29 Palms (2002) Movie Script

What are you doing here?
You switched your ruling. | - Yes.
You're ruling against | the Indian casino expansion?
Well, it's a very | complicated issue.
State... state law...
I don't... How do state laws | apply to Indian reservation?
Gambling is a state law.
So you think they deserve | Vegas-style gambling?
They... Yes, I think they | deserve whatever they can get.
Come on, stop being | so fucking idealistic.
You're working for | the chief, aren't you?
You know Vegas...
Vegas has been lobbying hard.
I'm not... I'm just...
That half-breed motherfucker!
You sold the chief | out to Vegas.
He's setting me up!
He's caught in the middle.
Man, I got to see him.
Come on. | - Hold on.
In a minute.
Hold on a second.
He's busy.
Maybe we can get | together some time
and go smoke the peace pipe.
You really still do that shit? | - You'd like it.
You'd like it. | - I'm telling you, you'd like it.
Yeah, well.
You know. | - What?
Can I just see your | glasses for a second?
Come on, fuck off.
Are we going?
Come on.
Well, you know that rumor | about an FBI investigation?
I hear on moccasin telegraph.
Oh, come on, stop this | fucking Indian talk with me.
It's shit.
Come on, we're in a business.
Let's talk, all right?
A friend of mine at | Justice tipped me off.
There's a lone undercover agent.
My own fucking clerk, FBI.
I thought maybe you | and your boys could handle it.
It will be done.
Where is he?
I don't know.
Where is he?
Where is he?
They killed her.
She was in the way.
She what?
She was in the way.
For Christ's sake, | I hope nobody saw you.
Now look, about | that other matter,
I hope you've handled it.
I can't control the FBI.
My ruling on the expansion | is due in the next couple of days.
If things heat up too much, | I can't promise you anything.
Trust me.
You have got to | get rid of him.
You check him out?
He did a job for our friends | over in the Quad Cities.
You think this is | gonna impress him?
He's a white man, man.
Whatever you do is | gonna impress him.
Oh, yeah.
That's good.
Oh, yeah.
Greetings, white man.
You have big reputation.
Who's the target?
Undercover FBI.
He used to be a clerk | for one of our judges.
We went after the guy.
It got fucked up.
Then he's already on the run.
How do you want it done?
Like the wind.
Oh, yeah.
Viejo pendejo, | how's it going?
Oh, it's good.
Your hair looks good. | The Rogaine's working.
So how's it going? | Everything OK?
It's going good. | - Yeah?
Did you see the cabron | at the craps table
with the cowboy hat?
Oh, yeah, I...
I saw him.
I think he's OK.
There was | no cowboy hat, cabron.
You've been watching | the ladies piss.
No, I haven't.
Tell you what.
I'm gonna give you | a new assignment.
You got a problem with that? | - I got no problems with nothing.
In case it starts to thaw.
We have deal?
We got deal.
You have to watch | the men's bathroom.
All right, OK, boss.
See what you got there.
Bye, man.
I trust you.
"I trust you."
Like hell.
Holy shit.
How you doing, buddy?
Give me the bag.
You have to be kidding.
There's a drunk just crashed | through my sycamore.
So what?
Give me... | - It's that bar.
Lady, shut up!
It's that bar!
Shut up!
That crap shoot bar.
They drink their | disability checks away all night.
I'm checking it.
And you don't do shit.
Get out there and...
Lady, shut up.
I've got your car number.
I'm gonna call them | and tell them you ignored me,
and that you sat there with | your thumb up your ass.
Shut your mouth.
I've got your car number.
Shut up.
They spend every penny | they have on booze.
Hey, asshole.
What are you doing?
What are you... | Give me the bag back.
Give me the...
Get across the street.
Where are you going | with that bag?
Shut up.
I said, where are you going | with that bag?
Mind your fucking business!
You want to go to jail?
Up yours!
I'll bet your mother hates you, | you miscarriage.
You're nothing | but a blood clot.
Where's he going?
Car 15, come in.
Car 15, are you there?
We received a 911 call from a woman | on Dry Creek Road.
