22 Minuty (2014) Movie Script

ADEN GOLF - May 5, 2010 200 miles off the coast of Somalia
We are having fun?
Not at all, Feodor Stepanic. I do not sleep.
Do not worry. Everything is quiet. - Still quiet for them!
There are reefs here.
What the hell...
Vovka, give the alarm.
Stop the car! Armed attack on the ship.
Attention! The entire crew gathers in the engine room.
- What are we doing? - Quickly in the engine room!
- Quick down! - I understand.
22 MINUTES / b
Comrade officers, when I see
commander of the artillery battery that goes and smiles
as if they were not serving a large warship,
but on the "Piotr Ilici Ceaikovski" steam vessel,
there are vague doubts. And you know why?
Because the Piotr Ilici Ceaikovski ship carries drunks and all kinds of ...
While we, Lieutenant Comrade, guns and missiles.
Sasha, this is my last letter. I know you'll handle it.
It's getting bigger.
What worries me ...
What did he say?
Pluton, up!
Come on, come on.
This is a warship.
You did not hit the Marine infantry,
enjoy. You got hit,
hang yourself.
You served - be proud.
Discipline must be respected.
You relaxed. We've been on a mission for three months.
We understand that we are all obviously tired.
At any moment we have to be ready ...
Tov. Commander, we were told about an armed attack on a ship.
Battle alarm! Tarasov to me!
So. Warning. Do not shoot. There is gas on the ship.
What happens? Did they die there?
Some Dutch flying.
Do not shoot the ship. Fire in the air. Cover the boys.
We're retiring. Give me your hand. Quick!
Matozul Ejov is missing.
Look for him all. By sector.
- Hold on, hold on, brother. - Tov. commander, took the soldier.
Here's the strong current.
Tov. Captain, we're losing Volghin. He's losing blood. We can not stop him.
At the base. - Let's look for Leoska.
Russian Military Fleet Majority Staff May 6, 2010, 5:15 am
Good morning. Please take a seat.
Operational officer, report the current situation.
Tov. Chief Commander, after issuing the SOS signal, we're no longer in touch with the ship.
The Marine Corps of the Anti-Submarine Destroyer "Admiral Krilov" have discovered
two miles a drifting tanker. - Has he fired against them?
With a hard-mounted machine gun. A marine infanter is seriously injured.
One is gone without a trace. - To Krilov.
Do not take any initiative. Send a helicopter in search of the sailor.
Help! Help!
Boys, thank you very much.
Helicopter, keep the distance. Meaning? Reception.
I act in the safe range.
I do not see the marine infantry around the tanker. Meaning? Reception.
The Marine Infantryman was not discovered. Return to base. Reception.
Received. Thanks for the decision.
Kardanov, in point B, establish visual technical surveillance.
Distance: Five miles. Contact ship owner and cargo.
You will not need it anymore.
Listen, the Russians. I am the master of the seas.
Everyone here is obeying me. And only to Allah.
Obey and you'll have a chance.
Tell the commander to surrender. You understand?
Clear. You're the boss.
Listen to me, dog. Your only chance is to explain to those inside you
that he has to come out immediately. If they do not come out, you're dead too.
You understand, dog? Number up to three.
One ... - OK. I see.
Leave the gun.
Is anyone alive?
Hey, are you Russian?
Come on.
- You heard? - Come on.
Where did you come from?
It's a long story. - What ship are you from?
- "Admiral Krilov." - Boys, Krilov near.
- What's your name? - Aleksandr.
- Is Vovka with you? - What's Vovka?
Our sailor. Support him if there's anything.
That's enough. Speak in English.
Boys, here's their boss proposing to come out.
Go to hell.
Tell them the gas is on the ship.
Do not use fire or firearms.
Listen, boys, it's gas on the ship.
You can not use fire. Do not pull.
Amen, the Russians!
The oil tanker is in our territorial waters.
I want to get a $ 20 million redemption.
Sir, the tanker is very open. You violate the rules of international law.
Get your compass, lady.
Our policy is not to negotiate with the offenders.
Then prepare the bags for the corpses. The crew is in my hands.
- We're gonna start killing them. - I'm not sure the bosses
- will agree to your terms - 20 million.
No cents less. Cash. I give you two days.
