24 Kisses (2018) Movie Script

Ready Doctor, shall I start?
My name is Anand Kumar. My age is 28
Im a childrens film maker. I like films a lot
I like my life more than the films
Somehow, Id many friends in childhood, till 10th class,
Degree and I think even till my Masters
I mean, I think only one or two were real friends
Rest of us all used to just go
around and thats all
Like we say young and stupid
Later, all friends were scattered
I think Im not a great extrovert
Saying so, Im not even an introvert
I had at least one or two to share that time
But to share now, actually theres none
Yeah, we got diverted from the topic we started
That first kiss! First Kiss!
Of course, not for me
- Then for whom?
For that girl
You look bit a happy today?
No, Im very much frustrated
Whats wrong?
The same! I saw what I daily see once again
and got more disturbed - How?
I was going home jogging and a car stopped
A girl got the window down, showed 100 rupees not to a kid
and asked him to get vegetables from the opposite shop
Ok, why to be disturbed for that?
That kid brought within a minute
But she made that kid into her servant within
these 10 sec. How egoistic is she?
Though rich, do they look at all like slaves?
Huh! That kid was in need of money and brought them.
She didnt stop with that
She started scolding that kid as an onion fell down
Onion rates have gone up, right?
So, wont people not behave well with each other?
The discriminations are going high in the society day by day
Remembering all such thoughts,
losing confidence again on the society,
anger further increasing on humans....
Oh, nope!
We shouldnt search so deep in a small matter,
Subba Rao.
We shouldnt search so deep in a small matter, Anand
That girl has ego and that boy had a need.
Thats all and you shouldnt link this to society,
you and your Aadhaar card
Why do you say to search for meaning in an item song, man?
For suppose, whatll you do if a girl
as such comes into your life?
First, I dont need such a personality and two,
on such love, marriage and children...
You say dont have any belief in all such, but you like girls, right?
Someone like you said a guy with no lust cant get a salvation
I understood
A lady entertains becoming the tide
A lady gives you joy being the body
She sculpts a human becoming a tool
She sculpts a human becoming a tool
A lady is precious either in the skies or the earth
A lady is immeasurable treasure
Hey, look... cotton candy.
-Is it for sale...?
Why are you throwing all these packets into cars
and autos at the signal?
My boss hits me if I dont sell all these, bro
Ok, you get ready and Ill go - Ok
Who is your boss and whats his name?
Ill talk to him - No bro
Here... Hey wait, come here
- What bro?
Here, take this
Why do you waste your life like this?
No brother, Babu is into dubbing inside
- Who, dude?
Mahesh Babu, brother.
Why you when hes into dubbing?
- I mean a selfie when he comes out...
You wont develop dude.
Say it right now. Will you say the spelling or should I say?
Come on
You said it good Paddu
- You dont understand dear.
A fish cant live without water
and I cant live without you
He says, Vindhya, I love you
Our chief guest for the day is National Award Winner,
Children of Sunset Director Anand Kumar
and we request to bring him onto the Dias
You know...
Move a bit closer
Excuse me sir, you know.
-It's pleasure.
One selfie please
- Sure.
Thanks - Thank you, thank you so much
Well get some more pictures with Alumni
Hi Sir, any feedback
- Feedback means.... Nice attempt
Nice Attempt? So, you didnt like?
I mean the love story in YouTube, short film.
What was that dude?
That is Love Gulab Jamoon, born in love...
You know... I died in love
Hey... - Huh
- Please dont mind him
But seriously, you couldve done much better.
Youre a Mass Communications student, right?
So, what didnt you like? The love scenes
or the comedy scenes?
I mean the making, the overall film making
and Ill talk about that more detailed in our work shop. Bye
Come on Lakshmi dear, we shall eat
- Coming dad
Come dear, dad is hungry. Come on dear
- Yes, Im coming
Have this from dad. Yes, just one. Lovely!
Excuse me!
Hi Sir - Hi
The film, Children of Sunset is very good.
- Thank you, did you see?
Yes, I saw
- Nice!
Where did you see?
I saw it in Devi Theater
- Good theater, actually sound is great there.
What did you like in the film?
-Suhasini acted great as the CM.
And Mr. Jagapathi Babu
- He also did great Sir
If you havent watched the film,
say you didnt. How do I look to you?
Sir, Sir, sorry Sir
I couldnt find anywhere Sir.
I searched YouTube and torrents
You saw in piracy? Should
I complain in Cyber Police station?
Where did you see and who else watched with you?
Hey, Im sorry. I was just joking.
I didnt find anywhere on internet Sir.
I have the screening DVD in my car and will give you that.
But dont copy that and upload on internet, ok?
Do you have 100 rupees?
Hey, I forgot the wallet yesterday in your house
-Not in the house but in the bedroom
Hey, push that light a bit up. A bit down, ok!
Ok, ok... Im fine
(Item Song plying in background...)
Whats running?
- Item song
I didnt ask about the song but what is this
item song for Pochampalli Sari Ad?
Sari maybe Pochampalli but should walk on that ramp, right?
Still what about you?
Status? Rough cut of those BBC old movies is on,
will you watch?
Come on Anand, still the rough cut?
Hey, not just this one alone but should spend
some time even on my children's project
And dont worry, Ill finish
Before the deadline
Anand! That children's one is your personal project.
Why not do some good spicy film?
Huh, if we go on doing such, company should be shut down
Spicy film? You produced, right? That 2012, Heavenly paradise,
Evils Mountain 2005, and so on?
It was again me who gave that dubbing because
I wanted to save even that dubbing artists 15000
As per my calculations, if we do such small projects,
we can never do a 100 Crores project brah.
Block buster film statistics as per this Forbes Magazine,
if we work hard for 4 years it fetches 2000 crores brah.
Hey you say uncle, dude, brother in law
and even bro is fine, but what is this bra?
Easy brah, easy
We too worked hard three years to do Children of Sunset, right?
Ok fine, dont worry. Yeah!
Mr. Numbers, we shall do next year.
But you know, just let me do this one thing
and then we shall do your commercial film.
But, I asked to try funding for my childrens project.
None of you are trying at all.
Brah, none is coming forward to fund
your children's project including NRIs
All are asking about returns
and it is very hard out there brah.
This isnt looking good,
we seriously need some money brah.
Yes Anand
We must keep moving, we must keep going.
If you cant fly, run.
If you cant run, walk.
If you cant walk, crawl.
But all means keep moving
This is a great visual.
This is a great inspiration I know,
its a great character I know
Say if you have a character inspiration you know as such.
