211 (2018) Movie Script

It's done, Mr. Donovan.
The money is secure.
Then, we can go home.
- The plane is ready?
- You'll be in Dubai for dinner.
And the Special Operations team?
Contract cancelled, sir.
DONOVAN: Awesome.
MAN: C'mon, c'mon!
- Ahmed, move! Go, go, go!
MAN: Hello, boss.
You should all be fucking dead!
Important safety tip, Ronnie,
never trust the locals
to get the job done.
You should've just paid us,
you fucking dipshit.
All of this for the money?
Oh, we've done worse for you
over the last two years.
By my calculation, you owe,
- what with time and expenses...
- Aggravation.
...let's just call it
a straight-up million.
Fuck you!
We're not here to play games.
- Where's our money?
- I... I had to get it out
of the country!
Feds were getting too close!
You can't touch it!
- I'm gonna fucking kill you.
- No!
It's in the banks,
scattered everywhere,
small automatic deposits!
- U.S. bank?
- U.S., Russia, Switzerland.
- Name one.
- A U.S. bank, name one!
Unity Savings and Loan,
Chesterford, Massachusetts!
Over a million,
I can help you get it!
You need me. Just get me some
fucking medical attention,
and we can make a deal.
Or we could just do it our way?
- Your way?
- The hard way.
You're under arrest!
- Hey!
- Let's go! Let's go! Come on!
WOMAN: Don't touch me!
I didn't do anything!
We're clear.
Idiot! Incompetent!
I was six steps away
from arresting
the biggest antiquity smuggler
in Asia!
Sorry, ma'am.
if this is another
stupid security drill,
I swear I'll kill you.
Yes, sir.
This time...
I'll find them.
- MOSS: Major Rahimi.
- Ah, the eternal Colonel Moss.
What the hell happened here?
That's exactly
what we are trying to assess.
- We?
Thank you.
Our database confirms her
as Natalia Buskhova.
- Hmm.
- Wanted for money laundering,
drug smuggling
and arms dealing.
- And who the hell are you?
- Rossi, Interpol.
- COLONEL: Donovan.
- You know this man?
CEO of a large
construction company.
He'd set up local companies
to bid on American
reconstruction contracts.
- War profiteer.
- Mm-hmm.
RAHIMI: How much did he steal?
Close to a hundred million
over the last two years.
The killers targeted the front
and rear car to track
their prey.
RAHIMI: They used predominantly
But there is evidence
of a large 50-cal
sniper rifle used,
most likely American made.
I suspect Donovan's own team.
All ex-special forces.
They are the ones I'm chasing.
What's Interpol's take in this?
- The failed Kabul extraction.
Those men killed
the whole military team,
- including one of our agents.
- So you're getting close.
Donovan's running out on them,
the mercs panic.
These men do not panic.
They adapt and execute.
They will kill anyone
who gets in their way.
What the fuck, man?
What did I even do
to deserve this shit?
I don't bother anybody.
BOY 1: Are you serious?
BOY 2: Yeah.
- Look at this little bitch!
- Holy shit.
What the fuck are you doing
in here, faggot?
You know
this is the senior bathroom.
No, it's not, man.
I can be here if I want to.
- What did you say?
- Ah, man, get off me!
I'm just using the bathroom!
- Get off!
- BOY 1: Punch me!
I'm not gonna fight you!
Get the fuck off me!
I know you're not.
You're not gonna do shit,
- 'cause you're a fucking pussy.
- KENNY: Stop!
That's why you don't have
any friends here.
- KENNY: Stop it! I hate you!
- Aw, don't cry.
- KENNY: Help! Somebody help me!
KENNY: Help! Ow,
- you're hurting me!
- Ow, he's hurting me.
KENNY: Stop! Stop!
Somebody help me!
Get off me!
- BOY 2: Oh, dude!
- What's going on in here?
Kenny, stop. Get back here!
Have you seen my vest?
Babe? Lisa? Babe?
Where are you?
- Hey, Lisa, didn't you hear me?
- Baby, don't freak out, okay?
Don't tell me
to don't freak out.
Don't freak out about what?
I'm pregnant.
No way.
I mean, I... I think so.
I'll have your mom take me
to the doctor's today
to make sure, but...
- Oh, my God. Really?
- Yeah.
- Really?
- Yeah. Yeah.
- Oh, my God. I love you.
- I love you, too.
Eleanor, have you seen my, uh...
You are a treasure.
And we should be enjoying
our day together.
When the man calls, you go.
You could have said no.
It's our anniversary, Randy.
- How is my hair?
You should leave the bank
and become a stand-up comedian.
