1983 (2014) Movie Script

Again God won't enter the crease.
Can't believe. And also
hard to bear the sadness.
We have started loving Sachin,
by plucking out...
...our hearts for the last 4 years.
24 years...
I still very well remember that night.
Like the tides of the sea, the
tumult came beating into my hearts.
The world cup final of 1983 which
was held at Lords, in England.
When the ten year old, Sachin
Tendulkar saw this at Bombay.
A village lad named Rameshan,
this me also saw the game.
At that time I was also ten
years old exactly.
During that time in
finals by defeating,
West lndies in their hat-rick lock.
Our lndia won the cup.
The rhythm of tumult
heard on that day,
...Iater became the rhythm
of my heart beat.
Later never, never
did that leave me.
"Within the hearts.. Within the
hearts..Within the hearts"
"Within the hearts..
Within the hearts"
"The rhythm that every lndian sings
always resounds within my heart"
"Within the hearts..
Within the hearts"
"The rhythm that every lndian sings
always resounds within my heart"
"Together under one flag with vigor"
"The body and the
hands joins together"
"The new light of troops in a line"
"On the other side, they are
also coming vigorously"
"Rising above the limits of the sky
And the striking starts.."
"Now the lndian flag will fly
through the paths of the clouds"
"The flag will never come
down in the days to come"
"That will be always held high"
"The victory will..Come again..
In great mountain heaps"
"Within the hearts..Within the
hearts..Within the hearts"
"Within the hearts..Within the
hearts.. Within the hearts"
"Within the hearts..Within the
hearts.. Within the hearts"
"Within the hearts..
Within the hearts"
"The rhythm that every lndian sings
always resounds within my heart"
"Within the hearts..
Within the hearts"
"The rhythm that every lndian sings
always resounds within my heart"
This is the timing wheel.
What did I say, what this is?
Timing wheel.
For all motor engines
there will be a timing wheel.
You take that 15-16.
Hey tutor Gopi!
Hey tutor are you
teaching the lad, even now?
The things we learned by seeing
and hearing, just telling all...
...that to children, that's all.
Oh! Yea, does the boy
have any interest in this?
Interest and all is there...
...but that won't help, the
children must have education.
Even though we could not study.
During those times there was
no chances for studying...
...that must be also told.
Even though you have not studied,
...the tutor Gopi, is bigger
than the engineers out here.
Is it not? Then what is there?
- Then what?
What is the use of being a motor
mechanic in the village, Divakara?
My wish is, I must really
make him in to an engineer.
A mechanical engineer.
Look, he is really smart in studying,
the teachers are also saying that.
Lucky, if it progresses like this.
Tutor, he will become.
You hold it with a newspaper piece,
...or else there will be full
of dirt in the hands.
- Yes.
If you smoke beedi like this often,
your heart will be doomed.
If there is any problem with my heart,
will remove it and give it to your hands.
Won't you repair that
and make it ready?
Okay tutor shall we take leave?
My father used to say in life, for
everything a timing is required.
But in the case of my timing, my
mother was not at all happy with it.
Hey boy Ramesha!
By calling the throat is gone!
Ramesha come here, I say!
Where were you boy?
Don't you have to learn anything,
get inside it is evening now.
Only my timing was
correct during playing cricket.
Somehow all my memories and
sights mingled with the cricket.
To say honestly,
...the shining of a dew drop was
really seen in a cricket ground.
'By keeping a dew
drop within the hands,
...the little flower
stood at the enclosure'
'Do not pinch, do not pluck,
never hurt the little flower'
What is it Ramesha?
Teacher, why is that when the
light goes through the dewdrop...
...the color of the rainbow occurs?
Through the dew drops?
When the light passes, why is
that seven colors are seen?
That is because, when the light
enters through the dew drop.
Will there be a color like that?
Teacher Chandran,
will there be one?
I'm running here to and fro, like
a dog whose foot is burned.
Then where is the time to
watch the dew drop and all?
Let me settle this arrears.
But still..How can that be?
Like a rainbow, my
school life was quite colorful.
The Manjula Sasidharan, who
was studying in 5th-B division...
...came to my life as
rainbow's bit fell below.
My God.
"The palm leaves sparrow, will you
come swinging in the winds?"
"By coming in a friendlier note, by
stroking gently feathers of the eyes"
"Did a tender smile
arouse like a 4 o'clock flower?"
"Did the tender ink plant
remove its veil and come near you?"
"Did it come in the sweetness
of the dream like rain?"
"Me, getting wet for the first time"
"The palm leaves sparrow, will
you come swinging in the winds?"
"By coming in a friendlier note, by
stroking gently feathers of the eyes"
Don't you have the
game of cricket today?
Yes, it is there in the evening.
I checked when I went
to wash the hands.
Stopped playing during afternoon.
Why is that? Ramesha,
don't you like playing cricket?
Did the head really get hurt?
It happened by mistake.
No problem with that.
Where is that ball?
I have kept it safely.
For what?
Shall, I go?
Look, has Rameshan, given
name for science exhibition?
Yes, I have.
My uncle has told he would prepare
a chart for me. What about Rameshan?
I'm making a trick?
"Come with the wings, like small
birds to flutter in young sun shine"
"With the tender honey dipped
words to hoot like a black studded bird"
"ln the shadow of laughter and play"
"To commence in a
beautiful manner"
"With the tender smile like a small
anklets worn, the heart is full"
"The palm leaves sparrow, will you
come swinging in the winds?"
This is not clear.
You see now.
Did it become clear now?
Not clear.
You check now.
No, not at all.
Now is it clear now?
Get lost you naughty!
Now is it clear?
In our village, TV was there in
the house of Sunnychayan,
...who had gone to America.
We used to watch TV along
with the commentary of...
...Sunnychayan's mother.
During that time, there was
only one channel, Doordarshan.
Children who had set
that arrow, is it Lakshanan?
Mother its not Lakshanan,
its Lakshmanan.
I know all that, those who had come
for seeing must watch and then go.
Don't act like a teacher,
did you hear that?
We grew up like that, by
playing cricket in the grounds...
...in the paddy fields...
...getting scoldings from the family,
by watching Doordarshan.
I saw the semi-final world cup
in '87 by bunking the class.
But in the semi-final
we failed with the England.
At certain times when the game
gets really tensed in the last over,
At that time..
My god!
Right from the morning itself,
will sit in front of the box.
What an idiotic game is this fellows?
This mother had spoiled everything,
...it was the last ball, now
the game will be over.
Mother, this is the game of cricket.
Yes, you fellows. To play and
to see the game lot of lunatics.
When the TV came to library, we
bid goodbye to Sunnychayan's house...
...and boasting of mother.
So in my teenage period, god
in the costume of a teenage,
...some other person was
entered in to the grounds.
This is our cricket team. 'Friends 11'
This is Pappettan. Pappettan
was our team captain.
Not only was the team captain, but
also one who told the last word...
...in all the things among us.
This is the Babukuttan,
...he is the wicketkeeper, blower
and batsman among us.
Our all rounder.
Sajiettan was our opening blower,
we used to call him Ambrose Sajietten.
Was it because of the speed of
the ball or it because of that form,
...that name was given?
Mani, catch the ball.
Mani, I have never seen
any ball fielded by Mani.
He is one of the best
fielders among us. Chandru.
Lord, must make him out. This is so
called Mantle Johny, Johnychettan.
To get the batting, praying to get
the own team member, to be out.
This is Nawas lkka.
In all the games,
Nawas lkka was run out.
Nwaas, what kind of
running is this man?
Didn't reach on running.
Basheer, you get in.
Should prove in the first over.
Run Basheer, run.
Go man Mantle, are you not
ashamed to say own team got out?
I swa him, stumping the ball like this.
Go man.
Hey man that's an out.
Varkey, Varkey has got some
amount of manipulations with him.
Whatever the case may
be, Varkey will break that.
Basheer, Basheer
was a single minded.
Can't say how and
when he will react.
Man, I'm also there for the game.
Look, here comes the assistant.
Hey man, I'm also there for playing.
This is Prahalathan, my class mate.
You take Prahalathan for free.
Come man.
Hey Basheer, wear the loin cloth
properly, not worn undergarments also.
Then see buddy.
Hey man don't create a scene.
Not creating scene,
truly I have worn it.
Just see.
There is only elastic, there
is nothing in the bottom.
He will get out soon, just
enter on getting the full toss.
Okay, hold tight.
My god.
Gone, rub man.
Why man beating
on top of his head?
Thing might have reached on top of
his head. Beating and pulling it down.
Hold your nose and jump.
Jump man.
Basheer, for the time
being, you move.
I though the same
on removing the loin cloth.
I got retired, now any one can enter.
Come, come man.
There is no problem in fielding.
No, not at all that is not an out.
Pappetta, in the first place itself,
had told that there is no L.B.
Leave it man, for this time.
Don't run.
Throw. Throw!
That is not out.
I have put the bat here.
Pappetta, I entered on the 'grease'
Not 'grease' man, 'crease'
That is not an out, here.
If you want, you play.
