22 Chaser (2018) Movie Script

[Ominous music]
[Ben] 22 to base.
22 to Base.
[radio voice] Oh, Lord.
22, I barely sat down.
What time do you get in?
[radio voice] Alright, go ahead.
[Ben] Got a plate check
on Queens Quays.
Alfa, yellow, Echo, Sam 660.
[radio voice] OK, let me check.
[radio voice] It's not on the
list. Hoist away.
[dramatic music]
[radio voice] Because
you're the early bird 22
you scored the
waterfront property.
[Ben] Hey, hey! Hold on!
- [Victim] Hey! Hey!
- Sir. Are you OK?
My shoulder is fucked up,
but there was
- somebody on a bicycle.
- Try not to move.
[operator] 911, what's your
We got a truck
that hit a bicycle
at Strong and Liberty.
Can you hold on a second?
[Ben] Ma'am, are you OK?
[truck horn]
[police sirens]
[911 operator] Hello!
Were you involved
in the collision, Sir?
No, I'm a bylaw driver
with Jack Rabbit Towing.
Bylaw, are you calling this in?
Hi, Chaser. I'm on with 911.
[truck honking]
[car alarm]
No, no first on scene!
Save some for the
dayshift, you greedy bitch!
Try waking up earlier,
you lazy fuck!
Fucking, hillbilly.
[911 operator] Emergency
services are on their way.
Can you stay on scene
and provide a statement?
Yeah, will do.
[police radio indistinct]
I've seen worse.
Listen, they're going to get
you out.
We'll get you right side up,
and I'll tow you out of here!
What happened to the other guy?
He doesn't touch accidents.
Don't worry! I got you.
You're going to be just fine.
What about the cyclist?
Is she OK?
[police radio in the background]
The cyclist?
Sorry, man.
It doesn't look good.
She's not moving!
- [crying] I'll walk, man.
- Yeah, I know.
[Elvis] It happens that fast.
[Elvis] Man, that's
the cops coming.
[Elvis] Hey, listen man.
You seem like a good guy.
If you want,
I could tell the cops
that I saw
the whole fucking thing.
I was here the whole time, and
that it was the cyclist's fault.
Would you do that for me?
[Elvis] Sure! I got to make sure
that it's worth my while.
You know what I mean?
It's just that fair is fair.
How much?
I'll get my machine.
[nervy music]
That's how it's done.
Hey, Sir!
I don't know
who's at fault here but...
You didn't kill her.
Oh, thank God!
There is another driver here.
He's a good friend of mine.
He works for
the same company I do.
Jack Rabbit Towing.
Use him.
[police sirens approaching]
talking on the radio]
[police sirens]
[dispatcher] Rise and grind,
Jack Rabbits!
You want to get paid?
Respect your route
and keep
these paychecks coming in.
Money is on the road.
[Ben] I went to the base.
Bravo, Mike, Echo, Charlie 781.
[operator] On the list.
Jack Rabbit 12. Hello?
- Go for 12.
- [operator] Where are
my plate checks, boys?
Is everyone on coffee breaks?
It's called a
drive through, use it!
[Ben] One two base, Charlie,
Alpha, Quebec, Kilo, 359.
[Operator] On the list.
[Ben] You know, It's still
slow out there, Constance.
[operator] Don't blame Connie
if you're without a lead.
Good news! Jack Rabbit
four bought Mama Timmy's.
Guess who gets the trade
callers for the rest of the day.
It's business 101, people.
Is anybody near Forest Hill?
Got a call in for a Mercedes.
Owner locked
his keys in the car.
You can collect
your car around the back.
Jack Rabbit Towing.
We hop, to it!
12, Harbour Square.
15, minutes.
Who wants to take an
engine boost at 12 Harbor?
I could use it, actually.
Yeah, you could use it.
One tow ate up
your whole morning.
I had to stay on scene.
Cops wanted a statement.
Why did you call 911
in the first place?
That's what people do.
Wait, wait! Open! Open!
What does it taste like?
Tartar? Not a shred of meat.
How do you do that?
Little bit of this,
little bit of that.
I'm trying an all
veggy dinner tonight.
I thought we were going
to grill something tonight.
