2 in the Bush: A Love Story (2018) Movie Script

Morning Kenneth!
Do you wanna talk about it?
You want some coffee?
Where's it from?
Um, I made it,
I just made it over there...
No, the beans,
where are the beans from?
Oh, I found a bag in the back
of the cabinet, I thought...
Where were the beans grown?
Yes, sourced.
Like, like Columbia?
Like Columbia? Lesson for the
Millions and millions of people
every year picking coffee beans.
And they're never compensated
for it.
So, the bag that you found,your
blood is on their hands.
Or their blood is on your hands,
either or, you're a murderer.
It's a metaphor.
Here's one that's not. Go sit
It's not bad.
Hey Claire,
I'm so sorry,
he's not available until the
Yes, I received the script.
I am printing it out right now.
OK, great, talk soon.
Claire called. She wants to know
if you can shoot any
earlier than the 28th. I told
her you're booked but...
Does Archimedes look
depressed to you?
I'm sorry?
Archimedes. He seems... languid.
Uh, languid?
Yes, I'm concerned.
Um, what do you want
me to tell Claire?
This is really bumming me out.
I'm gonna take a walk.
Um, OK. When will you be back?
I don't know. Later.
Uh, cause it's almost 2,
and you have that meeting at
Emily, I really can't deal with
this right now. My fish is sick.
Honey, I'm home.
I was able to get off
work a little early today.
So I stopped by that
Chinese place you like.
I thought we could both
use a little treat.
Peter: Oh shit.
Peter! Peter, she's choking!
Peter, help her!
Peter: OK!
Kate: Peter, save her!
OK! Superhuman strength! I got
I know the Heimlich! Come here!
I know the Heimlich, stop!
Emily: I'm not choking...
Clear the airway! Clear the
OK, uh, Staying Alive,
I don't know the song!
Oh you're breathing.
You're breathing! I saved your
Get off.
Look, we were gonna to tell
you, we just didn't know how.
How long?
3 months.
And how many times?
Look, that's,
it's just not really
It's 7.
Actually, I think it's 8.
Count the time with the
does that? I don't think that
Because I wasn't,
I wasn't inside of her, it was
Oh my god! Please shut up!
I mean, how did this even
I thought that you were mostly
gay, like 80%?
I know, but maybe it's more like
70? How?
Kate: Sorry. Emily: And you!
Peter, you were my best friend.
I'm still your best friend,
that doesn't have to change.
OK, it's just, big deal, I like
to have sex
with your girlfriend every once
and awhile.
Oh, I'm gonna kill you!
Emily, Emily! Guys, break it up!
OK! I'm fine! I'm fine.
I mean, I don't even know how
going to begin to forgive you.
We're definitely going to
counseling, that's for sure...
Emily, Emily, we're not going
back to couples' counseling...
Yeah, I know you don't think it
works, but if you believe in
No, I mean I want to be with
And I don't want to
be with you anymore.
Kate: I think it's best if
I stay with Peter tonight.
Look I know this isn't the
best time to talk about it, um,
But my name is on the lease.
I'm going to give you a few
days to find a new place.
And then Peter's going
to move in here with me.
Emily: You're kicking
me out of my own life.
I know.
I'm so sorry.
Hey. Um, I know, um,
we haven't talked in a while
I really, I really need you...
right now, um,
If you could give me a call when
you get a chance... OK, bye.
Why would you tell your mom that
wanted to put a kiddie pool on
the roof?
Why wouldn't I tell my mom?
Remember, she was a huge
asset in the whole venture.
God, If I told my mom that, she
ask what kind of drugs I was on.
My mom was the one that showed
me how to roll up my first
I'm so jealous!
Besides, how could you even
forget that? I mean like,
It was a poor college student's
hot tub underneath the stars.
With a killer view of the
I'm sorry.
For what?
For dropping out of your life.
Well, you're here
now,that's what matters.
Rosa: That bitch!
Excuse me?
No, not you... Kate.
I can't believe she did that to
I knew it was coming.
What? You knew he was,
Oh! No, no.
I never could have imagined
We weren't happy.
We hadn't been happy for a long
She's still a bitch.
Voil. Here we go.
Arroz con camarones,
And kale salad.
So you've been binge-watching
cooking shows again?
Only on weekends,
girl who's got time?
You know, this isn't so bad.
I have you.
I have this amazing meal.
At least I still have my job.
Emily: What do you mean he
What exactly did he say when he,
Um, Claire, I'm gonna have
to call you back, sorry.
Hey Kenneth,
why did you cancel on Claire...
I really can't talk right now
What are you doing,
you don't leave until the 28th.
I'm flying out tonight.
Where are you going?
I'm going to Papua New Guinea.
I've dreamt of doing this for
I finally secured funding last
It's going to be amazing Emily,
and places you can't begin to
Um, wait,
so you're shooting a
Not just any documentary, I'm
going to
film throughout the entire
From the shores of Port Moresby
to deep
inside the mountains and
I'm going to capture forgotten
cultures untouched by the modern
This is going to be one of the
authentic and important stories
ever told.
OK. All right, cool. Um, OK,
well I'll just need
a couple of days to get
everything together.
