2gether: The Movie (2021) Movie Script

Do I look good yet?
I'm all dressed up and you
still think it's so-so.
I won't do it again.
You nervous?
No I'm okay. I think.
If you are nervous, just say it.
You are always bad at lying.
And you can tell every time.
Someone once asked,
If you sang the same
song for a hundred times,
would you still feel the
same about that song?
For me, it is this song.
This is the first song I think
of and it is called "Together".
I got a note from someone.
Someone who would change my life forever.
You can say what you want.
I don't have much time.
Are you talking to me?
Of course. Aren't you the
one who wrote this to me?
Are you insane?
Do you think you're Nadech?
What a narcissist!
What the?
I wrote that.
My name is Green, a freshman
from the Faculty of Humanities.
Th... thanks.
Tine Teepakorn, a freshman
from Faculty of Law,
I like you!
What the hell?
I need my friends to help me out.
You guys, I need help.
You finally found the right one.
Just tell him you are not interested.
I did. I told him many times
that I still like girls.
My girlfriend.
But look, he said he would make
me change my mind eventually.
Don't worry. Just pay no attention to him.
He will back off one day. Trust me.
Tine, my dear.
Hurry up. So we can go.
Don"t look.
Why are you here?
Come on, Tine.
No snacks.
Here you go.
It's divine. Trust me.
Do you need anything else?
You can have my heart too if you want.
God damn it!
I guess he will poop for me if he can.
This is getting too much.
I told you that he is no joke.
You told me that if I didn't give
him my attention, he would give up.
And look at this.
You guys have to help me find
a way to get rid of Green.
I know it!
If you play it soft and
he doesn't go away...
- You need to play hardball!
- Yeah.
One evening. Green asked me to go
to the Freshy Night party with him.
So, my friends came up
with this killer idea.
This will put him to sleep.
Find the right time to put it in his drink.
We will take care of the rest.
Fine. I guess I have to do that.
Oh boy. That was close.
Green, you must be thirsty, right?
I will go get you some drink.
What's with him?
Energetic Pandan, the Muse of Roselle
Super Power Chrysanthemum,
Elephant Power Black How much?
20 baht.
Thank you.
What are you doing?
Green! You scared the hell out of me.
His sudden appearance made me
forget which one was spiked.
Left or right?
It's all the same.
A plan made by a fool can
bite you in the ass real fast.
And you can probably guess
what's coming next for me.
Are you all right?
Are you sick?
Do you want me to take
you back to your dorm?
I'm okay.
Good evening. Let's have a
blast at our Freshy Night party.
Are you ready to have some fun?
Please give it up for Sssss...!
Hi guys.
We are Sssss...!
Although I was half-awake,
I realized at once
it's a song by my favorite band.
The song is called Together.
Luckily, Green was
mesmerized by that guitarist.
My friends managed to get me out of there.
They came up with another
plan, a shocking plan.
Date a guy then.
Are you out of your mind?
I mean find a guy to be your fake boyfriend
so Green will give up.
Though it sounded like a bad
idea, it wouldn't hurt to try.
At this moment, no one fits for
this duty more than this guy.
Introduce yourself. Introduce yourself.
Introduce yourself..
Introduce yourself. Introduce
yourself Introduce yourself.
Introduce yourself. Introduce
yourself Introduce yourself.
Introduce yourself. Introduce
yourself Introduce yourself.
I am only here as a substitution.
Can I please not introduce myself?
He got thousands of
messages from many girls.
This is the type of guy that
can make Green back off.
How can we ask for his help?
Our target was Sarawat.
He's a Political Science student
with anti-social behavior,
1. 2
He is also a jerk.
This guy is not only anti-social,
but he is also a jerk.
This is the best one.
Someone found his schedule.
He's about to get out of class.
Should we go now?
I was all ready to go.
Let's go.
But it's not just me who's ready.
All the girls on this
campus were ready too.
It's a big crowd.
I have something to talk to you.
Uh... uh...
Well... it's that...
Say it already.
I'm in a rush.
Keep looking at me like that
and I will kiss till you drop.
You're annoying.
What an asshole!
How could you kiss a guy
you just met until drop?
What kind of man are you?
Ah, I know. You probably think
that I'm one of your fans.
Don't be so full of yourself.
I'm not giving up yet.
Wait. I need to talk
to you about something.
But I don't.
Please. It will take less
than 10 seconds. I promise.
I give you 5...
Be my boyfriend.
What on earth did you just say?
Not a real boyfriend,
just pretend that you like me.
I've been followed around by someone.
So I need you to be my shield.
Is she not pretty?
It's a guy but I like girls.
What's wrong with that?
Isn't it good that someone admires you?
It's not good.
I don't like people to get too
involved with my personal life.
