter, Sir'?
There's no point.
I know what's going
to be in there.
Many worries and complaints that
the money sent wasn't enough.
If I have to hear
some words with love,
that will be only
from my mother.
And that poor thing doesn't
know how to read & write.
Usually he becomes upset when
he gets a letter, right?
How come he is
really happy today?
Hasn't he said that he has only
a father who sends him letters?
Is this from someone else now?
Hello, Sir.
- Hello!
You seem really happy!
Did you get leave?
Even if I get leave now,
I'm not going home, Sir.
Have you gone crazy?
The biggest fear in my life,
was whether my father would have to see
my dead body while he is still alive!
What happened now?
- Nothing.
This is a letter from my father.
You should read it aloud, Sir.
Let all of them hear it.
It's in Malayalam, right?
You read it out! We'll listen.
I will read it then.
My dear son,
your father can only ask if you are
doing well, and pray for that.
But, you are a warrior now.
I have only thing to say.
Don't think about your father,
fight for your country as a
brave warrior & come back.
Even if you lose your
life in between that,
I will accept that with pride.
I pray that God showers all
his blessings upon you.
With blessings,
your father.
Now my father is with me, Sir.
You didn't get any
letters, Kunjikkannan?
But ya, you've never
had all that, right?
It's good that I don't
get letters, Sir.
I know what all would
be written in them.
A father who is
drinking to death;
a mother who worked in several
households and broke her back,
and a sister.
In short, it's like the condition
of a poor family in an art film.
It's better that I don't get letters
which talk about all this, Sir.
So, if something happens
to you during this war'?
Sir, I'm always hanging around you
so that I don't die that easily.
Nothing can be guaranteed
on a war field, man.
If something like that happens,
you don't have to send that
usual telegram in my case, Sir.
I have a 10 year old boy who
is waiting for his father
to return home in a worn-out army
uniform, carrying a suitcase.
That's all he has to boast about
to his friends, in his life.
Something is said when a person
goes missing in a war, right?
Missing in action.
- Ya. That's enough.
In that case,
he will have a hope.
Does this tiny body of yours have
the space to store so many sorrows?
You have never brought
any of it out so far.
How will I? You keep
asking me to fix drinks.
And never gave me time to
open my heart.
Since you reminded me,
fix a couple of drinks!
- Right away!
Bravo Company has begun their
counter attack at the defence post.
We have to move fast!
You bloody scumbag!
You want to kill me?
Bloody dos!
How dare you!
Bloody dos!
He's dead!
Bloody Madrasi!
Our Sudarshan,
Their General tortured
and killed him, Sir.
Give it to Sir.
I'll go give the content
for sending the telegram.
- Why, Sin'?
Sir, while we left for the attack,
a telegram had come for him.
That his father is admitted in the
hospital in a serious condition
He is the only child!
That father wouldn't have the
strength to read a telegram.
You should go & console
him in person.
Leave immediately.
This is all we can do
for that father, Sir.
We are going to lose this war.
It's not the RAW & Intelligence Officers
who're fighting at the borders.
It's us!
The army!
We will decide, whether
we have won or lost!
Just because Pak Colonel Raja Sheriff
captured two of our pickets,
we have not lost it, Sir.
Just like your infantry
is fighting on the field,
we are also fighting, Mister!
Not with guns!
With our brains!
No one can win a war without the
support of the Intelligence team.
At the Intelligence level,
and in the one-on-one war.
America's 7th naval fleet is on
its way with India as its target.
To fight us directly in
this war & defeat us.
Our prestige warship
Vikranfs capacity,
is only 20,000 tonnes.
And as per Russian
Intelligence report,
the British war ship 'Eagle'
is also advancing
towards us.
And, a Chinese military array
which targeting Bay of Bengal,
and all facilities are provided for Pak
fighter jets at the Sri Lankan air base.
When fighter jets of the enemies are
attacking us brutally from all directions,
you, who are already losing
even to Raja Sheriff;
what are you going to
do, Mr.Janardanan?
They will burn India to ashes!
Once we're sure that our
country is going to lose,
Gentlemen, there's
only option!
Drop your weapons & surrender.
That's the strategy of a war.
