25 to Life (2008) Movie Script

25 TO LIFE (2009)
How does that pussy taste huh?
Motherfucker! You liked, right?
How does it taste like ?
It tastes good?
you like white pussy?
But I did not do anything!
I have not done anything!
Shut up, motherfucker!
- Let me ...
- Shut up!
Get away from me, bitch!
You are fucking stupid!
You are an idiot!
I'm the man of the house!
Who the the fuck is he?
Shut the fuck up!
Who is he?
Did I get you out of there,
huh motherfucker?
I told you u can get out of here?
Listen to me!
Look, please!
He's the plumber!
I guess you could say I make bad decisions
when I get emotional
everything become a blur
My words my actions
oblivious to the pain
around me, blinded by my own rage
dictated by my own faith
Sorry bro, just passing the street.
I am not your fucking bro
Tony! we're going to be late
for my moms
- did you see a cross here?
- No, no cross .
- don't you see an intersection, motherfucker?
- No, I don't see.
Listen, you fucking gangster.
you think this is a game white boy?
Tony, let him go!
let him Go
...you white piece of shit!
you woke up Ruby!
You happy?
Let him go. lets go!
man fuck this, see what you fucking did!
Tony! we're gonna be late for my mom!
There was only a matter of time before my hatred
torned my family apart.
Fucking tired of this shit!
Come on, this motherfucker jumped in front of us
It's always everybodies fault.
what about your child?
what about your child, huh?
he jumped in front of us!
what you want me to do?
I want you to stop, and fucking let him go.
you never let anything go
all right, im tired of hearing this shit please!
wait a second, the cops are here.
cops, prison, What can I say...
give u time to reflect on two things.
your Angry at everyone
you feel did you wrong
and the things that matter the most
im tired of being angry
and the only trully innocent person
in this fucked up mess is my daughter
my only hope is that she
can forgive me when I get out
i love u babe
you know I Normally don't
do pro-bono cases
But Jenny can be quite persuasive
I'll go back, sometimes question her case.
So, you want to see your daughter again?
Yes I do.
I filed all the paperwork for you and i've got
you setup with a visitation date.
it's not much, but it's the best we could do.
It is also my job to inform you that one more
screw up
one more offence
there's nothing I can do for you.
You'll be facing 25 to life
it's time to go home, Tony.
but you failed, Ernie!
No, You failed!
You understand that! failed, not once
not twice, but three times
No! Ernie,
If you run...
I will find you!
I'm out of favours.
Kind of like baseball...
Three strikes and you're out!
And you walk back to the dugout.
With a bunch of men, you'll be showering,
but for a long time.
You did two and a half out of three years,
that's pretty good.
You gotta place to stay, money?
i don't half around here, boy.
So when I ask you a question, I expect you
to give me a verbal "yes" or "no".
is that understood?
So, what's the most important thing in your life?
My daughter.
- You sure about that?
- yeah, I am sure.
All right.
my name is officer Jesse Southern.
I need to be your enemy or your friend.
I suggest you choose the latter.
So no homies, no drugs...
Your veteran will talk about getting you
a job on monday.
See Nancy Caladay.
another routine.
Hey... Antonio!
Dont follow his footsteps.
i know your father
Youdon't know my father.
- 25...
- to life.
Don't make me repeat myself.
Take it, get yourself a newspaper,
and get yourself a job!
hey, baby.
You remember me?
I missed you.
Ruby? who is it?
Who is at the...?
Go back inside.
When did you get out?
About a week ago.
I am taking care of some business.
So what's up?
Can I speak to my daughter?
I already wrote you several letters,
about what I want you to do.
About those letters, the answer is no.
Dont put your hands on my door!
This is my goddamn door!
you step back or i'll call the cops
Let's start over.
I am sorry
You are sorry.
One sorry son of a bitch!
two years hasnt changed shit.
She's really big now.
How is she doing in school?
She's the smartest one in her class.
Smart, just like her dad.
You ever think about us?
You need to move out.
Everything all right?
when they let you out?
Sup bitch?
long time no see, huh!
No,no not here!
Don't bring this shit to my house !
if you can't respect him, go away.
