200 Degrees (2017) Movie Script

Come on man, let's get in the picture.
Big smile.
Woo, woo!
Who wants to make money?
Can anyone hear me?
Hello, hello?
Ryan, is that you?
What the fuck is going on?
Where have you been?
I need your help.
They want money.
What are you talking about?
They took me...
Who took you?
Took you where?
You have to get me out of here.
Where are you?
It's so hot...
Slow down.
Tell me where you are.
Small room.
There's a heavy door.
It's locked.
Heat is coming down from the ceiling.
The temperature's rising fast.
Is there a small window?
A small window...
How did you know?
'Cause I think we're in the same place.
We're gonna die Ryan, we're gonna die!
We're not gonna die.
Oh jeez, alright.
I'm gonna figure this out, okay?
Hang on.
Just hang on a second.
Wait a minute.
Can you hear that?
Tell me if you can hear this...
I think so.
I don't know.
The banging!
Can you hear the banging?
I'm hot.
They're turning up the heat here...
Help me...
I'm trying to help you!
What about this?
Can you hear this?
What's going on, Ryan?
Hello, is anybody out there?
Do you remember who took you?
I just...
Woke up...
And I was...
Tell me everything
that you can remember.
I was at the hotel...
I think...
Yeah, with those two girls.
No, no please!
What's happening?
Turn it off.
Turn it off!
No, please, don't...
Just make it stop!
Make it stop!
I'm burning!
I'm fucking burning!
Help me!
Help me!
Your call has been forwarded
to an automatic voice message system.
Let me outta here!
Do I have your undivided
attention, Mister Hinds?
How do you know my name?
You don't get to ask anything
but I will give you the chance
to figure out the answer.
What the hell is that supposed to mean?
It means you get one shot
at answering a question.
You're fucking crazy...
That may be the case...
But you're the one locked up.
You wait until I get out of here.
That could be sooner than you think...
Guess the answer and I'll
let you walk free right now.
What's the question?
Two minutes...
As many guesses as you want.
What's the question?
Just guess who I am, Mister Hinds.
Say my name and this
can all end right now.
Two minutes.
You're wasting your time.
What are you hoping to
achieve, Mister Hinds?
Look, I arrived in Houston last night...
We signed a big deal...
We were celebrating.
I Met with the investors
for a drink with Bruce.
There were two girls there,
Erika and Mandy...
The investors...
I don't know.
The investors, you're one of them.
What were their names?
Luke Farell...
Luke Farell.
Karl, Karl, what the fuck is your name?
Luke Farell, Karl Giussani
and Bob Makeson.
One of them!
You're one of them!
Which one?
I don't know!
How the fuck should I know?
Oh fuck you.
Wrong answer.
Hey, the heat!
Can you hear me?
Turn the heat off!
What the?
Oh God.
I'll do whatever you want.
Do you hear me?
Just tell me what you want me to do.
I'll do whatever you want!
Those are the magic words, Mister Hinds.
Whatever I want.
Do you know the story of
the frog in boiling water?
If you place a frog in water
and heat it slowly enough,
the frog will not jump out.
And the frog will be cooked alive.
I'm afraid you're that frog.
How and if you die here
is totally up to you
but I can assure you
that perspiration stains
on your $300 shirt
are the least of your worries.
It's a $500 shirt, asshole.
Lets see if you're still joking
when your flesh will start to cook
and your lungs will be
seared by dry hot air.
If you're trying to scare
me, I'm scared, okay?
Now that you understand the
seriousness of your situation
I think we can begin.
Just tell me what you want.
All in good time...
For now I need you to get the phone.
What now?
I want you to focus on the task at hand.
I'm focused.
I want one million dollars
of your money.
A million dollars...
I don't have access
to that kind of money.
You have two hours.
Two hours?
The room is now exactly
100 degrees Fahrenheit.
Every 5 minutes that goes by
without me being a millionaire,
will cause the temperature
to rise three degrees.
You have already sweat profusely,
therefor your tolerance
for heat has diminished.
You've already felt what
I can do Mister Hinds,
I suggest you get started.
Okay look...
I'm just a regular family guy.
I don't have that kind of money.
Not my problem.
I can't do it in two hours...
Okay, I just can't...
Even if I sold
the car, and the house, everything...
It could take me weeks, months even.
Look, I don't know...
I don't know what or who you think I am?