Mahatma Gandhi, Sir
- Ok
Mother Theresa Sir
- Good
Powerstar Pawan Kalyan, Sir.
Who is Hasini?
Genelia from Bommarillu film
Ok, how?
Hasini is beautiful, she says good jokes,
likes father and loves Siddarth.
Like this
See, Gandhi for one and Hasini for you
Say if theres any other character that inspired you
Jessi from YMCV
- Whats YMCV?
Yem Maaya Chesave
Oh no, she started
Where are you going dear?
- I forgot book at the library, dad.
Youve the class, right?
- One minute and Ill just be back.
What dear, how were the classes today?
Ok dad
She finished her Graduation, right?
Why further studies again for her instead
to think about marriage?
You marry again
- What? What are you saying?
Yes, you laugh. Shed someday really get us married
Children of the Sunset? Is it an English movie?
No, its our Telugu film.
He named it as world cinema
He, is he your boyfriend?
(You should and you should feed us three times.)
(Are you investing our entire amount there?)
(If this continues so, itd go to any extent.)
(We should achieve that being right here.)
(Dust from Lord Ramas foot.)
(I am canceling your loan.)
(Documentary award... Raju for Manonethram.)
Will you say now?
I saw your film.
Ok! Is it for that?
No, all these days I dont know what you are.
A film with a heart, how did you do it?
Even my family members liked it very much.
Very good film
Thank you,
so finally you watched it.
Sorry, I spoke all rubbish in the class saying Hasini and Jessi
Doubts need to be asked, that's how we learn.
Thats how you learn new things
No... No...
- I too learn the same way
I really liked it and its a very nice film
Did you just kiss me?
Where are you going?
- Ill just come
Krishna kissed Radha 24 times in Brindavan romance
The first time when Romeo and Juliet met,
they kissed 24 times in 24 hours.
Lovers in Greenland kiss
24 times in front of Akna (Goddess of fertility).
for their love to become eternal
So, there is a divine significance for these 24 kisses
Added to it, 24 is a number, 24 times and 24 kisses
- Yes
Whats happening here?
- 24 Madam
24, what are 24?
As written in that book, when they
kiss for 24 times, they become a couple, right madam?
Kiss of love is a just fictional novel.
Even Ramayan and Mahabharat are fiction, right madam?
There is a historical evidence for Rama and Krishna
There are evidences for kissing before Akna
Goddess in Green lands till date, right madam?
Who won arguing with you, say?
This Jackson feel him a big wizard.
Beautiful life garden
Is listening to the flute music
Its so dazzling
Sipping love with lips
Tender age and that first kiss
are sweet and pleasant.
Count till 24 starting from 1, 2, 3 and 4
Pile up the kissing remembrances one by one, baby
Let the world bless your hope to be fulfilled
Beautiful life garden
Is listening to the flute music
Tender age and that first kiss are sweet and pleasant.
Some trance and love is showing some world
Though pleasurable, this trouble was never before
It cannot be escaped
Count till 24 starting from 1, 2, 3 and 4
Pile up the kissing remembrances one by one, baby
Let the world bless your hope to be fulfilled
Beautiful life garden
Is listening to the flute music
Tender age and that first kiss are sweet and pleasant.
The drowsy age is not like stopping
It is asking when the next kiss with more energy is
It is waiting
There is some magic in the number 24, itself
Ill give all kisses to him believing in it.
This is the strength to my love
My belief is true now, now
Beautiful life garden
Is listening to the flute music
Tender age and that first kiss are sweet and pleasant.
Ok, does the girl like?
You look to have forwarded a lot
I noticed in the class and understood that she likes me
Oh, Sundarakanda film type?
I like her and she likes me, so...
Ok, you know where these tigers, lions and cats do...
I mean the cat family, where do they smell?
Ok, the foxes
Ok, what about the dogs around us?
Do you at least know why they smell?
So, this smell is the most powerful sense,
even more than the touch
So, this means that you are powerfully,
physically attracted a lot to this girl
Shed have understood
Shed have read in the internet by now
Its good.
After a long time you are meeting a new girl
Do you see future with this girl?
- No, no
I mean, Im not sure now.
Let me see if this goes till there
Theres something about that girl...
Shes something and thats all
It may not go till that extent
Special feelings towards
a girl for the first time and thats a good sign.
Ok, but when was your first kiss?
First kiss! I think in Intermediate.
My classmate Jyothi!
I just kissed her when power went off in the tuition
What a co-incidence?
Intermediate even for me,
but I kissed the teacher.
That was the last time I went to tuition. Hi five!
One more time, identify yourself
My name is Anand Kumar and Im a childrens film maker
My age is 28 and I like films very much.
I like my life more than the films.
In general, I like life.
For Anand?
Wow, what a surprise? Pleasant surprise
Ok then
What is this sudden appearance?
Your workshop is over and as I had a few doubts.
Ok, what else?
You said my short film wasnt good
and I want to talk about it.
Ok and what more?
You got to say.
You go
You go.
-You go.
A kiss on the neck means your
partner wants more of you.
He wants more passion and an uninhibited you.
Uninhibited means without any doubts and fear.
This is ok and this...
Brother, this one
Keep it in the same folder.
Hi, come.
You...! You brought me for this?
Hi, will you order?
Are you doing any other workshops?
Workshop at your college is just over.
I want to start again.
Seriously into film making...
Ok, meaning of uninhibited is...
- Ok, whats your age?
Madam Padmavathi, my age is 28.
Mine is 26
Are you married?
Just that is pending.
Why, will you marry?
Madam Padmavathi, marriage is the
seven feet away hell from the love paradise.
Sing and dance!
-Is it a punch?
Wow dude, you are throwing good punches recently.
What has he done?
This is a dialogue of Trivikram from Swayamvaram.
Thos fool has just added sing and dance at the end.
I added at the end bro,
please introduce me to Trivikram.
If needed, Ill say more. One minute!
Hey, are you mad? He is 28!
No, 24
Oh God!
Did you forget what Jackson said?
You need a lift?
- Yes, we need
Madam Padmavathi, you...
- Ive the vehicle
Come on dude, lets go
- Please Paddu.
Ok, tomorrow youll ask for a lift and then Ill see.
Thank you.
Leg may get loose, be careful
(Singer Sandeep will now sing a song for us.)
Oh fine, why dont you smile at all in the class?
Because it's class
You listen even to the old songs?
I saw also.
I need Robert McKee book.
You said about multi dimensions.
from that book and Ive a few doubts
Hey, what are you doing?
Multi dimensions.
The first throws of love.
