20.13: Purgatory (2006) Movie Script

Put him over here, here...
- Carefully, carefully.
- I don't want to die...
Vicente will be right there.
You'll feel much better in no time.
Unless one of these boys
throws you down a ravine.
That doesn't seem like
such a bad idea, Sir.
That way we wouldn't have
to put up with him any more.
Or hear him moaning.
All because of a tiny little scratch.
We still haven't got a radio connection,
Sir. I just get noise.
Sod the bloody radio.
Get up, you nigger! Quick!
Get up, nigger! Get up, for Chrissakes!
Be careful with that nigger, Sir.
He's a sly one.
He pretends to be moving
but doesn't budge an inch.
Son of a bitch of a nigger.
If you don't start moving, I'll ram
this knife up your ass. Understand?
I'll kill you right here and now,
you bastard.
You're not killing anybody.
I never gave you that order...
He's playing with us, Sir.
But I'll soon wipe that smile off his face.
I'll kill him.
Around here, you follow my orders.
I want that man alive
and walking of his own accord.
That couldn't be easier.
We just have to tie a loop in the rope,
attach it to his balls and pull tight.
You'll see how he starts
moving straight away!
- Where to, ma'am?
- Over there, please.
Come on, let's go.
- Here, ma'am?
- Yes, that's fine.
December 24. Time drags on.
And I increasingly dislike the things
I do to spend the time.
A bit more over here, please.
This side.
You have to stretch out over there.
They're supposed to go here.
That's right.
Like it?
I do. It's very beautiful...
And I've got a surprise for you
later tonight...
Lieutenant Gaio's patrol will arrive
before nightfall, won't it? I'm worried...
It will.
In your positions, go on.
What are you doing out here?
Get one thing straight:
You don't leave the radio for a single
second, without my authorization.
- Understood?
- Yes, Sir.
- Frenchy?
- Yes, Sir.
You stay with him. If there's any news,
tell me straight away.
But no shouting, or running.
Now see what you can find out.
What's the matter now, Esperana?
- Well, how are things going?
- Fine.
- You weren't expecting this, huh?
- No, I wasn't!
When Leonor told me
she'd be alone for Christmas,
I decided to make this little visit.
- Good morning, Sir.
- Good morning!
Anyway I had to make a visit...
So I decided to mix
business with pleasure.
If you're not angry with one another,
why didn't you spend Christmas
with your wife?
Things got a bit more
complicated round here.
I've got a patrol out there, to the north,
along the river.
We detected suspect movements and...
Cut the bullshit.
They're just looking for contraband!
We're close to the border,
the river is low,
and they take the opportunity
to make a shortcut.
I imagine.
After the hell you went through
in your previous zone,
this is perhaps a little bit too quiet.
It's a shame, because there's plenty
others who'd like to be in your place.
But they didn't have my luck...
True... luck... and a certain person
pulling the right strings...
What have you got for me today?
I've got a few love letters
and aerograms.
- Who's the floosie?
- That's the Captain's wife!
Men love making speeches.
Christ, when will this ever end.
That way they can be sure
they'll have the last word.
You still haven't told me
whether you're happy to see me.
I had a long speech for you,
but I was deeply moved
by the simple and dignified manner
in which I was received.
So I'm just going to tell you...
a few simple and direct words.
Because we're soldiers,
men of action and few words,
what I want to tell you
is that victory is close at hand...
- Oscar, bravo, juliet, can you hear me?
- Let's get going.
I don't want the column to stretch out.
If it wasn't for my consideration
for our Lieutenant,
I would have knifed him good already.
He'd be bleeding like a pig.
And then you could make
one of those marks, in your handle.
Like our Captain.
Alfa, charlie, bravo, over!
- Happy holidays, Merry Christmas!
- Happy holidays.
Thanks. You too.
Can you hear me?
Alfa, charlie, bravo, over!
- I can hear you!
- Sir! Sir!
- Alfa, charlie, bravo!
- I read you!
We've got a man down
who needs to be evacuated.
Can we talk a little?
Just the two of us?
Not now.
I've got some business to handle.
I really can't.
Pizarro: Do you mind doing the honours?
Of course, Sir...
But don't go far. I might need you.
Well, any wounded?
I didn't understand very well.
I think there's only one.
- Did you find out who?
- No, Sir.
What's their position?
We're... 2 km from base.
Oscar, delta, juliet, over!
Alfa, charlie, bravo, over!
We're 2 km from base. Over.
I'm not waiting round here doing nothing.
Let's get going.
Merry Christmas...
It was during the night.
You woke up with gunshots.
There was an exchange of fire,
but you're not sure with whom,
because it was dark
and you only saw the sparks.
That's about it, isn't it?
Those are the facts.
But only Lito can explain
how everything began and why,
because he was on watch.
he was injured right at the beginning
and couldn't tell us anything.
I didn't ask him either.
I have no doubt you acted
with the best of intentions,
and even showed a certain
amount of leadership.
But you're an officer of the Portuguese
army, not a boy scout leader.
You shouldn't be satisfied
with moral victories.
So, you didn't even try
to interrogate the prisoner...
No, I didn't.
Why not?
Is that against your principles?
I don't have any problem
with asking questions.
What bothers me are certain methods
used in order to obtain answers.
I've never had any sympathy
for people who use those methods
and never confused
authority with brutality.
- And I won't have you question that!
- That wasn't my intention.
However, if my captain
give me permission to speak frankly...