25 to life without white boy laying a finger
on my little girl.
It's exactly what i'll be serving
that's my ruby
Her life still has a shot
And i'm gonna do everything I can
so she can gets that shot
people say you cant runaway from your past.
but your past will always come back to hunt you
I just hope I can prove them wrong
when did you get out, homie?
Last week.
were you staying at Carls?
i'm staying at my ladies, Jenny.
You know when you were locked up,
mom's pad got raided again.
She went down with him , homie.
they're both locked up.
Give me a holler for a minute, homie.
Streets is high right now,
Youngsters fighting over some petty shit.
They got some white boys, they owe me
some major gibbs.
You're down helping me collect?
I just got out.
I aint trying to fuck up my parole.
Shit never stopped you before homie.
allright, then.
do me a favour.
Take care of this for me.
couple of days.
i did you a favour, you remember homie?
I did you a big favour.
you put on your daughter that you'd
return that favour.
I'm not trying to get into anything like that.
The only person that I owe anything to,
is my daughter.
And I owe her not get locked up again.
the way I see it...
You put it on your daughter, so i'm
gonna get what you wanted.
Did you miss me?
of course I missed you, Tony!
so how did your job interview go?
it went.
so how did ruby react to you?
- she's still tripping.
- Yeah.
did that lawyer I got you help?
I mean I know sometimes he doesnt file shit
on time and he doesnt return calls but...
Tony cheer up!
Everything is gonna work out, you'll see.
yeah, we'll see.
where do you keep the tequila nowadays?
yeah, I know.
Can I get some water?
Yes, you can.
There's so much things that I didnt
have the chance to tell you yet.
So did you hear that your moms house got
raided again?
yeah, I heard.
I saw her a couple of months back,
she said she's going to see you.
She also said that she was cleaning up.
But I doubt that, she look like shit.
So how is work?
It's okay.
You take care of that cashier
and made manager yet?
No, not yet.
Not yeah, huh?
I wanted you to ask Roberto,
if he needs some help.
I got to get a job soon.
Hey, Isaiah turned 10 right
before you got out.
He really want to see you.
I wanna see him too.
My dad died while you were gone.
Are you allright?
yeah, for what that fucker
did to me and my sisters,
I could care less if he rots in hell.
- what are you talking about...?
- where were you last night?
i went out!
with who?
with Cristina.
so while you get drunk and passed out
on the couch like always.
i went out with my best friend.
where is Ruby?
where is Ruby ?
- at my moms, why?
- You bitch!
you didnt went out with christina last night!
Don't you ever put your goddamn hands on me
again, do you hear me, you alcoholic bastard !
who is Alfonso?
- who is he?
- Idon't know!
who is he?
- someone saw you last night with him!
- who?
your stupid drug dealer friends?
he is using you, stupid!
anyways, why the fuck does it matter who
i go out with anyway?
it matters, because you are my wife,
this doesnt mean anything to you?
It hasnt meant anything to me in
a long time Tony.
I tought you said there was still a
chance for us.
- that's why Idon't go out and fuck around.
You're telling me that you havent fucked that...
what the hell is her name
That fucking Jenny bitch?
she wouldnt let me cause we're still married.
wow, im done with your ass.
I am tired of your macho,
alcoholic racist bullshit !
do you hear me?
do you hear me?
I am leaving you!
I killed Alfonso.
the man you're seeing behind my back.
i think I killed him.
oh my god!
what did you do?
what did you do?
what the fuck did you do you asshole...?
what did you do?
I don't know.
I got it down to three years.
You are only gonna have to serve 2,
2 and a half of that.
It's the best that I could do with all
your priors.
I tought I made myself perfectly clear,
"Stay out of trouble!"
you almost killed a man with
your bare hands, Tony!
i mean who does that?
the only reason you're getting off,
It's because the victim cant be located,
and the witness is off in Mexico somewhere
Consider yourself a lucky guy, Tony!
But I got to tell you,
your luck is running out.
It should have been my life
You know what, you are right.
Ugliness comes in all shapes.
from The devils cleverest ruses
to make you believe he doesnt exist at all.
Let me give you some advice.
the devil is gonna come after whatever
is the most important thing in your life .
