2000 Mules (2022) Movie Script

We have put together, I think the most
extensive and inclusive voter fraud
organization in the history of American politics.
Every time we vote, we are standing up side
by side with the founding fathers, with the
men of Valley Forge, with Patriots and pioneers
throughout our history, with all those who
dedicated their lives to making this a nation
of the people, by the people, and for the people.
Elections are the lifeblood of our democracy.
They are the mechanism by which the American
people choose who is going to rule on their
behalf and for their interests and welfare.
Without elections, there would be no way for
the American people for us to exercise our
legitimate sway on the future direction of
this country.
Polls now closed in half the country and we
are getting some interesting results coming
in from those battleground states. If you're
a Republican, you say, wow, if you're a Democrat,
you say uh-oh. Do you see, Donald Trump is now
starting to widen his lead. President Trump,
now, with 54% of the vote, the President right
now has the lead in the Keystone State.
We're gonna have a great night and we're going
to have much more importantly, we have a great
four years.
The 2020 election haunts the American mind.
Here's where it gets really bizarre. At Fulton
County, most populous county. It is Atlanta.
They just stopped counting. Nevada, meanwhile,
has stopped counting votes. They've all stopped
counting for the night.
All right, welcome back. This is CNN special
live coverage 10:31 AM on the East Coast.
Why am I giving you the time? Well, if you
manage to sleep, last night things changed.
You may have gone to bed, thinking this election
was headed one way and then you woke up and
you saw things were different. Also overnight
Joe Biden pulled ahead in the state of Georgia.
Joe Biden takes the lead in Pennsylvania.
OK? We have an announcement to make. Joe Biden
has run for president three times. And the
third time
has turned out to be the charm.
One side insists it was the most secure election
in U.S. history. Let me begin with one immutable
fact. The 2020 election was the most secure
election in American history. It was the cleanest
election, the safest election, the most secure
election ever run. And make no mistake, there
has been no evidence of any significant wides
or widespread voter fraud. Let me say it again.
The 2020 election was the most secure election
in American history, period. This same side
accuses anyone who disagrees with them
of perpetrating a big lie or the big delusion.
The big Lie keeps getting repeated. The Big
Lie is just that. A big lie.
And despite a relentless media barrage, the
other side remains convinced there was widespread
election fraud. What I saw was not a secure
and transparent election. Poll watchers claimed
the Travis County Clerk's office is locking
them out. Last night there was a major software
glitch that actually delayed the counting
of all of the ballots. Look at election fraud
and I want to look at secretaries of state
who illegally changed the voter laws without
the permission of their state legislature.
There have been numerous
attempts to prove election fraud. The van
dropping off ballots in the early morning
hours of November 4th, 8 hours passed the
deadline. She said her mother was in a nursing
home and did not have the mental capacity
to vote. Even obtained videotape that shows
a man dropping several ballots into a Dropbox.
Scottsdale woman pleads guilty to casting
a ballot in her dead mother's name, ... shows
a man buying a registration form for an absentee
ballot from a voter giving him quote pocket
money unquote of $200.
Yet courts have refused to consider these
cases on the merits.
The Supreme Court rejecting an effort by Republicans
to reverse president elect Joe Biden's win
in Pennsylvania and the Supreme Court has
rejected the Texas led effort to toss out
election results in four key states. Even
some Republicans dismissed the idea of systematic
fraud and call for us to move on. Fraud did
not play a role in the outcome of the election.
The election was fair as fair as we've seen.
We simply did not win the election as Republicans
for the Presidency. Rather than reject what
happened on the 6th, reject the lies about
the election and make clear that a President
who engaged in those activities can never
be President again.
But we can't move on unless we know the truth.
Many other issues arise out of the 2020 election.
Did the January 6 protesters go to DC to mount
an insurrection?
It wasn't an insurrection. It was a Primal
They wanted their elected leaders to adjudicate
the claims of election fraud.
The left's claim that this was the most secure
election is also the foundation for the widespread
censorship on social media of the so called
"Big Lie." This morning, President Trump waking
up without his favorite megaphone. You will
never again see a tweet from President Trump.
But, is it a big lie?
Is it a lie at all?
Yeah, sounds speed all right. Everybody got
me all right RP.
Grab that.
Ready. Set.
Hey, I'm Dinesh D'souza, and this is Season
One, Episode One, of my new podcast.
I started my podcast in early 2021 to speak
the truth, but by simply asking questions
about election fraud, you get booted from YouTube
and Facebook.
My podcast is sponsored by Salem Media and
I knew that other Salem hosts felt my frustration.
Larry Elder, Dennis Prager, Eric Metaxas, Sebastian
Gorka, Charlie Kirk.
Let me begin by asking a very simple question.
Do we feel confident or comfortable that we
know the truth about what really happened
in the 2020 election? I'm agnostic on this
question and I am awaiting more information.
What about you, Eric? I think Dennis is a
I think, no. Honestly, it's almost funny to
me to say you're agnostic and I think most Americans
that we don't know what happened, and are not
OK with that, by the way. I'm supposed to
believe that a man who didn't campaign or
campaign from his basement got more votes than
the first black president in America.
I don't believe it. Charlie. We have crumbs.
We have some evidence here and there. That
the picture is far from complete. Larry, in
your race, you were, you were asked straight
out, right? Do you believe that the 2020 election
was stolen? What was your answer and do you
abide by that answer as of right now? My
answer was that
Donald Trump is in Mar-a-lago and Joe Biden
is in 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. The lawsuits
did not succeed, but do I believe there was
shenanigans? Do I believe there were irregularities?
Absolutely! And I said so. This is the probably
the most loathed president I've ever seen.
I thought Richard Nixon was loathed. I thought
George W Bush was loast because of the Iraq
war. I've never seen the level of vitriol
against this man every single day. I think
there was a study that found 91% of the news
of ABC, NBC, CBS Nightly News against Donald
Trump was negative, dogged by a bogus 2 1/2
year collusion investigation. And then on
the eve of the election, this Hunter Biden
story drops, which shows that Joe Biden completely
lied about his lack of knowledge of what his
son was doing. And it was suppressed. And
even the CEO of Twitter later on admitted
that it was suppressed and shouldn't have
been. That alone would have altered the election.
You add all that up. My point is, this man
is so loathed. I wouldn't put it past the Democrats
to do virtually anything to make sure
he doesn't get another four years. If I believed
the president were Nazi, I might steal an
election. If we were Germans in the 1930s,
we'd steal the election from Hitler. If if
I'm that indoctrinated, of course I can justify
it. I think it was Jane Fonda who said that
COVID was God's gift to the left, right? It
wrecks the empirical positives of the Trump
economy, but here's the other. It enables
a whole bunch of things on the other side
to change the rules of the election. So the
point is, under a COVID
environment, is it not conceivable that Trump
could have lost fair and square? I think millions
of Americans know something went wrong.
They have little pieces. And no one's really
put it together. They know that there was
injustice. They know it in their gut. They
know it through the bellwether counties where
Donald Trump won almost every single one of
the predictive counties that show who's going
to be president. And then they also know it
where they went to bed thinking Trump was
going to have four more years and they woke
up with the exact opposite. We have an individual
who could fill a stadium with 60,000 supporters
in 24 hours. Vice an individual you know the
famous photograph of the six empty circles
at a Biden rally. We have an incumbent president
who received more votes than any other incumbent
President in American history, who actually
got 10 million more votes than he did four
years prior, and who received more support
after four years of being called a racist
and a white supremacist. More support from
the Hispanic and Black community than any
Republican president since the 1960s.
