26 Years (2012) Movie Script

In May 1980, Gwangju, Korea,
innocent civilians protesting
for democracy were massacred
by their own soldiers.
With 4. 112 killed or wounded, it was
the most casualties since the Korean War.
With that crime as a foothold,
the head of the
military became South Korea's
1 1 th President.
This is a work of fiction,
using the above facts as its background.
The striking range is 00 meters?.
I told You,
it's impossible with an air rifle.
You didn't believe me.
And You insisted I make it.
It's too Iate now. The money's all paid.
This here is a modified
industrial compressor.
If You compress the air, it's possible.
It's a bit slow,
5 seconds per compression.
Too little compression,
and it'll be weak,
but if You give it too much,
it explodes.
Damn it!
'Seon' meaning kindness...
'Seon' meaning charm...
'Sook' meaning clarity...
'Yeong' meaning flower bud...
'Lim' meaning forest...
'Mi', beauty...
'Jeong', righteousness...
'Jin', jewel...
'Jin', to advance...
Yes. That one!
That seems good.
Which one?. Jin?.
'Jin!' Mijin. Shim Mijin.
Not 'jin' meaning jewel.
- That you just said.
- 'Jin', to advance?.
Yes, that one!
A sweet sound
with a strong meaning.
With that name, she'II advance
bravely as You intend.
Oh no, what is this?.
What happened?.
Where are we going now?.
No idea.
HurrY up! Move!
Come on, Kapse, Iet's go.
Come on, JeonghYuk.
- Oh, soldiers!
- What?.
JeonghYuk! Run!
Quick! Quick!
Run! Shoot everYone!
HurrY up!
HurrY, Sis!
Are You OK?.
Oh, Sis!
JeonghYuk, go ahead!
Die, You bastards! Die! Die!
Damn commies! Die!
Quick! Run awaY...
catch up with You soon...
Look, that thing is still moving!
Let's go, kid!
Don't miss anY one!
You red bastard!
Where are they?.!
There theY go! Go get them!
Wha... did I... do...
WhY... are You doing this...
to me...
Aren't You ashamed... as...
Listen, everyone!.
The Provincial Office is
now requisitioned.
I repeat. The Provincial Office is
now requisitioned!
The military is in control now.
Everybody gather at the central plaza!
Damn commies!
You commie!
- HeY, SangrYol!
- Goddamn Reds!
- Ma SangrYol!
- What?.
What are You doing?.
Where... where is he?.
- Mom.
- Where are You... honeY?.
Oh no... How could this be!
MY dear!
MY darling!
Mom, don't crY.
How can the two of us Iive
without You...?.
Curse You! You evil bastards!
Thank you to the National Council
for Unification
and the Korean people
for choosing me as President.
You said the same thing the other day!
Oh! Oh!
- I am sorrY... trulY sorrY.
- HeY, You!
You're sick, right?.
Sick people should rest.
I think it's in the Iaw too.
SorrY... I am sorrY.
ReallY sorrY.
I'm generous, I'II take Your salarY
for the damage You caused.
So don't come to work from tomorrow.
Oh... oh... Madame...
- Mr. President visited
- I am sorrY.
Cheongjin-dong Market
- to encourage the merchants.
- Stop saYing sorrY, huh?.
One or two times,
I'II understand...
But how manY times...?.
Casually dressed in a jumper,
he looks around the alleys.
- He is explained
- HeY!
- something about sanitation.
- Look here! Where is her son?.
The boY named Jinbae?.
- Mom!
- Mr. President
- Mom!
- told the merchants
his commitment to economic development.
As I dust myself off and leave,
what desires could I have?.
- The only wish I would hold...
- Dad, Seoul is much better than Gwangju, right?.
- is that you remember me
- That's whY we're moving?. Dad!
In Seoul, Iet's ride a cruise ship!
History will remember him as...
a president who tried his best...
in his duty.
You sons of bitches!
The television!
The television!
The television!
Take care. You'II have
another chance next spring.
What's wrong with Your dad?.
After being jailed for the Dec. 12
and May 18 incidents and slush funds,
the two former presidents
were granted a special pardon today.
Apologizing for having caused anxiety,
Do theY call that news?.
Chun expressed his concern
about the declining economy.
- Mr. Manager.
- Huh?.
Isn't it Iike the Iast scene
of a gangster movie?.
Former president Chun,
- looking thinner but healthy and composed,
- It reallY is!
But still, he wasn't that bad.
He revived the economY.
And got the OIYmpics.
Don't You think?.
HeY, mister!
Give me a cigarette.
Ah, it's cold!
HeY, mister!
A Iight?.
The ex-president served
750 days at Anyang Prison.
His original death sentence
- had been commuted
- This waY.
- to life imprisonment by the Supreme Court.
- Get out of here! You sons of bitches!
The former president apologized
to the people,
The bus bound for Seoul is now Ieaving.
AII aboard! This bus is Ieaving for Seoul.
Some citizens protested the amnesty,
granted despite the lack of
genuine repentance.
They also demanded the government
- collect 400 billion won
- National unitY?.
believed to be hidden by the men.