I am gonna let you chew on
that for a second
in the meantime,
did you get yourself a job?
No, but im looking.
I can help you there.
Look, officer Southern...
I don't need your help.
what are you afraid it's gonna be
a waste of my damn time?"
why should I go get a job? because
i will end up back in the joint!
Well it sound like you
got me all figured out!
yeah, I know you!
i know your kind! I've been around it all my life!
you know what though?
I am gonna do something for you.
I am gonna do for you, exactly what my
parole officer, my mentor did for me.
I am gonna ignore you.
Is that what you are? a mentor?
because Idon't need one!
They never do!
all right
So I am noticing here, that you had supervised
visitation rights for you daughter Ruby?
- yeah.
- that's impressive!
And you actually fought for
those rights is more impresiive .
yes I did.
Antonio I gotta be honest with you.
You remind me of myself.
From all the pieces of crap that
come walking through my door everyday ,
you remind me of me...
That's probably why I don't like you very much.
you want me to give you a swing?
you've got 25 minutes.
wanna go over there and sit down?
that cloud over there looks like
a slice of pizza with legs?
and that one looks like a gorilla fighting.
that one looks like a fat lady with weight.
actually it looks like a marsupial.
what is that?
a marsupial is a mamal
that has a pocket in his skin.
it puts the baby inside
so they can develop more.
are you telling me that fatty is a kangaroo?
are you gonna leave me again?
- do you want me to leave?
- no.
- well then I wont.
- you promise?
i promise.
I am ready to go swing now.
This is a moment I need to make a memory
Idon't have many of that...good memories that is
I had a dad once, died of
a heart attack when I was eight
My mom remarried
you see the kind of love a man
gives a lonely woman, a son can
never give
and she'll take it, no matter what the price
Look at me do I look like im playing with you?
this will be the last fucking
thing you will ever see?!
You knwo how white men came to power?
by raping and pillaging everyone
in this piece of shit world.
that is how.
Started with all of them...
Fucked up all them geronimos
and tontos out here.
scalped them sons of bitches!
Then the niggers got it after them...
but who cares about those peope, right?
that is why, the white man has to stay strong.
because it is up to us to keep
a watch on all them niggers!
we gotta keep tabs on them spics
and waps and ching changs!
we gotta watch out from people
from fucking mars !
wanna know a secret?
can you keep a secret?
good, cause the white man killed you daddy.
that's right.
when he had his heart attack,
the white doctors didnt do shit...
- dad!
- hey?
are you okay?
time is up.
do I have to go right now?
Rules are rules young girl.
Your daddys time is up. let's go
- Miss Partels...
- don't you ever touch me!
If you ever so much lay a hand on me again,
i will report you for violation.
Do you happen to remember an individual
by the name of Judge brown"?
she is a very good friend of mine.
- I just want another minute with my daughter.
- absolutely not!
I gave you 25 minutes and that's what you got.
what are you doing here?
You know the rules, this is his time Mrs Jimenez
Brooks, not Jimenez.
You are in direct violations of the rules.
I suggest you go back and read your manual again.
look up the code of conduct,
i'll be in your house with your daughter.
Be there.
Takes one to know one, right?
so where is your white bitch?
idon't know what fucking judge you talked to,
to get this shit, but I am gonna put a stop to it .
it's fucking ridiculous that the state would
even consider giving you visitation rights. .
i told you, I was totally shot
in the inside and the outside.
besides it's only once a week, for now.
For now?
your low life friends stopped
by the house looking for you .
The drug dealer that got you put in
jail in the first place, "Capone".
- he came by the house?
- yeah, Tony!
and Idon't want that scum around my family.
thats why I moved out of the fucking hood
So you keep your trash out of my house.
all right, fine
So how long?
how long what?
How long till you break rubys heart again?
How long till you go to jail
and fuck up a promise you made to that little girl?
I want you to waive your rights,
idon't want you to see her anymore
I think in my opinion...
and a lot of people opinions, that Steven
is a better father figure than you.
He is better for rubys life.
you know what?
you're a bitch!
You are a bitch now, and you were a bitch then!
I aint waiving shit!
