24: Redemption (2008) Movie Script

[ Dog Barking ]
[ Chattering ]
[ Whining ]
[ Shouting ]
[ Cell Phone Rings ]
[ Rings ]
Colonel Dubaku.
We are just leaving
the township now, sir.
- How many do you have?
- Five.
Only five?
By the time we got to the field,
most of the boys were gone.
I need soldiers,
not excuses.
I will bring some more,
sir, I promise.
Just bring them to me.
Youssou, take this.
[ Machine Gun Fire Continues ]
[ Dubaku ]
You will learn
to fight like men.
Of that I have no doubt.
This... will make you
strong little soldiers.
This will make you free.
Take it.
How does it make you feel?
Powerful, yes?
Your mothers
and your fathers,
they have made you weak.
But General Juma,
he will make you strong!
He will make you strong
so that you can take back
the country...
from the governments
and the traitors
that work for them!
- Like this cockroach, here!
- [ Whimpering ]
[ Whimpering ]
This cockroach works
for the government
and their white masters.
- Yes. Yes.
- [ Man Weeping ]
No, no.
Have mercy on me.
They have taken our land.
But soon
all that will change.
Soon all the land
will belong to
the people again.
we must buy
our freedom...
with the blood
of this cockroach.
[ Whimpering ]
He's only a cockroach,
and you know what we do
to cockroaches.
Chop up the cockroach.
Kill the cockroach.
[ Chanting ]
Kill the cockroach!
Kill the cockroach!
Kill the cockroach!
Kill the cockroach!
Kill the cockroach!
Kill the cockroach!
Kill the cockroach!
Kill the cockroach!
Kill the cockroach!
Kill the cockroach!
Kill the cockroach!
Kill the cockroach!
Kill the cockroach!
Kill the cockroach!
Kill the cockroach!
Kill the cockroach!
Kill the cockroach!
Kill the cockroach!
Kill the cockroach!
Kill the cockroach!
Kill the cockroach!
Kill the cockroach!
Kill the cockroach!
Kill the cockroach!
Kill the cockroach!
[ Screams ]
[ Jack Bauer ]
The following takes place
between 3:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m.
Events occur in real time.
- I thought I told you to
turn up the air-conditioner.
- All right, sir. I do so.
[ Lowing ]
- For crying out loud.
- [ Horn Honking ]
- [ Lowing ]
- Go on! Go around them! Go on.
But we need
another player.
Find somebody else.
Who? Tell me, Willie--
Who can handle the ball
better than you?
That's right. No one.
We're not supposed to go
to town without Mr. Benton.
Mr. Benton worries too much,
and so do you.
Hey, Desmond!
Hurry, or the bus
will leave. Come on.
Let's go.
You're not my father.
I'm your brother,
and you'll do what I say.
- No!
- Fine then.
The truck is here!
The truck is here!
Hey! The truck is here!
[ Speaking Native Language ]
The truck is here!
[ Cheering ]
[ Children Chattering ]
I wasn't stealing it.
I swear.
I was just looking.
Forgot these.
Very pretty.
For a woman, yes?
I was gonna give it
to my daughter one day.
You have a daughter?
Where did you get it?
India. You ask
a lot of questions.
That's what
Mr. Benton says.
I bet.
When were you there?
- Last summer.
- Before you came here?
And before that,
where were you?
- Different places.
- When are you going home?
I'm not going home.
Listen, I told the other boys
I'd help them unload the truck.
- If you want that,
you can keep it.
- Really?
You're gonna have to give me
my knife back though.
Go on.
Hey, Willie.
The supply truck's here.
- The boys could use some help.
- Look what Jack gave me.
Very nice.
It's from India.
Jack, this is
Frank Tramell.
He's the ambassador's
chief political officer.
I know who he is.
He says he left some
messages for you to come
see him at the embassy.
I got his messages.
What's going on, Jack?
I'll tell you
what's going on.
The senate subcommittee
has questions...
about the illegal detention and
torture of certain prisoners
in Mr. Bauer's custody.
I have a subpoena
requesting you to appear,
and it's way past due.
So consider yourself served.
[ Panting ]
I told the boys I'd
help them unload the truck.
Excuse me.
Failure to comply to
a subpoena is a federal
offense, Mr. Bauer.
You are bound by law
to respond.
Then give them my response.
They want me
back in Washington,
they can come and get me.
The, uh, ambassador
that you and Bauer were
in the special forces
- How long has he been here?
- A few months.
He never mentioned
the subpoena?
Well, he's been ducking it
for more than a year, across
three different continents.
Washington is leaning
on the ambassador
to deliver him.
And now the ambassador's
leaning on you.
Bauer doesn't come back
to the States on his own,
they'll come for him.
That would be a mistake.
You're doing God's work
here, Carl.
Between malaria
and the wars,
these kids never
had a chance.
Now you're giving them
a decent life.
It'd be a shame
if the funding dried up.
Don't threaten me, Frank.
I'm just giving you
the facts.
You're his friend.
Talk some damn sense
into him.
Here, Jack.
Thank you, Thomas.
Okay. Go back.
Now you. Go, go.
There he is.
The mighty warrior
who traded his gun
for a wheelbarrow.
Why are you here, hmm?
To do penance
for all your sins?
You don't want
to talk about it.
I don't blame you.
- Watch out.
- The man from the embassy--
What did he want?
Nothing. He just
wanted to talk.
Talk about what?
Willie, you ask
too many damn questions.
[ Man ]
Let's go. Here's the oranges.
Willie? Come here.
I need your help.
Thank you. Come with me.
[ Thomas ]
Jimmy. Take a box.
Here. Careful.
Don't drop it.
[ Men Shouting ]
The government won't
be able to hold out
against us for long.
Except we have more weapons
than soldiers who can use them.
We need to overrun
the main garrison
from the west.
We have minefields
here and here.
Then I'll bring you more
little soldiers to clear them.
Do not worry.
Our father would be
really proud, Youssou.
Very proud.
You will have
your little soldiers.
[ Ringing ]
[ Ringing, Beeps ]
This is Colonel Dubaku.
