2050 (2020) Movie Script

(orchestra music)
(drill banging)
(drill whirring)
- What are you worried about?
- I'm not worried
about anything.
I'm just hungry.
Why are we here now?
I didn't know mechanics
were open this late.
- We changed the oil right
here three months ago.
- I wasn't with you.
- Where were you?
- With the kids, I don't know.
- You're not nervous?
- What do I have to
be nervous about?
The mechanic's gonna find
something wrong with the car?
- You heard me tell Pete,
"Just change the oil."
- The neighbor girl's gonna
forget to feed the kids?
- Cindy may be a little
loopy, but she's not a ditz.
- What are you--
That's the same thing.
- Don't you have any change?
Go get something to eat.
- The machine out there works?
- Yes, I don't know.
Go see.
- I'm not that hungry.
Is there a particular time
your brother's expecting us?
I am hungry, I just
figure I'll wait
if it's not gonna be that long.
I think I'm just restless.
(orchestra music)
- [Reporter] Today,
the TSA has issued
a statement addressing
the states proposal
for drone traffic regulations.
Drone delivery companies
are now required
to regulate speeds to
under 20 miles per hour.
- I'm worried about him.
- Why?
- I don't think
he gets out much.
- Should the check oil light
still supposed to be on?
- [Brooke] I told
you it's always on.
- You told me, but did
you tell the mechanic?
That's why he's there.
- Yeah, I told him
like two times ago.
It's not doing any harm.
- Well, it's weird and annoying.
We just came from his place--
- Michael, you don't drive
this car, so who cares?
Please, just drive.
- So, is this a fancy
dinner party we're going to?
Should we bring a
bottle of wine, dessert?
- Why don't you
remember people's names?
The mechanic's name is Pete.
Is that so hard to remember?
- [Michael] Maybe something
fancy like a Sherry.
A nice port.
- Oh shit, we missed it.
Turn around, we missed it.
- What did we miss?
- Shun Lee Palace, we're
getting Chinese food.
- Are you kidding me?
There's no dinner
party, is there?
Just us bringing your
brother dinner again
like a couple of assholes.
- Oh, god, please.
You love Chinese food.
- Yeah, I love Chinese food.
- He, he loves Chinese food.
We're going to see him,
so what matters is that
he loves Chinese food.
- He loves Chinese food?
He does not love the drop in.
No one loves a drop in--
- It's not a drop in.
- Least of all,
your little brother.
- Well, he knows,
he knows we're
coming, don't worry.
- [Michael] Bullshit,
I call bullshit.
I bet you $100 right now he
has no idea we're dropping by.
(gentle music)
(Drew moaning)
(knocking on door)
(gentle music)
- Jesus, I'm coming.
(knocking on door)
What the hell?
- [Brooke] "What the hell?"
Don't "what the hell" to me.
What, I can't drop in to
see my little brother?
- [Michael] Sorry, I didn't
know it was a drop in.
- [Brooke] Who cares
if it is a drop in?
I can stop by to
see my little bro.
What are you, a hot shot
now, Mr. Wall Street?
- What am I on suicide watch?
You couldn't just pick
up the phone and say,
"Hey Drew, how are you today?
"How are you feeling?
"Have you gotten over the girl
"that ditched you
for an eMate yet?"
- Oh, don't even dare
remind me about that sexbot.
- Sexbot?
Wow, you are old school.
They're eMates, Brooke,
and how are you going
to blame a machine
on the end of my relationship?
- Listen, you are
a fool for thinking
that I give a shit about a
machine with an artificial heart
that walks around
stealing human souls.
- Okay, can we get back to the
reason you're here right now?
I have plans, you know.
- Masturbating to a video game?
That can wait, can't it?
- Brooke, come on.
- What, does he look
like he's going out?
- Whether I go out or
not is my business.
I can still have plans.
- I brought you your favorite,
Kung Pao chicken with a
shrimp egg roll and a Coke.
- From Shun Lee Palace?
- Yeah.
- They're good.
- Did you see my white rice?
- Did you get white rice?
- Yes, because I
always get white rice.
- Keep looking then.
- I'm looking, and
I'm not seeing it.
- Maybe they screwed up.
- Well, it's not here.
- Yeah, they screwed up.
- Goddammit.
- Just treat this
as your me meal.
Have some fried rice.
- No,
because it's gross and
greasy and disgusting.
- Baby, what, what
are you doing here?
- Hi, Sugar, what's keeping you?
- Um, my sister popped in.
- How lovely.
- No, it's not lovely
at all actually, because
we had those plans, um, that
we were going to go out.
- So, great, let's
go out all together.
We can, we can go to the movies.
- But then you had to lie down
and rest in peace and quiet.
- Yes, it got much worse.
I had come out for
some fresh air.
- For a headache.
You just take a drop of honey,
stir it in a glass of water.
- No water. (chuckles)
- Well, no, don't be ridiculous
'cause we're mostly
made of water,
so you could just be dehydrated.
But it's the honey
that does the trick.
You got some honey?
- No, no, no.
- Just put some water
on the towelette--
- Please, please, stop, stop.
- I took something, and
I drank plenty of water.
- See, (chuckles) she
took something already.
- You know, pharmaceuticals
are bad for the body.
- Sorry, um, what's your name?
- I'll handle this, just go
rest on the bed, will you?
I was trying to tell you.
- No, you were not trying
to tell me anything.
- I thought it was obvious
that I didn't want you to stay.
- Yeah, there is a
woman in your apartment,
and you don't have
the common decency
to tell me that you're
seeing somebody?
- Okay, not everything
is your business.
- Are you guys an item?
- You know, get yourself
some raw, organic honey.
You'll never go to
the drug store again.
- I can't.
- Okay, look.
I really appreciate the food,
but obviously I'm doing fine.
- Lavender oil.
That works well, too.
- Just, just...
Obviously you're not fine,
because you're not telling
me anything about her,
and for all I know
she could be a
- Okay, you know what,
it doesn't matter
what she is to me.
She could be a
fling, a roommate,
my eloped wife, or an escort.
It wouldn't justify you
barging in here uninvited.
- Drew?
- What, why are we whispering?
- Yo, dude.
Your friend.
- Yeah, oh right.
The headache.
- Here.
She's an escort.
I'm just kidding.
- No one can tell
when you're kidding.
- Yeah, that's the point.
- No, kidding is supposed
to be playful and innocent.
- Yeah, that's what I do.
- No, you do it wrong.
- [Michael] Do you
get headaches often?
- [Quin] I don't know.
It's up to Drew.
- [Michael] And how is that?
- [Quin] He's in charge,
whatever he says goes.
- [Michael] I don't think
you're hearing me right.
- Are you a doctor?
- No.
I just like to study
the human body.
How it works, how
it heals itself.
I'm actually in video
game development.
Started my own company.
