2.0 (2018) Movie Script

Hi, we are a student
We meet with Dr. Wassie
Please go ahead
I'm sorry for you
excuse me, who are you?
I am a doctor's assistant
Oh my name is
It is beautiful
Thankful -
Nylla, Nila
Your name is a funny name
for what?
I do not know, I have to take this name or eat it
Can i have your number
Give me the inside .. I say Zabbant
The monkey came out
Hello -
Hello -
Come on -
Our doctor is from our engineering department
We wanted a human robot
See you right
Can you show us this?
I'm from a robot
Nila's project
A lovely, loving and intelligent assistant
The robot is the 2018 model
Quantum blind
With unlimited memory and speed of a terra
I'm the main engine It acts like a heart
Funny name
This is for human form -
Do you want to eat or drink?
What is the phone number?
Make my car number
From the Chitaya Model?
Not -
This is a model that your people are working on
I help you
Do you feel
Programmable for controlling the key -
Does the doctor go back one day?
: A specialized translation of our artistic cultural media
Interpreters: Bingxa and Aref
.. it's not right now
But when you need it, people
Accept it
When you need a token
She's definitely coming back
Hey nice
get lost
I guess it
Listen, I just had that
I was flogging; I did not mean
Shut up a liar
My doll, let's go get enough
I do not want to
You really know your day of birth
I'll give you an Apple Caddy
Collect the incense, eat something
And get sharp
... Tell the customer. I
The whole family is sitting on the phone
.. They talk
My son give me a phone
I need a phone
Give the phone
What baba Get it
What daddy me
... Elo, my dear
..Have you
So it's me, it's me
.. I'm afraid with me
See you, I have to be with us
.. my dear
... yeah everyone
! Mom!
what happened? I was with the project manager
.. other promotion
.. Bring it to you and say it
Forge Wi Fi
What is all
Doctor, girlfriend
My dear Senate
Alo Wasi, why did not you answer?
Sorry the senate
How much I called. All cards
Work on the project
Please, my dear
Missed call
I've given 112 to the boom so far
112 up there
Give me one now
It is unclear what happened
All phones are flying
This is a job or group job
We were very scared
This is a sign of great destruction
Saw it's another demolition
If you listen, do not come back
I die
No, you and I will not live a life
Anyone have a phone now
No matter what the phone is -
what do I do?
How should I find it now?
All my pass information and my bank was
Overall photo and video luggage
Sorry what to write?
..Chartman, my phone
..Check, this is my complaint
.. my guy went away
Everything is registered
All the phone is going to look like
Daddy -
The commissioner is calling
Are the minister Yes sir ... I am pursuing
See my sweetheart; my phone is a diamond
Two and a half bitterns
Twenty million was worth it
Do it, sir
OK -
Qurban, a specialist from the single department
You wanted via SIM card
Understand the position of the phones
So what?
All SIM cards and handsets are perfect
Outside of our access circuit
At all, we can not understand where their position is
All phones are shut down
The whole city's phones go unnoticed
Then they all turn off
How is it possible
I think you know the situation
What is this situation?
Very weird! I have all the evidence and
I looked at the strange things of the past
This is quite rare
I have the perfect and definitive answer to science
I can not find the incident
It is quite characteristic that this is a terrorist attack
They are designing a big attack
We can not do anything
.. that this world is happening
And we do not know how to answer it
Relate to the terrorists or the work of God
Is this possible?
No sir, I read the reports
In space, there is nothing special about existence
Underground creatures have not arrived It should be the international company too
It means that it is for their own interests
As far as i know
Technology that can fit the entire city's phones
You do not fly like a bird
It is possible that this is due to experience
New fool scientist
Is this what?
Son of the former minister of science and technology
Dr. Deirder is one of the best scientists in the world
Director of Knowledge and Technology Organization
This 3D map or 3D product core image product
Three of the satellites that are on the circuit
These are three small transmitters
Are on the satellite
The pictures now tell us
That the phones came up to a point
That means more handsets
Do not go up 10 kilometers above sea level
That is, if we want to create a circle
The hands should be inside a 200-kilometer fence
How far away are the city
..Activity, electromagnetism, nuclear radiation
I'm sure that's going to happen
Explained scientifically
All phones break the glass and go out
Complaint filed?