Hodges here.
I've just heard some
troubling news, Colonel,
that your recruiting numbers
are-- are still coming up
a little short.
I want you to know
my offer stands.
I've got personnel standing by
right across the border.
They can be deployed
within the hour.
That won't be necessary.
Do some thinking now,
I'm offering you professional
soldiers, not children you
haven't had time to train.
You provided the weapons.
We will fight our own war.
Well, it's your country.
It will be, soon.
Is there anything else,
Mr. Hodges?
Uh, tell General Juma...
give me a call
when he gets there,
will you?
I'll let him know.
[ Beeps ]
That's one hard-nosed
son of a bitch.
It is his country.
But I'm paying for it.
I don't want
those transactions
Mr. Nichols.
Not by the S.E.C.,
the I.R.S. or any
of my ex-wives.
You understand me,
don't you?
[ Chattering ]
John, what do you want me
to tell you?
You gotta hang in there
and be patient, my friend.
I'm trying.
Yeah, yeah. I know.
Hold on, hold on.
Stop. Stop.
We got caught by the margin.
It's gonna turn around.
Yes. Yes, it is.
Yes, it is.
Yeah, you've gotta
give it time...
and just, yeah,
be patient.
Yeah. Okay.
Yes. Yes. Okay.
All right. Bye-bye.
[ Man ]
All right. Next up. Right?
[ Intercom Beeps ]
[ Nichols ]
Would you come in here,
Who's that guy?
A client.
I need you to close out
Abu Dhabi and Eritrea.
Burn the records
and bury the ashes.
Can I have a word?
Yeah. Willie,
go on out to the truck.
Pick up another load.
It's all right.
Go, go.
I think you should
take a look at this.
I don't need to.
I know what it says.
Don't worry, Carl.
I'll be gone by dark.
I'm not asking you to leave,
Jack. I'm asking you
to have a conversation.
Tramell says
this subpoena's been chasing
you for over a year now.
It's gonna catch up
with you sometime.
I'm not going back.
I'm not saying you should.
But a year's a long time
to spend looking
over your shoulder.
A lifetime of that's
gonna drive you
out of your mind.
Whatever I've done
I've paid for in full.
All I've got left
is my freedom. I'm not lettin'
them take that away from me.
Freedom. What kind
of freedom's this, Jack?
You're runnin' away.
What do you want
from me, Carl?
What do you want?
I want you to trust me, Jack.
I am your friend.
I'm sorry.
I can't remember
the many times
you saved my life.
But I do know
that I owe you.
You've lost a lot, Jack.
I know that.
I know that.
When you called me up
for the first time in--
What? Ten years?
I hoped you were maybe
looking for more than
just a place to stay.
I'm trying to
find a way to make
some sense of it all.
It's a normal impulse,
especially for people
like us.
Yeah, except you found
what you were looking for.
[ Hammering ]
Damn it.
I just meant
it's different for me.
You never asked me
why I quit.
I figured
you would have told me
if you wanted me to know.
While I was in Beirut--
a counterinsurgency
I was holding a suspect.
The attack window was open.
Our time was limited.
I was sure I had the right guy,
but he wasn't giving me
the information I needed,
so I kept pushing.
Pushed him hard...
until he finally told me
what I wanted to hear...
right before he died.
He wasn't the right guy, Jack.
The intel was bad.
- I lost 14 men
and 21 civilians that day.
- Carl, that's the job.
People like you and me, Jack--
We don't--
We don't keep score
by counting how many lives
we've saved,
but by how many we've lost.
You know, I'm not so sure
I have found what
I was lookin' for.
But I have found a way
to live with myself.
It took a long time.
The first thing I had to do
was stop running.
I meant what I said, Jack.
You can stay here.
We'll fight this thing
Don't worry about Tramell.
The state department's
not the only place
with money.
I appreciate what
you're trying to do, Carl,
but this is my problem.
I'm not gonna
let it become yours.
Remember what the lieutenant
used to say about trouble?
"Comes cheap,
leaves expensive."
Yeah. Yeah.
What you've done
with this place.
The school, what you've
done for the boys--
It's worth protecting.
You and I both know
it'd be better for everyone
if I leave.
I'm sorry, Jack.
Me too.
[ Chuckling ]
Me too.
Thank you, Carl.
I mean that.
Thank you for everything.
- Where is he going?
- I'm not sure.
But he's leaving.
He is.
You are just a boy.
You do not know what you
are talking about.
What do you know?
This isn't even
your country, yeah?
- Hey, hey, hey!
What's goin' on?
- Thomas is talking nonsense.
He's spreading rumors
about Juma.
Rumors? They are not rumors.
Juma's soldiers have
been crossing the border
and stealing our children.
Juma has no soldiers,
and he has no weapons.
Everyone knows that.
My cousin is missing.
He went to the market yesterday,
and he has not returned.
Then it was gunrunners
that took him, or someone
from the diamond mines.
My brother is in town
with James.
You see that, hmm?
Now you have the boy worried.
He should be worried.
We should all be worried.
Stop it, both of you.
Finish up work.
I'll go into town and see if we
can find out what's going on.
- Fine, but you are
wasting your time.
- [ Thomas ] Take this.
I thought I told you kids
not to go into town
without telling me.
Desmond never listens
to anyone but Desmond.
Where'd he go?
Playing football.
There's a field
just past the bridge.
I'll be back soon.
You're not seriously worried
about all of this, are you?
If Juma was making trouble,
we would have heard something,
but this is Sangala.
I'm not taking any chances.
[ Children Laughing ]
[ Thomas Chattering ]
[ Excited Shouting ]
Yo. Hey.
Pass it! Pass it!
[ Bleating ]
Left, left, left!
Pass the ball, James.
The ball!
What'd you think
that was, huh?
What you say, "nothing"?
Now you wanna fight.
Oh, wow!
He's so powerful, guys.
Give him a hand.
Oh, you just threw
the ball away.
Now you wanna fight.
Now you wanna fight.
Go fetch the ball
if you want the ball.
Go fetch it.
- Run!
