1971: Prisoners of War (2007) Movie Script

'This is my story.'
'That story which was never told.'
'And never heard. But was only witnessed.'
'And the eyes which witnessed it slowly...
...vanished into the darkness of history.'
'It is said that history was never written properly.'
'That is why the names of those...
...who helped make history do not find mention.'
'Maybe in the same way my mention...
...in my own story may not be written.'
'In 1971, a war was fought between India and Pakistan...
...which was named as the Bangladesh war.'
'Pakistan could not rise after that defeat.'
'Even we could not forget that war.'
'Because we had also fought gallantly...
...with the Indian forces.'
Parade, will turn around! Turn around!
Parade, will move forward! Turn around!
When did this happen?
3 days back, sir. The tunnel was dug from barrack No. 3.
There is no one there.
We were thinking of shifting some prisoners there.
How did this attempt evade your gaze?
It is been only 3 months since they have come here.
They are not even in a position to walk properly.
It is a very big task to dig a tunnel 19 feet long.
Who is this Suraj Singh?
Major Suraj Singh, 19 Rajputana rifle.
He was apprehended in Puri sector on 12th December
Due to devoid of ammunition.
Before that he was in Lahore.
It is heard that he has undergone punishment twice for
Parade attention!
Good morning sir! - Good morning sir!
Good morning! Carry on.
Welcome major. How did you spend your night, major?
Not bad. I was with my own men.
Seeing the condition of your men you must have
...that such an attempt is futile.
He is deputy director, Colonel Sheriar Khan.
Joint Intelligence Bureau.
Ameeting should be arranged so that...
...I can meet a Pakistani National.
You have not answered my question.
And should be provided with a newspaper, daily.
And be given an explanation as to what is the...
...Pakistani government thinking...
...as regards to sending us back to India.
Or else... you will keep attempting to escape from here.
Who else was there with you?
I and... only me.
Ok! Barrack No.6! Come!
And Major... you should be thankful to our government...
...that even after being caught, you are alive.
You should be thankful to our government...
...that after the war ended they handed over...
...93,000 Pakistani soldiers intact, back to Pakistan.
I am seeing the generosity of your government...
...since the past 3 days...
...in barrack No. 6.
This is Pakistan. This is Karachi.
This is Lahore. This is Faisalabad...
...and this is Peshawar.
How are you Pali? - I am fine, sir.
Why don't they reveal where we are?
We can say observing this mountain range, Kabir...
...that we cannot be in the west of Pakistan.
And they cannot do a folly to keep us in an area...
...close to the border, sir.
But how did this happen so suddenly?
Indian soldiers from every Pakistan jail...
...have been held captive here.
Facilities have been increased.
The jail has been extended.
How did this change happen so suddenly?
All of them are from 1971 war in this barrack?
Some are also from 1965 war, sir.
But they are of no use.
Everyone has gone crazy. They shout slogans for India.
Unknown that they are dead for India.
Didn't you try to send them back?
Are they of any use here?
Sir, let alone their address.
They do not even know their names.
But sir, you are wrong in saying that they are of no use.
What do you mean?
Everyone is put to work.
Tomorrow is EID. It's a good day. Leave Major Suraj Singh.
Hey... listen. - What is it? - Hey listen.
Do Punjabis reside here in Pakistan? - Yes. They reside
And the Sindhis. - Yes! They also reside here.
Listen. These Muslim brethren are here.
Yes. Then what happened.
I was thinking they reside in India too!
So what if they reside here! - Then why was Pakistan
It was a mistake! We will not make this mistake henceforth!
Will you please shut up? Both of you! - Sorry sir. Say sorry.
Sorry sir.
If anyone wants to take a leak. Take it.
This truck will not halt anywhere.
It will stop somewhere. Where should we go? - Here.
Be quick! - Hey!
Gotu... what do you say?
They are there at the back.
The valley is very steep. They will miss us.
We are weak in our legs. We will not be able to run.
Think again. We will not get this chance again.
Come back! - Pal! - Quick!
We are coming. Coming.
Easy. Easy.
There's no life in me! - Come on now! It's ok! Come on!
Come on!
Did you get it? Give it to me.
Brother, can I get a cigarette? - Hey, smoking is not allowed
But asking is allowed, isn't it?
Hey! Come out!
Check their nominal rolls.
Guards, make them stand in a line. - Come on!
Are these our men? - I am seeing them.
And there are such jails also here?
What do you say Gotu? - I cannot believe it.
Has this country changed?
Guards! Attention! - Attention!
Hey Gotu, does the bedding smell so nice?
In Multan we used to sleep on the ground.
If we get some ground then, sir.
If there are 35 inmates in one cell. How would we get
You realized this before time.
From which unit, sir?
21st squadron MIG 21, flight lieutenant Ram.
And this... - Gotu, flight lieutenant Gotu.
We started off from Ambala together.
Came down together and then caught together.
How many jobs do you do together?
Now we are earning together, sir.
Now we will get married together, isn't it?
Yes, you are right. - Don't choose the same girl.
Very good. - When were you brought here?
3 months before, sir. - What is the meaning of getting us
Sir, I have heard that before slaughtering a goat...
...they feed it to its to heart's content.
Shut up! - Say sorry. Say sorry. - Sorry sir.
Sir, your clothes have been kept at your bed.
If you want anything let us know.
Can I get whiskey, Subedar?
You all relax. If you want anything...
...ask Subedar Ahmed.
Captain, I do not need Subedar Ahmed's help.
I will help myself.
Ok sir.
Good night, sir. - Good night.
Sir, you did not sleep as yet.
I was just enjoying the breeze.
How are they?
The same, as we were 3 months back.
What is the matter, Ahmed? - Nothing sir.
Thinking of your home?
No. Just like that. - We will reach. We will surely reach.
Kabir, it must be raining in Delhi, isn't it?
Yes sir, only if the weather bureau...
...has given the right report for a change.
And in your Pune?
Sir, all the 12 months the weather is pleasant there.
Pune is great that way. Jacob. - Yes.
It must be sunny in Cochin today, isn't it?
Yes, very much. It rains before time.
Yes Ahmed, what about Murshidabad?
I do not know, sir.
My wife was 3 months pregnant when I had left her.
By now both must have been born.
Why are you mocking me, sir? When I am here...
...how can a second one be born.
Why? Can't you have twins?
Get up. Come on, cheer up.
'Ahmed is worried... thinking of his family.'
'We all are worried... thinking of our India.'
'Thinking of our own families.'
'We tolerated this pain, so we are alive.'
'Those who couldn't tolerate it, they went to barrack No.7.'
'They are labeled as insane.'
Why did India forget us? We don't know.
Why does Pakistan want to forget us? We don't know.
'Well, there is no better support than hope to stay alive.'
'I too am surviving on hope.'