The woman claims you | left the scene of an accident
with a black bag. | - No, no, no.
That lady... no.
I'm pursuing possible suspects.
What's your 20, car 15?
I'm on...
Telephone Road, | approaching county line.
Dispatch, I'm having | problems reading you.
I think there is a problem...
Dispatch to car 15, | what's your 20?
I didn't copy that.
Do you copy?
No, car 15.
But officers | are on the scene.
There's another witness | asking about you.
I want to send this cargo | to Las Vegas, please.
OK. | - Wait, actually, no, no, no.
Let's do it closer.
29 Palms.
I want to send it to 29 Palms.
What's your name?
OK, Larry, if you fuck this up, | I'll fuck you up.
All right.
Good day.
There's one of them | over here now. Yeah.
I just think if you'll do something | about it, that would be good.
What you doing here?
Is there a law against it?
There's no smoking, Sheriff.
Awful lot of laws.
Look, this ain't no shelter.
I'm just waiting for a bus.
Let's see your ticket.
I haven't bought it yet.
Why not?
Never know | what's gonna happen.
If he calls me again, | you'll be in a cell for 48 hours.
Oh my god.
Oh, geez.
Damn it, this is a mess.
Get out of there.
That's an authorized area.
Can you send this | to 29 Palms, please?
Do you feel any pain?
I don't think so.
Yeah, I don't.
I'm afraid the bullet | punctured your prostate.
Now while that will most | likely have no effect
on your ability to reproduce...
No problem with the commander. | I understand.
No, I'm afraid you don't.
Look, you'll still be able | to do semen unimpeded.
Good, good.
However, I'm afraid the bullet | rendered you impotent.
As I said earlier, | the good news is you'll still
be able to father children.
How the hell do I sire if...
If I can't stick it in?
Well, the semen can | easily be extracted
through a medical procedure.
That sounds like fun.
Since your testicles | are unaffected,
you will continue to | maintain a normal sexual drive.
You people are | really something.
I got sperm, and I'm | gonna want to screw,
but you're telling me | my dick won't work.
No, we're not | saying that at all.
You'll still have | full, urinary control.
Get out of here!
I think that's enough.
Damn, damn, damn, damn.
Have you...
Listen to me!
That half-breed motherfucker!
You live around here?
Have a seat, OK?
In a perfect world, the law is objective, | justice is absolute,
and the truth is unshakable.
But in reality, | in the real world,
the law is political, | justice is emotional, and the truth...
The truth is... | you can't trust anybody.
Never trust anybody.
Never know.
Yeah, I heard about | you in the news.
Thought I'd come by, | see how you're doing,
find out where | my black bag is.
I don't know where | it is, and I'm dying.
Well, you don't look | so bad to me.
Well, look at the | machines, read my chart.
I'm dying.
Where's my bag?
A cop took it.
A cop who found me.
I don't believe you.
What do I care?
I'm dying.
Screw you.
Give me.
No, no, no.
It's that one.
The black bag, | the black bag with the thingy on it.
That one.
No, the one you | were just touching.
That one right there.
Good boy.
What "whoa"?
The numbers don't match.
What do you mean the | numbers don't match?
The number on your claim check | and the number on the bag,
they're different numbers.
I'm sorry.
I don't give a fuck | about the numbers.
Just give me the bag.
Oh, no, no, no.
No, that... | If they don't match, I...
Just give me my bag. | It's my bag.
Please, I...
Do you want to fuck around?
No, I don't want to | fuck around.
I'm a police officer.
Give me the bag.
All right.
You can have your bag.
Why are you | the way you are?
Why am I the way I am?
God damn it!
Who are you?
Going to Vegas, baby.
Damn it!
Give me the keys.
Give me... give me the keys.
Give me the damn keys!
Get the hell out!
Get out!
So do I call the | diner and tell them
that I'm going to be | late again, or do I
call the mechanic | who I still owe money
from the last time | my car died?
Could you get a room for me?
A favor.
Right, thanks.
I'm gonna take a shower.
Come on.
Go around the back.
Let's go.
What are you thinking about?
Lies people tell.
Is your lady friend | keeping odd hours, or...
No, she's dead.