- [ Machine Gun Fire ]
[ Boys Screaming ]
[ Machine Gun Fire Continues ]
Oh, no!
[ Men Shouting ]
[ Speaking Native Language ]
[ Whistling ]
[ Shouting Continues ]
[ Shouting Continues ]
Yeah. Yeah.
One at a time.
One at a time.
One at a time!
You are now soldiers
in the People's Freedom Army.
You will all have the honor
of fighting the imperialists...
until we have
taken back our land.
[ Radio Chatter ]
Samuel tells me you are
from the American school
in Okavango.
These Americans
make our people slaves.
But we will free you,
and we will free
the other children...
so they can become soldiers.
Take them.
Let's go.
Come on. Go, go!
[ Laughing ]
Tell me your name.
Are you a baby, Seville?
I asked you a question.
Are you a baby?
Good, because we need
soldiers, Seville.
Not babies
who wet themselves.
Now stop crying,
or I'll stop you myself.
[ Man ]
Put them in the truck!
Let's go!
Go. Go!
Faster! Don't lose them!
- [ Gasping ]
- What are you doing?
Idiot! They are
no good to us dead!
This is an historic day
marking the swearing in...
of America's first
female president.
Behind me, the sidewalks
along Pennsylvania Avenue
are crowded with spectators...
here to catch a glimpse
of the passing motorcade.
With the inauguration
less than two hours away,
President Daniels is scheduled
to meet with his successor
here at the White House...
to review final details
for the transfer of power.
Their respective transition
teams have been working together
for several weeks...
to ensure
a smooth turnover.
[ Chuckling ]
Stop looking at me
like that.
Watching you get dressed
is almost as fun as
watching you get undressed.
Shouldn't you
be getting dressed?
We got time.
Hey, you need to shave.
You're gonna be on TV.
Mmm, mmm.
Stop it.
[ Cell Phone Ringing ]
[ Beeps ]
Uh, I need to talk
to you, Rog.
Yeah. Look.
Uh, I think I might
be in trouble.
You using again?
That's not what
this is about.
You didn't answer
my question.
I can't, uh--
I can't really talk
on the phone, okay?
I was hoping that I could,
um-- I could meet up with you
face to face.
- Now?
- Rog, hang on a second.
I know. I know, I know.
It's terrible timing.
Believe me, I know.
But I wouldn't be asking if
it wasn't really important.
- I gotta leave
in 45 minutes, man.
- I can be there in 20.
I am not gonna stay long.
I swear, Rog. Just please.
Do this for me?
- Fine, but I'm outta here
in 45 minutes.
- Thank you. Thank you.
You're letting Chris
come here right now?
He's having some kind
of relapse or something.
What am I supposed to do?
Exactly! What are you
supposed to do?
- Make sure he calls
his sponsor? I don't know.
- This is so Chris.
He's been a friend
for a really long time.
He got me my job,
which, if he hadn't,
I wouldn't have met you.
Don't. Stop.
Hmm? Hmm?
[ Sighs ]
Just don't be late
for your mother's
[ Man ]
I always liked
his advice too.
Madam President?
Not yet.
This way.
Nice to see you.
[ Sighs ]
How are you feeling?
You should be.
In a few hours,
you're going to be the most
powerful person in the world.
As if you're not already
hard enough to live with.
Ma'am. Mr. Taylor.
The president apologizes
he could not be here
to greet you in person.
But something urgent
has come up.
Something urgent?
Whatever it is, Tom,
it's gonna land on my desk
in about two hours.
Could I just
have a moment?
I'm sorry.
Don't be. Go ahead.
Our embassy in Sangala
just got word
of an imminent coup.
How imminent?
Where's the president now?
He's in
the TelePresence suite.
He's on a secure line
with Prime Minister Matobo.
Mr. President,
my country's in crisis,
and here is the proof.
[ Beeps ]
This video
was taken moments ago.
Juma's moving his forces
toward the capital as we speak.
Mr. Prime Minister,
this news has caught us
all by surprise.
But our priority here
in Washington is to ensure the
safety of you and your family.
My priority
is to defend my country
from this monster Juma,
and the only way
that can happen
is if you accelerate...
the military assistance
your congress has already
pledged to us.
I'm not in a position
to make that happen.
Certainly not today.
What about
your successor?
Will she be
in a better position
to help us?
I'm afraid I can't
speak for her.
- Will you excuse us
for a moment?
- Yes, of course.
[ Beeps ]
You were right, sir.
Taylor does want to
weigh in on this.
Where is she?
Just outside.
- [ Beeps ]
- I am sorry,
Mr. Prime Minister,
but I have to
cut this short.
The president-elect
is waiting for me.
Please, sir,
convey to her my request
for military assistance.
I'll do that.
Thank you, sir.
[ Beeps ]
Well, my first day.
Mr. President.
Senator Taylor.
Tom told me
what's happening
in Sangala.
It is a damn tough
I don't understand.
How could Juma raise an army
without our getting wind of it?
We disarmed him
three years ago.
The U.N.'s been
monitoring the situation.
Not closely enough apparently.
Then you have no idea
who's supplying him?
All we know is Juma's
secured some fairly advanced
weapons systems,
which is why
Prime Minister Matobo...
is asking for
our military assistance.
And what did you tell him?
The truth.
It's not a viable option.
You don't agree.
We have troops in the region.
A show of force
might make Juma blink.
And if it doesn't,
we get caught up in
another civil quagmire...
halfway around the world.
Now, that is
a hard sell.
Especially when there's nothing
in Sangala worth protecting.
No natural resources,
no substantial economic ties,
nothing that threatens
our national security.
The last time Juma
made a power grab,
he ignited a tribal war
that killed tens of thousands
of civilians.
Our involvement
could avert a genocide.
And this war
will be tragic too.
But it isn't our war.
Which is why I've ordered the
ambassador to begin evacuating
all nonmilitary nationals.
I think that's a mistake.
I don't want any Americans
caught in the cross fire
when Juma starts shooting.
Closing our embassy
sends a signal to the world...
that we are willing to
sell out a democratic ally...
to a war criminal.
I appreciate
your idealism.
I can't say the same
for your cynicism.