That's the strategy!
What prerogative does he
have, to call off the war?
With broken legs and arms, with
bodies torn apart by bullets;
our soldiers are waiting
outside, enraged.
Those who are waiting to
go back to the war field.
Whichever American fleet comes,
We won't surrender & drop our
weapons as long as we are alive!
Do you have any idea,
Major Sahadevan?
You have no clue about the
American nuclear might!
It's bullshit, Sir!
Weren't your praising the enormous
capacity of 7th fleet, cruise missiles?
And what happened?
They were beaten badly by
the miniscule Vietnam army.
Communist martyrs
burned 'chem to ashes
by running right into the middle of
7th naval fleet with hand-grenades.
For someone whose blood boils
with inextinguishable patriotism,
America & atom bombs are
inconsequential, Sir.
A country which was won back by many
brave patriots who sacrificed their lives!
Its freedom!
We will protect it, Sir.
While standing guard for
our nation's security,
a soldier's weapon is not a gun;
but his infallible valour!
Sir, have you seen a tiger'?
The tiger of Ranthambore!
There he goes!
He can do anything,
for his motherland.
You bloody...
I won't leave anyone!
I will not spare anyone!
I will kill them all!
Bloody Indians!
I will try.
I've been noticing for
the past few days.
When I ask you to fix a drink,
you'll bring a lame tea
or you'll say that
there's no stock!
There's no more
booze in the army?
Let alone booze, we're not
even getting enough ration!
Didn't you go on for all these days
like this since the war started?
Go on for today as well.
I have a doubt!
Am I the officer here or you?
When I ask you to fix a
drink, there should be booze!
Believe me when I
say that its over!
I let you tag along with
me for 15 years, for this? Go & get it!
Fr! Brings tea for me!
I will give you, Sir.
Let the war get over.
Since you got a leave, you
went home as well?
With the address you gave me,
I went straight to a hospital
in Sudarshan's village.
Is there someone called
Krishna Pillai here?
Amina, your patienfs
relative has come!
So you are that great man!
Are you coming so late to see your
father who's on the death-bed?
He is in a critical stage.
Come with me!
Good that you decided
to come at least now!
As soon as you soldiers cross the Valayar
check post, you stop speaking Malayalam!
And you keep saying that you're
doing this for the country!
He had spoken a lot to me
when he was admitted here.
So I know everything.
Just because you didn't
come to take care of him,
I've been doing extra
duty for the past 3 days!
A son who has no
time for his father!
Well, Sister"
Tamil again?
I'm not going to get any extra money
because I'm doing over-time duty.
So tonight, you can
stay with him!
Come here.
Don't make any noise
when you go there.
He hasn't spoken a word
since yesterday.
Your son is here!
Come here.
Hold his hand!
Oh God!
You can leave his hand.
He has been dead for hours now.
I'll inform the doctor & clear
the formalities quickly.
So that you can take
the body home quickly.
Does he have any relatives?
You are his son. You would be
knowing that better than me!
Sister, I am not his son;
and he isn't my father!
Actually, his son
got killed in the war.
I came here to inform that.
Oh God!
So, for the whole night yesterday,
were you standing in this room?
You could have told
me when you came itself.
How, Sister?
Before I could tell you, you thought I was
his son and brought me in front of him.
Sorry Sir.
Right from the time you came,
I was a little rude to you.
Just like an ordinary
professional nurse.
No, Sir.
You have to go back, right?
No. You are not late.
To give him the belief that his own son
was beside him while he was dying,
you reached there on time.
Please stop torturing the
prisoners, at least from today.
Do you have any idea,
whom you're talking to?
Very clearly, Sir.
That's why I am sad.
You're the graduate of the
same academy I graduated from.
There's something called the
'Geneva Convention', Sir.
They are our prisoners,
and our guests.
It's one thing to kill
someone on the war field,
and torture is something else!
You are trying to teach me?
I'm not teaching you, Sir.
I'm telling you.
I'm reminding you!
Your actions are a disgrace
to the entire Pakistan Army.
Don't give me a chance to
remind you again, Sir.
Good bye.
Stop, Rah'-!
He is the one who
killed our people!