I guess you can say I'm into
creating artificial life.
- [Quin] What a coincidence.
That's my entire existence.
- Oh, really?
You're a gamer?
- Somewhat.
I'm mostly into stimulation,
but also entertainment
in general.
- [Michael] You mean simulation.
Yeah, just go ahead and
pull your hair to the side
for a second.
Yeah, try one more thing.
Okay, ready?
A little pressure
there, might hurt.
Holy shit.
Holy shit.
Oh shit!
- You stay there.
- Shit!
- [Brooke] What,
what's happening?
- Okay, stay calm
and don't panic.
- That's a sexbot.
- eMate.
- She's a sexbot!
It's a computer!
- [Brooke] Guys,
what's going on?
- Nothing, it's just a--
- It's a bug.
- Big bug, it scared
Quin, and she yelled.
- That was Michael who yelled.
- Big fuckin' bug, Brooke.
- [Brooke] Oh, gross.
- Please don't tell my sister.
- What the hell, man!
- She's not going to
understand, and she's gonna be
on my ass forever.
- I'm not making any guarantees,
I wanna get out of this room.
- You can't leave
unless you promise me.
- Fuck, she looks so real.
- She is real.
- No, real, like a,
like a human.
- Okay I got it.
I will put $10,000
into your company
if you promise not to
tell Brooke about Quin.
- Who's Quin.
Oh, yeah, right.
- [Brook] So, are
you guys killing it?
- Well?
- You'll invest
10K in the company?
- Yeah, of course.
I like what you guys
are doing anyway.
Shake on it?
Now will you please
persuade your wife
to get the hell out
of my apartment?
- Yeah, I think I can do that.
Oh fuck. (breathes deeply)
(orchestra music)
We gotta go.
I'm sorry, she's
throwing up in there.
I don't--
- There's...
There's just too much
going on right now.
- Yeah, the migraines,
and it's really gross.
Come on, we gotta go.
- Talk to your friend.
- Yeah, we'll talk to her
later, we'll give her a
get wall card, come on.
Enjoy the Chinese, thank you.
- Call me.
- She'll call you.
- You call me.
You call me.
(upbeat music)
- [Quin] Why does
Brooke talk different?
- She was adopted.
Let's go back to bed.
(mellow music)
- [Michael] You want
to fool around tonight?
- Eh, it depends.
- Oh, it depends?
- [Brooke] Yeah, let's see
if the kids will go to bed.
If not, maybe they
can watch a movie.
- [Michael] Well we
can do something.
It's still early.
We have the neighbor
girl till 10, right?
Go see a movie.
Go get dessert somewhere.
Have a drink.
- [Brooke] Was there something
weird about that girl?
- [Michael] Quin.
- Quin?
- Quin.
- [Brooke] That's her name?
- [Michael] Yeah, Quin.
- [Brooke] So, was
there something weird?
- [Michael] (chuckling) Yeah.
I mean, there was something.
I can't put my finger on it.
Something weird.
- [Brooke] Whatever he's
doing is not healthy.
I think I'm going
see him more often
and take him out
of that apartment.
- [Michael] Weird.
- [Brooke] How come
you remember her name,
you only saw her
for like 20 seconds.
You don't even remember
the name of the girl
who's watching our kids?
Or the guy who is
taking care of our cars?
- [Michael It's a unique Name.
Quin, I don't know.
(mellow music)
(people chatting)
- [Drew] That's the place.
- And what is this?
- It's a manufacturing parlor.
Dude, how old are you?
Parlor's aren't new.
eMates have been around.
- Yeah, I'm not that old dude.
I've just never
hung out with one.
- Or had sex with one.
- Right.
- Well, don't tell my sister
you're researching eMates.
I don't care that it's for the
new game you're developing,
don't even mention
Butterfly Chasers.
Don't let her find that card.
She'll fuckin' kill
you, research or not.
- So you can own one?
- Own, lease, rent, whatever.
It's like a car.
A smart car.
They're programmed to
know what you want,
exactly what's expected of them.
They're complete subordinates.
But they don't complain,
they don't argue,
they don't manipulate,
they just love.
Unless you want them
to complain, or argue,
or manipulate you.
Because you can program them.
- You program them?
- Well, the manufacturer.
I'm sure it's way
too complicated for
the average consumer.
For them, it's easy.
I can call BC up right now
and ask for a new program
for Quin if I wanted.
A new personality.
A new voice, even.
They just open their laptop,
login, switch it out.
That's it.
You can understand all that.
Your industry is all
about technology.
- So, hold on, so,
are you saying that there are
sexbots just like
walking around, like
moving in the public?
- I mean, not a ton, but
yeah, they're out there.
And most of them are supervised.
- Supervised?
- (chuckling) Yeah,
man, there are rules.
- Okay, like what?
- Come on, it's
like obvious stuff.
Your eMate can't handle
money, at least not in public.
They can't apply for a job.
They're not supposed to
be unsupervised, although,
that can be kind of hard to
follow when you're role playing.
You wanna do some research, man?
Check out the parlor.
It's kind of on the down
low, because of some people
like my sister.
- Okay, but,
Butterfly Chasers, what does...
What's that got to
do with sexbots?
- Think about it.
What's it feel like
when you first meet
someone you really like?
- I don't know.
- Feels like butterflies in
your stomach, doesn't it?
- Yeah, right.
- Michael, they're
eMates, not sexbots.
Get the lingo, man.
Get the lingo.
(people chatting)
- [David] I'm not lying.
- [Drew] Dude, you
always lie to me.
Why wouldn't you
be lying to me now?
- [David] Because I'm
telling you, it's true.
- [Drew] It's not true.
What's true is you're a douche.
- (laughs) Yeah, yeah,
that might also true
but in this
particular situation,
why can't both of them be true?
- They can be, but they aren't.
My fuckin' ex is not
in the United States,
so there's no fuckin' way that
you saw her at the movies.
- Ah, except that I did see her.
I saw her in plain sight,
with her arm around
her eMate chimp.
- So she didn't go to Paris?
She went to the movies instead,
with Cameron, is that right?
- Look, it was her
and Cameron alright.
I know that fricking
sexbot from anywhere.
You remember you
made me stalk them
for like a week straight?
- So, shit, wait,
you're fuckin' serious?
She was at IFC with Cameron?
- Yes, I'm serious.
Look, man, I'm sorry, but
what am I supposed to do,
not tell you, lie
to you, come on.
- So, what, she lied to
me to break up with me?
- Eh, I mean, not necessarily.
Maybe, uh...
Maybe she lost her scholarship.
Fuck, maybe she just
hated Paris, who knows.
- Maybe she came
back for Cameron.
- That's fucking gross.
Jesus, you think...
You think she's in love
with a fuckin' machine?
- Why not, he's perfect.
