200 Meters (2021) Movie Script

Does it still hurt?
Man up!
This isn't working.
Let me get some olive oil,
heat it with mint.
Your hands are soft already.
You are silly.
Don't move. I'll be back.
Hey, Reem. How are you?
It's Mustafa.
They're with me, not the
other way around.
I don't have a permit.
How are you and the kids?
She just stepped out.
I'll tell her to call you.
Is something wrong?
Where is my beautiful artist!
What are you doing sweetheart?
What did you cook?
Can I taste it?
What's this, mom?
My dear...
- Mom!
- Just one piece.
Mom! She is getting
chubby for God's sake!
Let her eat.
It's no big deal.
You keep spoiling her, mom.
- This is the last piece, alright?!
- Okay.
Bon apptit, sweetie.
Majd! Come pick up your stuff.
Majd, listen to your mother.
Why did you leave the room?
You didn't come back.
Reem called.
She gave me the
bus driver's number,
So that you call him about...
summer school?
- Oh really? Thank you.
- You're welcome.
How about you go
and rest your back?
I'll be back in seconds.
I registered Majd for a
summer school in Haifa.
There was this scout.
He wants to train him at
Maccabi Haifa's football team.
Maccabi Haifa?! What on
earth are you saying?
He will be really
upset if you stop him.
It's only for two months.
I don't like this.
Indeed, we do not have
money, so the answer is no.
I borrowed the money.
How could you decide
that on your own?
Maryam! That's enough.
You're hurting my back.
No! I don't want to go.
Stop whining.
Give me the bag.
- Good day.
- Hi Abu Nidal!
- Salwa! How are you?
- All is good, thanks.
Excuse me, I need to hurry
to catch the checkpoint.
- Say hi to Um Nidal.
- Sure!
Say hi to uncle Abu Nidal!
Take care on the road.
- How's your back?
- It's better, thank God.
- Did you get your permit yet?
- Not yet.
- If you still need the tools...
- No, no.
I got a job. I'm heading
there tomorrow morning.
- Where?
- It's close-by.
Can I store these here
until I sell them?
Sure, but what are they?
I worked for this cheap guy
who didn't want to pay me,
He said he would pay me after
selling these. So, I took them.
I am sick of him and
sick of working with him.
- Mustafa.
- Yes, Abu Nidal?
- Is everything OK?
- Everything's fine.
If you need anything,
I am like your brother.
Appreciated Abu Nidal.
You are a good friend.
Let's have a cup of tea!
The kids are gone, my mother
will be happy to see you!
Next time! Just let me know
whenever you get that permit.
If you don't get the permit,
I know a smuggler.
- I wouldn't...
- Most of the workers are smuggled.
That's that!
- You owe me a cup of coffee!
- My pleasure.
Mother, should I switch off the light?
I'm going to the balcony
now. I love you too, Noora.
Because you did your homework.
- Where's Maryam?
- Come, Maryam.
- Maryooma, Daddy's sweetheart?
- Yes.
- Are you still awake, darling?
- Yes.
- Why?
- I want to stay up.
- Where's mom?
- She's sleeping.
- Alright. Who will start?
- Me, me, me, me!
- Go on, Maryam.
- Show me.
Press it many times.
- Like this?
- Yes.
- Daddy, it's your turn!
- True!
- Are you ready?
- Yes!
One, two..
What did you do?
- Goodnight!
- Maryam, stop it!
That's enough, girls.
Where is Majd?
- He's sleeping in his room.
- Maryoom!
- OK girls, go to bed now. Nighty!
- Nighty!
- No more games on the phone, OK?!
- Daddy, I love you.
I love you too, Maryoom.
My sweetheart.
- Bye.
- Bye.
The font is so small.
- Salam Alaykom.
- Salam.
- I found my name on the list.
- OK.
- A work permit.
- For?
- Mustafa Jamal Hussen Ibraheem.
- Mustafa Jamal Hussen Ibraheem?
They will send you
the report by fax.
- Mustafa Jamal Hussen Ibraheem?
- Yes!