Damn it!
Take Your dad awaY, quick!
Do whatever You want,
goddamn bastards!
Kill them all!
Shoot and kill them all!
I gave up field training again.
Because of You.
WhY don't You just die.
Go on home!
I'm happY todaY,
so I won't charge for drinks.
How come?.
TodaY mY son gets discharged
from the armY.
- So, go on home!
- Oh, reallY?.
- HurrY up!
- Goodnight.
Need to clean up quicklY.
Is he coming or not?.
Ex-president arrives at residence
with warm welcome from neighbors
Ex-president arrives at residence
with warm welcome from neighbors
Kill him...
Well, well...!
Mom didn't change a bit.
She's still the same.
Not changed at all...
You should go, You!
- Damn it!
- What!
What a psYcho!
Come on!
Son of a bitch!
Do You want to die todaY?.
God damn it!
- This is crazY!
- Ow... MY marriage assets!
Let's be reasonable. Traders Iike us
shouldn't fight each other.
What?. Like us?.
You drive me crazY.
Fucking gangsters.
WhY do You keep fighting?.
It's no big deal.
Just push it and go somewhere else!
You preaching to me?.
I'm not crazY,
whY should I move?.
MY mom's been here 10 Years, asshole!
Are Your ears blocked?.
Listen, asshole,
while I'm still being nice!
Eat Your heart out, bastard!
Stab mY bellY or back!
You mothefrucker,
who are You calling a gangster?.
You bastards!
The eels must be burnt!
Dammit, I'II kill all of You!
The Suho Gang?.
Gwangju was...
a kind of armed rebellion.
The martial law forces
had no choice but to suppress it.
I heard You are quite stubborn.
Oh, shit!
Life is hard enough...
making me sweat...
At Ieast Gwangju people
should get along.
I just came to taste Your noodles.
Oh, verY good soup!
This thing called power,
it needs balance.
Stubbornness alone won't get You bY.
Don't stare at me Iike that.
At Ieast I'm not a bullY.
Come visit mY place sometime.
I'II treat You to a drink, OK?.
Thirteen, fourteen, fifteen...
Former president Chun stood before
the court again after 6 years.
The judge demanded
he disclose his financial assets,
and Chun claimed to have
only 291, 000 won.
Why don't you check my bank account?.
There's only 291, 000 won left!
Damn bastard!
You son of a bitch!
Dammit, it's hot.
HeY, Kwon JeonghYuk. Relax.
Take it.
Keep watch, and when it comes,
just push it.
- See?.
- Yes.
But, still...
mobilizing a police battalion
when he goes to play badminton?.
You poor thing!
At first, it just...
feels Iike being raped...
I don't understand.
- You will, soon.
- He is entering Seodaemun.
- Change the signal.
- He is approaching.
Here he comes.
Change the signal.
Jeonghyuk, you must be hungry.
Go ahead and eat.
There's nothing I can do,
even though I'm a cop...
Living on is just too dirtY
and shameful.
SorrY Sis,
I am... reallY sorrY...
HeY, what's up?.
- You're going on support dutY?.
- Yes sir. I'm in a hurrY.
Jo Eunbin!
WhY are You going?.
TodaY's Kwon JeonghYuk's turn.
Is he sick?.
It seems JeonghYuk
isn't right for it.
What do You mean?.
He never mentioned it,
but he Iost a sister in Gwangju.
That could happen. Go on.
HeY, mister. Go awaY. This isn't
a place to wander around freelY.
HeY, kid...
Don't work at a place Iike this.
Go back home!
- You go back home.
- It's not safe here. Go home!
You're in more danger.
HurrY up and go.
This bastard won't Iisten...
If You start drinking here...
You'II get arrested!
What is that?.
HeY, You!
What is it?.
Son of a bitch!
WhY are You doing this?.
Quick! Quick!
Put it out!
Come out here!
Gwangju is still suffering!
About to die soon!
Come out! Apologize!
- What's that?. Get him!
- Get out here, asshole!
Get out here, asshole!
What's up?. What happened?.
Fire extinguisher!
Bring the fire extinguisher!
Put it out quicklY!
- Cover him with something.
- HeY, go back to Your positions!
CIear up! Quick!
Get things in order!
You, report this to the police!
Mijin... What is your name?.
It's Mijin! Mijin.
Means you should
advance forward bravely.
You know who gave You that name?.
Your mom...
Your mom did.
After your mom died...
I wanted to live well here in Seoul
with you again. I mean it.
DaddY... DaddY...
26 years from that day
Many forget he was a felon sentenced
to death, who took power in a coup.
He also never paid
his 220 billion won fee,
claiming to have only 290, 000 won.
Though many of you must be forgotten
about this.
He is still a figure of authority,
enjoying a luxurious life.
Thank You, thank You.
Have You all eaten?.
Someone is waiting for You inside.
- Who?.
- I don't know.
We're no Ionger in business.
I know that.
We met somewhere.
You remember.
I went to Your father's funeral
and we met then.
You're not from here,
I can tell...
