24 Hours to Live (2017) Movie Script

You know, I remember the first
time I set foot in Africa.
Thought I'd hate it
just like Iraq, you know?
Figured, it's just more fucking
sand to kill each other over.
But I was wrong.
It was the most beautiful place
I ever seen.
Took my fucking breath away.
Then I signed with red mountain
after my second tour.
You know they offered
four times what the army paid?
Better equipment,
choose your deployments.
My family's piss-poor,
so I thought I hit the lottery.
You know? Get rich to make
the world safe?
Fuck yeah.
Yeah, so much for that.
Get us out of here!
- Go, back it up!
- Get us out of here!
Are you alive?
Yeah, I'm alive.
There you go.
I hope that's not
the bait knife.
The fish hate you, you know.
You think?
Yeah. Fish like older men.
If you read more,
you'd know about these things.
And because they hate you,
we haven't caught anything.
Now, why is it
they hate me, exactly?
Animals in the natural world
are drawn to the souls of men.
They can see the light
that emits from inside us.
Well, is this a theory,
or something you read, or...?
Yeah, in a book in the library.
You've never been
to the fucking library.
It's called
shamanistic spirit animals.
My point is, you've got no soul.
And there's no light inside,
and they know that.
They see it.
They smell it.
But fish can't smell.
You are drunker than me, frank.
Are you ready to do this?
I can't believe
it's been a year.
At least they're together.
- You know...
- What?
The shortest distance
between two points
is a straight line.
That's brilliant.
Why are we not doing it?
We made it.
We left the couch on the beach.
Where are you going to sleep?
I'll sleep on the floor.
That's because
you're such a hard ass.
No, it's because...
Because I love your rug.
Want some water?
All rivers run into the sea
if the sea is not full.
Good night, frank.
Where are you going?
I'm going to...
Go for a walk.
They loved you.
Don't forget that.
Thanks, man.
Do me a favor,
don't do it out here.
Wouldn't dream of it.
Hey, daddy.
You liking the girls tonight?
I don't go to strip clubs.
I got a wife and kid.
Hey! The door is jammed.
Somebody open the door!
Hold on a second.
Hold on, I got it, I got it.
Here, take this.
What the fuck?
Open this door!
Come on, open it!
Hold on, I got it.
All right, just give me a sec.
Come on, open it!
Open it!
I got it.
Hold on, hold on.
Here you are.
Here you go. Open up...
Can I help you guys?
We're red mountain!
We're supposed to find you.
Jim morrow sent us.
I told Jim I'm on hiatus.
What the fuck?
It's some kind of emergency.
It's always an emergency
with you guys.
Jesus Christ.
Shake them titties.
You know, they were
my best guys.
I'm not impressed.
So, you don't call,
blow off my checks.
You know, I feel like
a prom date the day after.
Well, I told you,
I'm on hiatus, you know?
I know. I know.
So, what do you want?
I want you to have a drink.
Try a peanut.
They're great.
I want you to put a pin in your
vacation for a couple days.
I need you to kill
somebody for us.
You do that for me,
zip back here
and resume your reflection.
Just call me on Monday
when I'm back?
It can't wait till Monday.
Then get somebody else.
You really need me
to say it?
You want to hear it?
Red don't want nobody else.
They want you.
They want the best.
How about that?
Still tough shit.
I don't work for anybody.
I'm an independent contractor.
Like you used to be.
Yeah, they're well aware
of your free agency.
Thank you for the drinks.
I'm leaving.
You want to hear me out?
No, I don't.
Say hi to Jasmin.
Wetzler's offering
a million a day.
One million.
That is a suspiciously
high number, even for him.
Yeah, well,
the job comes with a mop.
Somebody else fucked it up.
How high are you
authorized to go?
One point five.
And you take
your usual cut.
You know what?
I don't do this
for laughs no more, buddy.
You get that offer doubled
and I'm in.
There you go.
There he is.
There's your target.
His name's Keith zera.
He's 26 years old.
He's one of their own?
He was.
He's now scheduled to testify on
camera for a u.N. Investigation.
Against red mountain?
For what?
See, I just got you
two million reasons a day
why the answer to that question
doesn't matter.
Now here's what matters.
Yesterday while in transit
across the Namibian border,
an attempt was made on his life.
And now interpol,
they've hidden him off grid.
They're sending somebody to take
his deposition in the field,
but the location's unknown.
