2 Hours Love (2019) Movie Script

Hey, stop
Stop, man!
Hey, stop!
Oh no!
Hey, I stole because you encouraged me right?
By chance, did they also encourage?
Theyre chasing me so
Oh no, they would bash me up if caught
I should escape
Oh no, why is this house
encouraging so much?
No chance for me to be quiet
when encouraged so
Hail to Lord Venkateswara!
Yes, theres none in the house
Oh no!
This isnt ghost house of
Ram Gopal Varma films, right?
Let me see
Yes, theres none in the house.
Its too dark. Wheres the switch?
Thank God, light came on
Oh no!
You rascal, is it you? Thank God,
I was dead thinking it as a ghost
Thank God!
Yes, theres none in the house
When situation encourages so much,
Ill clean up the house in split seconds
Oh no, these idiots are right here
What to do now?
When they are searching so much just for the stolen
chain of half tola means theyd kill seeing me
I wont go. Ill stay back right here
Ill take rest tonight and go back home
happily in the morning
I dont get sleep in the nights.
What to do?
Whats this?
Dairies! I dont get even peanuts
by selling these. I dont need
Oh no, what is she so beautiful?
Still, I have no intention to steal
from your house, you know
I had to come to your house as
those rascals chased me
I had to enter your house as
your house encouraged me
I had to rob like this as the items
in your house encouraged a lot
You please encourage forgiving me
and forgive me, ok?
Oh no!
Fine, but whats there in that diary?
Why not I read to know?
It has come, go
So great!
- These wont change
- Is the girl good?
What good, bro?
Shes a wow just to watch
Is it?
- Yeah
I think I love her
What, love?
- Yes - Oh no!
See bro, shes so good.
Isnt she like waiting for me?
That girl
- Yes, that girl
Good and for you?
- Yeah
Wait for a while and see
- Why?
Whats the time?
- One minute
Its 4 bro
- Not yet
It is, bro
- No
I saw and am saying bro
- I too saw and am saying, no
See if needed
No, its just 3 minutes less
Thats what! Youll knowing
everything about that girl at 4
What will be known bro?
I said to wait for 3 minutes, right?
Cant you wait?
See, look there
Whos this guy?
Is even this trying her out?
Oh no! Whos he and whys he
giving flower to my lover?
Maybe he gave, but should he hug?
Hello, not your lover
- Then?
They are already lovers
- Lovers? - Yes
Whats this? They behaved like strangers
till now? How did they become so close now?
It is 4, right? They are making loving.
- What? Say like I understand bro
They start loving from 4 and separate
after 6. Ice cream, ice cream!
Great figure bro!
What timings for love, man?
Oh no!
I dont understand anything at all.
I should read the whole diary from first
I love you
- Love?
Im not kidding. Im serious
I saw you immediately after seeing you,
love at first sight
What love just by seeing?
Added this love at first sight is a trash
I dont believe in that
- I sat right there 5 minutes before
Somehow, I liked you just by seeing.
I couldnt take my eyes off
I liked you so much that I felt no problem
even if you feel bad about my character
when I propose so immediately.
Excuse me
- Yes
I think you understood my feelings?
- I didnt understand what you said
To say in real, I couldnt listen to anything
Did you feel by chance that we both
know each other well, when you saw
me for the first time
- Yes
Did you by chance feel that Im the perfect guy
- Yes
Did you feel by chance that you cant live
without me? - Yes
I think Im in love
I love her
- What?
I got the same feelings after seeing
that girl. I think Im in love with her
Love at first sight!
Im sorry.
I liked you, but there is no rule
for you to like me too right?
Ok, all the best
- Thank you
This is Adit.
I feel like I saw you somewhere
Where? - I dont remember that.
Do you remember, by chance?
Are you flirting?
- Whats it, I think it as love
Oh no! Her dad is the DSP and
better that you be a bit careful
Is father in law, the DSP?
Thanks for the information
What, you think to be talking cleverly?
When I dont know to speak romantic,
I should at least speak clever, right?
To put in a word
I love you
You keep moving around saying
I love you to any girl you see?
Did I say you? No, right?
But still, youre answering for everything
asked. She isnt mute by mistake, right?
Madam, bill
Hey, wait, wait. Just a minute
I came to the correct address, right?
- Come to this address in the evening
Youll know everything about her
How long do I wait more?
- 4O clock and she said
Shes coming
- Hi
Oh my God! You know, this is the
eighth wonder of the world and you speak?
Just kidding, ok! Dont mind
- No problem! Kid, kid
Shall we sit and talk
- Fine - Yes
Ice cream, ice cream
Please say about yourself
I think a love letter
Whats this?
- You asked about me, right?
See and youll know
- Ok
Name Avika! Avika! Nice name
6 AM to 7 AM yoga class!
Yes, good for health
7 to 7:30, getting ready and takes
half an hour to reach NIFT.
- Yes, Im a student there
8 AM to 3 PM classes
- Oh!
Takes half an hour to reach home
3:30 PM to 4 PM, Relax time.
4 PM to 6 PM blank
6 PM to 7 PM music class,
7 to 8:30 PM family time
8:30 PM to 10:30 PM movie time
- Yes, daily I watch a movie
I dont get sleep unless I watch movie
- Yes, nice
10:30 PM to 6 AM sleeping time
Yours is a very busy schedule,
but why are you saying me all this?
If youd observed correctly,
youd have understood one thing
Ill be free daily only in between
4 PM to 6 PM
By the way, your opinion on me
I like you. I liked just by seeing
Idiot, whats there in you dude?
Any girl should go flat for you
But still no idea why
but all keep saying the same
But still, whatll be in me not to like?
- But - But?
I dont like my schedule being disturbed
with a new chapter love adding to my life
What I mean to say is, we will love
But we shall love only from 4 PM to 6 PM
- What?
4 PM to 6 PM love?
- Yes
4 to 6
- Yes
Are you serious?
- Yes
4 to 6 PM love, 2 hours love
Is your screw loose by chance?
Do you understand what you are saying?
2 hours love, my foot!
Whats she thinking about herself?
I think you are not interested in this.
Good bye!
Hey one second, wait!
If you are ready for 2 hours love, then only
you talk to me, otherwise go to hell
Lets sit and talk, please. Please!
Two minutes, lets sit and talk
What now, you say to love only
for two hours daily, right?
Conditions apply
- What, are there more?
Only you and I should love
in these two hours
That means not our family,
personal problems, friends etc
We shouldnt involve them and
we shouldnt discuss them
Its just you and me. And
- How many more?
Dont break the rules. If you break
the rules, Ill break the relationship
Relationship hasnt started yet and
shes talking about breakup, so fast
It was good if she really couldnt talk
Say now, are you in or out?
Ice cream, ice cream
Ok, in!
- Yeah, good!
Sign it
- Whats this again?
- Yes
For what?
It says we are in love with mutual understanding
and we wont separate in future
unless there is a mutual understanding
So, sign it.
Sign fast and there is no time
Then, whats the guarantee that
you dont say break up in future?
Where is the proof with me?
I should have, right?
I wont say. Ok, you asked for proof, right?
- Whats she giving?
Here is the same content with my signature
Looks like you came well prepared, right?
Yes! You said something in the morning?
I spoke a lot
- Think
Yes, felt like Ive seen you somewhere
Not that, afterwards
Oh, father in law is DSP..
- Not that, next
Yes, got it. I love you
- I love you too
So, she doesn't say I love you
unless I say I love you?
Hey, a small gift for you
- Hey I like this model
What, you give gifts also
along with the conditions?
You aren't such a sadisy like I thought.
Anyway, thanks for the lovely gift
I'll wear only this from now on,
because this is your first gift
OK, say your mobile number
988 - 988 - 41 - 41
-29 -29
29, yes! Oh no, why is sje leaving again?
Hey, hello wait! What happened again?
Hey Arti, it's already 6 - What?
Come fast to the music class
I'll be waiting for you there
- So, she doesn't speak a word if it is 6?
Oh no, dirty - Dramas
This isn't a routine love story.
This isn't a love story at all
Where's love here except conditions?
Damn, but story is a bit interesting
What bro, you planned your love and
love story differently, right?
What, you understood so?