And he was beaten by a machine politician,
who couldn't speak clearly, who on the campaign
stage would confuse his sister with his wife?
It just stinks. Now is it possible that the
very success of Republicans down ballot... I'm
talking about Republicans running for the
house running for the Senate, running for other
races... the fact that the Republicans as a
party did pretty well?
But Trump lost. Doesn't that work the other
way and undercut the idea that there were
systematic frauds? So an anomaly? Because if he
really, when a president really loses, he
has tails. What is it called? "Coattails." Okay. And
and the the down ballots lose. But they won.
Why didn't they cheat on all of those? Why
didn't they cheat in Virginia with Youngkin?
But then who's to say they didn't cheat? Not
all attempts at cheating succeed.
You're right, another question. In the Republican
Party, I keep hearing people who seem annoyed
at the revisiting of the 2020 election. Their
attitude appears to be let bygones be bygones.
Let's just move on. I think the reason that
many Republicans are saying let's move on
is because,
bold accusations require bold evidence. And
they haven't seen it. And because they know
how vulnerable they are and how much they're
going to be bashed. You're you're called a
"sore loser." You're called a "conspiracy theorist."
The people who say that let's move forward,
are people in the elite, who see Donald Trump as
an anomaly. You will not win in any district
in this country,
because you have said that that the 2020 election
was a fraud. And if they can't win on this
issue, then don't use it.
Well, it doesn't have to be the only issue,
but they're unwillingness even to speak up
about it. I think is despicable. Show me the
proof and I'll bet you they do speak up. Just
like I will speak more and I'm not running
for office. But I have not gone on board of
I know for a fact this was a fraud. Show me
the money.
That's good.
Look, I mean the Democrats. They have a history
of voter fraud. Going back to Tammany Hall
in the 19th century. We've fast forwarded to
LBJ, stealing his first race in Texas, John
F Kennedy. The allegations that he stole the
presidency with voter fraud in Texas and in
Illinois. They've done it before. I mean,
you can have someone who has a criminal record
and they're fully capable of robbing a bank.
But did they rob the bank? Well, it looks
like it. What is that
Frank Catherine think about all this. Catherine's
been a little quiet, but I think that that
means that they're working on something. I
think that you should give her a call and
see what she thinks. I'm Catherine Englebrecht,
founder and president of True the vote.
Hey, how are you? Hey I'm doing fine. Hey
listen, I'm here with Debbie. Hey Catherine,
hey Debbie. You know how crazy it is out there?
Have you guys been digging into this whole
issue of voter fraud? Well we have been working
on something big. It's probably best we don't
discuss it over the phone, but can we meet?
I've been working with Greg Phillips. I don't
know if I've ever introduced him to you, but
he has a deep background in
election intelligence. He's worked projects
all over the world. These are massive. 30
year experience.
We decided to test a hypothesis and we went
really big.
And now you have something.
That we think you're going to really want
to see.
So I'll send you the address separately.
Now, Greg Phillips. What's your background
that prepares you for this kind of work? I've
been in and around election intelligence and
integrity for about 40 years. We've done investigations
literally all over the world. It's a combination
of data acquisition, data analysis, occasionally
some in-depth data mining. Our ability to
draw meaningful conclusions that link the
who to the wind to the where is significant
in the space.
Catherine, you started the group called True
the Vote in the year 2010. What was your mission
or objective? We just didn't have enough volunteers
working at the polls in our local elections.
So we began by training people to work in
the polls, and then as we got further into
it, we recognized wow, some of the problems
you see at the polls can be attributed to
problems in the voter rolls. Well, what can
we do about the voter rolls? And so it turned
into something much bigger than we had anticipated. True
the Vote has
the largest store of election intelligence
for the 2020 elections in the world. No one
has more data than we do. So I started through
the vote to ensure that every American voter
has an opportunity to participate in elections.
I think I became familiar with your work when
you gave congressional testimony. And that
was in the year 2014. In fact, I met you through
Debbie. And I think what's interesting is
that you not only have known Debbie for years,
but you trained her. Absolutely.
I was I was a bilingual poll watcher. Oh yes,
so my my Spanish language came in very handy.
I was a poll watcher in Rosenberg and the
poll judge was telling this couple that came
in in Spanish who to vote for.
And of course, she didn't really realize that
I knew Spanish, and so there we go. And you
busted. I busted. Yeah, so Catherine, when
you set up True the Vote, you set it up,
not so much. It's not a partisan organization.
Is that because you saw shenanigans, problems
with voting as as coming out of both parties?
Oh. Absolutely. Plus we need parity of parties
at the polls. Well, you told me about this
remarkable election in which you had vote
and vote trafficking. But it was on behalf of
a Republican candidate exactly in North Carolina.
It was unique in that it actually overturned
an election. There's going to be a new election.
North Carolina Congressional District engulfed
in a scandal over voting fraud. This all centers
around allegations that an operative for Harris
then hired a team of people to harvest absentee
ballots, paying them between 2:00 and $3 a
vote. So you have an activist. The guy's name
was Mccrae Dowless, and he worked for the
Bladen Improvement Association, which was
a kind of an African American get voters to
the polls, but apparently they were doing
all kinds of vote harvesting, and he learned
the strategy. Then he broke.
With them, and he took his services to Mark
Harris, a Republican was actually a pastor
who was running and Harris won. He pulled
it off in 40 years of doing this. We've seen
this over and over again. Sometimes the schemes
are a little bit different. Sometimes it's
people out banging on doors, gathering ballots.
Sometimes the ballots are sent here, gathered
here, deposited there, but the trafficking
itself is always the same basic pattern. There's
a nonprofit involved somewhere in the middle.
There are people that are either.
Collecting those ballots on the one hand,
or depositing those ballots on the other and
getting paid for it in no case is it is acceptable
to be paid for your ballot or to accept some
form of remuneration for your ballot, and
in no way in no time is that legal. I noticed
Catherine, that in the immediate aftermath
of the election, when there were a lot of
accusations and charges flying around, all
reflecting these suspicions of something when
deeply wrong charges of foreign intervention
charges of machines.
You and your organization were kind of dead
silent. I got the impression that you were
looking for a different approach given the
outliers that were introduced in in such a
major way in 2020, namely, the privately funded
dropboxes. The mass mail out of ballots. The
hypothesis was, if you were going to cheat,
how might one go about this? That would be
provable, trackable, traceable. You said there
might be some, let's just call them bad actors.
Who are delivering ballots systematically
and illicitly to these mail and drop boxes?
And there might be a way to track them and
to bust them. We didn't know we decided we're
going to let the data tell the tale and we
collected together a team of highly skilled
contractors and put together a plan to see
where the data would take us.
What Greg is geotracking. So the idea is to
collect the signals that are emitted from
your phone. Your cell phone is delivering
information to apps that are collecting that
ping. So there are four key coordinates. The
lat long, the elevation and the time.
And with that data we can then build a pattern
of life around you so that phones here right
now. Well, where is it going to be at 5:00
o'clock and where is it going to be tonight?
Well, here's my cell phone. My my cell phone
is off can you? Can I be Geo tracked even
with the cell phone being off possibly.
Depending on the apps that are on the marketing
companies do all day, every day. This is the
point we were just at the Apple Store and
CVS and then on both occasions they knew where
you were, evidently absolutely and they were
telling you about specials and they were so
people have experience of this. There's 300,000
or so apps that that gather that data and
then they sell it to brokers. Isn't it also
true that this geotracking has now become
a vital tool for the military?