I can just meet you there.
Um, shit I gotta get my
Do they have a vaccine for
What are you talking about?
You're not going.
I'm not?
No, what would you even do
Update my calendar while I spear
I could help.
I could, I could shoot, I
Don't be ridiculous,
you're not a filmmaker.
Well I want to be, that's why I
took this job. Kenneth: Do you?
What's your story?
Until you have a story that
burns so bright inside of you,
that it feels like it's going to
consume you, if you don't get it
You are not a filmmaker.
You see, Emily, this is my
You go find yours.
Um, so what's gonna
happen to the company?
I am shutting this place down.
You can go home if you want.
I'll pay you
to the end of the week. That's
fair, right?
Woah, what are you doing?
I'm taking him.
Archimedes? You can't!
Yes, I can.
He's more mine than yours
I feed him, I take care of him.
You just show up.
You're a bad fish-dad!
And your first documentary?
It was overrated.
How dare you.
I'll come back for
everything else later.
Goodbye friend.
And Emily.
Rosa: Hello?
Emily: Hey.
How you doing in there?
Uh huh.
Are you sure?
Not really.
Can I come in?
What's wrong?
I'm a loser.
No, you're not.
I lost my job, today.
And I lost my girlfriend,
and my apartment.
So, by definition,
I am a fucking loser.
Well, you still got me, eh?
That's a lot.
It's a hundred and eighty pounds
of awesome,
and everything! Emily: What are
you doing!
Give me your foot.
No, don't, don't, don't!
Hello? Rosa: Hello?
Can I please have a new life?
Why are you adding cilantro?
You need to balance the acidity!
Ever heard of it?
God, it's simple.
Oh you're just now
searing the scallops?
Nobody likes quinoa!
It's so hot in here.
Which of these fonts do you
think best represents me?
That one.
Yeah, definitely, mm-hmm.
OK, now, which shade of white
do you think best represents me?
What the fuck?
Come on.
Rosa: I smell something
Perfect timing!
I just finished making dinner.
Oooh, I love breakfast for
Hey, Emily: Voil.
How'd you get them to be so
Pured beets baby. Rosa: Mmmm.
You getting that?
Oh yeah. Oh man, this is good.
Um, well as much as I support
your culinary explorations...
Thank you.
I think we need to talk about
Talk about what?
I think you're falling down the
rabbit hole of cooking shows.
No, I'm serious. Hey, trust
me, I've been there all right?
It's starts off like this, first
watching a couple episodes, and
then BAM!
You're making complete 7 course
with wine pairings for your cat.
You don't have a cat.
That's not the point!
The point is, even though your
pancakes are amazing, they're
really good.
I think they're a cry for
help, and I'm here to help.
They're supposed to be hearts.
I guess I, I'm just not used to
having this much time on my
Well, see, OK, right there,
that's why
I'm here to help, OK? I found
you a job.
You found me a job?
Rosa: Mm-hmm.
What? What is it?
Uh, It's for a friend of mine,
she needs a personal assistant.
OK, I can do that. Rosa: Yep!
Um, what kind of assisting?
Well... it's uh...
it's a little unconventional
Nikki: Just one more minute.
Oh, take your time!
I am so sorry for the wait.
It's, it's totally cool. No
I just had to get ready
for my next appointment.
Thank you so much for
squeezing me... in.
So, how much did Rosa
tell you about the job?
Not enough.
I'm sorry?
Uh, just that you need an
assistant, for your business.
Well, that's true.
Oh, uh, here's my resume.
Wow, you have a lot of
Yes, I am very good at
Well the job is pretty simple.
You just need to keep the space
stocked, uh, answer some emails.
Book appointments, update the
calendar, and
then there's some light laundry
and cleaning.
Great. I can do that.
So, how much do you know about
Um, I'm not, I'm not sure.
Are you familiar with CBT?
NT? GS? AW? FF? Pegging?
Oh! Yes! Pegging, I know that
one, I know that one.
OK, good. I can teach you the
So if you don't know anything
BDSM, why would you wanna work
Well I am, uh, a very hard
Um, I am never late. I,
Uh, to be honest,
I just really need a job.
Can you be discreet?
Discreet is my middle name.
Actually, it's Agnes.
So what's your tolerance for
weird, Emily Agnes?
This chest of drawers is full of
toys, and
they need to be washed after
every use.
May I?
That's a cock cage.
Yeah, I had a guy wear
it for a week once.
A whole week?
These especially need to be
after every use. Emily: Wow.
Especially this one.
It's very popular.
A two-hander.
Nikki: Yeah, it won't bite.
Wow. Nikki: Yeah, mm-hmm.
Support the head.
OK, that's fine.
So this is the area for medical
Oh, is there a dungeon dog?
A punishment puppy?
That's a chuck.
His name's Chuck? That's so
I love people names for dogs...
Emily, there is no dog.
Oh, oh. OK, yeah.
And this is the office where
be spending most of your time.
Thank you. I really appreciate
Well just let me know if you
anything or have any questions.
I will.
Hey! Hey, how'd it go?
Come here you, how was it?
It was interesting.
