2046 (2004) Movie Script

In 2046, a huge network
Railway spans the globe.
A mysterious train leaves
for 2046, from time to time.
Each passenger bound for
2046 has the same goal.
He wants to find
lost memories.
Because nothing ever changes in 2046.
Nobody knows
if it's true or not.
Because nobody
did not return.
Except me.
If someone wanted to leave in 2046,
it would take him how long?
Some succeed
fairly quickly.
Others find that their
takes more time.
I forgot how long
I spent on this train.
I'm starting to feel very lonely.
As I said,
many left for 2046.
You are the first to return.
Why did you leave in 2046?
Whenever someone asks
why I left in 2046,
I have the same answer imprecise.
when people had secrets,
they did not want to share,
they climbed a mountain.
They were a tree,
there carved a hole,
and to murmuring their secrets.
They then covered it with mud.
That way no one else
discovered do not.
I fell in love with someone.
After a time,
she was gone.
I left for 2046.
I thought that I would expect.
But I have not found.
I keep asking myself
if she loved me or not.
But I never knew.
Maybe the answer is
as a secret
that no one will ever know.
All the memories are
the traces of tears.
You did not promise
not to return?
I came to see you.
I have no future here.
I'll see how
it happens in Hong Kong.
When are you leaving?
Boat leaves in two days.
Why tell me?
I thought we could
leave together.
You know nothing of my past,
does not it?
If you prefer not tell me anything,
I do not mind.
If you win, I go with you.
She had found a way
diverted to push me away.
In retrospect,
it's been the last time
we saw each other.
Immediately after,
I left Singapore.
I was back to
Hong Kong in late 1966.
Because of the increase
the price of ferry tickets,
there were riots in Kowloon.
I did not know
how long I would stay.
I took a room in
a small hotel in Wanchai.
I wrote articles
for newspapers.
They paid the HK $ 10 thousand words.
It was pretty hard at first.
As long as I could reach
both ends,
what I wrote had
not matter.
"Journal of Heroes Bazooka".
"The new star
Luk Kwok Club is called Fei Fei! "
"A real gun with
beautiful bazookas! "
"A big success
lovers breasts! "
Wait, I'm exaggerating of course.
I can not say
that her breasts are fake, though?
I quickly got used
to this lifestyle.
I became a true
With great adventures of a night.
But nothing lasts forever.
December 24, 1966
Why am I lying?
You know me really?
You were not in a show
in Singapore in 64?
You are Lulu.
I was.
Not anymore.
What is your name now?
I would tell you why?
Christmas Eve 1966,
I met a friend of
Singapore in a box.
It was rather close.
But that night,
she had apparently forgotten.
Was there really ever seen?
How could you forget?
You said I looked like
your late boyfriend.
You taught me the cha-cha-cha.
You still dragged myself to the casino.
You knew a period
bad luck.
You possessed a fortune.
My friends and I paid
for your passage to Hong Kong.
You spoke a lot
your deceased boyfriend.
A Chinese Filipino from
from a rich family.
You had planned to marry.
But he died young.
You said it was
the love of your life.
I should not remember
sad memories
at this time of year.
But you remember
Tonight's Christmas
we went to drink?
Much has been made.
Did she pretend
to have forgotten me?
I just drove to his hotel,
she slept.
She drank too much,
so I quickly left.
Upon leaving, I noticed
a very familiar number.
If I had not seen that night,
I would not have seen this issue.
And I would not have written "2046".
Can I help you?
Miss Lulu's there?
Lulu? There is no Miss Lulu here.
There was a Mimi
but she left.
But there I was there two days!
You know where she went?
No! What do you want him?
Nothing special.
I have his key.
I wanted it to him.
You can give it to me.
Thank you.
You want to rent the room?
I just returned from abroad.
I have not yet home.
If the room is free,
I can take a look.
This is only a small hotel.
But our tenants
are all suitable.
What is your job?
I write for newspapers.
Great! An artist!
I have not always done that.
I was also an artist.
I took courses
Singing in Harbin.
At that time, I was tenor.
It would be a pleasure
have you with us.