You will never know.
Someday you might want someone
to be a nuisance in your life.
You're one to talk.
I know you don't like people to
invade your private life either.
There is one anyway.
It's you!
You're such a nuisance in my life.
You see me as a nuisance, right?
I'll go bug you wherever you are
until you crawl back and chase after me.
Wat! Wat!
I need to talk to you.
Can you please help...?
Your time is up.
Come on...
I'm getting, your number.
What the heck are you doing? Give it back.
Seriously, what are you doing?
I will get it repaired.
"Music Club" Application Desk
Guys, please get in line.
Guys, please get in line. I
Write down your name.
I ended up trying to join his Music Club.
But his popularity attracted too many women
beyond the capacity of the club.
So we had to audition.
Luckily, I had some musical skills.
Out of tune.
Get lost!
Out of tune.
Out of tune.
Press your fingers harder.
I can't press any harder.
My guitar. the strings are much softer.
Try it.
Just take it.
Give it a try.
It's not out of tune now.
Are your fingers still hurting?
Show me how to play the E chord.
How to do it?
You don't seem to remember
anything I taught.
Move over.
How could you forget this fast?
Here's how you do the E chord.
Here's how you do the E chord.
Press your ring finger on the
fourth string at the second fret.
Press it firmly.
Remember, this is the E chord.
What are you looking at?
I'm just wondering why you aren't
in he Faculty of Music
since you're so good.
I play guitar because I enjoy it.
I'm afraid that if I make it my major,
I won't enjoy it anymore.
I do what I like by heart,
not by duty.
Inspirational words.
He seems to be in a good mood today.
Let's give it another try.
I'm begging you
Pretend to go after me.
Please, I beg you.
So the reason you joined this club
is to ask me this?
It's not like that.
Yes. That's the reason.
Now that you know it, please
help to be my fake boyfriend.
So you agree to help me, right?
Thanks to my persistence,
Sarawat agreed to help me,
on condition that I must pass the audition.
But if I failed...
If you don't make the cut,
you'll have to leave me alone.
Damn. Challenge accepted.
I must give my all practicing my audition
to make everyone go wow!
Do you need some help?
No, thanks. Please give me a sec.
Get out.
Hold on.
Can I have one more chance?
Let me try again.
In the end, I didn't know if
it was my strong determination
or me being pathetic. I could
surprisingly get in the Music Club.
"25. Teepakorn Akearanwong" or me being pathetic,
I could surprisingly get in the Music Club.
But someone was more surprised than I was.
At first, it seemed like
Sarawat would bail on me.
But once he knew that some of his fans
were giving me snacks too,
he changed his mind and agreed to help me.
"Okay" what?
What the hell did you say "okay" to?
Okay. I'll be flirting you.
Wat, so you are okay to
be my fake boyfriend?
He probably helped me because he
wanted to kick me out of his life
before I took away all of his fans.
Well. I can't help being this handsome.
The chicken's getting grilled
The chicken's getting grilled
It's getting stabbed in the butt
Stick it o the left. Stick it to the right
Oh, it's so hot, very very hot
Sarawat, come up here.
Come dance in the front.
Dance your ass off.
Apple Apple Apple
Papaya Papaya Papaya
Banana Banana Banana
Orange Orange Orange
Apple Papaya Banana Orange
A spider is out wandering.
When the clock hits 2 a.m.,
it bounces up and down.
Do as I just showed.
A spider is out wandering.
When the clock hits 2 a.m.,
it bounces up and down. Up and down.
Get in line, dividing men and women.
Get in line, dividing men and women.
Men in one row and women in another row.
We have come to our last activity.
It's called "Snacks for Friendship."
It's very simple.
You need to feed your friend
a snack with your mouth,
You may begin.
You have to keep eating.
Keep eating it bit by bit, Wat.
Keep eating and make it
as short as possible.
Do it one more time.
Enough, Air!
For this year's welcoming
activities, everyone passed the test.
We'll have a 15-minute break.
I'll explain the club
rules when we come back.
Got it.
Before Sarawat started to pursue me,
our club president, Dim,
gave us an unexpected test.
Listen, everyone.
Before you go home, I have a task for you.
Take it as an evaluation.
All guitar players must
record their performance
and send the clip to me.
The skillful players
can record a whole song
As for the beginners,
just show me how to do the basic chords.
If you send me a shitty clip,
I'll share it on social media.
If you don't submit it, , you
will be kicked out of this club
Now, you may get the hell out of here.
You must do the whole song,
I'll look forward to it.
Let's go home.
Are you going anywhere after this?
Are yo asking me out on a date?
No. I just want you to go buy
D'addario strings with me.
You can't ind them around here.
What should I do? I need them now.
I actually have a guitar with soft
strings lying around in my dorm.