Not -
You do not even have a phone in the whole city
It does not stay
Now, what do you want people to answer? Tomorrow afternoon
You said you were coming this afternoon
What is the sound behind it?
The sound of the song! This is all this song
His dad, his dad
What is it inside? Someone inside
what are you saying? He's just a mobile phone
Call me when the container arrives
Ask the security police?
Yes -
Tomorrow morning
Sir, if you have a new phone tomorrow
So what happens then?
So without any bad days, it starts
Not only us, but us too
Bring it to yourself
What's up here
Congratulations to the container!
Who is he talking to?
I am a hypocrite, you were saying
Call the container
Hello sir, commissar is a sharia rider
From this side
There is no trace of humanity in your killing
He's the phone importing business
Maybe it's a clue
His neighbors are not being together
In the room, there is no work of fingerprint or foot
It was supposed to load the phone for him
He was supposed to be a mobile phone today
You're on the market
The container also left the car phone
And all the phones get lost
It's really not clear what's up
The murder was with the phone ... These are many of the constituent parts
How many mobile phones are there?
... like silicon and
Phones with different models
And on different dates
Jand Kumar to kill the phones
Kill the phones?
What do you say sir
If not, then the handsets
What are they doing here
What a surprise! Miracle today
Call yourself!
Senna is very nice to get this call
This is the last corner you have in the city
All the phones are gone
That's why you have this handset
I've connected a trace
So I'm actually a laboratory rat
That's not the Senate
That day I wanted to send a bus
The phone went flying
So I thought I would do this today
This is no longer working
The phone jumped
You're sitting in that lab
You're living with that girl
Oh, that's exactly like a laptop
Just one machine-
Shut up
What ? Do you smoke?
Listen to the Senate, this phone is available every moment
.. Send it, for the same ove
Why do not I guess
Honey -
Enable it
Enabled -
That's what he's doing
Do you have a trail of oil?
Turn left
Yes sir - Thank you Nila
Laptop that you do not want to thank
Listen to the devil
Mr. Lola has come
Or God, let's go
Come on
Is it? - Yes -
Come on
No excuse is not accepted
What are you doing
Here is a state or not
You see Mr. Lula Allah, who is everywhere
I am there
When accepting the bills, that's fine
Dandon is sharp
I do not feel healthy on my cell towers
It's not just your problem
All towers are stripped off
Even the towers of the rest of the companies
That's why those who went out
Sit down like that
Why do you snore?
I saw a billion damage
If that goes
In the next three months I have to take a tent in the street
We have trouble before the rest
We will examine you
You have only one week
At the time of the election, you have a group and a group
I made my suitcase
If you need it, I'll get it on your own
Beware! It's a big deal
Has this happened before?
We do not know how
Control this situation
We have everything to save the towers
That's what we need
You can not be the same as that
People are mournful
I'm sick of my head
From today week to then
Everything should be fine I must start again again
If I do not work, then the next bomb
You will be a Vickie Lyx
An overview has been done
But not detectable
Several branded phones have come under control
And turned into it
We can not control it with today's technology
Because of this, we are artemen
We got ready
Thanks to her so much power
If we put the army in front of it
They lose their lives
So what should we do?
To fight with him
We need a superpower
One who has many skills
No one can kill him
Who can not die?
Cheat, robot
We have to bring it out of the museum, point
I am waiting
No way! I disagree
This is illegal
You really have learned that way
.. how many people are killed
And how much damage did you incur?
By returning it, that is not yours
But we will surely die
Which robot changed for what?
You know everyone
This time, nothing wrong happened
I guarantee this
Thank you, this is the conspiracy of this man
She is in this sensitive position
Comes ahead of it
To be able to international companies To attract him
You decide
Did we get here to save this city?
Or is it better for the ads?
Okay, if you have a solution
A. We think about it
We got here for this
Thank you, we are a great danger
This was the first stage, we had no idea and program
To prevent further events
Except for the other way, we have no way
Mr. Vassien; we can not
Let's face the ruling of the judiciary
If we want to get rid of the ruling
It takes a lot of time
We must submit a petition to the parliament
We have seats with high numbers
To make a request and suspend the order
Maybe sir, you're still a vice
Did you see this?