Are dry.
So, how did you get all this?
A foodbank.
[Zack moaning]
We talked about this, OK?
- I know we did.
- I was...
I'm serious.
You can't keep starting fights.
I'm always being a cock wipe.
Do you think I'm playing around?
I'm trying!
I'm trying.
What happened, Zack?
He wouldn't give me
a turn on his bike.
He said I dress like
a welfare case.
I'd give his bike bedbugs.
He said "poor people walked".
I'll get you a bike.
I'll get you a bike.
Your own bike for your birthday.
Your very own bike.
A welfare bike.
What do you have in mind?
Show it to me.
That's a good looking bike.
I'm going to get you
this bike for your birthday.
You promise me
you stop getting
into those fights.
You need to show me that...
That you're going to
be a civilized little man.
- Promise?
- I promise.
[Ben] Zack! You know that
you're named after
your grandfather, right?
That was my dad.
He was just a mechanic, but
he was the most
civilized man in that town.
Everybody liked Zachary.
Do you want to know why?
He didn't use his fists.
He used his words.
[Ben] He said: "Never
wrestle with pigs".
You'll always end up dirty.
And pigs like it.
[Zack] Why do the pigs like it?
[Ben] I don't know, buddy.
Pigs are pigs.
[loud honking]
- Hey! Bylaw!
- Hey, Chaser!
You're not
dragging your sack anymore.
Did Bissey finally
buy you some new gear?
No, he wouldn't open
his wallet for this thing.
I had to tool new
mufflers from scraps.
Built new custom cold air
intake, retimed her.
Saving on fuel. And getting
like 20% extra horses.
Arts and freaking craft.
What's the story there?
Freaking owner want's it brought
to the dealership in Oakfield.
That's 200 for the
outer city service charge.
One fifty for the mileage.
So I tell the moron
that I'm going to need put it
on Dolly's. That's
another 150 right there.
We're looking at
an almost seven bills
before I take it to Jeano's
who's gonna give
kickbacks on repairs.
And this is my
forth wreck Of the shift.
- Dickhead!
- How about you?
How much is that
little minnow get ya?
About 65 bucks.
It makes more if it sits in the
lock collecting impound fees.
[radio] At the diner,
two vehicle collision.
We rendered a tractor trailer.
See what I mean?
I can't keep up with
these crazy drivers
- crashing into each other.
- Hi, Sitting Bull!
You're hiding
behind treaty rights?
Ah! Fuck!
I need two trucks!
Stay gold, Jack Rabbit.
[Avery] What did you do with
He's been
watching TV at Debbies.
It's okay for like 20 minutes.
[Avery] He's been talking
about that bike all day.
300 dollar bike.
He's not going to
grow up like those losers
we knew in high school.
It's worth every penny.
We can't even afford grocery's.
I'll pick up more??? On patrol.
I'll work seven days a week.
Whatever we need.
Do you ever
think about going home?
No, ma'am.
No, ma'am.
Because my wife
is going to open the sweetest
restaurant you've ever seen.
I'm going to have a garage
right around the corner
customizing cars
for DJ's and rappers.
And every day after work
I'm going to sit at that bar
and my wife is
going to yell at me
for how filthy my hands are.
I'm going to bawl my eyes out.
When we call our little boy.
He's off at university
studying to be a real
engineer... I don't care.
I will be so happy.
[Avery] You're ridiculous.
You're lucky you're so cute.
You better watch it,
your hands are fucking filthy.
What the fuck?
You guys are standing around
like a bunch of pylons?
Sit down, you lazy cunts.
None of you assholes
deserve this
but we won the police contract!
The fucking police contract!
Alright, settle down
before you start
giving each other
This is one
piece of the jackpot.
You got to put some
skin on the game, alright?
That means
no one drives
my trucks for free.
From now on
you lease your trucks
from Jack Rabbit.
You're kidding, right?
- Alright?
- I got a mortgage.
Hey, rah, rah fucking la.
Tomorrow afternoon I'm
going to have guys lined up
all around the fucking block.
Drivers, just like yourselves
begging to give me
first and last
so they too can suckle
off that big fat fucking
titty of a police contract.
So think on it, guys.
