23 Blast (2014) Movie Script

Black, 22.
Black, 22!
You there.
What's your name?
You Freddie?
Freddie, I'm guessing you
never played football.
I want you to take a look at
your buddies down the bench.
Go on. Now do you see any
difference between you and them?
Nothing? Not a thing?
- What's your name, son?
- Ashley.
Ashley, can you tell
Freddie what's wrong?
Your shoulder pads.
They go under your shirt.
It's going to be a long season.
I loved that 1982 team.
Championship game
was incredible.
I was on the sidelines.
And why can't we do that again?
- Do what?
- Win a championship.
You've won one, why not two?
I've won two,
but who's counting...
Coach just take over
for a minute right?
All right, you heard the coach.
Form two, two lines over there.
Mr. Marshall agrees,
together, we can do it.
Weren't you going to get me
a beverage or something?
Oh, yeah, I'll get your soda.
Did you say diet?
No, of course not. Stupid of me.
Diet. Stupid.
I'll be right back!
What was that?
A pain in my neck, mainly.
He teaches math over
at the middle school.
Yeah, well, he's
the new Athletic Director now.
- You kidding?
- I wish I was.
Well, how in heck
did that happen?
Well, some bull about
the board wanting
a football program
succession plan.
It doesn't hurt
that his uncle's on the board.
I don't need you to fire it.
Freddie, let's fix those pads.
Hi, I'm Travis.
- I'm Jerry.
- Can you throw?
Can you catch?
They aim to replace me.
What? Are they firing you?
No, Willard, I'm retiring.
They just want to
name my successor.
What they don't realize is,
I already know who
the next football coach
at Corbin is going to be.
- And I'm looking at him.
- Me?
Willard, do you want to coach Pee
Wee league the rest of your life?
I want you to go at about fifty
percent, just a little jog, okay.
Travis, that's too fast.
- Whoa!
- Ooh!
- Wow!
- That'll do.
- Who're those boys?
- That's boy's name is Travis Freeman.
- He's, um, Jerry Baker.
- Here, Coach.
Now those two boys
were born to play football.
Running backs and straight ahead, you
can run a straight line can't you?
- Yes, sir!
- What's this play called?
- 23 Blast!
- Why do we call it that?
The 2 back runs
through the 3 hole!
All right, bring it in.
One, two, three...
Red Hounds! All right, let's go.
- Travis.
- Yes, coach.
- Does Jerry know the plays?
- Uhh, yeah, pretty much.
Well, you know 'em real good.
So you'll help him out, right?
23 Blast! 23 Blast!
And 23 Blast!
Ready! Break!
Cameron, get your butt down!
Set! Hut!
Whoo! Travis, meet at the top.
I don't know why Coach Farris
puts up with you, but I will not.
I don't want to lose this, Mr. Duncan.
You know what this is?
If I find contraband, Mr. Baker,
I will have you expelled.
No, sir, this is an article
about my friend, here.
"Travis Freeman, the Redhound
star everything man,
has his team on the
fast track to the..."
Empty your pockets.
"He catches touchdowns,
he runs for touchdowns,
he's the heart and soul of the team.
Blah blah, blah."
Nothing about the handsome
quarterback, Jerry Baker.
Why is that, Mr. Duncan?
Because you're
not worth writing about.
- Mr. Freeman.
- Yes sir?
I suggest you find new friends, you
don't want to end up in prison.
One day you're
going to go too far!
He's been after
me since 5th grade.
He used to say I was
cheating in Math.
- You were cheating in Math.
- I didn't cheat!
- You copied off my paper.
- Yeah. Off of you.
That's friends.
Don't count.
- Guess who!
- Hi, Molly.
- Oh, man!
- Aw, you're going to make me late!
Make sure you score
a touchdown for me now.
Okay, I'll try.
Hey, I don't think your music is
supposed to arrive before your car.
You know, it gets me
all pumped up for the game.
You know what, I forgot to
ask, how'd that Math exam go?
Aced it.
Ooh, you're my favorite son.
Mom, I'm your only son.
That must be why
you're my favorite.
- Get out of here.
- Oh!
You gotta be quicker
if you want one of those.
I'm going to get in your sleep.
Yeah, right.
- Kick butt, Trav!
- Thanks, Ashley.
Hey, don't forget my touchdown!
Don't forget my touchdown!
Oh, hey, Ashley.
Good, Karen, you're here.
Can you take a look at that?
Something's wrong
with that pen, it keeps
falling off my sweater.
You want to get started on
the chili for me? You got it.
Thank you, dear.
- Hey, Mr. Freeman.
- Ashley. You got my camera, missus?
Got it all charged up.
Don't forget to press record.
Hey. Hey, Burley,
you listen to me,
he hasn't missed a single game,
and he's not going to miss one now
because he's got a runny nose.
If his fever's gone,
he can play.
Feel him.
Go on, feel him.
- Huh? Cool as a cucumber.
- You feeling all right, Cameron?
He has got to play.
My boy has got to play.
I'm ready, coach,
I'm ready to play.
- Are we ready?
- Ready.
- Are we ready?
- Ready!
- Redhound! Redhound!
- Pride! Pride!
- Redhound!
- Pride!
Tonight it's
the Corbin Redhounds
hosting the Lynn Camp Wildcats.
The Redhound defense doesn't
give up many big plays
and that's the way head coach
Willard Farris likes it.
