2Eleven (2015) Movie Script

- Yeah nigga, get the fuck down, bitch.
Where the fuck you goin', boy?
You gon' make me run, nigga?
Where the fuck that shit at?
- I told you ain't no fuckin' work.
- Hm.
- I got it, brother, let's go.
- Listen, homie, you
got what you came for.
Beat it, fuck boy.
- I know you heard what happened
to your man's white boy.
- Hell no.
- Man, somebody ran up and
they spot, took everything.
- You bullshit.
- Hell no.
Lord knows how many
bricks they got away with.
- And don't nobody know
who did it or nothin' huh.
- Nah.
Man, nobody.
I'da loved to
have a piece of that.
- Man, who you tellin'.
Damn, niggas
got away with brick and money?
And me and Murda runnin'
round this bitch broke?
Shit, fuck that.
One two three, just livin' in a dream
Every day that goes by
Is the same old thing
I'm like a captain on a ship
With no steady course
Only one ever brought it back
Baby, you're the sun
A million dollars in
cash, would you kill for it
Hell, yeah, I would
Me too, sittin' at the
table baggin' all that work
If niggas only knew
what I was thinkin' about
It's like my conscience just
left and the music stopped
Niggas lookin' stumped, but
they ain't facin' the mood
They know why I go miss
like bitchin' n' juice
Catch me this time tomorrow
Whippin' da coop
Yeah, and when karma come
I have my AR pistol and my armor on
I ain't got a lot of
friends, I don't party none
But I keep celebratin'
like the Mardi Gras
They say you so anti,
why you act like that
They was just lookin' at
him while he snuck my step
Ain't paranoid, fuckin' crazy
Money over everything, fuck you, pay me
I'm so far gone I'm on another planet
Stand in my cross let anybody have it
If you break my
- Nigga, this must not
be your day today, huh?
You ain't get shit all day, huh?
Put your money where your mouth at.
- But hunny hunny, man.
You hittin'.
- I got five, I got five.
Shoot the dice, man.
- 'Cause you gon' need another
motherfucker after this round, nigga
and can get some shit redone.
Ooh, money in the bank, my motherfucker.
- Go ahead, man.
Y'all ain't fuckin'
wit each other no more?
- Hell nah.
Nigga ain't got time for all that bullshit
she got goin' on, dawg.
She dealin' with school
and a bunch of other shit.
Plus she fuckin' with some
little young wild nigga, man.
I know you have to fuck
around and kill that boy.
- You sound kinda hurt, my nigga.
- Look man, we riding with this nigga.
Let's bet a ben, fuck these niggas.
You got a ben?
- We shootin' all
hunnies over here.
- All hunnies, nigga,
throw the ben, fuck it, it's a ben.
- That's a thousand
right here, little nigga.
- Ey man, your weak ass gon'
have to shake them bitches.
- Bet hunny, hunny, man.
- You got bad luck.
Ey, get him some water.
This motherfucker over here is sweating.
Give him some water.
You wanna bet it up again?
- I'm ridin'.
- Double it up,
- Bet hunny hunny.
- Double it up.
What you got, what your mans got?
They ran off?
Uh-uh, bet it up again, bet it up again.
Oh, money in the bank motherfucker.
What are you eating tonight?
Natty gettin' big, huh?
- Bad then a motherfucker too.
You need to get over there and see Mama.
- Ain't nobody got time for
the shit Mama be on, man.
Gon' be talkin' about
church and grand babies.
Man, ain't nobody got time for that shit.
- That's still yo mama,
and she need to see you.
When we get through
with all this bullshit,
go over there and check on her.
Yeah, aite.
- Matter of fact, bet all this shit.
I'm tired of your little weak ass, man.
- This, hey, this the
rent money, motherfucker.
You ain't said shit but a word.
- Bet that shit, man.
- Hope you got mo' than that.
Hope you got mo'
than that in yo pocket.
- Shoot the dice, man.
- Let's go.
- Oh, money in the
bank, money in the bank.
Yatsee, nigga.
Yatsee, motherfucker.
Where you 'bout to go, McD's?
- You got me, baby.
- You go to McD's all day.
- I'm fucked up.
- Come on, you go to big house with us.
Come one, you gotta hop
on the city bus though.
- It's time.
- Let's get 'em.
Nigga, bet the, bet
the shoes, motherfucker.
Bet the bill, matter fact,
bet them shoestrings too.
I bet mama needs some new shoes like that.
Bet all that shit, the
shoes, the belt, everything.
Bet all that shit, nigga.
- Nigga, shut the
fuck up and turn around.
- Oh, stickin' up, man.
- Straight up, that's what
y'all doin', dawg?
Give me this shit, nigga.
- Give me that shit, nigga, watch, too.
- Oh, it's like that, Murda.
It's like that, nigga.
What the fuck, nigga?
- Nigga, shut the fuck up,
and run that shit, nigga.
Fuck you think this is?
Bang bang, bitch.
You got that shirt for me?
I can't hear you.
- Babe!
The shirt!
What you want me to do?
Bring you the shirt too, damn.
- Damn.
Jess, Damn!
- Nigga, calm down.
What you so excited 'bout this shirt for?
You got a new broad you like or somethin'?
- Hell yes.
She's strapped like a gang banger too.
- Yeah, nigga, she might be.
But she ain't fuckin' wit me dawg.
- Man, give me my fuckin' shirt
and go put some clothes on.
Gotta open the door for Zo.
You know I'm trying to
get to the gang banger.
- I'm gon' beat yo ass and her ass too.
- Stop fuckin' playin' and
give me the shirt, man.
What's good, bro?
- Shit, shit, came by see what you had up.
- Chillin, man.
- Woo, fuck yeah.
- Tell me you got some rellos.
- Hell no.
- Damn, we need some rellos.
- Ey, babe, ey.
Why don't you shoot to the store,
and grab a nigga juice, get me some rello.
- No.
Go ask that little gang banger bitch
to go to the store for you.
Now, you know she come over
here, you gon' be trippin'.
Go get yo ass.
- She got the motherfuckin' ass too.
- She gon' beat yo ass, nigga.
- You.
- Got me fucked up.
- This nigga a little bitch though.
- Shit, you gon' fuck around and
marry that girl, boy, watch.
- You be havin' me fucked up, man.
Do I look like a sucka to you or some?
- Hell yeah.
Look at this nigga, Nuck, dawg.
Man he done threw some
Ruccis on that hot mafucker?
- If it ain't the brokest niggas in the D.
- Man, get the fuck outta here, nigga.
- Before niggas come down
there and rob yo li'l ho ass.
- Ah, please don't rob me, mister crook.
Naw, fuck wit me.
In a year or two, ready I buy one of these
for the whole crew or somethin'.
- The fuck on.
