2by4 (1998) Movie Script

It's open! -Hi.
What's up?
I got you a present. Present from? Ooh, ooh!
Well, you know how I love your ass.
What ass, Maria? I don't have an ass.
I have a hole in me back.
I got you something to put it into.
You're not fuckin' serious, Maria!
They're beautiful, ha, ha...
Maria, next you'll be having me growing a mustache.
I think you would look so sexy in these.
Maria, I am not walking into
a bar wearin a pair of leather trousers and
have the lads break me balls.
C'mon, you gotta try them on! Try them on!
Try them on, Johnnie! Maria,
I am not wearing a pair of leather trousers.
But I think you would look so good.
Maria, I am not wearing a pair of leather fuckin' trousers.
Fuck! Whoah, Maria!
Ha, ha, ha. They're amazing on you.
Weird, fuckin'
weird, ooh fuck.
Wow! I've never felt that before, Maria, woo!
Just like I catch it or something. Ha, ha.
Did you get the whip to go with it, or what?
Johnnie, you look fucking great in them.
Fuck! It's not very Catholic, is it Maria?
Fuckin' alright though.
Go on! Shut the fuck up. Oh, he's winning on this.
I only have a few dollars.
Hey! Oh, Jesus!
Everybody keep their backs to the wall.
You're going diving or what with that rig-out?
A bit of style lads, a bit of style, huh?
What's the story, Trump? I've got a leather arse.
Maria! Why are you walking around with Elvis' trousers?
1,2,3 - there you go.
Ah, what the fuck is this?
Sure they didn't pay up, John.
Yeah? You're not leaving yourself short, eh?
Ah, no I'll look after it. You know that,
don't you? Yeah sure, yeah.
It's Hymie. Sure, he's tight as a duck's arse,
and we're behind in the job.
Come here, have one on the house.
I told you they'd slag me over the trousers.
Paul was looking at your ass. Get out of here!
He was, he was checking you out.
Did you get me a drink?
No. I didn't know what you wanted.
Anyway, he's too skinny. He's not my type, you know?
Do you like men?
It may have happened once, you know?
Yeah. Once or twice.
Why, do you have a problem with that?
No, l just don't like to share.
What do you want to drink?
Ah take a wild guess. A bottle of Bud,
and listen, it's on the house tonight.
Ah, your favourite uncle didn't pay you again?
Listen. Relax. Have a nice few quiet drinks.
Sitting in the back row of the
movies on a Saturday night.
Ha, ha I hate that song, you know that?
Ha, ha I don't even
know that song, ha.
Fuck, you know who used to sing that song.
Did you know that was me dad's song?
Yeah? Maria, you know something?
What? You're fuckin' gorgeous, you know that?
Oh, stop Johnnie. You do, you know? Yes. Cut it out.
Oh, you're so gorgeous!
Oh, Maria! what are you doing with me?
No, no, Maria, Maria, Maria! Just what are you doing?
Johnnie, what are you doing?
Maria, Maria
Just, you know all them dirty little things
that you wanted to do, you know, when you were a kid?
Yeah, but there's people!
Don't worry. It's our fucking land.
It's just a city.
Hey, is everything okay over there, miss?
Yeah. It's fine.
He's my boyfriend. It's okay.
I'm gonna go. There's a cab.
I gotta get up in the morning for work, baby.
Maria! I'll see you later.
There's a cab right there. I gotta get up.
Maria, for fuck's sake!
Man, you got the time? Time for what?
Oh, oh...
The queers in that place. Fuck!
What the fuck were you doing in the
park at 1 o'clock in the morning anyway?
What the bloody hell do you think I was doing?
I was having a bloody shite.
A shite? Yeah, a shite! A shite! Just
driving along, bursting for one.
You know I have a plastic colon.
Plastic colon? Yeah. Plastic colon.
Anyway, I pulls in. I gets in
behind a tree. I mean there's no
harm in a man using nature for
the call of nature, now is there?
But the fuckin' park is miles away.
Huh? Oh, I was pricing a job out on the west Side.
Yeah, well you paid some price didn't you?
Anyways, listen.
I'm sitting there minding me own fuckin'
business. Next thing, there's this big fuckin' black
nigger of a fuckin' cop standing above me
saying I'm doing all kinds of fucked up things.
And did he handcuff you? Yeah he did, of course,
me and this other bloke he saw in there.
This bleedin' town has gone to the dogs.
You can't even have a shite in peace.
How the hell was I supposed to
know all the queers go there, huh?
Yeah, well you should've known
anyway. Everybody fuckin' knows it.
Oh, and listen Johnnie: Not a word to
a soul about this, do you hear me?