I hope that, when you
referred to my principles,
you weren't questioning my loyalty.
Lieutenant Gaio, if I doubted
your loyalty, we wouldn't be talking.
My only doubt is to what extent
I can count upon your dedication,
in light of your ideas.
What ideas?
You don't agree with this war, do you?
Excuse me, but that's none
of anyone's business.
Because when it comes to my acts, I don't
think I've ever failed in my duties.
That's true, you've never failed.
But until now, there haven't
been any problems in this zone,
and we don't know whether what
happened was an isolated episode
or the forerunner
of a more serious situation.
And in the latter case, your ideas
could be a cause for concern.
I don't know, for example,
whether your experience
at the hands of our secret police
may have contributed
to your own reluctance
in interrogating the prisoner.
It wasn't a question of reluctance.
It was a question of priorities.
The most important thing for me,
was to bring back Lito.
I focused all my efforts on that task,
and everything I did
was conditioned by that underlying
concern. It's as simple as that.
What if the circumstances
had been different?
Such as?
For example, if you had to decide
between defeating the enemy
or bringing one of your man back alive,
what would be your priority?
- That depends.
- Depends?
Yes, it depends.
It depends on what we're fighting for
and whether it represents something
I myself would risk my life for.
The problem is that it shouldn't
depend on such questions.
It should only depend on the mission
that you pledged to fulfill.
That you dedicated your honour to.
For which no soldier is obliged
to sacrifice his life,
but wherein all of us must
accept the risk of dying.
That's what it depends on,
isn't it, Lieutenant Gaio?
You still glued to your weapon?
He has put so much oil on it,
it'll squirt instead of shooting...
We'd be better off
giving him a hosepipe,
that way no one
would be in any danger...
Looks like you've got mail!
- Maciel, still got some raffle tickets?
- Sure.
Gimme the 22.
See that?
No one touches it, okay?
You're wasting your time anyway.
It's not the weapon that's damaged,
- You're the one who's beyond repair.
- Shit head.
Forget about it, maybe he was unlucky.
But hey, this will give you some luck...
At least I was there. Unlike the other
bastards, who didn't show up.
- I had diarrhea!
- You mean you were shit scared.
As if there was any way of telling
there'd be trouble.
And you would have come in handy.
At least someone who knew
how to handle the mortar.
Badagaio was always wide off the mark.
And Lito paid the price.
You want your letter, right?
You took your time getting here...
Looks to me like a girl's handwriting...
Girlfriend back home? Huh?
Or are you planning to get married?
Here it is... You're lucky it's small...
It should only take you
about a week to read this.
The problem is when
you reach the end,
you'll no longer remember
the beginning.
Maybe it's better I read it for you
and give you a summary.
I'd do you in, before you'd finished!
Poor little thing,
no need to get all in a tizz.
Can't anyone joke around anymore.
Calm down.
Come in.
Despite being a priest,
he's a great guy...
How long have we known each other?
Since we were kids...
We always got along...
- We have a gentleman's agreement...
- That's right.
For example: He doesn't talk to me
about spiritual pleasures,
neither about the...
What's the expression?
- Of the... eternal life...
- About the delights...
About the delights
of eternal life in paradise.
Pleasures that I'll never
have the chance to experience
due to my lack of faith...
And he doesn't remind me
about the earthly pleasures,
or the vibrating sensations
that I swore to abstain myself from.
But it's not so easy, is it?
- Fancy a beer?
- No, thanks...
Everyone has their own mission...
If you'll forgive me,
I'm going to have a bath.
I've had my fill of missions for today.
And you look like you're about
to dedicate yourself
to the mission of love thy neighbor...
He really doesn't know how to read,
does he?
- Who? Him?
- Hmm.
If he knew how to handle a weapon...
So, this took place
far from the festivities...
Yes, further away, beyond the fountain.
Other than the things that you said,
you didn't do anything else?
For the love of God.
I wouldn't lie to you, Sir.
Especially given that you're a priest.
Larga-Larga, pass us the ball.
It's hard for me to be the one
who has to tell you this...
But there's no way you're
the father of this child.
The months don't match,
and what you did wasn't enough
to get the girl pregnant.
But Sir, what have other people
got that I haven't?
I didn't go to see you, because I couldn't!
I couldn't, Leonor!
- You know what's happened, don't you?!
- Very handy, wasn't it?
I sometimes think that you don't have
the faintest idea who I am.
I have exactly the same feeling
that I'm married with a man, I don't know.
It's a very unpleasant sensation.
Ask me!
Ask me what you want to know!
You, on the contrary,
never change, do you?
You're the one who
doesn't pay any attention.
Or you prefer not to look...
I see we're going to end up
with the same old conversation,
the same old crap.
Except that this time it won't
wind up the same way.
You can be sure of that...
Good evening and welcome...
Welcome, gentlemen... Ladies...
Welcome to Mozambique,
this beautiful land...
- So how long will you be staying?
- That doesn't depend just on me.
I hope you've left
all your problems outside,
because tonight,
is going to be a chic evening!
You mean a cock-eyed evening!
With the cockrel crowing at midnight
mass, given by our chaplain!
Tonight is held in homage to Lito...
who can't be with us tonight.
To Lito! To Lito!
Now forget everything,
absolutely everything.
And just remember one thing...
- Life is beautiful...
- It's beautiful!
It's stunning!
And now, all the way from Braga,
let's hear a big hand for Corporal VCC...
Excuse me.
See you later.
Excuse me.