When do you move?
As soon as possible.
the 2046 should be redecorated.
The 2047 is free.
You can visit it.
Do not bother.
I'll come back when it's ready.
But why this room,
in particular?
This is perhaps the number.
C'? meaningful to you?
Just kidding.
see the 2047.
If it suits you,
you might install.
You will change for 2046
when it is ready.
What say you?
I can see the room?
Of course! Please ...
Once installed,
I discovered what had happened
the night before.
Lulu had been stabbed
by a jealous boyfriend.
A drummer working the box.
She liked him.
She compared him to a bird
can not arise.
During all these years,
she had sought
his bird without legs.
his loves ended badly.
But that does not bother her.
No matter what happened,
at least, she remained
the leader.
Of course!
Let's go!
Let's go!
I'll go with you!
Fine. I'll go with you!
Of course!
I understand!
You see?
I know ... I understand.
I understood!
Can I go?
I can go!
Of course!
I understand!
I understood!
The renovation of the 2046
was not long.
But I got used to the 2047.
Of course!
I started to hear
a funny voice through the wall.
I thought
someone had moved.
But it was the owner's daughter
the hotel, Mr. Wang.
I go, categorically!
OK, let's go!
I had no idea
what she said.
The courier told me
it was the Japanese.
It seemed she had
a Japanese boyfriend.
Tell the driver:
"220 Granville Road."
- Ga. .. ran ... wai ...
- 220 Granville Road.
Turn to Humphreys Avenue,
near Kimberley Road.
Can you repeat?
- Do not turn in Salisbury Road.
- Slowly.
I'll make a plan.
This is my pen!
I repeat again.
Turns from
of Humphreys Avenue,
near Kimberley Road.
But does not turn
Salisbury Road.
Got it?
I'll make a plan.
Granville Road.
Turns from
of Humphreys Avenue.
But does not turn
Salisbury Road.
Remember not to turn
Salisbury Road.
His company had sent the Japanese
in Hong Kong.
Upon his arrival,
he was staying at this hotel.
The world is full of men!
Why'd you have chosen
a Japanese?
Get rid of him!
I never meet him!
You want my blessing?
Not while I live!
It lasted for years.
Mr. Wang's family had suffered
Japanese during the war.
They had to break.
Can you tell me what you feel?
You love me?
Or not?
I'm afraid to hear your response.
But I have to ask anyway.
Go with me.
He finally returned to Japan.
It was at that time that Miss Wang
began talking to herself.
Ask your boss
down a bit!
Mr. Chow, you should it
ask yourself.
Mr Chow ...
It is not gone yet?
Why he came back?
I do not want to see it!
If you do not quit ...
Get out! Go with him!
I assumed that Mr. Wang
rising sound
because of his love
for the opera.
In fact, he did not want
hear the family feud.
What are you doing?
Come back when you get
few more years!
I said:
expect to grow a little!
I like it.
Wang thought very little
his two daughters.
The eldest of his Japanese was crazy.
The youngest was early for his age.
She came into my room,
to drink.
Then she ran off with a man.
Another drummer of a group,
so it seems.
After his departure, his older sister
was also in trouble.
Talk to your boss for me.
I'm a little late
for rent.
In any case,
he has my deposit.
Mr. Chow, tell him yourself.
It is dirty humor,
these days.
What is his problem?
First, a girl who runs away.
Then the other to the hospital.
That's why he is so angry.
Why is she in hospital?
He did not say,
It was rather odd.
Who knows what he thinks!
So that's it?
In any case,
please give him my invitation.
This is a banquet
for my father's birthday.
It may deduct its gift
the rent I owe.
Then they introduced the
curfew in Hong Kong.
Homemade bombs had
spread panic.
The economy stagnated.
I stopped going out.
Some thought
I had changed.
In fact, I wrote.
A story titled "2046".
About men and women
looking for love,
risking everything to reach
at a place called 2046.
What is it?
Going to ...
In 2046.
I did it as bizarre and erotic
as possible. Without stand
this qu'aimaient readers.
