2 Countries (2018) Movie Script

United States of America
the largest country in the world.
It's got the Statue of Liberty
and liberty to live as well.
It's a free country.
Colors, dollars, glamour
entertainment, there's no dearth
of any of these.
Let's check out our hero's entry
into this colorful country.
Oh, lord, you are so weird.
Gave me visa to come abroad.
Brought me onto pavement
in this foreign land.
I've no food to eat,
no shelter
no guts to stay either.
Wonder what do I do now.
Video stopped playing
"Mother, I long to see you."
"To see you and father."
"To play on dad's lap
and sleep in your arms.."
Who is that singing so bad?
"My dear mother."
"I lost my way home."
"Lost the hope to return."
"No strength to walk,
hunger pangs killing me."
"My dear mother."
You are..
- Ullas.
And you?
- Me, Jimmy.
You mean doggy's name,
Jimmy? - Yeah.
Where are you from?
- Venkatapuram.
I'm from Anantapuram.
So we belong to same area.
You're right.
So you're her on a visit?
No, wedding.
To attend a wedding?
I came after getting married.
Then where's your wife, bro?
She left me on road
over a little issue.
These wives are like that.
They constrict us like balloon
while they go free
like hot air balloon.
You mean she's clever
and me an fool?
I'm strong as squall.
Loud-voice is prohibited
in America.
I'm strong as squall.
That doesn't matter how strong
you are
once you're married,
you will turn weak.
We marry with a good feel
and they look down on us.
Could you buy me some food?
I'm starving as hell.
"One moment one life."
"To have French fries."
Dude, have it slowly.
Only a brother feeds better
next to mother.
Who will foot the bill?
Bill is yours,
thrill is mine.
Finish it fast.
Will find your wife
and take you to her.
So are you a broker?
No, bro.
I'm a brother.
Hanuman went looking for Sita
in Ramayana epic
but you're taking me to my wife.
Rewriting the epic, aren't you?
I'm not a writer,
but a driver.
Oh, heck!
A driver?
What irked you?
Anything else, sir?
Hold on a second.
How much to pay?
It's fifteen dollars.
Thank you, baby.
Take it.
Thank you.
Bro, why speak with finger
in mouth?
That's a little trick to sound
American accent.
I want some water.
Sure, sir.
This trick really works.
You'll see more.
Let's go.
So yours is a love marriage
or arranged one?
In fact, both.
How come?
We were in love,
our parents got us married.
There's lot more in your story.
tell me your story.
I am from a beautiful village
called Venkatapuram.
Usually a heart beats for life
while mine beats for money.
Boss, we couldn't find Ullas.
You didn't find him?
No, boss.
Play it properly.
I'm not A.R.Rehman
to play well, boss.
Just because I didn't pay
a month's interest
you made me sit on ice
and play tabla.
It's veena, not a tabla.
A veena.
Can't make the difference
between the two, sitting on ice.
Why you torture me?
It's just the beginning.
Borrowing money from me
is equal to inviting problems
as hell. Play it properly.
Where is Ullas?
Boss, he gave missed call.
Now he called on my phone.
What does he mean by not
repaying me the money?
He meant a barking dog
never bites.
Better mind your work.
Dial his number.
It's ringing.
It's me.
Cast away the egoism
as in 'me'
and embrace brotherhood
as in 'we'.
With same feel I lent you money
but you refuse to pay back?
The fuel expenses to search
for you
and the food expenses of my men
I will have you
bear all expenditure.
You see, Mr. Patel
Take pride in lending
but beware while asking
to repay the amount.
- Remember how much you owe me?
I don't care how much
because I've got other plans.
I want my money back.
I've got heaps of currency.
Would you collect or shall I bring?
Tell me when or shall I?
At your place or mine?
Any time, any place
the cash is ready.
All in two thousand-rupee bills.
You gave me some time ago
it's my duty to return it.
Tell me where to hand over
the money. - Ullas!
You borrowed money from him
ran business,
and also into losses.
How could you promise him
to pay back?
You're treading on razor's edge,
Come on, I am always running
against the grain, aren't I?
Think practically.
Hi, Mr. Vilas.
This is Boggu Babji
and she's underwear.
No, no.
It's underwire.
Yeah, I meant the same.
He's got a piece of cultivated
field in village nearby
she wants to purchase it.
He desperately needs money
and she the land.
That's why we'll exchange fifty
million dollars for thirty millions
Is it possible to get money
right now.
Don't underestimate our pal.
He's no less than a bank
to aid financially.
You sure? Because the banks are
closed for three days in a row.
Pretty sure.
Did you get my point?
We'll take thirty million
from Patel
buy the dollars from them
and then sell them to him.
In total
we'd make a profit
of twenty millions.
Even the calculator would envy
your math.
I'm like the liquor
one who sells it gets money
and the one who enjoys
gets high.
What a performance!
- Wow.
Played really well.
Which tune is it?
- Sad tune.
One which scale?
Highest possible.
- That's beautiful.
He's a good player.
Your grace resembles that
of a king. - Hey, you.
Play the music well.
You look like a dictator.
Come to the matter.
Look at them.
Who are they?
The girl's fair like milk
and he resembles hot chocolate.
What a variance.
Don't go by their complexion
but by the currency they've got.
They have fifty million rupees
worth dollars.
They want to give it to us
for only thirty millions.
So that profits twenty millions.
Both of us will take ten each
But you owe me ten millions
Consider my share as repayment.
Sir, poison cannot harm one
with positive thinking
and medicine cannot save the one
with negative thinking.
Think positive.
You really worked it out well
to repay the loan.
You helped me accrue good amount.
I'm like cane juice
who sells gets money and the one
who drinks it gets strength.
Let us work in partnership
and achieve greater goals.
Trust me, I'll take you to greater
Over there.
Hey, Meena, did you find Ullas?
Did you find him or not?
We'd been looking for him for past
six months, but in vain.
He made me purchase duplicate
dollar bills
gave me false hopes of riches
and got me into jail.
I will kill him
and only then I shall rest.
That's my challenge.
Net is ready.
We're dead meat.
Why bother?
Patel is out of jail,
he'd hack us if found.
What's our mistake?
We never guessed that Boggu Babji
would fool us with fake bills.
He cheated Patel
that's why he is on vengeance.
Do I have to suffer for the sake
of our long time friendship?
Now risking my life
for you.
Even gold has to be stricken
with iron to be carved.
He's got a point,
answer him.
I might get killed soon.
To hell with your friendship
and partnership.
You see, Bose.
- What?
Partnership is like a trousers
while friendship is like
under garment.
Even if there's no trousers
you can survive with underwear.
Stop it. I running to save myself.
Bye to your friendship.
I'm going to my aunt's.
- Hey, Bose
so we are having a fall out?
I won't be your scapegoat anymore.
"God save me from this friendship."
- Bose. Hey, Bose..
I've got another sim card.
So you're released from jail?
Who are you speaking?
This is Bose.
That fake dollar bills idea
was totally mine
but poor guy Ullas
fell prey to you.
Where are you now?
Oh, please, stop. Don't hit me.
Get down.
Get him!
Get him in.
Oh, God!
Sir, please!
Finding him is not a cake walk.
By the way who gave you information
about me?
Someone called from the phone
number with all one digits.
That number belongs to Ullas.
You can't cheat and get on.
He plays games
not just tricks.
I'm in love with him.
How could you love him?
He's a cheat.
I'll marry only Ullas.
Why are you quiet?
Speak up.
Only audience make noise
while the players play the game
He's a big lyer.
He cheated our boss who regularly
credits him.
He's bad natured.
Applying manure to the plant
doesn't' make flower smell foul.
Borrowing money doesn't
make me a bad person.
Am I right?
- I don't know.
Marrying a beggar would do good
to her than with you.
Prevention is better than cure.
Just look at her innocent face.
Her eyes would make even
a blind to fall in love.
If you get us both married
we'll get you promoted.
- I meant if you get us married
we'll give you a baby.
Brother-in-law, give me your sister
in marriage.
Please, please.
Oh, my goodness!
Thank you, bye.
What's happening?
You want to know?
Patel's sister shows interest
in me
and I need to pay him
the interest.
I'll balance both.
How do you know her?
Scared that Patel would attack
me after releasing
I set this up to be on
safe side.
Did you inform your parents?
I won't accept this proposal.
- Why wouldn't you?
Why should I?
You aren't settled in life yet
how'd you take care of that
girl on crutches?
You're worried about her crutches
and me about the cash.
Cash can be deposited in bank
but a daughter-in-law needs
to be fit looking after the house.
You've got two good legs,
what are you doing with them?
Nothing more than doing chores.
How could you promise her marriage?
We won't accept this.
You are jealous, brother.
jealousy can't be cured.
Are you preaching?
No, you're all insulting me.
When to go shopping for marriage
at a short notice?
If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.
Come hell or high water
I won't accept her
to step in this house.
He'll get her in the wheelchair
Brother, as a fellow human
have some compassion
towards others.
Father, have you forgotten
what you taught me?
He taught you many morals
and ethics.
He doesn't respect his parents
let alone the ethics.
You only treated me as a cook
your father as a moneybag
and your brother as a driver.
Have you ever treated this
as a family?
As if ours is a royal family.
Is this the way you talk
to elders?
You won't realize now.
When you lose both legs
living on wheelchair and brother
gets another woman then you'd know.