Yeah, yeah, and Nikki, did you
love Nikki?
Isn't she cool? And sexy as
Just wish I could be her
for like a day, right?
She's amazing.
She is really cool.
Yeah, I'm so glad.
What are you doing?
You had a good day, you had such
a great
day. Emily: What? What is this
Oh, you're gonna need
hugs, lots of hugs.
Kate dropped some stuff
off for you today.
Some boxes.
Hey, you don't have to
open them right now, OK?
They'll be there when you're
So will I.
Hello, I have an appointment.
Oh, right. Lady Violet.
I have you down, uh, for 2
Excellent. Nikki told me me you
were a little new to all of
Yeah, a little.
Well, I just wanted to let you
know, my client's a screamer.
No problem.
I'm Ben.
Um, Nikki sent me to fix the
Oh, oh. Uh, thank God.
Um, here, it's right this way.
Here's your problem.
Is that a butt plug?
In the toilet?
It happens more often
than you'd think.
So, where would you
like me to put this?
I'll go get a garbage bag.
Oh here, let me help you.
What are you doing in here? You
are not supposed
to be in here when someone has
the space booked.
I'm sorry, I, I heard a loud
I was worried.
It's just this stupid swing.
You can go home.
But just let...
But what? I said go home.
Is everything OK?
It's just been a really shitty
I'm sorry, I shouldn't
have taken it out on you.
You wanna talk about it?
No, I wanna drink about it.
A Bloody Mary? At night?
That's when they taste the best.
Can I ask what happened?
It's just this client I've
been seeing for awhile.
He's into forced femme, and we
usually have a pretty good time
I don't know,
I guess I should've seen it
What did he do?
Lately he's been getting more
more attached, too attached and,
He told me he loves me.
I know. Of course he doesn't
love me, he
doesn't know anything about me
What he loves is this idea of
me, this persona.
And today he asked for my real
But you didn't give it to
him, did you?
No, but when I refused, he said
he knows what my car looks like.
And that he could copy down the
license plate
number and take it to a private
What are you gonna do?
I don't know. I mean,
I can't go to the cops or
I guess I could call
his wife or his work.
But I don't know how serious he
was being
or if he was just trying to
scare me.
Why would he be trying to scare
you? I mean,
isn't he paying you to be in
That's just the thing. These
guys, they
like to be dressed up and
But they still want some kind of
control, some kind of power over
Does this kind of thing happen a
It used to. Back when I worked
at this commercial dungeon.
The other dommes and I jokingly
called it "the factory"...
It was like the fast food of the
S and M world, and
we were the fry cooks of cock
and ball torture.
It was always, how many guys can
you see
and how much can you get them to
The owners were these really
dudes, and if you wanted to
They would threaten to tell your
family, your school, your 9-5
Anything to keep you scared and
willing to put up with their
I'm so sorry.
Don't be. It's the reason I
decided to start my own space.
I wanted to give myself and my
friends the ability
to manage ourselves and pick our
own clients.
I'm not anybody's boss, they
just rent
from me, but it's still my
And it wasn't easy, it took
it took sacrifice, but I did it.
And I won't let anyone
take it away from me.
You know, you're kind of my
Shut up.
I'm serious, it's inspiring.
Stop it, you'll make me blush.
Oh, I love this song.
You wanna dance?
My lady?
Oooh, such a gentleman.
I don't know how to
dance, I just wanted to...
You just wanted to try?
Emily: Yeah.
Good job.
Thank you.
For what?
For being nice to me.
You should take a shower,
you have sex hair.
Oh my god, you have sex hair!
What happened?
Tell me everything! Tell me
Wait, wait, wait! Who was it?
Was it a guy or a girl? Tell me!
You know you really fucked up.
I did?
I mean... I did.
You shouldn't have
left before breakfast.
I'm sorry,
how can I make it up to you?
Hmm, I'm sure you'll
think of something.
What are you doing tonight?
I don't have plans, but you do.
I do?
Booked you for a double
with Mistress Snow.
It's a date.
No kissing in the dungeon.
Put this away. Don't look at me.
Hey, are you busy?
Um, not really.
Great, do you want to make 100
Um, sure.
OK, in 5 minutes, I want you to
just walk
through that room, and start
just laughing.
Um, that's all I have to do? I'm
See? Even she thinks your
tiny dick is hilarious.
Did I tell you to fucking stop?
Make that little dick twirl.
Make it twirl bitch!
Make that fucking dick twirl
Hey, butt plug guy!
Please don't ever call me that
Emily: Sorry.
I'm actually here in my
other professional capacity.
Oh, and what's that?
I just finished this painting
for Nikki.
I was hoping I can hang it up
for her.
Yeah, of course.
Is the space available?
Maybe give it another 20
Hmm, now a little bit...
I think that's good.
Wow, that is really beautiful.
Thank you.
What is it?
It's a man having sex with a
I'm just kidding,
it's whatever you want it to be.
Well, it's definitely not a
man having sex with a duck.
A goose? Maybe. A consenting
"A Consenting Goose". I think
you've just given it a title.
Would you like to grab
a cup of coffee with me?
Uh, I prefer tea.