I will kill him today!
Don't spare him!
Leave him!
He will die!
Don't leave him alone!
Hit him as well!
What is this?
- He killed one amongst us, Sir.
And what are you doing now?
His soul won't forgive us
if we don't kill this guy.
If you're killing someone, that
should be on the war front.
This is not a war field.
They are the prisoners
of war now.
Our guests.
Athithi Devo Bhava!
(Guest is equal to God)
That's Indian culture.
Sir, the way forward
is full of minefields.
We can advance only if the
armoured tank clears it.
- The stock is over, Sir.
Not the booze.
Get me the wireless.
Where were you roaming around?
No, Sir. I was looking for you there.
Is this a college ground?
And are you looking for a girl here?
Everyone follow them!
So did you get her finally?
I kept going behind her.
But nothing happened.
Sir is here.
Feels like I'm sitting
on an elephant!
Actually, the elephant army
of the wars in the past
turned into this
arm ed force today.
Yes, Sir. But there's something
that the people don't know.
If we get a direct hit from the
enemy once during the war,
then that's it!
The bones of the guys inside
would be shattered into pieces.
That's why during the war,
we keep going forward in a zig-zag
motion to avoid direct hits.
It's really difficult
to drive this, right?
Nothing like that, Sir.
But it's not like
an ordinary car.
You can try!
We, the people of infantry
don't have the need for it!
But this is a war.
What if you are ordered
to do it sometime?
Try it, Sir.
For me!
Just once!
Come, Sir.
Sir, careful!
- Get lost!
Sit down.
Come, Sir.
- He is a real tiger, dude!
Stop kidding me, Sir.
I realized that you have
driven this earlier.
How old are you?
21 years, Sir.
Why did you ask my age, Sir?
I have more army experience
than your age! Come on!
Where do you keep
disappearing to, at times?
Oh! That? I keep
looking for the enemy.
But no luck, Sir.
- Son,
this passion & excitement is great!
But don't lose your senses.
Sir, in these few days;
I saw a great hero in you.
All the ego I had is dead now.
Anyway, for today's action;
I am recommending you
for a gallantry award.
Sir, please recommend me for the
Param Vir Chakra award as well!
I want to be the youngest
recipient of PVC.
But you haven't done anything
to deserve a Param Vir Chakra.
Same handwriting in all of them!
A solace in this desert, right?
If you want one,
I'll arrange it.
Sir, it's really cheap to ask
for booze to these young kids!
When I ask you, you
bring me a lame tea!
You made me beg to those
kids, you rascal!
Why can't you give it when he asks?
- A time will come for that!
I will give him then.
'The eyes are speaking
within themselves'
'Your glances create
a rain inside me'
'Love is pointing to me,
inside your heart'
'There's an incessant
rain in my heart'
'I fell like talking
to your shadow'
'I feel like living with
the memories of your love'
'Time is going by, as our
love becomes stronger'
'My eyes are full of dreams'
'I am your heart'
'You are a boon to me'
'Our breaths join the breeze'
'The eyes are speaking
within themselves'
'Your glances create
a rain inside me'
'Love is pointing to me,
inside your heart'
'There's an incessant
rain in my heart'
.O- princess'
'You are living in the
world of someone's love'
'When the sun rises'
'Love will only grow
stronger, come'
'You have fallen into my eyes'
'Your name is my language'
'Will we keep going far?'
'The eyes are speaking'
'Your glances'
'Love is pointing to me,
inside your heart'
'There's an incessant
rain in my heart'
'0' Prince'
'You are living in the
world of someone's love'
'When the sun rises'
'Love will only grow
stronger, come'
What happened to Aslam?
- Nothing, Sir.
We haven't told him yet.
I had asked you to tell
him & send him on leave.
Why didn't you tell him?
Many of our soldiers
are dead, Sir.
Many more will die. But
this war will not be over.
It's his mother who died!
Sir, General Baluchi Khan said
nobody has to be sent on leave.
I am the Commander of this unit.
And I had ordered you,
to tell him about his mother,
and to send him on leave.
Yes, Sir.
Major Sir,
Chinmay Sir is on the line.
We are 1.5 kilometers
ahead of you.
