20 Ft Below: The Darkness Descending (2014) Movie Script

What the hell is going on?
What are you thinking about?
Where am I?
Answer me!
Answer. Answer.
Answer me.
What are you thinking about?
Are you thinking about
that big, beautiful
office of yours...
where you traded so many lives?
Are you thinking about
the next big deal?
Moving all those numbers from
column A to column B?
The next big meeting... is that
what you're thinking about?
Answer me.
What are you thinking about?
You want some money? Huh?
That it?
That what you want? Because if that's
what you want, I got it, all right?
That's not a problem, we
can work that out.
I can get you... as
much as you want.
Money? Your answer
to everything?
Your money has no power here.
Look, you don't want to do
this, all right?
You are making a huge mistake.
We can figure this out,
all right?
We could talk.
No, we can't.
Then what do you want from me?
Just tell me what you want!
Ssh, ssh, ssh.
You're missing it.
What are you thinking
about right now?
When you know you're
going to die.
Does she have her wings?
Yes, yes, I'll meet you
at the theater.
Yes, I'm going to make it,
okay? I promise. I promise.
Please... I have a family.
Yes, there is your family.
The family that you sacrifice
on the alter of money.
Wouldn't you do anything right now
to see them, to kiss your daughter?
To hold her hand and watch her
drift off to sleep?
Yeah... I'd do anything.
Do they know you love them?
Did you tell them?
Maya, listen, the train's
coming, I gotta go.
Can you hear me? Can
you hear me?
Well, if you can hear me,
I love you.
Do you feel it? Do you?
The love, the appreciation?
This is the
appreciation for life.
You can only feel it when
you face death.
That's my gift to you.
All I can say... is please.
You're letting me go?
I'm letting you fight.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God, oh, my God, oh,
my God.
I am God.
Everyone has a story, and this
city is full of stories.
But the best ones aren't
out in the open.
They're hidden deep.
You know there's beauty everywhere.
That's what I think.
I mean, sometimes you have
to look for it.
All right, sometimes you have
to look pretty damn hard...
but it's always there.
Have a nice day.
We look past people so often,
turn our heads.
So, what happens if we stop,
just for a second?
You take the left tunnel to the
right to the left tunnel.
The Old East Station, the
Old East Station...
that's... don't forget the
Old East Station.
Isn't it dangerous?
You can't have freedom
without a little danger.
You can't have art without
a lot of freedom.
Yeah, it can get pretty
rough sometimes.
Things that people do to
each other, my god.
It's... it's insane.
They're gonna burn you,
they gonna burn you.
Sure, if...
We have desolate tunnels...
but it's mostly just crazies...
who pass out and end
up track pizza.
There's no bogey man.
Those tattoos are amazing. Do
they mean something?
They mean everything.
You would show me around?
I'll show you around, yeah,
I'll show you...
I'll show you everywhere.
Wherever you want to go, you know,
it's real easy to get lost down here.
I mean, you do what you can,
I do whatever I can to help.
I gotta find a line, you know?
You find some... some
balance maybe, right?
We got a problem.
It's not my problem,
not anymore.
It's everyone's problem.
He put up a hell of a fight.
It's Jason Wells.
Yes, the Jason Wells.
Oh, shit.
What the hell was Jason Wells
doing in the tunnels?
He wasn't.
They snatched him from the
platform, at rush hour.
He had the mark.
You tell me.
We're doing a sweep. That's not
gonna do anything.
You're just gonna lock up the same
old squatters from the shallows.
They're not doing this.
You're not gonna go deep enough.
They're people.
Not the ones who did this.
We could use your help.
Nobody knows those tunnels like you do.
You've gone deeper than anybody.
You could help us, help us
to get this right.
Let's get these guys.
Come on, man.
Get back in the game.
How long has it been now?
What's it been?
Huh? Has it been a year?
You wouldn't want Christine...
I gotta do things that I
might not want to do, a lot of times.
I don't want to do 'em, but I
have to... things that...
Things that you would never ever in a
million years, ever consider doing, right?
But there's a lot of
trash down there.
Sometimes you gotta clean it up.
You gotta clean up that trash.
The hole in the bottom of the
sea, there's a handle...
They said I could sing it as
fast as nobody could sing it.
Well, it's very difficult to get a place
to live or a job or anything like that...
when you're suspected or
accused of anything.
You know, dock people look at
you a certain way...
and they treat you
how they wanna...
Don't matter if you did anything or not,
it doesn't matter.
That's why I come down here, I
got my place set up.
The room is like super cheap...
and it's warm in the winter,
it's cool in the summer.
I don't know, I got lots of
friends down here.
People like the
Skeeter down here.
What about drugs?
You got some drugs?
I'm just kidding, I don't do drugs anymore.
I used to be really into that stuff.