Oh, God!
Don't preach me.
Have some respect for your
sister-in-law at least.
As a kid I was always with you
more than with our parents
yet you don't show a bit
of gratitude.
Oh, brother.
Tears of joy are rolling down..
- No, don't.
You hold on.
I'm seeing humanity in my brother
for first time.
I give my consent
to this wedding proposal.
Clean with water.
- Okay, boss.
'Hello, Mr. Patel.'
'We like your sister.
You liked my brother.'
'We agree to this wedding.'
'Waiting for your reply.'
Oh, okay!
It's an okay!
"High time I teach you a lesson."
What mess is this
at this late hour?
Won't you let anybody get sleep?
Come, my dear nephew.
You're the right person to share
my frustration.
You know that my father hates
drunkards, right?
That is why I am drinking.
What is the tiff between him
and you?
Twenty five years ago
when my wedding was fixed
with a beautiful lady
your father spoilt the match
saying I was drunkard.
Now I've grown old
and my life useless.
I'd been thinking of a way
to revenge him since then.
In the mean time,
God has done my job.
What did he do?
He got an idiot in you.
What are you talking?
I'd been watching your story
on TV since morning.
You watch, too.
I'll get another peg in this happy
mood to share more details.
'Ullas Kumar is a cheat.'
'A fraud.'
'He's cheated many for money
several times.'
'This is not our statement'
'but the opposition party leader
and Venkatapuram candidate'
'Teddu Venkataramana's
'Here are further details
from him.'
'Everybody is aware of this
'He's been the MLA for this
'for four and half years.'
'What good has he done?'
'He used up public's money
for his personal use.'
'If he won polls again this time'
'I'm afraid the constituency's
condition would only worsen.'
'Mr. Ullas, these are allegations
from the opposition party leader.'
'I pity the opposition party
We didn't breed discontent
in public.'
'Because they don't have able
'with their incapability
to fight us'
'the opposition party is making
false allegations.'
'There is no truth in them.'
'Ullas Kumar comments about
opposition leader's allegations.'
Ullas over there
and here.
This must be a new plan
to fool someone.
Why dressed all white?
It's a new change in our lives.
We're unable to bear
the consequences of your actions.
Tell me why you dressed up
in whites?
I'm entering politics.
Wish you all the best.
You, too.
- Why wish me?
You will write a book on my
political career someday.
What would be the title?
Your fate!
- We're suffering already.
That will be the tagline.
You counterstrike every word.
Come to the point.
Ask me.
His name is Ullas Kumar.
Yours, too.
Now, if I contest coming elections
public will be confused
his voters number will split
and he will lose. - Then what?
Like girls for lips,
politicians for their posts
would go any lengths.
But we will just blackmail him
for money.
Why are you so mad for money?
You will be plundering Patel's
assets by marrying his sister.
Money is like vitamin
the more the better.
Long live, Ullas Kumar.
If you win as MLA this time too
you'll definitely get
minister post.
Who'd impede my victory, uncle?
Greetings, sir...
- Boss, someone's here..
How are you?
Who are you?
He's Ullas Kumar.
So, what?
He didn't hear properly.
My name is G. Ullas Kumar.
I asked, so what?
I'm filing nomination
for upcoming elections.
Anybody can file nomination
there's no problem.
Lose those shades and talk.
But my nominations will cause
you trouble.
Give me five lakh rupees
and I will drop from this.
I will not give.
Who am I?
- Ullas.
Who is he?
- Ullas, again.
Now you get my point?
If I contest elections, too,
voters will get confused
and you will lose.
You better leave from here
Forget five, let's settle
for two and a half.
I don't mind taking the amount
in installments.
Just get lost!
Not everyone dressed in white
can be a politician.
Not everybody dressed in black
would be the men in black.
What does it mean?
I don't know,
just to retaliate.
- No.
Please, calm down.
Why argue unnecessarily?
We belong to same
will be crossing paths
in parliament
give fifty thousand rupees and
we'll leave. - 25 for each, enough.
Another second here
I'll kick you out. Get lost!
Then I will contest elections
challenge you in public.
The countdown begins.
You challenged him
Were you scared of him?
Not at all,
having you beside.
But I was all tensed up.
His red fierce looks
gave chill in my spine.
I thought he'd kill.
Kill you?
No, you.
- Me?
- Yes?
Is your job done?
Ask your Ullas to be prepared
for losing the polls.
He's Ullas?
Mr. Ullas!
Who's that?
Mr. Ullas, it's me.
Oh, you called us?
- Yes. Greetings, sir. - Who's it?
My name is Vespa Vasu
from Chennai.
New broker to the place.
A marriage broker.
I'm married already.
- Is it?
I called you up, but your
phone was switched off.
It's my phone, my wish.
I won't take calls.
You asked for an alliance
from America.
And now, you tease me
as I am new here?
Alliance from America?
I came looking for you.
Oh, I see.
Did you get that?
- I didn't.
This alliance is for that Ullas.
He thinks it's me.
I'll spoil it.
- What for?
To revenge him.
- Okay.
Sir, did you get me?
I remember your caller tune..
Yes, that song.
In his phone right?
- That caller tune is his..
- Is in this guy's phone.
- His phone.
How does the girl look?
The girl's absolutely gold
she draws hefty salary
ten thousand altogether.
Just ten thousand rupees?
Ten thousand dollars,
means seven lakh rupees.
Is it?
What's the interest amount?
It's her monthly salary.
Ullas is quiet funny.
Get me fixed to that girl
I'll show my sense of humor.
I am dialing ISD number.
"You're finished."
Hi, I'm Ullas.
Are you from Dallas?
Okay, then, good night.
I heard it's day here
and night over there.
Hence the greeting.
What is your name?
My name is Laya.
Oh, Laya?
Not bad.
About you?
About me?
I'll tell you all the good
and bad about me.
I smoke up to three packets
per day easily.
And drinks?
- Drinks.
I guzzle down one bottle
every day.
You know what?
I'm the ambassador of low standard.
Your marriage?
- Married once.
Want another?
Is the girl from America?
No, she's Negro.
Just watch.
I will not let your
marriage take place.
Will ruin your life.
Mr. Vespa, we exchange lot
of secrets already.
If you give mutual consent,
my job gets easy.
Your job's almost done.
- How come?
Just wait and watch.
His phone is always switched off,
how is it ringing now?
His phone is different.
How is that?
- Who knows?
Asking me for reasons.
I don't have talk time,
hang up now.
Dude, what's our next move?
Look behind.
He's pointing the opposition party.
Let's join there.
Long live Jallikattu party.
Long live Jallikattu party.
I won't give you money.
You are not aware of my following.
I've got teachers union
behind my father
ladies association behind
my mother
employees union with my brother
and unemployed union
behind me.
Besides, I've got support of our
community people.
My name is Ullas
so is his name too.
If I contest the polls,
they won't accrue loss. - Yes.
Explain him.
Look, Mr. Teddu
invest on my friend
with complete faith
be rest assured to win.
I'm like a honey comb
you get honey the more
you squeeze it
and money the more you sell it.
Utilize the opportunity.
We won't take much.
Give us five hundred per vote
that we get.
Our party ethics don't encourage
such tricks.
He's talking about ethics?
My friend is enraged.
In that case, we will contest
the polls as independent candidate
and smash their party.
Let's go. - Sure.
Mr. Ullas.
We can offer only a hundred
per vote.
But you were talking ethics?
A hundred rupees
can foresee ethics.
That's called politics.
Our glimmer of hope
the treasure for poor
the future CM of our Telugu states.
The candidate from Kappagantula
our Mr. Ullas will speak now.
That's microphone testing.
My dear majors
and minors.
My dear villagers
and the press.
How are you doing?
Nobody's reacting to my speech.
How are you all?
A round of applause.
They aren't reacting at all.
Shall we imitate film star
Pavan Kalyan? - Perfect.
Entire Village is in pitch dark.
Roads are full of pits.
We've got no support
than courage filled heart alone.
When frogs croak
only then the farmer can smile.
Because when frog croaks
rains fall.
What would a horse neigh give?
Nothing more than pain
to the ears.
He seems to split our voters
for real.
'Who let the frogs out?'
Come on, baby.
Ribbit, ribbit.
'Who let the frogs out?'
Ribbit, ribbit.
'Who let the frogs out?'
Ribbit, ribbit.
'Who let the frogs out?'
Ribbit, ribbit.
'Who let the frogs out?'
Ribbit, ribbit.
'Who let the frogs out?'
Ribbit, ribbit.
Stick my posters over his.
Hey, who is that?
Stop there.
Let's go, let's go.
How dare you tear down
my poster campaign?
Mr. Ullas.
Don't leave them.
Go, catch them.
- Hey, Mr. Ullas.
Thank God.
That girl from America said
she couldn't reach your phone.
Everything seems to get upset.
She's doubting if you are even
Our idea seems worked out well.
She isn't trusting me?
- Not just you
but she is not trusting me, too.
I've brought 99 couples together
in marriage
setting up hundredth is a piece
of cake for me.
What say?
I'll explain
call the lady now.
- Definitely.
I'll put all my efforts together
to unite you two.
Here you go.
You wanted to hear my voice?
That's the greatness of my voice
the more you listen,
the more you crave.
Even my parents often
ask me to sing.
Shall I sing for you?