Follow my tank tracks.
There are no mines here.
After we catch up with you,
we will advance together.
Good boy! You have
learned obedience now!
I was a little late,
but I learned it.
By dusk today, we will capture
the Basanthar Bridge-Head.
So, after capturing the post,
you should take me for
a ride, on your Kama!
Today you are going to
take me for a drive.
I will sit on Karna.
You will drive it!
Also, I'm going to offer
drinks to you today.
- We always stand by what we say.
- That's how it is! Our
family is like that!
As if you're from some great family!
Get lost!
Haven't you heard
of Memana House?
So the heir of Memana
House, please load it.
We don't load stuff before
we get married.
Did you see them?
- It's okay, Sir. We'll handle it.
Memana, get ready!
So it's serious?
Set it fast!
We've been cornered
from all 4 directions.
Memana, fire right
on to their chest!
Memana, where are
they taking us?
How do I know?
We'll know when we reach Pakistan!
Got it, Sir!
Memana, are you scared of dying?
But we are not going to die!
Indian Army has cornered us.
Where the hell has our
supporting squadron disappeared?
But there's only one tank behind us.
How many do you see?
We've reached an open area.
We have to finish them here.
I can also see only one.
We're screwed!
Those four tanks
have stopped there.
Surround them from all 4 sides.
Didn't I tell you that we'll be
in trouble if they turn around?
Did I ask them to
turn around now?
Faster! Faster!
Sir, we are going in full speed!
Are we in trouble?
What happened now?
Is it a problem?
We've been surrounded.
Memana, are you scared of dying?
But we are not going to die!
Make him seated properly.
Sir, he blew up six
tanks of ours.
He looks like a kid!
But turned out to be a lion!
30 minutes of unofficial ceasefire.
To recover the body
of a brave soldier.
Colonel Raja has
declared ceasefire.
Bloody swine!
Who is he to declare ceasefire?
I want that Indian officer!
I will kill him &throw
him to the dogs.
Today, I will sit on Kama;
and you're going to drive it.
He would have wished for it.
You shouldn't be leaving
with the setting sun.
You should depart along
with the rising sun!
Make sure that this
flame stays burning!
Until I come back.
This is the fire in the
hearts of our battalion!
You should leave after
lighting his pyre.
How can you be sure that
you will come back?
I will come back!
And if I come back dead,
over there"
You have to light
my funeral pyre then.
'Angst is out of limits'
'There's fire in our hearts'
'We will attack them directly'
'They will fall defeated'
'I swear on you, soldiers'
'They will have to answer'
'For every drop of blood
that you have shed today'
LMG, behind me!
Until he scrutinizes the MMG,
we can't go forward.
So you are that Raja!
Is he all right?
Lock your targets.
Keep going, boys!
Aim & shoot!
Save the ammunition.
We have to fight the whole night.
'When thousands of hopes die,
a soldier stands up to fight'
'When there are thousands
of soldiers at the border'
'New hopes are born'
'So many wars have happened here'
'There's only sorrow
and no sign ofjoy'
'How long will these two
countries keep fighting?'
'We are broken from the
inside every time'
'When people die all around'
'We have been
deceiving each other'
'Let's be faithful to our nations,
even while our own people are punished'
'This place seems worse than a
cemetery when our friends fall dead'
'We have been living a
life of lies forever'
'Ever since these borders were drawn,
brothers have fought each other'
Now come face to face!
If you dare!
Come in front of this Indian!
Shut up!
Can't you see that the
officer is talking?
I am coming!
Major Sir, I have heard
a lot about you.
Even I have heard about you.
What have you heard?
That you're a lion.
That you're this, you're that.
Blah Blah!
Now I have come!
The true Indian lion!
What are you going
on about Indians?
I was also born on that land.
There's no difference between us.
There is!
We Indians always fight with
truth and righteousness.
You people always lose,
and never learn.
You would've defeated
us until now.
But today, Lieutenant Colonel
Raja is standing before you.
And it will be us who will win!
Because I have to go back home.
I will be the one going back!
That too, after winning!
Tomorrow's sunrise will
see your dead body!
The sun will rise only
when you fall dead!
Come on, boys!