I used to be really big on the crack.
But it don't do me anymore.
It's like you get up in the morning,
or whatever time of day it is.
You're casing a hit, you're
looking for the next hit.
You're looking for the person
that gets you the hit.
You're just chasing the vial is all
you're doing, is chasing the vial.
Chase the vial.
Chasin' the vial.
Wash your hands, Skeeter.
Wash your hands.
Wash your hands, Skeeter. Wash
your hands, Skeeter.
So I wash my hands.
Hey, hey, Big Jake, what's
going on, Big Jake?
What's going on, man?
Praying... mantis, fucking mantis.
You wanna come down
and play chess?
Friend of yours?
No, that's Big Jake,
he used to be the law around here. The law?
The law, top of the pig, the fuzz, the five-o,
the law, whatever you want to call him.
I don't care what you call him.
That is a cop?
That was a cop. You're not listening to me!
That was a cop!
He's not a cop anymore.
If you're gonna survive down
here, you have to listen to me.
Are you listening to me now?
I'm not mad at you, don't worry
about it. I'm not mad at you.
But you have to listen to me
sometimes, because...
It's for your own good.
It's not too bad.
Hey there, stranger.
Oh... you're gonna bust me,
Uh, not today.
You look good.
What can I say? Art,
it's my life.
Screw the cops, no offense.
None taken.
Another sweep? What for?
To move people from Grand
Central to Penn Station?
Not this time.
There was a murder in
the tunnels.
Jason Wells.
Oh, I see, someone with a name.
There were three beatings
here last month.
Jackie Five is still in
the hospital...
kids, playing catch and wreck.
Batter up.
Where were the idiot cops then?
Well, they're coming
back in force now.
It's gonna be bad.
Better make sure Central
gets locked up.
Oy, put this in
your little diaries.
Someone want to play? Oh, yeah.
Here we go, a real, live crack
ho in our presence here.
How much for an hour, there,
Get her, Matt. Get her,
get her!
What are you doing?
What the hell is the
matter with you?
You can't have freedom
without a little danger.
You can't have art without
a lot of freedom.
I'll take my chances
with the freedom.
Whoa! Sorry, there, cowboy,
didn't mean to scare you.
I'm not scared.
Okay, well then I didn't mean
to scare me... and him.
Are you okay?
Look, I don't want to bother you, but I'm
doing a film about life in the tunnels...
and I hear you're a cop, so...
He was a cop. He was a cop.
Yes, thank you, Skeeter.
Hey, I got you, Jake, we're
good, we're g...
Either way, I think you probably have
a really interesting perspective.
So, how about it? You want to
share some war stories?
I would love to get the law and
order point of view.
Law and order point of view?
Okay, here it is.
Down here there's law, but
there's no goddamn order.
No justice, no nothing. Okay?
So why don't you take your camera,
and get your ass back upstairs...
where you belong, this
isn't Disneyland.
People die down here...
all the time.
Charming... that one.
Always a sweet guy... Jake.
Well, you don't need him,
you got me.
Look at who you got? You got
me. You got the Skeeter man.
Skeeter man can take you
anywhere you want to go.
I can show you the ropes. I can show you,
if you need to use the restroom.
I can take you to the bathroom if you want,
but I would never look. I wouldn't never watch.
Okay, Skeeter, well there's something
I've been hearing about him.
Maybe you can help me.
Oh, yeah? Well, yeah, well,
let's... let's do that then.
Where you want to go?
What do you know about Angel?
There's a song.
She got a bag, she...
Skeeter, drags
everywhere and she...
What do you know about Angel?
Well, you know...
This is delicious. Would you
like to try some?
It's really not bad. It
smells funny.
All right, I'm gonna
go find Angel.
Well, y...
You should wait for me.
You know... you know, people,
they come down here.
They're good people, they want
to do what's right.
They got this dream, they got this idea
where they want to be a mechanic...
or they want to be a football
player or whatever.
And they got this way that life's
gonna turn out for them...
but you take this turn,
you take that turn, boom, you're lost.
When that happens down here
to them, it's sad.
It happens a lot down here.
Hey, well, here it is.
I showed you.
It's nice. It's a little dirty,
So, exit stage left, we're
gone. We're out of here. Right?
No, no, no, no. No, it's
this way, though.
Left is this way. You can't...
you can't go in there.
Okay, captain's log,
star date 57372.
It's now.
We are here in the eighth circle of hell,
or is this the first?
It's the one at the bottom.
We are looking for someone who
some say is just an urban legend.
One of the many legends that
fill these tunnels.
I wonder if we should go back
that way, maybe...
A man named Angel.
Don't say that, you can't
say that. Skeeter.
You don't want to say that,
he'll come and burn... he'll eat your face.
He'll eat your face right off.
You're so pretty.
Stop, okay?
