2012: Supernova (2012) Movie Script

2012 - Supernova
Constellation Lyra
200 years ago
Solar System - Earth Orbit
That's too far ahead the schedule.
Yes, i'll be right there.
Yes, i'm coming right now.
We have to go to base
something happened.
Everything okay?,Something serious?
Just see in the car in 5 minutes
I'll get Tina.
Dad what's going on?
HI, baby.
5 minutes,5 minutes meet me in the car?
You just see what happenig outside?
What should we do?
Just stay calm,i need you to pack and some things
go to the base.
- How long will we go?
- Not much.
- To not pack too much.
- I know, love.
And you take what you can and maybe try
to take the rest.
I need to get quickly to the basic
and you want me there.
Come on, Laura.
Let's go!
When you reach Kelvin?
Someone to answer immediately!
I have done before the launch was
scheduled, loaded with nuclear weapons,
why not here?
Locator shows him at 100 km outside
- Send an escort at him now
- Yes, sir.
Sir, blast that occurred
of the blue.
Another one and so did we going to launch.
The e released earlier than the
turns back and is recharged.
- Start the countdown.
- I understand. Start count.
5, 4, 3, 2, 1 ...
Rocket lights ...
And took off ...
The rocket took off.
Bring him here now!
Ryan, slow down!
I do not think we should wonder
Why go to the base.
I can not do it, Laura.
If you find out why, then ...
I would not do the job.
Thanks, dear.
It is very comforting.
You are unbelievable!
It's one of yours?
Are you kidding me now?
Why do we watch?
I'm not sure.
Not sure for not knowing,
or you're not sure because it
another lie by the government.
I'm not sure because I do not know and do not want
I find with you guys in the car.
Hang on.
I think they got the tires.
- God!
- You have to run.
Go back.
is a blind alley
Go, go!
Hurry up!
Dr Kelvin!
What you do with nuclear weapons?
Dr Kelvin?
What do ... What?
In the last year ...
you do 7 roads ...
the International Space Station,
armed with bombs.
You must run, right?
- We are all in danger, the whole world!
- Yes, because your actions.
Mr Kelvin?
Mr Kelvin?
- There is one!
- Henreaux?
What did he have so much?
I got it fast as I could, sir.
Do not worry, Mrs. Kelvin.
I will have to be carefully guarded by agents,
before this project ends.
Are you going to handle it all personal.
Take them on, the
one to be safe there.
Yes, sir.
I can not believe I was in danger
and you said you did not.
I did not know.
Nobody outside the project
would not have known anything.
It seems that someone has been down.
I just ...
I just ...
Tell me when you finish
and we will be safe?
A month.
A month.
In one way or another
everything is over, I promise.
I am Agent Green
My partner Dunne agent.
- We have a car ready.
- Okay.
Wife, daughter, myself ...
whatever learned from new
we would be killed after that.
Something should I risk my life ...
Everyone should be leaking information,
one to take care to stop him.
Please do it before escape
control, before the public to know,
before causing global panic.
Capt. James Moto, from the office of
Special Investigations, Air Force.
I was assigned to check
computer system,
emails, messages, posts on blogs,
You know enough about the project,
to know what to search?
Well, I know that low doses of
we hit planet Earth,
for several years, are
prelude to a supernova
which comes to us.
not be assumed.
Based on analysis of the Hubble Space
be a sufficient energy Gamma
to kill the entire planet.
have to check the platform space.
The climate was a crazy one.
All electricity used
will be fried.
Communications, water ...
The earth will turn
a radioactive desert.
So we have to breath
we will get.
And you can not do anything
to stop him.
This work and has dedicated this project.
Someone to help us with the calculations?
Cpt Moto, Professor Huan Ye of China.
Professor Jijinski in Russia.
People's Republic of vodka.
Ye and I have reviewed the calculations,
for launching missiles
and I think you need to change each
Release a few milliseconds, so
pattern to support the cloud.
You must reprogram
Release codes USA
to fit with ours.
Or you could let us us
s do.
I am sure that my government
would be as happy as yours.
Send me new codes.
What a pity!
With so much at stake, you might think that we could
decisions which
we are nine benefits.