That very first kiss
Theres tightness in my belly
and it feels so real, will I resist?
Cause our souls are dancing...
Yes our souls are dancing.
Oh our souls are dancing.
As our fingers entwine
Cause our souls are dancing
And I feel like romancing.
Yes our souls are dancing
As our hearts come alive
Theres something in your smile
Theres something in your way
And it makes me want to know you
just a little bit more Is it wrong to stay?
Cause our souls are dancing
And I feel like romancing
Yes our souls are dancing
I can see it in your smile.
Yes our souls are dancing.
Yes our souls are dancing.
As our hearts come alive...
Yes our souls are dancing.
And I feel like romancing
Yes our souls are dancing.
As our hearts come alive...
Cause our souls are dancing.
Yes our souls are dancing
I can see it in your smile
Is this what is multi dimensions?
Hey, book.
Ill be waiting downstairs.
Pushed me against the wall
Who is this Robert McKee?
Robert McKee, you can take him as father of story
Father! How often do you visit home?
You speak on the phone?
Its been 5 months since I went.
Mom is crazy about TV serials.
Sister dresses up nicely everyday
and stands at the wall outside.
Grandpa smokes pot behind the temple wall.
Theres something between
your family members and the wall.
Yes, I too didnt notice till now.
Thats why you also kissed her against the wall
Nothing as such, but...
That pressure...
that pressure when pushed against the wall so
You can feel more of her body,
more time and more intimate.
So, you dont say anything to family.
Not so much.
Even if you dont say anything to family, you shouldnt
hide anything from your partner, right?
To be partners and gain trust, so some truths
needs to be told without hiding them.
You need to take that risk in a relationship
and there is no way out.
Why get in troubles by telling the truth?
Oh, so, it already happened before.
Ok, whos she?
Have you been to Lonavala?
Its a perfect place for a vacation.
It is very cold but very nice.
Wine is a superb combination for the weather.
We can go in three hours from here.
Weve brought everything, right?
We may forget anything but not wine.
How many bottles?
Ok, youre asking for so many times
and how many times have you been there?
Many times.
Huh, girls?
Friends, colleagues, you know...
Had sex?
Yeah, I think maybe once
Hey, what are you doing?
It just so happened and that is...
I didnt plan it.
She was just a good friend, thats all
If that girl is a good friend, what am I?
Good friend...?
What do you think about that incident now?
I told the truth and she misunderstood.
So, you started hiding things from people.
No, no... I tried to be honest and told truth.
She went further away
From then, I stopped saying things about one girl to another.
But, I never cheated anyone
So, you say theres no mistake of yours.
Then, why didnt you tell to this girl?
All may not be like that girl, right?
This girl may not understand these things.
Its difficult for her age
But at some point, you are going to tell the truth?
If she knows, you fear losing her?
Hi, Im going to Goa to attend
Goa media content bazaar.
Would you like to join?
Me, what shall I say at home?
Film making!
I see...
Good company and good moments.
- Oh, really?
They didnt say anything at home?
Nothing, they should know to say something, right?
You didnt inform?
I think you should call your dad.
I think, I should...
Hello dad, I am going to Goa with friends.
Then, why are you saying now?
I came without informing you and
I don't feel good about it.
Ok, take care
- Thank you dad.
Tension house Brandy, in every peg tension...
Hey, dont blabber too much
Is it good?
2.3 crores kids in
our country are mal-nutritious.
You know, you know how much is 2.3 crores?
Im talking about just basic food a child needs
per day, one egg a day.
Its just about, getting that child
to eat one proper meal a day.
Anything to do about funding, please come forward
I hope you understand the cause.
Thank you so much.
I wish your friendship should stay along with me
So, you guys... There is no better way
to get your concept correct.
Lets be together
So, what happens in crowd funding is you go to a crowd,
where you dont know the people through a platform,
where you reach out to them and ask for money.
How do you do that?
You have to create an impression in the minds of people
that you are the guy who can implement this idea
No idea how Ive come without informing?
Ok! Story means...
Now you inform your dad, he blesses you
and there isnt any drama in that...
There should be a drama in a story
You asked to say about film making, right?
Will you drink?
I never drank
I mean, tried beer once when friends forced.
Your presentation was very good
Thank you.
I think none other than you liked it.
Do you like kids?
Why not try crowd funding?
I just attended and it was very interesting.
Yes, I know
So, why dont you try?
Huh, I dont know...
I have no confidence to get funding on kids problems
No, Ill support you.
Ive so many friends if needed
and we can create a buzz online.
Looking at your presentation,
theyd definitely like that.
People will come forward to fund your project.
Yes our souls are dancing.
And I feel like romancing.
Yes our souls are dancing.
As our hearts come alive
Cause our souls are dancing.
My heart at this moment, surrounded you like Lava
My separation like that Sky surrounded
you as a falling net.
At the time when a blossom and
a fragrance console me like you.
At a time when a joy and
an excitement are burning in us.
Ferocious form of the desire
and the burning light of love.
The romance is on swing and its love making.
This moment is so sweet and this war is sweeter
Bodies getting along are a fragrance of being one
This celebration in equal halves for you and me is a boon.
To meet you within you,
hope is stood on the tip of toes.
Breathe longed for so long to be tight into your hug.
Thirst in me drunk honey from you like a dragon fly
Lets change the heart beat getting our lips together
Lets forget this world getting our bodies together.
This moment is so sweet and this war is sweeter
Bodies getting along are a fragrance of being one
This celebration in equal halves for you
and me is a boon.
How do I explain all the passion in my heart?
Something will be left behind even
if I say in any language.
This uniting of us should fill the scarcity of words
You are the dazzling fire flower and Im the flowing breeze
Song of the united dreams is the blossom.
This moment is so sweet and this war is sweeter
Bodies getting along are a fragrance of being one
This celebration in equal halves for you and me
I think Im in love.
But somehow, Im frightened
Padmavathi and all others are saying
to be careful with film people.
We got to start and can talk
all these matters even in train, ok?
With someone else like this, before...
If I have done, will you stamp me as a bad person?
No! Tell me straight.
I like you
I continued so as you too like me.
I dont know, but I like you
Not physically, but I really like you.
That means, you are...
-What do you know about me?
In this age, you feel this attraction as love.
Look Sri, I like this.
whats we have now is good.
We both like each other.
I like you and you?
How would I come to Goa without liking?
So, wheres the problem?
12, right?
How do you know?
11 and 12, seat numbers... Ticket...
Dont mistake me as Im asking like this
Dont you feel, you cheating her by
escaping with false answers ?