Oh, I can't wait to tell the boys Trump
got done for indecent exposure!
Johnnie, I'm serious.
You keep your fuckin' mouth shut, son.
The fuckers will have me up for rape
if this story got back to the Bronx.
It was a good shite was it? It was an
unbelieving shite, all right.
Here, have you got a fag?
In the bloody cell all bloody night and
not a bleeding fag to me name, huh?
Well I wouldn't say that, now. Yeah.
Hey, down here. Why didn't you get down right away?
Well, I thought I'd give you some quality
time with the boys in there, you know?
You just keep your mouth shut.
And you keep your trousers up.
And listen, thanks for coming to help
sort that. Fuck off. Hey where's the car?
Alright, c'mon. Let's get going up to the lads.
Where's Johnnie? I'll be outside, alright?
People working for fuckin' Trump
never getting paid. I don't know.
Where the fuck is he anyway, Paddy?
Trump owes me $400. He owes me 4 fuckin' hundred.
Good morning boys! Alright boys!
Another day, another dollar boys!
Where's Johnnie for God's sake?
Up, up, up! Let's get going! What'd you do last night?
There she is, boys!
Empire State Building.
Look at the moldings on that building.
I'll tell you who built that fuckin'
building, the fuckin' Afghanistans!
The Afghanis, they built that fuckin'
building with the Mohican Indians.
Mohammed Ali and George Bush!
Mohammad Ali, ha, ha!
Ah, Johnnie.
Float like a butterfly; sting like a bee.
Ah, Christ! Who's Mohammad Ali?
... walls with 2 by 4, I know they're grand.
What went on behind these doors...
...disguising all the sounds.
Back in the home I love so well.
Remind me of feelings I can't tell.
Feelings I can't tell.
Feelings I can't tell.
That's your word. We're all
businessmen here lads, aren't we?
Huh? Business associates, huh?
That's right. Go mind yourselves, yeah.
Yeah, we understand one another.
Sure we share the same history,
don't we lads? Your people and mine, huh?
My brothers are not very happy, Trump.
This job is 3 weeks behind.
Ah, well, c'mon. Lads, lads.
Wait till I get Johnnie over here.
He'll run it through for you.
Johnnie! Johnnie, c'mere!
Would you like to bring the lads
up to date on the progress? What?
The work in progress. Make it good.
Right. Ah, right.
The going fine. Right, listen.
we have ah all this here, right?
All this are all finished, alright?
This section here, right, what's holding us
up is the walls. They're an inch-and-a-half off,
which means that you have to bend the studs
around, and that means a nightmare, and you guys,
the Sheetrock never came for 2 days.
So I mean, you know, between that and this
building, it's a fuckin' nightmare I mean.
We need more men. We need more men!
Yeah, we need more men, but I mean the money?
You guys are paying us, like peanuts!
If you're paying peanuts,
you get monkeys. You can go to Bronx Zoo
and bring down a lot of monkeys,
and... -Yeah, yeah Johnnie.
Thanks very much. That's grand,
now fuck off, yeah? Fuck off!
Yeah, ha, ha. Go back. Sorry, sorry Katz.
He shoots from the hip. He's young, you know?
Ah, c'mon lads Unionize then, old boys, that's...
Sure we're all businessmen here, huh?
Listen, Rome wasn't built in a day, what!
Ha, ha, ha.
My brothers want to terminate this contract,
but I like you so I'm going to give you a little more time.
Thanks, thanks.
Thanks very much. Thanks very much! Have a nice day.
Thanks a lot. Decent man, Katz, decent man.
Now don't disappoint me.
No we won't, I promise Katz. Promise.
Good man! Thanks a lot, ha, ha.
Ah, it's me back. You know, your ma,
she's taking it out of me, man!
Oh yeah? Me uncle had it. He was like
a bleeding monkey, with his finger up his hole always!
Of course I've had it. -You fuckers, get fucked!
What am I? The fuckin' Red Cross? C'mon,
c'mon! Johnnie! C'mon lads, get the gold! C'mon!
Hut-2,3,4; hut-2,3,4!
Hut-2,3,4; hut 2,3,4!
Up! C'mon Joe, c'mon Joe, shift it! Good man, Paddy.
Mind your own. Joe, no more late nights before
a match, serious business, I mean it now.
Anybody want a cigarette? Johnnie, Johnnie!
This is what you should be doing. I'm talking to you.
Ah, yeah you know me, lads,
don't change and I'll help my own.
Lads! Yeah, yeah, probably wouldn't have you anyway.
Yeah, and I suppose you're in shape! C'mere.
Listen, I want to have a word with you.
Oh, fuck, yeah. Wouldn't it be fuckin'
right man, yeah O'Bann is buying...