Then I could not spend
my nights with you.
You don't spend your days
with me, either.
It wouldn't kill you if you
were more assertive, Randy.
- You do so much for that bank.
- Okay, I'll ask... No, no.
I'll instruct Judy
to close up tonight.
You and I can have
an early dinner.
And then, together,
maybe, we can...
fall asleep in front of the TV?
I would like that very much.
- Go, if you're going.
- I love you too.
- Good morning.
- Well,
good morning.
Always nice to start my day
helping a pretty lady.
- You here to buy? Shoot?
I give lessons.
I'll be buying,
if you have what I need.
- Hmm. Well, I got a...
...great selection
of ladies' weapons.
They're very pretty.
But how do I know they work?
Lady, I'm a combat vet.
And every weapon in here
meets my exacting standards.
What if I wanted something...
- bigger?
- What do you have in mind?
AR 15's...
Benelli M4's...
maybe, a 107 Barrett...
a little C-4,
for old times' sake.
Hey, I don't know
what you're talking about.
Oh, Carl...
you're too modest.
Tre said you could fix me up.
I don't know no Tre.
- Are you certain?
- Yup.
Mr. Fisk...
If one person dies
because of a weapon
you've provided...
I'll make sure
you are held liable.
Hey, what about the name George?
- I like the name George.
- I don't think so.
- Why not? George is a good name.
- You're so cute.
We don't even know
if it's a boy or a girl yet.
It's gonna be a boy,
I promise you that.
What about Mike?
- Are you kidding?
Thank you for coming down
here so quickly, Mrs. Ralston.
You threatened to expel my son.
Well, as you and Kenny
are aware,
we have a zero-tolerance policy
when it comes to violence
in this school.
Do you have
a zero-tolerance policy
when it comes to my son getting
his head shoved in the urinal?
The teacher who reported
your son's attack
saw no evidence of that.
Look, we expect our students
to report harassment.
We even have
a student protocol that says,
"If a teen's being mean,
to a teacher, come clean."
I'm gonna be late for my shift
at the hospital.
Are you planning
to expel my son?
I'd like to try and avoid that.
Kenny's never been
in trouble before.
Look, we have a community
outreach program,
run in cooperation
with the local police force.
My son's not doing one of those
Scared Straight things.
Try and think of this more
as a course correction.
It's a ride-along.
He accompanies an officer
on a routine patrol.
And then, he gets
a close-up look of
where bad choices can take you.
An African-American boy
sits in the back
of a police car all day.
- And that's your solution?
Well, it's that or expulsion.
What's wrong with naming
the baby after your dad?
He doesn't deserve it.
My dad doesn't care
about that kind of stuff.
STEVE: Your dad loves you.
He just doesn't know
how to express it.
- He's had a tough year.
- LISA: Well, I don't care.
He needs to learn
it's not all about him.
He's still coming to terms.
It happened so fast.
LISA: Seven months?
STEVE: In a 30-year marriage.
I know to us,
- seven months felt like...
- LISA: Like a lifetime?
Yeah, it was. Hers!
He couldn't accept
the diagnosis, Lisa.
Talking is not
your dad's best skill,
you know that.
It was like talking about it
made it real for him.
LISA: But it was real.
It was chemo and radiation
and pain.
And losing her hair?
God, Steve, the day she died,
he even looked surprised!
Look, I married a cop.
I know the drill.
You put on the badge
and the gun,
and you head out the door.
Not knowing
if you're coming home.
And you leave us behind
with a smile and little wave
and all that terror.
And we suck it up.
We deal with it. We cope.
But when she needed him
to do the same for her,
he failed.
Right till the very end,
he made her be the strong one.
I'm not gonna be like that,
I'm gonna be right here with you
every step of the way,
with you and little Sarah.
Or little Suzie.
I love you both.
You're my whole life.
You're gonna be a great dad.
- That's your father.
- Of course it is.
what's happening, Mike?
- Well, you know, same old shit.
Hey, listen, you're not gonna
believe what I just found out.
Is everything all right?
Lisa's pregnant.
- Wow!
- Yeah.
- Wow!
- Wow. Well, that's, that's...
- Yeah.
- some news.
- Mm.
Oh, yeah.
I'm happy for you guys.
Thanks, Mike. Thank you. That...
that means a lot.
Hey, you should give her a call.
Just one call.
She'd love to hear from you.
So how do we look?
I have 1.36 million.
Perfect like always.
Thank you, Judith.
Thanks, Randall.
Look, we open in two,
so let's keep up the good work.
If you start to get low,
call me over
before you run out of cash,
not after.