For the intelligence agencies and for law
enforcement, indeed, there use in it almost
everyday. I'll say that there's no question
amongst anyone that I know in the Community
that many, if not all, of the people that
were involved in the situation at the Capitol
in January 6th we're being tracked previous
to January 6th because they already knew what
their pattern of life was. They already knew
who to look at. Many of the people who stormed
the US Capitol on January 6th.
Left digital footprints that law enforcement
has used in making arrests. You're saying
they must have known about these people before
because some of those guys were arrested one
day, three days, five days after January 6th,
and that's not enough time to do the geotracking
analysis. The very idea that you could go
from the afternoon of January 6th to acquiring
the data, tracking the data unmasked.
Who actually owns that phone, which the government
is required to do and then get it to a grand
jury? Make an arrest in 72 hours.
It's not, it's not possible. They had to have
been tracking the people in advance, but the
fact of the matter is these techniques are
used every single day by law, enforcement,
intelligence, community of the Department
of Defense was geotracking part of the way
that the CIA was able to identify bin Laden.
It certainly played a role. It's even more
sophisticated today than it was when Bin Laden
was disposed of. More and more apps are participating
in this.
Program if you will. The reliability of geotracking.
Is not substantially different from the reliability
of a fingerprint or the reliability of DNA.
If it identifies your phone now, I could have
given my phone to Debbie, but the simple truth
of it is my phone was there on this particular
date and there's absolutely no question about
that right now. You decided to purchase through
these brokers that make this information available
to companies. They make it available all kinds
of places to buy data.
Let's talk about the methodology you identified
data in certain places and by and large you
focused on the states where the election was
decided. Tell us what are the areas that you
bought data for and what were you looking
for and what's the time period. October 1st
through the election in Georgia, we actually
bought from October 1st through January 6th
after the runoff. So we went in.
We decided to do the Atlanta metro area because
it picks up some rural areas. It picks up
some urban areas. It picks up some suburban
areas, 309 drop boxes in in the area, and
we thought, OK, well, this is a pretty good
test. We, in essence, sort of fenced around.
Those geofencing and then we were able to
make purchase of data of people that had been
near those drop boxes, but also near the organizations.
As the country we bought 10 trillion signals
when they give you this data, this data that
you then have to go through. What does this
data look like? It's a massive data transfer.
We have more than a petabyte of data. You're
talking about transacting hundreds of terabytes,
so it's a significant move of data. You have
10 trillion signals. That's that's a lot of
signals. So what was the criterion that you
sat final decision? Was they had to have been
to 10 or more drop boxes, meaning unique visits
inside of a space?
And five or more visits to one of the one
or more of these organizations. Those were
the outliers. It was such an aberrant pattern.
So what you're saying, I mean, seems to me
there's no reason for someone to go to even
two drop boxes. But you're saying that maybe
there's a conceivable reason someone did that.
Let's identify a large number of drop boxes
and multiple trips, and that way we're going
to catch. Not all the offenders, right? But
the worst offenders, the way we would describe
it is we want to absolutely ensure that we
don't have.
False positives, meaning, including people
that should not have been included. We're
not in any way saying that this is all there
is. We're just saying that based on our criteria.
That we identified in the blana 242 people
that went to an average of 24 drop boxes.
In eight organizations, during a two week
period 242.
Mules now let's pause for a second.
What is a mule? When we started the project,
we had to figure out how are we going to describe
the individuals and the and the elements involved
and to us it felt a lot like a cartel. It
felt a lot like trafficking and it can be
trafficking in drugs, trafficking in humans.
In this instance, it's ballot trafficking.
And so we began to use that vernacular. A
mule is, by our definition, a person that
is involved in picking up ballots from locations
and running them to the drop boxes. So you
have the collectors on the one hand, you have
the stash houses, which are the the nonprofits,
and then you have the the mules that are doing
the drops. What do we know about them? Who
are they? Well, first, let me say this is
not grandma out walking her dog bad backgrounds.
Our reputations we've had, you know, encounters
with several that are, you know, not terribly
positive violent guys can be. They are interested
in one thing. That's money, by the way, how
much they get paid according to the people
that have shared information with us, it's
generally $10 a ballot in the in the Georgia
runoff, that number was higher.
2020, of course, was the year of the Antifa
riots. The B LM riots, and it was all going
on in the months and weeks leading up to the
election, and so in the data you have Geo
tracking data of the dropboxes.
But you also have data on the rioters. There
were several different violent BLM Antifa
riots in Atlanta, and one of them we had three
dozen of our mules participate in these violent
riots. There's an organization that tracks
the device ID's across all violent protests
around the world. We took a look at our 242
mules in Atlanta, and sure enough, dozens
and dozens and dozens.
Of our mules show up on the acrid databases,
so again, this is not a grandma I walking
her dog. These are, you know, violent criminals
sometimes not just a criminal element, but
there is an ideological element and that there's
an overlap between people. I mean, you're
not going to go to an Antifa riot and find
it overpopulated with Patriots or Christians
or Republicans. These are people on generally
the far left, and it turns out that these
are people who also helped to make up the
mule population. I think that's also.
Borne out in our target organizations themselves.
They're not like Republican organizations.
You're left wing Democratic organizations?
Yeah, let's zoom in here so the mule is the
delivery man woman and what you're saying
is they have a starting point or multiple
starting points. And then they have the end
point and the end point is the drop box, right?
But you're saying that they're they. They
get the ballots from somewhere and then they
go deposit them in multiple drop boxes.
The questions that will come up in the work
that we've done is, well, how do you know
that this wasn't just somebody that's got
a big family and they just deposited a bunch
of ballots, ones? Or how do you know that
this person didn't just work at A at a location
that is near Dropbox, and so they're constantly
going by a Dropbox and the elements that that
are additive? Here the going to the nonprofits.
The ability to identify the pattern of approach
to a Dropbox and that it is going not past
a Dropbox and on but directly to a Dropbox
and back to another point and then to another
Dropbox. All of these things.
I mean, isn't the timing significant of some
guys going to a Dropbox at 2:00 AM in the
morning? Presumably he's not like out for
a walk, so we're going to show you a visual,
a pattern of life that someone can see and
look at rather than just a whole spreadsheet
of numbers. Being able to look at it in this
What you see here on the screen is a single
person on a single day in Atlanta, GA. They
went to 28 drop boxes and five organization.
In one day, what are the orange dots? Those
are dropboxes.
And what is the blue tracks? That is a smoothed
out pattern of life so that we could take
the sort of the movement of the individual
cell phone signals
And the circles I take it reflect.
The nonprofit centers are that the places
where the ballots originate, the stash houses
where the ballots are collected and handed
to the mules to take to the Dropbox. Now let's
move over to Arizona. How many meals in Arizona?
A little over 200 little over 200. In Phoenix
alone. The reason I think this is all very
significant is because these were very close
states, right? What was the margin in Georgia?
10 or 11,000 I think in the end in Arizona.
Also extremely close close. Then you moved
on to Wisconsin, but our initial look was
in Milwaukee. Gross numbers were a little
down, but the average number of visits to
the drop boxes was up as soon instead of having
only 24 unique visits. I think we averaged
28. Maybe I've heard people in Milwaukee are
really hard working and maybe they just went
overtime and then let's go to Michigan.
500 meals that we've identified in Michigan.
Again, the number of boxes is lower than where
in Michigan. Detroit mainly, but we have people
in Detroit that went to more than 100.
Dropboxes, I mean this is stunning because
it's like I cannot think of a rational kind
of innocent reason for someone to do that.