I think we should all just be friends
and wish good luck to Dinis here,
given that things didn't go too well
during rehearsals
and we already lost three volunteers.
That's true...
A round of applause for Dinis.
No one told me anything
about the volunteers.
Look... You finally chirped up.
It should be noted that Dinis
was the only person
willing to accept
to take part in this magic act.
It's true! It's true!
I'll have to teach lots of things tonight.
You know what this is?
It's a saw...
Dinis, did you shit yourself, or what?
What are you doing here?
- Sorry, Sir.
- Off you go, Henrique, to your shelter.
Where do you think you're going?
Don't be a fool!
Going to do the round?
Yes, I'm going to.
- You know what this is?
- It's a saw...
No. Nothing of the like...
It's a relationship-cutter.
My dad told me something
that I'm going to teach you tonight.
How to terminate a relationship, okay?
You need a relationship-cutter,
a floosie...
Another round of applause for Dinis.
This won't hurt a bit, Dinis.
Now for the crucial moment.
Silence, please.
This bit's going to be very dangerous.
Silence, please.
Does he have the right to a last wish?
Does he or doesn't he?
You butcher.
Look what you've done to that man.
First you saw the guy in half,
then you caress him.
My dad was right...
Help me... He's dead.
Keep calm! Friends, brothers,
companions, come on!
- Hey! Where've you been, man?
- I went for a walk!
Before beginning my magic trick,
I'd like to ask our captain's permission
in order to do a little Arabian trick,
imported all the way from the Indies.
It's a little bit of belly dancing, may I?
If you'll permit me, Sir.
Okay, lets go. Watch carefully...
The men drink too much and
this is the result, Sir. I apologize.
Larga-Larga, have a drink
and you'll get over it!
You should drink the whole bottle.
Who's there? Who's there?
If you don't show your face, I'll shoot.
If you want to shoot, shoot!
You'd be doing me a favor...
Hey man!
What're you doing here?
I loved her, but she didn't
give a damn about me, sergeant!
- Any news?
- No, Sir.
Everything in order?
Yes, Sir.
Okay, don't let those boys
get too excited with the game.
You never know...
Badagaio here, Lieutenant,
can't think about anything else...
He has already seen lights
out there in the brush, at least 10 times.
But there are no nights,
only sparks from his over-heated brain.
That's not true. I saw them.
Let them just dare...
Keep calm...
And now our companion Montemor
in a fine musical performance!
The song that I'm going to sing tonight,
is like a present from our Zeca.
Girl with the sad eyes.
What makes you sob so?
The soldier doesn't return
From the other side of the sea.
Hey, thoughtful man.
Look at the pipe
As it becomes cold.
The soldier doesn't return
From the other side of the sea.
All together now.
Friends! Friends!
The party's still isn't over.
We've got a big surprise in store for you.
You want to see what it is?
I know who he is He's a good boy.
Just a little bit shy.
Who lived in the dream
Of finding true love.
Because his heart Asked for more.
More warmth.
She appeared.
And her beauty
lmmediately entranced him.
They loved one another
And now he says.
That he's attained
The greater good in life.
And is happy...
Thinks about her All the time.
Dreams about her All night long.
Cries for her
If she doesn't come.
Talks about her All the time.
She is always On his mind.
Without her He is nobody.
It's like Father Antonio Vieira said:
When Christ told his apostles
to preach to the world,
He said: "Go and preach
to all Christendom..."
Keep calm, switch off the lights.
Fucking bastards!
Keep calm!
Save your ammo. Keep calm!
Esperana! Esperana!
Keep calm, for Christ's sake!
Calm down, save your ammo!
Go to the other side.
To the other shelter.
Go to the other shelter, quick.
The guys with the mortar,
sit down right now!
Get out of there, Badagaio!
Fuck, Badagaio! Get out of there!
What are you waiting for?
What are you waiting for?
Tell them we're under fire,
you idiot, tell them we're under fire!
They already know, Sergeant,
they already know.
Stop shooting!
It's stopped! It's stopped!
Mortar, up here, now. Quick.
Domino, quick... The mortar.
Quick, for Chrissakes!
That side, Domino!
Fire on top of them, for fuck's sake!
- Come on, Domino.
- Correct your aim, Domino.
That's right.
Go on, higher, higher, higher.
Maybe we hit them...
It's stopped already! It's stopped!
Esperana! Esperana!
Hi, honey.
What are you doing now?
Having a bath.
Having a bath?
I just finished.
I don't know whether you noticed,
but we we've just been attacked!
Don't you think it's a pretty
weird time to have a bath?
Unless you're in a real hurry.
Perhaps it was that intense...
The smell.
- What smell?
- What smell?!
The smell of all those men
you rubbed yourself up against.
As you wiggled your ass
in the canteen.
Happy as could be.
Did you learn all those tricks
with the nuns, huh?
Such a great performance.
Glad you liked it.
No, it disgusted me.
You're not a bit strange,
or anything, are you?
You and the nigger.
What a fine pair you made.
Did you also rub yourself up
against him, afterwards?
O Vicente?
You don't have the faintest idea,
do you?
But me, I finally understand.
Now I know.
I know who he is He's a good boy.
Just a little bit shy.
No, no, no, he's a bad boy
Even a little bit shameless...
Cut that crap.
What were you saying. Huh?
It's a secret.
For the time being.
You're driving me crazy.
It's my fault.
I never should've brought you
to this shit hole.
Hey, do you know
where the Chaplain is?