- All right, all right, well,
you get me Chinese
food for a week,
and I'll find out
what's going on.
- Get the fuck out of here.
Your lazy ass ain't doing shit.
You're just gonna
sit here all week
and make up a story at the end.
- What, fuck you.
- Fuck your mother.
- Really?
I'm gonna go fuck your sister.
I'm gonna get her
number, hold up.
- Hey.
- Yeah, that's what I thought.
seriously, though.
You get me tickets to
Tokyo's Revenge this month,
and I'll find out what's going
on with your ex, I swear.
- They're playing here?
- Yeah, they're
playing here, man.
- Who you going with?
- (laughs) Fuck you, asshole.
- Hey.
- Unless your sister's
available, of course.
Fuck off.
(David laughs)
- These are great.
I mean, you're
nailing it, the...
The detail in the clothes,
it's like a hard casing.
These are ready to go digital.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
This is phenomenal Reign.
- Well, great.
That's what we talked about.
- I gotta come clean.
I'm struggling a little bit
with some of the storylines.
All right, and I thought
I'd have little more
for you this week, but,
I don't.
- I mean, we have people
interested in our concept.
- I know.
- Two different companies.
- I know.
- Got windows wide open for us.
- Rei.
- The gaming industry
doesn't just sit around and
wait for the next best thing.
It scoops up and shits
out the bottom-feeders.
- You don't have
to tell me that.
- (chuckles) If
we don't act fast,
they're just gonna go
with another concept.
Stupider, shittier, ridiculously
fucking inferior concepts.
- Look, I'm not an idiot.
You don't have to tell
me any of this, okay.
I can't help that I'm blocked.
It's not like I'm not trying.
- Do we need to bring
on another story person?
- No.
- You sure?
- Trust me, you don't
want the headache.
- What headache?
- I've been there before, okay.
We bring out another
story person,
they tear apart everything
that works for us so far.
Plus, we have to
negotiate terms,
ownership rights, I
have to like them.
I mean, it'll take longer to
recruit someone than if I--
- Alright, alright, alright.
Now I have the
headache we don't want.
- I'm sorry, all right,
I'm holding us up.
- Is it the kids?
Family life?
- Eh, that's part of it.
- Is it Brooke?
- It's nothing.
I don't know what it is.
- I know, Brooke and I went
to school together, but
we're not as close
as we used to be.
I promise you, we don't around
and gossip about you
behind your back.
- You gotta talk
about something.
- What, the two times
a year I see her?
- Yeah, so you say.
- (chuckles) Right.
So, our whole company
is just a rouse
so I can spy on you
when you're not home.
She pays me very well, too.
- Speaking of money,
I got more capital.
10K from the brother-in-law.
- What, Baby Drew, 21-year-old
stockbroker genius?
- Yeah, he's 25 now,
and he still doesn't know
what to do with his money.
- We don't need more investment.
- I know.
I know.
We need the story.
- [Reign] Oh, shit.
("Carmen WD31: Act I: Habanera")
- [Brooke] (laughing)
What are you doing?
- I wanna play something.
- [Brooke] What?
(clears throat)
- I don't normally hold
auditions after dark.
But I can see that you're
very passionate about
being our voice actor, so
I'm gonna give you a
chance to prove yourself.
(Brooke chuckling quietly)
All of our associates
have left for the evening,
so I hope you don't mind
that it's just you and I.
Amber, is it?
Well, Amber, shall I
tell you what it is
that we're looking for?
- Yes,
please, Mr. Executive.
You know I will do anything.
- Well we're currently
offering $50,000 a contract,
and we're developing
three games.
Now, we need to cast our lead
voice actress very quickly,
so I'll get straight
to the point.
If you want this job,
you're going to have
to do some things.
- I would do anything. (laughs)
- [Michael] Come on,
Brooke, it's not that funny.
- Michael, I don't
want to do this.
- Come on, just try.
- I can't act.
- [Michael] Just do it
like in a different voice,
or something.
- I am trying.
I'm just going to laugh again.
- Do you want me to just
lie here and say nothing?
- No, I want you to be engaged.
- Where is that coming from?
- I don't know.
I just want to try something
new, something different.
- Honey, I'm sorry,
but it's not me,
and it's not for you either,
it's not us, it's hokey.
And distracting, and I can't
get turned on like that.
- Yeah, you can't
get turned on my be.
- No baby.
I am attracted to you.
You, not some executive
with a big wallet.
Come on.
("Carmen WD31: Act I: Habanera")
(Brooke laughing)
("Carmen WD31: Act I: Habanera")
- I'm sorry, what did
you come by for again?
- Just to talk.
- You wanna see Quin, don't you?
- No.
Not unless you're offering.
- No.
- I guess I just need to go
somewhere to clear my head.
- Okay.
(mellow piano music)
(door bangs shut)
(dramatic music)
(people chatting)
- Leaving so soon, Mr. Green?
- How do you know my name?
- What are you looking for?
- I don't know, I
was just looking.
- Are you looking' for a friend?
- You mean like a robot that,
you know.
- A companion.
- [Michael] Can I have
an evening friend.
- An eMate.
- [Michael] Yeah.
- Yeah?
- [Michael] Yeah.
- Yeah.
- No, I'm, no, I'm
not looking for...
- Well, which one
is it, yes or no?
Did you come in here
for an evening mate,
or you just come to gawk?
- I wasn't gawking,
I was just, I was...
Well, I was curious.
- (chuckles) Well,
why didn't you say so?
There's no harm in
asking questions.
sit down.
Take a look at what we got.
Ask about the specials,
because there's new technology
popping up all the time.
Conversation is free.
And you don't even have
to buy your date a drink.
(dramatic music)
- [Drew] Where is this?
- Mr. Chow.
- Fuck.
- Yeah.
Wait, did you bring the...
Bring the Chinese food?
Bring my Kung Pao chicken?
- She always went for
the classier shit.
Fuckin' Mr. Chow.
- Yeah.
- She always raved
about this place.
Handmade, tossed
noodles or some shit.
- You should have taken her.
- I'm not paying out the ass
for some fucking noodles.
- It's not just
the noodles, man.
It's the fucking, you
know, it's the music,
and it's the decor and it's
the ambiance and all that shit.
It's special, and fucking
chicks dig that shit.
- Yeah, I guess so.
- They want you to
buy them flowers that are just
gonna die in a couple days,
and they want you to
take them on vacations
that are just gonna
tire them out,
and want you to have a
big fucking dick on you
that's gonna hurt when you
try to shove it in them.
But, but they want you to
be the soft, sentimental guy
that remembers birthdays
and anniversaries, and shit.
But then again, if
you're in a bar,
and some dude
looks at her funny,
they want you to be tough
enough to start a fight.
Crazy, they want
everything, man.
(chuckles) It's like
they have this fucking
idealistic perfect view
of what a man should be
in their fricking
heads, and it's...