- Yes
Go, man
- Ice cream, ice cream
Hail to Lord Venkateswara
This is a new love of all times with
a new feel of time limits
This is two hours love
Hey stop man, say it clearly!
Whats this story? Come on lets see
Our guys story is definitely strange
Is it just two hours time for love so?
Such nuisance is nowhere on earth
Whats this story? Come on lets see
Our guys story is definitely strange
Is it just two hours time for love so?
Such nuisance is nowhere on earth
She said who you are before 4
Shes kissed after 4
Shes shown heaven as a preview
Shes vanished after 6 saying who you are
Hey! - Who are you?
Why are you following me?
Hi, this is Allu Arjun
So what, whats your problem?
- Nothing
Whats your name?
- Are you teasing her?
Hes following me
- Whats the matter?
Hey wait. Ok, just wait
Hi baby
- Hey, go man
2 hours love, this is 2 hours love
How do hours in a day come down?
2 hours love, this is 2 hours love
How to increase the minutes in an hour?
2 hours love, this is 2 hours love
How do hours in a day come down?
2 hours love, this is 2 hours love
How to increase the minutes in an hour?
Hey, hi! Hello
Its been 4 minutes past 4 and
how long should I wait for you?
It is just 4 minutes, right?
- Ice cream, ice cream
- Sorry
Yeah, sorry
- Sorry
Dont use sorry as you wish,
because that comes for free Adith
You do everything and then say sorry.
Its become a regular habit for you
Sorry is gone completely valueless
Listen, every time you say sorry
from now, you got to pay 2000
2000? But why?
2000, right? Ok!
Oh no, fine if I get late it seems
This is a strange love in the world
Really forgot everything seeing this love
A strange love came across strongly
It suddenly filled up with full of rules
His love life passed on with a fear
Whatever it became a strange love
Adith, you should take me to temple tomorrow,
get me ice cream and take to parlor. Ok?
What, all these in just two hours?
- Yes
- Cone ice cream
2 hours love, this is 2 hours love
How do hours in a day come down?
2 hours love, this is 2 hours love
How to increase the minutes in an hour?
2 hours love, this is 2 hours love
How do hours in a day come down?
2 hours love, this is 2 hours love
How to increase the minutes in an hour?
What is this dude?
Itd have been good if time
stood the same, right?
Shes loving me just for 2 hours.
What to do for making her love me 24/7?
What to do? WHAT TO DO?
First you should have the tea and
drink it - Thanks sister
Say dude
- She says to love for 2 hours, right?
Interesting, I recently watched
a Hollywood film bro
I dont remember its name correctly,
Oh no! - You need film stories
when Im feeling bad here, idiot?
Stop man, you are always in a hurry.
Listen, man
Hero and heroine fall in love,
in that movie bro
Heroine likes Hero very much.
But, she purposefully ignores him
She keeps him far away
She troubles him.
No, she tortures him bro
When we feel why the hell is she doing like
a psycho, hero gets to know in the climax bro
The girl has cancer, thats why she does all this
and goes through hell unable to get close to hero
or to go away from him, bro
Hey, Avika coughed
- Is it?
Avika coughed a lot of times
- Coughed many a times?
Does that mean Avika has a cancer?
I cant give clarity on her disease
but, she has a disease bro
So, my Avika has cancer and
is thus doing all this?
Shes managing great
without letting me know
- Huh
Hello! I said not to need something
without guarantee, right?
Say if it has guarantee and Ill take it
She has no guarantee for her life and
she wants a guarantee, it seems
Hey, why are you dull?
Im sorry Avika
- What happened?
What have you done now to say sorry?
For troubling you all these days
For torturing you on the name of love
without knowing your situation
Torture and you?
If at all, I should have done
It is your greatness to think so, Avika
Hey, what happened to you today?
Why are you talking so?
I came to know it all. I came to know
why you love me just for 2 hours
I even came to know about
why you are giving me gifts
I came to know about why
you are coughing now, too
I coughed naturally and whats in this?
Enough, enough now
Enough of hiding till now
You arent coughing naturally, Avika
Youre coughing as you have a Cancer
- Cancer?
You arent saying me as
I cant bear with, right?
You are keeping me away as
I cant bear, right?
Giving me your remembrance in the form
of gifts to me, you wish to go away
permanently from me, Avika?
Stop it, idiot
Im watching from so long and
what are you talking?
What a cancer to me?
Is your brain gone?
You are coughing, right?
- Does that mean, I have a cancer?
And you are keeping me away
- So, cancer?
Friend said me
- Then give a shot to that idiot first
Then spit on his face
- Damn
Hey, you know the worst character
in this world?
It is to play heros friend character and
I should spit on myself for this. Damn!
Stop dude
She got very angry today on me. Its tough to
handle her even when she is in a good mood
And what when she gets angry?
Carry me
- What?
- Yes
How does it feel?
- Very good
What is the time?
- Its 5
Ok, keep carrying me so till 6.
I cant bear dude,
shes showing me the torture
Why is everything done reversing so?
- What, why are you not seen these days?
You are talking about meeting.
Ask that waste fellow first to lift the phone
Dude, get four teas
- Ok bro
I somehow doubt that hes behind some girl
Bring Osmania biscuit
- No
What man, is it true?
Dude, bring few more Samosa
Im talking to you, idiot.
Why are you so silent?
Bring ketchup too
Hey, when talking to you
why do you talk to him?
Hey, nothing as such. Actually Im not feeling
good these days and thus am not coming out much
You want me to believe?
Ok man, why are you not going
to office these days?
Hey, who is saying you all these?
Idiot, is hiding a lot from us
Enough of squeezing and
nothing more is left behind there
Hey, talk straight
Ok, Ill leave if Im paid my money
Hey, if you say money again,
it isnt good
Still, whats the proof that you gave?
Did you see? Did you see?
Hey, you said not to tell anyone right?
- Is it? Fine
This will be the last time Im saying and
it isnt good if you ask for money once again
Hey, whats this dude?
Why is he overacting after taking my money?
What he said is also correct dude. How will
he return when you gave without a proof?
Not that dude
- Lets settle all this later but move first
Move dude
- Hey, you too
What dude, you wont come?
- Ill finish samosa and come, you go
- Who made these samosas, rascal?
Theres a cockroach in this
Huh, it isnt there in ours right?
Nothing will happen
Why is our guy alone here?
What bro, its 4:30 and
has your lover not come yet?
I think her anger isnt down yet
Bro, whats this waiting?
Ask her to come fast, Im getting bored
- Yeah
All other than me are enjoying
my love story
What if I call?
No need, why to mess with
and then get scolded?
Oh no, shes calling herself
- Hi
What happened, you didnt come today?
Where are you now?
Theres none at home dear.
Thus Im right in the house
What, dear? Why is she
talking with so much love?
- Does she want gold now or what?
Ill say
- Hello
Oh, what else? What are you doing?
Theres none at home, right cutie?
- Is it?
Thus Im watching TV
- I see
Did you eat, then?
There is none at home, right dear.
Thus I didnt eat anything
Whats she repeatedly saying theres none
at home? What exactly do you need?
Ok dear, Ill leave then.
We shall meet tomorrow, bye
Hey, Im saying theres none
at home, right? Why dont you come?
Oh, is this the matter? I think she has some work
at home and is calling me to do that. Ill say now.
No way dear, I just got a call from mummy. It seems
mummy has fever and I should go home urgently
Dont mistake me please
- Stop idiot
When Im saying theres none at home and calling
so that we can romance, hes playing dramas
Cut the call now
- Hey, wait!
You mean, romance?
- Yes
What, that ROMANCE, romance?
- How come?
What, is there even this angle in you?
- Yes
I too am a human, right dear?
- Yes, you are proving right now
You - Ping the address
and Im there in 5 minutes
You said mom has fever?
- You said romance?
You naughty
- Thank you, bye
Hey, when did you come? Come here
- Ok
Whats wrong dear,
why are you walking so?
I mean, you said romance right?
Im a bit tensed.
Im a bit happy and
even a bit frightened
No problem, come and sit
Shall we start?
- Yeah sure
No, not like this
Do with the eyes
- With the eyes? - Yes
Romance doesnt require physical contact
and it can be done by eyes also
Its so in this book. We will try this
Romance with eyes?
- Yes
You shouldve understand right when
she said romance, right? You bloody!