The shrewd fellow getting
angry and going.
Not that Pappetta,
I had entered on the crease.
If its out, leave it man, you enter.
Sim ply saying out, to do the bating.
Don't go outside you
stand here, it is whole fielding.
Pappetta, give that bat.
This is my lucky bat man.
This fits in to the hand well.
Hey man here it goes Aakashavani
Trivandrum, Cochin and Allappey.
Go and take it man.
Here it goes again.
Hey man don't just throw to beat.
Nawas, you stay
near that forest itself.
Hey man all of you search.
How come he is always
beating to this side?
How many balls are you striking like
this man? Who are you man?
Are you Vivian Richards?
If you again beat like this, will
stamp on your feet did you hear that?
Pappetta when are you going?
Must do the treat for going to gulf.
This month last. On 27th.
Yea, on that day our
exam is also getting over.
Pappetta, got the ball.
Let me see.
This is the ball which
was gone yesterday.
What is there in that?
Still can play is it not?
The bating is for
the team which wins.
You go to church
and tell that must put the toss.
Stay there itself.
No matter how he bats,
will strike the ball for sure.
By hitting like this only,
he won that girl at the school.
What is her name?
Manjula Sasidharan.
"ln these mornings when the grass
for rituals, blossoms on the paths"
"On your eyes, is the
tender sun shine coming?"
"The paths gets
distorted in the water"
"A sweetness which is drenched"
"Under the shelter of an umbrella"
"Body getting wet in these rains"
"The palm leaves sparrow, will you
come swinging in the winds?"
"By coming in a friendlier note, by
stroking gently feathers of the eyes".
"Did a tender smile arouse
like a 4 o'clock flower?"
"Did the tender ink plant remove
its veil and come near you?"
"Did it come in the sweetness
of the dream like rain?"
"Me, getting wet for the first time"
All this time was, just thinking should
finish the studying at this school.
Now, when thinking that,
it saddens a lot.
That is correct.
What did you, also think like that?
Why not?
How was the exam man?
Had written something
with the bits obtained.
Don't know what will happen.
What was the answer
for the last question?
I skipped that one.
How was it in general?
Might nearly pass.
Aren't you ashamed to say that?
In this school, I had told everyone
that it will be Rameshan, who will be...
...securing highest marks.
I don't have any grievances on that.
Then what is it?
On thinking can't come again
to this school, a sort of sadness.
Why is that?
Not that, can't see
friends and teachers again.
Not able to see whom?
Then, don't you want to see me?
What is the plan on vacation?
There are playing cricket
and tournaments and all.
Only thinking about that, is it not?
Then what else?
Then? When will we meet again?
Nothing to say?
Can I go?
Look, will meet
while going to the temple.
Hey man Ramesha, come will go
Pappettan, will be about to go.
What is this gulf about?
Is it a country?
Heard that is the
cluster of many countries.
Out of that, going to
place called Kuwait.
Must be with a hefty salary, is it not?
On saying whatever Kuwait it may
be, will it be like our native land?
Native land,
what is the use of being here?
Can simply play with children
and simply roam around.
That is true, to
succeed must go to gulf.
Initially and all it will be little difficult.
Can one survive without struggling?
Seems he is about to leave.
But won't he understand that? As if
we are forcing him, like taking to kill.
Tutor is Pappettan, not here?
Yes, go, go inside.
Drink the tea.
Is the packing and all over?
That is all ready man.
How was the exam?
Not bad.
And for you man?
Had written.
Hey man, doesn't feel like going.
Gopalan chettan doesn't like us,
on saying playing with us.
Only now he has got a relief. On
hearing this, he will throw us all.
Once Pappettan, reaches there,
we also have to come there.
In Nadodikkattu(Name of a movie)
must remember only two dialogues...
...what Mamukoya says to Lalettan.
'Asalamu Alaikkum,
(peace be up on you)
'Va alaikum assalam'
(May peace be upon you also)
Look, don't forget to send
the letters on reaching.
Hey man, one more thing.
Hey man, have you
packed everything?
Why not packing, is all over now.
From now on you keep this.
Let me return, as rich man then
we will renovate our club.
Pappa, time to start, okay.
Mother, shall I go and come. Father.
Okay then.
Okay Pappetta.
Must write on reaching.
Here, tea.
Brother, where is Saji?
He has gone for job.
Has he got a job?
Why not? The same job only,
roaming here and there.
We defeated, defeated!
Our youngster gang is coming,
lifting something.
That is a 'toffy'
Not toffy, trophy.
Whatever it may be, what is the
difference? Toffy or trophy.
Who all bated?
Rameshan 70, Babukuttan 30
and me 36 not out.
Mantle, how come
you didn't score anything?
Why not? He was duck!
That was a false L.B.
Now you can say that,
Mantle, time for you to retire.
Including this, it is the fourth duck.
When it is the time for
retirement I'll tell that.
Brother, 11 tea and eatables.
Magistrate, how come
you are standing there?
Hey man Saji, don't stand
there idle, go and help father.
Go brother Saji.
By the prayers of Gopalan nair,
Pappan went to Dubai.
You people roam around like this.
Saji, one letter is there.
Is it some kind of love letter?
Though getting old,
no shortage of sugar!
Is it not an old engine?
Yes, indeed.
Ampere will be more.
Let Pappettan, live of hundred
years won't die even if whacked..
Here, his letter!
Pappettan's letter?
For dear Saji and friends to read
and know. Pappettan writing.
I had reached here, I'm fine here.
Took charge of the job,
there is A.C in the room.
That is great.
But it is severe hot outside.
But still anyway we must appreciate
those people who had made...
...this much set up in the sand
forest like this.
There are people from
all parts of the world.
Looks like, Malayalee's
are the maximum in number.
Then man, how are
the things over there?
Truly, there is no better place like
our country, anywhere in the world.
The enclosures, the ponds
in our country, then...
...the greenery it is really a heaven.
Then how are the cricket
tournaments going?
How did it turn out, on going for
the victory club tournament?
Pappettan, we got the cup.
Hey did you notice a black mark?
A mosquito which had bit
me now, killed and pasted it.
In gulf also there are mosquitoes.
Ramesha, what's your
Manjula saying man?
Does Mantle, still plays
tricks in the game?
Has got only that one.
Babukutta, Varkeycha,
Mani, Navas, Prahalatha,
...the new year is
approaching is it not?
The more news in the next letter,
should send the reply, ending the letter.
Your own Pappan.
Hey boy, to see you as an engineer
how much has your father desired?
That poor man out of grief, had
not eaten any food and has left.
Mother, I passed is it not?
Indeed a great thing, with no money,
brought books, this and that...
...is it to secure third class?
Can you get an admission
in any decent colleges?
Is your father having money
stacked up, to get admission...
...in colleges by paying money?
Mother, it is all because
of that worst game.
How is that? As soon
as the dawn breaks,
...will start going with stick and twig.
How come she can boast all this,
has not passed 10th standard?
That is because she has
got no brains to study,
...with you the problem is,
it is in excess.
Hell, I'm going somewhere.
Go, go boy, you go
and play with the ball.
When the S.S.L.C mark list came,
...for me it was 240 and for
Prahalathan, it was 210.
We got an admission for
Pre-degree, in a parallel college.
Manuel who secured 510, in a
regular college at the town.
"On seeing the thunder, the
festival of game will not be over"
"The parrot has told, which was
sitting on top of a old pupil tree"
"This drumming at the
field are all a routine"
"Let the rain start showering and
let the sunshine glow in flames"
"Without loosing the fun
Let this festival continue"
"Let everyone in
all the shores gather"
"Let the seven shores hear"
"Along with that, all the
compatriots also join together"
"The time is fleeing, with
the wink of an eye"
"The present is
going without waiting"
"The time is fleeing,
with the wink of an eye"
"The present is going
without waiting"
"Don't leave man, hold tight"
"The time is fleeing..."
"On seeing the heads,
the game will be commenced"
"On seeing the thunder, the
festival of game will not be over"
"The parrot has told, which was
sitting on top of a old pupil tree"
"This drumming at the
field are all a routine"
"On the paths, one sweet
voice and tingle of bangles"
"ln the hearts, a small birds
sound of moving of feathers"
"The eyes get knotted each other"
"Without saying anything,
everything is understood"
"l have not seen
anything my parrot which swings"
"lf at all on seeing anything, don't
go and say anything, to anywhere"
"Kuwait captured by lraq army
American warships to Gulf"
My God, Pappettan.
What is it?
Have tried in all the numbers
which was given, no chance.
It was this America, which
nourished this Sadam Hussain.
It's all a war in want of oil, is it not?
That is it.
Any news of Gopalan
Nair's son, Pappan?
"No compromise:
lraq ready for the war"
"American bombers, arrived"
"Food stuffs not able
to port by lndian ships"
"ln the island of Failaka, at Kuwait
nearly 500 of Malayalee's trapped?"
"lraq military moved away"
"The ship started off,
with 750 lndians"
Pappettan, has come.
Look, its better to study in
here for the exam, is it not?
No, with combine
study only, it will help.