Oh, c'mon. It will all work alright. I have it. I have it.
Do you have it? C'mon lads, squats! Squats!
Oh thank Jesus for that money. Yeah, there's 4 there.
Ah man, $400's no fuckin' good. Johnnie, give it a break.
I'll need 3 fuckin' tomorrow, man.
I need $300 right away.
I know what you said. Listen here. What?
When's your man coming over?
Oh, sometime next week.
Fuckin' great.
Well he's not the worst of them, Johnnie, you know?
Yeah, well I grew up in the Councils,
so don't give me any of your fuckin' lectures.
So did I. Remember, he was my brother before
he was your father. He's a damn sight better
than his father anyway. A fuckin' demon
that man, what a fuckin' demon he was.
Yeah, right. What have you got
against him anyway? Huh?
Anyway. Just have me $300 tomorrow, will you?
Alright. 'Cause I fuckin' need it.
Alright. Listen, come out to the
airport Wednesday. He'd like that.
He won't turn fuckin' up.
Alright. Well, I'll see you later!
C'mon lads, it's not a retreat. C'mon, c'mon,
c'mon, c'mon! Take that cigarette out.
Squat 2,3,4! Squat!
You're fuckin' gorgeous!
Oh, don't know why she's
leaving or where she's gonna go.
I guess she's got her reasons,
but I just don't want to know.
For 24 years I've been living next door to Alice.
Alice! Who the fuck is Alice?!
24 years just waiting for a chance
To tell her how I feel
and maybe get a second dance.
Now I got to get used to not living next door to Alice.
Alice! Who the fuck is Alice?!
Let's hear it for Bibi, everybody!
C'mon lad, go on with me.
Next up, let's hear it for Bridie!
Blue moon,
you saw me standin' alone
without a dream in my heart,
without a love of my own.
Blue moon,
you knew just what I was there for
You heard me sayin' a prayer for
Joe, it's a great fuckin' song. It's great.
It's perfect for you, right? It's called
Crazy For Loving You. You remember it, right?
What fuckin' song is that, Johnnie? Ha, ha!
It's: "Crazy for trying, crazy for lying"
No, no, it's "Crazy for dying". It's not dying.
It's not dying! It's a love song.
Joe, listen to me.
It's: "Crazy for trying, crazy for lying, and--"
It's dying! It's crying!
It's lying! It's lying Joe.
Fuck, I'm going to sing my own song.
What's your own song? Johnnie Cash.
I hear a train a coming
It's coming round the bend
Ah, Jesus! Sweet Mother of Jesus, Joe!
And I ain't seen any sunshine since
I don't know when.
Hi, lads. Hello. Right.
You're Irish? Yeah. Yeah?
Yeah. Oh, good enough.
Haven't seen you around here before,
boys. We just got here last week.
He wants to go home, ha, ha! Go home?
Well, his aunt kicked us out so
we've nowhere to stay, do we?
Hey, that's not my fault. Ah, the boys the boys,
the boys, the boys, eh? How's it going lads?
What's up? What d'you got here then, huh?
Oh, green ones. Oh yeah?
Fresh off the boat are we? Got a job, lads?
A place to stay? No.
Look, don't look at me!
I can give you a job, lads,
starting tomorrow at 7 o'clock.
Ha, 7 o'clock? Yeah. $6 an hour. Wow, $6 an hour!
Shit! Have we got a problem here, boys?
No, no problems. Good.
One of the lads here will put you up.
Sheetrocking, you've done that before haven't you?
Oh, yeah. Yes. Fine. A small bit.
Joe. You've got a spare room
haven't you? Ah for fuck's sake!
Good man, good man! Thanks Joe.
Yeah. Now boys, all set up?
Yeah. You're going to thank me?
Ah, yeah. Thanks Mister...
Trump, lad. Thanks very much.
Trump Consolidated. Johnnie!
Johnnie you're up next.
Karaoke Night here at Landsdowne Bar,
and have we got your name on the bill!
I don't know. Fuck it, you know? C'mon.
I've seen enough.
The King of Karaoke, Johnnie Maher!
Are you okay?
Yeah. Yeah, l just need a piss.
That was some performance you gave there.
That wasn't a performance, Maria.
Two nights ago was a fuckin' performance.
Now there you go - wait till I tell you.
I walked out the door at 2 o'clock in the morning,
singing Danny Boy butt-fuckin'-naked
in the middle of the Bronx.
Ha, ha, yeah right! I'm serious!
Ha, ha, you're like-
You remind me of those guys
in The Night of the Living Dead.
Fuck off! I'm serious, ha, ha.
Fuckin' hell! I don't know how I got to bed.
Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me.
Fuckin' some nightmares, Maria!
I tell you!
Ha, ha.
Did you see that movie? Uh-huh.
I loved that movie. Yeah.
That's what probably set me fuckin' off, that line
"Fuck me, fuck me!"
Fuck off!
Fuck you, too! C'mon, enjoy it. Have a laugh.
Turn out the light there, will you, Maria?
That's scary shit, Johnnie.
There's a little of this going on up there,
and there's a little of that going on down there.
We've got to break him fuckin' in.
Billy you have a lot to learn. Greenhorn! Oh!
I've had enough of you. The first
week in NY, you get a hooker, right?
The second week in New York,
you get the crabs.
After six months in NY, you get the first blowjob
off a bloke. Shamus, show him the blowjob.
I don't know how to do that. What?
I don't know how to do that.
There you are Billy! Enjoy them, eh?
For fuck's sake, this wall isn't?
Fuckin' yeah, but you're always
blaming a fuckin' 3rd party, you know?
What? For fuck's sake, boys!
Boys, boys whoa, whoa, whoa!
Hold on, hold on, hold on!
Get that Sheetrock around here
boys. Hold on, hold on Hold on.
Alright. Now just put it
Have you done this before? Ah, yeah.
Yeah, but we don't have much
hands-on experience. With Sheetrock.
The label the label on the other side, right?
Look, look at it.
Yeah. This is the wrong way around boys.
Look. You never have this
part sticking out. See where it
has the stamps? It's not sticking out.
Look at the rest of the walls here. Look!
Look at the colour. Turn that around.
That's the right way.
Alright? Right. Joe!
Joe! Will you show these fuckin'
boys how to do this stuff?
What's up? Jesus! What are you trying to do?
Ah, we were just building a wall.
Building a wall? Yeah.
Get that Sheetrock and hold it up.
You can put them studs up first.
You never worked on a site before,
did you? Yeah, we did. Yes.
Yeah, yeah. We were in Wales,
engineering. When we were in college.
Ah, that explains it. Get that ladder will you?
Engineering? College boys, are you?
Ah, well yeah. Yeah. Yeah.
Engineering - like. Did you graduate? No, no.
Alright. Fix all that, alright?
You thinking of jumping?
Nah, not today.
No. Actually, you were never afraid of heights.
Do you remember that time I took
you to the Cliffs of Moher, huh?
You were about 7. Jumped out of the
caravan and ran right up to the edge, eh?
There you were with your little legs dangling.
Your mother nearly died.
Sure, wouldn't I have been there
to catch you anyway, eh?
I suppose you were always there in your own way.
That's right, in me own way.
Do you think we can save this job?
We have to Johnnie.
Johnnie, I'll ask you once more:
Are you coming up to the poker game tonight?
Oh, I'm sick of playing poker. I never win
fuck all, and you guys are out of your brains
having snuffed everything. Yeah. It's coke.
C'mon up tonight man, I'll have the
coke and everything laid out, the works.
Ah, I'm fuckin' sick of using.
You ruin your fuckin' head.
Listen ah! Will you listen? C'mere!
Hey, there might be a few girls later too,
alright? Come back and have a few.
Well, I'm gonna go home and have a shower first.
I'll follow you back up, alright?
9 o'clock sharp. That's it, man. No excuses.
See you in an hour boys. Don't drink too fuckin' much!
Hello? Yeah, hold on.
Trump, phone. Who is it?
Who am I? Uri fuckin' Geller?
Hello? Who? Oh, yes, yes Mr. Grossman.
Ah, no, no. It's not about insurance this time.
Um, a little bit of an arrest.
Indecent exposure. Hang on a minute, will you?
Got a problem? Problem?
Can we finish these cheques,
or are you going to stay on the phone all day?
Huh? Another 1/2 hr and this
place is going to be jam packed.
We haven't got time for this. You're fired. What?
You're fired. Fuck off!
Oh, yeah, yeah, sorry about that.
No, I've got an arraignment
on the 26th. No, no, not an arrangement.
An arraignment.
Okay, well call me. Yeah, yeah.
Are you serious, Mr. Man? Oh, it's Mr. Man is it?
Will you take a hike you little fuck you.
Hey you, you! Did you ever
work behind a bar at the pub?
Ah, I've collected glasses once or twice, yeah.
Well, that's perfect. Get in there now and get to work.
I have a job, Mr. Trump. You're fired.
Ah fired from the construction job?
Yeah. I'm working here now?
Jesus, you're quick, eh?
Ah, yeah, I guess. Fine.
Well hop to it.
Hey, you got a smoke?
What? You got a cigarette?
Hey, you got a light?
See you, man.