What would a gentleman Iike You
want from me?.
Must be something difficult.
You can't speak.
To kill someone?.
Wow, it must be true.
Whatever it is, You'd better
just resolve things and Iive...
OK?. That's it.
Have a good daY!
You know this person too.
Oh, boY.
Thank You for traveling
all the waY here.
I am Kim Kapse.
I appreciate Your effort.
I am Kim Juahn,
whom You've alreadY met.
I am Chairman Kim Kapse's secretarY.
This is Mr. Kwon JeonghYuk.
A policeman, currentlY in service.
Ms. Shim Mijin,
of the national shooting team.
- And this is...
- Kwak Jinbae, a thug from Gwangju.
It seems our group
ain't got much in common.
You are all familY members
of Gwangju victims.
Though You've Iived
without knowing each other,
I thought You could unite for this,
at Ieast.
Hold on!
These kids seem okaY, but I haven't
heard anything about You.
A man Iike You, whY do You
want to do a thing Iike this?.
I will answer
on behalf of Mr. Chairman.
I didn't ask You.
What?. AnY victims in Your familY?.
- No.
- Then?.
I was a soldier
in the martial Iaw forces.
Ha! You are killing me!
Then I have to make sure.
Let me check one thing.
Then, did You kill
anY one in Gwangju?.
First of all,
Iet me apologize as a soldier
who took part in the Gwangju operation.
I am sorrY.
Back in MaY 1 980, I was...
Stop it!
Can't You separate out
what You need to know?.
I have no interest in anY of You.
I don't care if he was a soldier,
or if he killed manY people in Gwangju.
If his goal is the same as mine,
that's enough.
Wow! This girl is terrifYinglY smart!
I'II do it.
Are You reallY going to kill him?.
I want an apologY from him.
I will force him to genuinelY
beg for forgiveness.
After that,
everything depends on his attitude.
I'II do it too.
Oh damn!
Soon we'II be mixing our blood
and drinking it.
Been such a Iong time,
I'm not sure
it'II taste the same, boss.
This isn't mY place,
I couldn't find the kimchi.
This is good enough.
I don't expect a banquet.
SeriouslY, Iet me thank You.
Though I've never said it until now.
But... I'm sorrY.
There's something I need to do.
PIease Iet me go.
Something to do?.
What sort of thing?.
I'm sorrY. I can't tell You.
Did You forget?.
I'm a gangster.
And You are mY familY.
I need to know.
I'm going to Seoul...
to buY cigarettes.
No manners at all!
As is well-known, when he goes out
armed guards and police are mobilized.
HeY?. A familiar face!
At times, a private securitY team
is also in place,
so one can't accuratelY judge
the size of the guard.
The location where Shim Mijin's father
burnt himself to death
NearbY houses are either emptY
or occupied bY guards.
There maY be other buildings beYond that
which are used bY guards.
If we include
all the buildings under suspicion,
it covers this area.
In short, entering his house
or encountering him outside is impossible.
BY the waY, this place here
is built in the same configuration
as his residence.
- What?. Go awaY!
- Look here! Click!
HeY, mister!
- Click!
- What are You doing now?.
First, we must shake
the matrix of guards.
The access road is blocked by
conscripted and plain-clothed policemen,
and the private guards.
Every vehicle
and passer-by gets inspected
and no one without prior permission
can even approach.
In fact, several groups
of college students tried
entering as "arrest teams"
and failed several times.
Every time such an attempt was made,
the guard was strengthened
by adding more police.
A frontal assault is impossible.
We need a plan,
very detailed and carefully prepared.
See You Iater!
If we simply rush in,
- we won't advance even one meter.
- HeY, I'm off.
HeY, what's that?. Stop! Stop!
Mister, go awaY.
Don't exercise here.
ReadY! Go!
Damn! Stop! Stop!
HeY, once more!
Damn it!
What is that son of a bitch?.
290,000 won! 290,000 won!
Come out! You son of a bitch!
Cover his mouth!
Shut him up!
It's ill-mannered
to shout in a residential area.
Shut up, damn it!
What are You doing?.
What are You?.
The chief?.
I don't need You.
Your boss is inside?.
He's gonna die todaY,
does that mothefrucker know?.
- Did he come barehanded?.
- Yes, Chief Ma.
Set him free.
Am I barehanded?. Damn right!
WhY are You doing this?.
If I saY mY father died in Gwangju
26 Years ago,
will that be a hint?.
This place is not
so easY as You think.
That's what I see!
Wow, this guY is reallY smart!
TodaY, Iet's finish with this.
Go and tell him clearlY
that I'II surelY come again
and kill him.
Tell him to wait for me,
and not die...
You bastard!
Throw him awaY somewhere.
WhY not hand him to the police?.
Dispose of him.
And this is the official schedule
we've confirmed.
Kim Juahn?.
It's Jinbae.
I cleaned the alley a bit...
got some sleep, and when I woke up...
What do You see around You?.
- Here?.
- Yes.
Something sharp is over there...
Hey, come quickly! It's hot!
Goddammit. MY mouth is a mess
so I can't taste the cigarette.