Let's talk after you've
been sitting in my chair
for a while.
And until then, we still
have some transition
business to go over,
so I suggest we get started.
[ Intercom Beeps ]
Send in Tom Lennox.
[ Woman On Intercom ]
Yes, Mr. President.
[ Women Chattering ]
S'il vous plat.
[ Speaking French ]
[ French Continues ]
Merci, merci.
[ Chattering Resumes ]
[ Gunshots ]
Open your eyes.
Open your eyes!
That's it.
Stay with me, Desmond.
Stay with me. Open your eyes.
Open your eyes.
Do not go to sleep.
Do you understand?
Do not go to sleep.
Good lad.
Don't go to sleep.
[ Boy ]
Then you're out.
It's not heavy.
I can carry it.
I want to go
with you.
Me and my brother Desmond too.
- We can carry your things
and work for you.
- No.
Why not?
Because you can't.
I'm going alone.
"People who like
to be alone are witches,"
my grandfather says.
Well, there you go.
Your grandfather wouldn't
be happy if you left here
with a witch, now, would he?
He would want me
to go to America.
His favorite
was Elvis Presley.
I'm not going to America.
Where are you going then?
I don't know yet.
"I don't know yet"
is better than here.
You sure about that?
Here doesn't seem
so bad to me.
Mr. Benton is very nice,
but there are too many
ghosts walking around.
My mother, my father
and my three sisters.
They live in the bush
and come out at night.
But you wouldn't see them
because you are Poo-mui.
A white person.
Willie, you and I
are friends, right?
Then I want you
to do me a favor,
as a friend.
I want you to stay here
with Mr. Benton and help
take care of the other boys.
Can you do that?
You promise?
I promise.
Thank you.
It's not fair.
How come he has to go,
and we have to stay?
It's not fair
or unfair.
It's just
the way it is. Come.
Help me finish.
We're almost done.
Benton from Direct Connect.
He says he needs to talk to you.
- Carl?
- Jack. James is dead.
Desmond's been shot.
- What happened?
- Juma's raising an army.
Desmond says they're
headed for the school.
They're coming for the boys,
Jack. You got to get them
into the shelter.
Thomas knows where it is.
How many guns are coming?
Maybe a dozen. I don't know.
You'll have to hold them off
till I get there.
Carl, you need to call
the embassy, get them to send
some marines out here.
I've been trying.
I can't get through.
Jack, go into my room.
You'll find what you need
in a locker under my sink. The
key's on top of the cupboard.
How far out are you?
Maybe five minutes.
Jack, don't let them
take my kids.
- Don't let them
take the children.
- Carl, I won't.
Everybody! Everybody,
I want you to listen!
I want you to go to the shelter
with Thomas. He's gonna
take you there now! Go!
What's going on?
I don't have time
to explain, Willie.
Just go with Thomas
and ring the bell. Now!
What about my brother?
Your brother's with Mr. Benton.
Everybody, follow me!
Juma's men are coming.
Do you have a weapon?
How do you know this
isn't just another rumor?
Do you have a weapon or not?
If they are coming,
I will talk to them.
They will listen to me.
Save your helmet for the parade.
They are coming. Two of our boys
have already been shot.
The United Nations
remains neutral
in this matter.
You son of a bitch.
You still want
to talk to them?
I didn't think so.
Why don't you
go hide in the shelter
with the other children?
[ Bell Ringing ]
[ Willie Shouting ]
[ Bell Ringing Continues ]
[ Shouting ]
Willie! Enough. Let's go.
Let's go, Willie. Come on.
Come on!
Hurry, hurry.
[ Thomas ]
Boys, go!
Come on, Russell!
You're the last?
Wait! Wait for me.
[ Chattering ]
[ Whistling ]
[ Man Speaking
Native Language ]
Go! Find the boys!
Find them!
[ Native Language Continues ]
[ Grunts ]
[ Man Shouting
In Native Language ]
[ Shouting Continues ]
[ Gunshot ]
[ Youssou ]
Keep going! This way!
There, there!
[ Gunshot ]
[ Grunts ]
[ Rifle Cocks ]
Do not kill him yet--
Not until he tells us
where the children are hiding.
Bring him.
Stay here. Stay here.
Where are you going?
I'll be back in a bit.
[ Groaning ]
[ Youssou ]
String him up.
[ Native Language ]
Tie him up.
[ Chattering ]
[ Youssou ]
I want him to suffer.
[ Chattering ]
U.S. citizens only.
What about her?
She's not American.
She has family in the States.
I have a sister in Chicago.
She has a job.
She needs to sponsor you.
By then
it will be too late.
My husband
died fighting Juma.
Juma will kill me.
He will kill my child.
There's a U.N. camp
across the eastern border.
How will I get there?
I have no transportation.
The buses are all full.
I cannot walk.
I'm sorry.
Whatever you want me
to do for you, I will do.
Just take me from here.
[ Helicopter Whirring ]
Anything at all.
I can't. I'm sorry.
Sir, it's Carl Benton.
Please, don't let them
kill my baby!
Please! Please!
- Benton.
- I've been trying to
get through to you.
Yeah, our lines
are overloaded.
Juma's men are here.
They're raising an army.
We know.
You know?
Yeah, we don't know how
he managed to pull it off.
No one saw it coming.
But he's got soldiers
moving in on the capital.
They're here right now, Frank.
They're at my school.
- You have to send
some marines to help.
- I can't spare any.
They're all being deployed
for the evacuation.
- Evacuation?
- The orders came down
from the president.
We're rolling up all U.S.
nationals. We already started
ferrying people to the border.
Look, I got 14 kids
hiding in a shelter,
and one that's gonna bleed
to death if he doesn't get
medical attention.
If you want us to get you out,
get here on your own. The last
chopper's leaving in an hour.
Look, Frank. D-Don't
strand me like this, please.
My hands are tied, Carl.
Frank-- Tramell, please.
Please don't--
Damn it!
[ Whispers ]
Damn it.
[ Grunts ]
I'm running out of ways
to ask the question.
Where are the children?
- We have searched
all the buildings, sir.