You've wasted over a minute
trying to convince me.
I suggest you use the rest of the time
to start transferring funds.
What funds?
Jesus Christ!
I work with wealthy investors
but I'm just a broker...
You understand that?
I have a wife and a kid
waiting for me at home.
That's my wife, Anna...
We're not rich.
She fucking works as a teacher part-time
to help pay the mortgage.
This is my son...
Larry is 7.
He broke his leg last year
learning how to ice skate.
We know everything
about you Mister Hinds.
We know more than you think.
What school you went to...
How old you were when you
stopped wetting the bed...
The names of every man
your wife dated before she married you.
Well then if you know all this
then you know I don't
have this kind of money...
So you might as well kill me now.
Alright, alright.
I'll get you money...
I can't get you a million dollars
but I'll give you
everything that I have.
Please just let me out of here.
I don't need two hours.
I can do it right now.
I'll give you everything
that I have, okay?
Please, just let me go.
Okay look, that's everything.
That's all that I have.
Come on, come on.
Twenty third precinct...
How can I direct your call?
Sergeant John Hinds please...
It's urgent.
And who, may I ask, is calling?
This is his brother...
Ryan Hinds.
Please wait a moment.
No, don't put me on hold.
Please pick up the phone.
Come on John, please pick up.
I'm putting you through now, Sir.
I need your help.
You need my help?
Yes, it's important.
Must be...
You haven't been in touch for
almost a year and a half...
If it wasn't for mom I'd
thought you were dead.
John I've been fucking kidnapped!
By who?
They have me locked in a furnace...
They say they're going to cook me.
I need you to calm down
and tell me who is doing this to you.
I have no fucking idea...
But they say they're gonna kill me
if I give them a lot of fucking money.
How much?
A million dollars.
Jesus, how much do you have?
Not enough.
What about Anna and Larry?
Are they okay?
I don't know.
I'll get a squad car
over to you A.S.A.P.
I need you to leave your
phone turned on at all times.
I'll need to be able to
trace your location...
Okay, okay.
Thank you.
I really hope you aren't
wasting your call time,
Mister Hinds.
I gotta go.
Who were you talking to?
None of your business.
I'm trying to get you your money.
Until we're done here,
everything you do is my business...
Now who were you talking to?
You could simply say
you were talking to
your brother, the cop.
Do you really think he
can help you out of this?
Okay look.
You want my money, take this.
It was my father's watch,
worth at least $10,000.
I have no need for a watch...
Expensive or not.
Just take it and let me go.
Smash it.
You're throwing away $10,000.
I said smash it!
Hey Honey, it's me.
Hi you...
How's Houston?
I need you to listen
to me very carefully
and do what I say and
don't ask any questions.
Are you okay?
I said no questions.
You don't sound okay.
Look, I'm in a bit of trouble,
financial trouble, and I need
you to do something for me.
Have you been gambling again?
It's nothing like that...
I'm sending you an account number.
What do I do with it?
It's an account number
and I need you to transfer
all the cash you can into it.
The joint account savings?
That's already gone.
Then what do you expect me to transfer?
The money you made from
selling the properties
your old man left you.
That money...
We agreed was for Larry.
You transfer the money Anna,
you do it now or bad
things are going to happen.
Do you understand me?
Ryan, are you threatening me?
I'm trying to keep us above water.
I will get it back I promise!
Will you do it?
Yeah, I'll do it.
Thank you.
As fast as you can...
I love you.
I love y...
Mom, it's me, it's Ryan.
I know who it is...
What kind of mother would I be
if I couldn't recognize
my own son's voice?
I'm sorry to bother you like this but...
I need a favor.
You didn't even ask about your father.
I'm sorry.
How's he doing, is he alright?
He doesn't know who I am
when I visit him...
Last time he called me Edith
for an hour and a half.
I'm sorry to hear that
but that's actually part of
the reason why I'm calling.
Always the same with you, isn't it?
Only call when you want something.
Want something!
Are you forgetting
who sends a check every
month for Dad's care?
I don't see John rushing
home every month
to give you a check, huh?
That's not fair and you know it...
John doesn't earn enough but
at least he keeps in touch...
And he's been having such
a hard time since, Adam...
Not that you'd know anything about that.
You never call.
I don't wanna talk about John.
Then what do you want?
The trust I set up for dad's home.
What about it?