The Wildcats will have to
pick their spots tonight.
The 4 & 1 Redhounds boast
a high powered offense
led by Junior Travis Freeman.
Corbin Redhounds!
Corbin Redhounds! Let's go!
Lee rip zip, 34 power,
strong wing left. Go on.
- I'm gonna get closer.
- Okay.
I'll be over there in a second.
Get in there, son!
Come on, Cam!
Hey, Marshal.
How's little Cam feeling?
Back to normal, eating me
out of house and home.
Yeah. Well, you know, they're growing boys.
How you all feeling tonight?
I want my touchdown!
Touchdown, Redhounds!
- What happened, who scored?
- Travis!
Travis, I missed his touchdown?
Touchdown Redhounds!
Travis Freeman.
- How did he score?
- He ran it in.
- Nah, I think it was a pass.
- 23 Blast!
23 what?
Okay, I test
Fred on all the plays,
so that when they put
him in he's ready.
Whatever it was,
Larry's got it on tape.
I'm not so sure he does.
Panther right,
40 lead, 46 power, go on.
How much time we got?
Uh, we're fine.
Where's the party tonight?
- Quit messing around, call the play.
- No fun.
Dang, I can't remember...
Oh, well.
Trav, go deep.
- Come on Jerry.
- What's the play!?
Hey! You guys want
to win this game or not?!
Let's do combo right.
Z left. You guys do whatever.
You get in the end zone.
And you, give me some time.
- On one. Ready?
- Break!
That's not the play
you called, Willard.
Black 22, black 22.
Set. Hut.
- He's open. He's open.
- Okay.
Pull, pull!
That's Travis Freeman once again
on a pretty pass from
quarterback Jerry Baker.
Bold call from Coach Willard
Farris, but it worked.
Davey Crockett, you ever change my
plays again, I will bench you fast.
He's got the Redhounds and his
workhorse firing on all cylinders.
Good job, man.
- He call you Davey Crockett again?
- Yeah.
You think I should
tell him it's not my name?
- It's a good name.
- Hey, hey Marlow.
This game's not over. Now, get your
head in the game, there's another half.
Come on! Come on! Come on!
- That was a heck of a throw.
- Yes, sir.
- Did he forget the play?
- Yes, sir.
- You all right?
- Yes. This headache is just getting worse!
- Do you want to leave?
- No, no, I'll be fine, it's just, uh...
Ew! Get off me.
- Loser.
- Do all the cheerleaders love me,
or is it just Molly?
- Your dad know you're here?
- You kidding? I'm studying with you!
You can't hang with me.
I'll beat you at keg stand too.
- He better not mess up this year.
- He'll be fine.
He still doesn't
even know the plays!
- Look, he gets mixed up once in a while...
- I mean it.
He can't be screwing up
my scholarship.
You're always covering for him.
I got one shot, one.
And he's ain't going
to mess that up.
Seven, eight, nine, ten!
You better control
your boy or I will.
- Redhounds, baby!
- Hey, Jerry, come on.
- You and me man, Redhounds.
- Hey.
Me and you,
we're going to state. Hey!
Okay, that's your friend Jerry.
Let's see what's going on here.
When did you notice
the swelling?
This morning.
Close your eyes for me.
Now open.
Is this from football?
No, Travis has a great deal of
infection visible in the sinus area.
Infection, where
did that come from?
It's hard to tell.
I want to get Travis started
on medication right away.
Dr. Connelly wants me
to prep a surgical room.
What's happening?
Travis's infection is not
responding to medication.
His face is swelling and his
temperature has risen to 106.
- Oh, dear Lord!
- We need to get him into surgery quickly.
I'll have more answers when I get in
there and see what we're up against.
- Here he is. Here he is.
- Oh, Travis! Hi, baby!
You're gonna have to take that cross off.
Yes, ma'am.
Okay, I got it. I got it.
Hi, honey.
Mama's right here. Okay?
- Hey.
- Hmm.
I'll see you soon.
- I'm going to be fine, Mom.
- Now!
- Okay.
- I'll be fine.
All right, he'll be fine.
Travis, I need you to count
backwards for me from 100.
100, 99,
98, 97...
Go deep!
Go deeper!
Hello! Hello!
- Oh, Travis.
- Mom?
Travis. We're right here.
Mom, no, I can't see.
Honey, listen, the
doctor explained to us
- that you...
- Dad!
- I'm here.
- Why can't I see?
Explain what, Dad?
You're blind, son.
What do you mean I'm blind?
You lost your eyesight.
Okay, for how long?
I don't understand.
There was too much infection.
I can't be blind!
No, Mom.
It's okay, baby.
It's gonna be okay.
We'll get through this.
You see that?
You heard?
I'm gonna need you
to stay focused.
I'm focused.
Okay, you're focused.
I'm going to need to step up.
Team needs a leader.
Are you that guy?
Thank you for coming, really.
I'll make sure Travis knows that
each of every one of you were here.
Take care, okay?
He's getting better.
He's just not up
for visitors yet.
I'm sorry.
- Sorry.
- Come here.
I know the last thing you want to
do right now is play football.
Like it or not, we got a game.
I don't know why things like
this happen to good people.
I don't know.
I do know, Travis would
not want any of you
to use his misfortune
as an excuse
for not playing your best,
for not playing just
the way you would,
if he was out there with us.