My wife is going to drop off
the leasing arrangements,
and when she does,
you come and see me
with money in hand.
Come up with first and last.
get the fuck off my lot.
Jesus Christ!
[driven music]
That's shitty, man.
Losing your truck
right When you hit the jackpot.
For me I'd...
I'd give some serious thought
of going back home.
Maybe they'll let you teach
auto at the old Alma Mater.
All those tight high school
girls hot for the teacher?
Go, Trojans, go, right?
I'm not going home.
I'm not going backwards.
I'm not walking away from
that police contract, just...
Where is Avery in all this?
I thought that she had her heart
set on that
cooking school, right?
[woman] Yeah, I know.
My wife thinks I should
take it to the dealer.
No, that's four dollars
a kilometer.
But I know a body shop
that specializes in fine cars.
They work fast.
That's where I take my baby.
That's another
15 points from Kaleb.
Kickbacks on repairs
it's, way better than mileage.
Actually I...
I was thinking about that guy.
Ray Junior??
Yeah, No. Ray is a good guy.
Good call, totally.
How fast can you
get me in touch with him?
Are you Ray?
[Ben] I like your office.
[both laughing]
- Have a sit.
- Yes, Sir.
Oh, my gosh!
Five thousand, Ray's way.
Ray's way means
payments due every week on time.
No bitching,
no crying, no grief.
Five grand principle.
One grand interest.
Comes back to me.
750 a week for eight weeks.
Starting next week.
Just so you know,
I'm not going to start earning
till that police contract
kicks in.
My buddy in traffic services
says it's a done deal.
They are just
ironing out the fine print
with your boss, right?
750 next week.
Could make me send my wife
back to the food bank.
I'm not really
making you do anything.
First and last.
I'm glad you're sticking around.
We are going to have
a great fucking year.
Money is on the road.
No, no! You don't!
Let go!
OK, ma'am. What are you...
Hey, hey!
Not a good idea!
Excuse... Oh, God!
Fuck you!
Did you get
into any fights today?
[police siren]
- Your late!
- Yes, it's a slow week.
Waiting on that police
contract to come through.
That's not my department.
You guys said it's
going to be any day now.
Your boss is not doing
his part to close the deal.
That's between him and them,
this is between you and me.
I got to ding you
for a late fee.
Second, there's interest
on the late fee, daily.
And there is interest on
the amount that you're short.
OK, alright!
Next week, I promise.
Drive safe, Sir.
Thank you so much
for meeting me here.
You've been so helpful, I...
And, have you managed to
get any kitchen experience?
Nothing long term.
I can't staff a decent
kitchen without any training.
And I can't get any training
because I'm working
all the time.
But I was thinking that
you might look into some grants?
Yeah, I could put
together some options.
The application do take a while.
What about short term?
Where are you at
with family support?
We used up all of my husbands
inheritance just to move here.
Wich was basically like
just his dad's car.
And my mom is pretty toxic.
We had a bad moment
which is part of the
reason for why we left.
Your husband
has a permanent job.
What happened with
his paycheck this week?
I don't even know what's...
You don't know how
your husband spends his money?
[indistinct police radio]
What are they saying?
That one is police dispatch.
That one is fire. And those
two there is your ambulance.
[police radio]
Dad doesn't have scanners.
That because your dads bylaw.
All he does is tow parked cars.
But if you're a chaser...
Scanners are your best friend.
Listen real close for accidents
so you can get there first
and get the best tow.
It's like a... Like a race.
Chasers are pigs.
I know your dad doesn't
like playing dirty.
And that worked great
for him when he was a captain
on the high school hockey team.
He scored a lot of goals,
he scored your mom.
Now, he's got no wing-man.
He's got no horces
to back him up.
That's why his stuck out there
looking for tows so late.
And you are stuck here
when your mom's at work.
[Sean] Here!
It's on me.
What are you packing here?
About 20 pounds
of rice and lentils.
Charity again.
They're a life saver.
If you ever need
a little extra...
Even if it's just to keep Zack
in after school care.
Thank you.
I'll think about it.
Hey! Get in the back!
[Ben] Long shift?
I had to close again alone.