What, are you preparing?
- Oh no, did she understand so?
Look, I dont get this romance
with eyes and all
Do one thing and make it self
- Ok
What now, you say not to romance right?
- Youre right
- Dont say such
Ill do. I will. She is blackmailing
by saying breakup
But still I dont know such things
like romance with eyes
Im there for that, right dear?
Come on
Heart is tempting to wake up
It is firing up unknown heat
How far is the heart from body?
Let me join bridging with the eyes
Let the need grow with the eye signal
Let the body get tired with
the hot breathes
Im caught in between your eyes
Im doing some untiring war
When all these heated up moments
are burning me
Will your hug cool me down
like the snow?
Heart is tempting to wake up
It is firing up unknown heat
Let me ask my feet to walk towards you
You are the Goddess of romance
and let me touch your waist
Let the lip shake and
let your breath touch
I wont be finished till I get
into your heart
With you I forgot myself
and wanted you
Fire in me blew up as you
and mixed up into you
Heart slipped wishing for your beauty
and my age is in swing
I knew the way changing the relation
and came to you to fulfill
Heart is tempting to wake up
It is firing up unknown heat
How far is the heart from body?
Let me join bridging with the eyes
Let the need grow with the eye signal
Let the body get tired with
the hot breathes
Im caught in between your eyes
Im doing some untiring war
When all these heated up moments
are burning me
Will your hug cool me down
like the snow?
Hey bro, youre drinking
too much these days
You are drinking and also getting
me drunk, right?
Then stop, dude
- Hey, let me drink
Avika, my love dude
Hey bro, were drinking and ruining
our health because of that Avika, right?
I feel like to drink after starting to drink
- You!
But, I feel like drinking repeatedly
after meeting Avika
NO, shes torturing you so much, dude
- Drink finished, call Avinash
Hey, Charging is over in my phone.
Give your phone once
Its there, take it
Hey bro, youre so great.
You named even Avinash, the guy
supplying us the drink as Avi with love
No! Avi means not Avinash, but Avika.
My darling dude
One minute bro
Seeing Avi, I thought Avinash and
called Avika, dude
No, did you call Avika now?
- Wrong dial bro, I cut it
Lets break up.
Break up! Break up!
Its all over, dude
Were calling Avinash as its all over, right?
- Hey
Hell get it and you dont get tensed.
- I didnt say drink is over
Avika will say breakup tome
Its breakup if the drink is over?
- You come here
Dirty rascal
- Oh no
Did you remember?
- Yes, I remember bro
You shouldnt call Avika after six, right?
Sorry dude
- Hey, see the time fast
Its almost 12 bro
- Shed sleep by 11
100%, she wouldnt have seen that missed call and
I should delete that missed call by the time she sees
Wow, super idea bro.
Delete it, come on delete it.
What, oh I see?
Is this the house bro?
- Yes, move on
DSP fellow is not home, go in fast
and come out - How do you know?
Avika said in the evening that
he went to Khammam
Hey, thats the house of Police and
would kill if caught - Die
But let my love live
- Sadist idiot
Hey, say that it was a wrong call.
Nothing will happen
She isnt as intelligent as you and
would never believe
Should I go in now?
- No way to escape
Bro, just think for once
- Ill kill you
- Go, man
Oh no!
Whys he sleeping so?
He might be drunk
Oh no, dog!
Did you too sleep? Hey, you gave drink even
to dog along with you? Thanks, man!
I think this is Avikas room.
Where is her mobile?
Yes, its there. Yes, I got the mobile
Yes, I have never seen Avika
and let me see for once
Oh no, I think someone is coming
Why is he still not coming? Damn!
Hey did you get?
Thank you dude, thank so much
Hey bro, someone is trying
to kill Avika. Yes dude
What, holding knife like this
did he tried to stab like this?
Yes dude, exactly the same way
- Yes, the same way! You idiot, come on
Really dude, believe me
Hey, the truth youre saying may be a lie.
Or we drunk till now and came, right?
You might have seen something else
Where is the drink still, dude? Its going out
like this as sweat. - Hey, stop it
Hey, listen to me dude
- I said to stop right?
Damn! - Mobile is locked dude.
How do I delete?
Hey, light is on. Move
Hey Vivek, I deleted the missed call
and got out of a tension.
Hey bro, listen to me.
Someone is trying to kill Avika.
Listen to me
- Have you started again?
Cut the call now, waste fellow
- Not that dude
Why is he, saying so many times?
Is he playing with me or saying the truth?
Why didnt you stop, when killing him?
See now and he is dead
- I mean, I was far away Bhai
Yes, right?
- Yes
And he too could have killed the girl, right?
- Yes Bhai
He got frightened and escaped
We shouldnt get frightened
- Ok Bhai
Call that DSP idiot and
say that Ill kill his daughter
Call him - Ok Bhai
- Say - Yes
Will that DSP idiot kill my brother?
Ill show
Clever fool!
If you wanted money, why cant you
ask me? Did I ever say no?
Why to cheat? Dishum!
Never play such games with me
- Bhai, cant get his phone
Find out his daughters number,
call and say
Shed say her dad and lets see
wholl come in the way?
He really doesnt know anything
Yes, I think it is Avika.
20 missed calls from the morning
I wont lift it
Why didnt you say about this before?
She isnt lifting the call bhai.
- Message her, should I say everything?
Good that I switch it off.
Hah, message?
Ill kill you and take revenge
on your daddy
What, revenge on my daddy?
Oh no, this is Avikas mobile right?
Whos this fellow?
That DSPs daughter is calling, Bhai
- Go on
- Hey, who are you idiot?
Who are you, rascal?
- Ill kill you if something happens to Avika
Oh, are you her boyfriend?
- Hey
I too wont do anything.
Ill just kill her, thats all.
Pass this information to that girl.
With love!
- Hello, hello! Damn!
How much are the tomatoes?
Get down, come on get down
Kilos onions
- What are you here to buy?
Come on madam
Give the gun, man
- Fresh green leaves
I forgot Bhai. Oh no!
How can you forget gun, idiot? I asked you to
take even when you go to bathroom, right?
Bloody idiots!
- I forgot in the bathroom, Bhai
How much is this?
- Fifty
- Yes madam
This is Prabhas
Hey, you look beautiful
- I know
What, are you flirting?
- No, felt like saying and I said
- What?
Shall we go for a coffee?
- Why should I come with you?
Listen, dont follow me and
dont irritate me
I thought hes her boyfriend
- I dont think so, Bhai
I dont understand
I think youre searching for me
You said to save, right? Save!
Hey, stop guys
- What, you tease girls?
Hey - What are you
overacting coming here? Move, move
Ill kill you rascals
- Hey, are you overacting? Move!
Hey, who are you all?
Whats this nuisance?
Hes teasing this girl, Sir
- What man, are you teasing the girl?
No sir, hes trying to kill the girl Sir
Hes starting a new story again
- What, this fellow?
How do you know that
hes trying to kill that girl?
He messaged and informed, Sir
- Message?
Yes Sir. Ill show the message
in phone if needed, see Sir
Avika would never talk to me again
knowing that I took her mobile
Where idiot, show?
- Nothing Sir
Push him in the lockup and
beat him up. Hes playing dramas
Sir, its true Sir
- Hey, move rascal
Listen to me Sir. Sir, please! Hes really
trying to kill her, Sir - Move, idiot
Ok, but you stay with her till 4 Sir.
Please Sir, please save her
Leave him Sir.
You know about such rascals, right?
Theyd say any lies for talking to a girl.
Leave him for now, Sir
If this repeats again, Ill peel your skin
Constables, come on
Excuse me!
Dont play such cheap tricks again
Hey, go idiot
No. no please
- Hey, stop
Hey, come on guys
When I have issues with her dad,
why you in between rascal?
No! - Still when you said
to save her, I thought youd come and hit me
- I didnt expect you to run like this
Shame on you! Ill now kill her
in front of your eyes. See.
No, no!
- No!
Stop, stop
- Catch
Who dear? - Adi
- Prabhas, uncle
Thank you, Prabhas.
Come on dear, lets go
Thank you Prabhas,
you saved my life
I love you Adith
Though we love just for 2 hours,
I love for 24 hours
Nothing will happen to you,
till Im here Avika
First he said Prabhas and
later you said Adith
He said you Avika.