My ID please. Thank you.
Are you ready, Noora?
Alright. Call mom so
that I talk to her, OK?
What's up, love?
I called you several times today.
You didn't answer.
Just let me know
that you are OK.
Listen, I went to Tulkarm club
today. I talked to the coach...
I showed him some
videos of Majd.
The coach agreed to
have him join the team.
Looks like I'm talking to myself.
I thought you left.
And who will drive Majd to
the West Bank every day?
I figured he could stay here instead
of going back and forth everyday.
Perhaps you could first ask him?
- Wait, wait, what's that on your ear?
- What?
- What's that on your ear?
- It's nothing.
Listen, we will talk tomorrow. I got my
permit and I'm working with Abu Nidal.
I lost my key. Leave a key under the
pot for me if you are coming home late.
Will you be back before three?
Don't tell me you're heading to work?
Your back needs rest. Why are
you doing this to yourself?
What do you want me to do?!
What are you talking about?
OK! Go to work and ruin your health.
Let's see where your
stubbornness will take us.
Why are you being silly!
I am here!
How about you also
give me pocket money?
Did you add parsley?
Many thanks!
Clean your finger and try again.
I guess my fingerprint isn't working.
Here is my permit.
OK. Go.
Go below, man, below...
- Hello, I'm the house owner.
- Hello.
Take, take...
Throw these coins inside...
so that we will have
good luck at home.
- God willing.
- All the best.
Come on, man! Keep going!
Come lean on me!
- Will you take my hand?
- Sure.
- I got you.
- My man!
- Where is the tea party?
- Welcome, Abu Nidal.
- Hi Abu Nidal!
- A Baklavah party too!
- Are we celebrating your puberty?
- I got married!
Did she find out that
you're nuts already?
- Congratulations.
- Thank you.
No more sleeping in construction
sites, no more smuggling.
So we are celebrating your work permit!
You couldn't get it hard, kid?
- Good joke, Abu Nidal!
- Thank you.
Play us some music!
I can't see anyone hiding!
Where did they go?
Where did the pretty children go?
Daddy's sweetheart!
You're so adorable.
There's my champ!
"The mouse said I'm not a mouse
because the cat chases me."
"The cat said I'm not
a cat because the dog..."
- Your temperature is very high.
- Very high?
- Give me some medicine.
- OK.
This man asked me to put them
in the building's foundations.
- What? I don't understand.
- Me neither.
Throwing them in the foundations
is supposed to bless the house.
Give them to the kids.
They will have a blast.
No! Put me down now! Your back!
Your back! Mustafa!
You are mine!
The kids will hear us.
- So what?
- Stop it.
- How's your back now?
- It's much better.
Tomorrow I have to attend
to a bride, her mother, and sister.
Can you stay with the kids?
I wish I could.
I'm working...
On the weekend?
There's this job with Abu
Nidal... It's good money.
- Stay here tonight.
- Dad, Majd took my bracelet!
- Leave it!
- No. it's mine!
Come here!
- It's my bracelet.
- Dad, tell him to give it back.
- It's not even for girls!
- Yes, it is!
You don't know anyone from
Liverpool except Mo Salah.
Come here.
You're a good boy, right?
Give it to me, I'll give it
back to you in a bit, OK?
You're a champ!
- What's wrong, kid?
- Nothing.
What's happening?
Let me see.
- It's nothing.
- What's wrong?
Let me see.
- What is this?
- A fight.
- What!
- A fight.
With whom?
With whom, son?
What's happening?
What is this?
- He had a fight with the boys at school.
- They started it!
Their parents called
and apologized.
Wait. Tell me from
the beginning.
They started it.
They call me
a rotten West Banker.
and they say dirty words.
I hate this school.
I don't want to go there.
I want to leave it,
or I'll beat them all up!
- Why didn't you tell me?
- You are not here!
Why didn't you do anything about this?
I called his teacher and he said
he would fix the problem.
- He obviously fixed it!
- Kids fight all the time.
- Why didn't you tell me!
- Tell you what, Mustafa?
I don't know!