Rough hands.
Rough life. Know what I mean?
Yeah. Got to go, man.
I'm going to me mate's for a game of cards.
Can I come with you?
You can't come to me mate's fuckin' house.
Well come with me, then. C'mon then.
Where? Go somewhere warm.
Go where? Somewhere warm, c'mon.
C'mon, we'll go. C'mon, I'll be fun. C'mon!
What's your name?
Ha, that's all I fuckin' need, another Christian here
to save the lion. C'mon,
let's go and have some fun. C'mon.
Go where, man?
Just here, up here.
Somewhere warm.
Where is this place? It's not far.
Shall I deal again? Definitely should have been a pilot!
Shall I deal?
A helicopter, you know? A helicopter pilot, eh?
I love it! I love poker too!
Let's go boys, c'mon! Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Alright boys, Game over, anyway.
Fuckin' who wants to play
cards, any of you? One of us.
Poker then. Give me an 'ole hit on
the sleeve. Just me and your friends.
It's just me and you? There you go.
Three ladies. Colin, watch the ol' feet there, will you?
Three ladies and a pair of pants. Watch the feet.
Mind yourself. I need a fuckin' beer
anyhow. What kind of a house is this?
I'll deal. This is your house.
Is it alright if I deal, Joe? Joe, can I deal?
I'm having a fuckin' beer! Shit!
C'mon, are we playing another
game or what? Whose deal is it?
Eddie, you deal.
How much is it again? $5.00?
Get your feet off the table!
Take them off. Now!
Get your fuckin' feet off the
table for fuck's sake, and let's play.
Are you deaf? Fuck the whole lot of you! Joe, don't.
Then fuckin' get out, right? Out!
I'm only fuckin' joking!
Read my lips: O-U-T Out!
Joe, relax. Joe, stop it. Out!
Joe, Joe, would you fuckin' shut up?
You can all get fuckin' out!
Get out! I'm sick of this fuckin'
shite every fuckin' time he goes--
You too, you fuckin' fat fuck, out!
Get the whole fuckin' lot of you out!
Get out! Out the fuck!
Jesus Christ!
Joe, you're doing too much of that fuckin' coke.
Drugs fuck with my head, you know?
Sure I know that.
Ha, ha. I'm sick of this shit.
They left the fuckin' beer, Joe. They're not so bad.
Oh, Jesus Christ Almighty.
Ah, you got some money?
How much? 40. $40?
I need a room. You look like an angel.
Yeah, well I want to go to heaven.
So have you got a room?
Where's your money, angel? Here you go.
Need a room and a little bit of smack.
The room's down the hall. Just there?
This way.
Hey Johnnie.
I'm sick of this shit. I'm sick of this shit.
These people in this place look at
me like I'm some kind of freak.
Fuckin' hell, man, you're on fire.
Good? Do you want to have a smoke?
Oh, no thanks. You have to fuckin' win me first.
Well, you said you wanted to hang out, didn't you?
Yeah, but not in a fuckin' crack den,
though, you know?
Yeah, ha, ha. Did you want to have a smoke?
Your turn. My turn? Yeah, your turn.
You have a funny accent, mate. G'day, g'day, g'day?
How's it going?
It feels alright now here, though, doesn't it?
Ah yeah, it does feel right now, doesn't it?
It kinda feels alright, you know what I mean?
Yeah. It kinda feels alright. It feels great, doesn't it?
Yeah, it's alright, you know?
Neighbours are looking.
Ha, ha There ain't no neighbours that care, anyway.
Now you're getting all fuckin' moody
and philosophical, you know?
I know.
Would you, ah, would I care for a lie down?
Care for a lie down? Yeah, you know?
If I can get these fuckin' clothes off.
Hold on. I'm cold,
Ha, ha.
Whoa! A naked man in front of me, man!
You're alright Christian, you know that?
Yeah. Yeah. Why's that?
Just that, you know? You're alright too.
Yeah, well I got a better accent than you, you know.
Ha, ha.
Right. Get these off.
Off. Have a smell.
Ah, fuckin' hell. Have a smell.
Have a sniff. I don't want to smell your fuckin' socks.
Have another sniff. I don't want to rush this.
I don't want to rush this. Have another sniff! Fuck off!
I don't want to smell your fuckin' socks.
That's fuckin' good construction.
Fuck my head's spinning. That'd get
you high pretty good, that shit, I'll tell you.
Yeah. Fuck my head. Really.
Off. Off with the...
I'm sick of this shit. Will you please stop this fighting?
You guys fight all the time. Oh, please, please.
They can't get in here, right?
No. Are you sure?
Fuckin' that thing out there
fuckin' frighten the shit out of you?