It's, you know, it's no wonder
fucking Diana ran
off with that...
- What?
- That's it, man, they
just want everything.
- No, you were saying,
no wonder Di ran off.
With Cameron?
- Yeah, yeah.
But whatever, man.
- No, you mean with Cameron.
That's why she ran off with
Cameron because he's an eMate.
Because he's programmed
to be perfect.
- Okay, yeah.
So, so I mean, how are you
supposed to compete with that?
How are we supposed to compete
if this is the world
that we live in?
- I think I understand.
I know why she dumped me.
Because I'm not perfect.
- Yeah, dude, no shit.
What have we been talking
about this whole time.
- I know how I can win her back.
- [David] No, no,
stop, don't start--
- I can win her back
by being better.
- No, you're gone
dude, this is it.
I'm changing the
subject right now.
We're gonna talk about
food, let's get some food.
You hungry?
- I'm serious.
If you can reprogram a machine
to be compatible with you,
then you can reprogram a person.
I can win her back
by being better.
- Better than a machine?
- Well, if not better,
at least as close
as humanly possible.
- Come on, man, look,
Cameron is a machine,
and machines can be perfect.
Humans can't be perfect.
- I disagree.
I don't know that
machines can be perfect,
and I don't know
that humans can't be.
But I can be better.
- Better, huh?
Fuck it, I'll bite, what
are we talking about?
- No offense, man, but
I didn't do anything
but play video games,
eat junk food,
and fuck my robot.
- Sounds pretty, oh
shit, by the way,
did you bring the Kung
Pao chicken or what?
- Are you listening to me?
I just told you how
I can win her back.
- Forgot the food, didn't you?
- Jesus Christ, man.
I'll get your fuckin
food, you immature infant.
I just wish you could appreciate
this moment I'm having.
- It's hard for me
to appreciate things
on such an empty stomach.
- Here.
I got some things
to think about.
- Oh, what, you're
not gonna stay now?
What the fuck, come on?
(sighs deeply)
(dramatic music)
- You love her?
- Yeah.
- (laughs) You still love her?
- Yeah.
- Come on.
What about, what
about the sexbot?
The eMate, I'm sorry, I mean...
Dude, she left
you for a machine.
What does that do to a man?
- I don't blame her.
He's better than me.
She didn't cheat on me.
I knew he was there.
I knew what my competition was.
He won fair and square.
- You don't think that
she cheated on you?
- He's a machine.
He's an intellectual dildo.
There's nothing wrong
with bringing an eMate
into a stale relationship.
I just wish I coulda
been a better man.
- It is a machine.
It's basically just porn.
- I have a favor to ask.
I'll give you another 10K.
- I don't need any more
of your money, man.
- I'll let you interview Quin.
- Just, what do you need?
- I'm gonna win her back.
(Michael laughs)
- Okay.
I'm sorry. (laughing)
What are you writing, man?
- It's just...
Never mind.
- Okay, well, what
do you need from me?
- A mentor.
- Sorry, what?
- A coach, a motivator,
a personal trainer.
I'm a fuckin' mess, and
I need some guidance.
I don't give a fuck
what you call it.
Can you help me get in shape?
Eat better?
Build muscle, detox or whatever?
- I'm gonna stop
you right there.
There is no whatever.
Listen, you don't just
will yourself to change.
It's not one of those
things you start,
waste everyone's
time, and then stop,
because it's not happening
as fast as you want it to.
This is a major
lifestyle adjustment.
To be honest,
I don't know that
you could do it.
It's a huge, it's a huge deal.
All right, are you listening
to what I'm saying?
- You're not listening
to what I'm saying.
I love her.
- Okay.
- Now, do you wanna
talk to Quin, or not?
- No.
I don't need to talk to Quin.
- But you'll still help me out?
- Why not?
- Pictures Will is
going to be an EP,
meaning when it's done,
it'll probably have
five or six songs on it.
- Oh, your father
called me today.
He wants to set up a
surprise party for you.
- Why are you telling me this?
- For your birthday.
- Yeah, obviously.
Why the hell are you
telling me, though?
- Because, I don't feel
like dealing with it.
Let's just do something
special with the kids.
- But it's my birthday.
- Like an ice cream party.
Wouldn't that be nice?
(Brooke laughing)
(upbeat TV music)
- Is there something else
I can help you with, sir?
- No, I'm good, thanks.
- Okay, Mr. Green, I'll
leave you to your privacy.
(dramatic music)
- Something I can get
you while you wait?
- Two whiskeys neat.
- They better both be for you.
Your eMate's not
allowed to drink.
- Not allowed?
- They don't eat.
They don't drink.
- Right.
- So, one whiskey neat?
- No, I'll drink them both.
- Of course.
(upbeat music)
First door on your left.
(upbeat music)
- Mr. Green, your eMate awaits.
(upbeat music)
- [Sophia] Hi
Michael, I'm Sophia.
- Sophia.
Hi Sophia.
- Take a seat.
(upbeat music)
(people chatting)
What should we talk about?
- I don't know.
- Should we talk at all?
- I guess normally, I would
ask you where you're from.
- Do you want me to
make something up?
- No.
No, I don't know.
We gotta talk about
something, right?
- So, you seem to be
under that impression.
- What impression?
- The impression that
two intelligent beings
must talk in order for them
to get to know one another.
- Well,
how else are two people
supposed to get to know
each other, or beings?
How am I supposed
to refer to you?
- Refer to me
however you'd like.
- Let's go with beings,
we have that in common.
So if not for conversation,
how are two beings supposed
to get to know one another?
- The answer is right
under your nose.
We're not just intellectual
beings, after all.
I don't know about you,
but I consider myself
more of a sexual being.
- I can see that.
- I can assure you,
we don't need conversation to
get to know my sexual side.
- Jesus, you're beautiful.
- Thank you.
- I have a question.
- What is your question?
- How do I know that
you're not real?
- Don't you mean the opposite?
- No.
- You don't want me to be real?
- No, you can't be real.
'Cause if you're real then
I'll be cheating on my wife.
- I see.
- God, you are beautiful.
You're soft.
There's no way you're not real.
- Michael.
You customized me.
You created me moments ago.
You picked out my
hair, my lips, my eyes,
and the contents of my mind.
- But what if it's
a trick?
I don't know, if it's
like a magic act?
What if you're human?
- Michael,
my new friend,
you're gonna take
me to the bedroom.
You're gonna take
my clothes off.
Below my neck, you are
going to see and feel
the only part of
me that physically
indicates that I am not
Are you ready to
take my clothes off?
(mellow music)
(people chatting)
- Okay.
Yeah, let's do that.
(upbeat music)
- Michael.
You're acting weird.
What up, am I missing something?
- I, uh
think I'll take the
kids to daycare.
- [Brooke] What?