Things were not going
the point of view science fiction,
but all "2046"
meant to me was
the number of a hotel room.
I invented everything.
But some of my own
experiences were there.
The people I met
in life
evolved in my story.
I felt better and better
in my fictional world.
At this time, the music of Mr. Wang
again became stronger.
Other problems with his two daughters.
But also because
of the economic crisis.
Many rooms were empty.
In September,
the riots came to an end.
Life returned to normal.
Soon, someone moved
in 2046.
You almost finished?
It is too early for that!
Y'en trying to sleep!
You spy?
The Woman Next Door is a real gun!
What are my chances?
You've lost your mind!
An expectant father should
to think about it!
Now she is pregnant,
my wife leaves me
more touching!
Tell him from me.
How much you got?
Only $ 100 ...
Waiting for my call.
Mr. Chow!
Mr. Chow, a call for you!
Rested, right?
It is not up yet.
I told
it had to be arranged.
This is not a whore!
An artist like you.
A little respect,
you want?
Yes. I will tell you immediately!
Miss Bai, your key.
You're back, Miss Bai.
Who is it?
Who are you looking?
Mr Chow suggested I go ...
You're back, Mr. Chow.
You won the races?
I lost! I won a little.
You seek me?
I think you know
this person?
What are you doing in that room?
You said you would fix that!
I've paid!
When I said
it was this room?
- I said this room.
- I said it.
Your daughter is in that room.
As this is embarrassing!
Excuse him, please.
I said:
left the room!
- I said I wanted one!
- Shut up!
Who is it?
You again!
I want to apologize
for the other night.
Forget it.
Ping, my editor, has been
inappropriate behavior.
But it is not like that.
Just a bit stingy!
He never pays his tour!
He always says he is broke
when the bill arrives.
So I thought it a prank.
At my expense?
You did not go too far?
He walked only
because of your beauty.
You're a real charmer!
I do assert
what is true!
A modest sign of apology,
accept it, please.
I do not want it.
You are still angry,
does not it?
- Take it, please.
- No!
- Go.
- No!
It's just a sign ...
Do not laugh,
I meant what I said!
Get out!
That's good.
To come out.
What should I do
to make it go better?
Hit me again!
You think I would not dare?
Step right up!
Do not be so insensitive!
I'm kind of not
you strike again.
That does not mean that
you can enjoy!
This time I let go.
If ever there was a next time,
I'll be less polite.
It will not happen again.
My face is still numb.
Accept it!
This is only a mark of respect.
I chose them myself.
See if you like.
Otherwise, discard them.
I'm going.
Calm down!
That concern you with that
I went out last night!
What Dabao?
The bulk or thin?
Shanghai or Shandong?
The problem is that I know
so Dabao.
How do I know which you speak?
Yes, indeed.
What can you do?
I will wait!
Let me tell you ...
Get out!
You think I can accept that?
Her or me,
you'd better choose!
Get out!
December 24, 1967
You come back soon!
It's Christmas!
You should not eat
with your boyfriend?
What boyfriend?
Go to supper, then!
You have so many friends!
You need company?
Go out with them!
They all want to be with me,
but I can choose.
To be fair,
I see none.
Come. Do not stay
not locked.
I'm not in the mood tonight.
I might be drunk,
and hit you again.
It is nothing,
I'm used to!
If I can hit
make you happy,
accept this as
Christmas gift!
Follow me.
Let me go!
I did not expect
to spend Christmas like this.
You expected what?
We had made plans.
He took me to Singapore.
He says he's hot
there, at Christmas.
So I did not even
away winter clothes.
What I'm wearing now ...
is for the summer!
You were in Singapore?
I worked there for
several years.
What kind of work?
For a newspaper.
It's fun out there?
Tell me more.
I will not,
so I have to imagine.
What do you know?
How's the weather?
Rather hot.
All year.
Sometimes we can not say
what season it is.
The restaurants are great!
Ping and I often ate
after work.
We ate and drank until dawn.
Our landlord was
a funny guy.
Short and stout,
still wearing a skirt,
that the Malays
call a "sarong".