I'm falling.
No. I've got you, baby.
I've got you, baby. I've got you.
That shit's making me sleepy.
Go to sleep then, go away.
I'll be here, alright? Just go to sleep, I'll be here.
Alright? Shhhh...
What the fuck?
What's wrong, man? Huh?
Johnnie, it's Christian, it's Christian. What's wrong?
C'mere. What's wrong? It's Christian. What'd you dream?
Huh? What were you dreaming?
What were you dreaming, man? Huh?
I don't know.
What do you mean you don't know?
You just woke up. Of course you know.
I don't know, Christian.
I'm not waiting another fuckin'
week for that cunt to give us the money.
That's 3 times already I asked him.
Fuck, tomorrow night I'm
going over there. -Don't go over!
No. I'm down at the fuckin' job
tomorrow, you know what I mean?
We're in a job with no fuckin' money.
He can get the money. He promised
us the money. He promises the money!
Joe said Tuesday. I'm going to
talk to Johnnie today, alright?
You man, live a get the wall. Fuck them.
Sure, what can they do anyway?
What do you think they can fuckin' do, Joe?
Take the job back off us.
Here he is now with his penalty clauses.
Fuckin' penalty clauses!
Playing cowboys, are we?
Oh yeah. He gets himself a girlfriend,
he can't even talk to his friends anymore huh?
Yeah, well you know me, Trump, a bit of VIP
quiet down in the back, you know?
Oh, we've gone all high and mighty have we eh?
Saw Trump up there making his millions.
No doubt it's coming out of your pocket.
Ah, Trump's alright. Leave him alone.
Hi you, how's it going? Hi ya baby, how're
you doing? Yeah, what are you having?
Coffee. Ah, give us...
No, a bacon sandwich, and a up of tea, baby.
Thank you. Okay, right. A nice hot cup of tea, baby.
You know you shouldn't eat that stuff. How dare you!
That's Irish meat I'm getting. There's no shit in that.
No. Thanks baby.
What's up?
Well, what's up with you?
Okay. Is it Trump?
You have a problem with Trump?
No, I don't have a problem with Trump.
Do you have a problem with Trump?
No, I don't have a problem with Trump,
but you do. No. I have a problem with you
getting to be fuckin' mother-of-all when
I'm trying to eat breakfast, yeah?
I'm going to go somewhere
else and eat breakfast, alright?
What's up with Johnnie? I don't know.
Here's your fuckin' eggs.
Ah Jesus, it fuckin' rotten again!
Johnnie! Johnnie!
What do you fuckin' want? Hey, keep your voice down.
There's people around, you know. Are you alright?
I just wanted to get the fuck out of that place.
Alright. Where're you going? I don't know.
I'll walk somewhere. I'm going up here.
Want to go to the beach?
The beach?
Yeah, the beach.
You call this a fuckin' beach?
Well, you've got sand, there's water,
there's stones. There's even fuckin' shite.
Yeah. So just shut up and drink your beer.
Yeah, dog shite, tampax and fuckin' condoms. Ha!
Where's all the beautiful women?
They heard you were coming. They left.
How's Maria? How are the two of you getting along?
Ah, alright. She's doing me head in a bit,
though. She wants to fuckin' move in with me.
Huh? Keep her out, man. Keep her out.
Ah, she's alright, Maria.
I just don't feel like picking out
curtains with her right now, you know?
Curtains? Hey, do you remember
setting your ma's curtains on fire?
Nah, Ma's curtains on fire?
You don't remember? God Almighty,
man, you nearly burned the house down.
Playing with matches, of course.
Jesus, I thought she was going to kill you.
That's fucked up, isn't it?
I mean, I can't remember them at all.
Sure, what is there to remember?
Except one thing.
What's that?
Nah, it's stupid. Go on, tell me.
It's not. Tell me. For fuck's sake tell me.
It's his bike. His bike?
His bike.
I used to stand at the gate every day at 10 to 5,
waiting for him to come around
the corner of the street, you know?
The lads would be off playing football on the street,
and we used to charge out with the ball, you know?
Kick it round, and wait for him to come around,
and he'd come around with the bike, you know?
Just like you'd see him, just I don't know.
Just waiting for him to nod or something, you know?
Never did though.
It's stupid.
That's all you remember?
That's all I want to remember.
Me too.
I told you he wouldn't come. Never fuckin' does.
What's happening, William? Alright.
What's the score?
You never play, no?
Ah, folks running around
grabbing each other, you know?
Communal showers and all that
shite. It's not my cup of tea.
Yeah, that's pretty creepy, mate.
Real fuckin' creepy.
It's basically everyone's just fighting
over the... There's just the ball.