I need you to transfer all the money
that's still in it back to me.
I can't do that...
They expect the next
payment in a few days
and without that...
I will get it back to you before then
I need that money, mother.
I just need it for a few days.
I will get it back to you before then.
Do you hear me?
I will get it back to you before then.
I need it that money!
I need it now!
Mom, it's me.
I'm sorry for cursing at you.
Well you upset me, son.
I understand that
but please just listen.
I'm in a bad situation.
I don't want to go into details
but I need your help mom.
Okay, More than ever.
What was that account number again?
It's on the deposit slip.
Hey, it's Ryan.
I know, I know, I know, but...
How'd you do that?
Just for her?
Maybe a week or two, that's it.
I was just wondering.
I need that money now.
Yeah, uh huh.
I just need enough.
What's wrong?
You said you could find me.
Nothing's wrong, and
I need you to remain calm.
I can't stay calm.
This guy's gonna kill me
if I don't get him a million dollars.
Forget about the money.
We're right outside.
You are?
Thank God.
We traced the phone signal
just like I said we would...
It's just a shitty warehouse complex.
Just get me out of here...
We're about ready...
We've got a full SWAT team
ready and waiting on a go.
You hear that?
Fuck you!
Don't say another word...
Sit tight...
We're coming for you.
I'm in here!
Can you hear me?
I'm in here!
No, it's me.
I sent the money, are you okay?
I'm okay.
Everything's going to be fine baby.
Can you hear me?
I'm in here!
What's wrong, what's happened?
I'm sorry bro, we're in
the wrong location...
The signal from your phone's
been routed to an empty building...
You could be anywhere.
And there's something else.
There was a note.
What does it say?
Just three words.
Read it to me.
It's bad, Ryan.
Just read it to me.
I have them.
Are you there bro?
I'm gonna do everything I can.
I need you to try and remember.
Try and remember who took you.
Any detail from when you
were taken could be help...
Every action has a reaction,
Mister Hinds.
That's not fair.
You're cheating.
please pick up.
Someone is here...
They're trying to get into the house.
Where are you?
I'm in the kitchen.
Where is Larry?
He's still at school.
Listen to me, listen very carefully.
I want you to go upstairs,
I want you to lock
yourself in the bathroom.
The police are on their way.
I'm scared.
They're going to kidnap me too.
Turn it off!
Please turn it off!
Please, it's burning me.
I'll get you your money.
Where is Anna?
Your wife is safe.
For now.
If I get you this money,
how do I know that you'll let us go?
What's the matter, Mister Hinds?
You don't trust me?
Trust you?
You see, I work with
some wealthy people.
They have a lot of money.
I can get it out of them.
But I need more time.
You still have more than enough time.
How much more money do I have to raise?
You're over $900,000 short I'm afraid.
I see.
Ryan, you alright in there buddy?
Alright, sorry.
Touch me.
You know what, I'm sorry.
I'm exhausted.
Well don't mind me.
Hey, Bob.
Yeah, who's this?
It's Poppa Hinds.
The one and only.
I Didn't think I was gonna hear from you
until next month buddy.
You got good news for me?
I got better than good news for you Bob.
Let me get my DSL's ready for you
because I am about to make
you a shit ton of money,
but you gotta understand something Bob.
You can not go blabbing your mouth
to your fucking poker buddies.
Have you heard of Morhair?
You ever heard of them?
Yeah, I'm a client.
It's a Hair transplant business.
They have a new restoration system
the they have created right now,
and a little fucking birdie tells me
it is about to be approved.
Bottles or sprays, no
transplant, no surgery.
A Fucking magic pill, and it works.
Full head of hair
pussy in your lap, sitting
on your fucking yacht.
That's why they call it
inside fucking information!
Of course it hasn't been
approved by the FDA.
That's why I'm bringing it to you.
If you wanna wait until
goes and gets FDA approved
and it's on the open market
and the fucking prices skyrocket,
you wanna stand by like every
other fucking moron out there?
Be my guest.
I don't give a shit,
but you're not gonna make the
money I'm talking about Bob.
Bob, Bob, Bob, Bob, Bob,
Bob, what do you say?
You got me, daddy.
That's what I'm fucking talking about.
Alright, I'm gonna need you
to transfer the fund today.
Can you do that?
Shit man!
You need it today?
