2-Headed Shark Attack (2012) Movie Script

Whoo! Whoo!
Oh, it's gonna be sick.
It's gonna be sick.
This is gonna be so hot.
Whoo-hoo! Yeah!
Where'd they go?
Turn around!
Go back! Go back!
Go back!
Go, go, go!
All right, all right.
Quiet in the peanut gallery.
And so by measuring
the angle
between the horizon
and a specific
celestial body,
like the sun,
a sextant can help determine
one's latitude.
Got it?
All right. Well,
you're already in groups,
so pass this around
and see if you can do it
Paul, we can either
grab this or grab you.
You're both tools.
Fist pumps.
Don't worry, dude.
He's just pissed
'cause someday
a geek like you
will be his boss.
I think.
So how do we
use this thing?
Oh, you wouldn't know.
You can't smoke out of it.
Take a hit?
It's just a suggestion.
[Both laugh]
I don't even...
A little help here.
Assignment over here.
Grades at stake. Focus.
Relax, lyndsey.
Not everything's
about the grade.
Just learn.
And kirk,
not everything's about
the impossible conquest.
Buck up and pay attention.
Nothing's impossible, sir.
It took a couple weeks,
but it looks like things
are really starting
to come together
down there.
Yeah, when it doesn't look
like coeds gone crazy.
They're still
college students, Laura.
You can't change that.
When do we reach
the Solomon Islands?
Well, the currents
are with us,
so we could get there
by tomorrow,
but you know how
the captain gets
when his precious
is altered,
so we won't get there
till the next day.
Yeah, I know how
the captain gets.
It falls under that
"for better or worse"
clause we have.
We should flip.
Whew. Ooh!
[Speaking tagalog]
What? Okay.
I don't even know
why we're studying this.
I signed up
for this semester
thinking I'd be
soaking up rays
and sipping margaritas,
not studying
some stupid-ass tool.
Yeah, I'm with you.
Bring on the booze cruise.
We got GPS, right?
Why do we
even need this?
Yeah, I don't know.
Jesus, Paul.
Time to take your roids.
Paul, how many times
have I got to warn you
about the no cell phone rule?
I'm sorry, Professor,
but I just had
to feed the machine.
Ugh. How can you
even drink that stuff?
With results
like these... pop...
How could you not?
I saw you ladies
checking me out.
Don't act like
you haven't noticed.
Oh, yeah, we noticed,
all right.
Your dick getting smaller.
[All laugh]
It's not small.
What was that?
What is it?
It's gross.
Poor thing.
What is it?
You mean what was it?
It's a mega-mouth shark.
You're making that up.
Not hardly, Cole.
They were discovered
in the seventies,
but ever since then, only
50 or so have been seen.
How come?
They're borderline extinct,
and they're
deepwater sharks,
so they usually
stay below 100 feet.
Well, then what
is it doing up here?
Could be some kind
of disturbance
or a seaquake
brought it up.
It looked like
something attacked it.
Excuse me.
What are you doing?
Paul's right, Anne.
It's quite rare.
I wanna take
a closer look.
She's a heavy sucker.
Let it go, Franklin.
I can't. It'll fall
in the propeller.
Are you okay?
Is everyone all right?
[Speaking tagalog]
Laura! Laura!
Get the bilges going now!
Captain, ruptured belly.
What do you mean?
Hull breach.
We're taking on water.
What's happening?
I don't know,
but something's not right.
No shit. The question is
what and why?
Mayday! Mayday!
This is U.S. education
vessel sea king.
Can anyone read me? Over.
We've hit... Something.
Our hull's been breached
and we're taking on water.
Our present posi...
Hello? Hello?
Laura, what's
the problem?
We're taking on water.
Han and dakila
are working the bilges,
but that hull breach
is going to have to be
dealt with immediately.
I tried to call for help,
but the radios are out.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
Are we sinking?
Oh, God, we're sinking.
All right, all right.
We're not sinking.
We're taking on water.
And despite
how that sounds,
there's a difference.
I can fix the hole,
but it's gonna take time.
Well, estimate to me
how long.
Well, that depends,
but out here in open water,
a day at least.
Hey, what about
that thing right there.
Is that an island?
An atoll.
What's an atoll?
If we get
to shallower waters,
would that help?
If we can anchor?
Hell, yeah.