- That's impossible. - If I do not have the money,
on the dawn of May 8 I will start killing the crew.
The crew is safe. Play at the bluff.
At starboard - three with automatic.
At the port - certainly the same. There are two in the queue.
They have the bastard book.
Everything like the manual "Forces and anti-diversionary means".
So. Command bridge. This is the most important thing.
Two heavy machine guns. - They pulled in us last night.
Tov. Commander, can not we shoot at all or maybe ... with precision and skill?
There are 150,000 cubic meters. of gas
And what? Is much? What, is Zenit beating? - Sergeant comrade,
Stop whacking. - Yes, live.
Zenit champion!
Bring the Russians. Let's see what's wrong with bluffing.
Are you Vovka? - Yes.
Hey, what are we gonna do? - Do not worry.
Everything's gonna be all right.
Brothers, on this ship we do not have to shoot.
We can not shoot them,
We cut it off.
From Krilov reports that a crew member was killed from the oil tanker
That's the way they do ... Can you start the negotiations?
That's what you're gonna need. - Man!
Doctor, keep it.
My soul breaks, man. - Look what he's doing
car mechanics. - About 30 grams of brother.
Do not tell stories. It's for others. "Why do you need, Aleksei Petrovici?"
It will be needed. Let's wrap the wounds, if necessary.
Petrovici, but do you have water by chance? - Not.
Nothing. We can resist two days, and then think of ours.
- Boys! - O, infanteristul!
- You are alive? - Live.
Did you see Vovka? - They killed him.
If you do not get out, it kills me too.
- What to do? - Stay there. You do not have to believe them.
Our guys are going to help us.
- In English. - Captain, think good.
I will take steps and everything will be fine.
I understood you. I have to think.
You heard? He'll think.
What does it mean to take steps? - Take steps?
Well, it's a game. An old Russian game.
You do not justify my trust.
You have one day.
Break the doors. - Leaves.
- Whoa! - How many are there?
Up to 45 people can be accommodated on the ship.
Look at him too. Amin Mubare.
One of the most authoritative Somali military commanders. He lived in America.
Then in Italy. He returned to his homeland.
He rose from the military commander to the head of the clan.
Do not really want to pay?
We suggest we wait.
If they do not get the redemption, the pirates will leave alone.
- That's what happened to American ships. - And something else.
Amen kills theirs, if necessary. So do not expect too much.
- He will fight to the end. - I would like to remind you officially that
the vessel has 150,000 cubic meters of natural gas. A military operation is excluded.
Mrs. Gurova ... and you!
I understand you're comfortable hanging out until someone else
he will sum up his responsibility for everything. But there are people!
Our people. Are you able to understand that?
We are not prepared to pay.
Get me the Krilov. - Tarasov!
I, Commander Comrade.
Captain Tarasov, Admiral Comrade. - Hi, Tarasov.
I only have one question for you.
Will you be able to conquer the tanker? - I will be able to.
Act. We have two days. Prepares an operation plan.
- Yes, live. - Prepare yourself.
Take a seat.
Thank you.
I need a ... fork. - What the?
I need a fork.
Fork? - Yes. Fork.
We are told, if you are in the land of those with an eye,
take a look.
I do not understand how you can eat these spikes. What the hell is better with your hand.
Thank you.
My name is Aleksandr. Can you tell me Sanea.
And what is your name?
Hey, hey. Easy. I just asked you what your name is.
Kalas. My dad called me so in the honor of the machine.
You understand? Kalas. Kalashnikov.
And, OK. Very good name.
Comrade Commander, a new target. Small size.
Spelling 95. Distance 20 knots. Determines the direction of movement of the lens.
Comrade comrade, he heads to Amin.
Tarasov, listen to my order. Go and see.
Like so. Turn the engine off.
Lying down! Come on, I said!
Tihonov, come here.
The Russians captured the cuter.
Well, what is it like, I ran you, bastards?
Discard the bags.
- Your mother! - I did not understand, Commander Comrade.
Na, look.
- Better than the sharks eat. - Squeeze the bags back.
Fish bags.
Amen, teach. Captain Tarasov,
Russian Marine Infantry. Follow my hand.
If you get close, we open the fire.
You want to fly to heaven. Maybe we talk first?
Did you bring the money? Bring the money and then talk.
Release the crew and surrender until it's too late.