It's too late for me | to go back to work.
Can I stay here for a while?
Yeah, it's OK.
I won't try anything, | I promise.
Fuck me.
Oh, no, no, no.
Is there a problem, lady?
No, sir.
Is this your car?
Whose car is this?
Some guy.
Some guy?
What's his name?
I never asked.
You never asked?
Do fellows whose name you don't know | usually give you things?
Big, shiny things?
You selling pussy?
Excuse me?
You a hooker?
I'm a waitress.
I work at the diner.
No, I know your type.
I sniff you girls out | every day.
No, no, no. Let's see | what's inside the bag.
I know, you're probably | saying to yourself,
how does he know | what's inside the bag?
But I'm trying to find out | how the fuck you got it.
Who are you?
Nobody, OK?
Get on your stomach, | nobody, and put
your hands behind your back.
Don't you fucking resist me.
You got a nice ass.
Remind me to do something | about that later.
You can't trust anybody.
I won't try anything, I promise.
Where is it?
Where's what?
Where is what?
The money!
It's in there.
This look like money to you?
I already got a bag | full of books.
I thought it was the money. | I took it, OK?
Took it from where?
From the guy | whose car that is! Fuck!
Yeah, I need a runner.
Stand by, car 15.
Your boyfriend bought | that car with my money.
It'll take a little while | to find out the info.
In the meantime, you and me | are gonna cruise the avenues.
Look, don't you | fucking resist me.
You understand?
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Get in.
You little fucking tramp.
Little fucking tramp.
Where you going?
I'll go to the casino | and try my luck.
Son, you don't have any luck.
Excuse me?
You suck cock.
You a whore?
But you have, right?
Trick here or there | just to bide you over,
pay the rent, | maybe a phone bill.
I didn't even know | what was in that bag
when I took it, all right?
Shut up.
Sit back.
You've reached the | 29 Palms Sheriff's Department.
If you're trying to | reach 911, call 911.
have you found | that bag yet?
Are you there?
You too?
Now you're under arrest | for possession
of a controlled substance.
I don't know what | you're talking about.
Tell me where the bag is, | and I'll let you out of here.
Don't have it.
Hell, not like it was filled | with money or anything, right?
You're up to something.
And I'm gonna find out | just what it is.
Stay away from me, please.
Darling, we are way past | the pleasantries.
Don't you fucking resist me.
Get off me!
Get off!
Don't you fucking resist me! | - Stop it!
Stop it!
Just relax.
Get off me!
You stupid... Oh, yeah?
Get off!
You want to fight me?
You want to fight? | You like it rough?
Stop it!
OK, yeah.
Fucking bitch.
You little fucking bitch.
Not a word.
Get off me!
You don't say a word.
Hello there.
Are you a cop?
Is there a problem?
Yeah, I'm trying | to get to Baker.
Just take this road northwest | about three hours.
You'll get there fine.
So you're saying this road right here, | just three hours?
Couldn't be simpler | even if it was.
Have a nice day.
Drive safely.
Yeah, I have this map.
I'm just hell with | directions, that's all.
Who the fuck are you?
The person whose | black bag you have.
I don't have it.
Give me your | service revolver.
Better all be there.
Just like I found it.
What is that?
Open the door.
Hey, dumbo, | open the fucking door.
Open the fucking door.
Jesus Christ, | what are you doing?
Fuck, uncuff her.
Fuck you. | - Fuck you! Unlock her.
Fuck you.
Unlock her.
Fuck you.
Let's go.
Are you OK?
Just relax.
I'll get you next time.
You are in trouble, asshole.
Just take the bag | and get out of here.
Hand it to me.
Give me the fucking bag, | nice and slow.
Going slow.
The bag.
Put it down.
It's all yours.
Drop the guns!
Drop both of them!
You two, you left me for | dead, but I'm Lazarus.
You shot me, you asshole.
You robbed me.
And you, | you left me to die.
You'd have done | the same thing.
Oh, yeah?
Maybe I will.
Maybe I will do | the same thing.
I can't jack off any more | because of you.
You don't care.
I do care.
No, you don't!
Look, just take the bag.
