2002 (2001) Movie Script

This is roof.
Where did she fall from?
Sir, she should have...
fallen from 600-700 feet.
But no tall buildings are here.
Unless she fell from a plane.
So strange.
Sir, flight records show...
no aircraft has flown by today.
So incredible?
The roofis haunted!
Sir, the boss.
Yes, Sir?
Kau, let them take charge.
I've told them to clear the scene.
Get it done, quickly.
Everyone step overthe fiire.
Dragon, pig, dog years, don't look.
Cousin, a ghost.
I know, don't look.
Wait up!
What's up? We're dismissed, let's go!
Calm down! Don't flash!
I'm dizzy.
That's my entrance.
And what am I?
You dished the problem too soon,
I can't show my cool.
A dish was looking, you know?
If you waited to dish the problem,
I would be able to show coolness.
But I felt your fear.
My fear?
You had eyelid spasms and you sweated.
She was looking at me,
I was flirting with my eyes.
Fine, Dish your own problems.
That would be cool.
I will, or I'll die.
If l die, no revenge for you.
Heavy hatred, what floor is this?
17th, going on 18th.
Must be a Class 3.
I say Class 4.
We can smell it, 20 levels away.
Must be vicious.
Looks like, he jumped to her death.
So, a flying ghost.
Mr. Cool, even you can't fly.
Step aside, watch me.
Go do your own thing.
Do your own thing
A ghost!
I'm not the ghost, you are.
Don't worry, you're dead.
Mr. Chan said he'd take me with him.
What shall I do?
I don't feel hatred in you.
But don't stay here...
or you'll soon be a hate ghost.
My card. Look me up.
Dead yet? Die!
Come help me!
You told me to step aside.
Vision Drops, his powers are halfgone.
You only have 5 minutes. Hurry!
Do you believe
I can take him in one minute?
Teacher Chan?
You love your student.
But, why harm an innocent girl?
I am sorry.
You may not reincarnate!
Why didn't you do that before?
Didn't want to steal your cool.
He's watching us, shall we beat him up?
We spend so much on that department,
to what end?
I can't see it.
I can't feel any ghosts.
One guy in the whole department.
All he does is...
blow up satellite dishes.
No one could watch TV.
We're flooded with phone complaints.
And the coroner's death.
What to tell my bosses?
What to tell my public?
Regular cases are...
less trouble some.
As forthis...
I won't sign.
TV is so important?
if notnot for us,...
it could have been much worse.
Sir, 2002 needs...
signatures from all precinct heads...
in order to keep on going.
If you don't sign, it won't be approved.
Since the others have signed,...
it must be useful.
Perhaps we cannot see them,...
but some cases cannot be...
explained by science.
A one-person department is unusual.
But Inspector Yau can...
communicate with that world.
For him to keep order there,
we don't see any problem.
I won't sign.
You say that because...
you're not the ones with problems.
I'm in trouble here.
I've signed! Leave me alone!
You've made your point.
Stay away!
Don't blame me.
Have someone change the fluorescent tube.
Good, the chalice!
Lucky number40, great!
I know, Sam lost, so he must go.
I told you this.
You've been partners so long,
time to let go.
He's the one who wanted to stay.
He has no family, no friends,
it's better he goes.
You're the one...
with no family or friends.
Did you want him to stay?
I'm a guy, why would I want him?
Paper Chan, loan me $3 billion.
You gambler, I can't loan you enough.
Forget it!
I stopped gambling!
Then burn me some girls.
I've given you all kinds,
you can't handle more.
How about smokes?
Give me a cigarette?
Okay, fiine.
Thanks, Boss!
lgnore the wandering ones,
you owe me $1.50 for smokes.
It's reincarnation season,
Sam will go anytime
You're his friend, buy from me.
Burn him lots of things.
I have the latest, look...
China visas
They need them down there,
too poorthings.
Well, Boss?
How much?