Skeeter, you're the one who
brought me here.
I did not. Don't say that.
Don't say that out loud.
I didn't bring her here. I
didn't bring her here.
I found her here. I told her to go,
but I didn't bring her here.
Please, don't say it. Don't
say I did, please?
Okay... now I'm alone.
Well, well, well, what
do we have here?
You smell special.
Oh, my god, I'm so sorry. I
didn't mean to intrude.
I didn't mean to intrude.
My name's Chelsea.
I'm doing a film about life
in the tunnels...
and I'm looking for
someone named Angel...
and a friend of mine said he
might live around here.
Seek and you shall find...
as they say.
At your service, my lady.
Welcome to my world.
Um, thanks.
It's great to meet you. I've heard a
lot of different things about you.
I'd love to ask you some
questions, if you don't mind.
So many questions, now are you
ready for the answers?
Answer. Answer.
Yeah, yeah, I think so.
Then why are you shaking? Are
you scared of the dark?
Maybe a little. Isn't everyone?
And out of the darkness came the
hands that reached through nature.
Molding Man, Lord
Alfred Tennyson.
Be aware of the dark side...
So, can you tell me a little
bit about your life down here?
Be careful, once you taste the
darkness, it seduces you.
Draws you in until you
become part of it.
What exactly seduces you,
the freedom?
Freedom? What do you know
about freedom?
You live in a little
box of a world...
a world of illusion
they sell you.
The illusion that you are free,
you're not.
But don't worry, you'll
soon be free.
A revolution is coming.
Revolution? What kind
of a revolution?
Those who make peaceful
revolutions impossible...
make violent
revolutions inevitable.
John Fitzgerald Kennedy.
That's before he got his head
blown off, of course.
A violent revolution?
When a society is broken,
it must evolve.
There are three and a half million
so-called homeless people in this country.
Half of which are children,
invisible to your society...
that spends billions of dollars
killing children a world away...
protecting their own corruption,
making the fat fatter, the rich richer.
It's time to evolve, and violence has
always been the fuel for evolution.
Look, I'll admit that there are problems,
but I think it hardly justifies...
Justify? I don't need to
justify myself.
Only the weak justify what they
do, the strong do it.
I could kill you right now.
Do you think I would spend one
minute justifying it?
Not even. I would embrace it.
Experience every pure,
beautiful moment.
That's true power.
You are ruled by fear.
I am fear.
You belong to me.
And you still smell special.
Now go!
While you still can.
Tell the world what you've seen,
so they too can be scared of the dark.
Get out.
Get out!
Look, you can't be soft on these
people or they'll walk all over you.
You gotta carry a big stick...
and I've got the biggest
stick of them all.
Get 'em out of here.
I'm sorry, ma'am, let's go!
Get out of here!
Whoa, whoa, whoa. Let go of me!
Hey, hey! Take it easy.
Guy was resisting arrest...
That's sick, I just put my
hands on your scumbags.
You, you do your job.
I don't know, you know, I think
you can be good to people.
I mean, I'm just starting out, but I think
you really can, you know, help people out.
Give them a little something
when they need it, you know?
It's tough sometimes, but serve
and protect, right?
That's what it's all about.
Don't turn around, just go!
I'm going. I'm going!
You're going with me.
I gave you an order, punk.
Okay, right there.
Right... that tickles.
What are you running from,
Sewer Rat?
Your mother, she's looking for her money.
Have you seen her around?
She's got a little crutch.
Really? Crazy son of a bitch.
What you say to me? Say it
again. What you say to me?
Are you guys all deaf and dumb?
You want me to do some sign language for
you? Because I'm real good at that, too.
It goes like that. Yeah?
Yeah. Really? Come here.
Goddamn it!
What's your damage?
What, you're such a tough guy,
why don't you take me on?
All right, get over yourself,
knock it off, knock it off!
You are so busted, you asshole,
you know that?
You just assaulted a police
officer, a real police officer.
Fine, take me in. I'll go see
the guys in IA...
tell them how you're knocking around
teenagers for calling you names.
This guy's a threat.
To what, your self-esteem?
Oh, come here! You want it? No,
Come here! Come here!
Knock it off! Both of you,
Kid, get out of here. Go! What?
Wait a minute, come on, man.
This is bullshit!
You listen to me, mole man...
your sob story means
nothing to me.
You're not a cop anymore,
you're not even close.
You're scum, you're dirt.
I'm gonna sweep you up.
Are you serious? You're
gonna sweep me up?
What do you practice that
crap in a mirror?
You know what, quit the foreplay.
You wanna go, let's go.
Oh, yeah, I'm coming again.
All right, all right!
Come here, you.
That's it! Back off.
You, get out of here, now!
Really? Yeah, really.
Jesus H. Christ.
Hey, Jake?