Tea, then?
I just, I have to be here for
um, for another 2 hours so...
Well then in 2 hours you
should meet me at the corner.
It'll be an adventure?
Um, sure.
So what did you want
to be when you grew up?
A firetruck.
I'm serious.
Did you always know you
wanted to be a painter?
I always knew I had something
in me that wanted to get out.
Painting was just the
form it happened to take.
What about you?
What do you want to
be when you grow up?
Well I thought I wanted
to be a documentarian.
Wanted to be?
Yeah, I, I did everything
I was supposed to do.
I went to school, got a job
working for
an award-winning documentary
So what happened?
A series of disappointments.
I see.
So what are you gonna do now?
I don't know...
I'm still trying to figure that
Well, do you still want to
be a documentary filmmaker?
Yes, but it's not that easy.
Why not?
You need money, and equipment,
and people who believe in you.
I believe in you.
You barely know me.
I know enough.
I should,
I should probably get inside.
Yeah, yeah.
Thank you so much for today.
It was the most fun that I've
had in a
really long time, and I really
needed it.
It's been my pleasure.
OK, I'm gonna go.
Ben: OK. All right.
See ya.
See ya later.
So I met a guy,
Mm-hmm. Do we like this guy?
Like, wanna see him naked, like
Hmm... interesting.
Who's the guy? What's his name?
Do I know him?
His name's Ben, he's a painter,
he does odd jobs around the
Oh I know Ben. Emily: Yeah?
Yeah, nice guy, and you should
to see him naked. Emily: Right?
It's just kind of complicated.
I should say so, I didn't know
you were into that kind of
Why wouldn't I be?
Just cause I was dating a woman
for 3 years
doesn't mean I'm not still
No, I know you're bisexual, I'm
about Nikki. What about Nikki?
I know, what am I going to do
Nikki? I have feelings for her
Wait, how do you know about
Everyone knows.
Yeah, it's not like it's a
What's wrong?
Um, no, I just, um, I thought
she would talk
to me before we started telling
It's, it's cool.
Oh shit. Oh shit, you don't
Emily: What?
I don't know what?
What are you talking about?
Ben and Nikki. They're,
they're together. They're a
Like, partners.
Emily: Oh shit. Rosa: Shit.
Oh, shit. Oh shit.
Nikki: We need to talk.
I am so, so, so sorry.
I had no idea that you
and Ben were a couple.
And I never would have done
anything if I
knew, but, not that anything
It's my fault.
Come again?
Actually, it's both our faults.
I guess I'm just so used to
knowing that Ben and I are open.
In an open relationship.
We see other people.
It's just normally we pursue
outside relationships
separately, you know,
individually of each other, but,
He met you, and then I met you,
and we were both interested,
We, we weren't trying to
trick you or manipulate you
or anything like that.
It's just, we didn't have
a chance to talk about it
until last night.
Um, uh, no that's, that's cool.
I get it. Kind of.
It's just after you and I slept
together, I should have said
that I was in an open
relationship and I'm really
No, no. It's, it's cool.
Um, Ben and I were talking and,
um, we both really like you.
And we want to pursue a
relationship with you.
The 3 of us, like, the 3 of us?
Yeah, that, or you could date us
individually, or you could
date just one of us and the
other would be supportive.
You know, I'm sorry, um...
I think that I might be a
little too traditional for that.
And that's OK too.
Thank you,
for being so understanding.
Yeah... no problem.
I'll just leave you to that.
What up mopey pants?
I don't know how to date.
What are you talking
about, of course you do.
The world has changed Rosa.
I mean, back when I was
dating, we were in college.
I was the wild one. Bisexual.
guys and girls interchangeably.
But now, people are
experimenting with
sadomasochism, and polyamory,
I don't know,
I just feel like I'm boring.
Oh, honey you are
anything but boring.
Here, I'll help you. Give me
your phone. Give me your phone.
What are you gonna do?
Ugh, stop, dating app?
No, I don't want that...
Hey, how do you expect to get
back on the
horse if you don't ride a few
That literally makes no sense.
Doesn't matter. OK, what matters
is that
you need to get back out there,
Have a little fun,
make a few mistakes.
Fuck your way to emotional
That sounds like a terrible
Well, at least it's not boring.
Have fun.
What's that?
Ugh! God, it's a penis.
Ugh! God damn it!
What's up?
This dating app.
I mean, do guys really think
that a woman will have sex
with them if they send them a
photo of their penis?
Is there anything in the
photo that shows scale?
Then absolutely not.
Here, you're gonna need it.
Thank you.
Hey, what's a unicorn?
Rosa: Look it up!
Oh shit.
Bartender: Bloody
Mary and rum and coke.
Thank you.
So Emily, good to finally meet
Yeah, it's good to meet you too.
You look just like your picture.
Oh, you too,
I'm really glad you're not fat.
Can I ask you something?
Ask away.
How would you describe
the sky to a blind person?
This might sound unusual,
but do you shave or wax?
Uh, I just have really
sensitive skin so I need to ask.
Do you want to hear one of my
I'd love to.
I call it,
your vagina makes me hungry.