Don't tell me what to do!
Take it easy.
I am the one | who is in charge here.
Not you. Me. | Finally.
That's my car.
My car.
Well, now, | this is interesting.
Drop your weapons. | I got you both.
We got you covered, | so drop the gun.
Drop it! | - Drop them!
I ain't going anywhere. | - Me neither.
Drop the fucking gun! | - Yeah!
Drop it!
We may be here a while.
Or I could just shoot you.
I'll shoot the two of you!
Shoot him.
You could do it.
Shoot him, limp dick.
Then you're gonna shoot me.
No, I won't.
Just relax.
Don't shoot me, quick draw. | Watch me.
Listen, I'm gonna | put the bag...
Right here, OK?
Now just back up over there, | and I'm gonna back over here.
Back up.
And whoever wants | the bag can have it.
And whoever wants to shoot somebody, | knock yourself out.
What the fuck?
Get lost.
Fucking amateurs.
How you doing?
Just fine.
Just... taking | in the sights here.
Sure is pretty, ain't it?
Sure is.
Now that's an odd | place for a suitcase.
Yeah, I noticed that.
Bag just like that one turned up | missing from the bus depot.
Stolen, frankly.
That looks like it | right there.
I wonder what all | the fuss is about.
Sheriff, there's something | I have to tell you.
Oh, yeah?
That bag was right there | when I pulled up.
He's trying to | pull one on me.
See you around.
I'm caught in the middle.
If I am, so are you.
Found the bag.
You want to explain now?
Can I talk to a lawyer first?
You don't need a lawyer, son.
You need a library card.
Come on.
What the fuck | are you doing out here?
How you doing?
I'm a little bit lost here.
I'm trying to find Baker.
Baker... let's see.
You from around here?
You, over here.
I know this asshole isn't asking you | directions to Baker, is he?
Give me your gun.
Yeah, slow poke.
Give me the keys.
And those stupid glasses, | take those stupid glasses off.
Let me see your face.
Yeah, blue eyes, | you a fucking mystery man?
Let's go.
Don't... don't... | don't you resist me.
I like men.
I like women.
I like them all.
I'm avant-garde like that.
Fuck you.
Let's go.
I've been looking for you.
Jesus Christ.
Where'd you buy | this fucking outfit?
The methadone clinic?
Where is it?
Where's the bag?
Bag just like that one turned up | missing from the bus depot.
Where's the bag | with the money in it?
Where are you going | with that bag?
Am I speaking Lithuanian?
Where is it?
Come here, you fuck. | Come here.
Found the bag.
Come here, you little fucker.
I'm a police officer. | Give me the bag.
Come here, you little fuck. | You want to die?
I don't care. | - You don't care?
It's all right. | It's OK.
After I kill you, | you'll care.
You know that, right?
You'll be upset.
Bag just like that one turned up | missing from the bus depot.
You little fuck!
I'll fuck you up!
Get out.
No, no, no.
You're gonna play a game.
You'll play a game?
Where's my shit?
Can you stick this | in your mouth?
You want me to do it | in the shit pit?
When I was a little baby, | my father said, you
could be whatever | you want to be.
I want to be a | basketball player, dad.
You could be like Dr. J. | - If you got into politics,
you could be like | Jimmy Carter.
See, but you must've | missed that lesson.
Where's my shit?
Let's go.
Fuck me.
Who sent you?
You stole that bag | without knowing what was inside.
Who are you working for?
Nobody, OK?
Who are you working for?
You gave a little boy $5,000.
He lives in a shack | off the highway.
He's my brother!
My mother called me and said | that you were heading my way,
so I stood by the side of the road | with a broken down car
and a sad luck story, OK?
I can't believe | I killed somebody.
He deserved it.
Doesn't make | much difference.
I can't eat.
Try not to think about it.
I should go.
What if you made it to your car, | and that bag was full of money?
Cop would have shot me | by the side of the road.
Not if he wasn't there.
He was.
Answer the question.
I'd be long gone.
You have big reputation.
It's the chief.
Who's the target?
Undercover FBI.
He used to be a clerk | for one of our judges.