Pakistan's honour
is in your hands!
Keep going, my lions!
Don't step back.
Basanthar will be ours!
'Even if we have to shed
blood or take lives'
'We will topple them'
'Even if we have to face the tyranny'
'Don't fear any barrage'
'Believe in yourself and be brave'
'Let's move forward
crossing these barriers'
'Let's be faithful to our nations,
even while our own people are punished'
Destroy those b@#!$!$!s!
Don't spare even one of them!
Keep going!
He is the one who killed our Sudarshan!
'We have been living a
life of lies forever'
'Ever since these borders were drawn,
brothers have fought each other'
Bloody rascal!
There's no end to this night.
Save the ammunition!
Take care of yourselves!
'Even if we have to go back in coffins'
'Our tricolour flag will still fly high'
'We will go back wrapped in it'
Give me water!
'Cruelty at every juncture'
'Even if your breath stops'
'Do not stop, my friend'
'Take their lives'
'I have promised you that there
will be seasons of happiness again'
'There will be peace all over
and India will smile again'
'There will be peace all over
and India will smile again'
'There will be peace all over
and India will smile again'
Be careful!
Stay strong, Sir.
I Hey Adi!
We 90f you!
It's paining, man!
I'm in pain!
Nothing has happened to you!
What's the status of the ammunition?
Check it!
The ammunition truck
hasn't reached yet.
And the stock with
us is also over.
12 years.
I obeyed every word of yours.
My Sahadevan Sir,
Shut up!
You were telling Raja yesterday,that
you will finish this before sunrise.
Look towards the east, Sir.
What's on your mind?
If we can't save our motherland,
then why should we stay alive?
If you are still alive,
come outside!
'The borders have brought'
Don't shout!
I have come!
'A misconception along with them'
Show me how the
Indian lion fights!
'A life of happiness will always
be at the mercy of others'
'They have cried'
'Every human has cried'
Now I am going to finish
you and this war!
'Whoever has lost
their dear ones'
I will be the one who finishes it!
Because we have always won!
But you have never faced
Colonel Raja until now.
'Please stop this
destruction at least now'
I have no enmity against you.
Our enmity,
is because of the colours
of this uniform!
I don't know that.
An Indian soldier is
standing in front of me.
And it is my duty.
I have to go back home!
Even I have to go back home.
That too, after winning.
As reed!
'We have been living a
life of lies forever'
'Even since those walls were built,
we have been punished'
'We have been punished'
You had to die!
For my country!
The order has come.
Ask them to give us another
order if they can!
To bring these dead
people back to life!
They can't, right?
Wasn't such an order the main
reason behind this whole war?
This country was torn apart
because of the power craze
of two people who were
This war began then.
An order for everything!
I am taking this, my friend.
You know why?
As long as I am alive,
every year, on this day;
on December 17th,
I will shed a drop of tear;
in remembrance of a
brave soldier like you.
This is a promise
from one soldier to another!
My friend,
I wish,
you were fighting for my country.
On behalf of all the Indians,
a big salute to you!
Long Live India!
Your country should know
about your bravery.
Long Live India!
Fix a drink for me!
I will give you, Sir.
Let the war get over.
If something like that happens,
you don't have to send the usual
telegram in my case, Sir.
Something is said when you someone
goes missing during the war, right?
Missing in action.
This war is ending here today.
We won!
A victory that has
given us only losses.
Let's pray that war
does not happen again,
and that the country does not
lose brave warriors like you!
Let's pray for that.
Long Live India!
Listen to me at least now.
You can't walk even a step further.
Let them carry you.
Even if it is to my death.
'We have been living a
life of lies forever'
'Even since those walls were built,
we have been punished'
The Pakistan Government gave the highest
gallantry award to Colonel Raja.
And my dear boy was honoured
with a Param Vir Chakra.
He is the youngest recipient
of that award till date.
Grandpa, nowl understood
why I was named Chinmay.
You should also become a brave soldier.
- Okay grandpa!
Do you know why I
told all this to you?
No one can achieve
anything by fighting wars.
So, no more wars!
'O! The people of my country'
'Shed a few drops of tears'
'Remember the sacrifice of our martyrs'