- Yeah, aite, man, get
at me, get a bag, 911.
Fuck on.
- Man, that nigga eatin'.
- Yeah, he eatin', nigga.
But niggas can do without
all that hot shit for real.
To get a bitch like that, you
gotta have a whip like that.
I ain't 'bout to be on of
them li'l dirty niggas.
Shut yo li'l
fat dusty ass up, dawg.
- I know this ain't that nigga bitch.
What's up, Bambo?
Shit, get me some rellos.
- No, that ain't it.
Look, could you double bag my shit?
Last time my shit was fallin'
all out the bag walkin' home.
Yo, what's up, little mama?
- Nah, I'm straight.
- I'm callin' you a ho
ass nigga a bitch, bitch.
- Oh, what the fuck you just say to me.
- Shut the fuck up, bitch,
you must be hard of hearing.
- Let me go!
- Shut the fuck up!
- Let me go!
- Shut the fuck up, yo know what happen.
Tell your ho ass nigga,
when I see him too,
it's a wrap for his ass.
Now, get your wack ass
up outta here too.
- Let go.
- Before I renew your ass too.
- Wait, Natty, you forgot your backpack.
- Oh, thanks, Ma.
- And don't forget to ask your teacher
for your progress report, okay?
Okay, I won't.
Bye, see you tomorrow.
- Okay.
Oh, wait, give me one more hug.
But mom, dad's waiting for me.
- I know, I know, I'm just
gonna miss you so much.
Okay, bye.
Hey dad, do
you like it out here?
Why do you ask that?
Because it
looks a little different.
Different from what?
Well, I was in class today,
and I seen a picture of Orlando.
And the picture looked so pretty, dad.
It had green trees, blue
water, and Disney World.
It sounds like you really wanna
go to Disney World, huh?
No, dad, I need
to go to Disney World.
Why do you need
to go to Disney World?
Because that's
my kinda beauty, dad.
You are silly.
What's up, bae?
Ey, get them rellos?
Damn, what's wrong wit you?
What's wrong, man?
What's wrong, man?
So, you ain't gon' tell me what
the fuck is wrong wit you, man?
- What ever the fuck you just did to Len,
he tried to take out on me at the store.
- Len, Tamika Len off Seven Mile.
What'd he say?
What do you think he said?
- He said fuck you and it's
a wrap when he see you.
So, now this nigga tough, huh?
Did he put his hands on you?
Did he put his fucking hands on you, Jess?
Where my nine?
- Over there under the couch.
- Over there under the couch, man.
Man, what the fuck wrong wit you?
Fuck all that
talkin', let's ride.
- Man, I ain't even got no
fuckin' clothes on, man.
- Baby, this the spot.
- Hell no, I ain't never seen this hotel.
I am not staying here.
- I come here all the time.
- Okay, so take your other bitch here.
I'm not staying here.
I don't even know where there fuck.
- I don't know, you figure it out.
You the fuckin' man.
- Killin' my fuckin'
vibe right now.
- Fuck your vibe.
Fuck, I don't care about--
- Talk all that gangsta shit now, nigga.
Oh, you ain't got shit to say, huh?
What's good, bro?
- Shit.
Rode past the park and seen
mom and then out there.
Natty's sick, man.
Think she might need the
rest of the week off.
- Man, you let her run that
bullshit on you, nigga?
Nigga, what happened to you last night?
- Shit, chill blew with the wife.
My girl, man.
- Yeah, aite.
- Fuck you, man.
What's on the flow?
- Shit, you won't be cakin all night,
you'd know what's on the flow nigga.
- There you go.
- I'm just fuckin' wit you.
I just hollered at that
nigga Rell earlier.
He said he got something
on the flow for us.
- That's what's up.
Dang, man.
Why the fuck you always come up here, man.
That shit don't fuck wit you?
- Nah, it's the only place I can
find a piece of mind, my nigga.
- I could dig it.
That shit fuckin' wit me though.
Ey, you get a little more pussy, man,
you probably won't have to
think so hard, don't you think?
- Man, I swear to God, you say
some of the dumbest shit, nigga.
- Damn, bae, you musta missed me.
- Hell, yeah.
Rell, what the fuck did I say
about smokin' in my house?
- Shut yo ass up, man.
Tell you 'bout switchin' that weak
ass hairstyle up 'ere there other day.
- Shut the hell up.
- See you ain't done
fuckin' wit me either.
- Bae, you know I just been workin'.
- Yeah, whatever.
Bitches gettin' a little
nagged don't know how to act.
I'll see you.
- Straight up.
- I'm just like the
rest of you muthafuckers
I'm just out here tryin'
to get this money.
- Ain't got me none of that shit.
- Nigga, how come erry time you come
over here you ask me for somethin'?
- 'Cause every time I come over here
you talk about how much you
money you got, mofucker.
- And you always broke.
Why don't you be useful, and
give me my motherfuckin' purse?
- Ey, I got some rich
dick though, straight up.
Yo ass workin' tonight though?
- Yeah, I'm goin'.
I got some money comin' here tonight.
So, who gon' be in there tonight?
- My nigga, Killz.
Erry time he come in the club,
I make a quick couple thousand.
- Oh yeah, dick ridin'.
Yo nigga, huh?
- I mean, he a'right.
- He a icy nigga, he be in
there jeweled up and shit?
- Yeah, he the type.
Real stuttin ass nigga too.
- Oh, yeah.
- I'm surprised your lurkin' ass
aint' seen him 'round the hood.
- I was just about to ax yo ass too.
What hood that nigga from?
- He a southwest nigga.
But I hear he do a lota
business in the hood though.
- Oh, yeah.
Shit, tryin' get one in like the old day?
- And if I do, what am
I gettin' out of it?
- Rell, it's not about how much I want,
but what I want.
Man, yo man,
Rell, a fuckin' clown, man.
Yeah, what that
nigga done did now, man?
- Oh, last night, I'm
callin' this ho ass nigga.
- Zo.
- You was just the subject.
- Your freak ass left
with Meechie last night.
- Hell, yeah, that bitch don'
got thick as a muthafucka.
Meechie who?
- Man, you know Meechie, man.
Good pussy, good head.
- Oh, the little freak bitch, Meechie.
- Yeah.
- All right.
All right, nigga.
- Man,
y'all niggas some clowns.
Niggas laughin' at you.
But good pussy good head just put
yo mans on a good ass lead.
- Yeah.
- Some nigga sposed to be
throwin' a party tonight.
Gon' be a lota cash in that bitch.
- I don't know, man, that bitch said
some nigga named Killa, Killz, some shit.
- Oh, she talkin' about
that nigga from southwest.
Man, that nigga eatin' too.
- That's what that bitch said too.
Tonight's sposed to be
his main man's b-day.
They gon' be throwin' a party.