When's that going to happen?
Sometime Friday afternoon.
So I got 72 hours to find
this whistle-blowing do-gooder
somewhere in Africa,
and terminate him.
There you go.
What went wrong the first time?
Red mountain used local militia,
tried to make it look
like a kidnapping gone wrong.
Numb nuts.
Fucking stupid.
You see,
they underestimated one
element of his protection team.
Her name's lin bisset.
Now, she's the last person
seen with him...
And the reason
he's still breathing.
Mother of one?
I don't worry about that part.
It's starting to feel
kind of ugly, Jim.
Yeah, well, they're all ugly.
$25 billion corporation
Half the U.S. senate
is beholden to red mountain.
I know. I know.
I know.
It's bullshit.
But they want him taken out.
Keep reading, pal.
We're wheels up in 10.
How did you do it?
I fell at work.
You know how clumsy I can be.
Are you minding
your grandmother?
Not really.
When are you coming home, mom?
Tomorrow night.
I promise.
Okay. I can't wait
to see you.
I'm sorry to bother you
so early in the morning.
I'm not even sure
if I have the right address.
I'm looking for
an old friend, lin bisset.
We spent a semester abroad
together at Oxford.
- Yes. That's my daughter.
- What's your name, sir?
My name is Dennis merrick.
I'm from the states.
Is she here? Could i...
Could I speak to her?
Unfortunately, no.
But if you like,
I can tell her you came by.
All right, I appreciate that.
Dennis merrick, okay?
From Oxford?
Actually, if it's not too much
of a bother,
I was really excited about
the chance to surprise her.
And do you know
where she might be?
How I could find her?
She's flying home tonight.
Is that lin's son?
We skyped last night.
She hurt her hand,
so she's coming home early.
Who are you, anyway?
I'm Dennis merrick.
From Virginia.
Old friend of your mom's.
Never heard of you before.
It's all right. He's just
watching his mother's back.
I respect that. I got a son
about the same age as you.
What are you, 10 and a half?
What is that?
Is that a Wolverine bag?
Can i... can I see that?
See, I went to the store today
to get one of these for my son,
but all they had was the hulk.
So I didn't get one.
I don't know why...
Because the hulk sucks.
That's right.
Because the hulk sucks.
All right, listen, you two,
thank you so much.
And, you know, I hope we get
to meet again sometime.
Yeah, Yankees suck.
What can I do for you,
Mr. Conrad?
Yeah, I need
the passenger manifests
for every flight departing
from cape town, South Africa,
inbound for Hong Kong
in the next 30 hours.
Hey, you guys know
an 11-letter word
for "traveling Saint"?
I don't know.
No idea? You didn't
go to Sunday school?
All right.
Thanks, guys.
Safe travels.
Hey, you know an 11-letter word
for "traveling Saint"?
I knew it.
Excuse me, do...
Forgive me, but do you know
an 11-letter word
for "traveling Saint"?
I do a lot of traveling
for work internationally.
I'm trying to learn
a little bit as I go.
Obviously I need to learn more.
You have a nice flight too.
I'm going to need another beer.
Here you go.
Thank you.
No, no, no. Fuck off, man.
What'd you say?
I said that's
my girlfriend's seat.
I'm sorry.
St. Christopher.
Eleven letters.
Nicely done. Thank you.
My son's name.
What happened?
You miss your flight?
1:00 P.M. tomorrow.
I thought I had it bad.
Got about 6 1/2 hours to kill.
I know a much better
restaurant than this.
Can I take you out to dinner?
All right.
Let's settle up here.
What happened to your hand?
A work accident.
A work accident?
That sounds suspicious.
What do you do?
What do you do?
I think I'm starting
to like you,
so I don't want to answer that.
So you're a stripper.
No, no.
Let's just say that, um...
My company tries to convince
people to buy things
by persuading them
they can't live without them.
And is that what you're doing
right now?
Trying to convince me to buy?
I don't think of myself
as a product,
and I certainly don't
think of you as a customer.
Don't you have someone
back home?
I did.
I lost my wife and son
a year ago this week.
Hey, Jim.
Yeah, I got the target location.
Hey, salesman!
Let me call you back.
I was just leaving you
a message.
Shut up!
On your knees.
All right, lin,
put the gun down.
Everything's all right...
Knees! Now!
All right... yes, yes, yes!
I miss you, daddy.
When are you coming home?