Hey, Jimmy, how's it going?
You, uh, finally getting
that vest on right?
Yeah, yeah, I got it, thanks.
Um, listen...
I just wanted to say I'm sorry
about what happened to Christine.
She was great... really great.
And I didn't get a chance to
talk to you before you...
before you left.
So, I just wanted to
say I'm sorry.
Thanks, Jim... keep
your head up.
Stay safe, bro.
Those tattoos are amazing,
do they mean something?
They mean everything.
That was intense.
Oh, god, this is crazy.
It is time.
Only when you sacrifice in blood,
can you know who you really are.
In blood, you become family.
In blood, you become worthy.
In blood, you become chosen.
What the hell are you doing,
Don't be like that, baby.
Agh, bitch!
It means if you hit one of us,
we all strike back.
This was a very bad idea.
You want to test me,
hot looking girl?
Well, well, well, looks like we
have a little visitor.
Oh, god, thank god.
Hey, man, get your own meat.
This little chickie is ours.
She's our, little man.
Give her here... and
go your way.
Not today.
Not... not today.
Lieutenant Armstrong.
Do I know you?
I know you.
How's your wife?
Oh, that's right, I
almost forgot.
Such a shame what
happened to her.
And you couldn't even
protect her.
How's it feel... to be so weak?
So useless.
Look at him go, such
beautiful rage.
Come on! Let's go! Move it!
Are you coming?
It means we aren't
alone anymore...
and if he crosses any of us,
he crosses all...
and even God won't be able
to help you then.
You just wouldn't listen,
would you?
I told you, but you just...
You wouldn't listen.
Is it always this bad down here?
It's getting worse.
Maybe somebody should
do something.
Yeah, somebody... always
means somebody else.
Isn't that why you became a
cop. Hey, Doctor Phil...
you know, I'm not the one who's gonna
help you win your Oscar or whatever...
so why don't you just
give me a break.
I mean, what's the point, right?
You work and you work...
and you work.
And you think you're
making a difference.
And you... and you fight
and you fight...
but the bad... just keeps
getting worse.
You build yourself this nice,
little life, right? This...
perfect, little life...
a life you always dreamed of.
And just watch it get
ripped away.
Just like that.
So what's the goddamn point?
You're still alive.
Maybe that is the point,
somebody does need to do something.
And maybe this time, somebody
doesn't mean somebody else.
I'm not sure what it is you
think you're doing...
but if you ever get in my way
in the streets again...
it's not gonna be good.
Get out of my face.
I'm sick of covering for you
and that flame-out.
We should have dragged him in.
You know that.
Get your head out of your ass.
Jake doesn't know nothing
about anything.
How do you know that? Because
he's your butt buddy?
That guy's a mop.
He's a bum! He's a scumbag,
he's washed up.
You think I've got my
head up my ass?
This guy is dangerous, man.
Mm, you don't know a damn
thing about anything.
Jake Armstrong did more in the
force in ten years...
than a steroid slugging pussy like
you could do in ten lifetimes...
so why don't you put that in your pipe
and smoke it, you son of a bitch!
Stay away from him.
Wow, okay, let me tell you
something, man.
You have to pick which side of
the street you want to play on.
Yeah, and you better pick fast.
By the way, Jimmy never came
up from the sweep.
Yeah, wow.
I'm gonna go talk to your
friend to see what he knows.
That's what I'm gonna do. What
are you gonna do?
Loyalty, and instinct.
That's all you have.
The only problem is, when they
say different things.
Then all you can do is choose.
Where are we going?
We aren't going anywhere.
I'm gonna go check on a
friend of mine...
and you're going wherever you
go when you're not here.
Well, at least I can't say
you didn't warn me.
No, you can't, because I did.
Identify yourself now! What
is your purpose?
And don't you even
think about moving.
Sir, Lieutenant Armstrong, sir.
Armstrong, well what in the hell
are you doing out here, boy?
You trying to get
yourself killed?
Sir, no, sir.
Well, stand at ease. It's
good to see you, boy.
And ain't you a little beauty?
Well, thank you... sir.
This is, uh, this is Cappy.
I signed up, you know?
Wasn't gonna wait on no draft.
There's times a man gotta stand
up and do what needs to be done.
That's it.
19 years old, I knew it.
You know, out there...
you didn't know who the goddamn enemy was
until he was already shooting at you.
Putting bombs in packages, on
bicycles... little kids.
What are you supposed to do
with something like that?
I don't know.
You know, we never left
a man behind.
You don't leave anybody behind.
That's the way it's
supposed to go.
You watch yourself, something's
coming... I feel it.
Now when the shit goes down, I
got the arsenal right here.
We all go down together.
Sir, yes, sir.
And little darling, you
come back anytime.
I will, and just so you know,
the ladies love a man in uniform.
This I know.