- MAN: Got it, Randall.
- Let's have a great day.
- How many 223 rounds total?
- Fifty-two hundred.
It's good.
More likely we won't need
to use it. Get it packed up.
- Yeah.
- Here you go.
Yeah, sitting here,
enjoying my coffee.
- Here you go.
- Ah, hold on.
Why don't you
keep the change, darling?
- Thank you.
- Have a nice day.
Yeah, you, too.
TRE: Driveway up here.
Parks the car. Main entrance.
All windows face the street.
LUKE: Opposition?
TRE: One security guard.
- ROB: How about hostages?
- TRE: Half a dozen staff.
Number of customers variable.
Fire exit's in the same room
as the main doors.
- No back way out.
- Five minutes.
We handle that, we're gone
and we're rich.
- Hurrah.
- Hurrah.
MIKE: This is the time
to retire.
I'm... I'm retiring
at the right time.
- I was a cop at the right time.
- STEVE: That's right.
You're gonna have a lot of crap
to deal with moving forward.
- I know.
- A lot of crap.
Because everyone's got a camera,
everyone's got a lawyer,
and it's just... it's not...
it's not a good time.
Sign here, please.
So when should I be back
to pick him up?
- They should be back around six.
- And this is completely safe?
Yes, we do these ride-alongs
all the time.
I'll make sure the officer
has your number and uh,
he'll give you a call
when they're on their way back.
Okay, thanks.
- All right. Love you, mom.
- MRS. RALSTON: I love you, too.
Hey, Mack? I didn't know it was
Bring Your Grandpa
to Work Day.
[CHUCKLES] I would've brought
mine too, man.
Oh, yeah? How you gonna bring
yours? He get paroled?
Actually, it looks like
I'm gonna be a grandfather,
after all.
STEVE: Can't pull out what you
can't put in, buddy.
Yeah, Mack finally got
my fucking daughter pregnant.
Oh, well, I guess
it could've been worse.
It could've been you.
Why you gotta say that, man?
- 'Cause I'm black?
- MIKE: No. Yes.
No, seriously, guys.
So I hear Chandler's thinking
about retiring.
Never happen.
- You think?
- Cops like him don't retire.
- What about cops like me?
- You?
You'll be cleaning your gun
one day and shoot your foot off.
- Hilarious.
- Maybe your nuts.
Hey, let me ask you something.
You ever think about going
into comedy?
You'd be amazing
with a microphone.
I thought about it.
But seriously,
you're a shitty shooter.
It all depends
what I'm shooting at.
- Oh.
- Thanks for the pep talk.
- Good morning, MacAvoy.
- Yeah, it is.
- How's the new guy?
- New.
What kind of shit is this?
Can't believe
we've gotta do this.
We all have to be
Officer Bill some days.
- You ready to go?
- Um, yeah, I guess.
- You guess? Stand up.
I hope you don't think
that this is some kind of
fun adventure you can run home
and brag about
to your friends,
'cause it's not, little man.
You are here
'cause you fucked up,
you understand?
- Yeah, I understand.
- Something funny?
No. I'm sorry.
Then you better wipe
that goofy smirk off your face.
All right.
Walk over to the front door.
Stop when you get to it.
we have a 4-88 report.
21560 Abraham Street.
White male, mid-30's.
23-Paul-1, copy. In route.
TRE: It's time. Load up.
STEVE: 23-Paul-1.
We're 97 and out
with a possible petty
theft subject.
Copy that, 23-Paul-1.
Hey, stay where you are.
Stand up!
Put your hands in the air.
Let me see your hands.
I said put your hands up!
- Do it now!
- What did I do, man?
That's what we're gonna
find out.
- Just do what he tells you.
- STEVE: Hands behind the head!
Interlace the fingers!
Spread your legs.
I don't understand.
I didn't do anything wrong.
Spread your fucking legs.
You got anything sharp
in those pockets?
- Any needles gonna poke me, huh?
- No, man.
- STEVE: You sure about that?
- MAN: Yeah.
- STEVE: Yeah?
- MAN: Yeah.
I'm gonna get
the clerk's statement.
Copy that.
- MAN: So can I go, man?
- STEVE: No.
That guy always comes
around here,
begging for money
and stuff, right?
The guy walks out
with a carton of cigarettes.
Okay, we're a couple
of blocks out.
Let's go through it.
I park us out front,
keep my eyes open
for any heroes.
I'm first through the door
and over the barrier.
- I'm in second with the bags.
I'm third through the door.
I handle crowd control.
Take the safe key,
open the safe.
Luke, you load the bags.