You hugged him in front of me
What exactly is happening, Naina?
Lets talk about this later,
you go and sleep
Daddy please, dont harm Adith
I can do anything using my power.
But I wont
I dont want to be a bad father.
You arent a kid to say whats right
and whats wrong
Be clear with what you are doing
Daddy! I and Adith
- Its late, go and sleep
2 Hours love, nonsense! You never felt like
saying us even when so much was on?
Hey Vivek, at least you shouldve said, right?
He asked not to say, dude
Avika asked not to inform anyone.
Hey, all this wont happen and
you forget her - Difficult, dude
Thats why shes playing with you
and you dont understand
Hey, when she asks you say sorry and
give money? You say sorry if I ask?
Whos this guy, dude?
Hey, he took loan from you for her only
- Hey
Oh, youre taking even loans now?
Still, how did you say sorry for so many times?
Even when I dont feel like doing mistakes,
shes making me do, dude
Though I feel not to say sorry,
shes making me say
To put in a word, shes behaving like
the Hero from Sukumars films
He seems to die for that same torture
Is he like dying? Super idea, man!
Thanks dude
Super idea
- Bro, you said idea and am I too in that idea?
Where is an idea without you, dude?
Doesnt he understand
even after saying so much?
- Yes
Sir came in the afternoon and
asked to give you this 2000
Why did he ask to give?
No idea madam. It seems hes not getting
your number and asked you to call at 4
Oh no, entertainment is missing today.
Shop is closed
- Avika here
What happened? You wont come today?
Not just today Avika,
Ill never come again
Hey, whats wrong now?
I asked to give 2000, did he give Avika?
- Yes
Im sorry Avika
- Say why?
For troubling you and disturbing you!
Still you loved me daily for two hours
Come to the point directly
- Let me say Avika
This 2 hours love isnt enough for me.
I want 24 hours and lifelong to be with you
But I understood it isnt possible. Thats why
Im going far away from you, Avika
Oh, you are going out of station?
Where are you going?
- Yamapuri? What is that place?
Ok, which train are you catching?
Im not getting into the train to know
and get in, Avika
Train is getting over me.
- Hey, where are you idiot?
Wait for some time and watch TV, Avika.
Youll know.
Dont do idiotic things and
come back silently from there
They ask for last wish even from the prisoner
to be hanged, but youre shouting on me
What do you want now, man?
- No need Avika, you wont do even if said
Ill do, say - You should be
with me for one whole day, Avika
- Ok Avika, see you. Bye!
Ill kill if you cut the phone
- I too came to die, Avika
Train is coming Avika, its coming Avika.
It is coming
It is coming Avika, Please Avika,
say to be with me for one day, Avika
- No
Oh no, it is coming. Train is coming
Train is coming Avika, it is coming
- Cant you understand when Im saying?
It has come, it has come
Ok, just one day right? I will be
Avika, whats the time?
- 10 AM
Hey, it is 10 even in my watch
- It is 10 even in Pawan Kalyans watch
Yeah, but I never expected to
say you good morning
Good morning Avika
- Cone ice cream
I too didnt expect. Good morning!
But finally you said, right?
I didnt say, but you made me say
I unnecessarily messed up.
Change the topic, man!
What else?
- Ice cream, ice cream
You tell me
Believe me, Ill give you the best
and best day in your life today
Trust me
- Is it? - Yes
Hope for the best
- Yes - Ice cream!
Whats the time?
No, why did they come now?
Oh no! Sir! Madam, Sir!
Why the break the rule the madam?
Sir, I miss entertainment Sir.
You coming to 4O clock, no?
Oh no, Vanilla, strawberry, butterscotch!
I hate you madam
Madam, too cheating, too making fool,
very bad madam. No!
So, where are we going?
- Hah!
This place, this climate and
you by my side! Its so good, right?
Itd be great if we are so daily, right?
Im very happy today
What else?
- Yeah!
Adith, do you how know many times
you said so?
What else? What more? Say more
Basically when theres nothing more
to talk and still want to talk, we say so
Why to talk when theres nothing to talk?
Why to think of talking saying so?
Where is the watch I gave?
- At home!
You said liked it a lot and to wear
the same watch always?
Same watch daily would bore
- Bore!
Adith, we are meeting daily and talking.
That too full day today
Whats the guarantee that you dont
get bored even with me?
Oh no, dirty idiot! Did she give gifts
and encourage for this? Dirty rascal!
Whats the guarantee that
expectations wont grow?
Adith, whats the guarantee that you
wont say Im being like this and like that,
not listening as said,
not caring about me, come on say
All this shouldnt happen, Adith.
Thats why, to keep the excitement for
long time lets love only for 2 hours
- Somewhat in bits and pieces
Still, whats the relation between these
expectations, excitement and two hours love?
90% Breakups are happening as expectations
increase and excitement comes down
We like anything, when far away. Its value
comes down when it comes close
Instead of getting away being close,
it is better we get close being away
Thus is this two hours love
Whats this two hours love Avika,
all are laughing
Im not loving you just for two hours Adith,
Im loving you every second
But, Im expressing my love
only for two hours
Ok, how long like this?
- Dont know
- By the way, forgot to say
Two months vacation leave
for us from tomorrow
Vacation leave, for what?
Did you ask for what, when they gave
summer holidays in school days?
As we study hard and get tired,
they give that for relaxation
This too is the same. We got tired a lot
by loving, right? Thats why for relaxation
Leave in love? Is it anywhere like this?
- What?
Dont see so, it may be there
Two months from now, you
and I shouldnt meet and talk
To say more clearly,
we both have no relation at all
If you break the rules,
Ill break the relationship
Kill, come on kill that fellow.
You think him as human or an animal?
How are you bearing with her, man?
Im unable to bear this.
My brain is getting heated up.
Her name is Avika, right?
Am I missing anything?
Theres a chance of knowing something
by reading this dairy
How far did I read this dairy?
Yes, I remembered
Dairy finished,
what exactly wouldve happened?
Did they meet or not?
What exactly happened?
Is there one more diary?
What wouldve happened later?
Yes, let me search. Where is that?
You too went over all the troubles
Sita has faced in Ramayan, sister
But that Ravan who gave you so many
troubles, I mean the guy being called as hero
in this story, I didnt like that guy, dear
But, youre still in love with him.
Oh my gosh!
Oh no, its morning so fast?
I shouldnt be here, need to be gone now.
Though bags are encouraging,
Im unable to take dear
But its never in my history to go
empty handed when I come for a robbery, dear
Thats why as your remembrance,
Im taking just these dairies
You should be happy dear, I love you
Huh, 2 hours love!
Wow, super love story
Ok, but did these two came along or not?
Still, it is better that they dont come along
He should come across me and then.
Oh no!
Idiot, did you come to die?
- Sorry bro
Hey, why are you looking around and walking
like a mad guy? Look at the road and walk
I didnt see bro
- Yes, Im saying to see
I said sorry, right?
Hes saying sorry right, leave him
Youd say sorry means nothing, right?
- Leave him, dude
See and walk
- I know. Go idiot
Oh no, two hours love story!
What a love story!
What to do with this?
Why didnt you attend my call yesterday night?
- Daddy was there and so
Bro, take a book. Its good love story
- Go idiot
You first answer me. Why cant you
at least text? - Ok, call today
Bro, take one book. Please bro
- Hey, go rascal
Stop, dude
No! Is this why you said
we go from this side?
Hey, you think not to see her
but you cant be without seeing
You think not to love
but cant be without loving
Why not talk with her once?
All the problems will be solved
Go on
- Hey, listen to me dude
You would never change, dude
Take one book, bro
- Hey, dont frustrate me
Id get angry and hit. Go!
- Great love story bro.
Bro, please bro! Super love story, bro
- I dont want it
Bro, good love story. Super love story,
high light love story, please bro - You idiot!
Idiot, saying good love story and all.
Ill bash you up rascal
See here, I too have a good love story,
great love story. Ill kill you, go idiot
Whos this fellow?
Not even one book is sold
Hey bro, stop. Stop dude, bro!
- Whats wrong with him?
Hey, here take it. Celebrate, go
- Book, bro
Why do I need your book, man?