You know one price only
Excuse me.
Miss, can I help?
Do you have... candles?
Candles, yes, wait.
This kind?
Sorry, not this kind.
I meant a Western candle.
A candle?
Yes, yes...
First shop, on your right.
- Thanks.
- No problem.
You again?
Western goods, so a Western uniform.
Look around.
Don't follow me.
Watch the other store.
Front door, please.
lgnore him, look at this.
It's good, thick enough.
Where's paper Chan?
Not here, I'm watching the store.
This is an 8210,
he sold me a 8250.
I don't care, give me the right one.
- An 8250?
- Yes.
Let me see.
Found it yet?
I'm looking, quiet.
- An 8250?
- Yes.
See, it's not even the same style.
Chan said it was.
Give me some incense.
Ask the boss.
We're old neighbors,
Chan gives them to me.
I can't do that. I would if l could.
Are you joking?
You dare take gifts from him?
You have a death wish?
I'll show you, your hand...
Leave me alone.
Let her see.
Look, what is this?
It's the Death Star.
They say the Death Star...
kills your friends,
family, wife.
He's fated to be alone.
Not only friends, even colleagues or...
anyone who touches him will die.
You dare take this? You're dead!
So you can't date or marry?
Don't ever date, it's dangerous.
But flirting is fiine.
Why tell her everything?
I'm going now.
Stay, and chat.
You're handsome and cute,
you must be something else.
I'm going.
Respect your parents, work hard.
Shut up!
They're dead, okay?
Go home, go...
And don't drop by!
May I use your Octopus card?
Mine ran out.
I don't have one.
Loan me $5.
Miss, I have both.
I see you here all the time.
Remember to pay me back,
don't owe me money.
There is no substitute for blood.
We need 700 donors every day.
I work in the hospital.
Many die in hospitals?
About how many?
We average 2.5 deaths per day.
Life is so fragile.
How can I get atape of that?
I wonder.
Well, I'm there.
Rememberto pay me back.
I will, next time.
Driver, where can I get a tape...
of the program you're playing?
Government Warning:
Do not speak to the driver
while vehicle is in motion.
You'll kill him!
I was just asking.
Miss, I have.
I thought you left.
Not without beating you up.
Go ahead.
You owe me a shot, but there's no gun.
Pay back in your next life.
I'll burn you one. Shoot me.
I forgot where you shot me.
I was never angry at you.
We're friends!
Your new partner will be here soon.
Issue car, no registration record.
Yourwork is so secret,
you must be well-paid.
You looked me up?
I saw the roofincident.
I see spirits, too.
I want to join you.
Forthe pay?
Wrong, I wish to repay society.
He will match 3 conditions.
One, as with the 18 buddhas,
he will have 18 gifts for you.
No need to count, there's 18.
Let me join you, I'll cancel them.
Fortune star on his shoulder.
In his chart, it is 167.
Not fair? File a complaint.
Pants down.
if youyou wish to transfer.
You're the one.
I need one who can...
forgo dignity for ideals.
I can, when do I come?
Soon as you pull your pants up.
A man who knows no shame.
Afiire occured at a rave party,
one burn victim with untouched clothing.
Check it out.
Come on!
Just like that?
Why not?
Put these on.
These are Touch Gloves.
To touch and hit spirits.
Why are they lined?
Spirit-biting gun, safety off,
clip in, your blood in the bullet,
load the chamber, shoot.
Why blood?
Thick needle,
easy to lose too much blood.
Vision Drops, so spirits will appear.
Halfs the ghosts' power.
But you only have 5 minutes.
Why 5 and not 6?
How would I know?
Why so many questions?
Why are you a guy?
Why are you named Fung?
Why Fung? Dad named me.
Why a guy and not a girl?
Because I have a Y chormosome.
Which, joined with an X, makes a boy.
Why the questions,...
if l don't know,
I can't work
and will be fiired!