Don't you have to
get up in a few hours?
I'm studying the routes.
You know. Every second counts.
Where is that
police contract at?
He's just closing it.
[man outside] I've being
charged without being told!
Half the time I'm sipping
coffee with...
[man outside] How many times
do I have to supply accountants?
- What is this?
- When your behind on your truck
it comes straight off your pay.
And you're still short a 150.
[electric guitar music]
- [Zack] Dad!
- [Ben] Yeah.
[Zack] Are you working so much
because we are
broke ass white trash?
[Ben] Who said that?
[Zack] Kamal.
[Zack] He tried to
start another fight.
[Ben] And...
Another week without a fight.
The bathroom in the men's
is all clogged up.
Oh, OK. Can I
get you some coffee?
No, I'm...
I'm looking for your husband.
Why? What happened?
Nothing yet!
We were supposed to
meet up this morning.
Now his not answering his phone.
If his busy with calls,
it could take him
a few hours before he picks up.
You should try him.
Tell him it's Ray. Tell him Ray
really wants his money.
Soon as I have a minute.
I would appreciate that.
Thank you.
[nervy music]
[phone ringing]
Yeah, yeah, call the next driver
on the list.
I've got another truck freed up.
Keep in touch, Al!
Pathetic stories.
What about you? We going
to get your next monthly?
Or is your truck freed up too?
When is that
police contract kicking in?
Yeah, Bissey.
When is it kicking in?
Katy, would you mind
coming in the office?
I don't want to
keep you waiting.
It's been one of these days
when we're quite busy.
When, when? You sound like
my fucking wife.
Yeah, when?
I'm in the middle of
a very delicate negotiation.
We will be signing
either way, next week, OK?
- Christ!
- Next week, next week.
Next week is great,
that sounds fantastic.
We have been waiting a lot
longer than we thought.
If I'm going to last
another week
you've got to
give me an advance!
Ray needs a grand today.
- Huh!
- And 300 next week.
It's for a bike for my son.
It's his birthday.
Bissey, come on!
This is not a lot to you.
I know it's not!
This is not a hand out either.
I'm working hard. I'm out
there 12 hours a day for you.
12 hours a day!
I've been busting my ass
for the last 30 years!
Building this business up
from nothing!
For money I saved driving
a truck 24 fucking 7!
Eight days a fucking week!
Eating so many fucking
baloney sandwiches,
I was shitting
hotdogs out of my ass!
So get in your fucking truck
and earn your goddam keep!
Money is on the fucking road!
[slamming the door]
How is she running there, 22?
Hey, look. It's not
that I don't want to pay you.
It's just that...
I can't.
It's cool, though.
Bissey just said
he's closing the contract
next week.
So, hit me up
with those late fees.
I get the interest rates...
It's Ray's way!
First time you come up short
you got a late fee.
Second time you come up short
you get a choice
ankle or wrist.
OK, I get it.
No bitching! No crying!
- Ouch!
- Ankle or wrist?
- A choice.
- Hey please can you...
OK, I'll decide.
No! No! Please!
[screaming in agony]
Oh, my God!
Not a few days.
Wow! There is no way
this is just potato.
This is amazing.
Seriously, Avery
you got to get on to
that cooking school shit.
I mean, You're...
You're real chef material. You
can start your own restaurant.
Who the fuck is this Ray guy?
How does Ben even know
somebody like this?
Look, yeah Ray...
That's some serious shit.
Personally I'd never
go to a guy like that.
But I'm not in Ben's shoes.
Yeah, no shit.
You look like you've
done pretty good for yourself.
Of course I am.
I'm a chaser.
What am I supposed to do?
Is this fucking guy going to
show up on my doorstep or
You've got to pay him.
Would you be able to...
Not if it's a hardship
or anything, but...
Do you think you could help
us out, just for a little while?
Yeah, totally.
How much do you need?
I don't know.
I need five grand.
To stay ahead of cash flow.
Of course, yeah.
Thank you!
You know what?
Don't even sweat it.
It's OK.
- You're going to make it.
- Yeah.
[door closes]
Ben! What the hell happened?
[Avery] Did this Ray
do this to you?
[Avery] Ben!