Why do we want to do this?
The reason is clear
For these reasons, we can convince the court
There is a way
If the robot kills somebody
What's the fault then?
My fault or Mr. Minister
This does not happen, sir
Why did not you?
Finally, the unit
What a guarantee
Which does not go out of control?
If something happens, I have to be accountable
No. No, think of another way There is a military army
do not worry
it's true! Request and sentence
Publish it today
!So what up with u
What's up here?
You are a scientist so why?
I know, but I do not let you do this
I do not get that kind of thing coming back
Why are you so upset about me?
You are my father!
That's the exact one you own
!the murderer
Oh my dadash
All towers are well-formed
Do not you see your way?
You are the city of all the phones
Re-start working
Go start your business
!Where to start
From here
Go nylla
Open again
Sir if i hack it
I've broken the law
Is not there?
This is a hacking rule
It is an exception; it is not permanent
True, with a lie
That's a good thing
She is not a lie yet
it's true?
Nylla, where do you get this?
Do you learn
.. I must be able to understand the people
For this you are for me
... learn the specific system in the name
And run it, you've done it
I understood that you are four people
So much focus
Money, cinema, food and lust
! As easy as that!
"We have a heart made of iron" "Do you love love first?"
"We have a heart made of iron"
"Do you love love first?"
Shut up
All units are ready
Your city will control the army
People do not need to be scared
Everywhere all the related equipment
The telecommunication system is being repaired
We are going to protect the army
Soon all again from
Phones use
Tell me more about protecting you
But now he's got four wagons right now
Out to protect you and stand up
With the weapons that they have
My dog is not afraid of them
Tell them who they are
Yesterday owner of Telecom
..And so kill and take away
That I have not seen so far
Under the Release Cells Release Towers
Who has signed
I'm miserable
No, I'll be the day
Like this, I'll make a call
Go say more people
Come on
Report an attack
Report an attack
what happened?
I heard where the mast was playing
It's been attacked there just now
Ruined everywhere
I saw you, I told you
Double-protect the guard
I've got it, sir
Come on these doors Keep the windows closed
Sir, everything is under control
do not worry
Sir, this is your phone
Come on
Diamonds have never been
He's back with you
I'm your secretary, did you understand?
Technology is your fist
You see how exactly the phone is
! He gets it!
Anonymous Call
Come on, go, go
Go out of here
go out
How is it
Very good, sir
The breathing space of the ruins
Why? what happened?
I do not know! It's like a shock to them
Can not talk
Have a nice scan, is not it something?
Yes sir -
MRI got all his body
There is no case
But now his breath goes hard and goes away
What is the doctor?
Unfortunately fade -
.. phone, phone
The phone that floated and went
I mean fixed line
I am the Minister of the Interior
That robot should instantly be rusty
That's it today
right now
LOL! how is it possible?
You look like you're in the restaurant
Have a lunch order
What do you want to go to court?
We can not do this
We break the law
I will do all of her work
You just send out a token
But how is it possible? We should ask you in parliament
There must be plenty of seats to get to her body
This process is time-consuming
There, I have 40 seats
All with me
Anyway, it's an entity
If something breaks down
What's the matter?
Who guarantees it?
You or me
O Baba! The phone went out of the way
The belly tore the secretary and came out
It's not known tomorrow
The phone where you go from
I guarantee it, that's it
How busy here?
Not a phone yet
They are asking about charging and they ask
I want to get a newer and more modern model
eh! If you want the phone again
Fly the same bird and go what?
I gave her a great deal
See here
How you want to go
You're on the shorts!
Since there are no handsets
Very good
There is no phone ring everywhere
I'm coming, talking to my kids
I'm talking to my friend
!how good
So what are you going for here?
Because the phone looks like Adam's wife
Have a shit
Do not be disappointed
You're back!
thank you! I was thinking
Smash me - thank you cheat -
From chit to center
! From the center to the cheat Send a car on the way
The connection is weak
In search of power source
The connection is weak
The connection is weak
The connection is weak
Where is this?