I don't use it.
Really? Can I borrow it for my clip?
On one condition.
You must go get it at my place.
Before our fake romance would begin,
he already invited me to his place.
What's the rush?
Is that the guitar?
I'm leaving then.
Give it to me.
I'll tune it for you.
Does it need to be tuned?
I don't think you know how to tune it.
Anyway, what song will you
record and send to Dim?
I don't know yet.
How about "Close" by Scrubb?
I really love that song.
A guy like you listens to Scrubb's songs?
Scrubb is my favorite band.
When I was young, my brother
played their songs the time...
What do you mean? Did he only
listen to Scrubb all day?
No. He listened to other bands too.
But they just aren't like Scrubb.
What do you mean?
For Scrubb's songs,
If you listen to Scrubb's
songs when you are happy,
you will be even happier.
If you listen when you are in love,
you will be more deeply in love.
What if I feel sad? Will I be more
miserable listening to their songs?
If you listen to their songs when
you are sad, you will feel better.
It's like someone is there comforting you.
can you record "Close" for me?
What are you doing?
What is this?
The chords for the song
you want me to play.
Doesn't it look troublesome just like you?
Sorry, then. You are good at guitar.
Sorry, then. You are good at guitar.
I thought you could play any song.
You said you wouldn't play this song.
Too close to say any words
Too close to see anyone else
So close that I want to hold my breath
So close that all I could
see is just you and me
So close that all I could
see is just you and me
Maybe you just met me by chance
Maybe we were in the same place by chance
Since you never know that feeling
Neither do I, so if we had stayed like that
If we had never started
our first conversation,
we wouldn't have known this feeling
Because neither of us
ever experienced it before
because neither of us
ever experienced it before
we don't know it would
be, so why stop ourselves
This was the first time
that a Scrubb's song
could make my heart beat this fast.
If this got me feeling like this,
it would definitely make
Green stop chasing after me.
Why are you smiling?
That was kinda nice.
Green joined the Music Club too.
Wat, help me!
Do you two already know each other?
Please let someone else teach him.
You guys are friends. Green can
pick up quicker with your help.
You guys are friends. Green can
pick up quicker with your help.
Teach him all the eight basic chords, okay?
Come on. I'm all ready.
Hey, Tine.
Don't you have to hurry
to the cheer practice?
I told the seniors for you.
Cheer practice?
Thanks for reminding me.
This was Pear,
the Music Club's goddess.
Once I could get rid of Green,
I planned to ask Pear out.
For the C chord, you need to place
your index finger on the second string.
Thank you.
I'm Tine, by the way. im a law student.
Come on. I have a football practice.
Hurry up.
Just a sec.
I'm in a hurry. Come on.
I don't want to be late.
Seriously, Wat. I only need
you to keep me away from Green,
not everyone.
After that day, I tried to find
a chance to get close to Pear.
When I found out that Sarawat and his band
would perform on Alter Ma Jeeb stage,
I asked him to do me a little favor.
At the Alter Ma Jeeb stage tomorrow,
what songs are you guys playing?
You remember that I like Scrubb, don't you?
And one of my most favorite
songs is called "Everything"
Why are you telling me this?
Tomorrow, can you play
this song for me on stage?
Please. Please. Plea
Hold that end.
I won't help you if you don't play it.
Please. Please. Please. Please. Pleas.
Fine, I'll talk to the band for you.
Please give itup for
Sssss from the Music Club.
That's Sarawat's band. Let's
move closer to the stage.
Okay -
They might play a Scrubb song, you know?
I've always wanted to hear it live.
Tine excuse me for a second.
My mom is calling.
Thank you -
What's wrong?
When you were playing the Scrubb song,
Pear almost got to hear it.
But her mom called and she had to leave.
I just saw her off.
I'm so bummed.
So I had to ask the
seniors to play that song
because you wanted to take a girl to see?
That's right.
You know she has never
been to a concert before.
You know she has never to a concert before.
I was almost the first guy who
went to a concert with her.
The first guy!
What about me?
Am I the first guy you used
to help you get a girl?
Why are you getting so worked up?
What's wrong with me seeing her off?
I'm trying to hit on you here.
Why are you going after someone else?
We're just faking it, arent we?
Why are you pissed off?
Why did he make it sound like I
was cheating on him or something?
And I even felt guilty about it.
So I had to do whatever he wanted
to make him stop being mad at me.
My Mr. Chic image is completely ruined.
Don't you want to be in
a picture too, Sarawat?
Don't ask him. He doesn't
like to be in pictures.
So you will go right
when I say left, right?
Ready? 3, 2, 1
What a jerk!
What has gotten into you?
Why did you take a picture with me?
This picture is special.
Special how?