That's what he expects from us
and that's all we
can do for him.
So we're going to dedicate
this game to Travis.
Bring it in.
- Travis on three.
- One, two, three.
Baker is trying
to signal his receiver,
there is some confusion on the
line with another delay...
Come on, man!
He bumped into the guard.
Throw it away!
- What are you doing?
- What're you doing, man?
- It's an inside curl.
- He's supposed to cut out.
- Shut your mouth.
- It's inside.
I love them Redhounds.
Love 'em but, boy, my heart
can't take another season
like last one.
Redhounds are
a big disappointment.
They let us down again.
Open, right there. Oh!
I'm sorry, sweetie,
that bite was too big.
- That's all right.
- Okay, here we go.
- No...
- Oh! Travis!
No, it's disgusting,
those are not eggs.
- Oh, honey!
- Orange juice.
Right here.
- Oh, the straw is right here.
- Mom, I got it.
Mom, I know where
the straw is, thank you.
How did you get past the nurse?
Oh, I can be sneaky sometimes.
Hey, Trav.
Yeah, I know, I know you
don't want any visitors.
I don't blame you. Some of them
people are like sandpaper.
Some of them people
are real snoozers.
And what makes you
think you ain't one of them?
Good, I thought you
might have been deaf, too!
It's okay, Mom.
Jerry can stay.
Oh, what, like he's
going to kick me out?
I was thinking about it.
Jerry, do you think maybe
you could stay
with Travis for a little while?
I have an errand to run.
I won't be long.
- Ha ha ha...
- Really?
- Just checking.
- Well, how'd you do?
Ah, we did all right.
We didn't make playoffs.
I know all that, how did you do?
Oh, you know me, I'm did good.
Well, they moved me
to second string, but...
What? They put Freddie
in over you! How'd that happen?
I don't know.
Farris never liked me.
Farris loves you.
Come on, let's get out of here.
Oh, hey, check out the nurses.
Whoa, babe on the left.
- Blonde, brunette?
- Nope, redhead.
She's a cutie too.
Look left and smile sexy.
I still got it.
Oh, sweet shades.
- Here, put these on.
- What?
- Here.
- Ow!
- When I say jump, jump.
- Wait, what?
Let me ask you something.
Did we just make fools
of ourselves?
- Yes, pretty much.
- Yes!
Hey, meet me at the top.
- What's blind like?
- It is weird.
It's pretty scary, man.
It's like having
your eyes closed
and you can never open them.
I'm sorry, man.
You're going be fine,
man, all right?
You're Travis Freeman.
Dr. Sanders
report to ICU.
Dr. Sanders report to ICU.
You need to fill
out these forms.
We'll set up a referral meeting,
and come up with an
intervention plan for your son.
An intervention plan?
The sooner we start the process, the
sooner we'll find a place for Travis.
Travis has a place, in our home.
Mrs. Freeman,
you need to realize,
you no longer have a normal son.
Let me help you.
It's your first time home,
maybe you want to try
using the cane.
It's right here, sweetheart.
I don't want to use it.
Come in.
- Hey.
- Hey, coach, how are you?
Come on in, please.
Close the door.
Have a seat.
Willard, I want you
to know you have my support.
- Thank you, Jasper.
- Let me finish.
You have my support, if you want
to drop Baker from the team.
Jerry? Drop him?
What gave you that idea?
Baker is just the
worst kind of bad egg,
always trying
to get away with something.
- He's trouble.
- Look, I will agree with you,
Jerry is a challenge,
but football is the
only thing the boy has.
- You benched him.
- Yeah, I know I did.
He lost his way, but who
knows he won't figure it out.
Willard, your contract is up
after next year, isn't it?
If Baker becomes a distraction,
you have a remedy.
Don't you?
Kentucky Mobility
Center, may I help you?
Yes. One moment, please.
Travis Freeman.
Oh, good, you're back.
How did it go?
Waste of time.
I'm not going back.
Well, that's fine.
An hour there and an hour back,
and he walks out on the
woman after 15 minutes.
- And you say it's just fine.
- He didn't like her, Larry.
15 minutes, and the women
is supposed to be
his mobility coach,
assigned to him by the state!
Who else is going to teach
him how to get along?
- We'll figure it out.
- It's been almost three months
and he's barely left his room.
Mary, we have to talk about
a special school for the boy.
He's not ready for that.
- I'll teach him myself.
- No, you can't.
We have no experience with this.
No, and that's final.
Just hear me out for a second.
Yes, can I help you?
Mrs. Freeman,
I'm Patty Wheatley.
- Sorry?
- Travis's mobility coach.
Oh, I'm so sorry. We just never
expected to see you here.
Travis has
missed two appointments.
Where is he?
Well, he's in his bedroom,
but I'm afraid you've come all
this way for nothing.
Where's his room?
Travis? Is it in this way?
You know what? I'm afraid I'm going
to have to ask you to leave.
In accordance with the Individuals with
Disabilities Education Act of 1990,
the state Kentucky will
allow no disabled child
to be deprived of a
free public education.
I have not deprived
my son of anything.
- Mom.
- Travis, its okay.
- Hey, Travis, remember me?
- Oh, not you again.
- I'll be in my room.
- Well, we can start there.
- Miss Wheatley, hey.
- Whoa!
- His, uh, cane looks unused.
- Mom.