- I take the first bag.
- I take the second bag.
Everyone back in the vehicle.
That's when we drive away
slo-mo, brothers.
In and out.
Five minutes max, guys.
- Am I being arrested?
- Not yet.
I'll tell you if you are.
MIKE: Is this your bag?
- Is it or isn't it?
- Yes, it is.
You mind if I search it?
- Do I have a choice?
- No.
23-Paul-1, we have one
in custody.
Can you roll us
a transport unit?
I have a rider and no cage.
- LUKE: Come on!
- TRE: Go, go, go, go, go!
- TRE: Come on!
- Come on!
- TRE: Everybody, get down!
- LUKE: Get the fuck down!
- GUARD: Calm down! Calm down!
- TRE: Get down!
- Calm down! Calm down!
- TRE: Get the fuck down!
Don't move! Don't...
don't fucking move!
LUKE: Any fucking heroes,
I'll take your fucking heads
Open the fucking door before
I shoot your fucking head off!
- ROB: Oh, yeah.
Well done, well done,
well done, well done, well done.
TRE: Everybody out right now!
You, too! Out!
- TRE: Open the fucking vault.
TRE: Open the fucking safe.
Open it! Come on!
Come on!
LUKE: All right.
Get the fuck out of the way.
TRE: You got one minute
to pack up the cash.
LUKE: You know me, bro.
I got this.
- TRE: Get it done! Come on!
- LUKE: I will!
TRE: Okay, listen up,
I want to see everyone's phone
on the ground, now!
Get it done!
Put all the phones in this!
- TRE: Come on!
Out, out, out with your phones!
Go, go, go! Do it now!
Go, go, go, go, go.
Everybody! You, too!
Get the phone out,
now! Come on, faster! Go!
I'll be right back.
Hey, brothers...
why don't you, uh, keep it cool
in there for a minute.
Looks like we got some
County blues making a donut run.
- TRE: Rob! What's going on?
- Local police are here.
Hands behind the head!
Interlace the fingers!
- Spread your legs.
- MAN: I don't understand.
- I didn't do anything wrong.
- Will you shut that thing off?
My mom tells me to keep in on,
just in case of an emergency.
I'm here in case
of an emergency. Give it to me.
- You can't just take my phone.
- I'm not taking it.
Everywhere I go these days,
I've got a goddamn camera
in my face.
You can have it back
when I drop you off.
You're just mad 'cause
you can't go around
- beating up anybody anymore.
- Yeah.
You're one to talk.
- What's that supposed to mean?
- Means I read your file.
- Yeah.
- That's a pretty serious charge.
I mean, I guess
I did hurt someone, but...
it's a long story.
You don't look like a tough guy.
What is it?
What, you just like to fight?
No... not at all.
I just get bullied.
Get choked out, punched, kicked,
pushed against a wall.
It just keeps getting worse.
But you hurt another kid. Why?
I mean, he pushed me
into the toilet, so...
I just closed my eyes and swung.
Yeah, I would've done
the same thing.
Why do you think these assholes
are bullying you?
I don't know.
Guess 'cause I'm different.
They want me to change, but...
I can't.
What about your friends?
Don't you have anybody
who'll stick up for you?
I don't have any friends.
Well, no one's gonna pick
on you today.
- I'll make sure of it.
Sounds good.
Here you go.
- Hey, Mack.
- Hmm?
Look at that Escalade
in front of the bank.
It's parked in the red.
We have a couple
of overachievers here.
23-Paul-1, we're gonna be out
with a black Cadillac Escalade.
Let's give them something else
to worry about. Hyde.
Make the call.
- Enjoy, gentlemen.
- Thank you.
- I'm gonna go for a smoke.
- Okay.
Let's do this.
Do you see the plate?
All units, explosion
at 10-33 Cranberry Boulevard.
Possible terrorist activity.
All units respond.
Do we go?
MIKE: Not with the kid
riding along.
We'll stay on
Mr. Parking Violation.
- They're not going for it.
- Give them a minute.
Hyde, stay frosty.
You're gonna help my friend
bag up the cash.
- RICH: Jacobs!
- JACOBS: Take it.
I'm a shitty marksman,
- Just don't shoot me in the ass.
- RICH: Copy that.
I want a four-block perimeter,
FOP the lot behind
Willard Automotive.
Keep sharp for
secondary bombers. Let's go!
Gangway, let emergency personnel
get in there and do their job.
Once again,
a terrible explosion.
Now, we have confirmation...
Okay, listen up. We need
to clear the ER for incoming.
The snifflers, stomach aches,
broken bones get sent
to County.