For once in a while you
didn't strike a pose.
I find this cute.
Seeing that he wasn't mad at me
anymore made me feel so happy.
I had made up with my exes more than once.
None was as tiring as this one,
you asshole.
I'm bummed I didn't get to
hear "Everything" by Scrubb.
You weren't here to
listen when I played it.
I know. I feel so guilty here.
What are you doing?
Listen to your "Everything."
I will do everything,
I will try every possible way
It makes me know how we are going to be
It doesn't matter who
you like, just look at me
That's all it takes to make me happy
I don't care who you like, it
doesn't matter what the reality is
All I know is that you
are the one in my heart
I planned to listen to this song with Pear
but ended up listening to
it with Sarawat instead.
But it wasn't that bad.
Maybe, it's because I liked this song.
Or maybe it's because...
Whatever it was, I
didn't like this feeling.
All new was that if I let
this feeling continue,
it might not do any good to...
both of us.
Everything I did for him made me fear...
why are your hands shaking so much?
I feared that it's not fake anymore.
Good night.
I feared...
Go to your team's staff if you are thirsty.
That it might become real.
And I feared that I might
develop some feelings for him.
Maybe... I hung out with him for too long
an too close.
What are you doing?
I'm afraid you'll fall.
So I got carried away
and forgot that all of
this was just an act.
Who said went after Tine
to shield you from him?
I did everything
because I really like Tine.
And now I feared.
I feared that I might eventually
fall for him... one day.
My senior's band will perform
at the Faculty of Commerce
and Accountancy next week.
They will play some Scrubb's songs.
Why don't you take Pear there?
I'll think about it.
I don't know
I think I like it better
when you play guitar.
It sounds perfect for Scrubb's songs.
If another band plays it, I'm
not sure if I will like it.
But... I won't ask you to play
Scrubb's songs for Pear again.
I don't wanna impose on you.
Asking you to fake flirting with
me bothers you enough already.
It's good that you know.
Well, I need to help the
seniors pack up. Later
See you later.
In a moment like this, no one had
better advice than my friend. Fong.
Since we are all here, I have something...
You have something to ask for our advice.
How did you know?
Whenever you said it's you
treat, you always need help.
What is it this time? Tell us.
The thing is... there is
this friend in Music Club.
And his friend, let's call him 'A'
My friend is wondering if A likes him...
Try to make him jealous.
No matter how good people
are at hiding their feelings,
jealousy will get the best of them
when someone flirts with the one they like.
- Do you want to try?
- Hey, Wat.
Try to get to know each other.
You don't have to like me very much.
Just keep your heart open for me.
I knew he was just reading lines
from the MV script with Earn.
Jjust like how he had been
fake flirting with me.
Somehow, I was the one who felt hurt.
And it hurt me even more after knowing that
Green and Dim had dated before.
That's good.
Actually, I have no problem with that
but Green wants to keep it quiet.
He doesn't want everyone
to act weird around him.
Tine, I'm sorry.
So from this day on, I didn't have
to bother Sarawat anymore either.
No matter how good people
are at hiding their feelings,
jealousy will get the best of them...
when someone flirts with the one they like.
That's right.
I guess it's time to end our shitshow.
Why didn't you pick up my call?
I was taking a shower.
Why did you leave without telling me?
I got something urgent to do.
Just tell me what is wrong.
I just found out that
Dim and Green are dating.
They just got back together.
From now on, I wont bother
you to fake flirt me anymore.
You don't need to call me,
see me and come to talk to me anymore.
You can have your freedom back.
Just like before we knew each other.
Is that what you really want?
Now you can spend your time...
finding the right one for you.
I got it.
Take your guitar back with you.
I will buy a new one.
You keep it.
It's been yours since day one.
After that day, he disappeared my life.
Just like how I wanted.
What's with this uneasy feeling?
Tine. Sarawat just posted a picture.
I don't give a shit.
But it's a photo from last
year's Scrubb concert at the uni.
But it's a photo from last
year's Scrubb concert at the uni.
It's the picture of Sarawat
in his highschool uniform
at the Scrubb concert.
But why was I in that picture too?
What does this mean?
So he met me before.
How come he never told me?
Sarawat also knows about Green?
But that's not as shocking
as I found out that
Sarawat had known about
Dim and Green all along.
Then why on earth would he help me
with this fake-flirting charade?
You're here to see Wat?
He's practicing at the university.
He should be there all night.
That's why I came to
grab his paper for him.
Why don't you look for him
at the rehearsal studio?
I saw the picture he posted on his IG.
He met me before, didn't he?
It was at the Scrubb concert, right?
We dragged Sarawat to see Scrubb with us.
Just before he started to get bored,
a person in front of him
had a blast at the concert
and stepped on his foot.