Perhaps all is beneficial to study
all information
and take a decision based on that.
- Touche!
- I do not care.
I just hope that when
We launch rockets
cloud protector will protect the Earth
as much.
Main supernova blast.
Boundary of the solar system.
Magnetosphere is a natural barrier
the Earth Radiation.
But our data,
shows that radiation approaching
will be too strong to resist.
So a new aid to nature.
Where to detonate the missiles?
Inside the magnetosphere
or out.
Frankly, if not send more
not succeed.
Let me ask you something.
You trust these guys?
You have to do.
I will be forced to do it.
I will be all together on the platform space
controlling rockets.
I had wanted to we can launch
But ...
without the force of attraction
Earth, we can ...
where we send rockets
with high accuracy
and detonate them quickly.
What if the breath is burning equipment
power of the platform?
Well ...
I installed radiation protection,
like the space shuttle, so ...
hopefully not going to happen.
Where is it?
Mrs.. Kelvin?
Tina sure you have not seen,
Did you had last.
I do not remember.
Mrs.. Kelvin?
It must be somewhere here.
- Ms. Kelvin?
- What?
Do not leave here
without her mother's necklace, right?
I have allowed to come back here.
Are pressed for time and must
you go to basic.
Another 10 minutes.
Then go.
I think your father hid
somewhere only he knows.
I hate so hard sometimes ...
You know, you should
May you to be and gentle with him.
Is concerned with some pretty things
You're right.
Help me find him?
Here, I made gin.
Be serious.
You know you need equipment
Men like to be an astronaut.
What panarama!
Okay, load fiery nuclear
the shuttle now.
This is the last.
Let us do our part
and save the world again.
Let me see.
Nuclear cloud to be
strong enough to withstand
the entire breath.
We need more nuclear warheads
than I thought.
You're right.
I would have liked to have had
But, due to short time
I had a
that we only have 3 crates
to go all the platform.
I would have liked to have had
still a load,
of nuclear warheads.
For, at this time,
each crate, in particular the last,
will make the difference, if our little shield
will protect the entire planet, or not.
I know,
only that we must manage with what we
and hopefully it will work.
A massive earthquake caused the
a dormant volcano,
in Italy, before returning to life.
Now, two thousand years later, Mount
Vesuvius has shown ugly head again.
ngropnd square kilometers of surface
in ash.
Guess what I found?
What happened, love?
Are you kidding?
I almost killed this morning
and should now go back again?
I know, only that ...
I do not know what else we could do ...
Why not stay here with us?
Why not be here?
It's as you said, is just ...
Has much to do now ...
She knew what to do.
I know it was.
- When to stop?
- Let us keep well.
Let's go!
Let's go!
To get out of here.
Come on.
From now on,
higher wave energy
will hit Earth
and will become worse.
Shuttle that.
Tell me, please, that platform
is intact.
Sorry, Dr. Kelvin, but not
certain that we can launch.
There could be problems
launching structure.
We have no choice,
focoasele must reach the platform,
or pieces of the planet
will be unprotected and damaged by radiation.
Okay, I check the structure again, but ...
I know, I know that everyone knows
Please do it.
You know you have a place lines,
as ...
we can schedule the following
Okay, thanks. Have to deal with
else now.
Thank God.
Yes, we are well.
The house was destroyed during
No, no, we're fine.
Yes, we are on the road now.
Agencies are before us
take care of us.
Okay, okay, just ...
do what they say and
everything will be fine.
Okay, so going to do.
I love you.
Brace yourself.
Take care!
Vibrations felt like ...
S over?
I think so.
What happened ... Laura?
Not until you hear.
- Professor Kelvin?
- Sorry, what did you say?
The next reply will be after
few hours.
I spoke with those from NASA,
and approved the structure so that
will continue as scheduled.
Pray not happen
nothing in between.
An increase in the particle
that reaches the earth's atmosphere.
This is the 4 o'clock before our calculations.
You should contact the launch
to see if I can stop the launch.
If transport of warheads does not arrive,
we can not protect
the supernova blast.
We can not do anything now.
The launch will take place ... 3,
2, 1 ...