People forget, you know?
They forget we in this together.
We all go down together.
And you never know who
the enemy is...
until they shooting at you.
Yeah, you know, gotta watch out
for, uh, my little sister.
It was two minutes. Counts,
older is older.
So, I'm in charge.
Whatever... he's not.
Will you shut it, please?
You find family where you
can sometimes.
And sometimes you have to hold
on to what you got.
These two have been kicking
through the system for years.
Yeah since Mom died.
Yeah, and we aren't going back.
Try to split us up.
No such luck.
Keep it up, I'll leave
you out there.
Keep coming back here.
Jake was working with them,
but then after...
After what?
Anyway, you find family
where you can.
Central make it past the sweep?
We're fine.
What's Central?
International capital of none
of your business.
Hey, be nice.
Boom! Goes the dynamite! Man,
you guys are all way too slow.
What happened to your face?
It wasn't nothing.
You're sweet and ripe.
You want to party? I
got good stuff.
No, thanks, no cash.
No problem, sweetness.
We can work out a payment plan.
Give it to you in trade, do you
know what I'm saying?
That's okay.
Hey, D-bag!
That's my sister. How about
you step off, huh?
How about you kiss my ass?
Before man's get hurt, huh?
Dude, chill, he's Chosen.
Go crawl back in the pit you
came from, whack job.
And tell your rat face buddies
that these tunnels are ours.
Sell your crazy somewhere else,
because we're all full up here.
And you can go tell your
friend, Angel...
Don't you think about
talking about Angel.
Little man, I'm gonna give you
a big, old grin... ear to ear.
Let's go!
He was Chosen.
What? Where was this?
Right here.
Who cares? I took
care of business.
You don't mess with family...
everyone knows that.
You don't mess with family.
It's here...
our moment...
our time.
We've carved our bodies
with our own will...
fortified our spirit.
We know what honor means.
We know what family means.
And we will light the
light of truth.
Let them scream... scream
for their God...
a God that's dead.
We stand together. We
stand as one.
Whoever stands against us,
we will crush by our own collective power...
our own collective will.
They will see our mark, and
they will tremble.
It starts now.
Mind if I ask you a question?
Would it stop you if I did?
No, probably not.
What happened to you? How did
you end up down here.
I don't know.
I guess I just... lost.
Lost what?
You were married.
Uh, yeah.
She died?
Yeah, about a year ago.
I'm sorry.
What was she like?
She was happy.
You know that kind of happy
that... is contagious?
Just... fills up a room,
and it gets on you.
It just sticks.
Even after she leaves.
She was strong, too.
Stronger than me.
She wouldn't be down here,
It's funny... you can fill a
house with love, you know?
Just see it in all the
pictures, on the walls.
And then when it's gone...
the walls... they
feel different.
The pictures all...
look different.
Everything that was so full of
love is just... it just hurts.
You know what I mean?
Actually, I do.
All I want to do now is sleep...
because sometimes when I sleep,
I see her.
I just think...
you know, maybe... her happy
will stick again...
for a while.
Would you mind if I came back and
talked to you again tomorrow?
Would it matter if I did?
Good night.
Pathetic! Hide behind love...
making you weak.
Who... who the hell are you?
You know.
At your service.
Hey, hey, hey, where do you
think you're going, huh?
I'll take you down there, because I
don't want your dumb ass to get lost.
But I'm gonna talk to Jake. You
stay out of it, you hear me?
We'll see about that.
There's a guy down there who
happens to be a friend of mine.
I'm not gonna stand around while
you hold your girlfriend's hand...
so if you don't do something
about it, I will.
That's fine, just keep
your mouth shut.
Let's go.
I don't know what you're
talking about.
I just think he has an interesting story...
for the film.
That's all.
Whatever you say.
Okay, forget it, Harmony.
I just... does he even like coffee?
Honey, I'm sure I don't know, but flash
him that smile and it won't matter.
Oh, my god. Jake!
Oh, my god!
Jake! Wait! Wait!
Jake! Wait! Wait!
It's okay, it's okay, it's okay.
Shit! Goddamn it!
northbound traffic, southbound exit.
Fire in Tunnel 57... sounds like
your whack job buddy if you ask me.
Damn it.
Don't even move, put your
hands in the air.
Don't do it.
Jesus Christ.
Let's go.
What the f...
Sometimes I think the ones we don't catch,
the ones we don't put away...
Sometimes they have it
harder... living in the dark.
Living with yourself can be
harder sometimes.
Are you guys okay?
Oh, Jake...
It's okay.
No, Jake, Jake, this is not
okay. This isn't okay at all.
That kid was butchered.
My god, he was younger than me,
who does that?
Come on. I'm okay. I'm fine.
Are you okay?
You know, in the end, I don't
think anybody really escapes.