He told me that he had never seen anyone
who enjoyed listening to
music as much as you did.
Make sure they look good.
Smile for the camera. Smile.
Nice. You look nice.
You look great there.
Tell Scrubb to smile too.
where on earth are you?
You can't make me feel like this
and disappear into thin air.
Hey, Tine.
Why are you still here so late?
Do you have music practice?
No. I'm just looking for a friend
but I'm about to leave.
Let me accompany you.
It's okay.
Why? Are you scared of me?
I'm not going to do any harm.
I can take him home.
You don't need to be bothered.
What if I'm happy to?
Try me.
What the hell is wrong with you?
What the hell is wrong with you?
How could you let him caress you like that?
What I do is my business.
You've been lying to me all this time.
And I didn't say anything.
What did I lie to you?
You already knew that
Green and Dim are dating
and the fact that you met
me at the concert last year.
Are you having fun...
taking me for a fool?
It must be so damn fun, right?
I didn't tell you not because
I wanted to take you for a fool.
Why did you do it then?
T's because I want to
have a chance with you.
But you like Earn...
Just so you know, Earn
already has a boyfriend
And the only one I've
always had feelings for...
is you, Tine.
I found him
I found him.
That guy I talked to just now.
He is the guy I like.
Don't worry.
You don't need to do anything.
Leave it to me and Boss.
Please, I beg you.
Let him join our Music Club.
He's the guy I like.
Okay. Just leave it to me.
I like you.
Then, when I asked for your help,
why did you keep refusing me?
What could I do?
You said to me you liked girls, didn't you?
If I helped you,
you would ask me to go back
to the way we were anyway.
I posted that picture on Instagram
because I wanted you to know
that even though you didn't
ask me to be your fake date,
you are no stranger to me, Tine.
I didn't talk to you.
I didn't go to see you.
I did what you asked.
I thought I could do it.
But when I saw you with someone else,
I don't think I can ever
stop my feelings for you.
And do you think I can?
From the day you disappeared,
my life has never been the same.
Whatever I do, wherever
I go, I keep seeing you.
Even in my dreams, you
are there teasing me.
Are you going to take
responsibility for what you did?
I can't go back to
fake-flirt with you anymore.
From now on, I'm going to do it for real.
Do you want to try?
Try to get to know each other.
You don't have to like me very much.
Just keep your heart open for me.
I really mean it.
This i1s not a script.
Next thing I knew,
I fell hard for him.
Nowadays, I only wish for
him to be faithful to me.
Thank you.
Keep looking at me like that
and I wil kiss till you drop.
- Just kidding.
- Let's Kiss.
I'm just kidding. Let's get going.
We don't want to be late.
Give me a sec. I need to use the toilet.
The toilet?
You can start the engine
and wait for me in the car.
You can start the engine
and wait for me in the car
just a sec. I'll be right there.
Okay. Be quick.
From that day I asked him to open
his heart for me until today.
It hasn't been easy.
So are your parents coming?
They will only come to
the party in the evening.
It's hard to believe that
we could come this far.
I almost gave up in the first year.
But I've never had any doubt since day one.
Can I turn on the music?
Scrubb again?
Do you think people can still
feel the same about a song that
they've heard for a hundred times?
As long as we have each other, Just
the two of us, that's all I ask for
Just you and me. that's the best
thing that ever happened to me
I don't get it.
Why is Sarawat still flirting with you?
Green is not bothering you anymore, is he?
Green is not bothering you anymore, is he?
Why can't you look me in the eyes?
What's with the high-pitched voice.
Is there anything we don't know?
Fine. I'll tell you.
He confessed that he had a crush on me.
And he's trying to win my heart.
Just what I thought.
What about you? What do you feel about him?
Nothing much.
Just my heart flutters when he's around.
When I listen to Scrubb songs
with him the songs sound better.
Especially when he gets
his face close to mine,
it feels like my heart is
jumping out of my chest.
But I guess that's normal, right?
Normal, my ass!
All the things you said
are signs of someone falling in love.
So have I fallen for him already?
You might just be shaken by him.
When you go out with someone, you
like to take care of that person.
When you go out someone, you
like to take care of that person.
But now you are being taken care of,
But now you are being taken care of,
its normal that you feel good about it.
And Sarawat is hot as hell.
It's our fault to get you too close to him.
Don't worry. We'll fix you up with girls.
We'll help wake up the player soul in you.
How does that sound?
Don't look at him.
Let's get out of here.
Come on.
I got where his friends were coming from.
They managed to get rid of Green
only to find me instead.
Little did they know,
they got Tine out of the
frying pan into the fire.
We're screwed.
What happened?
Man, my foolish friend,
posted a picture of me
saying if I won this match, Tine
would have to confess his love to me.