Niggas gon' be goin' crazy in that bitch.
- Man, I niggas ain't
tryin' run up in that bitch.
- That's hot, man.
We can get down.
Gon' have to do that shit
way smoother than that, dude.
- Man, fuck all that.
I say we run in that bitch,
lay errybody the fuck down.
Calm down, bro, calm down.
- Ey, tell your girl meet you when she
get to club tonight, give us a call.
- That bitch sposed to be leavin'
with that nigga tonight too.
- Call her and see what's up.
I already know.
- So, boss man, when
we gon' do this again?
- I'm all tee for 'bout a week.
After that, I'm on it.
- Killz, I know you're 'bout to
tell me I gotta wait a whole week.
- Psh, nigga gotta eat, boo.
- I mean, I feel that.
But are you even gonna
remember me after a week?
- Maybe.
Maybe, huh.
Well, how 'bout I just give you
somethin' to remember me by.
- Hold up, it gotta go get some food.
- I'll be right back.
- Shit, we posted in the back now.
- Yeah, he just walked up in there.
- A'right, here we come.
We on his ass now.
His ho ass in there right now.
- A'right.
Go around that way, we gone
catch dawg on this side.
- Hurry up, hurry up.
- Turn your bitch ass around,
The fuck I say?
Give me that shit.
The fuck you thought this was?
Bring yo ass
on, nigga, com on, man.
Man, get the fuck in the truck.
- When dawg wake up, tell
him y'all money on the table.
Shit a'ready split up.
Fuck you got attitude, fo'?
- You my motherfuckin' attitude.
Nigga, I told you not to
be on all that wild shit.
You nearly stomped that
nigga to death out there!
- Man, I did what I had to do, dawg.
I felt like our lives was in danger.
- Three niggas to one!
How da fuck you figure that?
You on all that wild shit for no reason!
- Nigga, it was for a fuckin' reason!
- Nigga, what was the reason!
- I knew he wouldn't shut the fuck up!
And he took too long to give me his money!
I did what the fuck I had to do, dawg!
One of us coulda got killed out there.
- All I'm sayin' is, do shit how I plan!
All that hot shit, that's
how niggas go down!
What the fuck, is you scared?
What is you in this shit fo', bro?
There gonna come a time we gonna
have to bust one of them niggas.
I don't know about you,
but I'm ready for that.
Better pick another game, homeboy.
This shit is eat or get ate.
Fuck wrong wit you?
Look how
calm and peaceful the city is.
How beautiful it looks.
God ol' Motown.
Well, at least it used to be.
It's different now.
It's about survivin'.
I mean, I love my brother, I really do.
But I can't keep riskin' my
life runnin' up behind him.
I got Natty to look after.
- Hey dad, rise and shine.
- Well, dad, it's time for you to get up.
- Yeah, I ate cereal.
But guess what?
I really, really, need
to tell you something.
What is it?
- Nothin', I just got up on
the wrong side of the bed.
That's it.
- No, silly, that's just somethin'
people say when they
got a lot on they mind.
What's up?
- Well dad, put this in your mind too.
I need to go to Disney World, bad.
- All right, I just gotta
tie up a few loose ends.
I'ma make it happen, a'right?
- You so silly.
- Natty, your bus is outside.
- Okay, bye dad.
- A'right, lu you, Mama.
And don't
forget to eat the carrots
and broccoli I put in your lunchbox.
Okay, bye.
Bye bye.
So, what you gon' do today?
- Nothin'.
Just got a li'l work to
go take care of later.
- Mm-hm.
Mm, I forgot to tell ya, that daughter
of yours was gettin' on my nerves
about this Disney World trip.
- Ooh, she got me lookin'
all on the internet
for everything about Disney World,
the restaurants, the
rides she wanna go on,
even the hotel she wanna stay in.
Oh, that girl is crazy.
- I know.
I'm trying to save up everything
I can to get her there, Ma.
Well, you need to really try hard.
Save up to get her on out there.
You know, when you and
your brother were younger,
your father had many opportunities
to get you all outta this environment.
But he just kept on dibblin and dablin
out there in the streets,
as if it wouldn't come to an end at
some point or somethin', uh.
I mean, he couldn't even grasp
the concept that, I mean, it's okay
doin' what you doin', as
long as you progressin'.
It only becomes wrong when
you doin' what you doin',
and you not even growin' from it.
Your brother, he is just like your father.
But now, you,
you have an opportunity
to change your life.
and the life of the most important
person in your existence, Natty.
Now, you at least owe her that.
- You mannin' up today.
Gonna drink that Prive straight?
- Yeah.
What's wrong?
Nigga, I know somethin' wrong wit you.
Tell me what's wrong.
- Man, that ho ass nigga, Zo, man.
He got to screamin' and shit at me
like I was a little kid.
I'm a grown ass man like he is.
So, what's good, my dude?
Everything good.
- Don't seem like it.
- Just had a long night, that's all.
- Nah.
I had a simple set up put
together for us yesterday and,
don't get me wrong and
all, we got the job done,
but shit just didn't go
as smooth as I planned.
- That nigga said I was
trippin' last night.
- Man, Murda, down there stomped
a nigga to death for no reason.
- Nigga might moved the wrong way.
Probably had that tool or somethin'.
- Knowin' you, babe, you
probably were trippin'.
He probably was just
tryin' to calm you down.
I'm keepin' niggas of his ass.
- No.
Man, just like when that
nigga get in that mode,
he ain't his self.
- Maybe we need to sit him
down, talk to him about it.
Gotta be a reason he doin' that.
- Calm down.
- Yeah, you right, bae.
Could you put this in the freezer for me?
Shit hot as hell.
- Man, I'm so tired of these high risk
low reward jobs we takin'.
Man, this shit just ain't worth it no mo'.
You think you ready for somethin' else?
- Hell, yeah.
- Can't be, makin' mistakes
like you did last night.
Shit bring attention to you and a crew.
- You right.
- I might have something fo' you.
- So, how you mama and daddy doin'.
I ain't seen 'em in a minute.
Damn, it have been
a long time, haven't it?
- Yep, it's been a minute.
How your daddy doin'?
- Man, I ain't talk to that ho ass
nigga in over a year, dawg.
- 'Bout a year ago a nigga was fucked up
and couldn't send him shit.
That nigga was runnin'
'round the yard trippin'.
Talkin' 'bout how what
nobody there fo' him.
Me and Murda wasn't his.
Psh, man.
Yeah right.
- That ain't even the half of it.
That nigga even went around talkin' 'bout
my mama wasn't shit with
bitch he was fucking wit.
Oh, yeah, your daddy was trippin'.
- Some bitch he was fuckin'.
I felt so disrespected I couldn't even
look at dude the same, man.
- It's crazy, I know you did.
- Fuck that nigga.