Sometimes... we meet our kin.
'But hope does not mean to remain idle.'
'I will be waiting for tomorrow, once again.'
Greetings brother! - Greetings!
I am Ahmed. Subedar Ahmed. I was just strolling...
...saw you and thought I should talk to you.
It nothing. Just like that. - It's ok.
Have a meat roll - No, thank you.
Have it! Have at least one! - Hey, they are hot.
Where did you get them from?
From Mansira. - You must be tired. 49 hours journey...
No, it took just took 9 hours.
Sir, yes! Chess!
What did you know? - Mansira, 9 hours from here, sir!
And the jeep belongs to Islamabad, sir.
There no big station out here. Does anyone know? - I
remember, sir.
There is a small area, here. - Sure. - Yes, sir!
Mansira was here. - Right sir!
If we start north from Islamabad, then...
...where do we reach. Mansira is here and we are here!
Right in the east of Abudabad. - Right sir!
We cannot be to the west of Abudabad...
...because there are mountains all around. - You are right.
If you go towards east from here after about 40-45 kms...
...we are at Muzafarabad. And after about 100 kms to the
...we have Baramulla and then Puri, which is our India!
Oh! We are so close to the border!
Absolute nonsense!
You are talking of the impossible!
Ajob is possible only if it is attempted.
This thing does not fall in that category.
You want to cross the border by deceiving...
...a country's whole military and their intelligence?
That too without a passport and without documents.
First of all the question is of escaping from here, sir.
I am not thinking of that question at all, major.
Because there is no solution to it.
Solutions are found if you search for them, sir.
We will not get such a chance to stay together near the
Nor a chance to die together!
But sir, what is the guarantee that we will reach India alive.
When officers are talking don't interrupt!
Sorry sir!
Captain! - Sir!
There is a difference to stay close to the border...
...and to cross the border.
This is not a movie scene which is going on.
Then what should we do? Should we sit idle?
Why? We can wait for the repatriation.
We have been waiting for the past 6 years, sir.
The repatriation has not happened as yet.
Repatriation is a big thing, Captain.
To return so many prisoners is not a small thing. It takes
And that time should make us insane.
Major, everyone knows that we are here.
Every newspaper has this news.
Red Cross Society and all the international agencies...
...know this news that according to the Geneva Convention...
...it is an international law...
...to return all the prisoners after the war ends.
And no country breaks this law easily!
What will you say about...
...the 6 years which we spent...
...according to the Geneva Convention?
Yes. So. The change is before your eyes.
Seeing this camp don't you think that they have realized it.
This is exactly my question, sir...
...that isn't this sudden realization in itself a shocking
Bringing us from different jails and keeping us together...
...and that too near the border, don't you smell a plan in this?
This was the last jail to be examined.
Now what do you say? - You speak, Anuradha.
But the letter was sent from Pakistan, isn't it?
It is clearly written in it that we are alive...
...and are held captive in jails of Pakistan
And I can very well recognize my husband's handwriting.
Look you have taken pains to come here from Delhi.
Even the Red Cross has come so far on your insistence.
Every jail has been examined before you.
As the head of the Pakistan Human Rights Commission...
...I assure you that no Indian soldier of the 1971 war...
...are here.
Now what should we do!?
Thank you colonel. You took lot of trouble.
It is not the question of trouble. This was my duty.
There are some formalities to be completed.
Just sign these papers. - What is written in them?
It is written that you are satisfied with your inspection...
...and that after inspection you have found...
...that there is no prisoner of the 1971 war.
What do you say, sir?
This cannot happen! He is alive!
He is alive! I will not believe!
What has happened?
This cannot happen!
Sir, your idea was successful! We sent the entire PoW's...
...from different jails together to Chaklala.
Or else even if a single one would have been seen...
...by the Red Cross...
...then it would be very shameful for the country.
They have signed the papers.
But we have to be careful that until the Red Cross...
...is in Pakistan there should not be any chaos...
...in the Chaklala camp, sir.
I will take care of that.
You start preparing to proceed to the Chaklala camp.
Very well sir.
I prepared the Kashmir's steamed potato many times.
Where is your partner? - Sir, he is inside teaching how to
Should I call him? Just wait! Hey, pal! - Yes!
What was going on inside? - Nothing sir.
I was teaching them how to prepare Kashmir's steamed
Now you will feed the Pakistani's with the Kashmir's
steamed potato?
Where am I feeding them, sir? There is only one place,
...my cooking is accepted.
Come sir. Sir, this is the signal room, sir.
All the electricity in the camp is conducted from here.
Even the spare battery is recharged here, sir. - Ok.
Sir, I have purposely fitted it in my office.
So that nobody has any access to it sir.
Good. - Sir, since tonight all the fans will start functioning.
Siren will also be operative, sir.
I mean full proof security, sir.
Very good. - Thank you, sir.
Come colonel, sit. There is a bad news for you.
You are being handed over to India.
What!? - Yes, the procedure has been completed.
Major. - Yes, sir.
This is copy of the repatriation.
And this is the copy for the Red Cross.
Congratulations Colonel! - Thank you, sir!
I had just come to give this news.
And as for the stay at the camp.
Until you are here, be our guest.
But... how did this happen so suddenly?
Look, this does not happen suddenly.
These matters take some time.
Process is going on since many months.
It may take... 2... to 3... months still.
There is a big buffet for you on behalf of Colonel.
And along with it... sir will you say it.
You must have not seen a movie for a long time.
These days there has been a very popular movie.
So we will screen it in the open ground.
I... I cant believe it! - You better believe it, Colonel.
Our nation is not that bad as you think it to be.
Good luck!
Thank you, sir! - No, you keep this with you.
Inform others too. - Alright.
"Lots of happiness has been bestowed."
"That girl is blushing inside her veil."
"I feel like unveiling her...
...the Jat keeps moving behind."
"She keeps moving ahead."
"I feel like embracing her."
"I feel like dancing the Bhangra."
"I feel like dancing the Bhangra."
"I feel like dancing the Bhangra."
"I feel like dancing the Bhangra."
"I feel like dancing the Bhangra."
"I feel like dancing the Bhangra."
"I feel like dancing the Bhangra."
"I feel like... dancing the Bhangra."
"I came to the fair with my friends."
"We saw a group of maidens."
"No one wants to go back."
"Howsoever one tries; no one can break our friendship."
"I feel like singing."
"I feel like dancing the Bhangra."
"I feel like dancing the Bhangra."
"I feel like dancing the Bhangra."
"I feel like dancing the Bhangra."
"I feel like dancing the Bhangra."
"I feel like dancing the Bhangra."
"I feel like dancing the Bhangra."
"I feel like... dancing the Bhangra."
"Let the world come together...
...it will not be able to stop our Bhangra."
"Let the world come together...
...it will not be able to stop our Bhangra."