Fine. Game on.
Here comes trouble.
You there.
When did my friend say
he would confess his love to your friend?
I didn't mention any names in my post.
What makes you think I was
talking about your friend?
Everyone knows that your friend
is hitting on my friend here.
Don't mess with my friend's head. Come on.
Who's messing with your friend's head?
I posted that because I'm
confident that we are going to win.
If you win, my friend will post
his love confession to your friend.
But if you lose, you must tell
Sarawat to leave my friend alone.
I think you should have a
love confession ready for me.
I was so confident that we would win.
But I forgot that this was
real life, not a romantic movie
where everything would go
smoothly with a happy ending.
Engineering is dominating the game.
Can Political Science resist their attacks?
Goal! Engineering holds a one-nil lead.
That goal was brilliant. That
was purely individual skills.
Super Bright. Super Bright. Super Bright.
Why are you here? Why aren't you studying?
It's the last minute and Super Bright
got the ball inside the penalty area.
Super Bright's fans are
cheering very loud here.
The ball is in.
But the referee calls a foul.
Time is up.
The match is over.
Engineering beats
Political Science one-nil.
I thought we wouldn't be together anymore.
Hold on.
The deal was if you lose,
you need to leave me alone.
That doesn't mean I
need to leave you alone.
Whenever I feel down,
I like to listen to Scrubb
songs to cheer me up.
Try it.
Look up to the sky of a
new day with a blank mind
Forget about the bad things in the past.
Leave those sad days behind
a journey we share we have
been through things together
we make mistakes sometimes
When I feel like giving up,
you are there to cheer me up
I know that I can give you anything,
just walk with me on this journey
no matter how much time passes,
I will still be right here
And not just that as good things
will come to us more and more
Though I had sung with
him quite a few times,
this was the first time I felt...
something between us
getting closer.
When is your next match?
Why do you ask?
I watched the replay.
And that last shot was not a foul.
The referee made a bad call.
Let's not count this match.
That means you have another chance.
If there's anyone who's more
biased than the referee, it's you.
You must have fallen for me.
What jersey are you wearing?
My teammates dared me to screen a
distinctive feature of the one like.
So I screened yours, little buffalo.
Little buffalo.
You might as well call
me an albino buffalo.
I'm leaving.
I take that as your permission.
Albino buffalo!
Where are you going?
Albino buffalo!
Who would have thought that the next match
is against my biggest enemy?
Was it you who got under my friend's skin?
Hey! What the hell are you doing?
Watch out!
Seeing Tine beaten up like
this made me really pissed.
But I had a pretty good idea
who those bastards were.
What are you doing?
Your boyfriend is cold.
I just gave him my jacket.
He has mine now. Stay the hell away.
Take good care of your boy then.
Lots of people want him, you know?
I'm not worried about them.
I'm worried about those dirty dogs.
Who do you mean?
I am on for a real fight too.
Come if you dare.
I will but not here.
See you on the field.
Let's continue our
unfinished business there.
Damn it, Man. When you
challenged him like that,
there's no way Tine would
let me on the field.
It's okay. I'm fine.
How come the Political
Science's favorite player
like Sarawat is on the bench?
Is he injured?
Architecture is playing rough today.
That charging put that player down.
But the Political Science
must win no matter what.
What will th referee say?
He gave Architecture a yellow card.
I'm okay! Okay!!
Damn, be gentle.
Even though I gave Tine my word,
I couldn't stand seeing my friends
getting hurt instead of me.
Tine. Are you okay? You look pale.
I think you should eat. I'll find
you something for you to eat.
Sarawat scored the minute he hit the field.
Political Science leads
Architecture one-nil.
You okay?
Help. Tine fainted.
Ge he first-aid kit here. water too.
At that time, my only thought was
to get to him as fast as I could.
Step back. Give him room to breathe.
Step back. Give him room to breathe.
Move over!
Are you okay?
Wat, is that you?
Tine. Are you okay?
I'm okay.
Wat, your knee!
Don't worry about me, Tine.
Worry about yourself.
Are you okay?
I'm okay.
Call the medic.
You fainted.
So you got hospitalized.
You must post your love
confession to Sarawat.
The Political Science won 1-0.
Thanks a lot.
No wonder why they call
you Fong the Philosopher.
I think you should take a
break and come back next week.
No, I cant.
Next week, I have a gig to
promote the music contest.
Who would have thought that this injury
would put Tine into trouble too?
We are discussing the show
Sarawat's band has to perform.
I can still perform. Please let me do it.
I asked your doctor.
Besides the injured knee,
you wrist got injured too.
I can't let you perform in this condition.
Can I perform instead of Ctrl S?
What has gotten into you, Tine?
That's a good idea.