Ill write a book myself, 2 hours love!
Title sounds good, right?
- Good bro
Sell once it comes into the market, ok?
- Mental guys have increased
Hey Giri
Hey, where did you go for so long?
No message, no call, where did you go for so long?
Huh, Ill tell. But I should say
an important matter before that
In the recent days I wrote a story,
as a dairy encouraged me
Oh no, do you even have such skills?
- This idiot
Every guy is a writer!
Hey, you are a thief and be like a thief
Instead if you say to be a writer and pen
love stories, anyone listening would laugh at you
Hey, shall I say you something?
- Yeah
Idols evolve from the stones, dude.
Pots are made out of mud - I see
Milk comes from cow, buffalo gives dung,
we too know all these but still, youve changed
Some ghost came over you
- You rascal, no ghost nothing
Hey, if we stop robberies and start writing books
wed lose beer and biryani lying in front of us
- No, please dude
When we write a book and publish,
we get a good name
We get good money
- We have a good name now, right?
In Railway station, bus station
and in Police station!
Hey, who are bigger celebrities than us, dude?
Hey, I didnt mean that kind of a name man
Hey, please listen to me dude. You havent
even passed 10th and what would you write?
There is no link between education and art, dude
We became thieves as we didnt study.
Even stealing is an art, dude.
Think of it for once
Added no publisher comes forward
to publish the book. And also
Should I publish the book?
Still, who is reading books these days?
Everyone is just messing with their phones.
Please man, no need
- Please sir, just one chance
Still, why should I publish your book?
Just say me one reason, say one reason
Theyd ask like that and
whats your answer for that?
Ill say the story Sir
A hundred would daily come here and say
the stories. Should I listen to every idiots story?
Still, it goes so when every idiot
becomes a writer
Sir, please Sir!
One chance Sir, just one chance Sir
Sir, please listen Sir
- No man, I beg you, no please
Sir, please listen
- Ok, sit
Yes! Thank you Sir
Whats your genre?
- A good love story
Huh! All those which come
are 99% love stories. Go!
Sir, dont say so Sir.
Please Sir, just for once Sir
Two minutes Sir, just two minutes
- No, dont torture me man
Two minutes time Sir,
thats enough Sir, please Sir
Will you say the story in two minutes?
- Yes Sir, Ill say
Whats the title?
- 2 Hours love
Understood man,
why for you to say and listen, Ill say it
A girl and boy travelled together for
two hours in a bus, train or a flight
Story is how they fell in love in
these two hours journey.
I heard to so many stories as such.
- Oh no!
How many ever stories you heard,
you may have heard such stories
But, youve never heard a story like this Sir.
My story would be very new, Sir
Whats so new?
- Yes, Ill say
Hero and Heroine in my story would just
love for two hours a day in my story, Sir
Damn! - Just from 4 to 6 PM
in the evening, thats all Sir
Only two hours?
- What you heard is correct
They love only for two hours a day
- Oh
Its very good love story. They both fall in love.
After that they keep meeting on roads unexpectedly
But one day, a big shock comes unexpectedly
If you break the rules,
Ill break the relationship
Leave in love?
- Yes
Man, I asked for new story but so much
of newness? Come on, next - Yes
Flashback episode starts now in our story
Hi, this is Naina. I look good, right?
I look so beautiful
Mom is Meenakshi and dad Raghuram,
DSP Raghuram and a strict officer
Dad is always stubborn like this
and he never smiles
Ive just seen dad smiling for
only two times
Padma Narasimha, can you say the
brand on your pant zip without bending?
Oh no, God!
If you ask whether theres anybody on
this earth who doesnt laugh seeing comedy
and the cutout of Brahmanandam,
then thats just my daddy
From a few years
- Damn! Being to be son in law
I said to have seen my dad laughing
for two times, right? This is one of that
Hes laughing so well and thinking
I just said that he would never laugh?
Yes, my dad wont laugh.
He wont laugh before all
Because he is a strict officer
Oh no, I forgot to introduce
my friend to you. Come on
This is Tara, my best friend
Though many feel like proposing me,
they drop with a fear that they may fall
in danger as Im DSPs daughter
Many even propose with a hope
that their life would get set
But, I didnt like any of these
That doesnt mean I didnt like any one,
I liked one guy
He is Adit
What, are these lovers from before?
- Yes sir, love at first sight
Interesting, how did these two meet?
Sir, their meeting wasnt any normal Sir
- Yes
Nature every time makes them almost meet
And - Almost meet and?
Why did you come alone?
- Dont talk about that idiot
It separated Sir
- Didnt they meet at least for once?
When would these meet up, man?
- Sir, watch it Sir
Excuse me
- Please say Sir
What do you need? Weve got
all varieties with us. Please see
Hey, they are good right?
- Yes, they are good dude
I need one of them
Those two are the babies from same mother
and they cant be without each other
If needed take both
- What shall we do taking both, bro?
Its very difficult to maintain just one
- One is enough for me, brother
If needed, Ill pay you more. Ok?
- Ok Sir
I said what I had to say and up to you now
Thank you. Move, dude!
Its very good, right?
- Yes, its very cute
Lets take this
- Lets see few more
No, this came searching for me
and I need only this
No matter about the cost
but I need this same.
Come on, lets pay the bill
- Come on
Its been one week since we brought
and it isnt eating anything
See, its being dull like this.
What do you think is the reason?
I dont understand the same.
I feel pity seeing this
It would die if we leave it like this
What shall we do, then?
I understood what to do
This isnt eating anything. It is being
very dull. Are there any health issues?
No, nothing so madam!
Actually, they both are a couple pups
Though I said a lot to that customer, he didnt
listen and took just one saying its enough madam
What, he took just one even after knowing?
- Yes, madam
How cruel? Do you have
any contact information of them?
We dont maintain madam
Ill give you my number. If they
come by chance, give it to them
Please say madam. Note the number
Hello - Hello, this is Vihant
- Please say
Actually, you have one and we too have one.
Lets make the both get along, madam
Who are you, idiot?
Are you feeling crazy, useless fellow?
Madam, I spoke about the puppies
- Oh, is that you?
It seems, they cant be away
from each other
So better, give us the puppy you have
- Why, to kill and enjoy?
Madam, what are you talking?
- Still, what to talk with you?
You give me the puppy, you have.
Hey dude, it seems she wont give and is
saying us to give. What to say? - Hello!
- Ask her to say the address
Hello - We are unable to
oppose when youre requesting so much
Please give your address
- Ok
House is big, dude
- Ok
Ok, go and give - What to give?
Shes a bit crack and I wont
You go and give it
- Ok
Scene is great, man. But, if we say love
immediately after seeing, will the public connect?
Theyll connect Sir, love at first sight.
This is already proved theory, Sir
From Aristotle to Einstein,
they accepted the same Sir
Thus for the first time seeing a girl,
we feel to know this girl and that
there is some close relation in between us
and that girl, Sir
To say you more clear,
eyes are windows to the soul
We can say about the whole character
just by seeing the eyes, Sir
Google has only this much and I cant say
if you ask more. Please agree, man
Ok, what happened then?
- Yes
They started getting very close
as the days passed on, Sir
Their friendship starting with
words reached to the lips, Sir
My heart slipped seeing you,
for your looks
It forgot me and moved so towards you
Hopes never before blossomed
like an autumn
So many sweet thoughts came in like a flow
Let heart wish with lips, let the heart
feel merry always
Let it always think of you and
let my shadow walk with you
A love shower snatched
my shadow towards you
World around went around in pleasure,
with my dear
A love shower snatched my shadow
towards you
World around went around in pleasure,
with my dear
Hey, what is this?
Im sorry. Baby, Im sorry
Come on!
Yes, amazing
- Yes
Hey, come, come
This is Sajid and this is Adit
- Hey, hi
If you want
- Im very happy now
So, what else?
- Even Suresh is right here - Is it?
Is there a chance to see seas
with no tides?
Life in love with no angers is
much stranger that that
Will any sweet dream give
company forever?
World of love is the same and
a pleasure if understood
This nature and beautiful mischief
are natural in love
One breath and two bodies,
never separate
This feeling being a burden
widened the distance in heart
Your attitude is a sin in love,
why not change?