"Let the world come together...
...it will not be able to stop our Bhangra."
"I feel like saying this..."
"I feel like dancing the Bhangra."
"I feel like dancing the Bhangra."
"I feel like dancing the Bhangra."
"I feel like dancing the Bhangra."
"I feel like dancing the Bhangra."
"I feel like dancing the Bhangra."
"I feel like dancing the Bhangra."
"I feel like... dancing the Bhangra."
Congratulations! - Sir! - Sir!
So Major! Your dream to become a hero is unfulfilled.
It doesn't matter sir. I will go back and join the film industry.
Right! There are some things which look good in films.
Sir, it is urgent.
What happened sir? - I was not wrong, Captain.
As it is said by the families of the captive soldiers of 1971
...has requested the Red Cross Society...
...to assist them in finding them.
They accuse that the condition of the soldiers...
...in different jails is very bad.
They should be detected as soon as possible.
And steps to send them back to India should be taken.
General Zia-ul-Haq has given the Red Cross permission...
...to inspect every jail in the country.
Zia-ul-Haq! What happened to Bhutto?
Captain, the government in Pakistan has changed.
Military rule has taken over.
General Zia-ul-Haq's government...
...has permitted the new Red Cross to inspect...
...every jail in the country.
And has openly announced that...
...according to the Simla treaty...
...all the Indian soldiers of the 1971 war...
...have been returned.
And right now no Indian soldier is present...
...in any Pakistan jail.
India has to think five times before making...
...any false and irresponsible accusations.
What is the meaning of this?
It means that the Red Cross is in Pakistan...
...at this moment.
And they fear that they would come here.
There is immense tension on the border and...
...we are very close to the border.
We have made an attempt to escape from here.
And they want to be sure that until we are here...
...another attempt is not made.
As soon as the Red Cross leaves Pakistan...
...this camp will be closed.
And we will be sent back to the same place...
...from where we were brought.
And the world wouldn't know...
...when we died in the Pakistan jails.
But such a thing cannot happen.
I have full faith.
They are taking care of us.
And they cannot say such a big lie.
I think it would be a big sin to doubt their honesty. - Sir!
I have full faith that they will implement what they said.
And we will be sent back to India.
Sir, don't hit! Don't hit! Don't hit! - Sir! Sir!
What did you hear?
The same which we doubted. - What?
The same which you doubted. - What do you mean?
I mean that we had thought of it on the way, sir.
We did not have the energy left. Or else...
Or else, we had already thought of fleeing...
...before reaching here, sir.
Yes sir. Yes sir. And after going out from here...
...the first thing you will need is this, sir.
Leave them.
Thank you sir! Thank you sir!
Burn this tabloid, Ahmed! - Ok sir.
And no one should know of this thing outside.
Yes sir. - And keep one thing in mind...
...that we have very less time on hand.
Whatever we have to do...
...we have to do it from tomorrow itself.
Why from tomorrow, sir? Why not from today itself?
Why not right now?
What do you mean?
Sir. Sir. - What is it? - Sir, we have a request.
We wanted a group photograph.
You are not standing in the queue.
Sir, we had come to request you.
What was the name of that place near Jamma Masjid?
Karim - Yes! Karim!
Sir, they wanted a group photograph, sir.
Please sir, it is a request sir. Please.
Sure. Sure. Ah... where are you two from.
I am from Delhi, sir. - And you?
Sir, Srinagar! Kashmir!
Have you ever been there?
Not at least on the other side of Kashmir.
Both of you were saying about a group photograph.
Please sir. This is a request, sir. Please.
So go and organise it. We are coming.
Thank you very much, sir. - Thank you sir.
'And our mission had started.'
'We had decided that we will escape from here.'
'The day was fixed. That is the Pakistani Independence
'The same night, in the presence of Colonel Puri...
...Subedar Ahmed slapped captain Jacob.'
'For which in the next day's morning parade...
...he was asked to load a weight of 10 Kgs...
...on his head and walk as punishment.'
Parade! Attention!
Look in front!
Parade! At ease!
Sir, I will not walk any more.
I am saying pick it up! Pick up!
You are not my senior!
I am your senior's, senior!
Then where were you until now! - Don't argue with me!
You! - Don't abuse me!
How did you abuse him? - Sir! Sir!
Sir! He had talked to me like this!
You ask me to get food for you! I will say it once again!
If you will not take care of your seniors...
...then who will take care.
If you would have been in India...
...you would be court-martial.
Then do my court-martial.
Ok, enough! Major Suraj Singh...
...I want to start the proceedings...
...of his court-martial right now.
Sir, this is PoW camp not your battalion!
And we are in another nation.
But we are in the army? And rules are rules!
Sir, will this court-martial be valid in India.
After reaching India we will not be removed from the army!
We will have to resume our duties!
But there is no legal set up here!
Legal set up can be created!
Colonel Puri is right!
I would like to prosecute this case!
Come Ahmed. - Sir, this baldy.
Come on! Come on!
Come, everybody. Follow me.
Come sir.
Good Ahmed! - Thank you sir.
Anew disturbance has been created in the camp.
Yes they are going to court-martial him.
They have requested for a court to be set up in the barrack.
They are saying that they will give...
...their verdict by 15th August.
As it is you are coming on 14th August.
What do you say Colonel Sheriar?
Let them proceed. It is a matter of 1-2 months.
We will have fewer tensions.
Ok permission granted. - Sir.
But there are orders to celebrate...
...14th August in pomp and grandeur.
It is the first independence day of General Zia.
He has come to power after a long time.
Let's see what he does.
What arrangements have been made Major?
I have talked personally to Begum Sultana, sir.
She has agreed to it.
Every camp on the border will bathe in festivities, sir.
Very good. - Sir that...
Sir one more thing.
Sir they want to celebrate their Independence Day...
...on the 15th of August.
They have demanded some...
...new clothes for the occasion.
And also asked for some colours...
...and some dyes to paint the flag, sir.
Are they in a position to demand?
Give them. Give them.
But everything should be done...
...under your observation. - Be rest assured, sir.
'The next morning, parade...
...for the Pakistan's Independence Day...
...had started in the Chaklala camp.'
'The sound of the Pakistan band was echoing all around.'
'And along with them we started our preparations.'
Take this. Take this. These are new uniforms.
Wear them for 15th August.
Come, my beloved.
It is been ages since we wore new uniforms.
Paint it completely. Completely.
Hey! Hey! Hey!
Bother, this green colour has spilled.
Can we get some more?
Don't put all at once.
Listen, don't ask for more colour. They will doubt us.
There is quite enough. - Let's see.
Will they appear like Pakistan uniforms?
They will appear after drying.
But listen, the question is of dyeing them.
For that we need fire. - For that we will need a kiln.
They will not allow us to dig a pit to make a kiln.