He must still be giving mass...
Switch on the lights.
- Jesus, did you see that, Rafael?
- I didn't see anything. Did you?
I didn't see a thing,
you saw me with my rifle...
firm as a rock... firm as a rock.
I've never fired a shot in my life,
I'm even a little bit deaf in my right ear.
I'm also a bit deaf in my left ear.
You're deaf? If you're deaf,
how come you're hearing me now?
You're a real joker, just like your dad.
Not a chance.
No one fools with us.
Stop worrying about your own navel.
What's the matter with the kid?
God knows, he's thinking about his life.
- Time for some rest.
- Make the most of it.
Shit! Who's been
messing with my locker?
Don't you think it's a bit too strong?
No, Father, write the letter.
Just the way I'm telling you!
We're not going to start
the letter this way, Rosmaninho.
Why not? That's the way we address
these women where I'm from.
How do you want me to address her?
Know what? Maybe you're right.
Let's go!
How was the phrase?
Like this:
"Elvira, big whore..."
Go on write it!
And what did they say
from the Battalion headquarters?
They're as surprised as we are...
No one can remember an attack
on Christmas Eve.
It must be because of the prisoner...
Maybe he's a commanding
officer of the Frelimo.
They suggest that we
interrogate him as soon as possible...
Maybe he's got
some important information.
The problem is he won't say a thing...
That depends on the methods.
Not here, it doesn't.
We're here to protect the population.
At least that's what
the propaganda says...
I'm very sorry, Sir,
but we've got a problem in the barracks.
Seems like a rat has been in there...
One of the big ones...
If you don't need me any more, Sir...
I don't know how this got here, Sir...
When we arrived from the operation
today, it wasn't here, I guarantee you.
That bracelet belongs to VCC,
I remember it perfectly well.
He bought it God knows where,
he said it gave him luck.
And strike me dead,
if it isn't Avec's lighter.
Who's Avec?
Frenchy, they call him Avec
where I come from.
And it's made of gold,
he's always going on about the fact...
Who does that locker belong to?
It's mine, Sir.
- And the one next to it?
- It belongs to Domino.
In that case tell me something.
Why does this locker
have the number 2002?
The numbers are sequential,
if yours is 2012,
this one should be 2013, right?
That's Domino's doing, Sir.
He's crazy about lucky numbers
and wouldn't relax
until he swapped lockers with Dinis.
Dinis is the one who was sawn
in half in the party...
Ah, Dinis...
2002 used to belong to Dinis.
But he didn't want his
locker number to end in 13,
so he swapped his locker
with that one back there.
Which one?
That one, which didn't
belong to anyone...
That's not true. It belonged to
"Famalico", the one who lost his feet.
2013 is that one.
I don't remember what Dinis' number
was, but if you like I can go and see...
No, no, that's not necessary...
We have to find out who stole this.
It must've been the same crook
who stole the bartender's wallet...
Sons of bitches!
Z, I can't see anything.
Where are they? Where are they?
Come over here, and keep in line.
Looks like the fireworks display
at Our Lady of the Graces festivities.
- Wonder if we'll ever get back there.
- Protect yourself, for fuck's sake.
Where are they? Where are they?
I can't see a thing.
- The rifle's jammed, fuck.
- Shoot now... Shoot now...
It stopped! It stopped!
It's stopping. It's stopped!
It's stopped!
It's stopped, guys! It's stopped!
Keep calm! Keep calm!
- Dinis! Dinis!
- Now what's up?
What happened?
Dinis, stop kidding around!
Dinis! Dinis!
He goes to make another mark
in the "Felinos" shield.
Fuck this.
- Hey look, Montemor...
- Huh?
Wasn't Dinis from your town?
No. The only person in this company
from my home town is Z here,
Montemor the New.
Rafael's older than me.
That's why we've got these nicknames.
Bring me some soup.
But the truth is, we're both
from Montemor-o-Novo.
This guy sleeps everywhere.
Sleeping beauty woke up.
Welcome to the war!
Listen up, how on earth does a guy
leave the warmth of hot French cunts,
and get stuck here in the infantry?
If you fled the country,
why did you come back?
I didn't flee the country,
I went to work... when I was 17.
Any kids?
A little girl.
But it's really shitty over there...
You can't get a job if you
haven't done your military service.
Except for guys like you.
- I'm a fisherman.
- Yeah...
You always go fishing for Marlboros.
Hey Viegas, when you were smuggling,
didn't you ever have to fill
in any of those papers
saying you'd completed
your military service?
No, but I think I've already served.
Who knows whether
I'll get through the night.
Coming to bed?
No. Actually I came to tell you
to pack your bags
and to be ready to leave at dawn.
There should be no shortage of
helicopters ready to come to fetch you.
Well... I actually had
something else in mind.
Like it?
I bought it especially for tonight.
You wasted your money.
You might as well have thrown it away.
Not that you're exactly
hard up for cash, are you?
And we both know
how much that disturbs you.
Which is not only stupid,
it doesn't benefit you.
You pay great attention
to appearances, as we both know.
I don't need to look in
the mirror to know who I am.
I know who you are.
I know you've got two faces.
You know where the shelter is,
don't you?
You'd be better off going there.
It's bullshit.
Just to keep us awake.
These sons of bitches
are going to drive us crazy all night.
I thought they'd land right on top of us...
They know that Lieutenant Santana
left with our best platoon.
The niggers from the fields
tell them everything.
That gave me an idea...