My heart slipped seeing you,
for your looks
It forgot me and moved so towards you
Hopes never before blossomed
like an autumn
So many sweet thoughts came in like a flow
Let heart wish with lips,
let the heart feel merry always
Let it always think of you and
let my shadow walk with you
A love shower snatched my shadow
towards you
World around went around in pleasure,
with my dear
A love shower snatched my shadow
towards you
World around went around in pleasure,
with my dear
I never missed out his birthday in
our three years of friendship.
But, I missed for the first time. Im now going
to him, for giving birthday gift
My birthday was yesterday
- I know, dear - Even after knowing?
You know what, I didnt lift even when so many
called to wish as I wanted you to wish first
Thats the value I give you.
But, you are just ignoring me
Why do you say so, dude? Wont you
at least ask, why I didnt call?
Cant you understand? I wasnt in
a position to call yesterday, Adit.
Ive been waiting from an hour
being in the same position
Oh, sorry dear. I got late being in work.
Im really sorry.
Sorry - Sorry! Sorry is free
but dont use it as you like
Oh no! - Is it irritating
for you when Im talking?
Interest about me is gone down for you
Its down
- Not so, dear
Youre fighting for every small thing. You
fought day before as I didnt wish for birthday
You fought as I came late. Today, youre
fighting as I went out without informing
Because I love you. I always think about you.
But, you arent thinking about me even a bit Naina
How were we once, Naina?
We used to talk till 2 in the night
We used be together and go around
together, wherever we go
Where are all those days now?
- Days wont be the same forever, dear
Even the humans are the same
- When humans cant be the same forever
They cant even be together, Naina
Were fighting so much just for the small things.
Wed get much bigger problems in future
Its difficult
I thought so many times to be together for
lifelong and nothing such as this breakup
But, no way out
Lets breakup
- What?
Tears are free, but for that dont cry.
Its very bad to see
Dont leave me Adit.
I cant be without you, dear.
No breakup for the smallest things, Adit.
Still, what was my mistake for you
to say breakup now?
First time! The excitement and happiness in
your eyes when you saw me for the first time,
doesnt exist now
The caring you had on me in the start,
doesnt exist now
Instead of going completely away being close,
better lets stay away.
It isnt any big problem for you to forget me
Though difficult, I too will forget you
Whats wrong dear?
- Nothing, mom
You wouldnt sit so if theres nothing and
I wouldnt come and ask you so
Say whats wrong, dear?
- Oh no, nothing mom
Good if there was nothing in real, right? You think
I dont know what makes the kids feel bad in this age?
Did you have any fight with Adit?
Say dear! Ok, shall I talk to him for you?
Theres nothing to talk, mom.
He said breakup and left.
Both should agree to love and
isnt it required for breakup, mom?
Have you ever heard about relations like
mom and daughter, son and dad,
sisters and brothers breaking up, dear?
They wont.
They stand the same till death.
In fact, even after death.
But this marriage and love, all these are
created by us. Its good if they be with us forever.
Huh, but its tough. If your love is true,
that would bring you together, dear
Dont feel sad, understood?
- Naina, Naina!
For Adit, that is
- No problem, say
It seems Adit met with accident
two days back
What are you saying? Are you serious?
- Yes
How is he now? Nothing bad, right?
- Out of danger, but
Im your mom, dear.
- Hey, remember at least me
Come on, lets go to the hospital
Excuse me, Adit room number
- 206, Madam
Hey dude, how are you?
Say dude
- Fine, you are
Hey, Im your friend Vihan
Stop dear, if you go now and ask about how he is,
he may give answer but hed first ask who you are
Go, if you think you can bear listening to that
One more thing, he didnt leave you and go to
say who you are. But he got rid of you and left
From then, Ive been with difficulty
against my will. I tried to forget Adit.
Dont know whether my luck or bad luck
but after some days
I saw Adit again, in coffee shop
with some girl
I think, he is committed
I felt like talking to Adit once
I feel like I saw you somewhere
- I couldnt bear that
He doesnt remember who I am. I felt like
saying we both are lovers and that I still love him
But, he proposed himself to me. My love is
true and thus its coming in search of me again
But I didnt know whether to feel
happy or to feel sad
Thats why I left from there without
saying anything
With this, flashback episode in
our story is over, Sir
Good, man! I got connected.
Say, whats next?
Yes, our hero in vacation does
a great master plan for the heroine, Sir
Its been 10 days since I saw Avika, dude
Im remembering Adit. I feel like
talking to him. I feel like seeing him.
I dont know what you do,
but I should see her immediately
I always wish to be close to him
But with a fear to lose him being close,
Im keeping him away
She should come to me by herself
- We should do so
But, she shouldnt know that we did so
- But, how?
Yes, Kidnap!
Kidnappers swing in Hyderabad!
It is kidnappers allover
Shall we kidnap?
Hey, bro has a meeting with a girl.
Say what to do fast
You should kidnap, bro
- Ok
Give the details to him
- Ok bro
Yes, we have the WhatsApp DP, right?
Here bro, you should kidnap this girl
Bro, why did the girl we should kidnap
came and sat in front of us?
You should kidnap
- You, right?
Huh! How do you know?
No idea, I get to know everything like that.
You should kidnap even this fellow
along with me
What? - Yes bro, you should
kidnap me too along with that girl
Is your brain going rot?
You are coming here and doing comedy
- Ill finish you, rascal
Seriously bro
- Whats your relation with her?
We both are lovers, bro
- Lovers?
Then, why is this kidnap?
- To love
To love?
Actually we love only for
two hours a day, bro
What, two hours love?
What, you do even so these days?
Thats a big story, bro
- Who needs your stories? Stop it
Bro, this is some two hours love and
feels new. Lets listen, bro
He would make us fools,
if we keep listening.
Say, what exactly is your problem bro
Actually, were in vacation now bro.
As per the rules we should neither be
seeing each other nor meet.
And we shouldnt talk to each other.
But we should see, meet and talk.
You must do so.
It should be like happening accidentally, but
- Should be like I planned
At any cost, she
- Shouldnt know that I got him kidnapped
So, you love if I kidnap. Is it so?
- Yes, you should do this
What is this idiot thinking when
we got a deal after so long?
Bro, agree for it. We dont need
any sketch, plan and no need of even diesel
When they are saying to cooperate and are
asking to kidnap themselves, what do we lose, bro?
We even get money for free.
Lets do bro - Ok, dude
You decorated better than informed, uncle
Why are you saying me uncle, Im youth here.
Call me dude, bro - Ok bro
Where is my darling, uncle? How long
should I wait here? - One minute
They decorated much better than informed
Hey Bunti, did madam come?
- Respect?
Ok, bring her
- Bring her?
Bring her fast, man
- Brother - One minute
Whats your nuisance bro?
Theyd drag when kidnapped,
but do they bring, uncle?
Are you kidnapping in real or
playing dramas? - See now
Hey Bunty, drag madam.
Come on drag
Im getting some doubts
- Yes, hes dragging her
Did you kidnap him?
- Yes madam
Though he said not to come,
we dragged him here madam
Did you drag him?
- Yes
If I see even a scratch on his body,
Ill kill you guys
Dude, madam is coming
Why do you still see, uncle?
Come on, put and tie me up
See Gabbar Singh
- Slow bro - For all India
Hey, girl is here. Start acting
- Ok bro
Hey, who kidnapped me guys?
- Yes, myself
Leave me with respect,
otherwise will kill you idiots
Hey, its going too much and bring it down
Yes, right?
- Yes
Did you listen, madam?
- Yes
Why did you kidnap me?
- To love
I should go to College, I should study
- Oh no, what an over action!
Please leave me - If shes asked
to perform, would kill humans
Hey kidnappers, where are you guys?
Hey, sit silent. Whats your nuisance? If you
open your mouth again, Ill cut your throat rascal
Hey, Im going breathless. At least
take of the mask - Huh!
Please take it off - I will,
but you wont escape after I remove, right?
No, we wont escape Sir
- Ok
Be silent without any extras
- Understood?
Should I see or not?
Will she feel anything, if I see?
Let him think whatever, I should see
If you break the rules,
Ill break the relationship
Hey, how are you? I got kidnapped
and what about you?
It seems there was shortage of one to play
in their gang and thus they brought me
What if not, they kidnapped even me
So sad, why do you think they did?