I need all triage teams
standing by.
- Dr. Metcalf.
- On it.
All elective surgeries
will be cancelled.
Linda, alert burn unit.
Anybody not prepping
is donating blood.
Let's move, people! Now!
- Let's go, let's go, let's go!
still being dispersed...
...uh, it can't be confirmed...
Breaking news. We have
just received information,
a devastating explosion
has just rocked the city
of Chesterford.
Eight people
are reportedly dead,
with scores more injured.
Although reports of casualties
are now just still coming in,
the death toll is expected
to rise. We will, of course...
GPS. New destination.
GPS: Recalculating route.
Exit 16.
Turn right at Deeter Avenue.
All right, gentlemen,
let's keep it secure.
I want snipers on all roofs.
And get me intel on who, what,
when and why this happened.
JACOBS: Captain Horst!
The waitress was outside
having a smoke.
She says no one walked in.
The explosion came from inside.
Does anyone else confirm that?
- Kenny, get down!
Back up! Back up! Go, go, go!
Kenny, stay down on the floor!
Shots fired! Shots fired!
Code 9!
We have officers in need
of assistance! Shots fired!
- That's MacAvoy.
- Go.
We'll finish our sweep
and catch up.
LUKE: Yo, what the fuck, Tre?
The hell's going on out there?
Stay with the plan, Luke!
Rob, what's going on?
Hyde's lighting them up.
- Oh, my God!
Get on the ground!
Put your heads down!
We're not here
to play any games!
Kenny! Stay down on the floor
and cover your head!
Fuck! Chandler! Fuck.
Chandler! My seat belt's stuck!
One suspect
with an automatic weapon
outside National Bank!
It's a possible 2-11
in progress!
ROB: What should we do?
Get everyone in the office.
You're gonna show my partner
where your office is.
You already have the money.
Why don't you just leave?
None of these people have done
anything to you.
I said,
you're gonna show my partner
where your office is.
JUDITH: He can't breathe!
Let him go!
You. Get up. Get up, bitch!
Get up!
You feel like talking?
Shut the fuck up! Shut the...
Stay down, okay!
Just stay down!
Dammit, the shooter's
coming this way!
- Stay down, Kenny!
- What are you going to do now?
- Guys, don't leave me here!
- STEVE: No one's leaving you!
Chandler, there's another
shooter in the doorway!
- He's got a hostage!
- I can't see it from here!
Now, y'all gonna sit down,
face the wall, Indian style.
Sit down, fat man!
Come on now, let's go!
Make it quick!
Get in there!
Let's go.
KENNY: Help! Help! Get me
out of here, please! Help!
Mack! Back door's jammed!
Get Kenny out of the car!
STEVE: Come on! Come on!
Stay down! Stay down! You hurt?
- No, I'm good.
- Okay.
- Mack, you got Kenny?
- Yeah, he's right here!
Can you come around
to this side?
Yeah, I think so.
We're coming now! Listen to me.
You keep your head down
and get down!
You run
as fast as you can, okay?
Go, go, go, go!
No, ah!
Ah, fuck! I got shot!
- Where?
- STEVE: I got shot!
Ah! Fuck!
He fucking shot me!
MIKE: 23-Paul-1,
I have an officer down.
- Repeat, officer down.
- I'm hit, Mike!
- I'm fucking hit, man!
- Just hang on, man!
- STEVE: I'm hit!
- I'm just trying to get the...
get the med kit! Hang on!
Stay with me, Mack.
It's only a scratch.
I'm bleeding out, Mike.
Mike, I'm bleeding out.
- List... I'm gonna die today.
- No, listen!
You just listen to me!
You hold on!
You are not dying today!
All right? Kenny, come here.
I need you to keep pressure
on that wound.
Just twist it. Just like that.
Just twist it really tight.
- STEVE: Ah, yeah.
- You're doing great.
- Everybody get down!
- Come on, come on, come on!
- TRE: Hey.
- LUKE: Hmm?
Forget about that for now.
They're gonna set
a perimeter on us soon.
- We're going out the front?
- I don't think so.
Time to change the plan.
Grab the Zytec.
Ah, it's party time.
Here. Right here.
We're gonna take care of you,
Suzie, get orthopedic
down here.
- SUZIE: I'm on it.
- MAN: Shawnie.
- Yes.
- Get ready for more incoming.
Oh, my God. Not another bomb.
No, bank robbery,
multiple gunshot victims.
Yeah, I got four snipers
on the roofs.
- Perimeter's secure.
- Okay. Copy that 10-4.
Captain Horst?