Do one thing. - What?
Fill up the jaggery.
Adrink of jaggery? - Yes sir.
It is very delicious, sir.
There is place near Delhi called Gurgaon.
It is prepared there, sir.
How will you prepare it?
First we will fill the pot with jaggery...
...and bury it in the ground...
...and then take it out and boil it. That's it.
Which means that you will need a kiln.
Yes sir. - Ok. The pit should not be 1 feet deep.
It would not be, sir.
Look. - Yes sir.
Everything will be done under your observation.
Yes sir.
Take back the instruments after the work is done.
Yes sir.
'Ahmed's court-martial had started.'
'They were happy that our attention...
...would be diverted from other plans.'
'And it was our attempt that using this court-martial...
...we could some how take Ahmed into...
...Major Karamat's office.'
How do you plead, Subedar?
Guilty or not guilty!
He pleads not guilty.
Now before you... Lieutenant Gotu will explain!
Explain! - Sir!
First we removed the bark of the Shikar tree!
Then put it in the urn! - Put it!
One minute. One minute.
Why did you put the bark of the Shikar tree?
Brother, for flavour! Flavour!
You see further.
After that the jaggery is poured in the same urn!
Poured it! - Now you will close the urn! Close the urn!
Closed it! - Now wait for 1/2 and hour and then you have it.
Will wait! Wait! - Yes!
"I was present, she was too."
"I was present, she was too."
"I was present, she was too."
"And the weather was colourful."
"And we got our prestige back, brother."
"Did you understand?"
"That means love is in the air."
"Dear, you are set. Now what will happen of me?"
"Dear, you are set. Now what will happen of me?"
"Our kiln has started burning."
"Our eyes started burning."
"You cried and I also cried."
"Just like the cow's milk this fresh one is prepared."
"You saw, I saw."
"Our fighter plane, crashed suddenly."
"You died and I died."
"And the weather was colourful."
"And we got our prestige back, brother."
"Did you understand?"
"That means that the thing is ready."
The court is adjourned till tomorrow.
I object sir. Subedar Ahmed should be stopped...
...from being included in the parade on 15th August.
No crime has been proved on Subedar Ahmed as yet.
But he is under trial sir.
And an under trial cannot participate in a parade.
This is injustice, sir.
After all we have fought for the Indian Armed Forces.
And we are in-charge of the very same Indian armed forces!
Objection of the prosecution is sustained.
Subedar Ahmed is stopped from being included...
...in the 15th August parade.
Ok then, today's job is done.
You will get the drink later. Ok.
We had taken care of every possibility.
We had taken care of every point of view.
And we had come to a conclusion...
...that during the night of festivities of 14th August...
...there will be a big stampede.
So that we could escape under that pretext.
For a stampede we needed a bomb.
And for the explosion we needed a bomb.
We did not have a bomb.
Captain Jacob came up with an old idea.
Sir, how much will be the explosion power, sir.
Just like a lab explosion. - Tight! Tight!
Hold it from down.
Give the bigger end.
Hold it tight! Very tight! - Yes, sir!
Tight! Tight!
Turn it. Turn it.
Nobody saw who raised hands on whom first.
Why didn't you give the same punishment...
...to Captain Jacob.
Don't mind major.
Were you not taking Subedar Ahmed's side...
...because he was your confidante.
Please don't mind sir. You have been hating...
...Subedar Ahmed because he is a Muslim.
Major, you can complain against me after reaching India.
The question is of the present.
Of his mental state.
If he goes against the country because of this torture.
Will he be considered a culprit?
Such people, spy for other countries and work for them.
What is the guarantee that he will be loyal...
...to the Indian Armed forces. As he is of now.
Yes sir, I had called because we wanted our man...
...in the Indian Army Headquarter, sir.
Yes sir. The name is Subedar Ahmed.
He is a Shia Muslim.
Yes sir. The problem is that he is one of them.
Yes sir.
It means that we have to declare one of them alive, sir.
Yes sir, the man is very useful.
That is what I am saying...
...that we will try him for a year or two.
I am giving the permission for the parade to disperse!
Everything is going smoothly.
You will have to come where I have told you.
Ok. Come.
Whatever, Major Suraj Singh has said, is it true?
Yes, sir.
Then why don't you refuse this court-martial.
It will be even difficult after reaching India.
Major will not be there.
And after reaching a common place...
...all of them unite.
You do not know what the condition there is.
I am being taken out of one camp and sent to another
Can I be of any help?
I mean to say that a way in which it will be very useful to
Sir, free me from the court-martial.
But this is a very minor job.
Anything more than this.
I mean you can stay with your family...
...comfortably back in India.
Something where you can have lots of money.
I did not understand, sir.
It is late in the night. We will talk later. Ok.
What happened!?
Look there!
What happened there?
Sir! - Check it out!
Sir, there was nothing. There must be an animal.
Tell them to report to me! - Yes sir!
Go fast!
Come fast!
I will come in minute. - Ok sir.
Ahmed had gained Karamat's confidence.
He had given us the accessories...
...required for the uniform, the belt and the medals...
...one by one.
Goltu, one more peg.
And that evening Goltu made the jaggery drinks.
Sir, one more peg. - I love you.
Sir one more. - Best of 3.
Sir. Sir. Sir. - One more - Sir. Sir.
What is happening here? - Hey Major Karamat.
Make one drink for Major Karamt also.
Got it sir. - Got it sir.
Both have done wonders.
I will write a letter to both of you after reaching India.
Take this sir. - Have a drink Major.
What is this? What is this? - Sir jaggery...
How did this happen? How did this happen?
I do not know sir. They had made something with jaggery.
Did you also drink? - Goltu, one more.
This is too much! This is too much!
Come on! - Sir! Sir!
Major Karamat! - Sir! 1... 2... 3...
What about the photographs?
I burned it, sir.
I hope you have not burned the Colonel?
He is sleeping like a log, sir.
By now he must have reached Jodhpur and joined the duty.
Shut up.
Were you Hanuman in your last birth?
Sir, nowadays I am Vibhishan.
What's the news?
Sir, they have a flag hosting on 14th August in the morning.
After that Sultana Khanan, a ghazal singer, is coming in the
Before that Colonel Shapoor and some ISI officers will
And sir, all the new guards have riffles and mounted LMGs.
All of it is American made. Advanced.
No burst can go wrong.
And sir, there are three things in the signal room.
Current, siren and along with the light, telephone main
Just shutting it won't do, sir.
We will have to damage it.
Sir, I will have to see the phase.
What about your bomb?
Sir, we will have to save it from water.
If water falls on the bomb... the bomb will go waste, sir.
Anything else?
Sir, we have received the order...
...to vacate the camp within 15 days.
It means after 15 days Red Cross won't be in Pakistan.
On 14th August... Pakistan independence day.