May I perform a solo after Tine?
I want to perform too.
Me too.
This club took me in and
taught me how to play guitar.
It is time for me to return the favor.
Dim is crazy enough to let Tine perform.
Go talk to Tine. He only listens to you.
Talk him out of this.
Do you know why Tine hasn't
accepted your love yet?
How does that have anything to do wit this?
It has.
Tine was always the one
taking care of his exes.
But now he is the one being taken care of.
I guess he is not used to it.
He might want to prove that
he is good enough to be with you.
Don't be happy just yet.
If he fails, I'm afraid he
might get so discouraged
that he thinks he shouldn't be with you.
Damn it, Fong. If that's the case,
I must do my best to make him succeed.
Press harder.
Press more firmly.
You have to press firmly like this.
Nobody holds a pick like that.
Nobody holds a pick like that.
This is a pick, why did
you ask me to marry you?
Don't overwork yourself. All
your fingers are bleeding.
What did you do? How could
you hurt all your fingers?
You told me to press down harder.
Marry me, Tine.
Stop it already.
The doctor asks you to come in
again tomorrow for an X-Ray.
But I have an important
matter to do tomorrow morning.
Is it possible to postpone the
a appointment to a later date?
Unfortunately, the doctor is only
available in the morning tomorrow.
After that, he is fully booked.
I'm afraid you cant postpone it.
What should I do?
I can't be there to support you
even though you have gone
through all this trouble for me.
Welcome everyone to our
Music Club shows. Hey!
Hi guys my name is Tine. I'm a law student.
Did Tine dump you already?
Why did you ask me to take you here?
Why are you such a jerk?
I learned from the best.
Don't panic.
I know you can do it.
I know you can do it.
I woke up early to be the
doctor's first appointment
so I could make it to his performance.
And it's worth it.
As long as I have you,
You are all I ask for
Just you, I need nothing more
As long as we have e ch other,
Just the two of us, that's all I ask for
Just you and me,
that's the I thing that ever happened to me
I'm done flirting with you.
Be my boyfriend
Look. You are all stunned.
And that was a surprise
show from our Music Club.
You can take a rest now, both of you.
You can go to the backstage.
Give them a big hand.
Damn. It's all ruined.
How could h say it was just a show?
Didn't you see how
shocking the audience was?
If he hadn't said that, the rest of
them wouldn't have gotten to perform.
Yeah yeah! Hero!
We won't help you again.
Let's get out of here.
So, all of that was just a show?
I'm relieved then.
I was shocked for a moment.
Are you happy that it wasn't real?
If you had asked that for real,
I would have felt really bad.
Because this was the only
thing I could do for you.
But I completely failed.
You told me that...
this was like a movie.
So it should have a happy ending.
I still ruined it though
I had given my all.
I am not the protagonist in your movie.
That didn't have to be the end scene of us.
If this was a movie about us.
You could choose whether
you want a sad ending or...
a happy ending by...
saying yes to being my boyfriend.
What kind of joke are you pulling now?
I'm being serious here.
How do you want it to end?
Actually, I hate movies with sad endings.
"Okay" what?
Okay. I'll be your boyfriend.
You little...
you're so damn cute!
Ouch. My leg!
We moved in together after that.
Do you like it?
Where the hell are my sausages?
We would eat together,
go to bed together.
He's the first and the last
person I saw every day.
Sarawat, wake up!
And we were not the only couple
who was meant to be together.
Did you take anyone here when I was away?
"Ther ere many other couples around me."
Like Tine's brother, Type, who
picked on me in the beginning.
Now he ended up with my best friend, Man.
Or my little brother, Phukong.
The next thing I knew, he
was dating my old rival, Mil.
Take good care of my brother.
There were some couples I never
thought would end up together.
She likes me.
- That's nonsense.
- She likes me.
That's nonsense.
How is your leg? Does it still hurt?
I told you to turn your clothes
inside out before washing.
Being together doesn't always
mean everything will be rosy.
Many tests in life awaited us.
It's my damn shirt.
I don't mind it being washed this way.
Sometimes, we had to go our
separate ways to do our jobs.
Hello, everyone.
I'm just here to kick off the event.
Can I please not introduce myself?
Tine, talk to him.
We fought.
Your cheeks are soft.
We will practice at
Dim's house for 2 weeks.
We spent some time apart.
- 2 weeks!!
- Yeah.
What I want to tell you right now is...
I miss you so bad, Wat.
We missed each other.
Welcome everyone to the
Music Club's volunteer camp.
From now on, this channel
will be called GreenDim
this channel has a new name
called Sunshine and Daisy
this channel has a new name
called Sunshine and Daisy.
Why are yo so cute?
Let me give you a kiss.
Don't. The camera is still on.