Look, he is really sorry on getting
low marks for 10th standard,
...he is struggling
to get good marks for PDC.
Hey lady, he is really trying.
This was our combine study.
92 world cup was during
the pre-degree examination.
The game was held at New Zealand.
In our place the telecast
was at morning 3 o'clock.
But in that world cup..
We failed miserably.
"Friends cricket team
has entered the final..."
"...by defeating the fighters
team in semi"
"Tomorrow morning at the final,
Friends 11 V/s Champions"
"For the winners
Rs. 5000 cash waard and trophy"
It seems Pappettan, is still not
revealed from that shock.
He has got an idea to start a
business at the junction.
On winning this match,
it is not one or two rupees,
...if we can give him that money.
That will be helpful in
paying off the deposit.
Yes, yes.
Where is that Biju man? Will he not
turn up to play the final tomorrow?
Heard that won't come.
I have a person with me, okay.
With you?
Bring, morning by 8 all must reach.
Tomorrow I will come
with the person I told, okay.
Bring man.
He is a super player,
you wait and see.
My dearVarkey, other day
since you came with a person,
...we failed in that match.
Told to come by 8,
it is already 8: 15 now.
Where has this Rameshan gone?
Always it is that Rameshan,
who comes first.
That assistant is also not seen.
Here he comes.
Hey man, where is Rameshan?
Look, don't think
Rameshan will come today.
Why is that?
Our Pre-degree result has come.
So what?
He failed.
Did you pass?
I won't write all the exams, is it not?
Even if you write, you
will pass like anything!
Will go to Rameshan's
house and come, okay.
You people go,
we will be there at the ground.
Do we have to go there?
Go fast!
Varkey, you go and call that
player which you have told.
I will come there.
He and his game!
Father my bat.
Move back you fellow.
You and your cricket.
What are you doing?
You move back,
or else you will also get.
For 10th on getting marks full
of baskets, didn't get in...
...any of the good colleges.
With the little money in hand,
send to parallel college.
Did you learn?
With some market boys playing
balls, how will you pass.
Man, it's problem will flee.
Sit when we get up now,
tutor will see.
Why you didn't tell its this
much problem in here?
But for that, if I say you
people must believe. Is it not?
Will tell you.
Saw man, he swa.
Hey fellows what is it?
Came to call him, is it not?
Friends, those kids who studies
and be better off, to spoil them...
...there will be always people
like this in all the places...
...who has got no job or nothing.
They will not flourish themselves
and others will be also ruined.
If I had not come here, a
murder would have taken place.
Must sit at home quietly.
Come, come.
I will come, go.
Hey man will he come.
Hey fellow come.
What man can you come or not?
Pre-degree result has come, I failed.
Result, all balls, you
come fast to play.
I also failed is it not?
Go, go, I will come.
Hey man today is final.
Must come there, fast.
I will come to the ground.
You guys go.
Pre-degree, can be
written again, is it not?
Why sir, has not gone with
the friends to roam,
...and remain sitting here?
Aren't you going for any
cricket match today?
Haven't you read in the newspaper?
That I decided to retire
from the game cricket.
Any way good, grown
up like a buffalo.
I heard, got real hard
from father is it not?
Babukuttan, might have reached
there with Rameshan, is it not?
Sajichettan and Mani would
have reached the ground now.
What are you saying whom
are you going to bring for playing?
Hey man, Sachin.
You will hear something
from my mouth.
It is not that one.
It is a different Sachin.
Hey man, he is the
relative of our Kollamparambil.
At Bombay, name is Sachin
will return today by evening.
Morning has agreed to
play the match for us.
He told has played
with Sachin Tendulkar.
A gamer to the hard core,
we got it out of luck.
That must be seen at least.
Boy, he will rock.
Here, he stands.
Hallo Sachin bai.
Hallo Varkey bai.
How are you?
Has reached just now.
These are all our friends.
All are cricket players.
What happened?
A crow.
That m ight have got shock
from this electric wire and died.
That is what I'm also thinking,
...in this country since there
are millions of crows here.
All the crows are dying on getting
shock from the electric wire where are...
...all this crows which
dyes on getting old?
But where will this crows
be going and dying?
Kind attention of the audiences, the
final of the 4th victory tournament...
...is going to be held here today.
A fierce competition is going to
be held between Champions...
...and Friends cricket club.
Those winning in the completion,
will receive T.K Rajan's...
...ever rolling trophy and Rs. 5001.
How come Rameshan
has not come?
Don't worry man, Sachin is there.
What is this, bitten by ant or what?
What is this man?
Heard that Joseph has brought
super players from the town.
They are Kerala players,
in that one guy called Federik.
Has taken 6 wickets
in the sem i, in 3 overs.
That is Kerala team, we have got
a person from the Bom bay team.
Darna Math(Fear not)
Don't worry.
Have you really seen the
real Sachin Tendulkar?
Have seen or not? In Bom bay
there are only two Sachin's.
His fate line is not correct.
What does that mean?
His fate line is not correct.
Even if Allen Donald or Waqar
Younis comes to play with them,
...we somehow have to
win this match today.
Will Waqar Younis
come to play today?
Here comes Rameshan.
Who is this?
Imported from Bombay.
A real player.
Should see all this in the ground.
Are you bats man or bowler?
Are you bats man or bowler?
The captains of the both team,
come to the pitch immediately.
To put the toss.
Look whatever it is, even if its dying
we must win this game for Pappettan.
That is for sure.
We will win.
The captain of friends team Saji and
champions team captain Jose mon...
...are now going to toss.
We are in to bating.
By winning the toss, decided to bat.
A waesome battle is going to be
held here, to startle everyone.
The members of the friends
teams, come forward for fielding.
Yes, to lock the champions we will
see what kind of fielding methods...
...are friends team going to
weave, we will watch.
The brothers Niteesh
Kumar and Bineesh Kumar...
...has come as opening
batmen of champions team.
Like Mark and Steve Waugh.
Now the bating is
done by Satish Kumar.
Bowling is by Saji, who is known as
Ambrose Saji, captain of friends team.
A good shot to the off front.
Though the fielder has tried to block
it by diving, it has taken a four.
One single.
When the first over is finished, the
champions team has scored 8 runs.
In the next over, for
bowling comes Babukuttan.
Bating is by Niteesh Kumar.
With a magnificent catch of
Sachin, Niteesh Kumar is out.
Sachin, the triumph
card of friends team.
The next person coming to
bat is 'lightening Freddy'
Here comes,
Babukuttan for bowling.
There also our person
is there, Sachin.
What man?
You go there and stand man.
The game is continued.
Rameshan and others are
planning the strategies.
Now Sachin, has
come to do the bowling.
Yes, Satish Kumar is bating
he has taken the single.
Bating is by Freddy.
Out! Freddy is out.
For the special attention of
players. This is not a fish market.
Cricket is the game of decent men.
Then who made you to sit here?
You mike swallower!
Here comes one more wicket,
a beautiful catch by Rameshan.
Captain Jose mon is
coming for the bating.
Tell him to stay there.
I'll tell.
One after the other sixes is coming.
Now, the friends team is nervous.
Like the advice of Sree Krishna,
certain lessons from Sachin.
A discussion is taking place
between captain Saji and Rameshan.
One after the other sixes are flying,
friends team is forgetting the game.
Champions team have scored 156
runs losing 3 wickets in 12 overs.
Jose mon, 61 not out. Also a Kerala
player Satish kumar 62, get out.
They were striking like anything.
No man, on playing properly can win.
Let Sachin be the opening batsman.
Their opening bowlers
are too tough.
Rameshan you be
there after some time.
Navas, look you don't run without
requirement and become run out.
I will run, let others
reduce this bulky fatness.
Coming to play cricket with paunch!
Does David Boon have fatness?
They know to play
the cricket. Is it not true?
For the special attention of players,
cham pion team is requested...
...to come forward for the fielding.
The group prayer of
champions is over.
Sachin must rock.
I'm there, no?
Now Navas is striking.
Opening ball is thrown by
Jose mon, captain of champions.
It seems Navas has
not seen the first ball.
Yes, Navas is run out.
For the friends team
the first wicket is lost.
The next bats man is Varkey.
One down bats man
Varkey to the crease.
Bowler Jose mon.
Don't run. My heavens.
By striking the ball,
Varkey has taken a single.
Play carefully.
You continue taking single, I will strike.
The next bowler is Satish kumar.
Six, a beautiful six.
Look Varkey has made the
score board move for friends.
I think only Varkey is enough,
there is no need of anyone else.
A beautiful game.
Seems like, what is told became a
mistake, here goes Varkey, to outside.
For the friends team the
second wicket is also lost.
One after the another the
batmen are shedding.
Watch and play.
The batsmen of friends
must play carefully.
Looks like the team members
of friends are under tension.
Jose mon.
Sachin is bating.
Don't know whether Sachin, could
see the ball or simply left the ball.
One doubt.
Sachin has taken one single.
Beat man.
Basheer also got out.
One more wicket is lost
for the friends team.
