2048: Nowhere to Run (2017) Movie Script

Just checking in
on an old serial number.
That's gonna be tough.
What? You want some?
...Are extremely dangerous
and subject to retirement.
Harbouring a fugitive from...
- Ella.
- Hi.
- How are you?
- I'm good.
Where's your mom?
She's over there.
So, what did you bring me this time?
I have...
- "The Power and the Glory."
- Yes.
Very exciting.
Shouldn't take you long.
It's about an outlaw priest...
...who's trying to understand
the meaning of being human.
It's not sad, is it?
It's one of my favourites. You'll love it.
- I'll see you next time.
- See you.
Good work, Sapper.
- Three thousand.
- Three thousand?
That barely covers my nematodes.
- At 3000, I'm already pushing it.
- Come on.
Salt, you've bought
my blocks before.
Nutrient rich, low impurities.
They're the best.
You're not gonna get any better.
Come on.
Four thousand.
Don't like my offer,
you're welcome to try somewhere else.
Always pleasure dealing with you.
Get off of her!
Please, just leave us alone.
- Keep back.
- Hey, I got a...
- Help!
- Looks like somebody got scared.
- Hey, hey, hey!
- No!
Where you going, girl?
We got a plan for you and your mama.
Get off of her!
- Get off!
- Stay there!
- No!
- Stay there!
Yeah, Aberan 2-2-B.
I think I found the rogue skin job
you might be looking for.
I got the address.
I'll see you later.