Dont call me names!
Idon't call you names asshole !
and you will waive those rights, i'll see to it
I'll fucking fight you for her!
I'll keep taking your ass to court
until you run out of fucking money,
cause guess what?
Steven has money.
Steven has a job, a future!
Wanna hit me?
Tell ruby i'll see her next week.
what the fuck!
You following me?
You visit my daughter and you
threat my family?
Couldnt get a hold of you ese...
Tought I stop by and say hi to Ruby.
Stay the fuck away from my family.
I was just looking after her.
i was doing you a favour
Fuck your favours!
If you touch my daughter... i'll kill you!
All right, guess you're gonna
have to do me that favour.
You owe me.
Idon't owe you nothing!
I did my time!
Less than three years for attmepted murder.
No wait, that's right!
All you got was aggravated assault.
It's fun how all of a sudden
the witnesses and Victor wont cooperate.
What do you want from me?
i'm not killing anybody!
I'm not asking you to kill anybody.
Just work for ma.
Work for ma, thats it?
Go down Halloweens path.
- about noon tommorow.
- and we're even, right?
we're done!
All right, we're gonna go into the bank
idon't know man!
Shut the fuck up, bitch!
- what are you doing?
- Capone wants him out, man!
- he said nothing about killing him!
- he wants him out!
Capone want him out!
- Come on!
- shut the fuck up!
Fucking kill me!
- No no no... we are doing the wrong thing.
- He is dead!
- We're not doing this, we're not doing this!
I mean even with all this evidence that points towards you
it wasnt so?
I am telling you, it wasn't me!
You don't owe 25 to life.
Nobody does.
So that's why I believe you.
had nothing to do with it.
even with all these coincidental
faccets of this crime,
where as such as your boys being involved,
possibly being a racial beating
such as your right hand being bruised...
Even with all that, I believe in your innocence
Your innocent until proven guilty.
so I want you to look me in the eye, okay?
Look me in the eye one more time, man to man and tell me
that it wasnt you .
I am telling you, it wasn't me.
All right.
Guess this is what it's gonna be, these are handcuffs
this is me arresting you.
You should pick up this phone and call your daughter
and you tell her dad is not coming home
- Is that what you want for your daughter?
- No!
Stand up.
I got you a job, it's tommorow.
I want you to know something.
The boy you didnt beat up, is in a coma.
he's down Sharp Memorial.
So when he wakes up, somebody gotta pay.
Get the fuck outta my office!
Hey, you are past your bedtime?
what are you reading?
where were you?
work, why?
grocery stores,don't close this late
I told you, I am working overtime.
every night?
Tony, i already told you.
This is just for a little while longer, trust me.
Hey, im gonna call my mom to get Isiah for a few days.
He really wants to see you again.
Your mom is not gonna let you do that .
Im getting my life back together.
i am clean now.
My mom knows that, she can see it.
then whydon't you get him right here?
As soon as this night shift passes by, then I will .
Hey, so can you take Isiah to the movies?
Something just this once?
It's not about Isiah.
But sure.
thanks Tony.
Im gonna go take a shower, Ok.
why does Roberto gives you so much overtime?
but yet, he cant get me a job!
Not even a part time one?
I know what you're thinking, and it's not like that.
what I am thinking then, huh?
I know you, Tony!
Really, you know me?
you know what? you're right.
why I am worried about some grocery store faggot?
While you and me well, not even together, right?
what so?
we are just friends with benefits?
you tell me .
Your a such a dick!
not bad for a guy with only 3 days of experience!
Hey, did you pull the order for Jays customer yet ?
When you're done with that, make sure to check how many
vapor lamps we have in stock
Cause I am gonna need about 50 of them.
you remember what vapor lamps are, right?
are you mexican?
- yeah.
- cool.
you know we in this work are welcomed.
lot of room to move up.
Ever been in prison?
we are expecting a shipment from "Tiny Tools"
- be on the lookout for it.
Goddamn white people, huh?
You need to get back to work, all right.
I'll check on you later
Isaiah couldnt stop talking about you all day
Thank you.
Isiah was great
about what I said a few nights ago, I wanted to tell..