You ever been slapped in the
Like, really hard?
Me neither.
Your tongue, like velveteen.
Tu cuerpo, tus labios, tengo
The sky is, is blue.
I don't know what blue looks
It's just your skin is so...
precious. Emily: Thank you.
Oh, you used to be fat, so you
got low self-esteem. That's
I just always wondered what it
would be
like to, to, to be blind. Emily:
Yeah, uh.
You, you resisting, the, the
Did it? Emily: Oh no, no, no.
Oh, um.
I'm like, so glad I met you
I'm so glad I met you.
Oh, yeah, it's my boyfriend,
hang on just a sec. Hey boo.
Ainsley, are you sure that you
don't want anything besides
I'm trying to be better about
not using alcohol
to have sex or to lessen my
Plus I don't turn 21 for another
3 weeks so, don't worry about
So Adam...
Actually, it's pronounced Atom.
Oh, Adam.
No, Atom. Like, like A-T-O-M.
You know how an atom is like,
a fundamental part of
That's me. Fundamental.
I don't,
don't really know what that
Well, I mean it's all
really in the title.
Your vagina makes me hungry?
So you're in marketing?
No, now I'm in dog poo.
I'm sorry, what?
Dog poo. Like, artisanal,
organic dog shampoo.
Me? Oh, nothing much,
just hanging out with the girls.
Wanna meet up later?
Give me like, an hour.
Maybe two.
Maybe I need to like, go out
a blind person. I don't know.
So many people won't date you
you can legally drink in a bar.
It's like, serious ageism.
Do you like being
slapped in the face?
Not the face.
This'll probably be my last one.
I think then I might have to
Small bill then.
Do you wanna split it? Maybe?
I've always thought
that I was an old soul.
And you know when I talked to
you, I felt
like the ages of our souls
matched up.
Can, can somebody like...
it's fine...
You know what, I'll get you,
get you another one. Atom: Yeah,
You know, she's busy, so I'll
just, I'll be
right back... Atom: Busy? It's
dead in here.
Is this your room?
Yeah, it's mine.
God, you have great boobs.
Thank you.
Oh, seriously.
You have like, the best boobs.
Seriously, thank you.
Hey, how do you feel about porn?
Um, what?
Like, do you want me
to put some porn on?
No, that's, that's OK.
OK, cool.
What was that?
Oh, that's Artemis.
Who's Artemis?
My cat. Emily: Oh.
Are you sure you don't
want to go check on her?
Shush, it's just a hairball.
Am I your uncle baby?
Am I your uncle?
Are you my uncle? Atom: Mm-hmm.
Am I
your uncle? Tell me I'm your
I need you to call me Uncle
OK. Uncle Jerry?
That doesn't, that sounds really
bad. Do,
do you wanna go check on her? I
can wait...
No, no, no, that's not Artemis.
Who is it then?
It's Gaia, my other cat.
Oh, um, how many um,
how many cats do you have?
Oh yeah! Mmm. Ahhh.
Oh my nose!
Oh my god! I am so sorry!
Could you go get
something for me please?
OK, um, I'll go get something!
I'm going to ruin this fucking
Fuck this.
The good news is,
I don't think it's broken.
I think you should go.
Again, I really...
Mmm. Eh.
Ainsley: Athena!
So what you're saying is, you
more pussy than you asked for.
Oh come on, it wasn't that bad.
OK, it was bad.
I just keep thinking of how easy
was with Ben and Nikki. You
Yeah, but they're a couple. I
you weren't into that kind of
Unless... you're thinking about
aren't you? Emily: No, no I'm
Oh my God, yes you are! You're
totally thinking about it! Oh my
OK, maybe a little.
Oooh, I knew it. So, um, what?
Are you
gonna date them, as a couple,
No, but I was thinking maybe
separately? At least at first.
Oh, you do realize you're gonna
have to tell me
everything that happens, right?
Emily: Yeah, mm-hmm.
Every single thing. Especially
when it comes to sex, right?
The threesomes, and the sex
swings, and are you into
Emily: All right I'm walking
away now. I'm walking away now!
Oh my God, I'm so proud of
you! Look at you embracing
bisexuality, and kink, and
My baby's so grown up!
So, I've given it some thought,
And I would like to try to
date, both of you. Individually.
We would love to.
So, how does this work?
Well, first I think we should
start off with some ground
Just two really.
OK, what are they?
Nikki: The first rule is, if
anyone feels
jealous or uncomfortable. We
talk about it.
These feelings are normal,
and there are no judgements.
Ben: The second is the
that there are three
relationships here.
One between you and Nikki. One
you and I. And one between Nikki
and I.
Each of those relationships
deserve respect.
If anyone feels like they can't
do that, we
go back to rule number 1. We
talk about it.
Is it what you expected?
Pretty much.
Well I just need to grab
something before we go.
How long have you lived here?
Uh, a couple years.
Why don't you live with Nikki?
Sorry. I probably shouldn't ask
No, it's OK. It's just...
well, it's complicated.
I understand.
For me? Ben: Mm-hmm.
Thank you.
It's not the best camera,
but I thought at least it's a
I can't accept this.