You're welcome, asshole.
Love you, pal.
I'm sorry.
We have a heartbeat.
Help me!
What's his name?
Do you want him back or not?
What's his fucking name?
Travis. Travis.
My name is Helen.
I'm a doctor.
Just follow the sound
of my voice.
Just stay here with me.
It's all going to be okay.
His pulse is stabilizing.
Just stay here with me, Travis.
There we go.
You're doing well.
Hey, man.
What the hell's going on?
The interpol agent...
She shot you.
Do you remember?
She killed you.
And we just brought you back
from the abyss, my friend.
That's impossible.
Well, it's not, actually.
Red mountain, they've been
developing this procedure
for years now.
And you wouldn't believe
what they've done
to make this work.
Truth is, some of it's
pretty fucked up,
it's classified.
What do you mean
it's classified?
How come you didn't tell me?
Top clearance, Travis.
Or, quite simply,
because you hadn't
been killed yet.
Moments prior to your death,
you made a call
stating that you knew
the location of the safe house
where Keith zera is making
his deposition.
Do you remember the location?
We've less than two hours
before he makes his deposition.
This information is vital.
1220 longmarket, room 102.
You're certain of that?
This fucking procedure
is finally paying off.
This is on you. Kill zera.
I'm sorry, is that a problem?
I'm a handler now, sir.
No more wet work.
I gave my word.
To whom? Your wife?
Jim, this is the moment,
you realize,
that the unseen line between
friendship and profession
is not where you thought it was.
And because Conrad went soft
and let the interpol agent live,
you'll take care of her as well.
Yes, sir.
Now, this is it, Travis.
You're one hell of a weapon.
Hey, Jim, get me off this thing.
I can't do that.
What do you mean?
This was always
going to be a patch job.
You're never going
to leave this box.
I'm going to get the doc
in here.
Give you something
to make it go quick.
We've done some
fucked-up things.
This is how it ends, buddy.
I'm sorry.
Jim? Jim?
It's a very powerful narcotic.
I know what it is.
It's such a waste.
I'm sorry.
What is happening to me?
You're going to die.
How do I stop it?
You can't.
Who knows more than you?
No one!
I designed the procedure.
Your body will reject
the drug cocktail.
Your mental faculties
will break down.
Even if you survive that,
which no one ever has,
there's a built-in
fail safe.
The Lazarus unit.
How long do I have?
How long do I have?!
You have less
than 24 hours to live.
Secure the perimeter!
All right, come on,
move, move, move.
What are you doing here?
You're not supposed to be here.
What's happening to me?
You're hallucinating.
It's a side effect of the drugs.
I'd run if I were you.
I made the mistake
of not killing a woman once
already today.
Don't make me regret this.
I'm sorry.
Travis, you disappeared on me.
Believe me, you have no idea
how much I wish I was there.
Well, where are you?
I'm in South Africa.
I'm not coming back, okay?
Not ever.
What? What's wrong?
I'm in a bad way, frank.
Bad like what?
Let's say bad as it gets.
It all caught up with me, pal.
You were right.
I don't think I do have a soul.
Probably never did.
You were such
a great father-in-law.
You really were.
I wasn't there for them.
No excuses.
Travis, you meant everything
to Kate and Adam.
Don't give up.
Hey, taxi.
Give me that cell phone.
All right, now give me the keys.
Give me the keys.
We'd been working security
on a crude pipeline
stretching from interior Congo
to the coast.
And one day we got a call
for reassignment.
By "we," you mean who
Rapid-deploy unit.
Red mountain's top crew.
We'd been...
We'd been all over.
So our orders were to be
in Namibia by next morning.
So tell me about the events
of that morning,
June the 7th last year.
We traveled through the night.
Fifty kilometers
northwest of the border.
It was real remote bush,
you know?
Typically, we'd take in two suvs
or maybe even a blackhawk,
so I was surprised
when I was told
to bring up heavy equipment.
What kind of equipment?
Two loaders, a dozer,
and a dump truck.
They took us out to a remote
container yard.
And what was inside, Mr. zera?
Everywhere. The place
was packed with them.
Militia bodies?
Men, women, and kids.
Was there indication
of how they died?
No. Not at first.
At least not to us.
And then, yeah,
we started noticing
that each one had scars
on their chests
and on their wrists.
Turns out they'd been medically
fucking experimented on.
And how many bodies
would you say?