Forget about it!
And ruby? how are the court papers coming along?
The court papers...
i had a few questions,
Called you at the store but nobody was answering.
yeah, I must have been in the back.
I told you I would help you.
i know
Idon't know what you see in me.
I know we are more than friends.
- so we could, you know...
- we cant nothing, Tony.
Not right now, you're not ready.
What do you mean?
I don't want to force you to do
something youdon't wanna do
you're not ready to do.
Jenny, I care about you.
Not the way i'd like you to.
Im fine, I was just calling to tell you I love you...
Oh yeah, I was gonna tell you something!
No, but I got some Chargers tickets
The raiders and the chargers in two month
It's gonna be a lot of fun, I know im excited too.
Are you on break?
I gotta go baby, bye.
I gotta go baby, bye.
I was gonna go right now.
All right, go take your break.
Before you go, did you do shipment order 01107?
how you doing man?
- I am managing.
- Good.
can you check on the 2kb8 transformers for Dave?
you know, it's good you are the supervisor.
Yeah? why is that?
cause you're another deal than these
white people they think they run this place
They think they rule the fukcing world.
You're gonna have to keep that
shit outside allright man.don't bring that in here
- you lied about being in prison!
- so what you're gonna fire me now?
They are cool with it, I am cool with it.
We believe in second chances.
After I did my time, I was given
a second chance, why not you?
these feelings that you have,
I sometimes still get those feelings,
i mean even now...
Outcast, misunderstood...
But you gotta know homie, it's not the
white men that's making you feel that way...
it's you!
These are your collegues man.
we're all in the same boat here.
Treat them with respect.
No homie is better than the other.
I told you he's not my father.
You don't know my father.
the man died in a heart attack
when you were 8?
Some people lives are not really
bad as people think.
what really matter is the perception.
now I used to be kinda of rough cowboy,
Bad seed myself.
But my mentor showed me that
i maybe not that bad after all.
Is this your son?
wouldn't it remind you of me?
is he dead?
every one has choices, Antonio.
all you can really do is try
to stay on a good moral compass...
what if you don't have a compass?
at least not the right one
Then you have the life you're living right now.
i wanted to ask you something .
How is the kid in the coma doing?
when he wakes up, somebody is
going to prison for a long time.
can you remember what I wrote you on the
back of a picture? when you were by the lake
the one I gave you before I went on my business trip.
last year
you mean jail?!
Yeah jail.
I wrote: "absence strengthens love to presence.
it strenghtens it, I remember that.
Papi,don't you think we had enough time to sharpen our love?
sometimes doing things, sometimes they can get complicated.
are you going back to jail again?
You promised me you wouldnt leave me again.
you know, mom told me not to believe your promises anymore.
Time is up.
let me just get two..
just two freaking ...?
Honey, could you go ahead to the slide for a minute,
i need to talk to your daddy.
why you are being so difficult, huh?
idon't like you Mr Jimenez,
idon't like your kind.
but its my job and I see it all the time...
Little boys trying to be men,
Feeding off the system.
Deadbeats Mr Jimenez.
I just saw judge Brown a couple of days ago.
sher remembers you.
she sentenced your dad, recently.
Carl isnt my dad.
he might as well be
You're definitely the apple that
didn't fall far from that tree .
Fuck off!
dont turn away from me!
I have the power to take
your daughter away from you!
I know you love your daughter,
and she loves you...
i see all the time in my job,
these kids have abandon in their shoes.
But it's my job to protect her...
And judge brown job as well.
so what are you saying?
pray you never go before my judge again .
You know it wont be long before
she sees you for what you really are!
hey "Looney", step into my office,
i got to ask you something.
what happened on that night ese?
shit hit the fan!
no shit! homie?
some skinheads, the homeboys have moved up.
at least you got the job at halloween
in the hospital homie. appreciate it.
wait? you spoke to him?
no home boy. This is all...
its gonna take time to go from that hood.
i was thinking of what to say...
they are everywhere just sniffing around and shit.
the coma boy passed away.
coma boy dead?
thats what I heard.
nobody is gonna know now.
he gotta pay capone.
he gotta fucking pay
Right Maza?
yeah, homie.