Before they finish us off,
why don't we do one of them in?
What are you talking about?
We've got one of them locked up?
Are we going to let them kill us
before we take one of them with us?
I'm going to go over there
and do that son of a bitch in...
Are you crazy?
You're all out of your minds.
You want to screw up your lives?
Think about it...
I'll take them all on.
I don't need anybody, I'm going there
and I'm going to blow his brains out.
No, Badagaio. Let's go smoothly.
You're going to fuck yourselves up.
And don't say you weren't warned.
All hell's going to break loose.
Wait, for Christ's sake.
I'm finishing. Careful with the wound.
Thank you.
Is something the matter?
No. Everything's fine...
You can call me Venncio, if you like.
You know what, Venncio,
in the middle of all this confusion
I feel a little bit useless.
Can I help you in any way?
Actually you can,
I don't know where Vicente is.
If you like you can keep Lito company...
- Come quickly, please.
- What's up?
It's the prisoner... Looks like
he was stabbed twice in the chest.
Let's go.
- Who did this?
- I don't know, Doctor.
Badagaio and Maciel
found him like this...
Shine the light here.
Is he dead?
His race is highly resistant.
But he's lost a great deal of blood.
Poor thing...
That wasn't here
when the prisoner arrived...
Then the Lord rained down
burning sulfur...
Go and call Lieutenant Gaio.
On Sodom and Gomorrah
from the Lord out of the heavens.
Looks like it's going to be
a longer night than we thought...
Maybe the prisoner had
some valuable information and...
and that's why they're now
trying to kill him or free him.
First and foremost,
I want reinforcements
in the shelters and at the gate.
Lieutenant Pizarro shall assume
command of our defense,
under my direct orders.
As for you, I should remind you
that a valuable prisoner
was under your guard,
and if you'd interrogated him,
you could have helped us
to avoid today's attack.
Do you think they'll attack again?
If they do, we'll respond
with efficiency and bravery.
If this goes on like this, the only
solution will be to send a group
in order to destroy their cannon.
That's out of the question.
The cannon is located
outside national territory.
We have to discover who
tried to kill the prisoner.
Otherwise we may have
to face a court martial.
Perhaps you, Lieutenant Gaio,
have an explanation for what happened.
No? You better have one,
before the secret police arrive tomorrow.
It'll be even worse if the man dies.
- Is he going to die, doctor?
- Ask me again tomorrow...
Hey, what are you shooting at?
Sir, I think I saw someone
moving out there.
- What did you see?
- Someone moving out there.
You're the one who needs glasses,
not him.
Sir, what if they hit the armory?
They sent over two fat plums
a moment ago... They just missed it.
If they hit the armory, we're fucked.
Those bastards know this
shit better than we do.
Hey, wake up!
- What's up?
- What do you mean?
You gave me a funny look!
Me? No.
You're shit scared.
I was thinking to myself...
You sang really well tonight, Z.
Really, really well.
It was really beautiful.
You're a lousy liar, Rafael.
You shouldn't be ashamed.
There's nothing to be ashamed
about in being frightened.
I'm frightened as well.
The secret is screwing up your asshole
as tight as possible
to avoid shitting yourself.
- I'm frightened, but that's not it, Z.
- What then?
I had this terrible dream.
I dreamt something so bad, so bad,
so bad, I'm frightened to repeat it.
I dreamt we were caught in an ambush.
We were caught in an ambush,
And you died.
And this is so similar to my dream...
So similar that it really scares me.
Died? Me?
Who'd look after you then?
- We're a team, right?
- We sure are... Like a pair of oxen.
Excuse me, Sir, excuse me.
This idea came to me and I...
I got hooked on the idea, Sir,
I got hooked.
I don't know how I could do
something like that.
God strike me dead.
- Have pity on me, I...
- Cut the crap, stand up, stand up. Now!
Where's your knife?
Knife? What knife?
Sir, tell me what knife you want
and I'll get one...
Hey, wise guy!
The knife, the knife
you used to try to kill the prisoner.
I didn't do anything
to the prisoner, I swear!
If I'm lying I'll never see
my poor departed mother again...
Your poor mother?
Leave your poor mother in peace.
I mean it, Sir.
You trying to kid me?
If I were you,
I wouldn't try to play games, Maciel.
Don't you know the mess
you've got yourself into!?
I didn't kill anybody, I swear!
Okay, I confess I took a peek
inside the lockers, it's true...
But that's all, Sir...
I didn't kill anybody.
And while you were doing your things...
Who did you see around here?
Now that you mention it...
I saw Viegas.
You were smoking a cigarette,
next to the jeep.
I wasn't in the mood for parties.
Go on...
And Larga-Larga was here.
And Sergeant Ferreirinha came in
and almost discovered me.
So it was you, Sergeant Ferreirinha,
Viegas, and Toma-Toma.
- Larga-Larga, Sir.
- Exactly...
Seems like
the whole company was here?
Did you see anyone else?
Now that you mention it...
I also saw you...
In the jeep.
Keep going...
Sorry Leonor,
I should have another bottle there,
behind the cupboard.
Must be the last one.
Keep going...
Well Doctor,
has he said anything yet?
Who? Him... No. He just moans.
Which is not at all bad
under the circumstances.
Give me the saline, please.
My main worry now is Lito.
He's burning up in fever.
You know
who's been an enormous help?
She takes everything in her stride.
I wasn't aware
of your humanitarian bent.
People are full of surprises,
aren't they?