[rustling of pills in a jar]
So, Sean is
going to help us out.
Are you fucking nuts?
OK, you guys
have some stuff to...
I'll swing by
Zack's party tomorrow.
Go, Trojan's, go!
Tell me you don't see
what he's doing?
He's helping us out.
Don't need his kind of help.
So, you won't take money
from your best friend
but you take money
from a loan shark
with a fucking badge?
Did he break your brain too?
Police contract
starts next week.
I just have to
hold on to next week.
It's Zack's birthday tomorrow.
Are you even going to be there?
What am I supposed to tell Zack
if you're in the ICU?
That you're too proud
to admit that you fucked up.
And you needed a way out.
[fridge door slams hard]
If you take a dime from him...
Then we are done.
[nervy music]
[lock opens]
Sean's scanners. Really!
I'm going to give you
a run for your money.
Not, even.
Just your crumbs then. I need
to make some quick cash, man.
So, here comes the chase
on the best perch
on the Westside?
Some balls!
[phone rings]
Trouble on the home front?
I just have to push
through this rough patch.
Push through to what?
Police contract...
And everything falls
into place after that.
I bet! Family gets a new
swimming pool in the back yard.
No, everything I make,
goes to the ten year plan.
Get my own shop going.
Set my wife up
with her own restaurant.
And send my kid to university.
Anything he wants to study
anywhere he wants to go.
That's adorable.
What about you?
All this cash you pull in.
Are you doing this for anybody?
My family back on Shoal Lake 40.
They are stuck on an island
under a 20 year
boil water advisory
while their clean water
gets pumped away to Winnipeg.
And the government still doesn't
build them an access road.
So, all the bucks I send home
just so they can bring in
bottled water on the ferry.
Nah! I just like getting paid
to drive like an asshole.
Money is on the road.
Money is on the road.
But so are the other chasers.
[loud car horn]
Hi, Wayne!
Are you running
a special needs day care?
Jack Rabbit 22
wants to chase tonight.
Are you shitting me?
On our fucking turf?
Hey, I'm back to bylaw
first thing tomorrow, OK.
Why don't you take that
perfumed vagina
back to the knitting club,
and stay off my road!
[radio voice]
A four doors not drivable.
Driver and
caller are on the scene.
[radio voice 2] 54 on route.
Well, there it is.
Last one there,
gets to crank my fucking shaft.
Do the math's. One wreck
and three of us chasers.
This is it, little rabbit.
Get hopping.
[engine starts]
[rap music]
[car honking]
You're really giving it
a lot of sauce, Elvis.
Oh, yes I'm fucking
giving them the sauce.
These new bitches
2 K each tire and wheel.
Running around on these is like
floating on big ass
silicone titties.
Oh, yeah! You better believe
I'm giving them a massage.
Oh, shit! Jack Rabbit!
Did you stop for a
fucking latte on the way, son?
Hey, I think
it might be a little
hubcap rolling around
if you want to tow something.
[Elvis laughing]
[radio voice] We
got a fire rescue 224.
[radio chatter]
You got trouble?
Hey, sailor!
How much would you charge
for doing something
you shouldn't be doing?
[hooker] He has a kink.
He'll go as high
as 200 to satisfy it.
It's a 100 for
me and a 100 for you.
[Avery] It's
almost eight o'clock.
Where the hell are you?
I'm pulling a double.
[Ben] Chasing.
Do you think
that we can at least
talk about
taking money from Sean?
I don't know,
I think I might be in love.
Oh, yeah?
Riding around on this tires.
It is a sexual experience.
I mean...
In my mind I picture
these two fat, black bitches
and I got them all sauced up
and they're on the rig.
And under the rig I got
a gas pedal attached.
And I hit the gas pedal and they
just start fucking spinning.
And then the rig brings
them closer together, right?
But like just close enough
that I can get my fucking dick
in there.
And I mean...
I just want to go at it.
[Elvis]I really just
want to go at it.
Fuck, I think I can properly
build something like that.
I got the spot for it
all picked out in my basement.
I'm talking fucking nice,
right? Like...
I don't know. Let's make it...
Actually romantic.
[Ben whispering]
Thank you, so much.