In the evening, there will be a feast. Kabir.
I will look after the signal room, sir.
Sir, I will be around the fence.
As soon as they receive the signal...
...I will come near you.
After leaving this place?
Sir, Abudabad is 20 km from here in the south.
If we get separated, then we all will meet there.
After leaving this place?
Sir, we have to follow the outside road.
The first city is there.
Fine. We will think of the next plan of action there.
Remember. We have only one bomb as ammunition.
If that is ruined, then everything is over.
Have faith in God.
We are taking a chance.
If we survive, then fine.
Otherwise... we will die in the open air.
If any one of us reach there...
...then it will open the way of our freedom.
There too. Here.
There too. - Okay, sir.
Guards, attention.
Guards, salute! Salute!
This uniform is not of the right size.
Didn't find one of my size?
Parade, attention!
Ram, Gotu! - Sir.
We will report on time!
We will meet you after the program.
The position will be army jeeps.
And you? - Sir, I will look after the kitchen.
After constable Ahmed take the position...
...my position will be the signal room, sir.
Guards, attention.
Jacob. - Sir, I will be with you.
I will move after Kabir takes the action.
The target will be his.
Sir, 2 minutes after the program begins...
...the first blast will be the signal for Captain Kabir.
After I go in, Captain Jacob will start the action.
From a distance Captain Kabir will...
...have to be alert and take the position.
Parade, be alert.
The shirt should not be seen. Come on, boys.
I want the permission to start the program.
Go ahead.
Thank you, sir.
On the auspicious day of Pakistan's Independence Day...
...I welcome you all.
I want to thank renowned Sultana Khanan...
...who is well known for Pakistani ghazal.
She took out some moments from her precious time.
And she came here.
So let's hear that singer who took Pakistani ghazal to great
Here comes Sultana Khanan.
"Return home, beloved."
"Put some fire."
"Return home, beloved."
"Put some fire."
"The way you made me crave, earlier."
"Do it again."
"Return home, beloved."
Where are you going? - To the bathroom. - Major sir...
"I have one God."
"You have one God."
"Then, my beloved, why are you angry."
"Then, my beloved, why are you angry."
"Return home, beloved."
"Put some fire."
"Return home, beloved."
"Put some fire."
"Why are these separations there?"
"Show some pity."
Sir, this is the electricity board.
"One is my life, and one life is yours."
"One is my life, and one life is yours."
What's the matter? What are you searching for?
What are you doing?
I can't find the storeroom's key.
Ask them what you want.
Keep quiet.
Keep quiet.
"In the hope that you will return."
"I have been waiting for you."
"Return home, beloved."
"Put some fire."
"Return home, beloved."
"Put some fire." - Ahmed!
"The way you made me crave, earlier."
"Do it again." - The bomb failed! - What!
You stop Kabir, I will stop Sir...
...otherwise it will be suicidal.
Kabir sir! Sir!
What happened to the electricity?
It's a blast!
Check the supply!
2240! 2240! Over!
2240! 2240!
2240! I have been calling you for the past 20 minutes!
Report your location! Over!
I am moving towards Abudabad.
Okay! Over!
2240! Who else is there with you? Over!
Sultana Khanan. And 4 of our officers.
Go there and wait for my further orders.
And if you see any military vehicles on the route...
...send them to the camp. - Over.
Over. - Our men are traveling in that vehicle.
Stop the vehicle! - Go to Mujirpur. This is the Highway.
And Muzafarabad is there.
Any other route to reach there?
He will shoot and I won't stop him.
There is a coarse road from here.
It goes towards the left.
Turn the jeep.
Switch off the headlights.
What happened? - Sir, I won't be able to drive.
The road ahead is very bad.
Ram. - Yes, sir. - Hold this.
Let's go.
Now show the direction. And remember.
We can use bloodshed.
Jacob. - Yes, sir.
Study the map en route... in the torch light.
Let's go.
Sir, 6 people are missing. Along with Major Suraj.
Hawk 1 to Tiger. Hawk 1 to Tiger.
Major Bilal Malik. Receiving the signal. Pass the message
Hawk 1! 6 prisoners have escaped towards Abudabad.
They are wearing ordinary clothes.
Carry out aerial search in Charlie x-ray area.
6 km radius. And road going to Abudabad. Over!
Yes, sir. I am going there.
Sir, any previous record of these people? Over.
What do you mean? Over.
Sir, I mean to say are they smugglers, spies or murderers.
Who are they, sir? Over. - How does that matter? Over!
Sir, I mean to say if we got their photos and records...
...then we can display it in the next check post...
...and in all the newspapers. Over!
Hawk 1, just do what you are being told to do!
All right! All right! Thank you very much, sir. Over and out,
Stay alert.
There is not much distance between them and us.
How did all this happen? I want the full information.
I am telling you, colonel. We don't know anything.
Shut up, you scoundrel!
Kayamat! - Yes, sir.
I want the full report! - Okay, sir!
Sir, I know that the jeep number is 2240...
...and it has departed for Abudabad. Over!
Then check Abudabad. Over!
Sir, I have done that! It has not reached there!
And if our men are in the jeep, then I don't want to take any
Over! - So check the roads! Over!
Sir, are they mad and foolish that they will escape by road!
Do they want to commit suicide? Over.
What do you mean! Over!
Sir, they have gone by the jungle route.
You do something there. I will leave right away! Over and
Is this the highway? - Yes.
Get down.
It is very dangerous.
Nothing will happen! Don't act smart! Get down! Out!
Hurry up!
Come on! Hurry up! Give me the rope!
We will have to make him unconscious!
Hold him!
Jacob! Are you fine!
Sir, the bullet just missed me.
Are you sure? - Yes, sir.
The blood is oozing out.
Right! Keep the body in the jeep.
And cover the jeep with the bushes.
Take as much ammunition as you can carry.
And their wallet too.
Hurry up!
And listen! Ram, Gotu... we will have to make them
Come on! - I am sorry. - Come on!
We will have to make you unconscious for sometime.
Are you Indian?
Then what are you doing here?
Look... the story is long and there is not enough time.
I won't be able to tell you.
Are you a soldier?
Yes. - From '71 war?
I too have been the member of Pakistani human rights
For the past 4 months, news of Red cross raid...
...was being published in the newspaper.
I have a request.
Please don't make me unconscious.
Believe me, dear.
Take some of trust from our country.
The jeep will be caught within next 20 minutes.
Ahmed. It was Ahmed. - Ahmed.
Yes, sir.
I think... I think he is no more, sir.
Shoot them at sight. Spread all over.
There are wearing ordinary clothes.
They are very scared.
They don't know where to go.
I will kill them brutally.
Which way did they go?
Towards Islamabad.
Towards Islamabad?
How do you know?
What's so surprising about that!
They don't know the way!