I'd say at least 70.
By that night, we'd dug a pit
half the size
of a football field,
and we burned and buried them.
Each one. All 70.
All into a single mass grave?
Which was when they reminded us
about our confidentiality
and told us
that we'd each be getting
a $50,000 danger pay bonus.
You know, I took two tours
of Iraq,
so, yeah, I've seen some shit.
But I...
I never signed up to burn a dump
truck full of dead civilians.
And that is something
I will never,
ever get out of my head
as long as I live.
How long have you worked
for red mountain?
Get down!
Move! Move! Move!
Stay down!
- Go! Now!
- Move!
All right, move in.
Take them out.
Roger that.
- This way. Hug the walls.
- Move, move move!
Get to that door!
Get down!
Let's go.
Come on.
Get up.
Get in the car.
I should have killed you
when I had the chance.
Well, look who it is.
The $2 million man.
Do not ever point
a gun at me again.
All right, all right.
Hold your horses. Here we go.
You seem to be
a pretty popular man.
What do you have
on red mountain?
That's classified.
I don't give a shit.
What do you have on them?
I got enough to bring
the whole fucking thing down.
Who the fuck are you?
I'm your assassin. If you don't
stop pointing that gun at me...
I'll point the fucking gun...
Hey, calm down!
Goddamn, what the hell
do you have on these guys?
Get down!
Wake the fuck up!
You're going to kill us all.
You'd be dead already
if it wasn't for me.
You just said you were here
to kill the man I'm protecting.
So forgive me
if I don't trust you.
Trust you?
You just shot me.
Would you two just get
your fucking shit together?
Are you okay?
Am I okay? Yeah, a shot
of morphine, a couple stitches,
I'm fucking golden.
Well, don't go to
the same doctor I did.
Roll out.
Let me see, all right?
I don't want to go like this.
I'm sorry.
See you in 16 hours.
I'm good. I'm good.
Where's the card?
The card? Sure.
Fucking memory card,
where is it?
I have no idea.
"I have no idea,."
You didn't look,
you didn't check.
Our orders were very clear, sir.
Neutralize the target,
recover the cam...
Get the fuck out of here.
This is your third
major fuck-up.
I don't care what you have to do
or who you have to kill,
finish it.
I've spent over
a billion dollars
on this procedure
to change the face of warfare.
I get it.
Do you?
Do you realize
what's on the line here...
For me, for you,
for your family?
Give me a secure line.
Red Sox suck.
What can I do for you,
Mr. morrow?
Green-light Hong Kong.
When they find out you have
that deposition,
they're going to come at you
with everything they've got.
He tried to do the right thing.
Yeah, well they should
chisel that on his grave.
- Now what?
- Take this car.
Go home.
Go back to your life.
Send somebody back
for the bodies.
What do you mean, bodies?
I've only got 16 hours
and 4 minutes left to live.
That's my personal
"on and off" switch,
compliments of red mountain.
This is as far as I go.
It's a fucked-up outfit, lin.
Somebody's got to do
something about it.
Just not me.
Can I speak to Travis, please?
It's someone for you.
There he is.
My friend, the dead guy.
You have no idea.
And zera?
He's even deader.
Congratulations, pal.
You're wet again.
We've got her kid, Travis.
If she wants to see him again...
You'll bring me the card.
That's all I want.
Come on, you know
how this works.
You know what's on
that deposition?
Just tell her to bring it in.
You're a real charmer, pal.
You got any more secrets
for me, old friend?
Red mountain...
They've taken Christopher...
In exchange for the deposition.
Listen to me.
I'm going to help you
get your son back.
I promise.
I promise.
You know, he's already
on their jet flying here.
They're going to bring him
to their corporate headquarters.
Okay, I know the route
their escort vehicle takes,
so we'll hit them before
they ever get downtown.
How do you know so much?
I know all their
abduction protocols.
Because I've used them.
Come with me, dad.
Come with me, dad.
I miss you, daddy.
I miss you too, buddy.
Are you going to stay this time?
Roscoe, Mike, let's go.
- Jones! Conrad!
- I promise.
I'll be back to stay this time,
I promise.
All right?
Listen, I got to go.
Do you think you can put
mommy on the phone?
You can't keep
doing that, Travis.
Making promises you don't keep.
I'm making more money this
We don't need the money.
We need you.
Now you're not home
because of this company.
Kate, please, I can't keep
having this conversation.