So, what you got up for
the rest of the day?
- Me and sposed to be chillin'.
Goin' out tonight to
celebrate my new opportunity,
and why don't you just come
out to eat wit us tonight.
And bring your mama and Natty.
It's only dinner.
I wanna see them anyway.
- A'right, I could do that.
I'm tell ya, they better
have some good ass broccoli
on the menu fuckin' wit mama though.
- Boy, you crazy.
- And you know how just told you
Natty is goin' crazy
wit this Florida thing,
so do not mention nothin' in front of her.
- Okay.
- A'right.
- Grab a box or somethin'.
- Man, I'm tired of packin', damn.
- Yeah, I remember when
I used to work at that Ford plant.
It was rough in there too.
That plant life is not no joke.
I mean, barely gettin' sleep,
workin' overtime every other day?
It's depressing in there.
- You know, I know about that hard work.
But that good pay sure
relieves a lota stress.
I think I'd rather have my sanity.
That's why I'm shifting my career.
Where you gettin' ready work at now?
- Well, she leavin' that good payin' job
to become a teacher.
- I'm goin' to Florida, baby.
- Me and my daddy were
supposed go down there
to go to Disney World.
- I know, I heard you were excited too.
- Well, okay, baby.
Come on, let's go to the
ladies room for a minute.
- I think I'ma go too.
- While the ladies at the bathroom,
let me show you 'round the place.
Dis is it.
Nice little spot you got here.
- Cost me a pretty penny.
So, you ready?
- Fo'shoa.
- I got them niggas on standby.
- Here's the address.
Good luck.
Let's get back to the table.
The ladies should be back now.
- Rell, when we pull up, you
gon' go through the front do'.
Me and Murda gon' gon'
go through the back do'.
We gotta be on our shit bro.
- Let's do this, dawg.
- I was just 'bout to get to that.
First off, I need you to be
cool, calm, and collected.
This ain't like them other licks, bro.
Can't have you on all that wild shit.
- I hear you.
- Bro, I don't need you to hear me.
I need you to feel me.
My name ridin' on this shit.
- I feel you.
I feel you, bro.
- Now listen, if we
pull this shit off right
we gon' leave outta there
with no less than 40,000.
- Yo, what's the fuck is wrong
with the bum ass TV, man?
Can't get no power to this mufucker, dawg.
- Yeah, you know you ain't fuckin' wit me
in this 2K shit, dawg.
Why you even wanna play this shit, man?
- Yeah, I bet I whoop yo
ass if you don't get Miami.
- Ey, bro, hurry up and fix that TV
so I can bust this nigga ass.
Nigga silly, man.
- Man, how much money you gonna
lose to this bum ass nigga, dawg.
- Nigga, shut the fuck
up and go get the do'.
- Yeah, whatever, motherfucker.
You stay losing money.
I'm makin' money, nigga.
Fuck man.
- I hear dat.
- Nigga, hurry the fuck up.
- You gonna see what's
funny after I 21 yo ass.
- It's Charlie, now.
- What's good, what's
good, man, what you need?
- Let me get two boys and a girl.
- Hold on.
- Hey, I need two boys and a girl!
Man, let's come on in, Unc.
- All right.
Fuck on.
- You bitch as in.
Get your ho ass on the ground.
- Nigga, I wish you would.
Where the fuck the shit at?
I don't know why
y'all ho ass niggas in here.
Y'all ain't gonna find shit.
Fall back, and relax nigga.
Where the fuckin' shit at?
Oh, so, you tough, huh?
In five seconds my man 'bout to blow
man kid all over the floor.
Five, four, three, two--
- Aite man!
Chill man, chill.
The shit is in the bathroom
behind the wall, man.
Just chill the fuck out.
- That shit better be there too.
- Go grab that shit.
- You better hope that shit in there too.
'cause if it ain't, I'm
stretchin' errybody in this bitch.
- Got that shit, come on, let's go.
- Smooth, errything went
just how we planned.
- That's what's up.
Shit, we got errything that's
sposed to been in there,
plus there was a extra bag too.
- Let me see.
Hell yeah.
Y'all boys got everything
in that motherfucker,
didn't y'all?
Told you.
- That's what's up.
10, 20 30, 40.
That's the 40 Gs for
that gig you pulled off.
I like the way you handled that shit.
- Good lookin', boss man.
- That's what's up.
What about the extra bag?
- Money.
- That's for you, my nigga.
That's a reward for movin' as a body.
Good lookin'.
- My nigga.
Told y'all niggas we stick
to the mufuckin' plan, we'll be good.
- Nigga, 40 bands in a bag.
That's how much we got, nigga.
- Ooh, shit.
- Its' gettin'.
- Man, let's bust that shit
down and get the fuck on.
- Yeah, come on.
- A'right, hold on though.
Just wanna use this moment, man,
tell y'all niggas how much I lu y'all.
- And I wouldn't had done that shit
wit nobody but y'all.
- Ey man, fuck all the sentimental shit.
Let's bust that shit
down and get the fuck on.
- Hold on, impatient ass nigga.
This shit ain't goin' nowhere.
- Here we go again.
- I'm just fuckin' wit you, nigga.
Come on, let's split this.
Way in, way in, way out
Where you're back in, back in, back out
Early in the mornin',
nigga, gettin' to the cash
With the cold--
the nigga that came up
with stickin' niggas was a genus,
an I'm lovin' it.
We was just broke yesterday.
Now, look at us.
Murda and Rell, them niggas finally
on point for a change.
They hold shit down on they own.
And I ain't even gotta be there.
Yeah, shit goin' beautiful.
Do it on the low, you
know the feds proly watchin'
Who they hit the block,
slow it down, but no stoppin
We got mouths to feed,
there ain't no other option
But sell dope...
- Bae, I love my new car.
- Yes, it's my favorite
color and everything.
you fuckin' wit me.
- You know I got somethin'
fo' you tonight, right?
- Yeah.
- Damn, let me have mine right now.
- No.
- Come on, man, you know
I don't like to wait.
- Great things come to those who wait.
I'm 'bout to go cook.
What you wanna eat?
- You.
- A'ite, I'ma eat whatever you cook, bae.
- All right.
Go get me a towel
so I can dry this car off.
- You aint' gotta worry about
nothin' gettin' dry tonight.
- Shit, shit, shit, just chillin'.
What's good?
- Shit man, you need to fuck wit me, man.
Yeah, you still fuck
wit them houses and shit.
I'm still fuckin' wit them houses, man.
- I'ma think about it, man.
- Man, you need to clean
them pennies up, man.
Get your shit together, man.
You can't rob niggas foreva.
- Shit is working.
- For real, man, you need
to fuck wit me dawg, man.
- I'm seriously gonna
give it some thought, man.
I'll get at you.