This is a space aerospace research center
This center is no longer active
Too late closed
2 Technician just like that
Here are here
You ordered it in 1965
Dr. Honey Berva was made
Call Dr. Sam
Yes i am
Dr. Sam, I'm Wasser Gon
I need some information shortly
About a research center
That you are in phase 14
This information is confidential
Are you in our galaxy only earth, creatures
Has wisdom and intelligence?
To understand whether they are creatures
Boilers are also
We get signals from somewhere in your land
We send to space
A signal sent from India
Precisely from that center
Signal frequency Which country?
There is a possibility that the signals are
They are getting by an eagle power
We also have a positive signal for this reason
We send on our behalf
That means you're in the galaxy
If there are positive things Only they can get our signal
Thank you doctor
What kind of pictures you have to put on the screen
See you doing his own
To avoid positive signals
Because it has a negative energy
It controls it from the inside
Negative energy means from another world?
Hold on
No, this energy is mine
That's the man
I saw somewhere
Nylie, a quick list of deaths
Check out the relevant mobile phone!
Why are these transmitters doctor still?
Is it the front of the research center?
so why?
You're as if you do not know yourself
Tell yourself
Because this energy may be negative
Emitted by Adam
That his body may not be
But she and her energy are mine
You are still in this world
What's she
The human body of the Nitron
And electrons
By combining these two energy is emitted
In the name of aura
This energy is always
Is with man
If the carrier of this energy is a zombie
This energy is always positive
But if a man is dead
This energy or the same becomes negative
... to eliminate this aura-negative
We need a lot more positive energy Send that negativity to him
To work it out
The sender must do this
Use light radii
When the light is positive
Go to the negative
The negative will diminish
It should be so low
To zero
That's it
Is it okay, Doctor?
With this device, positive light radii
You can see it
The kind of energy that the research center had
It was sent to me. I have restored here
Power is ten times the power
The negative radii of a man are dead
With the power of this device
We can have negative energy for it
Decompose and eliminate
What a good thing! Fine
Sir -
The information you requested
You sometime around 34 people
Suspectly die
Of these, 17 are natural deaths
13 people were killed
The other four are suicidal
Which of these deaths are related to the phone?
Someone is talking while driving
It was with the phone that crashed
One girl because of her shots
The hand fell to some people, suicidal
Someone also drove herself from the rig
What day
April 7 Exactly the same day of the phones
Began to disappear
!My God! Everything is clear
Install this device on the machine
We have to work
We got the doctor, all the phones are here
Nylla, take the car here
Nylla, make it up
Try again
!My God! Clearing up
Profile picture
This war is between me and humans
You are not human
You do not want to interfere
!do not interfere
Lost something to me
You have not defined the software
Wake me up for saving people
I must destroy you
Cleanness raen, why are you from humans
Do you care so much
Why are you doing this?
What do you want?
This is a cookie
In the name of biology, they say that
Immigrant Birds after the Immigration
This type goes to India
You're in South India, the rainy season
After coming it comes
If that is the same year
Rain did not happen
Why does not this secret tell anyone?
You used to tell this rainbow in ancient history
Why do not you think about this research?
Be sure to master! Oh master Take your picture
On print magazine
This is every year! Thank you, how are you interested in birds?
If I want to tell it right
Birds are interested in me
When I was born I would not breathe
My body was bruised
Doctorate can not do anything practically
Do it sooner
: A specialized translation of our artistic cultural media
Translators: Aref and Bingxa
Maybe that's what happened
But everyone is saying this is a miracle
My grandmother said that God himself is your face
A bird came to live with me
I'm writing today
When i was kid
A sparrow from the window every day
.. the courier came in
And he flew
"You are the golden light of life"
"Shake the balloon"
"On the Dew"
"You'll fall asleep with your arms"
"You walk slowly with your feet"
"A great columel"
"You give me passion"
"I have the dream of flying like you in the sky"
"I'm still listening to you"
Since that day I have vowed that
All my life belongs to the birds
"Birds of the Birds"
"Birds of the Birds"
"I'm still listening to your voice"
"Birds of the Birds"
"Birds of the Birds" I pray that the sound of "
"Jake Jake, you hear me
.. "without language"
.. "without ritual"
"Wherever you live"
.. "without language"
.. "without ritual"
"Wherever you live"
.. "Everything is eaten"
"Things that are yours"
.. "where"
"You're also in the atmosphere"
"You have human courage"
"Who lives with her heart"
"My soul, my dear"
"I want a heart like you"
"The world is extinct"
"Love saves you from extinction"
"Fly, Fly!"