But when you're away
from home,
one can begin to get bored.
Heavy, this meal!
We'll have a drink somewhere else?
You drink?
It makes things easier.
When I drank,
I have no worries.
Your friends will abound,
They are not glued to me!
They see other men as well.
We're just having fun.
They still have their lives to do!
I do not understand.
Where will you lead
all this fun?
If you find
the right person,
why waste time
with others?
If I find the right person!
A man like me has nothing else
that free time.
That's why
I seek the company.
People are only
hobby for you?
I would not say that.
Other people may
take me as a hobby.
And tonight?
I am your hobby,
or are you mine?
There is no difference!
Maybe you've been
earlier in the evening,
and I am now.
This is ridiculous!
Make no mistake.
I did not intend
take advantage of you.
If this is what I wanted,
I would have other options.
I just want us to be
Friends of drinking.
That's good, right?
It's tough.
But I'd like to try.
- It goes where?
- Let's go!
Mr. Chow, you
look happy, tonight!
my friends invite me to dinner.
For here, please.
Ping! It is the birthday
Better than that,
Chow has a new girlfriend!
You really have to party!
Mr. Chow, what do you want
eat tonight?
Something expensive!
The snake?
Yes, the snake, it would be nice.
It is not given.
You can you afford?
You're sure to win the bet?
Shut up. Do not
attention to him.
- Your choice, Mr. Chow?
- From snake!
And lamb as well.
And bring the whiskey to Hoi.
Yes, very well.
I could not leave it,
it's delicious.
Where is the girl, Chow?
It is 2am.
She will come?
She will not come.
I do not think she will.
It's all your fault.
This is because of you,
if it went well.
Why blame me, me?
You are the only cause.
You said she was
kind and obedient.
We know the truth!
I said she was
sometimes obedient,
and sometimes nice.
But it is very surprising,
it's part of the charm.
- And now?
- Yeah, so?
Anything you want.
And then
What happened there?
Tell me!
How are you thanking me?
Who is it?
Open the door!
It's late.
You've been good tonight.
I finish work quite late.
Too late to come.
So I'm not coming.
What is this?
It's also your fault!
How I would have known
that do not you come?
I thought winning a little money,
instead of that,
I lost my mustache.
It's all your fault.
You've earned it.
Who inspired you to bet?
I'll tell you.
Ping asked me not to come.
In any case,
I did not like it too,
that mustache.
You're younger now.
You do not like?
Are you kidding me!
You got me fooled!
I'll get you.
How you gonna get out?
Give me a kiss, at least.
You bit me!
Come get me!
Wait till I catch you!
Do not touch me there!
What are you doing?
- I attack the other half.
- No, not shave!
Who knows where it was razor?
It could bring me misfortune.
It left for the second round!
Why are you dressed?
I return to my room.
I'm exhausted.
That's all I have.
Currency except for the bus.
Here is $ 200.
Take them, I pray.
I do not want it.
I do not sell.
This is not what I meant.
I pay for your dress torn.
Take it.
I see.
Are you afraid that I cling
to you, right?
I'll take $ 10.
Say it is a discount.
If you ever wanna come back,
the price will be the same.
I return to my room.
Come here.
Not tonight.
Why not?
You're not in the mood?
I am tired tonight.
Anyway, I am
a little short on cash.
That's okay,
I can get you credit.
No ...
I do not have any debts.
The reception is at 6 o'clock,
dinner at 8.
It's okay if you can not come,
Simply send your gift.
No more than you!
You organize meals throughout the year!
You have sent me invitations for 4
birthdays this year!
I will send more invitations,
Think of people who have money.
Write their names and
sends them invitations!
OK, it's arranged.
Mr. Chow, another party
in preparation?
We have several birthdays
according to different calendars.
One of mine is soon.
Without a doubt.
Here is an invitation
for your boss.
Tell him
soon as it is,
he may deduct his gift
the rent I owe.
Make sure he gets it.
It's late.
What has he so urgent?
I just got back from Macau.
Chow asked me
to bring you this gift.
You were in Macao,
Yes, we had
few days off.
We went to the casino.