"Let me sing a song for you."
"Be it in or out of tune."
How is it?
Sweet, isn't it?
Are you married?
- No.
Not with me.
Any girlfriends?
A girl in my life?
You mean
romance and love.
I'll narrate all the love stories
in my teens
she'd leave me then.
Once upon a time
there was a village
called Venkatapuram.
There were two kids
in the village.
She'd call me Chitti with love.
Chitti, look there.
There is no Palmyra fruit
up there.
Not that.
They say the water in that pot
taste real good.
I want it.
You shouldn't drink that,
it's toddy.
Please, Chitti.
Get me that water
if you really like me.
Very interesting.
Then what happened?
You know what happens
when kids drink toddy?
Delicious, isn't it?
Thank you, Chitti.
Hey, what are you doing?
Hey, Laya, come here.
What were doing there?
Would you drink toddy again?
- Don't beat me, dad.
Please, dad, don't beat me.
- I'll thrash you.
Please, don't hit me.
Shut up, you drunkard.
- I won't drink again, please.
Get in.
Laya left the village
with her family.
Learnt that they settled abroad.
Haven't you met her again?
So, you've forgotten that girl?
I can never forget her
until my last breath.
You know what?
Even though she left me
her slate and the broken pot
that day
are still with me as her memoire.
You're really great.
You told everything about yourself
I like your commitment
towards love.
I like your idea
to be frank with your would-be.
To be honestly speaking
if I married any other girl
than her
she might have space in my house
but not in my heart.
If you like what I told
type BROKER, space
type EES for yes
if you didn't like,
type BROKER, space
type KNOW for no
and send your SMS.
Okay, bye!
Happy Christmas!
Happy Pongal!
I talked to her.
And my trouble?
Will double.
What is it?
- You didn't get?
Get going.
Oh, God! Save me.
Good morning, mom.
Hey, morning.
That mediator guy called me again.
You remember anyone in India
from Venkatapuram?
The teacher's family?
He hasn't forgotten me
even after so long.
He's something more, mom.
How do you feel?
Will this match suit us?
Apparently, that guy still
loves Laya.
I've know that family
for years.
Quite decent family.
'Venkatapuram constituency polls
yields unexpected results'
'as Jallikattu party candidate'
'Teddu Venkataramana won with 2000
votes majority.'
'The reason behind the victory
is Ullas.'
'Being a newbie in politics
with some influence, split votes'
apparently he stood the reason
for Ullas Kumar's defeat.'
Long live, Jallikattu party.
Long live, Jallikattu party.
Long live, Jallikattu party.
Hey, you!
Leave me.
Had it been my victory
I'd have been cabinet minister.
You ruined everything.
I'll pick your eyes.
I won't leave you.
Jealous bugger came to quarrel me.
I'd have rooted out his eyeballs.
Have guts to face me.
He is leaving,
you keep quiet.
I aim to constrict such corrupts'
from entering politics.
One wrong step
leads in right direction.
You are the right example
for that.
What are you talking?
That girl from America
wants to marry only you.
Patel's sister is average
and the American is above average.
That girl's seventy times better
than this.
You mean seventy times wealthier?
Sir, she said they've known you
since childhood.
Got connected to your love story
she is insisting to marry you.
She's coming all the way
from America for you.
How are you doing?
How are you?
- It's been long since we met.
Where are you off to?
Would you marry her?
How can I reject when dollar
knocking my door?
You open gates here
and Patel will close you forever.
Then forget it.
I thought of gifting you half
the assets after marrying Laya.
I'm pledging my life
for you, dude.
I'll manage Patel,
you go ahead.
I don't know how to accept
your proposal for my son.
Did you enquire about him
before coming down?
Do we really need to know
your family afresh?
By the way, Ullas,
what are you up to these days?
I'd go any lengths for my family.
He's got immense respect
for family.
Respect? Really?
He writes with most blunders
gets vegetables mostly rotten.
He was called book worm
and his books were always
eaten up by worms.
If he is like oxygen,
this fellow is poison.
Poison fragrance has got
huge craze abroad, sir.
He is right match for this girl.
We left Laya's decision
about marriage to herself.
Tell them.
We are okay with this match.
If you like, too
let's get the wedding date fixed.
We like it.
- Very good.
Stop waving,
get off the tree.
What's making you shy
You disgraced us all.
What wrong did I do?
- Don't you know?
You promised marriage to Patel's
and now you decide to marry
this girl for her money?
You earn ten thousand rupees
as a teacher
if you're offered promotion with
double pay, would you reject?
You talked like a humanitarian
that day
and now you're talking
For that human values
I'm pledging myself
for your better lives.
Am I wrong, mom?
You are always wrong, son.
You didn't get my point.
I fixed your marriage
with Patel's sister
what will happen to me?
You should think while typing
message not after sending.
Now I understand
that I'm a dead meat.
Rescue me.
We can save someone
from problems
not from trouble.
Moreover, Patel is not a gentleman.
He might attack you any moment.
Sister-in-law, take care
of brother.
Bye, dad
bye, mom
bye, mother-like.
What's mother-like?
Sister-in-law is equal to mother.
That's mother-like.
Dear, tell me
is he your brother
or a bomber? - Come on.
Bomber is never so cruel.
I'm sure he'll get me beheaded
some day.
What do you remember
seeing this?
This looks like a pillar.
This is a tree,
not a pillar. You forgotten?
As kids, we played, sang
under this tree
drank toddy as well.
Then where is the top?
They cut it.
When they tried to cut the trunk
I stopped them.
This tree may die
but my memories are always
fresh and sprouting.
This match is almost set for me.
Remember what you told me
that day?
About what?
The broken pot,
old sandals
my hair strands,
dress, all that you stored.
Why do you need them now?
I'd like to see them once.
Nobody else in the world would
do like this except you.
When my dad asked me
what's the clutter
I told him it's not clutter
but my memoire
took them and stored it
at my friend Bose's place.
Please, let's got there.
I want to see that.
Oh, pal, Bose!
Alright, buddy.
"I'd do anything for my friend."
Bose, stop it.
Why are you taking them?
What is all this?
What do you want?
Go, get your granny's sari.
That's old one.
- You aren't new as well.
What you're doing.
The artist in your husband
has just woken up.
Hold yourself from praising me,
I don't like it.
He's my friend, Bose.
My closest buddy, always with me
like attached bathroom.
What a simile!
- Hi.
Welcome to my little mansion.
This sweety is my wife.
Like the village has got a dam
my buddy's got a room
in my house. - I know.
He brought me here to show
the same.
It's ready, please come in.
I meant, step in with your right
and come.
Where did you set up?
The bathroom. I mean the bedroom
beside bathroom.
Thank goodness.
Oh, God!
Oh, my..
- What?
I always pray to God before
entering this room.
This looks like a stall
in carnival.
Don't call carnival,
it's my love stall.
You mean, love store?
I don't remember
using these.
But we do remember.
What's this?
It's the lamp.
He fuels daily to keep it burning.
It's not the oil that he pours
but the fuel to his love.
Salutation to the love gown.
How can someone love
anybody so much?
He isn't that type..
- Yes..
He's right.
In fact, I love very much.
You know
this is the pot
we've broken as kids.
When stood under the tree
and guzzled toddy, didn't we?
We bought this in funfair
our very own ray ban shades.
And this, love flute.
Do you know
this is slingshot.
Then what about the gown?
It's my granny's.
I wanted to gift you on your
birthday, but you left already.
Is it? All these remind me
of childhood days.
It reminds us too.
- Surprisingly.
Ullas, I want to talk
to you in person.
Why did you stop here?
This is the right place for you
both to share feelings.
This is an expensive place.
- Spend a little now, at least
- Coming.
What's it, Laya?
I like that place.
- There?
Excellent one.
- Let's go.
Be seated.
- She's from America.
Food is fresh, right?
Natural drink.
It takes up our emotions
until starts bowel movement.
Tree milk, the toddy.
Don't drink much.
He can't have it more.
Who told you
that my capacity is low?
Look at me and speak.
Hey, don't guzzle it down.
Stop it, buddy.
Take one more bottle.
We want to have a private talk.
Go ahead, I'll listen.
Why are you here in between us?
You like that five star hotel
in the opposite, don't you?
Go there.
Here you go, enjoy yourself.
Indian rupees are very expensive.
- Please, go.
Want personal talk without
me knowing?
Now, tell me.
Since I spent all my childhood
in America..
Think well and let me know
your decision tomorrow.
One should think before loving
but not after loving.
I love you.
Dear, Patel is here.
Hang on. You don't let me sleep
in night and day either.
If he enters inside
you will never sleep again.
- Patel is here?
So Patel is here?
Why ask again?
He didn't come to hug you
but to question about your wedding.
What do I answer him?
Did I ever speak in front of
all your elder people?
You go and talk to him.
Come out! Patel has come.
Give him the rope.
Move away,
I have to do skipping.
How are you, brother-in-law?
I heard that you're getting Ullas
married to a foreign girl
instead of my sister?
I told him
how sacred and precious
marriage is.
But he is preferring the girl
from America.
Why are you giggling?
I came to give you a bank cheque
get him married in grandeur
with whoever you wish.
If boss is happy,
he'll connect to the humor
otherwise, it's danger.
You connected with him
like a cartoon family
carry on.
There must not be any impediment
in the wedding.
I'm taking my sister to Rajasthan.