Leonor, if you like,
you can use Vicente's gown.
It's right behind you, Sir.
- Vicente still hasn't turned up?
- Vicente?
No. I haven't seen him for hours.
Things can't go on like this.
I'll go and look for him.
Leonor, take care of Lito, please.
Don't bother.
I wouldn't feel comfortable in it.
You know best...
- Have you seen Vicente?
- I don't know Doctor...
But he's not in there.
You can ask our Lieutenant.
That's not necessary...
My love?
My love?
- Now you're all mine.
- Get out of here!
- You're all mine!
- Go!
Take the boxes down.
Look, you haven't seen Vicente,
have you?
No, Doctor.
- Why?
- Nothing.
Forget about it.
Just a little bit shy.
Lived in the dream
Of finding true love.
Because his heart Asked for...
Calm down! Calm down!
Shut up! Go to our room!
Go to our room, now!
"Then the LORD
rained down burning sulfur."
"Thus he overthrew those cities"
"and the entire plain,
including all those living in the cities."
There's nothing we can do...
Now try singing...
God damn it!
There's nothing we can do...
But, how was Vicente killed in here?
Where are the bullet holes
in the walls?
I haven't the faintest idea.
It must've been straight away
in the first attack.
He's still wearing
the clothes from the show...
It wasn't here.
It hasn't got anything to do
with any attack.
He wasn't killed here.
He was dragged inside.
- What?
- I found this in Vicente's hand.
I don't understand any of this.
You take a look.
"If a man lies with a man
as one lies with a woman,
"both of them have done what is
detestable. They must be put to death;"
"Their blood
will be on their own heads."
"Pedro's wife knows the secret."
Is it possible
to know what time Vicente died?
It is. If I do an autopsy.
But there's no way
I can do it in this shit hole.
And there's no way you can know
whether he died
before or after
the attack on the prisoner?
Look, the prisoner
didn't die because we found him
soon after the moment
he'd been knifed.
Vicente died several hours ago.
Anything else?
If a man lies with a man
as one lies with a woman,
both of them have done
what is detestable.
Their blood
will be on their own heads...
Do you understand anything of this?
I do... It comes from the book.
I have to confirm something.
The Bible.
The message they left next to the
prisoner was a citation from Genesis.
It was that I came to tell you.
Shall we go?
I want to go there first.
I want to interrogate the prisoner.
Some people make a mess,
and others have to clean up after them.
Come on,
tell us who attacked you?
Listen. This has got nothing
to do with the war,
and no one can accuse you
of collaborating with us...
What did you see in the parade?
What did you see in?
Will he survive?
Does he stand a chance?
My problem is
I've only got one bottle of saline.
So I have to choose,
between him and him.
Give him an injection, doctor,
give him morphine!
Captain, I just gave him an injection.
If I give him another, it'll kill him.
Give him morphine,
at least that way he won't suffer.
Don't do that.
Doctor Venncio said that
another injection would kill him.
He could recover,
it wouldn't be the first time...
Life is a supreme gift.
We can't act as if we were God...
Who are you to say
what God wants or doesn't want?
You know where we are?
You know what we're doing here?
And you know what you're doing here?
This is war!
I know it's war!
And I know what I'm doing here!
I'm here because I belong here.
I'm here to celebrate life,
not celebrate death like you...
Bullshit. Bullshit, Father.
If you kill this man,
that'll make you an assassin.
Doesn't death disturb you?
The only thing that
really disturbs me in war, Father,
is not the dead, but the living.
Give him an injection doctor.
That's an order!
Why don't you
give him the injection, Sir?
What's the matter with our captain?
- Sod it. I'll get the ammo...
- Go!
Hurry up with that shift, Pinhal.
Hurry up, hurry up. Behind the smoke.
- Motherfucker... Fire! Fuck...
- Stop! Don't waste any more ammo.
It's not worth it.
We can't see a fucking thing.
We can't see a thing!
We're sitting here "sewing" while
these bastards are laughing on us...
You shouldn't be complaining VCC,
you're here because you want to be.
You didn't use the escape route.
I've got a kid to rise,
do you understand? Do you understand?
And I'm beginning to get fed up
with this shit.
It's the last time
they'll catch me here.
The first message is in Genesis 19:24
and refers to the destruction
of Sodom and Gomorrah,
a punishment inflicted by God
for the dissolute customs
observed in those cities.
Now the second...
- Here it is! In Leviticus, I thought so...
- Show me.
Leviticus 20:13. See the numbers here.
Chapter 20, verse 13.
Looks like we're going to have
a night of Bible readings.
Read it!
"If a man lies with a man
as one lies with a woman,"
"both of them have done
what is detestable."
"They must be put to death;
Their blood will be on their own heads..."
"If a man lies with a man..."
Where's the paper?
The one Vicente was holding?
"If a man lies with a man."
It's the same.
Exactly the same, except he omitted.
"If a man lies with a man
as one lies with a woman".
And added:
"Pedro's wife knows the secret".
Where's the other one?
It's before, in Genesis.
Wait I'll show you.
Here. 19:24.
"Thus he overthrew those cities
and the entire plain,
"including all those living in the cities
and also the vegetation in the land".
That's what's going to happen to us
if they keep on attacking...
I hope not.
And in violation of God's wishes,
"But Lot's wife looked back,
and she became a pillar of salt."
Perhaps the prisoner
saw something he shouldn't have
and that's why they tried to kill him.
Where does Pedro's wife fit in
amongst all this?