No, Im not such guy.
Srilakshmi is a very good girl, innocent and romantic.
I like her a lot.
And everything happened with
her agreement.
We did so with both of our consent.
Then if you say her truth, shed stay
if she likes or look her way if not.
Its like cheating till you say, right?
Ill say it myself at right time.
I have no problem as long as shes Srilakshmi.
Its a problem if she becomes a lover or girlfriend
It becomes normal.
There wont be any respect given to each other.
Roaming, scolding and getting separated
Relationships are like this, right?
So, instead to be like normal couple,
I feel its better to be like this
Maybe youre wrong, right?
One look is enough for few to fall in love.
A smile is enough for some.
and a remembrance is enough for some more.
So, maybe theres a truth in her feelings, right?
Try to say the truth this time
Come on, sit.
Padmavathi is coming, dad
Why, did you stop coming with me?
Come on sit.
I pampered you as I named you after my mom.
You should be little careful at this age.
I gave some freedom like a modern father.
I made you pursue whatever studies you wished for
When you said Mass communications
and movies, I said yes.
Dont misuse that freedom
Ok dad.
Yes, marry any guy you like.
But inform and marry.
Dont elope and marry
All these Arya Samaj, Dravida Samaj,
Mahila Samaj... Ok?
Sorry dad... I love you dad.
Id never go anywhere without informing you.
What else madam, are you doing the short movie?
Why not give me a chance, as a writer
My foot!
I write good madam, you know about
my punch dialogues right?
You said, you want to say me some truths?
If I say the truth, you may get upset
Try it.
I feel uncomfortable her.
Like a College student?
Uncomfortable like a thief
- Police are coming, be careful.
When you keep rolling these six twists
with your four fingers... Can you show me once?
What, here?
Hey, just once
Hey, not like that
Uncle is coming.
Hey, please go. Please
- Bye
Does that guy also love you?
Yes dad
Know that first dear.
First you check with him and tell me.
Go dear.
I really want to know.
I bet you wont get a straight answer.
Look Sri...
Are you in love or not?
I love the feel of loving other person.
But the love youre saying... thats a commitment
One on one, a relation and a bonding...
Should we name every relation?
Are you in love or not?
Sri, that is...
- Yes or no?
Sri, Im not ready for relationship.
Maybe its a bit too early.
I already told you.
What your dad said is correct.
Not just the straight answer, but I havent got any answer at all
Because I was never in love
I dont know.
Sri... Sri...
Hey, coffee is falling
Its been so many days since we met.
Whats wrong?
Im not comfortable. Im really sorry.
Wont you call?
Ive exams
Ok, bye.
Ok! Ok!
Hey man, have you gone blind.
You dont want love but you want romance?
Who wouldnt want Mr. Murthy?
I mean that isnt the point, right?
That is the point.
She doesnt!
Girls arent so, at least when theyre in love
But we, we men are dogs.
We have the senses of a dog.
True, but Im not someone to swing my tail for that.
So, you need sex in your terms
I want freedom
Yes, the name weve given freedom!
Yes, all the humans need it.
A man is a freedom lover.
- Is it?
I heard he is a hope lover.
Maybe human changed.
Ok, did you told the truth to her?
I felt like running behind her and say sorry.
I felt like request her to understand me.
Then why didnt you go?
As I didnt want to force her...
Look Anand, maybe youve love towards her
What youre feeling now maybe love, right?
Being from a dysfunctional family,
maybe youre unable to express your love.
Maybe you are unable to experience that
Maybe because of the distance between you and your family,
youre unable to get closer emotionally to anyone
See, what Im trying to tell you is...
Look Murthy, we cant analyze someones
life with psychiatric terms and methods.
Ive no confidence on this therapy.
Then why are you coming here?
I cant put out my pain to the wall, right?
- Ok, what else is happening in life?
What happened today and how are you feeling?
In general, I could stay back in room
for few days without coming out.
But somehow, I couldnt be alone today.
I miss my loneliness.
Ive been looking at all the contacts in phone
Family, friends,
Sri... Sri isnt lifting my calls.
I don't know what to do.
Im repeatedly looking at her number
You are the only guy who likes the loneliness.
No problem even if you miss it.
This family, friends, Sri... Youre mixing Sri, right?
Thats a good sign
Serve her food first
Hey, how if you show your anger
on someone over that plate?
Thats the plate gifted to my mom
Your mom cooked bitter guard with jaggery, eat it
I dont need any bitter guard
Why do plead her, hubby?
- You serve.
What, whats happening here?
What exactly is happening here?
What is happening here?
Pooja and Rajasekhar are in love.
No! Pooja loved and Rajasekhar was loved.
Pooja thought hes the one she loved
and he would marry.
But Rajasekhar didnt think so.
He created an earth quake in the beautifully started life
He said ok for love and no for marriage.
Never want to be married, will Rajasekhar
understand the Pooja's true love?
Will he understand? Will he?
Its not that the bitter guard is good
but this lady finger is over ripened.
Stop that anchoring and have the food, come on.
What? Youth sensation!
Naughty cousin, the romantic Goddess!
Whats all this?
Thered be film information in that brother.
Hey, read books I mean the literature.
What are those books brother?
Sri Sri, Gurram Jashua, Vemana
or at least Chandamama stories. Ok?
Oh, you mean friends with benefits
Hey, stop! Tell me whats it?
- Ok, ok.
No benefits and just friends, ok?
No, not ok. Teacher and student, ok
As you said to be the mentor for my final project, ok?
Some relationship,
Teacher and student...
Film making, cinema!
A French writer named Marriott
in a film said...
Forgive my bravery and ask your beauty.
Without any chance for any fight,
give me back the kiss I had given you.
I want to get into a peace agreement with you
Believe me with full heart.
I dont like at all to give you a pain.
Dont mind for kissing you.
The gift of tender age can be given by the kiss, right?
If you still dont want it, give back
the kiss youve taken from me
Hey, I didnt say it, French writer Marriott said it.
First time in life, I pleaded a girl.
Why did you plead?
I dont know
I missed the good moments being with her.
I felt nothing wrong to plead for those good moments.
So, you like this girl.
Then Viswa and that Mumbai girl!
Yes! They are just friends.
But I like spending time with Sri very much.
Why would a person be liked by another person?
Thered be many reasons.
- For which reason are you liking?
I dont know, but... That feel, when Im with her...
Yes, you said
Those moments...
Once again, identify yourself.
My name is Anand Kumar, age 28
and Im a childrens film maker.
What happened?
We don't have a session today, right?
I know.