Do one thing, Babukuttan you enter.
Babukutta, play carefully.
The next bats man is Babukuttan.
Satish Kumar.
Stay in the crease man.
Remain in the game like males.
Babukuttan has obtained a single.
What is this?
That shot did by
Sachin not understood,
...may be some kind of Bombay shot.
Go and take man.
Babukuttan is also out.
Don't know who and how
this team will go forward.
Hey, Mantle you enter.
Play man.
I will take it, to win.
Champions team is nearing to the
cup. Now Mantle Johnny has entered.
Mantle Johnny.
Mantle Johny became golden duck.
Where is the bat?
Play carefully.
Ball has touched on the
ground, play carefully can win.
Though a baby in age, becomes an
hero in scoring, master Rameshan.
Again in 4 overs 70 runs to
take, Rameshan and Sachin...
...who takes single
runs on the crease.
The lightening bowler of champions
team lightening Freddy has come.
Only if they strike in all overs, then
only the friends team can win.
The second ball was hit but seems
Sachin has bated by closing the eyes.
Beat man.
What is this is he a
spinning toy or what?
Why don't we bring
Dawood from Bombay?
What is that for?
To kill him.
Most probably that will be needed.
This pitch is not good.
When the game got over, it was a
maiden over for the friends team.
Only 3 overs are remaining.
Friends team can only win, if
they exhibit an astonishing skill.
Can Rameshan do that?
Jose mon is bowling.
By flying Jose mon's ball to a sixer,
the expectations of winning are...
...maintained by friends team.
An astonishing show by Rameshan.
Next mega sixer.
Intelligently Rameshan, has
taken a single in the last ball.
A face to face combat between
Rameshan who took more number...
...of runs and Freddy who took more
number of wickets in this tournament.
On seeing this game, one
thing I'm strongly saying,
...if two teams comes to a fight.
It is sure that one of them will win.
The lightening Freddy.
In the first ball of lightening Freddy,
Rameshan has catapulted a mega sixer.
A reply of an actual warrior.
Again one more big sixer.
If you had swinged like this, it
would have gone little more further.
12 more runs are required to win, to
chain Rameshan can Jose mon do that?
Rameshan is in full confidence.
Again sixer.
In the last over, the first
ball was fleeted to a sixer.
To win, the friends are
behind 6 runs.
With Rameshan's shots, friends
team has become the champions.
For receiving the prizes,
we welcome both teams.
The Winners of this
competition is Friends Eleven.
Rameshan really rocked man,
a very good bating man.
Okay then. By today
evening going back to Bombay.
Are you going today? Somehow
must enter in the lndian team.
That is my aim. Okay then fine.
When you get time to come to
Bombay, will plan a cricket match there.
Poor fellow.
"ls there any other friends
who joins together like us"
"After searching all these
years, ever seen like this?"
Right from morning to evening
worked for the family and come is it not?
Must be hungry, eat tummy full.
I don't want.
Must sit there itself. Otherwise
I will poke with this one.
I'll tell you one thing clearly,
...from now onwards my son
shouldn't roam around.
And at the time of eating,
you don't have to come.
For those people without doing any
job and simply roaming around...
...those ones will not get
porridge from tomorrow onwards.
Have told not to give,
even the starch water.
Your father.
Then in that case, tell father to
arrange a job tomorrow morning.
Then my son hear that also.
From tomorrow onwards
must go to lathe along with father.
To lathe?
Yes you fellow, for a guy who has
failed in pre-degree, there is a...
...white collar job waiting.
Hey now, the boy is
working under the tutor?
Because of the ability of studying,
now the job is over here.
Whatever dreams we dream, god
might have decided certain things.
What is the use of blaming god,
because of one own acts?
Not that, I simply told.
Before completely disdaining, we
will see whether it will sutvive or not.
Then we must not have
any prick of conscious.
You go to town and get some diesel.
What is the price of diesel now?
Rs. 6.10. Take that cycle.
Thought of making
him a big engineer,
...see the way he is going with a can.
My only prayer is let him
manage this lathe properly.
Hey Ramesha.
Why are you here?
Came to give the cloths for stitching.
I joined along with
father in the lathe.
When is the class starting?
Happy, at least asked.
I joined there itself at
St. Xavier's, for BSc Zoology.
Tomorrow the class will start.
Daughter got after
stitching, come will go.
Mother, this is Rameshan. One
who studied with me in the school.
Remembers, son what
are you studying now?
Rameshan, to join engineering
next year, this year he has joined...
...practical entrance coaching.
Is there a course like that, son?
Yes, yes, there is come lets go.
Okay then Ramesha.
Tomorrow while going to
college, see you at the bus stop.
Mother will go.
You should also have joined
that entrance coaching.
After getting lot of degree,
will you forget people like us?
Go man, next time must write the
PDC. Then should join degree.
Yea, should write.
I'm sure you will get it.
Why is that?
I have prayed to do an offering in
the temple beside the river shore.
Why laughing?
Not that, if this prayer was
made before l, write the exam...
...thinking that I would have passed.
For you everything is always a joke.
With the wink of an eye the degree
will be over. I'm getting scared.
To finish off the degree,
why is that you get scared?
You will not understand anything.
The girls will very soon
reach the age for the marriage.
Marriage? Have you
become ready for that?
No, it doesn't mean
it is marriage now.
It is for you to win in the
next exam at least.
Who has got time in here to study by
heart like you and pass the examination?
The bus has come.
Again if you go saying
cricket, I will kill you.
Ah, aunty!
Daughter how are the things going?
Daughter is your studies over?
Finished MSc.
Did you get any jobs?
No, trying.
There are lot of proposal coming, to
daughter your father told on seeing him.
The job can be searched even
after the marriage is it not?
Stop, stop.
One passenger has to get down.
Daughter why do you
want to get down here?
I need to meet a person here.
Oh yea, when did you come?
The sari is real good.
I was simply, for the
children when they told its final.
Then is your studies going well?
Do you know the proposals are
taking place for me at the house?
How long can I continue like this?
I will be made to say a
decision to the family members.
Brother Ramesha. On getting late,
they will be given walk over.
No need to discontinue
the game because of me.
Go fast.
'After four years, 23rd March 2003'
What Mani? There is
no painting job today.
From afternoon onwards festival
is going to take place, then who...
...is going to bathe in white wash.
Today its rest for the brush.
Come fast man.
Come, get in.
Okay then leave.
Where were you man?
How long I was waiting there?
Nothing more to say,
got little delayed.
Come fast, or else will have to hear
the scolding from brother Saji's mouth.
My dear son Johny, three times
I walked in and out of Panchayat
Each day will, tell to come
up with different papers.
I'm really fed up of this
walking up and down.
Son Johnny, please tell
and make it done.
My dear Mariayamma sister, you
don't have to worry about anything.
I will make it ready, only thing
I need to call and say is it not?
Go, go peacefully, son
Johnny will arrange that for sure.
After the noon,
there is an urgent meeting.
Today noon, there is no chance it
will happen. Tomorrow we will see.
Babukutta, its only a
matter of ten minutes.
I won't happen within ten minutes.
If don't take this and go, I will hear
what is there in owner's mouth.
Again if you insist you will hear
what is there in my mouth.
Did you hear that, okay?
Please Babukutta.
We'll do it tomorrow.
I knew that you will not go today.
How to go like that?
Rameshan, why not close the shop?
Make it fast.
When this grinder came
just checked that's all.
That will be over now itself.
How come, haven't you
gone for work today?
Today, I took a leave.
So the policing job is
all cool, is it not?
Why not, really cool.
Not that, how is tutor Gopi now?
Difficult to walk up to
junction and do the work.
As that shed is constructed near
the side of the house, urgent works...
...will be done from there.
In a way doing the work from there
is more enjoyable, than working...
...in this small shop.
Then shall we go?
Come. Will go.
Okay will go.
Aren't you coming?
Okay, now its like that, I was
waiting for you guys. I'll come now.
Brother Saji.
Who is this?
What man, is your tapping all over?
Afternoon tapping, I did it
early the evening tapping...
...should be delegated to someone.
Is there toddy?
Must celebrate at night.
Why not?
Then I'll reach there.
Should reach. When I return late, close the
shop and go.
Will go.
Yea, will go.
What's happening man?
Got the toss, should
have taken the bating.
What kind of job is that,
they have done man?
What's up?
Took the bowling.
Pappeta, all
together its a bad omen.
No, there is nothing sort of a
bad omen, this time Ganguly,
...will snatch the cup.
Hey man, Ganguly has
got the ampere for that.
In the game so far,
Ganguly is the top scorer.
Sachin will strike against Australia.
Don't you remember how he stroked
for the Sharja cup, single handedly?
Simply giving the runs.
Man, what kind of a bowling is this?
Who took him to play?
Man, I told earlier itself.
Did the game start?
Oh, here comes the assistant.
Got late is it not?
Come, sit.
Oh, heavens!
Simply striking.
That was a bitter bating
done by Ponding. Ruined.
I told no, when the first ball came?
Sachin will beat and make it win.
Sachin will beat.