Perhaps she...
Also knows who attacked them...
And who's Pedro?
We have to read the Bible again?
Come on...
I have no time for Sunday school, again.
Come in!
- Sir, you asked for me?
- I did.
Tell me something.
Do you know whether any of our soldiers
goes by the name of Pedro?
- No, I don't.
- Listen.
In relation to Vicente,
did you ever hear a story, anything...
with other men.
Not as far as I know.
I don't know anything about that, Sir.
Go and tell Sergeant Ferreirinha
to bring me a list
with all the names of the soldiers.
And ask him to come
to meet me into the barracks.
Let's see
if we can discover our Pedro.
And Pedro's wife
who "keeps a secret".
Perhaps it wouldn't be a bad idea
if we went and had a look
in Vicente's locker.
Anyone who wrote these things
is clearly someone
who is very familiar with the Bible...
In particular Genesis and Leviticus
which was a kind of code of conduct
for the Jews.
The penalties were severe
because the crimes
were considered to be very serious.
Everything okay up there?
Yes, Sir.
Such as homosexuality...
Ultimately it was a question
of a sacred code, a divine regulation.
One thing we're not short of
in the Army is regulations.
They're indispensable,
because of human imperfection.
- Can't you open it?
- Shit...
What do you think you're doing?
Who gave authorization
to open the lockers?
I'm talking with you Gaio!
I'm only obeying orders.
Didn't you tell me
that unless we discovered
what was going on
we'd be in deep shit?
If you think it's strictly necessary,
Let me try, Sir.
Here are the lists, Sir.
There are at least three Pedros:
Pedro, Jos Pedro and Carlos Pedro.
Carlos Pedro isn't here, he belongs
to Lieutenant Santana's platoon,
which is on patrol.
Jos Pedro is Badagaio.
And Pedro... Pedro must be Frenchy.
Bring both of them here!
What were you expecting to find inside?
The Ark of the Covenant?
I don't know, It was a hunch...
I made a mistake.
Calm down!
Sir, here are the two Pedros.
What's your name?
Jos Pedro, Sir.
But everyone calls me Badagaio.
As far as I'm concerned,
I prefer Jos Pedro.
- Okay. Are you married?
- No Sir.
But do you live with anyone?
Do you have a girlfriend?
No Sir, o tell you the truth
I don't have a girlfriend.
- War godmother?
- No, Sir.
you can return to your shelter.
And you, you're Pedro what?
Pedro Rodrigues.
But everyone calls you Frenchy, right?
May my Lieutenant know
that to be the case.
Are you married?
May my Lieutenant know
that to be the case.
Tell me something...
Did you know Vicente well?
- Vicente?
- Yes, did you know Vicente!
May my Lieutenant know
that to be the case.
Look, cut the "may my Lieutenant know"
business? Okay?
Just say yes or no.
What's your wife's name?
- Alice. Her name's Alice.
- Alice.
And did your Alice know Vicente?
My Alice?
No, my Alice didn't know Vicente.
How could she?
Okay. Go on. Get going!
Let's get out of here!
Look, what was that verse
from Genesis, again?
Genesis, chapter 19, verse 24.
19: 24.
And the other one?
Leviticus 20:13.
Close the door!
That's the Captain's knife...
- How do you know?
- Because of the marks.
- And the captain, Sir?
- When the time comes.
Come here. Sir!
Come here, quickly!
- The ammo never arrives. Fuck!
- Why isn't the mortar firing?
There's one, there's one. Fuck.
The trigger's broken,
what's worse
is we're running out of ammo.
Fire, Fire.
- Did you send someone to the armory?
- I did, Sir.
And he's taking forever to bring the
ammo. Sons of bitches!
Sod it!
Get out of there. Over this side.
Get out of there. Son of bitches.
Who was in that shelter?
Let's go!
The first shelter's been blasted.
They're advancing
and we've already lost three men.
Go Badagaio! Go Badagaio!
I'll take this shit.
We have to send someone over there,
otherwise the door will remain open.
- I'm going to call Passos.
- Go! Go!
Passos! Passos!
Badagaio, Sir. Badagaio.
Wait here Passebite,
hold on and I'll help you. Wait here...
Get me two men
to take it to the shelter, quick.
You two, the first pair: The barrels.
The second pair... Not you... You...
Couceiro? To your post...
Back to your post.
Couceiro, you two, the second pair:
To the back of the trench.
Leave when I give the signal.
- Any questions?
- None.
Couceiro, go round the armory
and fetch another mortar.
Before the whole thing is blown
to smithereens.
Someone help me for fuck's sake!
Fuck! Help me!
Badagaio, take cover.
Careful. Badagaio, get out of there.
As if the bombs weren't enough...
They're getting closer and closer.
Hurry up Z!
Hurry up! Z! Z, leave that.
Leave it! Leave it!
- Z, Z!
- Where are you going?
I was the one who ordered
those two men to go over there.
You stay here!
- Is that an order?
- It is.
Z, my little soul brother!
- Now we're going home right?
- We are.
- Now we're going home.
- Passos! Passos!
- Viegas, VCC!
- Yes, Sir.
The bazooka?
- Call him.
- Frenchy! Frenchy!
Cover us.
I'll get the MG
and one of you go to Pizarro.
VCC, leave it. Let's get going.
We'll attract their fire here.
Put the MG here.
- Don't you want to open your present?
- Only you!
That's right. Only me.
It's the model the astronauts used
on their journey to the moon!