No, don't think of it as a gift.
Think of it as an investment. I
Besides, everyone needs
someone to believe in them.
What about the concert?
Fuck the concert.
Rosa: Wow. Best thing a guy
ever got me was a mixtape.
Oh, he was very into analogue.
God. Just feels wrong.
What does?
Feeling this happy?
What? Why would that feel wrong?
Because it's two different
people making me this happy.
Girl, you need to let that shit
Look, just because you haven't
read this in a book,
or seen it in a movie to tell
you it's right, doesn't mean
it's wrong. OK?
Only you know what's right for
Thank you.
You're welcome.
I think I really needed to hear
Rosa: Mm-hmm.
what does society know anyway?
What's that saying? One in the
Beats two in the bush?
Rosa: Exactly.
I think I would disagree with
Of course you would.
I'm trying to be deep here...
I am deep!
Nikki: Nice camera.
He told you?
OK. So, I have this idea.
You could totally say no, but,
Uh, I wanna make a
little documentary.
Um, like about you and your
It, it's, it's only going
to be a couple minutes long,
Um, you don't have to use your
real name, or we can change it,
Or you can use your dominatrix
name if you want to,
If you wanna blur your face
we can totally do that...
We don't have to use the name of
the space, unless you're into
You can put it on your website,
We actually don't really
need to show it to anybody,
Maybe it could be like,
very avant garde, you know?
And uh, um, I just, I really
just wanna get some practice.
And, again, you can,
you can totally say no.
Of course. I trust you.
And it would be really nice to
have some video for the website.
Thank you.
Of course.
OK, don't mind if I do.
Am I to be the subject
of your next documentary?
No, I'm just practicing. I'm
Nikki at the dungeon tomorrow.
Oooh, yeah, right there.
That's the shot.
I hate being on camera.
Oh yeah?
You hate being on camera?
It's so, it's so bad?
OK. I think we got it.
Really? I don't know that
I was excited enough.
You were plenty excited,
I could definitely see that.
Nikki, um, could we do a little
Sure Bob.
Oh good.
So you're sure you've
got everything you need?
How's it coming?
Get it?
It's coming along fine.
Thank you for asking.
I'm so good.
You're dumb.
So, what do you think?
I think it's very artistic.
What do you mean, artistic?
No, I mean, I love it. I think
it's perfect for the website.
You know you don't,
you don't have to like it.
I know, but I do.
But, I just don't think that
this is the
documentary you had described to
me earlier.
How so?
I think that this is what you
thought I wanted for the
website, rather than what I
think you wanted for yourself.
Does that make sense?
You are very wise.
That's what they pay
me the big bucks for.
Come here.
Do not be discouraged.
I'm sorry, wait, just one more
You should just take this back.
I'm sorry,
I must have lost the receipt.
I'm serious. I'm no good at
Please, take it before I do more
damage to the name of cinema.
Well, if you insist.
Look, you're going
to fuck up sometimes.
That's just the way it goes.
You can't let that stop you.
Not if you really want this.
Now, do you want this?
Are you sure?
Cause I mean, it can be mine.
Emily: No!
I mean, I can even name it.
Now the secret to a great
paella, is in the stock.
You've got to start with the
ickiest bits you can find.
Have I ever told you I have a
thing for
women who fondle disembodied
No, but I can see why.
Thank you for making me dinner.
I'm sure you'll find a
way to make it up to me.
Oh, I could think of so many
Oh, I'm gonna wash these first.
Yes, please.
So, I'm throwing a
party next weekend.
Actually, it's a fundraiser.
Oh yeah? For what?
Sex Workers United.
Oh, is that like a dominatrix
Sort of. They provide legal and
services for current and former
sex workers.
So it's not just dommes, but
escorts, porn actors, strippers.
That's awesome.
I was wondering if you
would like to come.
I would love to.
There's just one thing.
What's up?
Ben is donating some of his
art to the silent auction.
Um, would you be OK
if he came as well?
I, I totally understand if
that's too weird for you, but
it'd be really important for me
to have both of you there.
But you totally don't have to.
I want to.
I wouldn't miss it for the
Clean hands.
Nikki: Oooh, yay! Thank you.
I promise.
Nikki: Not so fishy anymore.
Holy shit.
I know, right? Nikki knows how
to throw one hell of a party.
Let's go get some drinks.
Ben: Hey!
How are you?
Good. How are you?
Oh, you remember Rosa?
Of course I do, how are you?
Great, great. Thank you. I'd be
better if I had what they were
Here, I want to show you
Emily: Oh that's right, Nikki
you donated some of your
Ben: Yeah, I try to do it every
How many years have
you been doing it?
I don't know, like, 3 or 4?
I really love your use
of negative space here.
Really? Rosa: Yeah.
Thank you.
Rosa: You're welcome.
I have no idea what that means
artists love it when I say that.
So where's Nikki?
Oh you know, making the rounds.
She's in full hostess mode.
Oooh, let's go dance, yeah.
Rosa: No, but don't dance like
Good evening you fine
and fabulous people.
I just heard that we have
reached our fundraising goal!
A toast to everyone who helped
make this such a great success.