It's beautiful.
He said he found the money,
in his pocket.
So, before you lose everything in the game,
you bought the gift.
Where is he?
It is not yet returned.
You know how it is.
Prodigal earlier this month,
and broke well before the end.
He had several thousands
guests at her party.
While there, he plays really well.
He is alone there?
Of course not!
There was a whole gang.
He loves company.
It has always been like that?
Not talking about him.
Drink a glass.
But I should warn you.
I know you like it a lot.
Do not waste your time with him.
It is not serious!
Guess who?
There is a possibility!
Let me eat
something before!
What are you doing here?
What am I doing here?
What do you think?
I think I was
pretty wild.
But you're worse!
Bring the money!
I did not see
for ages.
I was busy.
Tell me the truth.
This is what I do!
Who was this woman,
the other day?
What woman?
Not pretend.
I saw her leave your room.
Who is it?
A friend.
A friend?
She did what in your room?
Do not be curious, right?
Return to your room.
I have work.
I sleep here tonight.
For the night, it's very expensive.
No problem.
Your ad prices.
I would give anything
to be with you every day.
Retail, okay.
But the wholesale,
out of the question.
I do not like it, that's all.
You could do
an exception for me?
You treat all
women like that?
Except one.
My mother.
I'm serious.
I do not care that you have
other women,
but I will not be
treated like them.
I do not care if you love me or not.
I love you anyway.
Since we're together,
I did not bring the other man.
I hoped you would
the same thing.
You promise?
I see ...
So, you're done.
I do not bother you.
And I never want
see you in my room.
Here, $ 10.
Tonight I will pay.
Thank you!
If ever you wanna go back,
the price will be the same.
Well you have fun?
It looks at you?
You were rather noisy,
last night.
This was intentional.
You bring women
why I would bring no men?
I want to see if
you do not care really.
I will not, why
do not you come here?
Forget it, do not come.
After Bai Ling had moved,
she began
out with Dabao.
And I saw other women too.
If by chance we crossed,
we pretended not to see.
Rather pathetic, I know.
But it was better for us
this to end well.
She appeared in my stories.
Your currency,
check it, please.
Thank you.
You come out later?
You could post
this letter for me?
Of course.
Then, Ms. Wang returned.
I recognized the familiar
on the other side of the wall.
Take me with you,
I beg you!
What are you doing?
I have not been clear enough?
Do not speak Japanese at this!
Why do you write to her in secret?
Are not you ashamed?
Returns his letter!
What are you reading?
A martial-arts novel.
You love them?
If your friend wants
you send other letters,
without your father
knew it,
tell him to contact the
to my room.
I will pass you.
She seemed happier
on his return, this time.
They spoke more often.
Mr. Chow, another letter for you.
One more!
These are Japanese
so passionate!
We meet again.
Then, if you always think
we should not be together,
tell me frankly.
There is 6 years old, that day,
a rainbow appeared
in my heart.
He is always there,
like a fire inside.
But what are your
feelings towards me?
Are they like a rainbow sky
after the rain?
Or ...
the rainbow has he disappeared
I await your response.
Why do you write
all this stuff about sex?
Not to starve!
You are not worried
not your reputation?
Maybe I'm
not that good.
Why not try writing
something else?
Who would read it?
And novels of martial arts?
People like it.
It's too hard.
It was locked
for months.
It garnered only migraines.
It was the right time ...
I also like writing.
It's hard to make a trade.
I only do it for fun.
I'll show you
what I wrote.
You're welcome.
Here, read that first.
You are prolific!
You tell me what you think.
And do not forget to return them to me!
Of course!
You have read my story?
What do you think?
I think you should
write a word more.
You are so talented.
You could
make me lose my place.
"The Master Spider launches
his right fist. "
"Two sticks start
like rockets. "
"They come with tremendous force!"
The mountain broke in two! "
I can not follow.
Come on, they wait.
Okay, okay.
Got it?
Where was I?
"The mountain broke in two."
Right ...
"The mountain broke in two,
"And collapses on the Iron Shield!"
Iron Shield?