Does your husband stack his
dirty dishes in the bedroom?
- Well, of course not, but Travis...
- Why should you allow your son
- to treat your home like a pig sty?
- Because... oh!
Do you do your own cleaning?
Because I don't really
care what it looks like.
Well, let's open a window.
Oh, that's better.
Football player, huh?
You figure that
out all by yourself?
- What's that?
- Nothing.
Yeah. Well, listen up, pal.
You got two options here:
You can stay in your little,
safe, protected environment
or you can get up off
your sorry, little can
and figure out how to whip this.
It doesn't make any
difference to me.
Just don't waste my time.
Son of a...
Hey, well, you know what that
means, it's your Redhound report.
Get your teeth off my legs.
For the next 60 minutes,
I'll answer your calls
and tell you with just
three months till kickoff
whether this year's Redhound
Team has what it takes
to make the playoffs.
Here you are.
Oh, Ashley, thank you so...
you are a life-saver.
It's all right.
I also have your change.
- Oh, thank you, sweetie.
- You're welcome.
Oh, you need me to take
that sandwich into Travis?
No, no, I can take care of it.
His dad is taking him to
Lexington in a little bit and...
No, I would love for you
to take this into Travis.
I bet he'd like talking to you.
All right.
Hey, Trav! Oh, sorry.
- Why are you here?
- No reason.
Nice hat.
- How are you doing?
- Just great.
Brought you some lunch.
I'm good, thank you.
I'm not hungry.
All right, well...
Thank you.
Oh, Travis, you smell so bad.
When is the last time
you showered?
Just get up, change your shirt.
Come on get up, get up.
Get up.
I think that's clean.
I need you
to give me the shirt...
Oh, um, yeah, I'm...
Um, just give me one second.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
- How is Molly doing?
- Oh, uh, she's good.
She, um, says hi and she misses
you and sends her love.
- Really?
- No. Of course not, she's a brat, Travis.
- Uh-oh, someone's jealous.
- I'm jealous?
Yeah, because you
want to be a cheerleader.
- Yeah, yeah.
- Hmm?
- What's that?
- What?
I feel a breeze,
it's in my knees,
it's in my hips,
it's on my lips.
Bang, bang, ding, ding, come
on Redhounds, do your thing.
You better
knock it off, or else.
I could smack you.
Dad? Ashley's here, sorry.
Guess who?
Opposite foot, opposite foot,
it's like kicking the can.
There you go, there you go. Now,
hold your arm out straight.
No, your cane arm out
straight, out straight.
Hold your arm out straight,
there you go.
Keep your head up,
keep your head up.
- What's the point?
- Keep your head up.
Opposite foot, there you go.
- Shirts on the right.
- Okay.
Pants are on the left.
Khakis and jeans,
feel the texture.
- Keep your arm out straight.
- Why?
You okay?
Yes, ma'am, arm out straight.
Arm out straight.
Let's go and find
the washer and dryer.
- Ow!
- Son of a gun.
- Keep your hand out.
- Sorry.
$16.50 is your change.
Would you mind counting
the bills out for me.
That's ten, five and one.
Thank you.
So that's your school, huh?
Gonna miss it.
What about your senior year?
I guess I'll be going
to school for the blind.
- Is that what you want?
- Do I have a choice?
212 on your right,
213 on your left.
You can get your books
on audio tape.
Your teachers can give you
your the tests orally.
Hey, it's impolite to stand with your
back to the person who you're talking to.
Yeah. There won't be
anybody to guide you.
You'll be on your own.
Good, because I don't
want any special treatment.
No one's allowed in school on a
weekend without special permission.
Goodness, could've
sworn it was a Monday, my bad.
Well, this is your stop.
You're not gonna walk me in?
I have orders from Patty.
Good morning, Travis.
Welcome back.
Thank you.
- My man.
- Hey, what's up?
- How you're doing?
- I'm good.
Why don't you take a picture,
it'll last longer.
Your first class is in what?
- 213?
- 213.
Should be right
here on the left.
- What class is this?
- Calculus.
- Where you are headed?
- I got sheet metal 101.
- What class is that?
- AP, pre-prison, taught by Duncan.
See what happens when
you're not around? Later.
Drixen runs up the gut,
no, it's a fake.
He's wide open.
Jerry overthrew him, bad.
What was that?
Cover somebody, you got
to cover somebody, son.
- Its cover three.
- Yes, sir.
Baker, my niece can throw a ball better
than that and she's only four years old.
You content to be the
backup now, is that it, huh?
Is Coach Farris
always this happy?
If he didn't yell,
he didn't like you.
All of you, what the heck
is wrong with you people?
Our first game is in ten days.
That's it!
I've had it with you all.
Suicide drill, coach,
run it now!
Let's go!
Line up on the goal line.
Come on, let's go.
Let's go, on the hop.
Sounds like he really
likes the whole team.
- Travis, how're you doing? Ashley?
- Hey, Coach. How they looking?
I don't know that we're gonna
win a single game this year.
Coach, you say that every year.
Well, this year I mean it.
You should let me play.
Stop, I can keep up
with these guys.
Well, can you play
corner, 'cause Mullins,
he couldn't cover
a one-legged receiver.
But he can hit, coach,
he can tackle, he's a mad man.
Oh yeah, it's true.
That boy, he can hit.
Maybe he could play safety.
Maybe Kenny'd play corner.