Do you like it?
It's beautiful! Thank you!
I'd like to give you
something in return,
but since you turned up by surprise,
I don't have any presents for you.
You could give me a kiss!
If that's not too much to ask for!
You have no idea
of what I'm capable of doing for you!
I do!
Hurry up...
Our Major of Operations
says that it's impossible
and our Colonel will only allow
the helicopters to leave at dawn.
At dawn, at dawn...
And where will we be, at dawn?
I've already made my decision,
we're going to cross the border
and destroy the enemy's cannon.
Lieutenant Gaio will be in command,
during my absence...
It's calmed down...
- Looks like you shut them up, VCC.
- Looks like...
But maybe they're just waiting
to take us unaware.
We have to stop
that cannon once and for all.
Lieutenant Gaio is right.
A group of us has to leave from
the east side, the part that isn't mined,
cut the barbed wire, cross the border
and destroy the cannon.
I know it's a difficult task
but it's not impossible.
VCC, can you take the bazooka
over there, with me?
Of course I can, Sir, of course.
Let's go.
As soon as we find it,
I'll send over a big "plum"
and that's the last we'll hear of it.
I'll go too...
No. I don't think you should go.
You still have a mission to fulfill.
And I'd like you to complete it before
the secret police arrive, tomorrow.
Couceiro is the ideal choice,
he knows how to get us over there.
In my absence,
Lieutenant Gaio will be in charge...
In that case, Viegas should go.
Maciel. Help him.
Doctor Venncio
is looking after him, but...
- Have they already left?
- Yes, Couceiro will take them there.
In any case,
when our Captain gets back
he'll have to give us an explanation.
God help them.
VCC is a hell of a shooter
with the bazooka!
Pedro left this for you...
Leonor, would you mind
coming over here, please?
Pedro's wife!
No. Our objective is the cannon.
Give me the bazooka... I'll go!
- I'll go with you, Sir.
- You go back.
Are you sure, Captain?
That's not a suggestion,
it's an order. Go!
I don't expect to return
from the mission.
Hey Maciel...
so I want to make sure
that you know the truth.
Get me a light.
Because nobody else should suffer
the consequences of my errors.
I'm the one responsible
for the death of Private Vicente,
who did nothing to deserve his fate.
And I was the one
who attacked the prisoner
in order to make sure
he wouldn't testify against me.
Nobody helped me.
They were deliberate crimes motivated
by pure egoism,
to protect my reputation...
to avoid shame...
to hide a dirty little secret.
A secret
that you probably already guessed.
I'm fully aware
of the gravity of my acts.
I was always proud
of being a man of honor,
but I abandoned those principles,
when I committed these heinous
crimes, to maintain appearances,
and I'm well aware
of the punishment that I deserve.
Sir... Sir...
It's us...
Don't shoot, don't shoot!
Give us cover...
- Everything okay?
- Everything's okay...
Where's the Captain?
He wanted to remain alone, Sir,
he ordered us to return.
- There was nothing we could do, Sir.
- He even looked like he wanted to die.
Looks like the Captain
destroyed the cannon.
Badagaio's dead.
That makes seven.
This time he won't be the one
to shoot in the Felinos' shield.
Not this time.
Now we just need to know
what happened to the Captain.
- Everything still calm, right?
- So it seems, Sergeant.
Sergeant, take command. Viegas!
Forget it, don't bother.
It's my fault. She's only guilty...
She's only guilty of having loved me...
We can't stand round here waiting,
Let's go...
Serving loyally, without faith,
must be tough... right, Gaio?
He didn't make it!
He lost too much blood.
Too bad!
I still had some questions
to ask him.
Let's go!
They have to take him now!
It has to be!
Let's go!
Our Colonel is waiting
for you in the Captain's office.
So this is what
you found in locker 2013...
The knife and this photo.
But there's lots of things
in this story that don't make sense.
- Lots of contradictions.
- The hell there are.
Captain Costa died
while serving his country.
He sacrificed himself to save
his company.
He deserves the highest Medal.
Private Vicente died during an attack
and unfortunately the prisoner
didn't resist the wounds
he suffered during his capture.
Understood, Lieutenant Gaio?
And the truth, Sir...
Doesn't that count for anything?
Think carefully.
Would you like to see Captain Costa's
name in the gutter?
Would you like to remember
Private Vicente as a poof?
This letter never existed.
There are no gays in the Army,
and officers don't kill soldiers.
As you know,
starting today, you will be
the new commander of this company.
And you deserve a medal
for the heroism demonstrated
when attempting to save our captain.
Are you a real soldier, now?
May I have permission to leave?
Darling? They're waiting for you!
Take this...
I don't think I'll need it anymore.
Do you think it was her arrival
that led the Captain to kill Vicente?
I don't know!
Looks like the Captain
was protecting someone!
But I'm dead sure
he wasn't the one who killed Vicente.
Merry Christmas...
Merry Christmas to you too!
I've got to do something!
I'll be right back!
He also deserves it.
In the name of the Father,
the Son and the Holy Spirit.
Blessed be the name of the Lord,
Jesus Christ.
And in the name of the
Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God.
So my child, what are your sins?
Because you are infinitely good,
I love you with all my heart,
forgive me.
Forgive me for having betrayed you,
for another...
I was so distraught that I thought...
I thought that I loved someone
more than you.
I was so desperate
that I killed for love...
But you made me
find the path of light
and follow your word.
It was only then that I realized...
that my heart belongs to you.
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