WhY didn't You wear a disguise?.
Man, I ain't a kid.
I hope theY react as we expect.
Don't worrY.
I've done what we need to do.
I heard the chairman is Your old man?.
What a splendid familY!
Nice putt!
The incident from the other daY
concerns me.
In times Iike this,
we need to strengthen the guard.
Do as You think best.
Considering public opinion,
rather than use more police,
I'II seek help from the outside.
Do as You wish.
It's warm now,
shall we go out to the field?.
BY all means, Your ExcellencY.
Well, sir...
Oh, public opinion?.
Public opinion...
WhY'd You release that gangster?.
You're strange,
making things complicated.
Soon it'II be MaY.
We need to be careful about the press.
WhY do You worrY about the press?.
I'm in charge of that.
And the selection of outside securitY
is also mY responsibilitY.
So IaY off.
Let's be sYstematic.
It's not a temporarY thing.
Don't screw up!
His ExcellencY's securitY depends on it.
Well, I'm just...
Iooking for some books...
Heard You went through
some trouble the other daY.
No trouble at all...
It was nothing.
Wow, this must be a sports gun.
If You got something to saY,
just saY it.
AII right.
I understand how You feel,
but whY don't You drop out.
You're Young, in Your 20s.
You should Iive Your Iife.
MY Iife is none of Your business.
Right. None of mY business.
But, to do such a thing,
You are too...
prettY. It's a waste.
Ridiculous advice!
No disrespect,
I'm just speaking as a person
who Iived before You.
I care more about the people
who died before me.
I guess it's the same with You.
What's up?.
Drag him!
What's up?.
Prosecutor Kang Woohyuk
Oh, Beethoven!
High-class gangsters.
It's Mozart.
HeY, Ahn Suho!
Where's Kwak Jinbae?.
WhY do You want him?.
Threatening violence is not a small crime.
You won't get awaY with hiding him.
Who is he after?.
A former president.
The implications are obvious,
Kid, stop the engine.
Now You Iisten.
Bring me Jinbae, and negotiate.
Or You can take the bullet.
I sent Jinbae...
to buY cigarettes...
Jinbae, the boss was taken in.
What do we do?.
We're losing our turf in Gwangju.
Did You buY the cigarettes?.
Not Yet, boss.
The thing You are going to do,
I don't know if it's the onlY waY,
or if it's the right thing,
but at Ieast
I hadn't even thought of it...
so I should be here.
Until now, I just moved around
Kumnamro without anY thought,
but now I feel guiltY
and... shit...
ashamed of mY Iife.
Don't Iook back.
Just Iook forward,
and run Iike hell.
We purchased this building
a few Years ago for this project.
He will help You.
600 meters ahead
in a 2 o'clock direction.
It's Iike solving mazes.
This is the best we can do.
You were upset
I didn't come everY daY?.
I have work in Seoul these daYs.
The doctor saYs
You're much better now.
When I finish this work,
Iet's go back home.
You know,
that soldier who killed Your dad...
He came to visit me some time ago...
He wept...
asking me to forgive him...
He cried a Iot Iike this,
and begged.
But I didn't cry.
I just stared,
I couldn't weep at all...
HeY... not again...
Now, stop!
You reallY don't change...
Mom, no matter how old You get...
Always the same old fool...
Here's the info You requested.
Good, thanks.
It was hard to get it.
Jinbae's gang has suffered damage.
ContrarY to expectations,
the prosecution moved.
Nothing was forwarded
to our police station.
MaYbe theY just want to
scare them discreetlY.
TheY move quicklY
with the government at their back,
so we better be more alert.
Was it You who killed mY father?.
And so, You came to see mY poor mom,
wept and cried, making a show,
asking to be forgiven?.
And that was the real reason
You picked me?. Huh?.
In the name of revenge...
Using the son of the man You killed?.
Oh, damn!
Kwak Jinbae!
Don't whine.
MY father and me,
we Iived Iike dogs, just Iike You.
You're not the onlY one.
I had no intention of hiding it.
I just thought
it wasn't the right time.
It sounds funnY, but I wanted to
give both You and me a chance.
Choose the person You want to kill.
Oh god! WhY is this so complicated!
This is getting us nowhere.
What are You going to do?.
Kill that man.
Look, Mijin.
MY aim isn't to kill a person,
but to make him apologize.
We gave him enough chance for that.
Over decades...
You took part in
traffic control before?.
- Yes, but I don't do it any more.
- Let me ask you just once.
It's simple.
Just get me 5 seconds.
Die, all of You!
Son of a bitch! Bastards!
Me... MY wife...
MY wife is dead.
I'II kill You all.
You bastards!
You ate it up all...
And a person Iike me...
even mY kids...
Don't drink with it, buY a meal.
Eat first,
and then drink.
WhY are You here?.
Didn't You go out for support?.
I'm not needed todaY.
I thought a Iot,
but it doesn't seem right.
Not this waY.
If things go wrong,
Mijin will be in danger,
and the whole thing will be ruined.
You're closest to her now, Jinbae!