"Fly Over Any Frontier"
For that, I have my own field
I chose biology
I became a professor
That bird flying all over the world
From here to the south everywhere is full of this bird
This is an old proverb
: It's Tamil language
That bird flying all over the world
From here to the south everywhere is full of this bird
The weight of all birds in the world is 100 times the weight
All human beings on the planet
So much humans eat
Thousands of birds are eating birds
.. if they're not wormhole
Even your green leaves will not remain in the world
People will have nothing to eat Because the worms on the planet are one hundred times
Your existing birds are the world
If people read to their lives on the planet
Continuing the body, birds must survive
What was the size of their population so low?
Previously, with the sound of bird and sparrows
We wake up
But now in cities there is no name
And there is no show of birds
In 1996, the first mobile phone was invented
After that there was a number of birds
Day by day
This is the name of this articler
The weight of this little bird is 50 grams
Every year, 12,000 kilometers away
And then returns
This bird does not have a map or radar
You have the power of this bird's brain
Which can route
With it he can find his way
This is the property of this bird
We came with telecommunication towers
We spread all the signals in the air
Because of these frequencies, the powers of the brain
These birds are getting worse
They have the power to lose
And they will disappear
Because of these frequencies, eggs of birds
They are weak and soft
Birds read everyday
For fertility, eggs break down
It does not make birth The fact is that this problem
The problem is all human beings
This also has a lot of problems
It happens to humans
Psychiatric problems, schizophrenia, Alzheimer's, anxiety, and so on
Stress becomes more and more
Whose mark will be low
Mr. Pakashi Rajen, how can it be?
Fixed this issue?
What phones are used for?
! For the letter!
This should be controlled
Why are all these phones?
What needs?
It must be reduced
How much and how much should your phone be used?
There should be a law for this
It's crazy!
Instead of today's powerful ones
That causes these things
One should find an alternative to it
By that time, 90% of the cellular towers
The whole country should be silent
Good thought!
Save the birds
Save the earth
Do not stop!
Do not miss the birds
Save the birds
Save the earth
Do not miss the birds
They do not have a job?
Morning to morning for a lawyer
! .. A fist of dogs and cats and birds
I told them my lord
I said, I will not go anywhere without visiting you
What's your problem? How much does telecommunication frequency limit?
How many frequencies do you have?
You have birds in the sky
Blow away in the air
Oh, sir, listen to this
We have accurate telecommunications rules
And hair is applied to the hair
So far, our customers are complaining
You do not have a signal in the apartment
You do not have a signal in the elevator
You do not serve the underground
In the last three months, about two thousand of them
We need to change their SIM card
Do not lie! You are due to increase user
It's a messy competition
And every company as much as you like
Frequencies get high
These frequencies are from the red line
The risk of passing through the rays
Because of these rays the generation of birds
Exhausted to the limit
Do you know this?
You have too much exaggeration
"Because of rays, birds are extinct"
This does not mean any scientific degree
Ok, you're under one of your cellar towers
Only 24 hours of visa
Then I'll prove you
go out
Did you ask for a document?
I'm giving you more
Go out and write to the media
Get a placard every day
And vice company front
I did not care, go out
Listen to this go out -
The nonsense says
Vaisin! What are you doing
Here are people around here
Birds are both together
Finish this construction
Ah, old man, are we
What do we do
We just have a mast
You also have a signal from now on
It's easier to get
what happened?
I explained a few times to you
How do birds die?
You got upset about them
But you can let me back
what do I do? We are agricultural land
Worm it all; they're all destroyed
The reason for this is the bird dropout
Birds fly worm
.. the fights, the less you go
The worms will get as much as they do
Maybe that's really true
But I do not have the ability to farm
Other than that, I have a way
I do not have any income
So you want to have them
Getting the birds on the ground for a bad rig?