- All right? Please?
- Travis, let's go!
Let's go.
What's happening?
I'm fine. I'm sorry.
Where are you going?
You don't want
to open that door.
You know, I know the team
that's bringing in your son.
They're very good.
We're going to have
to get creative.
Your wife and son?
All right, I've got somebody
we need to go see.
Travis Conrad.
At 4:00 in the morning.
What can I say?
I missed you, pal.
Yeah, I wish I could
say the same.
Who's your friend?
Amahle, lin.
Lin, amahle.
We met in '94,
back in happier times.
Yes, when we were both
real soldiers.
You know, we call him
Travis the cat,
because he has nine lives,
he always lands on his feet,
and licks his balls.
And now this stray
has wandered into my home
at this time.
For what?
What do you know
about red mountain?
They provide a lot
of assistance here.
Money for sanitation,
training, youth programming.
Over the past two years,
hundreds of refugees
have gone missing.
My sister, please.
Tell me something I don't know.
They were abducted and murdered
by red mountain.
Used for experiment
on medical procedures.
Real Mengele-type shit,
you know?
Human beings used as lab rats.
You know there are a lot
of people in this township,
people that work for me,
whose families
have gone missing.
Come, let's go for a drive.
You're late. Call it in.
All right, the rest of you,
let's hustle.
Base, this is retrieval
team leader.
We're en route on November two,
approaching mews way.
We've got what looks like
a car fire on the main road.
Requesting permission
to reroute.
Permission granted.
Just get your passenger to base
Units 2 and 3, we're taking
a detour around this mess.
Is that Travis Conrad?
Fuck, man.
Units 2 and 3, dismount,
but let me handle this.
Hey, man,
what's your name again?
You can call me z.
That's right, z.
How are you?
Can't complain, Travis.
How are you?
I've been better.
I got $318,000 in this bag here
I'd like to give you
in exchange for your passenger.
Well, that's a very
generous offer,
but you know I can't
do that, right?
Yeah? It's worth
your life to you?
What you going to do?
I got you outgunned 12 to 1.
You see all these people?
These are the families
and the friends
of those villagers who you guys
somehow made disappear.
Hey, I had nothing
to do with that shit.
Yeah, well, I don't think
they give a fuck.
Well, maybe you do
give a fuck, all right?
You don't remember me,
but I served under you.
Musizi bridge, Congo.
I know how you roll, man.
It doesn't have
to go down like that.
What's your name again?
No, your real name.
What's your name?
All right, Zachary,
listen to me.
I wasted my whole life
learning how to hurt people.
I kill people for money,
just like you.
And you know what it got me?
It took my wife, it took my son.
It took everything,
you understand?
So I got a lot of work to do...
Before I forgive myself,
all right?
So I'm leaving here
with that boy.
And you can either walk away
with a bag of money,
or I'm going to walk away
over your dead body.
Come on, let's go!
Let's go!
Shit. Let's go!
He's in the other vehicle.
How do you know?
Because the passenger never
rides in the rear vehicle.
Never. It's protocol.
Out of the way!
Out of the way!
Faster! We can't lose them.
There they are.
Just trust me, all right?
Mom, is that you?
I can't see.
Take this thing off.
How have you been?
I love you so much.
Get out of here.
Go, go, go, go, go.
I can't do this alone, Travis.
Kate, listen to me.
I talked to them.
This is the last time.
The next time I come home,
it's for good.
I promise.
I promise.
We need to get you
to a hospital.
It's a little late for that.
You saved my son.
Well... Well, no,
you did that.
Come with us.
I still have some work to do.
And you need to get
that testimony
to the authorities.
Zijin, Wolverine.
Zijin, hulk.
Is he still alive? Whoa, hey!
That's my ticket downtown.
Okay, guys.
I hope you know
I know every protocol
for bringing in a passenger.
So if you deviate,
try to expose my position,
I will not hesitate
to eliminate you.
You got it?
Yes, sir.
So call it in, all right?
Calm. Just be calm.
Just call it in.
Red mountain base,
this is retrieval unit 2.
Inbound with passenger.
Retrieval unit 2,
this is red mountain base.
Please identify.
Confirmed. Your team missed
your last mile marker check-in.
What's the status
of the passenger?
Passenger is secure.
Approaching east gate now.
Copy that. Proceed.
All right, you did a great job.
You can relax.