Dreamer, we got something for these skin heads?
yeah, homie.
fuck these people in halloween, fuck these people!
you all right, "Looney"?
You look a little shook up homie.
jesus christ, you're drunk, what happened?
I was at the grocery store?
where were you?
Playing overtime with that faggot Roberto?!
where were you?
Dont yell at me, you're drunk!
you're fucking him behind me, arent you?
you're just like her!
you've been smoking weed too, what happened Tony?
fuck you!
Dont you know how long i've been working
to stay away of this lifestyle?
i am not going down with you, Tony!
are you listening to me?!
Go take a walk and sober up.
So you can go and fuck
that faggot roberto in my bed, huh?
i quit my overtime job.
do you wanna know what I was doing?
how I was making my overtime
- I went back to my old job.
- what?
you leave me no choice, Tony.
what is that supposed to mean?
you're blaming me?
Get out,don't make this uglier!
you are a goddamn hypocrite!
you think you're gonna get your son back?
By whoring around on some pole?
Why you think you have a roof over your head, Tony!
Food, clothes!
why do you think you see Ruby one day a week?
- don't bring my daughter into this!
- No, what...
You brought my son in this!
who do you think got you that lawyer?...Me!
and without me, your daughter
would be fatherless!
- where is he?
- Idon't know, maybe on break.
- who is gonna tell him?
- I will,
I've been waiting for this.
what are you gonna tell me
you white piece of shit?!
you're gonna fire me? Fuck you!
wait a minute man, wait a minute.
what's wrong with you.
I was going offer you a promotion, dipshit!
Go home Tony.
are you okay?
what are you doing here Tony?
you're not supposed to be here,
today is not your day.
- Bye Tony.
- I wanna see Ruby.
what's wrong with you?
Fall Off the wagon again?
- I just wanna see Ruby! Ruby!
- dad!
Not like this.
listen to me, you see all this stuff around you?
the house,the car, the white picket fence?
this could have been us.
I am trying to change!
Ruby! Baby!
- No! what are you doing
- Dad!
she want to see me!
You listen to me!
we are moving!
I am moving!
we are moving up north to palmdale,
its about four hours from here
Stevens company offered him a promotion...
what does that mean?
No more visits.
I have visitation rights from the court,
what about me and her?
- Yeah?
I have 100% legal and physical custody,
you signed them over in the divorce
That means I make all the decisions for rubies life.
You have no say in it!
This aint right!
Listen, you're in no condition to talk or see her.
you're in not in any condition to see her
- okay Tony?
Son of a bitch!
She's my daughter too!
Get the fuck out of here!
Ruby, come here!
- Get off my property!
- I am her fucking dad!
i am her fucking dad!
What the fuck, man!
how could you betray me like that?
how could you test dirty?
Just overlook it, just this one time!
Come on I know people have smoked
and the appeal let them slide!
Antonio, I tought you told me your daughter
is the most important thing in the world!
She is!
Let me ask you...
"did the devil came after her?"
I know he did.
came get bryan too...
I never really told any of
you convicts the story...
But for me...
The devil is the street.
He hung out with the same
type of people you hang out with .
It's just a matter of time.
I couldn't save him...
The devil is coming after the
most important thing in your life.
Yeah, you!
Who is messing up your daughter life?
Who is drinking and smoking and fighting?
You are. you're hurting everyone around you.
But there is evil in this world.
And you're it.
Your life is a waste, Antonio!
You're better off in prison!
You know, a while back you asked me...
who I was doing this for?
Now you know
Give me another chance.
What the hell you think this is?
This is all about second chances, Antonio!
This is my job, it's what I do
then do it for me, come on!
Give me another chance! I messed up!
You don't get it, im not doing
anything special for you!
i am just doing my job!
Antonio, You wanted to be special man!
you had to make it special Not me!
last night, mr southern, I wanted to die.
But I made a choice.
I didnt want to be dictated anymore!
so I made a fucking choice
Idon't wanna go back to prison
And I cant die!
There is people that need me...
And I need them...
I talked to that boy that
you didnt put in a coma...
Is he alive?
Yeah he is alive.
He's not even pressing charges.