Meena, give him the blank cheque.
Oh, Bose, my friend.
Yes, buddy.
Arrange everything well.
Don't worry, I'll take care
of everything.
I'll give you a different
Let's go.
- Sorry, sir.
We thought he'd kill us
but gave us a cheque?
What magic did you weave?
Just wait and watch.
Life it.
Boss, boss.
Ullas, is getting ready to marry
some girl from abroad
instead of your sister.
Hey, Ullas!
my family wants to get me
married to another girl.
They said okay to her,
she gave this bouquet to me.
You loved my sister
now if you marry someone else
I'll kill your entire family.
They said the same, too.
If I married your sister
they threatened to set themselves
or they'd hang themselves.
In such conditions, your sister
will never get married ever.
Then what do we do?
You go to your native place,
Rajasthan immediately.
Look for a good temple.
Fix the wedding date.
I'll escape from here
and come at the right time.
Once the marriage is done,
they will not do anything
cause, there won' be any use,
and you'll have nothing to lose.
It's my duty to save
your sister's future
from my torturous family,
isn't it?
What an idiot you are
to spoil family's reputation.
Even a wise man would
swear you.
I will do the honors.
How was my idea
to escape from Patel?
First, change your decision
Patel's sister is right match
for you, not Laya.
Is it?
- Yes.
I guessed it
when you moved close
with Patel
that you'd do anything
for money.
Me for money?
I filmed the conversation
Laya and you had.
You filmed a couple's conversation.
To blackmail me?
That's not my idea,
check the video once.
Let alone video, I shall
never see you again, get out!
Then I won't attend your wedding.
I'll break your legs
if you attended.
Get lost!
Don't fake emotions.
Hey, buddy!
My wedding should be held
in grandeur.
You must attend with your family.
I don't encourage presents.
I'm so happy, Ullas.
Never been so content
in life so far.
Me, too.
Many a guys
look forward to the dowry
in marriage
than the salary they earn.
Until now several people
have shocked me
but you surprised me.
And you encouraged me.
It's easy to fall in love
but staying isn't so.
You've been loving me
since childhood
kept my things as memoire.
You concealed my image
in your heart.
You're marrying me despite
knowing everything about me.
You're great.
I never got anything
that I preferred in life.
You're the first that I got.
Boy's love stays until marriage
but girl's love begins in marriage.
But our love that sprouted
as kids
must stay till the end.
I want be happy until
my last breath.
You look gorgeous.
Are you drunk?
- Yes.
You, bloody drunkard.
I let him attend the wedding
on your request
but I don't like him.
Stay away from the bride.
we booked tickets to America
for the couple.
And we don't have enough time
will be leaving tomorrow.
Why don't you stay another
ten days?
We got to arrange everything
before they fly to America.
So my brother will be living
That's common in America.
Why didn't you attend marriage?
Did you attend?
- Yes.
How did it go?
- Really well.
And why did you miss?
He said he'll break my legs
if attended.
He said that?
Let me ask him.
Stop, don't tell this to anybody.
What's this?
A gift, take it.
- For me? Thanks.
I saw wedding nights
in movies
but watching it real
for the first time.
Wonder how it's going to be.
don't know where and how
to begin.
But I'll do first
otherwise she'd know it.
What's that, Shailu?
Okay, now, leave.
What's that?
Who gave you?
I see.
Oh, I'm so tired.
What? Don't want soda?
what's this?
Come on. Cheers!
Shouldn't wait once
you give cheers.
Come on.
You said you drink full
every day, didn't you?
Drink it off.
Come on!
you know what
I love you so much.
My bad luck.
After knowing everything
about me
once learning everything
about my past
you just continued to love me.
You know
maybe this is the true love.
I love you so much.
Thank you.
Bose, my friend,
it's all my loss.
Stop playing that song.
Hey, don't even touch the gate.
Don't step in otherwise,
I'll unchain the dog.
I know you don't have dogs.
I'll bite you myself like dog.
Don't be funny.
I won't accept an immoral like you
to sit in the chair.
As if this were a royal throne.
No, it's mine.
He's come for first time
post marriage
why shout at him.
Have some tea, sir.
You go inside.
Why offer even a tea for you?
You always snatch my food.
Why didn't you attend
my wedding?
What? Come again.
Are you trying to threaten me?
How could you be double
Can you speak truth
even for a while?
It's you who threaten to break
my legs if I came.
I did, so, you'd miss
just like that?
Didn't I shamelessly come here,
even while you were speaking ill?
Amitabh Bacchan hails
from Bollywood
Chiranjeevi from Tollywood
but our friendship
is from childhood.
Ullas, my friend.
You know friendship is like paste
squeezing it out is easy
but putting it back is not.
I hereby cancel our friendship
all these years.
Bye, my dear soul mate.
Why do you treat me
like a doormat that you tread on?
I'm your classmate.
Deepa, get some tea.
Ask once again for tea,
will throw boiling water on you.
I married her offer dowry
in turn and she..
Bose, my buddy.
You wanted to show me something
that day
what was that?
That was the reason for our tiff,
forget it.
You know, my marriage
seems getting into trouble now.
I don't remember a bit
what she told me.
Then why not forget it.
Amitabh hails from Bollywood,
and our friendship.. - Hold on.
Take this, play the video.
'My life is all disturbed since
'That led me to alcohol
'I can't survive a day
without alcohol.'
'You told me everything about you
frankly, now it's my turn.
'Cause I don't want any
issues between us post marriage.'
What a clarity she's got.
My parents hope that marrying an
Indian would change me for better.
But I know it very well
that knowing about me
no senseless man would marry me.
She's saying you're senseless.
I'll drink even after marriage
can't help it.
Now, tell me
do you still love me?
Would you marry me?
Just be frank.
She's given so many conditions
had you rejected her
there wouldn't have been problems.
Come on, dude.
Stop crying
don't cry like a kid.
Marriage is like a lottery
if hit jackpot
you'll be happy
otherwise, you'll be left
with BP.
My father doesn't allow
my uncle inside
just because he's alcoholic.
Now, if he knew that Laya
also drinks alcohol
God knows what will happen.
Instead of sitting at home
why you roaming around
on bike.
Why are you asking me
silly questions?
What are you so excited?
I thought your bride will be
arrogant and proud
but she seems to be
calm and polite.
Then start worshipping her.
We needn't do that
in fact she's showing immense
love and respect for us.
You may not like the pickle
I prepared
but she took it in a bottle
and enjoying in her bedroom.
Oh, gosh!
She must be having it with drinks.
She keeps cheering everybody.
Always saying cheers on phone.
That's not cheering, father
but boozing.
Ullas, get her down for lunch.
Alright, mother.
Hey, honey, come.
What are you doing?
Vodka with pickle,
great combination.
That's poison.
No, no.
This is your brother's idea.
He stored vodka in this bottle.
How do you know that?
I smelled it.
Enough of it, everybody is waiting
for you at lunch.
No, I want one more.
I beg you, have no more.
Come on.
- No, Ullas.
No more.
- One more.
I want one more.
No more.
- I want one more.
No, no more.
One more, please.
What are you looking for?
I kept a digestive syrup here.
Laya asked
so I gave it.
Laya took the bottle?
Would anybody drink
till your puke.
My brother's calling.
Why drink and puke?
Did he notice?
Did he hide my bottle?
Did you see my..
- Stop there.
Did you have my digestive
Your syrup caused me
so many problems.
You pretend calm like Gandhi
and guzzle brandy?
What's wrong?
I've been puking since morning.
Don't cough up this
in front of father.
I earnestly request you.
Don't come closer,
I'll cough out on you.
Give me if anything's left.
Where are these two?
Let's begin, they'll join us.
- You serve it.
How can we have alone
without the newlyweds?
I'll go, get them.
If my family knew we'll be nowhere.
- Ullas!
I heard that when husbands bathe
wives, they'll have good life.
I have to change her dress.
Carry on.
I want one more.
What's wrong?
She fell sick,
taking rest.
New to the weather
she might have problem
Did you say anything
to your sister-in-law?
Nothing at all.
Then why she put
that long face?
Is it?
- What is this new habit?
You had bath,
why should I give again?
You see
hardly three days into marriage
your brother's doing all this
we've been married for three years,
what did you do?
I do whatever you say,
cause I love you
Do you really love me?
Yes, I do.
Would you cry if I'm dead?
Show me how'd you cry.
Show me how'd you be dead.
Alcohol is injurious to health
Alcoholic wife is injurious
to married life.
Devdas drank when Parvathi
left him.
Now your wife is drinking,
what should you be doing?
Oh, my!
The chatter box is here.
I'd been looking around
for you.
What for?
Now I know why you
drank that day.
One is obviously nervous
about wedding night.
I sent a bottle for you
with Laya.
Now Laya's gone missing.
You gave her full bottle?
Hey, Ullas!
Come, join the party.
My dear nephew
finally she's the one to take my
revenge on your father.
- Hey, Ullas.
Learnt that you're married,
he's coming here.
- Patel.
It must be him calling.
We have a veneration service
at home, where are you?
Your father is asking for you both.
What happened?
There is a veneration service
at home
mother's calling me.
- Oh, no.
If you take her along
you'll be in trouble
if she blabbers nonsense.
Your father will get heart stroke.
Mother, Laya's father
suffered cardiac arrest.