You want Majd to
play with Israeli kids?
Imagine the situation if this
fight had been with Israeli kids!
The situation? I work two jobs and
sleep for two hours, Mustafa.
I run between checkpoints to keep up
with two houses. I feel I'm all alone!
And you are guilt-tripping me too!
If I'm responsible for all of this,
then take charge yourself. I can't.
OK, come back and live
with me in the West Bank.
Mustafa, You know it's your fault!
- You had a chance to get an Israeli ID!
- I don't want the ID!
Is this what you want? Two houses,
and this shitty wall between us!
After I quit my job at the school, leave
my clients, and return to the West Bank,
do you expect us to
live off your permit?
I'm working part-time tomorrow.
I'll finish early, maybe go
see the kids straight away.
Get back to me and
let me know if that's OK.
Try again.
Give me your card.
Your card is expired.
You need to renew it.
My permit is valid.
You can check.
I can pass, and after
passing I will renew it.
You need to renew your
card in order to enter Israel.
Now, go back.
What's wrong?
Could you please give me back
the permit?
Don't you understand?
You get it once you renew the card.
Go back.
- What's happening!
- She took my permit.
- Hey! Go back!
- Ok, sure!
Abu Nidal, you go ahead.
Mustafa, I will call you.
- We will fix this issue.
- OK, Abu Nidal.
- What can I do?
- Go back.
What do you mean they will replace
me?! Tell them what happened!
I'll renew the card tomorrow.
Oh, right. Tomorrow is Saturday.
So, where's your guy?
Alright, I will call him. Okay.
Okay, I will let you know.
Abu Nidal sent me here,
he says he knows you.
Come in. It's 350 shekels.
We leave in 15 minutes.
You will be in Israel in an hour.
Are you coming or what?
Honestly, the price
is absurd,
but what happens
if we get caught?
It's a guaranteed service, got it?
You have 15 minutes
to think about it.
- I'm speaking with you!
- What?
What if we get caught?
Tell him what happened when
you got caught last time.
He was not with me.
A 10,000 shekels fine,
and a ban from entering Israel.
You have 13 minutes to think about it.
You can't take medicine on
an empty stomach, son.
There. I've eaten now.
350 shekels - that's a lot, it is true.
But son, had you gone with the smuggler,
you would have stayed with Salwa for
two weeks, and finished your job...
It's as if she's
sitting with us.
Tell her I forgot the
phone here and left.
Yes, my dear Salwa.
What's wrong?
Here he is.
Yes, Salwa.
Damn it.
- Greetings.
- No no, if you want to, go ahead and go.
- Nader?
- Just a second.
- Yes?
- We spoke on the phone.
OK, I'll call you back.
- Looks like you were running.
- I didn't want to miss you.
- Here's the 250 shekels.
- Thanks. Have a seat.
- Shall we go?
- In a bit.
- When?
- In a bit. Be a little patient.
Could you turn it down, please?
Where are you off to?
Pardon me. I have
a little headache.
We can share a taxi once we
cross, where are you off to?
- Where are you going?
- My son is in the hospital.
I would appreciate
it if we leave now.
- I hope it's not serious.
- Me too, thanks.
- Going to Jerusalem?
- No, to Hadera.
Hadera! I worked on
the hospital manager's house!
I can introduce you to
Dr. Fieldman himself.
- Dr. Fieldman! All the way?
- Do you think I'm joking?
- Did you try a medical visit permit?
- There is no time for permits.
Can we start moving now?
How did he go to the
hospital without you?
- He lives with his mother in Israel.
- Why don't you have a residency?
If she lives in Israel, you
can so easily get a permit.
Or are you banned for
security reasons?
How long do we have to wait
here? Like 10, 15 minutes?
Maybe 10 minutes or an hour,
we need more passengers.
Greetings. Are you
the driver?
- This is not a service bus.
- I know.
- Smuggling?
- That's right.
- Are you sure?
- Yes.
Here... Nader! We have
two passengers here.
- Greetings.
- Hello.
- You have a foreigner with you.
- How much will you charge us?