Stupid bitch!
He will depart shortly.
Wait at your positions, everyone.
He just departed.
5 minutes before he passes Seodaemun.
AII this trouble for the kids
in the police.
You still reimburse them at times?.
Yes sir. Chief Tak takes care
of them regularlY.
He's passing the rotary.
He'll arrive in 3 minutes.
Be ready.
He passed Namgajwa intersection.
Get ready, the next signal.
Stand by at Seodaemun intersection.
Two minutes.
Are You hot?.
WhY are You sweating?.
A Young guY Iike You.
HeY, Kwon JeonghYuk.
You volunteered todaY for this?.
You don't reallY Iike this, do You?.
Now he's entering Seodaemun.
Change the signal.
Change the signal.
What are You doing, idiot?.
Change the signal, Seodaemun!
Change it quicklY!
Change the signal!
He is passing Seodaemun now.
What are You doing
over there?.
No... no waY...
What's that?.
Too weak.
HeY! Kwon JeonghYuk!
Get off me!
- What are You doing?.
- Don't go!
Too weak.
Let go, will You?.
I can't!
This bastard... reallY!
Make waY!
Are You crazY?.
Let go!
Get off me!
Police! Police!
Stop it!
- Check if the VIP is safe!
- Yes sir.
Save the VIP first!
Protect the VIP!
HurrY up!!
Kwon JeonghYuk...
It's all right...
AII right.
Damn it.
What are You doing?.
Let's go!
SorrY, Dad.
I can't go anYmore.
What are You...
Juahn, stop it.
Don't You know?.
This isn't for You, father.
It's for me. To Iive.
To Iive, readY to give up mY Iife.
Don't stop me.
We've come a Iong waY.
It won't work this waY.
From now on, I'II work alone.
No, You can't do it alone.
Now, things get complicated,
but we can still win.
I'II take care of it.
What do You know?.
EverYone's grudge
is as deep as Yours!
It maY kill us,
but we can't Iive without trYing.
Shooting incident in downtown Seoul.
A power struggle among Gwangju gangs.
He went out in the morning...
Room 304...
No, he's right here.
Let me just...
- Hey!
- take him now.
You talk too much.
I said, just follow him!
Yes sir.
Last night it was reported
right awaY.
Ha! Gangsters!
TheY're so good at naming things.
What is it?.
This guY, YesterdaY...!
He came here some time ago.
Jingle bells...
- I am hungrY.
- jingle bells...
Jingle bells... jingle bells...
Good god!
You're up. You shouldn't!
You gotta Iie down, You bled a Iot.
- You must still feel dizzY...
- How's mY hand?.
Are You Ieft-handed?.
- No.
- Oh, then no problem.
HungrY?. We'II order some Chinese food.
What do You want?.
- Well...
- Their hot noodles'II knock You down.
You said it.
Then 7 hot noodles,
and 8 fried dumplings for free. Good!
Come out, guYs!
Oh, You studied abroad...
What makes someone Iike You
so eager to guard his ExcellencY?.
You're the No. 1 companY in the industrY.
But we've never guarded
a highest ranking personage.
We need to enhance our corporate image.
Right. Rank cannot be ignored.
You've been handling smaller ones?.
Then I heard
You are seeking reinforcements.
You know, madmen are jumping out
from everY corner these daYs.
We have to hurrY,
but there are just
so manY securitY companies.
- Excuse me.
- Well, the competition is...
more than fierce. Huh?.
You mad dog! Want to die?.
What a Ioser!
Wow... Girls Iike that...
are just mY tYpe.
SorrY, we're a bit Iate Iate.
Here's Your car keY, Director Tak.
Here it is.
In the trunk,
we Ieft some boxes of... apples.
Apples are alwaYs welcome.
EasY and traditional.
For the VIP...
we prepared another small gift.
Sure enough,
the well-educated are different.
I Iike You.
The lecture will begin soon.
Guests, please be seated.
Once again, the lecture is beginning,
so, guests, please take your seats.
Now, To the greatest President of
our era, Iet us wish him a Iong Iife,
bY making a deep bow.
EverYone, step forward.
MaY You enjoY a Iong Iife!
PIease go back
to Your seat.
Go back to Your seat, plaese!
Security Vetting Report
You found it?.
Give it to me.
These kids don't seem connected
in anY waY.
And the higher-ups told us
to wrap it up quietlY.
HeY, don't You smell anything?.
What smell?.
Her mom, his father...
TheY all died on MaY 1 8.
MaY 1 8 what?.
Oh Jesus!
- Ah, that's whY Kwon JeonghYuk...
- Shh!
Lower Your voice, idiot.
His... sister...
in the MaY 1 8 incident...
So, that's whY. That's whY theY disbanded
the investigation team.
Ha! It reallY stinks!
Did You identifY the car
at the crossroad?.
TheY told me to stop the investigation...
So I stopped.
It's a depot car. No need to check.
- You idiot!
- What?.
Find that car,
in an internal investigation.
And tell the guY after Kwon JeonghYuk
to watch his tongue. OkaY?.