I have a doubt on you
- On me?
Yes, I doubt you are playing this
kidnap drama feeling like seeing me
Damn, Im not so cheap.
But still, why did she get a doubt?
Still, I doubt that you are playing this
kidnap drama feeling like seeing and talking to me
How did find it out?
Play joke but not so much, ok?
Ok! I want to talk with you
- Youre doing the same, right?
Not so, I wish to talk directly
Ok, talk directly
Were in vacation, right? You said
to say breakup by breaking the rules?
We didnt meet purposefully
with intention, right? - Yes
How are you, Avika?
- Not bad, Im fine. How are you?
What can I say if you ask how I am, Avika?
You know how Id be without you, right?
To say literally, my situation is similar to how
a human suffers when there is no Oxygen, Avika
Hey, I got untied. I got untied.
Strong arms, mine are strong arms.
Why did I get caught, so?
Hey, Ill untie even you
- Oh no!
Hey, even I got untied. Strong arms,
even mine are strong arms
Wow, they are overacting so much, guys
Are you playing with me like my friends said?
Or are you really in love with me?
Come on, say
Im asking, right? Come on say
How else do I say than this?
Im mad about you
I cant be without you even for a second.
You still didnt understand?
Saying to love for 24 hours, when you show
love only for 2 hours, how will I understand?
Not enough that you love for 24 hours Avika,
you should show that same love for 24 hours
Show like that for just once and
youll know what love is
Youll understand how happy would I feel
Not all this, but lets get married. Ok?
Marriage is not any two hours marriage
like you think
You should be with me 24/7 for lifelong
Yes! You!
This breeze newly changed like
trance because of you
Whatever, but heart flew
happily seeing you
I dont exist in me with a pain
of not seeing you
I couldnt bear that and got you to me
You put shackles to my love saying
not to think of me for these two months
Your looks didnt come to me for so long
My heart went dry and blossomed
again by seeing you
Eyes seeing for you are showering like rain
They waited so long like
the rain drops in clouds
Heart slipped once and vanished
I know it was hidden with you
and you brought it back
No idea what magic you did,
heart pulled me to you
Its a pleasure when I am with you
I dont exist in me with a pain
of not seeing you
I couldnt bear that and got you to me
Your thoughts till now
completed 12 months
Let me stop that pain,
I cant go away from you
Whatever, but heart flew happily
seeing you
My heart went dry and blossomed
again by seeing you
This breeze newly changed
- Like trance because of you
Whatever, but heart flew
- Happily seeing you
Lets break up
Oh no, Adit
I just asked to kidnap, right?
Who asked you to hit?
He should be hit
- Oh no, who is this fellow?
We should hit here
- Why, right there?
He forgot past.
He will remember when hit there
Do you watch films more?
He wont remember past by hitting here
Do what is said and here is the money
Aidt, Adit! Adit, see here!
Adit, how do you feel?
Adit, look here.
Adit, how are you feeling? Say Adit
Adit, Adit! I felt like seeing you
and to talk with you.
Thats why I asked to kidnap you.
But I didnt ask to hit. Sorry!
Sorry Adit! Adit
Adit, Im sorry.
I didnt expect it to happen so
I said breakup, right Naina?
Wont you still leave me?
Did you kidnap as I said breakup? I had
at least some love at a corner for so long
But now, even that is gone.
You wished to kill me?
Dont ever show me your face in lifetime, Naina.
Please let me live like this.
Dont try either to meet me
or to talk with me
This is my story, Sir
- Will Hero and Heroine get separated?
- Why not make them meet?
Its just written that much in
the book and what do I know?
Sir, I already said my story
will be very new, right?
Ok, fine. But still, fantastic
and you said a new story
One minute
- Thank you Sir
Here, Im giving the first cheque
Im printing this book - You
encouraged me with cheque, thank you Sir
Thank you Sir, thank you so much.
See you Sir
- All the best!
I said they got separated.
Did they really get separated?
No idea, what they are really doing
Didnt Naina try at least once to
meet me or meet me in this one year?
Oh no, no dude
- Even for us, dude
Really, she could stay one year without
seeing you means, it is unbelievable
It was her who got me
kidnapped recently, dude
It wasnt Naina who got you kidnapped,
she was different
She was different, means? Who?
- Come on, leave it dude
I think you guys are hiding
something from me
It is not us hiding, but you, rascal.
Though you like Naina, you are hiding like
theres nothing because of your idiotic ego.
Youre hiding.
You said cant be without seeing and
why are you now going so far away?
There would be remembrances bringing
closer between separated hearts
At times, to get closer to the remembrances,
we should go away from the persons
No problem, even he doesnt love me in
future. But, enough that he remembers me
All this is like a dream, dude. Whats
giving up robberies and writing a book?
That too writing a love story and publisher
liking that, huh! Saying to publish that
Hey, none can suppress the talent
- Huh!
No idea what!
Hey, publisher is calling dude
Hello Sir
- Good morning Vasu, a god news for you
What Sir?
- That book got published
We shall start the promotion and
release the book on this weekend
- Thank you Sir
But, there are few formalities and
you come down to office urgently
Yes Sir, Ill come right away.
Ill come in 10 minutes, thank you Sir
Hey, it seems book is ready
- What?
Come on, lets go to the office
- Huh!
Whats calling to office and
what is all this? - Move, rascal
2 Hours Love book is creating a sensation!
Writer Vasu, turning overnight star!
Have you heard about 2 Hours Love book?
Its nice Harsha,
why cant you make a film on this book?
Nice story, lets do Sir
2 Hours Love book, read this
- Why?
Even this story is like us
- 2 Hours Love?
Take the book madam, just one book madam,
great love story, 2 Hours Love book, madam
Damn - Hey boy
- Thank you madam - Thank you
Hello - Adit, I kept a cover
on your dressing table. Did you see?
Yes, I just saw Vivek. Whats in it?
See once and youll know
- Yeah sure, Ill see
Adit, its time for office. Come fast
- Yes brother in law, coming
Mom, mom
- What dear?
Dad, dad is laughing
- What?
Come on dear, lets see once
- Yeah
Hey Hanumanthu, Im very happy today. Because
I read a great book 2 Hours Love, after a long time
Hey, yes! Not just youth but
even people like us will like it a lot
Yes, take time and read it definitely.
Ok, fine
Whats wrong, why are you so?
Say whats wrong?
Im not in me, from when I read
this book sister
Some disturbance
You think I did wrong in Nainas matter?
You feel no?
No idea, I feel the same.
I feel, did a mistake
What exactly is there in that book, dear?
Even this story is like mine
up to some extent, sister
Two lovers, breakup, accident,
love again
Sister! In this one year, any time, at least for
once, did Naina meet me or try to meet me, sister?
Then how will ours be love, sister?
I didnt do any mistake, sister. I didnt
This is your problem, dear.
You wont think why, when a girl didnt
meet. You imagine everything yourself
Yes, I imagine. Because there
shouldnt be reasons in love, sister
Im frightened, dear.
Im frightened seeing you
You are weighing love and ego and balancing,
Im frightened thinking about you, dear
Sir, I became your huge fan
after reading your book Sir
I have nothing man,
its all the grace of God
Autograph, please Sir
- Autograph?
God bless you
- Thank you Sir - Bye, bye
Hey Giri, how do I look in this suit?
- You look like a thief in suit
Sorry, dude
- Ill bash you up, idiot
Hey, this is our office dude
- Its out of habit, sorry
Hey, you got so famous with
just one book dude
Hey, not that our photos are in railway station
and bus station but we should be so in publics hearts
Hey, looks like youve made a place even in
this girls heart. Shes coming this way. Sit
A girl?
- Yes
Hey, stop that over action
- Yes
Hello, Puri Sir! Hello Sir. How if you
ask for a story right now, Sir?
Weve already okayed Rajamouli Sirs story.
Very tough now if you ask for a story
Yes, wed agree on your story
once that story is done
Yeah, ok and see you
- What did Puri say, dude?
Excuse me! Excuse me!
What, a fan? Autograph?
Hey Giri, Im unable to bear fans pressure
- Yes dude
Do one thing, Ill sign on a white paper
- Ok
Take that out and distribute, theyd take
Xerox copies - Ok dude
Where are the diaries?