Center magnet!
Command center, do you read?
Command Center, please respond!
The flight that was to be held.
We needed warheads.
Needs to recalculate
pattern missile launch.
Now that we have so many
how many we need.
To establish a connection.
We do an analysis to see if the platform
was damaged.
That if the blast energy
allow us one.
I will review the information
the blast energy
to try to determine
why I so much wrong calculations.
Main supernova blast
Dr. Kelvin.
On the basis of new information,
we receive now,
our initial calculations on
when the supernova comes
are wrong by more than 24 hours.
But it could change,
could be even less if,
breath before the supernova explosion,
will come faster than we calculated.
And I think we should think about when
where to produce an explosion,
inside or out magnetosphere.
You know my opinion about it
and why should
to create the shield outside the magnetosphere.
Yes, but I made a new simulation
nuclear explosion with fewer warheads,
and molecules will stay much closer
whether the explosions will take place
inside the magnetosphere.
Not out, will not be as
If detonated inside focoasele
can destroy the planet's atmosphere,
changing climate,
destroying the planet.
Be serious.
I think we need to focus on
immediate threat.
We can not do instead of how
planet will be destroyed.
That's only if you accept your theory.
You do not know exactly what would happen.
Got a minute?
I checked the Internet traffic was
in this location,
I found that someone sent a message
to a false email account.
Professor Kelvin is not sending weapons
nuclear capacity for the U.S. government.
No wonder that the Iranians have come after
me. Any idea who used the computer?
You did.
Or someone who has used
your credentials.
Someone made the wise.
It is possible that ...
when my user connects
put a voice authentication and password?
Sure, no problem.
- Take care of yourself.
- Aa,
Still ... ie if you can ...
I tried to contact my wife
all day and fail.
I will try to use an amplifier
signal to see if this works.
Thanks ... earthquake and ...
Do not worry, I do now.
Road closed.
It was locked.
I think the connection is down.
A reply.
We did.
Thank God, we tried
to reach you.
Officers were killed during
Where are you?
Live here, right?
Try, try to get
air base but
Bridge is blocked and fail to pass.
You okay?
Are you sure?
Yes, I am concerned, I tried
to contact you ...
Perhaps that should not live here.
I do not know what to do, we can not run
to infinity.
No, I thought it might be better
Let's meet at Patterson.
There is an underground facility,
where are all
computers used to launch
is protected from radiation.
We meet there, right?
I heard the news,
supernova, it is true?
The fact that we have not talked to you
in those years ...
I could.
I want to talk about something else and
but not over the phone, right?
Meet the bunker.
Tell them to expect, right?
Honey, I love you.
I love you.
When I arrive at the gate
I use one to his name.
What I do, is to give them room
until it reaches a safe there.
You're a good man.
I installed something, that when the password
ta is used,
someone will have to give an order
voice before the computer to do something.
One thing less than that
concerns me.
Main supernova blast.
Passing Uranus.
Laura, take care!
Who taught you to drive?
Temperature begins to rise.
I can not believe that storm
we came last.
Get in, let's get outta here.
Try to get close.
I know.
I saw clouds that
to move so fast.
Take care!
Do not touch anything. Any Metal
will be electrified.
It's okay.
I think I'll be fine.
Booth will protect us.
Who knows what would happen without it.
Electricity would come here
in one seconds.
Split does not jump far from the tree.
Booth is not going to protect us.
It means that ...
Electricity can reach us now.
Well, uh ...
Maybe it takes someone.
Get out.
We must move away from the car,
attract lightning.
Go there!
Stay away from trees!
And they attract lightning!
Remind me to thank ...
Even if the lightning did us a trasneasca,
one of those could hurt us ...
It will be good, right?
I will be fine.
Come on!
Super, computers used to launch
the platform will not respond.
You can not connect to them?
I can communicate with other systems,
only to those not.
Good that it got the secondary
that works, right?
I will check him again,
To be sure
but have to come
the new commute.
Must be programmed
the latest information.
You must run the simulation
Let us verify that release.
Speed breath that makes the temperature
means that the PC release
will have to reconfiguratia
for place and time of launching missiles.