They didn't make you unconscious.
I don't know.
What difference does it make!
Yes, sir.
Come on everybody! Move!
What are you waiting for! You idiot!
Nothing, sir! Coming, sir! Coming, sir!
No, no! Turn it. Turn it. Take it back!
Take another route.
Tiger for Hawk 1! What are you doing! Turn back! Over!
Sir! Sir! Sir!
All the military vehicles have a map in the dashboard.
And this vehicle's dashboard was empty, sir. Over.
What do you mean? Over!
It means the map is missing. It means they have the map,
That means they have gone towards that side...
...if they can understand military map.
And now I am asking you for the last time.
Can they understand military map, sir? Over.
What do you mean? - Are they military experts, sir?
Are they in any way connected to army, sir? Over.
I too am telling you for the last time!
Listen to me carefully, major!
These people are wearing ordinary clothes.
They are in no way connected to the army! Out!
Okay, sir. Over and out!
What is going on?
Sir, we have received the order to check the truck.
They are our men!
Sir, our men are traveling in this.
Let them go. They are our men. - Okay, sir.
Let them go.
What's the matter? - Sir, a search is going on.
We are searching for 6 people... - Who are they?
Sir, we don't know.
Can I get first aid? Somebody has been injured. - Yes, sir.
Salim! Get the first aid box!
Take this, sir.
Let them go.
Come, sir.
How are you feeling?
Sir, there is a bit of weakness. But...
Otherwise I am fit.
Very good!
We will have to buy new clothes after reaching
This uniform won't come to our aid for long.
Did you guys earn anything?
Sir, the entire Pakistan's salary is in our hand.
Very good!
Did you guys note one thing? - What, sir?
These people are hiding our identity.
They don't want this matter to spread.
I wish that ma'am does... what she said she will do.
Hawk 1! Quickly come to Abudabad hospital!
Our soldier is regaining consciousness.
We can get some more information from him. Over.
All right, sir. Over and out!
Sabina, believe me. I am telling the truth.
I have seen at least 70 prisoners of war with my own eyes.
This camp has been made near Chaklala.
And from here they have escaped to Muzafarabad.
But the government is saying something else.
And even Red cross has not got hold of any Indian POW.
Sabina, its not a difficult task to hide...
...70 people in this huge city of Pakistan.
You tell me. What can you do about this?
Red cross is in Pakistan only.
We could give them this news.
Can't we publish this news in the newspaper?
We can try. But these people will not let us publish it.
Sabina, first go to Red Cross. Talk to them.
And then you call me.
Come on down! Come on!
Do you know... you could lose your service for this?
Do you know Red Cross is still present in Pakistan?
If they got the news, our country would be slandered.
If we had not been alert... this camp would have...
...been nabbed a long time back.
In a night all those people were shifted from there.
I don't understand how did all this happen?
This was an accident.
They ran away under the cover of the feast.
Otherwise our security... Sir, our security was foolproof.
I had checked it till the last moment.
The government has to pay the compensation...
...of your last minute inspection.
Sorry, sir.
Major Malik! - Sir.
What do you have to say?
Sir, I have only one question.
Are these Indian 'Prisoners of War', sir? - Yes.
I am sorry, sir.
I will maintain the secrecy of the mission.
But you should have told me this before.
Come. - The patient has regained consciousness.
Let's go.
What had happened? Tell us.
Sir, they are 5 of them.
From them... one is shot in the stomach.
They can't go very far. - And...
They have weapons and maps.
Sir, they all are in Pakistani uniform.
And they also have the ID card.
How did this happen, colonel?
I just don't know.
Oh no! Sir, they are heading towards Muzafarabad!
Sir, I will leave.
I will also come!
Wireless! Give me the wireless!
All stations, red alert!
Move it! - All stations, red alert!
Sir, there are 5 of them. One of them has been shot in the
All stations for Muzafarabad!
I repeat! All stations for Muzafarabad!
Quickly arrange for teams and search party!
Check each vehicle and hospitals too.
I am just reaching there. Okay.
Get in quick! Get in quick! Hurry up!
Sir, are you fine?
Thanks a lot.
What is there to thank? It is my duty to help the soldiers.
2 rooms.
Yes. Open room number 6 and 7 for sir. - Here.
No, sir. How can I take money from soldiers? - Keep it!
Anything else, sir? - No, thanks.
Carefully. Carefully.
Ram, Gotu. - Yes, sir. - You both leave for the city.
We can't stay here for long.
Yes, sir.
Map. - It's in Gotu's bag. - Take it out.
Jigar. - Yes, sir.
Sir, we are here in Muzafarabad.
From here the Indian border is at a distance of 100 km.
If we go from the highway, sir...
Highway must have been sealed by now. Is there any other
Sir, the other option is that we descend from here.
Here is Leepa Valley.
Sir, here the city ends.
And hilly terrains start.
Sir, this entire range is called as Dhud Mal Range.
From here... from here if we moved towards the east
...we will come across these small villages.
Chandwada, Gairun.
From there moving towards the west we will come across...
...Zarichowki district, sir.
If we move from here, sir... we will come across a frozen
Bullerd lake. It is an ice glacier, sir.
Seeing Indian soldiers movement if we will leave...
...from right or left side of the lake, we will reach Baramulla.
Meaning our India.
How far can we drive the car?
Quite ahead, sir.
But we will have to walk for the last 20 km, sir.
Because its quite high up and... here...
...ice is formed for all the12 months, sir.
Jacob! - Jacob!
Oh shit! The bullet has not scrapped him!
Hold him! Hold him!
Hold him! Hold him!
I will have to remove the bullet!
Greetings. - Greetings.
Do you have the bandage for wound dressing?
And give one of this.
Anything else?
Give this medicine too.
Move! Go there! Move!
Move! Move!
Look there! Search everywhere! Quickly!
Sir... - Hold him.
Sir! Sir! Sir!
Lay him down!
Pick up the bag and run!
Open! Open the door!
Come! Come!
Come on!
Come on! Quickly!
Sir! Sir! Sir!
We can't go from here!
Check over there!
Sir! Sir! Do you see that bike? - Yes.
Be ready!
What do you mean?
Ram! - Come here!
What are you doing there? Go there!
Come on! Move!
Come on!
Go there!
Firing is going on there. Hurry up.
Faster you idiot! Faster!
Faster you idiot! Faster!
Come on! Faster!
Sir! - Stop the jeep!
Bring the jeep! Hurry up!
Listen! This is the road to Delhi?
Look in the front!
Are you fine?
Sir, he is alone! - He will come.
Sir, if anything happened to him...
...I will set the entire Pakistan ablaze!
He will reach.
He is trapped! I will kill him with my own hands!
Sir! Sir! Sir!
Sir! Sir, are you all right? Sir!
Sir! Sir! Sir, are you all right?