I'll look up there, you look there.
Don't ask.
Be careful.
Can't you tell it's an illusion?
Get up!
I can't!
Look out!
Hang in there!
What's with you?
I was scared.
Couldn't move.
This always happens.
Carry me.
A ghost-hunter afraid of ghosts.
You're repaying society? Rubbish!
Let's up!
Gently, please.
Dinner on me when I get paid.
I know, he's terrible.
Told you many times.
I did, you weren't listening.
Who succeeds at once?
It takes time.
So kind to ghosts, so nasty to humans.
He's not just terrible, he's garbage!
He's afraid, fiine.
But he was paralysed with fear!
There's plenty oftime.
Chiu, you promised...
to give me a scooter.
$300, $420 with the gun.
Okay, get it.
He's getting it.
Listen, go to be reincarnated.
Or you'll get run over every day.
When mom comes, I'll go.
Mom's coming soon.
His mom is coming?
So she'll die soon.
Who caused whose death?
$420, now.
Okay, not like you're dying.
Sure, you're the Death Star.
So I'll cause Fung's death?
That's all fated.
If he were not your partner,
he would still die.
Not because of you.
Don't flatter yourself, it's not all about you.
He has to be a ghost to replace Sam.
A man-ghost partnership,
it must be this way.
If he has unresolved business,
help him complete them.
Then he's dedicated to working for you...
and not be a mean ghost.
Hurry up, the food is cold already.
You moved all your books to my home.
Are you a ghost-hunter or a maid?
Your home is so big,
you need some human touches.
Here, taste.
What are friends for?
You eat shrimp? Greens.
We're not friends, just colleagues.
Is it good? Yes.
You learned from TV?
My mom taught me.
Last time at the fiire,
I was a bit terrible.
Give me time.
Next time I'll be better.
I'll be great.
You can be a chef, no need to ghost-hunt.
I'm in my 20's,
never brought home a penny.
But it's different now.
Second-in-command at 2002,...
nice uniform, better pay,...
not bad.
Any unfiinished dreams?
Too many.
Travel, win lottery, be a Hollywood star
Never done those.
Anything else?
That's it.
I'll get you more rice.
Who are you?
Grandma Pat recommended you.
Call me Grandma Four.
You don't have to...
match my broccoli.
It's so you know I'm a ghost.
Of course, I know.
Pat said you like ghosts.
Take care of my granddaughter.
Your granddaughter?
We were in the car crash.
She's still in a coma.
With no family.
Can you take care of her?
Go, we'll help you.
Don't trick and old woman!
You know I'm scary.
We promise, Grandma Four.
Go now.
Hospitals are full of ghosts.
I know.
Go check out, your weak knees?
Wheelchair rentals there.
Epileptic fiit? What?
It looks like her.
In what way?
They're identical, see that?
She's prettier.
I found this on the street
in high school...
and kept it.
You like her?
Looks like her.
I don't think so.
Whatever you say.
You work here?
Visiting your girlfriend?
No... not mine...
his, not mine.
I'm going.
Can you pay back my $5?
I don't have change.
Tomorrow, then.
You'll be back?
If you'll pay me back.
Come and I will.
See you then.
Stop it, she's a vegetable.
Doctor says she'll wake anytime.
I'm massaging her,
so her muscles won't atrophy.
My wallet is atrophied,
why don't you massage it?
It's the nurse's job.
You don't understand.
I want to do something for her...
to increase her chances of waking.
And if she does?
Last night you asked what I wanted to do.
I want to fall in love.
With her?
Incredible incident in Central,
check it out!
Now I have no fear.
No matterwhat, let me at it.
No need to rescue you any more?
It's different now, I have motivation.
I'll kill any spirit I see!
You're here, look.
- The body?
- None.
- The driver?
- None.
No driver.
What do you want?
one, this is the city,...
but a suburban cab.
Look, the meter still runs.
But this light is on,...
running meters mean passengers.