- You seriously gonna give it some though,
and get at me.
Nigga, you on some bullshit.
Get at me, man.
- A'ite, fo'shoe.
- Shit, nigga, you the baller, boy.
- Fuck is you talkin' 'bout now, bro.
- Man, nigga heard about
that new whip you caught.
- Man, nigga had to buy
his self a little toy.
- You I can't tell you
what to do wit your money,
or nothin', bro, but,
you know what game we in.
Don't make yo'self no target.
- Come on, bro.
You know I ain't worried about
becomin' no motherfuckin' target.
- A'right.
- I tear this bitch up.
- I hear you.
Money over loyalty?
- Man, that's just
something I got from dawg.
- It's a wild ass hat.
- Well, it's funny you mention it.
That nigga really feel like that.
That nigga once told me, dawg,
he'll wack his own brother
and sista if the price right.
Damn, you and that dress
caught me off guard tonight.
You on that tip, huh?
- Hey, you need to holla at bro, though.
'Bout hittin' another one
of them good ass licks, man.
That shit too easy.
Need that.
Man, I don't
even think that nigga
tryin' to fuck wit that shit no mo'.
- I don't know, dawg, I
just got that feelin'.
You know I don't give no fuck dawg.
I have had to hit the streets to get mine.
I'm straight stickin' niggas, no hezzo.
- Come on man, you my mufuckin' nigga.
You ain't gotta tell me, shit.
But hey, you gotta feel Zo too.
Shit don't last forever.
- First of all, fuck
what Zo be tellin' 'bout,
second of all, errything it take,
to see my people happy, dawg.
Mo, far as I see in my family faith,
my niggas gettin' nicked
shit to, flat out.
- That's how it's supposed to be, nigga.
This shit really about what
you do with that cash dawg.
Just jackin' that shit off on dump shit,
not takin' that money, investin' it
to make mo' money, shit
really pointless, my nigga.
Fuck we have licks fo'?
Stocks or some shit?
- You a clown.
I don't know shit about no stocks, nigga.
No, you come fuck wit me dawg,
got this little side hustle.
Be coppin' blow from my cousin and shit.
Takin' that shit to Ohio.
Damn near doublin' up.
- Damn near.
Only thing, my people in Ohio be
wantin' more of that shit.
I really ain't playin'
wit the cash like that.
- Why your people won't front you.
Muh, cuz don't trust me man.
Nigga know how we get down.
His little ho ass be feelin' like
I'm gon' rob him one day.
- Ey, that it'd be a dawg ass lick dawg.
Fuck no, you a clown.
I wouldn't dare.
But nah, on that blow tip,
all a nigga need is 'bout 10 bens.
Try to double that shit up.
- That easy, nigga.
Already got errything in motion.
All I need is the cash, nigga.
Let's get it.
- I'm gon' put that together for you.
- Hey.
- Mm-mm, but you can come in.
Been studyin' for my finals.
- Jeez, look like you
need to get some rest.
- Yeah, I do, but I won't be able to
'til after my finals is
done and I pass 'em, so.
But I'll be able keep her
more once I'm out all this.
- Oh, all right.
Forgot to tell 'bout how she just
been goin' crazy with the whole Florida,
Disney World.
- I know, I know.
She talk about it all day and night,
but I don't have time to take
no trips like that right now.
- I'm, I'm gettin' my money together,
I'ma take her down and
have some fun wit her.
I'm thirsty as hell.
Do you got somethin' to drink.
- I think we got some pop in there.
- Hi!
- Shit, you know I got out this morning.
- I know you was comin' home this early.
- I was comin' home this early.
- I think Zo in there.
What's up, my nigga?
- Shit, chillin' man.
I came over, nigga, down there.
What's up wit you, man.
- Shit, shit, I gotta
call that nigga, Murda,
let him know you home, dawg.
That nigga gonna be goin' crazy.
- I know, man.
I'ma go on the block and fuck wit
that fool in a minute, man.
- I got somethin' fo' you, dawg.
Damn, it's good to see you, baby.
- Somethin' to hole you over real quick.
- Damn, good lookin', bro, ain't it.
Well, needed this, man, to get
fresh slice of pussy.
I mean, you know, lookin' at
some nice ladies or somethin', man.
- Man, you still crazy
than a mufucker, dawg.
You ain't changed, huh?
- No, man.
Thanks though, bro.
Appreciate that shit.
- Any time, my baby.
- Y'all boys weak as a motherfucker, man.
Vito, shoot the fuckin' ball, man.
Shoot the ball, man.
You scared of that little nigga?
Back him the fuck down.
That's right, rock, take him to the cup.
Take him to the cup.
I'm about to come show you
boys how to do that shit.
Y'all niggas ain't no real ballers, man.
Shoot the ball, man.
Fuck it, just shoot the ball.
Don't pass it, just shoot it.
- Get something, fat ass, out there.
- Slick Rick.
- Bro, what's the deal, my nigga.
- God damn my nigga, I
see you eatin' good man.
- Oh, stop that, man.
That finally let you out that bitch.
- Yeah, man.
They know they had a nigga boxed in, man.
I'm good, what's happenin'?
- I mean, fuck it, nigga.
You home, you fresh.
That's all that matters right?
- Yeah but fuck that.
I heard you're the nigga
with all the box, man.
Put in nigger on the wholesome, big boy.
- Hold on, dawg.
- Still crazy, man.
- No!
No, you bullshitin', you lyin'.
- I just got out, bro, this nigga crazy.
- Fuckin' with that nigga Zo, man.
You know that nigga keep
you desert-diggin', man.
You came to the right nigga,
man, what do you want?
What kind of bitch you want?
- Cuz, listen, it don't even matter,
just give me a hoe my nigga, ya hear me?
Thick, small, coe, bow?
- Give me a hoe, man.
- Hey, watch it, I got
for you for the love.
My nigga is home!
C'mon, nigga.
That nigga was quick on a draw.
Damn, nigga.
You blew faster than
a motherfucker, daddy.
- Shit, nigga, I just got out.
Fuck you expect, nigga?
It's been crazy, man.
- C'mon, man.
You know you ain't gonna thank
me for no shit like that.
- I already know, my nigga.
- Come on, man, you know what's up, dawg.
- That's how's it's supposed to be.
I know you've just came home.
What's your plans on getting
money out this bitch?
- Really, I was gonna hook up
with a nigga I was locked up
with, dawg, just for real and
some hustle shit, you know?
- Yeah, nigga, hustle.
- I mean, that's cool and all,
but I could make us somethin'
you wanna fuck with, though.
I want a cut of that
money, what it is with me.
I could either make it or take it.
It don't make me no nevermind, dawg.
- That's what I like to hear.
Why don't you go take my man in the back?
Get him together again.
See you in a minute, fat boy.