Its urgent, its really urgent.
So, what happened?
The earth has broken up
- What?
Why children? Why Childrens projects?
Because they are our future...
Listen, Im the Finances head here.
I can talk about finances but
not about emotions or the nation.
Ok, lets talk about finances then.
Nothing to talk,
when we invested 2 Crores in your last childrens project,
just the interests counted up to 60 Lakhs
Not even that 60 Lakhs interest is recovered till date
Brah... Let me show you some real numbers.
Brah, see these numbers as per my calculations
How many ever papers you tear down,
this is what Id say.
You know what? We shall do films on animals.
I feel pity seeing them. They are so cute, no?
We shall do. We shall do on everything other than a human.
You know what? Lets hire more models
and do more item songs
Sure, why not?
60 Lakhs kids are suffering from malnutrition
and that too kid below 5 years of age.
9 out of 10 are dying.
Were ranking number 1 in the world.
Yes, were on top.
When kids are drinking water from the drainage,
tears arent rolling down from eyes but from heart
Im going breathless
One says animals...
Other says calculations and some others say money
We have more degrees, but less sense.
More knowledge but less judgment!
More experts but fewer solutions!
Though we have all these computers, missiles
and machines, human is still walking in the wrong path.
Big desires but very small values!
Among all these... I am talking like a mad guy.
You know what? Im done.
Hey Malathi
Here, we go
How if we fight amongst ourselves?
Who are we?
When we individually say as my project, where are we?
Brah, not that but listen to me
Hey. Go and work in ladies boutique
and you can even write accounts there.
This brah, nonsense.
Anand get up. Come on get up
Hey Sri!
All these days, did you had sex with
any girl other than me?
Why is everyone asking the same question?
What is the relation between Sex and
love or for that matter Sex and friendship?
Yes or no
You just have all yes or no questions?
Are you a question paper?
- Yes or no?
Thats it. Were done
Done! Done! Done for good
I dont know whether Ive a maturity and all that nonsense
But I have the right feelings, I have the right emotions.
Im a right person with the right emotions.
Please use your mind a bit
Have I ever lied to you?
You always tell the truth
You wont cheat.
But I... Im getting cheated like a mad girl
Here... Counting every kiss, buying a rose for every kiss,
looking after that rose daily with love and care
I never want to see your face again.
From which kiss should I start?
Which remembrance should I think of?
Yes, first short film!
When you said short film wasnt good,
I felt like you said I wasnt good.
Somehow, I looked for more time in mirror.
I have the habit of looking into the mirror from childhood.
First time, I hoped if that mirror is you.
Attending class makes me this happy.
I used to stare at your lips when you are teaching the class
and I felt like touch those the lips at least for once.
And those lips touched me for 23 times.
That first kiss, in my life
and that bodily excitement, how do I say?
From which kiss shall I start?
Which remembrance should I think of?
Yes, bodily excitement!
Cold in the back, palm!
I can feel that bodily excitement.
I can feel it even after going back home.
I can smell that memory.
That moment, that particular smell!
Kiss on the neck means uninhibited you
There are so many meanings in Google,
but all are good and even in Telugu.
What is uninhibited means...
I came to know after coming to your house.
When being with a person as a right,
when would we get that right?
Thats only when we have the love
When you pushed me against the wall,
I saw that love in your eyes
From which kiss shall I start?
Which remembrance should I think of?
I dont know whether 24-myth is true or not
But that love in every kiss from you,
feeling that as love, wishing for that love again and again...
From which kiss shall I start?
Which remembrance should I think of?
Even when you said Ive no maturity
and not to know what love is,
I searched for that love in you again and again.
I searched in your looks and I searched in your presence
I searched in every kiss you gave.
I know one thing.
When you love the children and world so much,
how much more can you love Srilakshmi?
I understood that I cant be without you
Even if you feel that you cant be without me,
that is our love
I know that my love will become true.
And that my 24th kiss will become true.
And that my you are true
This is the first epic without alphabets.
This is the lovely meaning of
thoughts with no language.
This is the holy sound being the life of the first lives.
Heart explained with the lips.
Sweet feeling experienced with the touch.
Its true, beautiful and eternal.
A kiss is a divine touch
This is the first epic without alphabets.
The bonding is as strong
The feelings are as valuable
The symbol to announce that
This is a dedication to love.
Heart explained with the lips
Sweet feeling experienced with the touch.
Its true, beautiful and eternal
A kiss is a divine touch.
This is the first epic without alphabets
Our session isnt there today, right?
- I know.
Its urgent, its really urgent. Please...
What happened?
First time in my life, Im in love.
I feel it.
Thats great.
Thats next. But first tell, with whom
it happened and when?
This morning Srilakshmi came to our office
She came and
She said 23 kisses, 24 roses.
23! You said 5 or 10.
Still she said friends with no benefits
and what are these kisses again?
So much has happened in these two weeks, Murthy.
I want to talk.
I want to say a lot.
Not one session per week but lets have a session per day
One per day, oh no!
Lets think about that, but where were we last time?
You said no benefits?
No benefits, just kisses
She suddenly came and kissed me.
One may even understand the oneness,
but not a lady, Subbarao.
SVR said this
What happened after that?
Drizzling day of monsoon...
The evening I and Srilakshmi met
Climate was romantic and, the world disappeared
When a rain drop passing the lips of Srilakshmi.
She kissed it all of a sudden.
Looking at the slipping rain drop
and thinking the luck is mine.
I too kissed that drop immediately.
Hey, bullshit! Its all bullshit.
When you kiss a rain drop,
howll that be like kissing the girl?
The girl kissed that raindrop and
I kissed that same raindrop.
Its clear cut and its a perfect kiss.
Huh! It isnt touching and is all like artificial
Okay next... next.
There were just 10 passengers in the
bus which is from Ameerpet to Lakdikapool.
She sat window side beside me
The bus was dashing in a great speed.
Then there was a sudden break
Oh no, it gave me a big shock.
Another kiss happened for me with
Srilakshmi while just watching.
This is a kiss and it should be like this.
What happened then? Next...
I was asleep one afternoon getting lazy
I forgot to tell, even Srilakshmi was with me
I Startle and woke up and saw Srilakshmi...
She was bent over me and was adjusting the pillow.
What had to happen, happened over the heart...
Oh my goodness!
Did you kiss even there?
Gods woke you up at the correct time.
Not any Gods,
but cat threw something down in the kitchen
Even the animals are favoring you
Gods must be crazy!
Srilakshmi was playing with me hiding
my favorite photo and by teasing me.