When people die of starvation
How could he sit down and think of the birds?
Do not hurt me
Take away
..Ladies and Gentlemen
Use the mobile phone aside
Any phone that has
You are using it
Immersed in a bloody bird
The fee for using the handset is yours
John is a flamboyant Come here, what's that
Yes -
Who has run away from customers
Leave it out
the eye -
..Ladies and Gentlemen
Say hello, I'm going to say something to do
Aha! Because of this newly
No beetle seen
When I was a little bit, I was very sparse
This is the side and the side door
I played with them
When I grew up I would have them grilled
I was eating with salt and pepper
How tasty you were!
Today, it's not clear what the trash is
If we were frying and drinking one
What's that hell
.. I'm talking about liv ing it
You are about to fry them
what do I do?
Let me mumble
Will I be responsible for you?
You are against companies that have more frequencies
Exercise the limit
Deny the permission to work
after that?
And 2 of the companies that are required by law
Acting to keep them working
What a nasty and porous! India is a country
With 1 billion and 250 million people
To cover all these people
Is the signal needed or not?
Today's phone is a big necessity
The phone is like water, if not
Human life is disrupted With a phone, it saves you time
Work and life are managed
Let people do it
If someone is starving
Would he cut his hand and get it?
Extinction of birds exactly
It has the same type
If some 30 grams of sparrows can not
Trust us to live our lives
So how about these technologies
Help human life
The United States is much bigger than India
There are only 3 or 4 telecom companies there
The world's largest population is China
There are only 3 telecom companies there
They are active
And here?
Ten companies
And the license of all these companies
You are exporting
Get another
Because it looks good
.. And you are a good guy
So I spoke with respect to you
What do you understand politics?
Every law that you have in the telecommunication laws
We act on it
If you think this is not
Go to court to sue
Why are you upset?
Listen to this
I do not command you
Go, go to court
If the judge says, I will go to answer
From the court to check for frequencies
Frequency below the legal limit From the reports received
All companies are subject to the laws of the country
Meanwhile, it has not been proven that it really is
.. due to telecommunication frequencies
The generation of birds is in the exodus
! Or they will be harmed
For this reason, the court has sued her
Setting the base and ending the meeting
You are correct to delete your password
But killing people is not the right thing
Killing one of the sparrows was a good thing?
It's worth all the bird's life
Is it less than a few people a few
You want a betrayal revenge of a fist
Get a great person among innocent people?
Which is innocent?
Everyone who has
I use a mobile phone guilty
How much did I scream?
You went to every street and street
I grabbed everyone
To avoid using the phone
I got a placard
Even one of them did not listen to me
All this on TV every day
And the magazine and see you
Which telecommunication frequencies
It is dangerous to live birds
Then say oh! With the rays of the phone
Are the birds dead? eh?
The poor
Five minutes to get upset
Then, for example, an article or news about .. This is your issue and Facebook or Facebook
Share and all
Our responsibility is over
Then you eat again for hours
Talk to your phone
do not tell me
I do not know what their phone is
I do not want to be alive
See you now
Everyone who sees the phone is horrified
And fear of being there
Your game has been deleted
The device is ready
PMPY has been damaged
Oh my god!
thank you
you're welcome
eh! what happened?
Why do you do it yourself?
Did you connect to me?
Oh mistake me
I understand why the internal memory
I'm gone
And now it's a TV fist and a blade movie
Come on to fix it
Not now, let's go
Everything that is dead
.. what is Adam what animal
A special energy coupled with
She's called herself
This is not a religious quotation
This is absolutely scientific
Some scientists even have it
Take photos of him
Aries is a zombie about a distance of 1 or
One and a half meters away it has mobility
A Russian doctor named Frank Baranovsky
That's fixed
Aurai Pashi Rajan Very Strong
This is not about anyone It is a combination of hundreds of thousands of birds
A great aura! A ghost aura
Enough negative energy with a negative mind
! Very negative!