And destination, second to second.
Now only guess how fast they move
By the time we hit one.
I'm down here in A 15,
Do me a favor, please.
Try to find my wife.
Kelvin Ryan, project leader.
- Platform model was powered?
- Yes, sir.
I heard that you had
a problem.
Makes me wonder if the Lord
wants to interfere with his plan!
Now I wonder how the world
learned about mine.
Let's see!
Come on, baby, I do not have
need other problems.
To check the control panel.
At least the emergency system works.
Kelvin, I am, Henreaux!
Come, sit down!
You okay?
You know who attacked you?
No, just ...
only aimed ...
Someone dressed in black,
I applied a fight professionally.
While I was unconscious?
Maybe about 40 minutes.
If someone wanted to sabotage the project
can destroy it or back panel.
Or maybe you wanted to escape.
It must be someone
But what was intended?
No one connected unauthorized
but check credentials now.
Where's Motto?
He came to send you a message but it was
met the man in black.
It is desperate.
Do whatever you can.
Where is Ye?
Got simulation?
You were both here, since I left?
I have been away for a few
minutes to get some food but ..
Why do not you find Moto?
Have you seen the Moto?
He was here.
I look at you, said ...
your wife called and it needs
your help.
Time is running out.
Main supernova blast.
Jupiter's Moon.
It appears that lightning has stopped.
For now.
How to reach base?
Are you lost?
It's fire everywhere because
heat and lightning.
Do you have a phone that
we can use?
If more work.
Heat it.
I think I want to go somewhere
necessarily when walking.
I had a car.
But the storm ...
Trying to get to Dad
prior to take off the space shuttle.
Work on that project
Where are you?
Why do not you come to Patterson?
Listen, we ...
we are well, for now, but
I do not know whether to get
to Patterson.
Fri you up.
Baby, You can not leave
project now.
You must see.
Honey, I want to see you too.
More than anything, but ...
Listen, know they have
to do what you do.
got a job to do, and ...
too much at stake, you should leave now.
I can not leave it unprotected, Laura.
I will be fine.
You know that cave that we went during
our holidays?
You go there, to be protected.
I will be fine.
I told not my role.
It is to be in space on platform
to launch rockets.
If any part of the supernova blast,
will reach the platform, never one to ...
Honey, if I said it too
often lately,
if you ever doubted,
I know, darling.
I know.
I want you to know,
I love you so much.
Hello, Dad?
What are you doing, kid?
Listen ...
if you can not reach
based within hours
I want to find
a safe place underground, a mine shaft,
a cave or something.
Yes, I will do.
I will do what can,
but I want you and Laura
to find a safe place, right?
If you want to reach the cave,
not a good idea to try
to get there on foot.
My old truck, no big deal but
but take you there.
And you?
Come with us, I will be safe here.
Where you go?
I have lived here all my life.
I will die here.
This is the truck which I said.
Thank you very much.
No need.
Glad to help.
I came to another idea.
I think maybe only one
of you to go.
Perhaps it should remain.
I do not see why
need to leave both
and I would like her to stay.
However, as is the weather,
Who knows if tomorrow's gonna come.
I think that perhaps we,
we can know.
I'll call back.
Things are even more
worse than expected.
I was face to face with death a little more
earlier than I wanted and I do not really like.
How you feel physically?
I feel, like Atlas,
the world on my shoulders,
only that the world crushes me.
I want to find the leak,
I want the one that killed the Moto found
Look everywhere.
Yes, sir.
I lost some time, right?
According to new information,
this is the new time.
The rhythm is gonna have to launch
space platform,
faster than
Much faster.
You better finish simulation
back panel.
You tried to test?
I will be the platform model
and want remote monitoring.
Without security in the hangar,
if someone wants to come after me,
May to learn something is in order.
Need to know who I am and what will,
Time is running out.
Kelvin Ryan, project leader.
I thought coming apocalypse.
Well, what happens?
nteteste wind,
like the wind to fly.
How much longer until we reach the cave that?
It should get there,
until tomorrow morning.
I hope that's not in there.
If we can not go back here,
will have to take back.
- Take care.
- I saw!