This light won't be on.
See, isn't it incredible?
Running meters...
This light won't be on...
Isn't it incredible?
- What?
- Well
Sir, I think this is...
Are you okay?
I would have gotten out in time.
But isn't it incredible?
It's ridiculous, not incredible.
I can't feel any ghosts.
Next time, don't call us forthis.
Get the Traffiic Department.
I used to work there.
Call a Lau Wah
Lau Wah?
Do you know him?
I should call?
Should I?
Not incredible, just moronic.
Not incredible,
Someone have made a joke to you.
Isn't it incredible?
2002 killed your girl...
Seek revenge from them.
That's all I know.
Get up!
Wake up!
It's you?
Don't touch, I'm fiine.
But stay away, please.
Make breakfast...
or read, I don't mind.
- No, I'm going to...
- Don't touch.
I'm going to see Rain, are you coming?
I've made plans.
Must be comfortable?
May I try?
No power.
What are you up to?
She can wake to a new scene.
It's a hospital, not a garden.
A hospital is dreary.
It won't do.
Flowers suck oxygen,
don't you know?
You're the one who doesn't know.
They produce carbon dioxide at night.
Don't touch this.
So you're her boyfriend now.
I'm positioning it.
She'll wake and see me fiirst.
The legs over there.
You bought this.
It's not for you.
You've gone too far
She's not dead.
Her back must be stiff from this.
You've felt her back?
Such a dirty mind.
Help me.
Help, here.
To do what?
Move her there, it's not for you.
Come on!
Look at me
At my clothes.
It's just our uniform.
You know that.
We're on duty, and not as orderlies!
On duty is on dury.
Life is life.
An exciting life makes one work harder.
Don't touch.
Don't help, go out.
There's a ghost.
Go get it.
Chiu, why are you here?
Why are you here?
Waiting for mom.
- She's bleeding too much!
- Hurry!
Oxygen for the baby!
- Yes!
- Hurry!
There's mom.
Doctor, how is my wife?
Neither she northe baby will live.
I'm sorry.
Mom, let's go.
Son, listen
Enter your baby brother, live again.
Mom, you're not taking me?
Stay with dad. Cheer him up.
Mom will watch you from afar.
Son, go now.
Good boy, listen to mom.
Bring the tears.
Human tears mean stubbornness.
But ghost tears mean love
and resurrection.
Now go.
What can I do?
Your wife sends you a message:
She says this is fate, don't be sad.
When you can,
find the baby a new mom.
Doctor, the baby is breathing!
Come here!
Your money.
I don't have change.
Neither do l, now you owe me.
You're flirting with a nurse?
And you with a patient.
What a lewd smile!
For what?
Rosy cheeks means
You're in love.
Dating? You want to kill her?
No, what are you saying?
I'm saying
What's in your pocket?
- Not your business!
- Take it out!
You know what's there?
It's a heart! Out!
Take it out!
It's a heart.
It's a plane.
A plane?
It's a heart, you say plane? Fine!
It's a plane heart.
You're not responsible for Fung's death.
But dating will kill her.
Watch out.
Unless you want an after life wedding.
Here's your $995.
You don't have to pay me back yet.
Debts must be cleared.
Dinner tonight?
I can't tonight.
I can't.
Can't, or don't want to?
I don't want to.
Why not?
No reason.
Any reason you're blocking my way?
Let me in.
Emergency room, nurse.
I'm sorry.
Rain is awake!
Toungue out.
More, more.
Raise your left hand. Grasp my finger.
Harder, harder.
Not so hard.
What is your name?
Take your time.
She's awake.
I know.
Talk to her, she can hear.
Talk a lot to her.
Will she suddenly go back to sleep?
If she's awake, she's awake.
If she sleeps, she sleeps.
Next morning, she'll wake.
She's like a normal person.
But you can't treat her like one.
But don't treat her like she's not normal.