- 700 for the two of you.
- But you took 250. Let's go!
Let a man earn a living!
Go find someone willing to smuggle a
foreign woman, and then get back to me.
Let her pay, what's your
problem anyway?
- What's wrong?
- He wants 700.
- 500!
- No 500, 700!
- Dangerous!
- No, just 500.
Go for 600.
- 600, for you. Cash!
- OK. 600.
Shall we move?
What is she doing here?
She is probably
looking for work.
There are not happy
that I am here, right?
Yeah, but nevermind.
Show me.
Slow down, man. I'll spill the
coffee all over myself.
Your arm should act like a hydraulic
system, let me show you.
Look... When you
steer left,
you go left.
When you steer right, you go right.
You have to sense it.
- This is an art you must feel.
- Give it back to me.
Hello Abu Nidal,
we just left.
Listen, I won't go to
work tomorrow,
You need to find
someone else.
Thanks for your wishes.
- Hey, can I have a cigarette?
- Yes, here you go.
- Thank you.
- Here's the lighter.
- Do you work in Israel, inside?
- Just a second....
- Yes, Salwa.
- Can you ask him to turn it off?
Not yet, in a bit.
There was a problem at the
checkpoint, so I made a detour.
I will call you once I cross.
Would you mind if we change place,
could I sit here?
- What?
- Can she sit next to you?
How is he?
OK, keep me updated. Bye.
Bye. OK.
I am sorry I will not
smoke another cigarette.
- You speak English.
- Yes.
Could I ask you some questions
about the journey and record you?
- What is she talking about?
- She's making a film about my journey.
- Where is she from?
- She's a filmmaker from Germany.
What's your name?
My name is Anne.
Nice to meet you Anna.
It is Anne, with the "e".
- Anne. Nice to meet you.
- And you?
- I am Mustafa.
- Nice to meet you.
Please, if you don't
mind, don't film me.
- OK, yeah of course. Sorry.
- Thank you.
Turns out she is a filmmaker,
in case you were still wondering.
So what? Let her show
the world our 'happy life'.
Maybe she'll take
us to Hollywood.
She has Palestinian origins. Last time,
they drove her crazy at the airport.
This time she came through Jordan, got
a visa to the West Bank only. Bastards!
Where is she from?
Her grandparents were refugees in
Lebanon, they immigrated to Berlin.
- So, she is Palestinian?!
- Yes.
- Really Palestinian?
- Yes, but...
She doesn't like
to talk about it.
A Palestinian father and a German
mother, he left when she was a kid.
- Otherwise she would speak Arabic.
- Look at the settlers!
- If only I had a Kalashnikov!
- Rambo! She doesn't speak Arabic.
- These were settlers?
- Yes, welcome to Palestine.
- Do you have a Samsung charger?
- iPhone.
- Give it to me. I have an adapter.
- Why didn't you tell me before, man?
- What were you talking about in the car?
- I don't know, it just happened.
I told them you had
Palestinian origins.
What! Why?
Now, you know, if they saw
you filming it will be fine.
- Can the girl use the bathroom here?
- Yes it's inside.
- Hey, ponytail...
- Not ponytail, my name is Kifah.
- She's a Palestinian from where?
- Sallam family from Acre.
- I am speaking with you!
- I worked for Sallam family...
We should get moving!
Wait a second, I'm
arranging the crossing.
It's not easy, OK!
- Take it easy.
- What do you want?
I just wanted to ask if you need workers.
I heard you saying they will replace you.
And you are going
on your own?!
Have you worked inside
before or is this the first time ?
No, it's just the bastard I worked
for was not paying my full rate.
- How old are you?
- I will turn 18 next month.
- Are you a troublemaker?
- No, God forbid.
Listen, this Nader, did you
smuggle with him before?
No. I used to smuggle
from Jerusalem.
- So, what type of work can you do?
- Anything. Tiles...
construction, cleaning,
and even gardening.
- Can you paint houses?
- Of course.
OK, I will give your number
to the manager.
- Where will you sleep?
- I'll figure it out.