Rossi, Interpol.
This is really not
a good time, Ms. Rossi.
I'm kind of busy right now,
I believe we can assist
each other.
- Really?
- I found this,
in a warehouse
outside of town
- as part of my investigation.
- C-4. Where'd you get this?
Here's the address.
Okay, now you got
my attention.
Just don't go wandering off
anywhere, okay?
May I look around?
Sure. Just please do me
a favor and don't...
- Do not touch anything.
- Yeah.
And you know what,
you can start with,
the waitress. She's over there
by the ambulance.
I think she might be helpful.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Have you seen
any of these men?
Him. He was here this morning.
He left a really big tip.
Thank you.
That's right, Kenny. Real tight.
I'm stone-cold, man.
I can feel I'm going
into hypovolemic shock.
- I can feel it.
- Mack. Mack!
Medical, I need someone
out here now!
I'm cold, man. I can feel it.
I'm going cold.
If you fucking die on me,
I'll fucking kill you!
Kenny, twist it tight!
Press down hard!
- You got this?
- Yeah.
Going hot.
We're almost out of this,
Kenny, stay sharp.
You're doing great.
Delaney, we gotta
press forward, man!
We can't stay here!
You're gonna be okay.
MacAvoy. MacAvoy!
I'm not doing good, Kenny.
I'm not doing good.
No, you cannot die!
Wake up! Stay with me!
You can't go. You can't go!
- You can't go.
Office down! Officer down!
NEWS REPORTER: ...emergency
personnel are now on the scene.
- Wake up! Wake up!
What do you want me to do?
I don't know how to help.
MacAvoy, wake up!
Stay with me!
I wish you...
to record me on your phone.
- Right now?
- Yeah.
And I want you to make
a video of me...
on your phone, right now.
- A video...
- Yeah, just do it, Ken.
- Just do it.
It's recording.
Something bad happened and...
I know I promise you
every morning that
I'll be safe and...
I'll make it back to you,
back home safely, but...
I can't keep that promise
I really didn't think
I'd go out like this.
I just wanna say...
that I love you.
And I love our baby.
Hey, kiddo...
I'm your dad.
I'm sorry I'm such a mess
right now...
and I'm sorry I'm not there
for you. It's...
it's not fair.
And life's tough, so...
you have to be twice as strong
for your dad, okay?
'Cause I can't protect you.
But I will always be your dad.
- Turn it off.
Come here!
Listen to me. Listen.
VOICEMAIL: Hey, this is Steve.
I'm not here right now.
Pick up, baby,
come on, come on.
VOICEMAIL: Hey, this is Steve.
I'm not here right now.
So leave a...
Hanson, I gotta get to 23!
I gotta get to Chandler!
I'm gonna keep firing!
Where's medical?
This is bullshit!
- I can hear them coming!
- JACOBS: Stay low.
- RICH: Where's he hit?
- JACOBS: In the chest!
- It went through his vest?
- Yes, straight through.
- You gotta cover me!
- Cover! 10-4!
- At three, I'm gonna move!
- Move, move, move!
- Move! Move!
- Move, move, move! Let's go!
Come on, take cover!
- Ah, shit!
- He's... he's gone!
He's gone!
Come on, he's gone!
Let's get out of here!
Let's go! Move!
Mack, my man. You're gonna
be fine, Mack, okay? All right?
- Hanson, Hanson...
- You're gonna be fine.
- I need another mag!
- I'm on my last one!
We're moving!
On three, two, one! Get up!
Go! Let's go! Come on!
HANSON: Jacobs, we're moving!
Lay down cover fire!
- MIKE: I got him.
- HANSON: Let's go! Go, go!
- HANSON: Come on, keep going!
- MIKE: Come on!
HANSON: Move, move, move, move!
- MIKE: Move! Let's go!
- HANSON: Move, move, move!
Snap! Come on!
We're gonna lay him right here.
Be careful with him.
He's hit in the leg.
MAN: No sign of vitals.
Give me four units of O-neg.
- We gotta move him now.
- Hell, I'm going to get Jacobs.
- All right, I'll be back!
HANSON: I got you! I got you!
Come on! Come on!
Just hang in there!
JACOBS: Those motherfuckers!
Until SWAT gets here,
we're gonna lock this area down
so no one else dies today.
- You with me?
- Yeah, I'm good.
- Where's Kenny?
- Who?
The kid! My ride-along.
He was with Jacobs.
Where is he?
- We gotta find him.
- All right, all right.
You guys go find the kid.
I'm gonna lock this place down.
- All right. Copy.
- Come on, let's move.