Break the door! - Get him out!
Sir, are you all right?
Sir! - Call the ambulance!
Call the ambulance! - Call the ambulance!
Okay, sir! - Call the ambulance!
Okay, sir! Quickly call the ambulance!
Come on! Move!
Come on! Come on!
Bring the jeep!
Remove his leg! Remove his leg! Remove his leg!
Do it!
Hurry up! Hurry up!
Come on! Get up! Fast!
Get up! Fast! Yes!
Yes sir.
Pick him up! Pick him up!
Catch him! Catch him!
What happened, Malik?
I am sorry, sir. He is hurt.
How did this happen? - Where are the rest of the people?
Sir, I...
Oh no!
Sir, this is Red Cross!
Sir, please maintain your cool.
I know what I have to do! You go and do your work!
Hi, ma'am.
Who is the in-charge? - There.
Hi, ma'am. How are you?
Who is the in-charge?
I am Sabina Jehangir from Pakistan human rights
I am Colonel Sheriar Khan. Tell me.
What has happened here?
Something has happened. You say.
Did you people have camp in Chaklala?
There was a blast.
Yes. There was an electrical short circuit in the ammunition
Short circuit... or some people had blasted it?
What are you saying? I don't know anything.
Who were they?
I told you! I don't know what you are talking about!
For the past 6 years you have been deceiving Pakistan...
...saying that you guys don't have any Indian POWs.
Will you talk respectfully?
You people have deceived Red Cross.
You people have deceived the entire country!
Hey! Talk properly!
Hey! Who is she!
How did she come here? Who is she?
In tomorrow's newspaper I will tell you who I am!
I care a damn about you! And I care a damn about your
Sir, please! Sir, please! Sir!
Malik, who is she? - Let me talk to her.
No way! - Please, sir!
No need for that! Just send her out of here!
Get her out of here! - Sir! I will talk to her.
Okay, okay! Fine, sir. Please, sir.
Ma'am! Ma'am! Talk to me.
Look, the tanks have blown up.
And you can see the state.
Where are the Indian POWs?
Those who have escaped from Chaklala!
Which POWs, ma'am? - Don't try to feign innocence.
I have the eye witnesses who have seen those POWs.
Okay. Look, there has been an accident.
Our soldiers are in serious condition.
Arescue operation is going on. Please let us do our work.
I am telling you that tomorrow there will be...
...commotion in the entire Pakistan!
What! What commotion?
Why? I don't understand what you are saying.
If you have eye witnesses, then go to the headquarters.
Go and complain there. That's all!
That means you agree there were POWs here.
When did I say that, ma'am? When?
I am just saying that you have come at the wrong time.
Do one thing! Do one thing! Go to the headquarters!
Go to Islamabad! But let us do our work!
Okay, sir! No, Malik!
I will surely go there! I will go and complain.
Don't interfere! Let us do our work!
Please come, sir! Please come, sir!
This lady! - Please come, sir!
Sir, Red Cross people are waiting outside.
Tell me what to do now.
Don't worry, colonel.
Delegation from High Commission has come.
They will be reaching there soon.
Thank you, sir! Thank you very much!
Over and out!
Major... - Sir.
Everything will be over if they crossed the border.
Sir, there is a red alert at the border.
The area from Puri to Baramulla is sealed.
But the Red Cross is outside, sir.
Our mission is not a secret anymore.
How did they come to know!
I don't know, sir.
Major! Where can they go?
Sir, they are somewhere in the valley.
Can't they be in Muzafarabad?
No, sir. - Why?
Because I have understood them, sir.
What do you mean?
I mean sir, no matter who they are...
...they are willing to sacrifice their life for each other.
Sir, they have decided to cross the border.
How? It doesn't make a difference to them.
Sir, the man who died... he didn't die without a reason.
In fact he killed himself.
So that the rest of his friends would survive.
Sir, they are determined. They don't care about death.
Besides this, they are military experts.
Right now to nab them is really not an easy task.
Are you trying to say that now nothing can be done?
Sir, I am an army officer and I am bound by my duty.
So I can't muster the courage to say this.
But it is true that the Red Cross is outside, sir.
If they got even a bit suspicious...
...even a bit suspicious... then believe me...
...what you are trying so hard to hide, that will be exposed.
And even you know, sir that this won't be any small news.
Now what to do?
Sir, we will have to wait.
Let the matter cool down. Then we will take some action.
But till then... please, sir... go and tackle Sabina Jehangir.
Please, sir! Please! - No! No! No way! No, Malik! No!
Listen to me, sir! While talking to them, be calm.
You know how the matter could aggravate.
Sir, it will become very serious. Please.
Come, sir. - What trouble is this!
I am really sorry, ma'am. I got hyper.
Actually the conditions were such.
To tell you the truth... I myself can't understand...
...how this rumour about POWs spread.
You can look at the Chaklala camp.
I have seen that!
That ends the matter.
The matter starts from here, sir.
You get yourself prepared to face the press tomorrow.
You are giving me threats of the press!
Do you know whom you are talking to!
Since when I am politely talking to you...
...and you are harassing me!
Look, ma'am. This is the military matter.
I won't tolerate your interference in this at all!
You have crossed your limit!
Sir. Ma'am, why are you wasting your and our time?
Why don't you leave?
There was one explosion there.
And within 24 hours there was another explosion here.
It was not an explosion. It was an accident, ma'am.
How can it be an accident?
Two cars dashed with each other. That's all.
Who were inside the car?
Living people like you and me.
Now ma'am, you are actually and seriously...
...testing my patience. I am telling you.
Look! Look!
This is a highly sensitive area!
Civilians are not allowed here. You know that!
If you need the headquarters number, I will give it to you.
Go and file the complaint. That's all.
Sabina Jehangir. - Yes.
Come on! Come on, Major! We have to take quick action!
Right, sir! Soldiers! Dispatch the vehicles towards the
Petrol is finished.
We needed this only up to here.
Come on, get down.
Slowly, Kabir. Be careful.
Hold him. Gotu, hold him.
Look! Why don't you attend to him?
Are you all right?
Take him, take him over there.
It is bit on a slope.
Will you be able to walk?
I will try, sir.
Come. Take support of my shoulder. Come.
Come on. Come on.
Kabir! Get up!
Come on! Come on!
The three of them sacrificed their lives in fighting.
Learn to respect the martyrs.
Come on.
You can do it. Come on.
Kabir! - Yes, sir!
Do not give up! Come on!
Gotu! - Yes sir! Support him! - Yes sir!
It is all snow everywhere!!
And it is a steep climb up.
We will get caught in daylight.
We will have to wait here until it is dark.
Gotu, help Kabir to sit down.
Slowly. Slowly. Careful.
One minute, sir. Slowly.
Ok. - Sir! - The bag! Bag!