Oh my God!
Everyone is wearing
Liverpool bracelets!
It's for my son.
Look at Mo Salah...
dribbling with the right foot,
Boom! The Egyptian pharaoh scores!
Oh my Goodness!
The Egyptian pharaoh!
Nice! Who is
this commentator?
It's Fahad Otaibi.
OK, give me your phone.
Let me save my number.
- Give me a missed call.
- What's a missed call?
Call me and hang up.
What are you staring at? Take a seat.
You're apparently in a hurry.
Your phone isn't charging.
Looks like it's damaged.
I know this guy in Tulkarm,
he's a pro. I can connect you with him.
- Are you sure it doesn't charge?
- Yes.
Film that.
- Hey, man, stop for a minute.
- What's going on?
- Taking a piss?
- Yes.
Where are you going?
What are you doing?
Move it, man! He's going
to get us in trouble.
- Wait!
- Move let's go!
Wait! Are you out
of your mind?
Never do this again, OK?
Are you crazy?
- I was going to leave you.
- Are you nuts! Collecting flags?!
Yes, this is my fifth flag!
Cut it out and get in.
Trying to be some hero!
Sit down.
- Well done bro!
- Thanks.
- Is she with you?
- Yes.
- Where from?
- Germany.
- Hello.
- Hello!
- Are you from Germany?
- Yes, from Berlin.
She might be with the Mossad!
I wish she was.
She can beat me up all she wants.
- How about I beat you up?
- I'm joking man!
Seriously, maybe she works with the
Mossad. How would you know?
- You think I'm with the Mossad?!
- Yes, It's possible.
Yeah, maybe it could be.
Her family were refugees in Lebanon,
who immigrated to Germany in the 70s.
Am I right, beautiful?
Do you speak Arabic?
Yes, a bit.
- Is she related to you?
- No.
Is she married?
You think she'd be interested
in your dumb face!
She is making a film about my journey
to attend my cousin's wedding, OK?!
Listen, tell her we have degrees.
We seek adventure because
the situation is bad.
We live in big birson.
Yes, prison.
Listen, she can make you famous
on Facebook.
Leave me alone, man.
- Sing something, please!
- Come on, give them one solid tune.
- Stop it, guys.
- Look at how pretty she is. Sing!
- She is pretty!
- Sing!
Nader, they've shot a guy
at Zaatara checkpoint!
Let us enjoy this moment.
May God grant strength to all.
That goat could be worth
more than your van.
A goat?
- It's a sheep.
- Really?
A sheep says to his mom,
"I dreamed that I was going to die."
The mom says, "Holy Cow!"
He says, "No, holy day of Adha!"
They ruined my acceleration!
You are so funny!
Look, check this out.
Kid, I'm not in the mood.
- Enough of this waste of time!
- Take it easy, man.
If things aren't working,
let us know.
- Sit down man, have a smoke and chill.
- Excuse me, I'm speaking with that guy.
Everybody else is waiting here.
If you want to jump over the wall, go
ahead, or should I bring you a helicopter?
Don't drive us crazy just because
your son is in hospital.
Mind your language!
- Take a smoke!
- I don't want to smoke!
- You're being disrespectful!
- Disrespectful?
- Talking about my son!
- I'll show you!
Come here!
Bring him here!
You're a moron, and
you're not decent!
Shame on you, son of a bitch!
I paid you 250 shekels!
Take your money
and fuck off.
Shame on you guys.
And you stop!
What's all this!
His son is in the hospital.
What, are you an idiot!
And you,
this is not public transportation!
We are all waiting!
Give me the money.
Give it to me!
Put the money in your pocket.
Put the money in your pocket!
You see, the cars have arrived now.
Couldn't you have been
just a little patient?
The girl must sit in the front,
and not in the trunk with us.
- Alright. Let me try to tell him.
- OK.
We are leaving in 5 minutes.
What the fuck are you filming?
Turn it off, if they see
us they will run away.
- Don't freak out.
- Shut up.
All good. He accepted.
She goes in
the front seat.
You will sit in the front with him.