He's pretty good at cover too.
Bring it in, first team defense.
We're going to try something.
Thanks, son.
You're welcome.
Mullins, you're
gonna move over to safety.
Yes, safety!
Smile any harder,
your face will fall off.
All she did was say,
are there any cars coming,
and I said I don't
see anything my way.
And I started to go!
I did, I started to go!
Oh, you won't be laughing
when the insurance goes up.
It's not my fault.
You miss it? Driving?
Keep it straight, no, no,
little left, little left.
Sorry, student driver.
We'll work on that.
Right, little right. Okay, go
slow, hold it, hold, it's Duncan.
- Where?
- Twenty feet up here on the left.
Oh, hey there, Mr. Duncan.
I almost didn't see you.
- Right, right, right.
- Quick, take this wheel.
Oh, that was great.
Are you serious?
Did you see his...
no, you didn't see his face.
Willard, I am a great
believer in beginnings.
Winners start strong.
Seems to me like you need to
switch things up a little bit.
Try a new variety of plays.
Well, thank you, Jasper,
I'll certainly take that
under consideration.
Now, I've got some plays that I've
been drawing up in my office.
I'd like you to take
a look at them.
Corbin lost
this game in the trenches.
Their defense has played well,
especially their secondary,
but they've got to find a spot
for their running game.
Their line has got to dominate.
Tonight they didn't.
Riley was sacked four times.
Hate to lose the first
game of the season.
Boy howdy,
hate to lose the first one.
- Can I get you anything?
- Nah, no, nothing.
Nothing, thanks, coach.
Just one game,
we'll get 'em next week.
Offensive line isn't together.
Defense played well.
Yeah, yeah, they did.
Switching Harris and Mullins,
that was a great i..
You got a funny
look in your eye.
Not a good coach.
Farris is not good for Corbin.
Come in.
Coach Willard Farris must go.
Travis? How you doing, son?
Hey, Coach!
Making out all right?
Classes, school all right?
- Yeah, no, they're all right.
- Good.
- I'm a sit down.
- Please.
How is the team doing?
Umm, the guys are okay.
They're glad two-a-days are
done, I'll tell you that much.
Oh, that sounds great.
Look, Travis, I wanted to
talk to you about something.
Travis, I'm thinking you
should come back on the team.
You mean like you want me to help
out with equipment or something?
That'd be fine.
No, no, no, that's not
exactly what I was thinking.
What exactly were you thinking?
I think you should play.
- Play? Play what?
- Football.
I don't, I don't understand.
Look, I've seen you the past
two weeks watching practice.
Travis, I never coached a boy
loves football as much as you do.
Its impossible, coach, I
can't catch the ball.
I can't see it.
Well, that's right,
of course you can't.
- So you are going to have to play center.
- Center?
That's right, center, think about it.
Think about it.
Listen, all you got to do is,
you're not going to have to
pull block
or anything like that.
You got to snap the ball
and you got to take out
the nose tackle,
who's just foot in front of you.
He'll probably find you.
Travis, all you've got to do...
All right, stand up, come on.
Stand up.
- Okay.
- Here you go.
Square up now,
put your hands up.
Put your hands up,
put them on me.
Okay, and your feet, you want
to spread your feet apart
a little bit so you
got some balance.
When you move, you're
going to move laterally, right?
You're not a gazelle
anymore, you're a pitbull.
You just move with me,
you keep your hands on me.
If I go right, yeah. You've got
to protect your quarterback.
Yeah, move them feet, move them
feet, put your hands on me.
Keep them on me, understand? That's
it, just keep coming, keep coming,
and all the time I'm coming this
way, that's how I want to...
- How about that?
- Ooh.
You don't need your sight
for that, now do you?
- No, sir.
- Well?
You're serious?
- All right, listen.
- I don't know.
You think about it.
You take the weekend, you talk
about it with your folks,
and if you do decide that
you want to give it try,
I'll expect you on my football
field, Monday afternoon.
- All right?
- Yeah.
What if I can't?
I'll see you Monday.
The Lord is
my light and my salvation.
Whom shall I fear.
I want to welcome
you all out this morning.
So glad you all could be here.
As I begin this morning,
I want to ask everyone in here
to close your eyes for a moment,
everyone except for my friend
here in the front row.
You can keep your eyes open.
Now, how would you respond
if someone came in here
and told you that what
you see right now
is what you're going to see
for the rest of your life.
How would you respond
if someone told you that you'd
never see the light
of day again?
Would you be angry?
Would you be bitter?
Who is that?
Would you blame
God and ask, why me?
Or maybe beneath all
of those questions,
all of that emotion
is simply fear.
Fear of what your life might be?
Who are you, ask yourself.
Who are you?
I'm Travis Freeman.
Mom! Dad!
I'm Travis Freeman!
- You're what?
- Oh, honey.
I'm gonna play football!
- Bring it in!
- Let's go. Oh the hop.
A player's gonna join the team.
Where's he from?
- Right here in Corbin.
- Who is he?
No way! Really?
Yup. It's Travis.
- How's that even possible?
- What position?
- Center.
- No, no, no.
Cameron, you're moving to guard.
Kyle, you're our new short yardage
fullback, congratulations.
Cameron, you'll still be
making the line calls,
and you are going signal Travis
where his man lines up.
I think he deserves a chance.
- Big day.
- Yes.