We're flying to America
What is this all of a sudden?
Cardiac arrest happens without
prior intimation.
I'm sending Bose,
send our luggage with him.
Take care, you two.
Hey, honey, come.
Enjoy the party.
- Stop it.
Everybody's in veneration
back home, and you're drinking.
Relatives would've insulted us
if participated in this condition.
- Yes.
Then let's take two full bottles,
they would also join us.
Ask mother-in-law to prepare
Ask her to make them spicy enough.
What's the point in getting
irritated now. Get her omelet's.
I will.
Will show her hell.
- Go ahead.
On reaching America
I'll get her assets transferred
onto my name
then I'll make her follow me
like a dog.
Then she'd learn good lesson.
Hope you won't forget me
in that hurry.
Sage Valmiki may forget
epic Ramayana
my uncle might forget alcohol
but I will forget you?
- Ullas, my friend.
Where is your son?
- Hey.
Alright, you ask him.
I'm asking you,
where's your son?
Why is he practicing tennis?
For tournament?
Do you need to know?
If he drops the ball
boss will shoot him.
He's punished for not paying
you people cheated our boss
just imagine your situation.
Sir, we're scared.
We got him married with your
consent, didn't we?
Did you meant saying
we got him married only
when you gave money, idiot?
Hey, tell me, where is Ullas?
He went to America.
Just tell me where is he.
- Don't kill me.
Let him go, please,
I beg your mercy.
Let alone America, I will get him
back even from the space.
You don't have a passport.
Then apply for one.
No chance, you're charged
with fake dollar related offence.
He can't fly away from me.
It's her fourth peg already.
Excuse me.
- Yes?
Can I get one more?
- Okay, ma'am.
No, no.
No, you may go.
Ullas, do not go overboard.
We've boarded the flight
quite awhile ago.
Hello, you may leave.
I am my boss,
no, I am her boss.
Hey, please wait.
Okay, ma'am. - Do not interfere
in my personal affairs, Ullas.
We're not in any affair,
but into marriage.
You, country brute!
What does it mean?
It means, a sadistic fool
from village.
Oh, my!
You just drank in broad daylight
and now swear at me,
your husband?
You slapped me?
What's happening?
He's beating his wife.
Who is the bugger?
Hey, man, you should respect
your woman.
What's wrong in women
All the remaining ladies
you may take whatever brand
you prefer.
Do women have no freedom
in sky as well?
What is going on here?
This is democratic country.
I'm talking to you,
look at me.
Oh, how come you here?
It's me, Boggu Babji.
How are you?
No, oh, no.
What are you doing?
- Watch it.
No, no.
Ullas, what nonsense?
Shut up!
Hello, taxi?
Keep the box in.
Keep that one, too.
Don't forget you're a woman.
Who will keep this,
your father?
Yeah, my father.
Find him and ask to keep.
You're crossing limits.
Will teach you lesson.
Don't mess with me.
Don't leave me.
I'm new to America.
Hey, you!
Had you not found me, you'd be
begging on streets of America.
Yeah, tell me.
What was the name of that girl?
What's the name of your wife?
It's Laya.
- And her father's name?
Sridhar Srikakulam.
It's some Sridhar Srikakulam.
Found it, dude.
So many cars are parked,
must be some party.
So you persuaded a wealthy girl.
- I persuaded the girl for wealth.
Sir, pay a hundred dollars extra.
Okay, I'll call you later.
You're finally here,
You guessed I wouldn't?
Are you disappointed?
Nobody has eaten since morning
awaiting you.
Brother, done with biryani.
Where is the dessert?
Go and check.
- Wow!
Get my luggage.
Get the luggage.
Open the dickey.
Who, me?
- Yes.
Dollars, please.
I've no change,
come later.
I'm not a beggar.
I am the owner of the car
and driver as well.
Have lunch and take the money.
Do you get me now?
Don't cross your limits.
I left you at the airport.
Next time I'll leave you
in the zoo.
Leave me wherever you can
I'll be back to fight.
Can't you watch your step?
- Sorry. - Get los!
If you misbehave with my daddy..
- What would you do?
- You!
You drink vodka, whiskey, wine
or whatever
I'll get you settled with coffee.
Your countdown begins.
I'll shake your life
until ask for a break.
- You!
- You!
Hi, beautiful girls!
Life is beautiful.
Any juicy gossip?
Four girls gather and no gossip,
must be something wrong.
Where's Mrs. Murthy?
You mean, my wife?
What girls?
Does anybody get beer
to the bar itself?
Does anybody get wife along
to such parties?
Anyway, she's off to part
another couple.
You know she's a lawyer, right?
Quite dangerous lady.
Hi, Jhansi.
Just now I was saying that your
presence give pleasures
and the party gets lively.
And you're here.
You come home,
my mind goes haywire.
You will sleep in the corridor
Mind it if you stepped
in the bedroom.
Girls, you have fun.
I'll catch you later.
Laya, we're getting to party.
The guests have arrived.
Please, don't insult us.
- Mom.
Hello, don't orbit me.
Please, Laya.
- What?
Don't revolve around me,
I'll faint.
Ullas, try to understand, please.
- Sorry.
You should have apologized
to me then itself.
Hello, Mrs. Ullas, you left your
husband on road.
You know how I was scared?
Why fear? You should have
called me.
Did you give me your
phone number?
Please, get ready for my sake.
Thank you, Ullas.
You made my day.
- Yes.
He doesn't get good English.
You, country pumpkin!
I'm not pumpkin,
you are a dustbin.
My parents might excuse you
but my friend won't.
Who is that?
Hi, Laya!
Hey, Ryan!
Come on!
- Oh, good to see you.
You look so stunning.
- Thank you.
Where's your husband?
The boy's there.
Go and meet him.
- Alright.
How're you doing?
I am Ryan, Laya's close friend.
Close friend?
She's a very sexy girl.
Sexy girl?
- We were classmates for two years.
Two years?
We shared a room together.
You were roommates, too?
Yeah. We shared everything.
You shared everything?
That's too much.
Coming, ma'am.
Oh, my God!
That you were roommates
with that white guy?
Yeah, for two years.
You spent two years together
in a room
with a guy?
How shameless.
So, what?
Would a kid keep away from candy?
Would a terrorist keep away
from gun?
Hello, what do you mean.
I mean..
All girls are his sisters.
- Sisters?
- But, how?
Because, he's gay.
A gay?
You mean, homosexual?
So that was why
he was fondling me
while talking about you.
So now that you know
don't play with him.
It's so difficult wearing
the tie.
You don't know how to wear a tie
but you still want it?
How could be this owl face?
You slapped Laya on flight?
You cultureless brute.
I'm not a fruit
I'm a thirty year old
from Venkatapuram.
Yeah, thirty years
but have no common sense,
no manners
aren't you ashamed of assaulting
life partner?
He must be another idiot.
Another idiot?
Who is he?
I got you.
Don't weep.
Oh, my God.
Is Laya ready?
- What's the delay?
Excuse me, my dear ideal couple.
You said Laya will be happy
marrying that village guy.
And that they are made
for each other.
But they are bad for each other.
What's so special about him?
Good looks?
He's a mirror cracking
We thought you'd get a fine man
for her
but you got her a dark man.
He isn't worth a dollar.
He is right.
Hello, aren't you coming?
Guests will be leaving soon.
Not an issue, he isn't a Picasso
painting that we show them.
He looks like a painter.
Son of a witch!
Just kill him.
Come with me.
What for?
- What if he slaps me?
Don't fret.
Go ahead.
Hey, a gentleman is
absent over here
how dare you talk bad
about his body?
What are you talking?
You don't follow English,
do you need that blazer?
I said, when someone is not present
it's wrong biting his back.
Who are you, by the way?
He is..
Aunt, hold on.
I'll deal him.
Look at his cheap hairstyle.
Hey, cultureless brute.
Oh, wow!
If I'm a brute,
then you are a rotten fruit.
- W, X, Y, Z.
I'll shave your head.
Hell with your hairstyle.
Let me get a trimmer for you.
Why don't you take him
to a psychiatrist.
Anybody's got idea about tie?
All is well, dude. You seem to be
the right one for Raghuvaran.
Who is that man
so irritating?
You don't know him?
He's Laya's biological father.
Laya's mother has two husbands?
Don't you really know?
Ever since the marriage,
everything looks suspense to me.
You needn't fret about me.
I'm R. Murthy Sanchula.
You can call me Sanchi.
What do you do Mr. Sanchi?
I'm the Telugu Associate President.
Then why is your Telugu different?
This is pure American Telugu.
Wear the blazer and get ready.
We're getting late to party.
Bro, it's me.
Who is that fellow
ill treating you?
That's what I am not getting.
- That's why I tell you
never give someone
a chance to play you.
You must be strong enough.
Today I will teach that man
a lesson
otherwise my name isn't Ullas.
You wore the blazer wrong.
Welcome to the American Telugu
You have no manners.
- Oh, really!
Let's welcome the newly wedded
couple, Mr. and Mrs. Ullas.
- Hello.
Your zip is open.
- Come again.
Your zip is open.
Families, please come forward.
The fathers and the mothers.
Miss, there's a small issue.
What happened?
Your gown stuck
in my pants.
Do something.
You remove your gown.
Or shall I remove my pants?
Hold on.
Give them all a big hand.
And now, I welcome the father
of the bride.