Maybe we should do
what they do and ...
- I take back.
-We can take one back, one to be caught.
Okay, but see any other way?
Look around.
I look, look.
- There, see a sign.
- God!
- I will not succeed, I will succeed!
- Make it.
Put your head down.
Let's get outta here.
Come on!
Come on!
Complete simulation.
No sign of attack.
I gonna have another chance.
I received news that moves the launch
shuttle in an hour.
The atmosphere becomes increasingly
more unstable.
So if we leave now,
could not reach the platform?
Did you find a wife somehow
and my daughter?
Sorry, too many
Well, then wrap
back panel.
Need to talk to Jijinski and Ye.
Dude, are you okay?
- Yes.
- I will be okay.
- Bring a medical team here, immediately.
- I understand.
Someone will come.
Stay calm.
- Doctor, you can help me?
- Yes, let me put my bag down and come immediately.
Kelvin Ryan, project leader.
- You okay?
- Where is Jijinski?
In the control room, get ready
to leave.
All satellites to us
information went,
only place where we can measure,
supernova rate, is the platform.
Hurry, we must prepare
to leave.
We can not say how long we have,
before the explosion.
You were here all the time?
Yes, I tried to connect to the platform
but could not.
- As far as I know, it might not work.
- Super.
- We have problems!
- More?
Earthquake epicenter was located
30 km of coastline,
perhaps destroyed platform.
- Let us finish, get transport.
- Right.
You okay?
We did.
Let's go, kid!
I hope you're not tired?
You think you can fix this?
We'll see, there are not many things
which may not go
an internal combustion engine.
You go back to see if ...
any screwdriver?
Beware, beware!
Try again.
Try again.
Try again.
I already said that we can not do it,
launch is canceled.
But the shuttle is on the platform, we have another
choice but to try.
That's the problem, can not be launched.
Electromagnetic storm affected us
all systems.
- And the control panel?
- So, anything goes.
You still have the energy, right?
Only emergency generator.
Okay then connect it to the shuttle,
create a panel
and prepare to do it manually.
You must be joking.
You know how many variables are in sequence
Ignition of the rocket?
Just to keep it stable
is quite difficult.
Come on, you have enough missiles launched by
now that they can do and a sleep.
Get some courage and do it manually.
Is it possible?
The earthquake could affect the structure
release, ie
I do not know.
I scare me too, but if not off,
one to die.
Has anyone a better idea?
Still think the Lord, Jijinski?
Right hand of God
that pervades the universe
to destroy humanity?
Why not let me rejoice
My Cigarette
before I go
to explode in that machine?
Main supernova blast.
Asteroid belt.
All lines are busy.
If you do not finish soon,
never going to count.
He's right.
Only using,
acceleration factor of breath
we approach the limit.
I would say that we have almost about
8 o'clock by supernova blast.
What a pity that the Chinese space program
is more developed.
Because we planned better,
that do not have such problems.
You might be better planned,
but all you would have needed
Russian engineering to succeed.
If all the talk of plans
I would like to mention once
about where to detonate a focoasele.
- It has been decided upon.
- S-a hotart pe baza numerelor.
Electro magnetic interaction and molecular
but no way as
magnetosphere works.
We already know, your opinion on how
will affect the planet.
Do not talk about change
They talk about how we were using a
best as a shield.
to have a two shields,
against breath,
and radioactive cloud.
Based on the interaction of molecules,
focoaselor explosion constant,
radioactive cloud
will certainly
most resistant
gamma radiation
of supernovae.
And I agree.
Based on the numbers one to resist
if you placed inside
Good, but how the magnetosphere
the feet.
Can withstand the quantities
lower radiation
and to recover quickly.
This means,
if the cloud is outside it,
magnetosphere will act as
secondary shield constantly.
What will capture radiation,
escaped the cloud.
But if the magnetosphere,
will support the initial blast at maximum power,
will destroy.
And he could not regenerate
and what will remain will be
shield consisting of radioactive cloud,
- ... to protect the land.
- This is the most important power ...
format of the cloud shield.
The data supports this decision.
The scientific community has agreed.
I do not think that would be
to change things now.