Remove it from my territory. I am the master of the sea.
- Here I am the master. - You are the master in your village,
but here you are an uninvited guest.
Ejov, jump!
Ejov, resist. We're not leaving you.
Your life is a tear on Allah's eye.
Do you want the Almighty to blink? - Not.
Do not think you're smarter than me. Go to yours and tell them to surrender.
Amen, we need an autogenous. This door does not break with one.
Tell them I have a surprise for them.
- You understand? - I understand.
If they do not come out now, we'll blow the door.
- But we will also jump in the air. - Everything is in the hands of Allah.
Boys, listen. He has a grenade.
What are you doing?
I want to leave this place. You understand?
Who else wants to surrender?
We will not get out.
calls on a specialist and, for now, stops ventilation.
I understand.
When dark, move the gas tank.
Amen, people will not understand us. They came out to make money
not to die. - I said. When it darkens.
The brethren should not know.
Or I'll leave here with money, or no one will leave.
But the Russian? With him we have only problems.
A hostage is never superfluous.
They have machine guns. - We know.
and that's useful.
Here and here he can get the team.
- Give the boys. To learn. - Yes, live.
This is a dead zone for a machine gun. How many are they?
40 people - Suppose.
Climb. 2 minutes - aft.
15 - command deck. No more.
During this time, either we or the crew will open the fire.
- Their mother! - It's not allowed to shoot.
Neither support helicopter will be.
Let's get everyone together and attack them all at once.
- During prayer? - Is not that right, Boris?
Stay down, sit down.
- Well, you say, what's the matter? - The problem, Commander Comrade, is that
we have to deal with the pirates who are scattered throughout the oil tanker,
- without fire support. - And we are like ... in the Stone Age.
Sit down, sit down.
Well, you, crocodile from Honduras! Scratch?
- Do you clear it? - You are coming, Vladimir Vasilyevich.
The tanker is totally inactive a combat unit.
Matrozul Ejov.
And what? Is that the idea? - Ejov knows the Morse alphabet?
With this, my mom measures the tension.
Sasha! Not.
- Olea, I'm going to the army. - and what?
Olea! Olea!
- Olea! - Sanea, she will not wait for you.
But I'll wait for you.
Olea. Olea!
Ready to go.
- It's done. - What am I doing?
On 8, 6 am, we start the storm
Six? A! Six-zero-zero, storm. Assault!
You have to distract them.
I did not understand.
Iura, not understandable. - I'll repeat slower.
Have they received it?
Now we have a chance at least.
How to distract them?
Talk to them.
Boys, how are you there? - Just English.
- Sanea, are you alive? - Listen, infantry,
when it frees us? We can not stand until tomorrow without water.
Boys, give up.
You only have one day left.
He'll be fine with you. It will give you water.
He'll give you food.
They promised to leave you alive and in general, I think it will soon be a storm.
They communicated to us last night. - Take steps, Sanea, and say there
let your people hurry, we'll crack in that hole.
Sit down.
What this means? Soon assault. What this means?
I did not understand. Give it to me.
You did not write right. Do not assault,
but a storm. - Wind, strong wind. Waves.
Give it to me.
With me leave the games. What did the captain say?
Generally, you have a very good hearing. Like a musician.
I'm a musician. - True?
But do not tell anyone. We do not even have to listen to music. Sin.
I got it.
- Hear, let's go after the water. - Okay, but quickly.
Command bridge, watch the sea.
Firsov, Seremetiev. Stay on deck. You here and you there. Clear?
- I'm seeing. Stop!
Excuse me, sergeant comrade, but you were killed.
Sergeant Moghil, to me!
31 minutes. - Tov. Commander, boys are finished.
31 minutes!
And we have two more at the stern and one at the bow.
The bridge and the command deck must be conquered before they realize it.
Otherwise, he'll shoot us like ...
Captain Comrade,
Overall, what is the purpose of the training on the destroyer?
The board is board, but the decks of the tanker are different.
And the bridge ...
At rest ... march!
Russian food is tasty.
Confidential. Helps manhood. - Seriously?
Yes. Listen, Kala asks. Give me water, please.
- The water. - Thank you.
Listen, Captain, I have a request to you.
I can not resist,
tell my wife
bury me at Rovadki.