Thank you so much, you fucking
Let's party!
I'm so glad you could make it!
Are you kidding? I wouldn't miss
It's the event of the year!
Hi. Emily: Hi.
You know how I said before
that you're kind of my hero?
You are most definitely my hero.
Shut up.
Well I couldn't have done it
such talented and generous
Come here.
OK. I really feel like the 4th
wheel here, so I'm gonna go
Grace: Nikki!
Grace, hi!
Ben, always a pleasure.
Good to see you too David.
We are so impressed with
everything you've done here.
Well thank you.
A truly spectacular night.
You really outdid yourselves.
Oh, no, it was all Nikki.
I just paint.
Oh, don't you just love them?
David and I were just talking
how you two are our favorite
Nikki: Well, I don't know about
No, seriously, you guys are the
So creative,
so supportive of one another.
I mean, how long have you guys
together? It's been forever
hasn't it?
Yeah, when you gonna finally
make an honest woman outta her?
Yeah, that's not horribly
Have you seen the
paintings that Ben did?
Yeah, we just...
Hey you know what? Let's go look
at them
again. Come on, it'll be great,
let's go.
She really threw
herself on that grenade.
Yeah, I'm trying to figure
out when we first met them.
I think we shared a tent in
You guys went to Bali?
Yeah. A couple of years ago.
We went with a group of people.
Yeah, it was pretty awesome.
Are you OK?
Of course. I was just thinking
about how special you are to me.
You're special to me too.
I'm gonna get a refill,
do you want anything?
I'm good.
OK, cool.
Is this the first one
of these you've been to?
Yeah. It's pretty great.
How do you know Nikki?
Um, it's kind of a long story,
I guess she's kind of my
Oh, really? Emily: Mm-hmm.
So you know about her and Ben?
Uh, yeah. I'm dating him too.
How funny.
I guess they weren't as into
sharing when I was dating her.
You dated Nikki.
Yes, but just for a
little bit in my 20s.
Back when I was wild and crazy.
But I guess I wasn't
girlfriend material.
Let's be honest though,
that was never gonna work.
Um, why's that?
Oh you know,
the whole love triangle thing.
It's fun for a little bit, and
the sex is
great, but that kind of thing
never lasts.
Somebody gets jealous, and God,
I mean, how
the hell do you figure out the
Um, guess I never really
thought that far ahead.
Yeah, well, fortunately I got
before things got too serious.
Then I met my husband and it was
just so much easier
to do all those big, grown-up
things, you know?
Buy a condo, adopt a
dog, get married, babies.
Yeah, um, I don't really know if
I want all of those things, so.
You will, just gotta get this
out of your system first.
Everything OK?
Yeah, let's dance.
Are you eating all my kale
Nikki: 5 years of my life.
Another potato?
You want another potato?
May I? Nikki: You may.
Sure I can't help with anything?
Nikki: Oh no.
We've got this.
You just relax and enjoy.
You're in for a treat. Nikki
makes the best breakfast
Yeah, but they can't hold
a candle to your eggs.
Here, try one.
It's perfect.
Potato kiss.
Yeah, I like it.
I can't do this.
Nikki: Do what? Have breakfast?
Ben: Do you want me to
make something else?
No, um, I can't, I can't,
I can't do this. This.
What's this about?
Is this about last night?
No, it's not,
it's not just about last night.
Nikki: Then where
is this coming from?
Look, you guys have been a
couple for a really long time.
Way before, way before me.
Nikki: What does that
have to do with anything?
Look, the food's almost ready.
just sit down and talk about
I don't wanna talk about it.
I don't wanna talk about it.
OK, well we're in a relationship
you're going to have to talk
about it.
Yeah, those are the rules.
Fuck the rules.
What do they even mean anyway?
How do they even fucking
work in real life?
No, what, what is this about?
Why are you acting like this?
I just finally see what I am to
And what is that?
Just another one of your toys.
just some toy for you to play
Until you get bored,
and then just gonna throw me
How can you say that? You know
I don't, I don't know,
I don't know anything.
You do, please, let's just calm
down. I'm afraid
someone's gonna say something
they'll later regret.
Don't you know how much we care
about you? How much you mean to
All I know is that this
is never going to work.
Emily please, we need you to be
to talk to us, we want this to
Will you stop saying that?
We? We?
God, don't you see? You guys
have been
a "we" for so long. And then
I'm always gonna be on the
Emily, that is not true.
Isn't it though?
I mean... it's only a matter of
before this blows up in our
You should be thanking me for
saving us all the trouble.
You know what? No.
No, I'm not gonna let you do
It's already done.
You know what? Ever since you
up with your ex you've been
You hide at Rosa's,
you hide at the dungeon.
When was the last time
you sent out your resume?
Or looked for an
apartment for yourself?
You don't have the right...
Yes! I do have the right.
What are you trying to do here?
What are you waiting for?
Are you scared?
Are you so scared that you're
even willing to give this a
You have to be willing to fight
for things, to
fuck up, to fail, to get hurt.
Emily: Shut up.
Please shut up.
No, you have to make
a decision Emily.
Are you gonna give us,
give this a real shot?