Yes, if I'm gonna kill it
for you like I'm going to Bob,
I need the money right fucking now.
You're an animal, I like it.
Okay, transfer the funds
to the usual account.
I'll take care of the rest.
No sooner said than done.
A pleasure doing business with you Bob.
Hey Ross, Ryan Hinds.
Oh, hi Ryan.
Look, I was just calling
to see how things were going,
see how the family was.
Yeah, we've been doing pretty good.
Kids got tuition.
Did I tell you he was accepted to Yale?
Wow, congratulations.
That's quite an accomplishment.
A chip off the old block.
Hey, can I call you some other time?
You know what, Ross, I just want you
to give me 10 seconds.
Okay, I want you to give me 10 seconds
so that you can hang up knowing
what you're missing out on.
Okay, what do you have?
Thank you.
Now, have you heard of a
company called Seeview?
Yeah, they're the glass manufacturers.
That's exactly right.
What about them?
Last I heard, they were down
about a point and a half.
That's a good thing though Ross, okay?
They're down right now.
But what nobody knows,
is they are developing a
brand new bullet proof plastic
that's going to launch in November.
Bulletproof glass?
So what's new about that?
It is new Ross, it is new, very new.
Okay, what's on the market now is
bullet resistant glass.
See the difference?
It's only bullet resistant.
What Seeview is creating
is 100% bonafide bullet proof.
That's special, okay?
That's something that can
make you money and save lives.
Okay, I can see
how it's gonna save lives,
but how's is it gonna make me money?
Very good question.
That's a very good question
and I have a very good answer.
You see, right now Seeview
is negotiating a deal
with the United States military
to retrofit all of their vehicles
from here to Afghanistan with
their new bulletproof glass!
That's huge...
Yeah Ross, that's huge.
That's why I'm calling all
of my most important clients,
Hey, let me ask you a question,
because this stock is
gonna triple in value.
How much equity did you
pull out of that mortgage?
I had to pull out $200,000.
Imagine what $200,000
could do in just a few days.
In days?
Triple in days.
I don't know Ryan.
It sound too good of a deal.
I could lose my house here,
I could lose everything.
$200,000 is everything I have right now.
It's my whole nest egg.
Ross, I never do this,
but I feel so strongly
about this investment
that I am going to
guarantee you personally
that you are not gonna lose a penny.
Now I want you to
think about your family.
Yeah, I'm going to have to pass Ryan,
but maybe we can get together next week.
Wait, Ross?
200% return on your initial investment
of $50,000 is unheard of.
That's why I'm calling you.
Look, we can call the management, okay?
Everything says this is
a for sure thing,
and I'm just telling you right now.
What do you mean?
When did I lose you money?
Yeah, hello?
May I speak to Mister Dennison please?
Hey, what the fuck?
What won't you take
my calls motherfucker?
I'm gonna get it.
Okay, you have a nice day.
Fuckin' pussy!
That's what I'm fucking telling you!
It is going crazy in here right now,
okay, we are all fucking
high fiving each other!
I swear, to a Jew to another Jew.
I swear on the holy Bible.
I swear on the Quran.
I swear on my vault.
I'm sorry, I didn't
realize you were a Mormon.
No, I apologize.
That's what I'm fucking talking about!
Your fucking money is coming, you happy?
Now can you cut me some
fucking slack on the heat?
No, don't put me on hold again, okay?
Don't put me on fucking hold again.
Say no to me again.
Say no to me again!
Fuck you!
Ryan, you are funny.
You're in?
My secretary's gonna
send you the confirmation
right now.
Locking it in.
You are my most important client.
I have a hundred other clients
that I should be calling right now,
but I am talking to you,
because I want you to make this deal.
This is a good fucking deal.
I'm doing this professionally now.
Come on.
What does that say?
That's not...
Ryan, how're you holding up?
I'm being roasted
like a fuckin' pig, John.
How do you think I am?
Hopefully we will have you
out of there soon man.
We got a hold of the cell phone company.
We have your location narrowed
to about a fifteen miles radius.
I got guys swarming the
area right now as we speak.
That's nice.
I don't have much time.
Look, stay with me Ryan!
Concentrate, do you remember anything,
anything at all that
can help us find you?
I was checking out of my hotel
and going to my car.
That's when they grabbed me.
That's the last thing I remember.
What did he look like?
He was wearing a mask John.
Maybe it was a mask.