Where are you going?
He called the bride's father,
not the step-father. Step back.
My dear friends, they say
marriages are made in heaven.
That is why marriages made
on earth are turning into hell.
He's a negative fellow.
- Continue.
Few ladies fall for men with looks
or money
or even for height and fair
they give nod to marriage
with them.
So, my dear friends,
marriage is a big joke.
Cut it.
- Remove it fast.
Let's welcome my son-in-law.
Let's welcome my son-in-law.
We're caught.
- Oh, God.
Where is he?
What are you doing?
- He's right here.
Oh, he's Ullas
from Venkatapuram.
Yeah, I'm here.
The only brilliant that I met
so far in life.
So, marriage..
One minute, please.
Pull it strongly.
They're doing it so openly?
What you doing?
- Pull it out.
Indians these days have
gone open about everything.
She's cutting it.
Come on, faster.
Am I watching porn live?
I'm sorry.
- It's okay.
What are you doing here?
I liked that curtain.
What is that?
- The curtain stuck in my zipper.
Why the confusion?
The curtain fabric is simply
I want to take home one.
- Go, purchase.
I'll get you one, too.
I must be smart enough.
So you'd catch him red handed,
you mean fishing?
I'll finish off his story
with my fishing. - Okay.
Follow me.
What are you filming?
You watch it, too.
Your father's complexion
is white
but his nature is dark.
- Total black.
Does he need girls in this age?
Hello, she's my step-mom.
Your step mother?
It's common in America, dude.
Listen, her natal father
is with step mother
and natal mother is with
step father, what is the confusion?
I just want to know how many
mothers and fathers you have.
You're mad.
She's bad.
- No, actually she's sad.
They have a love story.
Oh, wow, really!
Love is blind.
- Yeah.
Laya's father divorced her mother
and married her seven years ago.
Thank you for the valuable
Bye, Sanchulu.
Come on, Jimmy,
- Yes.
- Yes?
Laya got married in India
but she must be divorced
in America.
And I must take up that case.
They're just married
and you want them divorced
immediately? - No.
My guess never goes amiss.
I can understand by their body
they haven't made love yet.
Look there.
Look how they're quarreling.
I didn't want to talk to you
but they are fighting
because of you.
I'm so happy.
Now, we are friends.
One more.
One more?
- Okay.
Oh, my, the house is all thrash.
Laya, where are you?
This looks like a stadium
after cricket match.
Call you back.
Hell with her attitude.
Transfer my money to me.
We can't transfer funds
immediately. It'll take time.
No, I want it immediately.
Laya, I can never accept him
as your husband.
That's right.
She fooled parents with her
cooked up love story.
He is just your husband legally
not for life.
This is just one of your
dirty tricks.
You shut your mouth.
I'm talking to my parents, here.
I'm also your parent,
your stepmom.
You are not my step mother
but my father's bi..
You, bloody.
- Are you mad?
You know what you're doing?
- Please, let me talk.
Who the hell do you think you are?
Please, don't argue.
What a right time I arrived.
I will play with this idiot.
What the hell you think you are?
- You don't have right to talk.
Don't involve in my issues.
- Look here, ma'am.
You are so beautiful.
That awesome hairstyle
and your hazy eyes.
And this beauty spot
makes you stand apart.
Hey, what are you doing?
I'm giving her the beauty tips.
Ma'am, you should contest beauty
Beauty, can we take a selfie?
Hey, won't you mind if just
anybody touches you?
Can't you deny them?
Preach your daughter first,
then tell me.
You think you could talk to me
like that?
- You call me whatever..
Don't talk like that, baby.
You gave her the leniency.
- Quiet, shut up.
It's all because of you.
- You, shut up.
- I'll be late to home.
I haven't eaten since morning.
Check the fridge.
Oh, my. Is this a fridge
or wine shop?
'Clean the house!'
You think I'm a servant?
You ask this MLA contestant
from Venkatapuram
to clean your house?
You just insulted the parliament.
Mr. Sanchi!
Some fool is knocking
when I'm so busy.
Mr. Sanchi.
- Hey, Ullas.
You've come alone?
Those two couples
left me alone and went somewhere.
Moreover, left this not saying
clean the house.
'Make sandwich.'
'Wash clothes.'
'Clean toilet.'
You, too?
But why?
Ever heard of golden egg
laying duck?
I did but never saw one.
I'll show you.
That's my lady, the golden egg
laying duck.
She lays an egg every day?
- One, every month.
What must be worth?
Fifteen lakh rupees per month.
You mean one crore eighty lakh
rupees a year?
You are lucky, indeed.
Hey, dude.
- Yeah?
You're a boxer as well?
I was the champion before marriage,
she's the champion after marriage.
You know, the lifestyle
has changed.
Women these days should work,
and men should cook, I mean enjoy.
My life is beautiful with my wife's
Hey, I have to prepare lunch,
my wife will be coming.
Even boxers cook, too?
Mr. Sanchi,
You got a moneymaking wife
and I got guzzling girl.
You know as little as beer
about Laya's money
yet to know as much as big bar.
Could you elaborate?
There's a big amount deposited
on Laya's name
but she can't withdraw it.
You want some juice?
Why juice while giving news?
Tell me the remaining part.
So, you're thirsty for news.
Laya's grandpa moved to America
long back, earned well and died.
After his demise, Laya's parents
and set up new families
Then, Laya claimed her share
in the court of law.
Court granted hefty amount to her.
Now, where's that money?
Laya's parents proved that she's
alcoholic in court.
Considering the grant release
to alcoholic involves risk to life
the court froze the money.
Why did you freeze now?
I'll give you the tip
to get the money.
Please, tell me.
If you get the citizenship,
as Laya's husband
you will bag rights over the money.
Your life will be beautiful.
How much would it be in cash?
Five hundred crores, approximately.
'Cleaned the house.'
Dear one, you aren't a fridge
but a foreign exchange for me.
Darling, treat me a cook
or servant, I won't mind
because, all I need is the five
hundred crore rupees.
So, until I grab that money
I will not hesitate to do anything
you tell me.
One selfie, please.
"Welcome, dear ones."
- Hello.
Mommy, daddy
why you standing outside,
come in, come in.
I'm seeing the house so neat
and tidy for the first time.
Cleaning is my hobby, you know.
We stay next door,
keep visiting.
For cleaning?
You, naughty.
Revathi is a good cook.
That's why she prepared lunch
for you two.
Oh, very nice.
Ullas, warm the food and have
whenever you wish to.
Thank you so much.
Now, both of you may turn and move.
No, no.
I said, to turn around
and move. - Oh.
Where is Laya?
She went to her friends,
informed she'll be late.
Wonder if she went to friends
or to bar.
No issues, her happiness
is my joy.
if Laya does anything wrong
by mistake
just take it easy.
She is in my heart
but her money is in the bank,
which I'm eagerly awaiting.
Come again.
She is my heart.
She's so lucky to have gotten
a good husband.
Keep this money,
just in case you need.
Is it the dollars?
- Yes.
You take care.
Hi, Ullas!
I'm diving deep in money here.
Oh, that's great.
Dollars, dude.
Laya's five hundred crores money
will be mine.
Very good. I packed my luggage,
shall I leave tonight for America?
Why here? You start some business
on my name and run.
You will be the boss for all
the lines of business there.
Me, the boss?
I must wash your feet
in gratitude. Sweety, get water.
You can thank me in person
when I come home.
I'll send you money,
start some business immediately.
Thank you.
Is your wife home or in bar?
You reminded me well.
Now, I need to go to bar
and find her.
Bro, I have to go out,
will you join?
If she wakes up,
I have to give her food.
She's had fifty omelets
and slept just now.
It's difficult to push her aside
and come out.
Why don't you try a little
for my sake?
Oh, gosh!
What happened, dude?
She hurt me there.
Why did you kick me there,
you fool?
Mr. Sanchi.
- Yes, Ullas.
What can I do for you?
Could you come out with me?
I 'm too busy right now,
no time to go bathroom too.
Oh, you haven't cleansed
the bathroom yet?
Oh, you understand that way?
I meant
I have no time to even go
Oh, no issues.
Just wanted to go to bar and have
a peg or two with you, if free.
Okay, you didn't ask me
for anything.
I'll come for you.
You just said busy.
You just said bar?
Yeah, let's settle here.
Mr. Sanchi, I didn't like
this place.
Man, are we here to buy the place?
We came, will guzzle and leave.
But still
I couldn't connect to the ambience
Man, you took me to four bars
until now
this is the fifth.
Getting admission into Oxford
University is easy
than to get place in the bar.
Such heavy competition.
I don't want competition
but few memories
about coming to bar
with you.
In that case, there's another type
of bar next block
If you go there, you'll remember
drinks and forget the rest.
If we go there, you'll have one
and me two.
Okay, done.
That's Laya.
- You have to pay the bill.
I'm not going to pay the bill.
Oh, so you were looking
for this?
Alright then, keep in mind,
you have one, me two.
- Move.
You have to pay the bill.
- I have paid for the drinks
which you have given.
- You had four drinks here.
Do whatever you want.
- Oh, my God.
Call the manager.
Don't know..
- Just get out.
I can't do anything.
- Hey, stop.
You, get out, idiot.
You called me an idiot?
I'll deal you later.
Excuse me, who the hell are you?
I'm her husband.
I'm supposed to protect my wife.