I didn't brush my teeth.
It's OK, buddy.
I'm just talking to you.
You're tired.
I got to go back to work.
Mom is going to be home soon.
Are you going to be OK?
I invited Kamal to my
birthday party tomorrow.
I think we can be friends.
I'm going to let him
have a ride on my new bike.
Like a peace offering.
Look at you.
Turning into a real man.
I'm so proud of you.
Go back to sleep.
I love you, buddy.
I love you, dad.
I'm sorry. Will you call me?
When you're finishing up here?
Call me. I'll pick you up.
We'll talk about this.
You mean if you're not
too busy chasing body bags?
You jump in here,
and then race around
like some raged out shithead?
Are you actually
trying to kill yourself?
- What do you want from me?
- I'm scared. Look at you!
You're all fucking
smashed up. And jacked up!
Avery, I made
that kid a promise.
All we do is make promises.
We can't live off
fucking promises any more.
This is our actual life.
Why don't you go home.
Go home and be with your son!
And tomorrow we
are going to throw him
a fucking amazing birthday party
like a normal family. And then
we will figure this shit out.
You are not going
to make what we need
in one fucking night, Ben.
Watch me!
[radio voices] ...we have
a collision...
[radio voices] ...two cars
and a motor cycle...
[radio voices]
We're heading up there.
Are you OK?
This is my vehicle.
I'll take you.
[police officer] Can you tell
me what happened tonight?
What happened is that that idiot
came out of nowhere.
[police officer] Have
you been drinking tonight?
Do you know who I am?
[police officer]
I know who you are, counsellor.
Is there anybody in there?
[Ben] Hi, Sir!
Hi, I'm here! Hold on.
[woman] I was just waiting for
the bus.
I can't see at all.
Hey, Jack Rabbit!
What the hell are you doing?
Driving an ambulance
or a tow truck?
He's hurt!
Does he have a vehicle?
Alright, let's go
to the ambulance, OK?
[Ben] It's right over here.
[loud car horn]
I hate... Just keep going,
just walk that way, OK?
- [Ben] Just keep going.
- [victim] Which way?
- Sir, I'm giving him to you.
- [victim] Hello? Which way?
- First on scene here!
- First on scene. Good for you.
Excuse me, ma'am! Are you in
need of assistance this evening?
[officer] Hey! No soliciting on
my scene. Step back!
Not a problem, officer.
First truck, right there.
- I was first on scene.
- First truck, right there.
First truck, step back!
Step back!
Just so you know.
It's a 100 % up to you.
You do not have to feel guilty
about saying no to a
driver that you know...
Hey, makes you feel unsafe.
What are you doing here?
Are you trying to poach my tow?
Do you think I'm
letting a fucking tow
be poached by
a bylaw fucking driver?
Ma'am, talk about unsafe?
Look at this.
He did that all doing a tow.
He dropped a car on it.
He might do that to yours.
You're not insured for that.
Hey! What did I say!
Yes, absolutely, officer.
First truck.
First truck.
Hi, ma'am.
I know this is a terrible
shocking thing.
The general public
has the perception that
tow truck operators are violent
dishonest ambulance chasers
that they're animals, really.
But you can be
assured that I am trained.
I'm going to be there for you.
professionalism and compassion
- to look after you in this...
- ma'am.
I got your fucking tow.
Get on!
I will impound your ride.
Is it true that I have a choice?
Then I chose him.
It's entirely up to you.
You, hook it up!
Yes, sir.
Do you want to follow me?
Excuse us.
Fucking bylaw driver.
I am familiar with the
various garages in the city.
Where they're located, prices...
Who's honest, who's not.
I can't recommend
a garage for you.
I can certainly tell you
where I would take my vehicle
if I was in your situation.
Come on, Kaleb. I can count.
It's ten points.
I see two grands of work.
That's ten points on two grand.
I want the 15 points
that everybody else gets.
Who told you 15?
You're lucky to
get anything tonight.
Usually I don't give advances.
I appreciate that, Kaleb.
I really do, but...
See this.
No Mather how I scrub
the grease doesn't come off.
My wife is embarrassed for me.
This is the business
God has blessed me with.