It just doesn't exist. So any reasonable person
would say you're on to something big. You
should take a closer look. Let's go to Pennsylvania
critical state. I think it was Pennsylvania
that really gave Biden the election Philadelphia
alone. We've identified more than 1100.
Newells at rates well beyond anything we'd
Closer to 50 dropboxes each, each guy going
to 50 dropboxes each. 1100 we saw people driving
back and forth to New Jersey across the bridge
saying the ballots may not even be from Philadelphia
or from Pennsylvania.
The origin point appears to be jersey.
Now running 1100 meals times 50 where we are
50,000 Dropbox visits by the mules alone in
Philadelphia or Greater Philadelphia area.
Now as you were assessing this data, you had
the two of you and I'm not sure which of you.
Came up with this a genius idea in my view,
for it was you.
Of course, 2 hours. Well to validate your
data, we chose to look at 2 murders that were
ebbing on cold case status and in Atlanta,
8 year old succoria Turner was killed by rounds
of gunfire shot into a car that happened just
outside this Wendy's parking lot, bought the
data and the team got to work. You could see
visually that there were only a handful of
unique devices.
That could possibly have pulled the trigger,
so this is the area and this is where the
Wendy's was. And are you saying that each
green dot is the same guy, but moving through
time, each color is one person?
The shooting actually occurred right here
in this parking lot. Sort of inside of this
circle, or really the only potentially legitimate
shooters. Each of these devices has a unique
device ID, and we turned the bulk of this
information over to the Federal Bureau of
Investigation. Now I read they've arrested
two suspects. They have two suspected gang
members will appear in court this morning
on charges that include the shooting death
of eight year old Succoria Turner.
And isn't it true that this tracking these
movements this parallel is exactly the work
you're doing with the mules exactly? It's
one thing to have the scientific evidence
which is persuasive on its own merits. But
do you have video evidence?
We do how much of it do you have? 4,000,000
minutes of surveillance video around the country
officials surveillance video of these male
in drop boxes.
How do you get it?
You can file for open records requests. Any
citizen can do this. It was a a very difficult
series of steps that had to be followed to
procure the actual surveillance video. You
have video in Georgia we do. Is it video from
the presidential election, the runoff election,
or both? Both? Do you have video from other
states? Some video from Arizona we have recently
learned video was specifically turned off
on particular drop boxes, in which state?
Arizona, Wisconsin. It turns out even though
the rules required them to have video, did
they do the video they did not. There should
be video on every Dropbox given today's kind
of cost of technology, it would not have been
that hard to do it. And you sent me a screenshot,
Catherine where you were requesting video
and I believe it was the state of Georgia
saying this video does not exist and we can't
tell you why it doesn't exist, right? That
was in in Fulton County.
Have correspondence like that from a lot of
states in the absence of video and that geospatial
data is key to decoding. You know what the
greater scheme was, but in the case of what
we're going to show you now what kicks it
up a notch is that we have the geospatial
data to support the video. Let's talk about
some of the videos, so we're going to show
you a couple different ones. This particular
individual we have in a number of different
locations and a number of different times.
He's actually a mule.
This is the official surveillance video of
Georgia, absolutely. And so as the person
pulls up, they don't even bother parking.
Of course, in the middle of the night. So
why would they? They gets out.
Approaches the box.
When people walk up with intention to cheat,
they look around. They basically walk fairly
quickly. They try to stuff them in. They try
to get out of there. In this case he drops
a few on the ground.
Pick them up, stuff them into the box.
And then he hustles back and hustles out of
there. So this is what it looks like. It doesn't
necessarily look like you know hundreds of
ballots being stuffed in. You don't need a
whole lot of fraud, just need a little in
the right places over time. Is there a way
to estimate or even roughly how many ballots
are being tossed into a box at a given time?
It might be three or five or six or ten or
something like that. The idea is to stay under
the radar, and as Greg said, the number is,
you know three 5-10 ballots, but then.
They're not done for the day either. They're
going place to place to place day upon day
upon day, and so that will not show up in
your chain of custody documents. You're tracking
documents that would identify a big blip,
and I mean they're not going up and dumping
in, you know, buckets full of ballots. On
the other hand, we've seen circumstances where
it appears that buckets full of ballots showed
up. There's one box in Gwinnett County that
had a chain of custody.
Document with 19162 ballots noted on this
and first of all, that's roughly 10 times
what we normally see.
We sorted through the geodata found a few
100 people OK, well, that's pretty odd. We
have video of all of this.
And guess what, it shows.
271 people approached that ballot drop box
during that 25 hour period.
271 nineteen 162 ballots were deposited.
Here are our election officials pulling out
of that drop box. 2 full duffel bags containing
over 1900 ballots.
Let's look at another one. Let's take a look
at the interesting thing about this person
is the device seems to live in South Carolina,
so this person isn't even from Georgia. She
was here during both election cycles, but
is not a resident of the state.
But as she approaches the drop box.
She never looks at the trash can, right? She's
looking the other way, but the other thing
she has is she has gloves on.
What one of our analysts noticed was these
surgical gloves only appeared from December
23rd forward in the runoff, so we didn't see
a lot of them previous to December 23rd, and
we couldn't figure out why. And then it just
dawned on us. Well on December 22nd.
There was an indictment handed down in Arizona
for people that had stuffed ballots and the
way the FBI nailed them was fingerprints and
then lo and behold, the next day and and days
forward. So this video is now from the Georgia
runoff. This is January of 21. This particular
one is approximately 1:00 o'clock in the morning
on January the 5th.
It's like a small stack ish, maybe 3, maybe
4 takes them off.
And then puts them in the trash can that she
never looked at.
So she knew it was there, knew it was there,
right? And so we have her on a number of locations
building out of state mule. And then this
is in no way the only Dropbox that she attended.
That's right. No, she's she's.
Goes to dozens and dozens over the course
of these two elections.
What you're going to see is he approaches
the drop box on his bike. He also has a backpack
on. Pull the ballots out of his backpack.
This time digging around, looking for some
ballots. Finally gets that pulls them out.
OK. Now I'm set and he'll put them in.
But you also see him get sort of frustrated
as he starts to leave, because guess what?
At this point, they had started requiring
the mules apparently to take pictures of the
stuffing of the ballots. It appears that that's
how they get paid, so they take a picture
and stuff it in. They take a picture, not
a selfie, but a picture of the the actual
ballot going in. But this guy gets frustrated,
so he actually has to park his bike, get off.
So if you were there, just casting your own
ballot, what reason in the world would you
have to come back and take a picture of the
Many meals down looking around.
Take some pictures. OK the next one yeah.
So let me show you dog guy. So dog guy middle
of the day. This is actually at a polling
place so the people in line are waiting to
go in and vote early. They're doing it the
right way. OK, now you've got some other people
going to walk up.
This lady doesn't care, but this guy this
next guy cared he's watching the whole thing.
This guy looks up talks to him, got the ballots
under his arm already. Now he's got the rest
that he pulled out of the bag.
And he's going to get his camera ready to
take the pictures as he puts him in there.
If you consider the brazenness of this right,
this is the middle of the day. There's people
sitting there watching you cheat.
People that are doing it the right way.
But it's difficult for them to know what to
do except observe and maybe say what's going
on here. What did I just see? They wonder
what does this all even mean? If this is happening
in broad daylight and nobody's doing anything
to stop it.
And so these are the kind of things. 4,000,000
minutes of this. This was an organized effort
to subvert a free and fair election. This
is organized crime. You can't look at this
data in its aggregate.
And believe anything otherwise.
That's especially true when you consider that
in places like Georgia it was only decided
by 10,012 thousand votes.