Lucky if he beats.
Don't catch.
Shit, gone.
Gone, what is there to see?
Nothing is going to happen.
Hey man Sehwag, is beating.
Make it win man.
Beat man.
Hey, don't run.
Hey man, what is this?
"Again Australia"
After all, our cup which
was supposed to be taken...
...by our Ganguly was
taken by Ponding.
Everything gone, is it not?
Look the trophy which
was supposed to be ours,
...its in the hands of Ponding.
The trophy which you must have
lifted, there is yet another Ponding...
...coming out from the
Panchayat office.
Which is that Ponding?
Who is that?
Come, come.
Look there.
"For you I became unfit to adorn"
"The blood within me reddened"
To go to America, came to receive
the birth certificate of the child.
"Couldn't touch by the tip of fingers"
"Always my strings will
be longing for you"
"Always.. My strings
will be longing for you"
"Obscured by darkness,
beyond the shores of seasons"
"Beyond the deep shallow
shores of memories"
"You are always one, adorned with
vermillion coming at the far off dusk"
"Beloved you are
always like that to me"
"Beloved, though it is sadness
the thoughts about you is..."
"...a great pleasure for me"
"Always let it fill my drinking bowl"
"The pain that is
felt in your absence"
What is this man?
Brother Saji, who has written this
song, that makes people cry?
Hey man this is not a song,
its a poem. Chullikadu sir's.
Why are you crying?
Anyone will cry on this.
What happened to
him, my heavens?
Ramesha, you don't cry man.
Get out from my sight!
So that's the case, no
doubt why she has left you.
Ramesha, thinking on the
other side, you must be happy.
She got a boy who is educated and
good looking, they have got a child also.
Yes, a child that
was not born to you.
You guys don't tell all this crap,
and make him more sad.
If a girl dressed with
ear stud has gone,
...then a girl with ear
ornament will come.
Yes. I was about to say
a serious thing to you.
What is wrong with that
proposal, which was...
...brought by brother Thankappan?
Pappetta, that won't turn right.
How come it won't turn right?
Pappeta, I don't want marriage now.
Even I can't stand
properly. At that time..
Hey Ramesha, when you can't
stand properly, at that time only...
...you need a companion to lean on.
After marrying off Rajani, from
your house your mother is telling...
...several times by doing work, she
is tired and somehow make...
...you to agree for the marriage.
Nawas, how is that proposal?
Why not? Look she is a good girl.
Only one sister for two brothers.
On checking the horoscope, his
mother told out of 10, it is matching to 8.
Also in terms of education
they both are in perfect match.
He is PDC failed and
she is SSLC failed.
That girl is known to me, a poor one
and knows little bit of tailoring also.
Pappetta, fix this one.
Then what, on hearing the
girls name 'Susheela'
...don't we know she is a good girl?
You people simply.
You sit there man.
Sit man.
Ramesha, you are not going to say
anything, we are going to fix this one.
For the marriage, your
house painting is free by me.
But should give
the money for the paint.
So we are fixing this.
Susheela Rameshan.
Move away from the back.
Now get down.
One doubt, is the height little short?
No, not at all.
Is it?
Seems little less.
Hey fellow, be silent.
Dear, is the makeup little over?
Only the makeup,
is little less that's all.
Who has done the makeup and all?
In our native Pushpalatha
sister, who runs a beauty parlor.
It is really good.
The girl has told, needs
only simple make up.
So I could not prove all my skill.
Good that, you have not
taken out everything.
Shall we go?
"Like a love song
Like the tides of beauty"
"Who are you?
Who are you, goddess?"
"Like a love song"
Here, milk.
"Like the tides of beauty"
"Who are you?
Who are you, goddess?"
"ln the garden of flowers,
are you the flower that raptured..."
"...the season of flowers?"
I don't know how to start?
No, this life.
"ln the garden of flowers, are
you the flower that raptured..."
"...the season of flowers?"
Did you drink?
Will drink after you drink.
"Like a love song
Like the tides of beauty"
"Who are you?
Who are you, goddess?"
Tell something?
Anyway, good that your
makeup is washed off.
I didn't know, you
didn't like the fashion?
Dear, whose photo is this?
Which photo?
Here, this photo?
"The vast shores of loneliness"
Don't you know who this person is?
Rameshetta, I don't
watch this Hindi movies and all.
Not that, don't you
read newspapers and all?
Dear, where is the time to
read newspapers for us?
True, people who has
got no other job reads paper.
Is it meant for people who are busy?
Who had put the name
'Susheela' for you?
Aren't we all 'Su?'
What 'Su?'
I'm Susheela, my brother Sukunan,
younger brothers name is...
...Iittle fashionable, Sumesh.
You come here, I will tell
you a 'su', no a trick. Come here.
Can put the fan.
"The vast shores of loneliness"
What is it?
Did you like this song?
Did you like it dear?
It seems someone has
written it for me.
My heavens the current is gone.
Don't worry I have turned it off.
Hey Kanna, I will
give you good beating.
When the dawn breaks
will start. Rameshetta...
Did you see this, lad is beating the
stones? And hitting on the body.
Morning itself.
I didn't do it.
Will not allow to sleep also.
Kanna, when it hits on the mother's
body, mother will get angry.
Mother you move back, let me play.
Mother's child's nails are
all grown, shall I cut this?
I will cut.
No need.
Why is that?
No need to cut now.
Will give you beatings, if
the dirt gets inside the nails..
Rameshetta where to?
I'll come now.
Where is father, girl?
Father is inside.
How is the small one, doing?
He is fine.
Ramesha, what is it man?
Wanted a bat and ball.
So, the junior Rameshan, also
started playing cricket is it?
A sign of it is shown.
I will pay the money afterwards.
Mother, father is coming.
You come here.
Where were you?
You come here. That's all there.
Is it to buy this, went
early in the morning?
Hi..A bat!
Did you like it?
Are you happy now?
Then my child eat this.
A good child okay.
Where are you going, don't go?
Eat, only after eating.
You move back.
Let the child play, in between that.
Is this man mad or what?
The child has not eaten?
That and all he will eat
later, you move back.
Here, beat a six.
Beat, in a swing.
Yes, like that.
Here, one more.
Yes, great one.
When the child stated walking,
look at the thing which...
...he had given in the hands?
Hey fellow!
If a person who doesn't learn by
seeing must learn from pitfalls.
You will be satisfied only if you
spoil, that child's life is it not?
You and your worst cricket!
Going to school is it?
Should be a good boy, okay.
Should study well.
Tell grandmother also.
Have you kept the water bottle?
Yes, it is kept.
Should be careful on
sitting on the cycle.
If you make any
marks on my cloths..
You and your cloths!
If you want lady, spread
it out on the other side.
I don't intend to.
I'm really getting mad,
do you know that?
Will start right from
the morning onwards.
Will stop..Stop.
Fried cakes made of grams, okay.
How come, you had
not gone to lathe today?
Yes went, but came
to take some things.
Give it to everyone.
Okay will give.
Go girl!
2nd April 2011!
Like this in one night when father
was young, lndia got the first world cup.
In 1983, during that time Kapil Dev
was our captain. Did you hear that?
'Sixer club's - Cricket Carnival - 2013'
You are watching the finals of
sixer clubs tournament on 2013.
A fierce battle is going on between..
Hey man I have reached.
Now for TVS club in six balls
should require 18 runs to win.
Hey man, how is the game going?
One person is batting like anything.
Is that so?
Have seen you somewhere.
Aren't you that old bowler?
Yes, Freddy.
Yea Federik.
What are you doing now?
Now I'm in the news paper.
As what?
As photographer.
Not mine, friends.
Rameshan, don't you remember?
Has Rameshan,
come to watch the match?
What to watch? Rameshan, is the
person who is standing over there.
The Rameshan is still in the
forefront, who has shown a brilliant...
...performance through
out the tournament.
Rameshan has scored 82
runs from 37 balls.
Really hard core!
Al least will be of an age of 40.
Must surely accept.
How was father's batting?
It was really good.
Ramesha, see who this one is?
Hey man, there is no
change in your batting.
How is he? Does he
play cricket like father?
He also, runs with the
bat from morning itself.
Dear sports lovers, the one who has
come here by accepting our request is...
...the ex-captain of Kerala
cricket team and...
...prominent coach Sri. Vijay Menon.
Along with him, one who
has reached here is Ranji player...
...and lPL cricket star.
Sri. Rohit Kartha.
To talkfew words to us and
also for distributing the prizes...
...welcomes honorable
Sri. Vijay Menon.
Dear ones, at the old England,
the shepherds to get rid off their...
...boredom, in the mist of gazing the
sheep they started hitting the ball...
...with a wooden stick.
The cricket what we see
today, originated like that.
Today it has really grown
and it became a strength...
...to influence the financial
structure of the world.
When the British left this country,
they also looted several...
...valuable things of ours.
Our queen's ear ornaments, anklets,
Kohinoor jewel, lot of things like that.
What was left behind, an important
one, among them that was cricket.
But in 1983, when our
brothers went to Lord's...