All right.
Get han and dakila.
Keep them working
on the bilges,
and we'll get
to shallower waters.
Aye-aye, captain.
I told you this semester
would offer you
educational opportunities
beyond your wildest
Consider this proof of that.
Oh, thank God.
It's most likely
Just scuffed land.
This is as far as she goes.
Well, this
is close enough.
We'll use the dinghy
to ferry
the students across
while you make repairs.
I don't think that's
a good idea, Franklin.
Oh, come on.
This is a rare and
wonderful opportunity
for these students.
Not the opportunity
we were hoping for.
There's a day's worth
of work at least,
while at the same time,
taking on water.
Best to stretch our
legs, lighten our load.
Besides, we might find
something useful ashore
that can help
with repairs.
I could use
some more scrap metal.
Who knows what I'm
going to find down there.
Get the first group
ready to go aboard.
You coming?
First group, let's go.
What do we have here,
a tide pool?
No, it's more like
a hole.
Maybe there used to be
a structure here
and this was a post hole.
Great start, guys.
Let's keep moving.
Hey, Ethan, maybe you'll
find some wheat thins.
Come on, guys.
Why is he acting like
this is a field trip?
Isn't he concerned
about what's going on?
He's trying to
keep us distracted
to keep us calm, lyndsey.
Oh, yeah?
We'll it ain't working.
You know, I'm not
feeling this crap.
There could be
cannibals out here.
Um, Cole, that is
crazy ridiculous.
Actually, it's not
that ridiculous.
Polynesians have
practiced cannibalism
for centuries.
Now there are cannibals?
You're not helping.
Holy shit.
Oh, not again. Jesus.
Holy crap, that's huge.
That's what she said.
[Boys laugh]
Just wait, everyone.
Stay back.
What happened to it?
Something ate it, stupid.
Looks like a bunch of sharks
got a hold of this guy.
No doubt the result
of a feeding frenzy.
Feeding frenzy? Great.
Don't worry,
I'll protect you.
Relax, everyone.
It's just
the circle of life.
Now come on.
We gotta find
some scrap metal.
Let's go.
You gonna be
okay down there?
It's just
a little welding.
He's a great teacher, Anne,
and a great captain.
With that sometimes comes
with a little
misguided enthusiasm.
Sure you gonna be okay?
I'll be fine, Anne.
Looks like
a whole little village.
Yeah, it does.
Looks like no one's
been here for a while, though.
Where are we?
Look at this. Ugh.
I've never seen
anything like this.
People actually live here?
Not many
from the size of it.
At least they have
an outhouse.
Fishermen, most likely,
and probably
only part of the year.
So it's not
a bathroom.
Just look in there.
Hey, mate, look.
They got lyndsey's teeth
on the wall.
[All laugh]
Oh, you're so funny.
Yeah, so probably
it's a safe bet
that they're not
cannibals, colt.
Better safe than
dinner, Professor.
Can't argue with
you there, Cole.
What is this?
Kind of creepy.
Is it real?
What is that?
It's a wheel, but,
you know, before this,
they used to use something
called a whipstaff
to steer the rudder
of the boat.
Until the British
got a hold of it
and changed it
to the wheel.
That's cool, bro.
No, it is cool,
I thought so.
Dude, check it out.
Feel my arm.
All right, students.
Spread out,
but stay in this area.
Remember, we're looking
for scrap metal
or anything else
that might come in handy.
Hey, kirk.
You really wanna
go poking around
this dusty old fish town?
No, but what else
do we have to do?
I could use a swim.
I don't think babish
would want us in the water.
Babish. Babish won't
even notice, all right?
We'll just go to the beach
on the other side
of the island.
It is really hot
out here.
I don't know.
Listen, when are you
gonna have a chance
to go skinny dipping
in a tropical paradise?
Wait, skinny dip?
Yeah, what?
One thing at a time.
One thing at a time.
Let's go to the beach.
Let's check in here.
You heard what he said.
Scrap metal.
So where you from?
Do you have a boyfriend?
Not recently.
The water looks so nice.
Don't you just
wanna jump in?
Why do you have to ask
so many damn questions?
Okay, look, I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to snap.
I'm a little freaked out
by the water. That's all.
How come?
Well, when I was 12,
it was the first summer
that I was allowed
to go to the beach
with my friends.