I don't think anybody gets away.
Yeah, you remember that body,
because I told you, right?
Get your hands off me.
I told you.
What? What'd you tell me?
I told you this guy was
off his rocker.
Jimmy's blood's on your hands
now, too. You understand me?
This guy gets kicked off the
force for being excessive.
He's living like a rat...
in the sewers...
underground in these
scummy tunnels...
ten feet from a butchered body
of one of ours, man.
One of ours! What are you
talking about?
In a shack that was burned
out by someone?
Enough, okay? Enough.
I know this guy was a friend of yours,
but he's not that guy anymore.
He's not a cop anymore, man!
Then what is he? He's a perp!
Have a look.
I got news for you, I'm not
letting him get away with this.
I travel the road Until I
came to a crossing
One way pointed right
And one way wrong
Which path to take Was a
coin for the tossing
But I couldn't turn
back Where I'd come
I ran from my feelings
Abandoned my love
I had no courage
left No respect
Mile after mile The
road wouldn't end
Until I finally
caught up To myself
When your heart is broken
playing sad game
Well, well, well, look
what we have here.
Come here, you.
Well, you look like crap.
Well, thank you very much.
You look beautiful as always.
Aw, shucks, stop it.
You make me blush.
Who's this tourist?
Hey, I'm Chelsea.
I... I'm actually making a film about
the community in the tunnels...
and I would love to talk to
you about this place.
It is incredible.
Okay, okay, you're right
about this one.
Welcome to Central.
Sometimes the problems
are just too big.
You can't just watch anymore,
you have to get involved any way you can.
So many children.
I didn't expect to see so
many children.
No one does, there are
more all the time.
A million and a half a year...
throw-away children.
About 61 percent
of them age out of foster care.
Speaking of the children, why don't you
get washed up before you scare them?
Right. Go on.
I'll... I'll take care of her...
I worked in the system
for years... yeah.
You can make a difference...
you can.
But so many people slip
through the cracks.
And no one wants to look at it.
They just... it's easier to see
them as crazy or broken.
And I guess some are broken.
Badly broken.
But I know this.
No matter how broken
someone is...
no matter how broken
someone seems...
sometimes it just takes a little push
to get them to pick up the pieces.
You have to be strong
in this world.
You have to be willing
to fight for what you believe in...
fight for the things, the
people you love.
Stand up for your family.
To do what is right... no
matter how hard it is.
Hey, Jax... come, sit with me.
It wasn't my fault, I swear.
There were like five of them.
That son of a bitch is
getting a big head.
Let me take them out, come on,
man, come on.
I'll teach them a lesson,
you know?
No, no, I don't want to, no...
Let's go!
Big man with the mark, huh?
Chosen huh?
Here take this back to Angel.
If I get my hands on that kid,
I swear I'll kill him.
Please, please, come on, man,
come on, man, please, please...
Please, man, come on, please,
please, please...
It's all right. That's it.
It's all right.
It's all...
Weakness is a disease,
and if you see weakness in your house...
all you can do...
is destroy it.
Sing the cat
song. Sing the cat song.
Lickin' my hand.
No cheating, only one hand.
Come on now.
Come on, come on.
Some people don't know what the
hell they're talking about...
but that never stops them from
talking, does it?
Love is in the air. Do, do, do.
Love is in the air.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, well,
I'm feeling particularly inspired tonight...
so I think I'm going to go back to
my studio and do a little painting.
I don't think that's
such a good idea.
Well, Dad, I'm sorry, but when
inspiration calls, I answer.
Brrr-ing, hello, who's this?
Inspiration? Why of course,
I'll be right there.
And I'm off.
You got Angel on that thing?
Yeah, you want me to show you?
Martin Luther King said...
darkness can not drive out darkness...
only light can do that.
Hate can not drive out hate.
Only love can do that.
And that's all we're
trying to do here.
Let our light shine
through the darkness.
You are ruled by fear.
I am fear. You are mine.
Much better.
I'm not a fan of the
shaggy look.
and, uh... thanks for
the clothes.
Jake, honey... what
are you doing?
I have to end this.
Come on, Jake, you know
better than that.
You can't end violence
with more violence.
It just feeds on itself, it's a downward
spiral that takes everybody with...
Okay, thanks for the sermon.
I don't have a choice.
You always have a choice.
There's always another way.
He took her away from me.
You know... I used to watch you
two at the shelter...
the way that you looked
at each other...
the light you brought in the
room with you, oh my god.
I remember thinking more than once,
how incredible that was, that kind of love.
And I'll tell you something,
something I truly believe.
No one can take that from
you... except you.
You do not go down to Level 8.
Actually, Flash, I did.
Well, then you gotta be either crazy or...
stupid to go down there.
Yeah, if you go back... I'm in.
Okay, but you just said...