You have to give me
something more to work with Ryan.
John is it possible
that my blood is actually
starting to boil inside me?
I've gotta go John.
Hey Ryan, it's Ross.
Ross Who?
Ross, you know, 2nd mortgage,
son going to Yale.
What do you want?
Well I thought it over.
Thought what over?
Your offer.
Damn you brokers have
a short memory span.
Anyways, I'll do it.
I trust you.
How much?
I'll do the full $200,000.
How's that sound?
How fast?
How fast?
My secretary just made the transfer,
you should be receiving it
any minute now.
Come on, come on.
I did it!
I did it!
One million fifty four thousand
six hundred and thirty two
dollars and three cents.
Now turn off the fucking heat!
In due time.
You gave me your word.
You gave me your word,
now turn off the heat!
I said you had two hours
to transfer one million
dollars of your money.
What is that supposed to mean?
It means you didn't play by the rules
so now the rules have changed.
I got you a million dollars,
now you let us go.
I want you to know
that I'm not a greedy man,
Mister Hinds...
I only asked for a million...
I was going to let you keep the rest.
The rest of what?
You have the money
but you insist on this farce...
This charade.
What are you talking about?
You've done everything in your power
to hold onto it...
You've begged, borrowed and stolen
just so you didn't have to touch it.
Touch what?
The four million dollars
you've put aside for yourself.
How did you know about that?
I have done everything
that you've asked.
Not quite, Mister Hinds...
You've done what you've always done...
Lied your way through a situation.
Give me another chance...
Okay just give me another chance.
I can get money.
I can get you more money, I know.
Just give me another chance.
You do have one last chance.
But I'm afraid the rules have changed.
It looks like you have just
under five minutes remaining.
To transfer all four million dollars
into my account.
That's the account...
Your account.
How did you get this?
The same place I got the password.
If you already knew it
then why would you do this?
I wanted to give you a chance...
A chance to redeem yourself.
But you failed.
No, no!
That money is for my family, okay?
You mother fucker.
We're crippled with debt...
For Anna, for my children.
For Anna, for my kids.
I failed.
I failed at everything.
I failed as a man.
Mister Hinds?
Mister Hinds?
Could you please confirm
the password we have on file?
Three, four...
Thank you, Mister Hinds.
We received your inquiry
to make a delta transaction
of your full account balance.
I would like to make a delta transfer
of the entire account balance.
Yes sir, consider it done.
Looks like we have all the
transfer account information.
Could you please confirm once more
your wish for a delta transaction?
Yes, do it!
You got you your money.
Yes, well done.
I knew you could do it,
given the right incentive.
And now you let me go.
Not yet...
We still have some unfinished business.
I did everything that you asked.
Yes, but did you do it
for the right reasons?
I got your million
dollars now you let me go.
I think it's time we talk.
What could we possibly
have to talk about?
We have plenty to discuss still.
I left you some water,
look to your left.
Slow down...
You're only going to mate yourself sick.
I'm starting to pity you.
Well don't...
I'm doing great.
You don't look great,
far from it in fact.
Well I guess I have
you to thank for that.
Is that what you wanted?
What's wrong?
These names...
They're my family.
Read them aloud.
Your beautiful wife.
Who's next on the list?
Your son.
Valerie and Greg.
Mother and father.
Keep going!
You motherfucker.
Read the name!
And who is she?
I'm no saint.
No you're not Mister Hinds.
Who is last on the list?
My brother, John.
These are all the names of people
you care for, correct?
You took everything from me.
Are you sure, Ryan...
Have I really taken everything?
I think it's for you.
Ryan, is that you?
He said I could talk to you.
Yes it's me.
Did you see him?
Did you see his face?
I only heard his voice...
Didn't see him.
Never saw him.
I'm scared, honey...
What's going on?
I'll explain everything
later, I promise...
But for now I need you to try
to tell me where you are...
Describe it to me.
I'm in a dirty looking room.
The walls are made of metal.
It's old, rusty...
There's a door with a tiny
window but nothing else...
And it's warm...
What is it?
What's wrong?
Baby, is there a small window?
Is it clear enough to see out of it?
I can't make out much but
I can see a silhouette...
I think it's a man.
That's okay...
That means you're close...
Ryan, where am I?
What the hell is going on?
Do you want to tell her or shall I?
Ryan, who's there?
What does he want?