You know, I just probably
should let you know
that I'm going to be dead
in about 18 minutes.
So the only thing
I give a shit about
is fucking with these guys
long enough
to let this woman
and her child live.
You got it?
Yes, sir.
If you'd like to see tomorrow,
you just keep making shit work.
You saved my ass back there.
Semper fi, buddy.
Is something going on?
We've been through some crazy
shit, buddy?
Hell, yeah, we have.
We've always known the risks.
The people that we go after...
Can retaliate.
Something happen?
Something happen to Jasmin?
No, man.
Kate and Adam.
They're gone.
Man, I'm sorry.
What the fuck?
This is not a kid.
Please don't shoot me. I'll
do whatever you want. Sit up!
Excuse me, sir.
There appears to be a disruption
occurring at the north gate.
Loading closed-circuit
video now.
Put us in full lockdown.
Then tell Mr. morrow
I'd like to see him.
Yes, sir.
Sir, we have a situation
at the front gate.
Yeah. I know.
Fucking Conrad.
Go home. Get out of here!
Go home before I change my mind.
All right, Travis.
Now let's get to work.
What are you thinking?
Patch me through to the gate.
Right away, sir.
Let me talk to him.
Travis, it's me.
It's over, buddy.
You hear me?
These guys,
they're not like us.
There is no loyalty.
There is no code.
There's only one code
that I live by, Conrad.
And that's for people to do
whatever the fuck I say.
I just ordered a team
to find and kill
your father-in-law.
Give us the memory card.
That's all we want.
Nobody gets hurt.
Jim, we both know
that's not true.
Patch me through everywhere.
Right away, sir.
Come on, frank.
Come on, frank.
Move in and capture the driver
of that vehicle.
If he tries to retreat,
resist or advance,
shoot to kill.
Looks like we're both fucked.
All right, Travis.
The shortest distance between
two points is a straight line.
This one's for you, frank.
Hold. Go, go, go, go.
Secure the vehicle first.
Make sure he's dead.
One, two, three.
Cover me. Left side.
Sir, the vehicle
is inaccessible.
The stairwell's totally blocked.
Go around.
I want a team up here now.
Yes, sir.
Echo team on me. Move.
Send a strike team
to find the interpol agent
and that fucking card.
Yes, sir. Right away.
You got the right place.
And the right time.
Strike team, moving out.
Copy that.
I want a status report
on the target right now.
Copy that.
Approaching the vehicle now.
What is that?
The security gate is down.
Open it.
Sir, a security system breach
has been detected.
All perimeter gates
are unresponsive.
It's him.
He's still alive.
Sir, there's nobody
in the vehicle.
He's protecting the girl.
He's trying to fuck with us.
Shit. Sir, we got c-4
wired to explode here.
Watch it, watch it,
watch it, watch the lights.
Secure the room.
No one gets in here.
Tech, you copy?
Yes sir. What can I do for you?
Send the chopper.
And get me an outside strike
team on that interpol bitch.
Call me the second you have her.
Stay frosty, boys.
What are you doing?
I'm having a drink.
You want one?
A million dollars
to the man who kills Conrad.
But only if he fucking
stays dead!
I am so sorry.
It's okay, dad.
You're almost home.
Come on out, Travis.
Your transport has arrived.
You don't want to shoot him,
because you think
he's your friend.
He had no problem
looking the other way
when I ordered Adam and Kate
to be killed.
A man with no family
has nothing to lose.
You knew.
He didn't want you to quit.
He didn't want you to quit.
You could have saved them.
We could have saved them.
I was protecting my family.
It was mine or yours.
Do it.
Shoot me.
I don't want to kill you.
I want the fish to like me.
Sir, we've located the interpol
agent and her son.
The local strike team
is being patched through now.
I got eyes on him.
Should I take the shot?
Stand down.
Let him live.
Semper fi.
You know what this is?
This is the moment
where you realize
that the line between
friendship and profession
is not where you thought it was.
Fuck you.
Drop your weapon!
Drop your fucking weapon!
Put it down!
Don't do it.
Come here.
Dad, dad, I caught a fish!
What'd you catch?
Show me what you caught.
I caught a fish.
Well, show me what it is.
Adam, show me what you caught!
Travis, can you hear me?
Listen to the sound of my voice.
It's all going to be okay.
Stop fighting and stay
with the sound of my voice.
Can you hear me?
You let me live, remember?