And you look at 5000 visits just from our
It's not a leap.
To say yes, this would have made a difference.
Adding these numbers up, we have 2000 plus
mules based upon not searching these whole
States and remember we're only talking about
a small number of states you didn't. We're
not talking about the whole country, we're
talking about whole states. We're not even
talking about whole states. That's right.
And we're also talking about a gross undercount
of the actual number of meals, because you
set a high bar, they had to go to a 10 drop
So if there's a mule who went to seven drop
boxes, you wouldn't. You wouldn't catch that
guy, and they had to go to nonprofits, so
they had to meet those two criteria and then
go to one of the geofence drop boxes. If they
met the two criteria but went to a post office
box, we're not going to look at them. One
of the slogans of the Democrats through all
this debate has been make every vote count,
and I think we can now see in a chilling way
that this is kind of what they mean. What
they mean is it doesn't matter if all.
Kinds of illegal ballots are being dropped
in. Let's just count them. Now the narrative
needs to be that this is the most secure election.
This is the most fabulous election we've ever
had pay no mind to the millions of Americans
that are saying something is not right. This
does not make sense. Nothing to see here,
just smile and wave boys. I mean, wouldn't
it be an accurate summary to say that these
voter bills that the Democrats are desperate
to enact the federalize? The election? Isn't
it that they want to take all these?
Special provisions that have enabled what
we've described or you've described in the
2020 election and make it permanent if we
don't wake up.
And do the hard roll up your sleeves work
that it's going to take to reel this all back
together? Then yes, all the pieces are in
place for our election system to be in permanent
lockdown and it will be done under the watchful
eye of a media that will tell you it's all
just fine. It seems like they are subverting
democracy in the public pretense of protecting
it absolutely, and it won't stop unless we
stop it. If I look across the swath of Republicans.
This is not the kind of issue that they seem
to be comfortable with. It's almost like they
would rather endure. As I said, it's a gamble
right? Because the ones that are enduring
are currently elected and in power. When you
watch these brazen acts.
And nobody says a word because they're scared
that they're going to be sued because they're
scared that they're going to be cancelled
because they're scared that they're going
to be silenced. That kind of chilling effect
is exactly what they want. And as I said,
on the other side of fear is freedom. If you
never get past the fear.
You're never free.
Let's sum up what we know.
Do we know for sure that this was not in fact
far from the most secure election in history?
It was not.
We know that for a fact, do we know for a
fact that there was coordinated systematic
fraud in all the key states where the election
was decided?
And therefore does it follow?
That the people who suspected fraud, even
though they didn't have the proof. Their suspicion
was right. Absolutely their instincts are
right, and moreover that the states that are
trying to do something about systematic fraud
by restoring a modicum of, let's call it the
old rules, checking your voter ID, checking
signatures you want to mail in ballot. You
know what you got. To request an absentee
ballot. We're not going to send 20 million
ballots out there and see what comes back
that these voter integrity.
As far from being voter suppression.
Are actually a legitimate way to make sure
that the people who vote are actually eligible
to vote 100% accurate. That's absolutely correct.
What you are seeing is a crime. These are
fraudulent votes. In two of our five key states,
you were allowed to give your ballot to be
delivered by a family member or a caregiver.
This is vote harvesting, but it's not the
same as ballot trafficking. In no state in
America is it legal for nonprofit organizations
to collect ballots and pay mules to deliver
them to mail in drop boxes.
Now we come to the most important question
of all was the magnitude of vote trafficking
and these key swing states enough to tip the
balance in the 2020 presidential election?
Let's first narrow in on just our 2000 mules,
their average number of Dropbox visits 38
their average number of illegal ballots deposited
per visit five. That's 300.
80,000 illegal votes.
But was this sufficient to put Biden in the
White House? To answer that question, we must
look at each key state.
In Michigan.
500 mules, averaging 50 Dropbox visits and
five illegal ballots per drop. That's 125,000
illegally trafficked votes, not quite the
154,000 vote difference between Trump and
Biden. So Michigan, with its 16 electoral
votes, stays in the Biden column in Wisconsin.
100 mules, averaging 28 drop box visits, and
five illegal ballots per drop. That's 14.
1000 illegally trafficked votes 6000 votes
short to give Trump the win. So using only
our mules Wisconsin, 10 electoral votes stays
in the Biden camp. But now we come to Georgia
250 mules, averaging 24 drop box visits and
five illegal ballots per drop. That's 30,000
illegally trafficked votes, far more than
the 12,000 vote difference between Trump and
Biden, so Georgia.
At 16 electoral votes moves over into the
Trump column.
In Arizona, the numbers are roughly the same,
200 mules, averaging 20 Dropbox visits and
five illegal ballots per drop. That's 20,000
illegal votes. Again, these illegal votes
are substantially more than the 10,000 vote
margin that gave the States 11 electoral votes.
Dividen in Philadelphia, PA alone, 1100 mules,
averaging 50 Dropbox visits and five ballots
per visit, that's 275.
1000 illegal votes again comfortably exceeding
the 80,000 vote margin between Trump and Biden.
So Pennsylvania's 20 electoral votes goes
for Trump.
Shockingly, even this narrow way of looking
at just our 2000 mules in these swing states
gives Trump the win with 279 electoral votes
to Biden's 259.
But no one thinks that our 2000 mules were
the only mules trafficking illegal votes to
widen the search. Greg and his team lowered
the criterion from 10 or more to five or more
dropboxes. This revealed a huge upsurge in
the number of meals from 2000 to 54,000 fifty
4000 mules. Next they used a very conservative
estimate of just three ballots per Dropbox
Now when we multiply this increase number
of mules times the five Dropbox visits per
mule, times just three illegal votes per drop.
We find election fraud on an astonishing scale
in Wisconsin, eighty 3565 illegal votes were
trafficked in Georgia, 92,670 in Pennsylvania
200 and 9505.
In Michigan, 226,590 and in Arizona 200 and
Using this calculus, Trump would have won
all the key States and the final electoral
vote 305 to 233.
I wanted to get my Salem colleagues take on
what I'd learned here.
How did you get this?
Surveillance fully, it's just like official
This is all together to open records and the
way that we.
There was 4,000,000 minutes of video, so this
is official surveillance footage. That's indisputable.
It was taken by the state itself. That's the
only place that the I think did not anticipate
that anyone would go through this video, so
this is 1:00 o'clock in the morning. Don't
we all vote at 1:00 o'clock in the morning?
Right, this is theme silly, but somebody asked
me they go, how do we know this is not normal
male? This is a ballot drop box, right? OK,
this is not the mailbox where we write your
She's got gloves, though. She's got gloves
And what does she do with the clothes whoopsie
Daisy? Hang on? She walked straight past that
cannon. Didn't you gonna show that again?
It's hilarious.
Look, look, she just walks.
So this is not the first time she's done no,
but so that one was in Georgia. Is that right?
Yes, so in Georgia it is illegal to turn in
anyone but yourself or your family members
ballot. It is illegal, it is illegal. So forget
the outcome. That's an illegal practice. What
you just saw video number two dog. This is
called dog guy.
He's taking pictures.
Why would you do that? So you get paid? Paid
business is business. What do you? What do
you suspect? If if you had actually caught
this person at that moment, hand me those
ballots and the person did, what do you think
you would see? Whose name is on it in, in
your opinion, ineligible voters, people that
have moved. Would you see legitimate ballots?
There's an ambiguity in what you're saying.
The ballot itself is legitimate. That right?