- You know how I do it, baby.
- I see.
- Hurry, bring that plate.
You got a lot of broccoli left.
You better be lucky Mama
went to sleep early tonight.
- Your aunt got a big date tomorrow.
- Oh!
- Yeah.
- Hey, dad, I've been thinking.
- Well, I've been thinking
that I know you have a lot of
work to do and you're busy,
so, if you can't take me to
Disney World, I was wondering
if my uncle can take me.
- No reason, dad, I just
know that you're busy
and have a lot of work to
do, and I'll have more fun
with my uncle than the next
person in line to take me.
- Grandma.
- Listen.
I know your uncle would love to take you,
and I know y'all would have a great time,
but I don't want you to think
about nobody else takin' you
but me, alright?
- Okay.
Need help with the dishes?
- Nah, I got this.
Go ahead and take it in for the night.
- Okay.
Goodnight, dad, love you.
- Love you, too.
Try nigga's got up.
- Shit.
About to take another nigga's bitch.
- Man, get the fuck on, man.
- Hold on.
Hey, babe.
Go grab that money for me.
- Hell yeah, I'm puttin'
that shit together right now.
- Yeah, alright.
- Alright.
- Hell yeah, I supposed to been gone.
- Yeah, 'cause she's
waitin' for you at the park.
- Yeah, so you're tellin' me
you're about to go meet up
with Mama with all that money?
- Yeah, I gotta meet Rell at the waters.
- Right, so give me that,
and then you come back
and get this after you get
done meetin' with Mama.
- What's that, are you
scared or somethin'?
- Hey, give me a kiss.
- Alright.
I ain't gonna argue with you, right?
See you later.
- Shit, your man's good, my nigga.
- Hell yeah, man.
Come on, man.
You know how we play it.
- Shit, yeah, we know
how y'all play it, man.
You and your men are some
petty thieves, my nigga.
- Hell naw, man, it ain't shit like that.
- Real talk, you need to be
careful, though, my nigga.
- Yeah, I hear you.
I hear you.
- For real, ain't no
honor amongst thieves.
And y'all niggas some thieves, man.
- You're silly, my nigga.
We gonna get down or what?
- Shit, the dawg.
You know I ain't offerin' nobody shit.
It's all cash, my nigga.
- Shit, I got half on me now.
I'll get you the rest
when I bump into my mans.
- Shit, that's what's up, man.
Let me know when y'all
niggas are ready, dawg.
- You know your brother
talkin' about movin', right?
- Mm-hm.
- Orlando.
- Well, you know Natty came
home from school one day,
talkin' about how she heard
about it and saw it on a
postcard and everything, you know.
Ever since then, it's
just been dwellin' on him.
- That might be good for him.
- Mm-hm, mm-hm.
So, you never think about
doing anything different,
and gettin' out of here?
'Cause you know where the
street life is gonna land you.
- I ain't goin' nowhere.
You know, the time you can't
afford to pay for the bills.
Streets pay for 'em.
I ain't goin' nowhere.
Sometimes I feel like I owe these streets.
- Now that is sad.
Your father felt the same way.
And he had a high price to pay for it.
You can change, though.
I mean, whatever it is you
think you owe these streets,
I hope you don't have to
pay for it with your life.
- We're good.
Trust me.
- Okay.
I hope you're right, baby.
- No, I'm good, darlin'.
- I'm cool, go ahead.
- Okay.
Oh, man, this boy done forgot his wallet.
- All that hot shit,
that's how niggas go down!
- Your brother.
- Don't make yourself no target.
- I hope you don't have to
pay for it with your life.
- Ma!
No, please.
Somebody fuckin' help!
It's gonna be alright, Ma.
No, Ma.
- Murda!
- She gone, bro.
She gone.
I can't believe they took
her from us that easy, man.
Ever since I was like 13, man.
I caught my first body.
I know I was gonna die the same way, man.
And I accepted that shit.
I'd die for Ma.
Remember like my 18th birthday, man.
We was havin' a conversation.
She was tellin' me it's time
to get our life together.
'Cause one day we was
gonna have to bury her.
And I told her, "I ain't
worried about that."
'Cause she was gonna bury
me before I bury her.
I never seen this shit comin', man.
I never did, bro.
With Mama being gone,
I'm really all Murda got.
I know he needed closure,
so I promised to meet
him here once a week.
Hopefully, this will
change the way he think.
I know this time without her changed me.
I refused to miss the
opportunity to get my kid
out this environment like my dad did.
Mama always said there ain't nothin' wrong
with what you're doin', as
long as you make progress.
I gotta go legit.
- What up, dawg.
- You already know.
Just tryin' to cope with
everything life bring, bro.
- I feel you, man.
I've been tryin' not
to drink my pain away.
Shit ain't workin'.
- I feel you.
What's that?
- I'm learnin', man.
Not only should you appreciate
people for the good they do,
but for the shit that irritate you.
'Cause one these days,
they ain't gonna be around
to do either of the two.
I really miss how Mama used
to get on my nerves, man.
I was just thinkin' about how
every time I used the bathroom
she would stop me on
my way out.
And be like, "Zo, did you
remember to wash your hands?"
She used to make piles of
vegetables on me and Natty plate,
and try to sit there and try
to watch us eat that shit.
We would wait clean till she go to sleep,
and throw that shit away.
Promise to never tell on each other.
I'm gonna miss that lady, dawg.
- Tell me about it.
- Speakin' of Natty, though, man.
Me and Mama was talkin'.
I didn't know you was talkin'
about gettin' up out of here
on me, man.
- Yeah.
All I need is like 40 or 50, dawg.
Take me and my baby straight to Florida.
Start us a whole new life.
- I can't blame you, man.
- Hey, I meant to ask you.
You had Jess clean that mess
up at the crib the other night?
Man, y'all tore that bitch up.
- Nigga, I ain't do that shit.
- The night them niggas killed Mama, man,
niggas hit my crib and took everything.
They got my stash, little
jewels I bought Jess and shit.
I had too much shit on my mind
to think about shit I
could replace, though.
- You ain't tell me about
none of that shit, nigga.
- It's alright, bro.
I bounce right back, man.
Don't even worry about that shit.
I'm gonna go to the crib
and put you somethin' together, dawg.
You know, just a little
somethin' to hold you over.
I ain't come here for no
fuckin' handouts, man.
I don't need nothin' little, man.
I need somethin' big.
We need to hit another lick, man.
I'm good on that shit.
There's so much hot
shit goin' on out here,
I ain't tryin' to die in this shit,
I'm tryin' to get the fuck out!
- Did you just hear what
the fuck I said, man?
I don't got nothin', bro.
- You ain't hearin' me.
- They took everything, bro!
Everything, my money, my jewels, Mama!
I don't got got shit, man!