Yeah... I'm crazy.
And stupid.
Oh, hey, yo, we were just saying,
if you go back for Angel, I'm in.
No chance. What?
Why not? I'm not a
little kid anymore.
Prove it.
Look, this isn't a game.
You want to be a man, be a man.
Take care of your family.
What, like you did?
Sorry, Jake.
Well, I can't see where this is.
It's not enough.
You think you could
find it again?
I don't know... maybe.
I mean, it's a total
maze down there.
Are you okay?
I'm fine.
It's not your fault, you know?
What isn't?
Any of it.
You know what?
What's your story? Right?
I mean, everybody's got
a story, right?
So what's yours? What's your...
what's your deep, dark secret?
My story... all right.
Well, um, let's see.
Only child... I'm from Jersey.
And if that wasn't bad enough, I, uh,
lost both my parents about five years ago...
in the same year.
Cancer, chemo, it's kind of
hard to say what got 'em first.
And after that, I basically tried to
drink myself to death for a while.
When that didn't work, I, uh, pretty much
decided to hit rock bottom, literally.
So... here I am...
200 feet underground with an anti-social
ex-cop being hunted by the devil himself.
It's a damn good story.
I do say so myself.
I'm sorry.
It's all right.
It was a long time ago,
you know?
So, where do we go from here?
You know, sometimes you just
have to go out there.
You have to go out
there and hunt.
You have to be a hunter. I'm a
real good hunter.
Like in the jungle.
I don't have... I don't have a
spear or nothing,
But I have my... my mother said
that I had a very sharp head.
I think she meant, you know,
that I was smart.
And I could get out there, and
I'm a real good hunter.
I can... I can... it's dangerous,
though, being a hunter.
It's a Wolverine.
Get out of my stuff, get out,
you son of a...
I'm a real good hunter. You don't...
you wouldn't think I'm a good hunter...
but I'm a good hunter, I'm fast,
I sneak around the corners.
Jake, you scared the crap out
of me, though. Give me a hand.
Give me the hand. I'll
get up myself.
Give a guy a stroke or
a heart attack.
What's up? How you doing?
How are you?
Where you been?
Where have I been? Yeah, well,
you're looking good.
Right in the pit
where you left me.
I'm sorry, don't get so angry.
I mean, you're fine, aren't
you? You're back, you're good.
Where can I find Angel?
I don't know, Angel, I don't
know what that is.
This is something that I... oh,
that Angel.
The Angel thing is... well,
yeah, I know that person, yeah.
That's good news,
because you're gonna take me down there...
since you're giving
tours these days.
Oh, no, Jake, no can do.
I can't go down there, the guy will put
some sort of voodoo hex on me or something.
I'll get all scrinklied up.
You're gonna take me.
She can take you, she knows
how to go there.
You're gonna take me now.
You're getting really
close to me.
Okay. Okay.
You're going back to Central.
The hell I am. You're going.
No, I'm not!
I'll go.
Look, this is my story now,
and this is my guy.
Her guy, she said.
Okay, we're going.
Come on, come on. Come on,
You coming?
It's too late, I'm her guy.
You're too late.
You know, everybody's out there
hunting for something.
They never find it, though,
never... never.
Or when they do, they do find something,
they sure wish they didn't.
Watch your step.
No, no, no, not this time,
you are staying.
Come on.
This is it.
We're gonna tear this place up,
then burn it all down.
Are you ready? Yeah, I guess.
You'd better be goddamn ready.
You screw this up, and I'll
cut your throat.
Listen, get back to
Central right now.
No! No discussion.
There's something big happening
and it's happening right now.
Tourist! Get out, get out!
Go! Go! Get out of here!
You never know whether you're
the hunted or the hunter.
The spies...
Spies everywhere, they're
looking at you.
There's one back there.
I know there is, but
you can't see it.
I can't see it, you can't see
it, you can't see it.
They're behind you.
Yeah, it's hard, because you
gotta give a lot up...
a lot of yourself, that is,
and maybe, you know, maybe too much.
Yeah, it takes a toll,
that's for sure.
But it is a job, I mean, it's
the nature of the beast, so...
what do you do, you
just gotta...
you gotta do your job.
Get this done quick.
Then get your asses back.
It's coming! Move your ass!
Don't rush me.
Got it. Got yours?
Where's the other one?
Where's the other one?
Go to hell!
Where is he? Huh?
Where is he? Where is he? No!
Where is he? Where is he?
You're useless. You
are useless!
And now you're too late!
Oh, my god.
All right, little man,
Armstrong! Don't move.
Don't move.
Goddamn it.
Armstrong! You should know better than
to sneak up on a patrol like that.
You want to get yourself shot?
I'm way ahead of you.
I think we're good, all good,
all good.
I think we're definitely good.
We're not good, we're not good!
We're not...