Yeah, exactly. That's what we have here, except Trump.
He owns the ball, anyway.
We could just go and buy another one.
He's just a bit creepy. Creepy?
Yeah. He's a bit creepy.
C'mon, c'mon. Ah, c'mon! Ah,
for God's sake, man, you're blind as a bat.
You know he's me uncle, of course?
Oh, shit yeah! Sorry about that.
I didn't mean it. No, it's alright.
You think he's creepy? Yeah.
Go on, Mikey! Go on Mikey!
Go on! Go on! Go on! Go on!
Joe, what is the fuckin' story with this job?
I had a few words with Johnnie last night about it.
Words? Well what about fuckin'
headway? No fuckin' headway.
Tomorrow, I'm on fuckin' strike,
and I want you with me.
I'm here 15 fuckin' years,
and I'm not going to let a low life
like Trump fuckin' screw me, alright? That's it.
That's bullshit.
It beats hurtin' I'm in. Yeah, we're all in. Let's go.
Where the fuck is Trump? Don't worry, he'll be back.
He'd better be back. I need to get stuff off of him.
I don't think he's coming back.
Yeah. We could be fuckin' here all night.
He won't be back? Look, he'll be back.
He'll be back alright.
Where the fuck is he? I told you.
I told you he wouldn't be back.
Ha, ha. You're some bollocks, you are!
Who's getting more beer? Billy. Yeah.
Send Billy. Right guys? Right. Yeah, I'll go to the shop.
Oh, Christ, then we've got to get
some money together. Ha, ha, ha!
Donations? Donations? Don't look at me. Huh?
I'm skint. Oh, Jesus, something! I've not! Look!
Nothing last weekend?
He sends all his money back home to his ma, eh?
That's all I got. Oh, Jesus. C'mon Johnnie.
I'm broke, man. I'm broke. I'm broke.
I'll get the beers.
No thanks in that. Taigh? I don't have anything.
Joseph? Joseph, Joseph c'mon!
Joe, Joe, Joe! That's all I got.
C'mon Joe. That's all I got!
What about the hip pocket?
What are you talking about? Hip pocket, my arse!
What the fuck's this? Ah, give me that! Give me that!
Oh? Oh, that's private! Private, buddy!
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
Andy, give it to me, will you?
The National Library of Poetry
A poem published by Joseph Carmelite.
Whoa! Woo hoo!
As I wander if you give it to me, Paddy, I'll read it.
Go on, read it. Will you read it, Joe?
I've known you a long time now.
I've never lied to you. I'll read it.
I'll read it all. Trust me, Andy. Yeah, you read it Andy.
Trust me! Ha, ha.
Give it to me, go on. I'm disappointed in you, Paddy.
Read it will you? Read it Paddy.
Don't give it to him.
Now let the man read it! I'll let him.
I'll read it. Brains, what do you reckon?
Brains? Ah, go on, give it to him. I'll read it for you.
You read it, and if you
don't fuckin' read it, I'll drop you in it.
I'll read it. Alright.
Who's going to read it?
I promise.
I'll read it! I'll read it! Give us a listen. I'll read it.
I'll read it now, boys. Boys, no laughing.
No, no, no. No laughing.
No danger of that. You too Brains.
Remember it's 19 floors down.
Alright, ha, ha.
Ha, ha. Sorry, ha, ha.
"As I wander" is the name of it.
Ah, that's it! Fuck it.
We're out in the plains, look at the heavens! Yeah.
Alright. We're your friends. We're your friends.
Take your time.
We'll all clear our throats.
Lost on a lonely road I wander,
I've wandered far but can't get near,
near to what I seek.
200 moons ago
I thought I'd get to see the sun,
but still I wander.
This road is closing in.
My soul is getting tired.
Even though I'm young of age,
I haven't time to spare.
I make into a weeping willow
on a bald hill side.
Oh wait, I see a glimmer,
a glimmer up ahead.
Maybe it's the rose I hunger for,
as I wander on,
wander on.
You didn't write that!
For fuck' sake, he did.
Look lads, he's not going to come tonight,
right? So just fuckin' head off.
I know what you came here for.
You're gonna get it tonight.
Dirty, white, motherfucker you!
You're a fuckin' piece of shit, boy. Fuck you!
You're not a good, boy!
You're a nasty little fucker!
Christian, what the fuck are you doing here?
It's okay. Okay, okay, okay! It's okay.
You're burning up, man. You need cold water.
I don't want to!
Now, it's okay. It's okay, Christian. It's okay.
No, it's okay. Give me your coat.
Let's take your coat. Let's take your coat.
Give me your coat. I don't have a...
It's okay. It's okay. Okay!
It's okay.