I too was behind her stubbornly
Moving around hall and bedroom, she came into kitchen
She climbed on my shoulder from above.
She gave me a smooch bending forward
This is the twist.
I thought shoulder kiss is on the shoulder.
Did she climb over the shoulder and kiss?
What did she climb next?
What? Ok go on
I and she, in the loneliness without anybody around us...
On the peaks of Golconda
and I was on the tops of that happiness.
I took over her lips taking the sky as witness
Someone may see...
Those in the sky can see us and
we see those on the earth, but they cant see us.
Why is that?
The sky kiss
Sky kiss?
So, all are done on the earth?
What is this Subba Rao?
Ok, go on... Next
The tiny ant! Even that loved Srilakshmi.
It went into her sweater
and was giving her a tension.
Srilakshmi madam was into jumping
I went into that sweater like a brave warrior
I caught hold of the ant,
took it out but I stayed back.
Climate was good.
Will you get into whichever place you wish to?
Say, where did you kiss?
I kissed on her chin...
Chin kiss.
Dont you ask whats next?
Ok, either you ask or not, next is the last
The 23rd kiss...
Yes, oh my god!
Traditional Telugu girl Srilakshmi,
Srilakshmi in traditional sari
She asked me for a favor which shouldnt be asked for
There was mehendi on her hands and I was lucky
She asked to put out the folds she inserted.
My naughty mind was into a joy.
Adjusting the folds and setting her sari.
Placing my lips on her cute belly...
Valuable kiss, kiss on the navel
My love border is just a kiss away.
Oh God, did you get only my house?
One may even understand oneness
but its tougher to understand the heart of a girl.
So, what happened?
The earth broke down.
Break up
Clarity, will you give some clarity?
One simple rule!
There are no phone calls from her after the break up!
I am here and she somewhere else
She said not to show up my face, Murthy
Theyd say so and will we stop going?
Still, why did you come here?
You should be going to that girl, right?
I cant force her.
I cant even catch the feet.
My sixth sense is saying Subbarao
that youll catch some time.
See, these are real Hamlets with...
Little children and this girl
This girl everyday...
You know she is a real kid with real needs
and real feelings.
But I have the right feelings. I have the right emotions
and Im the right person with right emotions.
Use your mind a bit.
Hey, Anand...
Im so sorry.
I need that girl.
I do...
I really do
Doctor, how?
Please tell me Doctor?
Doctor, dont joke
Not a joke.
Its always simple.
Fold that, keep it in your pocket
and then go talk to that girl.
Person has changed.
Positive transformation!
Guys, this is Tango and you guys have
to be little more intimate.
Get closer to her, look into her eyes
Like this madam?
I hid few things from you. But I never lied.
I have real feelings for you
I love you.
Im proud to say that I love you.
Sri, Ill be waiting at coffee shop
tomorrow evening at 4o clock.
She sent me
Why are you here?
Anand Sir, shes just coming out a bit.
Shes disturbed.
Please dont disturb her again
Whats this drama? Why am I talking to you?
Listen to me for a minute.
Please listen to me for a minute.
Sri, why did that girl come when I asked you to come?
Hasnt she said why she came?
Let me at least say what happened
Why to say, I saw that, right?
By then, even I don't know that I am in love with you.
Until you left I didn't realized that I am in love with you.
And you should give me a chance
to explain what exactly happened.
There was physical relation with
Vishwa before Goa trip.
To say precisely, I had even with others too
But once after you said I love you, Im physically with none
Maybe I crossed that liking stage by then.
But that day, what happened
and what you saw are different.
You wrote the script well.
Script? Thats what happened that day.
In real, once that feeling of love started inside...
I... I feel everything new.
You know, its just one on one and
no room for anyone else.
Its just us
- Ok, great. Bye
Hey, please...
You havent said sorry.
Sorry! Sri, listen to me once.
Im really sorry.
Im really sorry...
- Not once.
Say sorry once every day.
Say sorry for the whole month.
I want to see for 30 days.
Then, I will think about it.
I need a message every day, one e-mail,
WhatsApp message and all types of communications
One meeting
- Yes, one meeting every day.
I was in a blind spot then as there
wasnt a proper communication, right?
Now, I need complete communication.
Like 30 days trial period...
30 days... Ok?
Hey, WhatsApp?
Im not there at all in social media.
Did you see the phone Im using?
There isnt any other button than the red
and green buttons.
I wont use smart phones.
- Youll use
It took six months to say sorry?
Send it fast, Im feeling hungry.
What else did my dad leave?
Wait for a minute, this guys look is different.
Hello, what do you want?
Give a good phone to brother.
All you get here are good phones.
I mean that phone in which we get this
WhatsApp and messages
Oh, thats called as smart phone.
Yes, that one
- Is it that?
This is smart phone
This is very smart phone.
You said WhatsApp and videos right?
You can directly do films with this
If you buy two of these, you get one free
and when you buy three, just one free
How many do you need?
One is enough, for brother.
Oh, that one?
Cash or card?
That is...
- Understood.
Hey, smart phone?
When did you buy?
You didnt say?
Ok, sorry.
Why dont you listen even when Im pampering you?
Im waiting for your smiles, why dont you excuse?
Why do you keep me away seeing so angrily?
Show some pity and fall in love with me again
Past is past, sorry Im so sorry, sorry Im so sorry
I promise on you, such wont happen again,
sorry Im so sorry, sorry Im so sorry.
I love you a lot, please
be compromised, my princess.
Forgive Princes.
Forgive Princes.
Forgive Princes.
Forgive Princes.
Forgive Princes.
Forgive Princes.
Forgive Princes.
Forgive Princes.
What the Damn?
Enough now and remove the glasses of the doubts
Then, now or any other day, I am truly yours
I will be systematic like a kid going to play school.
Ill easily pass in the love exams you conduct.
Past is past, sorry Im so sorry, sorry Im so sorry
I promise on you, it wont happen again,
sorry Im so sorry, sorry Im so sorry
Im love you a lot, please be compromised, my princess.
Will you do anything for me?
I think she still loves you
So many keep coming and all these are common in love.
I dont know how you feel but this
lonely feeling isnt good for me.
I cant see even a slight distance in between us both
You dont have any doubts, Im a sincere boy
Past is past, sorry Im so sorry, sorry Im so sorry
I promise on you, it wont happen again,
sorry Im so sorry, sorry Im so sorry.
I love you a lot, please be compromised, my princess.
Thank you
Whats this, you should take care, right?
You have to take care of yourself
Yes, I know.
No other way to fight a few issues.