He is not dead?
Oh yeah?
Let Iron Head, then.
Where does this "Iron Head"
It'll pass in a
martial-arts novel.
You do not want to rest?
I'll finish for you.
It was like having an assistant.
I do not go out. I asked
to make use of negro.
It was a girl, but,
she could also write commonly
that the best of us.
We got along very well.
It was the happiest summer of my life.
But it did not last.
I encouraged him to
confront his father.
But she dared not.
She wanted to be independent.
I got him a job,
at the door of a box.
Thank you!
She told her father
she was dating me.
Sometimes, I found an excuse
to look after work.
You come very late.
You are ready to go?
I have a taxi waiting.
I can take you home.
No, thank you.
In this case,
I do not expect.
Feelings can creep
in us inadvertently.
I knew it, but it?
She always asked
if there was something
never changed.
I imagined what she thought.
I promised to write a story
based on my observations.
To show this
that her boyfriend thought.
To laugh,
we had thought to call it "2047".
But maybe
I was too indirect.
I began to tell me that
This was not the Japanese,
but instead of me.
I imagined
in mysterious young Japanese,
on board a train
bound for 2046,
falling in love with an android
to delayed reactions.
If someone wanted to leave in 2046,
it would take him how long?
Nobody can say.
Some succeed
fairly quickly.
Others find that
it takes them more time.
It requires great strength.
And that can hurt terribly.
I forgot how long
I spent on this train.
I'm starting to feel very lonely.
This is rather annoying at first.
But, slowly, you get used to.
We have a team of hostesses.
They can meet
all your desires.
They will serve you faithfully.
As a close friend.
But you must
never fall in love.
Who fell in love with an android?
Who knows?
Things can
creep in you,
without you take notice.
It happens all the time.
Paragraph 201 of the guide
stipulated that the area 1224-1225
is particularly cold.
The heating of the train
will not be enough.
It is recommended that passengers
hugging to keep warm.
Being the only passenger,
I embrace the hostess android
my cabin.
I wonder if it is his
mechanism or my imagination,
but I feel the heat
on his artificial body.
Why do you leave in 2046?
You know
what people did in the past,
when they had secrets
they did not want to share?
They were climbing a mountain,
were a tree,
there carved a hole,
and to murmuring their secrets.
They then covered it with mud.
In this way,
discovered do not.
I'll be your tree!
Tell me, and nobody
one else will ever know.
I always ...
I always ...
I always ...
Very funny! I always ...
I always ...
Whenever someone asks
why I left in 2046,
I always ...
I have the same answer imprecise.
I always ...
I fell in love with someone.
I kept asking myself
if she loved me or not.
I found an android
who was his perfect double.
I thought the android
give me the answer.
10 hours later
I have a secret to tell.
Go with me.
I have a secret to tell.
Go with me.
I asked all the time,
but she never replied.
I invented reasons
his silence.
Do you know the Buddhist canon?
"The 5 Damage
Celestial Beings "?
The 5 Damage
Celestial Beings.
This is about Gods
and how they spend
by this process.
Our hostesses are
beautifully designed.
But there is a problem.
After serving
for so long trips,
fatigue starts at
be felt.
They may have
want to laugh,
but the smile will
time to come.
They may have
like crying,
but the tears will not flow
until the next day!
It fails quickly.
You should drop it.
I was desperate.
I almost quit.
But I tried it again soon.
I have a secret to tell.
You go with me?
I have a secret to tell.
You go with me?
You know what were
people formerly
when they had secrets?
They were climbing a mountain,
were a tree,
There were digging a hole ...
995 ...
I began to doubt myself.
His lack of response
was not solely due
its delayed reactions.
Clearly she did not love me.
I finally understand.
It's beyond my control.
All I had to do
was giving up.
December 24, 1968
Why invite me
Christmas Eve?
You know how I will lose
in tips when not working?
It would be awful
to be alone tonight?
I need company.
That is me?
Your boyfriend did not write
for a while.
I asked him.
In any case,
it's hopeless.
He has no reason
wait for me.
Why not hope?
Go get it!