- Yeah.
Yeah, I'll take the kids.
Spend a little time with them.
- [Brooke] Okay.
Are you sure I'm not missing
anything, you look upset.
- No, I'm not upset.
Is that a big deal?
- No.
- Right, well,
I'll take the kids, stop by
the park, go for a quick swing.
- (chuckles) Okay.
- Okay.
Let's go, kids, field trip.
Bus leaves in five minutes!
- I guess I have time
to clean the kitchen.
- Don't think about it.
I'll clean it later.
All right, forget
about exercising now.
You know, you're already
not doing it right.
Focus on your diet.
'Cause if you don't put things
in your body that you need,
you won't get what
you want out of it.
- So who is this woman
you're taking me to,
some kind of vegan nut?
Does she farm his own veggies?
- No, smart ass.
But she does know what
she's talking about.
(knocking on door)
- How many times do I
have to, (gasps) Michael!
- My girl, what's happening?
- What's up?
Is this your boy?
- This is my brother-in-law.
- Drew
- Bring it on in.
(Drew chuckles)
Come on in, welcome.
- [Michael] Come on, man,
she's a beast in the kitchen.
- What's this?
- This is spinach, man.
These are carrots.
- Okay. (chuckles)
So, like, what is this
juicing thing, anyway?
- (sighs) Juicing is a
religious experience.
It's a lifestyle alteration.
A mind and body transformation.
Are you into computer stuff?
- Not really, just video games.
- It's a complete
system upgrade, you dig?
- I dig.
- So what are we talking
here, a breakdown on benefits?
You want recipes,
recommendations, taste tests?
- I was thinking of getting
Drew here on the detox program.
- Ooh, you're right.
This is the nigga
who's trying to get back
with his girlfriend, right?
- [Michael] Yep.
- My man,
you need a strong woody.
- (scoffs) A what?
- Too much fast
food, too much soda?
Dairy products?
- Probably.
- I mean, a soft Woodrow
will kill any relationship.
- Okay, that's not the problem.
- Detox is right.
We're gonna clean you out,
and we're gonna pump you full of
so many vitamins
and antioxidants,
that your lady's gonna
be singing in her sleep.
- Okay, look, I'm just
trying to get healthy.
I don't know if I need this
detox thing or this other thing.
My dick is fine.
- Brother.
Look around, what do you see?
- Fruits and vegetables.
- You don't see dope?
- [Drew] Dope?
- You don't see no
hash, no sour, no Kush?
- Uh, no.
- You wanna search
me for weapons?
- What is this?
- This ain't a hash bar.
You don't come in and select
your favorite strain of weed.
We dealing juice
here, not drugs.
You wanna get healthy?
Welcome to heaven.
Now, my boy brought you in here,
and I'm gonna take care of you.
We're gonna detox that ass,
and we're gonna make
sure that your Woody
is standing at attention
every time your lady
walks into the room.
- For the last time, my
dick is not the problem.
- You trust him?
You then for damn sure trust me.
We're your guardian angels.
Now, you wanna go to heaven?
- Okay, let's do this detox.
- Take notes, Woodrow Wilson. Take notes.
(orchestra music)
(gentle piano music)
- [Michael] How do
you feel when I leave?
- [Sophia] I miss you
with every breath I take.
- [Michael] Serious.
What do you feel?
- [Sophia] Empty.
I don't feel anything.
- [Michael] Jesus.
That's awfully grim, isn't it?
- From your perspective, yes.
- What about your perspective?
Do you even have a perspective?
- [Sophia] I have
limited perspective.
I know what you like,
I know what you want.
I'm still learning what
is important to you.
I guess I'm still developing.
I think I would need
more experiences with you
to develop a bigger perspective.
- [Michael] More experiences?
- [Sophia] Does that make sense?
- [Michael] Sophia,
I think I'd like to
take you out of here.
I think I'd like to
show the world to you,
and introduce you to the world.
Would you like that?
- [Sophia] The world,
the outside world?
Where you come from?
- [Michael] Yeah.
- [Sophia] That
would be wonderful.
(gentle piano music)
- I'll do it, but you're nuts.
- It's research.
- I don't care.
You know how my sister feels.
- It's two weeks.
- So, they let you do this?
- It's a trial run.
I told them I was
thinking about buying her.
- Her?
- Sophia.
- Sophia?
What, what are you involved?
- No, for Christ sakes.
I told you, it's all research.
She's, um...
I'm writing eMates
into the story.
I gotta know how they operate,
and work in the real world.
- So, what am I supposed
to do with her at my place?
Am I supposed to give her a key?
- What do you do with Quin
when you're not there?
- She just lies down.
- All right, just let
Sophia lie next to her then.
- Okay, but if you do this,
you better not let any
of your friends see you.
- I'm married, I don't
have any friends.
- Check out this view.
It's the perfect metaphor
for the human condition.
- Oh, it is?
- Manipulating natural elements
to develop scientific methods
for circumventing
natural elements is
man's greatest irony.
- Are you making fun of me?
- No.
I leave that up
to your intellect.
- (chuckles) Okay.
- Permission to speak
frankly to my human.
- Permission granted, Sexbot.
- I'm enjoying my time
with these experiences,
getting inside of you.
I think I would
enjoy it much more
if you were getting
inside of me.
- You are a dirty manipulation
of natural elements.
- If you find the spot,
I'll share the pleasure.
- Stop talking right now.
All right, I think I got a spot.
(chuckling) This is
fucking crazy, come on.
(Sophia giggling)
- [Cameron] Why don't they
play poker in the jungle?
- Why?
- Too many
(Diana laughing)
(people chatting)
- Why did Batman skip church?
- I don't know, why
did Batman skip church?
- Christian Bale.
(Diana laughing)
- You're so fucking cheesy.
- Me?
It was your idea.
- [Diana] Well, I guess
we're both cheesy.
- [Cameron] If you want cheesy,
I have a whole bunch more jokes.
- [Diana] Oh, all right,
tell me some more. (laughing)
- [Cameron] Why didn't the
toilet paper cross the road?
- [Diana] I don't know.
- [Cameron] It was
caught in a crack.
(Diana laughing)
- [Diana] Oh my god. (laughing)
(dramatic music)
- What was that?
- What?
- You're letting me win.
- No I'm not.
- You were about to crush
me, and you moved back.
- [Quin] Yeah?
- Don't let me win!
- You like to win.
- Of course, I like
to win, but on my own.
I don't need you to let me win.
- Well then, why are
you playing with me?
- What?
- Why do you need me?
- For the challenge.
- If I win, you're defeated.
- Yes.
- If you win, you are happy.
- Yes.
- So it is better if you win.
- No, I need to be challenged.
- But you'll never win.
- I can win, if I can improve.
- How?
- By being challenged.
- [Quin] Your program is
just as finite as mine.