- Is Mary here?
- She's over there.
Well, at least she came.
Excuse me.
It's not a good idea.
- Hello.
- Hello.
So you agreed to let him play?
Agreed? It doesn't
matter what I say.
I'm just the mother.
They can bash themselves senseless.
It's not up to me.
How's this even going to work?
Don't worry about it.
He ain't gonna play.
- My dad took care of it.
- What? How?
I told him about it last night,
and he called Mr. Duncan.
All right.
Let's go! Let's go!
I want to see Special
teams out on the field.
On the hop, let's go!
Travis, there's a problem.
Blind? In the middle
of all that mayhem.
If something happened to him, I
wouldn't be able to live with myself.
Not to mention the school's liability.
So, no.
- Well, it's not your call!
- You can't stop him from playing football!
I can and I will. I'm the Athletic
Director, and my word is gospel.
- Gospel, huh? You sure about that?
- Yes, I am.
Travis Freeman will
not play football.
Okay, you all heard him. Oh,
by the way, who's your lawyer?
My... my...
my what, my lawyer?
In accordance with the Individuals with
Disabilities Education Act of 1990,
the state of Kentucky
is bound to offer an
equal opportunity to
participate in any school
sanctioned functions to any
child with a disability.
- Well, hang on a second.
- I will alert your principal
that your actions have put
your school in direct conflict
with the federal government,
and advise him to expect
the National Guard to shut and padlock
the school doors in the morning.
Now, hold on now.
I'm not breaking any laws.
We have regulations...
I, look, it's, uh...
If I were you, I'd clear my
schedule for the next few months.
You and your boss might be
spending time in jail.
Jail! You'll lock me...
No, hang on.
Every player needs this form.
I looked it up, this form signed by
his parents allowing him to play.
- I signed that already!
- Both. Both parents need to sign it.
Now, I believe that Mrs. Freeman
has the same doubts that I have.
Isn't that true,
Mrs. Freeman?
- Oh, that was a bad move.
- Excuse me?
you got a pen?
Well, you folks will excuse us.
- Travis, coach, let's go.
- Thank you, Larry.
Come on, son.
Let's go. East west. Come on,
come on, come on, come on.
National Guard?
Maybe I exaggerated a bit.
Set! Hut!
You see? You see that?
It's a distraction, that was
the last thing these boys need.
You gonna let it happen?
I can't do nothing about it.
She said it's against the law.
She said it's some civil liberties
or civil something, it's bad.
All right, try it again.
- Where?
- Come back a little.
- Here?
- Yeah.
Let's go.
- Come on Freeman.
- What?
Hut! Hut! Hut!
Get back in line,
you'll get it. You'll get it.
I mean, he can't
really play, right?
Good job, good job, good job.
- There you go.
- Put me in.
- Really?
- Yeah, put me in.
Right here?
Shoulder width. Yeah,
yeah, I got you lined up.
You're good. He is right
in front of you, all right?
Stay low.
You want to play center?
Well, get through me.
- Put that in the paper.
- I oughta take your head off.
- Come on!
- It can't happen in the game.
You coward!
You shut it too. That
just cost you 20 laps.
You too, Baker. Coach, you see they run
every inch, or they'll do it again.
- Yes, sir, coach.
- All right let's go.
He side-stepped you, man.
Whoa, whoa, whoa! That's it,
that's enough for today.
You take it in, go on.
Let's get two more in,
let's go, let's go, let's go.
Hey, coach.
You don't think he's serious
about Travis playing, do you?
- That's what he said.
- He's losing it.
I can't wait to
get to college ball.
- No cripple-charity there.
- Are you high?
Ain't nobody giving you
a damn scholarship.
Just watch me, loser!
They love me!
- I got three schools fighting over me.
- You're crazy.
- Are you that dense?
- What?
You know coach.
He says he's gonna
do something, he does it.
If Travis plays badly, the whole
offensive line looks bad.
- And if the line looks bad...
- Wait a minute.
Yeah, Travis better learned
how to play center,
or you can kiss
that scholarship goodbye!
Psst. Hey, mouse knuckle.
- What, who is it?
- It's me, fool!
- Jerry?
- Yeah.
What are you doing, man?
What time is it?
Don't worry about it,
get some clothes on.
- Grab your cleats. We're meeting somebody.
- Who?
You wouldn't believe me
if I told you.
- Geez!
- Easy, easy, easy.
Mind telling me
where you're taking me?
Jerry! Oh my gosh, clean out
your truck, this thing is nasty.
- Ashley.
- Hi.
- You know what's going on?
- No, not me, this is Jerry's idea.
I ain't gonna have you
looking like crap out there.
You're better than that.
You're going to get this
center thing down, tonight.
- Jerry...
- Let's go!
Is that moving?
Oh my gosh, that's moving!
- What's going on?
- Whoa, whoa!
- You guys are late.
- Cameron? What are you doing here?
I'm asking myself
the same thing.
Come on.
Hey, no beer tonight.
This is about him.
It's always about him.
Come on.
Farris is putting you in a game, so I
ain't going to let you make me look bad
by stinking up in the field.
Got it?
Aw, I think he kind of likes you.
Shut up, Baker!
First, Travis,
get in your stance.
Wider, you got to have room between
your legs for that snap. Come on!
- Hey!
- Whoa!
What, are you going
to teach him something,
you washed-up 2nd stringer?