It's not. It's not a fake piece of paper,
right? But again, remember when you mail in
a ballot, you have a security.
Envelope with the signature verification standard.
That's been all but washed away and as soon
as it's taken out of that envelope.
Then you then you have a disconnect and the
ballot is a virgin sheet of paper. The ballot,
the only ID, is on the envelope on the outside.
But this is an example of multiple ballots,
so this is not 57 AM prime voting time. Gotta
be the line this person comes up and what
you're gonna see is when you try to put too
many ballots in.
He needs a shoe horn.
And we have lots of those where they're just
jamming them in, and then they fall on the
ground. And when you can jam this alone.
Is to say the least, suggestive. Who voting
at 3:57 AM with a whole bunch of ballots and
then being able to match that ping where he's
standing there to the next place he goes and
the next videos of 1, but each one of these
you know, went to on average 23 times going
different places.
571 night this person, this mule went across
6 counties to 27 different drop boxes. Five
different organizations in, one in, one in
the ballots from the organization, correct,
the Republicans had no idea this was going
on during the election. Trump, to his credit,
tweeted out in July. Mail in ballots are a
disaster with and he was attacked so hard
by Kemp and Ducey and somewhere. But that
was he didn't have this information obviously
ended up being right. This is the tip of the
iceberg. You're talking about, extraordinary.
Criminal activity, but there's a ton more.
You would guess that you have not even touched.
You are talking about two 300,000 ballots
that were just harvested in only the old geolocated
locations, but you are talking what 5% of
America, less than 5%? OK, so the case closed.
Sorry, gentlemen. Lady Case closed, so I do
a heroic thing that not necessarily others
here. Do I read the New York Times every day
No sorry for it, it's my martyrdom. They claim
all of these places we have found maybe 4,
maybe 50 phony ballots. These aren't phony
ballots. This is a very long wait. They're
phony names.
There's no name on the ballot, Dennis, OK,
let's say we got access to every single ballot
thrown into the ballot boxes. Would we be
able to prove this is a fraud? It's the perfect
crime because it cannot be curated after his
committed because the evidence has no connection
to the person who is meant to be voting. That's
the problem. As soon as it gets taken out
of the envelope, the identity of the voter
disappears from John Doe is from.
John Doe, who was dead, or John Doe who was
moved, is that correct or voted somewhere
else or voted? So why is that not provable?
There is an easy way to bust it, but it's
not the way you think. It's not to go find
the ballots in the ballot mix. You can't do
that. The way to find it is these guys have
the cell phone identification of all the mules,
all of them. So law enforcement has to step
in at this point and their next step. What
were you doing? Seven days to go go interview
the meals? Who paid you?
Where do you get the money? Will any states
law enforcement through this? This is a big
question. The mules aren't gonna fess up,
they don't. They know they're participating
in something. That is when you got you got
them on videotape you got 2000 people who
are committing felonies, right?
I'd like you to just reflect about what you've
learned today and how you're feeling and thinking
about it. It's just.
Sickening to me this is jaw dropping. What
you showed is frightening.
Republicans had no clue this was going on.
I wondered whether any Republicans who did
Investigative journalist Heather Mullins interviews
a whistleblower hired by the National Republican
Senatorial Committee. I was hired by the NRSC.
My job was basically to watch the ballot boxes
and this was for the early voting in Georgia.
So with that started on December 14th and
ended on the 31st of December and we would
monitor that box from 8 to 8 all day long.
So consequently, during those two two weeks.
I monitored those foxes indiscriminately.
I would move around to the different areas
in the boxes and watching 30 minutes here.
An hour in there and then I would start to
see things where I see people walking up with
backpacks and they were unloading large numbers
of ballots suffered in the box.
Recorded some of that and took pictures of
it and dates and times and those things I
spotted place from Texas from Colorado, South
Carolina and North Carolina and they thought
that was odd that all these states were coming
in and these people get on and watch them
get out and then they go up to the ballot
and stuff. The ballot and ballot box. I thought
that was kind of odd so you know, we took
pictures of those things when we took pictures,
recorded license plates and those things.
And then I uploaded those photographs to a
Dropbox. Then when it came to.
The the Georgia runoff. The actual day of
the election was on January 5th.
I was up there, it was early in the morning.
Now there were Stacey Abrams people all along
the sidewalk up there. How did you know that
they were Stacey Abrams? Abrams people, though
well, they had those masks on it, said vote.
She has one of those things they had. This
was during COVID right and they were part
of that initiative. I knew that she was part
of that initiative that she had going on about.
Get out the boat kind of thing. So it was
Democratic Party and it was a group of people
that were, you know, they're all interacting
with each other and then the local.
Democratic Party chairman was there also about
6:30 that evening.
We noticed there was a couple of female couple.
These two ways had run off and they had big
stack of Alice and we were standing there
and they tried to shove the ballots in there
and looking over taking pictures and the other
gentleman took some video and everything and
she turned around and looked at us and she
said what are you doing and I said well protecting
your picture.
And she said, well, you can't do that. And
I said, yes, I can.
And she got mad.
Yeah, she brought up the sidewalk and left
so you're seeing the NRSC was made aware that
there were people stuffing dropboxes at specific
dates and times. So with what you witnessed
during your time watching these Dropbox, do
you believe that that was enough for law enforcement
to get involved?
After several weeks, no contact or anything,
and you know I just so you're saying though
if if somebody had contacted you, you would
be willing to testify to these things and
and give those depositions. Underoath that
would have had to. Yeah I would have had to.
Catherine hey Greg, just interviewed an informant
in Arizona who's now cooperating with authorities.
Oh wow. OK, check your email. OK, awesome,
I'll do it. Thanks so much. OK bye honey yeah,
take a look at this. So this is I remember
Greg was going to interview that mule and
so we got the video.
Thank you again for getting concealing her
What, what was your? What was your job like?
What, what, what, what were you doing a receptionist?
So at some point?
You were asked or or sort of instructed. I
guess to start receiving people's ballots
are you was just instructed to go ahead and
receive ballots from various people, females
And and on Friday they would come and pick
up a payment. I assumed it was payments.
For what they were doing.
So they would during the week they would bring
them in.
Various times and then you would pay them
like all on the Friday is that kind of how
it went. Yes, interesting, and then I would
get a call to find out how many ballots were
brought in and if they were already pre filled
out first and she would come to the office,
look at them and then before she left she
would either take them herself but other times
she would ask me if I could drop them off
at the library. So what was the instruction
just to drop them off?
In the Dropbox Dropbox, the early ballots,
can you give me an idea of how many you personally
put in the box?
Open yes, and was there a reason they wanted
you? She wanted you to go to that drop box
as opposed to maybe City Hall or personal
There's no Tom rooster.
Well, she wouldn't want me to take it in the
evening when it was dark also.
Do you think this is widespread in Yuma County
or elsewhere?
I was saying that so do you think that people
you know in Saint Louis they believe that
their vote matters?
I don't even think they know the meaning of
what voting is. Do you personally think that
the elections in Saint Louis are free and
They've been fixed.
They're already known seriously, who?
It's gonna win the next election before it
even happens. How do you think this affects
the community, especially the Hispanic community?
Because it seems like they're praying on minorities.
They're an easy target because most of the
Still live in the town.
Are not well educated as far as the law they
look at it and mostly as oh she's trying to
help us because we're older because she's
having someone come and pick it up at my house
because I don't drive most of them maybe.
I would say honestly, 90% of the elderly still
live in Someways don't drive or have relatives
that are willing to drive up to do this to
go to the voting polls.