- Keep looking.
You're wasting your time.
They're not gonna find anything.
I told you they're not here.
You're lying.
No, I'm not.
If you wanna find soldiers
for your army,
you're gonna have to
look somewhere else.
are the children?
I told you--
I don't know.
- [ Sizzling ]
- [ Jack Screaming ]
[ Willie ]
Oh, Jack.
[ Screaming Continues ]
[ Grunts ]
[ Grunting ]
I will keep doing this
until you beg me to kill you.
But I won't kill you
even then.
[ Grunts ]
Not until you tell me...
what I want to know.
Please-- Please, no! No!
I'll show you
where the kids are.
Tell me.
I need to show you. They're
in an underground shelter.
You will tell me
where this shelter is!
About 200 meters
up the footpath.
Behind the tree line.
There's a wooden hatch
under a mound of dirt.
Please, just-- Please.
[ Sobbing ]
Get the children.
I will stay here
with him.
Don't worry.
Once I have these children,
I will kill you quickly.
[ Groans ]
[ Chamber Clicks Twice ]
[ Gunshots ]
[ Grunting ]
- [ Yells ]
- [ Groans ]
You all right, Jack?
Yeah. The kids
are in the shelter.
How is Desmond?
He's lost
a lot of blood.
The border's five hours
from here. I don't think
he's gonna make it.
I'm gonna try and get 'em
to the embassy. They've
started evacuating already.
How are you gonna get
the kids asylum?
They're not U.S. nationals.
I've got sponsorship papers.
Tramell's got to let them in.
But I have to go now, Jack.
The last chopper
leaves in an hour.
You all right?
Go. Go!
And, Jack, good luck.
Stay here.
Jack may need our help.
And if they catch you,
they will make you
tell them where we are.
You are endangering
the rest of us.
We wouldn't have
been in danger...
if you had done something
about Juma instead of
looking the other way.
Right. Everyone out.
Go to the bus.
Thomas, go get Desmond.
He's in the jeep
by the end of the footpath.
Quickly, quickly, quickly.
Go to the bus.
Go to the bus. Go to the bus.
Where is my brother?
Thomas has gone
to get him.
Then he's all right?
He will be. He will be.
Go to the bus.
Quickly, quickly.
[ Chattering In
Native Language ]
It's not as bad
as it looks.
Wait. Listen up!
Listen up!
Everyone, listen.
We're taking the bus
into the city.
Once we're on the road
I'll explain everything
that's happening. All right?
But we have to move now.
On the bus. Move.
Quickly. Quickly.
Where you going?
I told Mr. Bauer before.
The United Nations remains
neutral in this conflict.
A U.N. escort might help us
get where we need to go.
[ Jack ]
Let him go!
He's just trying to save
his own ass because he knows
the children are a target.
You're gonna need
my help, Carl.
Juma's men are gonna set up
roadblocks, checkpoints
all the way into the city.
I got one of the soldiers'
walkies. We can use it
to try and avoid them.
Jack, you won't have to go
anywhere near the embassy.
Just help me get the kids
to the city. You can head
to the border from there.
Let's go.
Can you take it easy?
Just keep your hands
where I can see 'em.
I told you,
he's expecting me.
Hey, Rog!
R-Rog, can you call
your watchdog off, please?
Agent Vossler,
he's a friend of mine.
You can let him in.
Your friend's
jacked up on something.
I'll take care of it.
It's all right.
I'll be outside.
Thank you.
Look, man, um,
I know that my timing
right now must,
you know, suck.
So thank you. It's just,
I'm-- I think I'm in a
little bit of trouble here.
What kind of trouble?
Coke? Pills?
Don't get all righteous
on me, Rog. Okay?
I seem to remember
most nights you partying me
under the table.
- That was a long time ago.
- Not that long ago.
You got five minutes,
so talk fast.
Uh, okay.
Couple months ago Nichols
calls me into his office.
Says he wants me to manage
a special project.
Special project?
That's what he calls it.
He says he knows I've
taken some serious hits
in the stock market,
and he's gonna
give me a chance
to recover my losses.
I mean, the money
he paid me-- Rog.
[ Chuckling ]
It was crazy.
I mean, the money
was really crazy.
All I had to do was
keep my mouth shut.
What'd he have you do, Chris?
Open a few offshore accounts,
move money in and out,
that type of thing.
So you helped Nichols
embezzle money
from his own firm.
Yeah, that's what I thought
I was doing at first.
But, Rog, three days ago
I recognized the prefix
on one of the accounts.
It's something the Justice
Department has red-flagged
for traders to report.
So, I do a little digging
and, uh,
turns out that the, uh--
the account holder...
is on the terrorist
watch list.
Yeah. Yeah.
Who is it?
I don't know.
I don't know, Rog.
I don't wanna know.
Frankly, it's all getting
a little too weird for me.
This morning
there was this creepy guy
in Nichols's office who--
Look, I don't know
what he's doing.
I don't want to have
anything to do with it.
I'm willing to turn
state's evidence.
Yeah? Good.
You should go to the F.B.I.
Man, I was just thinking
that, uh--
[ Sniffs ]
I could probably cut
a much better deal...
if we take this
directly to your mother.
Y-You want my mother
to clean up your mess?
Chris, what do you expect me
to say to that?
I don't know, Rog.
Uh, how about,
"I'm sorry to hear
that you're in trouble, Chris,
but you're a friend of mine...
and I'm gonna do whatever
I can do to help you out"?
[ Sighs ]
Do you even have
any evidence?
[ Scoffs ]
- I'm working on it.
- What does that mean?
What does it mean?
It means, um--
Nichols asked me
to destroy some records.
I didn't do it.
I, um-- I sent them
to my hard drive
at home instead.
They're coded, but, you know,
they're probably traceable.
[ Footsteps Approaching ]
- Hello, Chris.
- Hey, Sam.
- You look great.
- Thank you.
We really need to leave now.
We're already pushing it.
Agent Vossler's
in the car waiting.
I'll meet you there.
I'm right behind you.
[ Whispers ]
- See you at work later?
- Right.