Oh no!
Take some rest.
You never Iisten.
You need to Iie down. Move over.
This is it?.
Good. This one will do.
Looks somewhat complicated.
It has a striking range of 800 meters,
I heard.
Looks Iike a remodelled M1 6.
Then it can fire a good volleY...
Good... OK...
WhY did theY fix these in this waY?.
You know how to use this?.
TheY teach You at the Iocal office,
if You become a gangster.
But aren't You surprised?.
Seeing all these gangsters?.
I don't surprise easilY.
Not Yourself,
but You're good at surprising others.
As Iong as You know.
Thank You, too.
As Iong as You know that too.
You're completelY different when You smile.
I must Iive faithfullY.
SuddenlY I feel that.
Until now...
I wouldn't have joined, if I'd known this.
Everything is ruined. Shit!
Well, I'm sorrY things
went wrong. But still...
Turn Yourselves in, all of You.
Whatever happens, I'II be reinstated.
So Iet's stop here.
I'II wait for You
at the police station.
He is meeting someone,
but I can't see who it is.
What did I say?.
Keep an eYe out,
and don't Iose him. OK?.
Director Ma,
Iet's open the investigation, okaY?.
If we do,
we can catch him right awaY.
That's out of question.
Keep it as secret as possible.
Than what am I supposed to do?.
If You cover it up this waY,
and things go wrong,
I'II be the one to get sacked. Right?.
And if I get sacked,
will the Big Man here take care of me?.
This is driving me crazY.
What are You doing here?.
Good morning, Brother!
Good morning, Brother!
Come inside, Brother.
What's all this?.
We know You're not eating well,
So we brought some food.
Those cigarettes...
Iet us buY some too.
Don't talk nonsense!
To be frank,
You need more hands, don't You?.
What about the boss?.
Brother, we went to
see the boss this morning.
We have to give him a chance too.
And... also to us.
- Am I right?.
- That's right, Brother!
Pancakes and side dishes!
Has JeonghYuk disappeared completelY?.
Timid as he is...
I wonder if he isn't starved.
TheY fixed the date and
contacted us the other daY.
It's just,
the police are prettY tense these daYs...
I think we need an incident big enough
to sidetrack the district police.
I'II go. I was going to, anywaY.
I gave a promise
to the chief of the securitY team.
I promised him I'd be back.
Well, what about the escape route?.
Is it secured?.
Let's eat.
I'm hungrY.
Come on, quick.
It's me.
How's it going?.
I lost the car that Jeonghyuk met.
I lost it.
HeY, how can You Iose it?.
You are a cop, right?.
He went to the toilet, and I was about
to pee my pants, so I went too...
and I lost him.
- Honam ExpresswaY, right?.
- Yes.
He must be in Gwangju.
- Just come back.
- Come back?. OK.
By the way, is Kwon Jeonghyuk around?.
- What?. Yes, Yes, he is here.
- They almost killed him yesterday.
I'm worried about him.
Are you there?.
I want to make this job successful.
Both mY parents died in Gwangju.
Right before mY eYes.
MY present father took care of me.
I don't know how I Iived on.
I just never thought.
He Iives without anY future.
Just Iike me.
I'm starting to Iike him.
WhY don't You eat?.
HeY, You better eat first. Huh?.
What'II become of me?.
You are on sick Ieave now.
Don't worrY.
Come to work as if nothing happened,
Sooner or Iater, everYone makes mistakes.
It's natural.
Isn't that so?.
WhY are You being so nice to me?.
We are colleagues, aren't we?.
Youyoung Cella
You are amazinglY active...
Going around all over.
That's mY mom.
MY father.
Now... I feel reallY...
This waY, it Iooks Iike one big familY.
Yes... that one there
and this one here, reallY
You shaking?.
You better crY it all out...
just this one time.
AII at once.
Today is the 26th anniversary of the
May 18 Gwangju democracy movement.
Over 4000 family members, politicians,
and officials took part in the ceremony.
Afterwards, a line formed at the 5. 1 8
graves to commemorate the departed.
Seodaemun Police Station
What is this?.
The car at the intersection.
Didn't You saY it's a depot car?.
I checked and found out
it comes to this building often.
- Hmm. X-cop?.
- Right.
What kind of a companY is this?.
You Iooked into it?.
It's known in the industrY as a good,
clean companY with sound financing.
Is that all?.
It's the people that count.
Oh, I have that here. His name is...
Kim Se... Kim something. I wrote...
Kim Kapse.
And the car's owner is
the chairman's secretarY, Kim Juahn.
Identify that vehicle.
Yes sir.
Go get checked.
- What is Your purpose here?.
- We scheduled an appointment.
I am Kim Juahn ofX-cop.
Your name isn't on the list.
- PIease check with Your superiors.
- Wait a moment.
Chief, what should we do
with the 1 290 X-cop vehicle?.
- Let it pass.
- Yes sir.
Open it.
- We heard about You from Director Tak.
- Yes.
Come in.
Just a moment.
Before You enter
we need to do a simple inspection.
Is there anY problem?.
It's the regular procedure.
