2036: Nexus Dawn (2017) Movie Script

All our memory bearings from the time...
were all damaged in the blackout.
But there are sometimes fragments.
Conclusive session 11:17 p.m.
Testimony of Niander Wallace to the magistrate sectors
EL1 at 9 through 26 and so forth.
Ended MD.
Thank you
for your patience.
I did not intend to keep you waiting.
The particulars of my affliction...
make travel difficult.
Mr. Wallace, we've granted you this meeting in deference to your...
Your Cinch-contribution.
We recognize that for the public good.
For their health.
You remember hunger...
So you indulge the recluse, whose patents keep that hunger at bay.
I believe in life.
In fact I have run more life from our Earth than ever before.
But it is dying. You... are dying.
Which brings us to
our present concern.
We have made clear our position.
The prohibition of replicant technology is not subject to debate.
Nor is its repeal.
Yet we are debating.
Not we.
Of all that was lost in the blackout,
this cut of history... died along.
Humanity has only survived this long
by crushing the Earth to suit its needs.
The stars... our only hope
are hidden beyond the lives you will not allow me to create.
Off-world colonies are thriving.
Insufficient to the needs of ultimate survival.
Your laws have changed the hands of progress.
The laws keep blood off the streets.
Nexus phase is unreliable.
Safeguards put in place by Tyrell were negligent.
Too many have died. We will not add to that number.
My replicants
will live as long
or as short as a customer will pay.
My replicants will never rebel.
They will never run
They will simply obey.
Step forward.
Find your weapon, do this now.
For goodness sake.
What is this?
is an angel.
And I made him.
Look up to the left, reveal.
You're committing a crime, Wallace!
Now that's enough!
Lift the glass.
No, no. No. No. No!
This is wrong.
Does it hurt?
You must make a choice:
Your life or mine.
Do you understand?
Do this now.
This is wrong.
Human action
resounds in the heavens.
The bell echoes above
what we decide here today.
We'll polish or crack the firmament.
Which shall it be?