You're limited to your
original purpose and function.
- I can change my program.
- [Quin] How?
- By being challenged.
- Then I can change my program.
- No.
- [Quin] Why not?
- Because you can't
change your program.
- I can't, why?
- A challenge...
A challenge is something that
comes from within a person.
It's something that
motivates a person.
It has to come within.
Or, at least, it has
to be believed within.
- Why haven't you
beaten me at chess?
- It takes time
to learn the game and
to learn your opponent.
- Over time you can change?
- Over time, yeah.
- Over time you can win?
- Yeah.
- Why haven't you won in
the time you've been given?
- It hasn't been enough.
- How do you know you're right?
- I feel it.
- So I am who I am, incapable
of changing programs,
but you're who you want to
be when motivated to change?
- Yes.
- [Quin] So who do you become
when your motivation dissolves?
What happens when something
you want doesn't work out?
(dramatic music)
- I said it's bath,
you know how to do it!
Don't make me come in there!
Oh, these kids are
driving me insane.
Is it so terrible for
me to want my kids,
thanks, clean?
Is it so unnatural for
them to want to smell good,
feel soft?
- Hey.
- Hmm?
- You're a wonderful mother.
You are.
(dramatic music)
- What?
- What, uh, Makowski, what
do we have going on here?
- Mayakovsky.
- Mm-hmm, yeah.
You studying for a
job, or something?
What's up?
- I changed my mind
about the concert.
I'm not going to go.
- What?
- I'm just doing other things.
- It's fucking Tokyo's Revenge,
man, they're your favorite.
- I don't know that
they are anymore.
I've been exploring other music.
You should really give
a listen to jazz, man.
I think you'd really like it.
- Did you just tell
me to listen to jazz?
- Yeah.
- Jazz?
- It's a little different, but--
- Ah, okay, I get it.
I get it.
Come on, all right, so when
is the, uh, when's the show?
- Huh?
- Diana, when do you see her?
- This isn't a show.
- Nah, all right, all
right, so, like a,
like a dress rehearsal,
it's like practice.
- I told you, I'm changing
some things about me.
- Fucking everything
about you, man.
- Most things, so what?
- You're not
changing shit, Drew.
You're pretending, it's an act.
- I'm not pretending.
- Look, I don't care.
You wanna dress like a
yuppie to go to a metal show,
I'm good with it, man.
- I'm not going to the concert.
I gave you both
tickets right there.
- Dude, Tokyo's Revenge!
They're your favorite
fucking band.
- They're your favorite
band, not mine.
I bought those tickets
for you, remember?
- You are being such an
amazing cock right now.
Like, dude, we've
known each other
forever, all right.
I know you, man.
I know what you like,
and I know what you love.
It's not this, man.
It's not sipping on tea
and reading books
you don't understand.
Look man, (sighs) whatever
fucked up head trip
Diana has you on, you're
gonna snap out of it soon.
You're gonna fucking fall
flat on your face again.
- "Friendship is constant
in all other things,
"save in the office
and affairs of love.
"Therefore, all hearts in love
should use their own tongues.
"Let every eye negotiate for
itself, and trust no agent,
"for beauty is a witch
"against whose charms
faith melteth into blood."
Shakespeare, Much
Ado About Nothing.
- I got nothing.
- David.
I've become charmed.
By Diana at first,
Hero to my Claudio.
Beauty beyond mine grasp.
But greater still,
I've become enchanted by the
fruits of a fearless world,
an endless garden of Godly gifts
offered to only those
that free themselves
from grounded complacence.
Charles Darwin.
"It is not the strongest of
the species that survives,
"nor the most intelligent,
"but the one most
responsive to change."
My friend, there's more to
life than just video games.
I'm afraid I've evolved.
I've matured.
I've opened my eyes,
I've spread my wings.
The wind has me now.
- No, no, no.
- It glides me to--
- Stop.
- So, you're not
going to the show?
"But don't come
running back to me
"when you get treated the
exact same way you treated me."
Big Sean.
(upbeat music)
(people chatting)
(cell phone buzzing)
- Hey Rei.
Yeah, did you get my notes?
- Notes?
This looks like a draft to me.
- It's an outline.
What do you think?
- It's brilliant.
It's dark, it's
magical, it's scary.
I mean, teens are
gonna eat this shit up.
- Great, set the meetings up.
- Did I catch you at a bad time?
Are you with Brooke?
- No!
I mean, no, I'm not with anyone.
- Okay, 'cause it sounds like
you're making out
with your wife, dude,
and it's kinda disgusting.
- No.
- Why don't you just call
me back when you can talk?
- Okay, fine.
I, um, didn't want to be rude.
- Yeah, okay.
Are you guys trying for
another kid, I mean,
just let me go to
voicemail next time.
- Okay, whatever,
I'll call you later.
- Oh, Mike!
The sexbot, it's
a great idea, but
the character will
need some work.
She's just not believable yet.
- Oh.
- Later.
(music box music)
- I don't understand.
- I need to please you.
- You do?
- Sexually.
How do I please you sexually?
- Just be who you are.
- No, I can't be who I
am, I'm trying to change.
I'm trying to be
better than who I am.
- Do you to dominate?
We could switch roles.
- Quin, goddammit.
Why is this so hard?
- Baby, what's wrong?
- Can you be pleased sexually?
Is it within your function?
- I'm meant to give
pleasure, not to receive it.
(music box music)
Have I lost my purpose with you?
(music box music)
- [Michael] Jesus
Christ, Brooke.
What are you doing in the dark?
- Waiting for you, my love.
So, who is she?
- {scoffs) Who is who?
- The woman you're seeing?
- [Michael] I'm not
seeing any woman.
- Who were you necking
in public yesterday?
- Oh my god.
Who told you that I was?
Is this another
jealous Reign rant?
I promise you nothing ever--
- It's not about Reign.
It's not about Reign.
She's the one who heard
you with somebody else.
- You spoke to Reign?
- I ran into her,
and she apologized
for interrupting
our intimate moment.
- No, no, no, no, I told her
she was jumping to
conclusions, okay.
She had it in her head that
something was going on.
Yes, she thought
that you were there--
- Michael, who was she?
- I wasn't necking on anybody.
- Then what did Reign hear?
- It was some
goddamn old couple next to me.
I didn't know they were
so loud, all right?
As soon as Reign made
the comment, I moved.
I didn't realize
how loud they were.
I mean, this whole fucking
city's so loud and crowded,
you know, but I'm used to it.
And then when my hone rings,
and it's my business partner,
I'm not gonna,
I'm not gonna wait
and go look for some quiet spot
not when we're in the middle
of these vital meetings.
I'm gonna answer it.
Okay, no matter
where the fuck I am,
or who the fuck I'm next to!
- Okay.
- You know how Reign can be.
- Yeah.
I know how Reign can be.