[ Door Closes ]
I have to go.
I know.
I know, I know, I know.
If I forward you these records,
will you at least
show them to your mother?
I'm not talking to anybody
until I see them for myself.
Okay, all right. That's--
Look, Rog,
thank you.
Just check your e-mail
in one hour.
Clean yourself up.
[ Men Chattering ]
Sixteen mortar teams supported
by 20 forward observers.
Make sure we all have
the same encryption codes.
And have a backup
in case government try to
jam communication.
Sir, General Juma
is here.
Welcome home, General.
Colonel Dubaku.
Look what you've built here.
Our American friends
have been very helpful.
Did they send us
the Howitzers?
We have them in position
about 20 kilometers
from the capital.
We can hit any target
in the city.
All we need is your order
to begin the bombardment.
One of our checkpoints.
Excuse me, General.
- Yes?
- Colonel, this is
Lieutenant Kintu.
Checkpoint Delta.
We have a man in custody,
a U.N. relief worker.
He was driving to his base,
but we have detained him
for questioning.
He says he has information
about your brother.
- What sort of information?
- He says your brother
is dead, sir.
[ Gasps Quietly ]
Your brother and his men,
they were ambushed
at the American school.
He says that he can
help us find the man
who killed your brother.
Hold it steady.
[ Groaning ]
Thank you, Willie.
you sure the bandage
isn't too tight?
Be right back.
Managed to stop the bleeding,
but Desmond's fever is spiking.
If we don't get him
to a hospital soon,
he's gonna go into shock.
We're five kilometers
from the city.
Carl, I'm really sorry
about the school.
I know how much
you put into it.
Just a bunch of cement
and two-by-fours, right?
What the hell
was I thinking,
letting myself
believe that things
were finally different here,
that this country
had turned a corner?
[ Dubaku On Radio ]
The bus is from
the American school.
They are heading into the city
from the Okavango.
There is only one
of two roads they can go.
I'm seeing patrols on both.
[ Man On Radio ]
Sir, this is Patrol One.
We have not seen a bus
matching that description.
- Where is your position?
- Heading east, one kilometer
west of Okavango Junction.
-Jack, they're
right in front of us.
-Let me know when you have them.
Everybody hold on!
Hold on!
[ Children Shouting,
Chattering ]
[ Engine Off ]
What is it?
Rebel patrol.
[ Jeep Passing By ]
Carl, we can't
get back on that road.
We'll walk to the embassy.
If we follow the river,
it'll take us to the city.
- Desmond will not
make it that far.
- Then you help him, Thomas.
We're not getting back
on that road.
[ Willie ]
Where are we going?
[ Carl ] To the embassy.
Let's go!
Quickly! Quickly!
[ Whispering ]
Hurry up. Hurry up.
Quickly. I'll take him.
I'll take him.
Take this.
Take this.
[ Whispers ]
Stay here.
[ Carl ] Willie!
Willie, hurry up!
Your wife will be out
in a minute.
She'd better be, or she's gonna
be late for her inauguration.
What's going on in there?
Well, I really can't
discuss that,
but, of course,
when your wife comes out...
you're certainly free
to ask her.
I asked you
a simple question, Tom.
If you can't answer it,
But I don't need your permission
to talk to my wife.
Well, I would hope not.
If you will excuse me,
I have to continue
packing up my office.
The decision book.
Master protocols
for the command and control...
of our nuclear arsenal.
I never knew
how much I didn't know
till I read that book.
Are the gold codes
in here?
Not yet.
Dan Wilcox will deliver them
to your designate.
All right then.
Well, if we're finished here
I should get going.
Join me for a drink,
a toast to your administration.
As much as I'd like to,
it's still a little early
in the morning.
- You sure?
- Yes.
To your administration.
Thank you.
Thank you, Mr. President.
Thank you, Mr. President.
Please extend my gratitude
to your transition team...
for all they've done.
You know what
the talking heads are saying?
They're saying that
I lost this election
because I didn't want to win it.
They're saying that...
my heart wasn't in it.
What about you?
Do you agree
with their opinion?
I don't believe
there's a simple answer
to that question.
[ Laughing ]
You are right.
Nothing about this job
lends itself to simple answers,
just, uh,
jagged edges and moving parts,
most you won't even see coming
till they've smacked you
in the head.
So, uh,
be careful,
Madam President.
See you at the inauguration.
[ Man Chattering,
Indistinct ]
Are you all right?
I'm not sure yet.
We just got word
of a coup in Sangala.
Daniels has ordered
the embassy to evacuate
without even consulting me.
Is it the right call?
Right or wrong, he should have
brought me in on the decision.
Maybe he's still bitter
about the election.
Noah Daniels
isn't that vindictive.
You think he has a reason
for pulling out of Sangala
before you take office.
I'll call Ethan from the car.
If Daniels is
hiding anything about Sangala,
he'll be able to dig it up.
[ Man On Radio ]
It's definitely the bus
from Okavango.
They were here not too long ago,
at least a dozen boys.
I don't care how many boys.
How many men? Just Benton?
- Or is he with that bastard
that killed my brother?
- There were two men.
- Along the river would
be their fastest route.
- Good.
Colonel Dubaku, I am sorry
to hear about your brother,
but I need you here.
Are you ordering me
to stay?
A campaign is just beginning,
and you are critical
to its success.
There will be time
for you to avenge your brother
after we have taken power.
The man
who killed my brother...
is heading toward
the American embassy.
They are evacuating
within an hour.
That is all the time I have
and all the time I need.
Excuse me, General.
Sir, the men
are ready, sir.
[ Anchorman ]
President-elect Taylor...
will make her way to the steps
of the U.S. Capitol where,
standing before thousands
of American citizens and--
[ Sighs ]
[ Beeping ]
[ Pills Rattling ]
[ Thumps ]
Is this everything,
Mr. Whitley?
You've been stealing
financial records
from your office.
Those files are private property
and I'm here to recover them.
Is this everything?
Uh, look, I-- I saw something
didn't look right,
took it home to check it out.
It's probably a mistake--
Just calm down.
Answer my question.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
That's everything.