Am I any Face book activist to share and forget?
Are all these needed?
Madam, this in the morning and this in the evening
Ok, Seeing these I...
Ok, you...
Yes, thats the problem.
Im still in...
Im still in love.
I love you too.
Shall we say in the house?
What, this I love you?
- No, not this but about our marriage.
Next is that, right?
Sri, I dont have a belief in this system called marriage
What does that mean?
Because I dont like bring in another child onto this earth,
when so many children are dying every day
Its a sin and thats why
So, is your problem the children, marriage or me?
Come on Sri...
There are still 7 days left for our
30 day trial period to end, right?
You should know much more
- Enough Sir
See this.
Looks like you have great experience in sari selection
I never selected for anyone other than sister.
Sister drapes sari beautifully.
Tell me, I would like to know more
about your family members
Mom, sister and grandpa are there.
In a small village named Markapuram near Kodada
Is sister married, does she have any children?
Yes, married.
But he left her and children...
Ok, children?
She also feels sin like you to have children?
- Hey, nothing like that, shes normal.
Hey, I am also normal.
Will I work so much for them if I dont like the children?
Many women and children are still sleeping with
empty stomach even today in our country.
It is pathetic Sri
Come Srilakshmi, come in wealthy Goddess,
you are my love
Come by walk wearing my sari and bring in a smile
Chanting for so long and my silent song,
maybe you heard them today.
You came back to me like my life,
to say that you like me.
Come Srilakshmi, come in wealthy Goddess,
you are my love
The breathe is like the vapor of summer thirst
The night is like a great joy born
The skies melted and came into my lap.
The wound of distances is disappeared now
Are you that beauty like a medicine to me?
Come Srilakshmi, come in wealthy Goddess,
you are my love
No problem even if we have no children,
but lets be together for lifelong.
Then, will you talk to Daddy?
You think he will say yes?
I told my dad that I will not do
anything without his permission.
So, we must take permission.
Where did you get this chain?
Its nothing mom, its a normal chain
and I bought it near the college.
Hey, show me your hands, show your feet
What is this mom?
- What?
Im coming.
Please come
Your name?
- Anand
My name is Anand Kumar, Sir.
My age is 28 and Im a Childrens film maker.
Oh, you do films of children.
Yes Sir.
What films have you made before?
When cameras leave,
Fire flies, Children of Sunset
Yes, good film and did you get money?
- I didnt get back Sir
But it doesnt matter. I made that film as I want.
Are you doing a job anywhere now?
No Sir, its films full time.
Then, what about your expenses every month?
That is from some project or movie screenings
and I manage something or the other Sir.
So, its difficult to say how much you earn per month
Yes Sir.
Would you send any money to home?
No Sir
Where do you stay?
- Erragadda
I mean...
Theres an Apartment in SR Nagar
- Own Apartment?
Look dear,
I dont know how you met Srilakshmi in the College,
but she is innocent.
She likes film and direction.
Maybe she liked you that way.
I should tell a truth to both of you.
This is our own house.
We also have a own flat in Kukatpalli apart from this.
We took that on loan.
After meeting the loans and expenses every month,
I do have about 5 to 6 thousands of savings.
From that is his Cricket kit,
Novels for her, movies, pocket money,
often vacations and have such a planning also for me
And you are saying some
movie names which arent released yet.
- You wait dear.
I should talk right?
Cinema life is very tough.
There are many friends of mine ruining
their lives getting into the films craze.
You are unable to say how much you can
earn per month and how will you take care of her?
I do get some money every month and Ill manage.
And even Srilakshmi will do a job.
Well manage.
Dont worry Sir.
So, you have no problems if she does job after marriage?
What if she delivers a kid?
Marriage? No, no... I think you didnt understand
What dear, what else is it?
I dont believe in marriage Sir.
I think you misunderstood.
Then why did you come here?
What you want to speak to me?
For your permission
Permission for what, if not the marriage?
Oh no, its OK Bangaram dad
Oh no! Its live in relationship, dad.
Hey rascal, go inside.
What is this dear? Is it live in relationship?
I dont believe in marriage Sir.
We wish not to have any children also.
You dont want children?
Wait dad
What is this dear?
He makes children films.
but dont want kids and who is this idiot?
Whats the link in between this and that Sir?
No link?
Dont you need marriage and children?
Do you at least love her or you dont believe in that also?
I like her a lot Sir and I have that's why I came here.
Then what? What is the reason?
What is the real reason?
I am not like all, who getting married and having children.
I have so many reasons to say
for not wanting a marriage and children.
But do you have at least one reason
to say that children are needed?
Im sorry Sri.
Im sorry Sir.
Hey stop, Anand!
Where are you going?
You should say, right?
I thought you would finally agree.
You know that I dont like marriage, right?
I need some time Sri.
I need a break.
I dont want to waste your time and emotions.
Ill meet later.
Whats this dear?
He says dont know how much he earns.
He says no for marriage, no for children.
What did you see in him and love?
See dad, when theres kid on roadside in need,
hundred people will pass that way without stopping.
Only one guy from that hundred stops
and will help that kid.
That one guy is him, dad.
I liked that humanity.
I need that man with that humanity.
Like all the girls, I too like marriage and children.
No problem even if those arent there dad,
but itll be difficult if he isnt there dad.
What Praveen, why did all stop coming to office at once?
Brah, that is...
Nothing like that, brother
Oh, you stop coming because I am not listening to you?
We did as you said all these days, right?
All right, ok!
Yo, whats up?
Do you still have the respect left
on these so called creations?
It seems some elderly person said
we should be the water in the flow but not a rock.
We should become flow in the flow boss.
But how will I leave you...
Hey, please
Why, a new girl?
What, so much of love?
So, you say I have no place.
Ok then, Ill be in the flow.
If you need, you know
Hey Vishwa!
I need you, all of you...
Come on dude!
Love, marriage and kids!
Should we marry when we love?
Exactly 15 years back, hero Venu
asked in the same way in Swayamvaram film
Im seriously asking
Ok, you tell me.
Marriage and kids... Is this what life is?
Is there nothing else?
Have you gone mad?
Kissed her 23 time, took her to Goa
and when she took you to her house for talking,
you said no marriage and no kids?
You, Mental...
Not this treatment for you, idiot.
I shouldve given shock even
to you like all the other patients.
Im not your patient
- What then?
Im coming to you as Im your friend
Whats a friendship in between you and me?
As youre my brother Subbaraos friends...
Hes a big psycho guy...
Just like you, when got married to a good girl,
he left her and flew to US.