All right.
Now look, Travis, you
got to use your feet.
Your feet need to be wider apart
than they normally used to.
Feel your balance
through your cleats.
Get down.
Now on the balls of your feet,
you're moving forward. Good.
Now dig in.
Good, good, good.
Not bad, not bad.
Now try it with the ball.
Here, there is the ball.
No, he can't do that.
You can't pick the ball up.
It's all right,
just try it again.
Just roll it to find the laces.
Sweep, good.
Get your other hand
ready to fire out.
Dig in.
- Yeah?
- Let's try a snap.
You fart and I'll kill you.
- Aw, damn!
- You okay? Sorry, sorry.
Aw, he's fine. Will you
shake it off, 2nd string.
You better cut
the 2nd string crap.
What are you
going to do about it?
Guys, hey, do I have
to throw water on you all?
Come on.
Go on and try it again.
Just gonna keep it slow,
get the motion down first.
Hut. Slow, you guys always
have to rush things.
No, stop, stop, I got it.
All right.
Here it is, try it again.
One more time.
Try it again.
That a boy.
Set. Hut!
You know, I could
have gone out, had coffee
and come back in the time it took
you to snap that ball. Do it again.
Set. Hut!
Keep doing it.
Set. Hut!
Set. Hut!
You know I don't need that.
They don't know that.
I am sure, Knox County is not
expecting what they are getting.
The Corbin Redhound is
romping and stomping tonight.
Get your hat on Freeman.
Now or never, you're in.
Kyle, I wanna see what
you got at running back.
Cameron you're moving to left
guard, 32 power and left.
Let's grind it out.
Come on, get in there.
- This is it, baby.
- Go, Travis!
Hey, don't screw up!
Look, look, you see?
I am telling you,
Coach Farris is crazy!
Someone is gonna get hurt!
Red 34, Red 34.
Set. Hut!
Gain of 11 yards,
1st down Redhounds.
Not bad.
Just like I taught you.
In the first game of the season,
Corbin ain't missed a lick,
mowing down opponents.
Slicker'n goose grease.
Having Travis Freeman
back on the team,
that's the name
of the game, all right.
Corbin is playing
inspired football.
You taking my job?
- Where you been, man?
- Here.
You weren't at practice.
Where were you?
Don't need it.
Don't play.
- What did you say?
- Nothing.
Come on man, we're going
to grab a bite at the depot.
Nah, you go ahead,
I'm good where I am.
You drinking?
Right out here?
This ain't drinking.
It's my after school job.
I smell beer.
I'm double checking
the expiration dates.
Are you trying to
get kicked off the team?
What team?
Since fifth grade,
it's always been about
Travis Freeman.
So go, go, big man.
Mr. Everything.
Ain't that what the
paper used to call you?
Why do you do this?
You really have no idea, do you?
- It's so easy for you.
- Easy for me? I'm blind!
Yeah, but, did that stop you?
For one second?
No! It didn't.
You play, you get grades,
you go to college.
- Cut it out, Jerry.
- You do it all.
What am I missing? Huh? Why?
I can't talk to you like this.
Hey, you want to
know why I drink?
Because I like it.
Hey Trav, hey Trav,
where are you going?
The Redhounds have run smack into
a stubborn, ornery Wildcat team.
And despite some uneven play,
Corbin still has a chance
to secure their place
in the playoffs
by putting together a
fourth quarter touchdown drive
to win this game.
What's the problem, ref?
Coach, we've got blood.
He's got to sit out a play.
- I'm fine!
- You're my dang center.
- I'm fine!
- Let's go.
There's no timeouts left.
Freeman, get in there!
Freeman! Hey!
No, no, Kyle, get him.
What are you doing,
get out of here!
Get off of me!
Kyle, will you get him!
some confusion on the field.
That's right, yeah.
Wildcats show blitz.
Set. Hut!
I told you this would happen!
Blue camp recovers the football.
Corbin is going to lose this
game and fall to 5 and 2,
and miss the chance to secure
their place in the playoffs.
This is not good.
Grab your bag.
- No, who is it?
- Stay down, Freddie, stay down, stay down.
Was that my fault?
- We are going to need stretcher.
- Yes, sir.
It's okay, it's okay.
- Trav, you ready to go?
- Yes sir.
- Dad.
- Yeah?
Well, for Corbin, it comes down
to the last game of the season.
Win, and they are in the playoffs
for the first time in ten years.
Lose, and their season is over.
Hey Coach, can you
come in for a minute?
- Can it wait?
- I won't keep you long.
- Hello, Karen.
- Hey, Coach.
- How's Freddie making out?
- His leg's broke.
He's in traction for the
next couple of weeks.
But he's still making jokes.
You tell him I'll be by
to see him again next week.
I was just telling Karen
and Mr. Marshall here
how I tried to keep
Travis Freeman from playing.
Well, I think Travis has
as much right to play as...
He doesn't have any right
to put those kids in danger!
Freddie would be starting tonight
if it wasn't for that boy!
I'm afraid I agree. Now, I want your
word you will not play that boy again.
- Are we done here?
- I want your word.
Look, folks,
I'm sorry about Freddie,
but I don't blame Travis for it.
It was a missed block,
it happens all the time.
You have a good game, because
it's going to be your last.
Well, that's not for you to
say, is it, Mr. Marshall?
But I'll tell you something.