Don't show him your camera, OK?
Don't film anything.
Just relax.
Everything will be fine. Don't worry.
I am relaxed. I think you're
the one who needs to relax.
Hey dude, talk to me.
What do you mean you fucked up?
But it's your watch, you son of a bitch!
You were supposed to cover!
Damn it. Motherfucker...
What? Did they catch them?
What did you say?
How did you understand what I said?
- I understood from your body language.
- Don't you fucking lie to me.
Don't you fucking move!
- Where are you going?
- Shut up!
Lay back!
Stay like this. Don't move.
- Isn't he going to move?
- Stay calm.
It seems like we are
crossing the checkpoint.
For how long?!
To hell with your wedding, Amir!
Why did I end up in this shit?
Until when?
What is this?
I'm a filmmaker from Germany,
I swear, I..
Shut up.
What the fuck is this?
What the fuck is this?
- What is this, huh?
- It's...
I can delete it, it's nothing.
- The police are coming.
- What!
They will be here any minute.
Why don't you call your
blonde girlfriend?
- I have no coverage.
- Let me check.
Mine also has no reception.
Mine is dead.
Hello! Salwa?
Yes, I'm on the road.
I just crossed the checkpoint.
No, the music is
from the car.
Salwa? Hello?
If you still have a signal,
we need to call Anne.
Here. Give it a try.
- We are fucked!
- Looks like she sold us out!
- Keep it quiet, guys.
- Kifah!
Calm down.
Kifah, can you hear me?!
How can I open the trunk?
- Shhh... Quiet!
- It's Anne.
- Where are we?
- I don't know.
In the middle of nowhere.
I don't know. How can I open...
- Is there soldiers?
- No, no.
- Then open the trunk!
- I tried!
Open the trunk from inside the car!
- I don't know how can I open this...
- From inside the car!
Rami, wake up dear!
See if you can find a handle
to pull something.
Breathe, kiddo, breathe,
everything is OK.
What happened to him?
Come, come on!
Rami. Rami!
Wake up, dear, wake up!
Breathe slowly.
Breathe, take a deep breath.
Bring water, do you have water?
Breathe, my dear. Breathe.
Everything is alright.
We are out now.
We are safe now.
We are safe, dear.
You got us all worried.
Breathe. Drink some water.
Are you OK?
Breathe slowly.
I will start praying from now on.
There is no God but God.
Bless us, dear Lord Almighty.
You'll start praying?
I pissed my pants.
Are you OK?
Everything was...
Everything was fine,
we were driving
and he was playing
music from the radio.
And then...
He received this phone call that...
I think that he told them
That the first car was caught.
How did you know?
From his body language.
He got so scared and I thought
that might be the only thing that...
that makes him so scared.
Did you scare him with your camera?
He saw a video of himself
and the other guys.
I told him the police were coming.
He hit me on my head
with his gun and
You could have killed us with your film.
Are you OK?
I told both of you, she
shouldn't be filming!
This kid could have died
because of your fucking film.
- Easy! She could have died!
- We all could have died!
How about I take you
where I previously crossed?
The wall was low from
the other side.
But we have an Israeli car. Why don't we
go through the settlements' checkpoint?
No way! Go on your own.
- What about that checkpoint?
- They don't always check IDs.
It's all a matter of luck,
if you have a cool look.
"All good?" They'll ask in Hebrew.
And you'll say, "All good, dude."
And if the soldier is a chick,
you gotta be in charge fully.
You'll tell her, "Hey you! How's
it going? Awesome!"
- I passed from there twice.
- You can speak Hebrew?
I only know those two words.
- Why didn't you just do that?
- Because I don't have an Israeli car.
How about your cousins?
Why didn't they take you?
I say we stick to Rami's idea.
Let's not get ourselves
into a deep mess.
Here comes your
girlfriend. Tell her.
I didn't want to put
anyone's life in danger.
I'm sorry, please...
Let's go.
I'll go check on Rami.
He's taken too long.
May I use your phone?
I don't have credit,
but she has
a local number.
Can he use your phone?