I'm grateful for
everything I have,
All of us are
supposed to be grateful.
Even for the grease.
Look, this is Physio Clinic.
Tell the driver to go and heal.
And they will
kickback ten points.
She doesn't need Physio...
It feels fine tonight, sure.
But unless she gets treatment...
Maybe two days from now she's
not able to get out of bed.
Tell her that.
Dude, you're killing me.
Bring to me a Porsche, a Beemer.
A Mercedes.
I will shower
your loins with gold.
[car honking]
[Elvis] Jack Rabbit!
[car door slams]
[door locked]
You got a sec to chat?
I guess.
We can't go on all night
fighting over turf.
Well, OK. Let's...
Be civilized about this.
First off...
- How much...
- I forbid you fighting
- on my watch.
- How much?
200 dollars.
Fuck me!
Let's take a look here.
Oh! Here is 20!
This is for my gas
and my time chasing you,
you fuck stick.
Here is my 200.
You got 20 left.
I'm going to
leave that with you.
I'm only going to take
what's rightfully
fucking owed me!
How is that for civilized?
I can't fucking hear you!
[screaming in agony]
He gets it!
I think it's time
you go home, son.
And take a nice long douche.
Frankly B.
I'd rather you be here
than that fucking psycho.
Savage fucking pigs!
No, no. Leave the
poor pigs out of this.
Do you know what's civilized?
and killing
everything in their way.
Civilization is a
freaking highway of bones.
You want a place on that road?
Pay the goddamn toll.
Good luck, Bylaw.
[car honking]
Who beat me to it?
I'm going to be
up front with you.
I hurt my leg really bad.
I can barely drive.
I need more time.
Come here!
Have a bratwurst.
A police contract
starts next week.
Next week.
Show me one ounce of mercy.
I will make next week
and every week after that.
Raise way for life.
You are not
getting the police contract.
Bisseysaid we're getting
the contract.
His full off shit.
Yeah, he won the
police contract.
Then lawyers
went through the thing
and found out that Bissey's wife
was a co-owner of a chop shop
that got busted
a few years back.
And that's not a big deal.
Except that all
of Bissey's trucks
are in her name.
So, yeah you're
getting the police contract.
You know when? Fucking never.
Take the bratwurst.
Go ahead, take it!
I've got something
to show you. Come here.
Come on!
It's not up to me, but...
I answer to the guys
who control the money.
They only care about one thing.
Turns out that
this piece of shit here,
he ain't good for it.
- No, No! Don't!
- [man screaming in agony]
- [Sean] Hey!
- [Avery] Hey!
Alright, so...
Party decorations,
cake ingredients.
I also got him
a little something.
Not much.
A bit of wrapping so...
I'll take care of that.
This is to get Ray
off your back.
It's five grand.
Thank you so much for this.
You have no idea
how much it means.
Sure I do.
[man moaning]
That's you. You're next.
Don't point at me with
that fucking stick! Fuck!
What the fuck is wrong with you?
What do you want? What can I do?
I can't work if I'm hurt!
I'm no good like that!
Fair point.
Beautiful family.
Avery's a peach.
Zack, uh!
So, I'll just drop
by your house tomorrow
at the party you're having
in the afternoon for him.
How did you know about that?
It's called Trojans Call.
About Ben...
He's a fucking loser.
You know that now, right?
I can get us a nice house.
I can help you
open the restaurant.
I can put Zack in a good school.
'Cause I know
that we will fit together
so fucking good, baby.
So fucking good.
Come on, Avery.
Come on, baby.
Avery, come on! Fuck!
You know what they say?
You only lend money to friends,
if you don't expect it back.
Five grand that's...
That's a lot of money
to not have it come back.
Pack your bags. We're going.
We're going right now.
We are going out west.
I screwed up. I'm sorry.
This is all on me.
Just take what you can carry.
We'll ah...
We'll catch a bus.
I'll figure out the rest later.
Are you staying for Sean?
Did you fuck him?
I could have.
That would have solved
all of our problems.
But I didn't [indistinct]
Something is wrong with us, Ben.
We felt much
better than When we left.
And my shitty family
and your dumb ass friends!
Look at us!
We think we're
so fucking special.