Maybe that's the same thing
He is pulling the phones to his side
The city could have been destroyed
The cheat is back
Because of this, we were saved
Thank you
And who can do it
It did this, Mr. Minister
..Thus is all the old legends
To save people
God is in the form of a ground-breaking avatar
And save the people
This time God is with a face
A device came in between us
And we saved, chit
If someone fights for the country borders
Is not the shadow of that person next to him?
Who is fighting with her?
If that soldier fights the enemy
The shadow of the soldier is exactly the same
Does not this work?
We are proud of the soldier
Not to shade it
The principle is the doctor
And I'm shadow of it
Do the main thing to do it
thank you
There's another person here
We must thank it too
If at the right time
He did not ask for his heart
I mean, that is my PM
I did not want to
Maybe we could not miss
Get rid of that giant That person is Nila
..The government announced this day
That's the work done by Dr. Wassi
Quite law
And that the government allowed the design of 500
The other one has been issued to the army
!the danger! Request denied
!the danger! Request denied
Status: Neutralized
Hello scientist
Can i get inside
Remove all yours
Throw out
This is the last warning for you
Otherwise, your destruction will be near you
Save the birds
Did not you hear
... Yeah, that's Victoria
Nylla is a neutralizing device?
Oh, let's go. Let's go
Doctor, what do you do?
What do you mean by this?
Come my pretty toy?
How bad i'm not your doctor
Turn on Nylla
No Nila, cut it off
You can not do anything with me, Cheetah
I have a body now
Doctor Wassie Gren
... if you destroy me
You destroy my god!
hurry up
Turn on the toy
Show the technology
Turn on, turn it on, see
Do not think about it
Do what I said
We destroy each other No doctor, I can not do it
To save me, do not destroy the rest
If you kill me
He will be ruined
Kill me
Sorry doctor
My controls are set up
I can not do that
The diva This is my command
kill me
Do not fire
Because of these bullets
Wassie Gren is gone
We should not let the doctor get this
What kind of thing are you doing?
Let me shoot
Cheat, cheat
Turn on the device soon
Nylla, do not do this
Nylla, this is my command
Cheetah, wish you got me
You listened
The relationship between God and His Holiness was cut off
One alas!
Cheat, cheat
Nylla, you go there
Present the second version
The goal was identified
Version 2.0 was completed
Returning from death is also pleasure
She's got herself
Clear from today
You can not fly
Nylla; what are you doing there?
come here
Come cute
What can be wrong, just be me and you
Come on a nice bus
Give the king a big deal
Chitty, the game is different
Destroy the first clean
He is stronger than you
More than you have the power of ruin
You knock on the chain
You're not here in the world, you're not First and second all this
I am unique, super first
No comparison of the game
You do not understand what the name is
I must explain to him
The king of wars, war started
left right
360 degree head
Right again
Enable Enabled
Activated -
what is this?
This is me
!Just me
Very funny!
What a game to look for!
Half of the big final
Dear spectators
You will no longer be available
Because all of you will die
Simple death no
But with a painful death
Like sparrows killed each one
You will understand
All of you phone
Which you use
I will collect all of them
! And I use it on your own
Want to see?
.. you are
Choose another one
How about
I am a fan
I freed you
For that, make me happy
you're welcome
What's the difference?
Finally you are also a spectator
you're welcome
All its components are ashed
Do not go out
Only you in five seconds -
Killing thousands of people in Hiroshima
The biggest record is
But today, you are killed
Will record a new record You are dear spectators
Be part of these historic moments
Do not worry, dear spectators
You are not supposed to die
What are you looking at?
Little bird
I've re-designed my china, version 2.0
Doctor Wassy Gren you?
I wanted to shoot you
What a great sin!
!sorry! I was wrong
You are my god
Do not destroy me
Forgive me
Please, no, no
The magnetic field was activated
All Salafi friends, let's go ahead
To keep you in touch
The warp is zero
Get rid of that sparrow
Oh, I'm an iron man
Hey, Hey, Hey Wissa
Clean up the bird and run away from here
Otherwise, I will hit you
Foolish Machine!
Why do you help people?