You can't say I don't miss you now.
He likes you, Pear.
I can't hear you.
He likes you, Pear!
Want this?
It's trash!
But no matter what obstacles
were in front of us,
we were still together.
You have graduated. Is
this your happy face?
Our faces are down here!
Come on. You are ruining it.
Do it. Do everything. We
need money for our club.
We are broke. Understood?
What a jerk! How could he
let work come before me?
Who did you call a jerk?
Well, well, well. Look who
finally decided to show up.
Let's take a picture. Come here.
I'll send it to Phueak and
make him regret he's not here.
Ladies, wait up.
Can we have a picture with you?
Hey, Joey!
Look, you gave me a
golden bouquet of flowers.
Very golden.
Like me?
Yeah, right
The flowers are beautiful.
For whom?
For both of you.
Here you are finally!
I have been standing here getting
jealous of other sweet couples.
We can go far than you are far can see.
Who are we? Who are we? Who you are.
Are you envious of them?
Even though I've graduated,
I will keep chasing after Earn.
Over my dead body, man.
So, what's your final plan?
His parents will not be here anytime soon.
Let's go with the original plan.
When you are ready, give me a signal.
Do it like this.
Okay. Let's do that.
Thank you.
How sweet of you.
Thank you.
Congrats, Tine.
Congrats, both of you.
Beautiful necklaces you have there.
You've finally graduated. Congrats!
Don't you ever look at someone else.
Got it?
Congrats, babe.
What was that about?
Why did you guys look so serious?
Hey. Your face is oily.
Let me.
You have graduated finally.
- Thanks, bro.
- Hi.
Congratulations to both of you.
Look who's here.
They couldn't wait any longer.
There they are.
Dad. Mom.
Hi, new grads!
Welcome all new graduates
to this Mini-concert for New Grads!
How about the joke sound effect?
Thank you.
You had me fooled.
Congratulations, son.
We are so proud of you.
Thank you, Mom.
Mom, this is Wat, the guy I told you about.
Nice to meet you.
Let's take a group photo.
Good. Come on, honey. Type, come over here.
Hold on. Sarawat, come here.
Let's take a photo together.
Come on.
Come on.
Your bracelet looks the same as Tine's.
That's a cool bracelet.
Let's take a picture.
So / wish I could stop time for now
Just for a second as it is not
gonna be easy for me anymore
All I ask for is to keep this smile with me
As it holds some meaning to my heart
Let's just cherish this moment
Congrats to all new graduates once again.
On this special day,
we have a special show from
the Music Club president.
He has a song for his special someone.
That's my friend.
Come up here.
Come on.
You've prepared this for your man!
Hurry up.
Hold this for me, please.
You guys ha e made it here today,
I believe,
because of the great support
from the ones next to you, right?
Sometimes, it comes in
the form of nuisance.
Sometimes, it comes In the
form of weird guitar sound
Or sometimes, it is just
a smile from someone.
You asked me this morning
if bad to sing the same
song for a hundred times,
would I get sick of it?
Here's my answer.
I couldn't imagine here I would
be if hadn't had you in my life
I wouldn't have known how to love,
If I hadn't had you by my side
Ever since I met you. you
have turned my life around
You have made it happen, I wonder how
You are not just someone,
you are my whole world
Guess for whom I sing this
song, I write these words
Romantic lines may make you shy
Sweet quotes may run dry
So what do I say? I still don't know
'Thank you' would be too simple
'i love you' would be too cliche
The way I feel there is no
word that can best describe
A million words come but none feels right
I want you to know, what word should I try?
If you want to know all the feelings,
how strong are the feelings of mine
Feel it in my embrace
Honey, Wat sings so beautifully.
Of course.
He's singing this song for
his boyfriend, right, Tine?
Green, who are those folks
standing next to Tine?
Do you really not know?
You make me be a better guy
You make me see the world in a new light
You make me realize how wonderful
it is to have you to love
'Thank you' would be too simple
'i love you' would be too cliche
The way I feel there is no
word that can best describe
A million words come but none feels right
I want you to know, what word should I try?
If you want to know all the feelings,
how strong are the feelings of mine
Feel it in my embrace
be it 10 times
a hundred time or a thousand times,
I would never get sick singing with you.
What about you?
Neither would i.
'Thank you' would be too simple
'i love you' would be too cliche
The way I feel there is no
word that can best describe
A million words come but none feels right
I want you to know what word should I try?
If you want to know all the feelings,
how strong are the feelings of mine
Feel it in my embrace
Will it last for 20 years?
Will it last for 30 years?
No doubt.
40 years?
Of course.
50 years?
Stop it!
Come to Uncle Wat.
Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday to you.
No matter how many years pass by,
you and I...
will be together.
Still together...
and we will be together,