I know it's cold, but this is good.
It's okay, it's okay, it's okay. Just...
It's okay.
What the fuck is that?
What the fuck is that, Christian?
He did it to me.
He, you know, he had a stick.
He's into that shit.
How'd that fuckin' happen? He forced me.
Christian, you want to start looking after yourself, man.
I'm not going to do this shit anymore.
You're gonna look after me, right?
You're gonna look after me now, right?
Here, put this shirt on.
It's a nice shirt.
Now, you're in your granny's now? What?
If you're in your granny's, it means you're alright.
I heard it before.
What? The trick said that.
That's what the trick said.
Johnnie, can we hang out? Christian, please.
You're doing me head in, you know?
Just you're going to have to go.
But I want to.
Christian, I got a girlfriend, alright?
I can't.
That's it then?
Nobody's ever cared for me like you did Johnnie.
This is Christian.
He's just leaving. Bye.
Nothing happened.
That guy's just fucked up.
Sure. Maria.
If I say nothing happened,
then nothing happened alright?
What's the story here lads, huh?
Johnnie, you okay?
Well c'mon then. Let's get them moving
in the big room. There's a man looking for you.
Oh. What'd he look like?
Ah, ringlets, black hat, black coat.
Oh, Jesus! A couple of friends. What'd they look like?
Same. Ringlets, black hat.
Yeah, yeah, alright, alright!
Sweep, sweep! Useless fuckin' article.
Fuckin' Katz. Yeah, we called him.
You what? We want our money.
We want to get this sorted.
C'mere to me, you. Are you trying to fuck with me?
No. I just want to get what I'm entitled to.
Well you got it all right.
I'm not moving. You're fired. We'll see who's fired.
Ah Katz! The very man! God bless you!
I was just going to call you.
How come nobody's working? Your own men call me?
C'mon now, lads, lads well,
we're going to have to use our own people.
Now there's no need to do that,
lads. Well, what am I gonna do, huh?
The doors aren't finished!
The walls aren't finished! Just a cash flow problem.
Ha, ha Liquidity.
You give him the fuckin' money, alright?
I gave him the money. $5,000, $8,000.
You didn't give him the fuckin'
money, alright? Give it to him!
Johnnie, he has the money!
It's Trump, Johnnie. It's not these boys.
Wake up! He's the asshole! I gave you the
money! What are you doing with the money!
Hidden costs, lads. Liquidity.
He's fuckin' you, Johnnie, and
he's fuckin' us too! He's your uncle, Johnnie!
So do something! You're the foreman!
What are you fuckin' looking at?
This is gonna cost you! Let's get out of here.
I hope you're bleedin' happy.
You know, I was going to take that $200
you get for dying in Warsaw,
and go to New York and blow it all, and die happy,
and now I've got to stay in Warsaw.
Hey, Johnnie?
You know, I don't know which I am.
Happy or miserable. I'm all mixed up.
Listen, do you have to hand in that report?
I know it sounds...
What's up?
What's up?
Well, you haven't talked to me all night.
We haven't talked all week.
Where have you been, Johnnie?
You gotta talk, Johnnie.
Me head is splitting, Maria.
Then you should get some rest.
Are you staying?
Is that the best you can do for an invitation?
I'd like you to stay.
what do you expect me to do?
You're so wrapped up in your own
head all the time that you don't
even know what's going on with the people around you.
Don't mind me, Maria.
You're scaring me, Johnnie. Your
nightmares. Just dreams, Maria.
Just dreams. I always had them.
I'm going.
I'm not coming back.
That's it?
That's it.
You know
Hey, baby
Fuckin' bar, man!
Sticking right fuckin' out, man!
The fuckin' bar's sticking out there,
and people walking fuckin' in.
Ah this.
I want that. C'mon, I want that.
Put it in the bag.
And I want that as well, man.
Spanish, man, eh? Speak...
I said thanks.
De nada.
I said fuckin' thanks, man, you know?
This is America, you know?
Speak fuckin' English, you know what I mean?
You fuckin' Spic bastard!
Well, look at the fuckin' Spic, ooh yeah!
who the fuck are you calling a Spic?
I'm calling you a fuckin' Spic, alright? Alright? Ah! Ah!
Who you calling a Spic, man? Huh?
Who you calling a mother fucking Spic huh?
The trick said that. That's what the trick said.
That's what the trick said."
Were you in the bar? Yeah, I just came from there.
Who's in there? Eddy's up there, and Trump.
Right. And the others.
Johnnie! I'm going home.
You know? Home, home.
I've had enough.
I'm sick of it.
Did you not think, that one day,
I'd remember what you did to me.
You're a rat's ass, Trump.