...and brought the world cup, here.
After that cricket became a festival
to us. It became an unending ceremony.
Then all over lndia, there
developed small, small grounds.
Through out the village.
We got lot of smart players.
Sachin, Dravid, Virat Kohli, Ganguly.
We know mostly
who had succeeded.
There are lot more who have
failed lakhs in numbers.
Lot of dreams which were scattered
in the small, small grounds in lndia.
Today in these kinds
of tournaments,
...which is not widely spread outside.
We used to see some
of the astonishing talents.
For example, that person who
has gained century in 40 balls.
He is somewhere here.
These kinds of talents which go
unnoticed, to another dimension of...
...the game or else in the hard
world cricket, to a serious format.
I pray openly, they
grow and raise to that level.
He is one of the best
coaches which is around here.
Are you sending your
son for coaching?
If he is interested in the game, why
can't you send him for coaching?
You only have to decide
the routes towards that.
My thanks to all.
Hey boy, be calm if water
remains in the head will get cold.
Even otherwise, exposed to
the entire fog and has come.
There is no use of
drying like this girl.
Within five minutes will
come back fully sweat.
Is there any kind of madness like
this, for the children to play?
How is that? The children will
learn from the elders, is it not?
See the boys teeth. It was
really beautiful in the same row.
Now look at this?
Hey girl, let his full
set of tooth develop,
...then will go and consult a doctor.
Mother enough.
Sit there child, otherwise
I will pluck out your teeth myself.
Father, shall I go and play?
Kanna, where are you
running speedy liked this?
Going to play.
Rameshetta, this is too much,
if this boy plays like this he will...
...definitely fail in the exam.
Then what? Is it because that you
failed 10th standard on playing cricket?
That is because I got small pox.
Then what about the second time?
By the time I lost the touch with it.
Should have tried one more time,
should have won hat-rick.
No, nothing at all.
Take the catch man.
After hitting the ball,
simply running here and there.
Like dog going to market,
what is the use of running?
Hey lady, you won't understand.
Aren't you the first
lndian, who doesn't know
who Sachin Tendulkar is?
Then what can you understand?
You see, I will make
him into a big player.
I'm going to send
him for cricket coaching.
Why? Haven't you
heard of coaching?
Yes I have, neighbor sister
Malathy's, daughter has gone for...
...a coaching to become a doctor.
Hey man, the way
you look seems,
I will flee from this country
with your 250 Rupees.
Your father is there no, Gopi,
he has never asked money to me.
If I say will give, I will give
it did you understand that?
Great hurry to repair it, to
pay the money reluctance.
What son? Have you told anything?
These people will give some things
to repair, only once in full moon.
Those people coming
are of this nature.
Here comes the next one.
Hey man, where are you escaping
by shutting down the shop?
To collect the interest of Rs. 2000
must pour the petrol of Rs. 3,000.
Brother Raju, what is the subject?
The subject is science of finance.
Brother, will give next
week the work is dull now.
This walking is also dull for me.
If you shut the shop and go for
playing balls, how will you get the work?
I will come next week, must pay off
the pending interest Ramesha.
Or else I will take the things
inside the shop and go.
Why brother, a kind of threat?
Don't you know giving money
on interest is against the law?
So, that is it now
I became a wrong doer, is it?
There is nothing like
this kind of acts,
when coming to get
money on interest.
Brother will give next week.
Ramesha, now I'm going,
but must give next week.
Go man, go.
A sort of new rules.
Hey man, what's happening as
you told tomorrow will go for...
...coaching along with the child?
Should go, some of the money to be
received from here and there, after...
...completion of work.
Hey man, if you want money I will
give. Return when you receive.
Will this be sufficient?
No, that..Is.
That doesn't matter, you
keep it let the things take place.
Brother, This Vijay Menon
sir's cricket coaching?
Yea, here itself, sir is that
person standing over there.
Have you come to meet the sir?
One minute okay.
Sir, one person has
come to meet you.
Who is it?
Brother come.
I have, somewhere.
Sir, last time at the flood light match.
What is the name?
Who is this?
This is, son.
Which class are you studying?
5th standard.
Is it?
What is it Ramesha?
Son likes cricket a lot.
Going for any coaching?
No just thought of showing
to sir, that is why brought him.
Have you brought the bat?
No, its at home.
Is it at home? Don't worry, come.
Where is your native
place that you told?
Brahmamangalam, from here it is
around 10 to 50 kilometers.
Here daily, there is
practice from 3 o'clock onwards.
Is there any problem
with the school?
Then in that case, for the time being
come on Saturdays and Sundays.
He is correctly picking
up the line length of the ball.
Should buy a batting kit.
Things like helmet, pad and gloves.
The application form
can be obtained from there.
Will see you, sir.
Sir, this is pure English
willow, it is easy to use.
Has got good grains
and is real strong bat.
All the things on cricket?
Here sir.
Son, this pad, helmet and all.
It is there sir.
What will be the price of all this?
One minute sir, will tell now.
That will come to 4,500 sir.
Rs. 4,500 is it not?
- Yes.
I'll take when I come next week,
now not taken the money.
Just to know the prices.
It is all right sir.
We will buy when we come next
week. Father will buy it, for you man.
It will be sufficient, is it not?
Why not?
How is it?
Shall we play?
Vijay sir says, he has
got that kind of thing, to play.
It is place where the children
of rich men are coming.
On seeing him playing
in the mist of those people,
...truly saying my eyes were full.
For that, he is always
playing in here, is it not?
Does anyone have
to teach him more?
Then you are the man, who gave
him the bat into his hands.
Then how come he wouldn't play?
Hey lady, this is not
the game I and all played.
This is the real game of cricket.
Must buy some good bat and pad.
Out of desire to see him
play, by wearing all that.
I made one with the
help of our Babukuttan.
But with all that, can't go there.
Must buy a new one but for that...
...It will come to somewhere
around Rs. 4,500.
Will buy it. Must buy!
Rameshetta, on giving
this can you buy?
No need of this one,
that won't be possible.
I'm trying to call a saving deposit.
Will see whether we will get that.
I know you Rameshetta, will
not sleep without buying this.
On getting the saving
deposit can take it back.
Must listen carefully
and obey what sir says.
Became stylish by
putting the new dress and all.
Be bold Rameshan, you
sit along with those parents.
Run man!
What is your name?
Where is your house?
My house is at Brahmamangalam.
There is nothing to look
back, he will play all of them...
...who had come to this ground for
playing has only succeeded in life.
Then Vijayan sir, is a
man of discipline also.
Ramesha! Hey fellow Ramesha!
If he doesn't have brains, at least
you must have brains is it not?
Hey girl, you who had removed
and given it, should be beaten first.
The boy's madness getting more
and more and the house will be ruined.
Did he say he had pledged
the gold or has he sold it?
Mother don't create a quarrel,
Rameshettan, will take it
back when he gets the money.
Child, from where will
he take it and give?
Here the fire-heath is
burning somehow that's all.
With the left over gold, has
purchased things for the lad, to play.
Do you know what will happen
when father comes to know this?
Haven't I told, I don't want your
gold? Will not give peace of mind at all.
On asking where are the
bangles, I told by mistake only.
On asking about the bangles, told
by mistake..What the hell? Move.
In olden days playing was done by
chopping the stalk of the palm leaf.
Now playing, by buying
the things with money.
Because don't know the
value of money that is why.
The children are also growing
up by seeing all this, is it not?
Don't know when this
fellow, will be better off.
Hey fellow! Ramesha,
come here I say.
I have got the job, now no time.
Aren't you coming to
this house, is it not?
Grandmother, father has purchased
for my coaching is it not?
My child, do you know anything?
Your father used to
study better than you.
Then, did you see
how he is roaming?
Your father will say lot of mad things.
You stop all this playing and start
studying something, my child.
What is the use of
saying all this to you, child?
Don't know how this Rameshan,
was casted with this spirit?
A father and a well suited son.
Haven't you opened yesterday?
No, went up to the city.
I had come yesterday.
Hey Ramesha, heard that son was
taken in the lndian team and all.
Will you go along with the child,
after shutting down the lathe?
After all he went with his
child, is it with your wife?
For you to become so irritated.
As you are a police man, don't
think you can say any nonsense?
Just told on thinking because
of this game the boys studies,
...will be put on lurch.
You first of all teach your child
and make him to a lAS officer.
Only after that you attend in to the
affairs of the compatriot's children.
Did you understand that?
I'm not there to say anything.
Well making him to play like
Sachin Tendulkar or what...
...nothing of that sort will happen.
Even otherwise Jose,
is an itching character.
Good that you told
nice two dialogues.
That is always his routine, is it not?
Leave it, what happened
on going for coaching?
Just started now, everyday
there is coaching.
We can only go on
Saturdays and Sundays, is it not?
Hey man, must tell if you are
in need of money or something.
No, there is nothing like that.
Here he comes.
Where is the bat and ball, man?
The bat and ball is at home.
At home? What did
they teach at the camp?
Taught defense.
Defense? What is that?
Will show.