Even if we would not be enough time
to schedule
new launch sequence in the computer.
- I think ...
- No!
We respect the plan.
Are you ready?
But that's not going to stop us.
If you really want to do this,
Take your equipment.
All systems.
- Power?
- Check.
cabin pressure?
10.2.0 PSI
Outside air temperature, 57 degrees.
It should launch
if 33 passes.
We do not know even if the platform
one to work.
We are ready.
Okay, start counting.
am proud to be with
to you on this day.
against an enemy that
I have not ever met.
Now annihilating close,
tell you now, as your President,
but as a citizen of America and the
whole world.
Until now you know all of supernova
approaching and its consequences.
is a moment that this world
will not easily forget.
minds and our hearts to guide us,
but do not let them be consumed by
hatred and self-preservation,
but to become infected with kindness
the man next to us.
This is our last message,
whether it be the last.
Remember hope.
Remember loved ones
and those before us.
Remember heritage and what
we were given.
And if God's will,
to care for all.
helpful rockets were deployed.
The trajectory is wrong with 2 degrees.
Without NASA to guide us wonder
I managed to get around before.
- We are at the edge of the shield.
- It should succeed.
What ... what are you doing?
Increase the power that we can pass
the ionosphere.
Electrical storm ... not good.
It could be worse.
is the receiver.
platform space.
is ...
What happened?
We ran out of petrol.
Let's see if we can find something.
We ran out of petrol.
Can you help?
There is a way
escape, right?
An all die.
Listen to me!
Make it.
We have a pretty good chance
to survive.
But if we do it
must do it together, right?
I want to be strong and I need
your help. You can do this?
You can do it, right?
- Yes.
- Okay.
You must make changes to the panel
Time until the blast hit us,
We only have 28 minutes before ...
You know ...
How do we have?
28 minutes.
Hopefully this place
28 minutes anymore.
The panel is fried, but still
we have energy.
We have 27 minutes.
Okay, I think I do.
Enter the code release, as I go
to bring my laptop, everything is in order.
Section B, disappeared and did not know that
will be next.
Hurry up!
Ties are frozen.
Missiles will be launched
unless you do manually.
I think I solved.
Initiate launch sequence.
Come on!
You will never change
launch sequence.
We only need your eye.
Kelvin Ryan, project leader.
Kelvin Ryan, project leader.
Change the script to launch B.
Set time and distance,
outside the magnetosphere.
Burn all.
I can bear.
file with details of corrupt,
8, 7, 6, 5,
4, 3, 2, 1 ..
Computer, open a channel
the command center.
Kelvin by Henreaux.
Henreaux hear me?
Here Henreaux says
Henreaux ...
systems took a freak.
- Get information?
- Yes, yes.
How many were launched?
How many were launched?
Eight, Kelvin
- Damn.
- Kelvin, listen to me!
The shield could withstand.
You must confirm that
with Ye and Jijinski.
I will not happen, Henreaux.
We both know that the shield be
as weak.
We know what we do.
Tell my wife and daughter ...
I love that, right?
Kelvin, how are you?
close the connection.
time until impact.
15, 14, 13,
12, 11, 10
9, 8, 7, 6 ...
Computer, detach the central spiral ...
Come on!
3, 2, 1.
Mrs.. Kelvin.
I had to come myself.
Is there someone
need to talk.
Yes, you heard right.
a star that exploded.
Genesis life itself,
towards the intersection with our planet.
Jijinski, told me once that he and the hand
right of the Lord who pervades the universe,
with intent to destroy mankind.
a cosmic broom that is clean
for something new.
Will of God, or not,
came far from space.
and felt terror
and fear of being alone.
What makes a man when it put the wall?
Ye, tried to change the codes
to protect more eastern hemisphere,
hoping to help survival
its people.
Thinking about it, it's hard
to curse someone for that.
When I returned, he was received as a hero.
I said Ye and died saving Jijinski
not only my life,
but the lives of billions.
I was ready.
I saw it coming, but
I found a way.
a nuclear shield to resist, but not
not have its own consequences.
world has changed but we're still here.
it stronger.
When all excuses disappear
get to keep
what's important.