We went after the guy.
It got fucked up.
How do you want it done?
Like the wind.
Do you want him | to disappear,
or do you want it | to be an accident?
Long-time tradition.
Crime of passion.
Just plant the fingerprints | around the murder scene.
Don't worry.
They'll never find the body.
Desert hold many secret.
Oh, fuck.
If you... | if you're still...
Find me.
I got some nasty business to | take care of outside of town.
You wouldn't know anything | about it, would you?
Just trying to | straighten out my life.
Where is he?
Get in.
The black bag.
I need it.
You understand?
I understand that you're a dick | in a long line of assholes.
You don't know | how long that line is.
Not this asshole again.
Kiss my ass!
Don't you move!
Nobody thought | I would do that, did they?
The black bag.
I don't have it.
I'll kill you.
You know, you're not the | first one to tell me that today,
and you're also not | the first one that I've
told, basically, to fuck off.
All right, let's go.
Your mother called us.
She mentioned a drifter | with a bag of money,
and that you didn't | show up for work.
She's worried.
And so am I.
Subjugation something.
Damn it.
I'm sorry?
Subjugatio... The thing that | the priests do when they have
to squelch | their sexual urges.
Sublimation. | - Sublimation, yes.
Damn, the things that I've done | for that money.
I deserve that money.
I don't have it.
This... this is | your last chance.
My foot! My... | - Drive. Drive.
But... | - Drive.
My fucking foot... | My foot...
My foot... my...
My foot is bleeding here.
You're crazy, man.
You're crazy.
Wait here.
What are you doing here?
No, no, wait.
Wait, wait, wait.
I work at the casino.
Get in.
God-damn it!
Get the fuck out of here!
What are you doing?
Get out of here, | you fucking little twerp!
Get off of me, | you little twerp!
He has you | checking up on me!
Listen to me.
Get your ass in that chair.
What are you doing?
Get the fuck away!
Get the fuck out of here!
Come on, get the | fuck out of here.
What are you? | A fucking twerp?
Get out of here, | you little moron!
Knock it off.
You're an ingrate, | you know that?
I taught you everything | you fucking know.
Salesman say | car seat seven.
No believe.
Cut the Tonto shit.
It is a little tiring.
Gun's not loaded.
That's why I left it for you.
We'll just see about that.
Quit fooling around.
He sold you out, Chief.
Bet you someone | outbid you.
Bet you someone | outbid you.
Your bosses know | about this?
My boss?
This is my fucking boss. | - No.
Your bosses at the FBI.
I'm not in the FBI.
What the fuck | are staring at, Chief?
Where's the bag?
What bag?
What fucking bag?
I don't know anything | about a fucking bag.
You'll leave my mom | and brother alone.
That's the deal.
She's got it.
She has it.
Put the bag down.
Give it to the chief.
I've been watching.
I know what's in there.
Drop it!
Get out!
Stop it!
Fuck you!
Can we... can we have | a rational discussion?
Give me a gun.
I can shoot something.
Empty gun.
Oh, shit!
I'm sorry!
I... I'm sorry!
I thought it was...
The gun was empty, | I thought.
Get in front.
For god's sake, Chief, | this is madness.
You god-damn stumble bum, | you can't do anything right.
Please, this is madness!
Get up front!
Don't leave me out here.
Get down.
I can't feel my dick.
Hold on.
Come on, | let's get out of here.
See those trees?
Sometimes, lightning hits them.
They catch fire, right?
I don't know.
I remember when I was | a kid, I thought it was
probably some sort of a sign.
First, you steal our land | and call us savages.
Then you give us alcohol | and pity us as drunks.
Now you allow us casinos, | but make us beg for our money.
And you continue to force us | to depend on handouts.
I cannot defeat the blowing wind, | so I thought I could
succeed by playing | your game.
And my girlfriend?
Why don't we... Let's just | clear all this up, all right?
Let's just clear all this up.
Some things in life | you ask for.
Some things | get handed to you.
Just have to hope | you do the right thing
and hope you find | someone you can trust.
Son, you don't have any luck.
I'm just trying to | straighten out my life.
What's your name, anyway?