I don't know anymore.
I need you to calm down...
Things will only be harder
if you get hysterical.
Who the hell are you?
Now, that is an excellent question...
But I'm not sure you're
directing it to the right person.
What is he talking about?
Don't listen to him...
He's insane.
Go on...
Tell her what I'm talking about.
You've got what you
wanted now let her go.
I can't do that.
Not yet, not until you
tell her Mister Hinds.
Why's he doing this to us?
What did we ever do to him?
This isn't about you, it's about me.
If you tell the truth,
I let you both walk away
into the sunset, hand in hand.
First question...
What is your name?
You already know my name.
Think of it as a control question.
Ryan Hinds.
Is that your only name?
What kind of question is that?
Be quiet, Anna.
Answer the question.
It's my only name.
Okay, okay...
It's not my only name.
What the hell are you talking about?
How many other names, Ryan?
I don't know...
Take a guess...
A ballpark figure.
Four, five...
Maybe more.
Another lie.
It's hot in here...
The walls are hot...
What's going on?
Please don't do this to her...
I'm not doing this, you are...
How many other names?
How many aliases?
There are dozens!
Now we're getting somewhere.
I don't like this...
I want to go home now...
Please take me home.
It's all be over soon Anna,
I promise just trust me.
And why should she trust you?
Why should she trust a liar?
Tell him you're not lying.
Question two...
What do you do for a living?
I'm a broker...
It's so hot...
I'm burning up.
What do you do for a living?
So hard to breathe...
I get people to invest!
What do you want me to say?
In what?
Just tell him...
Make this stop.
I don't know.
It just depends.
I don't know what you want me to say!
The temperature in Anna's room
is now 131 degrees.
What do you get them to invest in?
I don't want to die in here...
Tell him.
Whatever I tell them to!
And what happens after they invest?
Anna, Anna!
Oh my God.
Why are you doing this to her?
She's your wife...
She deserves the truth.
She didn't know.
What about Leslie?
What does she have to do with this?
Look around the room.
I left another gift for you.
What the hell is that?
Like I said, a gift.
What the fuck?
What the fuck is this?
Oh, my God is that really you?
Yeah, it's me.
They took my finger...
They cut it off with a knife...
Maybe you can tell Leslie the truth.
What truth?
What the fuck is going on...
Why is it so hot in here?
She has a point...
What is the truth?
Do you even know anymore?
I know who I am.
I know what I do and I live with it.
And what about Leslie?
What about Anna?
They need to know.
Who is Anna?
What does she need to know?
Tell her...
Answer the question.
Anna is...
Anna is my wife.
I'm your wife.
What the hell does she mean...
Your wife?
Who is that?
Who is Anna?
I thought the situation
deserved a conference call.
Talk to me Ryan!
I'm your wife...
Who is this bitch?
Leslie shut up!
It looks like you have
some explaining to do.
Anna is my wife...
You both are.
I lied to you Leslie.
I didn't really care about you.
I just wanted your money.
I lied to you both.
I've lied to everyone.
I've lied to everyone I've ever met...
It's what I do but...
I saw opportunities and I took them...
Rich women, bankers,
private investors...
I told them what they wanted to hear
and I took their money.
Leslie, I'm sorry I did that to you.
Anna, can you hear me?
You have to know, you have to
know, you have to know that...
Anna, I'm so sorry...
Please answer.
I never lied about how I felt about you.
I love you so much.
I love our son.
Please believe me.
Please don't think I'm lying about that.
How very touching.
Just let them go.
Ryan, Ryan, are you okay?
No, it's almost over.
It's almost done and I...
I want you to know that...
I'm sorry I wasn't the
brother I should have been.
Don't talk like that,
we've got a lead from
the cell phone company.
We've triangulated your position.
We'll be there in fifteen
minutes, just hang in there man.
It doesn't matter anymore.
I'm sorry.
I want you to pull out the gun
from the box in front of you.
Shoot yourself and I'll let them go.
It ends here.
Or, you tell me you'd rather them die,
and I'll open that door
for you right now.
All you have to do is choose.
Please know I am sorry.
Do it.
Fucking do it.
Ryan, thank God!
It's okay, Ryan...
It's all over.
No, you were too far away.
You're my brother,
how could you do this?
Do what?
How could I take something
that didn't belong to
you in the first place?
I never hurt you.
Is that so?
Not like this...