.. It's time to take a break from the bridge
They rejoin you
Enable version 3.0
The post was sent
Warning! Breaking on the threshold of radiation
What is happening
An angry bird
I introduce
I'm Hoty, Version 3.0
.. If the headman is damaged; this pigeon
"The grandson of the truth"
"Small size but the same sun"
"Rajaali, you are crazy"
"It's as if it's a diwaliy today"
Hey you I can take you 6th
Look at different at the same time
My baby, the rest of the kids are in the middle
No, do not let it go
Okay, you're finally fucking
Clean up, it's the rays it's going to do
It's true that the stadium is burning
But before it meltes these birds
Miniclip, cut
How many flies can one milk be?
Get rid of herself
But how many flies can you do?
Get off the milk
The card was excellent
Thank you, Commander
Are they all in their heads?
Have a blast
Hey hey hey
Do you want sand barbecue?
Hey, follow me
"Rajaali, you are crazy"
"It's as if we're Diwali"
"You are a guest from hell"
"Hey .. I'm busy"
"Explode, Canvas ... Explosion"
Who are you?
How did you come in?
Get out
If we live, again
Because of your sacrifices
You have a big risk
For us, you are wearing a neck
We have saved technology
But we have that
We make mistakes
... Correct technology: Disease Poverty alleviation, illiteracy
And this is all
If we want to go for it for personal gain
To use
Stone can not be stones and it's possible
These incidents are coming back to us again
You think you're clean
Regen returning?
He died dead, but we still have not changed
I know that the erasure was wrong
But it was perfectly correct
Birds guarantee life on Earth
We must reduce the rays and frequencies
Telecoms companies should be weighed down
We should not be working for our convenience
Human life is at risk
The law must be laid down
This land is not our father's property
Every soul that lives in this sphere
It's just the right to live
That's what we have
You are right
We save the birds
At least we can give them one
Let's get water to eat
Then our future will be better than today
All this will happen
I'm going to a parliamentary session
I guarantee strict laws
In this field
thank you
Thank you Nila
You do not need to thank me
!Oh God
The chitney system should now be needed
Have a reinfusion Do not worry, the security program is active
It was clever
I'm glad to see you well, head
Me too
Doctor, you have to make a report
Can you
Nylla can also!
Doctor, are you sure?
Do not you have any? -
Thank you doctor
You are my life, my life "
"My battery
"do not leave me"
You are my life, my life "
"My battery
"Do not miss a bit"
: A specialized translation of our artistic cultural media
Interpreters: Bingxa and Aref
"The beautiful world of machines"
"Love In Myths"
"You play with my engine"
"Eeyore's wife"
.. "On Uncontrolled Species"
"I can kiss"
"With Java Clay New"
"Can I fly?"
.. "Healthy information"
"Can I eat?"
"Hey, I'm flying off my ticket"
You are my life, my life "
"My battery
"do not leave me"
You are my life, my life "
"My battery
"Do not miss a bit"
You are my life, my life "
"My battery
"do not leave me"
You are my life, my life "
"My battery
"Do not miss a bit"
"The beautiful world of machines"
"Love In Myths" "You play with my engine"
"Eeyore's wife"
"You are an Sensory Sensor and Snore Feed"
"You're your cousin's information"
"You have semen keyboard keys"
You are the fish that "
"I filled my nervous system
"You're my sister, you're my password"
"You are the monopoly laptop, you are my king"
"You are cast iron"
"Let's melt and we're together."
"Come on ... Come on!"
"Come mega"
"Mega Mega .. Come on Queen Shu"
"From the zero of my love"
"To eternity"
You are my life, my life "
"My battery
"do not leave me"
You are my life, my life "
"My battery
"Do not miss a bit"
You are my life, my life "
"My battery
"do not leave me"
"The beautiful world of machines"
"Love In Myths"
"You play with my engine"
"Eeyore's wife"
.. "On Uncontrolled Species"
"I can kiss"
"With Java Clay New"
"Can I fly?"
.. "Healthy information"
"Can I eat?"
"Hey, I'm flying off my ticket"
You are my life, my life "
"My battery
"do not leave me"
You are my life, my life "
"My battery
"Do not miss a bit" You are my life, my life "
"My battery
"do not leave me"
You are my life, my life "
"My battery
"Do not miss a bit"