Is that so, are they
teaching to play the test?
Sir is teaching him
defense over there.
Has anyone taught,
anything like this to us?
We will beat like anything.
What is the next one that is taught?
Then taught drive.
What is that? Will show you.
Kanna, don't be
scared, just drive okay.
Its very good to see this confidence.
I'll hit you!
You go and put it.
Tomorrow there will be
a house match.
Boys are all playing
very well is it not?
He is sitting there
with the helmet and all.
For me its a wonder, when you told
you have seen 1983 world cup on TV.
I was 11 years old at that time.
Though the Kapil and
Gavaskar were our heroes.
We had felt a fascination
towards Vivian Richards.
Don't you remember?
Yes, yes.
That guy wearing a red cap,
chewing, chewing gum and all.
Coming to the field.
Without a helmet also.
Come on lmran Khan,
without any kind of fear.
Like a lion walking and coming.
Imitating him once we went to
the ground without a helmet.
Could not judge the bounce.
One solid hit on the head,
fell on the ground suddenly.
One year..Was bed ridden
because of paralytic.
After that on seeing the children
playing, without helmet, I'm scared.
So, while playing at the house
Kannan, should wear his gear and play.
Gear means cricketing gear,
this helmet, pad and all.
Okay, all right then.
He is for the first time,
in a ground like this.
The chances which you didn't get,
through him god is giving like this.
That guy who is trembling and
going, that is you only, is it not?
During that time, there was no one
to understand you nor your passion.
Today for him you are there.
That is not his luck, but yours.
"Come near in warmth
by toddling, toddling"
"Will come with a song to sing,
will come to make friends"
"You come like a dragon fly,
by wafting around the sky"
"I'll come with the honey
from the flowers in the sky"
"At a distance,
when the dusk blossoms"
"When the herds of
naughty clouds reaches"
"Come with the radiant smile"
"When time is there, as
companion to un-veil the peacock..."
"...feathers of desires in the mind"
"Come near in warmth
by toddling, toddling"
"Will come with a song to sing,
will come to make friends"
"High up, the desire which
swings in the thread"
"Will come running, extend
the arms and will touch you"
"High up, the desire which
swings in the thread"
"Will come running, extend
the arms and will touch you"
"The moon flower is at a distance"
"ls it looking at us?"
"On the snow falling
mountains, someone.."
"Did hum slowly?"
"Can you sing in a melodious tune?"
"Will sing in your ears"
"Hearing that sleep my beloved"
What does this least
common multiple mean?
Ask mother.
Mother, what does this
least common multiple mean?
I had not studied in
English medium like you.
Long back we have studied in
Malayalam medium also.
It is called 'Lasagoo', 'Lagudama
Sadarana Gunitham'
Do you remember that?
Yes, now I understood,
I remember that now.
Then you explain it.
Don't know whether the
potatoes have boiled or not?
Yes, yes.
What's up?
Did the son's interest in
playing increase now?
Now, for him he wants to
be here on Saturdays anyhow.
Everyone has got
good opinion about him.
Is it? Who has told, is it coach?
Heard senior students
and coach also saying that.
Then Vijayan sir, is a good support.
He also likes sir a lot.
Didn't you know that, Vijayan
sir is going to Chennai?
To Chennai?
Why is that?
One coach ofVijayan sir is there,
Chandrakanth, a senior coach.
He is there in Chennai at M.R.F's
club. He was called to be there.
As Chandrakanth sir, is not feeling
well, Vijayan sir was told to...
...undertake the coaching.
When he calls, sir
cannot deny going.
Not that, then who will be here?
Here, a new coach will come.
Not that, we are somehow
managing, when sir was there,
...was a great support.
What is from now on..
Ramesha, should start
a regular coaching for him.
Can't leave like that, can
you shift the school to here?
Heard that sir is going to Chennai.
Yea, I forgot to tell that.
There is a small matter at Chennai.
That is no problem,
here there will be Vikas.
I can understand your difficulty for
not able to come for regular practice.
Then Ramesha, here in all the
districts there are cricket academies.
So connected to that academy,
there will be one school also.
Children can study, at the same
time practice will also take place.
Everything is free of cost.
But there, we should
get the selection.
The academy in here, the
coach is an old friend of mine.
I will give a letter.
We will make a try.
At the release time
give maximum effort.
This year's selection is over.
Vijay, knows that.
On checking the skill, from
a district only 15 members will...
...be taken in the academy.
Then even if we try also,
he is too small a child.
To play, some more
stamina is required, is it not?
No sir, don't look on
the size, he will play very well.
Were you in Vijay's club?
Yes, on Saturday and
Sundays will go for the practice.
Not only that, we are
daily practicing at home also.
Will you play?
I will play with the tennis ball and all.
All the parents will have big
ambitions about children.
But his size, I don't think he is ready
for being admitted to the academy now.
Sir, should give a chance to him.
No matter how you
throw the ball, he will beat.
So, is he a bats man?
Yes sir.
Do you have the kit?
Yes sir, the kit is brought.
Pad him, will see.
Come, come.
Should beat and make it
fly did you hear that?
Sir's doubt should be cleared.
I'm beating all the
balls there, is it not?
Man, father knows it.
He is ready.
Play well okay.
Didn't I say? There is nothing to be
sad on this, isn't he a small child?
First of all admit him to a
club and teach him regularly.
You don't teach him.
This tennis ball cricket has got lot of
difference with professional cricket.
If you teach wrongly at young age,
it will be very difficult to correct it.
When he gets older, we
will make another selection.
No, one minute.
What happened to you?
Place the leg forward
and play by watching each ball.
Did you hear that?
There, you are playing
brother's ball and all, is it not?
You can do it, play carefully.
Sir, he used to play nicely, one
more chance. Only one more.
My god Kanna, where did it hit?
What happened?
Hey boy, there is
nothing at all, nothing.
Hey someone bring
some water, make it fast.
Let me see.
How many times did I say?
He is not old enough to judge a ball.
For all the parents,
their kids are wonder kids.
We will play the cricket on getting
little more older, did you hear that?
Get up.
Won't understand on saying.
Simply trying to take the
stone with a dragon fly.
Boy, what happened to you?
There, you used to hit
everyone's ball, is it not?
Father, haven't you seen
that brother's ball throwing.
That brother was having
the speed of Brett lee.
Come on, Brett lee.
Really, there will be
140 kilometer speed at least.
140 kilometers speed?
I didn't see that ball itself.
But next time when I come for
selection I will make it flee,
...that brother's ball.
How is that?
We will be doing practice, is it not?
Is your pain subdued?
It was there at that time. Now its okay.
Show, where it was hit.
That doesn't matter.
Let me see, show.
Father there.
Will go there.
I also want to play.
Shall I go?
Do you want to play?
Will give the bat okay.
Is this the maximum speed of this?
This machine has got
only this much speed.
This is made with single motor is
it not? For the children to play.
Son, is playing well. For serious
players, there are higher end machines.
Brother, there are machines
with in swinger and out swinger.
Son, next ball.
But that will cost up
to 2 to 2.5 lakhs.
That is no use, installing
it here and all, brother.
5th ball okay.
Son, the last ball.
For serious players, there
are higher end machines.
Machines with in swinger
and out swinger.
Will cost up to 2 to 2.5 lakhs.
For serious players, there
are higher end machines.
Will cost up to 2 to 2.5 lakhs.
Will it win?
Just ask why not to win?
Shall I take one more bumper?
No need, this is enough.
How come taking the lottery and all?
Shall I take one?
There is need for
2.5 lakhs of rupees.
2.5 lakhs? That is some kind
of a big need, man. Let me see.
Has he not closed the
shop, even now?
Hey Ramesha, why don't
we go out for a movie?
No man you guys go.
There are some job.
Hey man its Vijay's movie. There will
be big fight and all, come man.
No, you guys go.
Okay we will go.
Heard that there is fight
when the movie starts.
Is it?
Rameshetta, not yet ready to sleep?
No, got some more work. You sleep.
Hey lady, what is he
working over there?
I have never seen him,
doing a job so sincerely.
He might have thought, that
without concentrating on job...
...will not be able to sutvive.
I'm also seeing it. Good if he
gets well off with it.
Is it the machine that
we saw at the park?
Not like that, but almost like that.
Why is that, it is not turning?
That is what father is also checking.
How did father learn all this?
Father is a smarty, is it not?
What kind of a machine is this boy?
That is, this wheel one should turn
to left and other to the right.
At the same time.
This is turning but the
other one is not turning.
How can it be?
What is this for? I have
never seen a machine like this.
Bring it here, on putting the
ball like this, will go like this.
To practice the cricket.
What, a ball?
Ball, to play the cricket.
I thought he will became good, on
putting the dog's tail in a tube...
...will it be worthwhile?
He is making some
stuff for the child to play.
Hey girl, what is he doing?
I don't know.
Then what do you know?
For you only, father is hearing this
scolding can you understand that?
Then what is this dog's
tail and tube all about?
You are not old enough to
understand all that.
Then won't this be mended again?
It will be problem, on staying here.
We will try at night.