And all the girls
were flirting
with all the guys
up on the beach,
and I was just
in the water by myself.
Jumping waves.
You know, like the little
ones that come up? Whatever.
So anyway, I jumped one,
and the water cleared.
The only thing I could
see coming toward me
was this six-foot
blue shark.
It circled around
a few times,
came about three to four
feet in front of me,
and then just swam away.
I guess
it lost interest.
You're lucky.
Yeah, I guess you could
call it lucky,
but since then I still
haven't been in the water.
So then... Why'd you sign up
for a semester at sea?
I know.
Could you think of
a worse place for me to be?
Submarine school?
Well, that's
the point, though.
I don't wanna be worried
about it anymore.
I don't wanna be scared,
especially after,
you know, it being
just some
fluke incident.
Well, the first step,
I think,
we explore
this ghost town island,
jaws or no jaws.
It's an atoll.
You're starting
to sound like Paul.
What did I tell you?
Is this worth it or what?
It's gorgeous.
It's like nothing
I've ever seen before.
It's like a postcard.
It's better
than a postcard
because we don't
have to share it
with anybody else.
All right, who's
getting nude first?
Come on, now.
Come on, Haley.
Don't be
such a prude.
Oh, stop that!
Oh, my God!
Oh, my God! Oh!
Do me next.
Do me next.
Maybe he's right.
This is a once
in a lifetime experience.
You think?
Oh, yeah. Yeah.
All right.
Is this more of what
you had in mind, kirk?
This is exactly
what I had in mind.
Wait, Haley.
Maybe we should share.
All right!
Don't you want
in here?
What the fuck?
Haley! Alison!
So we really
didn't find anything.
But we only went
Well, we should probably
continue down that way.
Right, guys?
Sounds good to me.
Let's keep going.
Man, it's hot.
No, you're hot.
Come on, guys.
This is a wonderful
eco-friendly environment.
Now, we should be here
about 24 hours,
so we'll learn to live
by the land here.
You know?
What is this?
Hey, you guys,
what about these?
You think these'll work?
Only one way to find out.
Come on.
Jesus, Cole.
Watch it!
Don't worry, sir.
It's all about
hand-eye coordination,
both of which I have...
Give me that!
You, come with me.
Looks like this thing's
been sitting here for a while.
Well, I mean,
can use 'em?
Does it mean
they're worthless?
I wouldn't say worthless.
Maybe not working.
I mean, I could tune it up,
but I don't really know
what the point would be
because it's not enough
to fit all of us in it.
Still, two boats
are better than none.
I guess I could try.
It'd be faster with
a little bit of help, though.
Hey, Paul,
you're a brainiac.
You think you can help me
tune these suckers up?
Yeah, sure.
I could do that.
Okay, cool.
Give it a shot.
What's happening?
Are you okay?
Oh, my leg!
Are you okay?
We better find
a first aid kit.
You guys, come here.
Help me.
How bad is it?
We got to take him
to see Dr. babish, okay?
Then let's
get him up, then.
You're nuts.
We'll take him.
Get him. Get him.
Get him.
Come on. Let's go.
Come on.
We're almost there.
We're almost there.
What the fuck
is going on here?
What was that?
Lyndsey, lyndsey,
you need to calm down.
You want me
to calm down? Then...
Get a hold of yourself,
You's a bitch.
Look, I know she's
hysterical, all right?
But she has a right
to be concerned.
Let's get back.
That's it.
We need help here.
Dr. babish!
Dr. babish,
we need help!
Dr. babish.
Laura! Laura!
Dr. babish, we could use
some help here.
What happened?
He fell when
the atoll shook.
The atoll shook? What
are you talking about?
You didn't feel that?
No. Well, get him up,
boys. Get him up.
I told you it was
a bad idea to go ashore.
As usual, I should
have listened to you.
I can patch it up,
but we need to get you to
a clinic as soon as possible.
Solomon island, Laura.
Where we going? What
do you see out there?
Don't you see it?
It's something bobbing
right there.
You see it now?
Yeah, it's right there.
What is that?
I don't know.
A little bit closer.
Come on!
Come on!
Hurry up!
Take it!
What's going on
over here?
Cole, what do you want?
We just came down to see
your... Body of work.
[All laugh]
Well, the boat just needed
a little bit of tuning up.
The only thing
we need now is gas.