Hey, all you guys have holes in your brains?
(Bad guy always boasts out
and the good guy talks cool...)
(Will Gold make sound like Bronze, listen to me my dear..)
Hey, what are these rhymes in the bar?
Murthy, you are a bit high on drink dude
Hey, whats me going high?
Yes, did you get it well?
You rascal, you say Im on high?
You again say friendship when something is said.
Hey, where are the hands in the watch?
- Come, Ill show you
Come, Ill show you.
(The essence of the good men is like this,
listen to me my dear...)
Are you saying the rhymes idiot?
Im searching for you.
Im searching for you
Hey, whats your nuisance in the bar?
You think this is a bar or a fight scene of Balakrishna?
Who are you, idiot?
Who am I, rascal? Im Malakpet Ravi
and owner of this bar
What do I care, rascal?
You hit me, idiot?
Go away.
Come on...
You sing the rhymes, idiot
Hey, you call the Police
What is every guy falling over, rascals?
Come on, you idiots.
Oh no.. Brother.
Hey, sorry dude.
Oh no, my beard....
Hey, you touch my beard rascals?
Hey psycho!
Come on idiots!
Even if you take a step ahead, not here
but the knife will get in wherever it goes.
What guys, you thought Im a mental Doctor?
Im the most mental guy than every one
They used to call me Kathi (Knife) mai at
Allipuram junction in Vizag.
Kathi (Knife) mai!
Ill never again drink in my life and this is the last time.
Ill be fined at least for 50000.
This is the 33rd time. Youre not a Psychiatrist but a sadist
Still, they wear a wig when the hair is gone
but what is this fake beard? You psycho!
Hey, tell the truth at least now.
Whats that girls nuisance
and why are you saying no for kids?
Leave it dude
Yes, why is that?
Because i lost my child
Because I lost my kid
Brother... your kid?
I mean, kid of my sister.
Hey, at least say one matter clearly
- Yes
How is the school?
Its fine
Good or not good, its just the two
Its good
Is it? Ok!
Sister, have you seen this kid anywhere?
Have you seen this kid anywhere?
Thank you.
Why is your voice rising?
No problem even if you hit and kill me.
You too go for paddy field along
with your dad from tomorrow.
But, you pay the fees
- I should scold your dad first.
Brother, please fast...
All these are the missing cases.
Shall we solve these first or look into your case?
Dont hit at the same place you hit,
Have you seen this kid anywhere?
We saw him there
- Yes, we saw there
Hey, you know this kid?
- Hes there on that bridge
You are sure, right?
Move on bro, let us go fast
Idiot, deal the cards even for me
Hey damn, whats that?
Give water
Some more?
Are you hungry? Did you eat anything?
Hey Chotu, dont go to him.
He came to take you. Sit down.
-Im your uncle dear
Will you eat anything?
Ok, will you eat Biryani?
Come on, ask even them to come
- Idiot, you sit silent.
Hey Chotu, move fast. Dadar express is coming, move fast
What, you want to eat Biryani
or you want to get spanked?
Hey Chotu, hes threatening me.
Come on, let's run away.
Hey Chinni, stop
- Stop guys.
Hey Chinni, stop
- Stop guys
- Hey, move fast guys
Faster guys, fast
Chinni stop, Chinni stop. Mom is waiting dear.
Hey, Im your uncle dear
Hey Chotu, dont listen to him.
Come fast Chotu, fast
- Chinni
Does sister?
She still doesnt know. I didnt say
Thats why my sister daily still waits
at the wall outside the house and...
Its difficult after all this.
But because of it, you wish not to have kids?
Why not marry, bring up the kids well
and show to this society, dear?
You likes the kids a lot and
you have great qualities to be a good father.
No Murthy.
After we get married, if we fight,
not taking good care of kids,
we getting divorced, separate the kids
and we get separated...
That too is a valid point..
But as you say you love her so much,
marrying her is not a bad idea...
No Murthy
I should still think about that.
And this world doesnt deserve children.
This world still doesnt have that qualification.
One more time identify yourself
My name is Anand Kumar and I like films very much.
I like life more than cinema
I like Sri Lakshmi more than the life.
Hey Anand, come on I will drop you
Murthy, here!
You go.
Even a little baby girl plays with a baby doll.
Our girls have become mothers even
from the age of playing with baby dolls
That is us
Girls are like that,
Even the dads are same and we swish to see the same.
She too shouldve asked for an NRI groom
or some financial security like this generation girls.
But she told me about some humanity
which she seen in you.
I felt very frustrated when I heard that
But now I feel very proud.
Yes, Im proud of my girl
This is the first epic without alphabets.
This is the lovely meaning of thoughts with no language
This is the holy sound being the life of the first lives
Heart explained with the lips
Sweet feeling experienced with the touch.
Its true, beautiful and eternal
A kiss is a divine touch.
This is the first epic without alphabets
This is the lovely meaning
of thoughts with no language.
The bonding is as strong
The feelings are as valuable.
The symbol to announce that
This is a dedication to love.
Heart explained with the lips
Sweet feeling experienced with the touch.
Its true, beautiful and eternal
A kiss is a divine touch.
This is the first epic without alphabets
This is the lovely meaning of
thoughts with no language.
Where is my 24th kiss?
Where is Sri...?
For the whole sky sounded as love.
(Tool lips have is the kiss.)
-let's have 24th kiss
This celebration is true
This is a necessity for every being.
Heart explained with the lips.
Sweet feeling experienced with the touch.
Its true, beautiful and eternal
A kiss is a divine touch.
Kids... what about it?
I want three kids.
Hey, I don't want to bring another kid into this world.
Oh my God..! Why are you so different?
- Not three but we shall have 30.
But we shall adopt
- Adoption?
That day we both...
Sat side by side in the sofa
We were watching Khushi film in TV.
Ok, about the waist of Bhumika, right?
Oh no Mr. Murthy, are you always in to that?
Some soap Ad was playing then in TV.
I asked Srilakshmi.
What did you ask?
-What soap do you use?
In the process of finding the brand of her soap...
Why these quiz competitions for you?
Why not let her say when she was ready to say?
How would I get the chance
to kiss if she says, Murthy?
With the reason to smell her body fragrance,
slowly moving close to her...
Then bending over her neck, in a split second...
What did you do?
- I kissed
On the collar bone
- I see.
Get down.
Hey, stop... stop.
Sri, you sit behind. You drive
Yes, did you get a good one?
Still on the roads and in the busses,
what is this Subbarao? Whats this?
When my moon like love is before me, I thought...
I know, this is the Eskimo kiss