Take off the bag.
Gotu, get two sticks.
Straighten your leg.
Come on!
No, it's nothing! It's nothing! - Where is it hurting?
Here, is it hurting here?
Yes sir! - Here? Is it? - Yes sir!
No, it's nothing! It's nothing!
It's going to be perfectly all right!
Bring the sticks!
Bring the sticks!
It's all right. It's all right. It's all right.
See to it that he doesn't straighten his leg.
That means they have not gone towards the border.
Search in the vicinity for the bodies.
Comb the whole area.
Even if they are alive, they cannot go very far.
Sir! Sir! Please sir!
Please sir, the bike can be thrown down also, sir!
They must have thrown away the bike, right? - Yes sir.
And then they will go on foot!
Will they cover the distance of 40 kilometers of ice on foot?
Yes sir. Right sir.
Major Malik, they are not as smart as you!
You are absolutely right, sir. - Why don't you sit down
...for a second and have a cigarette?
You're never wrong, sir! You're never wrong, sir!
They are smarter than you, colonel Sheriyar Khan...
...they are smarter than you!
Sir, we cannot extricate it!
Hey, 3 or 4 of you come here!
Help them!
Bring it out! - Pull it!
Raise it!
Bring it out!
What is this?
When the war was already over...
...what was the need to detain these people?
We have earned the curses of their family and people.
And it has been a nuisance for us.
If I say this, I will be called a traitor.
If I don't speak up then this conscience...
...of Pakistan will torture me all my life.
Gotu? - Yes?
It is time. Prepare to start off.
Kabir? - Yes?
Open. Open your mouth.
Will you be able to walk? - What?
Will you be able to walk?
I will try... sir.
Very good.
Gotu! - I will try.
Check the ammunition once again.
What happened? - This... is not coming out sir.
There is a strange sensation in this leg.
One minute.
One minute.
Pull! Pull it hard!
Try harder! Pull it harder!
What is this?
Sir, I was not feeling any sensation in it, sir!
Bloody hell! Was it in the ice since then? - Yes sir.
Idiot! Why didn't you take precaution?
Were you sleeping?
It is frost bite. It will climb up slowly!
Calm down! Calm down! Nothing will happen.
Do one thing. Get on my shoulder. - I won't be able to
It will slowly...
Sir, please leave me behind!
I won't be able to walk any more.
Even your father will walk!
Hey, carry him on your shoulders!
Please leave me, Sir.
Nothing will happen! Kabir, nothing will happen!
Nothing will happen; I am there.
Sir... - I am there!
...there could be confronting ahead sir!
In that case you can fire back.
Your hands are not injured, right? - Please sir!
We might have to run, sir.
We might have to run away, sir.
If he utters another word, shoot him point blank!
Do you know, sir?
Once a man asked another, do Punjabis live in Pakistan?
He said: Yes, they do live.
He asked: Sindhi?
Sindhis also live there.
Mr. Kabir, are you listening?
So he asked: Our Muslim brothers?
So he said that they also live there.
What do you want to ask?
He said that these people live in India also.
So why was Pakistan created?
Sir, do you know what he said?
Sir, he said that it was a mistake!
In future we will not create it!
Sir! - Yes?
Sir, you know...
Puna street will be crowed right now.
That city... sleeps very late, sir.
People go out with their families in the evening.
Sir, I too used to go with Chandni and Zarina.
Gotu, Chandni is Kabir's daughter.
Oh! Sir, how old would she be now?
Mr. Kabir?
You are unnecessarily insisting, sir.
Sir, if you carry me, this 2 hours journey will stretch to 6
Shut up!
Sir, can I tell you something? - Yes.
I respect you more than my father, sir.
And army officer is like a father.
Idiot! - Sir, you are right.
What? - Idiot!
Have you ever heard this idiot, Kabir sir?
Come here.
Do you see that?
Oh yes!
Do you see something? - Yes sir.
Something red...
We have reached!
There is... India!
Our home!
Sir! Sir!
Sir! Sir! Sir!
Sir! Sir! Sir!
We have reached!
Mr. Kabir! Mr. Kabir! Mr. Kabir!
Sir! Sir!
Gotu, run!
There the scoundrels are!
Sir, you are making a mistake, sir!
They are heading towards LOC, sir!
To hell with LOC!
From where did the helicopter come? - They have started
Army, take position!
Captain Zamir!
They are launching the bloody rocket launcher!
Sir, you leave me and go.
Turn back. Turn back immediately I say.
If I wanted to leave you I would have left you long back.
What are you doing, you bloody idiot?
I say, turn the helicopter.
Are you out of your mind?
Jacob was shot, Ahmed went away and now you too...
We will have to survive for their sake!
We will have to survive for the sake of those we have left
For whom someone is waiting on the other side!
Gotu? - Yes?
Someone is waiting on the other side for you also.
Major, I am your officer!
Enough, sir, enough!
Sir, don't try to interfere in my jurisdiction!
For this, I can get you Court Marshaled!
To hell with your Court Marshal! And to hell with you!
I don't care about your Court Marshal!
Only my word is the rule in this helicopter, ok?
Turn towards Helicopter!
Turn the helicopter
Gotu, will you come with me?
I will go sir.
Sir! - Good job!
Gotu... I will go and fetch them.
You stay here. - Yes, yes.
Ok? - Yes, yes.
Don't... don't move from here.
I will go... and be right back with them.
Hey, don't lose courage. - No.
Major... Suraj Singh!
Rajputana Rifles!
Myself! And... Gotu!
Hey! Major! Suraj! Singh!
Gotu! Don't worry.
I will bring them before these people arrive.
Rifle section 3, trench 3 move!
"I bathed in blood."
'The sky will rain fire!"
"I am under your oath."
"I will fight. I will fight."
"I am under your oath."
"I will fight. I will fight."
Stop the firing!
This firing is not for us!
"I am under your oath."
"I will fight. I will fight."
What is the matter?
He is a deserter!
He was Court Marshaled!
He has murdered two civilians!
He gave a reason that his l-card is lost!
Check it. - Yes sir.
Ok, fine. Take him away!
But be careful in future!
Syed? - Sir? Send two men.
Back to your positions, boys!
'This is our story.'
'That story, which was never told, and was never heard.'
'It was a known fact...
...that we were captured alive in the 1971 war.'
'AII the newspapers had printed this news.'
'The International Red Cross Society knew about this.'
'The governments of both the countries also knew this.'
'Then who is responsible for these past six years?
'And who is responsible for the next, who knows how many
years? '
'Under the circumstances, there is no option but to live on
'I am alive on the strength of hope only.'
'But I also know this; that hope doesn't come by sitting idle.'
I will once more wait for tomorrow.
54 indian army soldiers of 1971 wars are still in Pakistan.
And they have been seen alive till 1999.