Son, not prophets. - Silence!
Bravo, bravo!
Sergei! Take your time.
You've been wild all over. Marine infantry, thank you.
Bravo! Drink, old man.
Now we can live.
At 6:00 assault. - Hurray!
We have to distract them.
Hey, what's been so long? And where is the water?
I drank it. What are you doing here?
Listen to music? What is this?
The music. Cool. Super. My favorite.
- I'm a rapper. - That's great!
- Can you listen to me? - Of course. I'm the best.
Good. We do this: I have not seen your water, you have not seen my music.
Good. It's done.
This night, the destroyer got in touch
with the marine infantryman on the oil tanker.
He's going to mess up the pirates at the beginning of the operation.
Optimal time for assault - 6 am.
There are eight Marine infantry in operation.
The most experienced in combat action. - That means using white weapons.
- And if the pirates start firing? - Let's get something straight.
The probability of explosion is related to the gas concentration.
The gas leak.
The degree of protection of the case tank allows
resistance to a direct bullet blow. Is it true what do I say?
Yes. This is true.
But any leak, combined with open flame, means instantaneous explosion.
Listen. Amen gave you two days.
Today the term expires. What do you say, gentlemen?
The owner's position is the following.
If we are now making concessions, we will create a precedent.
And then, in the future, any ship to ours
will be twice more threatened. - Mr. Admiral,
if you make the decision to storm,
The management of the company empowers me to wish the fleet success.
Wonderful. Now, the fleet is responsible for everything.
Task: Release the crew of the tanker.
How to solve the problem: assault.
Access to water. Direction: Tribord. Port.
Opening Fire: Not allowed.
Omar, let's get out of here. Come on.
- Come on, Omar. - Stay.
- Did you drink alcohol? - Amen, forgive him.
Amen, come on. I just tasted.
The Muslim must not drink alcohol. You know this?
Omar! - Amen, I ...
- Amen, no. Amen! - Throw it overboard, let it air.
Then we judge him. - Do not do that. Amen, no.
A shark! Bashir!
- Help him! - Drag it!
- Pull. - Drag it!
Help. Pull!
Glory to Allah! He punished him.
Was he your friend?
He is my brother.
If the arrow goes into the red area, you stop.
- Did you understand? - Yes.
Soon, brothers, we will be rich.
I knew.
Give it, Lord, let's not jump in the air.
Omar kept his dad.
He always said I must be strong.
I got to Amin. We wanted to make money.
and run away somewhere.
But you can not get out of here.
When he understood where he brought me,
he began to drink, drink, and drink.
What should I do now?
Sailors! Alignment! Righteous!
- Of course. - Of course.
Speak, Tarasov.
Boys, we're acting quietly. Easy.
Without agitation. Like training.
Take one. We're going to your ship.
Kala, I can not.
- Do not be afraid, Sanea. I'm not like them. - Know.
I want to play the right way. Do you know what?
World Championship Football Anthem.
At 6:00 they will attack the tanker.
I have to distract yours.
All right, brother. I will help you.
Only Ejov would do it.
Is the snow cold? - Yes. It's very cold.
Cold and white. - But in jail it's cold for you?
- I do not know. Why? - A friend was in prison in the Netherlands.
And when he came out he gave him the citizenship.
- I want to go to prison in Russia. - Boys, once again.
Moghil's group comes with us. Collies, you starboard, we at the port.
Everything is up and running. It just remains to do it.
Questions? Sailors have no questions.
Then, with God, sailors.
Listen. I have to get down to the crew at all costs. You understand?
- Take me over the security posts. - Good.
- And give me the automatic. - Sanea, if they give you the automatic,
they're going to kill me. and my whole family will kill her. Amen does not forgive. You saw.
But can you give me a knife? Just a knife.
Thank you man.
But what, you love each other?
I walked, and he accompanied me.
Jama, kill him. Morning.
And the Russians see this.
Ready in 10 minutes.
- Keep watch. - Yes, live.
- News about the assault? - The countdown has begun.
I know what I'm doing.
Take these beasts, boys. Better than bare hands
Hey! Yusuf!
Do not sleep.
Abdurahman, the exchange. Go to rest.
- You're a little early. - I do not sleep.
But what about the Russian?
- The assault group took the position. - Go ahead, Tarasov.