We're gonna have to wait
for dark. Move back!
You guys have a...
have a teenager?
A teenager? I don't think so.
- Hello?
- LISA: Dad?
They're taking him
to St. Luke's. Honey, I...
It doesn't look good.
I'm sorry.
Gunshot wound to the leg.
We already shocked him twice
on the way.
Trauma one. Right here.
SURGEON: Excuse me? Scalpel.
- Ma'am, you can't...
- That's my husband.
- Steve!
- Ma'am, you gotta leave.
I'm not going anywhere!
This is my husband!
- Let us do our job! Ma'am!
- I'm here, baby.
I'm here.
We're both here.
Gunshot. Looks like
a clear exit wound.
- Jacobs? Jacobs, what happened?
- Not now.
JACOBS: Mike and Steve stumbled
on a bank job.
Those motherfuckers
have more firepower than the...
- than the devil.
- Doc,
the dressing was plugging
the wound.
I gotta see it to fix it.
Jacobs, is my dad
still at the scene?
Probably looking for the kid.
What kid?
Mike and Steve had a ride-along.
That's my baby. That's Kenny.
That's him! That's his ring!
That's his ring!
Yes, baby, it's...
it's me. I'm here. I'm here,
Kenny. Where are you?
I'm in this parking lot.
I'm in this car by the bank.
They're robbing the bank.
They're shooting people.
I know, honey. I know.
Are... are you safe?
I don't know. I think
I should be good where I am.
Okay. Listen, listen.
Don't move, okay?
Don't move until the police
or somebody safe
- comes to get you, okay?
- Mom, I'm scared.
I know, baby.
I know, but we're gonna
get through this, okay?
You and me,
we're gonna get through this.
You're gonna be tough.
I'm gonna be tough.
And you're my tough guy, okay?
- Mom, my phone is gonna go off.
Okay. You stay there, hear me?
Don't move.
Stay right where you are.
- I love you.
- I love you, too.
- Mom?
Hello? He's...
he's gone.
My boy.
LIEUTENANT: Gentlemen,
what's the status?
MIKE: Lieutenant, my partner,
Officer MacAvoy and I,
were first on the scene.
We pulled up at approximately
ten hundred hours,
and immediately witnessed
a black Escalade
running curbside about 50 yards
from the entrance to the bank.
There was a white male
seated behind the wheel.
Did you notice
any of the suspects entering
- or exiting the bank?
- No, sir.
At the moment, we were focused
on the vehicle and the driver,
but just as we came to a stop,
the driver stepped out
of the Escalade
with a fully automatic
assault rifle...
and that is when...
we... we began...
taking incoming fire and my...
partner was hit.
No other passengers
in your vehicle?
Uh, yes, sir. Yes, we had
one ride-along in... in the back.
You had a ride-along
in the back?
Well, where's
the ride-along now?
Where's the ride-along now?
I don't know where
the ride-along is, sir.
What took you so long?
Chandler, I just need to know
if there was...
I need to know
where the ride-along is.
What... no, what...
what took you so long?
We... we can only get
to this active shooter
- as quick as possible...
- No, you were an hour late,
- and we were outgunned.
- Chandler...
And my... and my son is dead!
He's dead!
He has a child on the way!
What took you so long?
Chandler, you gotta de-escalate.
You gotta let me put together
my SWAT team here,
let me get an entry plan
in place,
so we can get into this building
and get this structure cleared.
I need you to bring it
down for me, okay?
- Who the hell are you?
- Rossi, Interpol.
Okay and?
She gave us the lead
on the warehouse.
And she confirmed
who we're dealing with.
Okay, I'm well aware
of who we're dealing with.
I'm very familiar
with these assholes.
Well, that's very American
of you to say.
Okay, listen, listen, listen.
I got the Mayor...
excuse me... I got the Mayor
crawling up my ass, okay?
I got the Governor talking
about flying out here
to coordinate this thing.
Right now,
I don't have time for this.
I either need these guys
in cuffs,
or I need these guys in a slab.
And Agent,
whatever your name is,
if you've got useful intel
that I can use
for my entry team, then go ahead
and coordinate it, okay?
I'm done.
ROSSI: Your Lieutenant
is an imbecile.
HORST: Hey, you know what,
I'm pretty sure
Mike Chandler would agree
with you on that one.
ROSSI: Officer Chandler learned
what those men
in the bank are capable of.
Thank you,
we already have a plan.
These men don't go
by the book, Captain.
They're waiting for you
to attack.
Have you read Moltke?
"No plan of operations
extends with any certainty."
"Beyond the first contact
with the main hostile force."