It would have been better if
grandfather, is also taught cricket.
Then all this problems
wouldn't be there.
True man, I have also
thought about the same.
What is your problem?
No problem at all, I'm going for work.
I'll go and come.
What is this machines problem?
This machine?
That is, this is running
but that is not running.
Both together at the same
time should rotate like this.
You come, taking that
pliers and screwdriver.
Go and take the plier man.
Boy, what is this hammer for?
You turn on that switch.
Beat man.
Now I will do the bating.
Sir, what is happening with
the Chennai journey?
Planning to go by next week,
before going must meet Venuji.
Hey man Vijay, its been
quite long on seeing.
Man, just drop in
at the club some times.
Hey man, I met that boy,
which was send by you.
That small boy.
Don't have the strength
to lift the bat itself.
What happened to you?
Is it, did you see his trials?
Best, have I seen it or not, before
the children blooms from the egg...
...the parents will uphold them.
Won't understand on saying also.
You are right from the olden days,
a person of sentiments, is it not?
We will see the things only
in the professional line.
Boy fell down on hitting the ball.
Has he got injured, how?
Ball was hit on the back tail,
don't know what happened next.
Haven't they called you?
What is it sir?
Do you know that
Rameshan's house?
Don't know exactly, it is somewhere
near that Brahmamangalam school.
Tomorrow we must, go up to there.
Will go sir, tell when it is.
When the reflex is gone,
why delaying man?
I'll tell before one year, should
have retired from the test.
Vijay, I was telling, it is
good that Sachin, retires.
Let the new children come, man.
In the last years half of the
matches, Sachin is bowled.
Gap between the bat and the pad.
Man, have you noticed that?
Technical mistake.
We are all teaching the children
without the mistakes, the basics and all.
Son David, in our country
there are lot of critics.
Sachin Tendulkar, a fluke.
Even if you bend down and
touch your nose and howl...
...none of them, won't never
reach near these legends to...
...wash their legs and drink!
Sachin Tendulkar
is 40 years of age.
After 30 years he is 70 years.
At the age of 70, a straight drive
which Sachin is going to play.
Have you played in
your entire span?
If you knew all this shots and stuff
like that, a big brat how come...
...you got drained and
remained here only?
Couldn't you climb and
spread out into the lndian team?
Hey man, this is all a frustration,
not able to reach anywhere.
To finish that, this kind of spitting
by laying on the ground.
That is not your problem, there
is a thing called 'parentage'
It is the mistake of that.
When we told the matter,
abused our father.
If you have any other ill-feel,
there is no use of behaving by...
...putting that inside the mind.
There is no use, that
is what I also said.
Buddy, this Sachin Tendulkar's son
Arjun Tendulkar, to coach him.
I came to know that, a
person still now not obtained.
Why not try that?
"Within the hearts..
Within the hearts"
"The rhythm that every lndian sings
always resounds within my heart"
"Within the hearts..
Within the hearts"
"The rhythm that every lndian sings
always resounds within my heart"
Anyway it is play, then I also
thought let it be serious.
Is it not Sreedharan?
Rameshan says, boy is playing really
well. Do we know all this?
Thought of making him an
engineer, that didn't happen.
But anyway happy with one thing.
He tried to make one machine.
There is an engineer inside him.
Rameshan says, it is tutor
who had made it.
Simply he himself, has made it.
I just touched it here and there.
That touching is called 'grace'.
"Within the hearts..
Within the hearts"
He like this, right from
the childhood, is it not?
Why should we at this
old age, turn against his likes?
Husbands wants to make son to
a great player like Tendulkar.
Mother don't you know Tendulkar?
He is a big player, started playing
at the young age onwards.
Go girl, who is there, who doesn't
know Sachin Tendulkar?
What are you, making us belittle?
Sir, where else have you come?
Where else to come,
here only? To see you.
Why is here,
a gathering of the people?
For the Kanna, to play we
made a small balling machine.
We were just trying to play with that.
What made a balling machine?
That's a good one.
Ramesha, what is this, just show.
Sir, here we can adjust
the speed from here.
The in swinger and out swinger
can be adjusted from here itself.
Sir I will show you.
All move back.
This thing is great, for that
club to buy a balling machine...
...the discussions are going
on for the last one year.
So far nothing has taken place.
Your passion towards cricket is
immense, where did you get this idea?
That is...
My mind is saying all this
difficulties undergoing now,
...it will not be without a reason.
Lets hope its all for good.
Will this work only on tennis ball?
No, on putting a rubber bush
inside, it can be used for hard ball.
That is being done.
Rameshan you come.
Okay then.
Ramesha, next week it is
under 14 district selection.
On saying district selection, it is the
first step to the national level.
After district, it is zone, then state.
But only in district there is open trial.
That is a hurdle.
He should obtain this.
If he gets this, rest he will
climb and go. I'm sure about that.
He will get it sir, won't he?
Only after that, I'm
going to Chennai, we will see.
Anyway let him practice very well.
Kannan eat some more.
No mother, enough.
Eat Kannan.
Should play well, did you hear that?
Should obtain the selection.
Hey lady, is his getting ready over?
Look, they are about to leave.
Here he comes.
Should strike and make it
flee all the balls which comes.
Did you hear that?
Come here.
Will go and come.
Son, is there any tension?
Play boldly.
Is there any tension for him,
put the bat properly?
Has he taken any
food in the morning?
Of course, he had his
food in the morning.
Where is brother Saji?
Come get inside the vehicle, Saji
told will reach there directly.
His today's duty is at the town.
Aren't you coming? No, there is a
meeting that cannot be avoided.
You people go and come.
Okay shall we go?
Should play properly boy,
did you hear that?
Pappetta, bag.
You people go, we will
come when Saji arrives.
All right then.
Son, all the best.
Okay son.
I will also go along with them.
Should play nicely, did you hear?
Should watch every
ball and play nicely.
Stand in the queue.
This application form.
That is what is said, stand in the queue.
What happened?
What did he say?
Told to stand in the queue.
You both go I will come there.
Is this, the boy?
He is a small child.
He will play very nicely.
What is his age?
Sorry not for young
children like him, the...
...selection is for the
children of age 12, 13, 14.
No sir.
The child will get injured, the
trials are done on hard ball.
Will come to know, on trying.
Can't you understand on saying?
There are chances up to
14 years of age, is it not?
Manoj, leave the things
whether the ball is hard or soft.
The selection is for under
14, below 14 years of age.
That is the rule.
Not that, whether the
child will look like 14 or not.
Or will he fear on seeing the hard
ball? That is not a criterion at all.
Collect the application form
Okay give the application.
Is the duty over?
Yea over.
How many children, this district team
selection is a big thing, is it not?
Did you hear what the
coach told other day,
...the district selection
is the first step?
Without getting an entry
in it, cannot move forward.
Likewise on going further and
further can reach till lndian team.
Otherwise, there is no use of playing
cricket in the village, like what we did.
Correct, our Rameshan itself,
how well he used to play.
Then did it make any benefit?
Is everyone ready?
Opening bats men and
new ball, bowlers be ready.
Each and everyone will be
called according to the order.
The selection is based on
the performance at the pitch.
The function is about to start.
Is it?
Has it started?
They have entered there.
Note it.
Did you see that brother playing?
Should play like that.
What man?
Look there.
What happened?
Why are you getting scared?
Is there any bowlers among them,
who made you injured?
Over there.
What is there? Now you are playing,
with the ball much faster than this.
Play boldly man.
...when Sachin Tendulkar, was to
play the test cricket for the first time.
He had to face the
ball ofWaqar Younis,
...one of the fastest
bowlers of that time.
The first ball which was thrown by
Waqar was hit on Sachin's nose.
Blood came from the nose.
But Sachin remained in the
crease itself, with the wound.
But he replied it by hitting two
balls of Waqar, to the boundary.
Don't we have to
give a reply to the bowler,
...who had hurt you on the other day?
Yes we must.
Kannan, at the park on that
day what did you tell. father?
If he comes to bowl,
didn't you say will strike boldly?
You play boldly.
You can do it.
Son, you don't have to look
at that bowler's face at all.
His hand and his fingers, only that.
You play boldly.
Kannan, go.
Go man boldly.
I loved cricket not for any motive.
Even loving now, maybe what l
played will not be cricket at all.
Like how I loved the cricket,
now my son also loves cricket.
Now I'm seeing the dream, he
wearing the lndia's jersey.
I know, should walk
too far off distance and...
...should reach on top of a mountain.
As he walks his little legs shouldn't
get weakened, by holding his hands...
...I only need to be along with him.
Father did you say anything?
No, what man?
Felt like, as if told something.
Did you hear what Sachin
Tendulker said in the speech?
To be a good cricketer, it is
not merely playing cricket.
Should be a good human being,
should have great modesty.
Should require honesty.
Should have sincere effort.
Along with our dreams, should
work hard and reach for it.
Without any short cuts, only
in the straight paths.
Did you hear that?
Within the hearts..
Within the hearts"
"The rhythm that every lndian sings
always resounds within my heart"