It's all there.
- What about your laptop?
- Um, it's, uh--
- It's in my briefcase,
if you want to check it.
- Did you make any hard copies?
No, I swear--
I-- I barely even
looked at those files.
- Who have you shown them to?
- No one. N-Nobody.
So, um,
just erase it,
take whatever you want,
then you leave.
Are we cool?
Whoa. Whoa!
Hey, do we look
like fools to you?
Huh? Do we?
Do we?
No! No! No!
Then don't talk to us
like we are.
Sit down.
Open your shirt,
Mr. Whitley.
Your shirt.
What are you doing?
You're going to tell us
everything you know,
and we'll know
if you're lying.
Just leave it alone, okay?
Chris asked me
not to tell anyone.
I am not "anyone."
Come on, Sam.
I don't trust him.
Then trust me.
- We're here, sir.
- You made great time, Edward.
[ People Chattering ]
Look, I know that Chris
is your friend.
It's just this idea of you
having a secret with him--
I gave him my word
I wouldn't tell anyone.
You need to
respect that. Okay?
[ Sighs ]
Big turnout.
[ Shutters Clicking ]
It's crazy having a mother
who's the hottest
ticket in town.
[ Chattering Continues ]
[ Phone Ringing ]
It took some doing, but we
managed to recover the files.
What's our exposure?
We're working on it now.
Find out
and call me back.
[ Woman ]
Hi. How are you?
[ Chris Whimpering ]
[ Muffled Screaming ]
Take Desmond.
That's it.
stay close, okay?
There's a road
through those trees,
takes us to the city.
We should be safe
when we get there.
You follow the riverbed.
That'll take you
to the border.
You'll get there
before dark.
You sure?
Jack, we'll be fine.
Thanks for helping us
get this far.
You take care of yourself.
[ Helicopter Rotors
Whirring, Faint ]
Carl. Carl.
[ Rotors Continue Whirring,
Louder ]
Kids in the trees.
In the trees! Now! Move!
[ Carl ]
Run! Quickly!
Line them up.
Hurry up! Hurry up!
Take cover! Take cover!
Hurry up!
- Fire!
- Take cover! Quickly!
[ Jack ]
Boys, keep running!
Keep running! Don't look back!
Keep running!
- Move!
- [ Machine Gun Fire Continues ]
Now he's coming behind.
[ Rifle Cocks ]
I got a shot.
Roll 'em out.
- [ Gunshots ]
- [ Machine Gun Fire ]
They're going down.
Go, boys! Come on!
Now! Hurry up!
Go! Go! Go!
Pull it up! Pull it up!
[ Alarm Blaring ]
[ Jack ]
Come on.
Come on.
It's all right.
Let's go.
[ Whispering ]
Willie, come back.
Come back.
Willie, get back here.
Stop. Stop!
Don't-- Don't move!
[ Clicks ]
Stay there.
Don't move.
Don't come near me.
- I didn't want to leave this.
- I know, I know.
It's all right.
Go with Thomas.
Willie, it's all right.
Come with me.
Slowly. Slowly.
Stay on the path.
Go with the other boys.
Forget it, Jack. Just go.
Take the kids and go.
Damn it, Jack.
There's nothing we can do.
There. Okay.
It's round,
in a gray casing,
with a Cyrillic "b"
and the number "291"
stenciled on the side.
Russian antipersonnel mine.
Five kilo.
I take my weight off,
and that's it.
I'm gonna try and disassemble
the trigger mechanism.
- It's got
an anti-tamper system.
- I'll find a work-around.
-Even if you had the tools,
it'd take more than an hour.
-There's gotta be a kill switch.
There's no time, Jack.
Just give me a second.
Jack, stop.
It's all right, Jack.
I can die like this.
Just-- Just take the kids
to the embassy.
Make sure they're safe.
Carl, don't do this.
Shh, shh, shh.
Take these papers.
Sponsorship papers.
Give them to Tramell.
Please, Jack.
Give me the rifle.
I'm gonna buy you
some time, Jack.
Maybe more.
Go on.
Go. Go.
Go ahead with Jack.
I'll be right behind.
- Mr. Benton!
- I'll catch up.
Go. Go.
We gotta go.
We gotta go.
Please. Come on.
Let's go.
[ Thomas ]
Let's go.
[ Sobbing ]
[ Men Chattering
In Native Language ]
Okay, I'll tell him.
Colonel. Sir.
We cannot follow them
into the city.
It's still under
government control.
Since when do you
start giving orders?
I spoke to Udo.
He has some men...
inside the city
looking for him,
looking for Benton
and the other man.
With the children
they won't be hard to find.
Well, I will find them
and kill them myself,
even if I have to
go into the city.
Go. Find them.
[ Chattering Continues ]
Colonel Dubaku, look.
[ Chattering Continues ]
[ Native Language ]
Who are you?
I'm Benton.
- Where is your friend?
- Which one?
[ Screams ]
Where is he?
I don't know
what you're talking about.
[ Groans ]
[ Panting ]
All right.
All right.
[ Muttering ]
He's taking them--
- What?
- He's taking them--
What are you saying?
What are you saying?
He's taking them to--
[ Groans ]
Bring him to me.
[ Groans ]
Go to hell.
[ Explosion ]
What was that?
Just keep moving.
Come with me.
Go on.
Come on. Move.
Nice to see you.
to your family.
[ "Stars and Stripes
Forever" ]
- Expecting a call?
- Hmm?
It's about Chris, isn't it?
He was supposed to send me
something 15 minutes ago.
Call him later.
Your mother's here.
[ Shutters Clicking ]
It's been a long journey,
Madam President.
I'm afraid
we're just getting started.
Our Africa group
is preparing a brief
on Sangala.
You'll have it
on your desk as soon
as you're done here.
Good morning.
Good morning.
Thank you.
Madam President,
it's an honor.
Good morning.
Thank you so much.
You look beautiful,
Madam President.
Thank you, Samantha.
Roger. Samantha.
Nice to see you on time
for once.
Mm-hmm. [ Chuckles ]
How are you holding up?
It still doesn't feel
quite real.