I asked him about it. he said
Karma would take care of it
He is just happy to have a second chance in life.
i am out of all favours for you son.
I think you had all the second chances you need.
Look, just come back tommorow morning?
Let me sleep on it.
Your car keys.
How you doing?
How do you care so much?
How do you love me so much?
I guess some stupid women
Have the ability to see beyond.
See the good
I am sorry!
For what?
I can never be the man you deserve.
every night,
I wish that Isaihs father would come see him...
write to him or something.
But he gets nothing.
Instead the closest thing he has to a father
Is a convict who...rarely sees him
But when he does...
This mother appreciate every second.
I just...
I want the best for my son, you know?
what about you?
You deserve better.
What if I were to tell you that
i might be going away again?
I'll tell you that i'll be
waiting for you again.
Because you deserve better.
Say it Jenny. Say "I deserve better".
I cant!
I need to hear you say it, Jenny.
Say "I deserve better".
I deserve better.
Thank you for everything that
you've ever done to me.
I know that one day you'll
get everything you deserve.
Sup stranger?
We need to talk homie.
"Pee Wee", let him in man.
I spoke to halloween the other day.
He said you hit him in the back
of the head with a baseball bat.
Man I know about you temper,
but that was something stupid.
he was gonna kill the guy.
And you said we were just gonna rough him up.
No homeboy you had it all mixed up!
I said you were gonna rough him up.
I was doing you a favour,
that motherfucker jumped your cousin!
Nah man, he owed you money,
and that's it.
he was a junkie. he didnt want to pay.
what am I supposed to do?
You give me back what you owe me,
or i'll take it.
He had a daughter.
So do you.
all right.
So how you wanna handle it?
A man of your talent,
i could definitely use.
but trust me Tony, everybody
pays me back one way or another
I am done doing shit for you.
I say when you're done.
Let me ask you, Tony.
do you know what you're doing?
Idon't want this lifestyle anymore.
Im looking out for the best interest
of my daughter, and that's it.
I understand.
- Maza, Pull over ese!
- You got it, homie.
we're even right?
we're done, no?
Yeah we're done.
Can I help you, partner?
Do I know you?
Oh yeah! Parole office.
Hey, do you have some change
for a bite ?
I am not supporting your drinking,
old man.
How can somebody get like that!
Lost in their own paradise!
The devils cleverest trade,
is to make you believe he don't exist.
your P.O is Jesse Southern?
yeah, why?
just that thing you said, he told me that.
yeah that fool is crazy.
He used to be my brothers P.O too.
That crazy guy used the same
tricks on all his parolees.
Like what?
Acts like he hates you,
even tough he wants to help.
Slam your face on the desk,
handcuff you?
Tells you that you're gonna
go back to prison or some shit.
But the big one, is that mentor shit.
what about it?
that shit aint true!
that crazy fool has never been locked up!
yeah, how you know?
internet, homie.
what about his son dying on the streets?
Never heard that one before.
- all right, homie.
- Take care of yourself.
Hey Steven, is Nina home?
Is ruby there?
May I speak to her?
I know you're a good dad...
I tried to be a good dad once
but wasnt very much good at that.
I couldnt even keep my wife happy.
But it seems that you do both things well.
I just want to speak with
my daughter for a second, Steven.
How you doing sunshine?
Well, Daddy might be going away for a while.
Yeah, I know, I know.
Sometimes life isnt fair.
But you gotta promise me.
you gotta promise me that
you aint gonna hate nobody.
Promise me,? Say it.
And don't forget...
whenever you miss me,
all you gotta do is look at the sky.
and you can see the marsupials
and the gorillas together.
I love you, Ruby!
all i've ever known in my life is
the pain and violence that I went through
and put people through
i know there is one true love
the love of a daughter that is ready
to give you a second chance
The type of relationship
you need to cherish
some people don't always get
what they want, some don't deserve it
I tried
I just wish I could have made better choices
you see there is so much more
being a father than loving your kid
At least I left her with that love
I am going to a better place now
just for me, is a place of peace and certainty.
i understand now
see 25 to life is not just a sentence
It is a time of arrival.
And I finally arrived