Is that the best you can do?
These men are experts
at the point of first contact.
They turn plans
against the planner.
An escape route becomes a trap.
Tell me, what do I do?
Do I let them go?
- Wait it out? Hmm?
- I just...
No, wait, te... tell me,
what the hell
do I do when they start
shooting hostages in there?
- I just...
- Just what?
I want you to understand.
They will use your assault
to leverage their escape.
Everyone on that street
will be in danger.
This reminds me of that
extraction we did in Kabul.
- Remember that shit?
- Mm-hmm.
- How many killings did you get?
- [SCOFFS] Thirty-two.
That's right. The legend.
We made it out of there,
we can make it out of here.
Not much longer now.
We're gonna walk outta here
with over a mill.
Well, that's a lot more
than we ever made
from the military, isn't it?
We're not home yet.
- We can expect SWAT very soon.
Let's do what we do.
I'm gonna go check up
on the hostages.
LUKE: Right.
- Everybody good to go?
- 10-4.
No, no. No, man!
I wasn't...
I wasn't doing anything!
What the fuck do you think
you're doing?
- I wasn't doing nothing, man.
- You leave him alone!
You're not a hero.
You're gonna shoot me? Come on,
just go ahead and do it.
Shoot me right here now.
Yes, yes, yes.
- Eat something.
Any intel?
We were able to access
the bank's interior
surveillance cameras.
We have hostages.
My best count makes it 13.
Red team,
we can make our approach
from the east corner here,
slow and deliberate.
Blue team, opposite side.
Force entry here, right through
the main entrance.
Now, from the video, it looks
like we have four suspects.
We'll assume there's more.
- Any questions?
- Negative.
I can get five guns in there
in three seconds.
- Set it up.
- You got it.
HORST: All right, gentlemen,
let's keep the casualties down
to a minimum, okay?
- Roger that.
Chandler, what's up?
Sir, what about the kid?
He's gotta be out there
in that parking lot somewhere.
We got this. Just let us
do our job, okay?
Sir, he's my responsibility.
Not anymore.
We'll get the ride-along.
Let's move out!
Here they come.
I'll go get Tre.
Nice having y'all.
Just line it up here.
It's the beginning
of the end right now.
Come on, move it in.
Let's go! Let's go!
- Come on.
- TRE: Get the fuck out.
Be advised SWAT's moving in.
ROB: Now come on, move it in!
Let's go! Let's go!
LUKE: Go! Faster, faster!
Don't fuck up.
ROB: One, two. One, two.
TRE: Right.
Single line. Single line.
It's him.
He's in that Chevy Blazer.
I'm going for him.
SWAT's about to make entry.
I don't care. I can't leave him.
If you wanna go get the kid,
I'm with you. Okay?
- Let's go get the kid.
- This is my deal. I can't ask.
Look, you didn't ask.
And we're brothers.
Yeah, we are.
Let's go get him.
HANSON: All right,
let's do this.
Stop him!
Listen to me. Listen!
You're almost there.
When I say go, get them
through the door
and into the parking lot.
Okay? Okay?
Rob, Luke! Let's set up!
We're gonna have
to make a run for it.
- Okay. Follow me.
- I'll cover you.
All right, I'm moving.
- Kenny!
- Chandler!
Come on. SWAT's gonna breach
the building.
Gotta get to safe distance.
Nice and easy, boys.
Nice and easy.
Okay, guys, 10 seconds.
Go, go, go, go, go, go!
HORST: Move, move, move!
- Move! Move!
- He put something in my pocket!
- Where?
- Here!
Shit! Move!
Go, go, go!
LUKE: Grenades!
Fuck, fuck, fuck!
Goddammit! Fuck!
Get them the fuck
out of there now!
All of them,
I want them out! Now!
Let's take these assholes out!
- MAN 2: Point right!
MIKE: Push him back!
Hanson, keep firing!
Ah, fuck!
You all right?
MRS. RALSTON: Kenny? Kenny!
Oh! Are you all right?
- I'm fine.
- You sure?
KENNY: One hundred percent.
You did good today.
Thank you.
Sorry it turned out like this.
- I love you, sweetheart.
- I love you, too, dad.
- ALL: Surprise!
- STEVE: Happy birthday!
- LISA: Happy birthday!
- Happy birthday, old man!
What are you guys doing here?
- Come here! Come here!
- Happy birthday!
- Surprise!
- There's people in my house.
Can't have that.
How'd you get in?
- LISA: We got him good.
Come kiss your granddaughter.
Hey, Kenny, where's that phone
you're always screwing
around with?
I wanna take some new pics.