It will soon enough.
Whitley needed
some encouragement,
but he told my man everything.
How much
does Roger Taylor know?
- Nothing you need
to worry about.
- He knows Nichols was involved.
All he knows is that his
desperate, drug-addicted friend
told him some crazy story.
He's got no evidence.
If he finds Nichols,
he could find me.
Not without evidence.
Whitley's no longer
a problem.
We limited the damage.
But you haven't
eliminated it.
[ President-elect Taylor ]
Thank you.
Keep your eye on Taylor.
How much farther
to the embassy?
Two more blocks that way.
But we only have
10 minutes.
As soon as we get there I'm
gonna give you the paperwork.
Give that to Mr. Tramell.
He's gonna take care
of everything.
Then you're not coming?
Where's Mr. Benton?
- He's not coming.
- Why?
He's dead!
No! He was supposed
to be behind us!
He said he was coming!
Willie. Willie!
He lied! Why?
Stop it! Stop it!
He lied to me? Why?
Mr. Benton
did not lie.
He made one promise to all
of you boys-- to protect you
and make sure you were safe.
Mr. Benton died to make sure
that Juma's soldiers
couldn't follow us.
Mr. Benton died
to make sure you could
get to the embassy.
Mr. Benton died
to make sure
that you would be safe.
[ Sobbing ]
I'm so sorry,
but we have to go.
It's what Mr. Benton
would have wanted.
Okay? You okay?
Well, then let's go.
Come on. Come on.
We gotta go.
Right away.
It's okay. Come on.
Let's go. Let's go.
Stop. Stop.
Thomas, take the boys.
Hide behind the car. Now.
Move. Move.
Everybody, now.
[ Bystanders Screaming ]
[ Machine Gun Fire ]
Kill the cockroach.
- Kill the cockroach.
- Put the gun down.
Kill the cockroach.
I don't want to hurt you.
Just put the gun down.
Willie, wait!
I know you're scared.
Just put the gun down.
I'm not gonna hurt you.
Just put the gun down now.
See those boys?
They're just like you.
I'm trying to get them out
of the country, somewhere safe
where no one can hurt them.
You can come with us.
Just put the gun down.
Come on. Just like me.
Watch. See?
It's going down.
Like me.
Come with me.
I promise no one will hurt you.
[ Helicopter Rotors Whirring ]
No one will hurt you.
[ Thomas ]
Come on, Jack.
We have to go.
We have to go now!
Boys! Come with me now!
Come on!
Let's go!
Everybody hold hands!
Come on!
[ Panting ]
[ Shouting, Chattering ]
I need to speak
to President Taylor.
As soon as you get to Germany
you will have direct access.
You really need to go,
Mr. Prime Minister.
Mrs. Matobo is waiting.
Keep moving!
Stay right behind me!
Stay behind me!
[ Shouts ]
Everybody hold on
to the person behind you!
Don't let go!
keep everyone together!
[ Shouting Continues ]
[ Jack ]
Stay together!
Stay together!
Oh, please take us!
Sergeant! I need
to see Frank Tramell!
He's expecting me!
- Who are you?
- Jack Bauer!
We're almost there!
Just stay with me!
Everyone together.
Don't worry, Desmond!
We made it!
We're going to America!
Listen to me!
I've got 14 children
seeking political asylum!
All of them are R-1 status!
One of them
needs urgent medical care!
Where's Benton?
He's dead!
Wait! Wait!
I've got their paperwork!
Show me.
Keep Desmond up!
It's all right.
Stay with me. Come on!
They appear to be in order.
Good. Then open the gate
and let 'em in!
There's just one small problem--
They need the legal guardianship
of a U.S. citizen.
I already told you--
Benton is dead!
He died getting
these children here!
Then don't let him
have died in vain.
Surrender to the subpoena,
and the ambassador will waive
the issue of guardianship.
- Tramell, leave me out of this.
- I'm afraid I can't do that.
We are talking about
innocent children.
Whatever happens to them
is all on you.
You would leave these children
out here in the street,
knowing what you do about Juma?
Damn it, Frank,
they will be used
as cannon fodder...
or slaughtered
in the soccer stadium
for entertainment!
I am giving you the chance to
make sure that doesn't happen!
The choice is yours.
I don't have a choice,
you son of a bitch.
Open the gate.
Hold on, boys!
Hold on!
Desmond, come on!
No, no, no.
You in first, Bauer.
It's all right, Willie.
It's all right.
It's all right.
Right. Take him into custody
right now!
Let 'em in!
Let them in!
Let them in!
They're with me!
Let 'em in, damn it!
No! Those two
are with me too!
All of them!
All of them!
[ Grunts ]
It's all right, Willie.
Just go with them.
Go with the soldiers.
[ Soldier ]
What about the choppers?
[ Tramell ]
All right, boys, come on.
[ Jack ]
It's all right.
[ Man ]
Raise your right hand
and repeat after me.
I, Allison Taylor,
do solemnly swear--
I, Allison Taylor,
do solemnly swear--
That I will faithfully execute
the office of the president
of the United States--
That I will
faithfully execute...
the office of the president
of the United States--
[ Man ] And will,
to the best of my ability,
preserve, protect and defend...
the constitution
of the United States--
And will,
to the best of my ability,
preserve, protect and defend...
the constitution
of the United States--
So help me God.
So help me God.
Madam President.
Thank you.
Thank you, Chief Justice.
Keep going.
Keep going.
When the founders
of our country...
boldly declared America's
independence to the world,
they knew that they derived
their power to govern...
from three basic
human rights--
life, liberty
and the pursuit
of happiness.
we rededicate ourselves...
to the preservation
of those inalienable rights.
But even as
we carry forth...
the torch lit
by those great men,
we need to remember...
its light doesn't always shine
as brightly as it should.
It flickers and grows dim...
because of apathy,
and fear.
De Tocqueville said,
"In every democracy...
the people get
the government they deserve."
I am asking
each of you...
to help me
give you...
the government
you deserve.
We all share
the responsibility...
history has placed
in our hands.
The future--
Our future...
depends on it.
[ Cheering ]