2 Hours (2012) Movie Script

I only have one memory of her.
A dream.
A nightmare.
Stop it you're such an animal.
I am. A big one.
What was that?
I don t know,
but stay here.
Where are you going?
I need to stop them,
but I can't.
How can you leave me?
They say
it only takes 2 hours.
The end of the world
killed off most of the living,
but a few of us survived
and resisted our turn
for extinction.
We fought back and we went on living.
We were gathering supplies
along these tracks,
stocking up this outpost
so we could defend ourselves
from the infected,
and the virus,
our beautiful gift to the world.
I'd rather put a bullet in my head,
than become one of those
flesh eating pieces of shit.
But I won't have to.
There was a group of survivors
waiting here for me.
But these train tracks
aren't safe anymore
and they're the only way
back to Compound U-1.
Where there's a cure,
a rose blooming in this
god forsaken wasteland.
I just need to find the survivors.
(Whispers): what was that?
After she was gone
I wished she had never existed.
Those were days of fear,
killing to survive.
Not knowing what terrors
would come next.
But then I found the other survivors.
They'll be heading for the woods,
where the trees are still beautiful,
still alive.
Where they say,
the infected just wander aimlessly
like lost souls searching
for a reason to exist.
(Whispers): Stay here.
The virus turns the mind
against itself.
It will use her to confuse me,
slow me down.
I need to find the survivors soon,
but to do that I'll have to get past
these stupid, drooling,
brainless animals.
If I can make it to woods
beyond these ruins I'll be safe.
But getting there in one piece
is a different story.
If I'm not careful
every one of these infected
bastards will come running.
(Walkie Talkie): Can anyone hear us?
Is anyone still alive out there?
(Walkie Talkie): The train tracks
have been overrun.
(Walkie Talkie): We're heading
to the woods now.
(Whispers): Where are you going?
(Whispers): Where are you going?
You're such an animal.
I need to stop them.
We're only little pretty bones,
and then we change.
Like leaves
blowing in the wind.
I can feel the virus
flooding my mind
with whispers from my past.
And blurring all of my memories
from the last 2 hours
With the nightmare
that always haunts my dreams.
I try not to think about her.
But she's always there to punish me.
Now I can't tell whether I'm sleeping,
or waking.
She's slowing me down.
I need to avoid her and keep moving.
I'm running out time.
I have to find the survivors.
(Whispers): Stop resisting.
Pull yourself together,
stay focused and keep moving.
There's still time,
you can make it.
It's messing with your head,
it wants to confuse you.
You can still survive this.
Don't listen to the whispers
the survivors are close.
(Whispers): You're going to die.
Look at yourself!
- Leave me alone.
- You're wandering in circles.
Think about how you got here.
Well it wasn't safe.
I had to find the survivors.
(Whispers): This was never about
the survivors,
they can't help you.
Bullshit, it's the virus.
Just ignore it.
Keep moving.
You're almost to the survivors,
they can keep you alive.
(Whispers): You don't want to live.
You left the tracks.
The only way to the cure.
You're only chance to survive.
I need to keep looking
for the survivors.
(Whispers): You're not listening.
You need to be looking for her.
She's dead and gone.
(Whispers): You've been avoiding
this since it happened.
(Whispers): You should've
stayed on the tracks.
I had to leave.
You need to face this or you'll
relive this nightmare forever.
The survivors are here in the woods.
(Whispers): the woods pulled
you away from her.
You left her to die scared and alone!
You killed her.
What was that?
Stay here.
Where are you going?
How can you leave me?
I only have one memory of her.
A dream.
A nightmare.
I need to stop them,
but I can't.
No one can.
The time for our extinction
is finally here.
And we can only resist for so long
until we see the beauty of it.
In my dreams
she was always leading me
down the tracks,
bringing me closer to her.
Trying to wake me
from the nightmare of living,
and I hated her for it.
But she only wanted us
to be together again.
I needed to lay to rest
the nightmare that haunted me
so I could face the change
that was always coming.
Sometimes the most
beautiful moments in life
come from the worst ones.
I loved her more than anything.
But it took this
to help me understand that.
The virus is the cure,
but we've tried so hard
to resist it.
We've been so afraid
of an unknown future
that we've lost sight of
the beauty all around us.
Among the wastelands of our lives,
beneath the ruins of our cities,
a rose is blooming
and it is wonderful.