Or she'll never adust to normal life.
Which means?
In summary, she's awake.
But after a long coma
She'll have short-term amnesia.
But just remember one word:
Care about her, cherish her...
Love her.
That's 7 words.
You really remember nothing?
Who are you?
I'm Fung. I just told you.
Yes! Who are you?
Is that you?
This? Yes.
Yes, I'm your boyfriend.
You took this on my birthday.
Looks like you took it yourself
Really? No.
I'll really cause Fung's death?
It must be a man-ghost partnership.
If he's fated to die
Even if he were not your partner,
he would still die.
Fung, we need to talk, come.
Paper Chan.
Paper Chan!
Why are we here?
Don't touch, it's for you.
For you!
Paper Chan.
Stop shouting, I know.
You want me to tell him.
You know why you're my partner?
Because I can give up dignity for ideals.
Isn't it?
Life is about birth and death
You're dying!
Our department uses man-ghost partnerships.
These are to burn foryou.
You don't believe?
That's life.
Death is a solemn thing.
If you're scheduled to die
You will accept it.
Life and death, I must die...
But not you two! Why?
Why burn these for me?
Why did you tell me?
Just let me die.
I told you so you can prepare yourself.
I've brought your money.
Do what you want.
Can it buy life?
Go play, go home, I don't care.
Don't sit here.
If you want, I'll see Rain with you.
You told me, so I won't be with her.
Why tell me to see her now?
So you can be herfriend.
Do you know she'll like you?
See her one last time, for closure.
I don't want you to regret.
Chan told you.
You won't cause my death; don't feel guilty.
Why tell me to see her now?
You'd rather await death here?
I don't know.
I wish you did cause my death.
Then I can beat you up!
Go ahead!
Beat me up!
I keep causing the death of my friends
You think I like it?
And I?
I'm 24, with no girlfriends,
just a photo.
I'm 22
Chan says I'll live till 80.
Causing the death of every friend.
I found my girl, but I can't date her.
I hope that...
I'm the one who dies.
Then you're worse off.
You're worse off than I. You'll die.
You're worse off,
a life worse than death.
That's true.
But you'll die with hatred.
I woke up and forgot who I am.
I saw your photo.
You are my boyfriend?
I wish, but no.
You don't know me, I'm Fung.
Did you do this, Fung?
So pretty. Thanks.
Are you my friend?
Yes, my only friend.
But, I may not remember you
next minute.
Just remember this one.
You're Fung.
You have a Grandma named Four.
She told me to visit you.
Why doesn't she come?
Next time, I'll tell her.
Your girlfriend?
I had one too.
Go, find her.
Who are you talking to?
She has dissipated.
I'll never find her.
Remember the girl...
you killed at the fire?
Rain, run!
Chan said I'd live till 80.
It's aflatliner.
110/70, pulse 70.
Notify lCU, he's coming.
His brain is damaged from lack of oxygen.
He's at lCU for observation,
still in critical stage.
He may not last the night.
Just one word...
Got it.
Where's Chiu?
Why he, and not me?
We can't know fate.
We trusted you, now you say this?
It's all talk!
Not true, it's fate!
The water ghost is strong, he'll be back.
Be careful.
I don't care. Tell me...
how to find Chiu's soul.
Go where he has unresolved issues.
It's my turn.
I know how you felt.
It's not up to us.
I thought everything was fated.
So I obeyed Chan...
in all that he said.
I dared not make friends.
Wasted my time.
You didn't.
You helped ghosts, and me.
If not for you,
I still won't know what I want.
I often ask others what they want,
but never myself.
What unresolved business have you?
Give me some Vision Drops.
Let's have dinner please.
Excuse me, bathroom.
You're all wet.
I fell.
Laugh if you want.
I must tell you something.
I like you.
Yes, I like you.
I wondered...
why we always meet on the bus.
You kept asking for your $5.
You turned down...
my dinner invitation.