Back when I first moved into the city of Southwest,
I did have somebody come and knock on my door
and ask for my ballot.
And it was somebody I knew.
And that I had known for many years since
I was a child.
And up to the thing that person does not talk
to me because I said there was no way I was
giving them my ballot. What a brave woman
to do this totally. I call it the Mexican
mafia, seriously.
Because they they work like that. It seems
like we need to do a better job of maybe educating
folks or or helping people understand that
this does not OK. I offered a long time ago,
but again he told me hold on though, because
you're going to end up in the trash can and
pieces. What do you think it's going to take
to get this trafficking to stop for people
to get caught and pay the price?
Wow, unbelievable.
We know that the mules got their stashes of
ballots from these activist organizations.
But where did the activist organizations get
the ballots from?
Hans Bonds Bukovsky is a former member of
the Federal Election Commission, a senior
fellow at the Heritage Foundation and Co.
Author of the book are broken elections.
I will say election fraud is bipartisan, but
most of the cases I see are unfortunately
the Democratic Party.
Hands you just watched a mule kind of fessing
up about participating in this trafficking
operation. Is this kind of a mule operation
something familiar to you? But unfortunately
this is so common in some parts of America,
particularly the Hispanic community, that
they have a special name there. There they
call them political heroes.
And these are individuals who are paid by
campaigns or political parties to go into
And collect absentee ballots to pressure and
coerce voters. People who observe election
fraud have commented that absentee ballot
fraud or mail ballot fraud is the easiest
and the most common type of election fraud.
Why is that?
Well, because they're the only kind of ballot
that is voted outside the supervision of election
officials and outside the observation of poll
watchers. Transparency, as you know, is very
important in the election process. And there's
no one there at voters home to observe what's
happening. Also, remember when you're in a
polling place, you fill out your ballot and
you then deposit it directly into the ballot
box. That obviously is not what happens with
absentee ballots. There are some states.
I believe about half of them, about 27 states
that allow voter harvesting, and by voter
harvesting, what we mean is that you are allowed
to give your ballot to someone else and ask
them to deliver it.
Now, are there any states in which you're
allowed to pay mules to deliver ballots to
Dropbox? No, you're not supposed to be doing
that and allowing vote trafficking to begin
Is a huge mistake because you're giving third
party strangers you know candidates, campaign
staffers, party activists, all people who
have a stake in the outcome of the election.
You're giving them the ability to handle something
very valuable, a ballot.
Voter fraud is almost incalculably rare in
the United States. Does it ever happen OK?
Occasionally it does happen, but it doesn't
happen on a national scale, doesn't affect
the outcome. It would affect the outcome.
I read these days constantly that election
fraud. Well, it could occur, but those cases
are extremely rare. They're so episodic they
don't have the ability to tip an election.
Is that true? Fraud happens often enough that.
Elections get overturned, I mean just go back
three years to 2018 and a congressional race
was overturned. I can cite to you another
case in Mississippi. It was just overturned
by a court because of fraud. Same thing in
Florida, but look, that's just the tip of
the iceberg. Now we've shown that you've got
these mules who are picking up these ballots
at various vote stash houses. Where do these
organizations get ballots? Well, quote Shakespeare.
Let me count the ways.
You know everything from filling out absentee
ballot request forms for voters, but having
the ballot sent to them to actually going
to the voters and obtaining the ballots from
them to stealing them out of mailboxes to
actually using high quality photocopy machines
to make their own ballots.
Look, these cases unfortunately go on all
the time you can go to 2018, which wasn't
that long ago when North Carolina Leslie Mccrae
Dowless is accused of mishandling absentee
ballots in North Carolina's 9th district.
Dallas would frequently obtain this report
from the Board of Elections looking for the
date an absentee ballot was mailed and if
it had been returned. Ginger Eason, who first
told me she was hired to pick up ballots,
and Kelly Hendricks who testified she did
the same thing.
What would you do if the ballots after you
picked them up take on straight to the office
in Dublin and hand them over to McRae? And
I don't know what happened to him after that.
I know there was stacks of them on his desk.
There was testimony in the case that his staffers
were falsely signing as witnesses on those
absentee ballots because he had done this
before. He actually apparently had signatures
of voters from prior elections in his offices.
Voter rolls are in notoriously bad shape states
do a very bad job of taking people off who
are no longer eligible because they've died
or moved away, and it's very easy to get hold
of a state's voter registration list so you
know if somebody's on the list and they have
voted in 10 years. You're probably pretty
safe and trying to cast a ballot on their
behalf and on their behalf. Remember, in states
that made the mistake of simply mailing out
a absentee ballot to every single registered
Well, if you're a fraudster and you get hold
of that absentee ballot, you've got 90% of
the information you need to fill it out because
the name's gonna be on the outer envelope
and they're registered address. Let's let's
follow the track of these mail out ballots,
right? Let's just say you got students on
a campus they've voted, but then they graduate
and obviously they moved to a different state.
If they're on the voter rolls, is it not a
fact that mail ballots will be arriving in
the dorms and arriving?
And and so presumably they're not going to
be that hard to scoop up. If somebody knows
how where to where to look for him, no, that's
exactly right. And you know, I work in the
District of Columbia. They mailed out absentee
ballots to all of their registered voters,
and I can't tell you how many phone calls.
By card from people that I know, saying that
not only had their ballot arrived in the mail,
but 567 ballots all coming into their apartment
for people who used to live there. Now, a
former Supreme Court Justice in Wisconsin
named Gableman has done it for a preliminary
report. He talks about the fact that there
are approximately 90,000 people in Wisconsin
who are in resident care facilities or nursing
So she's basically not capable any longer
of even remaining awake for more than a few
minutes, and so you surprised that she voted
in February 2021, absolutely, but I was surprised
to hear that she voted in the last presidential
She had voted for the last off and on for
the last 10 years.
I guess in my mind I thought if you put your
parent into a facility because they were incapacitated,
they would not even be offered the vote they
make you vote. They make you vote here.
And and so how do they make you vote? Didn't
want to vote, and they told me I had to. That
is a real problem. Clearly was a problem in
Wisconsin 2020, but unfortunately that's a
perennial problem in other states too. What
happens is you have staff in those nursing
homes. Sometimes they are activists. Politically
they get these individuals registered to vote,
or if already registered vote, they will request
absentee ballots in their name sometimes.
Forging their signatures and then filling
out the ballots for them just prior to the
2020 election, the state of Texas and died
in a social worker in a home for young people
who were basically mentally incompetent. She
had sent in over 100 voter registrations for
these individuals who were not legally competent
to vote.
What about homeless shelters? Look if a homeless
individual is mentally capable. They ought
to be able to vote, and if the only place
they can list is registered, address the homeless.
Well, that's fine, but the problem there is
that it's very easy. I think for them to be
intimidated and coerced in Chicago, the largest
election fraud case, the US Justice Department
ever prosecuted, they were paying homeless
individuals to cast ballots the way they wanted
them to cast ballots. What made you want to?
To do this, what made you want to get involved?
Well, I knew election stuff was supposed to
be something good to do, and then, plus I
needed a little extra money to get Christmas
for my son. So that's why the main reason
I did that who do these fraudsters pick on?
They pick on the most vulnerable in our society.
They go into poor neighborhoods. They pick
on the elderly, they pick on people for whom
English is not their first language. When
we're trying to stop election fraud, we're
actually trying to protect. I, I'd say the
most vulnerable people in our society.
We now know where the ballots could have come
from, but to pull off a heist like this on
a national scale would take deep pockets.