We just found
this gas can.
You've got to be kidding.
No. Come on, guys,
bring it down.
Wow, Cole. You're not
as big of a douche
as I thought you were.
Hey, sometimes
I even surprise myself.
Do you even know
if there's gas in that thing?
It smells like gas.
What are you waiting for?
Bring it over.
we be fuelin'.
Since when did you
become so helpful, Cole?
Since we got stranded
here on this island.
It sucks,
except for the fact
that I'm stuck here
with you.
Do you even know
how to start that thing?
We got it.
You wanna do the honors?
Help to your heart's content.
All right. Here comes
the moment of truth.
Untie the boat.
With these guns,
one pull.
[Engine starts]
Oh, my God.
It worked.
Oh, my God.
And we are in business.
Wait. What
are you guys doing?
Where are you guys going?
Hey, Dana!
Hey, Kate!
[All laugh]
Are you kidding?
Friggin' brick.
Help yourself. God.
Maybe this wasn't
such a good idea.
Yes, it is.
I'm gonna get the rope.
Let's go.
Better now than never.
God. Go, go, go.
[Engine starts]
Are you coming?
All right.
No, go.
All right.
Go, go, go, go, go.
The atoll...
It's sinking!
Quick! The kids!
Oh, looks like
we got some company.
Looks like
they wanna race, Cole.
Let 'em catch up.
All right.
Get out of the water!
Hey, y'all,
look at this.
Get out of
the God damn water!
Those guys are so busted.
What are they doing?
Hey, hottie, nice work
on the motors.
What's up? Wanna see
what they're really made of?
What exactly
did you have in mind?
Let's see...
First one
to the sea king wins.
Wins what?
Don't worry. We'll
work that out later.
[Scoffs] All right,
pretty boy, you're on.
Kick his ass, Kate.
Hello. I'm feeling
pretty lucky.
Oh, you'll get lucky,
all right. [Laughs]
Okay, on the count of three.
Get out of the water!
Get out of
the God damn water!
Looks like we're busted.
Well, then
we might as well enjoy it.
Whoo! Not bad, you guys.
Shark! Shark!
What's up with that?
Something's not right, man.
Swim! [Chuckles]
Get on the boat,
[All laugh]
No! No!
Why is he scream...
I bet it's a shark.
Oh, my God!
Get out of the water!
Oh, my God!
Get out of the water!
Oh, my God. No!
Why is it
still chasing them?
It's got two heads.
Two heads!
Genetic abnormalities
like that,
I mean,
they can occur.
You see snakes
with two heads,
turtles, kittens, cows.
But they can't...
They never survive
to maturity.
Two heads is
twice as many teeth.
Twice as many?
That's why.
That's why it's going
after Cole's boat.
The motor's bigger.
Oh, the motion,
the noise.
Right, right.
the electro-reception,
in fact.
You see, it's going
after Cole's boat
his motor's bigger.
It's a bigger irritation
to his heightened senses.
So it's more powerful.
What is he doing?
Trying to save himself.
Kate, help him!
Oh, my God.
Oh, no.
Oh, my God!
Get out of the...
We gotta grab him.
Help! Help me!
Get ready, you guys.
Where'd it go?
I don't see it.
Where'd it go?
Oh, my God!
Oh, my God!
Oh, my God!
Oh, my God!
The kids are not safe!
Thank you. Aah!
Aah! It's still coming!
It's coming after us!
He's coming after us!
What the hell?
You left them there to die.
Kate, are you okay?
Kate, please stop.
Kate, will you
please wait? Listen...
I don't want
to talk about it.
I know you're mad, okay?
Cole deserves
an ass beating.
He deserves a million.
But we've got
more important things
to worry about right now.
Everybody saw
that thing, okay?
People are freaking out.
They should be.
Come on!
Come on!
What are we gonna do?
With Professor babish
back on the sea king...
He's not on
the sea king.
Oh, shit.
Are you crazy. Haven't
you seen what's out there?
I did, Kate,
but you students
are still
my responsibility.
I'm still the captain.
So you saw it.
Dr. Anne, have you
seen Mike and Jeff?
They didn't make it.
Laura, too.
And jaime and Ryan
and Alex.
That's six people, Cole.
Okay, who else
is missing?
Where's kirk?
Or Alison.
Or Haley.