I'm missing all the fun. I
cannot believe...
I cannot believe Jake did this
to me. You want to fight you...
I can't believe he
did this to me.
Weren't you supposed to
stay in Central?
Yeah, so?
Yeah, so, let's go back.
Great idea, why don't you
listen to your big sister?
Little sister. Two minutes.
And you know, I'm
missing all the fun!
I'm going. Bye. Go.
Wait. Go if you're
gonna go then.
Wait, take him with you.
Okay, look, I'm working here.
Why don't you go
back to Central?
I can't listen to your
whining anymore.
I'm not wh... whatever.
I know when I'm not wanted.
Oh, you're wanted, you're
wanted back in Central.
Let me go!
I'm gonna kill him. Flash!
Let me go!
What are you doing? Are you crazy?
You can't just abduct me home!
We weren't gonna... let me free!
Hey, freaks! Yeah, you!
Put the girl down!
Go get help!
Oh, man! What's the big idea?
If you're messing with me.
I said put the girl down!
Okay, gruesome... let's dance.
Flash! Flash!
Help! Help!
What happened?
I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Ow, shit!
Ssh, ssh, ssh, shit.
Okay, it's okay. There's paramedics
on Track 57, we'll take him there.
Ssh, ssh, no, no, it's okay.
Oh, no.
Where is she?
She's gone. Oh, no, she's gone.
You are a witness.
And you are a nut case.
Hey, what are you
planning to do? Huh?
Charge down there?
Kill all of them?
Well, what do you want me to do?
Just sit around here and do
nothing while he kills her...
the way he killed Christine and
the way he killed Jimmy?
What's your other way, to
turn the other cheek?
You have another way,
you show me.
Until then, this is my way.
You should be grateful.
You know what, you're right.
Why don't you untie my hands
and I'll thank you properly.
You will have a front row seat
at the fall of an empire...
an empire of greed.
You really are crazy,
aren't you?
You think you're gonna take down
this entire city by yourself?
Oh, no, the city will
tear itself down...
in the fire of its own fear.
All I have to do is
light a match.
All you're gonna do is get
yourself killed.
You want to die?
If I die, when I die, I
will be a legend.
Well, if you want to die so
bad, there's a knife.
Why don't you use it.
Why don't I?
What the hell happened to you?
Look at yourself.
You gotta let me go.
He's gonna kill her.
Let you go?
You must really be
crazy after all.
Look around you, pal. Do you
see what's happening down here?
I can't help you anymore.
I can... I can stop him.
You need to tell me where he's hiding.
I will take care of this, okay?
No, you can't!
You go marching down there, and
she's gonna be dead.
This is my fight.
Okay, calm down.
Look, you're my best friend.
Please... don't let it
happen again.
I c... I can't let it
happen again.
Let me finish it.
Smitty, no! Come on, Smitty...
Thank you.
Okay, you're right.
I am grateful.
I do want to hear your story.
Let me tell it.
I can tell it to the world.
The world will hear you, but
not if you kill me.
Let me help you. Trust me.
We can do this.
The time has finally come to take back
our world from you, our oppressors.
You have made slavery
legal again.
Tied us to the chains of
unemployment and desperation.
We had no choice...
but to fight.
Even now, the bought and
paid for police arm.
He's on his way to do the bidding
of his corporate masters.
We'll finally retake our
rightful place.
You talk too much.
Are you okay?
Great, you?
Yeah, I'm a little
bit better now.
That badge means
nothing down here.
Such spirit.
Too bad.
Kill him.
Don't you even think
about moving.
Don't even think about it,
That's enough now.
It's over.
You have no power here anymore.
It's over.
She died looking into my eyes...
screaming like the
animal she was.
My face is what she brought
with her to her eternal hell.
She belongs to me now.
Do it! This is why I freed you.
Do it! Do it!
Jake, don't! This is
what he wants.
This is your moment. Do it!
Jake, listen to me.
Put it down.
Come on, please! Do it!
Oh, no, don't do it, Jake.
Don't do it.
Do it!
Put it down, Jake. Now!
Do it! Do it!
Jake, put it down.
Do it.
You have the right... to
remain silent.
Careful, he's still armed.
Lets go. Let's go. Up.
Hands behind your back,
please. Just like that.
Let's go. Got him?
Let's go.
How are the kids?
Good, Jake, we miss you
at shortstop.
Yeah, I bet you do.
New guy can't field a backhand
to save his life.
Hey, that's okay,
neither can you.
How are you holding up?
I'll live. How's Flash?
They got to him in time and
they said it would be fine.
So, am I gonna see you
on the outside?
I don't know, maybe you can,
uh, be my one phone call.
That's great, I'll look
forward to that.
Sorry to interrupt.
I think I found something that
you might want back.
So what do you say?
You ready to come home?