And refused to explain why.
Now you suddenly...
tell me you like me.
I don't know what you want.
Just to tell you,
I've liked you a long time.
Your favorite color is white.
Besides your uniform...
you wear white...
few times a week.
You're environmentally aware...
and only use canvas totes.
Wednesdays, you wear glasses.
I think because...
you stay up for ER Tuesdays.
And can't get your contacts...
in the next morning.
You love ice cream.
When the bus passes Haagen-Dazs,
you look hungry.
You must like white bunny dolls.
How do you know?
You look like one.
Can you come with me?
For ice cream.
Have it here.
You know what I like.
Come, let's go.
Where are you going?
I'm so sorry, I can't go with you.
Next time.
There may not be a next time.
Where are you going?
No time, I must go.
When we had time, I did nothing.
All I can do now is eat with you.
And I've always wanted to give you this.
Better late, than never.
Go to the hospital, you'll see.
Let's see.
Where is he?
Come, the precinct heads want to see you.
Turn in your gun.
Yau is in a coma.
As a rookie,...
you can't be in charge of 2002.
We cannot keep...
a headless department.
We'll keep the spirit-biting gun.
I'll arrange a new job for you.
Fung, starting today,...
halt all work from 2002,...
await further instructions.
Who dares cut my department!
As former head of 2002,
I refuse to let you do it.
- The former head?
- Yes.
You said former.
All precincts oversee 2002.
So many have signed this.
Who are you to refuse?
Each world keeps its order.
Humans have human cops.
Ghosts have ghost cops.
Must a headless department be cut?
I ask you.
If all the executive...
police officers die,...
will the Hong Kong Police shut down?
Answer me!
Yes, you keep order in the ghost world.
But you often leave me problems.
Think in my position.
Sure, excuse me.
Let me think.
That's why I couldn't find you,
you've possessed Fung!
Return to your body, before it's too late.
Fung is in trouble, I must help.
Make sure you can return.
I run my own life.
You now owe me $5,
you must pay me back.
I'm waiting.
Chiu, show no mercy!
Get the Water Ghost out...
before he completely controls Fung!
When his other eye turns blue,
you must kill Fung...
in order to kill the Water Ghost.
He's good!
I'll use my ultimate move!
Chiu, sword coming!
You want to kill Fung?
Burn me something to get it out!
His pulse has stopped.
Give him CPR!
Chiu, clobber him!
You'll die!
Nothing, give him metriphene!
I'm in such pain.
Kill me!
When his other eye turns blue,
you must kill Fung...
in order to kill the Water Ghost.
You won't cause my death;
don't feel guilty.
I keep causing the deaths of my friends.
You think I like it?
I wish you did cause my death!
Then I can beat you up!
Go ahead!
Beat me up!
I want to join you.
For the pay?
Wrong, I wish to repay society.
What are friends for?
You eat shrimp? Greens.
We're not friends, just colleagues.
You're flirting with a nurse?
And you with a patient.
Wake up!
Okay, Danielle stop.
Certify time of death at 2:20pm.
You know him? Take care ofthis.
Chiu, it's loaded with my blood.
Fung is beyond help. Kill him!
The ghost's wounded.
He's got Wind's body.
Wind is still conscious,
The ghost's recovering fast.
Kill him now!
No more time.
We're man-ghost partners!
We're not partners...
We're friends.
Human tears mean stubbornness.
Ghost tears mean love and resurrection.
Hurry before your Vision Drops expire.
I can't.
I'm used to floating.
I can't walk fast.
Go in.
And you?
No, you're family.
She won't remember me.
No, she'll recognize you more.
Your Grandma?
I know, you wish tojoin.
Go away.
No, I can do it. I'm great
Show me.
You use man-ghost partners.
Arranged byfate.
Says who?
2002 will now use two-man partners.
Says I.
You won't buy from me any more.
something incredible has happened.
Check it out!