Do you remember Adam?
Of course I remember Adam.
Jesus Christ,
I'm sorry you lost your son.
What the fuck does that
have to do with this?
When was the last time you called him?
Can you tell me that?
Come on...
Was it Christmas?
I don't remember.
Was it his birthday?
He was your nephew.
I don't know.
You don't know because you never did...
Not once.
Last summer...
I asked you to meet me
at Margie's Diner.
Yeah I remember.
And do you remember why?
You needed a favor.
That's right...
I was asking for your help...
Now do you remember what I asked for?
Or does that escaped you?
A loan?
You wanted a loan.
Now do you remember
what that loan was for?
I don't know...
You didn't ask.
You just turned me down flat...
You said times were
hard for you and Anna...
But you didn't bother to ask
what times were like for me.
Times were hard.
It was for Adam...
The money was for him...
The cancer was eating my
son from the inside...
My insurance wouldn't pay for
the only treatment that
would have cured him...
Why the fuck didn't
you just tell me that?
My son was dying slowly every day.
I couldn't find the words.
I just needed you to understand.
I forgave you at first...
You couldn't help me
and I accepted that...
But when I found out
just how rich you were...
So how did you find out about the money?
About six months ago I got a call...
Some rich broad had
reported a break in...
You might recognize the address.
225 Richmond.
Yeah, Leslie...
Can you imagine my surprise
when I walked in there and
saw the wedding pictures
on the mantle piece?
You and her arm in arm
and all happy and shit.
I remember your wedding.
I was there and it wasn't
some rich bitch.
You should have come
to me when you found out.
Adam was already dead and
I was so pissed at you...
And you think that,
that makes this alright?
Oh fuck John.
You killed people.
Anna, and Bruce.
I didn't kill anybody.
You heard what I wanted you to hear.
Your buddy Bruce did
exactly what I asked him to,
and didn't even take much persuading.
You see, he's just like you.
He's all about the money.
You didn't kill him?
I'm not a murderer Ryan.
But I did see an opportunity
like you, I took it.
Was she a part of this?
No, she's not.
That was just mom being mom.
What about Anna?
I heard them screaming...
You heard what we wanted you to hear.
I went to Anna and I showed
her the wedding pictures.
And then they came to me
and told me what a lying
sack of shit you were.
John did some digging
and it wasn't long until we
figured out how far your lies went.
You'd hurt us all in different ways.
We just wanted to see you pay.
Wanted me to pay?
We needed you to confess...
We had to hear you admit betraying us.
We needed to teach you a lesson
that would change your life...
Let you feel what we've all felt inside.
And don't forget the money...
We all wanted the money.
Fuck you.
Fuck all of you.
I just need to know one thing.
Did you mean it?
Did I mean what?
You said you were sorry.
Did you mean it?
You said you loved me.
With all of my heart.
You were ready to die for me?
What the fuck did you do?
Oh Jesus Christ.
What is it?
It's leaving the account.
What have you done Ryan?
Did you really think you
could swindle a swindler?
You knew...
You knew it was us from
the very beginning.
Well maybe not from
the very beginning...
He's lying.
Am I?
He's just trying to fuck with us.
Now where's my money?
I guess it's just you and me now John.
Anna was the first mistake
that I noticed.
Listen to me, listen very carefully.
I want you to go upstairs,
I want you to lock
yourself in the bathroom.
The police are on their way.
I'm scared.
They're going to kidnap me too.
I never told her that
I'd been kidnapped,
but it got me thinking.
First rule when you're
conning somebody John,
it's all about the details,
and then there was the watch.
You were always jealous
that dad gave it to me,
and last but not least,
there was the finger.
It was Leslie's ring.
It wasn't her finger.
How could you know that?
Like I said, details.
What did you do with the money?
How are we even fucking related?
A Delta transfer, John?
It's bullshit.
It's security exercise...
The money's gone for an hour,
then they transfers it right
back into the original account.
You seem confused.
So let me make it very clear.
You are not getting a fucking penny.
How did you know the gun wasn't loaded?
I didn't.
I love Anna.
I always have.
If I was wrong about all this,
I couldn't let her die.
And if I was right I didn't wanna live.
Help me clean all of this up.
And we'll just walk right out of here
and continue our lives like
none of this ever happened.
Okay, okay you win.
You win Ryan, let me out!
There are no winners.