Do not make you laugh.
The Russians, for nothing, would not give up.
I'm going through the last moments of your miserable life.
If we are to fight, then for life and for dying.
Listen, give me a cigarette. You?
Sorry. It does not smoke here. Gas.
What are you looking at? What the? Come on!
Yours will come and kill you all. Everyone.
They're coming. We're gonna send them to hell.
And we will go to Allah. Everything is in his hands.
Well, Matroz Ejov! Come on!
Sends radio AK47, MC Kala.
Amen, can you hear me? This hit is for my brother.
Despite you. Abomination!
The assault started up. We will not lose.
Let's help the boys. Dude! Start the main engine.
On order. I start the main engine. Kolea!
On order. - Where?
- There are reefs. - Better reefs
than a bullet. I'm right?
Kolea! With all the speed.
I understand. With all the speed!
Break the door. Kill everyone.
Marine infantry!
- Have you conquered the tanker? - I did not conquer it. I just started.
- Ukolov what's going on there? Report. - I see Amin. Climb to the timon.
And the Marines? - Everything according to the plan. I'm in position.
- Continue surveillance. - Yes, live.
Amen! Nidar will come and punish you.
Dog! Be damned!
Kalas! You're crazy. Open the door.
Or I give you food to the dogs.
Shut up, idiot. Shut up, jackal!
MC Kala did not say anything yet.
To the side! To the side!
I'm on board. Boys, ours are on board. Now the battle begins.
- We'll jump in the air. What are we doing? - Boys,
to order you now, I can not. But I'm with him.
Sanea, I did everything I could.
What are you doing, Kala? Do you shoot in brothers?
My life is in your hands.
Come on!
- Two, two! - Here Two.
- The crew is on deck. - Three, help.
- Here Three. - Four, acting by plan.
The oil tanker collided with a reef. The crew is on deck.
Where's Tarasov? - I do not see him. That's where the slaughter started.
Prepare for the emergency evacuation of the crew.
- Viktor, are you going to make it? - Yes.
To come. They will go to hell and we will go to Allah.
Turn it off.
Now you're gonna die, dog.
Stay, fuck! Cut it!
The oil tanker is leaving the reef. - The forecast?
It goes according to plan, tov. Chief Commander.
It's good.
You're dead. - Not yet.
Do you think you won, Russians?
You lose.
Come on, get up.
- Tov. Admiral, the tanker was released. - Just in 22 minutes.
It was a shame that it was not the Military Fleet day. - Nothing. That's like Victory Day.
- To live! - Marine infantry, are you alive?
- Yes. and how do you feel? - Normal.
Hello, heroes.
- It's over, brother. - Kala!
- Go ahead! - Kala!
A doctor here. Quick! How do you feel, brother?
- Did she enjoy my show? - Sure you do! Sure.
- I'm the best, right? - Of course. You are the best.
- Sanea! - What the?
- Take this. - What is it?
- Oh, I understand - Remembrance.
Good. Now they're going to operate you ...
Kalas! Hey, hey!
Well, boys.
- At your posts. - Free.
- Captain comrade, I come in immediately. - Where?
They, sailors, are waiting.
I order you to release the prisoners. We were told it was illegal.
Why do you need the law? They killed our sailors.
Do not poison my soul, Tarasov. This is not at your level and mine.
Give them water and food to reach them.
I understand, Commander Comrade.
Moghila, she loads this house in the cuter.
Give them water and food. - I understand.
Comrade Captain, are you letting them go?
We have no laws against pirates. Their mother!
Comrade comrade, the pirates have disappeared somewhere.
Looks like they sank ...
It happens.
Oh, hello, brother!
Television is it?
- It started? - Look.
Sailor Aleksandr Ejov has made a real act of heroism.
He assured the assault ... - That's got to be put on his head.
And you were not afraid of the heads cutters alone?
Sure, it's scary.
Only I did not think about it.
You hear, but can a message send? - Well, he says.
Olea, I do not know if you see me or not.
Sorry. I'm a fool.
I love you.
I love you a lot. Please wait for me. I'll be back soon.
On the word of honor.
- Olea! What happens? Why are not you ready? - Rome!
- Olea, we're late. Please. - Rome, not now.
Olea, what are you doing?
I do not know. I just understood it all at once
that everything is wrong.