Or are you gonna walk out that
door, and give up on
everything before we've even had
a chance to try.
Oh, hey.
I didn't expect you home so
It's noon.
Anyway, this is, um,
What was your name again?
Guy? Rosa: Guy!
Such a strong, masculine name.
How could I
forget? You're so... this is
Guy, Emily.
Hi Guy.
Guy was just leaving.
I was?
You were! We had a great time
Wasn't it fun?
We had a fun time, we'll do
it again sometime, yeah? Yeah.
But you'll call me, right?
Oh, definitely. For sure. Yes.
Guy: Really? Yes.
Mm-hmm. Yeah, thanks a lot!
What's wrong?
Tell me.
Just sign here, and here.
Thank you again Claire.
No thanks needed.
You know I always thought that
talents were wasted on Kenneth.
Have you heard from him lately?
Um, no. I thought he was
still in Papua New Guinea.
He's back now.
I heard he contracted malaria
and had to be flown out of
Lost over a month of shooting
I'm sorry to hear that.
Hmm, yeah,
his investors are pissed...
But he seems to think he'll be
able to shore
up enough funds to go back there
next year.
Well I hope it works out for
him. I know
it was really important to him,
Welcome to the team Emily.
How does the title,
Associate Producer sound?
It sounds great.
OK, last page, right? And then
it's official? Claire: Mm-hmm.
Uh, hi. My name is Emily.
I was wondering if there was
somebody that I could get
in touch with in regards to a
documentary I'm making?
OK, great. Thank you so much.
Oh, gross!
Rosa: Oh Daddy. Guy: Oh Daddy.
Rosa: You like it when I call
you Daddy. That one time.
So, what do you think?
I'm so fucking proud of you.
For real?
Do you wanna watch it again?
Yes! Yes!
So, you thinking of
inviting Nikki and Ben?
I don't know.
Do you think I should?
I think it's up to you.
I don't know if they would even
want to come though, you know?
I know I wouldn't want to
speak to me ever again.
Well, there's only
one way to find out.
Go ahead.
Rosa: Just take deep breaths,
you're gonna be fine.
Rosa: Hey, welcome. Hi
Emily: Hi.
Emily: God, I am so nervous.
Rosa: I know you're nervous.
Emily: Hi. Thank you for...
Rosa: Coming, coming, coming.
Emily: Yes, thank you for
coming. Thank you for coming.
Rosa: Thank you for coming.
Thank you for coming.
Rosa: Yes, you'll be fine.
Rosa: Welcome. Thank you for
Emily: Hi, thank you for coming.
Rosa: Hi, welcome. See, look at
all the people
who got tickets. Emily: Hi. I
got to..I,
Ready? OK, come on.
Uh, I want to thank
you all for coming.
It, it really means so much
to me that you're here.
Uh, this short film is the first
chapter in what I
hope will one day be a feature
length documentary.
Um, I especially want
to thank two people...
Nikki and Ben, if it wasn't for
your inspiration and your
I wouldn't be standing
here right now.
So, without further adieu, this
"Only Rights Can Stop The
Sex work is just like any other
work, what's the saying?
Sex work is work. Sex work is
Uh, at it's core,
the exchange is a sexual one.
But like, I think more than
like it's about personal
Sex work is a lot of things that
are good,
and a lot of things that are not
People should know the
difference between sex
work, sex trafficking, and
survival work.
So I think it's just really
important to listen to sex
workers, to listen to all
aspects of our experience.
And I wish that people would
have the nuance to talk about
We shouldn't be working
to end sex work.
We should be working to afford
everyone who decides
to do sex work, have it be safe,
and be legal.
I'm doing it because I love
it, and it's interesting.
Not to be all sentimental,
I just love sex work.
Isn't she great? She's awesome.
Claire: Yeah.
I'm so proud of you.
Emily: Thank you.
Aw, no problem.
Excuse me. Emily: Love you.
I'm sorry Claire, you were
I just think this film
has a lot of potential.
Mm-hmm. Needs work,
but we can take care of that.
Yeah, our company.
We love to support emerging
That would be amazing. Thank
Thank me at the premiere
for the feature.
Nice job. Oh, gotta go.
Thank you for coming.
Thank you for inviting us.
So, is it worth your
initial investment?
Every penny.
Yeah, you're kind of my hero.
Shut up.
I was gonna text earlier... um.
It's OK.
No, it's not.
You were right, I was just
And then I went and
ruined everything.
Everything isn't ruined.
Here. We have a present for you.
What's this for?
You know, Ben and I were
and you have a valid point.
It's not fair for us to ask you
to join us in a relationship.
We should all start
something new together.
And... open.
I don't understand.
This is your room.
If you want it.
We each have our own room.
You can paint it however you'd
Uh, room? I, I don't know what
you guys are talking about.
Remember when you asked me why
Nikki and I don't live together?
Well, it's not really that
complicated, we just never
wanted to.
But that all changed when we met
With you it's different.
We're different.
And we want to live with you.
Because we're in love with you.
And if I say no?
We would understand.
But, we can't do this without
There is no us without you.
So, what do you say?
I think I'm gonna like it here.