We're just a couple of assholes.
My mom...
My mom will take us in.
OK, let's go home.
Let's go home.
It's just Zack and me.
Either we're pulling you down,
or you're pulling us down.
I don't know which one
but it doesn't matter.
[Zack] Mom!
[Ben] Hi, Zack.
Why don't you go
back to sleep, OK?
Are you and mom
getting a divorce?
Is it because of my bike?
It's OK if you didn't get it.
I don't need it.
I just want you to know
You got into a fight.
Don't touch me.
What? Hey!
I want mom!
Wait! Wait!
You're a liar!
Go away!
I want mom!
[dramatic music]
Jesus fucking mother of Mary.
How does this cunt
not learn a lesson?
Come on, Ben,
what the hell you still
doing out here?
Woah, woah! What
the fuck are you doing?
I'm buying my kid
a fucking bike!
What the fuck?
No, don't touch my babies!
You're so fucking dead!
Cute little Jack Rabbit
ain't so cute no more.
[radio voice 1] 6325.
[radio voice 2] 6325. Go ahead.
I spotted motor vehicle accident
with injuries.
Queensway and Royal York.
Two vehicles, extended damages
red sports car rolled over.
[radio voice 1] Ten-four.
I'm on my way.
Jack Rabbit!
[upbeat music]
[speeding sound]
[skidding wheels]
Come on!
[car honking]
[truck beeping when reversing]
[shallow breathing]
[radio voice]
6325, I'm on scene.
[radio voice 2] Roger that, 6325
[radio voice 1] We have
two patients.
Both vehicles non-drivable
hatch back on the shoulder.
I'm waiting on a tow truck.
I can't open the intersection
until I get the
sports car out of here.
[emergency operator] 911,
what's your emergency?
Police, fire or ambulance?
Hello? Hello! 911.
[emergency operator] We are
tracking your location.
Is there anyone
there who can help?
[car honking]
20, 40, 60, 80.
20, 40, 60, 80.
20, 40, 60, 80.
20, 40, 60, 80.
20, 40, 60, 80.
20, 40, 60, 80.
[phone ringing]
[Bissey's wife] Hello.
My name is Ben.
I work for your husband.
I want to talk to you about him.
[knocking on door]
[Bissey] Who is it?
[wife] Asshole!
What are you doing?
[Bissey] Getting a back rub.
[wife] Why would you do this?
- [Bissey] Hey!
- [wife] What's wrong with you?
[chattering on police radio]
Did you hear
about that chaser Wayne?
Ran a red light
and ran into a cab.
Killed the driver.
Killed the fare?
Fares girlfriend is...
still in shock.
Here is a heads-up.
Girlfriend says she saw a
Jack Rabbit truck at the scene.
I think you're a
little bit heavy, no?
It's an incentive.
I think there's room
to expand our relationship.
We'll need some
long term possibilities.
A garage, restaurant.
Oh, no!
Y'all got the great leads right?
I can't fund you
those kinds of loans.
Do you like pushing
other guys money around, Ray?
Or do you want to
be one of these guys?
I'm not looking for loans.
I'm looking for a partner.
[door opens and shuts]
[receptionist] OK, sweetie!
You really shouldn't be here.
[Door opens]
[phone ringing]
Fucking hell!
Leave the keys,
and get the fuck off my lot!
You ruined my family!
It sucks, doesn't it?
This is the wreck
I pulled in last night.
Expensive divorce.
No police contract.
You need me.
I'm staying on.
As a chaser.
I already have a decent chaser
who hasn't fucked me over.
It looks like that
decent chaser of yours
just went on
a really long vacation.
And the same goes for any chaser
you even think about
bringing on who isn't me.
No, fucking way, man. Not you.
Not you. Not in my truck.
My truck.
The whole fleet
it's in your wife's name.
She got a proof.
I got my truck.
And from now on
I work nights.
See you next week, Ben.
See you next week, Ray.
Hey, Ben!
You're my main guy now, man!
I always knew you had it in you!
We're going to make some money!
Money is on the road.
[bike bell ringing]
[bike bell ringing]
I paid for it.
[children chattering]
[bike bell ringing]
[indistinct on police radio]