If you do not,
then it will be hopeless.
My father will never consent.
If you were in his place,
what would you do tonight?
Why not ask him?
You have his phone?
I can not hear you.
You can talk louder?
I cry already!
I felt like
Santa Claus, that night.
I took her to the newspaper,
and have left to make a call
long-distance boyfriend.
I was happy
to see her so happy.
In fact, the region 1224-1225,
it was the day
and Christmas Day.
On Christmas Eve,
many people need
more heat than usual.
I did not understand.
This was perhaps the best.
10 hours later
I realized that
if the android had not
answered the question,
it had nothing to do with
wear of its mechanism,
or she did not like him.
More likely,
she already loved another.
Shortly after,
she went to Japan.
I gave him a copy of "2047".
I hope she has read it.
100 hours later
1000 hours later
Love is always a
history synchronization.
It is not good
meeting the right person
too early or too late.
If I lived elsewhere and
in another era,
my story would have been an end
totally different.
I have to ask ...
I will be away for
a few days.
Pay the rent this month
to my daughter, please.
She came back?
No Jing Wen. I spoke
my youngest daughter, Wen Jie.
Your troubles are over, then!
Going on vacation?
No, I have to go to Japan.
But you hate the Japanese!
Why go to Japan?
Jing Wen is getting married.
I did not know
if I should go or not.
Now I am determined.
I want her to be happy.
When are you leaving? You can
help me choose a gift?
It's not worth it.
She wanted me to
asks for something.
She read "2047".
She likes it a lot.
But it is the end too sad.
She wonders if
you could change?
I'll see what I can do.
An hour later
10 hours later
100 hours later
I would also like history
happy ending,
but I did not know
how to write it.
A few years earlier,
I wanted a happy ending
but I let it escape.
I do not turn your back!
He came here?
What is it for you?
While I touched the bottom,
I fell again on Lulu.
She had not changed,
always terribly jealous.
Do you think he's yours?
I thought
you knew him well!
It's like that!
We were just having fun.
So calm my old!
The watch has taught me something.
If the answer is "no",
there remains a chance
get what you want.
18 months later
Hello, Mr. Chow is there?
I know I did
no right to ask,
but I was told that
I will need a guarantor.
The man who recruits
girls in the nightclub
says he knows you.
You could say
a word for me?
No problem.
I see who you mean.
I see him in a day or two.
Why did you choose Singapore?
I did not want to stay here.
It's been a while since I remember.
I want to see what c'? air.
Do not drink too much.
You do not look good.
Do not worry,
it will not kill me.
You know what?
I came over here at Christmas.
I thought to meet you.
Why not me
called first?
I do not know.
I came like that.
I do not know why.
That night, you got me terribly
failed suddenly.
We're friends of drinking.
Of course I miss you.
You're right.
"We're friends of drinking".
Let's go.
Where you live?
At the hotel, a fairly small room.
But it's not too bad.
I'll take you home.
No, thank you.
I just moved,
this is a mess.
I invite you when it's clean.
I'll go first.
Seeing how
Bai Ling had changed,
I was suddenly invaded
by feelings of sadness.
Indeed, the previous Christmas,
I was not in Hong Kong.
December 24, 1969
You have seen Miss Su?
Miss Su ... not for a while.
You know where
I could find it?
It is probably distributed
to Phnom Penh.
I did not want to spend
Christmas 1969 in Hong Kong.
So I visited Singapore
and went back to the casino.
I waited several days, but
Black Spider never came back.
Nobody knew where to find it.
Some thought it was
distributed to Phnom Penh.
Others thought she was dead.
Ping and I started
to work in Singapore in 1963.
When my life lost
its meaning,
I started playing
It was an ugly period.
Only one person came
to my rescue.
A professional player.
Some said
she cheated people.
She was always in black.
It was called the Black Spider.
She kept her black glove
throughout the year.
No one knew
exactly why.
His hand had been cut
for cheating?
The glove covered it a prosthesis?
Nobody really knew.
Why do you wear that black glove?
You are not from here?
I come from Phnom Penh.
What a coincidence!