- Diaries, what diaries?
Those which you stole
That means, you are?
- Naina
Madam, is it you?
I couldnt identify, sorry madam
Madam, I wrote book today
as you wrote the diaries
Madam, its you who turned me
into a boss from a thief
Please sit, madam. Idiot, order tea
- Yes
Didnt you feel ashamed to steal?
I know about shame. But the stomach and
the hunger born from it doesnt know, madam
Wow, you developed a lot dude
Didnt you feel at least once that itll be
a problem when a girls life is made public?
Madam, thats why I havent written
your name, place or anything in this book, see
Are you convincing me?
- Huh, I dont have so much talent madam
Madam, do you have any dairies?
I will write book
You need more diaries?
- Yes
Not like this, idiot. Ill see your end.
Madam, dont get angry.
Please cool down
Please show mercy on this
poor man. Madam, mercy
What else?
- You managed well, dude
For what?
- Dont you know?
Shut up and give the order
- Ok, I will
Thats all dude, it wont go like shown
in the film. Not listening to whatever I say
Is it?
- He should have this
Hey, move on
Sir, its overloaded. Sir, lift is
over loaded. Please get down Sir
Why should I, Im waiting from 10 minutes
- Please get down Sir
Overloaded, please get down Sir
- I wont go
Please get down Sir, please
- Please stop
Ill leave. Im permanently leaving
to Australia
Even my face wont be seen to you
from next week. Bye!
Whats wrong, heart isnt like before
Pain is on for you
Even the thought of your absence
is gone heavy
Heart says it cant withstand
I felt reality as dream and let it go
I forgot myself with my sleep gone
I committed a crime enhancing distance
I stood before you knowing the wound
My heart waited for a reply from love
This isnt enough to go away
My heart waited for a reply from love
This isnt enough to go away
Do you have a smoke?
No problem, give it
Naina never said you smoke, uncle
I think it was when Naina was
4 years old, I used to smoke
One day, I tried to take
her close with love
She said, No dad,
I hate this smell from you.
Thats all, I left it that day
That day, I left it for taking her close
Today, as shes going away from me,
Im smoking again
When I came to know that Naina
liked you, I got very angry
So much to kill you
When shes leaving us all and going because
of you, I understood how much she loves you
You know why I am saying you all this?
We should let go a few for
those whom we like
It may be the cigarette we smoke,
or the ego which burns us
I cant go if you come.
Please dont come
Not that dear, listen to me
Get in
Hey, is this a share cab?
- No, kidnap
Kidnap? Who are you?
Madam, my name is Giri
and his name is Rafi
Idiot, are names required now?
Look into the work - Oh no!
Not like this for you, rascals.
Wait, Ill say
Hey, sorry dude. I said the names
- Hello daddy!
Hey, shes calling her daddy
- Daddy, someone kidnapped me
Her dad is a Police
- Take that phone first
You idiot, not mine but take her phone
- Give - Oh no!
Give my phone, otherwise I will
Help me! Help
- Hey, if caught now well directly go to jail
There wont even be biryani,
do something - Help me
Do I like that, idiot
- Hey, stop the car!
Here, take this knife and put on her throat
- Help
Ill kill if you dont stay silent
Hey, Ill tell a number and call
- Ok
- Hey, listen carefully to me
I kidnapped Avika to take revenge
on your daddy
How will you take revenge on my dad
by kidnapping Avika, idiots?
Still, who is this Avika?
- Oh no! His chip is gone, right?
Adit! Adit!
- Hey - Naina!
Naina - Aidt
- Naina, where are you?
Adit, they kidnapped me.
Save me, Adit
You wait madam, why are we here if you
say it all? - Who are you idiots?
Hey, Ill share location and you come there.
Cut the call - Hello
Why didnt he still come?
Where is he?
Time is up
Hi bro, how are you?
Why are you late?
Who are you, rascal?
- Oh no, its me bro
Say, are you a celebrity to know you?
- Yes bro, Im a celebrity. See
Im the writer penning 2 Hours Love Story
book bro - Hey, you?
You stole my diaries, wrote book
and kidnap me again?
What are these diaries, kidnap and
that book? Whats happening here, idiot?
That is, 2 Hours Love Story book
- You!
Id do the same whoever is in your place,
you dont imagine whatever. Go!
Thanks and bye
You leave when I say to go?
What shall I do, then? You want me
to plead and sit near you?
Oh, ego?
- No, why does he say about ego?
Yes, ego and what to do?
It isnt going whatever I try
Ok, you thought to speak something, right?
Talk and leave
I dont have anything to say
Bro, one thing! All over that
2 Hours Love Story book - You!
Hey, did hero say breakup?
What did you write in your book?
Bro, I dont know anything. I just copied
whatever was in that dairy, thats all bro
What? - Heroine loves Hero again
unable to forget him, bro. Thats it bro.
This is love. See, how their faces are.
He understood so well and wrote it
And you went away after saying breakup.
Did you meet me at least for once?
Did you at least try to meet?
Damn, yours isnt love at all
Yes, mine isnt love. I used to die
for you and that wasnt love
When you fought for everything, I used to
adjust thinking you are my Adit and that wasnt love
I recreated memories with your memories
and that isnt love
Now, my step isnt going ahead when
Im going to airport and this isnt love
Unable to forget you, 2 Hours Love
You wont understand even if I say you
Even if you understand, your ego
wont understand - Ego, huh ego
Every guy says ego but none talks
about the love behind that
It was wrong to say breakup, but
I didnt understand then Naina
Yes, I really understand then about how bad would
the opposite person feel when breakup is said
Here, I understood what I did was wrong
after reading the book he wrote
Still, I said breakup not because I had
no love on you Naina, but with over love
Expectations and possessiveness
going high along with that
With the courage going high that you
wont say or go away for whatever I say or do
But when youre going so,
Im unable to bear Naina
I cant be without you.
- Then how could you be for so long?
I wasnt happy like you thought
You just know that I said breakup Naina,
but you dont know my condition after that
I used circle around your house everyday
without being seen to you and do you know that?
Do you know how many sleepless nights
did I spend seeing you after you slept?
I used to keep mobile in hands round the clock
thinking you may call or message,
do you know at least that?
You used to cut when I called, right?
- Why couldnt you call two times more?
Did your ego come in the way, Naina?
When I put aside my ego and was coming
to say sorry to you, I met with an accident
Do you at least know that, Naina?
Bro, Hero in my 2 Hours Love Story
- Huh! - Oh no!
Hey, why for you?
- Wait
How were we at once, Naina?
We used to message and call till night 2. We used
to be together and go together, everywhere
But when all those were slowly going away,
wont I get angry?
Adit, you know what your problem is?
You like the process love than love
But you know what you dont understand?
It is that, the process doesnt last for long
We should someday say end to that
and enter into the world of love
But youre stuck right at that process
Huh, it wont set for us both Adit
Please stay back, Im requesting you
How many times did I request you?
Did you ever listen to me?
Its three years long love Naina, there
wont be any meaning to it if you go so now
But still, when power is gone at home we light
a lamp but wont leave the house and go, Naina
If separation is the solution for every solution,
none on this earth would be together, Naina
Huh, whats the guarantee that
you wont say breakup again?
Im sorry Naina, Im sorry
- Adit, leave
Please stay back, please
- Adit, leave
Im sorry Naina, please
- Adit, leave
Please, Im sorry Naina
- Adit, leave me
Youre leaving saying no to me, right?
Go! Id see how youll go
Ill see how youd go without a passport.
Ill see - Passport?
Now, just this is in between you
and me, Naina. This!
Adit! Adit, give me my passport
Adit no, Adit give my passport.
Adit, no. No Adit!
Why did you tear it? I dont want to
stay with you. I dont want to stay with you.
No, no, no!
- Naina, please
Please dont cry
- No! I dont want to
Please dont cry
Baby, I love you. I love you, baby
Baby, I love you
I cant live without you
Still if you want to go, you can
This is your passport
But I love you
Im saying
- No dude, hell hit again
Ill say
- Hell hit
Bro! Bro!
- Hey, no dude
That entire 2 Hours Love Story
is yours, bro
Thank God, I said it.
Come on dude, he may hit again
Is it ours?
- Yes
Im so sorry