Wait. If Laura's dead,
does that mean the ship
isn't fixed?
Oh, God, lyndsey.
I'm just asking
a question.
The bilges
are pumping out water,
but there's still
a breach in the hull.
To get in the water
and fix it now
would be suicide.
Are the radios working?
The antenna snapped.
So we're screwed.
There's nothing
we can do?
There's still one other
means of communication
at our disposal.
Well, what is it?
The sea king
is equipped
with an emergency
that when activated,
sends out a traceable
distress signal.
Then activate it.
What the hell
are you waiting for?
To activate it means
we have to scuttle the ship.
Sink it.
Okay, great. Scuttle it.
Scuttle it.
If we sink her,
it means well have to
get supplies off first,
which means
multiple trips
back and forth.
No, we can't do that,
all right?
It's got twice
the electro-reception
than a regular shark.
It's like it can sense
every electro-magnetic field
in the water.
I really don't see
any other way.
Son of a bitch!
Be careful, everyone.
That's the second
tremor today.
Great. So now
there's earthquakes?
I really don't think
it's an earthquake.
So what is it, then?
It's like the atoll's
Of course it is.
It would appear
that way.
Wait. What?
How is that even possible?
Atolls are built
on foundations of coral.
This one must be damaged
or weakening somehow.
Professor babish,
are you saying
that at any second,
all of this
could just... boom...
Drop into the ocean?
Anything else you want
to hit us with? Anything?
If we're not
gonna sick the ship,
then we've got to repair it.
I am not
going in that water.
What if we distract it?
Make noise.
And I'm not getting
in that boat again.
Look, you saw that thing
out there, all right?
It had a choice between
our boat and Cole's boat,
and it chose Cole's boat
because it was generating
a larger
electro-magnetic field,
and thus a larger
annoyance to the shark.
Is there
a plan in there?
Look, if we
can create a charge
larger than the torch
at the same time that
the boat's being repaired,
we'll have enough time
to get the work done.
So how are we
gonna do that?
With that.
Does anyone know how
to fix a generator?
I'll give it a try,
but why?
Okay, look, if we
hook up the generator
to those poles
and put it in the water,
we'll send a current that
will drive the shark nuts,
and it'll come
check us out for sure.
That could actually work.
We still need someone
to repair the boat.
Does anyone here even know
how to weld? I don't.
I do.
Yeah, my dad's a welder.
He works with metal
all the time.
I can't ask you to do that.
You're not asking me.
I'm choosing to do it.
I'm still the captain
of the sea king.
The responsibility
should be mine
or han or dakila's.
We can do the work.
No, no, no.
You have a wound.
The blood in the water
will attract the shark
even more
than the charge.
And you need han and dakila
to fix the engines
and the bilges.
You can't risk that.
But Kate, you haven't...
I mean,
are you up for this?
Do I have a choice?
How do we get this done?
All right.
Ready when you are.
All right. So we've got
to grab this fence
and put it in the water.
Looks like you got
a couple volunteers.
Great. Now, we gotta
take these poles
and put 'em in
a straight line, all right?
Then we gotta
grab the wire
and wrap it around
the top of each
to string 'em
together, okay?
Then we gotta take
the generator cables
and hook 'em up anywhere.
Do they even understand
what I'm saying?
All right.
Well, we only have a few
feet of cable left.
Well, the closer to here,
the further from there.
Right. As soon
as we see any sharks,
I'll signal them over.
I don't like that
Cole's going with her.
I don't like it, either,
but he's the one
who offered.
Let's go, babycakes.
Don't call me that.
Here goes everything.
You son of a bitch!
All right!
It's working.
Well, it's conducting.
We'll have to wait
and see if it works.
God, she's big.
It's working.
If the dinghy motor
doesn't distract it,
the torch won't.
So now it's up to Kate.
Hey, Kate,
it's crunch time.
We don't know how long
this fence will work, okay?
It's confused.
Let's hope
it stays that way.
God damn,
you look gorgeous.
Wait. Have you ever
welded underwater
But you've been scuba
diving before, right?
Kate, are you sure
you can do this?
Listen, Cole,
stop asking questions
you don't want
the answers to.
And keep your eyes open.
It's getting bolder.
This isn't good.
It's tracing the charge.
Come on!
Don't look back.
Don't look back.
Don't look back.