I come from Cambodia.
It's chaos out there,
what were you doing?
The newspaper had sent me there.
Are you a journalist?
Not anymore.
They made changes,
I am a "consultant" now.
Part time. The rest of the time
I do nothing.
Why do you spend
your time at the casino, then?
I tried to earn enough
pay for my return to Hong Kong.
You have lost a lot?
Few thousand.
You should never enter
in a bad mood in a casino.
You will not win.
I did not expect to win,
only retrieve my bet.
If you rest,
I can help you.
On one condition.
When you have
recover your money,
you will stop playing.
Why would you help me?
I take a commission.
10% of what I earn for you.
Think about it.
That could well bring him
these miserable
commission on my winnings?
After that, we went back
the casino every night.
We ate at the restaurant,
near the station.
She won all
I had lost.
Thank you.
Do not thank me,
it's yours.
If you need me tomorrow
I'll wait here after dinner.
I still do not know your name.
It's Su ... Su Li Zhen.
A few years earlier, I had fallen
love with the wife of another.
Her name was also Su Li Zhen.
It is because of her that
I went to Singapore.
I never imagined
meet another Su Li Zhen.
I talked at length about the other.
At first we kept the secret.
But the rumors have spread.
Then we went
in a hotel.
We had room 2046.
In retrospect,
everything looked like a dream.
You loved him very much?
That is history.
Change the subject.
You, what have you done before?
Want to know
my story?
Play in the battle.
If you win,
I'll tell you everything.
It faced its past me
was like the hand
she kept gloved.
A mystery unanswered.
Of all men
I know,
you're the best.
I miss you already.
Why do you come
not with me?
You did not ...
promised not to ask?
Hug me.
We do meet again, perhaps
not for several years.
The night we saw each other
for the last time,
I said:
Take care of yourself.
Maybe one day
you will escape your past.
If you arrived there, looking for me.
Now it seems that
I told him I
concerned, me, actually.
In love, no substitutes.
I was looking for what I had
felt with the other Su Li Zhen.
I had not realized,
but I'm sure
she had done.
All this for me?
Wanna get drunk?
I know that thou endure it well.
As much as we can!
If there are,
you'll end up next time
you'll be there.
I have something
to ask.
That money, take it,
please do.
I know you've borrowed
a friend for my plane ticket.
The reimbursement.
If there are,
pay my rent.
Where did you get so much money?
An old customer.
It has always beloved.
He treats me well.
But he is too old for me,
I've never thought too much.
I met him yesterday,
running errands.
He insisted me to dinner.
I needed money,
so I went.
After dinner, I told
I needed money.
He said I could
have as many as I wanted.
I said to need $ 5000.
First, I planned to
keep in Singapore.
But I use it now.
Do not be stupid.
You're still young,
you have a bright future ahead of you.
I borrowed this money from friends.
They do not need it right away.
Keep it to yourself.
Reimburse me later
there is no urgency.
Why are you
so nice to me?
It may be fate.
Too bad it did not last.
I wanted it to last
Do not be like that.
Let me offer you dinner,
- Boy, the bill!
- Immediately.
No, let me pay.
You are too kind.
You have already spent enough
time and money for me.
I do not want to have to worry.
I need a phone call.
The addition rule, please.
I'll be outside.
Want to enter?
No, thank you.
I'll see you at the airport tomorrow.
No, I beg you.
I am terribly sad,
if you come.
Take good care of you.
Why it can not
be like before?
Do not go.
Stay with me tonight.
Serve me a hobby.
Do you remember?
One day you asked me
if there was something
that I would hire them.
I've been thinking about.
And now I know
there was something
I do not praise
never in person.
In retrospect,
it's been the last time
we saw each other.
I have not seen
since that night.
Why it can not
be like before?
It did not turn.
It was as if he had
embarked on a train
destined for a future asleep
through the unfathomable night.
Each passenger bound for
2046 has the same goal.
He wants to find
lost memories.
Because nothing ever changes
in 2046.
Nobody knows
if it's true or not.
Because nobody
did not return.
English by Radioactiveman.