I'm supposed to protect my wife.
- What?
This is my girlfriend
not yours.
No, this finger is only for
fluency in English.
But this is for decency.
Kill him, Mr. Sanchi.
He'll beat you.
He's the best boxer in my country.
He is Mike Tyson,
beat him!
Oh, my God!
Save me. Oh, my God!
Someone help me!
Mercy, please.
You, rascal!
If we get to that bar
you'll have one,
me two.
We had it.
Account settled.
Aren't you a boxer in real?
I know only cooking.
Then, what's with that picture?
My wife got it clicked
for the fancy dress competition.
Life is not beautiful.
It's actually painful.
Shut your mouths,
you, bloody dogs!
She is horrible.
I want one more bottle.
Laya's parents are to be blamed
for her condition.
They got separated
and left her alone.
To get her imbibe foreign culture
her father introduced
drinks to her.
Only alcohol accompanied her
through her loneliness.
Now, she got into addiction.
She's severely addicted.
Ullas, you know this
will only lead to
terminating disease called
liver cirrhosis.
If this lifestyle is continued
she won't live for long.
How can you be happy with a girl
like her?
I'd been observing you both
from the start
only fighting like cat and dog.
Instead of living together
with tiffs
it's better to separate
and be happy.
I mean, this is just my opinion.
I never got anything that I desired
for in life.
You're the first one that I got.
Men's love halts with marriage
but women's love begin there on.
But, I wish our love that begun
as kids
will remain until last.
I want to be happy with you
till my last breath.
Good morning,
cold coffee.
Hey, morning.
You know how to make cold coffee?
Not a big deal
I made coffee and cooled it
under the fan.
And the cold coffee's ready.
Sorry, I don't want to start
a mess now.
You know what
your parents came home for you
yesterday. They love you.
How do you know?
They gave this cover.
What is this?
- Liquid cash.
Laya, is the amount low?
They promised to give as much as
we need, but I let down.
Hi, first mom,
hi, step dad.
Don't donate and insult us.
You needn't worry about
our survival.
We believe in each other.
We know how to take care
of ourselves.
Come, Ullas.
It's okay.
Sorry for the inconvenience.
Where are you off to?
To the bar.
Why always go to the bar?
- My mood is off.
Why so?
Today is Kartik's birthday.
Who is he?
- My stepbrother.
Your family is too fast
wrong steps.
I mean, you may skip
his birthday party.
He likes me so much.
He'll be disappointed
if I didn't go.
Then, we're going.
Hey, Ullas!
Hi, dude!
So you were also invited
to the party?
No, dude.
Choc-bar is working in caterers.
What is that name?
- It's my wife's nickname.
So you love it?
Smash it.
- Oh, damn it.
You know what,
I love her.
I cannot see the world
when she's in front of me. |
You love her so much?
No, she's that much fat.
How is she?
Too hefty for a wife.
Hi, Jimmy.
Hi. Oh, gosh!
Come on, darling.
- Sweety, leave me, please.
What's it, darling?
- Please, sweety.
Please, leave.
- Oh, sorry.
Excuse me,
relax a minute.
Thanks, dude. Her hairs
smell too bad.
Get her head shaved.
Hey, Laya.
Hi, how are you?
- Good, how're you? - Good.
Come, let's go and party.
Yeah, let's go.
- I'll be right back.
There's so many cute girls
in America
why did you marry that plump?
To be permanent resident,
we need to marry American origin.
Any issues, we can divorce
but she was pregnant
at the right time.
Are you the father of that kid?
She told so.
Hi, dad!
Hi, how's your boxing practice?
My practice?
Oh, no, no.
Hey, this is not sand bag.
Please, go.
She's my daughter.
- Sister Tyson.
Yours is a heavy family.
Leave it, look there.
He's my son.
- She told me, so.
She's the mother,
but I'm not father.
But I named those kids.
Daughter's name
is Anasuya Ramalingam.
Son's name, Ananda Vihari.
Is it?
- Yeah.
Hey, Kartik.
- Oh, sister!
Happy birthday.
What a grand par..
And this is for you.
Why is she here?
What are you talking?
She is his sister.
But she's a party destroyer.
She'll get drunk and spoil
the party.
If she's here, I'm leaving.
Hey, Tamanna, please.
Everybody is waiting there.
I won't come until she leaves.
Please, don't keep all waiting.
If she doesn't leave,
I will not join.
Happy birthday, Kartik.
- Thank you.
You look disturbed,
what's wrong?
He's coming to ask me leave.
Oh, I see.
I will manage him.
Bye, first dad.
- Shame.
Laya, please.
I can't convince her.
Please, she won't disturb
the party.
I assure you.
He's spoiling my peace.
Take me away!
- What's going on here?
I'm taking wife.
Who's wife?
My wife, of course.
Bye, stepmom.
Hey, don't irritate saying stepmom
every now and then.
Don't take bad step.
Laya, I'm so sorry.
Please, understand me.
I'd been understanding you
since childhood.
I agree to that 100 percent.
Hey, Ullas.
- Hello, lawyer.
Mommy, daddy, too?
People here shamelessly invite for
parties after divorce, too?
- Even if they did, how'd you come?
But in India, once divorced
everything falls apart.
What say, lawyer.
This is common here.
By the way, Ullas
my husband is complaining
of body pains since two days.
Where did you two go?
- I won't tell, sister.
You, too, brother.
Hi, pal. I pledged my house
and gave advance amount to all.
When would you send the dollars?
I'm too tired,
call me in the morning.
I am all tensed.
Don't sleep yet.
Hey, husband and wife must have
mutual consent to make love.
It's the same in India, too.
You chew my lips.
Is this how violent it becomes
when wives get drunk?
If they know this in India
nobody would dare to marry.
Hi, Mr. Sanchi.
Hey, Ullas. Laya has changed a lot.
Did you hit or abuse her?
I thought it's manly to keep
wife under control.
But, I learnt that joy
is in understanding wife.
So, you decided to stay with her
If I were in her situation,
she wouldn't leave me.
I am not born on foreign land
to love my wife for a while
and then leave her.
I am from village.
She married with lots
of trust in me.
I'll keep up her trust.
Come on.
Oh, I missed it.
Hi, mom.
- Hi.
Hi, dad. - Hi.
Hi, stepmom.
Hi, stepdad.
Now tell me step by step.
Ullas, good news for you.
Court consented to release
Laya's money.
Oh, that's great news.
Money will be in your account.
Tamanna agreed for that, too.
Thank you, second mom.
Ullas, only you could understand
Laya better.
And we believe that only you can
take good care of her.
Hi, Ullas.
Hey, where are you? |
I trusted you and pledged my house
for investment.
Hey, speak up, dude.
You told that we'll start business
with the money you'd send
and also that I'm the boss.
You cheated me in the name
of friendship.
You cheated Patel's sister
in the name of love.
Now that Laya's got money
you told her lies about
childhood love
and married her.
You cheated your wife, as well.
Hey, where are you?
Sorry, ma'am.
Dialed wrong number.
I'm not mad at you.
I lost it to my parents.
After marriage, I lost it to you.
Not much difference.
Laya, Bose was right
I'm mad for money,
that's why married you.
But, after learning the reason
behind your condition
after understanding how much
you trust me
I changed for good.
Trust me.
It takes one moment to break
the trust.
But it takes a life time to gain
it back.
I won't trust you.
When we're in problem,
we can't hug ourselves.
We don't lean on our shoulder.
We need someone as support
for that.
I'll be that support for you.
But if you cheat me again,
I am not left with tears, too.
Problems give tears.
Someone closer like me
gives tears of joy.
I will live with you.
I'm sorry.
I can't turn another page
in the book of my life
except closing the book.
I want to divorce.
I loved her sincerely
but she asked for divorce.
I will teach her lesson.
- Dude.
Don't step back, my best wishes
with you. Bye. - Hold on.
I'll enter the house now.
You'll hear a sound.
And a shriek.
And then a scream.
Followed by my laughter.
Then you'll enter.
What for?
To take her dead body
to the hospital. - I see.
I will kill her
but I won't divorce her.
Greetings, ma'am.
Husband and wife begin their love
with glass of milk in our culture.
But you started with a peg.
Yet, I understood and loved you
but you ask for divorce.
Do you think it's easy?
- Hey, shut up.
Oh, if I watch you again
with alcohol
you'll hear a sound,
and then a shriek.
The head will break, you see.
Oh, no!
Oh, gosh! Did he really kill her?
Call 911 immediately.
Life is not so beautiful.
- Painful.
You'll be alright.
Tell me what happened.
My wife beat with bottle.
If you say that, they'll
put her in jail.
No, no.
She is a mad.
Whom do you call a lunatic?
Ullas. - If I didn't say that
you'll be in jail.
Don't pretend to be good.
You know what?
He didn't call me mad
with love
but for my money.
Oh, really!
- Hey!
Hold on, no fighting.
Let's compromise.
No compromise.
Visitors time is up,
you may leave.
We husband and wife have
to talk in person.
We know when to leave.
Hello, excuse me.
Here only mad patients are allowed.
If you call me mad again.
- No.
Look at her, doctor.
She's behaving like a ghost.
She's trying to kill me.
We need to send her
to rehabilitation centre.
Is that a coaching centre?
No, counseling centre.
They heal on psychological level.
Oh, I see.