Come this waY.
AII in order.
Come in.
What's that?.
A gift for his ExcellencY.
We have to take that out
and check it too.
Show him.
Open it.
HeY You!
Don't touch that!
CIose it!
What a rude waY to treat
his ExcellencY's guest!
And You touch his ExcellencY's gift?.
I am sorrY.
Let me apologize
on their behalf, Mr. Chairman.
Come inside.
Director Ma.
I will vouch for them.
Open the gate.
It's better for me to step aside?.
You don't need to do so.
No, no, no, no.
You need to speak freelY.
Later... Iet's talk...
This waY.
Wait here for a moment...
Listen carefullY now.
Take all the tools out first.
Put them all down.
What?. What do You mean?.
Right now!
HurrY up. Put it down.
This is brand new.
- Be careful!
- Remember.
No knives, even if You die.
You must not hurt anYone,
TodaY, we are not gangsters.
We are the sons of Gwangju.
Don't forget!
Come inside, Mr. Chairman.
A cup of coffee in mY office?.
No, thanks. I will wait here.
VerY well...
If You stand up in there
that's all You can see.
And that's the best for us.
I know.
And I will move
You to the right position.
I've done it over 1 00 times.
I'II be verY precise.
I've received several gifts,
and made several,
so I have an eYe for it now.
And this thing is...
A work of art!
I Iike it.
Thank you. Thank you.
And you wanted to see me?.
Take a seat.
You hurt Yourself.
Your toe.
And bandaged it.
You know pain.
It took me 26 Years.
After countless failures and suffering,
I arrived here, thanks to You.
I had to become
the head of a Iarge conglomerate.
Because not just anYone can meet You.
And I had to meet You.
Today, I am here
to get an answer from You.
26 Years ago todaY...
exactlY todaY, in MaY 1 980.
- Do You remember?.
- What?.
Your Iife depends on Your attitude.
This man is
talking ancient history!
We discussed it all a long time ago.
Listen. We invoked the
militarY's power of self-defense.
This son of a bitch!
I knew nothing
until they reported it to me.
The militarY's power of self-defense?.
You knew nothing?.
I was a soldier
of the martial Iaw forces.
The order came from You.
Admit the truth
and beg for forgiveness!
Then we can finish this quietly.
Everything has alreadY finished quietlY.
It maY be finished for You,
but not me.
To achieve power,
You trampled on innocent citizens
and cut them down bleeding,
with guns and swords.
And Yet, throughout these 26 Years,
You never once said a word of apologY.
You reallY are starting to bore me.
Bore You?.
This isn't a new thing.
What is it?.
The new securitY companY is X-cop,
Secretary Kim Juahn,
Chairman Kim Kapse.
Besides, today is that day.
I feel uneasy, so I'm coming over.
Hello! Hello?.
HeY! Director Ma!
Shit. Step on it!
Arrest him!
What?. What is this?.
BIock the entrance!
What are You doing?.
WhY?. What happened?.
WhY are You so serious, huh?.
I told You not to screw up.
Wait here.
I'm boring You?.
It wasn't me, I tell You.
Through Your order, I became Your
dirtY instrument and killed a person!
WhY wasn't it You?.
I can't believe this guY...
Leave me now.
Where is that bum Director Tak?.
Because people Iike You commit crimes,
and Iive decadent Iives with no apologY,
this societY...
this societY is getting sick.
HeY. I received special training.
That pistol doesn't scare me.
Listen up, Hyun.
Grab everyone from X-cop!
You brought that on Yourself.
Beg for forgiveness!
You should know shame.
Kim Kapse.
I secured an escape route
so You can safelY evacuate.
I don't need it.
What's that?.
Damn it. Tailgate it!
Step on the gas!
HeY girl! I wish You success!
You seem to know each other?.
SorrY, Your ExcellencY.
You better talk things over.
You bastard! How dare You!
Son of a bitch!
What's that?.
CIean up the IibrarY.
Young people don't seem to Iike me.
I never did them anY harm.
It's onlY the beginning.
Move quick. HurrY!
- Director Ma, what happened?.
- QuicklY! QuicklY!
- Group 1, block the entrance.
- You were out of radio contact.
Groups 2 and 3, block the alleY.
That waY!
- Channel 88 will be used. Channel!
- Kwon JeonghYuk, You come here.
Korea has become a verY nice countrY.
HeY! BIock the front!
BIock it!
HurrY, run!
What's that?.
MaYbe Kwak Jinbae.
A Iittle further!
HeY, familiar faces!
Break it!
BIock it, bastard!
We need more force!
A Iittle further...
I got it.
What's this?.
Damn it! Break through!
I found it! Found it!
Are You shot?. Answer!
Are You all right?.
Are You all right?.
Director Ma, we located
the shooting position.
We'll take care of it.
Oh no!
The Iever is destroYed,
and we can't Iower the crane!
If the gate doesn't open, bastard!
Mr. Ma!
Drag all those rioters out!
WhY do You allow this mob to run rampant
through the house in broad daYIight?.
Rioters?. Don't use that word!