- She just, she--
- It was just
strange news to hear, and
it caught me off guard.
- Manager.
- You'd like to see the manager?
- Yes.
- Um, what about?
- Your fucking sexbots.
- Okay, um,
right this way.
(dramatic music)
How can I help you?
- Is this a fucking joke?
You're the manager?
You run this place?
You could have told me that
all the way back there?
- This is where I do business.
Would you like to sit?
- No, thank you.
- You fell in love with her.
- I have a wife.
I have two kids.
- So what?
- What?
- Do you love 'em?
- Yeah.
Of course I love them.
- Do you love your wife?
- I just said that I love 'em.
- Then what's the problem?
- I'm falling for a machine.
One of your
- (laughs) That's incredible.
- No.
No, it's not.
It's fucking torture.
My life is ruined, my
marriage is ruined,
and I don't know how I got here.
- Sit down.
Sit down, let's talk.
How could falling in love
be a bad thing?
- Are you married?
- People fall in love
with sports teams.
They fall in love
with music and movies.
They fall in love
with vacation spots.
They fall in love
with amusement parks.
They fall in love with museums,
with dogs,
with pizza, with coffee mugs.
People fall in love with
everything around them.
How is any of it harmful?
- You don't make pizza.
You don't make coffee mugs.
You're not running
a fucking museum.
You make robots that
affect people's emotions,
and you're fucking sick if you
think that it's pleasurable
to watch them manipulate people.
- My machines don't
manipulate people.
People manipulate themselves.
My machines are
programmed subordinates.
They are designed to react
and to take orders.
If feelings are involved,
it's a direct reflection
of the human spirit
interacting with them.
If emotions become
damaged, once again,
it is a reflection
of the human spirit
interacting with them, their
issues, their problems.
It's not my robot
you have an issue with,
it's your confused morality.
It's you.
You have these ideas
of what love is
of where it belongs,
what it's value is.
You decide when it's right,
you decide when it's wrong.
You follow your
wife's inclinations.
You follow your
parents' traditions.
You follow society's rules.
And it all leads you into
this closed conception
of what you think love is.
You ever stare
at a painting and realized
you haven't blinked?
The taste of your favorite
ice cream on a really hot day?
Has the summer breeze ever
kept you from getting up?
Has your hobby ever
made you forget to eat?
When your kid grabs your
hand as you cross the street,
do you ever not notice?
Whatever you think
love is, it's,
it's more.
Add up all of these
memories inside your head
and multiply them by
the number of times
you make someone smile.
That is your potential.
It's one thing
for your ignorance
to blind you from these
observations, but shame on you
for taking something so
pure and so beautiful,
and complicating it
to try to make it
fit into somewhere
that you think it
should, shame on you
for plucking the
life and the magic
of the essence of being human
and kicking it to the curb
because it's inconvenient.
I don't make pizza,
I don't make mugs,
and I'm not running a museum.
You're damn right.
I'm smiling because
you fell in love
with one of my machines.
You're welcome.
- What am I supposed to do then?
- I'm a salesman.
I only know what
I'm supposed to do.
You can go now.
(orchestra music)
(people chatting)
(orchestra music)
- If you control the people,
you control the world.
They tried everything they
could to try to control us.
Because they know we
are emotional people.
They tried to divide us by
playing on our emotions.
You know why, right?
- [Drew] I don't know, why?
- Because, if you keep the
people emotional and angry,
you distract them from building
their own financial empires
and taking care
of their families,
and their family's families.
I mean, think about it, bro.
(sighs) First you program
people emotionally, right?
Next you destroy their health.
The best way to do that
is through the food
and water supply.
I mean, Henry Kissinger
snitched on the whole operation.
He said, "If you control the
oil, you control the country.
"And if you control the food,
you control the population."
So now we've been programmed
(scoffs) to rely on microchips
more than we rely on each other.
We no longer talk to each other,
we only follow each
other online, what?
But this,
this is the remedy.
This is how we get
back to our roots.
This is how we bring humanity
back to our essence,
I mean, guys, oh.
(sighs) Just take this.
Clean that up.
I'm gonna go talk to this dude.
(orchestra music)
This is spinach, man.
These are apples.
- I thought you loved her.
- That's exactly the problem.
- How?
- I saw how happy she was.
- (scoffs) And?
- That's it.
She's happy.
- I'm fucked.
- I know.
- You know about me and Sophia?
- I'm not an idiot.
- I'm so fucked.
- Do you love her?
- I don't know, is
there a difference
between loving an idea
and loving a person?
- I don't know.
- See, I think I love
the idea of Sophia
more than I love my wife.
And if the two things are
equal, then I'm fucked.
(orchestra music)
- There she is.
How you doing?
- Good.
How are you
- I'm good.
Thank you for coming,
I appreciate it.
You look nice as usual.
So look, I wanted
to talk to you.
If you don't feel the
same, you can tell me, but
I gotta tell you, I like you.
I mean, I really like you.
To be honest, I've always
felt that we were
meant to be together.
Even back when we were kids,
teenagers, we were hanging out,
me and Drew, I used
to always look at you.
I was always watching you.
I mean, not like creepy, you
know, but I was watching you
all the time.
You're just so beautiful,
you know, I mean,
I think I love you.
I mean, seriously,
I adore you.
I think about you all the time.
And that time that we spent
together, right or wrong,
it's really special to me.
- David, I'm married.
- I know...
I know you're married, I know.
But you've been married, right?
I mean, you were
married the whole time.
- It was a mistake.
I thought we were clear.
- You were clear on this.
I guess you were clear,
but I, I wasn't clear.
I was nervous, a little scared.
I mean, you were
married, after all.
- I am married.
- Are you happy?
- Yes.
- Okay.
You gotta know... You have
to know how I feel about you.
I don't apologize
for it one bit.
I love you.
Do with that what you will.
- I have to go.
(dramatic music)
- [Georgia] Through
the ages of film,
we've seen robots peppered
throughout our culture
from Rosie the Robot
types on The Jetsons
who relieve exhausted housewives
from their mundane chores
to cute little smart companions
like R2D2 on Star Wars.
But now, those dreamed-up
bots have come to fruition,
and they've evolved
into something more.
Technology companies
bridging the gap between
smart tech and dolls
to create sexbots,
who will also be
your companions.
So, what will that mean for the
things that define humanity?
To answer that, let's now go
to media analyst and attorney,
and what I consider
a modern philosopher,
Atticus from Atticus, Inc.
Hey, Atticus, a lot
to talk about here.
The growing interest of
these sexbots is undeniable.
People are shelling out
tens of thousands of dollars
to buy them.
There's a wait list.
I mean, why do you
think this is happening,
and why are folks so willing
to drop that kind of
coin on these things.
- [Atticus] What we're going
to be seeing here, ultimately,
let's just jump to the
future, is the slow, gradual,
systematic ruination
of all that makes humans humans.