Yes, of course.
Thank you.
This is not Salwa's phone?
Who are you?
No, this is not my phone.
I will give it to her.
Yes, she's fine.
I am just a friend
who met her today.
Who are you?
You want me to pass
her a message?
Oh, OK.
You better go check on Rami.
He doesn't look too good.
What's up, Rami?
How are you now?
I don't know.
- I want to go home.
- Why, what's wrong?
Nothing. I'm not afraid.
But I want to go home.
Listen, my friend confirmed that he needs
a worker, someone superb, just like you.
He started this new workshop,
and it has a place to sleep.
It's up to you.
But where is this job?
In Ar'ara.
Have you worked there before?
Ar'ara? No.
- But sure, I can work there.
- Good.
- Do you have another pair of pants?
- Yeah, I do.
OK, go change in
the bathroom.
- Over there?
- Yeah.
- Are you able to walk?
- Yes.
Do you want to film
that settlement?
Sorry, would you mind
to slow a little bit down?
- Would you speak about it perhaps?
- Okay.
There is more than 200 settlements
spreading like a cancer...
Wait, I will close the window.
- Ready?
- Yeah.
There is more than 200 settlements
spreading like a cancer...
There are.
- Excuse me?
- He said: There is.
"There are" he should say.
There are more than 200 settlements
spreading like cancer
in the West Bank,
and more than 500,000 settlers.
Those people go in and out
of the West Bank whenever they want
and they control 80% of our water.
It sounds like Wikipedia.
- What do you want me to say?
- Just be yourself.
- Okay.
- Ready?
- There is more than 200 settlements...
- Stop it! You're crazy.
Okay let's ask Rami.
- Do you have something to say?
- What would I say?
Anything... Your problems.
Ask him why does he take this risk?
He is so young.
Why are you taking a risk?
You are very young.
I go inside to work... because
I want to live... and... that's it.
And I love the football
celebrity, Mohamed Salah.
A checkpoint!
Listen, I think it's better if you drive
this car through the checkpoint.
I am not even allowed to drive this car.
I think you should come here.
How will you switch seats?
- Rami.
- Yes.
- Go out and take a piss or just fake it.
- No... Why me!
- I will do it.
- No, wait.
Give me this bottle.
Listen, when I go out and open
the hood, you come and sit here.
Once she sits here,
you move to the backseat?
You see this car?
We have to do the same. We can pass
because we have an Israeli plate.
We can pass all the cars.
Hello. Is all good?
- Do you speak English?
- Yes.
- Where are you from?
- Germany.
Germany... Can I see
your passport?
- Hey there! Where are you from?
- Tulkarm.
Give me your ID.
Open up.
Give your ID.
- Where are you going?
- Ramallah.
- Why?
- Traveling!
Do you like Palestinian?
You like violence!
Excuse me?
Go on. Move it.
I told you I know the place!
This is the exact spot!
Are you nuts?
It's impossible to climb this wall!
I will climb it, man!
- What about me!
- It's no big deal, man. It's easy.
- How will you climb up?
- Give me a hand and I will show you.
- What is it?
- Just a muscle strain.
Is it clear on the other side?
I will check once I'm up.
It's all factories here.
- Smart ass.
- Shut up, for God's sake.
Enough Kefah, let him focus.
Hey! Get down!
This is our area.
- What are you doing here?!
- Calm down.
- What do you mean?!
- Was it Ortega or the Mazda guy?
- What on earth are you talking about?!
- Who brought you here?
- Calm down!
- I don't want to calm down!
- What do you want?
- You have to pay!
- This is our wall.
- Really, your wall?!
The wall is yours, you
sons of bitches.
- Do you mind?
- Please.
Poor Rami also broke two ribs.
Kifah just called his family.
They are on their way.
What are you going to do now?
Can I have one?
A puff.
Just a puff.
Thank you.
How come you speak good English?
Well, we study English at schools.
Yeah but I mean Rami doesn't speak
that good, and the other guys too.
Maybe I was good at school.
My son was hit by a car
today in the morning.