If it is my last game,
win or lose,
it's mine, not yours.
And it's not yours
neither, Jasper.
So from now on just keep your plays to
yourself and stay off my football field.
We got through to him.
Whoa, ho, ho!
Oh, yeah!
- Jerry?
- Shut up.
You see what your doing?
Go, kick butt, Trav, go.
I will now.
- Are we still talking?
- Well, that depends.
On what?
Here, I want you to have this.
What? What is it?
It's that picture of us they took
when we were kids in the end zone,
- the one they put in the paper?
- Why are you giving this to me?
We signed it, man, we were going
to sell it one day and...
- Why, Jerry?
- I owe you.
- You owe me for what?
- I'm starting.
Do you think I let
Freddie get hurt for you?
- That's not what I...
- You think coach wants to start you?
You're the best quarterback I've ever
seen, and he doesn't want to use you.
He doesn't have a choice!
Travis, you're
not hearing me, okay?
Jerry, coach wants to see you.
Come on in.
Close it, park yourself.
I finally got through
to your ma at the hospital.
She has to work a double shift.
Why should this game
be any different?
She said to wish you good luck.
You know, she works hard.
She keeps that place running,
with all the doctors, nurses,
and aides, they do just
what she tells them to do.
And she never has to raise her voice.
I admire that.
Coach... are you...
Are you starting me
just because you have to?
Don't you know me by now?
Go on, get ready to play.
Yes, sir.
Deep in the fourth quarter,
and Corbin finds itself behind
in this must-win game.
Full trips right,
27 traps, go on.
But the Redhounds
are threatening.
Watch 27.
We need a win.
We need to play some
football now, all right.
Right 27.
Kentucky, Kentucky.
Ready, team!
Set. Hut.
- Right 4 right, 80, all stop.
- Yes, sir.
Corbin needs a touchdown.
Three points and a tie doesn't
get them in the playoffs.
Come on, son, run the play.
Black 18, black 18.
Set. Hut!
Drixon good for 7 yards.
One timeout left, coach.
Drixon is hobbling
back to the huddle.
He's had a big game tonight.
Farris has been working him
like his brother-in-law's mule.
Farris is letting the clock run.
He is not going to leave
them Colonels any time,
in case the Redhounds can score.
Baker's got time.
He's going for it all.
Oh, sugar!
Boy, I tell you this game's just
making that tri-tip just... hmmm.
The clock stops with 34 seconds
- You okay, man?
- I'm good.
Corbin has
just one timeout left.
We're going bullets left, zip.
22 tackled trap, yeah?
- Yes, sir.
- Go on.
Black 15, black 15.
Set. Hut!
He's down to the 15.
Clock's running.
Come on, move it,
move it, move it.
Farris lets Baker
get his team back to the line.
- You know it, do it, do it.
- No huddle.
Kentucky, Kentucky.
Boy, Drixon's
really limping now.
- Split out left.
- Kentucky.
Set. Hut!
Draw, draw!
Timeout, timeout!
And Corbin takes
its last timeout.
Give me a root beer
and a sack of nuts.
There's time for one last play!
- This game!
- Wow!
You all right, man?
You okay? Come on.
Coach, he's done.
All right,
well, you take a seat, son.
Offense! Bring it in.
- Twins left, 48 sweep.
- All right.
Kyle, I am going to need you
to run the ball.
- Yes, sir.
- Freeman, you got one last play in you?
You kidding?
We're going to
run twins, left 48 sweep.
- Kyle.
- Yes, sir.
Don't you take all day about it.
You turn that corner
and bully your way
into that end zone.
Take a look at the
guys around you.
Make sure when you walk off this field
tonight, you've given your best.
That you can hold
your head up high.
It's been an honor
to coach you boys.
Redhound pride on three!
- One, two, three!
- Redhound Pride!
You got this, Trav.
All right, boys, here we go.
Twins left.
No, check that,
let's run something else.
Are you serious?
Cameron, you're at center.
Kyle, you are at guard.
Travis, you're in the backfield.
Wait, what? Jerry.
You're not screwing this up!
Run the damn play.
Hey, there is no damn way in
hell Kyle can score in a sweep.
And you know that. But Travis
can run 23 Blast in his sleep!
But the handoff, man.
Don't worry about it,
I'll get you the ball.
All you gotta do is run straight ahead.
You can run a straight line, can't you?
- Why are you doing this, man?
- 'Cause I'm the quarterback.
And you, you're Travis Freeman.
Make a hole!
Hit that linebacker
like he's your old man.
- Let's do it, boys.
- Sweet.
- 23 Blast on 1. Ready?
- Break!
Fasten your seatbelts, folks,
this is roll up time.
It's a full house back field,
with Madden, Saunders and...
Wait a minute, that's number 63.
- Travis is in the backfield!
- He's what?
- What the hell?!
- No, he didn't!
Yeah, he did.
Black 22!
You're gonna be fine.
Black 22!
- Feel your balance...
- I think you should play.
- In the middle...
- Set!
- Travis Freeman...
- ...and myself...
Whom shall I fear?
It's gonna be close.
What's the call?
What's the call?
The refs are
digging in the pile.
I knew it, I knew it, I told ya!
Guess who's
going to the playoffs!
Corbin Redhounds, win!
Son of a gun!
Yes, yes, whoo!
- Yeah!
- Whoo!
Meet me at the top!