- I feel you, bro.
You know I just spent
all my last little bit
on Mama funeral, and that was unexpected!
I'm gonna sit back and just
see what this legit shit do.
I'm straight.
What the fuck is you talkin' about, bro?
What, you gonna wait on a job to call you?
Let me guess, you're gonna
hit the fuckin' lottery
or somethin'?
Fuck all that patience and waitin', man.
I need my shit now!
Right the fuck now!
Fuck is you talkin' about, man?
What the fuck, is you scared?
What is you in this shit for, bro?
There's gonna come a time
when you'll have to bust
one of them niggas, and
I don't know about you,
but I'm ready for that!
You need to clean
them pennies up, man.
Get your shit together, man,
you can't rob niggas forever.
You have an
opportunity to change your life.
And the life of the most important
person in your existence.
Now, you at least onto that.
It ain't shit here for me.
Mama dead.
This nigga Murda ain't gonna change.
I know he ain't.
Me and Natiie gotta go.
We got to.
- Dawg, why the fuck you keep
callin' my phone like that?
- Because, man, I need to holla at you.
- The night the niggas killed Mama, man,
niggas hit my crib and
took everything, bro.
- Slow the fuck down.
What the fuck do you mean everything?
What the fuck goin' on, dawg?
- Bro, I mean everything, man.
I'm dead broke.
I couldn't even pay for the
meal in this motherfucker.
Why you think I came to you, man?
I need you.
I got some on the floor for us.
How the fuck you about to do this shit?
- Bro, I said I got somethin'
on the floor for us!
- Everybody watchin', my
nigga, just chill out.
- Not that nigga.
Is you with it?
- What the fuck you
tryin' to do now, dawg?
- Man, look, my people
sell blow in Ecourse.
I know the whole operation,
plus, there's only two niggas
where they keep the weight at anyway.
- And I know we can go
through there full-force,
and shut that bitch down.
Plus, there's three
bricks of blow in there.
We could break 'em down,
sell 'em OT like we planned.
Easy money, bro.
- Dawg, so we about to
just run up in there
and take a nigga's shit, huh?
No plan, no nothin'.
Just me and you, huh?
- Naw.
Me, you and Rick.
- How long you been thinkin'
about this shit, dawg?
- I found out about it tonight, man.
- I ain't feelin' this shit, dawg.
- This nigga scary, man, I
thought this was our man.
- Shut the fuck up!
- This shit crazy, man.
For real, dawg.
- Bro.
Come on, man, I need you.
I need you, man.
I can't do this shit without you.
Dawg, are you sure there
ain't nobody in this bitch?
- Yeah, yeah I'm sure, nigga.
I just talked to unc about
an hour ago, we good, nigga.
- Alright, I'm gonna rock my shit anyway.
- Hey look, I'm gonna open
up the screen, though.
Just kick that bitch right in, my nigga.
We gonna get in there and
do what the fuck we gotta do
and then we gone, nigga.
- Alright, bad.
- Hey, meet us around back.
- Hurry up, too.
- Go in the kitchen.
- Hey yo, they over
there breakin' the spot.
Hurry up and get over here.
- Bro!
I got 'em!
Pull off.
- Yeah.
- Yes.
- And every other
Thanksgiving and Christmas.
- I promise.
- Florida is so far.
- Not really, it's only a flight away.
- Well, I guess you got yourself a deal.
But what about church?
- I'm pretty sure she can
get to church every Sunday.
- Mm-hm.
And who gonna take her, Cynthia?
- Man, your daughter talk too much.
- It's cool, Zo, I like Cynthia.
And I know my payin' don't
matter and you probably
don't care but I think
she's a really good woman.
She's good for you.
- Thanks.
I appreciate that.
And for what it's worth, I do care.
Hold on.
Calm down, bro.
Where y'all niggas at?
I'm on my way.
Like I said, here I come!
I gotta go.
What's wrong?
- I don't know, somethin'
happened to Rick, though.
I gotta go.
- I don't know, I'll call
you later, I gotta go.
- You can't tell me what's
goin' on with my own brother?
What's up?
- We fucked up.
- Me, Rell and Rick went to Ecourse.
Tryin' to hit a lick on his cousin.
- You talkin' about the one
that's heavy with the blow?
- Yeah, and the fucked up
part, those niggas killed Rick.
In the crib.
Though that know for sure them
niggas know Murda and Rick
run together, too.
Ain't no tellin' them niggas
gonna come tryin' to get at us.
- Come on, man, you know I
ain't about to let this nigga
go by himself to hit no lick with Rick.
- Fuck!
So somebody else done lost their life
behind another one of
your stupid-ass decisions.
I'm the reason why Mama got killed?
- Nigga, hell yeah!
Hell yeah!
If you wouldn't have went
off and got that hot-ass car
and made yourself a target,
she would still be here,
and we would be good!
Then you went and got
that young nigga fresh out
into some shit he had nothin' to do with!
Hell yeah, it's your fault, nigga.
But I'm gonna tell you one
motherfuckin' thing, dawg.
I ain't about to die for
none of that bullshit
you off into, flat-out!
- Bro!
- I fucked up, man.
I know.
But don't leave your little
brother out here like this, man.
I fucked up.
Let's just hit one more lick, man.
Just one more.
You're all I got.
- I'm all I got, too.
- We've been lookin' for these
niggas all motherfuckin' day,
man, I can't wait to slide up
on one of these niggas, bro.
Dawg said they'd be up
in this motherfucker
around this bitch, man.
- Yeah.
- Gotta see these niggas, man.
These niggas gotta have it, bro.
I'm tellin' you.
Hey, that look like the
truck right there, man.
Spin around, hit a U.
Know that's the niggas, bro.
Hell yeah, that's their truck, man.
We're gonna slide up on these niggas, man.
Slide up on this nigga, let
these niggas have it, bro.
Gotta let these niggas have it.
- What's up, my nigga,
I was on my way out.
- These niggas just
tried to kill me, dawg.
I don't believe this shit.
- I heard.
Word on the street, y'all
boys tried to rob Mr. A.
He wants y'all niggas here, ASAP.
- I ain't rob nobody, that
was my brother and them.
- Birds of a feather
fly together, my nigga.
That's your crew, ain't it?
Anything them niggas do gonna
fall back on your ass anyway.
- Mm-mm, nigga I ain't about
to die for none of that shit
them off into, dawg, I'm sorry, I can't.
- Listen here, my nigga.
Man up, nigga.
Remember, high to reward, high to risk?
Don't let nobody come in
between you and your money!
You're doin' this shit for your
daughter anyway, ain't you?
By the way, it's another
lick on the floor, now.
So you decide what the fuck you gonna do.
And don't forget, lock
the gate behind you.
- Dawg.
We gotta get the fuck from
around this motherfucker.