Our devices,
our social
engineering platforms,
our social media
are all distancing
ourselves to begin with.
Then we're going
to have this thing.
It's not going to be
a robot as we think of
"Danger, Will Robinson,"
this is going to be
something that looks so human
that will have texture
and body warmth,
and that will
sweat and perspire,
and with artificial
intelligence, will
learn about you.
Some people will lob
this and they'll say,
"This is terrific because this
will eliminate prostitution,
"this will eliminate the ways
that humans are compromised."
But let me give you
an example, Georgia.
There's this analogy,
the sterile bug analogy.
You might have heard this.
When you want to remove
populations of certain vermin,
what you do is you
release sterile bugs.
Think, sex robots.
And what happens is you cause
the populations to decline.
Ultimately speaking,
at its worst, humans,
we are going to be the robots.
- Now--
- We
are going to lose
our souls in this.
- [Georgia] Now Atticus, a
lot of women advocacy groups
are frowning on these
dolls and these robots
saying that it creates
yet another avenue for men
to hyper sexualize women,
and essentially create what
is idealized body image.
Do you believe that
this will have a
negative impact on women
and the women's movement?
- [Atticus] That's the
least of the problem here.
Hyper sexualized?
This is...
You're using...
Not you.
they're using old memes,
old bumper stickers.
This is trans
humanism on steroids.
This has nothing to do
with idealized women
and certain physiognomy
and morphology.
This is about us, humans,
losing our connections
with humans.
How do you kill the
resistance to being,
to being held and confined?
By cutting off human interaction
little by little, bit by bit,
and this is the next level.
We humans are not even
engaging each other anymore.
This is beyond body
shaming and morphology
and that sort of thing.
This has something
to do with the fact
that we are taking the most
important thing that we do.
- We're back in the
Villages again, aren't we?
- Yeah.
- You gonna fuck me at
The Road House again?
- No, I just wanna get a drink.
- So you'll make
love to me after?
- Yeah. (sighs)
- What's got you
wound so tightly?
- Life.
- You're with me now.
Life's a breeze.
- Life is confusing.
I miss my kids.
Life's goddamn complicated.
All right?
I haven't seen my
kids in three days.
Can you even imagine that?
- No.
I can't.
It must be rough for you.
- I just want to get drunk.
(people chatting)
- There's no shame in it.
- No shame in what?
- In them.
- Hi.
- I recognize you, Michael.
- Yeah.
- So?
How long have you
two been together?
- Me and her?
- Mm-hmm.
- [Michael] A few months.
- Me and Cameron have been
together for almost a year.
- It'll be a year in 21 days.
- So I see you've got
yourself an eMate.
- [Michael] Yeah.
Do you have a boyfriend, too?
- No, I mean, sometimes.
Right now, it's
just me and Cameron.
- Sometimes?
- Depends on who I meet.
- How?
- Well, if I meet a
guy and he likes me,
and he's okay with
me liking Cameron,
we go out on a date and
see if we're compatible.
- Sexually?
- I mean in every way. I mean,
isn't that what dating is?
- So,
you meet guys that
are okay with him?
- Of course.
I mean, there are so many guys,
and everybody's not so insecure.
Women, too.
Women can be open-minded
if we're given a chance.
You see, Michael, we women
want exactly what you men want.
We want happiness,
compassion, a sexy body.
understanding, a connection,
yada, yada, yada,
and some respect
mixed in there, too.
- Open-minded, huh?
- You'd be surprised at
what people do for love.
(people chatting)
(dramatic music)
- All right.
- [Waitress] Heineken,
Beck's, and Budweiser,
Rosenhof, Coor's Light--
(dramatic music)
Hey, come to the garage.
Because I need to talk
to you, Brooke, just
come to the garage.
No, because I can't
come in right now.
All right, you'll see, just
come down and talk to me.
(dramatic music)
Come talk to me, please.
Thank you.
(dramatic music)
- Are you serious?
- Please just get in the car.
- You brought your little
sexbot to our house.
- Please get in the car
and let me talk to you.
- Okay, okay.
- I see, you got an upgrade.
Congratulations, this is good.
- All right, you want
to know the truth?
You wanna know the honest
truth about why she's here?
It's 'cause I'm not
ready to give up on yet.
Okay, there is
something broken here,
and she and other eMates
like her can help us fix it.
Never once did you ask me why.
- Why what?
- Why I had her built.
You just yelled at
me, and berated me
and judged me.
- I don't care why.
You cheated on me with a robot!
- You cheated on
me with a human!
Jesus Christ, Brooke.
You think I wouldn't know
that when you crawl in
bed with me at night,
I wouldn't smell
him on your skin?
- All right, why didn't
you say something?
- Because I didn't want
you to feel like I felt.
- I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
- No.
Don't apologize.
Look, that's what
she's taught me.
We shouldn't have to
apologize for what we want.
We sure as hell shouldn't
have to apologize for
what we need to be fulfilled.
Clearly, we're not doing
that for each other.
- Okay, why?
- Why, what?
- Why did you have Sophia built?
- I was hurt.
I was lonely.
- Michael, but you
have a family--
- Yeah, I have a family.
A family that what?
Am I gonna have
an intellectually
stimulating conversation
with the kids?
Are you going to
role play with me?
- Oh not this again.
- Yeah, this again, Brooke.
The one person in this world
who shouldn't berate
me for my fantasies
is the one person who makes
me feel the most insecure.
The one person who should just
listen to me rant about work
is the one who makes me
feel like I'm burdening her.
- I'm sorry, but not everybody
has the same interests.
- But we do have the same
interest, Brooke: love.
Till death do us part,
and I'm not dead yet.
You wanna build your own eMate?
Someone to talk shop with?
Someone to get you
all hot and bothered
when all I wanna do is sleep?
Fine, do it.
I don't care, I'm not
intimidated by that.
You know why?
Because I love you more
than I love the idea of her.
At the end of the day,
that's all they are.
The idea of a
perfect relationship.
- So, why have her?
Why have her?
- To be all the things
that we don't want to be.
Babysitter, dish
washer, house cleaner,
a massager,
a listener.
Amber the eager voice actress.
You'd be surprised at what
you can program them to do.
And they won't judge you.
They don't see gender, color,
shape, size, they just...
They do what you ask
them to with pleasure.
- Why aren't we
enough for each other?
- Brooke, if we were meant
to be enough for each other,
God would've never
been invented.
She listened to me rant about
that for three hours one day,
and it felt amazing.
What would you
love to rant about?
- How no one prepares you
for how hard marriage is.
- She would love to listen,
and she'll keep it a secret.
- No, no more secrets.
(mellow music)
So I can make mine
look however I want?
- Absolutely.
(mellow music)
(orchestra music)
(transitions to upbeat music)