I wanted to find out where the money might
have come from, who could have funded the
I met with Scott Walter, an old colleague
of mine at the American Enterprise Institute
who is now head of the Capital Research Center.
This is an organization that has produced
multiple reports on the funding of elections.
People think of Three Rivers of money really
that empty into the Gulf of elections. The
hard dollars to try to check to candidate
the second year. Soft money or dark money.
And then there's a third river that people
tend to neglect. But Capital Research Center
is studied intently and that is the 501C3
nonprofit money. The kind of charity that
you get to take a tax deduction for that river
is enormous. In the 2018 cycle, about $21
Now, what do the IRS regulations say about
the involvement of these nonprofits? By law,
these nonprofit charities are forbidden to
directly intervene in elections in any way
or to help a particular party or candidate.
The IRS is emphatic that you cannot intend
or even have the effect of helping one party
or candidate over the other. Now, let's talk
about some of the key elements of this particular
That we're focusing on we have we have dropboxes
and those dropboxes are most people would
think funded entirely by the states. In other
words, the Dropbox is in Georgia funded by
the state of Georgia, but that's not entirely
the case. Is it? In the 2020 election, there
was an unprecedented hundreds of millions
of private dollars going into government election
offices. The 470 million or so dollars were
sent by Mark.
Zuckerberg and his wife. We did our part to
secure the integrity of the election. There
were a few other places that put in much smaller
amounts. 1 entity that put in $25 million
was again a nonprofit. That's part of the
Arabella advisors, which as a total empire
in 2020, took in $1.7 billion. Is there any
evidence that this operation had a partisan
thrust or a partisan character? As we all
Big money rarely comes without strings attached.
One of the big ones is lots and lots of dropboxes.
Also lots and lots of vote by mail to get
your nice big checks you had to do things
like have dropboxes, encourage, vote by mail,
have ads and foreign languages, all kinds
of things that little by little are nudging
the turn out for one particular political
party in addition to the 470 or so $1,000,000.
That went into the suckback operation you
also had in 2020 $120 million project, very
secretive, called the Voter Registration Project.
The 120 million it came from Soros Foundation.
It came from visas foundation. It came from
Warren Buffett Foundation. It came from unions
like the SEIU, the voter registration project
has as its goal increasing in the 8 target
states over 2,000,000 voters.
Who are overwhelmingly expected to vote for
the Democratic Party, and so the states that
we're talking about here, Arizona. Yes, Georgia,
yes. North Carolina. Yes, any others. Nevada
New Mexico. Here we've got an operation of
illegal vote trafficking. You've got thousands
of mules. They're being paid to do this. What
you're saying is there is more than enough
money available to fund any such operation.
In fact, this would be only one part.
Of a much larger effort to control the election,
we are talking half a billion dollars in nonprofit
charitable funds flowing into efforts to register
and get out the vote for Democrats, most of
the left wing mainstream media when they reported
on the Zuck box going through, they said they
made it sound like, oh, it's all going to
go for masks. And, you know, plexiglass and
all and every study that's ever been done
of some of the grants to the big cities found
a few percent, maybe going to.
Help people that way and the massive amounts
of money going into ginning up the vote by
mail operation and the drop box operation
and those sorts of things that benefit one
political party. How confident should we be
that this will be a fair election? This sending
millions of ballots all over the country?
This is going to be a fraud like you've never
seen Trump predicted. He said the Democrats
are going to cheat, that they're going to
use the pretext of COVID. They're going to
Rules in their favor. Nevertheless, Republicans
focus their efforts on the campaign, while
Democrats focus their efforts on the process
of actually running the election.
The two sides don't approach elections in
the same way the Democrats they understand
that the rules the process by which elections
are conducted is just critical.
We must now face the chilling reality the
Democrats conceived the highest. They funded
it, they organized it. Then they carried it
They rigged and stole the 2020 presidential
election. We cannot be OK with this. We cannot
simply move on.
Guys I'd like to have your honest assessment
on what you've seen, what you've heard, and
what we can reasonably draw from it. What
do we have empirically? We have data.
Geolocated we have footage of people harvesting
Do we know who those ballots were for? We
can't know who they were for. However, you
have to inject common sense. Are we saying
that in the centres of Democrat held districts
we are seeing hundreds and hundreds of visits
to drop boxes with pro Trump ballots?
It beggars belief, it's ballot. Laundry looks
pretty convincing to me. We don't. I don't
think we'll ever know the full story. And
what makes this crime so compelling and unique
is that once the ballot and enters the system,
it's really hard to reverse engineer it. But
when you have the cell phone geolocation data
and then the actual footage of them doing
what you would expect them to be doing, taking
pictures of the ballots, taking gloves off,
visiting multiple times, I mean it seems pretty
clear to me, and it explains the.
Sudden spike in.
Biden support that we saw late at night. Kind
of instinct that people had the control of
the US Senate went through Georgia with Chuck
Schumer's Majority Leader, probably because
of what we just saw and liked them to answer
the mules. If they say it's clean then, then
be honest and say, OK, two ways they try to
invalidate it. One is minimizing and then
slander, so they'll try to slander Dinesh
personally. They'll say, oh Trump pardoned
him or whatever. Therefore he's trying to
get back at Trump to try to reinforce the
big lie. I could already see the headline
in the Washington Post.
Trump pardoned Ally comes out with questionable
movie. I predict right now they will say what
on Earth is a conservative doing tracking
private citizens? Gee, how day? What is Dinesh
D'souza doing to voters at 3:00 AM? In fact,
that will be part of the world will be intimidation.
They'll say no person is safe. Communities
of color are being tracked. People like in
black neighborhoods are now going to have
to fear for their life that their cell phone
pings will be paired. And this is this is.
Game Pro 2.0 dash. I disagree that this is
not going to be compelling enough.
This is a smoking gun. This is OJ Simpson
being seen leaving the scene of the crime.
I don't care how partisan you are, you can't
dismiss all of this. How do you explain somebody
going to a whole bunch of different drop boxes
with a whole bunch of different ballots on
the same night at 3:57 AM in the morning?
How do you explain that that alone? I'm sorry?
I think a whole bunch of people in this country
are going to go Oh my God. If every American
saw that, I think I think it would. It would
move the needle. However, their ability to.
Keep their side ignorant is total that's going
to be impossible to keep a lid on this thing.
Well, this movie is in Overton Window moment,
right? So documentaries can do this every
once in a while. Michael Moore did it. He
moved the Overton window in many different
topics 20 years ago. Al Gore did it with climate
change. It'll happens as Ernest Hemingway
said gradually and then. Suddenly, because
it's not just how many people are going to
watch this film, it's who's going to watch
it. It's going to be lawmakers. It's going
to be people that work for the Bureau. It's
going to be someone, somewhere with a conscious
that has power and.
OK, this is a problem. It can't be dismissed
and it can't be dismissed. They have ruined
Election Day in the United States of America.
That's provable, and that's enough for me
to fight the left with every fiber in my body.
Without free and fair elections, we are not
a democracy. We are a nation run by a criminal
cartel masquerading as a democracy.
Never in U.S. history has a presidential election
been as thoroughly corrupted by coordinated
fraud across multiple states. As we now know
took place in 2020.
Today, totalitarian regimes camouflage their
fake elections with appearance of democracy,
but they're not real democracies.
We don't want to join them.
Our elections must represent the will of American
We who believe in constitutional democracy
must be diligent if we give up, they win.
In fact, if enough of us give up, they won't
need to cheat anymore.
Don't stay home, get involved, get out and
vote. Do what is necessary to save this great
country, the America we love needs us now
more than ever.