I know, Kifah told me about that.
- How is he now?
- He had an operation.
I had no idea how
bad was the injury.
I have to be with my family,
next to my son. Look at me.
I'm so sorry.
Do you do these confessions?
Do you confess?
- Like in Church?
- Yes.
I'm agnostic.
Well, I do have a confession for you.
- I lied to him.
- To whom?
That kid. Rami.
I promised him a job so that he takes
us to the wall where he jumped before.
All he wanted just
to go back home.
That was my confession.
What about you?
Where is your father's family
originally from in Palestine?
You know...
Kifah lied about that.
My father is not from Palestine.
I know.
Does he know that
your father is Israeli?
What's wrong?
She is sad about Rami.
Don't worry, he will be fine.
If they are questioning us, we have
to use the three magical words.
- What's up? Great. All good.
- All good.
Don't take it too far,
or get too excited.
Just pretend you're busy
on the phone or something.
Let's select a radio station...
Stay in this lane.
If we change it would be obvious.
That lane seems okay.
No, no, no, we shoud go...
- Shut your mouth.
- Shut up.
- Hello. How are you?
- All is good.
- Open the trunk please.
- It's open. Shall I come out?
No, it's OK. Stay.
- Are you a photographer?
- All is good.
I want to buy a good lens for
my boyfriend. It's his birthday.
But they're super expensive.
Do you have any advice?
She is an excellent photographer.
They are expensive indeed.
I bought mine online from Berlin.
It is second hand, but in good
condition. For 600 Euros.
I can give you their website, but don't
ship it here, to avoid paying taxes.
I would be happy to do that!
- Here you are.
- Thanks.
- Goodnight.
- Goodnight.
I can drive from here if you want.
It's okay.
How do you speak Hebrew?
You can talk and explain
what just happened?
- How do you speak fucking Hebrew?
- Yes, I speak Hebrew.
- So what!
- Stop the car!
Take it easy, man.
Stop the fucking car!
I said stop the fucking car!
Are you nuts, where
are you going?
Get out!
Get back in the car.
We just crossed the checkpoint!
Are you Israeli?
No! Give me back my camera!
Give me back!
- Is this what you came for?
- What?
To film the lives of
those poor Palestinians.
Maybe I just want to understand
this fucked-up situation.
And go present your work on how
a peaceful, loving Israeli cares about us.
- You stupid!
- I am. Because I had feelings for you.
Give me back my camera.
Give it back to me.
Did you get it all out?
What do you mean?
- She told you who she is, so?
- Is it fine for you?
OK, she is Jewish!
Shall you seek revenge?!
Are you taking her side?
If it weren't for her, we wouldn't
have crossed that checkpoint!
Don't you dare
patronise me.
Enough with your drama
and your cousin's wedding,
I'm living this shit every day!
My family are only 200 meters away
from me, behind this fucking wall!
You'd better watch it!
My son is in hospital. I don't have
time for you and your shit.
Give me the camera.
I said give me that camera.
Get in the car.
Take your camera.
Get in the car.
I'm so sorry, my love.
Forgive me for being so late.
It was out of my hands.
It was all going wrong.
- How is he now?
- He's stable.
Majd, sweetie.
Dad loves you.
Here he is.
Noora? Daddy's sweetheart.
Where is Maryooma?
Let me talk to her.
Daddy's sweetheart.
Are you ready? Who's with
you on the balcony?
OK, Majd, Noora, and mom.
Can you see me?
Let's count to five.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5!
Daddy's sweatheart!
It's amazing.
It's a great surprise!
- I miss you.
- Me too.
- I'll go to bed.
- Goodnight.
- You too.
- Kiss the kids for me.
- Sure, bye.
- Bye.
So, are you in for
tomorrow's breakfast?
- What shall we prepare?
- I'll make them happy.
God bless you.
Do you need any groceries?
We have everything. Labaneh,
olive oil with taboon bread.
Manaqeesh, mutabal and baba ganoush.
At noon I can make muhamar.
Majd likes it.
You need to wake up at 4 in
the morning to make this breakfast.