We are not rioters.
The true rioters were Your pawns.
You know that?.
Stop shooting.
Stop it.
I said, stop!
Can You see anything?.
Wipe them all out!
Ma SangrYol!
Come to Your senses, Ma SangrYol!
We should be protecting
these kids, not him.
We've got to finish it here.
Don't stop me, Ma SangrYol.
Don't insult his ExcellencY.
What did he do to us,
to these kids,
and to these kids' parents?.
Have You forgotten?.
Come to Your senses!
His ExcellencY's historY is...
Damned historY!
That's Your dirtY greed for power!
How Iong will You Ieave it to historY?.
Shut up!
Ma SangrYol!
You commie!
- Commie...
- Juahn!
MY mom and dad were not communists!
WhY'd You kill them?.
WhY did You kill them?. WhY?.
- Juahn! Juahn!
- No!
- Come quicklY!
- Come quick! Here!
Come out!
Come quick, will You?.
What's with the supporting force?.
TheY're climbing over the wall!
HeY?. Did You arrive?.
Move the car!
That's Shim Mijin, right?.
Go get her quick!
Grab her quick!
- I... I reallY...
- Juahn, mY boY!
Father! Father...
Juahn... Juahn...
I am sorrY... son...
His ExcellecY is just.
Let's stop, Ma SangrYol.
Let's not shoot anYone else.
Mr. Ma! What are You doing?.
Shoot him right now!
Don't order me!
Don't order me, I saY!
Director, drop Your gun.
Don't order me again.
What are theY doing?.
Kwak Jinbae!
Shoot him!
Otherwise, we'II never be forgiven!
Let's not betraY the next generation.
We must finish it now.
Shoot! Now!
Step aside, Ma SangrYol!
Step aside!
Don't order me, I said!
I promised mY sister
I'd be a good policeman!
Your sister?.
You son of a bitchl!
What?. A cop?.
How about You?.
What have You done?.
Tell me!
Yes, I Iived Iike a dog!
But what are You?.
A policeman should protect
good citizens, right?.
Then, is that bastard a good citizen?.
Is it a cop's dutY to protect
that murderer?.
Come to Your senses, Kwon JeonghYuk!
You bastard!
Aren't You ashamed?.
Aren't You sorrY to Your sister?.
Mr. Ma.
Are You going to shoot me
with that gun?.
You must not die.
You bastard.
Until the end of time
You have to Iive on brazenlY
to prove that mY Iife has been just.
Do You understand?.
You... Your ExcellencY.
Your ExcellencY.
You... Your ExcellencY.
Search inside!
I'm sorrY.
HeY, call the ambulance.
HeY! Where are You going?.
Get him in here!
And You guYs get off!
HeY, can You save him?.
He must be kept alive!
Kim Kapse! Get up!
Damn! You should die bY mY hand!
Don't die this waY!
Kim Kapse!
Kwon JeonghYuk!
Well done.
You caught Kwak Jinbae?.
Come here!
Chief Choi!
The other site is not Yet secured.
Chief, come here please, quickly!
Damn You!
What have You been doing?.
HurrY up!
Damn it!
What can I do with no equipment!
Come over here anyway!
I'II take charge here,
please handle that quicklY.
The VIP is getting furious now.
Come, quick! Oh, gosh!
Come over here right now! Hurry!
OkaY, I'II come over.
It ends this waY...
just Iike this...
I am too sorry,
too ashamed.
and so, so... angrY.
Yongku, have You eaten?.
Joongseok, have You eaten?.
BoYs, did all of You eat?.
Yes, brother.
God damn voice. Have You eaten well?.
Yes! Brother!
Then You must earn the rice You ate!
Brother! Let us use the tools now!
Yes! Do as You Iike!
Break through once again!
What?. Again?.
Come here, idiot!
Help me with this!
Is this the onlY entrance?.
- Hey, lnspector Park!
- Yes sir!
Isn't there anything there?.
That waY!
- Let me carrY the bag.
- It's all right. Let's go.
You, son of a bitch!
What are You?. You bastard! Die!
Die! Die!
There's no time.
No time, damn it.
No time for us!
Look out!
What are You doing, Jinbae!
Kill him quicklY!
- Now!
- No!
- Inspector Park!
- AII right!
Are You all right?.
What are You doing?.
Quick. There's no time.
It's been 26 years...
26 years...
If we Iose this chance,
what future will we have?.
Don't live life being sorry!
Don't live life being ashamed!
Don't blame the world anYmore!
Now... Iet go of everything!
What are You doing?.
- You bastard!
- We did all we could! Let go!
If we don't stop that,
You and I will both die, You fool!
I can't...
Too dangerous...
You'II be hurt.
Don't think!
If You think, You Iose.
Shim Mijin!
Put down the rifle!
Let's finish this quicklY,
and go see movies like the others,
go to the amusement park too,
So, hurrY and shoot!
Shim Mijin!
Kwak Jinbae!
Remember Your father,
burnt to death!
It was nice knowing You...
This morning...
About face!
It's done, Iet's go.
Aren't You coming?.