Doctor, please help me.
Put her into the rehab centre.
Save her life
and mine, also.
- Okay.
Please, do it.
They will send you to rehab centre.
That's impossible.
Laya, tomorrow is the hearing
of your divorce. And, Mr. Ullas
there is no lawyer
to argue on your behalf.
As long as I am here, you can't
live with Laya. - Thank you.
So, you don't have a councilor?
I have not found one.
Defendant, you may proceed.
I don't want divorce.
I'm sorry?
I need a translator.
Pardon me.
I need a translator.
Mr. Sanchi, please come.
I dropped my purse somewhere
Actually the problem is,
I will be his translator.
What's your name?
Jimmy Madugula.
You can proceed.
Thank you, sir.
Talk carefully.
Don't turn this into murder case.
Trust me.
You can establish a trust later
first translate for me properly.
So that's what you understood?
So, are you willing to give her
the divorce?
No, no. No divorce.
You speak in Telugu
I'll translate to English.
That's what I came for.
Now, if I divorce her..
If I give divorce.
it's equal to letting someone die.
It will be given to someone
get suicide.
My wife is a addict,
she needs treatment.
My wife is addict,
she needs treatment.
I heard that.
You confused all and ruined it.
Please, continue.
Patients never agree to get
treatment, especially mental.
Some patients refuse medication
especially, those who are having
mental problems.
But, we need to get them treated.
Wife and husband are like two
vessels in the kitchen.
When they hit each other,
sound produces.
I can't translate,
change the proverb.
I know only that.
In a family, wife is one pot
and husband is another pot.
When two pots come together
it makes sound.
I guess he didn't understand.
I beg you, never mention
such similes.
I want my wife back
with brilliance and vigor.
Kill me, I say, with your diction.
Mr. Jimmy. That's not allowed
in the court room.
I want my wife back
with a lots of brilliance
and vigor.
- What do you mean?
He didn't get that, too.
Mr. Jimmy?
Sir, one life line needed.
What life line?
- Phone a friend.
Please, sir. One call.
Jimmy speaking.
'So you're still alive?'
I was alive until now.
If I didn't answer his question,
he'll hang me.
'Then let's party.'
Are you still asleep?
Tell me in what context
does brilliance and vigor mean?
The words he used are poetic
which mean health and beauty.
As a kid, Laya used to call me
with love.
I still remember that.
Getting that joy back to her
is only possible with love.
I'll cure her with love.
Come on.
I can repair her
while making love with her.
Everything is spoilt.
Your honor. A mistake,
that didn't come out right.
I can be a better chance later.
Who are you?
I am Jimmy's wife and we've been
together for seven years.
And I understand the language.
Okay, what did he say?
He said he can cure
and make her better person
with the magic of love.
And as we all know, love is the
best medicine in the world.
Can't you tell him to remove
the hand?
He might have touched me
by mistake.
Would you accept anything done
by mistake?
I'm not such person.
You smell good.
Thank you.
- Welcome.
What did he whisper in your ear?
Please, we're in the court room.
Just shut up.
Petition is dismissed.
Objection, your honor.
If my client has any disease
or addiction
her parents can provide her
with best of the best treatment.
My wife has two fathers
and two mothers.
That is too much for her
and that is one of her biggest
problems, too.
That's not true, sir.
Mr. Ullas believes that he can cure
my client with love
but love is not a scientifically
proven medicine.
We always say God is love,
don't we?
Do you believe in God?
- I do.
Without scientific evidence?
Yes, sir.
I think love should always win.
And the patient should be treated
with patience and kindness.
Let's give a chance to this
This divorce petition
is rejected.
This is a divorce case
then why is Laya being taken
to rehab centre?
Ullas requested
and judge accepted.
I couldn't help.
Don't underestimate the power
of a common man.
I thought winning this case
would be a cake walk.
Now what do I answer
my seniors?
I will win this case
by any means.
Just watch.
Don't pretend innocence anymore.
I'll kill you.
Are you threatening me?
Nobody's going to be scared
of you.
What do you want?
Tell me, we'll give.
I want what all of you want.
I want her to be fine.
She offered me money
to divorce her.
If I agreed to do so
she'd get another reason
to drink.
If she continues to drink
she'll die after some days.
You may take your daughter's
death easy
but I can't see my wife die.
You married Laya only for money.
How to believe that your love
would cure her?
You don't need mineral water
to extinguish fire
even dirty water can do the job.
Some time back
I loved her money
but now I love only her.
You're sending her
to rehabilitation centre.
She'll be mad at you.
If court has to approve
her divorce
she must prove herself
quitting of addiction.
She'd do that somehow
to revenge me.
You can even fill her mind
against me
to get her more angry with me.
Don't worry about that.
She can use all her power
to break the relationships.
She's a specialist.
It's a compliment, dear.
If a couple breeds hatred
for each other
how would you live
in the future?
First, all that matters is to get
back Laya to normalcy.
Then you all can tell her
what happened.
So what you think about this sir.
Decision by the court
has been already file.
We cannot allow a quick settlement.
Hey! Congratulations, Laya.
- Thank you, aunt.
I never expected you'd recover
so quick.
I must thank Ullas for that.
Had such fraud not entered my life,
I wouldn't have changed at all.
You've mistaken him.
The reason for your change..
Don't tell me about that fraud.
He'd boast himself the reason
for my recovery.
She told me everything about him.
Excuse me.
- Okay.
Do you understand
what I'm saying?
Oh, so everybody's here.
You are all doing mistake.
He sacrificed believing that we'd
get them back together.
Keeping the secret from Laya
we're cheating Ullas.
This is not right.
It's the hatred for Ullas
that helped Laya recover.
Doctor suggests to continue
the same.
If we tell her about Ullas
she might get back to her past.
You're right.
It's better they stay apart
for a while.
You try to convince him
and coerce for divorce.
Ullas, don't you worry.
Everybody knows the truth.
Shall we talk to Laya?
- No, don't.
It's better that she keeps away
from alcohol with hatred for me
than to drink with vengeance
over me.
I'll sign the divorce papers
and go back to India.
You will have to help me
get a flight ticket.
Not required.
Laya's parents gave you
this cheque.
They paid me
to leave from here.
'Laya, I called you number
of times'
'but you didn't take my calls.'
'I know you'd be holding drink.'
'That's why I kept this note
in the bottle.'
'I am going back with a lesson'
'that money can't give
joy what a good heart can'.
'Otherwise, I'd have accepted the
cheque your parents offered.'
'People go back to rectify their
'One needs courage to do so.'
'You gave me that courage.'
'Sometimes, we win by losing.'
'I learnt that we love by hating.'
'Laya, there are two devils
in your life'
'one is liquor,
and the other is me.'
'You left the two with courage.'
'I wish you continue to live
happily all life'
'with the same courage.'
He is not the same Ullas anymore.
The one belonging to
new generation.
What's the guarantee
that you wouldn't cheat me again?
I came back to correct my mistakes.
Mr. Patel, you can trust him.
If he misses his promise this time
I will kill both of you.
Trust me, I won't go back
on my word.
I thought he loved me,
when actually he didn't.
But when he loved me,
I didn't believe it.
Laya, now you understood him well.
When I told him to leave
as you won't live long
he made you a better person.
Now when we told him that you'd be
happy away from him
he left quietly.
It's not the mistake of any
of us.
Mrs. Murthy, my wife coerced
doctors to lie.
Sorry, Laya.
I wanted to part you two
to win the case.
But, he went away
and won your heart.
A mother would always pray
that her daughter gets a good
husband like Ullas.
But, it's too late.
You look weird in that turban.
Keep this inside.
Brother-in-law, are you ready?
What got you delayed?
Flight was delayed.
Delayed flight?
Not mine, but theirs.
Don't change your mind in haste.
Patel will kill us.
Ullas, this is your life
don't give ear to anybody.
Don't leave Laya.
Can I have a minute with you?
Thanks a lot.
I changed for good
only with your love.
Even I changed because of you.
Thank you, Laya.
You may have 100 reasons
to change
but you're the only reason
for me to change.
Whatever be the reason
they shouldn't part.
I don't know if I should
mourn their separation
or be happy that he changed
for good.
I didn't come to take away
your happiness.
I know that I'm not the right one
for you.
But, only you are the right one
for me.
I can assure you one thing
that I won't step back into past.
I know, it's too late.
We came here to get them
back together.
Let's give Patel any amount
as compensation.
Once I made a mistake for money
now I can't repeat it.
Ullas, you are like rainbow
always bright and happy
but not for long.
Laya is our daughter-in-law,
we'll change his decision.
Brother, we're getting late
for the wedding.
Why are we still here?
Let's go back.
We'll attend the wedding
and then leave.
I must watch this wedding
to clear him from my heart
as he left my life.
Welcome! Hold on.
My future brother-in-law,
my sister's fianc
has arrived!
There he is.
Now let me introduce him
to you all.
Welcome, Mr. Ullas.
He is the groom, Ullas,
not you, fool.
Welcome, Ullas.
You fooled my sister
amidst four walls.
But I decided to fool you
in the crowd.
I saw her tears just once
now let me see yours.
Finally, I got you.
No bloodshed, no fight
no death, yet I revenged.
This is what you call
Just cry for once.
Come on.
Come on, cry.
You get your sister married to him,
then he will watch and cry.
He will cry.
Go and marry her.