For real.
- Where the fuck is we
gonna go broke, huh?
Tell me that.
- I don't know, I know
we ain't gonna last long
just chillin' around the hood like this.
Best believe them Ecourse niggas comin'.
And that ain't bullshittin'.
They ain't the only niggas with guns!
If they come through, they come through!
Fuck it!
What is you scared?
- My man.
What the fuck do you be talkin' about?
Rick uncle got guns and money!
And you can't go to war
with that if you broke!
But you don't understand that, do you?
You keep runnin' around
this bitch like this shit
about bein' tough and it ain't.
This shit about bein' smart, my dawg.
- You actin' like a real hoe right now.
And I ain't about to be runnin'
around this bitch scared.
Or hidin' from niggas.
So if them niggas is comin',
some of them niggas is goin'.
With me.
- You a clown.
Where the fuck's Zo at?
Gotta get the fuck from around you.
You gonna get a nigga
killed around this bitch.
- I don't know why the fuck
you always lookin' for Zo.
He can't save you.
It is what it is.
- I'm down for one more lick, y'all.
And we can't fuck this up.
I'm gonna be perfectly honest with y'all.
I don't wanna have to do this shit.
But I ain't got no choice.
And I tell y'all that, to tell y'all this.
Have y'all shit together.
'Cause after this one...
I'm done.
It's a little different.
We're dealin' with Mexicans.
Time is a factor, bring your A-game.
- I got you.
- Shit look wild as hell out here.
Let's hurry up and get the fuck on.
Y'all niggas ready?
- Come on, man, you already know,
you ain't gotta ask me no shit like that.
- Man, this shit look
dry as hell out here.
Fuck is these niggas at, man?
- Them niggas gonna be out
here, damn, calm the fuck down!
Might have told y'all niggas, dawg.
Don't go out here on that wild shit.
Go out there, get them
bags and come the fuck on.
- There go one right there.
- Stop this bitch.
- Come on!
Man, this nigga better answer
the motherfuckin' phone.
I was just callin' to check on you.
Oh, okay.
What's the deal?
How Florida workin' out for you?
- It's beautiful here and
Natty's gonna love it.
Yeah, I bet.
Well, we probably won't
make it like we supposed to.
Who is it?
Your brother?
I told you about lettin'
people who do so little for you
control so much of your life.
Zo, you know Natty deserves this.
I just hope you can fulfill your promise
before it's too late.
We joked about this being
the ultimate paradise,
and it is for Natty.
And Zo, it is for me, too.
I've been blowin' you up.
- We only got one of them bags.
- What the fuck you mean
you ain't get everything?
It should at least been three bags.
- We tried, my nigga.
- Fuck that, you ain't try hard enough.
Now you know I ain't
gonna be able to get you
that extra bread, man.
- Man, I ain't even trippin'
about all that shit.
I'm in the hood.
- How long's it gonna
take you to get here?
- I can leave right now.
- I'm good, dawg.
But my daughter runnin' around,
get her out of here, dawg.
- Alright, man.
Come on through.
I'm gonna try to make somethin' happen.
- I'm on my way.
Damn, I hope he remembers
where this bitch stay at.
- I only got one of
the fuckin' bags, dawg.
How did the niggas come
out so fast anyway?
- I don't know, man, shit
got wild out there, man.
- It's like them niggas already knew
we was comin' or somethin', man.
Fuck is he at, man, I hope he
got rid of them fuckin' guns.
- No, man.
Fuck is this nigga at, man?
- Man, don't nobody know, we good, man.
Chill that shit out, man!
There's Zo right there, man.
- Alright, I'm about to use the bathroom.
- Go in.
- What the fuck is wrong with y'all
stupid motherfuckers, dawg?
I told y'all niggas, no shootin'!
And you niggas only got one bag?
- Get the fuck outta here!
You saw how the fuck them niggas came up
out the house shootin' at us!
- No, I told y'all niggas, no shootin'!
- Get the fuck outta here, man.
You hear this nigga?
We almost lost our
motherfuckin' lives out there.
And all you give a fuck about is a bag?
- It's all the fuck he care about!
- Ask this nigga, he
know every fuckin' thing.
- Damn, bro.
Damn, come on, get up, bro.
We gotta get you outta here, damn.
- I'm fucked up, man.
- Come on, bro, we gotta
find Murda, come on, get up!
- That's what I'm sayin'.
Where the fuck is he at?
Only us three know about this spot, man.
I love that nigga to death.
This had to be an inside job.
Where you at?
In the hood.
Meet me at the room at like nine.
Right there in the hood.
What's up?
You good?
- I made it out.
You get the money?
- Yeah, I got it.
It's right there.
Barely made it out myself.
- Nah, nah, I'm good.
I'm good.
I ain't been able to put
the bottle down all night.
- I was right there the whole time.
Sometimes you can want
somethin' so bad in life,
that you're willing to do
just about anything to get it.
Even puttin' your family at jeopardy.
Nobody knew about that spot,
but me, you and Rell.
As he was dyin',
he said he felt as though
it was an inside job.
- That's crazy.
- I tried everything I could
getting him up outta there.
- There's a lot of shit
goin' on right now, man.
I'm gonna lay low.
You need to, too.
I'll bump into you tomorrow,
split that bread up.
- Hey, uncle, I'm done.
- Hey.
You sure?
- Yes.
- Uncle, I got everything.
- Alright now.
I don't wanna hear your
mother's mouth when she pull up.
- You won't.
You still need help cleaning?
- Yeah, but I got it, your
mama will be here in a second.
- Well, me and my dad had a conversation,
and he said if he couldn't
take me, you can take me.
- For my birthday, to the Disney World.
So far away, mama.
Of course I'll take you.
- That's your mama.
That's your mama, get
your stuff, hurry up.
- Okay.
- Hurry up, mama!
What would make a nigga
cross his own blood?
It was always pure love between us.
I did a lot of fucked up shit, man.
Believe me.
I know.
My intention was never
to hurt you, though, man.
I love you more than
anything in this world.
You know that.
I would've never wanted this for us, man.
But I guess it's like you say, though,
sometimes you can want somethin' so bad,
you'd do just about anything to get it.
No matter who you hurt in the process.
You know I gave you the
benefit of the doubt, man.
When you called me to the room that night,
I thought you was gonna come clean.
You wasn't even man enough to do that.
You was just gonna take off
and leave me in the dark, huh?
Your own fuckin' brother.
Money over loyalty, huh?
So you and your big homie
put this whole fuckin' plan together.
The same hat he gave you,
was on the getaway driver
when they robbed us.
I guess it was cheaper to pay
them than to split with us.
That's why Rell had to go?
And for what?
A measly
Guess Mama was wrong, man.
You're more like Pops
than I ever could've been.