Kate, what happened?
Are you okay?
Cole stole the ship.
That idiot scumbag.
Did you repair the hull?
God, please, no.
Damn! No! No!
Mayday! Mayday! Mayday!
I'm sinking! I'm sinking!
Mayday! Please,
anybody there?
I'm sinking,
and there's a two-headed
shark attacking me!
So what are we
supposed to do now?
We can't stay here.
So where else
ar we supposed to go?
The motorboat.
Some of us can take that
and send back help
for the others.
We're hundreds of Miles
from anywhere.
There isn't enough gas.
Lyndsey's right.
We can't just stay here.
This place is gonna flood.
Yeah, especially with
that thing still out there.
It's too dangerous.
We'll only end up
stranded at sea.
Once this atoll sinks,
we will be...
So then we need a plan.
What's our plan?
I don't know.
No. Oh, God, no!
Aah! Aah! No! No! Aah!
We have to get
off the beach!
Head for the trees!
We can't help 'em.
I think it stopped.
I think we're good.
Keep going!
What about you?
Just go, Paul!
There's nothing
you can do about it.
I'm sorry. I didn't...
We're not
gonna make it.
We have to.
The shark!
It's still coming!
The chapel!
What are you doing?
Come on! Come on!
Get in! Come on,
let's go. Come on!
Get in!
It's flooded!
What are we
supposed to do now?
I don't know. Give me
a minute to think.
We don't have a minute.
We gotta get out of here.
Where else is there to go?
That thing's
still out there. Aah!
No, it can't.
It can't. It can't.
[Gun clicks]
You guys go.
I'll be right there.
Okay, so we can't exactly
outrun this thing.
What are we gonna do?
We're gonna try.
What's that?
Is that
the gas barrel?
Right now
it's just a barrel.
It's still good.
You're right, Kate.
We can't outrun that thing.
Our only chance
is if that thing dies.
Can you make this explode?
It's combustible,
but we need
some source of fire.
Yeah, that'll do,
but we need some sort
of fuse, right?
And what if
the shark comes?
How are we gonna get it
close enough to the barrel
without us being close
to either one?
Yeah, what exactly
is your plan for...
Still working on it.
Take off your shirt.
Take off your shirt
and wring it out.
It's the only change we've got
of getting a fuse.
But still, how
we gonna get the shark
close enough
to the barrel?
That's the easy part,
relatively speaking.
Once it knows we're here,
it'll come.
I thought the point
was to not be here.
We won't be
when the barrel explodes.
But someone still
has to light the fuse
and someone
has to lure the shark.
Lure the shark?
Don't worry.
I'll do it.
No, I'll do it.
Kate, you told me
you haven't stepped
in the water for 10 years.
No way. You'll
freeze up, lock up.
That thing
will tear you to shreds.
Maybe, but if it doesn't,
and if this plan
of yours works,
we're still stuck
on this sinking atoll.
We don't really have
good chances.
I've lived scared
for too long.
I'm not gonna die like that.
That's as soaked
as it's gonna get.
So all we have to do
it light it,
take off,
and it'll blow?
Right. Once the fuse
hits the gas,
it should ignite,
rupturing the barrel
and sending shrapnel
Yeah, but
will that be enough?
If the shark gets close
enough, it should be.
Perfect. Kate, are you sure
about this?
Fears don't get over
How long is the fuse
supposed to take?
About 30 seconds,
maybe less.
All right. I'll tell you
when to light it.
Then run. I'll be
right behind you.
Come on, light it!
I'm trying!
Go! Go! Hurry!
God damn it!
Light it.
It's taking too long!
It won't light.
Come on.
Come on, damn it!
Come on, light it.
It won't catch.
Come on!
Come on!
Over here!
Over here!
Over here!
Come on!
Get over here!
Kate, keep going!
Don't stop!
Kate! Kate!
Dana! Dana!
Come on! Hurry!
Come on!
Let's go!
Oh, my God!
She did it!
It worked.
It's still alive. Go!
We're not gonna make it.
The boat! The boat!
It looks okay.
I think we can drive it.
What are you doing?
Once we start
this engine,
the shark will follow
the noise, right?
This boat is our only
way out of here.
Yeah, but there's
one other way to use it.
What are you doing?
Come on!
It's dead.
It worked.
It worked! It worked!
It worked!